" AHAW Christmas Celebration v4 "
This game is destined to players of 1 to 20 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Blitz: *taps microphone* Is this thing finally on??? *clears throat* It's Christmas, peeps! No time for fancy invitations this year, you're all invited to celebrate the holidays outside the canon multiverse! Bring whoever you'd like, just make sure everyone behaves! There will be food and music and least importantly, social interaction! WHO NEEDS THAT, HUH?? Anyway, I await your arrival!

1. Everyone must wear either antlers, an elf hat, or a Santa hat.
2. All who disobey this law shall be stabbed with the almighty holy deagle.
2. Corrections to this list will be met with aggression by the leggy fox.
4, No major fighting. We want people to get hurt, not die.
5. No small stabbing implements.
6. No smoking. You know who you are.
7. Your head must remain on your shoulders at all times.
8. If there is a Santa pinata, a spiked cudgel will be provided as long as Litho gets the first whack.
9. Wrapping paper is not allowed, as Litho will proceed to wrap everyone including himself.
10. Scissors are to be thrown into a fire at the first sight of fruit cake. It is recommended that everyone hide for exactly 3.57 minutes.
11. Tissue paper is frowned upon, but not banned. It is not viewed as wrapping paper, thus deterring Litho's desire to wrap everyone.
12. Elmer's glue is a sin. Keep it away(I'm still washing it out of my fur).
13. Special thanks to Betty Crocker for the baking supplies. :D
14. Your favorite tall boi is here so have fun!

1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.25 18:06 *makes countless last minute preparations. Has to constantly spray Litho with a spray bottle as he keeps attempting to steal the food or climb into the tree she's been decorating. Finally she's hanging up the lights on the ceiling*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.25 18:08 *plays around with the music until he finds something he likes, then turns the volume all the way up*
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.25 18:09 *hears the static from the speakers* Litho... No. *grabs spray bottle*
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 18:09 *puts on earmuffs*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.25 18:11 *cackles and presses play. For half a second, from the outside of the building, a loud "LITHO NO!" can be heard, but is immediately cut off by the music, whose sheer volume causes the building to shake*
15>Sea (Sona; Reincarnate), Infinyo.2020,Dec.25 18:15 *Walks in unaffected by the booming noise. She stumbles a bit but makes it look like she's performing some dance* Oh, am I late? Looks like it's already began!
15>Sea (Sona; Reincarnate), Infinyo.2020,Dec.25 18:16 *Walks in unaffected by the booming noise. She stumbles a bit but makes it look like she's performing some dance* Oh, am I late? Looks like it's already began!
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.25 18:27 *is wrestling Litho over control of the music*
15>Sea (Sona; Reincarnate), Infinyo.2020,Dec.25 18:36 *She walks over to the one person not fighting currently* What's going on, stranger? Why are those to wrestling on the floor?
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 19:39 Litho's misbehaving, that's all.
15>Sea (Sona; Reincarnate), Infinyo.2020,Dec.25 19:56 Ah okay! *She bounces on her hooves and paws* So,, what's the plan for the night? What activities are we participating in? What food?
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.25 20:23 Usually we don't have any solid plans. It's just a fun gettogether.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.25 20:28 *knock knock*
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.25 20:29 *slams Litho's face into the ground, turns down the music exponentially, and goes to answer the door* Hi! Welcome!
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.25 20:32 "Hello my name is james. I was told there was going to be a holiday party here today."
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.25 20:35 Yes, that's right! *looks behind her to see Litho sneaking toward the speakers again* I AM GOING TO HANG YOU FROM THE LIGHTS BY YOUR FEET IF YOU DON'T SIT DOWN!
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.25 20:35 *backs off and instead walks into another room*
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.25 20:46 "Alright I haven't been to a party for years. *finds a chair to lay next to* "I wonder what they have planned."
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.25 20:51 We'll see when more guests show up. I've found that it's more fun for everyone when they're free to almost do as they please.
12>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 19yo.2020,Dec.26 00:09 *arrives outside in human form**is in a greenish opera coat and is yelling at Char while forcing an elf hat onto him*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 00:09 *is ducking and screaming and whining about how it'll mess up his hair*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 00:10 *is in a Santa hat, watching Leonore and Char kind of blankly*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 00:11 *is wearing antlers (same goes for Leonore) and giggling at Char's antics*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 04:37 *breaks away from Eira after a minute and heads over to the door*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 04:37 *
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 04:37 [Oops]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 04:38 *peeks in curiously*
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.26 04:40 *is sitting next to James*
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 04:40 *takes off his earmuffs and grabs a cup of eggnog. Mixes it with ginger ale*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 04:44 *runs in upon seeing Malaucay*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 04:44 Jane! *hurries in after her*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 04:44 *calms down when she realizes who Jane is running to*
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 04:45 *puts his cup down and picks up Jane* Hey!
12>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 19yo.2020,Dec.26 04:47 *manages to get Char to wear the elf hat by threatening to glue the insides of it to his hair*
12>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 19yo.2020,Dec.26 04:47 *comes in with him close behind*
15>Sea (Sona; Reincarnate), Infinyo.2020,Dec.26 04:52 *Sea wanders around looking at the room she's in while scanning the people currently in the room. She fiddles with the bells she's wearing.*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 04:54 *strolls back into the room with a mug of hot cocoa*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 04:57 *brushes off a bit of cocoa powder from his santa outfit*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 05:03 *sees Litho and smirks*
12>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 19yo.2020,Dec.26 05:03 *looks at Char* What?
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 05:04 Oh, nothing, nothing.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 05:04 Hi!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 05:04 You like my antlers?
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 05:23 Yes I do! I'm an elf!
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 05:27 *glances at Char and smiles for a moment before sipping his cocoa*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 05:32 Cool!...What's an elf?
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 05:36 An elf is a worker who helps Santa make the toys for children all over the world!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 05:38 Oh!...Who's Santa?
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 05:42 Oh boy... *finds a place to sit down and tell Jane the story of Santa*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 05:54 *heads to the table full of food and loads a plate with primarily pound cake, pecans, and berries, topped with whipped cream*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 06:01 *has gone off on her own since Jane is being taken care of*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 06:01 *was headed for the food table until Litho got there, after which she made an immediate 180 degree turn*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:03 *observes for a bit**tries to slip his elf hat off but Leonore steps on his foot* Ack! *hops on one foot**notices people looking at him and transitions into a weird dance*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:03  Secret message to Sea  
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:03 (Mistakes were made)
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:04 *turns to watch Eira leave, saying something about her tension before turning away and finding a place to eat*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:21 *goes over to the food table and gets lots of nuts and berries*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 06:34 *just sits quietly in a corner away from the others*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:34 *hesitates, then approaches Litho*
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 06:34 *gets up, stretches and grabs some food for him self*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:35 *sits on a table and picks at his plate*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:36 *pauses once he realizes he's being approached* O-oh? Well hi there.
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.26 06:37 *stands up and trots over to Sea* Not much really seems to happen for awhile. It's just a fun time to relax.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:38 So we meet again.
15>Sea (Sona; Reincarnate), Infinyo.2020,Dec.26 06:40 Oh okay,, Fun times,, *Sea stares off*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:42 Indeed. So you were allowed back this time? Shocker.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:44 Not as surprising as seeing you here. Mind if I join you?
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:47 Oh of course not. *scoots over*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:50 *sits down*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:54 *picks up some of the nuts off his plate and roasts them between his fingertips before tossing them into his mouth* Seems a lot calmer tonight.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:54 Any idea as to why?
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 06:54 *leans back and crosses his legs, hanging his arms off of the back of his chair*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:55 Why's it so surprising that I'm here? It wouldn't be the same without me.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:56 (said that before Char said anything else)
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 06:58 I don't think as many conflicting characters showed up. That might be why. Usually there's a lot of tension. A lot of action. But now... Not so much. It's so... Friendly.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:08 Hm... *looks at Eira in the corner*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:08 Not so much "friendly" as "friendlier."
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:09 But you're correct overall.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 07:12 By now there'd be some kind of fight going on. Chaos. Its the best.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:15 Agreed.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:16 *looks around the room* Hm...be right back.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:16 *gets up and heads over to Malaucay and Jane* Pssst...I can let you in on a secret...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 07:16 Hm? *looks at Char&
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 07:16 **
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:17 You see that man over there? The overtly pouty one with the bada**ness complex? *points at Armis*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:17 He's secretly an elf.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:18 And if you pinch him some presents will appear.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 07:18 *has kept his voice low* Now go have fun. *heads back to Litho's table*
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 07:37 *looks a little concerned but tries not to laugh at the idea of messing with Armis*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 07:41 *has finished off the whipped cream and is mixing the berries and pecans*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 07:50 *looks at Mayhem and then up at Armis*
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 07:52 *has been people-watching and once he realizes Jane is watching him, he backs up*
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 07:55 Hey!
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 07:56 *hisses*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 07:59 *is starting to look a bit sleepy**hesitates, then sees Litho is occupied with someone else and dares to go to the snack table**gets some eggnog and quickly retreats to her corner*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 08:06 You like messing with the cat demon, too, huh?
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 08:20 Perhaps.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 08:21 I mess around usually indiscriminantly, though...this is not the case.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 08:22 Playing tricks on him is quite the entertaining past time
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 08:24 I saw you!
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 08:25 *jumps onto a different beam* Good for you.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 08:31 *Hears Armis jumping around, and looks at him in shock*
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 08:31 "A-A-A-Armless?
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 08:32 *flicks his tail with irritation*
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 08:32 *looks down at James* What do you want?
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 08:33 "W-what are you doing here?"
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 08:35 I'm almost always at these things. Whether I want to be or not. Why are YOU here?
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 08:37 "um Jerry told me there was a party here and asked me if i wanted to join"
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 08:39 It's not much of a party. They make me show up every time.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 08:43 *to himself* "with you here there's no wonder it's no wonder"
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 08:51 Pah! *backs away* Whatever.
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 09:22 Your name is Armless?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 09:22 That's weird.
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 09:26 No! It is NOT
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 09:30 Then why'd he call you Armless?
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 09:33 He just- He just does...
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 09:35 *goes back to eating his food
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 09:37 Why?
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 09:40 I can't explain- why am I responding to you?!
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 09:49 *examines a pecan covered in whipped cream, eating a few berries in the process. Flicks the pecan at Char's face*
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 09:49 James! You did this!!
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 09:50 *inhales sharply*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 09:51 *keeps his voice down* If we're going to tango then at least be civilized enough to "accidentally" knock this idiotic hat off of me.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 09:53 "hey it's not my fault you respond to Armless"
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 09:57 Get down here, I want to talk to you!
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 10:00 *cackles mischievously* Oh? Accidentally, you say? *puts his plate down and tackles Char, easily knocking the hat off him by doing so*
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.26 10:01 *sighs* Oh, good lord..... Litho please don't. Not now..
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 10:02 I only respond to you with that name!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 10:03 *reaches wildly for a plate and grabs some food off of it before tumbling to the floor with Litho*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:03 [CHAR THAT WAS DONE BY CHAR]
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:03 [AAAA]
2>Malaucay (Viscount), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 10:03 Come on, Matthew, get down here.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:03 [TERRIBLE TIME TO FORGET I'M ON JANE'S SLOT XD >____< ]
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.26 10:04 Get down!-- *hears a thud and turns to look at Litho and Char, confused*
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 10:04 Don't call me that! *jumps down, grumbling*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 10:08 *growls playfully*
1>Blitz (Paladin), 20yo.2020,Dec.26 10:08 And we lost him. *throws the spray bottle away*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:11 *takes a moment to put some of the food he snagged into his own mouth before shoving the rest into Litho's face*
12>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 19yo.2020,Dec.26 10:11 *slowly facepalms*
12>Leonore (Dragon Sona), 19yo.2020,Dec.26 10:11 *is trying to hide suppressed laughter, though*
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:13 *walks calmly towards a corner* *Sniff Sniff* hmm John must have been here. Makes since that he would be with this bunch.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:16 *happens to be sitting near where James is**looks over at him* Um...
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:16 Hi...
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:17 "Oh Hello there, my name is James"
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 10:17 Hey! *shakes his head instinctively* I sure hope you're going to clean this mess you're making! I put a lot of effort into my look!
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:24 I'm Eira.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:24 Nice to meet you.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:24 Oh, you do? I didn't notice.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:25 "nice to meet you as well, you seem to be one of the only non chaotic ones here"
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:26 Well, the more you know. *twists his nose hard*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:27 *shrugs her shoulders, suppressing a chuckle* I guess so.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:29 "so where are you from"
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 10:29 You little- *pushes Char's head into the ground* I look great, thank you very much! Who else could pull off this luxurious Santa outfit?
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 10:30 *breathes primarily through his mouth to avoid extra pain through his nose. He's too focused to realize he'd begun to bleed*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:30 *his voice is muffled* Oh, I dunno...perhaps...er... *turns into a rodent and slips out from under him**zips onto his back and turns back into a human again, pinning him* ...yours truly?
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:32 Urmukka, on the planet of Exocoel.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:33 Well, my house isn't there, but I've been mostly living there lately.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:33 You?
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 10:34 *laughs a bit* You right. That'd be pretty hot.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:36 "I don't have a place of my own but Jerry let's me use the hidden bedroom in a place known as the arena. I also work as janitor there, and am aloud to use the place as if it was my home.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:37 "also where in the Plain is Exocoel?"
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:37 "Plain?"
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:38 I don't think I understand that term, sorry.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:38 Technically, anything I wear is automatically hot.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:39 No exceptions.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 10:39 You got that right.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:39 "Our Universe?"
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:41 You know, you're not too shabby yourself.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:44 Oh, um...Exocoel is in the Misyach galaxy.
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:44 There we call the universe Irakurri.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 10:47 Awh, I'm flattered. *starts trying to get up, mostly just by using his strength alone*
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:47 "oh so this another universe... wait is that why I have never heard of Armless? Before he tried to murder me.
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.26 10:48 My bad.
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:50 [LOL]
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:50 Um...I don't know...
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 10:51 Armis is also from Irakurri...
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 10:53 *just holds on tighter*
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:54 "hmm good to know."
13>James (Wolf), ???yo.2020,Dec.26 10:58 "so is this fighting normal here?"
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 11:00 I'm...not sure if normality exists here...
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.26 11:00 To be honest...
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 11:04 You should consider yourself lucky. *starts slowly crawling to to his feet* It's not every day I let myself be pinned like this.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 11:07 Oh?
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 11:08 I am rather grateful then.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 11:09 Oh you should be, since next time itll be the other way around and I will not let you change that.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 11:10 *finally makes it to his feet*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 11:13 We'll see about that.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 11:14 *looks around, still on his back* Hmm, that's funny. Everyone looks shorter.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 11:15 ;
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 11:15 Welcome to my world.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 11:21 Your world is...fascinating.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 11:31 Sometimes.
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.26 19:34 You know... You'd be more comfortable on my shoulders instead of hanging from my back. Not that I mind either way.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.26 23:58 Hm...I'll try that out then. *turns into a rodent again and climbs onto his shoulder*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.27 00:07 *heads back to pick up more food, despite not having finished off his last plate. While there he cleans his face with a napkin*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.27 00:22 You're not as fun when you're that small.
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.27 00:45 As you wish. *gets behind his neck and turns back into a human**is now sitting on his shoulders*
5>Litho (Viscount), :3cyo.2020,Dec.27 06:11 There we go! *puts his second plate down and starts running around*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.27 22:42 Yeeehaw!!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.27 22:43 *had approached Armis but gets distracted watching Litho and Char*
3>Char (God of Heat), ..yo.2020,Dec.28 05:25 Wheeeeeeeee!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.28 05:26 *turns back to Armis and pinches him*
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 08:54 *shrieks briefly and aims to strike, but stops himself* The *bleep*-
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.28 09:25 He lied.
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 09:32 Of course he effing did! I'm not an elf!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.28 09:39 Your ears are weird though.
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 09:56 That doesn't make me an elf!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.28 09:57 What are you?
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 10:47 A demon!
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.28 11:04 Oh...
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.28 11:19 Why are you a demon?
4>Armis (Demon), ?yo.2020,Dec.28 20:19 I don't know. Why are you a filthy human?
6>Jane (Demigod), 9yo.2020,Dec.28 21:01 I'm not filthy...I washed up before I got here.
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mom :D), 23-31yo.2020,Dec.28 21:19 *Quinlynn vibes on the rafters, losing interest in going down there. She is dressed in a green santa outfit with Christmas lights draped all over her. The lights are not on. The party has not begun for her yet.*
7>Eira (Raven), 100+yo.2020,Dec.28 21:50 *since no one's saying much to her anymore she spaces out, leaning back and staring upwards**after a few minutes she suddenly realizes someone else is up in the rafters*
18>Quinlynn (Scientist; Mom :D), 23-31yo.2020,Dec.28 21:57 *Quinlynn is listening to some kind of techno music, it can be heard through her earbuds a bit. She's staring off, rocking back and forth a bit.*
20>chanyn (storekeeper), 8yo.2022,Aug.30 13:33  Secret message to Quinlynn  
20>chanyn (storekeeper), 8yo.2022,Aug.30 13:35  Secret message to Quinlynn  
20>chanyn (storekeeper), 8yo.2022,Aug.30 13:35  Secret message to Quinlynn  
20>chanyn (storekeeper), 8yo.2022,Aug.30 13:35  Secret message to chanyn  

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