This game is destined to players of 5 to 150 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to A MESSAGE FOR THE WEBMASTER (or, for short, AMFTWM)! If you have spotted bad behavior/content on Students of the World, Blog-City, and/or here, feel free to complain about it on here and the Webmaster will probably read it. (We cannot assure that he will be on here very often, so it may take a while for you to get a response.)
The rules include no bad-minded messages, do not give out or ask for personal info, you can only have one slot (you play as yourself, not a fictional character), and, most of all, have fun!

1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:25 Hello everyone! Welcome to the club!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:26 I've been noticing some problems, so I thought it would be helpful to open this club. (If you don't like this idea, Webmaster, let me know and I'll archive this game.)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:27 Alright, so first of all: Unlike on other clubs, there will be no Visitor slot (often the anonymity of people becomes confusing), so you'll have to create a slot for yourself.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:28 Secondly: Please save one slot for the Webmaster (a maximum of eighteen other people-not including the WM-can join).
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:29 Thirdly: I'll explain the point tables: Money is self-explanatory. Helpfulness Points is also self-explanatory-the more stuff you report, the more points you get for helping keep this website "clean."
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:31 Troll Points are a little harder to explain-basically if I find that you trolled but I also find that the trolling was actually funny and not just stupid and wasteful (unfortunately genuinely good/funn trolling is rare), I will award you Troll Points.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:32 If your trolling was just stupid, I may award you very few points or even none at all. Note that I am NOT encouraging you to troll-I just added this to make this club a little more fun.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:33 °funny trolling
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:35 Lastly: To post a complaint, post it in this form: "COMPLAINT NO. (Number of Complaint): (Title goes here, though putting in a title is optional) : (Your complaint goes here)."
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:35 I have a few complaints myself, so I will post the first one or two complaints.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:36 COMPLAINT NO. 1: A BUG: Hello Webmaster, I have found a bug. When I click " Delete text" and then try to delete all the text made by player 1/the Game Master, it throws an error, telling me that the text is too short and must have at least two characters.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:37 Every number over 1 works. Could you fix this bug? Thank you! :)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:38 COMPLAINT NO. 2: Hi Webmaster, Ella-Samara (a girl from Australia who copied questions from my and Saleena's surveys months ago and put them in my own) has been plagiarising my and Saleena's stuff again. Though she didn't copy whole questions, she copied
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:39 many "signature"/well-known lines and quotes that we use/have used in our surveys. I posted a survey asking her not to do this anymore and lecturing her about plagiarism, and I added in some funny plagiarism jokes to keep things positive, but after a week
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:41 or so my survey disappeared/was deleted. What happened to my survey? Could you send Ella-Samara a message asking her to stop plagiarising my and Saleena's surveys? Thanks again!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:43 °a girl from Australia who copied questions from my and Saleena's surveys months ago and put them in her own surveys (Sorry, typo.)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:46 Oh, and the survey where she plagiarised my and Sal's surveys again is called "The Awesomeness of a survey!" Examples of lines she copied include: "I'm a uniturd!", "cocks head and farts", "rides a magical fish into space", and the joke where she pretends
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:46 that the survey is over and then says "Just kidding!" (I have used this joke a couple times.)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.24 09:47 That's all for now!
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2015,Nov.24 20:47 Complaint No. 3: DELETED CHARACTERS: Hi Webmaster, anytime I take up a deleted spot, it tells me ''Bad Password'' or '' Slot Taken''. But no-one has claimed them. Can you fix it?
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Nov.25 14:58 Hello, well... ok... I will try to fix all complaints as soon as I have more free time, sorry... in a few days or week(s).
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Nov.25 15:00 Brunnhilde, please can you tell me REF numbers of surveys that must be deleted? Thanks
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2015,Nov.25 19:20 Most of the quizzes and roleplays haven't been used in a long time.
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2015,Nov.25 20:07 COMPLAINT NO. 4: HACKING: Hey Webmaster, when I logged onto my account on an rp called ''Summer Camp'', I found out that someone posted a smiley face but I didn't do it because I was out of town that day. Can you check it for me? Many thanks!
8>antonio (hunter), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 00:23 HEY FAM
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.26 01:06 ?!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 03:53 @ Nicolas: Hello! Thank you very much for joining! The REF no. of Ella-Samara's survey is 2044. I also found her pen pal account on SOTW in case you want to send her a message; it is in the Australia section and its REF no. is 999327.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 03:54   + 1 Troll Points points to Marly the bruh girl  for making a fairly irrelevant post... :P
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.26 03:57  Secret message to Marly the bruh girl  
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.27 14:00 Complaint 5: When I'm signed into a slot and someone makes a profile on the same RP and that person posts, it says, say, 'Slot 16'. Can you fix that, please?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.27 19:44 A continuation of Felicity's post: Yeah, that happens to me, too. The only way to fix it is to reload the page by hitting the "Reload" button, which signs me out of the slot but shows the new person's slot/profile.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Nov.27 20:12 Complaint no. 6: When I went on this site (earlier) all I saw was black. It was there for about an hour. It eventually got fixed but I wanted you to know.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Nov.28 11:05 Ok for complaint 2: Survey #2044 deleted.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Nov.28 11:10 About complaint 5: which game please?
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Nov.28 11:13 About complaint 4: I cannot see any smiley inside the "Summer Camp" game. Nobody can publish any picture. If any problem, I suggest you modify your password.
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.28 15:13 About Complaint 5: Every roleplay. I'm serious, Nicolas. Every. Single. One.
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2015,Nov.28 15:49 Yeah, something similar happened to me. Cecilia was logged onto a slot and we were roleplaying but when she posted it said, ''Slot 16'' as if she was deleted!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Nov.28 18:52 What?!?! Which role-play???? Evacuee Story?
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.28 18:53 It happens on every RP.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.29 04:54 @ the Webmaster: About Complaint 5: Imagine this: You are signed into a slot already and RPing. When someone new joins and creates a slot and posts, it doesn't update on your screen and show the new person's character. Instead, it shows the slot's number.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.29 04:55 You then can hit the "Reload" button on your browser, which fixes it and makes it display the character, but signs you out of your slot.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.29 04:57 @ the Webmaster: I think what Euodia meant are emojis/emoticons. I've posted emoticons on this website before. An example of one: 🐱
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.29 04:58 Cecilia's been posting a million emojis on Summer Camp...perhaps Euodia confused one of her characters with Cecilia's and thought that someone hacked into one of her slots and posted an emoji? Not quite sure...
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2015,Nov.29 08:30 No Brunnhilde, On the Summer Camp rp I am Jessie. You can check it out for your self.
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Nov.29 20:27 Complaint no 7: Bonjour Nicolas, c'est kajalaka! J'ai retourné, mais il y a une problème que je trouvais. Quand j'essaye jouer les jeux ici, je ne peux pas. (désolé, je n'ai pas aucuns mots que je sais comment utiliser en français, je dois parler anglais
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Nov.29 20:29 I cant log in to play the roleplay games on my 3ds. it would be EXTREMELY helpful if you could create a button to click after typing in the password, so we can access our characters. Merci
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Nov.30 00:40 No. I renember that I did not post that emoji because it had nothing to do with me.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Nov.30 00:41 And hacking!?!?
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Nov.30 00:43 Complaint no. 8 : I was hacked to. Someone posted a SOTW ref. number and it wasn't mine. I don't even have an SOTW account!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.30 20:55 At Cecilia: People post their REF numbers all the time. Do you mean to say that someone hacked into one of your profiles on a RP and posted a REF no.?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.30 20:56 At Euodia: Just saw it...OK. Maybe one of your siblings knows your password and did it-if you have any siblings.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Nov.30 20:56 At Kajalaka: Heyyy, welcome back! I like how your role box says you're Nicolas' uncle. XD
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Nov.30 21:10 Brunny, I thought that you're back in America. Why are you still posting as if you're in the Czech Republic? Of course, unless you are still in the Czech Republic.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Nov.30 23:14 Yeah.
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:47  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Troll Meme/Face  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:51  Secret message to Nicolas  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:51  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=8   Secret message to Nicolas  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:52  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Grumpy Cat   Secret message to Nicolas  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:53  Secret message to Nicolas  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:53  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Grumpy Cat  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:54 When u have 2 $5000 grumpy cats
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:55  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Pad of Paper  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:55 *writes menacing note, makes airplane and throws at Brunny*
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 01:57 [note] HeY brUNhiLdE, YouRE StOOPiD.-not KaJalAKa
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 02:00  Buying Grumpy Cat (x 1)  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 02:00  Giving Grumpy Cat (x 1) to Nicolas  
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 13:25  Buying Grumpy Cat (x 1)  
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 13:26  Giving Grumpy Cat (x 1) to Nicolas  
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 13:26  Buying Grumpy Cat (x 1000)  
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 20:01 @Brunny: My siblings are in the university, they don't know I have a penpal and only my parents know. My dad's usually in South Africa or at office and my mom won't post smiley faces there.
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 23:00  Buying Bubblegum(per stick) (x 1)  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 23:12 @Nicolas Pouvez-vous nous laisser changer les choses que nous utilisons en les jeux? je veux dire, pouvons-nous ajouter les choses au jeux que nous pouvons acheter et utiliser et donner après le jeux commence?
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 23:13 WE ARE ALL GETTING HACKED!
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 23:16 Et pouvez-vous changer le site Web donc nous pouvons actuellement utiliser des choses? Svp, donc nous n'avons pas les choses qui sont en nos inventories pour non raison? Merci
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 23:17 @Cecilia how
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 23:18  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 23:20 Because I have been hacked and then somehow Euodia! I obviously didn't meen everyone but just somewhat of the population.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.1 23:21 Sorry if I'm trolling.
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.2 01:13 you might earn trolling points lol and how exactly are you being hacked so i can look out for it
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.2 01:15  Secret message to Nicolas  
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2015,Dec.2 22:12 A MESSAGE FOR THE WEBMASTER, NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.2 23:59 At Felicity: I'm in the USA. Why do you think I'm in the Czech Rep.?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.3 00:00 What the?! Kajalaka and Euodia look like they've been hacked too!
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.3 00:01 You're saying 'at' instead of '@'
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.3 00:02 But at the same time...it's weird how the message from Kajalaka's slot saying I'm stupid included the fact that it wasn't Kajalaka. If someone wanted to impersonate someone else via hacking into his/her account, why would he/she admit that he/she was
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.3 00:02 someone else?
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.3 00:03 Hi!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.3 00:03 At Felicity: I'm free to choose whichever one I want. Currently I think I've gotten used to "at" so it'll take a bit before I regularly say "@." But it doesn't really matter.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.3 00:03 Hello!
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.3 00:03 Squeeee
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.3 00:03 *brainstorming about the hacking stuff* [Heh, I think my Erudite Divergent aptitude is becoming active... XD XP]
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.3 00:04 Wanna go on Candyland?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.3 00:04 Sure.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.3 00:05 @ Everyone who's been hacked: Before the Webmaster manages to solve the problem, I recommend changing your passwords.
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.3 02:47 @Brunny I SAID STOOPID IN A SILLY CHILDISH WAY THAT WAS MeEE!*explodes*
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.3 13:33 I recommend changing your password's too. It really help's!
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2015,Dec.4 10:58 I have been hacked. No offense but I suspect Felicity. Only her knows my password.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 01:17 At Kajalaka: OK then... XD XP
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 01:17 At Euodia: Why'd you give her your password?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.5 01:19 At Euodia: Remember, this is the Internet. Anyone could not be who they say they are. I definitely recommend changing your password.
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.5 05:25 I would never do that, Euodia!
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 17:49 *takes everyone by their hands* lets all sing on this matter. Kumbayah......
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 19:05 I don't think Felicity would do that either...
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 19:35 How exactly is anyone being hacked? i haven't noticed anything
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 20:22 @Kajalaka: Read above.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.5 20:26 Felicity is innocent!
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 19:32 Hey, on Students of the World, people keep sending me these messages about "Are you saved by grace" and stuff. I respond to all of them, but they are making me uncomfortable.
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 19:32 My religion is MY business
5>tola (a wonderful person), 12yo.2015,Dec.6 19:37 I've been getting those messages too.
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 19:38 WHEEE!
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 19:39 STALKER!!!\
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 19:52 Me, too.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.6 19:54 Sorry, something wierd is going on with this new computer, it keeps putting stuff I don't want!!
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 01:33 I apologize for my messages of "wheee" and "stalker"
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 01:34 I did not type them
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 01:34 I will change my password
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 01:34  Secret message to Hailey  
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2015,Dec.7 01:34  Secret message to Hailey  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 04:09 At Bekah: You should not reply to those messages. It's obviously some troll or stalker type. Replying is what whoever is sending you those messages wants.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.7 04:10  Secret message to Stephanie  
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2015,Dec.8 18:51 It just makes them look lower than anything and honestly I wouldn't mind being hacked. It would make my day. So, take my slot, you mindless monkey.
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2015,Dec.8 18:52 Sorry for my ranting XD
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.9 04:18 @ Jack: Nah, your ranting was fine. XD In fact...you deserve this! *a random crowd appears**applause*
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.9 13:34  Secret message to Hailey  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.9 13:42 Oh, ok Kajalaka, yes I can add a button if you really need it to login.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.9 13:42 Yes, new items can be adden anytime, but only the Game Master can do it.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.9 14:38 Yes, new items can be adden anytime, but only the Game Master can do it.
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.9 16:52 Maybe you should add a cupcake, Brunny. XD
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.10 00:45  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.10 22:35 @ Felicity: That seems a little too cheesy, but OK. XD I'll add a Fart Gun too... Gru: I said DART gun!! Me: We know. >XD XP
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 03:02 je pense que tout le monde a besoin d'apprendre français. celui qui sait français est hypercool
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.11 03:03 i think everyone needs to learn french. he who knows french is cool
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2015,Dec.11 06:17 Thank you, thank you.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.11 21:20  Secret message to Hailey  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.11 21:21  Secret message to Hailey  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.11 21:21  Secret message to Hailey  
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 13:35 @Brunnhilde: Can you delete ????????? ? I feel like all he's going to do is spam this RP. But, if you want him/her to do that I'm fine with that. I just wanted you to know.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 13:36 Or did you create it????
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 13:46  Secret message to Hailey  
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 13:50 FELICITY YOU ARE ON!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 13:50 YEAH!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 13:51 Or, you were on. ;(
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 13:56  Buying Fart Gun (x 1)  
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.12 21:08 *drop-kicks the hacker to the next time zone* DIE!!!!!!!!!!!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 21:49 I knew it!!!! Who are you? How did you hack us??? I want to learn all your secrets!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 21:50 Are you even sorry??! You should be.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 21:51 I feel I'm a detective!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 21:54 WHO ARE YOU ???????? ??? WHY DID YOU HACK US??? I AM SO MAD!😡😡😡😡😡😡
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 21:55 And yes, that was me. I hope I'm never hacked anymore!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.12 22:01 Well, I'm glad that you told us. Thank you! I'm very sorry if I was overreacting. I hope you stop hacking us, though.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.13 11:09 Hacker deleted. Well, he/she was a kind (not bad-minded) hacker
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.13 11:11 @ Kajalaka / Complaint 7 fixed (Ok button added for connection)
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.13 11:14  Secret message to Marly the bruh girl  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.13 11:16  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2015,Dec.13 14:35 JUST KIDDING! I'm not a hacker! I just like to mess with people! So I will change my name on this every week. My real identity is Kalista just so you know.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.13 14:59 *Pulls out Fart Gun.*
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.13 15:04 I THOUGHT WE SOLVED THE CASE!!!!!!!!
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.13 16:21 I still drop-kicked you to the next time zone.
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.13 16:23  Secret message to Nicolas  
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.13 16:37 I CAN'T BELIVE IT!!!!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.14 21:57  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.14 21:58 @ Nicolas: Yeah, the hacker was kind. I was sort of afraid that the hacker might change some of our passwords or something... 0.0
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.14 22:00 BTW, I have an idea for Nicolas: Perhaps, like you did with the points so you can give everyone points all at once, you could add a function to the "Give" Action so that I could give something to everyone?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.14 22:00 I have been on plenty of RPGs where people have to Give buy-able items to each player, one at a time. I've done it myself and it takes a while, so an "All players" button would be helpful.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.15 20:58  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.15 20:59 Good idea, Brunnhilde. So I will try to add this new option.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.16 00:04 OK, thank you! :)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 04:43 @ Nicolas: I'm just curious (also, sorry if I have asked this question before-I think I did, but I can't remember your answer), but what programming languages do you know?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 04:44 @ Nicolas: I'm good at Python and I'm getting interested in learning Java. If you know any of these languages, perhaps you could provide me with a few tips? I want to be a computer programmer when I grow up.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.17 05:25 @ Nicolas: Also, I have another suggestion: Perhaps you could increase the max. amount of slots to 30? I know that that's a lot of new colors to come up with, but that would be really helpful. Often on roleplays there is a shortage of slots.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.17 13:40 I agree. I think there should be more slots in a RP.
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 19:56 @nicolas merci beaucoup et Joyeux Noël!
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.20 19:58  Secret message to Marly the bruh girl  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 04:12 @ Kalista: Hm...a "Buy All" button would be handy, but what if you didn't have enough money to buy everything?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.21 04:12 @ Kalista: Wait...nvm, I guess the computer would keep buying things until you ran out of money, and then automatically stop.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.21 14:01 I also like the idea of a "Buy All" button.
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.23 03:13 J'aime aussi l'idée
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2015,Dec.24 05:31 Now I'm pretending to be Krysta.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.25 23:31 Merry Christmas everyone...
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.25 23:32 Ooppsss... Sorry Brunnhilde, I was just making tests using your account.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.25 23:33 I just wish everyone had a Happy Christmas
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.25 23:34 Joyeux noël
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.25 23:36 Just a little information: From now, the Game Master can GIVE any item to ALL PLAYERS at the same time.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.25 23:36 Oh, Joyeux Noël aussi à toi, Kajalaka !
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.25 23:37 Tu parles tellement bien français... Tu habites où ?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.26 05:13 @ Nicolas: Thank you! :D
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.26 05:13 Merry Christmas, by the way!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 20:13 Merry Chirstmas everyone!
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2015,Dec.26 21:06 Je vis dans l'État de nouveau York
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:04 @Brunnhilde: I forgot to answer your questions: yes, I know several programming languages, but I chose PHP/MySQL to create my websites.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:12 Like most of computer scientists, I learnt all usual languages at university.. like Basic (very popular in the 80's), Assembly language (the most difficult), C and Pascal (the most structured & universal)...
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:12 Lisp and Prolog also, for artificial intelligence programming
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:13 I don't use Python & Java.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:16 Computer programmer would be certainly a good job for you, provided you stay focused on the web.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:21 In fact, you can become a computer programmer in very different ways... data processing, science, robotics, geosystems, software configuration...
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:25 I think you need a creative job - a job that needs imagination - like website creation :-)
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:30 About max. amount of slots on RP-CITY, I don't plan to extend the limit over 20 today. I don't know, maybe later...
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:33 In fact, I have less and less free time...
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:34 @Kajalaka: Ok, New York, thanks (all French people say "New York").
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 11:48 About complaint 1: problem fixed. Game master can now delete his own messages (player 1).
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 12:01 ...working...
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 12:04 About complaints 3+4: I just made several new tests, and everything seems fine. I don't understand why (in some cases) deleted characters can't be replaced by anyone else.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 12:05 However, you have probably noticed that when you delete a character (e.g. player 6), his name is replaced by "player 6" in the game text.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 12:09 And as soon as someone else registers in THIS (empty) slot, then his name is automatically assigned to all old "player 6" messages... Like a substitude player.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2015,Dec.27 12:11 see you later - and keep cool with chocolate.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 21:53 @ Nicolas: Thank you for the tips!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 21:55 @ Nicolas: I noticed that there's big business is making apps for Android, and I think that a lot of the apps are made in Java. Mostly I'm interested in creating games that people can buy, but I've also considered making my own website with Java.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 21:57 @ Nicolas: So far I know just some of the Java basics - I'm currently MUCH better with Python. In fact, I've made a little game with Python already where the player is a ball. You can move the ball around and make it jump, but that's it - I haven't had
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 21:57 time to improve the game since I've been focusing a bit more on Java.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 21:59 When it comes to video games, I'm perhaps a little "old school" - I like some of the early arcade games, and the latest video games I have are for Playstation 2. My favorite game is Spyro the Dragon, which is for PS1. I've dreamed of creating my own Spyro
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 22:00 game, but I'm nowhere near the point where I can try making 3D games yet...
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 22:01 Anyway, other than programming, I've also considered being a writer (mostly sci-fi and action books, though I've had ideas for more realistic stories that have interesting morals).
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 22:02 @ Nicolas: By the way, have you seen ads for the animated movie version of my favorite book, "Le Petit Prince"/"The Little Prince"? Not too long ago I went to Prague, and I kept seeing ads for the movie in Czech (they said "Maly Princ").
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.28 22:03 @ Nicolas: Also, thank you for fixing some of the bugs on this website! :)
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2015,Dec.29 00:32 @Brunny: Was making your little game hard?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.29 05:09 @ Joan: Had to write about over 100 lines of flawless code (when I started Python I usually wrote programs that had at most 20 lines of code), so...yeah.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.29 05:09 *@ Felicity
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.29 05:10 It has to all be perfect, and when you alter one part you could end up messing up another part that relied on that one part. So you have to be very careful.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.29 05:11 Luckily I imported a nice graphics module for Python that saved me a lot of pain. However, it'll be hard to figure out how the heck I can get the game to work on other computers if they don't have the module... :P
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.29 05:17 That's why I'm getting interested in Java. It can be used to create games (if you're REALLY good at it, of course) and it's used in virtually everything.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2015,Dec.30 14:41 Cool! I once made a game in code, it was very short though.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2015,Dec.31 01:00 What programming language was it in? What does the game do?
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 03:52 NOW I'M BRUNNHILDE! *awkward silence* 2.0!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 14:37 They are duplicating! There is only one Brunny! *Puts Brunnhilde 2.0! in Felicity's bunny trap* Stay there!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 18:42 @ Brunnhilde 2.0: XD Uh...no you're not, because #1: You're 9 years old and I'm getting close to being 15 years old, #2: Your name is Kalista, #3: We're all unique. Your tastes are probably much different from mine and your DNA is obviously different too.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 18:44 @ Cecilia: So, what programming language was your game in?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.3 18:47 Anyway...fake duplicate, BE GONE!! *uses magical roleplay powers to make Brunnhilde 2.0 disappear (AKA I hit the remove a character button XD)*
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.3 19:01 Python.
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2016,Jan.4 17:57 Wait, you're 15 now, Brunny? Or are you almost 15?
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.5 01:11 I think she's almost 15. Right?
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:13 Hey, I said 2.0.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:52 @ Felicity: I said I'm close to being 15.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:52 @ Felicity: I'll be 15 in February.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:53 @ Kalista: That doesn't really make a difference... XD
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:54   + 3 Troll Points points to Mel  Definitely not the best trolling I've seen, but it was a nice try. Therefore you get a few Troll Points.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:54 @ Cecilia: Awesome! I LOVE Python!! :D
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:56 @ Cecilia: What version? Like most people, I run 2.x (note that the x pretty stands for any number that is 0-9), but I've heard things about the new Python versions that are known as Python 3.x (again, x can stand for any no.).
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:56 I think I'm running 2.7.6.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 01:56 I once had another computer that had 2.6.x (I can't remember the third no.), though.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.5 13:23 My birthday is in February too!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.5 13:24 I'm running 2.x
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.5 13:27 I think I'm running 2.7.7
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.5 20:31 Cool! What's your Zodiac sign? Mine is Aquarius! Depending on when you were born in February, you are either an Aquarius or a Pisces.
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2016,Jan.6 09:19 Thank you Brunny!
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.6 13:41 My father's Aquarius, and I'm Pisces!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.6 21:56 @ Euodia: You're welcome! @ Cecilia: Cool!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.6 21:59 COMPLAINT NO. 9: In SOTW mail, deleting messages takes a long time. Could you create a "Select All" button that selects all of the messages, and a "Delete" button that deletes all selected messages?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.6 22:00 Also, if I wanted to keep some messages, could you also make it so that if I hit the "Select All" button I am then able to "Deselect" some messages one at a time?
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.10 23:05 That would be nice.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.12 04:16 COMPLAINT NO. 10: There's a RPG on this website called "4e4e". It appears to not be about anything and all the people on it do is post spam. Could you delete it? Thank you!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.12 20:17 COMPLAINT NO. 11: I apologize if I'm bombarding you with complaints, but I just have one more suggestion for RP-City. A Drop All items, Give All items, and Pick up All items buttons could be useful.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.12 20:19 For example: In an action roleplay, a character could be killed during a battle. The character would drop all his/her items, and the enemy would pick them all up and take them for him/herself. An "All items" button under each of the "Drop" and "Pick up"
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jan.12 20:19 menus could help speed up this process. Also, if another way of doing this would be that the character who is deceased would Give all his/her items to the other character, and an "All items" button under the "Give" menu would also speed things up.
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2016,Jan.18 17:33 Complaint 12: I apologize for all the complaints that we are pelting you with, but when we make thematic clubs on SOTW, can we choose our own password? Or is the system there for a safety reason?
13>Nya (Nya), 14yo.2016,Jan.20 00:30 Complaint 13: I try making my own Role
13>Nya (Nya), 14yo.2016,Jan.20 00:30 sorry i meant
13>Nya (Nya), 14yo.2016,Jan.20 00:31 Complaint 13: I make my own RolePlays on my iPhone and then i try to go on it on my computer and it dosen't work PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!
13>Nya (Nya), 14yo.2016,Jan.20 00:47 Complaint 13: I make my own RolePlays on my iPhone and then i try to go on it on my computer and it dosen't work PLEASE FIX ASAP!!!
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2016,Jan.20 20:53 Maddie, if your bestie's name is Felicity, this is her.
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2016,Jan.26 12:33 @ Felicity: I agree.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.12 17:34 Hello all
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.12 17:37 #9 : Well, a SELECT ALL button in SOTW mail ? why not... or maybe something better: "delete all messages coming from user..." - ok I have to think about it.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.12 17:39 However, you know, old messages (over 1 year old) are automatically deleted. In fact, I delete old messages myself directly from the database system, twice a year.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.12 17:41 #10 : RPG called "4e4e" not found.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.12 17:45 #12 : no, you cannot choose your own password on SOTW thematic clubs. It is automatically calculated and provided to the club owner. It was the easiest way I found for both users and myself (programmer).
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.12 17:47 #13 : It must work better on a computer than iPhone. What's your RP name please, so I can have a look?
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.12 17:51 #11 : Pick up all items at the same time would be too easy for players. And I don't think players would like to drop or give all items to anybody (?).
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.12 17:53 Thanks for your comments and see you later
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Feb.24 18:34 @ Nicolas: About no. #9: OK, that sounds like a good idea. About no. 11: OK, I understand that the "Pick up all items" action would make things too easy.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Feb.24 18:35 However, assume on an action RPG a character dies. The player may want his/her character to drop all his/her items for the rest of the characters to pick up.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Feb.24 18:36 Another player may also want to steal/plunder the dead character's stuff, so the player who played as the dead character could have the dead character give all his/her items to the other player to make the transfer easier (dropping all the items and then
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Feb.24 18:36 letting the other character pick them up one by one would be slow).
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Feb.24 18:38 Also, another example could be where, at the end of a mission or a round in a RPG, all the characters are forced to drop all their things or give all their things back to the Game Master. If we had "Give all" or "Drop all" buttons, this would be finished
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Feb.24 18:38 pretty quickly.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Feb.24 18:39 On some RPGs, of course, Drop all and Give all would not be useful, but on others it probably would.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Feb.25 18:45 #11: Ok, I understand. So I have to think about 2 new options... As soon as I have time (not yet).
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Feb.26 05:17 OK, thank you! :)
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Mar.24 09:34 Boring!
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Mar.30 19:33 #9: New option addedd in SOTW mail, as promised: you can now "sort" your messages by sender and then delete all messages coming from one sender.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Mar.30 19:34 very easy, no?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Mar.31 00:11 @ Troll: Boring, but helpful. ^.^
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Mar.31 00:16 @ Nicolas: Wow, thank you!! It's a relief not having over 200 messages anymore... XD
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Mar.31 00:16 Seriously. I let it build up over time. That probably wasn't a good idea. XD XP
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Mar.31 00:29 @ Nicolas: I noticed that there's over 500 messages in my Sent Mail though...I know that they will delete themselves once a year passes, but perhaps a similar message-deleting system could be put in place there too?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Mar.31 00:30 Oh, and I think I ought to do this...
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Mar.31 00:30   + 5000 Helpfulness Points points to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Mar.31 00:32  Giving Cupcake (x 1) to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Mar.31 00:32 Thanks again! :D
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Apr.3 09:51 by the way what kind of a name is Brunnhilde? its so dorky
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.3 18:49 Oh, thank you so much for the Cupcake, Brunhilde :-)
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.3 18:52 and for so many helpfulness points (:-o)
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.3 19:03 Well, about the SENT MAIL area, I don't allow authors to delete their messages, because these messages would be automatically removed from the destination mailboxes... because messages are not registered twice in the database.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.3 19:14 So when you delete one message from your mailbox, this message is also removed from the author's sent mail area.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:13 Ah, OK. Thanks for the explanation.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:14 @ Troll: No, it's the name of the mythical Valkyrie (look up "Valkyries" on Wikipedia is you're mystified) Brynhildr/Brunhilde/Brunnhilde. She is the daughter of Wotan/Odin, King of the Nordic Gods.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:15 @ Troll: Since most of my heritage is Germanic and Nordic, I was named after the famous Valkyrie. BTW, you're a Troll, and Trolls originated in Norway, so I find it rather odd that you are unfamiliar with basic Norse mythology.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:16 @ Troll: Also, that was some of the...let's just say "mildest" trolling I've ever seen. I've seen far worse. Better luck next time. >:)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:16   + .001 Troll Points points to Soph  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:18 @ Troll: Also, if you're really from Austria, I would think that you were familiar with Germanic/Norse mythology. It appears I was wrong. Quite disappointing. >:)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:18 +10 Troll points to moi >:D
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:19 @ Troll: Don't take any of that personally though. You're trying to troll me, so I decided to troll you back. I don't take what you have been saying personally either.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:20 COMPLAINT NO. 14: Hello Webmaster, I've noticed that people can openly swear on both the Thematic Clubs and Roleplay-City. I've seen several instances of the "s" word being posted in full (nothing being blotted out at all), and I think I once saw the "f"
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.5 04:21 word too. Could you improve the website so that it blocks those words? Also, could you make it stop blocking the word "str ipe/str ipes?" That's a normal word, so I don't know why it has been blocked. Thank you!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 00:44 COMPLAINT NO. 15: There's an inappropriate roleplay. Could you delete it? I'll send you the name of the roleplay via a secret message since it contains a bad word in it.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 00:46  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 00:47 *look up "Valkyries" on Wikipedia if you're mystified [Typo. :P]
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 00:55 I just noticed that Troll got .001 Helpfulness points even though I gave him .001 Troll points...what the-?!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 00:55 Mystic Norwegian Troll powers!! :O
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 00:55   - .001 Helpfulness Points points to Soph  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 00:55   + .001 Troll Points points to Soph  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 00:55 That's better.
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2016,Apr.7 16:33 @Brunny and Nicolas: And also the word ''sh aggy''.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 22:27 Yeah...sometimes I try to describe a character who has messy hair by saying "and (so-and-so) has sh aggy hair" and I have to put a space in the word. But I understand why that word's blocked since if you chop off part of it you get a bad word.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.7 22:28 Also, since all of Troll's "complaints" have been fairly useless and off-topic, I think I'll delete Troll's slot.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.8 04:38 COMPLAINT NO. 16: I was just looking around at new RPGs when I recognized another one that could probably be deemed as inappropriate/adult. I'll give you the name of it via a secret message.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.8 04:39  Secret message to Nicolas  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.13 21:13 complaint 14+16 = ok. Thank you very much, Brunnhilde.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.13 21:13 sorry, I meant: complaints 15+16
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.13 21:15 About complaint 14, please can you give me a list of bad-minded words that need to be blocked? Through a PRIVATE message please...
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.13 21:19 Ok for stripe and shaggy
5>tola (a wonderful person), 12yo.2016,Apr.17 18:14 Hi there is a game where they say swears and have messed up roles
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.17 18:59 @ Tola: What game is it? (If the name has an inappropriate word in it, please send it via a secret message to the Webmaster so none of the young readers here have to see it. I recommend blotting out the word like stars/asterisks or something.)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.17 18:59 @ Webmaster: No problem!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.18 04:26  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.18 04:26  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.18 04:28  Secret message to Nicolas  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.22 19:00 Ok Brunnhilde, thanks!
5>tola (a wonderful person), 12yo.2016,Apr.22 22:13 I can't secret message
5>tola (a wonderful person), 12yo.2016,Apr.22 22:13 it's not working
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.24 04:18 What do you mean? All you have to do is click the "Message to... (everyone)" button next to the box you type text in and then select the person you want to send it to.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.24 04:19 If your messages aren't posting, maybe they include swear words. Most swear words are blocked on here, so if you're trying to name the bad RP but it has a bad word in it you need to put asterisks in the bad words to blot them out.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.24 04:21 Or maybe the system is blocking seemingly normal words (for example, the word "stripes" used to be blocked for some reason). I don't know; please describe how it isn't working.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.24 04:21 @ Webmaster: You're welcome! :)
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.28 20:17  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Apr.28 20:19  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.29 18:43  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.29 18:43  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Apr.29 18:45  Secret message to Nicolas  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,May.1 10:02  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,May.3 18:43  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:45 COMPLAINT NO. 17: OK, this is more of a request than a complaint, but I noticed that the Blog of the Month page on Blog-City hasn't been updated for a while. I'd be interested in seeing what blogs are chosen as the latest Blogs of the Month; if you
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,May.28 05:45 updated it, I would be quite grateful. :)
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Jun.5 13:19 17- Yes, you are right, Brunnhilde. I plan to do it in July, because I don't have time right now.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Jun.6 20:30  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:00 @ the Webmaster: Alright, thanks for the info!
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:01 BTW, I found another word - or set of words - that for some reason can't be posted.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:01 They are "The War for C y b e r t r o n."
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:01 I had to put spaces in the word "Cybertron" for it to work.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:02 I also found a glitch on SOTW mail...here it goes... COMPLAINT NO. 18: LOST MESSAGES: Hello again Webmaster! Recently I've been noticing something really weird - sometimes I send a message to a penpal of mine and my penpal doesn't reply.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:03 Later I send them another message and they inform me that they never got my first message. I sometimes look in my Sent Mail after this happens to find that my first message doesn't appear there, either.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:04 I don't understand why my messages are being often mysteriously deleted by the system; I think I've lost a bunch of penpals because of this (I send them a message and I think they decided not to reply, but really they never got
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:04 my message). I've had to switch to emailing some of my penpals instead of using SOTW mail because the amount of times our messages never got across to each other grew too high, and I don't really like doing this - I prefer SOTW mail.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Jun.7 20:05 Can you look into this, please?
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Jun.7 23:45 I have had that problem with my messages too.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Jun.30 05:13  Buying Bubblegum(per stick) (x 4)  
15>Jim (Shady Black market), 19yo.2016,Jul.9 06:42 Hi! I have been locked out of one of the RP's I've created. I try to input my email and it says it's incorrect. Please help if you can?
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2016,Jul.16 12:44 Hello Webmaster, Euodia here! COMPLAINT NO.19: Whenever I want to describe somethings, it's hard to type. I'm just wondering if it will help if you can let us postpictires but no videos.
2>Euodia (AMFTWB Messanger), 11yo.2016,Jul.16 12:45 * post pictures
20>Tony Stark (Avenger), yo.2016,Jul.25 20:36 Hi Nicolas! I hate to bombard you with yet another complaint, since it looks like you have plenty that need attention. But, I thought I'd bring this one up as it's been going on for a good month or two now.
20>Tony Stark (Avenger), yo.2016,Jul.25 20:37 I can't get pictures up on my Blog-City blog. I've put them up, but they aren't appearing. This hasn't happened in the past, so maybe it's not the site?
20>Tony Stark (Avenger), yo.2016,Jul.25 20:39 If you need the blog ref, it is 25116. Thank you!
20>Tony Stark (Avenger), yo.2016,Jul.28 04:31 Hi Webmaster, feel free to disregard my complaint. I figured it out.
11>James (Middle school studen), 13yo.2016,Aug.24 17:23  Secret message to Nicolas  
11>James (Middle school studen), 13yo.2016,Aug.24 17:24  Buying Grumpy Cat (x 1)   Secret message to Nicolas  
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Aug.26 06:08 Hey, can you delete one of the Soph accounts they are both mine and I dont know why I have them.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Sep.5 19:11 OK, done.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Sep.12 05:43 Thanks
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.1 18:57 Hello Tony (sorry if I'm so late)... Your blogs looks like fine (?) Just a reminder about picture names: you just have to make sure you don't use special characters. And the extension must be JPG, JPEG, GIF ou PNG only...
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.1 19:04 Hi Eudia, do you mean you would like to publish pictures on roleplay-city?
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.1 19:06 Only as a game master in your header area I guess?
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.1 19:07 If so, I have to think about it (moderation problems and so on...), when I will have time.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.1 19:17 Hello Brunnhilde, well, in both cases, the problem comes from our text filter. About "for cyber" expression, that's ok, I have removed it.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.1 19:23 About SOTW mail, ok I will try to modify the filters.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.1 20:25  Secret message to Nicolas  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.1 21:16 Ok... so I have modified SOTW filters; they were probably too strict. I'm sorry if your penpals didn't get all your messages.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.1 21:19  Secret message to Soph  
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.2 04:24  Secret message to Nicolas  
9>Emily (person), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:25 REQUEST NO. 1: Instead of organizing the RPs alphabetically, could you sort them by most recent?
9>Emily (person), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 02:34 REQUEST NO. 2: A feature that archives RPs that have been inactive for a year?
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.7 04:50  Secret message to Nicolas  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.8 20:39  Secret message to Soph  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.8 20:41 Good idea, Emily. I will try do it in a few weeks. I can't promise but I will try...
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.8 23:19 Okay thanks.
9>Emily (person), 12yo.2016,Oct.16 01:28 Awesome! Thanks! :D
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 17:43 hello...could you make the money where we could name it something else...for example gold coins if you have a medevil game
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 17:47 or have a selection of choices
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 17:47 -
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 17:48 \
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 17:52 c
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.16 18:04 @ Emily: you can now sort all games either by date or alphabetical order :-)
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 18:26 also with sorting couls you sort it by most texts?
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 18:26 also with sorting could you sort it by most texts?
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 18:31 :)
9>Emily (person), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 18:42 @Nicolas AWESOME! Thanks!!!!!
9>Emily (person), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 18:48 REQUEST NO. 3: Make it show the secret messages that you send, because sometimes when someone responds to my secret message i forgot what I said and I get confused.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Oct.21 18:50 Whoa...a lot
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Oct.21 18:50 *a lot has happened since I last left this...
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Oct.21 18:50 @ Nicolas: Thanks again for all the work you've been putting into these sites!! :D
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Oct.21 18:51 In case you guys are wondering why I haven't been posting, it's because I forgot this existed. o.o' XD
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 22:24 Yes thank you. I am homeschooled so this is how I make friends.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.22 07:04  Secret message to Nicolas  
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.22 07:15 Okay so I just relized somthing. Like two of the messages from me on here I dont remember typing at all. And if that is me. I cannot believe I said that.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.22 07:21 Wait just found out this slot was someone elses before me. So some of the stuff wasn't mine. I thought I was going insane.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 02:07  Secret message to Nicolas  
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 02:20 hello everyone! please secret message me your ref no. so no one can see you're meme
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 02:21 wrong message sorry
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Oct.25 18:44 @ Trent: Wrong roleplay dude. XD
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 23:10  Secret message to Nicolas  
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.26 01:26  Secret message to Nicolas  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.26 10:37 @ Emily: Ok, you are right. I have to think about it too......
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.26 10:39  Secret message to Soph  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.26 10:43  Secret message to Soph  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.26 10:45  Secret message to Soph  
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Oct.26 17:12  Secret message to Nicolas  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.31 11:59 @ Emily: all inactive RPG since 2015 have been archived
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.31 12:11 @ Emily: all inactive RPG since 2015 have been archived
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Oct.31 12:16 @ everyone: you can now see secret messages you sent.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2016,Oct.31 17:49 @ Nicolas: Thanks!! :D Sending secret messages without being able to see them has always been weird. That helps a lot!!
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Nov.1 03:26 Thank you
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.1 20:14 \
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:34  Secret message to Nicolas  
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:35  Secret message to Nicolas  
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:37  Secret message to Nicolas  
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:37  Secret message to Nicolas  
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:38  Secret message to Nicolas  
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.12 00:46 Brunny you're the one who came up with the give to 'all players' option? :) Cool.
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:48 hello!
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.12 00:53 SUGGESTION #18: MULTI-PLAYER SECRET MESSAGES - Hey, I wrote 'suggestion' because 'complaint' sounded too whiny to me. But anyway, I was thinking it would be cool if we could Secret Message more than one person? Examples of when this would be used: You and
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.12 00:54 some other RPers are on one team while some others are on another team. Say you need to discuss a plan without the other team hearing. It would take a while for the plan to be told to everyone on that team.
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.12 00:55 And hey, Trent.
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:59 i agree it sounds "whiny"
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 01:01 SUGGESTION #1:i was thinking if we could have a organization by how much text are in the games...Thanks!
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.12 01:05 QUESTION #1: MESSAGES - This isn't a suggestion or complaint, but what's the maximum amount of characters in these messages? I'm just to scrapping lazy to count it myself. XD
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.13 18:14 SUGGESTION #19: SOTW GROUP MESSAGES - I have noticed that many of my group messages are not getting read. But when I go to send a message notification, it just sends an email to me, and no one else. Why is that, and is there a way that can be changed?
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 00:56 i get your group messages...weird?
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 00:56 oh nvm
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 00:57 message notification...oh weird?
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 02:31 @Nick:Thanks for all the updates!
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 02:32 *Nicolas
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 02:39 [everyone! get on The Inymare Stone Intro: The Inymare stone is very powerful...but dangerous if its in the wrong hands. A man named Ivar has captured the stone and will use it to destroy the universe.we need to stop him. We will travel around the univers
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 02:40 *e]
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.15 23:47 SUGGESTION #20: INAPPROPRIATE RP - I have just discovered a very inappropriate RP at http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=WorldWar3TrumpvsHillar Please take care of it soon and thanks.
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.15 23:48 Trent, this isn't a place to advertise your game. It's a place to talk to the Webmaster. Please stop advertising your games on every single RP that you are on.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Nov.16 16:04 Messages max length = 255 characters.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Nov.16 16:07 You're welcome Discord & Trent. Suggestion #18 = interesting but not so easy... I will have to shake my head when I have time.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Nov.16 16:10 Suggestion #18: SOTW group members have to read your page. We do not send anymore messages through email in order to avoid spam.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Nov.16 16:11 #20 : ok, deleted. Thanks !!!
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Nov.16 16:13 Suggestion #1: why not... But you actually have a yellow bar on each game title, in home page. This yellow bar tell about how much text you have inside.
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Nov.16 22:19 Thank you!
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Nov.22 01:00 Nicolas, I ws just wondering 'bout the chat rooms. Why are they closed?
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Nov.22 01:00 *was
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 18:59 @Nicolas: thank you!
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Dec.1 10:52 The chat room was very popular (continuously running with 2 to 20 people inside), but there were too many abusive messages inside.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Dec.1 10:52 I tried to add good filters, but there were more and more abusive messages... So I had to close it.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2016,Dec.1 10:53 as abusive, I mean bad-minded.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2016,Dec.2 01:25 Oh I see. Okay thank you. I was just wondering
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Dec.12 23:30 Issue #1: MEME GAME GLITCH - I was playing my friend Trent's game 'The Meme Game' at http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=meme when I reloaded the page and suddenly I was locked out of the Player 6 slot. It had the 3 dashes like there was no account
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2016,Dec.12 23:31 but I tried remaking my account and it said the account was already taken. Can you help please?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Jan.1 18:33 @ Corona: Aw darn, I've seen that glitch before. It happens when slots are deleted usually. When someone makes posts while the slots are being deleted by the Game Master, often slots get "locked up" like that.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Jan.1 18:35 Speaking of deleting slots, I'm going to do some "cleaning up" on here...there are a whole lot of people who haven't been here in a very long time and there may be other people trying to get in and add complaints.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Jan.1 18:37 Done. That's good enough for now.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2017,Jan.7 12:21 @Corona: sorry to be so late. I can restore/repair your account if your like. So please, can you give me all needed information ? (character name, real name, password, mood, age...) to: edm.nicolas (at) free.fr
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Jan.16 22:03 @Nicolas: Yeah, I'll do that as soon as I have time. Thanks.
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Jan.25 23:38 QUESTION #2: GROUP MESSAGES - Is there a limit to how many group messages you can send in a day? If there is, than what is it? Please and thank you in advance.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2017,Feb.1 15:37 In the "Penpal groups" area? Yes, you can write as many messages as you want.
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Feb.5 03:23 @nicholas can my friends join if they aren't part of sotw
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Feb.5 03:27 @Nicolas: Can you delete RP games or clubs that haven't been used in a long time? because I keep joining them, but never get replies.
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Feb.5 03:27 can you also ask all game masters to delete anyone who has no explanation of leave to game in 1 month
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Feb.5 03:31  Buying Grumpy Cat (x 1)  also, why do clubs get deleted???
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Feb.5 03:31  Buying Bubblegum(per stick) (x 10)  
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2017,Feb.7 22:00 Suggestion 2#: can you get a way to block people on SOTW... because people can get really annoying
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2017,Feb.9 03:10 Suggestion 3#: can you archive "rodents abroad (action)" because my p-word wasnt working
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Feb.9 03:45 @ Birdie: Regarding your second questions (involving GMs deleting those who haven't been on in a long time), there are already rules on many RPs game masters themselves put into place. However, most don't do this. I think their deleting players policy is
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Feb.9 03:46 up to them, though requesting that all GMs do that would clear out tons of inactive players.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Feb.9 03:47 Suggestion: I may have mentioned this before, but could there perhaps be a (preferably fast) way to delete sent mail (or at least could the sent mail deletion period be shorter - e.g. reduced to a few months rather than years)? Though I haven't used my
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Feb.9 03:47 SOTW mailbox in a while, my sent mail seems really cluttered, so to speak.
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.11 01:12 @Nicolas: No, I mean on an SOTW account. When someone sends a message to all the friends in their list, is there a limit to how many can be done?
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.11 01:16 SUGGESTION #21: PAGES OF MESSAGES - Sometimes I am looking through my messages on SOTW for a certain message, but it takes so long to go through all my pages one at a time. Is there a way you could list numbers on the bottom of the page, kind of like how
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.11 01:18 how Google puts numbers at the bottom of the results pages?
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.11 01:23 SUGGESTION #22: SEARCHES ON RP-CITY - Also, I was thinking maybe there could be a way to search RPs by the Author/Creator's name?
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Feb.12 03:24 Guys, I just think that if a club is inactive, it should be deleted. Also, Inactive clubs
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.13 22:16 Nicolas I just accidentally deleted my SOTW account can you help? I have all the info for the front page but I don't have my friend list.
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.13 22:18 DX DX DX
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.16 05:01 Hey, Nicolas-dude? There's an uber-freaky glitch going on with the SOTW clubs. There's like, tons of bogus-type names of freak-clubs.
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.16 19:25 Nevermind, dude, both my SOTW and the club-thing are taken care of. Thanks, dude!
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Feb.16 19:26 [If anyone doesn't know why I'm adding 'dude' everywhere, look up 'Dinotrux Ton-Ton' on Bing or Google.]
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2017,Feb.26 03:44 Dear Nicholas, I was wondering if it is possible to delete old roleplayschool that hasn't been used in a long time.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2017,Feb.26 03:45  Secret message to Nicolas  
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Mar.7 08:18 Ok, so I think we should delete inactive things. In your next comment type in UNIKITTYBAE if you agree or if you think similar then type CATICORN
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Mar.7 08:21 By the way I am evil #EVIL9999999.0
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,Mar.13 22:23 Bridie, dude, you've already mentioned the whole 'deleting old things' thing like, 4 times already. In my mind, it's starting to get kinda spammy.
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2017,Mar.22 16:23  Secret message to Nicolas  
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Mar.26 09:56 Yeah ton ton it is important. I'm not the only one. Soph has and others have.😈😝😎💩🦄👍😬😁☝️😜✖️😂🍩
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Mar.26 10:09  Secret message to Nicolas  
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.26 16:21 Hi! I'm new. I hope this group is fun!
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2017,Mar.26 19:03 @Bridie: she never said it wasnt Important. she is just saying that you keep saying it over and over when you dont need to
4>Stephanie (beautiful girl ), 11yo.2017,Mar.27 23:09 Hi! Trent.
19>Ton-Ton (Corona) (Ankylodump!), 12yo.2017,May.3 20:11 Exactly. Thanks, Intrent. :P Also, sup, Stephanie!
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2017,May.4 21:42 @Bridie: The webmaster doesnt come on every single day becase he has other things to manage so it just sitting and waiting untill he answers your question]
18>Trent (none), 11yo.2017,May.4 21:44 @Bridie: thats why Corona says that it sounds kind of spammy because its all about patience...saying it over and over isn't going to help anything]
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2017,Jun.6 06:02  Secret message to Nicolas  
16>Cecilia (Awesome!), 11yo.2017,Jun.16 10:08 honestly this isn't really a complaint but more like a suggestion; can you make your sites more mobile friendly?
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 14:45 I have a complaint. My brother Daniel has created a game called 'Narrto Usumake' and he wants to delete his game but he has forgotten his password. I know you might think I'm lying but I'm telling the truth.
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 14:48 If you wont delete his game allow him to reset his game. he didnt spell almost everything correctly and he cant remember his password to change anything. i will prove to you that i am not lying.
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 14:50 If Daniel,the game master of that game doesnt reply anything in the next 3-4 months you will know that i am telling the truth
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 14:54 i have a suggestion. why dont you allow characters to write password hints to allow them to remember their passwords.
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 14:55  Secret message to Euodia  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:00  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=99  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:01  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Fart Gun  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:02  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Fart Gun  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:03  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bubblegum(per stick)  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:03  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Troll Meme/Face  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:03  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bubblegum(per stick)  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:04  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Cupcake  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:04  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Pencil  
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2017,Jun.24 15:05  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Pad of Paper  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Jul.2 04:39 @ Michael: Only the Webmaster can delete games. If you wish for Daniel's game to be deleted them you (or Daniel himself) will have to ask the Webmaster to do this.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Jul.2 04:41 @ Nicolas: By the way, on Heroes Arise: The RPG slot 7 is not working; I think it is having the same problem as the slots that didn't work on World Battles did (it's where it appears to be empty, but when you go to create a character it claims that there
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2017,Jul.2 04:42 is already a character there/that that slot is already taken). Could you fix this? I would truly appreciate it. :)
8>antonio (hunter), 12yo.2017,Jul.7 20:47  Buying Fart Gun (x 2)   Secret message to Tony Stark  
8>antonio (hunter), 12yo.2017,Jul.7 20:48  Buying Troll Meme/Face (x 2)  hi guy's
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Jul.16 03:17 @Trent. You know,you were saying that I say something over and over again over and over again.
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Jul.16 03:18 Im very impatient
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Jul.16 03:21  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Jul.16 03:21 Is Ton Ton and Trent repeating things about repeating?
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Jul.16 03:22  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Jul.16 03:22 that isn't true
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2017,Aug.17 22:45 ?!
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2017,Aug.17 22:46 I don't know anything!!!!!!!!!!
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2017,Aug.17 22:46  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bubblegum(per stick)  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2017,Aug.17 22:47  Buying Bubblegum(per stick) (x 4)  
3>Hailey (A nice person), 11yo.2017,Aug.17 22:47  Selling Bubblegum(per stick) (x 4)  
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Aug.20 10:28 Hi yall
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Aug.20 10:30 🦄🍉🐱🍩🍍
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Aug.20 10:31 How do we know that Nicola's is the webmaster
7>Marly the bruh girl (bruh girl), 12yo.2017,Sep.7 16:26 @Nicolas: Someone has made a game called Batman Vore. This is disturbing. Please delete that game.
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2017,Nov.29 09:39 HELLO PEOPLE, IM NOT CRAZY AT ALL
11>James (Middle school studen), 13yo.2017,Dec.8 15:45 Complaint N: Sometimes a message will be published for two times or more because of the bugs in this site. That is annoying. Even our dear webmaster has made that too. Please find a way to fix it, thanks!
11>James (Middle school studen), 13yo.2017,Dec.9 08:36  Buying Fart Gun (x 1)  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 19:58 @Michael : Ok 'Narrto Usumake' game deleted. Sorry for delay.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 19:58 @Bridie : yes, your friends can join your RP game, and they don't have to register on SOTW if they don't want to.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:02 @Ton-Ton : You are right. If your friend list becomes too large on SOTW (over 100 friends), then you cannot send anymore message to everyone. This is to prevent large scaled spam.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:06 About your suggestion #21: PAGES OF MESSAGES : you are right... I will have to think about it. But the best way for you is to use the optional search box in the top page. It's very easy & efficient to find anybody.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:07 About your suggestion #21: search RPs by the Author/Creator's name : you are totally right. I will add this option as soon as I have time :-)
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:12 @Soph: ok, your Book Club has been archived.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:17  Secret message to Soph  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:19  Secret message to Soph  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:22  Secret message to Soph  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:23 @Trent: Ok, "rodents abroad (action)" is archived
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 20:30 @Brunnhilde about SOTW sent mail area: messages are not saved twice. I mean if you delete a sent message, then it will also disappear from your penpal inbox. Also each time you delete a message in your mailbox, it also disappears from your penpal sentmail
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Jan.6 21:19 @Ton-Ton: OK... You can now select a specific author name (or just a part) in the RP games list (main page). Also, the Title searchbox didn't work very well... Problem fixed. It works perfectly now. Enjoy! :-)
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Jan.10 01:06 Alright, got it.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:47  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:49  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:50  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:51  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:52  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:54  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:55  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:56  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:57  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 18:58  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 19:00  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 19:02  Secret message to Nicolas  
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Mar.3 19:04  Secret message to Nicolas  
14> Soph (me), 12yo.2018,Mar.8 06:21  Secret message to Nicolas  
12>Bridie (), 10yo.2018,Jul.31 08:34 Wow, secretsssssssss
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Oct.20 03:26 Hello Nicolas/the Webmaster, I have been lately having problems with this site. Namely, on occasion this site loads EXTREMELY slowly. It is too slow for me to roleplay, as it times me out before the full page has loaded, and thus the box in which I type
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Oct.20 03:29 my posts into does not load. I am experiencing this problem right now, in fact. I tried pinging this site and experienced about 20% packet loss; in comparison, I pinged Google and had 0% packet loss. My Internet connection is therefore fine; this doesn't
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Oct.20 03:33 seem to be a problem on my end. From what I've experienced so far, this problem happens at around 8-10 PM Central Time in the US (3-5 AM in France, I think), which is when I come online to RP with my friends.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Oct.20 03:36 Basically, what happens is this site loads MUCH more slowly than normal, and then times out and thus only loads part of the page. It loads from the top down, so the box in which I type my posts often never loads.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Oct.20 03:40 I will note that I went on another website run by French people; it's a free chess website called lichess.org. It's usually quite fast, but right now it is very slow. Perhaps there's something going on with French servers?
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Oct.20 03:42 I shall add that the loading problem is MUCH more severe on RPs with more posts. I frequent long-running roleplays like A Horribly Amazing World which have tons and tons of posts. The only reason I'm able to post on here is that there are much less posts
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Oct.20 03:46 here than on the RPs I usually go on (at least that is my hypothesis for why I can't post at all on the RPs I normally go on). I can't even log into a slot on RPs like A Horribly Amazing World; it simply will never load the whole page.
1>Brunnhilde (Game Master), 16yo.2018,Oct.20 03:46 Is something weird going on in France? That's the best answer to this that I can come up with.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2018,Dec.2 12:22 Thanks for this information, Brunnhilde. I don't know where did this problem come from. I plan to move SOTW + all sites on another host server, soon or later.
13>Nya (Nya), 14yo.2019,Nov.1 20:28 It seems that this website has become unpopular
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2019,Nov.1 20:29 Hello
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2019,Nov.1 20:30 It's Michael again
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2019,Nov.1 20:30 As I was saying, the game has become unpopular
10>Michael ((complain)), 12yo.2019,Nov.1 20:31 I think it needs a complete makeover
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2020,Mar.13 22:49 Ok, all my websites (including SOTW and this one) have been transferred to a better host server. So it will work better now.
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2022,Jun.30 07:01 I forgot my penpal password after re-setting my computer. I need help please.
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2022,Jul.2 21:30 Ok Mel, just give me your REF number to my email address: edm.nicolas (at) free.fr
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2022,Jul.4 08:35 I did Nicholas. But it says that your email could not be found
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2022,Jul.4 08:37  Secret message to Nicolas  
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2022,Jul.4 08:37  Secret message to Nicolas  
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2022,Jul.4 17:48 Just replace (at) by @
6>Nicolas (webmaster), 150yo.2022,Jul.4 17:49  Secret message to Mel  
17>Mel (...), 16yo.2022,Jul.5 07:32  Secret message to Nicolas  

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