" United We Stand (a Harry Potter RPG) "
This game is destined to players of 11 to 17 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is an RPG based upon the book/movie series Harry Potter. It occurs during the time period of the 19 years later epilogue, and as such you must play as characters from that time period! The plot is fairly simple: Salazar Slytherin's heir, Voldemort, died before he could rule. Now in a new era of peace, Salazar has chosen a new heir with deeper and darker magic than ever before. Will a new light shine in this ever darkening world? Or is this truly magic's last light?

1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:46 Ok, so the rules to my newest game are fairly simple.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:47 No bad messages!
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:48 Your character must start out as eleven! No exceptions unless it is verified by me, or the character you play as is a canon character!
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:51 You must play as either a canon character who was confirmed by J.K.R. (example: Albus Severus Potter). or a completely original character not related to any canon characters!
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:52 In the role box, put Student for now. After I "sort" you, you will put your house.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:53 Try to follow the story line!
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:53 Come on once a week! I'll try to reply daily.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:54 Don't forget to have fun!
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:54 Oh, and I'm going to be setting this up kind of like a book would be.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:55 I'll set up the different points we get to as "Chapters".
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:57 When you do an action on here, do it the third person. For example: the headmaster walked around.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:58 When you talk, use quotes, like this: The Headmaster said, "Please use quotes!"
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 15:59 Thoughts will be placed in stars, like this, *Remember to star thoughts!* the headmaster thought.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 16:00 Beyond that, there's not much to explain. If you have any questions, feel free to ask as we go!
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 16:01 Good luck, and have fun!
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:12 Oh! If you don't know of any canon characters, but you still want to play as one, I do have a list that you can pick from.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:14 1. Teddy Remus Lupin, son of Tonks and Remus Lupin, born in 1998, and sorted into Gryffindor.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:16 2. Victoire Weasly, daughter of Fleur and Bill Weasly, born in 2000, and sorted into Gryffindor. She and Teddy love each other.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:18 3. Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy, son of Astoria and Draco Malfoy, who has not been sorted yet, born in 2006.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:21 4. James Sirius Potter, son of Harry and Ginny Potter, born in 2004, and sorted into Gryffindor.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:23 5. Albus Severus Potter, second son of Harry and Ginny Potter, born in 2006, and not yet sorted.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:25 6. Lily Luna Potter, daughter of Harry and Ginny Potter (also their last child) born in 2008, and not in Hogwarts yet.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:32 Rose Weasly, daughter of Ron and Hermione, born in 2006 and not yet sorted.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:35 8. Lastly, I'll also put Rose's brother, Hugo Weasly, born in 2008, and not in Hogwarts yet.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:37 There are more canon character options, and if you'd like me to list them too I will, but I'll just put them for now.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:38 By the way, this is taking place in Albus, Rose, and Scorpius's first year, making them eleven. You can figure out other character ages and such based on that.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:41 If you choose to make an original character, you can NOT make them related to canon characters at all whatsoever! Make them completely original, or they will be deleted!
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:42 If the character is original, you should also provide a description of appearance, personality, name, and/or pets.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:43 After joining, I'll add a section of diagon alley soon after.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:43 In this, you can buy robes, a pet of your choice, visit Gringotts, meet other characters, and get a wand.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:45 You're also allowed to request items to buy if you want something that isn't in the inventory section. I'll most likely add it if you ask.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:46 Types of pets you can buy include but are not limited to, cats, owls, toads/frogs, snakes, and bats. If you want another type of animal other than these, please ask.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:46 After Diagon Alley, there will be a while to prepare, where we could learn more about the characters.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:47 After that, there will be going to the train station, then going on the train, where the characters will have a chance to really make friends.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:49 After this will be the arrival at Hogwarts, and then the sorting. I will sort you based upon the decisions you have made so far (I may also take input from the character, but it depends really)
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:50 Beyond that point, will be going through the everyday lives of Hogwarts, and the beginning of the strange mysterious new heir.
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 19:51 I would suggest playing as both a canon character, and an original character, but you don't have to. The most characters you can have is two, one boy and one girl.
2>Albus (Student), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 19:56 (I'd like to be Albus. He's the second son of Harry Potter, and is sort of famous because of his dad. He has brown hair, and blue eyes. He sometimes feels like his father's expectations are too high)
2>Albus (Student), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 19:57 (he's very close with his cousins Hugo and Rose, and spends a lot of time with them rather than at his own house with Lily and James)
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2014,Dec.25 20:40 (By the way, Merry Christmas!)
3>Lily (Lily Potter), 9yo.2014,Dec.25 23:10 (Merry Christmas! I'm going to be Lily Luna Potter, the one and only daughter of the famous Harry Potter. She's very kind and sweet, and very close to her brother James)
3>Lily (Lily Potter), 9yo.2014,Dec.25 23:11 (She has red/orange hair that she sometimes keeps in a messy ponytail, and has turquoise eyes. Also has a face full of freckles)
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.15 23:06 (Hi! I'm new! I want to play as Rose Weasley who is the daughter of Ron and Hermione, she has red hair, deep brown eyes, and a face full of freckles! Can I join?)
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2015,Jan.16 03:59 (of course you can join!)
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2015,Jan.16 04:01 (since a lot of people haven't joined yet, I'll make an exception to my previous rule of only having two characters. Feel free to make many more)
9>Scorpius (Student), 11yo.2015,Jan.16 04:04 (this is Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy. He looks almost exactly like his father, Draco. Slick back blonde hair, and gray/blue eyes. He doesn't act as much like his father though. He's a lot more outgoing, and less arrogant)
9>Scorpius (Student), 11yo.2015,Jan.16 04:04 (he likes to hang out with Albus and Rose a lot)
1>Headmaster (Headmaster), ...yo.2015,Jan.16 04:09 (I'll have them go to Diagon Alley now. Thanks for joining by the way!)
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:37 (Welcome!)
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:38 *walking down Diagon Alley* Mom! When we get home, can I play Quidditch with Hugo?
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:39 Hermione: Sure dear, we need to get your wand first though. Ron! What are you looking at?
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:40 Ron: *turns away from Quality Quidditch Supplies* Just some brooms.
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:40 Hermione: *sigh* Come on Rose, to Ollivanders first!
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:41 *rolls eyes* MooOOooomm... Can dad come?
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:41 Hermione: Ron come on! Rose and Hugo need their wands!
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:42 Ron: Coming! *walks Hugo towards Hermione*
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 23:42 *the whole family walks on*
2>Albus (Student), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 18:46 *has been walking along happily by himself, waiting to catch up with his cousin, Rose*
2>Albus (Student), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 18:46 *sees Rose going to Ollivanders* Hey! Rose, wait up! I'm coming!
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.21 22:02 Hey Albus!!! I'm just going to get my wand!!! *looks excited*
7>Louis Weasley (Wizard), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 17:44 (Louis: He is son of Fleur and Bill Weasley. He's their youngest son. He has blond hair and blue eyes. He is curious, funny, beautiful, creative, etc. :D )
17>Roxanne Weasley (Witch), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 17:59 (Roxanne: She is George and Angelena's daughter. She's their only daughter. She has dark brown mid-length curly hair and blue eyes. She will become a beater on the quiddich team and is very bubbly and sweet.)
7>Louis Weasley (Wizard), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 18:02 Hey everyone! ;)
17>Roxanne Weasley (Witch), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 18:07 Oh, HIYA LOUIS!!! ; p ^-^ :)
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jan.31 22:53 *lets go of mother's hand* Look! It's Louis and Roxanne! *waves*
7>Louis Weasley (Wizard), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 00:27 (
7>Louis Weasley (Wizard), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 00:28 Oh, hey Rose!
7>Louis Weasley (Wizard), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 00:30 Me and Roxanne are going to get our wands... Want to come with?
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 01:08 Hello our names our Molly and Lucy Weasley and we are Slytherin's! We would love to go get our wands with you!
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 01:09 ;)
17>Roxanne Weasley (Witch), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 13:20 *thinking* Well... I guess you can, as long as it's ok with Rose and Louis. Both Rose and Louis are cousins.
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 15:12 "Oh please, please, please let us come with!!!"
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 15:13 *jumping up and down*
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 23:37 Ok! Let's go! *runs ahead of her mom to Ollivander's window*
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 23:38 Hermione: Wait! *runs after Rose and catches up*
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 23:38 Sorry mom.
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 23:38 Ron: *walks after*
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 23:38 (SUPERBOWL WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!)
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 17:38 (Lucy and Molly skip ahead together to excited to wait!)
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 17:39 Lucy: *whispers to molly* What wand do you think you'll get?
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 17:41 Molly: Umm... I don't know I hope it is unicorn tail! *has a great big grin on her face*
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.7 17:42 Lucy and Molly: what wand do you think you will get Rose? *eyes on Rose*
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 00:29 I do hope it's got Larch wood!
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 00:30 *says in an excited whisper* Who wants to go first?
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 17:13 Molly: Ooo, Ooo I want to!!!!!!!! *jumping up and down with her arm raised*
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.8 21:58 Ok Molly! Go in! I want to go next! *looks excited*
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.21 14:36 Lucy: okay!!!' I want go after you!
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Feb.22 04:09 Go!
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Feb.28 01:29 Molly's: you got this Lucy!
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Mar.2 23:32 GO! *is sounding a bit impatiant*
20>Victoire Weasly (Daughter), 11yo.2015,Mar.9 03:37 ( "Victoire Weasly, daughter of Fleur and Bill Weasly, born in 2000, and sorted into Gryffindor. She and Teddy love each other." May I be her?)
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Mar.15 19:15 (Yes.)
12>Lucy & Molly Weasley (Witches), 11yo.2015,Apr.11 22:20 Lucy: I am glad you guys are with me! I feel better with you guys here...
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Apr.28 03:50 *smiles*
11>Harry Potter (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Jun.11 23:26  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=4  
11>Harry Potter (Gryffindor Student), 11yo.2015,Jun.11 23:27 Just got in to Gryffindor. YAY!
4>Rose (The Curious One), 11yo.2015,Jul.18 04:59 I'm so excited to get my wand!
13>Grace (Student at hogworts), 11yo.2015,Sep.23 02:42 Hi I am evil at heart
13>Grace (Student at hogworts), 11yo.2015,Sep.23 02:46  Secret message to Headmaster  
6>Seren Driscoll (Student), 11yo.2016,Jun.27 08:51 (Hello, my character is Seren Driscoll, she is 11 years old and completely of my own creation, she is a complete bookworm and already has an older brother in Hogwarts (can I be her brother?), she has black hair, pale skin and eyes like the night sky, her
6>Seren Driscoll (Student), 11yo.2016,Jun.27 08:56 Mother, Father and all other relatives were or are Hogwarts students, she wants to be in Ravenclaw as her entire family is and swears that she will leave Hogwarts if she is not. She is very secretive and can hold a grudge for a long time.)
6>Seren Driscoll (Student), 11yo.2016,Jun.27 09:10  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
6>Seren Driscoll (Student), 11yo.2016,Jun.27 09:10  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
8>Lord Voldemort (Adult wizard), 17yo.2018,Feb.26 21:37 I BURNT MINE WAND.
14>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:46  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=2  
14>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:46  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=11  
14>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:47 Hello! I'm new! OH MY GOD! Voldermort is HERE!!!
14>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:48 I got into Slytherin! Yay!
14>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:48  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
14>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:49  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
10>Bubby (Student), 11yo.2019,Jan.26 22:54  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
10>Bubby (Student), 11yo.2019,Jan.26 22:55  Secret message to Headmaster  
10>Bubby (Student), 11yo.2019,Jan.26 22:56  Secret message to Headmaster  
10>Bubby (Student), 11yo.2019,Jan.26 22:57  Secret message to Headmaster  
10>Bubby (Student), 11yo.2019,Jan.26 22:59  Secret message to Headmaster  
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:39 May I be sorted? I think I am probably slytherin but perhaps a ravenclaw
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:40 Also can I have extra wisdom as it corresponds with my character
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:41 Can I buy a pet?
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:42 I s an to buy a chupa charbra ( it's like a little lizard guy) he is also grindelwald's pet in crimes of grindelwold
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:44 Must we state our blood? Not that I am muggle-bornist or anything but if so I am half blood
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:44 Character wise I am wise, friendly and eager to make friends and learn stuff
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:45 Also, I hate herboligy and care of magical creatures but love potions and astronomy
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:47 By the way I need a wand
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.19 21:47 Headmaster can you answer all my questions?
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Mar.21 23:38 You said you would try to respond every day, how's that going?
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.13 22:48 Is anyone going to respond to me?
19>Xenophilius Argonia (Student), 11yo.2019,Apr.13 22:49 It's literally been a month

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