" Wolves "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

You have been asked to join the mighty Lightning Pack!(You can just use human years for when you do Character Age)

1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Apr.13 16:36 Hey everyone, it's time to get up!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Apr.13 16:37  Dropping Cow meat (x 1)  Here's breakfast!
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 18:54 [Hello! I would like to join! I have watched a documentary on gray wolves so I know how they act in real life.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 18:55 [Nightstar has black fur (Fun wolf fact: Wolves' fur range in color - they can be black, gray, timber, white, etc. But underneath the top layer of fur they all have the same gray coat.) with a white smudge on her chest and strange violet eyes. She is
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 18:55 shy, defensive, and introverted, and because of this she has been ranked Omega Female.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 18:56 [BTW, here's how wolf packs in real life work: The leader is the Alpha Male. His second-in-command is the Beta, who is the peacekeeper, protector, and babysitter of the pack.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 18:57 [Then there are "average wolves" - they are pack members who are ranked "normally." They aren't at the top but they're not at the bottom in terms of rank either. There's then the Omega Male and/or Female, who are the lowest ranked (usually this is because
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 18:57 they seem weak and/or shy, like Nightstar, and thus the Alpha doesn't favor them). They are the scapegoats and entertainers of the pack, often being picked on if another wolf is in a bad mood or often inducing play when the other wolves are bored.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 18:58 [Oh, and there's also the Alpha Female. A female wolf is often chosen by the Alpha Male and this wolf becomes the "queen" of the pack; note that the Alphas alone are allowed to have puppies.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 18:59 [Another fun fact: The Alpha Male often patrols borders alone and makes sure no intruders have entered his pack's territory.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 19:00 [One final fun fact: Wolves in the wild live to be 13 years old on average (before they die of old age, of course).]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.20 19:00 [I'm not insisting that you use these wolf pack facts in this RP, but I thought that they would be helpful.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Apr.26 16:40 Okay sounds like fun! We need an Alpha Male though.....
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.27 20:02 [I thought Moon was Alpha Male since his Role box says "Leader."]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.27 20:02 [Unless Moon's a she and she's Alpha Female...]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Apr.28 00:34 Moon is an Alpha Female
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.29 18:46 [OK. Since this is your RP, you can be Alpha Male if you want. Otherwise I'll claim him.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.29 18:47 [Would you like to be Alpha Male?]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.29 18:47 [Oh, and please check out my club, The Roleplay Alliance: http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=TheRoleplayAlliance ]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Apr.29 18:48 [It can help you meet up with other roleplayers on this site, share roleplay ideas, keep track of the latest RPs, and more. Just make sure to read all the rules before joining! :)]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,May.2 17:44 Yeah you can be Alpha Male if you want. So how do we get more pack members? You have a really long conversation on your club btw
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,May.4 02:06 um..hey what role can i have?
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,May.4 02:06  Taking Cow meat (x 1)  
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,May.4 02:07 thanks for breakfast
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,May.4 02:07 here Nightstar
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,May.4 02:07 you have some
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,May.4 02:07  Dropping Cow meat (x 1)  
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.4 18:39 Thanks...
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.4 18:40 [Oh, and another fun fact: Wolves usually eat deer, especially elk, and when they want a small snack they catch hares and rabbits too. I've never heard of them eating cows, but I have heard of them eating sheep, and since sheep and cows are both farm
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.4 18:41 animals I'm guessing it's possible that they can eat beef too. Not sure.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.4 18:42 [@ Maya: Oh, and by the way, please check out my blog: http://www.blog-city.info/en/rpguide.php ]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.4 18:43 [I especially recommend visiting the "How to Roleplay" page. You haven't been using the standard "format" for RPing, so here and there I'm getting a bit confused on whether you're speaking as your character or as yourself.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.4 18:43 [Sorry if I'm being bossy. I'm guessing you're new here, so I'm helping out with wolf and RPG facts.]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,May.4 23:27 [ yeah sorry just learned that. what role can i have in the pack?]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,May.6 01:11 [Totally fine! So, if I'm talking as myself I use these parentheses and if I'm my character I don't use parentheses? By the way Jynx you can have any role that you want. I'm Alpha Female and Nightstar is Omega Female.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,May.6 01:12 [We mainly need Alpha Male and Omega Male but you can be something else if you want]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,May.6 03:00 [what other roles are there?]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,May.6 20:38 [There's Alpha Male, Omega Male, Beta, or a plain wolf. So Nightstar, are you going to be Alpha Male or do you want to stay Omega Female?)
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.18 22:18 Okay, pack, get it together. [Hello!]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.18 22:27  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.18 22:28 [That was an accident, sorry. My little brother pressed something.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,May.22 15:57 [It's alright] Hey Ratch, how was hunting?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.23 16:16 Good, considering...
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,May.24 16:32 Good considering what?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.24 22:53 There was a strange scent around our last hunt. So I am not certain...
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,May.27 00:50 (Sniffs the ground) What do you think it is?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.27 03:11 I'm not sure... I haven't smelled it anywhere before, and it doesn't smell like anything from a Backpaw, so...
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 05:01 [Regarding parentheses: Yes.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 05:01 [However, you don't use parentheses to do an action. To do an action, you uses stars/asterisks, like this...] *sniffs around*
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 05:01 [BTW, we probably need a Beta. I'll be the Beta, I guess.]
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 05:06 [Shotek is the Beta. He has white fur and light brown eyes. He is calm, caring, compassionate, and brave. Being the Beta, he is the peacekeeper and protector of the Pack, and he especially cares about Nightstar since, being the Omega, she is often used as
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 05:06 a scapegoat.]
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 05:10 [@ the person who is Ratch: Could you describe your character like I described Shotek?]
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 05:10 [Also, is it okay if Shotek is Ratch's brother?]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:15 [No problem, although I'm not saying who I am.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:25 [He is black with gold-green eyes.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:26 [Sorry for the small chunks, I'm trying to figure out what it won't let me post.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:27 [He cares a lot for his pack, but he doesn't like to show it.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:28 [He]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:28 [loves]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:28 [to]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:28 [get]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:28 [his paws]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:31 [the word that starts with a 'd' and means 'messy'.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.28 05:32 [And he hates humans, which he calls 'Backpaws'. Okay, I'm done.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 21:52 [Oh, you mean d*rty?]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 21:52 [For some reason that word is blocked on here.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 21:54  Secret message to Crusher  
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 21:54  Secret message to Crusher  
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 22:01 [I'll create one or two more wolves, starting with Sundance: Sundance has a pale gray coat and brown eyes with a hint of gold/gold flecks here and there in them (like sparks from the sun dancing in a sea of brown, hence the name Sundance).]
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 22:02 [He is the brother of Shotek and Ratch. He is extremely introverted and has been the Omega Male for years now. Though Shotek cares about him, he and Ratch have a rocky relationship; even Ratch uses Sundance as a scapegoat.]
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 22:03 [However, like any other Omega, other than being the scapegoat and the last wolf allowed to eat during a meal he often induces play when the pack is bored and tense. Nightstar often watches him and learns how to get other pack members to play.]
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 22:04 [Sundance may be defensive, but he also has a brainy and manipulative side. Ever since Nightstar was made Omega Female, Sundance has been trying to come up with a plan to exploit her rank and move up in the ranks, leaving her as the only Omega left (and
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 22:04 thus making it hard for her to stop being an Omega).]
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,May.28 22:05 [However, Sundance is overall a good wolf who is loyal to his pack. He is a sad wolf in general, though, and during the time of night when the wolves howl his howl is the most moving/sad and perhaps the most beautiful howl of all.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 22:06 [BTW, spoiler alert: If one of my Omegas moves up in rank, it'll be Nightstar, not Sundance.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,May.28 22:07 [Is it OK if Nightstar is the daughter of Ratch and Moon? And if so, could you guys create some of her littermates? Otherwise I'll just have her be a stray pup that was adopted into the pack when she was younger.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.29 19:04  Secret message to Nightstar  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,May.29 19:05 [Alright, she can be our daughter. Who is Wahkan, though?]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jun.3 06:16 [Sorry, forgot to introduce him.]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jun.3 06:17 [Wahkan is a timber gray wolf, but he actually looks more brown/brindle than gray. He has dark brown eyes and, while being fiercely loyal to his pack, he is also war-like and impulsive.]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jun.3 06:18 [He picks on the Omegas a lot and thinks that not instantly attacking anyone who might be an enemy is a sign of weakness. He can also be cranky at times. However, he is also fun-loving, and he is especially nice when the wolf pack is playing.]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jun.3 06:19 [He has a sister, by the way; if anyone wants to create a new wolf and have her be his sister, go ahead. Just make sure that she is 5 years old, like Wahkan is.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.3 19:07 [Cool!]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.3 19:12 [Mistfly is Wahkan's sister. She is vert playful and doesn't like to stop moving. She likes to pick on her brother a lot, as most siblings do. She also really likes Sundance, although she doubts anything could ever happen between them. She has White fur w
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.3 19:15 [with light gray waves in it, hence her name, and she has strange dark purple eyes. She is also a rebel, she likes to go against Ratch an Moon.]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.3 19:15 *and Moon stupid typos
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.4 00:00
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.4 00:01 [that was a wierd accident]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.4 15:16
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jun.8 13:54 [ Hi!!!!!!!!!!! Lilyanna, a white wolf with silver eyes, loves to play and have fun. Oh, can she be one of the pups of Ratch and Moon? ]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.8 22:56 [You can be one of our pups. How old is your wolf?]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jun.13 11:44 [she is 3 years old]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.13 22:31 [Ok]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.14 04:40 [Hey everyone sorry its been so long I don't get on the computer as much with school being out]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.14 04:41 So Ratch, if it isn't a backpaw, you dont suppose there might be stranger wolf packs here do you?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.14 20:13 I don't know, but we should send a patrol just in case.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.14 20:14 [It's ok that you're not on much.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.15 18:09  Secret message to Crusher  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.15 21:41  Secret message to Moon  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.16 18:44 Really? That's a bit annoying. We could try and use that to our advantage, and just leave Shotek and Wahkan to watch over the pack. So how about this patrol, me, you, and Mistfly? It's too bad we don't have more wolves to work with. Liyanna is too young,
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.16 18:45  Secret message to Crusher  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.16 18:46  Secret message to Crusher  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.16 18:48 This game is annoying a little the last message wasn't supposed to be secret but the 3rd one was. Pretend like you didn't hear the third one please! Thanks!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jun.16 23:33 Can I help, Mommy and Daddy?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.17 00:24 I don't know, I think you should stay here. I don't want you to get hurt Lilyanna.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.17 00:26 *turns to bigger wolves*Mistfly, you will come with Moon and I on patrol.
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.17 00:29 Okay! As long as Wahkan doesn't come. *pushes Wahkan to the pups* He needs to stay here with them! Okay, lets go now! Yay!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jun.17 13:47 Hi, Wahkan!!!!!!!! Let's play!!!! *starts to play around Wahkan*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.17 19:42 Lilyanna is so adorable! I hope we don't have to be gone too long. *Starts walking over to the spot where Ratch had found the peculiar smell* Let's start here and try to follow the scent and see where it takes us.
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.17 22:24 What do I do? Huh? I wanna help! *jumps up and down*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.17 22:25 *nods to Moon**turns to Mistfly* Uh...
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.19 00:58  Secret message to Crusher  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.19 16:52  Secret message to Moon  
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.19 16:53  Secret message to Moon  
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.19 16:54  Secret message to Moon  
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.19 16:54 What're you guys talking about? *jumps onto Ratch*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.19 16:55 Oof! *muffled* Mistfly, you're standing on my snout. Get. Off!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.20 15:38 *Gently shoves Mistfly off* Alright, that's enough. We came out here to see if there is another pack here. Not to act like a bunch of pups out of the whelping den. Come on.
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.20 15:39  Secret message to Crusher  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.20 15:43  Dropping Caribou meat (x 1)  Hey look, there's a dead Caribou. *Sniffs it* It doesn't smell of disease, I think there really is another pack living here. What do we do Ratch?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.20 15:45  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.20 15:45 [Woops hit the wrong thing, sorry]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.26 23:23  Secret message to Moon  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.26 23:24  Taking Caribou meat (x 1)  But smell it. There is no scent of wolf on it. I would know if the scent was of another pack, and that is not a wolf smell.
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jun.29 00:28 Hmph. Fine. Like YOU guys never act that way.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.29 00:29 *shouts simultaneously with Moon* We DON'T!!!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jun.29 02:58 [back at the den] I wonder if Mommy and Daddy can hear me.*howls*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.29 19:37 *howls back this response: 'Lilyanna, we're busy!'*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.29 19:37 Sorry, Lilyanna called.
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.29 20:57 Alright, let's figure out what is wrong with the caribou and let's get out of here.
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.29 20:58 So what do you think is wrong with it?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.29 21:39 It's new. Should we take it back to the pack? Sundance is much better at figuring these things out. [I can tell Brunnhilde to check in here, if you want]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jun.29 22:39
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jun.30 20:26 Yes, I think that is a good idea.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jul.1 19:58 Alright, then it's settled. Mistfly!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jul.1 19:59 Hmph. *pouts* What do you want? *sniffs*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jul.1 20:00 I bet you can't beat us back to camp. *smirks*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jul.1 20:01 *perks up* You bet you're four paws I can! *dashes away*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jul.1 20:03  Dropping Caribou meat (x 1)   Secret message to Moon  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jul.1 23:01  Secret message to Moon  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.2 00:50 *Grabs other end*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.2 05:39 *Walks over to Sundance with Ratch* Sundance, what do you think is wrong with this Caribou? We found it out in the forest.
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jul.2 14:22 [wait are they back at the den?]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.2 17:19 [Not exactly. They are back, but they are over at Sundance's talking about the caribou.]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jul.2 22:31 [ok, just tell me when they get back to the den]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.3 04:26 [Will do! ;) ]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jul.3 13:47 [k]
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:15 [@ Lilyanna: BTW, here's a fun fact: Grey wolves don't need dens; their fur is dense enough to keep the cold and such out. The only exception is when the Alpha Female has puppies; she keeps them in a secret den away from everyone until they're old enough
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:15 to join the pack. By now I think Moon's pups are way past the age of being in dens.]
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:15 [Sorry, I'm kind of a wolf guru... XP]
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:15 [I like stating fun facts about wolves.]
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:16 *being the Omega, he stays low and keeps his ears flat and tail between his legs as he approaches the caribou*
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:16 *has the urge to eat some of the caribou, but resists it, knowing that he will be in BIG trouble if he eats before the rest of the pack gets a chance to eat*
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:17 *is watching over the rest of the pack**plays with Lilyanna**Nightstar sits and watches gloomily*
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.3 20:17 *has become distracted by the scent of a hare nearby**tracks the hare down**the hare sees him and starts running**dashes after the hare*
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:18 *sniffs the caribou (Note: I'm guessing it has been shot by a human. Correct me if I'm wrong and I'll take what Sundance is finding back.)**smells blood on it and traces the blood to a strange little hole in the caribou's side*
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:19 Something pierced its hide here and killed it. *nudges the bullethole* I don't know what, though. I have seen this before whenever backpaws are around, so it may be them.
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:21 They carry thundersticks [This is a "wolf term" I made up that means "gun"/"rifle."] that may be the source of this strange hole. Once I found a dead elk that was like this and a backpaw aimed his thunderstick at me. A tree inches away from me got a hole
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:21 in it and I ran away.
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.3 20:22 Shotek was there...remember that, Shotek? Shotek: *being nearby, he has overheard the story* Yes, I do. That was strange...
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.3 20:23 *is still chasing the hare**makes one last leap and catches it*
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.3 20:23 *kills it and lifts it up in his jaws**looks around, making sure that no one sees him and the hare**though he doesn't know it, Mistfly has spotted him with his prize*
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.3 20:24 *sneaks away in order to hide the secret stash of food and save it for later*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.4 21:27 [hey shotek, I was thinking that since not everyone is a wolf expert like me and you, we could just use human years since wolves die around 13 years old. That would mean me and Ratch would only have a year to live. Plus Wolves grow up so rapidly it might
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.4 21:28 be confusing to others. Just a suggestion]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jul.5 22:06 [Brunnhilde that's like me & TRANSFORMERS.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jul.5 22:08 [Ratch has found a shot animal before. He would know if there was the scent of gunpowder. It's a new scent.]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jul.5 22:08 *silently follows Wahkan*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jul.5 22:09 *pounces on him* Haha! I got you! I got you! Gimme the hare! I'm hungry and I want it! *starts to wrestle with him*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.6 05:18 Mistfly and Wakhan! What are you... Why do you have a hare? You were planning on sharing it with the pack, weren't you?*Glares at them suspiciously*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Jul.9 00:59 Uh... Wahkan had it first gotta go! *dashes away*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.12 04:59 Oh no you don't! *Grabs Mistfly's scruff* You two better start explaining! Otherwise there'll be consequences! Ratch! Come over here please.
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.16 04:45 [@ Maya: That's what I've been doing. Wahkan, Shotek, and Sundance are adult wolves.]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.16 04:47 [@ Maya: Also, I didn't want Moon to see Wahkan's hare, so... XP But okay.]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.16 04:48 Come on! I thought you said we were allowed to get snacks. *rolls eyes*
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.16 04:48 Also, how will I share this itty bitty bitty hare with ten wolves?!!?!
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.16 04:50 *is more amused than angered*
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.16 04:51 Calm down, Moon. Winter is coming. [If it's not, please inform me...I'm not sure what season it is in the RP... @ Corona: OK.]
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.16 04:52 We need to fatten up...
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.16 04:52 *suddenly adds somewhat slyly* But Wahkan, why won't you share your hare with Mistfly? Wahkan: Well...I...er... Shotek: You should have done that.
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.16 04:53 *is annoyed**nods begrudgingly*
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Jul.16 04:53 [Scratch everything Sundance did.] *is still investigating* Hm...I'm not sure what it is...
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.18 06:21 Wakhan, you know better! You put the pack's needs before your own. Shotek, I know winter is coming. But that's no excuse. It would be creating bad habits if I let this slide. Also, Wakhan. I never said you could have 'snacks'. You both should be ashamed
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.18 06:26 of yourselves. You are violating the pack code. The more higher ranked wolves eat first until they are satisfied. Then the Omegas are allowed to eat. Understand? Now Wakhan. Your punishment is skiping tonights meal. Next time you do this I will give you a
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.18 06:30 much more harsh punishment. Shotek, please take these things more seriously. I cannot have this pack going off and doing what they please. We might as well be rogues if we were to live like that.
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.18 06:32  Secret message to Crusher  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.18 06:36 I'm going to go over to my den and play with Lilyanna if anyone needs me.*Walks over to Lilyanna* Hey little one hows my little sweetheart doing?*Smiles lovingly and gentle*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jul.21 22:00  Secret message to Moon  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Jul.21 22:01 [Hey, guys. PLEASE don't delete my account cuz I'll hardly be on during summer.]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.21 22:44 What?! Only Omegas aren't allowed to eat sometimes!! Are you making me the new Omega Male or something?!?!
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.21 22:44 *he said that before Moon went to Lillyanna*
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Jul.21 22:44 Uuuggghhh...
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.22 01:51 Actually, you know what? That sounds like a great idea! Everyone! Please come over here, I am making an announcement I want everyone to know. *Looks at Sundance* Sundance! You have been loyal and honest, and you have never stolen. You have always been a
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.22 01:53 great Omega.*Now looks at Wakhan* Wakhan! You have been dishonest and you have stolen. *Looks back at Sundance and smiles* That is why I am making Wakhan the new Omega Male. Sundance, you are no longer Omega. I would like you to show Wakhan the 'ropes' on
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.22 01:56 being Omega. Congratulations, Sundance. In fact, I almost forgot. Shotek, you have also done wrong. Shotek, you will now be a plain wolf. Just be glad I didn't make you an Omega. Now, that means we need a Beta. Mistfly and Sundance. You are the only two
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.22 01:58 adult wolves capable of being Beta. Mistfly, since you did try to run away when I had been talking to you, I do not want you as my Beta. So, without furtherado, Sundance. You are the only wolf I could really see as a good Beta. So from now on you shall be
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.22 01:59 Beta! [So, Shotek, Wakhan, and Sundance all need new profile changes. Oh, and Ratch, don't worry about it. Your profile won't be deleted, I totally understand!]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jul.24 06:24 [sorry i had somewhere to be this past week. just tell me where to pick up]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.24 08:01 [You can whenever you want to :) ] Now then, since that is all settled, i shall be at my den.*Walks over to Lilyanna and smiles* Hey there, hows my adorable little sweetheart doing?
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jul.24 12:53 Hi Mommy!!!!!!! I missed you!!!!!!!!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Jul.26 04:16 [also i have a roleplay called NYC Preforming Arts Academy if yo want to join. plz join]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Jul.30 23:00 I missed you too my little one. *Smiles lovingly*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.1 02:01 [Um....can I join?]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.1 02:03 [I am an Alskan Tundra wolf and I am a
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.1 02:04 ....about a for year old in human years...I am Named Firecuti..I have white fluffy fur,and purple eyes]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.1 02:33  Secret message to FireCutie  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.4 23:01  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.4 23:03  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.4 23:08  Secret message to Lilyanna  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.5 00:45  Secret message to Lilyanna  
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.5 00:46  Secret message to FireCutie  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 02:37  Secret message to Moon  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 02:38  Secret message to Moon  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 02:40  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 02:40  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 02:41  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 02:47  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 02:52  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 03:02  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 03:02 *walks through forest* MOM?! DAD?!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 03:03 *is scared * Where is my mommy where is. Y daddy [btw he will find you wolves and then you will adopt hom]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 03:36 Mommy?!Daddy?!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 03:38 Where are you?!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 03:41 Where are you?!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 17:07 Mommy?!Daddy?!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.5 17:07 Where are you?!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.5 21:21 *Walks to FireCutie*Are you okay Little One?[Yeah you can be Lilyanna's sister]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.6 00:29 I-Whi are you?!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.6 00:31 My-what pack are you from?!I am from an Alaskan tundra wolf pack,some other pack burnt our forest down,and j can't find my mommy or daddy!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.6 00:40 *looks around* Are yo my mommy?You don't look like her I thought she had golden fur and black eyes.....
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.6 00:43 Where is daddy?*stares at Moon* Where JS he?
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.6 03:22 *walks up to Moon and FireCutie* [to Moon]Hi mommy!!!! [to FireCutie]Wait, who are you? How old are you?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.6 04:02 I-I'm Fire-Fire cutie
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.6 04:02 I'm f-five
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.6 04:13 I'm f-five
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.7 03:24 Oh,Hi!!!!!!!!!! I'm Lilyanna, I'm 3 years old, and...
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.7 03:25 *tells random facts to FireCutie, hoping to be friends*[she is a chatterbox]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 03:27 *giggles* your so chatty!Like me?Can you help me find my mommy?!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.7 03:28  Secret message to Moon  
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.7 03:30  Secret message to FireCutie  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 03:36  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 04:05  Secret message to Lilyanna  
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.7 15:30  Secret message to FireCutie  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 16:23  Secret message to Lilyanna  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 16:25 I need to find my mommy
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 16:25 Will you help me find my mommy and daddy?
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.7 21:56 yeah
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 22:56 I lost them in a forest fire two years ago I can't find them....
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 22:58 Thanks but I have been searching for two years......I think.......There is no use finding them....
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.7 22:59 *looks sad* do you have any food?Im super hungry!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.8 00:54  Buying Squirrel (x 1)  
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.8 00:54 *catches a nearby squirrel*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.8 00:54 here!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.8 01:02  Giving Squirrel (x 1) to FireCutie  
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.8 01:02 i hope you like squirrel!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.8 01:11 *smiles* I never tasted it
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.8 01:12 *tastes it* it's really good.....but I'm used to more PROPER food like lef kibble and milk...
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.8 01:13 *leaf
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.8 01:13 Thanks!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.8 01:38 So...
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.8 11:19 what?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.8 15:18 Thanks for the food,I guess I'll go now........*starts to walk away*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.8 23:24 No! Wait! You could stay here with us! I'm sure my mom will aprove!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.8 23:24 [in mind:oh i hope mommy's ok with this]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.9 00:57 *looks back at Likyanna wide eyed*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.9 00:57 Really?*tackles Lilyanna mouth filled with squirell* Thank you!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.9 00:58 *walks up to Moon, Lillyanna & FireCutie* What's going on, Moon?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.9 01:26 *looks at Ratch* I am Firecutie My Mommy and Daddy are missing
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.9 01:29 I a. From an Alaskan Tundra wolf pack
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.9 01:29 Lilyanna and her mommy are going to help me look for them!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.9 03:13 Daddy, can she stay here!?!?!?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.9 03:25 Plz let me stay,the other packs will kidnap me if you dont
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.9 03:25 And I like Lily*giggles* she is so funny
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.9 23:32 Hmm... how well can you hunt? Mistfly and Wahkan are near your age, and they hunt well.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.9 23:33 Kind of.
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.10 00:02 please?????
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.10 00:02 ?????????????
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.10 00:02 ????????
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.10 00:28 *snarls* She has to answer my question first - *tries to calm down* I mean, maybe, Lilyanna. If she's up for it. *glares at Firecutie*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.10 02:05 *whispers*ok. *looks at firecutie*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.10 02:21 I-I am sir....I do hunt an-and Yes I am useful..
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.10 02:55 I-I am sir....I do hunt an-and Yes I am useful..
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.11 23:59 Alright, you can stay with us for A SMALL WHILE. If you are more of a burden than a blessing, you will have to leave. Are we clear?
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.12 02:41 THANK YOU!!!!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.12 02:41 YAyYYYYYYYYY!!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.12 02:42 *turns to FireCutie*I have so much to show you!*starts talking about life here*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.12 04:49 *is frightened by Ratches words* *gulps* Y-yes sir
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:00 In my defense I did nothing wrong.
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:01 Wahkan was the one who did wrong, but what did I do exactly? Is defending a fellow Packmate suddenly not allowed?
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:02 As a Pack, we are a family. We all have the right to share our inputs about things. All I did was suggest that Wahkan's punishment should be light, and in response you punish both me and him?
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:02 I have been serving my Pack as Beta for years, and as you have seen I have been quite a good Beta. Sundance has no experience at all being Beta.
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:03 No offense, but if someone has made a mistake, you have. I do not argue that you should make Wahkan an average wolf again; all I ask is to be Beta again.
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:04 *steps forward* Moon, I support my brother. I am just fine with being an average wolf; not being an Omega anymore is good enough for me. But making Shotek an average wolf was definitely the wrong thing to do.
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:05 Throughout all the Betas I have seen in this Pack in my lifetime, Shotek has been the best. All he did was suggest that you should be merciful on a fellow wolf, and yet you do this to him?
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:06 As wolves, we naturally show compassion and support for our Packmates; they are our family. Ironically, it seems more like Shotek didn't do anything wrong.
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:07 Make me Omega Male again for speaking out if you want. I don't care. At least by becoming an average wolf I was given a chance to speak at all.
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:08 Betas are meant to be the protectors, peacemakers, and babysitters of the Pack. Shotek was trying to induce compassion and make peace between you and Wahkan; wasn't he thus doing his duty?
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:08 That is all I have to say.
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.14 06:10 *smiles at Sundance*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.14 18:42 *walks with Lilyanna and tells her about her pack*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.14 18:43 We would howl and hike to the top of the mountain........
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.14 18:44 And my mom and dad would smile at me.......*gets tears in her eyes *
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.14 19:01 It-it was fun..............
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.15 02:43 its ok, FireCutie. *gives a supporting smile* we will try very hard to find your pack
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.15 03:36 *smiles weakly at Lilyanna*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.15 03:38 Erm...ok thanks I guess we could be like er..,sisters now..
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.15 21:37  Buying Deer meat (x 1)  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.15 21:37 *walks over to Wakhan, who is all alone*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.15 21:38  Dropping Deer meat (x 1)  Pssst! Take this. *gives Wahkan chunk of meat*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.15 22:41 *sees Wahkan staring at him* You do not think you are the only one who catches prey for himself, do you? *chuckles* We all do it. We just have to make sure Moon doesn't see.
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.16 01:06 Ok, FireCutie
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.16 01:40 Sundance, are you sure? Your throwing out the only chance of becoming Beta. You really believe that Shotek was just trying to help? If so, then fine. Shotek you may become Beta again. But slip up and you know what'll happen. And what was that you just
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.16 01:41 said Ratch? *Glares unforgivingly at Ratch* You know I have very good hearing. And... *Pulls Firecutie close* You don't need to be so harsh with Firecutie. The little one has gone through a tramatic thing. If Firecutie would like it, I will adopt you as
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.16 01:44 my daughter. *Smiles lovingly at Firecutie* She would be a great sister for Lilyanna to play with, since my other two pups are boys. You may stay here Firecutie and be my daughter if you wish. Do as you like. So Shotek, since you are once again Beta,
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.16 01:45 what do you think Ratch's punishment should be? And don't forget that he caught freshkill and gave it to Wakhan, which we all know is against the rules. I just talked about this, do I need to give you a lecture as well Ratch? We are supposed to put the
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.16 01:47 pack first, not ourselves. That is why we do what we do. Oh, I almost forgot to add earlier, I won't make you Omega Sundance. Yes, it was bold, but maybe I was being too harsh on Shotek. So instead, I thank you.
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.16 01:52 Hey sis! Who's that? Hi Mom! Hey Dad! What's going on? You seem mad at dad, mom. Dad, what did you do?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.16 01:53 Your dad has done something really wrong and we are deciding on a punishment. That is Firecutie who will be your adopted sister if she wants to be adopted.
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.17 01:55 hey brother! *tackles Comet*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.17 23:19 Moon! You are too soft, and I am Alpha as well. Before making so many changes, you are REQUIRED to consult me.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.17 23:21 If you do ONE thing to me, I will start a new pack and you'll be in need of a NEW Alpha Male. And, when I leave, I will take Wahkan with me if he likes, and he can catch as much prey for himself as he likes. *turns around and walks off*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.17 23:22 And Comet? *snarls over his shoulder* Stay out of this.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.17 23:44 *turns back around* And we have more IMPORTANT things going on than a few pieces of meat. Nightstar has been missing for over a week. She may be an Omega, but she's still a part of my pack.
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.17 23:46 *walks up to Moon* Ooh! Did you hear that, Moon? He said "his" pack. Not "yours" or "ours", HIS pack. *grins, hoping for a big reaction*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.17 23:48 You know what? *walks up very close to Moon* She's right. I'm the Alpha MALE. It's MY pack. *walks away* Come on, Wahkan, lets go get our OWN meat for OURSELVES.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.18 02:02 [PS I'm not trying to be mean to anyone in real life, it's just part of the RP, so plz no one get upset. :) Thnx!]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 15:29 *Whimpers frightenedly, pulls Lilyanna very close to him and moves behind Moon*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.18 15:34 *snarls viciously* Don't you ever talk to my son that way!*Leaps onto Ratch and bites his neck* And don't you ever forget that I was the one who started this pack! I inherited this pack from my family, so it is MY pack! I have had enough of all this!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.18 15:36 Submit to me, or you will be forced out and Wakhan as well!*Snarls viciously scaring everyone* She comforts her pups and gets off of Ratch.* Your decision. Stay here but abide by my rules, or go live as a rogue!
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Aug.18 15:43 *Looks around* Wha-whats g-going on?
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 15:48 *Sees that Midnight is really frieghtened. He pulls Midnight over to himself and Lilyanna. Looks for Firecutie and when he spots her, Comet brings her close as well.* Your our sister now, I'll protect you. Now stay here. *Walks up to be beside Moon.*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 15:50 Father! That is enough! I'm tired of you thinking that you can just push me and mom around. Well, no more! You don't scare me as long as Mom is right here. I will not stay out of this. I am Moon's firstborn and I feel that it is my job to protect my
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 15:52 sisters*nods to bith Lilyanna and Firecutie, trying to show that he accepted her as his sister* and my brother. This pack would be better off with you not being here at all!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.18 15:54 *smiles gratefully to Comet but then gently nudges him back so that he is behind her so that Ratch cannot attack him.*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.18 15:56 *Gaze slightly softens into a sad one but still with anger flickering in them* What happened to the Ratch I once knew? We used to be so close, you were kind and a very loving father to my pups. But now you are just trying to push them away! What happened
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 20:09 *Is a little scared their was never fighting in her clan only when Crestenne took her dear meat and she bit her paw*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 20:13 Eem....*whispers* Does this happen often?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.18 22:36 That's IT! Don't call me 'dad' or 'father' anymore unless you come with me. You are WEAK, Moon. You ALWAYS have been. The ONLY reason I joined your stupid pack was because I wanted to be an ALPHA. All of my brothers and sisters were killed by Backpaws, an
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:37 ......
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:38 *is a little scared*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.18 22:39 and I hope the same happens to you. *turns to Wahkan* You have a decision, Wahkan: Come with me and become the Beta of MY pack, or stay here and be a disrespected Omega. What do you say? *you practically see fire in his eyes* We can have justice!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:41 *whispers to Lilyanna* Er....I'm scared....
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:42 *goes a bit more behind Comet*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:44 *whispers To Lilyanna* So....Comet is your older brother?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:45 [[ok I am going to make another pup but pretend this is already Moons pup ok?]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.18 22:47 [OK that's fine but don't take up all the slots]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.18 22:47 [OK THANKS]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.18 22:48 *whimpers* I'm scared Comet
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.18 22:51 Why are Mommy and Daddy fighting?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.18 22:52 Because your mother is no better than a Backpaw!
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.18 22:55 *whimpers and rushes over to Moon*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:57 *hisses* Come back Kane!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:57 Wait how do I know her name?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.18 22:58 *shrugs* Kane come back
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 00:02 Okay, thats fine by me! I hate you Ratch! I wish you weren't my dad! And honestly, Wakhan would be safer here. And it's okay Kane. I will protect you. And no Firecutie, this has never happened before. We are staying with mother because Ratch is a bully
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 00:05 whom I hate!! I knew there was something wrong about you, but I was always too scared to say anything. But I'm not anymore! And backpaws are 100 times better than you will ever be Ratch! I feel sorrow for your family, you have disgraced them and all wolf
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 00:06 kind! Your no better than a mangy mutt!(Everyone gasps in shock because wolves hate being called a dog let alone a mutt.)
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 00:08 *Steps quickly in front of Comet so Ratch cannot hurt him*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 00:27 *whispers* Ok
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 01:58 *sighs* That is most unfortunate for you, children. You have brought terror apon you. *walks to Wahkan*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 02:00  Secret message to Wahkan  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 02:01 *runs away through the forest*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 02:02
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 02:16 *backs off whimpering-*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 02:17 I-I want Daddy back!!!!!*whimpers*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 02:20 [Oh, wait, before he said all that and ran off, he said this to Comet: ]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 02:21 Actually, you are the ones not safe.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 02:27 *whimpers*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 02:34 [Kane is a beige wolf with black eyes and white belly fur and ears]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 02:35 [She is a coward and the youngest pup ofmRatch and Moon]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 02:48 [ok cool]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 02:50 Well... that just happened. *stares in shock at the direction Ratch ran off to*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 02:52 What now?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 02:53 Wahkan? Will you go with him?
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Aug.19 03:21 M-mother wh-whats going to ha-happ-ppen to-to C-com-me-et?*Says incredibly shakingly scared*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 03:25 Nothing, because I'm not scared of that mangy mutt!*snarls*[Hey btw Ratch, I don't really care if Comet and/or Midnight get hurt/kidnapped, just as long as you don't kill them off! Please only kill imaginary wolves whom people are not playing I bet they
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 03:28 would appreciate that :) Oh, and I think it would be a really good plot twist if Ratch kidnapped Comet. Just remember to not kill him! I love Rping as him he is a fun character; as is Moon and Midnight(each one has a bit of my personality;shy, brave, and
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 03:28 a leader. :) ]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 03:30 Hey Mom? Could me and Midnight go and do some hunting? I was thinking maybe I can help with teaching him since that mutt of a dad is no longer here to help.
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 03:34 Sure, but please be careful! [Mwahaha you guys see what I just did there? I hope at least Ratch catches on to what I'm trying to do. *Wink and evil smile* Sorry Comet, but I want some action here! Don't worry ya wont die. :) Dont hate me, but this
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 03:35 roleplay needs a good action and heart stopping keep you on the edge of your seat twist.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:03 [ok I got it]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:04 [Wahkan should be on soon hopefully]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:05 *peeks silently through the bushes* Perfect. *grins*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:09 [btw it was fun with that huge argument. :) haha]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:19 *runs off near a Backpaw's house and sets up a howl, waking him up*
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 04:21 *runs out of house with gun and sees Ratch* Huh? What is it, boy?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:23 There are two wolf pups! Follow me!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:23 *starts walking away*
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 04:24 *all sounds like barking to him* Do you want me to follow you?
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 04:24 *Ratch barks in agreement* I'm coming, Ratch.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:26 *thinks: My owner always knows what to do*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 04:27 *looks at moon*
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 04:28 *follows Ratch to where the pups are hunting**whispering* Good boy, Ratch. Who's a good dog?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:28 *grins* Me.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 04:28 Why is daddy being mean?*whimpers*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:30 [To be clear, it has just been revealed that instead of really being a wolf, Ratch is actually a kind of wolf-like dog called a Tamaskan.]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 04:30 *rolls eyes at Kane* He is a mut thats why *whispers that*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 04:31 [okie dokie]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 04:31 *the whole pack hears gunshot and barking*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 04:32 What was that?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 04:35 [Ashtastic, you still there?]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 04:43 [gtg now, laptop's running dead. Bye!]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 04:44 [bye]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 04:48 [bye]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 05:35 roleplay needs a good action and heart stopping keep you on the edge of your seat twist.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 05:38 Midnight! Comet! *Moon races to where she hears the gunshots*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 05:43 *tries to limp away because he was shot in the leg. Wimpers seeing the gun in the backpaw's hands.**Midnight cowers behind Comet*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 05:47 Wha-what are yo-you going to do to u-us?*whispers to Midnight*Run! Go and get help!*Midnight takes off racing away trying to get far away.*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 05:51 [Hey forgot to mention but plz no one be new Alpha Male one of my friends should start roleplaying on this soon and his character is going to become new alpha male]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 05:56 [Hey forgot to mention but plz no one be new Alpha Male one of my friends should start roleplaying on this soon and his character is going to become new alpha male]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 06:59 *Looks from Ratch to the backpaw afraid of what they might do to him.*(Comet thinking to himself)I should never had left the safety of home! I was so stupid! At least Midnight will be alright... I can''t say the same for myself. My leg hurts so much! And
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 07:02 I was right, Ratch literally ia a mangy mutt! But no way am I going to say that now! I might as well just say 'please kill me Ratch' if I brought that up...(Done thinking to himself) *Shifts to other paw so that he doesn't put too much on his injured
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 07:03 front left paw. Whimpers in pain as he moves his paw. He looks from Ratch to the backpaw wonderin yet again what they would do to him.*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 07:06 [Oh and I also forgot to say this: It was really fun fighting with Ratch! :) ]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 14:54 *Comet then tries to run away but is slowed down a bit from having been shot in the leg*
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Aug.19 18:37 [Whoooaaa guys, settle down. XD]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Aug.19 18:38 [OK, Moon has been doing things that a normal wolf wouldn't do...first of all, the Alpha Male is in charge. He is higher ranked than her. The Beta is second-in-command.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Aug.19 18:38 [Also, wolves are very protective of one another and are like a happy family...though an Alpha Male may punish other wolves for misbehaving, he would rarely ever do anything to really hurt another wolf in his pack on purpose. I think the same goes for the
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Aug.19 18:38 Alpha Female.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Aug.19 19:26 [Moon can't kick out Ratch since he's in charge...and I guess since he's gone and is not Moon's mate anymore, Moon isn't Alpha Female (she has to be the mate of the Alpha Male to be the Alpha Female).]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Aug.19 19:26 [Sooo...yeah...it's confusing. XD XP]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Aug.19 19:26 [Very confusing. But I think that's how it works in real life.]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 19:27 *looks at Mistfly sadly, then at Ratch as Ratch runs away**finally can't stop himself from going**turns to Mistfly* I'm sorry, Mistfly...I'm leaving. I hope you understand.
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 19:28 I just don't like having an over-aggressive and controlling Alpha Female punishing everyone everywhere...that's for the Alpha Male to do, after all. *glares at Moon and then runs after Ratch*
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.19 19:28 *looks at Moon* Yes. I am not going to be Beta; Shotek will be Beta.
8>Sundance (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.19 19:29 And since Ratch is gone, I'm assuming you aren't an Alpha anymore... *huffs a little; no one can really tell if it's an irritated sigh or a smirk*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 19:31 *laughs* Are you KIDDING? Wahkan, I've been WANTING to come with you! *sighs and turns towards Sundance* Even though I won't be able to see HIM anymore. *sighs and runs after Wahkan*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 19:32 [Its ok, Brunny, It is just a game, after all. And I'm having fun!]
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 19:35 *watches Mistfly run off* Oh, no, you don't! Ratch, get 'em! *Ratch chases after Midnight*
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 19:35 [btw the pups of Ratch and Moon are not part dog, don't worry I have a plan.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 19:37 GET BACK HERE, YOU RASCAL! *pounces on Midnight, because he is older and faster*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 19:37 *correctiion: I meant to say Ratch is older and faster
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 19:39 Good boy, Ratch! *puts muzzles on both pups*
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 19:41 *I meant to write Midnight not Mistfly on the Mystery Backpaw's earliest post today where it says the time is 19:35
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 19:42 *grins at comet* I might not be mangy, but I really am a dog, aren't I? *chuckles*
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Aug.19 19:43 *throws pups in shed*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 19:45 *watches owner bolt closed the shed*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 19:47 *Wahkan runs up to him, not seing anything that just happened* Wahkan! *grins* You came. *sees Mistfly* You were followed!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 19:48 No, Ratch! I'm with you!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Aug.19 19:48 Right Wahkan? *he nods* See?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 19:49 Alright. You two? Welcome...
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Aug.19 19:50 ...to the Shadow Pack. *grins*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 23:12 No, Sundance I am still Alpha. I was Alpha before Ratch came to my pack and I will still be Alpha. Has anyone seen Midnight or Comet? I'm afraid tht Ratch has gotten to them... *Her eyes fill with sadness* Shotek, what do we do? I don't even know
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 23:14 anymore... All I have ever wanted is to be a great Alpha just like my parents... I did everything how they did... *Suddenly Moon howls out of pure sadness* I'll... I'll be in my den if anyone needs me... *Moon walks into her den and cries* My pups... they
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.19 23:15 are gone... And my pack hates me... I'm just trying to be a good leader... Nothing I do is right. Because of me, Comet and Midnight are missing. I should never have let them out of my sight... It's all my fault...
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Aug.19 23:25 *Whimpers and cowers behind Comet*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.20 00:33 *does the same as Midnight*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:16 *is chained to wall**struggles in back of shed and the pups see him*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:17 [I'll reveal why there are two Ratches soon, k?]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 03:21 [ok]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 03:21 *is dazed* I-I.....
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:24 *has a muzzle as well**muffled* Midnight? Comet?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:24 [btw Asha, Kane can't hide behind Comet because Ratch captured him and Midnight]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.20 03:25 [oh....sorry XD]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:27 *sees pups glare at him* What's wrong? It's been near a whole year! Where's Moon? Is she okay? What happened to the rest of the pack? Comet, what happened to your leg? Did the Backpaw have a thunderstick? Are you okay?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:28 [It's fine, Ash. Is it okay if I call you that or should I stick with 'Asha' and 'Ashtastic'?]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.20 03:30 [*shrugs* you can call me whatever you want]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:31 [Ok thnx but if you don't want me to just say so]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.20 03:33 [ok]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.20 03:33 D-Dad?.....
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:36 [Since I want you in this part, Ash, let's say Kane was kidnapped too? Is that OK?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:43 Kane? You're out of the den! *finally snaps muzzle**talking clearly* Are you three okay?
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Aug.20 03:44 *mutters* no i want my mommy!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:45 What happened? Don't tell me you didn't miss me!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:46 I've been gone a whole YEAR!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 03:46 8whispers* er....whos he?isnt that the mean wolf?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 03:46 no you havent!*snarls*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:47 What? Mean wolf?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 03:48 YES! YOU MANGY er.......MUTT!*she and Lilyanna snarl viciously*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:52 [brb it's dinnertime!]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 03:52 [Lilyana's not in this scene. Say her and Comet.]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 03:53 [ok....]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 03:54 *she and Comet snarl viciously*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 04:17 [AM back! Sorry, I had seconds and thirds and fourths. :) ]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 04:18 Wait! *looks at FireCutie* who are you? Did Moon take in a pup?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 04:21 *gasps* That rotten Tamaskan! That dog looks like me! He must've gone back to the pack and pretended to be me!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 04:22 Not that a mutt could ever be me.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 04:24 [btw the real Ratch has a big ego.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 04:27 [Where'd you go?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.20 04:38 [gtg now. Bye!]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Aug.20 05:04 D-dad? Is it really you? *Walks over to Ratch and whimpers snuggling into his fur. I knew something was off about that other mutt... He didn't smell right...
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Aug.20 05:05 And no, Mom is not okay. She got in a ginormous fight with the fake Ratch and the rest of the pack hates her. She's just trying to be like her parents, and everyone is mad at her. I'm glad my real dad isn't really such a jerk!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 05:07 *Says through muzzle* So I didn't go through a big argument and call my dad a mangy mutt? Well, that makes me happy. We need to get out of here! Let Mom know about you.
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 05:08 By the way, yes that retched backpaw out there shot me in the leg... *Whimpers when he accidently puts pressure on it*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.20 05:10 [OMGGGG MAJOR PLOT TWIST!!! I love this plot twist, person playing Ratch! Nicely done!]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.20 05:12 Dad, we need to get you home! Moon is probably hating herself! She needs to know the truth! We must find a way out! Do you think you can try snapping this muzzle off me? *Gets closer to his dad so that he is inches away from his muzzle*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Aug.20 05:14 [Woops that was supposed to be Midnight, not Moon, pretend that was Midnight who said that!]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.21 01:26 [sorry i havnt been on.]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.21 01:26 Mommy, where is Daddy?*whimpers*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.21 01:27 Where is everybody?*starts silently crying*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.21 01:28 I want them back.:( :( :( :( :(
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.21 03:03 *whispers to Lilyanna*!Is there two dads?
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.21 13:28  Secret message to FireCutie  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.21 21:16 Did you read above?If not you won't understand
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.21 21:46  Secret message to FireCutie  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.22 14:59 [I oh.......ok sorry XD]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.22 21:05 [ok]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.22 21:09 *is still chained to the wall* I've been trying to escape ever since I was first trapped, but I haven't yet, and it's been almost a year. We're lucky that they at least give us food.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Aug.24 20:47 S-some-sometime-times the-they d-don't feed us?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.28 04:44 [Sorry it's been so long I was sleeping over at my cousin's house and he has no internet]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.28 04:45 Once every other day, if we're lucky.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.28 04:56 *smiles* It is good to see you again.
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.28 05:03 [Hi!]
16>Shotek (Wolf), 9yo.2016,Aug.28 05:03 [Can I have a summary?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.28 06:07 [sure. All of the pups have been taken from Moon and kidnapped by the backpaw that is Ratch's owner, because he is really a dog. The pups find another Ratch inside the shed they have been locked up in, and that is the real Ratch. The pups and Rat
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.28 06:11 Ratch are trying to find a way to escape. Back at the pack, Moon is hating herself because her pack wants to leave her, and Nightstar is missing. Oh, I forgot, Mistfly came with Wahkan and joined the fake Ratch's Shadowpack.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 03:22 A-are we gonna be okay Dad? *Whimpers scaredly*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.29 03:34 [wait where am i?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.29 03:48 [since Ash really wanted to RP and I really wanted her to also, we made it so ALL the pups were kidnapped, including you.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.29 03:49 We'll be fine, Comet. We just need a way out of here.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Aug.30 00:58 [May I join? I have read through everything. So I know what is happening and when I should come in]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 01:07 [Hi Soph]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 01:08 [describe your wolf]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.30 02:55 [k]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.30 02:57 Daddy, why is that dog posing as you? Im connfused. *makes a confused look to show she is confused*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Aug.30 02:58 [Fenris is a really big wolf. He is white with gray ears and has a big scar across his right eye he is blind in. He is quiet and can have a bad temper, but he can also be really caring and loving.]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 03:12 [Good explanation Soph]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 03:16 Me too I maybe I shouldn't have came with you guys *sadly whimpers* I need to continue looking for my parents!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 03:26 I miss Elinore....*tries to perk up and show some. Ravert* but who needs her right?!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Aug.30 11:43 Im scared
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.31 00:30 [Come in maybe once we cut back to either the adult wolves or the shadowpack. OK Soph?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Aug.31 00:30 Elinore...?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Sep.1 18:12 [So I don't know about you guys, but I am getting a tad bit bored. Hey Ratch, you should like cause some trouble or something(Or the mystery backpaw) so it's not so boring :) ]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Sep.2 04:29 [Yeah, I'm a bit bored too and also a bit confused because there's a big difference between a wolf and a dog...just by looking and/or scenting wolves would be able to tell the difference between a wolf and a dog, I think.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Sep.2 04:30 [Also, via smell, the wolves would probably be able to tell who's the real Ratch and who's the fake one. I'm sorry, x (the person who plays as Ratch), though your ideas for Ratch are very interesting, they don't really seem to work (at least for me)...]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Sep.2 04:32 [Though maybe if the fake Ratch got covered in something that masked his scent it would work...like maybe he purposely fell in some poop or something... XD XP]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Sep.2 04:33 [Anyway, wolves are much bigger than dogs (note that I'm talking about the standard gray wolf; other kinds of wolves, such as the red wolf, are small in comparison).]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Sep.2 04:33 [Sorry if I've been pushing everyone around with my realistic wolf facts...I understand this is a roleplay and all.]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.3 19:41 [I have a few ideas that I think would be kinda interesting. I need to find the right time to come into the game.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Sep.9 16:03 *Suddenly becomes determined. Stands up straight and walks right up to the door.* Hey! Mutt! Your fight is with me, let my dad and siblings go! Right now! *Snarls viciously*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Sep.9 16:05 Do what you want with me, just let my dad and siblings go, okay Mutt? Let them go and never mess with them again. *Growls meanly.*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Sep.9 17:41 Do what you want with me, just let my dad and siblings go, okay Mutt? Let them go and never mess with them again. *Growls meanly.*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Sep.18 06:57 Whimpers
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Sep.18 06:57 Stays in middle of forest
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Sep.18 07:05 True to find a pack of wolves is scared
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Sep.23 17:00 [Hello anyone gonna roleplay??? I'm mostly talking to you Ratch :) ]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.25 06:04 [So no one knows who plays Ratch? ]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Sep.25 21:15 [No, but the person does play another one of my roleplays, Awesome Warriors]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.27 03:01  Secret message to Crusher  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.27 03:02 [Thats wierd. Well whoever they are we need them to role play a bit.]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Sep.27 11:43 [hey]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Sep.27 16:55 [Yes, because the fake Ratch has not done anything about what Comet said... I can't wait to see fake Ratch's reaction! Also, the fake Ratch should like reveal his identity/tell his name so I can stop calling him fake Ratch..]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.28 21:35 [Hey, guys, I'm sorry, my laptop charger was broken. I just got a new one today. That's why I haven't been here.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.28 21:38 *growls loudly on other side of shed door* I'm not scared of you, stupid Wildborn! [btw Wildborn is a mean name that dogs use for wolves]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Sep.28 23:15 [Yay! You're finally on! Btw, what is fake Ratch's name or can he just reveal it so that I can stop calling him fake Ratch] Let my dad and siblings go, mutt! Us Wildborns are better then mutts who are pets to stupid backpaws!
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Sep.28 23:16 *whimpers and cowers in fear* Comet, please stop! You will only make him more mad!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 00:59 *whispers to pups* No, he may be on to something. *Speaks louder to fake Ratch* Yes, Mutt! We're much better than you!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 01:03 *chuckles* I'm not a pet, I'm a hunter. You Wildborns never saw the purpose in having an inter-species ally. That's why I am superior. And my name isn't Mutt, Ratch. My backpaw calls me 'Crusher'. Now, shut it before I crush you.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 01:04 [There, his name is Crusher.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 01:05  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Sep.29 16:05 [Thanks!] Crusher? That's the dumbest name for a pet! Let my family go and then I'll shut it! Got it, Mutt?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.29 17:52  Secret message to Crusher  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 18:33  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 18:34  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 18:35 [Whoops, sorry Soph, that was supposed to go to everyone.]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 18:35 You know what? No. I'll let you watch each one of them die a slow death. [spoiler alert, this will not happen]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 18:38 *Whispers to Midnight* Look, there's a hole in the wall. Go! It's to small for Comet & I.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 18:40 We'll distract the mutt. *yells to Crusher* Don't you need to go eat those stupid chalky pebbles, you mutt?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 18:42 You know, you get used to the dog food.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 20:22 But, you are right, I need to go talk to my new recruits. I believe you know them, Ratch... Mistfly & Wahkan?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Sep.29 20:31 [Time for me to go! I'll be back tommorrow! Bye guys!]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Sep.29 22:13 I can't leave you guys! *Whimpers* But okay. Lilyanna, you should be able to fit too! Let's go get mom and tell her everything! [I don't know who all else is with them but any other wolf pups, follow Midnight as if he called their names too please!]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Sep.29 23:42 *Growls* Real meat is way better then stupid mutt food! You're just a terrible hunter and that's why you eat that pet food!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.30 00:48  Secret message to Crusher  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.30 00:51 [Okay so I will start roleplaying as soon as you go back to the pack]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Sep.30 02:29 Wait what? What about Mistfly and Wahkan?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.30 04:13  Secret message to Ratch  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.30 04:26  Secret message to Ratch  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Sep.30 04:28  Secret message to Ratch  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Sep.30 16:03 Dad, Crusher recruited them to his own stupid pack full if pets and mutts
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.1 00:16 What? *sits down* You'll never get away with this, Crusher!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.1 00:17  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.1 00:27  Secret message to Ratch  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.1 00:29 [ I keep accidentally secret messaging myself]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.1 01:31  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.1 03:23 Sure, I will. Now, I need to go meet with my Shadowpack. *runs off*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.1 03:26 Midnight, Lilyanna, Kane, go now! *struggles* Go get help!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.1 04:06  Secret message to Ratch  
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.1 04:12 *starts to go for hole* Guys, come on! *dashes through hole, hoping everyone follows*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.1 04:52 [If you like to read please join my Book Club! Roleplay]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.1 06:44 *Whimpers, not wanting to leave Ratch and Comet. But eventually follows Lilyanna* Please stay safe you two! *Quickly gives Comet and Ratch a hug before disappearing into the hole after Lilyanna*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.1 06:47 *Watches sadly as they leave, but then goes over to his father and stands defiantly and proudly by him. He didn't dare show any fear, and he looked almost noble* Yes, go to your pack full of mutts and pets!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.1 13:53 *Lilyanna and Midnight reach the edge of the wood* We should go see mommy now.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.3 20:44 Yes! Run away to them to protect you! *sees that Crusher has left and turns to Comet* Okay, he's gone.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.3 20:57 *is hunting and sees the escaped pups**thinks to herself, "Are these the pups Moon said she lost?"**runs after them*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.3 21:30 *Gets scared* Please don't hurt us! We are just trying to get back to our mother, Moon... Please don't kidnap us and bring us back to Crusher! We have to get back to our mother so we can tell her the truth about our father!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.3 21:33 Do you think that the others have gotten back to mom? I hope they are okay! But since we can't really do anything, I want to get to know you better, since I have grown up with that imposter of a mutt. How did Crusher kidnap you? And more importantly, why?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.4 00:12 *gasps* You ARE her pups! Follow me, I'm the newest member of Moon's pack.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.4 01:26 Oh, few! C'mon Lilyanna! We have to get to mom now!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.4 21:13 *runs back towards pack* MOON! MOON! *pants* I found your pups! They were running alone through the forest! *sits down, out of breath*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.4 21:16 *Looks at Comet* Power. There are two types of dogs: the weak kind that want to make friends with anyone and everyone, and the dangerous dogs that hunt constantly for power. Crusher is definitely not the first type. *smiles*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.4 23:22 *Looks at Comet* Power. There are two types of dogs: the weak kind that want to make friends with anyone and everyone, and the dangerous dogs that hunt constantly for power. Crusher is definitely not the first type. *smiles*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.4 23:22 [Whoops, sorry.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.4 23:30 [Soph you can come in whenever you are ready!]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.4 23:58 I don't like either one, especially the dangerous ones! But how would Crusher gain power by replacing you? But how did he do it though?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.4 23:59 My pups! Midnight, Lilyanna, wait.. Where is Comet??
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 00:00 [Okay pretend Midnight tells Moon everything about Ratch and Crusher and Comet because I really don't want to run through it all]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 00:01 That's terrible! We have to go get my mate and son! Take me to them now!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.5 00:16 I'm not sure about that, Comet. But do you see this? *moves fur on back leg to show a scar from a Thunderstick* That's how they got me.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.5 00:18 But what if the Mutt's pack is waiting for us?
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.5 01:18 Just like me! *Lifts paw to show Ratch the wound he got from a thunderstick* I think maybe if we can get that thunderstick away from them, maybe we will have a chance!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 01:24 But Comet and Ratch! They need me!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.5 02:05 *sees a pack from edge of the forest.. runs to them hurt* [he has been burned]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.5 04:39 *listens to Kane, who is whispering in her ear* They have a plan.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.5 04:40 Whoa! Who are you? *glances at Fenris* Are you ok?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.5 05:19 No! My pack the-they *falls to the ground* They were hunted. And burned I was the only to escape.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.5 05:21 *looks at Moon* Should we help him?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 16:33 Comet, Ratch... *Looks to Fenris and sighs* You may stay with us. I will take a look at you're wounds. Midnight, after Comet you're my eldest pup. I want you to take Aanaiah to where they have Ratch and Comet. Don't do anything! Just scout it out. The
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 16:33 first sign of trouble, I want you to race back here, okay?
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.5 16:37 Okay Mom. Bye Lilyanna! Come on Aanaiah. *Starts walking*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.5 18:40 Thank you.*looks to Moon*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 20:00 You are welcome. Did you get into any fights *Smells fur trying to smell for any infections*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 20:33 Good. *Looks at burns to see how bad they are*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.5 20:33 [Oh wait, just realized something. Did your character get burned but escaped or did they not get burned]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.5 20:42 Midnight, are you sure this is a good idea?
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.5 21:30 I honestly don't know, i'm kinda worried. *Puffs out his chest and tries to appear bigger* But I want to help Comet and Ratch!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.5 23:47 *laughs* Okay, then take me to this Backpaw's place.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 00:18 *Smiles, glad to know he made Aanaiah laugh. Walks to the backpaw's place* Here we are. My father and Comet are in there *Points to shed* But Comet is hurt, he got shot in the leg so he will need the most help. My father can more than likely just grab him
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 00:19 and we can go. See that hole? That's how me and the others escaped. But Comet and Ratch are too big to fit through it.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 00:36 Well, so am I. But we were told not to engage.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 00:40 And Kane told me those two have a plan.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 00:44 They do? I must have been talking to Lilyanna and didn't hear them. We should try to find out anything we can.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 00:46 *hides behind tree* Shh. Here comes the mutt now.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 00:48 *walks out with Wahkan and Mistfly**doesn't see Midnight & Aanaiah* Okay, so now that you two know why I chose to be near a Backpaw*'not really' he thinks* let's see how well you two work together.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 00:49 *Crouches down by Aanaiah and shakes trying not to whimper*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 00:51 Dad, I think I just heard Midnight and another wolf outside... Now I can hear Crusher, Mistfly, and Wakhan
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 00:51 *Presses ear to wall*
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 00:56 hello
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 00:59 [ you guys seem to know each other. can i join]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 01:02 [Umm sure, not really sure when you should come in. Aanaiah and Crusher, when do you think Teej should come in?]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:11  Secret message to Claire  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:13 [hey, btw Kane is never on. Don't know what happened to em, but ya know. Saira has never been on even once, it's been forever since Jynx was on, and it's been a little while since Nightstar, Sundance, Wakhan, and Shotek have been on]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:14 ok back too the game
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:14 wrong message
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:15 ok, thanks
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:15 :)
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:16  Secret message to Comet  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:18 [I think I am going to, good point. I am also Moon and Midnight, so I am the game master or whatever it is called.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:18  Secret message to Comet  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:18  Secret message to Teej  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:20  Secret message to Teej  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:20  Secret message to Comet  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:21  Secret message to Moon  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:22  Secret message to Moon  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:24 no go to sleet action and it will be there!
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:24 no go to select action and it will be there
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:24  Secret message to Moon  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:26  Secret message to Teej  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:28  Secret message to Comet  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:30  Secret message to Comet  
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 01:30 [I know who plays FireCutie and Kane, and also I know who plays Wahkan, Sundance, Nightstar, and Shotek, I'll ask them if they still want to be here, but I would delete Jynx and Saira.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:32 [Okay, well can we got back to roleplaying now?]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:32 \
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:33 yes please
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:34 Dad, do you really think Midnight could be out there? But why would he come back..?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 01:35 [Yeah, but Teej should probablystart back with Moon and Fenris and the others at the pack.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:36  Secret message to Comet  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 01:36 *whispers* Moon must've sent help. We have to keep Crusher and his Shadowpack away from them!
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 01:40 *walks up to Crusher* Sir, I smell unknown wolves.
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:43 But how?*Hears Steeljaw and panics, trying to come up with something that would distract him and Crusher* Hey Mutt! You gonna talk to me or what? Fight me! One on one!
4>Angel (Very Shy ), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 01:44 Hey can I join?
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:45 this is my friend
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:45 Midnight: *Hears Comet, and starts to worry hoping Steeljaw can't smell his fear* Comet: *Knows Midnight is afraid and tries to keep the attention on himself* You're a coward! You prey on the more weaker and younger!
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:46 \
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:46 [Sure, we mostly need pack members for Crusher's pack btw please use the line things, it's hard to tell whether you are talking as yourself or as you're character.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:47 ok
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:48 [ok]
4>Angel (Very Shy ), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 01:49 [ok I will be in Crushers pack]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:49  Secret message to Comet  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:50 [ i will to ]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:50 [Yep, he's the bad guy]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:51 [ i will to ]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:51 [[be on his side]]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:52 [Ratch and Comet have been kidnapped. Ratch is the Alpha Male in Moon's pack. Crusher was the one who had kidnapped them both. Midnight, Lilyanna, and Comet are the main pups of Ratch and Moon.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:52 [Now let's just keep roleplaying]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:53 [ok]
4>Angel (Very Shy ), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 01:54 [ok]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:56 *Whispers* Dad, sounds like Crusher's whole pack is here... We need them to not notice Midnight and the other wolf with him, we need to get them enough time to get away and back to Mom... *Now more loudly* Hey mutts! Quit ignoring me!
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:56  Secret message to Comet  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 01:58  Secret message to Angel  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 01:58 Yes! Come fight us, you cowards! *howls*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 01:59 *Howls as loud as possible* You cowards!
4>Angel (Very Shy ), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:00  Secret message to Teej  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:00 [@ Teej, if it's fine with Crusher then you can be his brother, so just ask him]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:00 Huh? Ratch, what was that?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:00 [Reminder: she and Wahkan still think Crusher is Ratch.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 02:02  Secret message to Crusher  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:02 Mistfly! Help! It's me, Comet! That "Ratch" out there is really a dog named Crusher! The real Ratch is in here! He tried sabotajing my Mom's pack! Please help us! Believe me!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:02 *walks up the door of the shed**growls quietly* Shut up or you'll blow my cover, you stupid Wildborns! I'll eat youi for dinner!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:03  Secret message to Teej  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:03 I'm not scared of you, Crusher! Come and fight me and my dad! Unless you are scared to take on both of us by yourself!
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 02:04  Secret message to Crusher  
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:04  Secret message to Teej  
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:05 [Whoops, sorry Teej, that was supposed to go to everyone.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:05 Mistfly, you have got to believe me!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:05 *shakes her head* No, that can't be Comet. He was left at the pack...
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:05 No he wasn't! That is Crusher! The real Ratch is in here! Please help!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:06 That's right, Mistfly! It can't be Comet because it's not!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:07 *screams at the top of his lungs* PROVE THAT YOU'RE ME, YOU MUTT!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:07 It is! I swear! Please help me! Crusher's backpaw shot me! If you don't believe me, then come in here yourself! And smell, you know that I smell like myself!
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 02:08 *Suddenly there is a lot of commotion. Midnight runs to Mistfly bravely, masking his fear.* Mistfly! It is true! That really is Comet!
4>Angel (Very Shy ), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:08  Secret message to Teej  
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:09 *glares at Crusher* *screams* You rotten Rottweiler! *tackles Crusher*
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 02:09  Secret message to Angel  
4>Angel (Very Shy ), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:09 [everyone I have to go will be on tomorrow to play]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 02:10 *Quickly runs back to Aanaiah and the two race home quickly*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:10 *struggles underneath Mistfly* Wahkan! Steeljaw! HELP! We... we can have justice! Remember? HELP!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:10 Go Mistfly!
4>Angel (Very Shy ), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:11 [everyone I have to go will be on tomorrow to play]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:11 [OK thnx for joining Angel!]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:11 Wakhan! You know the truth now! Help you're sister!
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 02:11 TEEJ comes and tackles mistily off of crusher
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:12 Steeljaw, I don't know you, but please help me and my father!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:12 *shakes her off* HA!
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 02:12 *After Aanaiah is home, Midnight rushes back and comes to Mistfly's side* Mistfly, you okay?!
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 02:12 Are you kidding? I've known you were there all along! It was my idea to capture you! YOU ARE STAYING!
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 02:13 *Quickly helps Mistfly up. Puffs out his chest, and spikes his fur appearing much much larger than he really is. He growls with such a ferocity that he never has before*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:13 No!
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 02:14 [Hey guys real sorry but I have to go I'll be back in about 45 minutes is my guess!]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:14 Midnight! Please! Run while you still can! [Hold on just a sec nobody say anything for moment, Midnight is gonna say something]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 02:15 [can you guys pls wait for me?]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 02:15 No, Comet! All my life I have been scared! Not anymore! It's up to me and Mistfly to help you and Father! And shut up Steeljaw! [Okay, that's what I wanted to say, thanks]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 02:15 [Oh, yeah sure. Idk if i will be on or not, but sure I can try waiting I guess]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 02:27 [thnx be back in 30]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:43 [Hey so is everyone still here?]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 02:48 [I'm back]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 02:48 [Are you still here?]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 02:49 [Yay! So, me, Comet, and you are still here. Who else is?]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:53 Midnight! You must get out of here! Please! You and Mistfly need to hurry and run!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 02:55 No! I have to fight for the Lightning Pack!
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 02:56 THE LIGHTNING PACK IS NOTHING COMPARED TO US!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 02:58 YES! YOU ARE NOTHING WITHOUT AN ALPHA MALE!
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 03:00 Our pack is much better than yours!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 03:00 Yeah Midnight and Mistfly! You tell 'em!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 03:01 Well, lucky for them, they HAVE one! *struggles and finally breaks the splintered wood his chains are attached to*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 03:01 And no Comet! I must stay to help you since you are injured!.... Uh oh.. Probably shouldn't have said that.. We are a lot better than you Crusher! *Tries to pretend like he hadn't said that*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 03:02 NOT FOR MUCH LONGER!!!!! *rams down door and heads to attack Ratch*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 03:02 Dad! Help me!
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 03:02 *Races in and tackles Crusher, biting his neck trying to get his attention away from Comet*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 03:03 *prepares helplessly for impact against Crusher's teeth*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 03:04 GET OFF MY MATE!!! *Moon rushes in and smashes into Crusher*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 03:04 Midnight! You did it! *runs out of the shed* You can NEVER destroy the Lightning Pack. *sends up howl to rest of pack, others join in*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 03:04 MOON! *tackles her lovingly*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 03:05 *Quickly gets the chains off of Comet*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 03:05 *hears howl* Come on, Pack! It's the others! Let's go!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 03:05 Oh, Ratch! I have missed you so much! *Kisses Ratch*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 03:05 *Starts limping to his parents* Mom!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 03:05 *runs with rest of pack to Ratch & the others*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 03:06 My baby! You are hurt!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 03:06 Teej! Steeljaw! Angel! Where are you! HELP me, you fools!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 03:07 [Hey guys I have to go and eat, roleplay tomorrow :) ]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 03:08 [OK I need to eat too. bye! This was the most fun day I've had in a long time!]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 04:07 [Yay! I am back! And same here lol]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 04:19 Haha are you still here?
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 04:20 *[]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 04:21 [Hey, if I give you and all the other RPers here credit, would it be okay if I turned this into a book?]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.6 04:22 *Watches Crusher, then runs away with rest of Shadow Pack in fear (except for Wahkan and Mistfly, of course)*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 04:23 GUYS! We won! We won! We won, we won, we WON! *starts jumping around, is hyper*
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.6 04:31 [Sorry, I'm getting rather confused...who's who and what's happening exactly? There are so many new characters jumping in without them really being introduced/described...]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.6 04:31 [Again, sorry...I'm having a tough time following... XP]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 04:35 [Oops, sorry. Well, the smaller pups which were 3 years and younger were able to escape, getting help from Moon. Meanwhile, multiple new members (Teej, Angel & Steeljaw) have been revealed as current members of Crusher's pack. And back at the Lightning
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 04:37 Pack an injured wolf named Fenris from another pack had been taken care of. Then, a large battle took place and Mistfly and Wahkan discover that they had been decieved by Crusher, and turned back to the Lightning Pack. Crusher's Shadow Pack has now run
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 04:39 off, leaving Crusher captured by Lightning Pack. We are now at the part after the battle, where the pack is all being reunited. At least, that is the simple way of saying it.]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 04:39 [Does that make any sense?]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 04:40 Wow. I was told you were a strong pack, but I never thought you'd be THIS good.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 04:41 [Oh, and Aanaiah is a female wolf who came into the Lightning Pack while Ratch and the pups were captured.]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.6 05:31 *while all that happened Fenris had been resting. Trying to heal from the burn*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 06:00 *remembers* Moon, Fenris is still at the den. We need to check on his wound.
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.6 14:26 [sorry i havnt been on. also my birthday is coming up!]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.6 14:26 YAY!!!!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 15:52 Okay, let's go. And I also need to attend to Comet. *Licks Ratch affectionately, glad to be reunited and having her family in order again*
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.6 18:50 [@ x: Yes, that makes sense. Thank you. I presume Crusher was the "fake Ratch."]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.6 18:54 *is pretty happy*
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 18:55 *is showing off his battle moves to Mistfly* ...And then I did this to the piece of mangy slime! *lashes out with his back legs*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:10 [Yes, Crusher was the real name of 'Fake Ratch' (the others got tire of calling him 'fake Ratch')]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:10 *tired
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:12 *laughs* Oh my gosh and did you see when I tackled and bit Crusher? Oh, my gosh, he was screaming! *jumps around*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:12 *sees Sundance* I thought I'd never see you again! *tackles him*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:14 Hello? Trapped under a wolf here. *whimpers as Midnight continues to hurt him*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:16 Oh, shush it, Mutt. *turns to Comet* And you. You showed more courage than most of the adult wolves I ever knew. I am proud to call you my son, Comet. Never forget that. *nuzzles Comet affectionately*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:17 Moon, let's go home. *He and Moon lead the pack home as they continue talking*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:19 *Rubs against Ratch and Moon happy to be reunited. Limps along with them*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:20 *Becomes a little worried about Comet*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 19:21 What do we do about the mutt?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:26 *thinks* Let him go.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:30 [So is it ok if I make this a book? I'll give everybody credit.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:31 [btw I am revealing my name, although a lot of you know me: I'm Corona.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:31 [Totally! Go right ahead! Just give us a little credit, especially me since I'm game master :) ]
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:32 What?
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:33 [Of course I'll give you guys PLENTY of credit! At the begginning, I'll write 'Based on the Roleplay "Wolves" by Maya', ok?]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:33 What if he just tries something again? I don't want to always be worrying about my pups!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:34 [Okay! Thank you! Maybe you should say from the website roleplay-city.net?]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:34 What?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:34 Don't worry, he's been through enough to know NEVER to mess with the Lightning Pack again. *glares at Crusher, who whimpers*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 19:34 What?!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:34 [OK!]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:35 Trust me.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 19:35 Yeah, I guess *Growls at Crusher*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:35 Yes! I'll never mess with you again! I'll never even come close to your forest again Promise! *whimpers in fear*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:36 *Looks down at his leg, thinking to himself*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:36 You better you mutt!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:36 *after he is released, he runs away in fear*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 19:36 *Becomes concerned about Comet, he knows he is in pain*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:36 VICTORY! HAHA!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:37 Stay away, we don't ever want to see you again!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:37 Comet, let Moon and I carry you. You don't need to be hurt any more than you already are.
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:38 *Nods, allowing his parents to pick him up*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:38 I'll help, too, Comet.
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:38 *Helps Ratch to carry Comet*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:39 i think we can manage, Mistfly. Thank you for all of you're help today *Smiles*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:39 *wedges in between Moon & Ratch and helps carry Comet on her back*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:39 I can help even MORE though! See?
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 19:39 *Smiles, walking alongside Moon so that he can see Comet's face*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:40 *realizes how squished she is**wedges out* But maybe this is a 2-wolf job. *smiles
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:40 *Smiles gratefully at Mistfly*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:40 Thank you for trying Mistfly
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:41 *chuckles* It's okay, Mistfly. I'm getting pretty hungry, you can come help me hunt for the pack.
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:42 *perks up* Okay!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:42 *the two run ahead of the pack to hunt*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:42 *Suddenly lifts head a little* I forgot! I was so scared I forgot about my hunger! *Smiles*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:43 *Sighs happily* Finally, the family is back together again. *smiles at Moon*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:44 *Licks Ratch affectionately* I have missed you so much
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 19:45 *Smiles at his parents* You guys are funny.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:46 *Nuzzles Moon* So have I, more than you'll ever know.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:46 [Ratch said that before Midnight spoke]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:47 *chuckles and thinks, 'You'll figure it out someday, Midnight.'*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:48 [Hey, ever thought of making a sequel to this, since this storyline seems almost over?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 19:48 *pack arrives back at den*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:49 [Sure! Should I just create another one? If so what should I call it?]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:49 Fenris? Fenris! Where are you?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:50 Is Fenris missing?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:50 [Idk but I think you should just post when this storyline ends and the next begins so the members on here don't have to go searching for another RP]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:51 [Good point, what do you think Ratch?]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:51 Oh, yeah, I forgot, he's resting in the den. I forget stuff a lot. It happens.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:52 [I am Ratch. :) haha]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 19:52 It's okay *Smiles*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:53 [Wait, what? Lol you have another character I didn't know about lol]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:53  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:54  Secret message to Moon  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:55  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:55 [btw you don't have to call me Ratch anymore, my real name is Corona.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:55  Secret message to Aanaiah  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:55  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:55  Secret message to Moon  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:56  Secret message to Moon  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:56 [Okay, thanks! So what are some things you are hoping to see in our sequel?]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:57 [oh and btw happy early birthday, Lilyanna!]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:57 [Woops meant that to be secret]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:57 [Yes, happy early birthday!]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:57 [I was thinking maybe Steeljaw could reunite the Shadow Pack and be the new Alpha in the Shadow Pack, since Crusher forfeited.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:57  Secret message to Aanaiah  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:58  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:58 [That should've been secret too, sorry.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:58  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 19:59  Secret message to Moon  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 19:59  Secret message to Aanaiah  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 20:00  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 20:00  Secret message to Moon  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 20:01  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 20:01  Secret message to Moon  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 20:01  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 20:01  Secret message to Moon  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 20:01  Secret message to Moon  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 20:02  Secret message to Aanaiah  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 20:02  Secret message to Aanaiah  
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 20:10  Secret message to Aanaiah  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.6 20:20 *comes out to see everyone* *talking to Ratch* Hello. I am Fenris. I heard you had been gone. What happened?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:32  Secret message to Moon  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:32 [Whoops, sorry Soph, that was supposed to go to everyone.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:32 So you are Fenris? Moon has told me about you. *explains to Fenris everything that happened*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:32 [Whoops, I meant to say sorry to moon]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.6 20:38 I see. I have had a few scraps with that mutt too.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:44 Oh, really?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.6 20:45 Yeah. He attacked my pack
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:48 Was there a Backpaw with him? Is that how you got burned? *Comet was earlier given to Moon so she could take care of him*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:50 Well, I believe you will not have to deal with Crusher any longer, he has said he would never deal with wolves again.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.6 20:51 Good. *starts to sit down flinches from the pain*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:54 Has Moon looked over your burn? She is the best here with medicine.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:54 Along with Sundance, of course.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.6 20:56 Yeah. She is pretty good.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 20:56 *smiles* So are you planning on staying with our pack? Or...
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.6 20:58 Probably not. I have to search see if any of the other wolves from my pack made it out alive.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 21:04 Oh, alright then. Well, once you are in better condition, I suppose you can be on your way. Just know that if you ever need any help, you can come here.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 21:07 *nods and walks over to Moon* It'll be some work, but I think we'll all work this out together.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.6 21:08 Well, I need to get to know the others as well.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 21:12 Hello!!!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 21:14 I heard Ratch say you'd be staying for a little while longer?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 21:19 I think that's good! Our pack is getting big. But we love to see new faces!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 21:29 *Finishes taking care of Comet and walks over to Ratch. Whispers to Ratch* And anyways, it's not Crusher I am worried about. I'm worried about Steeljaw.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 21:50 [Sorry, had to eat lunch]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 21:50 [bye soph]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 21:51 Steeljaw? I'm sure the Shadow Pack is no threat as long as their leader is gone.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 21:53 [go to bing images and search RID Steeljaw and you will see pictures of my 4th favorite Decepticon TRANSFORMER!]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 21:57 I don't know Ratch. I keep getting this bad feeling...
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 21:57 [OKAY BEFORE WE GO ANY FURTHER, THIS IS THE START OF OUR SEQUEL I wanted to go all caps so you notice it better :) ]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 21:57 I'm sure it's just because so much has happened in the past few days. We are all a little tense.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 21:58 [OK!]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 21:58 [And let's continue roleplaying! :) ]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 21:58 You're probably right, I'm sure this feeling is nothing...
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 21:59 Hey, Mistfly, I just wanted to thank you for helping to save me. *Smiles and blushes ever so slightly*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 22:02 Yes. After all this, we probably all should get some rest, after a good meal, of course.
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:03 Of course! Why would I EVER leave a pack member hanging?
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.6 22:03 Yes! Something to eat sounds great! *Smiles and laughs*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:04 Yeah, I guess so *Smiles*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:04 [Hey Maya if you like anything about TRANSFORMERS you should join my RP it's called 'The War for Cybertron'.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 22:05 [Okay, I probably will look into it :) ]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:05 [Yay! It let me type it! It used to not let me type the title of my RP.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:05 [Huh lol]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:07 Count me in! NEVER can have too much food!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:07 Can Fenris join us?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 22:08 Of course Fenris may join us! *Smiles kindly*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:11 *Laughs at Mistily, and lays his head back down thinking to himself, "Mistily is really cool. And she's really pretty..." Blushes*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:11 [Mistfly! Darn computer!]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:12 [I hate it when computers try auto correcting you]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:14 [Haha it's ok]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:15  Secret message to Comet  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:16 [I gtg, but please keep roleplaying without me! I like coming on to see new parts of the story :) ]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 22:16  Taking Cow meat (x 1)   Secret message to Comet  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:17  Secret message to Aanaiah  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.6 22:17 [That was supposed to go to everyone, and Aanaiah was supposed to say that]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:17 Here's what I caught, with Mistfly. *drags out meat*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:18  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:18  Secret message to Comet  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:18  Secret message to Aanaiah  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:18  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:19  Secret message to Comet  
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 22:19 [Gtg!]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:20  Secret message to Comet  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:20 [Aw, bye!]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.6 22:26 [gtg, dentist appointment.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 22:30 \
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 23:34 [Sorry I am back. My dog just had allergic reaction to her rabies shot so I am kinda worried, my mom is taking her straight to the vet right now]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.6 23:40 [ she will probably be fine]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.6 23:42 [That is what I am hoping for at least]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 00:07 [I'll pray. I'm not sure if you are a Christian or not, but I'll do so anyway.]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 00:08 [Oh, and btw I'm back. :) ]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 00:09
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 00:29 [Yes, I am Christian. It's gotten really kinda bad... We don't know if she will make it, it's a lot worse than what we thought...]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 00:39 [Oh, I'm sorry. God bless her and you.]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 00:40 [Do you want to RP to maybe help get your mind off of her?]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 00:45 [Yes, please that would really help!]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 00:46 [Okay, so we were at where Comet was eating and admiring Mistfly]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 00:47 [Yeah, the whole pack was eating]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:48 Hey Mistfly, want to come eat with me? *Smiles hoping she will say yes*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 00:49 *Glances at Ratch* Young pups are always so cute... *Smiles a little bit mischievously*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:50 Um... okay. *walks over to to Comet**smiles* Always room for a second serving!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:51 You're always hungry *Laughs*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:51 [btw I'm doing schoolwork at the same time so replies may be slow]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:52 *looks at him**mouth full* Isn't everyone?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:52 *Laughs*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:53 [Okay] Yeah I guess. I'm super hungry right now, I feel like I could eat a whole Caribou! *Laughs again*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:54 *smiles* A caribou? If I had my way, I'd have one whole every meal, every day!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:55 *Starts laughing and feels like he cannot stop* You're funny, Mistfly!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:56 *laughs* I'm telling the truth! One time, I asked Moon if I could eat one of all 3 caribou we had caught, and all she did was laugh and say,'There's no way you could eat that much!'
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:57 So I turned away, thinking to myself, 'not even one! I could eat 10 times that much!'
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 00:58 That's funny, I remember that, too!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:00 Hey, you wanna gohang out? I know the perfect spot! *does a backflip, is hyper again*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:00 *go hang not gohang
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:01 Okay! *Follows Mistfly*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.7 01:01 *Looks to Ratch then to Comet* I remember when you and I used to be like that.. *Laughs quietly to herself*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:08 So, where are we going?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:12 You'll see. *laughs*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:12 Okay *Smiles, trusting Mistfly*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:15 Slow down here, and watch your step. walks instead of runs*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:19 Okay? *Looks puzzled and slows down*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:19 Stop. *holds Comet back before he falls of small cliff into water*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:20 [Hey can it be summer fight now in the RP?]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:20 Whoah! That was really close! Thanks for saving me once again *Laughs and blushes a little*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:21 [Yeah sure!]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:24 *Smiles* I didn't save you, I was stopping you from going first! [btw the water is really deep and the cliff if only 5 feet over the water's surface]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:24 Yeah I guess *Laughs* Are we almost there?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:24 *jumps off cliff* Incoming! *splashes in water, is underwater for a while*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:26 Mistfly! *Jumps in after her, worried she might not be able to swim*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:27 *pops head up above the surface* Whoohoo! That was AWESOME! I'd say second to eating alone!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:27 Don't do that! You scared me! *Playfully splashes her*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:35 [Hey you still there?]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:38 [Yeah sorry reading an article for school]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 01:38 Hey! *splashes him back*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 01:43 *walks to Moon* Well, thank you for everything. I must go now.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 01:43 Aw, leaving already?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 01:44 Yes it is time for me to go
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 01:46  Taking Deer meat (x 1)  Okay, fine.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 01:46  Giving Deer meat (x 1) to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 01:46 Here, take this with you.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 01:50 *Walks away toward the woods* Goodbye
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 01:55 Bye. Please visit!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 01:57 Sure. *is gone into woods*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 01:59 *waits for 5 seconds* I miss Fenris. *walks quietly after him*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 02:01  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 02:02  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 02:04  Secret message to Aanaiah  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 02:04  Secret message to Aanaiah  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 02:04 [Oops that first one was not supposed to be a secret message]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 02:05 *walks through woods. Hears a sound. Senses that someone is following him*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 02:07 *freezes*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 02:11 *knows that its Aanaiah* Hey, Aanaiah. Come out.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 02:12 *sighs* Fine, you caught me. *walks out* I don't like friends leaving!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 02:22 [Hey you still there?]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 03:05 Don't scare me then! *Laughs*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 03:43 [Sorry i left. My device ran out of battery.]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 03:44 You need to go back to the pack. *is facing Aanaiah*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 19:59 Wh-why? *doesn't want to leave her friend*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 19:59 Laughs and continues playing with Comet in the water*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 20:03 Just go. Or you will regret following me.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 20:06 But I wanna come with you!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 20:15 [Aw, did you have to leave again?]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 20:20 Follow me you can never leave.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 20:50 Ok... [she forgets things the day after they happen soshe'll probably forget this warning]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 20:50 let's go!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.7 21:17 Fine. *continues to walk*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 21:28 *follows him heppily* so we're looking for more of your pack, right?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 21:30 *happily not heppily
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 21:33 [lunchtime brb]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.7 22:31 [back]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 23:32 Mistfly, how often do you come here?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.7 23:54 Whenever I need to chill out and get away from it all. You are the first person I've ever showed it to. *smiles*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.8 00:15 Oh, really? *Smiles and blushes* I promise I won't tell anyone else *Laughs*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.8 00:23 You better not! *does a fake stern look at him, then laughs*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.8 00:47 Hey, Comet?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.8 01:10
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.8 03:33 [I'm bored]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.8 06:17 Yeah? What's up Mistfly?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.8 06:25 Well... it's just that... *sits down*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.8 16:50 *I meant to say sits down on shoreline
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.8 17:53 Yep. *continues to walk and walks into a big circle of wolves*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.9 00:20 Yeah? What's up Mistfly?
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.9 19:50 It's just what?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.10 00:00 It's just... *grins* TAG! *taps Comet and runs*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.10 00:03 [Hey, Lilyanna, what's your name? I need it to give you the credit because I'm turning this RP into a book and I want to give you credit for making up your character! Secret message it to me if you don't want anyone else to know. I know how that's like.]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.10 00:10 Are these your packmates? Or no? *comes closer to Fenris*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.10 04:06 Oh you'll see. * looks to the pack of wolves* I'm Back!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.10 21:24 *quietly* Hi.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.10 23:29 Wolf pack leader: Who is that, Fenris?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.10 23:30 She came from the other pack I was spying on l. She wont stop following me.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 23:33 [Beowulf is a male. He is leader of the evil pack of Fenris'. He is dark black.]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.10 23:33 Of course she did. Did you tell her the rules?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.10 23:55 Uh... all he said was I could go back... *smiles*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.10 23:56 *couldn't not could
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.10 23:56 [big difference! :) ]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 01:03 So you lied to me?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.11 01:04 I dont want to go through it all
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.11 04:26 Uh...
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.11 18:07 Fine. *looks at Aanaiah with a sweet look* Welcome to the pack, sweetheart.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.11 22:25 *looks at him* Don't talk to me like I just came out of the whelping den. Do I look one moon old to you, 'sweetheart'?
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 00:09 Ooh she's feisty. *smiles*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 00:10 Okay leave her alone.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 02:31 Hey, dont tell me what to do. I am your leader after all.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 02:33 *snarls* *looks at Aanaiah* Lets go and get some food.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:33 Shut it. Leave Fenris alone. He's my friend.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:33 *he said that before Fenris spoke
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:35 Okay, I'm hungry. Let's go! *goes to Fenris to hunt*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 02:36 *is in the forest sees a deer
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 02:37 Alright have you ever caught a deer?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:39 Are you kidding? *laughs* No. Never. I catch caribou most of the time, although one time I cought three rabbits in one pounce- *Fenris puts his paw on her mouth to stop her from going on, because she rambles a lot*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 02:44 Okay cool. Then go and get that deer
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:47 Okay! *Quietly stalks behind the deer, then pounces on it and slashes it open with her teeth* Like that?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 02:49 You know you might fit in here. Just be a little more evil.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:51 Huh? Um... okay. *thinks he's playind a game**fake evil laugh* Mwa haha! I'mm gonna take over the whole forest- *finds Fenris's paw over her mouth again*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:51 *I'm
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 02:52 [hello]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 02:53 And this is not a game just to let you know.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:54 Okay!
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 02:54 [can i avertize my game real quick
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 02:54 ]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:55 *walks happily alongside him*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:55 [sure, trent!]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 02:56 [WELL i was just saying if you want to get on guinea pigs in wily life it has 298 texts! thanks!]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 02:56 *is annoyed with Aanaiah*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:56 [ok]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 02:56 guinea pigs in daily life
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 02:56 [ ]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 02:57 [thank you]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:58 [ok thanks]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 02:59 [btw a good place to talk about RPs is on the 'Roleplay Alliance'! That's where I told people about my TRANSFORMERS RP called 'The War for Cybertron'.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 03:00 [im on that!lol]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 03:00 *is back at camp sits down to eat*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 03:00 [:) so ami!]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 03:00 [and i did avritise my game on there]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 03:00 *meant am I not ami
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 03:00 \
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 03:01 [cool!]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 03:01 *digs into some of the deer she caught*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 03:02 *eats* Alright. I will be back.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 03:03 Aw. Where are you going NOW?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 03:03 But I wanna COME!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 03:04 [ok almost dinnertime for me anyway so bye!]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 03:16 [well if anyone wants to get on my game please come i need more peeps][btw how long has this rp been open]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.12 04:35  Secret message to Mistfly  
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.12 04:42  Secret message to Mistfly  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 18:11 *walks over to Beowolf* They are very vulnerable right now. They think that they are safe now that the Alpha female got her mate and kids back.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 18:12 *snarls* Good. We strike soon. Make sure that girl doesn't get away either.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 18:13 Alright. *yells* Adolwolf keep a close eye on her.
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 19:42 Ratch, I am getting a bad feeling. Like something bad may happen..
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 20:05 Alright we atack at nightfall.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 20:07 Good get all the wolves together. I will tell them the plan. You figure out what to do with the girl.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 20:08 Alright wolves gather together Beowolf has somthing to say.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.12 20:09 *walks to Aanaiah* So do you want to help attack a pack for us?
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.12 20:10 Alright we attack at nightfall. Fenris will lead half of you and I will lead the other half. We take over Moons pack. It is going to be awsome.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 20:15 *laughs* Is it the stupid mutt Crusher's pack? Omigosh, it was SO fun creaming them! I have dibs on fighting Steeljaw!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.12 20:16 [btw she didn't hear Beowulf say it's Moon's pack]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.13 00:13 *has been evesdropping on Beowulf's conversation with his pack**sneaks up behind him, not letting Aanaiah see him* Psst!
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.13 01:49 *whispers* Hey, big wolf!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.13 03:25 Sure *says evily* But promise you will not go back on your word. You have ro help no matter who is there.
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.13 03:39 ok! *still doesn't take him seriously, although he doesn't notice*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 03:40 [Whoops pretend Aanaiah said that last one please!]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.13 03:42  Secret message to Lilyanna  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 03:43  Secret message to Lilyanna  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 03:44 [Oops, sorry Lilyanna. That was supposed to go to everyone.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 03:44 *had been sleeping until Moon spoke* Unh... *yawns* Moon, what do you mean?
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.13 03:58 [...Annnnd I missed out on a buttload of stuff because I was too lazy to come on here again. XD XP Summary?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 03:59 [Hmm... lets see how to explain this...]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.13 03:59 [Sorry I keep disappearing...there are a few other RPGs I spend most of my time on and I often forget about other RPs I'm a part of.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 04:01 [Okay, so, long story short, Fenris recovered and left the pack, but Aanaiah considered him a 'friend' (like she does anyone who says 'hi' to her) and followed him. He found her and says if she comes with him, she can never go back and she agrees. Fenris
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 04:03 was really a spy for another pack who want to attack Moon's pack, though Aanaiah doesn't know it. They are preparing to attack right now, and Comet and Mistfly are playing at Mistfly's secret watering hole. Anything I'm forgetting?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 04:04 [Oh, and Steeljaw is trying to talk to Beowulf (the new pack's leader) so I'm just waiting for Soph to respond on that one.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.13 04:05 [I guess not. Thanks for the info! I'm assuming Shotek's Beta and Sundance is Omega Male since all the trouble with Ratch is over...correct me if I'm wrong...]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.13 04:06 [Oh crud, Moon has a new mate now (and an evil one at that - I saw his role box)? That's not good. O.O]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.13 04:06 [Sorry, I read that wrong.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.13 04:06 [Beowulf is the OTHER pack's leader...yeah... *double facepalm*]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.13 04:07 [My brain is not in RP mode today. XD XP]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.13 04:12 *is quietly hanging around**has been a bit suspicious of Fenris, but as an Omega she decided not to dare say anything*
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Oct.13 04:12 *wonders where Mistfly is*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 04:39 [idk about Sundance & Wahkan's roles. Shotek has always been Beta though, right? Sundance passed the opporotunity to be Beta.]
15>Wahkan (Omega Male), 5yo.2016,Oct.13 04:42 [Yeah, I guess so.]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.13 05:06 Good. its almost time to go
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:13 Okay again! *is acting too happy for Fenris's liking*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:36 What?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:39 Uh...
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.13 05:41 Alright stay here. I will be back
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:41 Aw! But you said I could have dibs on Steeljaw!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.13 05:42 *leaves the pack to go and spy on Moon's pack*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:43 *thinks, 'wait a minute, that's where we just came from.'*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:52 I'm hungry.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 05:55  Buying Bunny meat (x 1)  
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 05:55  Dropping Bunny meat (x 1)  
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 05:56 Here you go Sweetheart.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:56 I can hunt for myself.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 05:56 *says to Aaniah*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 05:56 Well you ain't. you are taying here
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 05:56 *staying
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:56 And stop calling me that, or I'll start calling you 'Daddy'.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 05:57 *glares at her* Whatever
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 05:57 Daddy, Daddy! Daddy, Daddy! Daddy, Daddy! Daddy, Daddy! *continues chanting*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.13 06:00 [gtg getting a bit overwelmed with Rp's]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 06:01 STOP!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 06:02 [ok]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 06:02 *laughs*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 06:02 I WARNED you!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 06:05 That's fun! Maybe I'll convince FENRIS to call you that. I'm a VERY convincing wolf.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 17:51  Secret message to Moon  
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.13 17:52 *whispers* Wolf, stop ignoring me! *Nudges Beowulf*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 19:10 *turns to see Steeljaw* What?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.13 19:11 *comes back from spying* Alright we have to leave soon
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.13 19:32 Look, I've been listening to you. YOUR pack wants to ruin Moon's. MY pack wants to ruin Moon's. I think you see where I'm going with this.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.13 19:34 *walks over to Fenris* *whispers* You wanna help me annoy Beo? [That's her nickname for Beowulf] He wouldn't stop calling me 'sweetheart' so I've been calling him 'daddy'. I like seeing his face when I do it. You wanna?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 21:01 Ratch, I am seriously getting a bad feeling.*Looks around at her pups to find them all sleeping. Breathes a sigh of relief, but is still worried*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 21:22 *is still really tired**yawns again* Are you sure? What do you think is going to happen? *stands up and stretches*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.13 22:50 Fine you can help us but after that you leave.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.13 22:51 No. Be careful around him
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.13 23:58 *was hiding in trees behind Steeljaw so no wolves saw him*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.13 23:59 *is hiding next to his owner*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.14 00:00 Be careful around who? *tries to peer around Fenris & Beowulf*
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.14 00:00 *whispers harshly* don't let her see me!
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 00:23 I don't know, my maternal instincts keep telling me to watch my pups very closely. That means something bad is going to happen. *Looks at Comet, Midnight, and Lilyanna*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 00:23 It's Comet and Midnight I am worried about. Something tells me that Steeljaw wants revenge..
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.14 00:52 If I have to stand guard, I will, but I may fall asleep. I'm still seriously tired from the battle with Crusher's pack.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.14 00:55 *yawns again*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.14 01:03 [Okay, everyone needs to post in this order: Steeljaw; Mystery Backpaw; Fenris; Angel; FireCutie; Mistfly; Nightstar; Beowulf. Then we'd have a post rainbow!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.14 01:03 *]
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.14 01:04 [I did! Now MB!]
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.14 01:05 [Now Fenris!]
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.14 01:47 [You know what, nevermind. I was just trying to be weird.]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.14 02:55 *wakes up hearing her mom worrying* Mommy, whatś wrong?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.14 03:33 Your mother thinks something is going to happen.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.14 04:07
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.14 04:43 Alright half of you wolves come with me
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.14 04:44 Uh... hm...
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.14 05:10 *the wolves split up*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.14 05:11 Alright lets go. *takes his pack with him*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.14 05:20 *looks for who Beowulf was talking to*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.14 18:50 Like what? *Sits up, accidentally leaning on wrong leg. Yelps and quickly shifts to other leg.*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.14 18:52 Okay *takes the other half and they split*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.14 21:33 *peers behind the rock Beowulf is behind*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.14 21:33 *oops meant was on not is behind
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.15 00:28 Comet, try to be careful with that leg. And I don't want to worry you guys, but I get a bad feeling Steeljaw wants revenge on you. I have another feeling about something else bad that will happen, but that one I can't quite figure out. But I thought I
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.15 00:29 felt it has something to do with Fenris...
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.15 00:31 *smells Steeljaw, who is no longer there* Oh, no! *races to Moon*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.15 00:32 *arrives at pack* Moon! Fenris was spying on us. I followed him... he has a wolfpack teamed up with Steeljaw and the others to destroy the pack!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.15 00:32 *widens his eyes at Moon* Wow... you were right.
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.15 03:17 [hey the fourteenth was my birthday! i am 13 now!]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.15 03:18 Mommy what are we going to do?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.15 03:20 [cool!]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.15 04:28 Yes, Moon... what?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.15 15:33 What will we do?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.15 15:34 [wait, since when is this RP so quiet? Did we give all our action to 'Rodents Abroad'?]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.15 18:30 Oh no. *yells to Adolfwolf* You were supposed to watch her you idiot.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.15 18:30 Lets hurry. *takes half the pack and finds Moons pack.*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.15 18:31 *gives signal to Beowolf*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.15 18:31 Attack!!!!!!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.15 18:43 No! Not NOW! Pups, hide! Aanaiah, Mistfly, BATTLE POSITIONS!!!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.15 18:47 *stand with Ratch* Where's Mistfly?
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.15 18:48 Attack, Shadowpack!!!
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.15 18:48 *jumps out*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.15 18:48 Oh, no! Not him, too!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.15 19:53  Secret message to Moon  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.16 00:54 *yells* Aanaiah. I thought you promised.
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.16 01:47 [i am SO sorry I missed so much!I just forget some RP's science I'm in too many.Ill try come on here more and again SI sorry!]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.16 01:49 ^stands in mistflys place* she went to river,or was it a cliff?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.16 01:53 *looks at Comet,* you guys wandered off somewhere,where is she?
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.16 04:52 *attacks*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.16 05:15 *hides in hole between two rocks, biting, scratching, and secretly attacking Shadow Pack members when they come close*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.16 05:25 *sees lilyanna* *grabs her and holds her up* Hey girlie
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.16 05:32  Secret message to FireCutie  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.16 15:41 DEFEND THE PACK!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.16 15:41 Don't you DARE hurt her, you LIAR! *tackles Fenris*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.16 16:48 *pushes Aanaiah of him* Dont mess with me
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.16 16:53  Secret message to FireCutie  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.16 18:22 *calls loudly* WHAT'S THAT, FENRIS? YOU LIKE CALLING BEOWULF 'DADDY' BEHIND HIS BACK, TOO? *grins* That might make him mad enough, don't you think?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.16 21:44 Shut up. *pins Aanaiah down*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.16 22:41 No. *YELLS* FENRIS SAYS YOUR ALL LAME-OS!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 00:03 *growls Feris is a lamo himself!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 00:11 [hi]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 00:12 *whispers* FireCutie, protect Moon's pups!
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 00:23 Whatever. *attacks Ratch*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 00:24 GET THE PUPS.!
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.17 00:48 NO! The Alpha Male's MINE!!! *shoves Beowulf off*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 01:44 *some of the pack goes for the cubs*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 01:44 Fine. *goes for Moon instead*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 01:45 *they only catch one pup which is Comet*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.17 02:04 I am NEITHER OF YOURS! *kicks them both*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:12 *grabs Comet* Well well well. Look what we've got here.
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:16 *scratches Beowulf* drop him!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:18 *jumps on Fircutie.* Ha.
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:18 *trowls* get off me mut!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:21 [hey]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:21 [I have not talked with you in a long time]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:21 *scratches Fenria so much it causes him to jump off with a yelp*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:22 *Fenris. [yeah true how are ya?^^]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:23 Ow you little-*gets jumped on by another wolf*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.17 02:24 [You are battleing while saying how r u. XD]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:24 Nice hit, FireCutie!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:26 Thanks er...Amy?
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:26 All of you LISTEN!!!
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:26 This pup will die. If you dont listen to me
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:27 [im good!]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:27 *shuts up*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:28 Good. Now.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:28 All of my pack come back to me.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:28 *his pack comes back*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:29 We are your new leader.
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:30 Yah right!! *snorts*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:31 Fenris get her
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:31 What?! *growls*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:33 My name is Aanaiah.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:33  Secret message to FireCutie  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:34  Secret message to Claire  
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:35  Secret message to FireCutie  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:36 And you don't scare me!
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:36 [Oops not supposed to be a secret message]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:36 I am your new leader. And Fenris is also.
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:37  Secret message to Claire  
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:38 *has evil laugh*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:39 Okay, yeah, that makes sense. Fenris would make a great Alpha Female. *grins*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:40  Secret message to Claire  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:40  Secret message to Claire  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:40 Your right I would. Because I am a female. Couldnt you tell?
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:41 Hahaha
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:42 Anaiah! *is greatly annoyed*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:42 My real name is not Fenris
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:43 Nope. You look like a big fat dude. [I thought Fenris was a male..? XD]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:44 Obviously *rolls eyes* not even your mother could be THAT dumb to name you that! *spits*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:46  Secret message to Aanaiah  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:46  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:48  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:48 *snorts WAY loud* OMG just WOW!!!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:48 Emphasis on FAT. I mean, ouch.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:50 [Okay so there is a male in the pack that looks like Midna. He is who acted like he was hurt. But Midna is the real evil mastermind behind all of it.She was trying to keep it a secret that she was Midna because she was part of Moons pack a long time ago]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:50 [ok]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 02:51 Yep and she is my mate
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:51 [hey where'd you go on War for Cybertron?]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:52 You know, saying 'shut up' or 'whatever' just means you couldn't come up with a good enough comeback. Crazy Lazy!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:53 [alrighty*]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 02:53 [Sorry got distracted I will get back on there]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 02:53 [i gotta go bye!]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:53 [ok thats good I was having fun!]
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.17 02:54 And I am there son.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.17 02:54 [Okay bye ]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 02:55 [bye ash!]
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.17 03:00 [Gtg *offline* See you. ]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 03:58 [I'm back had to have dinner]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 04:03 [ok bye]
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.17 05:34 Lets do this, Dad.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 06:48 *laughs* Oh, oh that is funny. You say that like you're TOUGH. HA! *laughs*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.17 16:55 *growls*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.17 16:57 Leave him alone. Aanaiah, you think ypur so big so tough. Look at me. You trusted me you have a good heart. Just join us and you can do what you want. I dont want to see you hurt or killed. You are a good wolf
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 17:32 [Oh wow I missed a LOT] *Whimpers, and keeps his eyes lowered*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.17 17:36 *Creeps up on the wolf who has Comet. Pounces on him, biting his neck. The wolf gets startled and let's go off Comet. Comet rushes over to Moon and Ratch whimpering*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 17:38 *Pulls Lilyanna and Comet close, and is worried that something bad was gonna happen, and Midnight and the wolf would have a huge battle between the two. (Hey, should we have it be Steeljaw since the two already hate each other who had Comet?)
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 18:05 [should we have what be Steel?]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 18:23 [Steel be the one who had Comet in his jaws saying I will kill him or whatever if anyone comes near. Unless it was him and I didn't notice. I'm too lazy to go back up and read through everything lol]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 18:41 [uh i guess]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 18:42 *Looks at Ratch worriedly*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 18:47 Need me? HAHA! You'd need a lot more than just ME. *laughs loudly*
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.17 18:48 You'll pay for that, Wildborn! *snarls at Midnight*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.17 18:55 *Snarls with a ferocity he has never really dealt with* Stay away from my family!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 19:05 Wait, d-do you mean it?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 19:07 *has a pln but no one else knows it* I accept, Midna.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 19:07 *plan not pln
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 19:08 I'll be a part of your pack.
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 19:09 *Sneaks away, and runs to Mistily's special place worried about Mistily*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 19:10 *is sitting on the edge of the cliff*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.17 19:11 *Tilts head confused what Aanaiah was doing. Looks around and when she doesn't see Comet, she tries her best to not show the worry in her face*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.17 19:12 I want to be on the clear WINNING team. Plus you said I could do whatever I want. *smiles*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 19:12 Mistfly! I was so worried about you!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 19:23 *looks up* Oh, hey.
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 19:58 Our pack is being attacked! *Fills her in on everything*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.17 21:28 ON IT! *leaps back to the pack with Comet following*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.17 23:27 *Snarls and bites hard on Steeljaw. Moon looks worriedly at Ratch. She didn't want to jump in for fear of the rest of Steeljaw and Beowolf's pack to jump in as well*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.18 01:49 *Ratch nods determined at her slightly so the others don't see and he seems to suggest that he thinks Aanaiah has a plan*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.18 02:41 Mommy, what are they doing?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.18 02:43 *whispers* Hush, please hush, Lilyanna. You must stay quiet to stay safe.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.18 02:46  Secret message to Lilyanna  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 02:51 Good. *wispers somthing into Beowolfs ear*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 02:54 *smiles evily*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.18 02:55  Secret message to Ratch  
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 02:56 Well, well, well SWEETHEART decided to join the pack.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 02:57 Comeon over.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 02:57 I WON'T if you don't stop CALLING me that!!!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 02:58 *comes over* *stops halfway* You said I could do WHATEVER I want, right?
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 02:58 Oh come on
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 02:58 I knew you would join
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 02:58 [go to war for Cybertron I added a twist]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.18 02:58 [hey i have a new roleplay called ¨The Zodiac¨ if anyone wants to join]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 02:58 Answer me, please.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:00 [Okay]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:01 Yeah thats what she said
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:01 Good. *comes up*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.18 03:02 *stares at Beowulf and Midna very hard*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:02 [I dont know anything about zodiacs]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.18 03:04  Secret message to Claire  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:05 *grins and winks at Lily but the others don't see*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:05 [Lilyanna is it ok if I'm a Cybertronian Zodiac?]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:13 [Sorry i left had to eat dinner]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:14 Are you all ready for me to be your leader?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:14 [it's ok my dinner should be ready right now brb i'll try to be fast!]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:14  Secret message to Lilyanna  
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:14 [Okay]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.18 03:15 [its ok i already ate im supposed to be in bed right now]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:17 [Corona what time is it there?]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.18 03:19 *mumbles under her breath where she thinks no one can here exept her* This is so unfair.
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.18 03:20 [opps that was supposed to say hear instead of here]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:27 [im back and it's 6:27 PM]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:29 *grins* *kicks Beowulf in the side*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:29  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:29 You said I could do WHATEVER I want! *laughs* I'm starting up infighting!
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:29 *gasps.* Waht the heck is wrong with you?
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:30 *Jumps on Aanaiah*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:30  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:31 Nothing! But something's GONNA be wrong with YO FACE when I'M though with you!!!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:31  Secret message to Aanaiah  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:31 OOps not supposed to be a secret message
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:32 [XD it's ok]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:32 What? I'm only doing what you said!
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:32  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:32 So technically this is your fault.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:33  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:33 [are you still on Cybertron?]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:34  Secret message to Aanaiah  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:34  Secret message to Aanaiah  
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:35  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:37 Yes it is. You said I could do whatever I want. Well... this counts as 'whatever', and I 'want' to do it. So there. You're fault.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:37  Secret message to AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:41 There you go again... you just can't figure out ANY good comebacks, CAn you?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:42 *CAN not CAn
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:42 Shut up. *attacks Aanaiah*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 03:43 Get her mom
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:46 *grabs Midna's snout* Adolwolf, you know your pack is sided with a bunch of MUTTS, right? *points with tail at Crusher and Steeljaw* [No one knew they were dogs]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:48 And I see their BACKPAW right behind those trees. Are you REALLY stooping THAT low?
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 03:49 What? You are lying
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:50 [Can the backpaw end up killing Beowolf?]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:50 [sure]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:51 *claws at Midna* No. No I'm not. That one who looks like the Lightning Pack's Alpha Male tried to steal our pack once, and failed. And since you sided with HIM, you are probably going to FAIL too.
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:52 [okay]
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 03:52 Father is this true
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:53 *sees she is telling the truth but lies* No it is not
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.18 03:53 *cocks Thunderstick and wolves hear*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 03:54 Oh? Then why did that Backpaw click his Thunderstick?
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 03:55 Wait can you have him aim for Midna? and Beowolf jups infront and saves her]
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 03:55 *[
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 03:56 Son your dad is lying.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 03:56 yes mother
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.18 03:56 [ok]
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.18 03:57 *jumps out of hiding* GOTCHA! *aims for Midna*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:58 *Sees that he aims for Midna* *jumps infront to save her*
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.18 03:59 *shoots Beowulf*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 03:59 [Gtg i will be back at around 7:20 or 7:30]
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.18 04:00 Oh well. That's not the one I was aiming for, but he works, too.
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.18 04:00 [ok bye]
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.18 04:00 [I'll be here]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 04:17 [I am back]
9>Mystery Backpaw (Ratch(Dog)'s Owner), 36yo.2016,Oct.18 04:18 [yay!]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:20 *laughs in her head*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 04:20 DAD
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:21 *throws Midna off of her*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 04:21 Midna............I love....you.........I am........sorry...........I shouldnt.........of done ..........this. *dies*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:22 Wow. Harsh.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:22 *pats Midna on back*
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2016,Oct.18 04:26 [Maya you can delete this slot now]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 04:27 [Replies will be slow Brunny and Caprial are on]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 04:27 *turns and bites Aanaiah and hurts her pretty bad*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:28 OW... I was trying to COMFORT you, mutt.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:29 [ok]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:29 [I know that Brunny is I'm talking with her on Rodents Abroad 2]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 04:31 Leave all of you *says to her pack*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.18 04:31 *he and the Shadow Pack shrink back*
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.18 04:35 *retreats and watches his owner run to grab Beowulf* [btw the Backpaw hunts wolves illegally for their fur]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 04:36 *they all leave except Adolwolf*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 04:36 No *is crying*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 04:37 *breaks down cuz she loves him*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:38 *decides to leave them to themselves*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:38 Moon, shouldn't we help them?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 04:41 * grabs Adolwolf and starts to leave*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:41 WAIT!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:45 I... I'm sorry. I want to help you.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 04:48 *looks at Ratch and Moon*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.18 04:48 *nods and steps forward* So do I.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 04:50 No. I am fine. I am taking my son and we are leaving this area. We will live alone
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.18 04:52 Are you sure? You are welcome to stay with us.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.18 05:00 Thak you but i must go
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.18 05:02 *thank
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.18 05:05 *nods* Understood. If you ever change your mind, just come back. *smiles*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 05:05 *waves happily* Bye! I'll miss you!!!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 05:47 Ratch, I don't WANT them to go! *frowns*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.18 17:42 WHAT?! They just tried to take over our pack, and your gonna let them go?! *Still has Steeljaw trapped under him. Snarls in his face*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.18 22:23 MIDNIGHT! We're SUPPOSED to be a peaceful pack. Right, Ratch? *Ratch nods*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.18 23:08 *Growls and then let's go of Steeljaw. Huffs and storms off, killing a rabbit and tossing it into the fresh kill pile at the same time. Disappears into the forest*
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.18 23:49 *quickly retreats*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.18 23:59 *grumbles* that Amy chick is crazy...
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:00 *smiles happily though*. *is a bit shy*. So...*waves paws around in a circle* can I stay?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 00:01 QUIT CALLING ME AMY!!!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 00:02 It''s pronounced 'a-ni-uh]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 00:02 *[
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 00:02 [in case you're wondering]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:03 [Corona!]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:04 *eyes open in surprise* s-sorry what's your name? *adds in her head* mut
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:06  Secret message to Aanaiah  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:08 [Corona did you leave???]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.19 00:12 Of course you may stay young one. [Btw, keep forgetting to ask. Is Firecutie a girl or a guy I can't really tell]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:14 [firecutie is a girl!]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:15 [#lol]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:18 Thanks!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 00:18 [no im here]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:19 [ok great!]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 00:23 My name is AANAIAH. And I HEARD that!!!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 00:24 I will hunt you and throw you in the kill pile!
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 00:33 What did I do?
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 00:54 *sighs* I'll be back. *walks off*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 01:21 *rolls eyes*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 01:22  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 01:54  Secret message to FireCutie  
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 02:00  Secret message to Aanaiah  
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 02:01 [im still here]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 02:02 Great have to leave in five]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 02:02 *[
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 02:02 [ok ill be leaving soon 2]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 02:04 *walks to Mistfly* hi I'm Firecutie
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 02:05 I know.
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 02:06 Oh um *blushes* want to be friends?
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 02:10 [Corona?]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 02:12 Bye
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.19 03:06 *sees FireCutie* FIRECUTIE!!!!!!! *pounces ontop of her* Long time no see!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 03:53 *shakes her head and laughs* *is thinking about someone else*
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.19 05:52 *as she is walking away she calapses*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.19 05:52 Mother. other. HELP
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 05:56 *dashes to Adolwolf* What happened?
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.19 06:06 I-i dont know she just fell over.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.19 06:06 Please help
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 06:12 *looks at her* She's exauhsted. We can take her back to my pack we'll take care of her there.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 06:32 Well, come on! Help me carry her! *sets Midna on her back but can't carry her alone*
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 13:43 *giggles* hey Lily! I'm fine how ya doing'?
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.19 14:52 *Growls looking at Midna. Still doesn't agree with how they were dealing with everything. Just looks down at the ground and snarls*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.19 19:04 *helps carry her*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 19:22 *she and Adolwolf carry Midna back to the pack* Moon, Ratch, we need assistance.
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.19 20:07 *Has them lay Midna down. Sniffs her fur for any infection*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 20:17 She's really tired, plus the shock from... you know. *doesn't want to strinke up any harsh emotions so she whispers that*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 20:17 *stirke not strinke
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 20:17 *strike not stirke
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.19 20:17 [GAH! i HATE typos!!!]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.19 23:09 *Grabs a few mouthfuls of fur, leaves, and soft warm moss. Lays it down and makes a little pillow and puts it under Midna. Smiles at Adolwolf inviting him to help*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.20 02:31 [hi]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.20 02:42 Good! *sees Midna* Oh No! *rushes over to help*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.20 02:43 [hi]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.20 02:43 *follows Lilyanna* What happened?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.20 05:51 *looks around* Moon, what do we do?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.20 18:17
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.20 23:19 *Grabs moss* Comet, go and get these soaked. *Comet goes and gets them soaked and gives them back to Moon. Moon takes them and starts wetting Midna's face. Midna's face cools down a lot more, and it becomes easier to breathe. Moon smiles*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.20 23:23 *Snarls looking at Midna.*
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.20 23:32 i dont know she just passed out
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.20 23:35 *Sits next to Lilyanna and Mistfly* Hey, I think there's something wrong with Midnight. He's... Changed
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 00:06 *whispers to Comet* Ya think? He's acting less like a younger pup and more like Crusher when we all thought he was Ratch!
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 00:08 I mean, he's an AMAZING fighter now - have you SEEN his new moves?! - but that seems to be ALL he does now.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.21 00:34 He is a pretty good fighter, but he seems to be more agressive now...
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.21 00:37 [I meant that to be Comet woops]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 00:37 He is a pretty good fighter, but he seems to be more agressive now...
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 00:39 I'm worried about him. He's never acted this way. He only started when... When he had come back to save me and my dad....
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.21 00:44 [Hey Corona you still there?]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 01:08 [back]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 01:09 [sorry was reading transformers memes!!!]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 01:10 *wraps her arm around him to comfort him* He'll be alright. I'm sure.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.21 01:14 *is releaved She is is breathing better*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 01:31 She just needs to rest. *smiles at Adolwolf* You may stay as long as you need.
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.21 13:30 [hey]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.21 14:53 *Growls again* Great, more mouths to feed. And they're both mutts who tried to attack us *Snarls*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 17:56 [Hiya!]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 18:30 [Hi!!!] *Walks over to Ratch* Dad, I think Midnight has... Changed. He's becoming more agressive...
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 19:36 What do you mean?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 19:36 [Sorry for leaving, I needed to start making my Halloween costume.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 19:37 [It's okay] He keeps growling and snarling. I've never heard him do it before! And he hated how we are helping Midna
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 19:39 Well, things have changed for him. He just found out a few weeks ago that he had grown up with a dog.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 19:40 He doesn't want to trust someone who might be a threat. He's just worried for the pack, that is all. I'm sure.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 19:43 [Hey, did you ever check out my Transformers RP?]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 19:44 Okay, if you say so... [No because I've been super busy lately sorry]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 19:58 [It's alright, bruh.] Why? Is there something you think we should be doing about him?
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.21 20:31 I'm just.... Worried about him...
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 20:51 Have you tried talking to him?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.21 20:51 [Went to get lunch but I'm back now.]
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.21 23:30 Thank you. I am eternally grateful.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.21 23:46 *smiles* I'm just happy everyone's okay!
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.21 23:47 *smiles*
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.22 00:03 So, if you're staying awhile, you want me to show you around?
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.22 02:36 [heyo!!!]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Oct.22 02:37 *walks up to Aanaiah and Adolwolf* Hi!!!!!
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.22 02:40 [hi]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.22 02:45 *smiles* This is Lily.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.22 06:57 [Hey guys sorry I wont be on as much any more. I have never really been much of a fan of electronics. And these things take up alot of time of mine. Sorry]
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.22 07:09 [So I am going to have to have my characters leave and then you can delete my accounts]
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.22 07:09 No thats okay. I must go soon.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.22 15:20 [Oh, okay then.
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.22 15:20 *]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.22 15:58 [i just want to see if anyones bored]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.22 16:00 [Yes. I'm always bored.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.22 16:06 [well would you like to play on one of my games...sorry if this is pushy but idc if you say no]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.22 16:07 [oh its you corona]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.22 16:08 [have you seen i am legend]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.22 16:09 [the movie]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.22 16:26 [no]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.22 17:19 [welll get on my game called the dark seekers]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.22 17:24 [please
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.22 17:24 ]
10>Aanaiah (New pack member), 7yo.2016,Oct.23 15:32 *sees her* Midna? You alright?
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.23 16:41 No I-I must be going. *stands up. Is still a bit weak *
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 16:46 No, you need to rest. *lays her back down*
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 16:53 [you left me!]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 17:21 [Sorry, I was playing a game on Coolmath.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 17:21 *]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.23 17:23 *tryst to get back up. But cant* Please I need to go.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.23 17:25 No mother you need to rest.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 17:25 Yes, listen to your son.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.23 17:29 [I gtg. I have to go to Church]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 17:29 *stern voice* Midna, you will listen to me, and you will listen well. If you leave in your current condition, you will die. AM I UNDERSTOOD?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 17:30 [Okay, bye! I went to church last night.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 17:34 Is that what you want? Your son, all alone, no parents to teach him, to love him, to care for him? Are you will ing to leave him alone?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 17:34 *willing not will ing
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 17:38 [im here]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 17:39 [i made a fun new game but you can't be the general]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 17:47 [you left me again!]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.23 19:29 [I'm on RA2 and RTD, dude, waiting for you.]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.24 18:02 *Gently pushes Midna so she is laying down again* Please, you must rest. You are welcome here *Gaze softens and tries to be kind. Gestures for Mistfly to come forward*
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.24 18:03 *Mutters, but is loud enough for everyone to hear* She shouldn't be welcome here. She spied on us, decieved us, and tried attacking us. She is not to be trusted. *Snarls*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.24 18:59 Please, stay here until you are better. Stay for one night at least. *Grabs a rabbit and gives it to Midna* You will be well fed here
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.24 20:30 Midnoght, what has gotten under your fur? You have not been acting as yourself.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.24 20:30 *Midnight
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.24 20:32 Midna, do you WANT to die? If not, then I highly say that you should not leave.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.24 21:30 Listen to them please
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.24 21:31 fine but only for a night
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.24 21:38 *nods and steps slightly closer to Comet, but only Comet notices* Great! You'll be safe here!
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.24 21:47 *Growls* I find it ridiculous that we are helping the very wolf who spied on us and tried attacking us. And all of you are acting like she did nothing! It's about time someone started acting a little bit more aggressive around here. Otherwise before you
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.24 21:51 know it, another pack is going to take advantage of us and attack us yet again.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.24 21:55 No one is going to hurt you again.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.24 21:57 *Growls* Like your one to talk
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.24 22:00 *growls*Shut up
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.24 22:00 *Growls a little* Alright Midnight. That's enough
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.24 22:01 *looks at Ratch* I am surprised that you don't remember me yet
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.24 22:02 *Snarls* I'm so sorry if I'm just trying to protect my pack. It's about time we start dealing justice to those two and get back at them for what they tried doing. We were kind to them, and they repaid us by attacking us.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.24 22:03 [Gtg *offline* See you. ]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.24 22:03 *Looks confused* Ratch, what is she talking about? *Tries to ignore the fight going on between Comet, Midnight, and Adolwolf*
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.24 22:04 [K, it's been fun lol bye]\
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Oct.24 23:55 We were friends when we were kids.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 01:32 No, no, I remember very well. I just choose not to... reflect on the past. That is all. Now, I must attend to the pups.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 01:34 MIDNIGHT! Do you want us to fight? Do you want to fight? *takes deep breath* *mutters quietly to Midnight* If what you really want an agresive pack, go find Crusher. You are acting quite like him, after all.
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 01:35 *looks back at Midna, hoping she will tell Moon everything so he does not have to*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.25 01:35 *growling at Midnight *
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 01:37 And you can leave my pup alone. You are, of course, welcome here, but if anything is troubling you, come to me before jumping into a fight. Please.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.25 01:38 Whatever
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 01:45 What was that?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 01:46 For your information, we could've left you out in the middle of the forest to die.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.25 01:58 I don't care
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.25 02:00 [Please join Let's talk rp it is where we can talk without spamming roleplays. And we can put up ideas for new role plays]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 02:51 Well, are you the one making an influence on Midnight?
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.25 03:43 No. I am not I promise
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 03:44 *nods* I believe you. Where will you be sleeping tonight?
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.25 03:45 I don't know. Where ever
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 04:00 You sleep in my den if you like. I need to hunt tonight, anyway.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.25 04:02 Thanks
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 04:50 *nods* If you need anything, just let me know.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.25 05:04 *nods back*
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.25 05:15 [Hey guys, I'm sorry, but this RP is becoming too hard for me to follow.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Oct.25 05:15 [I'm considering quitting...sorry...]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.25 05:38 [alright. :( ]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.25 16:08 I'm sorry that I'm just trying to watch out for my pack. Who knows if they will try and attack us again?
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.26 00:33 [Hey Brunnhilde so do you want me to delete yours then if you are going to quit? And are you absolutely sure you want to quit] *Looks at Ratch wondering what he should do*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.26 01:50 And who knows when they could change?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.26 01:50 Why do you not understand that war is not the answer?
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.26 01:51 [Wait, since when do I want peace? Anybot who knows me knows I'd rather have a fight. o.o Tables turned...]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.26 05:44 [Oh, well. Let's keep RPing.]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.26 17:03 *Snarls* Because obviously other wolves and packs look at us as if we are weak! We have had two attacks on us in the past 2 or 3 days. It is not okay!
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.26 20:32 Fine. Prove to me your way is better.
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2016,Oct.26 20:36 *snarls*
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.26 20:58 [Back at the Shadow Pack...] *growls* This should've worked!
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.26 20:59 *stammers* I-I told you, we shouldn't have gone back-
3>Steeljaw (Tamaskan), 9yo.2016,Oct.26 20:59 SILENCE! I am the pack leader now. Not you, coward.
18>Crusher (Dog Posing as Alpha), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 22:22 *shrinks back* U-understood.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.27 23:20 Look, Dad. All I'm saying is that if we show we are willing to fight, then other packs wouldn't look at us as if we are weak. If that were the case then there would be less attacks.
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.27 23:21 *Gently nudges Mistfly and whispers* Hey, let's go to the waterfall *Runs to the waterfall with Mistfly*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 23:48 Willing, not waiting, Midnight. There is a difference. You are waiting for a fight. We are willing to fight if we must. Like back in the Shadow Pack's lair. But if we need not, then we do not. Understand? Or are you going to continue searching
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.27 23:48 for a battle?
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.27 23:49 Um, alright.
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.28 00:57 I just think we need to prove our strength. Why not go and attack that mutt Steeljaw? Give him a taste of his own medicine. Then we could prove we are just as strong as everyone else. If not more
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 00:58 Sorry, just wanted to come out here because it feels so peaceful. Life's getting pretty stressful huh? *Plays in the water and splashes Mistfly then smiles at her*
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Oct.28 01:10 You go attack. Take Wahkan or whoever is willing. But Moon and I are busy. *walks off*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 01:11 *shakes her fur out* I... I don't feel like playing in the water right now. *goes up to her cliff by her watering hole*
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.28 01:13 [you left me again!]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.28 01:14 [i sent some messages in my game]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.28 01:17 [hello]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 01:26 [Sorry, I was doing the dishes because my mother asked me to.]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 01:27 [You can't handle being alone for what, 15 minutes? XD]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Oct.28 01:28 [no i can't!]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 01:41 [:P Well, I'm with VannaLemon now. You'll be seeing less of me.]
14>Midnight (Moon's son), 3yo.2016,Oct.28 17:08 *Huffs and stomps off. Growls and shakes his head and leaves*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 17:08 *Suddenly becomes concerned* Mistfly, is everything okay?
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Oct.28 17:09 *Looks at Ratch and tilts her head wondering what she should do*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 18:08 I'm fine. *turns and looks out at the water*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 18:31 *Gets a little bit closer* You know you can tell me. i can tell your upset. Tell me what's wrong. *Becomes concerned again*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 18:53 I SAID I'M FINE! *turns away* I... I'm sorry.
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.28 23:53 Mistfly, it's okay. please just tell me what's wrong. I can help you.
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.29 02:52 *growls* I'M FINE!
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.29 03:12 *Whimpers then looks at the ground. Traces in the sand with his paws and mumbles* Sorry....
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Oct.29 04:28 I... I need some time alone. Wait for me here. *jumps into water*
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Oct.30 07:15 Okay... *Looks down and continues to trace his paws in the sand*
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 22:39 *crawls out onto the shore on the other side*
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Nov.2 03:30 [Yeah, I'm pretty sure I want to quit. I may return later on though.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Nov.2 03:31 [Idea on how to remove my characters: Why not have there be tons of rain and thus a big flood?]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Nov.2 03:32 [The wolves would be all disoriented from the flood. In some places the wolves from the enemy packs would collide by accident (while fleeing from the flood) and fight. In other places some of the wolves would start being washed away.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Nov.2 03:32 [Nightstar would seemingly escape unscathed but completely disappear forever (perhaps she went off by herself in an effort to find another pack and start a peaceful life?).]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Nov.2 03:33 [Shotek would probably apparently drown in the floods while saving the pups. Sundance would vanish, washed away from the floods, while trying to assist Shotek.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Nov.2 03:33 [Wahkan would be killed while fighting the enemy wolves.]
2>Nightstar (Omega Female), 2yo.2016,Nov.2 03:33 [That's how I'd want my characters to be removed, anyway. But this is your RP, Maya. It's your choice. Goodbye!]
12>Mistfly (Wahkan's Sister), 5yo.2016,Nov.2 04:58 [Uh, bye then. Does this mean you can come on War for Cybertron more? It's too quiet there.]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 18:32 [Oay, I think I can make that work]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 04:08 [I DON'T LIKE HOW EVERYONE'S LEAVING!!! D,X]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 18:47 [yeah, feels like its really only me and you who get on this...]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 19:39 [:( ]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 21:55 [corona you on?]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 21:55 [nvm]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:03 [Sup.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:03 [hello]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:04 [im bored]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:04  Secret message to Ratch  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:04 [Same. Just finished watching the MLP season finale.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:04  Secret message to Ratch  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:05 [MLP?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:05  Secret message to Teej  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:06 [MLP=My Little Pony. DON'T JUDGE ME!!!]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:06  Secret message to Ratch  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:06  Secret message to Teej  
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:06 [why would i judge you?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:07 [-_- Cuz I bet you ain't no brony.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:07 [i did the stupidess thing today...am i allowed on say that on here?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:08 [OMG but if you want to see my little ponies killing eachother look up 'Smile HD'! (Rated 18+)]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:08 [theres a brony in our school]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:08 [If you spell 'stupidest' right next time.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:09 [Okay, so? I know SO MANY bronies and pegasisters.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:10 [just watch it o.o]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:10 [i did the racer challenge]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:10 *eraser
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:10 [You watched 'Smile HD'? HA! I LOVE that video!]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:11 [Uh... what's that? The eraser challenge?]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:11 [look itup now!]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:11 [Should we move this convo to RtD or 'IM BORED'?]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.3 22:12 [imbored]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.3 22:14 [k]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Nov.5 23:04 *her and Adolwolf left. *
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Nov.5 23:04 [You can delete Midnight and Adolwolf now]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Nov.6 01:36 [you dont know what the eraser challenge is?]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Nov.6 01:38 [did it hurt, trent?]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:57 [actshally not that much but please don't do it...its stupid
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:57 ]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:57 [it gives you pretty much a permeant scare..luckly i didnt doit to long]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:58 [it can get infected...dont think its cool to do the eraser challenge..like i said its stupid
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:58 ]
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Nov.6 14:39 [ok i was about to say ¨why on earth would you do that???!?!?!?!¨ good thing you did not do it too long]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.6 17:01 [Uh I already did it and it's perfectly fine. -_-]
7>FireCutie (Alaskan tundra wolf), 5yo.2016,Nov.6 19:45 Don't worry Comet,You'll get Midnight back!
5>Lilyanna (wolf), 4yo.2016,Nov.6 23:02 [:) hey]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.7 04:14 [hi]
11>Comet (Moon's son), 5yo.2016,Nov.8 14:50 What do you mean Firecutie? [I don't really know what to do at this point...]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.8 21:47 [me neither]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.8 21:54 [Reference to the Eraser Challenge: You guys are all lightweights. -_-]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 22:10 [its bodily harm?...it makes no since...if your bored ....Draw!
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 22:10 ]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 22:12 [i have a long scab now]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.8 22:38 [When I'm bored I drink]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.8 22:38 [GATORADE! I drink gatorade! Sorry didn't finish the sentence!]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.8 22:39 [I test so-called 'self-harm' tecniques and prove it's not as bad as peeps think.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.10 20:57 [too quiet]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 15:49 [Hi everyone, I am sorry to say but I cannot be on here anymore because I just don't have the time anymore. Corona, I would like you to be game master. I will give you Midnight, Comet, and Moon. I'll secret message you their passwords and they will be all
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 15:49 yours]
1>Moon (Alpha Female), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 15:50  Secret message to Ratch  
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.26 16:17 [Um, kk, but I wont be on much either... the RP's not really going anywhere.]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:21 [Corona?]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:23 [why is self harm good?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.26 16:24 {When did I say it was?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.26 16:24 *[
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:29 [ you said "i test so-called 'self harm' techniques and prove its not as bad as peeps think."]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:32 *Its my freedom
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:32 [wrong message]
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:32 *I
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.26 16:34 [I didn't say it was goo, I said its not as bad when I do it. Of course, I don't encourage anyone else to do it.]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.26 16:34 *good
19>Teej (Crusher's brother), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:37 [y do you do it? what do you do?]
13>Ratch (REAL Alpha Male), 12yo.2016,Nov.26 17:16 [cuz i can]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Dec.1 17:38 Hey everyone. I'm a new player.
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Dec.1 17:43 [Im not sure what to do so I'm just going to delete this game]
6>AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA), AAAAAyo.2016,Dec.1 17:44 [I meant leave this game]
20>Claire (hybird), 11yo.2019,Apr.29 03:14 *walks*
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 21:23 Hello everyone! It's me, Maya. I'm the game master! Anyways, I cannot remember any of my passwords. But, I just wanted to say I am planning to make this into a book. I have been gone for five entire years, it's crazy to think that I made this when I was
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 21:25 Just fourteen. I can't believe how popular it became! Anyways, I hope everyone has been doing awesome. I just wanted you guys to know that this will become a book and that the adventure will continue. I will change parts of things to better fit into a
17>Galaxy (Hunter), 19yo.2019,Jun.22 21:25 Book. Kinda miss everyone though!

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