" Tornado!!!!!!!!!!! "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello. In this game you have to use your wits to survive a tornado. It will be a horrible one. At the end of this game, I will create one about some other natural disaster. I WILL ALERT YOU IF YOU ARE A PLAYER!!!! (p.s. I will delete you if you haven't done anything in a month if you haven't posted why.

1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.2 02:16 Welcome to my game. It takes place in Kansas, at West Kansas Private Academy, starting at 7:30 in the morning.
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.2 02:17 The kids are just getting to school...
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.2 02:17  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Mattress  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.2 02:17  Dropping Mattress (x 1)  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.2 02:17  Taking Mattress (x 1)  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.2 16:02  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=1st aid kit  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.2 16:02 *Stuffing kit in backpack*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.2 16:03 You never know when you will need these things. But how will I get the mattress home?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.2 19:50 [Nicole:Has black hair that goes down to her shoulders, is lean and tall, wears deep purple hoodie sets, and has strange violet-blue eyes. She lives near Emma and is her friend, despite their age difference.]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.3 00:50 Hey Nicole, how ya doing?
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.3 01:01 [Emma: Has brown hair, brown eyes, very tall for her age, wears turtlenecks and jeans, sometimes stammers when nervous.]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.3 01:01  Dropping Pencil (x 1)  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.3 01:02 Uh, excuse me, I dropped a pencil, can someone pick it up?
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.3 01:02 PLEASE?
9>Savannah (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 04:11 (Hi! I decided to join. My character is Savannah. She has very light red hair, wears glasses, and has blue eyes.)
9>Savannah (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 04:11 (wears casual clothing, like a tee shirt and jeans.)
9>Savannah (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 04:12 *picks up Emma's pencil* *hands it to her-8 There you go.
9>Savannah (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 04:12 *
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.3 12:55 Thanks Savannnah!!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.3 12:55 *bell rings*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.3 12:56 We should get to class now.
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Jul.3 21:04  Buying School Supplies (x 1)  ( My character is Euodia , she has black curly hair, wears ray bans, has blue eyes. Is very friendly and social. Loves sneakers and hooded jackets with shorts.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:22 Whoops...looks like you dropped the pencil again Emma!!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:22  Taking Pencil (x 1)  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:22  Giving Pencil (x 1) to Emma  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:22  Buying Books (x 1)  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:22  Buying Paper (x 1)  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:22  Buying Pencil (x 1)  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:23  Buying School Supplies (x 1)  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:23  Buying Flashlight (x 1)  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:23  Buying 1st aid kit (x 1)  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:23 OK, I got all my stuff!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.3 21:23 Let's go! *rushes to class*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 00:07 Thanks for picking up my pencil.
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 00:08 *all the kids run to class*
9>Savannah (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.4 04:18 *sits at a desk and gets stuff out for that certain class*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.4 19:08 Children today we will start with current events. Has any one brought a news article to show the class?
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:10 *waves hand in air* Me, me!
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.4 19:11 Miss. Emma, please come up.
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:11 *goes to front of class*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:11 I made a copy for you too Mrs. Swarm
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:11  Giving Newspaper (x 1) to Mrs. Swarm  
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.4 19:12 Thank you.
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:12 *clears throat* Ahem...
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:15 "Tornadoes Striking Midwest" Since last Thursday, more than ten tornadoes have hit the Midwest. We advise those who live in "Tornado Alley" or close to there reveiw their tornado safty plans, and remember that when you hear a sound like a freight train...
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.4 19:17 This brings us into an interesting lesson. When you hear a sound like a freight train, you should run inside. If we hear the tornado siren go off
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.4 19:18 we should go to our safe place, which is the library. Stay calm and quiet, and listen to the teacher's instructions. We want you to survive this thing, not *plays dead on ground*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:19 *all the kids snicker*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.4 19:19 Now, any more articles?
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:20  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Paper  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:20  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=PHONE  
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.4 19:20 Put that phone away young lady!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.4 19:20 sorry.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.4 20:49 *glances at Emma*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.4 20:49 *raises her hand* Er-I have an article, Mrs. Swarm.
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.4 22:41 Yes Nicole, what is it?
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Jul.5 17:10 Hello my name is Euodia can I join you guys?* sits at Emma's table *
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.5 17:15 shhhh!!!
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.5 17:15 Nicole, what is it? Please come up to show the class
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.6 23:03 *stands up and walks up to the front* Um... *takes out the article**reads* "The latest forcast says that later today, a big storm will hit and (Insert Name Of Town The Main Characters Live In Here) will be at biggest risk in terms of being hit by
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.6 23:04 tornados..." *the rest of the article basically repeats what Mrs. Swarm and Emma said about what to do when a tornado comes*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.7 01:20 Oh dear. Children, be prepared at all times for the siern to go off.
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.7 01:20 I must tell the principal!
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.7 01:21 *grabs newpaper*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.7 01:21 *runs to office*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.7 14:34 [Felicia: Black, long Asian-style hair, big, black, almond-shaped eyes, tan skin, camo hoodie, blue jeans. Artistic, friendly, and loves mermaids and the Internet. Hates zombies and creepy stuff. Makes puke jokes alot.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.7 14:36 *runs into the classroom* Sorry I'm late. Did I miss anything?
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.7 22:22 Oh, Mrs. Swarm isnt in here.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.7 23:47 *tells Felicia what happened*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.8 01:27 *returns*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.8 01:28 Children, the principal said it would be best if we just read in the corner until danger has passed, so no sudden winds will surprise us and hurt us.
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.8 01:28 We must always be ready to move
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.8 01:57 Wow, a tornado. Scary.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.8 02:04
9>Savannah (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.8 22:11 *is pretty scared, but remains calm* *follows protocal*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 00:56 *pulls out a manga comic book and starts reading*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.9 01:09 *tornado bell rings*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 01:09 *screams*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.9 01:09 Be calm, be calm
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.9 03:25 Sh-should we go to the library now? *scared*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 13:16 I-i-i agree with Nicole.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 13:18  Buying 1st aid kit (x 1)  
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 13:20 *pulls out my cell phone(i have one in real life) and the first aid kit**thinks* Good thing i have these.
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:15 We should
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:16  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Mattress  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:16 *carries her two mattress*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:17 every body, stay close to me, and I can cover us with the mattress
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.9 19:18 *roof gets ripped off*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:18 *screams*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.9 19:18 Run children run!!!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:19 *sprints to library*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:19  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Paper  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:20  Dropping Mattress (x 2)  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.9 19:20 *screaming* Pick up my matresses please!!!
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.9 19:21 *on announcements*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.9 19:22 Everybody, be calm. Just go to your designated place and get into your normal tornado position. No one should leave the building until this is over.
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.9 19:23 We will all be fine if we follow our plan, and do the smart thing. Remain calm, and I will alert you when we can exit the building,. Stay calm, and we will be fine.
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.9 19:24 *screams her head off* Where's Mark, where's Mark? I must find Mark!!!!! Mark, where are you?? MARK!
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.9 19:26 [Mark is a random boy in the characters' class. He is missing]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 22:48  Taking Mattress (x 2)  
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 22:48  Giving Mattress (x 2) to Emma  Here's your mattresses, Emma!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.9 22:49 Why do you have mattresses with you, anyway?
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.10 01:13 To cover my head so I am not injured by falling objects
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.10 01:13 *hides under mattress*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.10 01:14 Everyone, get under here if you can!!!
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.10 01:14 *tornado is 30 miles away, coming closer*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 01:27 *whimpers*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.11 01:27 *Tornado right above them*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 01:28 [ I need a volunteer to be caught by the tornado. You will be fine, not killed, just flung a couple of miles away]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 01:29 [I know this is basiccly impossible to survive, but it's a game]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 01:29 [Emma will be swept up too]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 01:30 [Please volunteer in brackets]
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 15:25 *screams*
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 15:26 [Mary is Emma's best friend]
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 15:26 [Game Master, I would like to be swept up]
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 15:27 [Mary has long black hair, and green eyes. She is very shy and wears a plaid skirt with a polo shirt. She wears glasses. She looks REALLY nerdy]
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 15:27 emma, are you okay?
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 15:28 [Okay mary, I will need one more person]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 17:30 [I volunteer as tribute! XD (Note that that is a Hunger Games reference.) Therefore, Nicole will be swept away. Since surviving that is virtually impossible, will they land in Oz or something to survive? XD]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 17:31 *is too scared to even scream as the school ends up in the eye of the tornado*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 17:32 *everything becomes suddenly completely silent and calm since they are in the eye*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.11 17:33 *then the other side of the tornado hits the school, and things go crazy again*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 20:08 *gets caught in tornado*
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 20:09 *grabs on to Emma* Nicole, Help me!!!!!
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 20:10 {nerdy}
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 20:11 Mrs. Swarm, Emma and Mary are being swept away!!
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.11 20:11 *faints*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 20:12  Secret message to Nicole  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 20:12  Secret message to Nicole  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 20:13  Secret message to Nicole  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.11 20:13  Secret message to Nicole  
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.11 20:47 *runs into library*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.11 20:47 Is every one okay?
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.11 20:50 What does it look like? Two kids are being swept away, and the teacher has fainted! Clearly we are not okay!
11>Weather (Tells weather), .....yo.2015,Jul.12 16:41 this is report on damage:stay in doors power lines are down tree and car have been trown
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.12 20:25 Help, Nicole HeEEEEEEEEllLLLLLLLpP
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.13 05:31  Secret message to Emma  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.13 05:31 *rushes forward and grabs Emma* I...GOT YOU!!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.13 05:33 *tries holding onto Emma and someone else at the same time, but is soon swept upwards**screams*Principal Wiggins tries grabbing onto her feet but fails*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.13 05:34 *she, Emma, and Mary are swept away* AAAAAUUUUGGGGHHHH!!!!!!!!!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.14 20:00 *screams*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.14 20:00 *mutters to herself* This is just a bad dream, this is just a bad dream, this is just a bad dream, this is just a bad dream...
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.19 04:46 *is literally sent flying into the sky**almost hits a tree that is also flying around*
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.19 17:42 *random brick hits her in face*
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.19 17:42 Ow... That hurt...
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.19 17:43 [For those of you not beiing blown away, there is still a tornado. It will calm down, and you can figure out what to do after that]
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:44 *glasses break* Great, those cost 50 dollars!
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.19 17:44 *comes to* *screams* *faints again*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.19 17:45 *hides under mattresses Emma dropped*
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.19 17:45 *whispers* Coward!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.20 00:30 [ALERT: I made a game called Earthquake, it's sequel to this one]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.20 00:31 [I won't do it much until this RP is finished]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.20 00:31 [But I might, and you can check it out]
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Jul.21 20:58 Aaaahhh *is suddenly taken up in the air and falls in a rose bush with thorns *
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:19   + 10 Experience points to Nicole  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:19   - 10 Experience points to Mary  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:19   + 20 Experience points to Mary  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:19   + 5 Experience points to Euodia  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:19   + 2 Experience points to Martin  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:20   + 1 Experience points to Principal Wiggins  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:20   + 1 Experience points to Weather  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:20   + 5 Experience points to Mrs. Swarm  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:20   + 2 Experience points to Felicia  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:21   + 2 Experience points to Savannah  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:21 [I have given you all your points]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:21  Secret message to Euodia  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:22 *thrown onto roof that was flying in air*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:22 *grabs onto window frame*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.21 22:22 Mary! Nicole!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.22 02:35 *the tornado swoops back to the school**im swept up* Whoa, whoa, whoa, AAAAHH!
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Jul.22 19:51 HELP!!!!!! I'm stuck
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Jul.22 20:58 HELP!!!!!! I'm stuck
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.22 22:09 *screams* REMAIN CALM! CHILDREN ON THE GROUND, STAY THERE. CHILDREN IN THE AIR, TRY TO GET DOWN!!!
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.22 22:10 *jumps out to catch and save Euodia* Iv'e got you, don't worry!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.22 23:26 *is thrown towards the piece of the roof that Emma is on and manages to grab onto a windowframe, but is on the other side**reaches out and yells to emma* Here! Grab my hand!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.23 00:25 *punches Felicia*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.23 00:25 Oh, I'm SO sorry
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.23 03:38 It's ok, Emma. *is still reaching out* Grab my hand, but please try not to punch me.
9>Savannah (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.23 06:38 *is really scared* *hears the sound of breaking glass and ducks, even though she's under a desk*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:46 *is sent flying into the eye of the tornado, where everything is quiet and peaceful**starts plummeting towards the ground in complete silence*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:46 *thinks "I'm going to die" for the first time*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:47 *starts thinking about her family, her friends, and her whole life that's ahead of her, and how such little time she has to be with them, and how time-even down to the milliseconds-is more precious than a million of the rarest gems*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:48 *the ground comes towards her-or rather, she comes towards the ground, but she can't tell-and her life flashes before her eyes*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:49 *but then, since she was swept into the eye of the tornado from one side, she has been falling at an angle**collides with the other side of the tornado after being only 20 feet away from the ground and is swept all over the place again*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:49 *notices that nicole is falling*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:49 *sees a huge, ancient tree that is still standing in the town**also sees a mattress and some tiles flying around nearby*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:50 [Hello!]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:50 *is releived when she survives*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:50 *manages to place her feet and "run" on the tiles to the mattress**epicly leaps to the mattress and jumps on it, bouncing off of it and leaping clear out of the tornado*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:51 *epicly lunges forward through the air towards the tall, ancient tree*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:51 *knows that she has one shot-otherwise she dies**makes it to the tree, the uppermost branches skimming her body**is about to pass the tree, keep falling, and thus die, but she miraculously manages to grab one of the branches*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:52 *grabs a branch, and the force of her going one way while pulling herself the other way causes her to swing around while holding onto the branch and slam herself HARD into the tree trunk*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:52 Whoa! *yells* Good one, Nicole!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:52 *barely manages to keep her grip on the branch*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:53 Wait, what?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:53 *can barely hear Felicia, for the school is pretty far away**hears someone yelling and looks to see the school and a little figure-Felicia-yelling at her*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:54 Come on, Emma! *grabs emma's hand as we veer toward the tree**i jump*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:54 *waves to Felicia and climbs down onto one of the huge, ancient branches of the tree**just sits there, panting**doesn't even think-simply bes there*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:54 [Im actually in the tornado]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:55 [Oh, whoops.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:55 [Sorry, I forgot.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:55 *grabs a tree branch, still holding onto emma's hand*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:56 *after a couple minutes, she starts climbing down the tree*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:56 *looks down at nicole* I can't believe it! We survived!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:56 *sees Felicia and Emma land in a nearby tree**waves to them*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 17:57 *just nods in response-she is sort of in a state of shock as well as a state of philosophical-ness-she made revelations about life and death and she's trying to cope with them and put them together in her brain*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:57 We must have broken a world record or something!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 17:59 This is just, wow.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 18:00 *is still silent**keeps climbing down the ancient tree until she reaches the lowest branch-which isn't low at all**is stuck 30 feet in the air*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 18:01 *finally speaks:* Hey Felicia and Emma, since you guys are in a smaller tree, you can climb down. When you do get to the ground, do you mind getting help? I can't get down.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 18:01 Ok, now we have the problem of how we get down from here.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 18:02 [oops]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 18:02 Sure, we'll help.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 18:04 Thanks. *sits on the branch, waiting*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 18:04 [Want to switch to Zodiac Signs Etc.?]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 18:06 *the lowest branch is five feet off of the ground, but its ten feet away**the nearest branch is three feet away, though*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 18:07 [sure. can we come back later, though?]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.24 18:11 [Maybe. I'm going to have a busy day later and may not be able to get on.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 18:15 [thats ok]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.24 22:23 *lands on ground HARD* I think I broke my leg or something
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.24 22:23 *runs over* Emma, what's broken?
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.24 22:23 It looks like her leg and her coller bone
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.24 22:24 We need to get an ambulance!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.24 22:24 *ambulance comes*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.24 22:24 *Emma gets in ambulance*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.24 22:25 *ambulance drives away*
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.24 22:25 *gets killed*
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.24 22:26 [0________________)0]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 23:04 *yells at the ambulance, still dangling from the tree branch* I'm really sorry, Emma!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 23:18 *thinks* At least I have both of my hands now.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 23:20 *looks down* Great. My arms aren't long enough to reach that branch.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 23:28 Wait a sec..*grabs trunk of tree with free hand, and now sure that I will not fall, takes the other hand off of the branch and quickly grabs the tree trunk, thus dropping down a little*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 23:34 *grabs the nearest branch with right hand, and is now seven feet off of the ground**grabs the six-foot-high branch with left hand, and five-foot-high branch with right hand*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.24 23:38 *just lets go, since my feet are now 3" off of the ground(i'm 4' 9" in real life) and runs over to the tree that nicole is dangling from*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.25 01:21 [Everybody, I am sorry, but Mary died. She can just watch, and chat using the brackets]
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.25 01:22 *screams at the principal* YOU ARE A BIG FAT COWARD!! YOU RAN AND HID WHILE KIDS WERE IN TROUBLE!!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.25 01:23 *offical shows up* Sir, you are to be fired.
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.25 01:23 Who, me
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.25 01:24 *offical rolls eyes* Yeah. Now Mrs. Swarm shuld be the teacher
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.25 01:24 *offical leaves*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.25 01:25 Wow, I am SO surprised
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.25 01:25 *leaves*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:00 [Here! Replies will be slow.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:00 [Here! OK]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:01 Hi Felicia! Please-get the Principal or Mrs. Swarm to help!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:01 [Dude...I'm actually much taller than you... o.o]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:02 *looks up at Nicole* I'm gonna get you down. You only need one hand for this.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:03 *nods*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:03 I'm a bit bigger than you...you sure you an do this?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:03 *can
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:06 I'm sure. You only need one hand. I'm gonna throw a rope up to you.*pulls a fifty-foot-long rope out of backpack* I don't know why I carry this around, but now I'm glad that I do.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:07 And I have more rope with me....*facepalm* I like to be prepared!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:09 *nods* OK, throw it!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:10 I think I'll need to tie more rope onto this rope. *ties a twelve-foot-long rope onto the -fity-foot-long rope* I'm going to tie a knot at the end of the rope and throw it up to you. Okay?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:12 *nods*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:15 *ties a double knot in one end of the rope* Catch! *throws it up to nicole*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:16 *grabs the rope*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:19 Now what? Should I tie the rope to the tree?
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:19 Now pass it over the branch like a pulley and hang from that.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:25 *nods**does so*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:26 Hey, wait...if you try pulling me down with the rope, I'll end up pulling you up.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:26 Are you going to tie your end of the pulley to something?
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:28 No, not that. I'm going to press myself up against the trunk of the tree so I don't go flying or something. Ready?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:29 But you'll go up anyway, and then YOU'LL be stuck.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:29 You need to tie it to something just below my weight.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:30 Like...maybe that piece of a tree truck. *points at it* It has to weigh at least a 100 pounds, and I weigh 115 pounds. [Note: That's Nicole's weight, not mine.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:32 No! I'l be on the other side of the tree! I'll be going counterclockwise around the tree 270 degrees.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:33 [Going counterclockwise was how i pictured it.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:33 ]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:38 Oh, okay.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:38 I'm ready! *holds onto the rope*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:43 Ok! *runs around the tree and presses my back against it**makes pulley-like motions, if you know what i mean, until nicole touches the ground*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:44 *reaches the ground* Whew!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:44 Okay, you can let go of the rope now-I made it!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:49 Let's head back to the school and see what's going on...
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:50 *runs around the tree the way i came to unravel the rope* Good idea!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:53 *starts running down the hill towards the school*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:55 *reaches the bottom of the hill and starts walking towards the school*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 18:55 *makes it there*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:56 *follows nicole*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 18:57 That was scary...........and also kinda awesome.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:01 *just nods**is still in some sort of philosophical state*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.26 19:03 Girls,are you okay?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:03 *nods*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:03 *sits down, staring at something distant*
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.26 19:04 They look fine. I mean, they are walking normally.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 19:04 You're still thinking about how you went into the eye and started plummeting towards the ground, aren't you?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:05 *nods*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:06 When that happened, I realized something that I think 99% of the world doesn't even know about...
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.26 19:06 *ambulance comes back*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.26 19:06 *ambulance guy* Any other people hurt?
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 19:06 *sits down next to nicole* You must have thought that you were gonna die.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 19:07 *looks at the ambulace guy* No, I don't think so.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 19:08 *looks at mrs. swarm* Is anyone?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:08 Yes...I did.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:08 *looks around* By the way...where's Mary?
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 19:09 Yeah, where is she?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:10 *sees that Mrs. Swarm is close to crying**knows that the worst thing has happened to Mary*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 19:11 Did she.........die?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.26 19:13 [gtg! *offline* See ya!]
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.26 19:47 *actully cries*
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.26 19:47 [Hey! As you should know by now, I'm dead]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.26 23:04 [I know, but I wanted to make an element of mystery.]
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.27 01:16 [Oh, sorry, i didn't read the things. Keep up the good work!]
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.27 01:17 [oh yeah, what does gtg mean. Iv'e heard it a lot]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.27 03:15 [It means got to go. I say it whenever I have to leave.]
9>Savannah (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.27 18:37 *emerges from the table, all bloodied up*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.27 19:47 *turns to the ambulance guy**points to Savannah* On second thought, I think we have another injured child...
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.28 00:27 *rushs Savannah to hospital*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:34 Bye, Savannah!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.28 00:35 *glances at Felicia, surprised at how casual she's acting*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:36 [Hey, I'm actually making a comic of this roleplay!]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:36 [Hi!]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:38 Why are you looking at me?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.28 00:38 [Hey!]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.28 00:38 *just sighs and looks away*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.28 00:38 [Cool! Send me some pics of your comic to me soon via email, OK?]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:41 [I might have to use my mom's email. My email doesn't work.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:42 Are you worrying about your family?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.28 00:44 [Crud, gtg! *offline* See ya!]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 00:45 [Why did you have to leave?]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 02:10 [Oh, and about my comic, I modified some of the words and the some of the script.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.28 13:34 [I liked it!]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.28 14:00  Secret message to Savannah  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.28 14:00  Secret message to Savannah  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.28 14:00  Secret message to Savannah  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.28 14:00  Secret message to Savannah  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.28 14:00  Secret message to Savannah  
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.29 01:33 [About the comic, I might put it on a Tumblr page if my mom lets me! No, I'm serious! I might be able to get a Tumblr page and put my art there! How cool is that?!]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 02:09 [Um, who deleted my explanation of why I left?]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 02:10 [Anyway, here's why I left: I went to seee the movie Minions (it completely su cked) and then came back again.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.29 02:11 [Also, COOL!! Send me a link to the tumblr page via SOTW mail once the cartoons are put up!]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.29 13:28 [Okay people, let's get back on topic]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.29 16:02 [Ok!]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Jul.30 00:59 A little. But Felicia-all these terrible things have happened. How are you not shaken? Is it that you're so hysterical you're overly positive or something?
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Jul.30 12:46 I hate to break up your conversation, but we need to get inside the school... NOW!!!
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Jul.30 12:47 *another tornado appers*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Jul.30 14:24 Okay, Mrs. Swarm! And Nicole...when I was five...nvm.
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.30 21:38 *realesed from hospital*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.30 21:38 What's going on?
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 21:39 *screams* RUN!!!!!!!!!
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 21:39 *runs to a tree*
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 21:39 *gets electrified*
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Jul.30 21:39 *dies*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.30 21:40 [Well, Martin died as well]
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Jul.30 21:40 [Wow dude. Bad move]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.1 18:34 [Uh...that was quick. o_o]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.1 18:51 Oh, he means (or meant) that we should run to the building
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.1 18:51 *tornado arrives at school*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.1 18:52 *runs outside*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.1 18:52 *grabs the kids*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.1 18:53 I'm so sorry Martin died, but we have to run away!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.1 18:53 Okay! *runs to an open field*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.1 18:54 Oh, that was a stupid idea!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.1 18:54 *runs away*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.2 01:25  Secret message to Weather  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.2 01:26  Secret message to Liam  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.2 01:27  Secret message to Emma  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.2 17:30 *turns to the other kids*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.2 17:30 Come ON
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:30 [Here! BTW, can we multitask and be on both here and Zodiac Signs Etc.? You sort of just decided to come on here without responding to my multitasking idea.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:30 Okay!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:31 [Ok, Brunny!]
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.2 17:31 Emma!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.2 17:32 [I'm multitasking too]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.2 17:33 Justin, are you okay?
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.2 17:33 Yeah
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:34 [OK!]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:35 [Uh...who's Justin??]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:35 [Yea, who is Justin?]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:40 *starts running* We have to lie down in a ditch somewhere, right? [Note: I heard that that is one of the safer things to do during a tornado.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:41 Maybe. I've heard that that's safe.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:42 [Actually, you were the first person that I had ever heard that from.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:45 [Really?]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:46 [I swear I heard that when a tornado comes, lying low in a ditch will allow the tornado to go right over you...]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:46 [Uh-huh! Was that fact supposed to be obvious?]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:48 [I guess. It's pretty obvious to me.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:49 [Earlier this year there was a LOT of raining and even some tornados near the place I live in, so I got ready in case a tornado came towards my house. A tornado never even came into the town I live in (a couple tornados hit nearby towns though), but I
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:50 learned some facts about surviving during a tornado.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:51 [Wow. Also, can you please scroll up and read some of the other posts? I've been waiting for you to respond to something.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:53 [And once, a tornado hit somewhat near where I live, but not on Cape Cod. Although, it was near Cape Cod.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:54 [Just a sec! My mom has to use my computer, but I'll be back in a little bit!]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:56 [I already did, and I see nothing that I have to respond to.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 17:56 [OK, bye!]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 17:59 [So when you asked me wy I wasn't acting shaken, I responded, "And Nicole, when I was five.....nvm."]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 18:06 [I know.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 18:07 [I guess I'll respond to that, despite the fact that it isn't a question.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 18:07 *looks at Felicia* What happened when you were five?
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 18:13 There was a car accident on our way to California--we were going to Cali--and my dad died. This is nothing compared to that.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 18:18 Oh...well, I'm sorry...
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 18:34 Yea. It was really scary.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 18:37 *looks around* Uh oh...the tornado's getting closer. We had better run!!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 18:37 I think there's a ditch by the side of the road-we can lay down in it and then we'll be fine!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.2 18:37 *starts running towards the road*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.2 19:18 Wait for me! *starts running after nicole*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.3 00:19 *grabs Justin* Get over here!
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 00:24 *runs*
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 00:24 *gets in ditch*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.3 00:26 *flies into ditch*
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.3 00:26 Wow!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.6 20:58 Come on GET IN!!!!!!!!
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 21:38 HELLLLLLlLP MEEEEEEE!!!!!* staggers a bit but manages to get to the ditch,* Hallelujah, is everyone okay , I am so sorry for Martin and Mary
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Aug.6 21:40 ( by the way you guys Martin and Mary please come back from the dead)
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.7 00:36 [Uh, that would be weird)
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.7 00:36 (Maybe at the end.)
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.7 00:38 (Okay! FYI, all "dead people" come back at the end for a kinda, "we survived even if we didn't" party}
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.7 00:38 {I'll tell you when that will happen}
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.12 13:47 {I had to remove amber, she wasn't on in a month}
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.12 21:38 *in the ditch*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.12 21:39 [BTW, who's Justin? You never provided a description of him was never provided.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.12 21:39 *A description of him was never provided. [Ugggghhhhh, this is the fourth typo I made today...]
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.13 01:29 {He is a boy, the rest is FBI eyes only. You must have a level 12 clearence to access the files}
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.13 01:29 {let's get back to he game}
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.13 02:03 *jumps into the ditch, but accidentally lands on nicole* Sorry, Nicole! *lies down next to nicole*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.13 17:05 [Uh...okay then...?? 0.o]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.13 17:06 It's fine... *still wincing from where Felicia's elbow was driven into Nicole's ribs*
11>Weather (Tells weather), .....yo.2015,Aug.13 17:25 [New character. Basically tells the weather, like the weather slot in Earthquake.]
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.16 00:42 [Saki: Looks like your typical modern Japanese girl with long hair, and acts like your typical bratty, TV star fashionista girl, but can be really nice when you get to know her.]
12>Liam (Student), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 17:29 [Liam: Liam has ruffled, dark-brown hair and green eyes. He is very big and beefy and always calm. He doens't often say a word, but everyone likes him.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.16 17:38 *turns to Nicole* Do you think that we'll live?
12>Liam (Student), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 18:25 *climbs into the ditch*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.16 19:53 {just wondering, who is Weather?}
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:30 [No idea.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:30 [A forecaster guy maybe...??]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:31 *nods* Probably. Just stay as low as you can.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.16 22:32 [I made Weather.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:34 [OK.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:35 [Uh...Euodia's slot is doing weird stuff...]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:35 [Oh, now I understand Bekah's stretching problem. It's because of all the slashes that appear when a ' symbol is in someone's Role box.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:35 *]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:41 [Weird...all the Roles are gone.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:49 [Hm...I refreshed the page and signed back into this slot and the Roles are back.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.16 22:49 [But the slashes in Euodia's slot are back too.]
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.17 01:28 {Nicole: FINALLY!! It's so weird!}
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.17 01:28  Secret message to Felicia  
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:03 [Yeah, I know!]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:04 [A fun fact: Like Felicia/Dani, Nicole has ESP. Her power is telekinesis-the ability to move objects with her mind. She unconsciously used telekinesis to line up the tiles and the mattress flying around in the tornado earlier to use them to escape the
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:04 tornado.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:07 *the tornado starts going over the ditch**presses herself against the ground**closes her eyes in order to help her stay calm*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:07 *the tornado is right over them, but it is unable to reach them since they're down in a ditch*
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.17 20:09 Anyone hurt?
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:15 Not me.
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.17 20:16 Good
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 20:16 *flies into the air*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 20:16 HELP ME!!!!
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.17 20:17 {Yay!}
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.17 20:17 {some danger!}
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:17 *the tornado passes them; everything is quiet**they are now in the eye of the tornado*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:17 *orrrr not...*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:18 [How did the principal go flying?? The tornado is unable to touch them...]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:18 [Eh, nvm, I guess the principal was dumb enough to touch the tornado. XP]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:18 *stands up and grabs the principal by his foot* Guys, help me pull him down!
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 20:20 {He wasn't in the ditch}
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 20:21 *uncoincious*
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.17 20:21 Okay
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.17 20:21 *helps Nicole*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:24 [Oh.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:25 *she and Mrs. Swarm are almost su cked in themselves**looks over her shoulder at the others* QUICK, HELP US!!!!
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.17 20:26 Just get in the ditch! If you are being blown away, the safest place is here!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:28 We need to save the principal!
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.17 20:31 Who cares about him!
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.17 20:33 Be queit young man!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:33 Look, Justin-everyone has a right to live! No one can take away that simple right! It only makes sense to try to save someone's life rather than do nothing but think about yourself and watch as that someone dies!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:34 So you can save your own butt and stay down there and be all skeptical and be very unhelpful, or you can come up here and help us!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:34 Everyone has a choice. And trying to save the principal is my choice.
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.17 20:37 Do YOu wanna die?
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.17 20:37 *yanks him out of tree*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.17 20:37 *jumps into ditch*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:40 *jumps into the ditch*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 20:41 If I died, at least I would have been dying while trying to save the life of a person I know rather than doing nothing but complaining.
12>Liam (Student), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 21:56 Are we complete or is anyone not here in the ditch?
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 13:44 *gets to school late**notices the tornado after my mom leaves* Oh, crap!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 13:46 *hears saki**pokes head out from the ditch**waves arm around* Saki! We're over here!
11>Weather (Tells weather), .....yo.2015,Aug.18 13:47 [Tornado veers toward ditch.]
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 13:49 *runs toward the ditch, even though it's dangerous* Coming!
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 13:55 *lies down in the ditch next to Felicia* Thanks for calling me.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 13:56 Well, I wouldn't want my best friend to die!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 Everyone, flatten yourself against the ground! The tornado will then go over us!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.18 19:55 *flattens herself against the ground*
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 20:08 *flattens herself
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.18 20:30 *flattens myself*
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.18 20:31 *flattens myself*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.19 18:51 *stand up*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.19 18:52 {He is really stupid}
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.19 18:58 *pulls principal Wiggins down* Tomare! Headmaster Wiggins, stay down! There's a freaking tornado!
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.19 18:59 [Note: Tomare is Japanese for STOP.
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.19 19:50 *kicks Saki*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.19 19:50 *gets out of the ditch*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.19 19:50 Tomare yourself! *runs off*
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.19 20:19 Let him die. He's fired anyway.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.19 21:19  Secret message to Emma  
16>Alan (Survivor), 21yo.2015,Aug.19 21:25 *comes out of the wilderness* *left leg wounded*
16>Alan (Survivor), 21yo.2015,Aug.19 21:26 help, anyone
16>Alan (Survivor), 21yo.2015,Aug.19 21:27 *sits*
16>Alan (Survivor), 21yo.2015,Aug.19 21:30  Secret message to Felicia  
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.19 21:33 Who are you?
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.19 21:34 Get in the ditch!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.20 22:19  Secret message to Felicia  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.20 22:20  Secret message to Felicia  
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.20 22:52  Secret message to Emma  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.21 19:10 Felicia, why did you just invite a total stranger to get in the ditch?
12>Liam (Student), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 21:30 This man wants to survive, too, Emma.
12>Liam (Student), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 21:31 We all want to survive this tornado.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 21:31 Nobody deserves to die.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 21:31 Except for horrible people.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.21 21:32 Like Hitler.
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 02:40 *parks bike on bike rack when suddenly the bike and the rack go flying* aaaaAAAAAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 02:41 [the scream was way longer]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 02:42 Who are you?
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 02:42 WHY IS THERE A GIANT TORNADO!!!!!!!!!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 02:42 Cause a tornado happened...........
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 02:42 WHY AM I SCREAMING SO MUCH!!!!!
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 02:43 oh hello I didn't see you there.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 02:43 Cause a tornado happened...........
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 02:47 You were screaming because there was a tornado.
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 02:47 I'm lucky the tornado isn't coming this way aren't I
11>Weather (Tells weather), .....yo.2015,Aug.22 02:48 [Tornado veers toward ditch.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 02:49 Don't consider yourself so lucky yet....
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 03:17 *Quikly jumps in the ditch* JUMP FOR MY LIFE!!!!!!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 03:18 *facepalm*
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 03:23 [Me & Felicia make the roleplay halairious]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 23:29 [No, we don't.]
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.22 23:31 [Yea we do what are you talking about?!]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.22 23:36 [Stop it...}\
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.23 01:27 I love Hitler!!!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.23 01:27 {Not really, only in a way}
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.23 01:27 {But he did kill himself}
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.24 00:24 does anyone notice me here?
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.24 01:20 Yeah, you over exagerated jumping in the ditch. How could anyone NOT notice you?
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.24 03:22 Yea, probably everyone noticed you.
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 04:59 [It's sort of funny, but not hilarious.]
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.25 05:00 *still down in the ditch*
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.25 19:23 *runs to a porta-potty*
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.25 19:24 Did he risk his life to die?
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.25 19:24 What?
13>Justin (Student), 13yo.2015,Aug.25 19:25 I mean, did he risk his life to pee?
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.25 19:25 Probly
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.25 19:25 Oh, hey miss Swarm
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Aug.25 19:25 Hey
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Aug.25 19:26 *yells* I'm staying in here until the tornado dissapers!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.25 19:26 OooooKay.
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.25 19:26 LEAVE tornado, LEAVE!!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.25 19:27 LEAVE, and spare us all!!!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.26 03:09 *getting a tad annoyed by how weird and/or stupid a lot of the others are acting*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.26 03:09 *mutters* Shouting at the tornado won't do anything...
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.26 03:12 Ya, it won't.
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.26 18:53 WHO CARES IF IT WON'T DO ANYTHING IT'S BASICLY OUR ONLY HOPE AT THE MOMENT!!!
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.26 18:53 TORNODO LEAVE AND SPARE US OUR LIVES PLEASE!!!!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.26 18:54 *facepalm*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.27 17:07 *facepalm*
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Aug.27 17:08 Actually, I think staying down in this ditch and letting the tornado simply pass is our only hope...
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.27 20:07  Secret message to Felicia  
11>Weather (Tells weather), .....yo.2015,Aug.28 15:58 [Tornado passes above our characters and starts to mellow out.]
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.28 15:59 *notices the disappearing tornado* Huh?
11>Weather (Tells weather), .....yo.2015,Aug.28 16:00 [Tornado disperses entirely.]
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.28 16:02 *sits up* We did it! The tornado's gone! We all survived! *thinks about martin and mary* Almost all of us...
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.28 16:03 *sits up* What do you mean, almost all of us?
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.28 16:03 Two kids named Martin and Mary died.
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.28 18:34 Okay, let's party!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.28 18:34 {Martin and Mary can come back}
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Aug.28 18:34 Being dead SUCKED!
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Aug.28 18:35 yeah, it was pretty bad.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.28 19:36 What the--
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Aug.28 19:37 They came back from the dead! They're like angels!
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Aug.30 16:24 This is halarious
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Aug.30 16:27 More like creepy!
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Aug.31 11:25 * blows party horn* LET'S GO GET OUR PARTY ON!!!!!!!
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Sep.1 01:17 *sits down on a desk and smiles to herself*
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Sep.1 10:21 Hey Saki here's a present for you.🍬🍧🍟🍡🍪🍫🍦🍰🍕
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Sep.1 10:23 For everyone here's a present for us 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎊🎁🎁🎁🎀🎀🎀🎀🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂
6>Principal Wiggins (Principal), 30yo.2015,Sep.2 19:36 *staggers in*
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Sep.2 19:36 BBBBBBBBBoOOOOOOOOOOOO
5>Mrs. Swarm (Teacher), 68yo.2015,Sep.2 19:36 Ssshhhhh
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:37  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Nicole  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:37  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Felicia  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:37  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Euodia  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:37  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Mrs. Swarm  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:37  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Principal Wiggins  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:37  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Mary  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:38  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Martin  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:38  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Savannah  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:38  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Saki  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:38  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Weather  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:38  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Liam  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:38  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Justin  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:39  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Alan  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:39  Giving PHONE (x 1) to Kalista  
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:39 [This RP will be archived soon, but you can join Earthquake if you want}
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.2 19:40 {Let's get partying!}
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Sep.5 14:19 Wheee! *spins around**crashes into saki* Sorry!
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Sep.5 14:20 It's okay! *laughs nervously, but frantically* Ha ha ha ha ha!
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Sep.5 14:21 Why are you laughing like that, Saki?
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Sep.5 14:21 No reason, I'm just being creepy!
12>Liam (Student), 14yo.2015,Sep.6 08:19 *freak totally out* *dances crazy* *bumps into Martin* OH, SORRY!
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Sep.6 20:50 Stop bumping into people* bumps into Felicia* Oops
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Sep.7 19:48 DANCE WITH MORE CONTROL PEOPLE!!!! *twirls with exelent control* See? That's how you dance!
1>Emma (Student), 8yo.2015,Sep.8 01:16 {This RP has been archived}
10>Saki (Felicia's BFF), 11yo.2015,Sep.30 01:01 Quit being such a snob, Kalista!
7>Mary (Student), 8yo.2015,Oct.1 22:17 Yeah!
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Oct.1 22:17 She's my kinda gal.
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Oct.1 22:17 *walks over*
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Oct.1 22:17 *bows*
8>Martin (Nerdy kid), 9yo.2015,Oct.1 22:18 May I have this dance?
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Oct.2 21:49 *giggles and blushes* Hee, hee! Yes you may! *curtsies*
20>Kalista (Random person), 8yo.2015,Oct.2 21:51 I'm just the only one who hasn't bumped into anyone. Sorry about that Martin.
3>Felicia (Sassy Girl), 10yo.2015,Oct.3 02:09 Omigosh, real life shipping! Squeeeeee!
2>Nicole (Student), 12yo.2015,Oct.11 06:33 *is just happy to be alive*
4>Euodia (Everyone's BFF), 10yo.2015,Oct.11 10:01 Hi Nicole!
14>dog (guy), 21yo.2015,Dec.14 17:26 hey
19>Dr. Jake Mellows (Doctor, Cardiologist), 28yo.2016,Apr.7 21:24  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Pen  
19>Dr. Jake Mellows (Doctor, Cardiologist), 28yo.2016,Apr.7 21:24  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=School Supplies  
19>Dr. Jake Mellows (Doctor, Cardiologist), 28yo.2016,Apr.7 21:24  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Flashlight  
17>Timberwolf (Wolfpup), 6 monyo.2016,Sep.18 06:44 Whimpers
17>Timberwolf (Wolfpup), 6 monyo.2016,Sep.18 06:46 Howls

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