" Wolf pack roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Hello! Feel free to join this cursing free zone! No pwerplaying please as well. Three packs, RiverPack, PinePack, PlainsPack. Ask host to be loner. Please enjoy and if you have a suggestion please feel free!

Spark (Host)

1>Spark (Healer), 3yo.2018,Nov.14 20:38 Hello! To anyone who joins please just type something as I check this every day. Feel free to shoot me a message too!)
6>misty (alpha?), 18yo.2019,Feb.16 12:23 hello
6>misty (alpha?), 18yo.2019,Feb.16 12:25  Secret message to Spark  
12>Frost (New wolf pack member), 8yo.2019,Mar.5 19:28 Hello
12>Frost (New wolf pack member), 8yo.2019,Mar.5 19:29  Secret message to Spark  
11>Dewmi (Dc), 13yo.2019,Mar.12 13:51 Hi frends
2>Selene (Pack Leader Daughter), ????yo.2019,May.25 21:06  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Simple herbs  
20>Lilly (in PinePack ), alphayo.2019,Sep.28 19:18 hi
5>Casey (Student), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:25  Secret message to Spark  
5>Casey (Student), 10yo.2022,Oct.16 05:25  Buying Sickness Herbs (x 1)  

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