" A Wolf Life "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to this Roleplay! In this RP, you can be a wolf, dog or a cat, however I would prefer you to be a wolf.
Please be kind to others and respect the rules.
1. No swearing- If you really do need to, just say beep or bleep.
2. Be on at least 1 time in 2 weeks- unless you have a reason not to be on, in which case you need notify everyone.
3. No name calling- this might upset others.
4. No more than 2 characters/slots- otherwise it just wastes space!
5. Notify the game master if you don't want to be in the roleplay anymore.
(Remember: if you break any of these rules, all of your messages and your character will be deleted!)
Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2016,Dec.29 18:49 [hello and welcome to this RP. When you are not your character, please use [] and when you are doing an action use *]
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2016,Dec.29 18:51 [My character is a female wolf with blue eyes (yes I know adult wolves can't have blue eyes but it's a RP!) she is usually calm and has recently left her pack in search of a mate]
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.3 10:33 [she is also white]
2>Hoyt (He-Wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.4 01:44 [my wolf is hoyt...he is black with blue eyes...he has a Scar right below his right eye...he was a pack leader but is now a lone wolf]
2>Hoyt (He-Wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.4 01:47 [can we call the characters (wolfs) like stupid....but not to the player just in the game as wolfs
2>Hoyt (He-Wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.4 01:47 *]
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.5 23:29 Hi
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.5 23:30 okay, figured out the typing... lol first roleplay game sorry
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.5 23:30 [sorry, forgot the parentheses]
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.5 23:32 [I am Zuna, an all black wolf except for gray paws, ears, and tail. I am a bit of a lone wolf and I usually trail behind the pack so that no one can see me]
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.5 23:33 [Sometimes I randomly am with the pack, sometimes I show up during hunts, or while eating, I come and go as I please]
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.5 23:34 [Recently I have lost the pack that I had been with-kicked out, actually]
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.5 23:35 [My last leader found my comings and goings freely and a threat to his power. Now I am wandering the woods searching for a friend]
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.7 01:08 [you can say things like "stupid" or "idiot" in the rp but no swearing or calling names to other people (not wolves)]
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.7 01:09 [you can start roleplaying whenever you are ready]
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.7 03:52 I am wandering through some woods along a cliff, the same woods that I know one of my former packs resigns in. All is silent
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.7 03:53 Suddenly, I hear a sound. I run deeper into the woods to find a family of rabbits. I quickly scout out a weaker one separated from the rest, and quickly kill it, taking it away to eat
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.7 03:54  Buying Rabbit (x 1)  
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.7 03:55  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Bison  I keep walking, until I come upon a dainty little stream. I lean my head down to take a sip when a
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.7 03:58 Bison comes into my view. It looks young, but too young to be alone. It was probably abandoned by it's mother, her thinking it was going to die
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.7 04:00 It does look sickly to me, and I am considering trying to kill it all by myself when suddenly I spot another wolf bounding down the stream-side, obviously planning to take the Bison
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.9 20:15 [please use * when doing actions]
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.9 21:07 [sorry, okay I will in the future]
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.11 17:29 [thats ok then, just a simple mistake]
3>Zuna (Wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.15 16:56 [Anybody can take the role of the wolf going to take down the bison]
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.17 19:22 *she smells a wolf's scent and follows it, hoping for a male*
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2017,Jan.17 19:23 [you can use " when you are speaking and ~ when you are thinking]
4>Haylia (She-wolf), Teenyo.2017,Feb.21 08:18 [hi can I join?:D]
4>Haylia (She-wolf), Teenyo.2017,Feb.21 08:28 [my wolf is named Haylia. She is a teen wolf, with all silver grey fur except white stomach and paws, and green eyes. She is overly cautious, and kinda shy. She's very sweet, but can be a little bit selfish and whiny sometimes.]
4>Haylia (She-wolf), Teenyo.2017,Feb.21 08:32 [her parents are trying to encourage her to find a mate, but Haylia is still to shy to leave her pack. A lot of lone wolves hit on her, but she always plays hard to get a turns them down.]
4>Haylia (She-wolf), Teenyo.2017,Feb.21 08:36 [she likes to stand up for herself, especially against the boys, but is sometimes to shy.]
1>River (She-wolf), 4yo.2017,Feb.27 17:09 [of course you can join! Start rping whenever you're ready!]
11>May (Baby wolf), 2yo.2017,May.20 07:39 Can I please join if I can my wolf is a little baby snow wolf named may with green eyes
12>Violet (Werewolf), 14yo.2017,Aug.3 04:26 Um..hello Sorry I am shy can I join?
12>Violet (Werewolf), 14yo.2017,Aug.3 04:27 If I can I am a big grey and white speckled wolf with hazel green eyed
13>Aaron (Standing up for othe), 12yo.2017,Sep.1 15:56  Rolling 8 sided dice... Result=8  
13>Aaron (Standing up for othe), 12yo.2017,Sep.1 15:56 Hi
13>Aaron (Standing up for othe), 12yo.2017,Sep.1 15:56  Buying Mouse (x 1)  
13>Aaron (Standing up for othe), 12yo.2017,Sep.1 15:58 Hi I'm new
13>Aaron (Standing up for othe), 12yo.2017,Sep.1 15:59 Hi I'm new
13>Aaron (Standing up for othe), 12yo.2017,Sep.1 16:01  Giving Mouse (x 1) to River  
14>Papa (?), Pupyo.2018,Jan.31 19:26  Buying Rat (x 2)  
14>Papa (?), Pupyo.2018,Jan.31 19:27  Giving Rat (x 2) to Aaron  Here Aaron. Your 2 rats.
14>Papa (?), Pupyo.2018,Feb.2 17:11 Hi Everyone! I'd Like you to invite you to My roleplay! LINK: http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=LoudHouse
6>Claw (Wolf), 10yo.2018,May.10 22:15 Hello
6>Claw (Wolf), 10yo.2018,May.10 22:17 http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=Birdsarecool heres mine
8>Zoola (Baby pup), 3yo.2018,Jun.11 01:14 (Is born
8>Zoola (Baby pup), 3yo.2018,Jun.11 01:14 Arf?
10>Archer (Black and white wolf), 13yo.2018,Sep.4 02:08 (Just wake up from being born)
10>Archer (Black and white wolf), 13yo.2018,Sep.4 02:10 *Looks up at parents*Arf?
10>Archer (Black and white wolf), 13yo.2018,Sep.4 02:11 ~13 years later~
10>Archer (Black and white wolf), 13yo.2018,Sep.4 02:13 ~first day to go out in the wild on Archers own to find a mate~
10>Archer (Black and white wolf), 13yo.2018,Sep.4 02:15 *walks though a clearing and spots a deer*
10>Archer (Black and white wolf), 13yo.2018,Sep.4 02:17  Buying Deer (x 1)  *hides in bushes and leaps at the deer
10>Archer (Black and white wolf), 13yo.2018,Sep.4 02:20 *pulls deer into the bushes and eats it*
18>Spark (Healer), 3yo.2018,Nov.6 20:04 Hello everyone, I'm a little rusty as I'm used to different kinds of roleplays)
18>Spark (Healer), 3yo.2018,Nov.6 20:04 I hope you don't mind me using these >)
18>Spark (Healer), 3yo.2018,Nov.6 20:04 I'll desc for the next person who reads this)
18>Spark (Healer), 3yo.2018,Nov.6 20:29 She-Wolf/RussetColors/EmeraldEyes/LongFur/StuntedGrowth/
9>Aaron (Helpful ), 21yo.2018,Dec.3 20:03  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Mouse  
17>Asreale (Save the world), 21yo.2019,Jan.7 14:24  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Mouse  

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