" The Hunger Games "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 100 years of age.
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The capital of Panem has taken control again! And their not very happy. So, they have ordered 20 kids, some as little as 7 years old, and some as old as 20, to fight in the arena. But, they have taken some Roman inspiration... the winners have to fight in the next years Games. Taking the winner and decking him/her out, to make them the 'boss' for the next arena. Fight, rebel, bow to the capital? The choice is yours.

“Here's some advice. Stay alive.”
― Suzanne Collins, The Hunger Games

1>Elyna (District 3), 16yo.2021,Oct.27 16:05 I sat in my chair, only slightly worried, as District 3's escort (what was her name again? I believe that it was Daffodil. Peoples' names in the capitol...) pulled the first name out of the reaping ball. Someone I didn't know. Not yet.
1>Elyna (District 3), 16yo.2021,Oct.27 16:08 I'd learn of him on the television. It's a shame that he will die. One way or another, even if he wins he'll be forced to kill. Or be killed. Time for the girls names. As Daffodil called out the second girl, my heart froze.
1>Elyna (District 3), 16yo.2021,Oct.27 16:10 It would have been easier had it stayed frozen. I wouldn't need to witness the horrors. I would die a peaceful death.
1>Elyna (District 3), 16yo.2021,Oct.27 16:12 But my heart thawed an eternity later, awoken by a Peacekeeper prodding my arm. I numbly stood. I walked towards the stage, although I was somewhere far, far away, One foot. Then the next. No one volunteered.
2>Foudre (-), 17yo.2022,Jan.23 20:12 As I was standing in the platform, I saw the female counterpart for my district rise up to the stage.
2>Foudre (-), 17yo.2022,Jan.23 20:12 She looked strong, I should ask her to be allies.
2>Foudre (-), 17yo.2022,Jan.23 20:13 She seemed very scared, but we would work together.
2>Foudre (-), 17yo.2022,Jan.23 20:13 We didn’t make eye contact until the train, when we met our mentor.
7>Rolana (Warrior), 15yo.2022,Jan.27 12:16 Hi! (I've never watched the Hunger games but I know a bit about it and I like the sound of it)
7>Rolana (Warrior), 15yo.2022,Jan.27 12:33 I'm from district 2 and I want to enter the games to win prestige for my district. But I also didn't want to kill others, so I was waiting to see if I was called anxiously

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