" The Crystal "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 999 years of age.
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It's a modern world, with the exception that magic thrives and existed sice long ago. That magic is controlled by a crystal deep underground, at the center of the Earth. But as the corrupt powers of evil keep growing, the crystal starts to shatter. Horrible things will happend to this world if the crystal is fully destroyed. The Great Elements (Water, Fire, Air, Earth, Life) get unstable and our world turns into a barren wasteland like Mars.
Will you be the hero that will save the world and free it from the corrupt powers of dark magic? Or will you be the villain that will end up destroying our planet?

1>Lucius Andaes (Leader of Aestnya), 36yo.2019,May.25 20:01 Hois my bois I'll be waiting for someone to join

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