" Questscape (A Virtual Reality RP) "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Standing at the helm of media and culture is Questscape, a revolutionary game and social platform played by millions. Followers watching the action firsthand are encouraged to become Contenders, who are challenged through custom worlds that transcend their wildest dreams.
Gamers from around the world (identified by their nearest major city) between the ages of 13-50are selected randomly (at their former consent) to play Questscape. First, they must pass an initiation phase, and will be scored according to performance. Whoever scores the highest in this preliminary level becomes the leader of one of the two teams, and can choose their team members.

Then, the Contenders roll into a thrilling virtual reality. Jam-packed with trials and tribulations specific to their game, the Contenders' survival is tested until only a few members from each team stand at the final level.
*levels are split between teams (e.g., team 1 gets level 1 and 3, team 2 gets levels 2 and 4), and the teams clash in the final level of the game to defeat a final boss. A 'code' may be inserted to adjust the difficulty of the level if a team is dying off too quickly.
*levels take place at the same time. At the end of each level, all of the points from each player from each team will be added to calculate a current team standing.
*there are 9-10 members per teams. The teams can team their names something unique, like the house names in Harry Potter or Game of Thrones.
Health: each player starts out with 100 health points, which can be deducted if a player becomes sidetracked or injured. Health collectibles (gems, potions, etc.) are available throughout the game to reduce health. Players will die if their health runs out and they are unable to pick up collectibles.
Mana: Mana tracks the energy of the player. Mana points are awarded when players find special Mana collectibles throughout the game, specifically in areas where high amounts of energy are needed (like battle arenas), or when they defeat an enemy and collectibles are dropped. Mana points are deducted in frequent increments, and is not easy to find. When players roll the dice during the battle, they can decide to use mana to make it a powerful attack. The number the dice lands on is added to the product of the amount used AND the standard mana multiplier, 5.
Performance: Performance is a combination of the basic counters (experience, strength, agility), and are given when players perform impressively. Performance affects the entire team of a player, and aren't deducted.
Prestige: One prestige point=5 performance point. These points are handed out when a player is especially outstanding, and rarely.

1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  *Sally 1*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  *Sally 2*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  *Fletcher 1*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  *Fletcher 2*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:54 *the monkeys attack Sally in an act of vengeance* *she is trampled to the ground* *hair is pulled, claws are wielded, and fists thrown*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:55 (Maybe it's just been a while, but I totally forgot about Fernando. I'll just reaffirm that he's either guarding Nikole or helping out Logan.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:56   - 20 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:56   + 10 Performance points to Fletcher  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:56   - 10 Health points to Fletcher  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Sep.12 04:56 [Yeah, he's with Owen and Nikole at the Arsenal.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.12 04:57 *screams her head off out of rage and pain while wriggling, punching, clawing, and kicking*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Sep.12 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  *tries to prove herself by coming to Sally's defense* *actually snatches Jace's staff and swings it*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=48  *Tessie*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 04:59   - 10 Health points to Tessie  
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Sep.12 05:01 *was just getting in the way* *steps back onto the unofficial sideline*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Sep.12 05:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=71  *runs into the fray* GET OFF OF THE QUEEN, YOU (BLEEP)s! *takes out a hammer and gives it a wild swing*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 05:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 05:04 *that seems to do the job* *the monkeys are warded off, and abandon their pile of food* *one of them screeches in Rae's face before fleeing*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 05:04   + 10 Performance points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.12 05:05 (I have to go now, bye! I'll see you tomorrow!)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.12 05:05 [Aw, see you!]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Sep.12 05:07 *is relieved when the monkeys leave**he was on his own a bit there, warding off monkeys that kept coming at him*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.12 05:12 *just lies there*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.13 04:29 [I'm here!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.13 04:29 [Annnd I just remembered that you usually aren't on due to band. Crap. XP]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.13 05:39 [See you tomorrow!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 04:10 [I'm here!]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 04:21 (Hi!)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 04:22 (I'll give some of the Hunters points for finding the food.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:22   + 10 Health points to Tessie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:22   + 5 Mana points to Tessie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:22   + 10 Health points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:23   + 5 Mana points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:23   + 10 Health points to Fletcher  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:23   + 5 Mana points to Fletcher  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:23   + 10 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:24   + 5 Mana points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:24   + 10 Health points to Jace  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.14 04:24   + 5 Mana points to Jace  
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 04:30 [Hey! OK.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 04:34 *moans dramatically*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 04:51 (Sorry I disappeared for a while. I had some homework to finish.)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 04:51 *looks down at Sally* Well? Are you okay, or what?
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 04:56 [It's fine. My replies will be a bit slow. I have a calculus test tomorrow and I'm studying.]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 04:56 (Good luck on that!)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 04:58 *while waiting for Sally's answer, he notices Tessie sauntering up to his side with his staff in her clutches* *looks over his shoulder slightly and casts his eyes downward* Can I please have my staff back.
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Sep.14 04:59 *wordlessly gives it back*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:01 [Thanks! :D]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 05:02 Thanks.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 05:03 (No problem! And jinx, haha.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:03 *moans in response*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:03 [Jinx indeed. XD]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:03 *is exaggerating to get attention, of course**she can speak and get up if she wants to*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 05:05 *can sense that* You're a proper weakling if you can't, because I know you can.
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Sep.14 05:08 *hovers around Sally* *is somewhat concerned about her£
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Sep.14 05:08 *
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:10 *half moans, half speaks:* [BLEEEEEEP] yyyooouuu...
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:10 *gets up anyway, groaning and wincing the whole time*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Sep.14 05:11 *knows that Jace is getting more and more irritated* C'mon. *hoists Sally up by the shoulders* *for a moment, she's holding her up like a scarecrow on a pole*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:11 *dramatically stumbles upon rising**she can get up and walk, but she actually is hurt and in need of medical care--the monkeys did a number on her*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Sep.14 05:11 (Ignore that.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:11 *one of her ears is torn up and bleeding profusely*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 05:13 *a blue portal opens up, allowing them to go back the way they came* I suppose we should let the others know about what we've discovered.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Sep.14 05:13 Whoa, nelly. Let's take the tucker and rack off...
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:14 ...Speak
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:14 *...Speak English you [BLEEP].
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Sep.14 05:14 Let's grab some food and get the [BLEEP] out of here.
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Sep.14 05:15 I dunno... *is struggling to hold Sally up*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Sep.14 05:16 *is getting a bit sick of this group**grabs a whole lot of food and goes through the portal*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 05:16 But this is our camp. We'll have to be back sooner or later.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Sep.14 05:17 *stares at what Fletcher just did* ....well then.
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Sep.14 05:18 Let's just follow him and see what Owen has to say. *briskly walks into the portal* *eventually, the rest follow*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:18 *moans loudly*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Sep.14 05:18 (I have to go now. I'll see you tomorrow!)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Sep.14 05:20 [Aw, bye!]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.15 01:17 (Hey, due to some sudden circumstances, I won't be online tonight. Sorry... I'll see you tomorrow!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.15 06:05 [It's fine! I wasn't on either (until now, but you'd normally be offline by now). I had a very long day.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 04:09 [I'm on!]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 04:21 [I gtg early tonight.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 04:31 [Hello?]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 04:31 (Hi!)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 04:32 (Sorry I'm late. We just looked at your Amsterdam pictures!)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 04:37 *meanwhile, the rebels are rowing along* *has his eyes set on a blue light up ahead*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 04:38 [Hey! Great! :D]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 04:41 *can't stop messing with his ear, which was bit by a piranha*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 04:44 *mutters* This has to be a campground up ahead.
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.16 04:45 Potential grounds, maybe...
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 04:46 *sees Tray reaching up for his ear* *puts a firm hand against his elbow* Don't.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 04:49 It itches...
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 04:50 *is quick to agree with Zak* Yeah, that should be a campground.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 04:50 *paddles a bit faster to help them get there faster*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 04:54 You'll have to ignore it, or else it'll get infected.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 04:55 *the canoe slices through a bed of sand and sludge, indicating they've reached shore* *the blue energy kind of explodes* *turns to Via* Thanks.
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.16 04:55 *glances at Connor and Tray and shrugs* That might be inevitable.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 05:04 *leaves Mikey and Via to station their canoe while he checks out the land* *most of it is dense with vegetation, so he doesn't get far*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.16 05:06 *grabs onto the canoe railing and jumps out sideways* *eagerly catches up to Zak* What do we have here?
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 05:06 *is even more nervous about his ear, making not itching even harder*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 05:08 *is vaguely annoyed by TJ's optimistic attitude* I'm not very impressed.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.16 05:09 *wanders to shore* *stares ahead, totally befuddled* Are you sure this is where we're gonna lay low?
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 05:10 *pauses* I don't know.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 05:11 *says to TJ* We don't have the tools.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 05:11 There has to be something here. It was glowing blue.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.16 05:14 Yeah. I reckon they're trying to tell us something. Where there's a will, there's a way. *flips his pocketknife open and steps into the jungle*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 05:15 *watches TJ disappear behind some waxy-looking plants* Are you sure you know what you're doing? There might be... I don't know what's back there, but.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.16 05:16 Course I do. I'll probably need some help, though. *slashes at some vines*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 05:17 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.16 05:17 *has to admire TJ's spirit* *bounds in after him*
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.16 05:18 (Bye!)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.16 05:20 *figures TJ and Via make a point* Alright, guys. Grab whatever kind of tool you can salvage and help chop down some of this stuff. *marches in* *sees that it's not as bad as he initially thought* *sees TJ walking toward a bundle of dead sticks and logs*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.17 04:14 (I'm online, but I probably won't be able to stay on for more than 15 minutes.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.17 04:37 (I have to go now, unfortunately. Hopefully I'll see you Tuesday!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.17 04:58 [Crap...sorry I missed you...I had a busy day... :P]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.19 04:33 [I'm on!]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 04:36 (Hi!)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 04:44 *sees a dense bunch of vines hanging from a tree* *stares at them contemplatively before pulling out two arrows* *fixes them like pliers and starts chopping at them*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.19 04:48 [Hey! Sorry, I got distracted drawing.]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 04:48 *is hacking away at some plants with a knife* *momentarily observes Stevie* *kind of laughs* That's inventive.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 04:48 (That's okay!)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 04:57 Yeah. *cuts down the vines with the utmost focus* *doesn't know what else to say, other than the fact that it's a time to be resourceful*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.19 04:59 *is seen trying to build something with the sticks and logs, but they collapse like a bunch of Lincoln Logs* *sighs, irritated*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:00 *ties a rope around some invasive plants* *takes the other end and pulls back with all his might*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:04 *tears down some vines with his bare hands*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:07 *partially uproots the plant* *tears it out of the ground and tosses it into the jungle*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:09 *sees TJ struggling* *strides over to him* Hey, you need help? What are you trying to build?
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 05:10 *helps Zak*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.19 05:10 *works as privately as possible* *reasoned that the work would keep the Nikole issue temporarily at bay, but he can't stop thinking about it*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.19 05:12 *stares at the disarray* *actually doesn't really know what he had in mind, only that he was trying to make some structures* Well... yeah. I'll need help figuring this out.
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.19 05:13 *picks up the debris and carries it to an unofficial dumping ground* *starts whistling*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:14 *brute forces a lot of things by not using tools to tear down plants**he's worried, and the pain of the labor helps distract him*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:14 Maybe we could use those vines to tie these together - *pulls a stick over* -and create a base.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:15 We could save the longer ones to build a few walls.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:17 *occasionally wanders away from his work* *notices the tension in the air, and that bothers him* It's kinda quiet here.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:17 (I have to go now, bye!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.19 05:22 [Aw, bye!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 04:26 Do we need to make a building? It would be a big waste of time if anything chased us out of the area.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 04:32 (Hi!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 04:32 *laughs dryly* It's not like we're putting all of our effort into this.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.21 04:43 *is sort of irritated by Connor's statement* Well... I just thought we should have, y'know, a place for privacy. Like a bathroom.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 04:44 [Hey!\
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 04:45 *]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 04:47 Uh... *is confused by TJ's logic*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 04:47 I thought that we...um...
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 04:48 The bathroom is 15 feet in any direction that the foliage is thick enough to conceal you.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 04:48 Yeah...that...
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.21 04:57 *shrugs* You never know what's in that foliage, though: poisonous bugs, creatures... h*ll, even the plants could be poisonous. This is the jungle, and I doubt they'll let us off easy.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 04:58 If that's the case, then we're in danger here too.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 04:58 *isn't happy to hear that*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.21 04:59 I'm just doing what I think would be best, that's all. *ties some logs together*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.21 05:02 *marches past with a bundle of vines* *is whistling obliviously*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.21 05:03 *answers Josh, and subtly addresses the general assembly* It's hard to please a crowd.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.21 05:04 Josh, I think that's a fine suggestion. What's everyone's favorite food? Go.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 05:09 Well, sushi, I guess. But I also like burritos. *cuts down a plant*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 05:09 *slaps a mosquito that landed on his neck*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 05:09 Burritos are awesome!
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.21 05:09 (I have to go now. I won't be back until Sunday because I'm going somewhere, so I hope you have a great weekend!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 05:12 [Alright, see you! I hope you have a good weekend too!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.23 18:04 You know, TJ... Via makes a point. We should probably use this wood for more practical things, like a fire.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.23 22:27 Yeah, what he said.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.23 22:29 [BTW, was your birthday yesterday? If so, happy un-birthday! Sorry for not telling you happy birthday yesterday...I probably decided to not come on here since you weren't on, and didn't realize it was your birthday... XP]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.23 22:32 [I usually remember your birthday by knowing that it's on the very edge of the Virgo dates, but often that gets confusing because some sites say it ends on the 22nd and others say it's the 23rd. XP]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 03:47 [I'm online!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:12 (Hi!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:13 (Actually, our birthday was exactly a month ago. Thanks for your thoughts!)
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:22 *looks a little embarrassed* Okay. *dumps the logs into the center of the campground*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:24 [Hey! Well...crap...I thought your birthday was on the end of Virgo and it was the beginning... >_< ]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:25 [I'm so sorry!!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:31 [How has being an adult been? XD XP]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:36 (That's okay!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:37 (Haha, it hasn't been much different, really. We can probably vote in the next election, but we're still figuring out how to get registered.)
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:38 *answers Zak's conversation starter* I like franks. *marches some vines over to Connor and TJ* Do you still need these? *Connor shakes his head*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:41 *looks confused* Like the hot sauce?
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:42 No, franks! Like hot dogs. My grandfather makes the best ballpark style franks...
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:44 Well, in my opinion, you can never go wrong with an extra cheesy pizza with pepperoni.
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:46 [I gotta wait about another half of a year to become an adult. XP]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:46 [See you on the other side in so-and-so months. XD]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:46 DON'T tempt me, Connor.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 04:46 Mmm...pizza.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 04:46 Aw, stop it, you're giving me cravings!
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:47 (Haha, alright.)
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:49 Speaking of pizza... one of my friends makes a pretty epic calzone, entirely from scratch. All the cheese you can imagine... warm dough, topped with parmesan and garlic butter....
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:50 STOP!!
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:51 *snickers* *gives even more thorough descriptions to irritate Josh and Via*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 04:52 *her stomach rumbles*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 04:52 *laughs* Thanks a lot...
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:53 Tray, considering where you're from, it'd be a crime if you didn't like pizza. *turns to Stevie, who is busy sawing down a plant* What about you, Spaghetti? *smirks*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 04:54 Of course I like pizza. Pizza with extra meat. But I'm trying not to think about it, because we want to preserve food, right?
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 04:54 *gives Josh a playful eye roll* Yes, it's still my favorite.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 04:58 Yeah. I don't see what the craze behind pizza is anyways. Personally, I prefer barbecue, maybe a burger... Mikey: *adds dreamily* ...or a hot fudge sundae.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.24 04:59 Okay, enough of that. Tray makes a point - maybe this wasn't the best topic of discussion. I don't want anyone raiding the food supply because of this.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:01 *crosses his arms a little defensively* We never demonstrated that we were going to. Zak: I can't trust that. Connor: Fine. But I think we deserve to know something... something quintessential. Zak: What. Connor: Your favorite food.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.24 05:02 *has a slightly annoyed smirk on his face* That's not the most important thing you should be worrying about. But if you really want to know, it's lo mein. I don't have it a lot, so that's probably why it's my favorite.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.24 05:04 *surveys the area* I think our work is done here. We need to... there's... there's something important we need to take care of.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:06 [I started laughing uncontrollably when Connor said "Your favorite food."]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.24 05:06 *is about to start prefacing the matter, but he desperately wants an immediate answer* Does anyone know where Nikole is? Obviously, we lost her back in that scuffle, and we need her back.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:06 Yeah?
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.24 05:07 (Hahahaha, I see the desired effect came through.)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:08 *he said that before Zak started asking questions*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:08 Uh...no...
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:08 I thought the Hunters got her.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:08 *still has his arms crossed* *is solemn* The last time I saw her was probably before we jumped off those platforms.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Sep.24 05:09 I'm pretty sure she's at the Arsenal. In any case, it's the best place to start looking.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.24 05:12 *chews on his lip and glances toward the shore* *says almost to himself* I just don't know how we're gonna make it over there without minimizing the damage.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.24 05:13 (I have to go now, bye!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:14 But wouldn't the Hunters be there?
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.24 05:15 [Aw, bye!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 15:30 That's the point. It's probably way too risky to go there. We shouldn't be actively trying to lose any more members. She's probably dead by now.
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 04:16 [I'm on!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 04:44 [Oh yeah...it's Monday. Whoops. See you tomorrow!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 18:37 (Yeah, sorry for not making that clear!)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 18:39 *that sort of sets him off internally* *says sharply* She's not. *everyone looks at him, as if saying "prove it"*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 18:40 *has quickly become demoralized by the circumstances* *arms crossed, he gives Zak a testy, almost sulky stare*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 18:42 *fumbles over his words a bit* I - I just know. She's pretty strong. I doubt she'd go down without giving them a tough fight. *glances at Via*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 18:43 *is sympathizing with Zak* *tries to turn the debate in his favor* Well, can't we see the Arsenal from here? Maybe we're wrong - maybe they won't be there.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 18:47 (I'll give the Flamethrowers points for clearing out the camp.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 18:47   + 5 Performance points to Zak  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 18:48   + 5 Performance points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 18:49   + 5 Performance points to Josh  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 18:50   + 5 Performance points to Mikey  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 18:50   + 5 Performance points to Via  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 18:58   + 5 Performance points to Stevie  
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 19:54 [No, you've made that perfectly clear, I just keep forgetting it's either Monday or Wednesday. XP Sorry!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 19:54 It's eight versus one. "A good fight" isn't going to accomplish much.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 19:56 There's zero chance they're leaving the Arsenal alone. It's chock full of weapons that they probably wanna guard.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 19:56 (Hey!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 19:56 *blurts out* We...we could send a small scouting party just to figure out what the enemy is doing and look for sources of supplies or somethin'.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 19:57   + 5 Performance points to Tray  
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 19:57 [Hi!! :D] *pauses**wonders how the h**l he came up with something like that, and is honestly impressed with himself*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 19:57   + 5 Performance points to Dakota  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Sep.25 19:57   + 5 Performance points to TJ  
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 19:59 Yeah. That sounds like a great idea, Tray. *says this kind of pointedly - he's kind of annoyed with Via* We can't really say what's going on over there, so there's no harm in checking it out.
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 20:01 Well, we could probably use more supplies. We're particularly short on weapons and food.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 20:04 Exactly. So... any volunteers?
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:07 *looks around at everyone else* *isn't planning on going - he'd rather not put his life on the line*
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 20:08 *aimlessly kicks at something with her boot while staring into space*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 20:11 *surveys everyone's nervous actions* *tries to make th decision easier* I'd recommend anyone with a long range weapon. *looks at Dakota* *has seen her aim, and he's impressed with it*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:13 *after another minute of silence, he speaks up impetuously* Me. I'll go. *looks around rapidly, like he's dubious of his own words* *his cheeks start to redden*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:15 *actually has no idea why he just did that* *he doesn't have the weapons or the stealth to spy on the Hunters* *once again, his desire to be admired has taken over*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:15 Zak: *nods in consideration* Okay.
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 20:16 *looks at Connor critically* You don't have the weapons.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:18 *he sure doesn't* *briefly panics, but then notices Dakota's gun propped up against a tangled tree branch* Yeah I do. *nods in its direction* Right there.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:19 [Sorry, got distracted.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:20 Uh...I'm coming too.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:20 Might as well...it was my idea.
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 20:20 *has to do a bit of a double take* *looks utterly confused* Connor: Yeah, yours. *asks ever so sweetly* Do you mind if I borrow it? Dakota: *exhales through her nose* *then marches over to the gun and stuffs it in Connor's arms*
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 20:21 Just... be careful.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:22 *feels empowered by her friends' choices to step up to the plate* *walks forward* I'm going, too.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:22 (It's okay!)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 20:24 Okay. *is glad that several people have volunteered, but he's also doubtful of their skills* Anyone else? *is really hoping someone else will accompany them*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:24 I'm not sure if too many of us should go...I mean, it'd be easier to see us, right?
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:25 I mean, if half of us go, half of us could be lost...
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 20:29 Well, I can go... just in case you guys need backup or anything...
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 20:30 I think we'll cut it at four. That seems like enough.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:32 So...uh...we...um...going?
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 20:33 *is not that confident in any of the volunteers, but he assures himself that the Hunters may not even be at the Arsenal*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 20:34 You guys might want to take a backpack. Or two. *turns around to look for one*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:38 Okay. *grabs one*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 20:38 (I have to go now. I'll see you later!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 20:41 [Aw, bye!]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Sep.25 21:25 *pulls a random backpack and dumps its contents on the ground* *gives it to Mikey* Use this to store any supplies you pick up.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 21:27 *pushes his way over to Stevie, clearly concerned* Are you?...
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 21:28 *is a little perplexed* *nods vigorously* Yeah. I can handle this.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.25 21:29 Okay. *glances from Connor to Tray to Mikey* Good luck, and be careful.
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.25 21:32 *sidles up to Connor* Remember what I told you about that gun.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:24 [I'm here!]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:29 [BTW, I am considering closing Fartlandia and opening a completely new RP. I've sort of lost interest in Fartlandia, and it's impossible to RP there with the assortment of members we have. Namely, Corona is gone, and RaeAnna now works a night shift and
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:30 primarily comes on during the day or on weekends.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:30 [Or I might just close Fartlandia and not open a new RP since I'm generally content with the RPs I go on. What do you think?]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:36 [I'd invite the both of you to join, of course.]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:37 (Hi again!)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:39 (Well, I honestly believe that Fartlandia has run its course. There's no point in reopening it if you can just as easily start fresh, and like you pointed out, there aren't enough members.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:41 (If you want to open another RP, I'd recommend something new. Fartlandia's been around since the conception of RP City, and has kind of been a revolving door. I don't think many players appreciate it as much as the original members did.)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:42 [I imagine that this new RP would be vastly different in tone compared to my previous ones. My current idea is that it might be of the sci-fi genre, and it definitely would be psychological in nature. The RP would heavily involve character relationships
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:43 and interactions between characters. In essence, it'd be kind of a sibling in spirit to A Horribly Amazing World (the RP I go on with Caprial and RaeAnna) and the other RPs that focus on the AHAW multiverse.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:44 [It would be fast-paced and involve the characters on a much deeper level than Questscape and similar round-based RPs. You see, Questscape is actually MUCH lighter in tone compared to AHAW, and doesn't delve as deeply into the characters.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:45 [In Questscape, we constantly swap out characters and focus more on them facing their environment. It's more about the game than the characters. In the AHAW world, the plot often depends on the actions and interactions of the characters. It gives a
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:45 surprisingly deep look into the minds of a vast, complex cast of recurring characters, and I want to make something similar to this.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:47 [One could say that Questscape is plot-based while AHAW is character-based.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:47 [Also, regarding your verdict about Fartlandia: I agree. I'm going to post an announcement and close it.]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:48 (Okay. It sounds like my kind of game. I'm just not part of that RP, so if you're basing your idea off of that world, I will probably be confused.)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:49 [I'm not going to base my new RP off of the AHAW world; rather, I'm going to base it off of the AHAW spirit. In essence, it's my own story and world in an AHAW tone/spirit.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:50 [I'd love for you guys to join AHAW as well, but there so many characters that even just the three of us have slot issues and have to create new RPs to play out some arcs. In addition, we've been going at this for a long time and all of our characters
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:50 (Okay, got it.)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:51 have VERY long pasts that all heavily affect the present. You kind of have to remember buttloads of lore. I've always wanted an RP where all my main fellow RPers can jump in together. I tried making that Fartlandia, but that didn't work, so many I'll try
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:51 something completely new.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 04:55 *so maybe
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:02 [Fartlandia has been archived.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:04 [Are you both on?]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:04 (Yeah, that sounds like a good idea. I'm looking forward to whatever you come up with!)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:05 (No, not right now. But I'll relay your thoughts to Paige.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:09 *subtly pulls Stevie aside* *says quietly* If anything happens, just run, okay? *is worried about her* *has a feeling that under the pretense of strength, there's a lot of self-doubt and fear swirling around in her head*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:11 *doesn't want to lose a good friend again, even if it's for a little while in a game* *probably a bit selfishly, he wouldn't have any foundation without her, and having her around makes him feel less alienated*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:14 *stares at him a little blankly* *nods* Yeah. *is a little confused by his sudden concern* *wonders if he cares on a deep level, but she shuts that out* *then again, she doesn't admit a lot of things that are probably true to herself*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:16 Connor: All aboard the scouting train!... Choo choo... *pumps a bent arm halfheartedly* S: *is starting to feel sick with fear, so she appreciates his support* *smiles wanly and follows the others*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:16 [Okie dokie!]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:18 *selfishly, he also fears he wouldn't have any foundation without her
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:20 Choo choo! *is pretty fearful inside, though**he's regretting making this suggestion, but he tries to push his regret aside*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:21 *"choo choos" a few more times, then shuts up* *leads the pack* *stomps over plants, trying to treat the landscape as nothing more than a game* *that's the only thing that will keep him calm*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:21 *swings the gun around in his arm, then stops abruptly*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:22 Wait.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:23 *goes into a split-second of cardiac arrest* *thinks Connor may have seen something threatening* What?
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:24 I should probably get comfortable with this first, don't you think?
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:24 *holds up the gun*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:25 *stares at the ground* *is silent for a few moments* Well, we don't really want to waste time.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:28 But wouldn't the Hunters hear the shots and know where we are?
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.26 05:28 As John Lennon said, "time spent wasted was never wasted". And if it's ultimately going to benefit the greater good, then it really isn't wasted time.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:28 [BTW, I'm kinda curious...I know you watch Markiplier sometimes. Have you seen his 4-part mini-series, "Who Killed Markiplier?"?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:30 This is a dart gun. Pretty sure. Stevie: Why don't you shoot at the center of the tree? Connor: Okay.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:30 (I have not. It's been a while since I've seen Markiplier videos, actually.)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:32 [I definitely recommend it. Each episode is short (about 10-15 minutes) so it shouldn't take you long. It also has a 20-minute sequel of sorts--his "Wilford Motherloving Warfstache" so-called skit (it's really quite serious).]
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.26 05:32 Why don't I stand in front of it to give you a guide? *is already walking over* S+T+C: No no NO!! Connor: The darts I shoot will not be at the expense of your safety. Mikey: *walks away from the tree, grinning bashfully*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:33 [There are also 4 very short and very comedic videos on the Who Killed Markiplier tumblr page featuring the Jim twins--two wild news reporters who race around uninvited in Markiplier Manor. "Who Killed Markiplier?" is VERY professionally done. However, I
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Sep.26 05:33 (Ok!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:34 will warn you: What happens is incredibly difficult to understand. I actually took the time to watch 3-4 hours of Markiplier's 11 hour "I EXPLAIN EVERYTHING" livestream in which he and his team explain WKM in great detail.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:35 [As a result, I know what actually happened. Unless you want to watch that livestream--which is perfectly fine, as you'd get a much more in-depth and entertaining explanation than I can give--I can explain what happened in WKM.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:35 Here goes. *shoots a few times* *the darts are slightly off-center, but it does the job* Mikey: *inserts a slew of encouraging comments while he can* You're getting better every time.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:37 [BTW, yes, the Jim twins are both named Jim. So is their mother. Really, EVERYONE in that family is named Jim. X'D]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:38 *tries to get some practice in as well* *is a little rough to start, but after taking time to focus, she improves a little bit*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:38 [I'll also give you a more subtle warning that you should take quite seriously...brace yourself if/when you watch the Final Chapter of WKM. Just brace yourself. I'm not spoiling anything.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:38 *Mikey declares that they should start moving again, so they do*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:39 (Oh man... okay. Well, I have to go now, but if you want to explain, feel free. I'll see you on Thursday!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:43 [Alright, see you on Thursday! I'm not explaining crap, though. XD XP It'd ruin the experience. WKM is a mystery series, and the truth is quite complex and chock full of massive spoilers. I'll explain what happened after you watch WKM.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:43 [Oh, and tell Paige to watch it too! :D]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:44 [I think I will spoil one little detail, though...keep a close watch of how you navigate through the house. (I'm saying "you" because WKM is in first person perspective. You are a character--namely, if you look at your invitation in the beginning, you're
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:45 the District Attorney.) The house's geometries are more than interesting. They're sort of...off.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:47 [If you don't see what I mean, that's fine. I didn't notice it until watching the livestream--the video editing was phenomenal. But if you see it, kudos to you. You'll know the reason behind this once I share the explanation or if you watch the livestream
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:47 *.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.26 05:48 *is surprised that Mikey is being such an effective leader figure, but it's working, so he doesn't really question it*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:39 [Oh, I almost forgot to tell you: If you want to get the most out of watching WKM, being familiar with two of Markiplier's main "alter egos" (recurring characters he plays as in various skits and other non-gaming media) is an absolute must. In case you
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:40 guys aren't familiar with them, I'll introduce them to you in a way that minimizes spoilers.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:42 [His most famous alter ego is Wilford Warfstache. This is him: ht tp://pm1.narvii.com/6750/31dd609cece644b59b60b8ca2fe8258acf47d62av2_00.jpg He is the reason Markiplier's channel is basically covered in pink mustaches. He's so iconic that his mustache has
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:44 pretty much become Mark's logo. Warfstache is an insane news reporter/investigative reporter who's also kind of a serial killer. He's killed tons of people, but it's portrayed more as black comedy since anything with Warfstache in it tends to be light-
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:45 hearted and zany. If you want a good example of what he's like, watch this Warfstache skit: https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=kSksGcX5PDQ (You might not entirely understand the jokes if you're not familiar with FNaF, though... XP)]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:46 [Due to his insanity, Warfstache simply doesn't understand the harm he's inflicting when he kills others. He just wants to have fun and views death as a joke.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:47 [He also doesn't really obey the laws of physics. He has some reality warping abilities.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:48 [Markiplier's arguably second most famous alter ego is Darkiplier. Darkiplier started out as an exclusively fan-made character as an explanation for why Mark acts so (intentionally) creepy in some of his videos (want an example of early Darkiplier? Watch
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:49 Markiplier's video in which he plays Raspy Hill). Dark only became a fleshed out character recently--I think he made his "real" debut in a certain branch of Markiplier's Choose Your Own Adventure game, "A Date With Markiplier."]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:50 [Darkiplier looks like this: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/villains/images/5/58/Tumblr_oozmzmwRlF1w4nh4bo1_400.png/revision/latest?cb=20170518233921 ]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:51 [His main colors are red and blue, as the picture indicates. In explaining his creation of the fleshed out canon Darkiplier, Mark stated that Dark is "100% manipulative"/a social manipulator. He went on to elaborate that Dark lulls you into a false sense
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:52 of security and wants you to trust him so you can use you. On top of that, guess what? In A Date With Markiplier, he has a creepy obsession with you (the game is in first person POV, like WKM) and has reality warping powers as well.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:53 [He's not human even though he does a pretty good job of puppeteering a human image. He seems to be able to drag you to his dark parallel world of sorts, and you can't do anything about it.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:54 [Keep in mind while watching WKM: Red and blue usually infers Darkiplier.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:55 [If you want a fantastic example of Darkiplier, play A Date With Markiplier. You can find it easily with a quick Google or Youtube search. In fact, it's probably worth playing out the non-Darkiplier branches; the game is kinda stupid, but in an amusing
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:55 way. That is, it's amusing until Dark shows up. Things go downhill fast when he
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:55 *he's around. He is easily able to dominate a room or scene.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:56 [There are 10 endings in total, and 2 involve Dark. If you want to get to the Darkiplier branch, here's how: At the end of the first video, choose to pay the chef. Then you'll go to a theater. At the theater, you can either choose to watch the horror play
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:57 or the romance play--it doesn't really matter, except if you choose horror right away you'll miss the romance play video. If you choose romance, you'll get the chance to choose horror again. Do so. I'm not spoiling the rest, but ta daaa, that's how you
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 19:58 get to the Darkiplier branch.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 20:01 [I haven't played A Date With Markiplier in months, so if you're wondering how I remembered how to reach that branch...it's the very first one I got. I really stuck with me, so maybe you should brace yourself if you choose to go down that road. 0.0]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 20:02 [I will add that I got arguably the very worst ending in the whole game on my first try. If you choose to play A Date With Markiplier and go down the Darkiplier branch and find both endings, you'll easily know what ending I got first. XD >_< ]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 20:04 [Oh, and if you want to see something with both Warfstache and Dark, watch the video "Markiplier TV." The whole video is pretty darn funny, but the ending suggests a conspiracy of sorts going on... >:)]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 20:05 [However, this is probably a crapton to take in, and you're generally busy, so if you want to just plunge straight into WKM, that's perfectly fine. Do whatever you want. :)]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.28 03:27 (I forgot to let you know, but I won't be able to make it tonight because I have to get up early for something tomorrow. Friday (and maybe Saturday) will also be a no-show, since I have some band events. I'll see you soon!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.28 03:28 (Wow, that's a LOT of information... thanks for sharing your thoughts, though!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.28 04:02 [Aww...see you soon! BTW, I may be a bit late on Saturday. Also, if you think that's a lot of info, just wait until you see how complex the truth as to what the h**l happened in WKM is. XD]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.28 04:03 [Aww...see you soon! BTW, I may be a bit late on Saturday. Also, if you think that's a lot of info, just wait until you see how complex the truth as to what the h**l happened in WKM is. XD]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.28 05:14 [Argh, double-post...my Internet su cked earlier, but it seems to be better now. XP]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Sep.29 20:00 (Ok. I'll try to make it online tonight, but I'm not sure. Just keep an eye out. See you soon!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.30 04:55 [Alright, see you!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Sep.30 05:34 [Guess you're not on. See you tomorrow!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:06 [I'm here!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:19 (Hi!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:24 (Sorry I didn't make it last night. I was pretty tired.)
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.1 04:25 *after walking in silence for several strides, he starts thinking aloud* *sounds oddly amused* This world is really depressing.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:27 *nods in agreement* Almost to the point of being real. It makes you wonder if something like this could actually happen.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:30 [Hey! It's fine.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:31 [Are you both on?]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:31 It couldn't.
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.1 04:36 *nods* Exactly. *pauses* Whenever I feel like I'm in a dangerous situation here, I just remember my family. They're not here, but they exist in reality. Do you guys have any siblings?
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:38 Uh...lots.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:39 Yeah. I have a couple of sisters. *hasn't really thought about them since leaving for Questscape* *suddenly feels guilty for not caring for them on the same level* *wishes everyone could be like Mikey, himself included*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.1 04:41 Cool! Me too! How many?
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:42 [...I forgot how many siblings Tray has. XD XP I just remember that he has a lot. I'll say he's in a family with 8 kids.] Seven.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:43 *feels disqualified from the conversation already, so she opts to follow everyone else in silence*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:44 [@ Paige: What do you think of my idea for starting a completely new RP? Are you willing to join? (If Paige isn't on, then please ask her these things for me, Joan.)]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:44 That always manages to surprise me.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:46 (She's not online at the moment, but I'll try to ask her tomorrow.)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 04:47 [OK. Thank you.]
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.1 04:50 Whoa mama. *chuckles a little* I've got six siblings, but my grandparents live with us, too. It's a full house... *starts babbling about the many ups and downs of having siblings*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:00 Mikey: ...yeah! I have to share a room with my two younger brothers, and they're always getting up in the middle of the night- Connor: *notices the Arsenal glinting beyond the trees* Wait.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:02 *puts a finger to his lips* Shh... *sneaks closer to a gap in between some trees to get a better view*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:03 *quietly joins Connor* *however, he's too tall and she can't really see over him* Are they there?
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:07 *immediately sees Nikole tied to a post on the dock outside of the Arsenal* *feels a sharp pang in his chest* *has the poignant urge to sweep Nikole right off the dock and back to safety, but he can't without putting himself and everyone else in danger*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:09 *Nikole is so close, yet so far* *is troubled by that* *answers Stevie after a long moment of internal contemplation* She's there, but I don't see anyone else. *Owen and Fernando are probably in the Arsenal somewhere; the rest are on their way back*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:09 *abruptly turns around* We need to get her.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:09 *pokes his face through the foliage, trying to get a good view of the Arsenal**I imagine night has fallen by now, providing extra cover for the Flamethrowers*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:11 *his voice was shaking a little* *realized the moment arrived, and he can't put it off any longer* *is scared*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:13 Wait. We can't just go in there without a plan. *speaks tensely* *is glad she said that, because a figure emerges from the darkness of the Arsenal* *notices the slim build and average height to be Owen's*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:14 [I thought the Hunters had gone through a portal that took them quickly back to the Arsenal?]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:15 [So the Hunters are already assembled and waiting for someone to take the bait of getting Nikole back?]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:15 *everyone stops, their ears attentive* *hears the murmuring of voices, though she can't hear what they're saying* *then there's a sharp, imperative yell- Owen, probably lashing out at Nikole*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:16 (Oh, right. Yeah. We'll go with that. I have to go now, so I'll see you soon. Bye!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 05:18 [Aw, bye!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.1 05:19 *she had probably spat at him out of spite or something*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Oct.1 05:19 *yells at her, hits her, and storms away**he overreacted on purpose; if any Flamethrowers were watching, they'd feel more inclined to save Nikole because they'd feel even more sorry for her*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.2 22:15 [So...what did Paige say about my new RP idea? ^.^]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 03:30 [I'm here early!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:07 [Hello?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 04:20 (Hi!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:21 [Hey!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 04:21 (Unfortunately, I haven't had a chance to ask. She's not online now (she's mentioned that she'll try to be back in the very near future), so I'll try to make a better point of asking tomorrow, if I can remember. Sorry!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 04:21 (I am betting though that she'd improve. It depends on your idea.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:26 [OK. I've come up with a more solid foundation for what the RP is about. Mind if I share?]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:26 [I've been busy lately, so it's still in the early stages of planning. I hope to have the RP open by the end of this month at the latest, though.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 04:27 (Go ahead!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:31 [Sorry for the slow replies. I just wrapped up a math assignment.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:34 [Alright, so I want the RP to have elements of a psychological thriller. As my recent behavior has suggested, this past year I've been watching lots of Markiplier, and in turn I've gotten a newfound respect for horror. But I still highly prefer
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:35 psychological horror to any other kind of horror, and the psychological thriller genre is closely related.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:36 *closely related to psychological horror, duh XP
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:38 [The RP's world is, in essence, an absolutely MASSIVE closed circle (https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ClosedCircle). I imagine that some sort of calamity happened, driving our characters to hop on board a HUGE spherical space station.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:38 [The space station is designed like an onion--there are different levels or layers. Our characters start out on the outermost layer. I imagine that due to the plot and whatnot they gradually have to go into deeper and more dangerous areas.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:39 [The characters are primarily human. I don't really see talking animals fitting in the RP, unlike on AHAW (A Horribly Amazing World and all the RPs set in the same universe), where most of the cast is not human. Magic also works much differently. On AHAW,
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:40 magic is common and comes in basically any form. My new RP probably wouldn't have magic; every strange phenomena could be explained. ESP will probably be involved.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 04:42 (Okay! It sounds pretty interesting so far.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:42 [Mankind is much more advanced and different, allowing our cast to be quite diverse (all humanoid, but still diverse). Before the calamity, humans and/or humanoids probably populated a lot of planets.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:42 [I'm sort of jumping all over the place...sorry... XP Nothing is very "solid" yet. I basically have all these ideas that are unsorted.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:45 [So anyways, on to what actually happens in the RP...the gist of it is that a huge, inter-planetary calamity happened, driving our cast to take refuge on a huge spherical, layered space station. Seems simple, right? But the issue is that our cast doesn't
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:46 remember almost anything about the calamity. They just remember their lives prior to the calamity, and they remember waking up on this space station. There may be a few memories they have that take place during the calamity, but they are very fuzzy and
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:47 cryptic; no real information can be gleaned from these memories. And where are all the other passengers? Our cast is for the most part alone on this first, outermost layer of the space station.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:48 [For all they know, there may not have been a calamity. Or maybe this is all some sort of dream or weird limbo. How did they get on the space station, anyway? They remember there was apparently a calamity and they got on the ship due to it, but still...
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:48 what is real and what is not? You can probably see the psychological elements of this all very clearly now.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:50 [Honestly, now that I think about it, the gist of this is like a futuristic sci-fi version of 12 Cloverfield Lane. Have you seen that movie?]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:50 *10, not 12 XP
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 04:51 (I haven't seen it, but I'm familiar with it.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 04:52 (So far, this has the potential to be pretty interesting. I can see it being intense, too.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 04:55 [I highly recommend 10 Cloverfield Lane. It's extremely interesting, and a really good example of a psychological thriller/horror.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 05:00 [The gist of 10 Cloverfield Lane is similar: A woman gets in a car crash and wakes up chained to a wall in a concrete room. Two other men are living here, and one of them explains that some sort of war or catastrophe has rendered Earth uninhabitable, so
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 05:01 he took her to his/this bunker after finding her unconscious on the side of the road. But whether there was actually a catastrophe is extremely unclear.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 05:02 [I only saw the similarities of my plot to 10 Cloverfield Lane just now, really. I guess I accidentally made a futuristic version set in a much bigger place and with a much bigger cast?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 05:06 (That sounds kind of fascinating. I'll have to look into it.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 05:11 (Yeah... I don't think there's anything wrong with that in an RP setting, but if you want to make some alterations, you could do that.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 05:15 [Yeah. I actually think my setting is fine the way it is.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 05:17 (Actually, the space calamity puts an interesting twist on that plot.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 05:19 (I have to go now, hopefully we'll be able to RP on Thursday. See you then!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 05:20 [Yeah. In 10 Cloverfield Lane, you can make solid guesses about what happened (e.g. nuclear war), and the main character didn't willingly go into the bunker. In my RP, what the h**l could've happened to cause an interplanetary apocalypse? And why did our
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 05:21 characters WILLINGLY go into the space station if they're now not even sure if any calamity happened? In addition, my setting is absolutely massive. 10 Cloverfield Lane is confined to a bunker. I'm not saying my premise is better; it's just more different
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 05:21 than it initially looks.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.3 05:27 [See you!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.5 04:03 [I'm here!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:14 (Hi! I won't be able to be online for long.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.5 04:20 [Hey! OK. RPing?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.5 04:21 [Oh, and what did Paige think of my new RP idea?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:25 *that's pretty much what happens* *angrily marches forward, but Mikey and Tray stop him*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:28 Whoa whoa!!
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:28 *he's mad too, but his fears also give him more self-control in this situation*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:30 (Paige said it sounded pretty engaging. She's interested, but also wanted me to point out that she's been pretty busy and won't be able to be on much until marching band and other things die down.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:31 *tries pulling away from them, but Mikey has a surprisingly strong grip* *grumbles to Tray* She's you're friend, too. *gives him an almost accusatory stare, trying to remind him of all they've been through as a trio*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:32 [Alright. When will marching band and such die down?]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:33 I'm mad too, but I'm not suicidal.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:33 We're gonna get her, okay? But let's think things out.
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.5 04:35 *hisses* Didn't you see OWEN over there?
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:37 *his cheeks flush with bottled-up rage because of Tray's comment* *shifts around apprehensively, but gradually consents* Okay.
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:38 If Owen's there, I bet all the other Hunters are there too.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:40 *was once again trying to be the savior of the situation, but he failed* *is ruminating on this, thinking about how foolish and desperate he probably looked and how he can avoid that next time*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.5 04:42 I think we should leave when we can confirm that nothing's in our way. I mean, Nikole is in our sights- she's not going anywhere, as long as we can see.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.5 04:43 (Band will be over in the middle of the month, so things should start clearing up after that.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.5 04:44 *some Weston-Rose commentary is added to the Questscape stream* *is scrolling through his phone* I have a lot of people in awe of the total burn Tray launched at Connor. Are there shifting dynamics in this trio?...
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:45 [Ah, okay. I don't plan to open the RP until late in this month--I'm busy during the middle of the month--so will Paige be able to join if I open the RP perhaps after Oct. 20 or so?]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.5 04:46 *is in agreement with Tray* *murmurs* If all the Hunters are there, we'll never stand a chance. *glances at the Arsenal*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:47 (Yep. That's pretty much right after band ends, so it works out perfectly.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:48 *offers a feeble argument* We have our weapons...
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.5 04:50 *gives Connor this look that seems to doubt everyone's skill with their weapon of choice* *he doesn't say anything*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:52 [OK, fantastic!]
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.5 04:52 Look. I'll keep watch of the Arsenal. See if I can see who's in there. Don't. Move. *gives Connor a wide-eyed, warning look* *walks off, but not too far* *crouches below a web of branches and vines and peers between them*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.5 04:53 (I have to go now. I won't be on tomorrow night due to band, but hopefully I'll make it on Saturday. See you soon!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:56 [I estimate there'll be about 4 members total, including me. Each of you should prepare to have a cast of 3-5 characters. I highly recommend making them diverse physically (different ages, looks, etc.) and mentally (different moral alignments, traits,
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:58 specialties, etc.)--but especially mentally. "Cookie-cutter morals" that are common in RPs like these (where there's clearly a good team of nice people and a bad team of jerks) will not work in my new RP. The characters need to be deep a realistic. The
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 04:59 "good" characters will occasionally make mistakes and/or be jerks, and the "bad" characters will ocassionally make good points and/or have understandable philosophies. In other words, the cast needs to be like us: human.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 05:00 *deep and realistic
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 05:02 [Anyways, see you!]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 15:22 [Oh, and I shall add that going for the maximum number of characters (5) each of us can have (if there's four of us) is totally optional. On long-running and super complicated RPs like AHAW, its cast changes all the time. People get killed off or simply
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 15:23 stop being important. As I'm trying to somewhat mimic the AHAW style/spirit, you may want to keep a couple of slots handy in case new characters are introduced (unless you're fine with killing off and replacing old characters, which works too).]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 15:25 [As I've seen on AHAW, we often end up with a select few favorite characters who wind up being present in almost every storyline, so there probably will be a few characters immune to falling out of importance or being killed off. It's sort of like our
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 15:26 favorite characters that pop up in many rounds--e.g. Connor for you/Joan, Dakota or Mikey for you/Paige (I know they're both new to this RP, but they were everywhere in World Battles), and Nikole for me.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.7 04:23 [I'm here!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.7 04:25 [Sorry I'm a little late; I just finished 100-percenting the original Spyro trilogy for the second time in my entire life. :D I finished Spyro 1 last because it's my favorite--kind of like saving dessert for last.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.7 04:49 [Hello?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.7 05:13 [Guess you're not here. See you tomorrow!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 04:15 (Sorry I wasn't on last night. I had band all day long and was too tired to make it.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:22 [It's fine!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:23 [I forgot to mention: Recycling old OCs for the new RP is totally fine. Caprial is going to join and create a version of one of her main OCs--an immortal girl named Sara--for the new RP.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:28 [RPing?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:29 [Oh! I almost forgot to mention: I came up with a much more "solid" way for how the power system works.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 04:29 (About the characters in your new RP: got it. I'll probably end up recycling old characters, but with a twist.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:31 [Basically the powers work like this: As I've mentioned before, the version of humanity in my RP is different. You can't link it to our version--my RP is essentially set in a whole different universe. Thus, in this/my universe, all of mankind has some
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:32 form of a "sixth sense" (ESP-ish powers). However, the ESP in the majority of mankind is too weak to outwardly and obviously manifest (in other words, most of mankind appears to have no powers, though they technically have super weak ones).]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:40 [*trying not to throw computer since my Internet is hiccuping like h**l*]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 04:43 (Alright.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:45 [In the minority whose powers do manifest, they're still pretty weak (e.g. people with healing abilities can only heal scrapes and cuts, people with telekinesis can't lift anything that weighs more than 10 pounds or so, etc.).]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:45 [There's an itty bitty bitty minority within THAT minority that have more substantial powers (e.g. teleportation over short distances).]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:46 [The powers are generally subtle psychic--e.g. you won't really be seeing people shooting darkness energy or ice or laser beams everywhere.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:47 *subtle and psychic
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:47 [The RP is mostly about the characters--hence why the vast majority of them will have either weak powers or no powers at all.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 04:49 (Okay. That sounds fine to me. Subtle powers are kind of better to have in plots like yours, anyways.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:51 [Definitely. I mean, the likes of Magneto would break the plot since they're in a METAL ship. Honestly, a lot of very powerful abilities that are standard in the AHAW world would totally break my premise.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 04:52 [Really, a whole bunch of powers on Heroes Arise would totally break the premise. So...RPing?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 04:56 (Sure. I will have to go soon, though.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:03 *watches Mikey anxiously* *is waiting for any gesture that may signal whether or not the Hunters are in sight*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:05 *fidgets nervously*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 05:08 *is relieved that they have some extra time on their hands, mostly because she's worried about potentially having to face the Hunters* *hangs around the tree and mulls over what Josh said* *is pretty sure she'd go with his advice, but with guilt* *is
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 05:09 also relieved she has more time to figure that out*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:09 So... have you seen anything?
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:10 No. It's kinda hard to see... *angles himself so he might be able to get a better view*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:13 *several minutes go by* *during that expanse of time, he feels someone's presence growing nearer and nearer* *it's Connor* Yes? Connor: Well? Anything?
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:15 *opens his mouth to say something, but he stops himself* *the Arsenal was too dark for him to see anything, and he's been acting under the pretense that he's actively searching*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:16 *he was
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:17 *doesn't want to disappoint Connor* *caves under pressure* I... yeah. I'm almost positive that the Hunters left.
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:17 *isn't totally lying - the Arsenal IS dark, after all*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:19 Okay. *is quiet* *his expression is grim* *realizes that he could be dead - aka, lose the game - within minutes* *states into space a little*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:20 *tries to sound encouraging* Alright, guys. Grab your stuff!
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 05:21 *laboriously picks up a backpack* *Connor makes sure his weapon is in check*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:24 [Sorry, got distracted. XP]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:24 [I was having a dumb argument with a family member in which my argument quickly degenerated to "*high-pitched non-verbal imitation of what the other person just said*" XD]
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:24 *notices everyone is nervous, and for good reason* *if he could make up for all he's about to do, it's to reassure them now* Hey. You guys have nothing to fear. We've got each other's backs, right? *attempts a smile* That counts for something.
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.8 05:25 (Hahaha, the classic default comeback.)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:25 *prepares his weapon--an axe*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.8 05:26 *nods quickly*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:27 Yeah. Nobody's taking anyone down without me interfering. *is nervously joking*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:28 (I have to go now. I'll see you Tuesday!)
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:29 [Indeed. ^.^]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.8 05:29 [See you!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 01:11 [I'm very sorry to say this, but there have been violent thunderstorms have knocked out the power where I live. Even if I got the power back by the time the fixed times came around, the Internet may have to be repaired too. (I'm at a library, hence why I
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 01:12 can even post this.) I most likely won't be on tonight. If by some miracle the power and Internet come back, I'll come online, of course.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 01:13 [I can say for certain, though, that I'll be online at 11 AM CT/12 AM ET tomorrow. I have about an hour long break in which I'll be in a place with wifi. If you could come on at those times, that'd be fantastic!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 01:14 [Also, I'm going to Europe very soon, meaning I won't be able to get on at the fixed times for a while due to being 7 hours ahead of the Central Time Zone (6 hours ahead of the Eastern Time Zone).]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 01:15 [I will try to get on at 9 at night when I'm in Europe, which is 3 PM ET. If we can meet up at 3 ET, then that's great, but I can't ensure I'll be on every night. I'll be very busy there.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 01:20 [Anyways, I know for certain that I'll be on at 11 AM CT/12 PM ET tomorrow. Hopefully you'll be around then!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 01:27 [I'm still around, BTW.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 01:47 [Wait a moment...I've seen some posts on social media saying that some people in my area have their power back. I may actually be on tonight! :D]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 01:47 [Keep an eye out for me!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.10 01:52 [gtg! *offline* Hopefully I'll be here later tonight!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.10 04:12 (Okay, thanks for letting me know! Stay safe!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.10 04:13 (About your trip: I may not be able to get on at those times (I'll try to make periodic posts, though), but that's okay. Enjoy your trip! Where are you going?
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 17:58 [Well, the power came back last night, but the Internet was down in my area and many surrounding areas. XP Sorry about not being able to come on.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 17:59 [I am going once again to Ma vlast (Czech for "my homeland")--erm, the Czech Republic! In addition, I am going to Poland! :D]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.10 19:02 [I'm leaving to go to Europe today. I might be back around 6 PM ET, but I can't ensure anything. I won't be on at the fixed times tonight, and I'll probably be too tired to get on tomorrow. Maybe I'll see you on Friday at 3 PM ET. Bye!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.12 04:15 (Alright, have an amazing trip!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.12 15:32 [I'm now in Ostrava in the Czech Republic! :D]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.12 15:45 Let's go get her. *raises his axe and slowly approaches the bridge*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.16 20:37 [Hey guys, I'll probably be back online at the normal/fixed times on Thursday. Hopefully I'll see you then!]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.17 04:06 (Hey, hope you're having fun! I literally haven't had time to get online until now because I've been bombed with homework, and have to make up for it in preparation for a band trip on Thursday and Friday. Unfortunately, we may not even be on this weekend
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.17 04:07 because we have some papers (one of them being a midterm) to finish. Hopefully after that things will wind down. See you soon!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.19 04:24 [I'm back home! That's fine. I just got back home and I am being bombed with homework and other assignments as well. I really need to catch up.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.19 04:25 [I'm going to probably open my psychological thriller sci-fi RP very soon. I will not start it until you guys join, and I will save slots for you guys as well. Hopefully I'll see you either this weekend or next Monday!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 21:26 (Okay! We may or may not be on tonight. Hopefully we'll see you soon!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 21:28 *nods, pulling out his gun* *hunches down and leaps across the dock toe-first so as to be as inconspicuous as possible*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 21:31 *skids to a stop in front of Nikole* *quickly scans his surroundings, then kneels in front of her* *looks up at her and wordlessly fumbles with the ropes binding her hands together*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.21 21:35 *she, Mikey, and Tray stop behind Connor since he seemingly has things under control* *keeps a closer distance to the rainforest than her teammates, though* *she's ready to run if things get violent*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 21:42 *his fingers struggle to pull the rope apart* *clenches his teeth as he burns himself with it for about the fifth time* *can't see a thing, so by now he's just wrestling with it* *starts breathing erratically* *says quietly* I need a light.
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.21 21:46 *just stares at Connor with his mouth ajar* *can't do anything to help, which is reinforced by the feeling that someone - or several others - are watching from a distance*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Oct.21 21:51 *hears Connor* *walks forward a little* Wait. *sees Connor and Mikey caught in a deadlock stare, Connor's hands touching Nikole's ropes* Wait. *grabs a few spears and stalks forward*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.21 21:54 *sees Fernando emerging from the Arsenal* *feels a burst of fear exploding throughout her chest* *says shakily* Connor- Connor- *is simply not loud enough*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 21:59 *tugs at the ropes, but it's too late* *the metal panels on the dock start booming* *whips around and sees Fernando running toward them at full steam* *gasps a little*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Oct.21 22:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  *hurls a spear as a way to announce his arrival* *it lands near Tray* *then plows into Connor*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 22:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  *sees his life flashing before his eyes* *opens his mouth, but he can't hear a sound come out* *somewhere nearby, Nikole lets out a yell* *pummels Fernando with all he's got*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 22:09 *managed to push Fernando off of him, but he's expecting another blow* *roars* TRAY! *is hoping he'll take action and help Nikole*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.21 22:10   + 10 Performance points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.21 22:10   - 10 Health points to Fernando  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.21 22:12 *sees some more Hunters running out of the Arsenal's interior* *is frozen in place - has no idea how to fight them*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.21 22:14 *hears the savage whoops that are unmistakably Sally's* *trembles a little* Oh my god...
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Oct.21 22:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=11  *slams Connor into the dock again*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 22:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  *sees flashes of red behind his eyes, then black* *realizes he still has his gun in his hands* *gives it a wild swing at Fernando's face*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.21 22:19   + 10 Performance points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.21 22:19   - 10 Health points to Fernando  
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 22:20 *blood sprays out of Fernando's mouth* *is kind of in awe of himself for doing that*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  *screeches and practically comes flying out of the darkness at Stevie, her hands raised and full of knives*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:13 [Alright. Hopefully you make it on! :D]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:14 [I haven't opened my new RP yet, but I intended to within the next few days. Also, here's a tip: I encourage lots of diversity among the characters. Make them of any age and ethnicity you want. The vast majority of human characters on the RPs I go on are
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:16 Caucasians in their teens and twenties. That's fine--I assume all the RPers I'm with are white too--but it couldn't hurt to add a bit of variety in our characters' backgrounds. My psychological thriller sci-fi takes place in a universe that's very
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:17 different from ours, but I imagine that version of mankind has equivalents to various nationalities and ethnicities in our world. For instance, one of my two heroes will be a young girl who descends from people who are equivalent to Turkish people in our
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:18 world.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:20 [Really, now that I think about it, what I'm most concerned about is age diversity. I imagine that my RP has people of all ages, but the VAST majority of RP characters me and my fellow RPers have created tend to be age 30 or lower.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:26 [Hence, I encourage you to make some older characters. Also, make your characters well-rounded and more serious. We often have mock villains on here and Heroes Arise--villains we make stupid and ridiculous to both make fun of them and cause funny in-
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:28 universe moments to arise. These types of villains are great here and on Heroes Arise, but they won't fit in my psychological thriller RP. You'll need to make villains who are just as well-rounded (perhaps even more so) than the heroes. Give them
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:30 understandable motives (though note that "understandable" doesn't at all mean that these motives are good). From my experiences on AHAW and its related RPs, I've found some of the villains to be some of the most interesting characters, probably partially
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:30 because I could understand why they were doing what they were doing.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:31 [If you have to have a funny villain, I think the only type that'd fit well in my RP would be this: https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/MagnificentBast*rd (Substitute an "a" for the "*".)]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:35 [These villains are genuinely awesome, but are REALLY hard to make/pull off. Marvel's Loki, the Joker, and Silva (from the James Bond film "Skyfall") are examples of these. They don't necessarily have to be funny, but my favorite ones tend to have a good
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:36 sense of humor.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.22 05:36 *and Heroes Arise--we make villains stupid and...(etc.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 03:57 [The weekend's over, so I'm on!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 04:16 (Hey! My replies will probably be super slow.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 04:30 (I'm happy to add diversity within my characters, but I'm hesitant to go over the age of 30 because my psyche can't relate to a worldly 30 year-old's. I think that would be pretty important if you're looking for rounded characters.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:31 [Hey!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:32 [Hm...you have to take mental age into account. People can be quite young at heart. One of my older relatives is 60+, and he describes himself as 16 at heart.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:33 [In addition, it's a fictional/fantasy world. You can fill in the gaps when it comes to worldliness if you know enough about the fictional world.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:34 [Also, it can't hurt to try to play as older characters. It'd help you put yourself in the shoes of others, and probably improve your character creation and writing skills.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:35 [As I mentioned, one of my heroes will be a young faux-Turkish (I say "faux" because it's really my world's equivalent to Turkish) girl. The other will be a faux-Irish old man--he'll be at least 60. I've played as old men before (on AHAW I had a long-
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:35 running wise old wizard named Gandalf who's now deceased; his name is, of course, an alias, probably to cover up a past he's not particularly proud of).]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:36 [I also recommend looking at older characters from books or movies. If you have to, take inspiration from them. You can easily guess who Gandalf was based on (I probably threw in some inspiration from Dumbledore as well).]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 04:37 (Villains: I'll probably need to have a greater context of the villains' purpose in your RP, but I think I have some idea of what my villain will be like.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:38 [Heck, take inspiration from friends or family. Base an older character off of an older relative.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:39 [It seems daunting at first--the vast majority of my characters are 30 and under too--but if you get in one particularly good, long-running character, it can work wonders.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 04:39 (Okay, thanks for your insight! Yeah, if anything, my plan was to go with an older character - like 55+.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:40 [Just so you know, in my RP, there will be no solid alliances whatsoever at first. Everyone there is a stranger. There is no villain team or hero team--it's every man for himself.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:40 [That's why I encourage diversity--I imagine our characters will come from all walks of life. They'll have to figure things out on their own.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:41 [BTW, if there's one villain that belongs to you guys that might fit in well in the new RP, it might be Andy. Perhaps you could recycle his character a bit, or take inspiration from him in your next villainous character.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:41 [He's easily the most serious and threatening of your villains, so it makes sense.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:42 [Also, I highly recommend dividing your powered and non-powered characters into an approximately half-and-half ratio--in other words, try to have as many non-powered ones as ones with powers.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:43 [Recall that humans whose ESP is powerful enough to outwardly manifest make up quite a small minority. Having them make up 50% of the population in our RP is still HIGHLY unusual. But not everyone needs powers; it's more about the characters themselves.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:44 [I recommend giving them compensating skills from their professions, however. My girl character is not in the minority with outwardly manifesting ESP. She is pretty good with software, though.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:45 [I have a certain "feel" for what professions and ESP powers fit in the RP. Unfortunately, I can't put that feel into words all that well. If you could run by me what professions and powers you intend for your characters to have, I can verify whether
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:45 they'd fit in.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 04:46 (Okay. I kind of forgot Andy's backstory and motivations... I remember he had a sister who ran away, but that's about it. Maybe I can work with that a little more.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:48 [I actually have a file with a typed out summary for the Andy Series, or what led up to Andy's villainy. I was re-reading it a couple of weeks ago, I think. If you want it, just say so.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:49 [Now that I'm older and better at writing, I found one glaring plot hole (he killed someone with many witnesses around and got away with it), but otherwise it a fairly solid story.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 04:49 *it was
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 04:50 (I'm thinking of a having one of my characters - a college student - to be a part of the ESP minority. What powers would you suggest?)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:00 [Sorry for disappearing. I'm multitasking.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:01 [Hm...well, I kind of want no "repeat powers." So far, Caprial has one character with mind control abilities, and another with immortality. I'm also thinking my old man has some telekinetic abilities, so those three are taken.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 05:01 (Alright. I actually wouldn't mind having a look at it so I can work it into the idea I'm forming now.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:02 [I was thinking we need a healer. Note that none of the powers in the RP should be very powerful at all. My old man's telekinesis mostly helps him with little things; he can lift things the size of a lighter quite well, but an apple is difficult.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:03 [So maybe there could be someone who could heal scratches and bruises, stop minor bleeding, and ease pain.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:05 [Caprial's characters may seem OP, but I've worked with her to reduce their power. The mind control only works on one person at a time and sort of "expires" if the one person under his control isn't given any new orders after so-and-so hours.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:06 [The immortality basically amounts to the immortal character being unkillable--that's that. Every time she dies, she pops back up. Her name is Sara; she's probably one of Caprial's oldest characters. The ways her immortality affects her life are very
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 05:06 (Ok. I plan on one of my characters being a nurse
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:06 intriguing, and I felt like she'd be perfect in my RP's genre.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:06 [By healer, of course, I meant healing powers.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 05:07 (*a nurse or otherwise hold a similar occupation, so maybe she could have those powers.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:07 [Being a nurse to supplement that sounds fine, though.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:08 [Oh, and I tolerate somewhat higher power levels in more villainous characters because it presents more of a challenge. Both Sara and the mind control man are dark in terms of morality.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:09 [It's okay if a few characters aren't strangers, BTW. I kind of created my Turkish girl and Irish old man "side by side"--the old man probably is a guardian or parental figure to her.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:10 [You could even make siblings. Heck, I wish I had thought of that earlier...I encourage you and Paige to make characters who are siblings. ^.^]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:10 [I'm thinking of opening the RP tonight and starting the character creation process. Do you have time for that?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 05:16 (I'll bring it up to her. Can villains be siblings with heroes?)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 05:20 (Unfortunately, I don't have the time right now. I might not be online tomorrow night because I have a performance to be at, but we'll see. Hope to see you soon!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:23 [Yep, heroes and villains can be siblings.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:25 [Just a quick note: I've been using the terms "heroes" and "villains" as stand-ins for who has better morality and who has darker morality. I expect there to be no clear-cut hero and villain teams; it'll be like our world, where there's a lot of gray
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:25 areas. Feel free to create neutral characters, anti heroes, or villains with redeeming factors; I in fact encourage creating "gray" characters.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.23 05:25 [Also, alright. See you soon!]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.24 04:19 [I'm here! Hopefully you make it on.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.24 04:37 [I HAVE MADE THE NEW RP!!! http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=Zotikos Make sure you read everything!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.25 04:12 (Alright, awesome! I'm really looking forward to it, but I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to join right away. Paige and I both have been up to our necks in homework, college applications, and other obligations at the moment, and we haven't really had
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.25 04:13 (time to think about our characters. I'm not quite ready to jump into a new RP yet; hopefully by mid-next week everything should be sorted out.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.25 04:25 (Actually, I read everything, and I've been inspired. I think I'll try posting some backstories.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.25 04:30 [Hey!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.25 04:30 [It's fine if you don't have time to join it yet. I won't start it until you guys are ready.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.25 04:31 [Oh, and please put your character's profession in their "Role" box.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.25 04:35 (Hi! Got it.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.25 23:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  *stumbles back* *when Sally tackles her to the ground, she knows that fighting is inevitable* *cries out and grips Sally's wrist, trying to plunge one of her knives at her*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.25 23:55 *is surprisingly successful* *escapes with a couple of scratches* *runs down the dock toward Tray, fumbling with her bow and arrow*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.25 23:56   + 10 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.25 23:56   - 10 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.25 23:56   + 1 Prestige points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.25 23:56   - 1 Prestige points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.25 23:56   + 1 Prestige points to Stevie  
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Oct.25 23:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  *appears in the Arsenal doorway, holding his gun* *is much more serious than he usually is* *fires at Tray, his expression menacing* (Although I'm going to go ahead with this, you can still roll against Logan and determine the outcome.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 04:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  *is p***ed off **hurls a knife at Stevie*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 04:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=97  *can't do much but try to dodge*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 04:23 *epicly dodged the bullet while launching himself at Nikole**takes his axe and cuts her loose as quickly as he can*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 04:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  *shoots at Tray while he's busy trying to free Nikole*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 04:29 [Actually, I'm not going to roll in return because I want Owen to succeed in that.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 04:29 [I didn't expect Tray to dodge Logan's attack, so someone's gotta do it somehow... XP]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 04:47 *is hit in the shoulder**cries out in pain, but manages to get Nikole loose anyway* Go!! GO!!! *yelled that at everyone else, not just Nikole*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:20 (Do you want me to add/remove points?)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:20   - 10 Health points to Logan  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:20   + 10 Performance points to Tray  
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:20 [Hm...I kinda feel like I was cheating...you decide. XP]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=85  *shoots an arrow at Sally*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:22 (I'll just give points.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:22   + 10 Performance points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:22   - 10 Health points to Tray  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:23   + 10 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:24   - 10 Health points to Sally  
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Oct.26 05:24 *comes up to Sally* Gurl, you can do better than that.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Oct.26 05:26 *realizing Connor is pretty handy with a dart gun, he escapes into the Arsenal*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:28 SHUT UP!!!!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=85  *looks deranged**throws several more knives at Stevie*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:29 *stands in the middle of the Arsenal, watching everything like a coach on the sidelines* *his arms are crossed and he wears a focused frown* *gives Fernando a curt nod when he hustles back inside*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:29 *runs towards Connor, Stevie, and Mikey*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:29 *notices Tessie has been hovering behind him* *whips around* What are you doing? Get out there.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:30  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  *tries to dodge a few of them*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:30 *ends up with a few cuts on her face* *falls to the dock's surface from the impact*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:31   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:32   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Oct.26 05:32 *awkwardly tries to make amends with Sally* For senpai, right?
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Oct.26 05:33 *looks at Jace with a guilty expression* *reluctantly exits the Arsenal*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:35 *sees blood gushing out of Stevie's face and Tray dodging a stray dart* *feels indebted to all of them for landing them in this dangerous situation* *unemotionally slips the gun from Connor's hands and into his own*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:36 *doesn't answer Rae**charges at Stevie*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:37 Mikey?... *Mikey starts walking toward the Arsenal slowly* *thinks he might be going in for supplies, but that assumption proves wrong when Mikey lifts the gun and increases his pace*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:37 *gestures for more Hunters to come out and attack**looks sinister in the dark*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:38 *shoots rapidly* *his face is uncharacteristically savage, and his eyes meet Owen's for a brief moment*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Oct.26 05:38 *comes out holding his pikes*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Oct.26 05:38 *ducks back into the shadows of the Arsenal when Mikey starts shooting*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:38  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  *also ducks back**shoots right back at Mikey*
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=9  *some of his first shots fired are aimed at Tessie*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Oct.26 05:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=17  *ducks*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:40   - 10 Health points to Mikey  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:41   + 10 Performance points to Tessie  
9>Mikey (Casper), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=42  *fearlessly shoots at Owen, even though he knows his chances of winning are slim*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:42   + 10 Performance points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:42   + 1 Prestige points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:42   - 10 Health points to Mikey  
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:43 *recognizes the situation getting more dire as the Hunters start shooting at Mikey from all sides* *roars hoarsely* MIKEY! MIKEY! *runs forward to try and stop him*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:44 *is still laying on the dock* *swiftly trips Connor to stop him from entering the fray*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:45 *falls against the dock with a loud bang*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:49 *scrambles forward with his hands and kicks his legs* *looks up to see a silver streak slicing the air and hitting Mikey like he's a dart board* *Mikey staggers back, then collapses* *his head lolls to one side upon impact* *blood trickles out of his open
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:49 *mouth* *gasps a little* Mikey...
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  *shoots back*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:50 *gets to his feet and stumbles forward* *nearly trips* No no no no....
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  *goes right past Connor even though he's vulnerable and dives for Stevie, shrieking maniacally*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Oct.26 05:50 *was the one who killed Mikey*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:51   - 197 Health points to Mikey  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:51   + 20 Performance points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:51   + 5 Mana points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:52   + 1 Prestige points to Fernando  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  *sees Sally charging at her and turns around to run* *is tackled* *claws at her face, screaming*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:53   + 10 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 05:53   - 10 Health points to Sally  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:55 *was able to push Sally off of her* *rises and looks around, heaving for air* *is in a daze, but she's able to recognize Connor kneeling over Mikey* *was about to take off for camp, but something switches inside her* *can't leave them alone*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:55 *he flattened himself on the ground during the exchange of bullets and darts for fear of being hit**finally gets up and starts running*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:55 MOVE!!! *rams into Connor, forcing him back*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:56 [I imagine Nikole had basically everything stolen from her, so I'm dropping almost all her stuff. I'm only keeping the weapon because I imagine she had a knife in her kit and was smart enough to tuck it away in a boot or something prior to her capture.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:56 *hobbles over to them* Connor! *surveys Mikey a little obliviously* *when Connor doesn't respond, she realizes that Mikey is dead, and that he's deeply upset about it* *takes a step back*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:56  Dropping Water(10H, 5M) (x 1)  [Her crossbow was taken by the Hunters, of course.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:57  Dropping Food(10H, 5M) (x 1)  
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:57  Dropping Kits-any(5H, 3M) (x 1)  
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 05:58 *she made it to the foliage just beyond the bridge**is sitting and clutching her side, panting hard**the times she was beaten by the Hunters have taken a toll*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:58 NO! *drops down next to Mikey* *the Hunters start gathering outside of the Arsenal* *Logan starts popping off his dart gun*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 05:58 We can't leave him! *actually has tears falling down his face*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 05:59 We have to go! *falls into Connor as a bullet flies over her head* *when the coast is clear, she starts dragging him forward*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:00 *grabs Mikey's arm* *it makes it harder for Stevie to drag him*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 06:02 CONNOR! *looks back at Mikey* *the spear is still lodged in his chest* *is a bit unsettled by just abandoning him at the Arsenal* *helps Connor pull him down the dock*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 06:04 *to her horror, the Hunters don't stop there* *some of them chase Stevie, Connor, and Tray down the dock* *is having a hard time hauling Mikey, and she and Connor keep colliding with one another* *starts crying tears of panic*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 06:06 *at this point, she doesn't care what happens to Mikey; she just starts running* *leaps over the dock's platform leading into the jungle* *can feel the strain of Connor and Mikey's weight behind her, but the moments following that are a blur*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 06:10 *wakes up thinking several hours have gone by* *the jungle is quiet* *is tangled in skin - Mikey's dull skin* *calmly unravels herself and crawls across the rainforest floor* *feels a sharp pain in her head* *grabs Mikey's wrist and pulls herself forward*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 06:11 *digs her nails in the dirt, pulls Mikey, and repeats* *has no idea where the others went* *it has gotten much darker out, and she's getting scared*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:12 *is actually helping Stevie, but she doesn't seem to realize it*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:13 *stayed around the back of the group**even threw his axe at the incoming Hunters to draw them towards him and away from his friends*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 06:13 *keeps crawling for what seems like an eternity* *doesn't even know where she's going*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:13 *he is not with Connor and Stevie**in fact, he never made it off the bridge*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:14 *Connor had slowed things down way too much in mourning Mikey and then bringing his body**had Tray not stayed back to fight the Hunters by himself, all of them except Nikole would probably be dead*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 06:15 *he and a few others heard the commotion at the Arsenal and went out to look for the others*
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:15 [You can credit one of your characters with the points for killing Tray if you want.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:15 *suddenly she's patting Stevie's face and saying her name*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 06:16 (Wait... Tray died?...)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 06:17 *looks up wearily* *can make out Nikole's face* *Zak and Josh are standing in the background, illuminated by flashlights*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 06:18 Guys? Are you okay? *looks really concerned*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:22 [He was my Edvard replacement. I didn't know Mikey was going to die, so I planned for Tray to die during Nikole's rescue.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:22 No.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:22 *was more conscious than Stevie when they got off the dock* *insisted they wait for Tray under a nearby tree, where Stevie passed out immediately* *waited it out for a while, but Tray never showed up* *had to wake up a barely conscious Stevie in order to
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:23 Mikey and Tray didn't make it...you shouldn't have come for me. It was all a trap. I've never hated being gagged in all my life... *she desperately wanted to scream at Connor and co. to get the heck away*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:23 make it back to camp before it really got dark* *feels guilty for leaving his best friend behind - super guilty* *looks up at Zak* *his voice wavers* I'm sorry.
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:23 [I felt a bit bad because I was kinda doing the "black dude dies first" trope...but then Mikey died first so I guess it's okay? XD XP]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:24 *being gagged more
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:24 (Aw, okay. That was kind of sad; it was so sudden.)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 06:26 *glances at Nikole, then Connor* The goal was to get you out alive. *motions for Josh to come help*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 06:26 *helps Connor to his feet*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:27 [Yeah...the deaths that come out of nowhere can be the worst...]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:27 [I felt like Connor was taking way too long, though--all eight Hunters were literally coming at them at once. The price of all the hesitation had to be high, and somehow Tray's death just seemed to fit in right there.]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:27 *he and Nikole take care of Stevie* *when she stands up, he puts an arm around her to help her walk* *doesn't say he's glad that she made it - it's just understood*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:28 Yeah, you got me out alive. And now two of you are dead. It would've been better if you let them get sick of me and kill me.
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:28 I have no supplies whatsoever. They took everything from me except my knife. I'm of no use to you compared to Mikey and Tray.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:29 (Yep, exactly. I guess I'll give the points to Fernando.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:29 *she's obviously p***ed about this whole thing, and it's particularly because she blames herself*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 06:30   + 20 Performance points to Zak  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 06:30   - 20 Performance points to Zak  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 06:30   + 20 Performance points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 06:30   + 5 Mana points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.26 06:30   + 1 Prestige points to Fernando  
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 06:39 *has probably argued with Nikole about this throughout the search* *opens his mouth to say something, then pauses* *tries to sound patient* For the thousandth time, Nikole: you can't help the circumstances.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 06:40 *looks down at Mikey* I'm guessing we'll need to honor him in some way.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:41 *is considering Zak's responses to be pretty insensitive at this time* *says darkly* Tray too.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.26 06:42 (I have to go now. I'll probably be back on Sunday night. Have a great weekend and see you then!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:48 [Alright, see you! I hope you have a great weekend too!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 06:48 Yes, I could've helped them by taking my knife and slitting my own throat just before they got me instead of stuffing it in my [BLEEP] boot. Then this would have never happened.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.26 15:33 [BTW, did you guys watch Who Killed Markiplier yet? If not, that's perfectly fine--we've all been crazily busy lately.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.27 04:34 [BTW, I really, really, really want to start Vessel Zotikos soon. If you could get Paige to come on Sunday and create all her characters, that'd be wonderful. Caprial seems excited to start too.]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.27 04:34 [All I need are you guys to finish with your character creation and then we'll start.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.29 03:23 [I'm on!]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 03:54 (Hi! My answers to your questions are on Zotikos. )
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 03:55 *mutters* Sometimes, things just happen. *he and Connor help haul Mikey back to camp*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 03:57 *they are greeted by a blazing fire upon return* *obviously, everyone is a little shocked to discover that two of their teammates never made it back*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:58 *his eyes flick from a rough-looking Stevie to Mikey* What happened?
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 04:00 *there is a long silence* *exhales shakily, looking at the fire* We lost Tray and Mikey.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 04:02 *decides this is the best time to give a quick memorial* They died trying to rescue Nikole, Connor, and Stevie from the Hunters. Had they not been as brave as they were, I don't think anyone would have made it.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 04:05 *pauses* Tray and Mikey weren't just supportive teammates. They were selfless, faithful friends willing to do whatever needed to be done to benefit everyone here. And we're indebted to them. From here on out, we need to honor their memory in what we do.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Oct.29 04:05 [Hey! Please see my latest posts on Zotikos. :D]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 04:08 Instead of being rash, we need to be careful. And most importantly, we need to be selfless instead of selfish. *pauses again* Tray and Mikey will be missed, but their memories will live on in the days to come.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 04:08 (Okay! I just replied.)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.29 04:09 *is honestly not a gifted speaker, so he kind of droned on*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.29 04:14 *starts applauding**she even looks like she has tears in her eyes*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 04:35 *just turns and walks away to be alone and contemplate things*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.30 03:25 *didn't find that speech to be very sincere* *he and Stevie make eye contact* *shakes his head a bit*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:27 *the resentment gleaming in Connor's eyes causes her to reflect on her own feelings* *of course, Tray's death came as a shocker, and she's bothered by it* *deep down, she's just grateful that the two of them survived*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 03:38 [Sorry I'm late; I've had a busy day. :P]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 03:39 *he, Zak, and Josh pull over the spare canoe and hoist Mikey's body into it* *arranges him carefully, then steps back to look at him* *says somberly* See you on the other side, man.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 03:40 (Hey! It's okay.)
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 03:43 *he and Josh push Mikey out into the river* *the two watch on from an alcove near the shore* *decides to head back to camp when the canoe has strayed significantly downstream*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 03:44 [Hey! Caprial and I are on Vessel Zotikos. It's time to start! :D]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:47 *sees that Josh is still standing in the alcove* *climbs over vegetation and joins him* *dusk's subtle blue glow is still lingering over the horizon, and the moon is starting to rise* *some insects chirp in the trees*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:47 (Awesome!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:48 *she suddenly gives Zak a hug*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:50 *the two stand in silence* *shoves her fists into her coat pockets and watches Mikey's floating casket melt into the oncoming darkness of night* *starts reflecting again* *internally thanks Mikey for saving herself and Connor*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:54 [Zotikos has started!!! :D]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 03:59 *climbs a tree not far from the camp*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.30 04:00 *sort of abruptly pulls away* *he's not used to being affectionate, and he feels like he'd be disrespectful if he tried now* *gives Via a stare, trying to figure her out* *first, they're arguing, and now...*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:02 That speech you gave was beautiful.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:02 I've never known what it's like to lose someone, but now...you've taught me. *wipes away the tears in her eyes* Oh, I'm sorry, I'm so stupid and silly...
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.30 04:10 Um... thanks. *really isn't sure if she's being sincere or not* *maybe her naivety is just shining through*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:11 *finally breaks the silence between she and Josh* Do you think it would hurt to die?
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.30 04:13 *doesn't peel his eyes away from the water* Like... here? Stevie: Yeah. Josh: *pauses* I think it would hurt more to watch someone die than it would be to actually die here.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:14 No, you're right, I'm stupid. *turns away, seeming genuinely upset with herself*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.30 04:14 *has definitely came close to that feeling a few times in this level*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Oct.30 04:15 *come close
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.30 04:18 No no no! *grabs her by the arm* *speaks a little more softly* You're not stupid. This is just a hard time for all of us.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.30 04:18 *adds* Thanks for being supportive. *his eyes are glued to the ground, but then they flick up to meet hers* I appreciate it.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:19 Are...are you sure? *sounds almost like a little child in need of reassurance at this point*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:19 *asked that before he thanked her*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:20 *doesn't say anything* *she and Josh turn around to catch Via and Zak having their moment* Josh: *steps back* *tries to lighten the mood* *mutters* What kind of soap opera is this? Stevie: *isn't laughing*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Oct.30 04:25 *realizes they have an audience* *gives Josh and Stevie a stony look, then wordlessly walks away from Via to tend to some other things* *gives her a quick glance before disappearing*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:25 *looks back at him straight in the eye*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:26 *well, she did that before he left, and continued to watch him as he walked away*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Oct.30 04:26 Hmm... are those the sparks of love that I see flying? *pauses deliberately* That's some high infidelity against Nikole, Zak...
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Oct.30 04:37 *chuckles* Whoo-whee, is it getting hot in here?
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Oct.30 04:37 Or does someone need to turn down the thermostat?
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Oct.30 04:38 *no one really laughs at her "joke"**tries to save it by yelling at someone off camera* Dave! DAVE! Will you STOP messing with the virtual thermostat?
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 03:18 *is looking out at the dark jungle from her tree top, unaware of the drama going on*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:00 *is the only one laughing*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:00 *meanwhile, there is a fadeout to the next level, which is focused on the Hunters*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:07 *the Hunters have been split up* *some went to check out the new camp, others went to see if they could find traces of the Flamethrowers*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 04:09 *was the one who led Owen, Fernando, and Logan to their new camp* *the rest went after the Flamethrowers* *currently, his party is headed back toward the Arsenal to meet up with the rest of the Hunters*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 04:10 *so far, they haven't been able to find anything* *plus, it's getting dark* *whines* I'm bored...
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:11 *is quite satisfied with himself, but still on guard**his plan for keeping Nikole hostage was for the most part a success--they killed two Flamethrowers instead of just Nikole*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 04:11 *is lagging behind everyone else since she's so paranoid of all the bugs crawling around*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 04:11 *has had a dark and fiery determination to catch and kill the Flamethrowers*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 04:12 Don't be bored. This is our chance to prove ourselves... *says quietly and creepily so only Rae can hear:* and senpai.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 04:13 *doesn't seem nearly as enthusiastic as he usually is**in fact, he's been rather quiet and introverted lately--which is really, really, really abnormal for him**basically, he's realized he's among a team of a**holes*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 04:13 *he's regretting his decision to appoint Owen as leader*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 04:15 [BTW, I assume the Hunters have far superior weapons, right? Their team is smaller and they were promised compensation, after all. Plus, you wouldn't send 4 people after 8 unless those 4 had some sort of big thing on their side, anyway.]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 04:17 (As I recall, yes.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 04:17 I don't care! There's always another day!
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 04:20 We should come back tomorrow with everyone else. *glances at Tessie, who's really not helping*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 04:27 [Okie dokie. Just making sure. ^.^]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 04:27 *and get senpai
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 04:28 Yeah, you two keep yelling at each other, they'll never know we're around for sure.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 04:28 [BLEEP] you.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 04:28 *whines at Rae* Fiiiine...
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 04:35 Yeah. *is in agreement with Fletcher, actually*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 04:36 *they head back to the Arsenal*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 04:43 *makes a direct path for the Arsenal once they reach the dock* *stands under it, looking for a light* *that's when something small drops on her shoulder* *brushes it away irritably, but she is given a searing pinch* *lets out an ear-splitting scream*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 04:44 *trips, distracted by the scream, and faceplants*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 04:44 *hears a distant scream from across the water* *stops in his tracks and looks at the trees*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 04:45 I hope that wasn't one of ours.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 04:45 *stands over Sally* Now, now, how many times have I told you that doing the flop is bad for your health?
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 04:45 *incoherently groans*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 04:46 *grabs Sally and helps her get back on her feet**she proceeds to try to punch and claw him, muttering obscenities about how it's his fault she fell and he pushed her and whatnot, but he easily dodges her*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 04:47 *shrugs a little, trying to maintain indifference in a terse environment*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:49 It came from near the Arsenal's platform. I don't think any of the Flamethrowers would be hiding out there...
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 04:50 *a sliver of moonlight peeking through the Arsenal door reveals the shiny bodies of hundreds of huge scorpions teeming in every corner* *lets out a revolted scream*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 04:51 *the door randomly falls down* *is trapped*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 04:51 *bangs on the door, but the scorpions bury their pincers in her hands and wrist* *one of them even climbs up her jacket*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 04:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  *whimpers* *realizes she has to fight back* *bangs her staff against the door in an attempt to smash any scorpion crawling on it*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:53   + 10 Performance points to Tessie  
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 04:54 What's going on in there? *sounds a little terrified*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 04:55 We need to see what's going on. *starts jogging back*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:56 [Fun fact: I was stung by a scorpion at about 3 in the morning a few days ago.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 04:56 [It's not a fun way to wake up. XP]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 04:57 *hears the screams and banging and runs for the Arsenal*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 04:57 *follows Fletcher significantly more slowly**she really doesn't care what's happening to Tessie*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:03 *follows Fletcher*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:03 (Dang, really? how painful was it?)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:05 *bursts through the other door* *sees Tessie in a corner, still as a statue and covered in crawling scorpions* *nearly gags* *wonders if she's imagining this*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:05 [It hurt pretty bad and lasted several days. The pain gradually went away, but then it started itching like h**l.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:06 [I also had some sort of weird allergic reaction where my lips and hands became tingly and numb. My tongue was also numb for a day; I couldn't taste crap. I think I instinctively tried to make my tongue less numb by itching it with my teeth, but now my
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:07 tongue is still healing from all that itching and chewing. XP]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:07 *opens her eyes and looks at Tessie more closely* *she is crying*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:08 [I believe it was just a common striped bark scorpion. It can't do any big damage, but it hurts.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:08 (That's really scary, not to mention that the after effects sound like they su ck. I wonder how the scorpion even got in your bed.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:09 [I can't entirely blame it. I recall being half asleep and my leg was bent/my knee was lifted up. I put my leg down while falling back asleep, and my thigh landed on the scorpion. It basically stung me to say "Don't crush me!!"]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:10 [It had been raining a lot...I think bugs and crap were coming through the weepholes to escape or something. I have a whole bunch of weepholes with direct access to my room.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:10 [I've seen plenty of striped bark scorpions in the house and around my property. I just have never been stung by one that badly.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:11 [Still, I refused to sleep in my bed for several days...thank god we have an extra bed.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:12 [BTW, there are a whole bunch of scorpion species that have a potentially lethal sting. The kind that got me isn't one of them, but if Tessie is covered in scorpions stinging her, chances are she's going to die.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  *can't bear to watch it* *sees some fire extinguisher near the door* *shatters the glass case open with a spare dart gun and just blasts the stuff at Tessie*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:13 [Oh, and another fun fact: My scorpion sting wound up making the area of my skin around my leg swell up. It was a pretty big area too--think of it as if you chopped off a piece of a softball and taped it to my leg.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:14 [I don't know the effects of other scorpions, but Tessie might wind up being one big, swollen blob. XD]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:14 [Make that one big, swollen, numb blob.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:14 (Yeah. Honestly, if that were me, I probably would've passed out due to sheer terror.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:16 (The side effects are kind of interesting, but they sound terrible nonetheless. Also, yes. We'll see what happens to Tessie. Right now, she's trying to be still so as not to get stung.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:16 [Hm...yeah, I imagine you don't have nearly as many bugs where you live as I do. I see spiders every day and scorpions every few weeks or so.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:17 [I'm used to seeing them and I've been stung before, but I still didn't want to sleep in my bed until the weepholes were plugged up.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:17 [I can live with the side effects just fine. Really, they're more like the ultra annoying kind of pain than the ultra bad kind of pain, you know what I mean?]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:18 [It ultimately didn't hurt all that badly at all, but combined with the numbness and the itchiness and whatnot it got pretty annoying sometimes.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:18 (I'm sure. Getting stung like that was probably a little traumatizing.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:19 (Yeah. Kind of like a bee sting almost, but more prolonged.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:19 (Since it's Questscape, we'll just assume the scorpions are "gen*ric" in nature. Depending on the attack, I may remove more than ten points.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:20   + 10 Performance points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:20   - 10 Performance points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:21  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=93  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:21 [Ah, okay. So basically they've got the same power as the scorpion that got me.]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:21   - 10 Health points to Rae  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:22 [Yep...I think what mainly bugged me was the fact that I was just sleeping or semi-sleeping, and it just happened.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:22 (Yeah. They can sting, but they're not poisonous.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:22 [Insect pun not intended, but what the h**l. :P]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:23  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=89  *is angry that the extinguisher didn't work* *stomps the floor, intending to kill a few scorpions*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:23 [The insects seem to be going berserk around here...my friend was bitten by a wasp just a day after the scorpion got me, and ants keep raiding the hedges...]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  We need to make a fire! *stomps at scorpions too*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=81  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=73  *Fletcher*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:24 (That's really weird. It sounds like it could be a seasonal thing.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=81  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:25   + 10 Performance points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:25   + 10 Performance points to Fletcher  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:26 [Maybe...it's never been this bad, though...]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  *can't take it any longer* *darts across the Arsenal, clawing scorpions from her face* *is probably stung in the process*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:27 [I really don't know what insect to root for. I'm terrified of wasps (we have tarantula wasps around here, by the way, and their sting is proven to be one of the most painful in the world--my aforementioned friend has been stung by them at least 3 times),
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:28 we have two very deadly spiders (black widows and brown recluses), and we also have non-poisonous but annoying scorpions. All three parties kill one another.]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=52  *Tessie*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:29 [Not to mention that in the non-insect world, we have coral snakes down here (they have very lethal venom).]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:30 [I've seen several within about 5 feet of me in my lifetime. It's a bit disturbing, but they've never bothered me so I don't bother them.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:30 [Fun fact: Coral snakes can't really inject their venom into you with a quick bite. They sort of have to just hold on and gnaw on you. XD XP]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:31 [Don't let one get attached to you for too long a time... XD]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:31 [Relationship puns...anyyyways...]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:35 (I looked some of those insects up and they look like they came from the Underworld. How did your friend survive getting stung three times by that wasp?!)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:35 [Are there any flamethrowers in the Arsenal?]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:35   - 10 Health points to Tessie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:36 (No. They're all back at their camp.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:36 [Well, they're not lethal. My friend is proof. XD XP Their stings just hurt like h**l.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:36 [Not the Flamethrowers, I mean flamethrowers. XD]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 05:37 *he and the rest of the Hunter pack arrive to see Tessie collapsing and Rae and Fletcher scrambling around* What the (BLEEP)?!
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:37 [According to Wikipedia, the worst of the pain lasts for about 5 minutes. The sting is not dangerous, but it's still horrifying.]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 05:38 (I read that the sting basically knocks you into oblivion for a few minutes. Have you ever seen one?)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:38 [Is there anything in the Arsenal that could be used to set things on fire?]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:39 [Yep, I've seen the wasps--I was present when my friend was stung. It happened at my own home.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:39 [He's really good at coping with pain, so he got away really fast, but I knew the pain was really, REALLY bad from his reaction.]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 05:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=97  *sees a few scorpions scuttling out of the Arsenal* *reasons that it's the cause, then storms inside* *runs full-throttle into a stack of supplies; they go crashing to the floor*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:40 [I generally stay away from the area he got stung nowadays. For some reason wasps--all kinds, not just tarantula wasps--seem to love to divebomb people in that area.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:41 FIND SOMETHING FLAMMABLE AND SPREAD IT ALL AROUND!
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 05:41 (Yeah. There's probably a match or lighter in one of the backpacks. )
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 05:41 (Wow. That must have been pretty awful.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 05:42 (I guess it's just a place of misfortune, haha.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 05:42 We can't just destroy everything in here!!
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:43  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=7  *Fernando*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:44   + 10 Performance points to Fernando  *it's probably fair to say that Fernando obliterated nearly half the scorpion population in the Arsenal*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:45   + 1 Prestige points to Fernando  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:45 [Yeah, I guess so...and what makes it even weirder is that there are big spider webs around there...I guess the kind of spiders around there just don't bother the wasps, and vice versa??]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 05:45 Just throw it out!
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:46 [Also, Fernando obliterated half the scorpion population by running headfirst into a stack of stuff? XD]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:46 [Wooow...]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 05:46 *grabs random stuff and starts throwing it outside**some of it is crawling with scorpions, though*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:47 *finally stops dawdling and arrives to "help out"**really she just hesitates and hangs back, dodging scorpions*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 05:47 *helps to throw stuff out**sees Sally hesitating* SALLY, THROW STUFF OUT NOW!!!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:48 *jumps**goes pale**if there's one person who can intimidate her, it's Owen**she quietly starts cringingly grabbing stuff and tossing it out*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 05:54 [gtg! *offline* See you!]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 06:05 (Alright, bye!)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 06:05 (Haha, yup.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 06:07 *is chucking everything in his reach out on the dock*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 17:41 *starts rummaging through the stuff, which is infested by scorpions**gets stung on the hands and arms here and there**is looking for flammable stuff to spread around*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.4 17:43 [Is there anything flammable that could be spread around, e.g. gunpowder or gas?]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 17:44 *sees one scorpion on her pants and starts shrieking and jumping around like a maniac*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 17:44 [BLEEP]!!! [BLEEP]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 17:44 *!!!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.4 17:44 AAAH!!! KILL IT!!! KILL IT!!!
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 22:41 (There might be an astringent or something in the first aid kits.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.4 22:41 STOOOP! *slaps the scorpion off of Sally's pants*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 22:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  *is whacking any scorpions that come in sight*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 22:43  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=79  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.4 22:43   - 10 Health points to Jace  
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.4 22:44 *strides into the Arsenal to help Fletcher* *is soon roaring out obscenities*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 22:47 *is crawling across the Arsenal floor like a battered zombie* *has been stung one time too many, and it's starting to show* *in one last effort to help her team, she extends a shaking hand toward the killer dynamite*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 22:48 *it is mounted on the wall in a glass case* *gives it a tug, but it doesn't budge* *thinking she was too cautiounary, she gives it a stronger pull* *still, nothing*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.4 22:48 *just collapses after that*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 22:51 *sees Tessie fainting after her struggle* *realizes she's probably going to die if she doesn't get help* *runs into the Arsenal and picks her up* *turns right back around, en route to camp*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.5 03:26 (Hey, I don't think I'll be on tonight because I'm at the height of my cold (misery) and I'll need to get some rest in preparation for band. It's starting up again for a week, so I'll have to miss Monday and Wednesday as well. The week after that should
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.5 03:26 be open. I'll see you soon!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.5 04:40 [Alright, see you!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.5 04:41 [Good luck with band! I hope you get better soon!]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.7 04:05 [I'm on here and Vessel Zotikos!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.9 04:08 [I'm on! I'm studying, so I'll only be on Vessel Zotikos tonight.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.12 04:25 [I'm here again!]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.12 04:33 (Hey!)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.12 04:43 [I'll be on Vessel Zotikos/VZ only tonight. I'm multitasking and I'm also on 2 RPs other than this one and VZ, and my limit is usually 3 RPs.]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.12 04:45 (Alright, see you there!?
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.12 04:45 *)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.13 04:23 *keeps obliterating masses of scorpions while Fletcher, Logan, and Rae look for some solutions*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.13 04:24 *rips open a backpack and lets its contents fall to the floor* *some scorpions crawl out, stinging her hands* *in addition, one climbs up her jacket and stings her in the neck* *yelps in pain, bending down*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.13 04:24 *is trying not to cry* We need to hurry up!
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.13 04:25 *glances at Rae, a little oblivious to her predicament* Okay...
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.13 04:26 *reaches their camp* *sets Tessie down, panting* *pulls a sleeping bag out of his pack and sets her down on it*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.13 04:29 *while adjusting Tessie, he notices the angry red blisters dotting her skin* *mutters* This isn't good. *rifles around in his backpack and uncovers his first aid kit*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.13 04:30 *dabs some antiseptic on the stings* *some blue energy bursts out after every swipe, indicating that he's getting somewhere with this*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 04:53 *her head rolls to one side* *groans a little and opens her eyes* *she and Jace just look at each other*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.13 04:55 *finally speaks* You didn't fight me.
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.13 05:00 *would reply with a sharp witticism, but she's honestly too grateful for Jace's help* *admits that to herself* *blinks slowly* *says quietly* Thank you.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.13 05:04 *stares into her weary eyes and experiences a change of heart* *looks away and sits up, realizing that* *tries to deny his growing feelings for her, but there's a thrill in betraying that denial*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.17 04:20 *is still looking for flammable, spreadable stuff*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.17 04:21 [Is there anything like what Fletcher's looking for in the supplies (e.g. gunpowder or gas)?]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.17 04:22 [Nvm, I missed your post. XP]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.17 04:48 *finds rubbing alcohol in a med kit**goes looking for more med kits and gets as much medicinal alcohol as he can*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.18 04:46 *snatches a bottle of rubbing alcohol from Fletcher* *pops open the cap and squirts a stream across the floor*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 04:52 *spreads the alcohol around as much as he can**he wants to save some, of course*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 04:53 *tosses Rae an extra bottle while trying to spread around more alcohol**saves about two bottles in case they're needed for anything else*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 04:53 [Hey! :D]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 04:54 [Are you going to be on here only, or both here and Vessel Zotikos?]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 05:04 [Hello?]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 05:04 *whips out a match and tries lighting it**it goes out within half a second**tries another**it doesn't work at all**starts muttering swear words with gritted teeth as he tries one after the other*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 05:05 Cheap poorly programmed pieces of virtual [BLEEP]... *finally one works**yells:* DUUUUCK!!! *throws the match*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 05:09 *runs away quickly, slapping and picking at scorpions that crawled onto him as he struggled with the matches*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.20 06:01 [Guess you're not here. See you tomorrow!]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 04:31 (Once again, sorry for not being online last night. I had a searing headache and nobody showed up on either game, so I had to leave.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 04:31 *scoops up anything his burly arms can hold* *runs off into the jungle*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 04:33  Giving Weapon(2H,1M) (x 3) to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 04:34  Giving Kits-any(5H, 3M) (x 4) to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 04:35  Giving Food(10H, 5M) (x 4) to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 04:35  Giving Water(10H, 5M) (x 4) to Fernando  
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 04:36 *Fernando basically ditches she, Fletcher, and probably Sally* *whips around to face him* He's going to camp, right?
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.21 04:43 [I'm here! It's fine.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 04:49 *darts off without waiting for an answer* *is only assuming that's where Fernando's going, and if it isn't, at least she'll be with someone in her team*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.21 04:49 Just head to our outpost!! *grabs as much stuff as he can and runs off the platform*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 04:50 *also ran after Fernando*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 04:52 *has to juggle everything on his way there, which slows him down* *makes it without dropping anything* *dumps it all before Jace and Tessie*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 04:52  Dropping Weapon(2H,1M) (x 3)  
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 04:52  Dropping Kits-any(5H, 3M) (x 4)  
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 04:53  Dropping Food(10H, 5M) (x 4)  
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 04:53  Dropping Water(10H, 5M) (x 4)  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.21 04:55 *reaches the outpost**drops any extra stuff he brought, panting hard*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 04:55 *didn't really bring anything extra, and he left his canoe by the river*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 04:56 *hustles through the jungle, trying to retrace Fernando's path* *the air is thick with the sound of chirping critters and a dense, muggy fog* *it's also pretty dark*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 04:59 *has to stop* *stumbles around a tree, panting* *is trying to make sight of anything that might be in the camp, like a fire* *yells hoarsely* GUYS??
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:00 *arrived with Fletcher* *can actually hear Rae* *looks at him* That Rae?
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.21 05:00 *frowns a little* Well, it's got to be one of those two.
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 05:02 *is scared, so she decides to keep running and see what she can find* *actually runs right past the camp*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.21 05:02 *bumps into Rae**was following close behind and didn't realize she was stopping*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:02 *saw Rae darting past* Rae? RAE! We're over here! *she comes jogging back*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 05:05 *shuffles back* *is obviously embarrassed* *bends over and clutches her knees to catch her breath* *sees Tessie curled up on a sleeping bag, shivering a little* *glances at Jace* Tessie?
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.21 05:06 She got attacked pretty bad. I reckon she'll be fine. She just needs her rest.
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:07 Yo, Sally! Over here!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.21 05:08 *follows Rae to the camp*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.21 05:08 *suddenly blurts out* This was all the Flamethrowers' fault!
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:08 I brought back some items. Take what you all want.
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 05:10 *chews on her lip, looking around in Tessie's direction* Yeah. I agree.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.21 05:12 *stands up* Wait. *frowns in confusion* Are you implying that they infested our entire Arsenal with scorpions? I highly doubt that. They're down two men; doing that would've killed at least one of them.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:13  Taking Water(10H, 5M) (x 1)  *some of the others start perking up when Jace presents his argument* *feels free to help himself to water and food, since both are necessary to his survival*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:13  Taking Food(10H, 5M) (x 1)  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.21 05:14 We were out getting this stupid outpost! What do you think they could've been doing in the meantime?
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:14   + 10 Health points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:15   + 5 Mana points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:16   + 10 Health points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:16   + 5 Mana points to Fernando  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.21 05:16 You're insane. *sits down and helps himself to a water bottle*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.21 05:17 *responds by hitting Fletcher's head, bottle, and hand with one swift kick*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.21 05:17 Oh, I don't know - gathering bloody scorpions?
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.21 05:17 Agh!! *falls to the side*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:17 Whoa! Sally, Sally, Sally.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.21 05:17 *arches an eyebrow at Sally* *she may be insane, but she has some serious skill*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:18 That's not nice. Sally: [BLEEP] OFF!!
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.21 05:18 *touches his temple and looks at his fingers**they have a bit of blood on them*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:19 *mutters* I mean... maybe we deserved it if we weren't being watchful enough?
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.21 05:19 *doesn't say anything**just helps himself to a medical kit as well, and makes sure to put a distance of at least 10 feet between him and Sally*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.21 05:19 Shut UP you [BLEEP] idiot!!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.21 05:20 We need to go after them for this, and we need to go after them NOW!
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:20 We just lost our headquarters. We need time to recuperate.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.21 05:20 *Tessie starts groaning when the fight reaches its height* *rushes over to her side and lightly touches her shoulder* Tessie? Do you need anything?
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.21 05:21 *rolls over and covers her eyes with her arm* Just shut... up...
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.21 05:22 *there is a brief moment of silence*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 05:23 *breaks it* Anyways. Our survival basically depends on getting rid of them. *says brightly* Might as well face the music!
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 05:25 The sooner we've got them down, the quicker we'll be able to win. *glances at the killer dynamite that Fernando also managed to rescue*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:26 *says matter-of-factly* Our survival depends upon not dying.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:27 We have no idea where they are. They could be within 15 feet of us, about to ambush us because no one has cared to keep watch.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:28 We can't go blindly out into the jungle. The jungle itself contains many dangers. We need to wait until day and then send scouts to track them down.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:29   - 197 Health points to Tray  (Forgot to take care of this.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:30 (By the way, I've had an RP-related idea. Mind if I share really quick?)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.21 05:31 Okay. We'll do it tomorrow, then.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:32 *Rae is being kind of bold in calling the shots* *looks at Owen in anticipation of his response*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:34 [Sure! Sorry for the slow replies BTW; my Internet is kind of laggy.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:34 Best case scenario is we'll know where they are and attack tomorrow night.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:44 (Okay. So, recently I was re-reading FSS, and I was starting to miss it. There were a lot of great characters, and I had a lot of laughs over Midas as Poopenschmirtz.)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:44 [So...what's your idea? ^.^]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:46 (I've been thinking about adding another installment to the game, probably after this round of Questscape is over. Some of the original characters will be reunited a year or two after discovering Sam.)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:48 [Posted that before seeing your new post...freaking Internet lag... XP]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:48 (Yes, the second installment will involve finding someone. I know what's going to happen, but I'm not sure where they're going to go or who will be the "starring" characters. I wrote it so that it could work out with a few of them.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:50 I suggest we attack them in the morning. They'll be weak then. Too tired to put up a real fight.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:51 (About the slow Internet: that's fine. Mine has been acting up today, too.)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.21 05:52 [I have to go. See you tomorrow! *offline* The RP so8unds good/interesting!]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 05:57 (Ok, see you! If you want, I can send an email including a rough outline of the game and we can discuss it.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.21 06:03 (By the way, I won't be on tomorrow night. I have to get up at 5 am for a parade. However, I'll see you Thursday night. Have a happy Thanksgiving!)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.22 00:42 [Go ahead and send the email! I'm actually interested in playing as the person who goes missing; the idea of having a chance to create their backstory and whatnot sounds fun. However, it does sound like you have almost everything figured out already.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.22 00:43 [I'd still like to see the first draft of the outline and contribute, though. :D Also, alright, see you soon! Enjoy the parade, and happy Thanksgiving to you too!]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.23 04:23 (Thanks! It was really cold, but fun.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.23 04:23 (I'm writing the draft now! It's about halfway finished.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.23 04:33 [Hey! Great!]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.23 04:34 [Please meet me on Vessel Zotikos. I just thought up a way to get the plot moving again...]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.23 04:42 (Hi! Okay.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.25 04:10 [I'm on! I'll be on here and Vessel Zotikos.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.25 04:43 [Hello?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.26 04:15 [I'm on!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 04:07 [I'm on!]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:09 (Hey! Sorry, I didn't notice that you've been on here the past few nights.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:19 *the Hunters settle on the next morning* *Jace, Logan, and Fernando pitch a tent, and they decide to get some rest for the night*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:22 *the morning rises quickly* *everyone gets up, gathers a weapon, and heads out* *is leading the pack alongside Owen*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 04:23 [Hey! It's fine.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.27 04:23  Taking Weapon(2H,1M) (x 1)  *takes advantage of a spare bow and arrow set that Fernando rescued* *doesn't really know how to use it, but she's hoping for the best*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 04:23 [Caprial isn't on yet, so let's RP on here!]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:24   + 2 Health points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:24   + 1 Mana points to Rae  
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:26 *they reach one of the Arsenal's docks, where some smoking remains are still strewn about* Be careful as you cross this. *slowly walks across the dock*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:26  Taking Water(10H, 5M) (x 1)  *picks up some water and greedily gulps it down*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:27 [So I guess they've gone back to see if they can salvage anything more?]
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:28 *laughs nervously* Honestly, I have no idea how we're gonna get through... *the inside of the Arsenal is obscured by smoke* *Fernando flips up his hood as a response, adjusting it* *pauses before following suit*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:29   + 10 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:30   + 5 Mana points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:31 (No. They're going to attack the Hunters. The Hunters are on the other side of the river, so they have to cross the bridge to get there.)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:32 *helps Tessie across* *she's doing better, but is still a little weak*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:34 *makes it to the other side and walks for a little bit* *doesn't find Tray, but his backpack is there* *picks it up, as if examining the worth of a dollar store deal* *then tosses it to the ground*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.27 04:34 Um... backpack, anyone?
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:35 Let's just keep going.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:38 *is aggressively stomping his way to the Flamethrowers' camp* *to the Hunters' luck, Stevie and Connor left behind small objects while blindly searching their way back to camp* *realizes he's made it when he sees a poorly cleared area*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:40 *lets his weight settle on some chopped plants* *surveys the camp from behind a giant leaf* *it's a slow morning for the Flamethrowers* *the only one in sight is Zak* *his back is facing them, and he appears to be tinkering away at something*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:43 *is tingling with the urge to win - to get his third kill and wipe out the rest of the Flamethrowers with the killer dynamite when he gets the chance* *his nostrils flare and his eyebrows quirk* *charges for Zak like a cheetah pursuing their next meal*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:44 *rips a dagger out of his pocket, all in slow-mo* *Zak can't do anything about it, but when Fernando wraps his strong arm around him, he chokes out a scream of horror*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=27  *tries to stab Zak*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:45 [Sorry for disappearing.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:45 [I had to go do something and forgot to say brb. XP]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.27 04:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  *tries to wriggle himself out of Fernando's clutches* *is yelling*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 04:46 *he chose to keep Tray's backpack*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.27 04:46 (That's fine!)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.27 04:47 *sees the dagger's blade pointed right at his neck* *stumbles to the ground, barely missing the smoking fireplace* *roars hoarsely* GUYS! GUYS, RUN!
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:47 *has gone off to hunt with her crossbow**supplies are even getting a bit low on the Flamethrowers' end, and it can't hurt to have extra food*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:47 *she lost her original crossbow, but luckily there was another among her comrades' supplies*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:48   + 10 Performance points to Zak  
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:48 *hears Zak in the distance and looks up, extremely alert*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:48   - 10 Health points to Fernando  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 04:48 *arrives with a pike raised*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:49 *nudges Rae, as if to say "Let's go," and then races towards the Flamethrowers*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:49 *knows everyone else has to be in the tents* *bounds over there*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:51 *his eyes flash open* *throws his sleeping bag over him, not bothering to be careful* *looks around at his fellow tent mates - Dakota, Stevie, some other people* *raises a shaking finger to his lips*
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:52 *all the blood flushes from her face* *meets TJ's eyes and nods slowly*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:53 *chooses a tent and starts ripping at it with knives in both hands*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.27 04:53  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=46  *gets off of his feet and throws a swift punch at Fletcher*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 04:53 *shrieks**Sally's tent of choice contains Via (as well as probably several other people)**scrambles out of the tent entrance*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:54 *that tent happens to be the one he's sharing with Josh* *covers his face with his hands* *hisses* (BLEEEP)....
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 04:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=60  *goes to block or deflect Zak's arm with his pike**if successful, he'll also swing his pike at Zak*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 04:55 *follows Sally with Rae*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:55 *rips a large hole in the tent**stares intensely at Zak**then tips her head and smiles widely**says in a sing-song way:* Oh Joooo-oooosh...
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=88  *says while lunging* Come WITH ME JOSH!! *tries to slam the handle of her knife in his head to incapacitate him but not kill him*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 04:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=13  *is probably caught by Logan or Rae while trying to escape**tries to punch whoever's after her (you choose)*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:57 *flips open a switchblade and slices the other side of the tent open* *motions for Stevie and Dakota to come closer* *whispers* C'mon, c'mon. *helps them through*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:57 *runs along through the jungle towards camp, hearing the sounds of battle and knowing she has to help*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:58   + 10 Performance points to Fletcher  
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 04:58 *stays hidden in the foliage, sort of playing the role of a sniper**carefully aims her crossbow, trying to make sure she won't hit anyone on her team*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:58   - 10 Health points to Zak  *Zak is back on his butt and seeing stars*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:59 *sees the tent they've left alone so far rocking slightly due to the shifting weight of the Flamethrowers beginning to exit it*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 04:59 *gestures for Fernando to follow and and goes running towards T.J. and co.*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=12  *his current choice of weapon is a mace**tries to hit T.J. with it*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=19  *was trembling in a corner* *now that Sally's on top of him, he's screaming his guts out* *Logan laughs in the background*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.27 05:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  *avoids Via's punch and gives her a hard smack with her bow*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  *sends Stevie and Dakota running for some bushes* *ducks*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:03   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:04   - 10 Health points to Josh  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:04   + 10 Performance points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:05   - 10 Health points to Via  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:05   + 10 Performance points to TJ  
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=33  *Josh is pretty disoriented* *this scares him* *takes out hammer and gives it a wild swing at Sally*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:07 *uses 5 Mana*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:08 [I'll be on Vessel Zotikos as well! Caprial's on!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:08 (By the way, if one of your characters wants to take down Logan, they can.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:08 (Okay.)
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:10 *he and Dakota make it to a bush* *pulls her down and watches* *they soon realize that Stevie didn't make it*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:11  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=26  *tries to stab Connor*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:11 *was running after them until someone clenched her arm and threw her* *hits the ground so hard, black and orange flashes go off in her mind*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:11 *stumbles and falls**sees that Zak is down too*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=82  *lands by the fire**picks up a flaming piece of wood and throws it at Rae, probably burning her fingertips a little bit in the process*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.27 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  *stamps a boot against Stevie's face*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  *shoots an arrow at Fletcher*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=29  *doesn't see it coming**he just persists in battling Zak*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 05:13 *the arrow barely missed him*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=89  *was pursuing TJ and co.**assists Tessie, swinging his mace at Stevie*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:14   + 10 Performance points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:15   - 10 Health points to Sally  
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:16 *hoists Josh from under his arms* *puts his all into bursting through one side of the tent* Josh: *groans* Thanks for the help.... Connor: Anything for a friend.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:16   - 5 Mana points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:17   + 10 Performance points to Fletcher  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:17   - 10 Health points to Nikole  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  *Tessie*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=82  *Owen*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:19 *the mace didn't do as much damage as it could have, but she still screams out in pain* *tastes blood* *sputters up mud, tears forming in her eyes*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.27 05:20  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  *tries dodging*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.27 05:20 *the wood singed some of her neck* OW!!
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:22   + 10 Performance points to Tessie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:22   + 10 Performance points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:22   + 10 Performance points to Via  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:23   - 20 Health points to Stevie  
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:24 *watches everything through the bushes* *shakes her head a little - she can't bear to watch Stevie go through that* *suddenly tears through the bush* TJ: Dakota! What are you doing!
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:25  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=74  *charges at Tessie* *tries to mow her over*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:26 *rushes to help Zak, throwing another burning stick at Fletcher*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=77  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  *tries to block with his pike while dodging*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.27 05:26  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  *tries to dodge Dakota* *even attempts to fight back*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 05:26 *he freaked a little bit at the sight of a burning stick coming flying his way, and didn't dodge properly**yells out in pain and stumbles back*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:27 *grabs Zak's hand and helps him get on his feet*
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:27 *says through gritted teeth* Not with me, (BLEEP)! *shoves Tessie to her knees*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=42  *comes at Connor and Josh from behind, slicing at Connor with knives*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:28   + 10 Performance points to Via  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 05:28 I WANT HIM!!! I WANT HIM!!! GIVE HIM TO ME!!! *her voice is hoarse as she swings knives repeatedly at Connor**uses 5 Mana*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:29   - 10 Health points to Fletcher  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:30   + 10 Performance points to Dakota  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:30   - 10 Performance points to Tessie  
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.27 05:31 *is breathless* Thanks. *staggers after Via*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 05:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  *has been standing behind Nikole for a while* *grabs her by the neck*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:34 *Dakota stands around a little triumphantly* *comes up behind her* *in a well-coordinated move, he pushes her over to Tessie when she stands out*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:34 *was about to send an arrow flying at Sally*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.27 05:34 *whips out her switchblade* *draws it across Dakota's neck*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  *whips out her knife and thrusts her hand over her shoulder at Fernando's neck*
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:35 *slumps to the ground*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:35 *feels droplets hit her fingers and knows she met her target**stomps her heel on Fernando's foot and runs forward*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  *twists around while running, sending an arrow flying at Fernando*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 05:37 Dakota! *rushes over to her* *pulls her into her lap, brushing her hair away from her face* *her eyes are wide and her mouth hangs open* *can't believe she's gone* Dakota... Dakota, please...
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:37 *is running after Zak**shoves blindly through the foliage--Rae hit her in the head with her bow, so Via is disoriented--and gets a glimpse of Dakota having her neck slit*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:38 *tightens her grip on Zak's hand and continues pushing forward as if she saw nothing*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:38 [Could Connor reply to Sally's roll, please?]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:39 *is watching this from the ground, in very close proximity to Dakota's lolling head* *her vision is blurring at the edges, so Dakota seems to have a look of terror on her face that almost warns her to run*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:40 (I have to go after this, so I'll answer tomorrow.) *can hear TJ's murmurs* *starts to remember what Josh said to her* *rises unsteadily and starts bumbling to safety*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:41 *rests her head against a tree trunk* *can see Jace approaching TJ and Fernando attacking Nikole* *realizes that running was a cowardly move*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:41 (Alright, I have to go now! See you!)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=98  *gives Tessie a deep look along with a nod of approval**then swings his mace at TJ*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 05:42 [Alright, see you!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:43 *tries to act as if everyone else isn't being slaughtered and continues yanking Zak towards safety--and away from his teammates*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:23   - 205 Health points to Dakota  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:23   + 10 Performance points to Nikole  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:24   - 10 Health points to Fernando  
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 17:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=32  *lets out a hysterical laugh* No way! *swings his hammer at Sally*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 17:28 *doesn't really stand a chance* *the knives slice into his forehead, and he is blinded by pain* *both he and Josh are pretty disoriented now - not to mention, fair game*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 17:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=20  *lets out a yell and tries to dodge*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 17:29 *is severely battered by the mace* *collapses on top of Dakota*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:30   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:31   - 10 Health points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:32   - 5 Mana points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:33   + 10 Performance points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:33   + 1 Prestige points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:34   - 10 Health points to TJ  
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 17:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=98  *raises his knife and tries to stab Nikole in the arm*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 17:35 *probably did some significant damage*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:36   + 10 Performance points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:36   + 1 Prestige points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 17:36   - 10 Health points to Nikole  
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.27 17:38 *unlike Via, he notices what's going on* *sees TJ slumped over Dakota* *tries to fight Via, but she's actually got a strong grip*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.27 17:40 *swings around so he can quickly scan the rest of the area* *that's when Nikole is brutally stabbed* *hears her let out a hoarse scream* Hey- hey! *skids across the ground, attempting to break free*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 17:42 *grabs Connor by the arm and flips over onto his stomach* *tries to slide over to the nearest bush as fast as possible, but Connor is heavy and he is having trouble seeing straight*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 17:45 *sees Josh struggling to drag Connor across the jungle floor* *decides now is a better time than ever to take both of them down* *darts over to Sally and borrows one of her knives*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.27 17:46 *has joined Sally's side to be her and Logan's personal cheerleader* *screeches* Finish them! FINISH THEM!
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 17:47 *feels something tugging on them* *Connor's grip starts sliding away* *tries to move faster, but Connor is yanked away altogether* *lets out a yelp*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.27 17:49 *hovers over Connor's face, grinning* Hey! Pretty tired, aren't ya? Don't worry - I'm just gonna put you right to sleep!
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 17:52 *is pretty terrified when Logan raises a knife in his clutches* *pulls out his hammer as quickly as possible* *shuts his eyes* *gripping the handle with both hands, he hurls the hammer at Logan's forehead*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 17:53 *there is a resounding clunk* *Logan falls back like a domino* *nearly drops his hammer when he stands up* *grabs Josh by the hood of his jacket and starts running*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.27 17:57 *his hands are still tingling with the sensation of the hammer heaving itself at Logan's forehead - the feeling of guilt* *is too oblivious to reflect on it deeply, though* *is actually more relieved that there's one less person after him*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 18:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  *is walking over to help corner Nikole when an arrow suddenly flies his way* *tries to dodge it*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 18:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=42  *the battling has been clawing at the edges of her vision* *saw what happened to Nikole, and she tried to redeem herself by shooting an arrow at Fernando* *it hits Jace instead*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 18:10   + 10 Performance points to Jace  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.27 18:10   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.27 18:11 What the... *frowns* *clutches his weapon and marches in the direction the arrow flew from*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 01:53 *sees Jace approaching and hustled through the foliage with Connor* *his eyes follow Jace's path and meet Stevie, who is drunkenly drawing an arrow* *runs over to her and pushes her down to hide her from Jace*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 01:57 *Connor crouches down next to them* *Stevie starts protesting, but he silences her* *keeps a careful watch on Jace* *luckily, he was distracted by something else and turns around*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 02:01 *mutters* We need to get out of here. Josh: *still has his eyes fixed on a battle* Don't say something we already know. We need to figure out how we're gonna get out of here, and when. It's all in the timing.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 02:04 But we can't just leave everyone else behind. Josh: *vaguely* Well, we'll do what we have to. Connor: *raises his voice a little* But we need them! Josh: Maybe they'll find us along the way. This just isn't looking good.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 02:05 *meanwhile, Via has discovered that she can't run very far* *the area has been designed to prevent anyone from running away - they can only escape if they find the right portal*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 02:06 (Hey, I don't think I'll be on tonight. See you tomorrow!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.28 04:40 [Aw, see you soon!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.28 04:44 *frantically pulls on Zak**she actually knows what's going on, but pretends to ignore it* No no no, please, come on, you're going to die-!!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 04:45 *she let Connor and Josh get away because she and Rae are freaking out over Logan**considering Sally's usual ruthlessness, this is surprising, but it's probably because Logan's their favorite Youtuber or something like that*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 04:46 *well, it's more like Rae is freaking out over Logan (unless you don't want her to; sorry if I'm powerplaying or being controlling)**has pulled out her med kit and tried to help out Logan to appease Rae*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.28 04:47 [I'm guessing Logan's going to die?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.28 04:47 *screams in pain and clutches her arm*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.28 04:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  *goes to finish off TJ, swinging his mace again*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.28 04:49 We need to find a way out, we need to!!! *is legitimately scared by the fact that they can't leave*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.28 04:49 *well, unless they find the right portal, as stated above*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:15 *there's not much he can do but try and dodge* *he left all of his weapons in the tent*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:16 *this time, he takes off running*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:16 [I'm on!]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:16   + 10 Performance points to TJ  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:17   - 10 Health points to Owen  (Hey!)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 04:18 *glances over his shoulder to check on Nikole, but Via is really freaking out* Via! *puts a hand on her arm* Look at me. We'll make it. There has to be a way out.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 04:20 *mumbles* We need to get everyone else. The more hands we have on deck, the faster we'll be able to move. *manages to flag down TJ, who is hiding behind a plant*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.29 04:22 *is indeed going to die* *right now, he's brain dead - aka straddling the medium between Questscape and the actual world* *can't hear Rae's screams*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:23 [Hey! I'm on here and Vessel Zotikos!]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.29 04:23 Oh my god, Logan! Logan, please! We can't lose you!... *strokes his forehead while wailing, as if that will magically resurrect him*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:25   - 183 Health points to Logan  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:27 *throws down her med kit, frustrated* Oh, shut up. Look at that DENT!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:28 *points at Logan's head* We need to get senpai and kill that Oakland [BLEEP]hole...
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:29 [Aysel spoke to Arjun, BTW.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.29 04:29 *the incessant battling around her causes her to become excessively overwhelmed by the emotions of the situation* *just wants it to stop before anyone else on her team dies*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.29 04:32 *shrieks, clapping her hands over her ears* *does it until her throat is too dry to continue, then stops abruptly* *sniffs a little* You're right.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 04:34 *orders TJ to stay with Via* *then, he begins his Flamethrower roundup* *sort of epically leaps over the fire pit, knocking down Owen in the process* *grips Nikole by the arm a little wildly*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 04:36 *is breathless* Are you okay?
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:36 Come ON! *grabs onto Rae's arm and starts pulling her in the direction Connor and Josh went*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:36 I don't know...
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:36 *hisses through his teeth at Zak* Fernando!...
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:36 *her arm is bleeding a lot*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:37  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=63  He did it. *aims her crossbow at Fernando and shoots*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:38 *can see a jet black ponytail swaying above the branches of their hideout - Sally* *his stomach twists* *mutters* I'll take that. *slides Stevie's bow out of her grasp*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.29 04:39  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  *swipes his knife at Nikole in a flash*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  *it's extremely close**her arrow nicks him but she gets a new slice**shoots again*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:40 *his eyes are fixated on the Nikole and Fernando battle* *his heart pounds as Nikole takes the blow* Come on... *notices something shimmering as she backpedals- something blue*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:40 *uses 10 Mana*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:41 [Sally's hair is brown, BTW.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:42 *it's hardly noticeable, but he knows exactly what it is* *slowly rises*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.29 04:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=68  *tries to swat at Nikole with his knife again*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.29 04:45 *is shot with the arrow, but not fatally* *staggers back*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:46   + 10 Performance points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:46   - 10 Health points to Nikole  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:46   - 10 Mana points to Nikole  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:47   + 10 Performance points to Nikole  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:47   - 10 Health points to Fernando  
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 04:48 *Fernando unintentionally reveals the portal by falling back* There! *turns to TJ and Via* Guys!!
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.29 04:49 *sees Connor* *it wasn't a wise move on his part* *roars like a savage* GO!!
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 04:50 What? What?!
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.29 04:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  *is armed with Logan's gun, which she took* *shoots at Connor*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  *dives on Connor, whipping several knives out and screeching like a banshee*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  *at this point, he, Josh, and Stevie are scrambling to meet Zak by the portal* *is dodging the best he can*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  *Sally*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=4  *loads and shoots yet again as quickly as she possibly can**her wounded arm makes her aim a bit unsteady*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:51 [Good effing god...can I re-roll?]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:53 (Yeah. Against Fernando, right?)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=33  *swiftly pulls an arrow out of Stevie's quiver* *draws it and shoots at Rae's leg*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=45  [Yep.]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.29 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  *comes up behind Via and slams her against the head with the blunt end of her knife*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=31  *slices knives wildly at Connor*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  *tries to turn and punch Tessie*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 04:56 *falls down*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 04:56 Zak!!
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.29 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  *is on the ground* *there's not a lot he can do*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=81  Josh! *tries to duck, but he's been weakened by the first round of bullets delivered by Rae*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.29 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=51  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:59   + 10 Performance points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 04:59   + 1 Prestige points to Rae  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=8  *spots Josh* Yeeees... *runs over and kicks the bow out of his hands--or at least she tries to*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:00   + 20 Performance points to Connor  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 05:00 *she's trying not to hurt him physically, so she doesn't make a good effort at all*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:01   - 20 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:01   - 10 Health points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:02   - 10 Health points to Josh  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:02   + 10 Performance points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:02   + 10 Performance points to Nikole  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:03   - 10 Health points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:03   + 10 Performance points to Tessie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:03   - 10 Health points to Via  
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 05:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  *defends Via* *tries to slash Tessie*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.29 05:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=65  *tries to dodge*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 05:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  *yanks the bow, but he's not as harsh about it, either* *can't take Sally that seriously*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 05:08 *gives Connor a sudden shove* Go!
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:09   + 10 Performance points to Tessie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:09   - 10 Health points to TJ  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:09   + 10 Performance points to Josh  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:10   - 10 Health points to Sally  
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 05:11 *urges Via toward the portal* *everyone jumps through, and the Flamethrower level begins*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 05:12 *looks over at Tessie* *she gives him a quick nod, and then they both race past the portal*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 05:13 *her arm is a mess*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 05:13 *is running alongside Josh* *he gives her back her bow* Thanks... Legolas. Josh: Thank my aim. It's ferociously accurate. Stevie: *grins weakly*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 05:13 *even though TJ technically saved her, she hugs Zak*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 05:13 Thank you!!
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 05:14 *is trying to run, so this catches him off guard* Uh, thanks. *meanwhile, TJ is feeling slighted*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 05:15 *sees Jace and Tessie chucking after them, the rest of the Hunters trickling in behind them* RUN!! *takes up the rear*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 05:16  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=53  *shoots at Jace while running*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.29 05:17  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=90  *doesn't have the advantage of a gun, so his only option is to duck*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:18   + 10 Performance points to Jace  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.29 05:18   - 10 Health points to Zak  
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.29 05:19 *curses* I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET! *TJ is the first to drop back* Your turn. *shoves the gun into his hands*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.29 05:20 *luckily for Zak, he was effectively weakened by Nikole and fell back a while ago*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Nov.29 05:21 (I have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 05:21 [Aw, bye!]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.29 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=25  *chases after them**is easily one of the fastest Hunters**throws a knife at Connor*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 03:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=51  *throws a second knife*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 03:28 *also at Connor, of course*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 03:29  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  *also sends a knife spinning towards Stevie*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 03:30  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=48  *tries to aim her crossbow and shoot while running**just makes a split second decision about who to try to shoot and settles on Tessie**lets the arrow fly*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 04:08 [I'm here!]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 04:24 [Hello?]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.30 04:31 (Hey! Sorry I'm late.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.30 04:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  *pulls out her own bow and arrow and shoots at Nikole*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=85  *my characters - specifically, Connor and Stevie - are running, so they can't really see what's coming after them*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:33  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=76  
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:33 *is pretty lucky to have missed those*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 04:34  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 04:35 *is not so lucky* *the knife scrapes the side of her arm* *yelps, stumbling a little* *grips her arm and tries to keep going*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.30 04:36  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=82  *wildly dodges*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:36   + 20 Performance points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:37   - 20 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:37   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:37   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:39   + 10 Performance points to Tessie  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 04:40 [Hey! :D]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:41  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  *picks up the knife that grazed Stevie and throws it right back at Sally*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.30 04:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=63  *runs backward while pulling the trigger to his gun rapidly* *his aim is directed at Jace, who is at the front of the Hunter pack*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 04:44 [OK, so the dice officially hate my characters now. That's a thing. XD XP]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 04:44 [With Sally it's sort of justified, but Nikole is just getting slaughtered.]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:44  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=69  *takes Stevie's bow again* Here. *is almost doing her a favor* *draws an arrow from her quiver and launches it at Owen*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:45 (Yeah, I've definitely been noticing that.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:45 *falls down from the arrow*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:46 *between what Fernando and Rae have done to her, she's fairly mangled**tries to get back up and keep running, but all she accomplishes is crawling a few feet and then totally collapsing*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=76  *goes down low*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  *tries to duck while whipping out his emergency knife--like Nikole, he carries one of these--and throwing it at Josh*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=2  *tries to push Fletcher in front of her to take the knife TJ threw at her**throws another knife at TJ while doing this*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:47   + 10 Performance points to Rae  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:48 *her plan backfires horribly, as Fletcher naturally resists**the knife thrown by TJ slices her arm*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:48   + 1 Prestige points to Rae  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:48   + 10 Performance points to TJ  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:49   - 10 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:49   + 10 Performance points to Jace  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:49 [Fernando has 2 kills, right?]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:49   - 10 Health points to Zak  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:50 [And 3 are needed for the killer dynamite?] *picks up practically inhuman speed, aiming to latch onto whoever's at the back of the Flamethrower (I'll start calling them FTs for short) pack*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:50   + 10 Performance points to Josh  (Yep, pretty sure of that.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:50   - 10 Health points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:51 (I'd have to go back and look. I know it was a combination of factors, but I'm not clear on which ones.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:52 *almost trips over Nikole* *drops down to his knees next to her* Nikole! *isn't going to leave her there* *the other Flamethrowers pass them uncertainly*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.30 04:54 *turns around and looks at Nikole, then goes back to his gun* *is trying to hold the Hunters off for her sake*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:54 [OK.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.30 04:55 *calls out to Josh* Hey, you're pretty good with that thing. Josh: *a little absentmindedly* Yeah...thanks! Zak: *is suddenly aggressive* Get over here and help me!
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.30 04:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=38  *fires at Jace*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:55 *Rae's arrow hit her in the leg around the knee**her joint isn't working*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:56 CLOSE IN! *charges at the FTs*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:56 *rolls over onto her back and starts firing her crossbow frantically* JUST GO!
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:56  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  JUST LEAVE ME! *shoots at Rae*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  *was about to go for Fletcher, but he spares him* *knows he's way more innocuous than Rae, which is who he aims at*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:57  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=13  *swings his mace at Zak*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 04:57 [Wooow, I'd love to get something over 60 for once... -.-]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:58 But-!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:58  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=5  *throws herself at Connor, slicing wildly with knives*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:58  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  [Wrong Dice... XP]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:58 (Haha, I'm really sorry about that. Hopefully soon.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:58 [Oh my effing GOD...]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 04:58 [At this point I'd be happy to just get something over 40. XD XP]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  *shoots at Fernando as well*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:59 [... -_________-]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:59  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=57  (Hey, I've had those moments too.) *ducks and keeps charging at Zak*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:59 [Well, Nikole's mangled enough already, so I guess it doesn't really matter...and I have plans for her...]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 04:59 GO!!!!
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=93  *shoots at Jace*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:00 (Fernando fell back from the group, so I won't count that one against you.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:00 [FINALLY.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:00 [OK, thanks.]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:00 (There we go!)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:00 [I'm on Vessel Zotikos too BTW!]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:01  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  *the arrow comes pretty fast* *will be seriously lucky if he gets out of the way*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:01 (Oh, okay!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 05:02  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=94  *is forced to run when Sally attacks him* *quickly swings his hammer at her*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.30 05:03  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=44  *shoots at Owen*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 05:04 *falls down, knocked out cold*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.30 05:05 *tosses his gun over to TJ* Go ahead an have a go. *nods approvingly in Josh's direction*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:06   + 10 Performance points to Josh  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:06 *Nikole prevented Jace from hurting Zak, but Owen is still on the offensive**is hurt by the bullet--it hit him in the hand*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:06   + 1 Prestige points to Josh  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  *switches hands and swings at Zak's head while he hands the gun to TJ*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:06   + 5 Mana points to Josh  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:06  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  [That's freaking it, I'm re-rolling.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:07 [...]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:07 [XD]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:07   - 10 Health points to Rae  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:07 [Well...I suppose that did raise Owen's chances of hitting Zak while he's looking away by 3%.]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:08   + 10 Performance points to Zak  (It's just not your day with the dice, is it?)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:08 [Nooope. XD XP]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:08   - 10 Health points to Owen  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:08 [Can we allow re-rolls if it's under 10?]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:08   + 10 Performance points to Jace  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:09   - 10 Health points to Zak  (I'll allow it for now.)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:09 [I've found that it's annoying when the score is 10-30, but if the score is in the single digits then it just reaches the point of absurdity. These are experienced Questscape veterans, after all.]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:09   + 10 Performance points to Connor  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:10 [Okie dokie. Thank you!]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=78  [Re-rolling...]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:10   + 1 Prestige points to Connor  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:10 [Holy crap. I actually was betting my score would be 11 or something just out of the re-roll range. XD XP]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:10   - 10 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:11   + 10 Performance points to Nikole  (Haha, I know!)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:11   + 1 Prestige points to Nikole  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:12   - 10 Health points to Jace  
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.30 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=87  *throws a punch at Owen* *attempts to, anyways*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=56  *shoots at Tessie*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:14 [Sooo...what about the time skip on Vessel Zotikos?]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Nov.30 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=44  *holds out her staff and tries to deflect it*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:15 [Also, I have plans, but it requires the Hunters to start overwhelming the FTs. The Dice are still not favoring me, even after I start getting stuff over 60. XD XP]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 05:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=67  *swings his pike at Zak*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.30 05:16 (I'm definitely okay with it.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 05:16 [Okie dokie!]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.30 05:16 (Also, don't worry. Their time will come shortly.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.30 05:18 *lets out a scream that is both pure pain and utter fury* *Josh's arrow pierced her* *falls down, whimpering* *pulls it out and growls a little*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Nov.30 05:21 *her anger toward the Flamethrowers feuls her craving for glory even more* *is furious that they ruined the Hunters' odds by taking down Logan, and for all she knows, they eliminated her friend as well* *gets back to her feet*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Nov.30 05:22  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=85  *rips his gun out of TJ's hands and whacks Fletcher with it*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:22 *has been hiding nearby without engaging in the fighting*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:23   + 20 Performance points to Zak  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 05:23 *falls back*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Nov.30 05:23 *starts to wake up*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:23   - 10 Health points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:23   - 10 Health points to Fletcher  
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=66  *sends an arrow flying towards Tessie*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:24   - 10 Health points to Tessie  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=62  *lands near TJ**uses this as his chance to try stabbing TJ with his pike*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Nov.30 05:24   + 10 Performance points to TJ  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:26 *is now leading the Flamethrowers with Connor* *they come to a screeching halt when the ground ahead of them disappears* *nearly goes tumbling over a small cliff*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:27 *is pulled back by Connor* *gets a glimpse of a waterfall rushing into a pool of water* *is filling with panic - the Hunters most definitely have them now*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:28 (....and that's a literal cliffhanger for you. See you tomorrow!)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 05:34 [Noooo! XD XP]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 05:36 [See you!]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Nov.30 05:36 [So did all the FTs reach the cliff? If so, they basically had to drag Nikole to accomplish this.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 19:08 [Oh, and by the way, what do you think of Vessel Zotikos so far?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 19:09 [Prior to the RP starting, Caprial and I actually planned out the arc involving Cecilia's fall from grace and Ghram's and Hayley's deaths. What do you think of that arc?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 19:11 [In addition, I just had a series of little events play out in the cafeteria involving a certain something belonging to Aysel. I designed the events to cause tension among the characters and fear in the minds of the players (some of my latest ideas for
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 19:13 novels have been in the psychological thriller and possibly psychological horror genre; hence I'm experimenting with trying scare others with some of my RP story arcs). Did my posts do the job?]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 04:29 (I think the game does a great job of accomplishing the psychological thriller feel that you're aiming for. Cecilia's dark turn was definitely surprising to me.)
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 04:34 (My only complaints would be that there's not much preplanned structure to the plot, and the characters still seem alienated from one another. There's really no collective bond; a lot of them just hang out in cliques. Not sure if that's the point.)
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 04:35 (I also feel that my characters are particularly uninvolved.)
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 04:37 (In regards to your Questscape question, not everyone made it to the cliff. TJ and Nikole are still fighting, and Via is hiding, so they'll probably have to be prompted/helped along.)
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 04:38  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=23  *tries deflecting Nikole's arrow*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 04:39 *the arrow hits her, causing her to scream and trip over herself*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 04:40  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=89  *tries to kick Fletcher in the shins*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 04:41 *now that several of the Hunters are down, the Flamethrowers are at a huge advantage*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 04:42   + 10 Performance points to Nikole  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 04:43   - 10 Health points to Tessie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 04:43   + 10 Performance points to TJ  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 04:45   - 10 Health points to Fletcher  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 04:47 *pauses the game to interview two fallen players: Dakota and Logan* Well guys, we've been left on a literal cliffhanger. *the screen shows Josh and TJ crashing into Connor and Stevie, who are desperately trying to figure out their next move* What are your
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 04:49 thoughts for your respective teams as they continue to barrel through this high-stakes battle?
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 04:52 *chuckles a little and looks at the floor* Well, I'm just glad that I'm out. Weston: Heh. Touché. Dakota: *nods* It was intense... and I appreciate the efforts my teammates put into this game while I was there.
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 04:53 Weston: They're working pretty hard. Dakota: Yeah. And it's collective - nothing is done without consensus. *pauses* I wish them all the best. And the Hunters, too. *glances at Logan* *the plot of the game is intense and personal, and she doesn't want to
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 04:54 make it seem like she's holding grudges*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.1 04:55 Weston: Thanks, Dakota. Logan? *turns to him* Logan: *laughs* Agghhh, this is making me nervous, man! My people were doing pretty fire... and then the Flamethrowers, like, put that out.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 04:57 [Hey!!]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 04:57 [Sorry I'm so late. I was watching a movie adaptation of Uncle Vanya.]
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.1 04:57 Weston: *has a hearty laugh* Logan: Yeah! Bro, I was internally screaming at Zak and TJ to just, like, back off. Weston: Nikole's getting back in the game though. Logan: Yeah. She's got some sweet skill.
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.1 04:57 (Hi! That's okay!)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 04:58 [Regarding Vessel Zotikos...yeah, the lack of character interaction is a problem. In the AHAW series, there's enough character interaction and villains with agendas to cause the plot to move forward even if there's nothing preplanned.]
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.1 04:59 Weston: You a fan? Logan: I guess? I've been following since the beginning, sooo... but I'm sending all my luck to the team. *kisses his hand and extends it to the screen or something*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 04:59 [Well, "nothing preplanned" is partially a lie. The thing is, Caprial, RaeAnna, and I rarely all get together to agree on a plan unless it's really big. On occasion two of us will get together--this gives us the satisfaction of pulling plot twists on the
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:00 other. But most of the time, we basically operate and create plans individually. We plan things for our characters without really telling the others, and since all of us have various plans that wind up intermixing it makes for some interesting events.]
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.1 05:00 Weston: Thanks for talking, Logan. *swivels back to the camera* Let's see if things are still heating up in the jungle.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:00 [Preplanning isn't rare, though. RaeAnna and I are currently working on how to get some of her and my characters involved in a new story arc. We're kinda stumped at the moment, but I'm sure we'll get somewhere soon.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:01 [The stuff with Cecilia was a classic example of two RPers getting together to form a plotline in secret and then surprise the other RPer.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:03 [I'd say if there's a character of yours with great potential to get involved, it's Grace. Kaleb needs someone to take care of him--that could be her. Grace is also the character of yours with the closest ties to Cecilia and her group.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:03 [Arjun also has plenty of potential.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:03 [What keeps AHAW going even if we have absolutely nothing planned is the ability to have a constant flow of conflict. The giant story arc involving the giant evil dragon just ended? No worries, there's this guy who has the power to control anyone (AHAW's
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:04 iteration of Theo) who has just taken away a girl he's creepily obsessed with and forced her to be his wife. (You can take a wild guess at who...she has a counterpart on Vessel Zotikos too.)]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:04 [And I had a hand in none of that. That's all Caprial's plans. I'm simply trying to react and beat the villain/Theo with my heroes.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:05 [I've actually been trying to stir up some conflict with the Cecilia mayhem, and the resulting creepiness in the cafeteria going on right now.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:06 [I HIGHLY recommend having at least one of your characters join Gallagher and Yasmin in the cafeteria. When they find Sara, my plan is that they figure out she's immortal. All the characters have a group meeting to determine who exactly has powers. That's
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:06 when they'll realize there's a much higher percentage of ESP people than there should be.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:06 [I'm on Vessel Zotikos as well right now, of course.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:08 [Here are my recommendations for your characters: Develop a villain like I did. Arjun's a huge candidate for this. Cecilia and Theo are alright as villains, but they're kind of just hiding in the shadows at the moment.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:10 [Do preplanning of your own. Create a character arc like the Cecilia one and play it out. Blindside us with dark plot twists. Psychological thrillers need to be thoroughly twisty, after all. >:D]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:10 [Or team up with one of us (me or Caprial) and create some deeper plans. This establishes deep character connections; in fact, teaming up with one or both of us to create plans for character arcs is highly recommended, since you need your characters to be
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:10 more involved.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:11 [When I created Cecilia, she was meant to be a villain from the start. It was all going to be preplanned by me only until I realized that it'd be a great twist if Theo was integral in her downfall.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:12 [So I started discussing plans with Caprial about this. I didn't even create Hayley until I realized I needed a way for Cecilia and Theo to be connected on a very personal level. I wanted Cecilia's story to be tragic--thus, I needed her to consider Theo
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:12 one of her best friends. I discussed the plans in great detail with Caprial until we finally agreed on the one that was olayed out.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:12 *played
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:13 [In addition, on AHAW, I've created plans in which I keep both sides blind to the full story. I once had a plan requiring both RaeAnna's and Caprial's characters to be involved.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:14 [It involved plot twists, so to retain the sense of surprise I only told them each about the parts of the story involving their characters alone and kept them blind to the other parts.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:15 [So brainstorm and come up with ideas for what you want your characters to become (e.g. I clearly had the goal of making Cecilia a tragic villain from the start). Figure out ways they could influence other characters (and vice versa) and their way to
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:16 becoming this. Then discuss your plans with the other people whose characters are involved.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:16 [Does this advice help?]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:16 [Basically, on Vessel Zotikos I kind of need all of my members to help push the plot forward. So far I've relied on myself and Caprial, but I can't just leave you out. Create some devious plans! >:D]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:17 [We need conflict and more active villains; perhaps your next move would be to engineer a series of events leading to Arjun snapping?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:18 (Alright, thanks for your input!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:20 (I'm going to wait for things to get rolling until I start thinking of ideas. The entire concept was still pretty vague to me up until Ghram's murder, which just happened.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:20 [I've found that a handy dandy way to quickly bond characters is to put them through h**l together. We need villains to cause h**l.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:21 [It's not too unlike what we do on here with Questscape. Vessel Zotikos is kind of a darker iteration where the danger is not virtual.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:22 [If there are any characters of yours in particular that you don't care about, you could kill them off. I'm guessing Caprial chose Ghram as the murder victim because she wanted to replace him with Kaleb. She has a tendency to kill off and replace
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:22 (If any of my characters will turn to the dark side soon, it'll be Florence.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:23 characters, honestly. XD XP When I kill off characters, their doom has usually been engineered from the start. I seem to have more trouble killing long-running characters who weren't meant to be doomed.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:23 [OK...that's interesting. I actually didn't expect that, and that's a good thing. We need more of the unexpected in a psychological thriller. Perhaps we could engineer her turning not so friendly?]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:24 [So maybe it's Florence who has high potential to be part of another series of plot twists.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:25 (Yep. I'd definitely on board with that. I initially created my characters thinking they'd stick around for a while, but I'll consider that.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:29 [Hm...since Florence is quite connected to Grace, and Grace is connected to Cecilia, perhaps Cecilia could be involved in the events that cause Florence to take a dark turn in her life.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:29 (BLEEP)! What are we supposed to do now? *watches the pool ripple from the waterfall's impact* *can only imagine what's below the surface - more piranhas, maybe*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 05:31 *her voice shakes a little* Just jump! *closes her eyes and throws herself over the edge*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 05:32 (Yeah. Grace and Florence don't really have a stable relationship. Generally, Grace is careless toward Florence's feelings and maybe even a little overbearing.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:32 [I imagine that Cecilia might try to contact Grace. Perhaps something results from Cecilia going after Grace that leads to some sort of major Grace-Florence conflict that pushes Florence over the edge. I don't know...I'm just speculating at the moment.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:34 [Or Cecilia might be even more direct. Grace may p*** her off, so Cecilia may start manipulating Florence into turning on Grace out of revenge. There are many, many ways we could go about this.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 05:34 *has followed Connor and co. to the cliff edge**jumps, holding her nose shut*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:35 *Stevie splashes into the pool* *wildly leaps after her* WHOOOAAAAHHHGGHGHH!!!
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 05:35 [It might help if Florence and Arjun start turning villainous at the same time. I want to engineer a feeling of distrust and paranoia, and those who do trust each other will cling to each other for their dear lives.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 05:36 [Currently everyone sort of has a feeling of apathy towards one another. I suppose this is one step toward the goal; I imagine had Ghram's murder and whatnot never happened, everyone would actually be on friendly terms. Now no one really knows what to
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 05:37 think. I think it's about time to engineer some sort of big event involving your characters to drive the apathy to outright paranoia.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.1 05:37 *sees Josh vanishing over the side* *is running after the Flamethrowers, but he stops when he catches sight of Nikole* *looks down at her, his eyes wide and urgent* C'mon!
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:38 *is still struggling desperately against the Hunters with TJ*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:38 *tries to get up but can't*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:38 *has basically dragged herself gradually towards the cliff edge with the help of whoever's beside her at the moment*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:39 *she's almost out of arrows*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.1 05:39 (Yeah. There needs to be some kind of conflict in which Grace humiliates Florence in some way. Both Florence and Arjun are pretty much loners, so she might start to gravitate toward him after that.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:39 [You know how it feels to watch an Alfred Hitchock movie?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:40 [Ohhh, yeah. I was thinking that Florence and Arjun would become drawn to each other in some way. They're both lonely and with issues. It's not like the villains will all be tromping around the ship alone, cackling wildly at the thought of how to bleep
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.1 05:41 (If Florence snapped, it would be caused by a culmination of her anger toward Grace (and everyone else) and Arjun's influence.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:41 over everyone else. (Except maybe Cecilia, minus the cackling and plus extreme bitterness. XD XP) The villains need to keep relationships with others going.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:42 [Hmm...Cecilia might be involved via influencing Grace to humiliate Florence in some way.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.1 05:42 (I'm ashamed to say this, but I actually haven't seen one in its entirety.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:42 [Cecilia is basically completely driven by hate, bitterness, and revenge at this point. I can see her trying to set up everyone else to fall like dominoes. Get Grace to turn on her clearly unstable sister (remember, Cecilia's a psychologist, she can tell
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:43 something's not right with Florence), then Florence snaps, and then and then and then...]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:46 [Hm...crap. Well, Hitchcock is a master of suspense and paranoia. Basically, I want the characters in Vessel Zotikos to feel like they're watching (or are in) a Hitchcock movie.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:46 *the pool is shallow enough for him to slip and slide across the muddy floor across impact* *gets up and runs, but he takes another epic slide* *splashes back down into the pool*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:46 *upon impact
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:47 [Heck, in his movie "Rebecca," I got scared of the freaking house. XD For a while I was like "DON'T PULL THIS SUPERNATURAL HOUSE CRAP ON ME! IT HIT ME HARD ENOUGH IN WHO KILLED MARKIPLIER!!"]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:47 [But the house wasn't supernatural at all. The movie wound up being perfectly realistic.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:48 [If there's a Hitchcock movie I recommend in particular, it's Rear Window. It might be my favorite one of his movies.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 05:48  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  *swings his mace at Zak*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:48 (I had a thought: maybe we can involve Aysel in this somehow. If Cecilia asks Florence to do her bidding against Aysel (who is pretty vulnerable at the moment), that would give Grace a perfect motivation to shame her.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:51 (It doesn't have to be a significant abuse against Aysel, but enough to get everyone mad. Plus, it would unite everyone in a way - even Flo and Arjun. He doesn't trust Aysel after seeing her with the wrench.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:52 (Yeah! I read a book about Grace Kelly a few months ago, and the plot was described in detail. It was pretty intriguing.)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.1 05:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=60  *jumps over the cliff*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:54 *is blundering through the mire* *stumbles into Stevie, who is paddling to the other side* Take this back. *hands her the bow*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:55 *starts trying to drag herself to the edge of the cliff*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:56 *her front body is hanging over the edge when she's grabbed from behind*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:56 *Tessie is on the ground, clutching her leg* *crouches next to her*You alright?
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 05:56 *has grabbed Nikole**her expression is wild, and her face has blood on it--Connor hit her in the head pretty hard earlier*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:57 *frantically resists against Sally, kicking and punching and scratching as hard as she can*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:57 [Ah, I remember Grace Kelly being in the movie! I think Hitchcock had a thing for blondes. Most of his main female characters tend to be blonde actresses.]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 05:58 *winces* *nods rapidly* Yeah. I'm fine. *gets to her feet determinedly*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:58 [Hm...the issue with your plot is why would Florence trust someone who just put everyone through 1 hour of pure h**l?]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:59 [Gallagher spent an hour trying to unlock the door as Ghram was heard from within. It was horrifyingly traumatizing for everyone. The only people Cecilia still could hold sway over are probably Grace and Theo (though really Theo's the one with control
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:59 over Cecilia).]
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 05:59 (Yeah. He was pretty fond of her.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 05:59 [In addition, the condition they found Ghram in was unspeakably horrifying (hence why I never bothered to describe what he looked like--what one's mind fills in is worse).]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:00 *slashes Nikole viciously with a knife*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:00 *screams**since all her allies are now down in the water below, all they can do is watch as she is pulled out of sight (she was hanging halfway off the cliff when Sally caught her)*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 06:01 *is not really fine* *she's struggling to keep up with Jace*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:01 *hits Nikole over the head with her own crossbow and drags her violently away from the cliff *
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:02 *takes out her pent up rage over Josh and Stevie on Nikole, hitting her over and over**finally pulls out a knife and raises it over Nikole*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:02 Stop!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:02 *freezes and looks at Owen without turning her head*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:02 You could kill one now, or spare her and kill more.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:03 *notices that Nikole is in peril* *runs toward the cliff, sliding a little* *shoots an arrow at Sally, but it misses by a long shot*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:03 *slowly grins as a horrible sense of deja vu kicks in*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:03 Fernando, get over here.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:03 And Sally...you know who you've always wanted to play with. So go and play. *points at Stevie*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:04 (Yeah. We'll have to figure that out.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:04 *grins even more widely**goes and pokes Rae, grins at her, and goes running off towards Stevie (basically Sally just indicated to Rae that they should gang up on Stevie)*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:06 *demanded Rae give him her gun* *he and Tessie run to the cliff* *starts shooting at any Flamethrower in his range*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:09 *is nearly shot by Jace's flurry of bullets**draws back her arrow and shoots at him, but the arrow misses*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=64  *throws a knife at Stevie*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:10 Fernando.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:10 You know of your previous accomplishments...I bestow the responsibility of unlocking the killer dynamite to you.
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 06:11 *is struck by a piercing pain* *looks down and sees an arrow protruding from her stomach* *looks down at it* *her legs buckle a little*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:11 *steps back a little, gesturing towards Nikole* She's all yours.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:12 [I am indeed killing off Nikole.]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:12 Fernando isn't even here, bloke. *aims his gun carefully* *then, something hits the ground* *looks out of the corner of his eye* Tessie? *she's not there*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:13 [What? The h**l happened to Fernando?]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  *doesn't even realize what she did to Tessie* *shoots an arrow at Sally*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:14 [He's a freaking basketball player, right? He can't have fallen so far behind. XD XP]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:14 [Did he go on a Twinkie binge prior to participating in Questscape? Da**it Fernando. XD]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:15 (He fell back somewhere at the beginning. But maybe we can say that he stumbled back over eventually.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:15 (Hahaha, not quite!)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:15 [Ah, okay. I mean, there's tons of fighting and yelling and whatnot. Even if he got lost, he should find his way back soon.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:16 *the knife grazes her pretty badly* *falls back into the water, letting out an anguished scream*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:16 [Assume Owen said nothing and is just keeping watch of Nikole, then.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:16 [Wait, I have an idea...] Fletcher, go find Fernando.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.1 06:17 *heard Stevie, but he figures that it's every man for himself at this point* *leaps over the bank and into the foliage*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:17   + 10 Performance points to Zak  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:18 Aye aye, captain. *doesn't sound enthusiastic at all**looks at Nikole with pity for a few moments**she's not only back in the Hunters' hands, but she's mangled--one of her knees isn't working, her arm's been sliced very severely, and Sally basically beat
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:18   - 10 Health points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:18   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:18 her to a pulp**goes looking for Fernando**even just outright calls out his name, knowing the FTs jumped down a precipice and can't hurt him*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.1 06:19   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:20 *sees Tessie* *pauses just as he bends over, like he's examining the damage he did to his aunt's most prized porcelain vase* *mumbles* Oh, no. No no no. *drops next to Tessie's side*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:21 *runs to the edge of the cliff and screams down at Stevie:* I HOPE YOU DIED!
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:21 *cradles her head under his arm* Tessie: *her mouth is open and her eyes are blank* Jace: *is trying to make sense of this* *glances over at Nikole, who is in no better shape* *gives her an almost sorrowful look*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:22 IF YOU'RE NOT, CONSIDER YOURSELF UNLUCKY! HE'S MINE! I'LL KILL YOU!! HE'S MINE!!! ALL MIIIINE!!!!!!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:22 *her voice cracks wildly and she starts laughing crazily*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:22 *looks down at Tessie* I'm sorry. Truly. For everything.
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.1 06:23 I'll make sure of that, hon. *jumps over the cliff*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 06:24 *reaches for the arrow* *is hoarse* I can make it. Jace: No. *whispers, hanging his head* No. Just let it alone now.
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.1 06:25 *speaking is now a laborious task* Can you... can you stay here with me, Jace? Jace: *nods* Of course.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:26 *is currently re-enacting Disney Pixar's latest hit movie--"Finding Fernando"*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:26 [I'm so sorry, I could not resist...]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:27 [I may disappear. My Internet is being faulty. After a joke like that, I kind of deserve it...]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.1 06:28 (Haha, that was pretty hilarious.) *the deeper Fletcher wanders, the more hopeless he gets* *suddenly, some leaves rustle and Fernando bursts out, looking pretty crazed* *his eyes soften upon seeing Fletcher* Fletcher?
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:28 [Hm...I just thought about the plans for Grace and Florence, and I feel that I should elaborate on Cecilia's current motivations...]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:29 Fernando? What the flying [BLEEP] are you trying to do, act like Nemo?!
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:29 C'mon, Nemo, Owen needs you for something.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:29 *stays with Tessie until he's pretty sure she's gone* *hangs his head and bites back oncoming tears* *clenches his gun*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:30 (Okay!) *would take his anger out on the existing Flamethrowers, but right now, the battling has totally drained him*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.1 06:31 I wasn't trying to. It just so happened that I couldn't keep going.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:32 [Alright, so as I said, Cecilia is currently powered by hate, bitterness, and revenge. But behind all this is something genuinely sad--it's the key to her shift to villainy. She has no idea why she killed Ghram.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:32 [She couldn't possibly have guessed what Theo did to her. She thought Theo was one of her best friends. After her shift to villainy, she trusts no one and uses her psychiatric skills for manipulation purposes, but she still likes Theo more than everyone
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:33 else.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:33 [She is basically left completely in the dark as to why and how she could possibly perform such a heinous act. And she'll probably never find out why.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.1 06:33 *barrels toward Stevie* HA! *bashes her over the head with her gun, then whacks her with the bow that she brandishes in her other hand*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:34 [So she's completely in the dark about how she could've done something so absolutely horrific, but she is certain of some things. She's certain that everyone turned on her and betrayed her. And she's certain that this betrayal resulted in the death of the
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:35 person she loved the most--her sister, Hayley. I'll spoil one of my character's names meanings. Hayley, of course, insinuates "hay"...and Hayley was also the straw that broke the camel's back.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:35 [That camel, of course, was Cecilia.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:36 *convulses from the painful blow* *screams on the verge of crying* *wipes some blood from her nose*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:37 [Out of all the pain and confusion and insecurity resulting from both what Cecilia is uncertain of (how the h**l she could've done what she did to Ghram) and what she was certain of (all the others turned on her violently, and they killed her sister in
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:37 the process) comes an argument that Cecilia desperately clung onto to prevent herself from completely shattering: "It's not your fault."]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:40 ["You were just doing your best, and they tried to kill you. And instead they took from you what was most precious to you. Obviously it's not your fault, it's ALL THEIR FAULT."]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:40 [Thus comes Cecilia's will to destroy basically everyone else on the ship apart from Theo (and she might favor Grace a bit more above the others as well, but not by much).]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:41 [And if Cecilia ever learns what Theo did to her, it'll be far too late. She'll have gone far too into her quest for revenge to go back.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.1 06:42 (Sounds good so far!)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:42 [I actually thought all this out--all of what was going on in Cecilia's head during her shift from the kindest person on the ship to the most bitter and hateful one--before I finalized her story arc.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.1 06:42 *barrels toward Stevie* HA! *bashes her in the head with her gun, then whacks her with her bow* *gives her an added kick*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:43 [So basically it amounts to this: Cecilia won't really target anyone in particular unless it'll hurt everyone. She's after everyone except Theo. Even if she favors Grace a bit more than the others, she's not above having Grace be a victim of her revenge
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:43 as well.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:44 [If Cecilia targets anyone individually, it'd be Sara. Sara and Cecilia have a history of disliking each other--Theo convinced Cecilia and Hayley that Sara was his ex who ruined his life, blah blah sob story (don't believe it for a minute)--and Sara shot
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:44 Hayley, after all. Otherwise, Cecilia's out to get everyone.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.1 06:45 *Jace is meanwhile watching on with deep satisfaction, which he doesn't want to admit to himself* (it really does justify her transition from good to evil.)
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.1 06:46 (Alright. I'm interested to see how this plays out.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.1 06:47 *cries out* *is blinded by pain and preparing to die at any second*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:48 *is running with Connor when some distant screaming catches him off guard* *stops to listen, because it's very familiar*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:50 *lets out a small gasp when he makes the connection* *swivels around and runs in the other direction without telling Connor* *undoubtedly leaves Connor terrified for himself and for Josh*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:52 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:53 *watches with glee*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:53 [Aw, bye!]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:57 [Oh, and I'll add that Theo's last meeting with Cecilia was integral to cementing in Cecilia's shift to villainy. She might've still shattered rather than held on to herself in a very dark, blind way had he not paid that last visit to her after Hayley's
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:58 death. He never used his power to control others in that instance--all of that was pure manipulation, which makes Theo all the more scarier (in other words, he can control people even without using his powers).]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:58 [All Theo really did was deeply support the key argument ("It's not your fault"), and this completed Cecilia's transition to a full-blown villain.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 06:59 [The idea of Theo manipulating Cecilia at the end of it all was mine, but Caprial did the dialogue (I just gave her the prompt: "Make Theo convince Cecilia none of this is her fault."). She did the dialogue fantastically, in my opinion.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 07:00 [Anyways, this is my point at the end of it all: I can't really see Cecilia targeting any individual (other than maybe Sara) unless it creates a domino effect--an effect that hits everyone she's after.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 07:01 [In addition, the only person among the "good guys" (really morality in the RP is rather gray, though; I'm mostly just referring to the obvious non-villains, e.g. Grace, Travis, and Aysel) who'd actually trust Cecilia is Grace.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 07:02 [Florence was one of the people who beat up Cecilia. Grace was one of the tiny minority that held back. I can't see Cecilia making much leeway with Florence, but I can see Cecilia using Grace to her advantage.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 07:03 [It's make it all the more tragic and paranoia-inducing, anyway--Cecilia got one of the better people on the ship to falter, resulting in severe consequences.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 07:03 [Cecilia would basically be targeting Florence through Grace. Heck, Grace could even start talking to Cecilia like she's her psychologist again. In turn, Cecilia could easily "prescribe" doing something to get back at Florence...resulting in dire
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 07:04 consequences.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 19:25 *It'd
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 20:06 (Okay. Maybe Cecilia could constantly warn Grace about Florence or something. Since Florence attacked Cecilia, I think it would give her a reason to be extremely wary of her - especially since she's related to Grace.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.1 20:07 (The more she bothers Grace about it, the more Grace would start to become untrustworthy of her own sister.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 04:25 [I'm here! I'm doing homework, so I'd rather be on 2 RPs tonight instead of 3 (I usually go on here, Questscape, and one of the AHAW RPs). I'll just be on here and AHAW.]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.2 04:29 (Hi! Okay.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 04:30 [@ Joan: Yeah, something like that. Basically, Cecilia manipulates Grace into turning on her sister.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 04:30 [It's a bit like Iago getting Othello to turn on Desdemona (though Vessel Zotikos' "Desdemona" isn't so innocent and pure and whatnot).]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 04:31 [(And Desdemona won't die, she'll snap and run off with Arjun or something.)]
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.2 04:38 (Okay, got it.)
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 04:42 [Let's RP! I want to wrap up this round so we can do Finding Alexa.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 04:42 *leads Fernando to Owen*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 04:43 [BTW, I assume Rae hit Stevie with the gun because it's out of bullets. I just want to get that clarified because I've suffered so many "Why don't you just SHOOT him?!?!" moments in movies I might go insane if I see another one. XD]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.2 04:46 (Actually, I forgot that Jace had the gun. So we can just say she hit her with the bow.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.2 04:52 (Sorry, my Internet was being insanely slow.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.2 04:53 *they reach Owen* *glances at Jace and Tessie, but he knows that more important matters must be taken care of* Yes?
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 04:57 [Ohhh, okay. Also, it's fine.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 04:57 Fernando.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 04:57 You know of your previous accomplishments...I bestow the responsibility of unlocking the killer dynamite to you.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 04:57 *steps back a little, gesturing towards Nikole* She's all yours.
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 04:58 *is too mangled at this point to even want to bother resisting**just waits for death*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 04:58 *however, she does resist in spirit--she wishes for her team to annihilate the Hunters, and she is determined not to make a noise as she dies, and to keep her eyes open as she dies*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 04:59 *grits her teeth in anticipation of pain, and stares down Fernando the best she can*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.2 05:04 *examines Nikole, trying to figure out where he should stab her* *pulls out his knife and aims it over her chest* *drives it down*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 05:05 *turns away and looks down*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 05:11 *doesn't look away for one second**stares him down to the very end*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 05:11 *she also remains very stoic*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:12 *just walks away by himself*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:13 [BTW, Nikole was one of my very rare "killed-on-the-fly" characters. If there's a character I have who's going to die, I have usually engineered their death from the time of their creation--in other words, they're doomed from the start.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:13 [Nikole was not. She was in fact meant to make it to the very end. I changed my mind when the Hunters ambushed the FTs, however.]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 05:14 (Why? Just curious. I know Via is your only FT left.)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 05:16 *exhales deeply* *whispers* Good god...
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:17 [Hm...I decided that I wouldn't go with the traditional love triangle, I think. I decided it'd be easier to play out Zak drifting fully away from Nikole and winding up infatuated with the manipulative Via if Nikole simply wasn't there.]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:17   - 187 Health points to Tessie  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:17 [It also increases the impact of the Zak-Via-Nikole story, I think. It might actually have more emotional impact if Nikole isn't there--if she's just watching from the sidelines with no say in any of it.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:18 [This lack of control makes Nikole's story more sad, I think.]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:18   + 20 Performance points to Stevie  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:18 [So basically, I actually did it to increase the emotional impact of her story by utilizing her absence. That's the only explanation I can come up with other than "I just felt like it," anyway. XD XP]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:19 [Also, this conflict felt like it was doomed to result with multiple deaths from the start. It was a very vicious ambush. It'd only be logical if more than two people died from it.]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:19   + 5 Mana points to Stevie  (Yeah. I think after hearing word of it, Zak will feel pretty indebted to Nikole. This will probably cause him to draw closer to Via for solace.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.2 05:19 [By conflict, I mean the Hunters' ambush of the FTs, of course.]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:20   + 1 Prestige points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:20   - 197 Health points to Nikole  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:21   + 20 Performance points to Fernando  (That's true.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:21   + 5 Mana points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:22   + 1 Prestige points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:22 *the camera pans to him* *stares into it blankly* I... *blunders with his words* I think a part of me just died.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:23 Did Nikole actually just die? Or was it my imagination.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 05:24 *meanwhile, Rae's attack is still going strong* *lets out a cross between a scream and a sob* *is almost begging for mercy*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 05:25 *her vision starts to blur again* *lets her head drop into the water* *is ready to surrender*
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.2 05:26 *is likewise ready to finish off Stevie* *pulls out an arrow*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 05:27 *the last thing she sees before letting her eyelids fall is Fernando appearing above the cliff, spectating*
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.2 05:29 This round is...brutal. *chuckles a little, trying to get some mirth going, but there's none in her tone or face, so it's no use*
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.2 05:30 So many favorites are already out...it's astounding.
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.2 05:30 *shoots, but at that same moment, something crashes into her from behind* *the arrow whizzes into the water and her bow spins out of reach*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:31 *has been cackling wildly and watching from the top of the cliff the whole time*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:31 *stops laughing when Rae is attacked*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:32 Yeah, it's hard to believe. And it looks like... oh! What's going on with Rae? Is Rae going down too?!
7>Rae (Winston-Salem(H)), 20yo.2018,Dec.2 05:34 *everything happens so quickly - the force of the blow causes her to backpedal and slide in the mud* *screams* *her head hits the ground extremely hard* *is lanced by a severe burst of pain* *everything goes black*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:36 *bends down to claim Rae's weapon* *the water around him turns dark red with the color of blood* *it's true that he pushed Rae hard, but it was a matter of coincidence that her head hit a jagged rock*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:37 RAAAAEEEE!!!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:38 *starts rapidly jumping down the side of the cliff, taking the path Rae used to get Stevie* RAAAAAAAAEEEEEE!!!!!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:38 RAAAAEEE- *freezes when she sees Rae was killed by her beloved "senpai"*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:38 Senpai...
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:39 *did not intend to do that, but he pushes the guilt to the back of his mind**lifts Stevie from the water and pulls her close, maybe in a brief hug, maybe prompting her to start running*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:39 Senpai, why? *her voice is childish and it sounds like she's on the brink of tears**if it weren't for her known past of extreme aggression, violence, and obnoxiousness, she would strike guilt in the hearts of anyone*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:39 *heart
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:40 *looks back at Sally* *his eyes are shining with a bit of remorse*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:44 *takes out a knife, looking like she's about to cry*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:45 I'm doing this for you...
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:45  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=61  *charges and tries to stab Stevie (if Stevie is incapable of defending herself, Josh can roll against Sally)*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:46 *shakes his head a little* Because I had to. *gives Sally another dark look that is strained by regret* *understands that he hurt her, but he's not going to apologize* *just hopes that they can somehow make a truce if he tries to explain himself, albeit
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:46 vaguely*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:48 *knows that he can't change Sally's views - what they each regard as being "right" in this moment is totally contradictory*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=38  *defends Stevie because she is physically unable to*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:50 *Sally's knife tears through his jacket and into his skin* *yells out, but forces himself to turn and run for Stevie's sake*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:51 *doesn't want to fight any longer* *is not the type to stand strong in the face of conflict, and he'll do whatever he can to appease the other side* *in this case, it's just running away*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:52   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 05:53   - 10 Health points to Josh  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:53 *tries to grab onto Stevie and pull her away from Josh*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:54 I'm doing this for you I'm doing this for you I'm doing this for you I'm doing this for you-- *won't stop saying this as she struggles to take Stevie from him*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 05:55 *is hightailing it through the forest with Josh* *can barely keep up - feels like her legs are giant blocks of iron* *is also fearful that Sally is right behind them*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 05:56 *the only sound filling the silence between them is that of their shallow breaths* *realizes that he hasn't said anything to Stevie since rescuing her*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 05:59 *Sally's refrain keeps bouncing off the walls of her mind, as are Rae's vicious screams* *her head is still pounding from Rae's constant attacks, and she can't keep up with Josh* *replays certain moments of that attack over and over until she crashes into
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:01 tree* *stumbles back and starts pacing restlessly, holding her head* *is afraid that everything will repeat itself* *doesn't want to continue if that's going to be the case*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:04 *clutches her hair and breaks out into a fit of hysterical tears* *Josh comes over and embraces her tightly* *wraps her arms around him uncertainly* *can feel him shaking a little, too*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 06:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  *attacks Stevie as soon as she hits the tree*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:04 *stammers a little* I can't do this anymore, I can't do this, I can't. Just leave me here. Please, leave me.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 06:07 *looks at her sternly* I'm not going to. Everyone needs you - I do. Okay? *something slams against the tree* *whips around to see Sally once again*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 06:12 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:16 (Bye!)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=44  *missed Sally's initial blow, but returns the attack* *it is fueled solely by emotion* *wants to have some control over the situation, which she hasn't had in a while*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:18 *uses 5 mana*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:20 *it is enough for her and Josh to get a headstart* *Josh takes a detour into the bushes to hide from Sally* *he doesn't care what's lurking under them - anything is better than being stabbed by a crazed Sally*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:20 *time passes* Josh: Are we safe? Stevie: *nods slowly* Yeah. I think so.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 06:21   + 10 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 06:22   - 10 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.2 06:22   - 5 Mana points to Stevie  
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 06:23 *the two manage to make it back to camp in one piece* *everyone is sitting around a gently burning fire, passing around a pan of food*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 06:26 *takes notice of Josh and Stevie, who look absolutely disheveled* *Stevie's curls are sticking out like a mad scientist's, and Josh's cowlick surpasses Connor's famous bedhead* *says solemnly* You made it back. We thought you were dead, too.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.2 06:30 *nods a little and takes in the place* *it looks like someone tried to adjust the tents a bit, and any signs of an earlier scuffle are invisible* *doesn't see Dakota or Logan anywhere*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.2 06:30 You guys know where Nikole is?
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:32 *just because she was being beaten up by Rae doesn't mean she was deaf to everything going on above her* She died.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 06:34 *clarifies that* Fernando killed her, I think. *this is something that has been bothering her, too* *wanted to help Nikole, and she could have if she had bothered to fight back harder*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.2 06:38 *clangs the spoon against his plate extra loudly and passes the pan on to Via* *is shocked* *doesn't want to believe it because he knows that Nikole is stronger than that* *however, feelings of regret are creeping up on him* *wishes he could have waited
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.2 06:40 for Nikole, or made sure she got over the cliff* *mostly, he just wishes he had connected more with her*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.2 06:42 *knows this is hitting Zak hard* *assumes a leadership position so he can mourn* Nobody saw that coming. And I think that gives us an important question to discuss here.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 18:59 *puts an arm around Zak, looking at him pitifully*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:00 [BTW, I'm sorry if I'm being too critical, but how or why could they go back to their original camp?]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:01 [If they did really go back to where they started, they would've had to go in a massive circle in order to avoid the Hunters. And since the Hunters are in the general area, returning to where they started may not be the best idea at all. What if the
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:01 Hunters gave up chase and decided to pillage the camp, getting everything the FTs dropped in their escape attempt? Then the Hunters would get to ambush the FTs a second time. They can't afford that at all.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:02 [The FTs probably need to just try to put as much space between them and the Hunters as possible and then figure things out.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:03 [In addition, starting a fire again is a really bad idea. Recall the beginning of The Hunger Games, where Katniss is up in a tree and a fellow tribute sets up camp below her. The tribute starts a fire and Katniss is internally frantic--basically, the
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:04 tribute below is inviting death. And sure enough, the Careers come and kill the tribute shortly afterward.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:04 [Again, I apologize if I'm being too critical.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:06 [Oh, and Zak hitting the spoon against his plate like that is basically ringing the dinner bell for the Hunters. XD XP It's similar to starting the fire.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:08 [Basically, my point is that that last battle basically proved that the Hunters have the upper hand. The last thing they want is another conflict with the Hunters right now, and going back to get their stuff is WAY too risky.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:08 [They need to put a whole lot of space between them and the Hunters, adopt tactics that prevent the Hunters from finding them again, and discuss what they're going to do next.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:09 [Heck, it may not even be safe for them to go back to their original camp in the future. It'd be just like Owen to turn their original camp into a trap--he did it with Nikole, so why not do it with the FTs' belongings?]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:12 [Now, I will say there's some merit to going back to the original camp. It allows the FTs to recover their belongings, and the Hunters may not expect it. But again, the risks outweigh the merits. It's much more likely to end in more deaths than it is to
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:12 end in the FTs being alright.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:13 [Oh, and regarding the fire: I was under the assumption that it went out and Zak and co. started it again. Now that I think about it, it may not have gone out at all. If that's the case, and if Zak and co. didn't add any fuel to it, then I'm sorry--the
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.2 19:14 fire wouldn't indicate anything to the Hunters about the FTs being back since it would've been lit all along. However, that doesn't mean the Hunters won't decide to pillage the FTs' camp, and it doesn't mean Zak banging his spoon on the pan is safe.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:19 (The Hunters aren't even close to them. In fact, the Hunters are probably going back to their own camp. They've lost a lot of teammates and have to unlock the killer dynamite.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:21 (When the Flamethrowers jumped off the cliff, they had to forge a new path. They didn't go back the way they came. Stevie and Josh probably did have to run around in circles to find their way back, but I never specified that. I also didn't specify that
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:21 [I'm on!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:22 the fire isn't a blazing inferno. I'm sure a few hot embers are all they need to cook their food.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:22 (Hi!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:23 (If anyone would be able to track them down, it'd be Sally. But Josh and Stevie waited it out. It's likely she turned around and regrouped with the Hunters, who are going to figure things out.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:24 (Finally, the jungle is a fairly large place, not to mention dense. I doubt the Hunters would've picked up that noise.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:24 [Unless I'm mistaken, the Hunters lost as many teammates at the FTs, and the Hunters were pressuring the FTs the whole time. The Hunters had the initiative.]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:24 *loud
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:25 [How far did the chase between the FTs and Hunters take them away from the FTs' camp?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:25 (They do, but they're going to be out of the picture for a little while. They'll be back... trust me. I know what I'm doing here.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:25 [If they're so deep in the jungle, then naturally the Hunters would be lost unless they retake the path they took previously.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:26 [Unless the Hunters have a compass. But who would keep track of which direction they're going and which direction is the Arsenal in the middle of a life-and-death situation?]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:27 [How do the Hunters find their way back to the Arsenal? Do they retake the path they and the FTs sliced through the jungle, thus taking them straight back to the FTs' camp?]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:27 [Or perhaps did another one of those portals appear once Fernando unlocked the killer dynamite?]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:32 [A portal appeared to just help out the Hunters in a not really important situation. It'd make sense if activating the killer dynamite caused another portal to appear.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:33 [I'm on Vessel Zotikos as well, BTW!]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:33 (That's probably what's going to happen. The Hunters will get their revenge on the Flamethrowers and ambush their camp. They just need to figure out how to get there, and maybe wait for Sally.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:34 [Oh, and on the other hand, how the FTs know that the Hunters aren't still after them? The Hunters had the initiative. The FTs don't know that the Hunters won't try to keep it up. For all the FTs know, the Hunters could be lurking around just 20 feet away
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:34 *.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:34 [Sally probably reunited with the Hunters once she lost track of Josh and Stevie, so waiting for Sally won't be a problem.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:35 [OK, so I accept that the FTs made their way back to camp. But after multiple teammates die, especially a super experienced one like Nikole, you don't really just bang a pan around loudly in the jungle. You're going to be paranoid as h**l. It's only
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:36 (Okay, I'm there.) *sits under a tree with Connor* *waits for TJ to say something*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:36 human. I'm OK with the FTs returning to their camp, but I don't buy them acting as if the Hunters aren't around. We HAVE established that the Hunters aren't around, but again, the FTs don't know this.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:38 (The Flamethrowers probably played it safe for a while. Before Stevie and Josh came back, they didn't even know Nikole was gone. Also, a lot of time has passed. S & J didn't just wait 20 minutes for Sally to leave. They probably waited for hours, added
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:39 to the amount of time it took the two to get back. The Hunters never returned during that time.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:41 (Obviously, they're on high alert, but they're doing what they can to survive (like eat). What Zak did was purely emotion. He's upset that Nikole's gone; of course he's going to react. It's not like he was obnoxiously loud about it.)
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:43 *his voice is low and serious* We can't stay here. We need to leave. I... this place just doesn't feel safe anymore.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:44 [Ahhh, okay. If hours and hours have passed, then what they're doing makes sense.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:45 *nods in agreement* Yeah. What's your plan?
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:49 Well, I was thinking we-
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 04:49 No.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:50 What?
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 04:51 *has his spoon in mid-scoop* *his eyes are fixated on the firepit* I said no. We're not leaving yet.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 04:53 [Thanks for the clarification!]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:54 *lets out a dry, incredulous laugh* Are you crazy or somethin'? If we don't leave, the Hunters will find us, and then they'll kill us. Zak: I can put out the fire and pull down our tents. But I'm not leaving tonight.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:54 (Yeah, not a problem!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:54 If he says we're not leaving, we're not leaving.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:56 *glares at Zak*The Hunters ARE after us. I know they are. *Josh nods a little*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:58 Right. There's not a second to waste. And if you two don't agree, then be our guest - we'll leave without you.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 04:59 *suddenly flips his bowl of instant mashed potatoes over* *looks livid* No! You're not leaving without us - you can't.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 05:01 We don't have a plan. TJ: I- Zak: *promptly cuts him off* We don't have a plan, and we don't have a backup location. It's getting dark, and I don't feel like hauling all this (BLEEP) through a pitch black jungle. God only knows what'll happen.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 05:01 *pauses so that can settle in* We're staying here. That's the end of it.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 05:03 *mutters* Thanks for killing our hope.
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 05:03 - and a perfectly good meal or whatever.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:06 *her voice is shaking a little* Well, if Sally or Fernando or any one of them attacks, we can't just sit on our (BLEEP)s. We have to do something.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 05:07 *feels the muscles in his neck tensing* *starts raising his voice; TJ attempts to shush him* Of course we hav e to do something, but it's not like youcan do anything about it. You're the weakest of the pack, Stevie!
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 05:09 Think you can lead us all to the Promised Land? You can't even run a mile without letting the Hunters beat you like a dog until - until, I don't know, Josh comes to save your skin!
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:09 *puts an arm around Zak**says very gently* You know, Zak...maybe...maybe we should go...I don't feel very safe here either, Zak...
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:09 Especially...especially with you yelling like this...why are you yelling?...
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 05:11 *shakes his head a little* That really wasn't necessary. *sounds dark*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:13 *looks really hurt* I'm DOING the best I can! Look, if we don't do something, someone's going to die. That's the downright truth. Don't deny it.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 05:14 *is probably more coerced by Via than he is Stevie, honestly* *nods* *says quietly* I'm sorry. You're right.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:14 All this yelling might draw the Hunters over to us...I'm scared...
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:16 *is still really angry about Zak's insult* *tries to sound factual* You're never sorry unless you're scr*wed.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 05:18 *everything is silent* *is the first to leave* *loiters around some bushes* *Josh follows suit and ambles down to the river*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 05:19 *drags his feet around in the d*rt, making patterns* *eats a few bites of his food* *is just as scared as Via, and he's trying not to focus too much on that*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.3 05:20 *sits by the tent to think things over* *might be willing to compromise*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.3 05:21 -MEANWHILE...-
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.3 05:21 *has lit a torch* *holds it up, casting shadows over the faces of the remaining Hunters*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 05:24 *things have been emotional* *Sally has gone on a tirade about Logan's and Rae's death, and he's been going on his own tirade that Tessie's demise spurred* They don't deserve to win. *shakes his head bitterly*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 05:26 If you haven't noticed already, those are the people who win EVERY round of Questscape that they're in. If we can prove that we've got a sporting chance, we'll go down as absolute legends.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 05:27 (I have to go now. I won't be on tomorrow night, so I'll see you on Tuesday!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:34 [Aw, see you!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:35 *she actually isn't as scared as she says she is**she is scared, of course, but a lot of the fear is feigned to make Zak pity her*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:35 *really, it's to make everyone pity her*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.3 05:36 It's time to end this.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.3 05:37 There's a reason I got Fernando to finish off Nikole as much as I would've loved to do it myself...
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.3 05:37 He can unlock the weapon...the weapon to finish it all.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.3 05:37 *has been sort of lost in her own twisted mind since Rae's death**but she overhears the word "weapon" and snaps out of it a little* Weapon?
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.3 05:38 *is sitting nearby and contemplating things**he has bruises and cuts and whatnot, just like the rest of the battle-hardened Hunters, but he has definitely noticed that nearly all these bruises came from his own allies*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.3 05:40 *is listening as he contemplates things**he regrets selecting Owen as leader**Owen is a fantastic leader, but Owen is deep down quite dark in personality, and he has basically gathered an army of other dark personalities to work with*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.3 05:41 *he doesn't really feel like playing out the rest of this game**he knows he could kill himself and just leave the game, but he feels like that'd be petty*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.3 05:42 *he also knows that joining the FTs is out of the option**even if he helped the FTs and everyone died except him, it'd be logged as a Hunter win*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.3 05:42 *not an option
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.4 04:18 [I'm on Vessel Zotikos. Please read my posts there; I can barely load any other RP.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.4 04:25 [I don't even know if you're on...I can't load crap...]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.4 04:26 [I may just have to communicate via a Google Doc for the night...again... -_________-]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.4 18:52 [Well, I suppose I got very lucky in terms of which night the ultra-slow-RP-City-syndrome would strike again...you weren't even on last night, and I forgot. XD XP Sorry.]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.5 04:36 [Hey! I'll only be on here tonight; I have to leave early, as I have a test tomorrow and I need to study.]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.5 04:37 (Hi! Okay.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.5 04:38 *is indifferent to everyone's sentiments* Yeah, of course. Let's go, though. The longer we wait...
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.5 04:39 *since so much time has passed, I assume the Hunters are at or near the Arsenal**goes to the killer dynamite container or whatever it's locked in*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 04:42 (Do you want to end the round soon? Initially, I had other things planned for later, but it would be totally fine if we wrapped this one up.)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 04:43 *finishes up his instant potatoes* Wow. Never thought I could like those. Stevie: What? *incredulous* Connor: Yeah... they're my least favorite Thanksgiving dish. Stevie: How can you NOT like them?
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 04:44 Well, I'm more of a cranberry sauce or green bean casserole fan myself - *catches himself* Sorry. That was weird. *chuckles, flustered* *doesn't want to state an unpopular opinion in front of such a large audience-
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 04:45 Stevie: Don't apologize. If that's what you like, then hey - I'm not going to judge you, and neither should anyone else. Connor: *feels comfortable enough around Stevie to disclose his deepest anxieties, but he can't - not here, anyway* Heh. Weird is the
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 04:45 new normal, I guess.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.5 04:48 [Sure. I'm interested in starting the Alexa RP.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 04:50 I don't like potatoes either...even mashed. *wrinkles her nose*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 04:50 I'm weird too.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 04:50 [Just so long as we can fit in Zak falling for Via, I'm good with wrapping up the round soon.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 04:50 *laughs even though it's not that funny*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 04:55 (Okay. I think we'll be able to.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 04:57 *as the others talk, she gets up and goes over to Zak* Zak?
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 05:01 Really? *laughs a little, sort of because Via never really interacts with them*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.5 05:02 *looks up* What?
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 05:04 *is throwing out the names of foods he wishes he could eat on the spot, as is Stevie* *suddenly turns to face her* Stevie: *grins widely* You better believe it.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 05:04 Are you alright?
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 05:05 If you need anyone, I... *kneels down beside him, putting an arm around him tenderly* ...I can be there for you.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 05:06 [BTW, keep in mind that Via is very, very manipulative. Zak and the others probably won't know any better, but keep this in mind; I see you taking her words a bit for granted sometimes... >:D XP]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 05:06 [Anyways, I gtg. See you! *offline*]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 05:08 (Bye!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 05:08 (Good luck on that test!)
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.5 05:09 (Yeah, I know. My characters are oblivious though, so I'm just having them play along with it.)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.5 05:12 *casts his eyes down to the ground, trying to make sense of what's going on* *when he abandons his spinning thoughts, he can't deny the warm affection that he's had for Via all along*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.5 05:15 *along with a dozen of other factors, he has really appreciated her steadfast support* *needs that more than ever now*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.5 05:18 *looks up at Via* *maybe it's the potency of his sudden feelings toward her, but he notices how striking her eyes are* *says after a while* Thank you. Thank you for offering. *leans in and wraps her in a one-armed hug*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 04:02 [I'm on!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 04:06 *hugs him back with both arms*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 04:29 (Hey!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 04:32 [Hey! :D]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 04:37 *Fernando is guiding the way with the torch* *doesn't really know where he's going... until he hears voices*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:39 [I'm guessing they got the killer dynamite by now?]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:39 [I'm kinda confuzzled, since I thought the Hunters had gotten back to the Arsenal.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:42 [Really I have no idea what the Hunters have been doing in the many hours since the FTs escaped. XD XP I would've thought they'd go to get the killer dynamite, but that's just a guess.]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:43 [What have they been up to?\
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:43 *]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 04:44 (I'm pretty sure they did, but I forgot about that, for the sake of convenience, we'll just say they're hunting down the Flamethrowers.)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 04:47 *stops* Wait.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:48 [OK. So they've got the dynamite? Sorry if that's a dumb or redundant question, I'm just clarifying.]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.6 04:49 (Yep.) *doesn't wait* *voices can only mean one thing* *wordlessly hands the torch to Owen, then unearths a dagger from his backpack* *the killer dynamite is safely secured inside*
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 04:51 *is having a lively conversation with Stevie* You know, I'd like to challenge that notion. In my personal opinion, I think-
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 04:52 *looks ahead with a bit of a dreamy smile on her face* *has finally been able to forget about everything, at least temporarily* *is waiting for Connor to talk* What?
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:54 *whispers quickly* We should spread out and surround the area.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 04:54 *turns over to look at him* *what she sees stabs her with terror* Connor?... *the hysterics inside rise up like bubbles in a freshly poured can of pop* Connor??!
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:55 Most of us will take dynamite. One or two of us will set the jungle on fire in such a way that'll drive the Flamethrowers towards the dynamite.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:55 [Wait...how much dynamite is there, and how long does it take to blow up?]
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 04:55 *has been stabbed by Fernando* *the knife handle is sticking out of his back* *folds into himself* *Stevie tries to keep him upright*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:56   - 195 Health points to Connor  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:57   + 20 Performance points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:57   + 5 Mana points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:57   + 1 Prestige points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:58 (It's probably a huge bundle. I'd say it would detonate in less than a minute.)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:58 Oh my god.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 04:59 Connor too? This is getting insane!
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:00 *well there went Owen's strategy completely out the window*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:00 *sighs, actually rather annoyed**he had a plan that could've taken out every FT*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:00 *says mostly to himself while taking out his mace* Fernando, now, really?
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.6 05:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=1  *has wasted no time in getting the party started* *swings his fist at Stevie*
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.6 05:01 It seems that this is not a favorite time for our favorites!
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:03 [I'm having trouble keeping track of who's left, honestly. XD XP Let me see...Zak, Josh, Via, Stevie, and TJ are the only FTs left, and Owen, Fernando, Sally, Rae, and Fletcher are the only Hunters left, right?]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=58  *lets out a feral scream* *pulls herself back and kicks Fernando in the face* *is angry about everything that's gone down so far, and after Connor's death, she's realized that she needs to take a stand*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:05 (Yep.) *knocked out Fernando temporarily* *crawls behind a bush, dragging Connor with her*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:06 *hears Stevie's scream and looks up quickly*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:06 What's happening?
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:06 *Stevie goes behind the bush only to run into someone else*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:07 *pulls him into her lap and tries to see if he's still alive, though that's pretty obvious* *squeezes back tears*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:07  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=20  *swiftly brings two knives down upon Stevie*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:07 *spends 15 Mana, as Stevie is her rival and she's been waiting quite a while for this opportunity*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 05:08 *really has no idea what's going on* *stands beside Fletcher, taking it all in and going along with it*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:08 *sighs and shakes his head at Fernando* Fernando, you just wasted what could be our one and only opportunity to win the game.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:09 *turns to Jace and Fletcher* Search for the others. Stick to the darkness so they don't see you and attack. It's the best we can do.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:10  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=95  *draws an arrow and shoots Sally point blank, yelling savagely* *has never been more infuriated at her for what she's done*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:10 We can't use the dynamite now because we'd probably blow ourselves up, thanks to Fernando here not paying attention to concepts like strategy...
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:10 [What the h**l? It's a tie.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:10 *spends 5 Mana*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:10 [Gosh darn it. Nevermind. XD XP]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:11 *squeaks and falls back*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:11 *the arrow hit her in her left shoulder**she won't have much use out of her left arm now, but luckily she's right-handed*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.6 05:11 *wipes blood from his nose and rises* The only way to make sure they are dead is to knock them out.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.6 05:12 *has made sure to mention this so nobody can hear*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:12 *the arrow could've easily hit somewhere fatal, but Stevie probably missed a fatal place since she had to avoid two knives coming down on her face at the same time*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:12   + 20 Performance points to Stevie  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:13 *runs off with Jace*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:13   - 10 Health points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:13   + 10 Health points to Sally  
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:13 *peeks over a tent and sees Owen and the others**whispers to Zak* The Hunters are attacking! We need to go!
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:13   + 1 Prestige points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:14   + 1 Prestige points to Stevie  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:15 *looks down at Connor* *starts choking up* I'm so sorry, Connor. *hurdles over the bush and runs as fast as she can toward Via and Zak*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.6 05:16 *nods* *holds his gun uncertainly - he's not sure if he should shoot*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:17 *heard all of the commotion and starts running back from the riverbank*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:18 *pushes Zak* Just start running before they find us!
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 05:18  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=24  *sees Josh - and a perfect opportunity ahead* *steps in front of him and clobbers him*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:18 *suddenly seems teary* I...I-I don't want you to die!!
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:18 *runs into Stevie by accident*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:19 [Was she in Fletcher's round? I forget. XP I know Jace was.]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:19  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=25  (I don't think so.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:20 (I don't want Josh to win, so Jace will spend 5 Mana.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:20 *is knocked onto his keister* *the landing is enough to wipe him out for a bit*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:21   - 5 Mana points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:21   - 15 Mana points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:22   + 10 Performance points to Jace  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:22   - 5 Mana points to Jace  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:23   - 10 Health points to Josh  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:23 [OK. BTW, are there any more characters you're going to kill off? I'm willing to have my characters do it.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:24 [There's a certain character of mine who's not coming out of this battle alive. I was thinking we'd make a trade of sorts.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:24  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  *swings at Stevie with his pike, not really caring whether it hits or not*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.6 05:25 *stares at Via for a moment* I won't. *grabs her by the arm and starts running* *passes TJ, whom he doesn't seem to have any regard for at the moment*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.6 05:26 (Yeah, sure. Two of my characters are definitely up for grabs.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.6 05:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=10  *has been sneaking around* *sprints out in front of Zak and grabs him* *shoves him down into the firepit*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.6 05:28 *uses 10 Mana*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.6 05:28  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=3  *can't really retaliate*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:28 [Okie dokie. Which ones?]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.6 05:29 *is thrown into the burning wood* *it chars his clothes* *screams in agony, rolling out of the fire as quick as he can*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:29 [I'd prefer to have one of my Hunters kill an FT, if that helps in the decision-making.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:30  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=34  *tries to grab Fletcher by his jacket and push him*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:31  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=59  *whips out her machete and swings it at Fernando* [I can't remember what Via's weapon is, honestly, but I feel like the machete fits her, sooo...just assume that's been her weapon all along. :P]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:31 (Fernando, Jace, and possibly TJ.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:32 *is cut in the face, but not too badly* *staggers around, then falls to pretend that she was hit hard*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.6 05:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=36  *tries ducking*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.6 05:33 *is cut in the arm* *clutches it and drops his knife*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:33   + 10 Performance points to Fletcher  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:34 *raises his pike over her to attack again*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:34   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.6 05:34 *then looks at her, lowers his pike, and walks away**has been disenchanted and disgusted with his team**doesn't feel like helping them that much*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:34   + 10 Performance points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:35   - 10 Health points to Zak  
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:35  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=1  *swings again, trying to keep the initiative*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:35   + 10 Performance points to Via  
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.6 05:35 [OK. Could I have one of my Hunters kill TJ, or are you still deciding about him?]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.6 05:35   - 10 Health points to Fernando  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:36 *is standing eerily in the dark near Fletcher and Stevie**she has been stalking Stevie and witnessed Fletcher refraining from killing her*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:36 *silently and diligently approaches Stevie through the foliage, like a predator closing in on its prey*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 05:36 (Yeah, but preferably during their final face-off.) *has discovered the Flamethrowers' canoe*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 05:37 (I have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow!)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.6 05:38 (Actually, I may not be on tomorrow. But in any case, I'll see you soon!)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.6 05:39 [Alright, see you soon!]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 04:20 [I'm here!]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 04:29 (Hey!)
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 04:38 [Hi! :D]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 04:38 [Caprial's a bit busy, though she's online. Would you like to be on here and Vessel Zotikos, or just here?]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 04:42 (Hmmm... it doesn't matter. Whatever Caprial wants to do is fine by me.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 04:43  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=84  *pulls out his knife and dives for Via*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 04:43 *has probably done significant damage* *the only one left is TJ* *heads over to him*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 04:44   + 10 Performance points to Fernando  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 04:46   - 10 Health points to Via  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 04:46  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=18  *silently attacks Stevie from behind*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 04:47 *just wants to end this all* *he figures the Flamethrowers are as good as dead at this point* *waves his arms* COME ON!
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 04:47 [Why is it that whenever I set up a character to make an attack that should be extremely hard to avoid, the score is crap, and whenever I set up a character to make an attack that should be super easy to avoid, the score is gorgeous? XD]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 04:48 [Go home Dice, you're drunk. XD]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 04:48 (Hahaha, I know! Crazy, isn't it?)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 04:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=47  *flinches, probably giving herself away*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 04:50  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=51  *attacks again, this time screeching like a maniac*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 04:50   + 10 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 04:51   - 10 Health points to Sally  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 04:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=14  *slashes with her knives some more**she can't stand losing to Stevie**it's driving her insane--erm, farther into insanity*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 04:52  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=15  *slashes even more because I say so and the Dice are being a d*** *
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 04:53 [Wow Dice. So much variety. XD]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 04:53 *bleep it, she spends 10 Mana on her 3rd roll because why not*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 04:58 *runs over to the boat* *stops in the clearing and throws his backpack to the ground* *retrieves the killer dynamite and a box of matches* *draws the match on his pants and lights the dynamite*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:01 *Fernando is lucky Owen isn't around**Owen would be punching him for wasting their key weapon*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:02 [BTW, the character I'm going to kill off in this battle is Owen. It only makes sense, as Owen's leadership and plans have allowed the Hunters to gain and keep the initiative. I wouldn't be surprised if Owen's death and thus lack of leadership led to the
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:02 Hunter team collapsing.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:03 *was cut really badly**played dead in hopes of saving her life**it seemed to work**crawls over to Zak* Zak...?
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:04 [Caprial's on Vessel Zotikos!]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:04 [Sooo...which of your characters is going to kill Owen? I was thinking maybe Stevie.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:05 *emerges from some foliage* Oi Fernando, whatcha doin'?
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:07 (Alright. If you want, that would be fine with me.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:09  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=6  *wildly shoots back at Sally*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=41  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:14  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:14   + 20 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:15   - 20 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:15   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:16   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:19 [Sally used Mana on the 3rd roll.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:19 [She actually beat Stevie on the 3rd roll.]
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 05:21 (Oops, I'll fix that.)
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 05:22 *looks at Fletcher darkly* If you want to live, I suggest you move.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:22   - 10 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:23   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:24   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:25   + 10 Health points to Sally  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:25 You know, your mommy probably advised you on not playing with explosives. It's dangerous.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:25   - 10 Mana points to Sally  
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:26 Whatcha tryin' to do? P*** off Owen? You don't have to do that, I do a good enough job already.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 05:27 *is suddenly very grim* My mother died when I was young. I didn't have many rules while growing up.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 05:28 *Fletcher struck a chord* *inhales deeply and tosses the dynamite into the Flamethrowers' camp*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:28 Oh...whoopsie...
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:28 Jeezus! *jumps back* You know, there's no point to that, they've all scattered by now.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:29 You might kill some flies. Those FTs, they really stink and attract 'em, ya know. So kudos on making new headway in insecticides...but um...
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:29 Whatcha tryin' to accomplish? *he really isn't sure what Fernando's doing*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:29 *hears something sizzling* *looks over to see the dynamite, which is parked right next to a fallen Josh* *breaks out into a sprint*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:30 [I'm kinda waiting on Keyan on Zotikos.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:30 *grabs Josh by the hood of his jacket and drags him* *suddenly, there is an explosion* *it is so strong that it knocks her forward* *covers Josh with her life*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:31 *sees Stevie and Josh go flying* Ohhh...
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:31 Actually, you know what, go ahead and throw another.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 05:32 *she was chasing after Stevie until she realized Stevie was heading straight for some dynamite, after which Sally backed off*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 05:32 *has already ran back to the canoe* *Jace rows off*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 05:33 *would go straight for Stevie and Josh, but she's afraid another batch of dynamite may go their way*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.7 05:33 (Fernando threw the entire bundle, so most of the camp has been obliterated in ash and smoke.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:33 Or not... *runs after Fernando to see him and Jace just abandoning them*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:34 *recalls seeing Stevie squirming, and he assumes Josh is alive if Stevie tried to save him**yells:* CONGRATS ON 0 CASUALTIES! GREAT TEAMWORK THERE!
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:34 *starts walking off **mutters* [BLEEP]in' [BLEEP]holes...
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 05:34 *is hiding under some vegetation* *opens his eyes, which sting and well up immediately* *chokes* *sees nothing but haze ahead*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:35 *is getting more and more disgusted by his team's self-centered antics**he's realized more and more that it seems like that within his team is a race for each team member to prove themselves the most bloodthirsty, the most aggressive, and the "best"*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.7 05:36 *knows what happened, but Fernando disabled him considerably by pushing him into the fire pit* *feels like he's on fire* *crawls across the ground obliviously*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 05:37 *would go back for Fletcher, Sally, and Owen, but a heavy cloud of smoke is drifting from that direction* *figures they're dead by now*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 05:38 *has no idea how he's going to survive with Fernando alone* *starts yelling at him*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:39 *crawls after Zak, saying his name over and over*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:40 *hears Via but doesn't bother to go after her**feels like this whole thing has been just getting more and more pathetic*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 05:40 ...if you'd been more bloody considerate, then maybe we'd have a chance at winning! But since we didn't wait for the others, we probably won't! *is expecting Fernando to whack him with an oar* *is surprised when he doesn't*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 05:40 *I take back my previous statement**she was incapacitated by the explosion**is lying there, unable to hear a thing*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.7 05:41 *with one arm not working and temporary deafness, she feels horrifically vulnerable**whimpers and tries to hide under some bushes*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.7 05:41 *turns around* Via... *grabs the air* *is swatting around until he clutches onto someone - Via*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 05:43 *knows that if they wait much longer, the Flamethrowers will never make it* *tries to stand up* *stumbles in the direction of the tents to see if he can find anything, but it's impossible to see*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 05:44 *that probably wasn't the best idea, but his current anxiety got the best of him* Guys... *yells with an extremely hoarse, unrecognizable voice* GUYS!
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:45 *hears TJ, but she's still shaking from experiencing the dynamite's explosion* *claps her hands over her ears*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:45 *grabs back onto Zak**suddenly she's kissing him*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:46 *suddenly he slams Stevie down**looks a little crazed**his darker side is coming out*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:46 One key weapon...wasted... *hits her* ...one winning chance...gone... *kicks her*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:47 All because one of my teammates decided to become an absolute idiot. But no no, I won't let that stop me. I won't let THEM hold me back.
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:47 I'd have won this if I didn't even have a team...and I'll win this single-handedly if I have to.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:47 *yelps* *can't bring herself to leave Josh, so she darts and dodges around Owen*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:48 *the crazed look in his eyes begins to seep into his voice* I'll kill you all... *raises his mace far over his head* And you're first on the list. *brings it down on her head*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:49  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=91  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:49 [BTW, I imagine in the explosion and chaos Stevie dropped her gun. I also imagine that she might spot it and go for it, as it's the only way she'll survive this... >:)]
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:50 [She might spot it in the ash if/when Owen knocks her down with a blow from her mace...]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.7 05:50 *is extremely thankful that he's found Via and desperate to survive at the same time* *needs nothing more than a reminder that he can still make it, which is what Via is offering him right here* *kisses her back and pulls her close*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:51  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=72  *screams and tries to dodge it*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:52 *wasn't hurt too badly, but it's enough to provoke an anguished cry* *gets triple vision for a moment*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:53 *sees a spare weapon nearby - Zak's gun* *slides across the ground* *reaches out for it, straining her arm* *whimpers a little, but manages to grab it* *turns herself around and aims at Owen*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:53 *shakes her head a little through some tears* *looks defiant* I don't think so.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:54 I'm sorry. *gulps and closes her eyes for a second* *then opens them and lets the bullets rip*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:55 *is surprisingly strong and passionate in the aftermath of the explosion**lets Zak pull away first*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:56   + 10 Performance points to Owen  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:56 *was ruthlessly attacking Stevie as she went for the gun**he didn't see it from his perspective of standing up due to the soot and whatnot on it--he thus confused her actions for trying to crawl away*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:56   + 1 Prestige points to Owen  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:56 *was in the middle of raising his mace to swing it again when she turned and shot him*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:56   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:57 *screams in pain and twists through the air in a mixture of swinging his mace (it flies out of his hands and lands way away from Stevie), trying to dodge (he's way too late), and falling*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:58 *collapses, coughing and quietly groaning on the ground*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 05:58 *clings to life, but in under 20 seconds he's out of the game*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:59 *is standing nearby**he just watched Owen's demise and didn't do anything*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.7 05:59 *stares at Via with a bit of confusion and pain, but also with a lot of compassion* *then, Owen dies* *turns to look at him*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 06:00 *stares at Owen until her head starts spinning out of control* *shakily rests the gun on the ground and lays her head next to it*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 06:01   + 20 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 06:01   + 5 Mana points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 06:01   + 1 Prestige points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 06:02   - 164 Health points to Owen  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.7 06:02 (I have to go now. I won't be on this weekend, but I'll be back Sunday. See you then!)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 06:04 [Aw, see you!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 04:22 [I'm on!]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 04:24 (Hey!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 04:33 [Hi! :D]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 04:33 [I'm on Vessel Zotikos as well. Caprial isn't on yet from what I can tell.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 04:43 [Nvm, Caprial's on! She's a bit busy, so it may be a few minutes before she gets on Zotikos.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 04:43 [That's okay, though, since Travis needs to reply to Gallagher before her characters do much.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 04:45 (Alright!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 04:51 [Let's RP!]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 04:52 *stands up a bit unsteadily* *is trying to gather everyone else up*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 04:53 *regains consciousness* *sits up* *his eyes are instantly stung by the smoke* *winces* Oh my god.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 04:56 *notices that Stevie isn't anywhere in sight* *sets out to find her, but he literally stumbles across Sally instead* *gets a closer look at her* *is struck by how vulnerable she looks, since she's curled up into herself by now*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 04:56 *she saw how Fletcher just watched Owen die**continues to conceal herself in the darkness**with her temporary deafness and useless left arm, she's not going on the offensive just yet*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:00 *gasps**she didn't know Josh was there until seeing him*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:00 *it
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:01 **it's quite dark and she isn't sure who it is**starts slashing around wildly with a knife while trying to crawl away, whimpering*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:06 *is engaging in physical combat with Fernando* One more move like that, and I swear I'll leave you to the piranhas! *snatches Fernando's backpack out of his hands*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:08 *blindly searches the backpack with his hand* *clutches something long and thin* *digs deeper and finds several other similar objects*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:10 *has found a spare bundle of killer dynamite* *doesn't tell Fernando* *knows that he has a lot of power in his hands at the moment, and he's not going to let Fernando take it*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:10 *recognizes Josh* J...Josh...?
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:10 D...don't look at me...don't...
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:11 *is pretty mangled, especially with her incapacitated arm at an awkward angle*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:11 Shh! I'm not going to hurt you. *thinks that Sally was abandoned by the Hunters* *the fact that she's seriously injured causes him to feel especially sympathetic*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:11 *is suddenly standing over Sally and Josh* Oi, back off, will ya?
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:12 (By the way, I've decided that one of your characters can take out TJ before the final battle. It can't be right away though.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:13 *can't hear a word they're saying**shifts her gaze rapidly from Josh to Fletcher to Josh again, breathing quickly like an animal*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:13 [OK.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:13 [Considering which of my Hunters are left, I know who's going to do it.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:13 [BTW, is Rae still alive?]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:14 (No, Rae died in the pool of water.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:16 *said to Sally* I don't really care what you look like, to be honest. *looks up at Fletcher* Sorry for trying to help. It looks like she's hurt pretty bad - and it makes you look bad for not coming to her aid, despite hiding in the shadows all this time.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:17 *hears a voice rising* Connor? Josh? *is confused by who it belongs to*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:18 [OK.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:18 *stumbles in that direction* *can make out a few figures beyond the hazy curtain of smoke* *looms over the kneeling figure - Josh*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:19 *hears Zak nearby and gets tense* Look, just p*** off. I didn't know she was here until you started making a racket.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:19 *looms over him* Josh? Josh: *admits guiltily* I couldn't just leave her here. Zak: What the... what the h*ll, Josh?
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:20 *quickly helps Sally up and starts escaping into the jungle before Zak arrives*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:20 *isn't sure what's going on since she doesn't know what anybody is saying**all she knows is that Fletcher is taking her away from her beloved senpai, and her beloved senpai didn't seem so revolted by her for once**starts hitting and squirming in
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:21 Fletcher's grip, but there's not much she can do at this moment*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:21 Josh: *starts protesting* I thought everyone just left her! *quickly stands up* Zak: I don't know what you were thinking... but it seems like the smoke's gotten your judgement. Just like everyone else's.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:21 *her hearing is starting to come back, but it's not enough for her to make out words yet**all talking sounds like faint mumbling*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:22 *gives Sally a dark look as she is dragged away*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:23 *yanks Sally along quite forcefully, trying to find a hiding spot with his least favorite ally*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:23 *everyone may be weak, but he's aware that the FTs are fairly close together in this area, so they could gang up on them and kill them off--especially with Sally in a state like this*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:24 *is watching her go with a semi-concerned expression* *is still carrying some guilt with him after taking down Rae, and he was hoping to make amends* *it is obvious to him that Sally likes him, and he doesn't have it in him to slight her entirely*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:25 *appears in a clearing with a few backpacks in his hands*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:27 *all of the Flamethrowers gradually convene* *glances from person to person* Do we have everyone? Where's Connor?
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:28 *shakes her head, her curls springing every which way* *squeaks* He didn't make it.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:30 *quietly starts begging for Fletcher to let her stay with her senpai, saying childish things like "I want my senpai" over and over**Fletcher acts like he's the deaf one*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:31 *has to look away when Stevie's face starts getting puffy* *thinks back to the altercation that took place before the Hunters plundered their camp* *knows Connor's death could've been prevented if he had simply agreed with everyone else*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:32 *is truly starting to doubt his own leadership now* *mutters* Let's go. *marches into the jungle without a clear path in mind*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:32 *follows the voices of everyone else and finds them**sees that Zak is feeling bad**puts an arm gently around him*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:33 *swings a backpack over his shoulder and follows*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:33 *he soon finds a discreet little spot near the river**dumps Sally down unceremoniously and starts digging around his supplies*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:33 *takes out some medicinal supplies and starts working on putting Sally's arm in a sling**she just sits there and stares ahead, her expression disturbingly blank and dark*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:34 *is 100% sure he heard the sound of voices carrying over from Josh and Fletcher's dispute* *holds his breath* *is now pretty sure that he hears the shuffling of footsteps through vegetation*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:35 *seeing Rae die followed by the confusion of being torn from her beloved senpai just as he seemed to open up to her is piling up on her**unbeknownst to Fletcher, she's dangerously close to breaking*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:35 Fernando: Do you hear that? Jace: *gives him a barely noticeable nod*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:36 *some of the sounds Jace is hearing are probably coming from him and Sally* There ya go you little nugget of [BLEEP]...
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:36 Can you hear yet? *waves his hand in front of her face* Nah?
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.10 05:36 *is too lost within himself to really be appreciative of Via's gesture* *soldiers on distantly*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:39 *just wants to end everything - suffering in the canoe with Fernando, wondering where Fletcher, Owen, and Sally went, and the entire round in general* *impetuously whips out the killer dynamite*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 05:40 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:41 Alrighty Sheila, did I ever tell ya how horrifying your nose is? Oh wait...that's your face, my bad.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:41 [Aw, bye!]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 05:43 [BLEEP] you.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:45 *has started preparing some food* Oh, you can talk? That's quite dandy.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:45 There's been some things I've been meaning to tell you for a while now... *plops a cup of food before Sally**has his own cup of food, but instead of eating he decides to go on a monologue*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:51 You are an abusive, narcissistic, entitled little turd who has no respect for the rights of anyone apart from yourself and maybe--MAYBE--your similarly [BLEEP]y so-called *air quotes* "friend" Rae.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:52 You only ever listened to Owen because you were scared of him. You physically abuse your own allies and only person you ever truly cared about was you.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:53 And frankly, you REALLY need to see a psychiatrist. Get some help. You've got kangaroos loose in the top paddock, mate. *taps the side of his forehead*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:54 I have no idea how you got into so many rounds of Questscape. Maybe emotionally unstable is the new black. It sure isn't where I come from, I can tell ya that.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:54 *the only person
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 05:56 You're the dominating type, I'll give you that. You have power. But nobody...NOBODY dominates me. And that's why you and I never quite got along, sweetheart. *boops her nose*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 06:02 No matter how many bruises you give me, you're not gonna get anywhere, you vulgar, barbaric, loggerheaded, clapper-clawed maggot-pie.
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.10 06:02 I hope I made myself cleA-
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 06:03 *throws herself at him, plunging a knife through his neck**pins him to the ground and stabs him in the neck over and over**gets pretty bloody*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 06:04 *sits back, panting**says sweetly and casually* You're wrong in one regard.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 06:05 *starts cleaning the blood off her knife, though her clothes and face have blood drops all over them* I care for someone other than myself...
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 06:05 And that's senpai.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 06:06 *casually eats beside Fletcher's dead body**gulps down her food, then eats his cupful as well**takes the supplies--both his and what's left of hers--and gets up and walks off *
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.10 06:06 *still hasn't bothered to clean the blood of herself **she's really going yandere now*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:21 (Wow. My reaction at Fletcher's monologue: ht tp://68.media.tumblr.com/57e03053d2f18727bb502c72d7d7bd9d/tumblr_o3an8dNLOQ1v1s9fyo1_1280.gif
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:24 (....and when he died: ht tps://youtu.be/NpVg-hA349I)
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:25   + 20 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:25   + 5 Mana points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:25   + 1 Prestige points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:26   - 207 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:26   + 207 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:27   - 207 Health points to Fletcher  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:28 You know... *chuckles and lowers his head* I have to feel for Josh. He has NO IDEA.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:29 No idea. Fletcher wasn't wrong. Sally definitely has a bit of a sadistic streak.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:39 *is scrolling through his phone* I mean, people have actually curated a "Save Josh" campaign. *laughs incredulously* And I think it's serious!
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.10 19:42 I mean, just look! *shoves his phone under Rose's nose* We've got (insert name here) University suggesting that the Flamethrowers KILL Josh themselves to reduce the psychological damage he may experience when Sally inevitably encounters them.
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:23 [X'D What the h**l was the thing you sent me on Youtube?!]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:23 [I get what you're saying, and yet at the same time I have no idea what I just saw. XD]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:24 [Replies will be slow. I have a final exam tomorrow and I'm studying like h**l.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:25 [I'll have to leave early too.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:27 [But anyways, yeah, I designed Fletcher's monologue to be what amounts to a spot-on psychological evaluation of Sally, which conveniently doubles as a giant insult towards her.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:28 [And it also functioned as the straw that didn't break the camel's back, but instead made the camel snap and begin a murderous rampage.]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:29 [You can guess who's her next victim (recall me asking if there's any FTs you want dead).]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:29 [Her #1 target is Stevie, of course, but that doesn't exclude anyone else from her wrath.]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:32 *chuckles* Oh my GOD!
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:33 (Hi! Haha, it's a long story. I'll be on in a few moments.)
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:33 But there are people on the other end of the spectrum...I mean, look at this! *shows Weston her phone* Hashtag Senpai has been going wild! And I thought what happened to Rae...killed that! *ba dum tsssss*
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:33 [Okie dokie.]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:38 It's inconceivable! [*cue montage of Wallace Shawn in The Princess Bride* XD]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:40 (Okay, so that clip comes from Joshua and the Promised Land - aka the worst (animated) film ever made.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:43 (It recounts a biblical event. My friend showed me a review video a while back, and the "no" scene I sent you is sort of a meme within the video and the YouTube channel.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:44 (The video is HILARIOUS. I was busting at the sides way too many times while watching it. If you want, I can send a link.)
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:46 [The "no" video by itself caused me to start laughing because of just how bad the animation was. XD]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:47 [I mean, I had to rewatch the video to realize that the character in it was actually moving. XD]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:49 [I might tolerate graphics that are that bad in an alpha of an indie game or something, but otherwise... https://i.gifer.com/IqKQ.gif ]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:50 (It really is bad. The video itself is pretty tame, and even though it's 30 minutes long, it's definitely worth it.)
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:50 [BTW, that's a scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail in which the French are throwing manure at them from their fort (hence the ducking). XD]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 04:52 (Haha, yeah. The animation is so horrendous, it's actually hilarious.)
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:52 [I am an absolute beginner in Blender, and I bet I could whip up a static, non-animated model that looks 1000x better than that. XD]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:52 [Oh wait...I already did...BY FOLLOWING A BEGINNER TUTORIAL. XD]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.11 04:53 *laughs* I know, right? Fascinating how there are so many sides to this...dilemma.
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:53 [And it isn't even a character model. It's just a scene of a donut with a cup and a plate on a tabletop. XD]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:53 [Anyways, shall we RP? ^.^ You can send the link to the review if you want!]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:54 [I don't have time to watch it tonight (or probably tomorrow since I have several days in a row of finals), but I'll watch it ASAP.]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 04:55 (Ok! I'll do that. The funny thing is that it apparently took the creator FOUR YEARS to make that. And if you thought the animation was bad, the voice acting also flat-out su cks.)
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:56 [...What?]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 04:56 *lights the dynamite* *Fernando slowly turns his head toward the flickering light, his eyes widening hungrily*
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:56 [Please tell me it was 3 months of making it and then 3 years and 9 months of render time. XD]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 04:56 (Except maybe the "no". It's terrible, but iconic.)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 04:57 (Ah... I don't know for sure, but four years nonetheless, haha.)
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:57 [Because they were too stupid to use low-polygon models even though their models are so weird that even high polygon counts couldn't save them.]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:58 [I've seen 2-minute fan animations for Markiplier that have MUCH better animation than that.]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:58 [And the voice acting is better and it's not even voice acting. It's just audio from funny moments from Markiplier videos.]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 04:59 [Mind if I show you one such animation?]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:02 (Yeah, go ahead.)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:05 *hurls the dynamite into the jungle before Fernando can protest* *seconds go by, then there is a mighty orange explosion* *some of it nearly extends to their canoe*
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 05:05 [Here you go! https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=EDRUG7Dlweg The audio is taken from a hilarious video where Mark plays a Five Nights at Freddy's themed Gmod map with Bob, Wade, and Jacksepticeye.]
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.11 05:06 [In both the original video and the animation, Mark is Freddy, Bob is Bonnie, Jack is Chica, and poor Wade (you'll see what I mean by this) is Foxy.]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:06 *granted, the dynamite was thrown midway between the Flamethrowers and Sally and Fletcher* *thought the area occupied by Sally and Fletcher was where the FTs were, so it is probably the most obliterated*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 05:06 *she is lucky she left**the explosion happened dangerously near Fletcher's makeshift camp where she killed him*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 05:07 [It's only a minute and a half long. Go ahead and watch it! ^.^]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:10 (Yeah, FNAF is definitely way better than Joshua and the Promised Land. I actually went and looked back at the latter a few minutes ago, and it's like my eyesight has been healed.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:10 *freezes, holding onto Zak tightly* What was that?!
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:11 [XD Yep.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.11 05:12 *is trekking along when a flash of orange illuminates the entire surrounding area* *briefly sees the skeleton of a tree before everything is engulfed in black and smoke once again*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.11 05:13 *goes down* *the ground rumbles, and some branches start shaking like chimes*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:15 *is also brought down* *tries her hardest to maintain consciousness, but everything is so hazy* *hears a splitting crack* *can sense that something - a tree, probably - is about to crash down on top of her*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:15 *screams and dives down beside Zak*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:16 *can barely hear herself--the explosion caused ringing in her ears**the same thing is probably happening to the others*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:16 *can only partially see because of the flames that have managed to catch on to some foliage* *pulls on Josh's arm and starts running forward* *he doesn't budge*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:17 *whips around and gasps for air* *sees that Josh is trapped under something* *is overwhelmed by the smoke and stress caused by this situation* *sinks to her knees*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:18 *shakes her head a little* I'm not leaving you here!
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:18 *is stuck under a heavy branch* Zak...Zak!! *can barely even hear herself due to the ringing*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:18 Zak...I'm...I'm stuck...ZAK!!
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:18 *teeters over to Via* *tries to remove the branch, but he nearly crashes on top of her*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:19 *roughly pulls her out of the branch's clutches* Zak is out of it!
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.11 05:20 *looks like he's ready to give up* *is coated by ash and dust, and his eyelids are sagging* *can't really feel anything*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:21 What?! *literally can't hear TJ almost at all*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:21 *is starting to slow down because of the impossible speeds her head is moving at* *bends over as her double vision shifts to triple, then back again* *lifts her head and roars* HELP!!
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:22 *sees Zak lying on the ground* Zak!! ZAK!! *shakes him roughly*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:22 *it is pretty obvious that no one can hear her* *finally resolves to pick up Joshby herself* *grunts with extortion and drags him to his feet*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:23 C'mon! *lifts one of Zak's arms* *is expecting Via to do the same*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:24 *instead, she sees a fiery branch fall down dangerously near them, screams, and starts running by herself*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:27 VIA! *gasps at the sheer nerve of her* *after showing Zak so much affection, it's actually shocking to him* *is totally helpless*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:28 *is filled with a rare burst of resentment* *wouldn't mind leaving Via to her own devices after that* *sees Stevie stumbling through the foliage with Josh, so he flags her down*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:29 Stevie! Follow me! *she notices him and follows* *they hurdle through the jungle together, each with a heavy load* *it becomes strenuous quickly - is certain he'll succumb to the fumes and flames*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.11 05:29 (I have to go now, bye! Good luck with your finals!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.11 05:31 [Thanks! See you!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.12 01:11 [BTW, let me know when it's OK for TJ to be killed. I have a fiendish plan...]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.12 03:46 [Hey, I'm sorry to say this, but I have a Calculus 2 final early next morning and I really need to study. I won't be on tonight. See you tomorrow!]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.12 04:25 (Okay. Good luck!)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 04:45 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. I had a very busy day.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 04:46 (Hey! That's fine. Hopefully everything went well!)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 04:49 (About TJ: okay, will do.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 04:50 (By the way, here's the YouTube video: https://youtu.be/3syUejwzd3Q You're not so much suffering through the animation as you are laughing at it.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 04:53 [Thanks! I think it went well, but I have to wait until I get my grade to see...luckily, I used finals as an excuse to go on a Spyro Reignited binge.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 04:54 [I hope to post Youtube videos of my gameplay soon. Due to technical difficulties I actually restarted and re-recorded, only to find more issues. Luckily I have backup videos of my very original gameplay with no commentary. I want to do what other gamers
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 04:54 do--they commentate as they play--but I keep having audio problems, so my current plan is to do a post-recording commentary on my laptop of my gameplay, and then figure out a way to commentate as I play in future videos.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 04:55 [I suppose the failed videos I've done so far are training for future videos. Commentating as I play is something that I'll have to get used to.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 04:56 [Anyways, let's RP!]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 04:58 (Yeah. I think some of those gamers use mics, but I'm sure you can work around that somehow.)
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 04:59 *barrels through the jungle at full-force with Zak in tow* *at this point, he's just going on autopilot* *the smoke has become to dense for him to really care where he's going*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:00 [I'm on Vessel Zotikos as well!]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:01 [I'm using a microphone. My problem is I have friends who watch me play, and I don't want to shut them out of the audio, so I have the game noise coming out of the TV.]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:02 [But when I record, the PS4 automatically records the game noises whether or not they're coming out of TV speakers, and the microphone picks up some of the louder noises from the TV speakers as well, resulting in an echo.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:02 *is starting to lag behind* *Josh becomes a burden that she can no longer hold onto* *tries to call out TJ's name, but she is racked by a coughing fit instead* *hunches over, her head spinning violently*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:02 [I've tried turning down the microphone, but some parts of the game are still loud enough to create an echo, and I have to speak loudly to be properly heard, so I wind up wearing out my voice faster than I'd like.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:03 (Oh, okay. I see.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:05 *her knees finally give out* *collapses to the jungle floor*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:06 [I also need to work on my ad-libbing. I don't think my very first commentary is very good. XD The best joke I could do was that the dragon Alvar's new design makes it look like he has 30+ pairs of nipples (here's the original:
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:06 ht tp://images5.fanpop.com/image/photos/29200000/Alvar-spyro-the-dragon-29269139-720-576.png and here's Reignited: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/spyro/images/6/61/AlvarRT.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/350?cb=20181023131416 ).]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:09 *faceplanting into a tree is inevitable* *backpedals and crushes Zak a bit, passing out*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:10 (That's weird. The page didn't show up.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:11 [Which one? The first? I put a space in the "ht tp."]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:11 [Also, it's two links.]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:11 (Yeah. I took the space out.)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:13 (Okay, got it to work. Hahaha, yeah. I see what you mean.)
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:14 *meanwhile, time is passing slowly* *they are drifting ahead, but the current isn't that strong* *the canoe spins in a slow circle - so slow, he feels like Jupiter has already orbited the Sun* *starts pondering aloud to fill the space* Wonder if Sally or
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.13 05:15 [Yep. I love almost every dragon redesign, but that one is just...WT*... XD O.o]
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:16 Fletcher are still around. I reckon we turn around and find them. *glances at Fernando cautiously*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.13 05:16 *stares ahead grimly* *doesn't answer*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:21 *mutters* I take that as a no. *pauses for effect* You put some banging effort into trying to win for a while there.
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.13 05:23 *is still as stoic as before* *eventually picks up an oar and starts rowing*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:24 *as mentioned before, hours have probably passed in game time* *Weston and Rose have probably found this to be the perfect time to provide commentary, analyses, and interviews*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:26 *is suddenly jostled awake* *something - or someone - clenches him by the sleeve and gives him a wild shove into the ground* *screams out*
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.13 05:26 *has been having a bit too much fun with the Sally-going-full-yandere speculations*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:28 *opens his eyes just as he is rammed into the ground a second time* *sees a flash of Zak's fury-filled face*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:29 *starts panicking - has Zak turned to the dark side?* *also wonders if he might be having a hallucination, but everything starts getting more and more real* *yells* Ey- hey! Zak!
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:30 *wrangles with Zak, gripping him by the collarbone and giving him an unsteady shove back* Zak, man, what're you doing?
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.13 05:31 *says savagely* You weren't supposed to save me!
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:35 Zak- Zak: *cuts him off* You should've just left me there! I'm no good anymore. TJ: *shock fades into anger, and he's not initially sure of what to say* *mutters* Well, now is about time you tried.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:37 Where is everyone else? Dead? *was chillingly sarcastic about that* *Zak takes it in stride and starts surveying the area* *he's probably worried about Via, now that he's managed to relax*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:37 *is suddenly there* ZAK
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:37 *!
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.13 05:38 *his scowl suddenly morphs into a wide-eyed look of both surprise and relief* *throws his arms around Via*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:39 *takes this as his cue to leave* *marches into the distance in search of Stevie and Josh*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.13 05:40 *pulls himself back with his hands on her shoulders* *is a little breathless* What happened? Is everything alright? *obviously has no recollection of getting ditched*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.13 05:41 (I have to go now. I have a concert tomorrow night, but I should be able to make it. See you then!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:55 I'm fine...we...we barely escaped...oh, I can't believe you're...I'm so glad you're alive! *hugs him tightly*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:55 [Alright, see you!]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 04:22 [I'm here, BTW!]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:28 (Hey!)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:29 Me too. *watches over Via's shoulder as TJ returns with a hobbling Stevie and Josh*
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 04:31 [Hi!]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 04:31 *stops and scans the area for a while* Well, this looks like a fine place to settle down for now. *couldn't sound more enthusiastic* *lets both of his backpacks plop to the ground*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.14 04:33 *trudges after TJ while rubbing his arm excessively* *a red welt appears* *was bitten by a bug while he was passed out on the ground, and the side effects are just now starting to manifest*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:34 *lets go of Zak and collapses*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:35 *guides Via over to the camp* *is hesitant about it, though*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:36 *well, until that happened*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:36 [I'm watching the Joshua and the Promised Land review. I feel like screaming in horror at some of the animations sometimes. XD]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:36 *whips around* Via? *stoops down next to her* Via. *gives her a gentle shake*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:37 (Oh my gosh, yeah.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:37 [Also, I completely lost it when, at about the 7:40 mark, the reviewer (who had been looking at other films for comparisons) said "OK, let's get back to Joshua and the Promised Land" and the classic "NOOO" played faintly in the background. X'D]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:37 (Not sure if you got to the "WT* IS THAT" part, but... a great example right there, haha.)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:38 (Hahaha, yeah!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:38 [And then I just lost it even more with the "WHAT THE [BLEEP] ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT" excerpt from The Big Lebowski about 10 seconds later. >XD]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:38 [Have you seen The Big Lebowski?!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:44 [Good god, it looks like the animator doesn't know how to make more than one material on his models. Sure, he can slap on different textures, but otherwise I don't see almost any difference between, say, skin and wood.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:47 (Yeah. I have to say, it fit perfectly. I haven't seen The Big Lebowski, but I'm familiar with some of the quotes and stuff.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:47 [WATCH THE BIG LEBOWSKI.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:47 (Exactly. Like the narrator said, it's "disgusting".)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:47 [IT IS ONE OF THE BEST MOVIES EVER. :D]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:48 [It's one of the rare movies that gets better when you see it the second/third/etc. time.]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 04:48 (...alright. I'll put it on the list!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:48 [I will warn you--it's very, very weird. That's why it gets better when you see it again. The first time I watched it, I was actually kinda bewildered at the end. I liked it, but I had a sense of "WT* did I just see" XD]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:49 [When I saw it the second time, I was prepared, and thus able to appreciate it more.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:49 [I'll also warn you--it's rather adult. But hey, we both survived Deadpool, right? XD The Big Lebowski should be a cinch.]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 04:50 (It's a movie I've been thinking about seeing, but I looked up the plot to see what it was all about. It doesn't seem like you're too wrong there, haha.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 04:50 [I just realized "it's rather adult" is a huge sentence fragment, but you probably know what I mean. XP]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 04:51 *has a backpack halfway unzipped, but then his attention is caught by Zak and Via* What's goin' on?
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 04:52 (Yep.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:00 I'm...tired...
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:01 [XD I keep losing it every time the reviewer puts Joshua and the Promised Land audio in sync with some other completely unrelated footage.]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:02 *Zak doesn't immediately offer to help* Here. Do you need some help? *extends a hand to Via*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:05 [I don't know if I can survive this review...it cut from the laughing scene to the Dr. Evil and Co. laughing evilly in the Austin Powers movies...I'm going to die laughing myself... X'D]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:05 I just want sleep... *reaches out to take TJ's hand, but doesn't reach out far enough*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:08 (I know, it's great. There's this scene at about 16:51 that has me crying with laughter every time.)
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:09 Zak, help me out here. Zak: *puts his arms around Via and helps her up* *he and TJ assist in transporting her to the camp*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:10 We don't have any sleeping bags, so it's every man for himself. Actually... there's a lot we don't have. *starts looking through the backpacks again*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:10 [*hears an excerpt of audio from "Inglorious Basterds"**immediately dies of laughter*]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:10 *shines a flashlight inside to review the contents* A few waters... not much food... a first aid kit and a knife....
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:11 [(The excerpt's at the very end--at about 27:55--in case you're curious.)]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:11 [Have you seen IB?]
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 05:16 (I haven't seen that either, though I might've seen some clips on TV.)
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 05:16 *is watching TJ with some alarm*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:17 *says solemnly* We're going to have to ration to the max. I don't know how much longer- *notices Josh out of the corner of his eye* Josh, what's the matter?
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.14 05:18 Something bit me. *is fixated on the welt, which is a furious red color by now*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:19 [I also recommend it. Like any Tarantino movie, it's rather violent, but it's very good. The very first scene with Nazi Hans Landa approaching a French family suspected of hiding Jews has some of the best dialogue ever written for a movie--just good god,
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:20 the scene was absolutely tragic, but also absolutely brilliant.]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:20 Yikes... not looking good. *tosses the first aid his way* Better get that taken care of. *unearths a bag of s'mores trail mix* Any takers? *flings it in everyone's general direction*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:20 [And yes, the movie has a character nicknamed the Bear Jew whose choice of weapon is a baseball bat.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:21 [I was taken by complete surprise when the reviewer stuck audio from the movie about the Bear Jew and put it over the scene from Joshua and the Promised Land where some animal person is fighting using a mallet. I completely lost control of myself.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:25 [I actually had to pause and explain to my family just what the h**l I was watching because I was laughing so hard...they were looking at me like "WT*?" XD]
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:26 (I just went back and looked at that scene. It comes right after the best "NOOO!!" part of the video, and is hilariously random in a way.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:27 [Anyways, my take on the animation: I would forgive it if it came from an indie game. I've seen stuff just as bad in Markiplier let's plays of some indie games, and just brushed it off. But for god's sake, the guy spent 4 years making the movie. If I had
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.14 05:27 (Oh my gosh, hahaha. Yeah, I think I almost went comatose from laughter after seeing that video for the first time.)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:28 a choice between making an animation that's long and ugly over the course of 4 years, or making an animation that's short but beautiful over those same 4 years, I'd choose to make a short animation that it astoundingly beautiful.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:30 (Yeah. I mean, it's just unforgivingly bad in some ways. He could've used part of that four-year period to hone his animation skills.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:31 *mutters* I told you it would get worse. *helps wrap the bite up so Josh won't bother it anymore*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 05:33 *slips into a slumber unannounced* *after TJ's announcement, Via's fatigue, and Josh's possibly lethal bug bite, he's having a hard time coping* *realizes how unfit he is for the role of leader*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 05:34 *has let several of his teammates suffer - even die - because of his lack of vigilance* *is filled with guilt and tired of having to bear that burden*
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.14 05:34 (I have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow! Thanks for watching the video!)
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:35 [Definitely. I'm a complete beginner when it comes to 3D graphics. If I was absolutely forced to make a 3D animation of some sort in a period of 4 years starting now, I could probably make something much better.]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:36 [See you! No problem!]
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.14 05:37 *she is feigning some of this fatigue in order to get attention and whatnot, but she is tired*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 04:41 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I was watching a movie.]
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 04:48 (Hey! That's fine.)
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 04:55 *before he knows it, he's nodding off* *night morphs into morning, and he's soon awoken by a piercing light*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 04:55 *is awake and eating*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 04:56 *sure enough, the sun is out, but it's blocked by the apocalyptic smoke that still lingers* *massages his forehead and looks around* *everyone is sleeping on whatever makeshift bed they can find* *sees that Stevie stole his jacket for a pillow*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 04:59 *whines to no one in particular* I have a headache... *this is due to the smoke, of course*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:00 *aimlessly walks over to the riverbank* *is vaguely interested in checking things out over there, though he doesn't have a clear plan* *pushes past some trees and watches the current*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:02 *the flow of the water is a bit tantalizing* *hears Via whining, but that isn't what suddenly distracts him* *there is a lazy creaking sound nearby*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:05 *tromps through some plants to investigate* *is cautiously wandering around in circles until he is met by a pair of dangling legs - the source of the creaking*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:05 *is nauseated by fear* *looks up to see Zak's head hung low, and that's when he bolts*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:08 *can't confirm what he just saw, but that's what terrifies him* *bursts into camp and sort of skids to a stop* *isn't sure what to do next - what he saw is somehow too terrible to explain* *is poised to run again* *looks around erratically*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:11 *knows he can't just stand there* *hovers over TJ* TJ. TJ- *considers giving him a soft kick, but he's shaking too hard*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:13 *is sleeping face-first on a backpack* *grumbles a little and rolls over* Yeah?
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:16 *chuckles awkwardly* Uh, Josh? You're acting weird...
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:17 *stammers* Zak- something with Zak. He's- he's.... TJ: *starts realizing that something serious happened* *sits up and rubs his eyes from the smoke* Calm down. What?
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:18 What about Zak? Spit it out. *doesn't sound like she cares all that much*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:19 *leans on her side and watches with concern*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:21 *spins around and yells* I'm NOT acting weird! Go see for yourself!! *feels an aching lump rising in his throat* *is frustrated and scared* TJ: Please, Josh. Calm down and tell me what happened.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:22 *his voice starts shaking* Zak is dead.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:23 I don't know what happened. I don't know if someone found him, or what. But it looks like it was more intentional than that.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:27 Do you think Zak?... *Josh nods* *pauses* *sounds grave* Show me where he is.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:28 *Josh takes him back to the small glade where Zak is* *is definitely stunned to see Zak swaying from a tree branch* *mutters* God...
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:30 *turns around and rests his chin on his hand* *paces a few steps to let it sink in* I reckoned it was only a matter of time.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:32 *stares at the ground and scarcely nods*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:35 *inhales deeply* We gotta take him down. *pulls out a pocketknife and starts for the tree*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:36 *just tries not to think about it* *lowers Zak by the legs*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:37 *she followed TJ and Josh**she doesn't seem that shaken*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:38 It's a shame...he was a great leader. *lets out a deep, "sad" sigh*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:38 I wanted at least end this game holding his hand... *sobs a little, then abruptly stops*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:39 Wh...what's the point of taking his body down, anyway? He's virtual...
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:39 *It's virtual...
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:40 *once finished, they leave Zak lying on the ground* Josh: *stares down at him* *mumbles* Sorry, man. TJ: I guess we'll see you on the other side.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:41 *gives Via a sharp glance* Just seemed like the right thing to do.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:43 Doesn't matter if it's a dream or not. I'm always gonna follow my own intuition. *plods back to camp* *sees an open backpack close to the riverbank* *never even noticed it was missing* *hesitantly picks it back up*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:45 *is annoyed by Via's artificial sympathy**falls back so he's sauntering next to her* You know, I'm really sorry about Zak. I can't imagine how devastating it must be for you.
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:48 *was talking with an air of sarcasm* But I guess it's all virtual, right? *jogs after TJ*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:49 I don't understand why he did this, though...he was doing great...
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:49 *makes an obscene gesture at Josh behind his back when he runs ahead*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:49 *sits with her arms crossed over her knees* *is waiting for everyone to return, and for TJ to call the shots*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 05:50 Wow... if I'm not mistaken, it appears as though Zak and Via have started drifting already. And I was just getting used to them!
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:51 *swings a backpack over his shoulder* *nods at Stevie* We're gonna be clearing out now. Stevie: *rises* So is?... TJ: Zak is out. It's just us now.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:52 The best we can do is find another place to lay low. Or keep going in case the Hunters are still out there. Which I ain't particularly doubtful of. *gazes into the distance apprehensively*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:53 *picks up a few more things* C'mon. Let's go.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:53 (Alright. Sally can appear whenever you want her to.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:54 The Hunters took our canoe and escaped. But not all of them.
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.15 05:54 Well, Via does have a point...it's not as if he died for real. But I did expect her to be a bit more upset.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:55 *picks up her stuff **seems reserved and melancholy*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 05:56 I didn't see anything on the river. Either they're really far ahead, or really far behind.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 05:56 Well, of course. But I also expected it to have some sort of effect on her.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:57 *stops to peel off his jacket* This game is a mess.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 05:58 *chuckles* I'm honestly ready to call it quits myself.
20>Rose Watkins (Commentator), 27yo.2018,Dec.15 05:58 Well...it appears to have had an effect. Look at her expression now...
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:59 *is only sort of joking* Please don't abandon us too.
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:59 *looks genuinely depressed (of course, deep down she's not)*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 05:59 *says unexpectedly and sharply to Stevie* Shut up!
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 06:01 Yeah... the aftershock must be getting to her. *after hearing what she said - as well as having experienced similar situations in different rounds - he can probably tell she's just a good actor*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:03 *turns around and gives Via a mostly confused look* *doesn't say anything else that could possibly p*** her off*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:04 *still reserves some concern for Via despite her suspicious insinuations* *looks over his shoulder* Everything okay?
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:06 *pulls some water from the back of TJ's backpack* *the air is starting to get heavy and humid*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:07 No. Now leave me alone!
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:07 Let's just get out of here...
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:08 Okay. Okay. That's what we're doing.
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:10 *they trek onward in silence for a while* *Josh is quietly explaining Zak's fate to Stevie, but is careful not to let Via hear*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:13 *is watching a simulated toucan soar through the canopy, ruffling the leaves as it passes* *watching the virtual wildlife makes the journey a little more bearable*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:14 *they are still rowing downriver* *has suggested Fernando get closer to the riverbank so they can spot any clues*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:15 *is spacing out when Fernando leans forward aggressively* *is irritated* What is it? Fernando: *simply jabs a finger at the muddy bank*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:16 *by now, the smoke has started to waft away* *squints to get a better view* *notices something red - an article of clothing, more specifically*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:17 *has been silently stalking the FTs*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:17 *orders Fernando to pull to shore so they can investigate* *grabs the side of the boat and leaps over*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:17 *she doesn't care about the fact that she's seriously outnumbered**she's snapped a bit too much to care*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.15 06:18 *is not too far behind Jace* *instantly recognizes Zak lying over some mossy rocks*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:18 *she is simply prepared to kill anyone and everyone who stands between her and her beloved senpai*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:20 *kneels over Zak carefully, like he's a precious lab subject* *traces the rope next to him* Too unpopular a leader, I suppose? *scoffs*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:20 *has been acting pouty and melancholy the whole time and staying near/at the back of the group*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:21 *dawdles on purpose as well**she's using these as attention-mongering ploys just like most of her other actions, of course*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.15 06:21 *makes an unintelligible grunt* *that's the least of his worries* *as far as he's concerned, the Flamethrowers are in the vicinity*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.15 06:21 There's no time to waste. They've been here. *Jace rises and they return to the canoe*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:21 *basically she's trying to force thoughts of "Poor Via who can't be with her beloved new boyfriend" into the back of everyone else's minds--she's taking mindspace by forcing the others to check on her by at least looking over their shoulders occasionally*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:22 *that's exactly what happens* *has to keep making sure Via is okay*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:23 *slowly and silently closes in for the kill**has been not far behind the FTs for a disturbingly long amount of time now*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:23 *watches through the foliage as the FTs slow down near a little stream--some of them are probably refilling their water or trying to save energy or something*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:24 *is still dawdling**and for once she pays for her attention-mongering*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:24 *looks back, then shakes his head with an eyeroll* *Stevie claims he's being insensitive, but he doesn't respond*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:24 *when no one is looking behind them, she throws a knife*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:25 *the knife goes through the back of her neck**it hits her virtual spine, causing an instant death**collapses*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 06:25 *fills his water bottle and takes a hearty gulp*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:26 *comes flying out of the foliage at the nearest next target, who happens to be TJ since he's been the one checking on Via most often*
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:27 *is nursing a water bottle and staring into space* *then he notices Via fly to the ground* *tosses his water bottle to the side and stands up, ready to run*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:27 *stabs repeatedly and speedily at TJ's neck*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 06:28   + 40 Performance points to Sally  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:28 [Josh and Stevie are going to be the only FTs left, right?]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 06:28   + 10 Mana points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 06:29   + 2 Prestige points to Sally  (Yep.)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:29 *as TJ goes down, her stabbing becomes wilder and less preferential--she winds up basically stabbing him everywhere**she never bothered to wash off Fletcher's blood, so she's even more bloody now*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 06:29   - 167 Health points to Zak  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:30  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=43  *turns to face Stevie and Josh**lunges at amazing speed at Stevie, slashing at her with the knife she used to kill TJ*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 06:30   - 184 Health points to Via  
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:31 *TJ let out some gruesome screams as Sally stabbed him to death* *his mind is paralyzed with fear* *grabs Stevie and attempts to run, stumbling all over her as they try to get away*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:32  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  *had taken out her weapon beforehand* *shoots at Sally*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 06:32 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 06:35 [gtg too! See you! *offline*]
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 15:22   + 10 Performance points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 15:23   - 10 Health points to Stevie  
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 15:25 *wasn't very accurate amidst the shuffle, but she only escaped with a scratch all things considered* *immediately turns to start running* *roars at Josh* GO!!
6>Josh (Columbus(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 15:27 *is propelled by a horrible rush of adrenaline* *sprints as fast as he can* *everything passes in a blur* *can hear Stevie's hysteric whimpering behind him*
12>Fernando (D.C. (H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.15 15:30 *has been hearing all sorts of screaming and yelling echoing from the jungle canopy* *perks up like a cat who sees a bird out the window* *then dives out of the canoe, massive machete in hand, without giving Jace any forewarning*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 15:31 *is confused for a moment* *Fernando mightily paddles himself to the riverbank, swinging his machete around crazily* *jumps into the water before Fernando can escape his sights*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 15:33 *isn't as quick* *slips and slides over the sludge, cursing because he can't regain balance* *then something chomps down on his leg... then his arm, then his side, and then his shoulder*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 15:35 *lets out a few terrified yelps, which transitions to full-on screaming once the chomping becomes merciless* *has been attacked by piranhas* *bobs up and down in a desperate attempt to stay afloat* FERNANDO! *Fernando just disappears in the jungle*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 15:37 NO! PLEASE! *once again, the attack is pretty graphic* *lets out another cry for help, but he gurgles on water and it is too distorted* *wildly writhes up and down a few times before falling below the surface*
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 15:39 *the canoe is rocked around by red-tinged water* *has been eliminated*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 15:40   - 197 Health points to Josh  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 15:41   + 197 Health points to Josh  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 15:41   - 197 Health points to Jace  
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 20:08  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=28  *ruthlessly chases after Josh and Stevie**throws a knife at Stevie from behind*
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 20:09 *the throw isn't her best, considering that she's both trying not to hit Josh and she has simply taken a beating throughout the course of this round*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 20:54  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  *doesn't notice the knife sailing toward her*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.15 20:55 *Sally's knife was overthrown - it went right over her head* *hurriedly stoops to the ground and picks it up* *will take any weapon she can get at this point*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 20:56   + 10 Performance points to Stevie  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 20:56   - 10 Health points to Sally  
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 20:58 *minimizes the live feed screen, which displays Fernando tearing through the jungle* *has gathered all the fallen players for an interview* *Via, Jace, and TJ all look sort of disturbed still; Zak isn't sitting near Nikole or Via*
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 20:58 Guys, we're getting down to the wire. Thoughts?
4>Connor (Oakland(F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.15 20:59 *has his eyes fixated on the screen* *Sally, who is crazed and bloodied, is shown* *crows* Oh my god, she looks like Carrie! It's like Carrie part two! *Rae snorts*
18>Dakota (Austin(F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 21:01 *is watching Stevie and Josh anxiously* Agghhh... I hope they make it! *shakes her fist a little weakly*
19>TJ (Little Rock), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 21:02 Yeah... I honestly didn't expect the two of 'em to make it this far, but that just proves how surprising Questscape can be.
17>Jace (London(H)), 19yo.2018,Dec.15 21:04 *is still cooling down after Fernando's betrayal* *doesn't say anything*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.15 21:05 Um, statistically speaking, Sally and Fernando have probably got this. Weston: Um, let me show you something interesting. *he pulls up profiles of Stevie and Sally's stats*
5>Tessie (New York City (H)), 16yo.2018,Dec.15 21:08 Weston: If you haven't noticed, they stack up against one another almost identically in some places. So it's hard to say who truly has the upper hand. *babbles on about how this makes them an "unparalleled rivalry" and stuff*
13>Logan (Los Angeles(H)), 23yo.2018,Dec.15 21:10 Hahaha. Yeah. Over a guy. Weston: *laughs* You can't deny that he has mojo. I can't stop stumbling across posts where people are claiming Josh as their senpai, too.
1>Weston Watkins (Founder), 34yo.2018,Dec.15 21:11 Speaking of posts... Zak. You made a controversial move that has the Twitterverse up in arms. A lot of people are calling you out for cowardice, but we want to hear your side.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.15 21:13 *glances up at Weston, looking withdrawn* *straightens up* The game was pretty intense. *motions toward the screen, where Stevie and Josh are desperately trying to escape Sally* You can see the worst of it and never know what it's actually like to be
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.15 21:15 through it. *is making a jab at Weston here* I'm not enemies with them anymore, but in the game... in the game, I think each and every one of us had a bloodthirsty streak. It was weird.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.15 21:16 So much started going down, and it got to the point where it was invading every aspect of my body - virtual or not. I had to get the h*ll outta there.
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.15 21:17 Weston: Was your choice inspired by a certain someone?... Or maybe a certain two people? Zak: *sighs* *totally avoids the question* I'm always gonna do what I think is right for me. It was a difficult decision, yes. I fought with myself a bit. But in the
3>Zak (Austin(F)), 22yo.2018,Dec.15 21:18 end, it's just a game. I have some leverage over that. Weston: *figures he better not prod further* Alright. Thank you, Zak.
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 03:29 (Hey, I might be late tonight - maybe like 11:30 my time. Hopefully I'll see you!)
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.16 04:22 [Dang, okay...see you soon!]
16>Sally (Roanoke (H)), 18yo.2018,Dec.16 04:22 [BTW, I'm going to Spain soon! :D I'd really appreciate it if we wrapped up this round before Monday (I won't be on then).]
2>Nikole (St. Louis (F)), 19yo.2018,Dec.16 04:26 *is putting on the best poker face she can muster--which is a pretty convincing one at that**however, she seems a bit unnaturally stiff where she's sitting, and avoids looking at Zak and/or Via*
10>Via (Chicago (F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 04:27 *is fidgety, but otherwise seems fairly relaxed*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.16 04:28 *is back in a business suit and is leaning back casually**seems fully relaxed, but inside he's still seething over Fernando sabotaging Owen's plans to win it all in one fell swoop*
14>Owen (Newport (H)), 34yo.2018,Dec.16 04:29 [BTW, I'm just curious: Owen had a strategy on how to use the dynamite to eliminate most--if not all--of the FTs extremely fast. Why did Fernando essentially diss these plans and go off on his own like he did?]
15>Tray (Chicago (F)), 18yo.2018,Dec.16 04:35 *he is so fixed on the screen that he is unconsciously letting his mouth droop open a little*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 04:36 *seems relaxed because he is relaxed**he honestly wouldn't mind if the FTs win*
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 04:37 *really, he just doesn't care who wins anymore--what matters to him is that he kept his dignity in this round despite being on a team of jerks*
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:23 (Hey! I'll be on in a few moments.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:24 (Sweet, where are you going?)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 05:30 [Barcelona!...Which also happens to be the pickpocketing capital of Europe... XP]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 05:30 [*clings to luggage for my dear life*]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 05:30 [You went to Spain with Paige for some sort of Spanish camp, right?]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:32 (Fernando has grown up in an atmosphere that placed an emphasis on personal glory. Fernando is hardwired to win, but for his own benefit. He's also intense and short-fused, and doesn't like listening to others if they interfere with his own goals.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:33 (To Fernando, Flamethrowers=must kill now. That's just how he's programmed.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 05:35 [So basically he was trying to take all the glory and victory for himself?]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:37 (Yeah. We spent most of our time in the countryside in La Mancha/around Toledo, but got to visit Madrid for a few days. We also have a good friend who lives halfway between Madrid and Barcelona.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:38 (Yeah... be careful with your belongings. Our mom was extremely vigilant over her stuff, yet got her phone stolen. )
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:40 (Another thing to take heed of in Spain is the language barrier. The Spanish speak at incredible speed, and it is difficult to understand them. Most of them didn't know English, and if it hadn't been for our aunt (who studied/lived and Spain) and our
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 05:41 [Oh geez. Got it.]
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:41 friend (whom we met there), I don't know how we would've gotten around. Their accents are also very strong. I'm sure you won't have too much of a problem, but it's something to be aware of.)
11>Stevie (Lincoln(F)), 17yo.2018,Dec.16 05:43 (Yeah. Fernando's just doing what he thinks will help *him* survive. And that's not going to work out if he's going to have to win with other people.)
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 05:45 [Thanks for the advice! :D]
8>Fletcher (Melbourne (H)), 31yo.2018,Dec.16 05:45 [Also, regarding Fernando: How the heck did he survive on a basketball team if he has that mentality? Geez...]