" Wolf Kingdom "
This game is destined to players of 8 to 17 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Here in wolf kingdom,you can join either the EverFrost wolf pack, or the MeadowFalls wolf pack.

EverFrost wolves live up north in a cave,and their territory lies in the rolling snowy fields and mountains. Their main prey is caribou traveling up north, mountain goats, and rabbits. Wolves in this pack also have thick fur for cold weather.

The MeadowFalls wolf pack lives in the southern grasslands and hills. Their home is behind a waterfall, so they have semi water resistant fur. They eat deer and antelopes, rabbits, and bison.

These two packs are always at uneasiness, and occasionally war.

Rules: NO LONE WOLVES (you can get kicked out of your pack), I choose alphas, and they choose their pack. I am the alpha of MeadowFalls. Obey alphas. Pups are only in the spring season, and no random deaths please. Wolf 'dating' is aloud, just in rpg and don't let it over run the server. If you wish to mate with another wolf, ask your alpha first. No bad words and be mature. Read this link for more details: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GcT8gfRzyHWWKC7lCayl4HKXjlYGB-O_oUJLFlygJho/edit?usp=sharing

1>Fern (Alpha of MeadowFalls), 3yo.2021,Oct.23 18:30 Welcome, I am the alpha of MeadowFalls! I am creating a map of our territory, and will post it once finished.
1>Fern (Alpha of MeadowFalls), 3yo.2021,Oct.23 18:46 I lift my head and sniff the air, then lower it. It seems like no new wolves have came to our territory. Will they ever? I shook my head. That was no way to think. I will eventual have such a great wolf pack, others will tremble in terror.
1>Fern (Alpha of MeadowFalls), 3yo.2021,Oct.23 18:47 Our wolf pack will be loyal, full of great hunters. I will claim the southern region, and I will call my brave and intelligent wolf pack... MeadowFalls. I rase my head in honor and hope, and continue to search for more wolves.
1>Fern (Alpha of MeadowFalls), 3yo.2021,Oct.23 18:53 But I know that a just as brave wolf will question me. Will try to take over the northern lands. Let them try. I snarl and mark my territory, rubbing my sent on the chilly trees. Who would want to go even further north? Certainly not I.
1>Fern (Alpha of MeadowFalls), 3yo.2021,Oct.25 16:15 The Spirit Wolves have told me that a new wolf will be coming soon! I howl in joy, and also to guide the new wolf here. (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GcT8gfRzyHWWKC7lCayl4HKXjlYGB-O_oUJLFlygJho/edit?usp=sharing will explain Spirit Wolves)
11>Yuki (Membre d'une meute), 2yo.2022,Jan.5 15:42 Hello Alfa, my name is Yuki and I would like to join your pack, will you allow me ?
12>Sinre (Alpha of EverFrost), 4yo.2022,Jan.5 16:00 Hello! I'm Alpha of of EverFrost.
12>Sinre (Alpha of EverFrost), 4yo.2022,Jan.5 16:00 Would you like to join me Yuki?
11>Yuki (Membre d'une meute), 2yo.2022,Jan.5 17:02 Hello ! Yeah sure ! But I believe that it is the master of the game who designates the alfas
12>Sinre (Alpha of EverFrost), 4yo.2022,Jan.6 10:13 Oh! Okay. Just consider me the Beta who's managing things while the Alpha's away, until the game master decides.
12>Sinre (Alpha of EverFrost), 4yo.2022,Jan.6 10:14  Buying intelligence (x 1)  
12>Sinre (Alpha of EverFrost), 4yo.2022,Jan.6 10:14  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Fighter  
11>Yuki (Membre d'une meute), 2yo.2022,Jan.6 17:58 Okay, do we also make up a story like in Attention Survie ?
11>Yuki (Membre d'une meute), 2yo.2022,Jan.6 17:59  Buying intelligence (x 1)  
11>Yuki (Membre d'une meute), 2yo.2022,Jan.6 17:59  Buying Speed (x 1)  
2>Peeta (Membre de meute), 1yo.2022,Jan.6 20:26  Buying Speed (x 1)  
2>Peeta (Membre de meute), 1yo.2022,Jan.19 14:02 D'accord
2>Peeta (Membre de meute), 1yo.2022,Jan.19 14:02  Buying intelligence (x 2)  

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