" Something Magical Roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hey everyone! Welcome to my roleplay of Something Magical! It's pretty fun and I think it would be interesting to see who joins! Here are some rules!:
1). Please create up to 4 characters! No preference, teenagers must be about 18 years old and adults- any age over 30 please!
2). You can choose for your character to have the ability to shapeshift, a werewolf, a vampire, have magical powers, anything you would like!
3). Please do not argue and if you are going to be part of this roleplay, leave a message at least twice a week if you can!

The Roleplay will take place in the beautiful town of Mardison! The people living in Mardison are very different than anywhere else though. An evil ruler destroyed the town a few years back, causing the townsfolk to want to kill one another. After all of this was fixed, he said spells that caused everyone to have different powers or become something that wasn't human! It's your choice to be what kind of character you want to be! It's time to fight back at the ruler and take the evil curse off the townsfolk! Any questions, let me know please!

1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jun.16 17:04 (Macer- No age. He is very evil with having red eyes and black har. He always wears a robe and talks in a low, deep voice. He also cares a staff around. Many of the folks are more terrified to speak to him, but must when spoken to.)
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jun.16 17:04 (Carries- Not cares)
11>Dave (Shapeshifter), 40yo.2016,Jun.16 17:10 (Dave- He is 40 years old, has brown hair, brown eyes, not very tall, but tall for his age. He was a school teacher before he got the powers of a shapeshifter. He can turn into anyone as long as he puts his mind to it. )
11>Dave (Shapeshifter), 40yo.2016,Jun.16 17:10 (He mostly is wearing suits, but sometimes shorts and a t-shirt. He doesn't have any children or a girlfriend. He lives in an apartment with a dog)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jun.16 17:14 (Steven- He has brown hair, blue eyes, very tall, does sports, for ex- Basketball, Baseball, and Skateboard. He attends Mardison High School as a senior, but gets bullied constantly from others.)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jun.16 17:15 (He wears sweatshirts and jeans with sneakers most of the time. His mage powers are weak since he is young, but he can create a forcefield around himself and knock attackers out for a short time. He doesn't know it, but the ruler is his grandfather.)
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 70+yo.2016,Jun.22 18:55 [Gandalf the Blue is a famous/legendary wizard (who's obviously highly based on Gandalf the Grey from LOTR and The Hobbit). He basically looks like Gandalf the Grey, except his clothes are blue-gray instead of gray.]
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 70+yo.2016,Jun.22 18:56 [Same personality too - wise, calm, friendly, and brave. He comes from the same magical mystery realm Macer came from and is probably the only person Macer fears.]
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 70+yo.2016,Jun.22 18:56 [Thus he did not come from Mardison and gain his powers from the curse; rather, he is nomadic, and has traveled to Mardison to form a secret resistance and help free the people.]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jun.22 18:58 [Haul is a young man from Mardison who has strange orange-blonde hair, amber eyes, and olive skin. He wears an orange T-shirt, blue jeans, brown boots, and a brown belt.]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jun.22 18:59 [His name is Welsch and means "sun," and this name fits him quite well. Because of Macer's curse, Haul gained elemental magic - specifically, magic that allows him to produce intense heat, allowing him to create and control fire and solar light/energy.]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jun.22 18:59 [If he combines his heat powers with earth, he can create and control lava as well, and if he does this inside a mountain, he could potentially create a volcano!]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jun.22 19:00 [However, he is stubborn and fiery in personality, and his powers are primarily activated through anger. Due to his short temper, he has very little control over his powers. He was kicked out of school so he wouldn't hurt any of the other students by
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jun.22 19:01 accident. This has made Haul especially bitter, but mainly he's mad at himself and he hates his own powers. He lives with his parents in town and spends his days strolling around and possibly causing mischief (he has a sense of humor, but because he's
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jun.22 19:01 rather bitter he doesn't show it much).]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jun.22 19:01 [However, his life will definitely change when he meets Gandalf...]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.22 19:03 [Jennifer is the only person who's from Mardison who wasn't affected by the curse, and this is because she lives in a small cottage outside of town. When she was a baby, she was given to an old woman who lives in this cottage; Jennifer doesn't know who
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.22 19:03 her real parents are. Since she was luckily outside of town when Macer put the curse on everyone, she wasn't affected by it.]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.22 19:05 [She is based on Katniss Everdeen from The Hunger Games trilogy. She has long, wavy, dark brown hair (but it also has a reddish hue because it's also brown-red) that is usually in a ponytail and blue-green eyes.]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.22 19:06 [She usually wears black pants, a gray and white horizontally striped long-sleeved shirt, black running boots, and a brown leather jacket.]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.22 19:07 [She taught herself how to shoot a bow and arrow and has become a master archer. However, since she isn't under the curse, she has to live a secretive life and keep herself hidden from Macer.]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.22 19:08 [She is headstrong, brave, curious, and intelligent. She is also very loyal to the few loved ones she has. She often wonders who her parents are and where they might be; the old woman she lives with, who she simply calls "Grandma," is rather odd and
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.22 19:09 always avoids the subject of Jen's parents (note that she's weird because she's secretly a witch and a friend of Gandalf).]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.22 19:10 [Is it OK if Jennifer is Steven's long lost sister, and that she has been hidden from Macer for the sake of her safety (for he might try to get her to follow in his footsteps if he figures out she's related to him)?]
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jun.28 00:34 (Sure!)
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jun.28 00:34 (I don't mind!)
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jun.28 00:34 (Let's start tonight if you are on!)
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.28 04:16 [OK! Since Jennifer is the granddaughter of Macer, she has inherited some of his magical powers. She just hasn't ever tapped into her powers yet and she doesn't know about them.]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.28 04:16 [Anyway, I'm on!]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jun.28 04:20 [Oops...just realized you're in Germany. You're probably asleep now.]
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jun.28 14:19 (Okay! Cool!)
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jun.28 14:19 (Yeah, I'm coming back to Florida in a month for a wedding)
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.5 04:50 [Great!]
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 03:35 (Yep!)
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 04:23 [I'm here!]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 04:23 [Wahoo!]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 04:42 [Jack?]
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 04:52 (Let's go girl!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 04:52 (Sorry I'm late!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 04:52 (But here!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 04:53 (Hello??)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 04:57 (Uh!)
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:06 [Hey!]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:06 [Sorry!]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:06 [Still here!]
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:09 (Yeah you?!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:10 (Here!)
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:10 [Let's RP!]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:10 [Oh wait, can we create bad guys who serve MaceR?]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:10 *Macer
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:14
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:14 [Whoops.]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:18 [Hello?]
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:22 (Sure! Go ahead!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:22 (Sorry I had to use the restroom! Go ahead!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:22 (Go ahead!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:23 (But make them good! :P)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:26 (Sorry, I was watching The Boy and got distracted!)
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:26 [I don't have any bad guy ideas as of yet...let's just RP! I'll create bad guys soon.]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:30 [Wha? First you're going to the bathroom and then you're watching a movie? Make up your mind. You can only have one excuse. XD]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:30 [Nah, it's okay.]
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:30 (XD, how about you start!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:31 (Or I can!)
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:31 [I have to go now. I'll have limited Internet access on Wednesday and Thursday, but I think I'll be able to come back on on Friday @ the normal times (10:00 PM ET). See you on Friday! *offline*]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.6 05:32 [You can start! I'll make a couple posts tomorrow and the day after tomorrow @ random times. Anyway, goodbye!]
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:32 (Okay! See you then!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:32 (Okay!)
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:33 *Starts walking through town making his way to school before beihg late* Oh crap! I forgot a lunch! *Moans and continues to walk a few more ways until reaches the school*
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.6 05:34 *On his way there, he bumps into Haul* Oh pardon me, I didn't watch where I was going, I'm sorry! I am going to be late to school.
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.7 07:18 *was strolling around and pondering bitterly, as usual**snaps at Steven out of nowhere* Well, you had better watch where you're going next time!!
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.7 07:20 *a nearby bush lights on fire as he storms past Steven and down the road, grumbling to himself*
3>Steven (Mage), 19yo.2016,Jul.8 04:05 "Okay, sorry, relax man." *Continues to run towards the school and through the doors.
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 70+yo.2016,Jul.8 05:13 *is riding a horse-drawn cart through town*
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.8 05:14 *has sneaked through town and to the marketplace, as usual**is selling some of the animals she has shot and caught to various people who need the meat (e.g. the local butcher, a cook who owns a small restaurant, etc.)*
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.8 05:16 *is grumbling to himself about how he'll turn Macer into a pile of ash once he gets his hands on him - which probably won't happen, but since Haul hates his powers he is quite POed at Macer and Macer's curse*
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.8 05:17 *glances around quickly while selling her meat to a cook**wants to make sure that Macer and/or his followers don't notice her*
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jul.8 23:25 *Walks through town with a few followers behind him smiling evilly at everyone* *Sees a few people selling different types of food like meat and more* *Greets a few of the people and continues to walk*
11>Dave (Shapeshifter), 40yo.2016,Jul.8 23:26 *Sees Macer coming and quickly runs inside a building* Shoot! He's probably looking for me or something terrible! Oh god! I am screwed! I just know it.
11>Dave (Shapeshifter), 40yo.2016,Jul.9 01:35 *Sees Macer coming and quickly runs inside a building* Shoot! He's probably looking for me or something terrible! Oh god! I am screwed! I just know it.
11>Dave (Shapeshifter), 40yo.2016,Jul.9 01:35 (Ugh!)
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.12 04:27 [Sorry!! I completely forgot to come online... XP]
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.12 04:27 [On here, I mean.]
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jul.13 04:50 (It's okay!)
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.15 20:26 [Snarlet is an overweight teen and likes to keep to herself. When you find her, she'll probably be munching on some type of candy or junk food. She has dark hair and and freckle ist above her lips. She usually wears jeans andd a turtleneck shirt wth Chuck
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.15 20:27 *just
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.15 21:00 Taylor's all stars sneakers. Her special power is that which she gets angry (usually due to teasing) she picks anything closer to her and throws it at you. But beware even if she throws an eraser at you, you will get a scar which will take a long time to
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.15 21:12 heal or even never heal. She always wishes Macer did not exist.]
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.15 21:14 *Walks silently to the school and bumps into Steven. The Snickers bar she's eating stains his shirt by accident*
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.15 23:32 *Walks silently to the school and bumps into Steven. The Snickers bar she's eating stains his shirt by accident*
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.15 23:33 I'm so sorry
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 04:58 [@ Euodia: Hm...I don't quite understand Snarlet's power...so if she gets angry, she can throw things with superhuman strength?]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:00 [Interesting character, though! Most RP heroes are pretty/handsome...your character's "physical flaws" make her unique.]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:01 *notices that some people nearby are acting strange**knows that they are reacting to Macer's sudden presence; he is coming her way*
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jul.16 05:04 *Walks towards Jennifer and smiles evily at her* Hello Jennifer, how are you doing on this fine day?
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:17 *quickly runs and hides in a nearby crowd**Macer gets a glimpse of her just as she disappears among the people*
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:17 [Hey!]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:18 [Scratch what Jen did...BTW, how the heck does Macer know who she is?]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:18 [Remember her backstory: She's been kept hidden from him all her life.]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:18 [Just wondering. Sorry if I seemed harsh. XD XP BTW, hi!]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:19 [I'll be able to get online regularly. I was at summer camp and it just ended. I'm having "fun withdrawl"...it's so depressing... XP]
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 05:25 [Jack? Are you still there?]
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.16 12:02 [Yes Brunny]
11>Dave (Shapeshifter), 40yo.2016,Jul.16 21:08 (Oh crap! I forgot about that! Hahaha XD)
11>Dave (Shapeshifter), 40yo.2016,Jul.16 21:09 *Is walking down the street and sees Macer walking towards him* *Quickly puts his jacket over his head and a mask on* I got to sneak out of here before something bad happens.
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jul.16 21:09 *Continues after Dave quietly and smirking evily hoping to catch him before he blends into the crowd* Oh shoot!
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jul.16 21:10 (NVM the oh shoot part)
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.18 05:22 *OK, NOW she notices that some people nearby are acting strange**gets a glimpse of Macer among the crowd and quickly turns and flees, running into the crowd and hiding*
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.18 05:22 *slows down but keeps walking**blends in pretty well with the crowd*
13>Jennifer (Archer), 17yo.2016,Jul.18 05:22 *Macer got a glimpse of her (with her back toward him) running, but nothing more*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 70+yo.2016,Jul.18 05:23 *rides a cart into town**Macer senses Gandalf's presence (which probably scares Macer)*
9>Haul (Elemental), 18yo.2016,Jul.18 05:25 *is walking along and is still in a bad mood**passes by Gandalf's cart**glances at him warily and quietly; however, despite Haul's icy appearance, on the inside a shudder goes up his spine at the strange way Gandalf stared at him when they crossed paths*
5>Snarlet (Overweight Teenager), 17yo.2016,Jul.18 19:34 *stands quietly behind two barrels and a cart*
11>Dave (Shapeshifter), 40yo.2016,Jul.23 17:56 *Quickly shapeshifts into another man and runs into a restaruant to avoid any confrontation with Macer or anyone*
1>Macer (Ruler), 10000yo.2016,Jul.23 17:56 *Turns to see Gandalf approaching him and moans quietly in anger and distress*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 70+yo.2016,Jul.24 04:03 *nods at Snarlet to greet her upon passing her*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 70+yo.2016,Jul.24 04:04 *sees Macer up ahead and his cheerful demeanor vanishes*
12>Gandalf the Blue (Wizard), 70+yo.2016,Jul.24 04:07 *rides his cart towards Macer*
20>Victoria Sandidge (Fire Mage/Ice Mage ), 17yo.2018,Feb.21 00:19 Hi so i am victora as you may see mage at the works. I am ready to play.
2>Xenon (Vampire), 30yo.2019,May.3 13:17 (He was a travelling trader before he was turned into a vampire now, he lives in a city penthouse with a mutant cat names harry

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