" We Are Dragons "
This game is destined to players of 9 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a dragon RP.Rhere are three types if dragons

:Jewl Dragon
:Fire Dragon
:Skillfully Drafon

Dragons,all of them live in a hidden would unfounded by any human.There is a leader of rack tribe,I am the leader if all the tribes.Dragons eat ONLY deer,wolves,lions,cheetahs and Flamingos.If two dragons are mating,they are not allowed to have more than six cubs.Dragond can be any colour but yellow and magenta.Drafon cubs are not all born with wings.Fire dragons are not born with wings,that is why instead they have fire breath.Rhey are often wars among dragons.Join and have fun!

1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 03:37 [read above before you start playing]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 03:42 *caws* Spark!How many,how mant times boy have I said it?!Leave food for your sisters
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 03:43 *sifhs* I'll be back young ones!
5>Shimmer (Baby Jewl dragon), 12yo.2016,Nov.13 03:46 *snorts smoke out if her nostrils* I'm mad Spark!
5>Shimmer (Baby Jewl dragon), 12yo.2016,Nov.13 03:48 I'm really super hungry,and now I have to wait till Mommy gets back!
12>Spark (Baby Jewl Deagon), 14yo.2016,Nov.13 03:52 I'm sorry ok?!Youd steal me and Pearls food if you had to work all day!You just Ly around and look at your claws!
12>Spark (Baby Jewl Deagon), 14yo.2016,Nov.13 03:54 *sighs*!Sorry Shimmer,I was really hungry
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:27 [hello!]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 14:29 [Trent read above,you can only be one of those three dragons]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:30 [can plz be an ice dragon? :( ]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 14:30 [You can't be an Ice dragon,read above]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:31 [
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:31 [whats a skillfully dragon?]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 14:31 [Sorry :(]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:32 [whats a skillfully dragon?]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 14:32 [It is a dragon with the most skills]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 14:34 [Jewl Drafons have Jewl instead of scales]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 14:34 [Fire dragons have no wings,but unlike any dragon has fire breath]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:35 [ok im a skillfully dragon]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:36 *flys to nest of his own*
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 14:37 [Ok modify your profile so we can continue]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 14:37 [brb I have to ea breakfast]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:38 [i did]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:38 [sign off and back on]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:38 [it will change]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 14:39 [bye...im going back to inymare stone]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 15:21 [hello? you back?]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 15:51 [?]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 15:58 [dragons arent really my strong suit]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 15:59 [i like dragons...but i really don't wan to play an all dragon game]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 15:59 *want
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 16:00 [if a dragon or two on the Inymare Stone would be fine but an all dragon game i dont think i could stick to]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 16:07 [but ill stay]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 16:08 [maybe]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.13 16:51 [ill be on stone game]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 17:52 [sorry went to beach]
20>Mother of Dragons (The Wise One), 1000+yo.2016,Nov.13 19:05 [Hi, it's Brunny! I was given permission to play as the all-knowing mother of the head/leader dragons, so...here's my attempt at describing her.]
20>Mother of Dragons (The Wise One), 1000+yo.2016,Nov.13 19:06 [The Mother of Dragons' true name is unknown to all except herself. She is an ancient, mysterious dragon who generally dwells by herself high up in a cave in a faraway mountain.]
20>Mother of Dragons (The Wise One), 1000+yo.2016,Nov.13 19:07 [She only lets herself be found by others if he wants to be found (sometimes if dragons come to her cave and she doesn't want to be found, they'll find that the cave is empty).]
20>Mother of Dragons (The Wise One), 1000+yo.2016,Nov.13 19:07 [As she is the mother of the dragon leaders of all three tribes, she is actually a very rare hybrid dragon: She bears the traits of all three dragon types.]
20>Mother of Dragons (The Wise One), 1000+yo.2016,Nov.13 19:08 [She breathes fire, has some jewels for scales (like jewel dragons), and is very skillful/smart.]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 19:10 [great!]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 19:11 [I have to go soon,have science test to study for :;]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.13 19:14 [I have to go study now]
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.14 02:37 [everyone! get on The Inymare Stone Intro: The Inymare stone is very powerful...but dangerous if its in the wrong hands. A man named Ivar has captured the stone and will use it to destroy the universe.we need to stop him. We will travel around the univers
2>Sorventh The Strong (skilllfully), /yo.2016,Nov.14 02:37 *e]
18>Starflight (adult) (Evil Dragon), 124yo.2016,Nov.15 23:30 [Hey guys. It's Corona. Starflight is based off of one of my FAVORITE book series, called "Wings of Fire". Anyway, Starflight is just a normal dragon, pitch plack with purple wings, with sparkling silver scales scattered throughout his wings, which look
18>Starflight (adult) (Evil Dragon), 124yo.2016,Nov.15 23:31 like the night sky. He is very smart, but easily feels neglected. He does not like the leaders, for they say he is weak because he does not fight.]
18>Starflight (adult) (Evil Dragon), 124yo.2016,Nov.15 23:32 [Is he a good enough dragon for you? Because I wish I could be a Nightwing, a Skywing, a Rainwing or an Icewing. :( But fine. -_-]
18>Starflight (adult) (Evil Dragon), 124yo.2016,Nov.15 23:58 [BTW I won't be on much.]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.21 01:58 *flys around searching for food and spots a stray delicious looking deer*
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.21 01:59 *lands with a heavy thud which startles the deer yet it stays and she takes the chance to pounce*
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.21 02:00  Dropping Deer (x 1)  
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.21 02:00  Taking Deer (x 1)  
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.21 02:00 Flys back to children*
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Nov.21 02:01  Giving Deer (x 1) to Shimmer  
18>Starflight (adult) (Evil Dragon), 124yo.2016,Nov.28 20:48 *sits alone by himself at the entrance of his cave*
18>Starflight (adult) (Evil Dragon), 124yo.2016,Dec.1 20:40 [by the way a jewel dragon doesn't quite make sense because on MLP dragons eat jewels]
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Dec.2 02:00 [No offense but this is MY Roleplay Discord and you can't tell. E what dragons to put.I chose rhesed
1>Gemma (Jewl Dragon), 203yo.2016,Dec.2 02:01 *these Drafons for good reasons and I gave Brunny the top spot because she is the best and most understanding person I EVER met]
18>Starflight (adult) (Evil Dragon), 124yo.2016,Dec.3 15:22 [Yeah, btw, I wasn't COMPLAINING. If you WANT me to complain, go right ahead and tell me.]
18>Starflight (adult) (Evil Dragon), 124yo.2016,Dec.3 15:25 [and idec WHO has the top spot as long as I am not pushed around like a reptool in scraptor territory. Because, as you may know, I do NOT like to be pushed around.]
16>Fire Spark (Fire), 500yo.2023,Aug.24 04:45 [Hi, I'm Fire Spark. I am a 500 year old Fire Dragon. I have red and blue scales, and I know I may be flightless, but don't judge me by that. I can be faster than the fastest flyers, and stronger than the strongest warriors]
16>Fire Spark (Fire), 500yo.2023,Aug.24 04:48  Buying Lion (x 1)  

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