" A Fork in the road "
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16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 02:32 *falls into a trough*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:36 *looks at jason* *looks at sky* I thought cats land on their feet..
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:37 Yeah and Sonas arn't suppose to die.
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:37 *gets out of the trough
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:41 *toss's him wet rag*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:42 Thanks. *takes it and walks into the tavern*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:47 Taven Keep: hey Why don't you sit over there by they fire sir.
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:49 *finds a tree at the edge of town, makes a fire and falls back to sleep*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:54 thank you. *sits by the fire* tell me *@taven keep* where am I?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 05:57 Tavern Keep: you are in RockStead. A small town under the mountain Rocktall.
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:03 *Nods* where may I sleep for the night?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:04 Tavern Keeps: we have a few rooms this way for a small fee
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:04 well i think i will just dry off then be on my way
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:05 Tavern Keep: as you will
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:30 *dries off and leaves, Finds a place to sleep. Falls asleep next to a tree*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:32 *walks back into town and starts asking people if they have seen any Frones*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:42 *gets frustrated and walks out of town*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:44 *wakes up and heads to the woods to hunt*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:47 *finds the river and starts to wash his face*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:49 *holds her staff out and lifts her eye patch to ready an arrow*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:49 HEY! who are you
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:49 ?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:51 The names Jason I'm a Frone.
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:51 Who are you?
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:55 doesn't matter, I'm trying to hunt here, what are you doing here?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:56 Washing My face
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 06:59 fine, catch me a fish then kitty cat and ill make us a fire and cook us some stew.
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:01 ...
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:01 Come again
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:04 *makes a fire*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:10 do you have any food?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:12 no i don't have anything on me but my sword and shield, and... this *pulls out a photo*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:13 *looks at photo*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:15 hmm, who's she?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:17 That's Shade, one of my favorite puppets yet.
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:18 *turns around* YOU. You did this
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:19 indeed and now I wish to try out my newfound powers
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:19 *turns around* YOU. You did this
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:21 What to do first hm Jason?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:22 You should die for what you have done
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:24
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:25 friend of yours? *pulls out staff*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:26 No, death wish of mine
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:27 How rude Jason, I thought I was your Firend.
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:29 you'll never be my Friend
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:29 you killed her didn't you?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:30 Oh I did nothing of the sort. if she is dead that is because of what she did
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:31 she should have know what happens when you take the powers of a Sona
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:31 what do you mean?
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:32 whats a sona?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:34 What are you?
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:35 I'm a human.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:37 Yeah and you have two eyes
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:38 Yes she does whats you point
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:39 that doesn't answer my question..*quietly opens portal above nova*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:39 As clueless as always Jason
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:42 as are you ne... *Gets Pelted by a ton of fruit*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:43 Lets get out of here now. *starts Running*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:43 \
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:45 sounds good *heads back to town*
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:46 *follows*
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 07:47 *gets out of fruit* hm i might have to use that
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 08:01 *AT THE TOWN*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 08:06 well, lets head to the tavern and then you are gonna tell me what just happen.
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.5 08:06 who was that?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:33 That... that is someone who i hoped I would never see again. Her name is Nova
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:34 she made Shade do this it was all her
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:35 *confused* what did she do?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:43 She gave Shade a necklaces that was supposed to protect her from magic
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:44 but all it did was make her go to the Sona and take his powers
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:44 I tried to stop her but she insisted that she needed answers from him
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:45 and when we got there...
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:45 She killed him and took his powers
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:54 *Sniffs* ah so you went this way
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:54 well, im still confused. but, im guessing now part if this.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:55 well, ready or not here I come
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:58 i think your friend found us...
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:58 then get out of it while you still can
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 04:58 too late now
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 05:27 *heads out the back* lets get out of here i don't think fruit going to work this time..
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 05:28 *mutters to herself* why cats?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 05:33 Agreed
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 05:41 *opens the door to the Tavern* Tavern Keep: wow are you doing in here?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 05:44 *looks at the Man* you look like an exilant test subject
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:02 Tavern Keep: what you can... *gets teleported* Hm where did he go?
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:03 *peeks in window from outside*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:03 whoa..
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:05 what?
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:05 interesting
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:06 I feel ever so slightly...
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:08 *door is opened*
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:10
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:13 Wisdom: Greetings newcomer, I am Wisdom, one of three Sonas' of this Universe, and you seem to be trespassing within our Universe. Tell me where are you from and what have you done to that man?
16>Jason (Frone), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:15 Lets get out of here
2>Kazii (Were coyote), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:15 Agreed
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:17 why, wouldn't we both like to know
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:20 But, where are my manners. I am Nova, and I come from what once was known as the Iso Universe, and I am now here to take hold of all of the magic that this universe contains.
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:22 Wisdom: that will not happen. Knowledge has foreseen no problems from any other Universe. Which means that you are of no threat to the Plane
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:24 Well i guess your future teller is unable to see what lies before you. *is teleported into a cage inside the Sona's castle
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:25 Wisdom: There is no problem from you for those two will stop you
10>Nova (Snow Leopard), ???yo.2019,Sep.6 06:25 Wisdom: *teleports away*
20>zara (warrior), 8yo.2020,Mar.23 10:57 hi every one nice to meet you my name is clana
20>zara (warrior), 8yo.2020,Mar.23 10:58 but my character name is zara
20>zara (warrior), 8yo.2020,Mar.23 10:59 how do you start game
5>Alexa (An nice devil), 10yo.2020,Dec.18 17:26 *Touches star charm*
5>Alexa (An nice devil), 10yo.2020,Dec.18 17:27 *whispers to charm* Were am I?
7>Nordillia (people), 9yo.2021,Mar.29 04:46 hi
7>Nordillia (people), 9yo.2021,Mar.29 04:49 *Very confused as no one answered me*
11>kylo (Your average female), 17yo.2022,Apr.24 05:50 Hello

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