" The real world "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 13 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

enjoy a virtual way of the world on your laptop phone or tablet by playing this game it is all about daily life and the age gap is not a worry as I have made it so there is only a few years difference, so are you ready to step into a world of reality and adventure.....

1>master stacey (to protect the game ), 12yo.2020,Apr.5 22:33   + 1 love points to all players  
1>master stacey (to protect the game ), 12yo.2020,Apr.5 22:37   + 1 Money points to all players  
2>Leon (rodeur), 11yo.2021,Dec.9 20:25  Buying globe (x 1)  Bonjour! que se passe t-il dans ton jdr?
2>Leon (rodeur), 11yo.2021,Dec.9 20:28  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=10  pour voir si j'ai de la chance d de 20!
2>Leon (rodeur), 11yo.2021,Dec.9 20:29 noooooooooooooonnn
2>Leon (rodeur), 11yo.2021,Dec.9 20:29 😥
7>Cora (Normal Person), 12yo.2021,Dec.10 01:46 Hello? I don't know French, but I do know a romantic language so I do understand a little!
2>Leon (rodeur), 11yo.2021,Dec.10 17:20  Secret message to master stacey  
2>Leon (rodeur), 11yo.2021,Dec.11 12:02  Buying pencil pack (x 1)  
2>Leon (rodeur), 11yo.2021,Dec.11 12:46  Buying pizza (x 10)  
2>Leon (rodeur), 11yo.2021,Dec.11 12:47  Buying notebook (x 10)  
7>Cora (Normal Person), 12yo.2021,Dec.11 18:30 Whoa there is a lot of stuff for sale
7>Cora (Normal Person), 12yo.2021,Dec.11 18:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  Imagine if I get 27 or 45
7>Cora (Normal Person), 12yo.2021,Dec.11 18:32 T_T

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