" Wizard Roleplay/Harry Potter spells "
This game is destined to players of 7 to 21 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

this game is relly about wizards who go around fighting off Monsterous dragos at a time of war.

1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.19 19:40 why hello my weary travelers
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.19 19:41  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=19  
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.19 19:43 First we meet the amazing leader who is pretty amazing me
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.19 19:53 We use Harry Potter Spells. Every time you geuss the latin word it comes from you awarded a new charm or spell of you choice.
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.19 19:54   + 10000000 Money points to all players  
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.19 20:05 for anything to work it has to be higher than 12 on so sided dice
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.19 20:06   + 10 Wand points to all players  
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.19 20:06  Secret message to Athena  
2>James (2nd in comand ), 21yo.2018,Feb.20 21:11  Buying Avada Kedavra (x 10)  yay
2>James (2nd in comand ), 21yo.2018,Feb.20 21:13  Selling Avada Kedavra (x 2)  There
2>James (2nd in comand ), 21yo.2018,Feb.20 23:07  Selling Avada Kedavra (x 2)  There
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.20 23:41  Giving Children (x 10) to James  
2>James (2nd in comand ), 21yo.2018,Feb.23 02:34  Buying Sectumsempra (x 100)  
2>James (2nd in comand ), 21yo.2018,Feb.23 02:35  Selling Avada Kedavra (x 5)  
1>Athena (Leader ), 16yo.2018,Feb.26 04:09 gggg\
3>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:42  Buying THE POWER OF DRACO (x 1)  Hello! I'm new!
3>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:42  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=80  
3>Avryn Malfoy (Slytherin), 13yo.2018,Jun.10 06:43 Yay!
4>Nolan McShamrock (Well studied Wizard), 37yo.2020,Jul.1 00:13  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=86  
4>Nolan McShamrock (Well studied Wizard), 37yo.2020,Jul.1 00:14 + 10 wand points
4>Nolan McShamrock (Well studied Wizard), 37yo.2020,Jul.1 00:16  Buying Sectumsempra (x 1)  
12>sirius grey (potions), 24yo.2020,Oct.21 08:22  Buying Expelliarmus (x 1)  
12>sirius grey (potions), 24yo.2020,Oct.21 08:23  Buying Avada Kedavra (x 2)  
12>sirius grey (potions), 24yo.2020,Oct.21 08:23  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=4  
12>sirius grey (potions), 24yo.2020,Oct.21 08:23 hi

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