" Warrior Cat Kingdom "
This game is destined to players of 5 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Anything Warrior cats! For name include (Prefix) and (suffix), for example MoonPelt. Put your clan (One of the following: MountainClan, ForestClan, HillClan, or LakeClan), and what you are (Warrior, kit, apprentice, etc.) for the role/job slot. More updates coming soon!!! PUT your age in moons! 6 or less, pup, 6-20, apprentice, 20-60, Warrior, 60+ elder.

1>FernStar (MountainClan), 30yo.2021,Nov.7 04:39 I fell on into onto the stone by the Moon Pool, and saw nine faces only I will live to remember. They gave me my nine lives: One for wisdom, mercy, compassion, faith, leadership, strength, kindness, honor and one for my new clan- MountainClan.
1>FernStar (MountainClan), 30yo.2021,Nov.7 04:41 I felt myself come down from StarClan, and part of me wanted to stay there, with friends and family I might not live/die to see again in a long time. But my new clan was awaiting.

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