" Clan of Uchegon "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
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The Uchegon clan is a hidden clan that few know about. They specalise in the training of talented people, to become spies for their secret agenda. Would you make a good agent for them?

18>Member of the clan (Messenger,worker etc), ?yo.2023,Aug.25 11:34 A coal mine
18>Member of the clan (Messenger,worker etc), ?yo.2023,Aug.25 11:35 *comes in with a whip* 'Work up drudges! Work harder or I'll make you.' Lashes out at Gorlaen
8>Gorlaen (Mysterious boy), 16yo.2023,Aug.25 11:37 * Gorlaen grits his teeth in pain and anger*
8>Gorlaen (Mysterious boy), 16yo.2023,Aug.25 11:38 It had been 2 weeks since he had first been captured and dragged down here. He couldn't understand why
18>Member of the clan (Messenger,worker etc), ?yo.2023,Aug.25 11:40 'Now listen up slaveys! No don't stop your work' lashes at someone who stopped digging. 'Listen and work, hahaha!'
18>Member of the clan (Messenger,worker etc), ?yo.2023,Aug.25 11:40 *silence*
18>Member of the clan (Messenger,worker etc), ?yo.2023,Aug.25 11:42 'Today the master is going to send someone to pick the strongest and most capable of you fir his own purpose!'

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