" The Writer's Guild "
This game is destined to players of 12 to 17 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Well, this is my new Roleplay. The point of it is pretty simple. This is a place for readers, writers, and fans of books to gather and enjoy each other's company and interests. I'll be giving out writing prompts, tips, little tidbits and discussions about my favorite books, etc. that anyone is free to join in on. I also noticed there are a few other role plays here that have set up a way to discuss new ROLEPLAY ideas, and I think I'd like to try my hand at that as well here. So, you're also free to use this as a way to discuss new role plays, if you're thinking of making any. Anyhow, enjoy!

1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:39 Hey, welcome to the writers guild! I'm just going to introduce a few rules, and then I'll begin!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:40 Foul language will not be permitted, nor will any discounting (putting other people down). It's ok to voice your opinion, just don't be rude, ok?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:41 Try to stay on topic. This is a place to share a love for reading and writing and creativity. Don't come in and start talking about basketball. Please!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:44 I've noticed some role plays are a little lax about this, but I'm going to be a stickler for this rule. The age range is not just a suggestion, I put it there for a reason. Please don't come on if you are too young or old. It may seem rude, but you
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:44 Will be deleted.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:48 As for being gone, I won't be as harsh. This is more of a relaxed atmosphere, so if you're gone for a while, it should be ok. I would suggest checking in weekly though, and if you are gone for a month, you will be marked inactive and deleted. You can
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:49 Join again, but if you don't reply then you will be given a suspension of sorts from here, and told not to join again for a certain amount of time.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:50 And that wraps up the rules. Now, kind of some more about the game:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:52 I'll do daily updates of the following: prompts, discussion starters, and quotes from different books. That's just going to be mandatory stuff for me, and there will most likely be extra things.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:52 You are free to comment, join in, and add to discussion or make new discussions of your own.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:53 I will also add in some Roleplay ideas daily, because, let's face it, it's really fun!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:53 Have fun!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 21:57 Forgot to mention! Discussion about movies and TV shows is also fine. Anything to spark the creative spirit! (Plus they're fun to talk about!)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:00 Hi Silver!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:00 I joined because I love reading, writing, movies, and TV shows! :D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:03 About what I read: I like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Harry Potter, Warriors, Lost Horizon, and more. My very favorite book is The Little Prince.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:04 Oh, and I like the Time Quintet too.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:05 About what I write: I love fiction and thus I write fiction. I'm currently working on a dystopian future type trilogy, and I also have another fictional book series that takes place around present day in mind.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:05 About what movies I watch: I watch a lot of the movie versions of the books I love. I also watch tons of operas. I am a fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (especially the X-Men movies), too. However, my favorite genre is comedy, so there are many comedy
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:06 movies (Uncle Buck, Home Alone, Spaceballs, Meatballs, and others) that I love.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:06 ...that right there. That is a beautiful thing to say! *gives hug and cookie*
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:07 I love most of those books, though I've never read the Time Quintet. Sounds interesting!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:07 About the TV shows I watch: I like watching older sitcoms/comedy shows (Married with Children, The Red Green Show, Seinfeld, Abfab, Black Adder, Fawlty Towers, The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and more are some of my favorites) etc.). Among the modern shows,
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:08 I often watch The Big Bang Theory or the news.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:08 @ Silver: Hi! Thanks. *eats cookie* Yum!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:08 And please, tell me more about this dystopian trilogy you're writing. It seems very intriguing...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:10 A quick note to everyone: I may be a bit secretive when I share things about what I write because I've actually had some of my ideas copied before. So please don't be pushy to know everything about what I write.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:10 Well, I'll tell you more.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:12 My idea for it began when I had a weird dream. The dream was that I was riding in the back of a van with other kids around my age, and men in black clutching guns were guarding us.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:12 I understand how you feel.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:12 I escaped the van with some of the other kids, and we ran into a cave and hid behind a rock cleft. A guard started coming by, and I was the only one brave enough to rush forward and try to escape/distract him while the other kids escaped.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:13 Thanks for understanding! Anyway, I was caught by the guard and taken into some caverns with steaming hot pools of water. I started swimming around and playing with other people who lived in the caverns in these pools, but suddenly people started being
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:13 Hi everyone! I'm an avid reader and writer, so I thought I'd join this club! It seems fun!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:14 taken away, including someone who looked like Gilderoy Lockhart from Harry Potter (weird, right?). I felt like the Gilderoy guy was close to me, so in order to save him I spied on the guards and followed them to one of the deepest caverns in the mountain.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:14 Hi! :D
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:14 H'lo Joan! Welcome to the Guild!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:15 Your dream sounds awesome!
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:15 Glad to be here! :)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:16 It was epic! Anyway, I watched as the Gilderoy guy was attached to a machine and his memories were su cked out of him. A woman who ruled the mountain then came out of nowhere and tried to get me to get in the machine and have my memories su cked out of me
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:16 too, and I quickly started to try to escape. Finally, I woke up.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:17 Interesting. Had you been watching/reading Harry Potter?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:17 I first opened a RP based on the dream, but eventually I closed it and started writing the first book. I'm still working on the first book; it's been months since I started it (my writing is "on and off").
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:17 No.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:19 Hmm... Cool! It sounds great. I'd certainly read it's!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:19 So, overall the book is about a dystopian future in which there are large governments (kind of like the factions from Divergent) in the world, and one rogue government called The Caverns.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:20 Every new year, The Caverns people would send out some agents to kidnap children and their families from the main parts of the world. Mainly the families have government officials in them.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:21 I do write stories, but I don't have any intentions of publishing them (YET). Most of them are on my Wattpad account, mainly consisting of short stories, parodies, and other random stuff.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:21 The families then quickly adapt to living in a secret mountain (not sure where it should be located, but I'm thinking about making it one of the Tetons) and be Caverns citizens.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:22 I am writing a story w/ my sister called "My Boss Ronald McDonald".
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:22 The main character is one of the children who has been kidnapped and made a Caverns citizen. The first book features her growing up in The Caverns, discovering that she has strange powers, and discovering new questions and secrets that need to be answered
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:22 *.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:22 @ Joan: Oh no. XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:23 In the second book, a war has began, and the main character doesn't want to choose a side. Rather, she goes around, trying hard to find answers to various questions asked in the first book.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:23 In the third book, she finally chooses a side and tries to win the war.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:24 I was inspired by my dream, my own ideas, The Hunger Games, and Divergent.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:25 Awesome! Well, I have to go, but I'll be back later. When do you guys usually come on?
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.16 22:25 Hi!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:25 10:00 PM Eastern Time, 9:00 PM Central Time. But often we're a bit late.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:26 @ Felicity: Hi! I'm sorry, but you can't be a member here. Silver already explained that this is ages 12 to 17, and if you are outside that age limit your profile will have to be deleted.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:26 See you later!
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.16 22:26 Oh, I'm usually on at 8:30 or 5
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:27 I don't mean to be rude, but those are the rules.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:27 I actually won't be on for a couple of days, so I'll probably be back here later in the week.
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.16 22:27 Oh, oops. Anyway, 8:30 AM or 5:00 PM Eastern.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:27 @ Joan: OK.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:28 Sorry, Felicity, Brunnhilde is right. I'll see the rest of you later!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:28 I'll try coming on here @ 9:00 PM CT though, since Joan and her sister probably won't be on.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:28 Bye Silver!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:28 Bye!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:29 I'll switch back to WB for now.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 22:30 Ok.
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.16 22:31 Silver, how come those are the rules? Why did you make it like that?
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:33 I LOVE reading. About tv shows I watch Big Bang theory,90210,prison break,teen titans go and switched at birth. Oh and baby daddy and house of Payne
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.16 23:36 About books I read Jacqueline Wilson
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 01:54  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 01:55 @ Felicity: I don't know...it might be so she can point out that a lot of people too young for certain RPs have ignored the "This game is destined to players of (So-and-so) to (So-and-so) years of age." message, or because a lot of us like writing/reading
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 01:56 things more fit for teens (e.g. The Hunger Games is a little old for someone 10 years old).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 01:56 @ Euodia: BTW, aren't you 11 years old, not 14??
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 03:05 Thank you Brunnhilde, that is kind of the idea. Many of the books and such being discussed are a bit more for older kids. I understand that my decision may seem brash and mean, but those are my rules. I ask that you would please use them.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 03:07 So, with that said, I will have to revoke the people under 12. However, I think I'll reconsider the age limit on my other Roleplay now that I know there are younger people on this site.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 03:09  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:19 [I'm online!]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:20  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:21 Well...it's 9:20 where I live. I hope I'm not too late.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:21 Note that the time when I get on is in between 9:00 and 9:30 PM CT; that is 10:00 or 10:30 ET.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:28 @ Silver: I agree. When I was 11, I didn't like The Hunger Games (though I hadn't seen it or read the book). I thought it was just stupid violence, and nothing else. Then BAM! I turned 12 and I saw the HG and read the book. I quickly fell in love with the
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:28 series.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:28 I noticed similar things-people ages 11 and under don't give a hoot about The Hunger Games or Divergent, but after they turn 12 all of a sudden they love those books/movies.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:30 So my own history regarding The Hunger Games is a good of example of why there is a "12 to 17 year-olds only" rule. We'll probably be discussing types of books/movies/shows/writing that people in that age group generally like and others don't because they
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:31 are too old/young for them.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:34  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:34  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:40 Anyone on?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 04:50 Guess not...
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:15 Hey!
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:16 I'm writing a handbook for spies.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:16 I've already writen a handbook for demigods.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:16 Tell me if you have any tips.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 19:18 I know someone who wants to read Hunger Games, but they are 10. Maybe in 2 years if this is active they can join it!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.17 20:13 Hi Mary! Cool! :D
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:11 Hello Mary, thank you for joining.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:12 Sorry for being gone, I had to go on a last minute camping trip. So, I'm going to make up for when I was gone!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:15 My discussion starter: For those who have read the Divergent series- Did you like the ending to the series. I was personally a little disappointed with it.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:17 My quote: We all have flaws. But we overcome them. And sometimes, it's our flaws that make us who we are.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:18 (That's from Warriors, by the way. That series has so many good quotes!)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:19 And lastly, my prompt. I hope you like it!:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:20 "So, you're telling me if I take this little pill, I can....what, read minds?" I ask skeptically. A girl, who I believe is named Lucy, laughs.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:21 "That and a LOT more, kid," she scoffs. Without hesitation, the boy across from her nods.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:22 "See, it uses certain scientific methods to enhance mind capabilities." I frown at him.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:23 "Tell me this, then. Why me? Or any of these other kids? Why aren't adults using it?" I ask him. Lucy chortles at me, and rolls her eyes.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:25 "You really are an idiot. It doesn't work on adults, genius!" She tells me. I narrow my gaze.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:27 The boy next to her glares at Lucy. "It doesn't work on adults, because their minds are not capable of being affected positively by the pill. This is the opportunity of a lifetime! Do you accept?"
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:28 Hesitantly, I reach for the pill, and the two look at each other and smile.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 00:28 Woo! I got it all down! Enjoy!
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:01 What do we do, add to the story?
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:37 Yes, I did read Allegiant (last Divergent book) and I was kind of sad. But it was actually not a bad ending. Kudos to Veronica Roth for stepping out of the box.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 19:38 However, since the movie is being made into two parts, fangirls were trying to change the ending and the screenwriters or whatnot were actually considering! It's not really fair to the author if they change the end.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:41 You can do whatever you like with the prompt. Add to it, change it, whatever your creativity wants.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 22:44 I wish Veronica would have been able to be more involved in the making of the movies. It probably would turn out better.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:20  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:20  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:24 About the end of the Divergent series: I've only read Divergent and Insurgent, but I have a feeling that Four/Tobias dies at the end of Allegiant. Can you hint on whether my instincts are true without outright saying that Tobias did/didn't die?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:27 Also, how dare they decide to change the end of the Divergent series?! The way they changed 90% of Insurgent (even the itty bitty things, like the fact that Tris and Christina saved some of the other Dauntless from killing themselves, not Tris and Tori)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:27 was bad and irritating enough!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:27 Still, the Insurgent movie was good and it all lead to the same thing, but I really wish that they stuck to the book much more.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:29 @ Silver: I saw Veronica Roth herself in the credits for Insurgent (I can't remember what she was though; a producer or writer, maybe??), so she probably was part of some of the big changes in the film.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:30 Oh, and I love the Warriors series! It does have a lot of good quotes.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:30 I'm adding to the prompt:
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:31 "What are you waiting for?" Lucy says.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:32 I nervously glance at the pill, and then look back at Lucy. A large, mocking grin is plastered on her face.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:33 "This just doesn't feel right," I say with a sigh.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:33 "What's wrong? You scared?" Lucy says, playfully poking at my nerves. "We can always get someone else to take it."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:34 "No!" I say quickly-too quickly. "I mean yes! I mean-I just don't know..."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:36 "We're giving you one last chance," the boy says, a strange, new hint of firmness in his tone. "Take it, or walk away."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:37 I look into the eyes of the boy and then into the eyes of the girl, trying to read their emotions. But they seem odd and still, like glass. I have the sudden urge to peer into their minds and see what they're up to.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:38 I extend my hand even farther and catch the tiny pill clumsily but firmly in my fingers. I then bring my hand to my face and toss the pill into my mouth. I swallow, wincing at the pill's bitter taste, and Lucy hands me a glass of water to wash it down.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:40 I greedily gulp the water until the glass is empty and then pause to catch my breath. Suddenly, immense, excruciating pain pulses in my head, making my brain ache, and I scream, the glass shattering on the floor after I drop it and clutch my head.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:41 I roll off the chair and onto the ground that is laden with glass shards, everything around me spinning just as much as my scattered thoughts are whirling. I try to breathe again, but I can't. I try to talk again, but I can't.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:42 I try to scream again, but I can't.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:42 Then two short, skinny blurs get up from their equally blurry chairs and approach me. That is the last thing I see before everything goes black.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:43 Whew! Done!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:43 How did you guys like my entry? Feel free to change it/add details.
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.19 23:45 IMPORTANT MESSAGE TO SILVER: Is it okay if you don't delete my slot for a long time until I turn 12, and I don't participate until then? Cause I like this RP.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:53 @ Felicity: Note that I'm not speaking for Silver, but that seems sort of fine...but two years is a REALLYYYYY long time, so in a way that request is sort of weird...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:53 I don't mean to be rude BTW.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.19 23:53 gtg! *offline*
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 00:07 It's actually only 13 months, cause my 11th birthday is next month.
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 01:38 kilO
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 01:38 oops........
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 01:44 Oh, OK.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 02:48 Veronica Roth did make a cameo appearance in Divergent (the zipline scene) and her mom did too (in the beginning). Other than that, she was probably a screenwriter or something.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:07 Really?! :D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:07 Awesomeness!!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:45 Hey everyone!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:45 I guess I won't delete your slot. It is only fair.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:46 Hmm...interesting that Veronica did have some influence. I wonder how that's going to pan out.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 04:47 I really did like you're entry! You are a fantastic writer, my friend!
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 04:52 I love you guys's story and I'm building on it myself
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2015,Aug.20 04:52 My slot is inactive for thirteen months, starting...NOW!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 06:30 @ Silver: Thank you! :) @ Felicity: OK. See you here in a year! ^.^
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:12 Well, I have some ideas for roleplays I've been considering opening that I would like to propose. They're only a few, but I think they'll do for now.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:13 So, the first few are based off of certain things I am a fan of: namely Avatar the Last Airbender, Warriors, Harry Potter, and The Hunger Games.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:14 For Avatar the Last Airbender, it would be something of an alternate universe, that I was meaning to call Phoenix Rising. Basically, the plot is that Aang manages to take away Ozai's bending, but gets destroyed himself in the process. Both sides
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:17 obviously are damaged from the blows. Ozai did manage to burn down quite a lot of the Earth Kingdom, and most of the earthbenders are in chaos. The rest of the gang has gone into hiding to try and regroup from the loss of their friend and leader. The
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:19 roleplay takes place many years into the future, when the entire Earth Kingdom is taken over by the Fire Nation. Now, earthbenders are considered to be extinct, however, there are earthbenders who have gone into hiding, to try and survive. Now, it's up
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:20 to the descendants of the original gang to make things right again. And they have to try and locate the new Avatar as well, to bring balance to the world once more.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:20
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:23 Now, for the Warriors idea of mine, it takes place in another forest with different made up Clans. You get to make up your own cat, and play as them in a whole new Prophecy.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:23
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:26 For Harry Potter, it takes place a few generations after the original series, and a new villain has been presented: a supposed new Apprentice to the memory of Salazar Slytherin.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:28 You get to make your own Hogwarts student who will play as the people in the new Prophecy to defeat Salazar's new Apprentice. Or, you can also play as a new student of Hogwarts during the original foundation of Hogwarts, when the four founders were still
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:29 teaching. It switches between time periods, so you can either be modern, or ancient. Either one is fun!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:29
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:31 And, for the Hunger Games one....well it's not as much actually the Hunger Games, it takes place in a different universe entirely. Every hundred years, twenty people get sacrificed to the Labyrinth, where they must fight both the dangers and each other,
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:32 to get to the prize at the center. Twenty go in, and only one comes out. After one person is left alive, a new game will start with twenty new people!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:33
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:33 And then, finally, my last roleplay idea, The Apprentices.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:35 In the small town of Haven, five young children have become Apprentices to the famed Merlin. Together, they will learn to become stronger within their magical abilities, and become powerful wizards themselves.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:36 The only problem...they have LOT'S of villains to face. From evil wizards who want revenge, to secret societies that want nothing more than to get rid of magic for good, they have a lot of work to do if they're going to save the world.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:36
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 20:36 So, what do you guys think?
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:44 Awesome.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:45 *adding to prompt*
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:46 in my restless half-concious mind, I see images of war-torn cities, and destructive nuclear bombs.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:47 One heads straight twords me, I try to scream, get out of it's way, do anything that will save my life.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:47 I am jolted awake in what seems to be a lab.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:48 My hands are tyed behind me, and I am gagged
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:48 Silent, faceless bodies move to and fro around me
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:48 I want to scream, and get out of here.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:49 I try to talk to a passing form, but it simply removes my gag, and walks away.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:49 Slightly discoraged, I try again.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:50 This time no noise comes out of my throught.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:50 I keep trying, until I stop, exhausted, under the conclusion that I have become mute...
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 22:51 *DRAMATIC ENDING!!* *PlEASE ADD ON!!*
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:02 I'll add on I suppose!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:06 After going through many more fitful dreams, I finally wake up. The lab I wake up in is fairly small. My vision has even cleared up enough to see everything better.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:07 I'm sitting in a simple chair, it's white and smooth, almost flawless.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:10 Once again, I try to make some noise. This time, a small scratchy sad sound comes out. At least it's something, though.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:12 Footsteps Echo across the empty room. Or, at least I thought it was empty... I see a few other chairs with people in them. I glance to see who's coming.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:15 It's Lucy. She goes around to a few of the other people and then administers some medication to them. I narrow my eyes, and try to get up, but I can't move, it hurts too much.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:17 She eventually comes around to me. Expressionless, she tries to give me the medication, but I whimper, and shuffle around.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:18 Someone else enters the room, and yells, "Lucy, stop!" She turns around, and I catch a glance at him. It's the boy from before.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:21 Lucy rolls her eyes. "Ben... What's wrong? Honestly, if I don't give this joker the medicine, he's going to turn out like the other failure. Dead."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:25 Ben shakes his head. "This one is different. It's going to be very painful, but we can't give him the medication. He's going to be our first success story! Come on, Lucy. What's the harm? He's an orphan anyone. If it doesn't work out, but it will,
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:26 No ones going to miss him anyway." Lucy sighs. "I don't want to be responsible for another death. But if you're so confident, fine."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:27 Ben nods, and leaves. "Thank you, Lucy. You know this means the world to me!"
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:30 Lucy shrugs. "Whatever, Ben." But then, a small smile plays on her mouth. She looks at me, and the smile disappears. "Sorry kid. Ben's choice. You're in for a world of hurt."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:33 Then, she leaves, and I am once again left alone. But, something is different. When Lucy is leaving, I can hear something. I could hear someone else, despite their mouth not moving. "Help me, please..."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.20 23:34 There! This is fun!
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:19 Going to add on!
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:21 I see shadows dance across the wall through the transparent window that look out of the lab. I'm not entirely sure what's going on, but it's obviously a struggle, as seen by the movements of the shadows.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:22 It appears that the lab workers are trying to capture someone, but I'm not quite sure how. I want to help this person, but I don't know if I have the strength or courage...
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:23 Sorry that was kind of a short entry! To be continued by the rest of you!
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:24 Your ideas for a Harry Potter and Hunger Games RP sound great! I haven't seen Avatar: The Last Airbender or read Warriors, but I was once part of a Warriors RP on here, so I think I would join it if some of you could help me understand the plot.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:25 And the Aprrentice RP sounds awesome!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:33 I love the show Avatar: The Last Airbender, and your idea sounds brilliant!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:37 The Warriors one sounds like a typical Warriors RP, but it still sounds very fun. Also, the HP and Hunger Games ones sound interesting!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:39 The Apprentices one sounds REALLY awesome!! I have a suggestion for that RP: The evil wizards can have a few apprentices too, and might even try to get one of Merlin's apprentices to switch to their side. However, they definitely won't have as many
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:39 apprentices as Merlin does.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:40 I'll add on:
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:41 The same voice of someone else continues echoing in my head.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:41 "Help me...anyone...please..."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:41 (Hey, Brunnhilde!)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:43 I look around quickly, my short-sightedness turning the lab workers into fuzzy, white lines that move throughout my vision, and watch as they lift another darker blur into a chair. They strap him-or her-into the chair.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:43 (I do like your idea for The Apprentices. I will definitely add that in!)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:43 [Heya!]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:43 [Thanks!]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:45 My vision wavers in and out, the fuzziness solidifying, then the solid humans being reduced to blurs again. I struggle against the straps that hold me down, but they don't budge.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:45 I struggle harder as the voice becomes more panicked.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:46 "Help...help! Please! I'm in pain...I hurt...my whole body hurts..."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:46 (Oooo the intensity!)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:46 "Who are you?" I say.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:47 [Yep!] Among my scattered thoughts, confusion enters my mind. I spoke, but my lips did not move.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:47 "Is someone there?" the voice replies. It is a youthful, feminine voice.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:47 "Can you hear me?" I say, though my lips refuse to budge.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:48 "Yes," the voice says.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:49 I try to unscramble my thoughts and put them back together like pieces from a massive puzzle, but instead I am submerged in a world of hurt. My whole body spasms as pain pulses from my head and spreads all the way down to my toes.
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:49 (This is kind of reminding me of the book The Maze Runner.)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:50 (eh, I guess)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:50 I grit my teeth and try to scream, and I do scream, but it is not a scream. It is an inhuman screech-the roar of a jungle cat, the voice of a wild animal in distress.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:50 [Really?]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:51 Then the pain is too much, my thoughts scatter again, and I see little blue stars. Then everything is dark, and the stars are gone.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:51 *** (These are the symbols I put in to say time has passed-it's like saying in a RP ~SOMETIME LATER...~)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:52 (alright)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:52 (Note that in your text, Silver, you referred to the main character of as a "he." Am I allowed to change the main character to a girl?)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:52 (sure, I don't mind!)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:53 (OK, thanks!)
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:53 (Yeah. There's telepathic talking in that book. And later in the series, labs and such.)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:54 (I didn't really like the Maze Runner series much...)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:55 [Never read The Maze Runner. There's telepathy in Warriors too, though.]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:55 [I've been wanting to see The Maze Runner movie, though.]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:55 "Rise and shine, Sleeping Beauty."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:56 (I liked the movie. Movie wise, it was pretty cool. Compared to the book, it was sort of disappointing.)
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:56 (I liked the book a lot, the movie was okay but the book was better
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:56 *)
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:57 (I'm looking forward to seeing The Scorch Trials, though.)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:57 My eyes blink open, and for a moment fear rises within me, making me resist the unbreakable straps again. But then I remember what has happened, and I remember who the girl standing in front of me is-Lucy.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:59 "How long have I been asleep?" I ask.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:59 A little smile grows into a taunting smirk on Lucy's face. "Oh, not very long...only four days."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 04:59 My stomach twists into a large knot. "That isn't very long?"
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:00 "Not for the subjects we work on...usually they're out for a week. Maybe two weeks, maybe a month...and sometimes they never wake up."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:00 Dread fills me. Lucy begins to circle my chair, fumbling playfully with a piece of thread in her fingers.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:01 *I am filled with dread. [Sorry, typo.]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:01 "What happened to the girl?"
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:01 "What girl?" Lucy replies innocently."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:01 "The girl who was being strapped in the chair next to me."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:02 Lucy glances in the direction where the chair, the lab workers, and the girl were-or are. "What chair?"
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:02 (I like the way you portray Lucy. You're doing a wonderful job!)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:03 Mustering all my strength, I turn head to the left. "What do you mean, what-" The chair and the girl are gone. "-chair...?"
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:03 [Thanks!]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:05 "Oh, you mean the girl from yesterday," Lucy says, tightly twisting the string into a tight knot. "The poor, little soul. She was another experiment of ours...unfortunately, that experiment failed dreadfully."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:06 Anger courses through me, burning like a flame in my veins, and my hands ball into fists. "What did you do to her?"
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:06 Lucy stops in front of me and pulls the ends of the string apart, gracefully undoing the knot. "That is classified."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:07 (Ooo, can she read Lucy's mind? Or has she somehow set up a mind block?)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:07 I stare into her eyes. They are the same way as the last time I saw them-cold, like glass. I send out my mind, trying to see past those fake eyes, but there is a sudden, sharp pinch in my forehead and my mind retreats.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:08 [You'll see... :)]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:08 "Ow," I say loudly, trying to lift up my fingers and massage my forehead, but the straps still restrain me.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:09 "I knew you'd do that," Lucy says, smiling twistedly. "Luckily, I'm immune to you. I'll see you later, idiot."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:10 As Lucy turns and starts walking away, casually playing with the string, her image shimmers. At first I think another stage of short-sightedness is coming on, but I notice that all of the air around me shimmers rapidly.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:12 (Holy cows your writing is intriguing! I keep wanting to see what happens next! It truly is incredible!)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:13 My eyes widen as I realize that I am surrounded by a forcefield. But why was I able to access the other girl's mind?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:13 [Thank you!! :D]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:13 "Was the girl given the same pill you gave me?" I say.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:14 I reach up to cover my mouth with my hand, but I am again restrained by the straps. I did not mean to say that out loud. But I did.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:14 Lucy turns around slowly. She looks at me, for once her eyes filled with emotion. She is curious.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:16 "You are observant, aren't you?" Lucy says. "Your experiment is going really well. But do expect your next stage of excruciating headaches to be beginning in approximately-" Lucy glances at a flawless, black and white clock. "-two minutes."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:17 Lucy walks out of the room, the string she is twisting and untwisting in her lean fingers one of the few splashes of color I see. I stare at the clock. One minute, thirty seconds.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:17 What is a girl like Lucy and a boy like Ben doing in such a place, anyway? One minute. They seem intelligent for their age, but surely all this death and torture is not appropriate for them. Thirty seconds.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:18 But from the way Lucy acts, she seems used to this all...however, this still doesn't seem right. Five, four, three, two, one.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:19 I restrain screams of pain as my body yet again twists in agony.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:19 Aaaand I'm FINALLY done! Sorry. Once I start writing, I often can't stop.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:20 I know how you feel. Awesome job!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:21 I have to go for tonight. See you tomorrow! I'll probably add on to it later.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 05:22 OK, see you!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:37 After a while of pain, it becomes too much. My feelings are conflicted. I don't want to have to endure this pain for much longer, but at the same time, I don't want to be knocked out again. Those visions were just as much agony as when I'm awake.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:38 I can hear the clock ticking, but that's about it. Beyond that, everything is silent. A tear streaks down my face, and stars erupt before me. Then, the stars vanish and everything blurs into a sort of gray nothingness. I accept the sleep.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:40 My dream...er, nightmare, is very vivid. It seems even more vivid than real life has been. Only, the pain isn't there. I look around, and recognize the place I'm in as Richert's Orphanage for Young Girls. I grimace at the memory.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:41 Girls around my age are milling around. They seem happy enough, but everything around me is dull, and the same. Nothingness. Even their laughter seems sort of mechanical. I see myself then, in the corner of a hallway, waiting outside a door. The door
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:42 to the interview. I cringe, remembering all of the interviews that I had with parents. In my whole life, there had been a total of three. All had ended in failures. They didn't like me. They didn't want me. They knew I had been affected by the
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:44 nuclear radiation. The very thing that had killed my parents during the war, and the very thing that still continued to haunt my life even after the war was over. It was apparent that it affected me too. My hair had turned white, and my eyes had turned
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:45 almost transparent. I looked fragile and vulnerable, and no one wanted an affected for a daughter. Soon, the couple I was waiting for at the door come out. They look at me, give me a sad smile, and leave. They don't come back for me.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:47 My vision shifts to a train station. To me, running desperately to catch the next train away from my old broken life. I run into a man carrying newspapers, see myself pick one up, inspecting an article. It claims that it gives affected children a
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:48 chance at a new, better, healthier life, guaranteed. I see myself hesitate, then stuff the article into my pocket and head out of the train station.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:48 I try to warn myself, to tell me not to trust them...but it's not like it's any use. It's only a vision after all. I can't change the past.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:49 My vision shifts again. This time, I'm back to the war torn cities, the nuclear bombs raining down on the city. It's obviously something of the old war, but something doesn't feel right. The image keeps glitching, keeps continuously flashing a face
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:51 and pictures that I don't understand. I try to focus on the glitching images and eventually the strain is too much. I wake up in a cold sweat, but I remember the face. It was Ben's. Ben, not in a lab, but leading an army of the affected, against
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:52 another army. This army even more sinister looking, lead by a man with a crescent moon scar running down the length of his face. The man gives me the chills, as he raises a hand, and points it at a person in Ben's army: me.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:53 I look around the lab once more. Nothing has changed, save for new people strapped down to the chairs. I sigh. The pain, at least, is gone for the most part, died down to nothing more than a dull ache ebbing somewhere in the depths of my mind.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:54 And in the depths of my mind I can hear more voices. This time it's more than just one. This time there are many. I can't make them out, though. They're just whispers, infuriating whispers that I can't understand. That I wish I could understand.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:55 I lean back in the chair. Then, out of the corner of my eye, I notice someone. They're looking right at me, and, like me, don't appear to have been given any of the medication.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:56 It's a small boy, who looks to be maybe a year younger than me. He too has pure, snow white hair, and eyes that look like they could be made of glass. It's obvious that he's been crying. I can see scars all over his arms, and in my head I can feel what
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:57 he's feeling, the anger, the fear. I can feel his history, how he got here. He's like me, lost and alone. I can hear one whisper rise above all the others, and I realize that it's his.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:58 "H-hello...? Can...can you hear me? I don't want to be alone with all the whispers anymore. I....I need to be able to talk to someone...Please!"
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:59 I reach out with my mind, and I can feel my thoughts connect with his. "It's alright. I can talk to you." There's a pause. It feels almost as if all of the boy's thoughts are taking in a deep breath of surprise. I don't think he was expecting an
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 18:59 answer.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:00 Then, all at once, I feel an eruption of emotions, making my mind shrink back. Joy, confusion, shock, anxiety. "I thought I was the only one! Who are you! Can you help me! I saw you sitting there, and I knew you weren't like the others! We need to
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:02 leave! What if that girl catches me! What if-" I cut him off, pushing his rapid fire thoughts away. "Calm down. You'll be fine. First, what's your name? Second...who are you?" The questions surprise even myself. For some reason, I can't see what
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:03 the answers are. I can see everything else. But, it's almost like those two parts of his identity were just taken away from him. The boy pauses. I can feel the puzzle pieces coming together in his head.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:04 "My name is 11-53. And...well, I think that I'm supposed to be dead."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:05 There, my latest contribution!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:05 And, to any who would like to join on here, I have opened the Harry Potter roleplay, named A Matter of Magic.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:33 Adding on
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:34 "What happened?" I ak?
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:34 *ask
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:34 "The expirement failed, so I had to disapper"
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:34 He replies
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:35 I respond" What expirement?"
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:35 He says, "The one where... *gasp* We... *gasp* *pant* Talk... *whezze
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:36 Suddenly, I hear no more.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:36 I try to reach him, but I only hear silence.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:36 Cold, unforgiving silence...
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:36 I see black
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:37 I try to yell, but the silence closes in, rushing in me and through me.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:53 (AH! Did you kill 11-53!? WHY?! All of MC's friends need to stop dying...)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 19:59 Again, I wake up. I don't know how much time has elapsed, and I'm not sure I want to know. I will myself to look over to the chair beside me again. To my relief, he's still there, but something is off. I try reaching out, but this time, my mind meets
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 20:00 the same sort of shocking pain from before, when I tried to see in Lucy's mind. I look closer, and I realize what happened. The force-field. It must have gotten turned on somehow, which is why my "signal" got cut off. I hear laughter, and I turn to
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 20:00 see Lucy standing there with Ben. Lucy is laughing, coldly.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 20:00 (No i didn't kill him}
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 20:01 {He just got cut off}
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 20:01 "You seriously thought you could get away with talking to another one of the experiments? ESPECIALLY that one?! Not on my watch. These people are delicate, and off limits. You're special, and we can't afford to lose you. Don't worry though, in just a
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 20:02 few more days, you'll get to find out what is really going on." Ben nods to me, sympathetically, then they both leave.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 20:02 I am once again left alone in the silence, which I realize now is even worse than the whispers.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.21 20:14  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 00:39 Quote of the day: It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live. (Said by Albus Dumbledor in The Sorcerer's Stone)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 00:43 Discussion Starter: what is your least favorite and favorite cliche in fantasy and sci fi?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 00:45 My least favorite is the Chosen One cliche. The whole 'kid goes from unknown worthless ordinary joe, to super special cool person overnight because a prophecy said so' routine. I prefer good old fashioned character development. Now, don't get me wrong,
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 00:45 I actually do like prophecies, I just don't like them being used as an excuse type thing.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:34  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:35 Well, I'm just going to wait right here until someone else comes. *sees butterfly going past. It's a very beautiful butterfly* Oooo! So pretty! No! Must...Not...LEAVE! (Solution: glue myself to the floor! Mission accomplished!)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:35  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:35  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:37 OK! What do you want the password to be?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:37  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:37  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:37  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:39  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:40  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:41  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:41  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:41  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:41  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:42  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:42  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:42  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:42  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:43  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:43  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:43  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:44  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:44  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:45  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:46  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:46  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:47  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:47  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:48  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:48  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:51  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:51  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:51  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:53  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:55 Yeah...the Chosen One thing can get sort of out of hand. It's sooo typical and common. In the books I'm writing, there will actually be a prophecy and a Chosen One thing, but it will be linked to more realistic things that make it more than just prophetic
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:55 words.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:55 I kind of like chase scenes for some reason-like, where the main bad guy is targeting the main good guy and drama ensues when the main good guy tries escaping from the bad guy.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:56 I guess it's because I have "chase dreams"-e.g. where someone/something is chasing you. I think that like flying and falling dreams, chase dreams are common.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:57 I once had the best chase dream ever-it's where I rode a flying broomstick like Harry Potter or something to escape an alien invasion. It was so weird but SO FUN!! :D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 04:58  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 05:01  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 05:04  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 05:05  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 05:07  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 05:08  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 05:09 Hm...I assume you left.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 05:11  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 05:12  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 06:08  Secret message to Silver  
12>Sena (Me), 16yo.2015,Aug.22 08:38 Hello. I have no idea what's going on since I'm too lazy to read this all. Nice to meet you guys
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:01 Hi Sena!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:04  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:07  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:08  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:09  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:10  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:10  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:10  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:11  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:11  Secret message to Silver  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:11  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:12  Secret message to Silver  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.22 20:20  Secret message to Silver  
12>Sena (Me), 16yo.2015,Aug.23 05:49 Ah, yes. Hello Brunnhilde ^.^
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.23 20:58 What time zone are you in? ^_^
12>Sena (Me), 16yo.2015,Aug.23 22:26 I'm in Texas, so I guess it's Central?
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.24 19:12 I don't know. I'm in VA
12>Sena (Me), 16yo.2015,Aug.24 22:22 Virginia is one hour ahead of Texas. Are you guys back in school?
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 19:27 No
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 19:28 The 8th\
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 19:28 We are goibg back
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.25 19:28 tgen
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:51 Ok, so new quote!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:55 There is power in self sacrifice. (Divergent)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:56 New Prompt! (Since no one is adding on to the last one, I might as well do another)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 01:58 It's raining outside today. That much is pretty obvious. Though the rest of today has been a bit of a blur...high speed chases, evil wizards, exploding grizzly bears (don't ask), and finally, this place.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 02:01 I can see little drops patter down onto the stained glass of the window beside me. The window is depicting the deity of Strength, a woman named Poulu, who is lending her courage to the deity of magic, Anani. The rain makes it look as though they are
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 02:03 Crying. Without anyone to keep me company, I can feel myself slipping a little. I know I cant, that I shouldnt, but I can hardly help it. Why would Anani's followers, the Magi, take me here?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 02:05 I answer myself, laughing a little at the silliness of it all. The Magi seem to think that I will be able to open the gateway to the Inner Sanctuary, but no one else has ever been able to do it before. Not even the Magi with all their powers.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 02:07 And, well, I know that I won't be the first to open the gate. Why? Because I'm not magic. Im a daughter of Anani, and I don't have magical abilities. Of course.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 03:44
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.26 03:44 Or, alternatively:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 02:16 Or, alternatively:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 02:20 Hm, no clue why that doubled. I wasn't even on!
12>Sena (Me), 16yo.2015,Aug.27 05:24 Ah~ 8th. Enjoy middle school while you can. If you have a hard high school, good luck next year.
12>Sena (Me), 16yo.2015,Aug.27 05:24 And I have no clue what's going on here.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 17:33 @ Sena: Basically, Silver enters a "prompt" (which is the beginning of a story), and we add onto the prompt. It's kind of like writing a book together, where we each take turns writing a few paragraphs.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 17:33 @ Silver: After we're done with this prompt, can I start one?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 17:35 @ Silver: Also, I'm not sure what to add on to this prompt...maybe if you continue it a little farther I'll come up with something.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:39 Yeah, of course you can start one! I'll add on a little more for you as well.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:42 No one else is in the temple, except for me. Well, so far. The Magi claimed they would be bringing me "the others" later. Apparently, they were also crucial for opening the gate.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:44 The Magi had calmly explained to me, over and over again, that they would be the sons of Poulu and Erini, the deities of Strength and Wisdom. They didn't tell me their names.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:46 I stare at the gateway. Supposedly, a long time ago, this gate was the key to getting to the other world, the strange land where magic was wild and free. Here, magic was common and bountiful, but ultimately useless. There, it was powerful.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:48 The gate was said to have been guarded by Anani, Poulu, and Erini, who kept the balance between both worlds. However, when evil arose among the humans, the three closed the gates.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:50 Anani, Poulu, and Erini stayed here to help bring peace and good to our world once again, but it was of no use. The Draki, the mortal enemies of the Magi, managed to seal the three deities forever in a strange Crystal. However, even they could not open
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:52 The gate. Only a true descendent of one of the deities could, and only with the other twos help. Why did the gate have to be opened? I'll tell you.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:53 According to Erini's foresight, something bad was going to happen to the realm of magic, something that could very well destroy both worlds. And, well, I guess I'm supposed to be the one to stop that from happening.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.27 19:54 Suddenly, the door opens, and I turn, and there are the Magi, along with other two sons. Oh boy.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 04:50 So, yeah, there's the rest of it.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 04:53 If you don't want to add on to this one at all, you can just post your prompt now.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 16:57 Also, I realized I haven't made any sci fi Rps yet, and I'd like to open one. (I'm considering deleting my Harry Potter RP, as I'm not sure I can follow through with it)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 16:58 I have a few ideas, so here are the candidates.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 16:58
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 16:59 The Kill Ground:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:01 After WW3 breaks out, nuclear warfare devastates the Earth. The radiation is too much for most people, and a vast majority of the population go into the only safe places left, The Towers. These are huge, well, towers, built to house thousands of people
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:03 High up in the sky. They have everything they could possibly need or want in the Towers, and the original agenda of eventually going back down to earth is long forgotten.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:05 Eventually, however, a small team of scientists head down to the surface to check the radiation levels. According to their notes, it's still far too bad for any life to thrive for very long. Which is why it's all the more shocking when they discover
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:07 People living in a 'city' not far from them. Upon further investigation, they find that there were humans living on the surface all along, who had somehow built up a tolerance to the radiation.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:09 Eager to investigate this, the scientists..."collect"...some of these people, and secretly take them to one of the Towers for experimental purposes. What they didn't count on was these people having some extraordinary abilities.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:10 So, the people with abilities escape the Tower, and the scientists pursue them.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:12 This one has a lot of backstory, but not very much in terms of major plot. Though, this does mean it has lots of room to grow and develop.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:12
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:12 Sanctuary:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:14 A deadly virus has spread, with no apparent way to be cured. A small group is trying desperately to survive the apocalypse, but their running low on both faith and supplies.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:16 After they're just about to give up all hope, they happen upon an immense city, that has everything they could have ever dreamed of and more. They're all too eager to join in the city's ranks, until they discover this paradise has some sinister undertones
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:18 It turns out the city is actually somehow behind the virus along, but how? And why? Is this Sanctuary really the haven they were looking for?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:18
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:19 Broken Blue:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:21 Everyone lives in a world where color doesn't exist. It's outlawed to see in color, or create color at all. There are a select few though, who oppose this. Meet the Color Guard, a small rebel group dedicated to the cause of bringing back color to the
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:22 World. Each of their members has the gift of seeing one certain color, except their leader, who can see all the colors, and are considered all powerful.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:24 I really liked this plot, mostly because it was based on a book I once tried to write (but failed miserably, due to my lack of villains).
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:24
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:26 In the Deep:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:28 Earth is pretty much dying, so it sends five spaceships filled with people in cryochambers to a far off habitable planet.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:30 Three of the five spaceships land safely on the planet, but two end up becoming Drifters, pretty much destined never to land on the planet, since they were hit off course by (insert object).
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:32 Eventually, the two ships (Ark and Rowan) automatically wake up their passengers, who are naturally shocked to find they are still in Deep Space.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:35 They soon discover that they have a few options. Their autopilot has found a few planets suitable for human life to exist on. The Roleplay follows the passengers travels to each of these planets.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:35 (Yes, yes, this was very heavily inspired by the movie Intersteller)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:39 (Yes, yes, this was very heavily inspired by the movie Intersteller)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:39
7>Joan (Avid Reader/Writer), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:39 Those all sound like excellent ideas! I especially like the ideas of Broken Blue and In The Deep- I love the movie Interstellar! Sanctuary also sounds interesting.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:39 The Lion Tamer:
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:40 (Thank you! I especially love Intersteller too. It's very Good)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:43 In a futuristic Steampunk world, a young boy believes himself to be the last true human in a world of machines. This all changes one day, when he discovers an ancient Flyer (a machine used for flying)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:44 Believing he can fix it, since he's an expert mechanic, he goes inside, and is surprised to find a group of other human beings there.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:46 He meets their leader, a young girl named Tambry who has been given the name Lion Tamer, thanks to her cyber companion, a half robot half lion.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:47 As he spends more time with them, he begins to discover that the world he thought he knew is much bigger, and with much bigger problems, than he could have ever imagined.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:47
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Aug.28 17:48 And that's all the candidates as of now.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:35 You should make the Broken Blue one, it sounds interesting.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:36 And maybe the Lion Tamer
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:36 I have some ideas
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:37 One: The Eight Days
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:37 It's based off a short story I read.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:38 There's a world where everyone only lives 8 days, or 11 if they are lucky.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:38 Everyday, they are years older.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:38 The sun burns, and the night freezes
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:39 The residents live in caves, afraid to leave except for a few minutes each day.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:41 There are some kids (one day old) who decide to try to find a metal pod, that they are told their people came to this world from. They hope they can use this to get off the planet, and increase their life.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:42
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:42 Two: The End
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:44 There are some children (0-12) who were abandoned on their dying planet by their families, who believe that they would just take up vital space in the escape ship.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:44 The kids are deformed and/or have developmental challenges.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:45 They have to find a way to escape their world, or build a safe haven for themselves
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:45
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:46 Three: Blown Away and Barly Breathing
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:46 (or blown away)
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:46 There are normal kids in a world simalr to earth.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:48 The only thing is that it experiences "shakes", where the whole earth will shake. A particularly bad one collapeses everything, only sparing these kids.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:48 They have to find a safe place.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:49 They find out that there are some scientists who put them on this world, and they were shaking the earth as an expirement.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:50 These scientists want to see how long the shakes take to kill every being on this world. The scientists start increasing the amount and horibleness of the shakes
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:51 The kids have to survive as long as they can.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:51
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Aug.29 19:51 Okay, that's the end
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.1 00:45 Hey guys, I was going to add onto the prompt but I sorta forgot about this RP... XP Sorry!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.1 00:48 I like The Lion Tamer and Broken Blue ideas!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.1 00:49 Sanctuary sounds a little bit like a RP I'm planning to open with Felicity called Epidemic, though.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.1 00:49 Except Epidemic is more realistic.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.1 00:50 @ Mary: I like the Blown Away and Barely Breathing idea.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 20:31 Both of them have been made.
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 20:32 They are called, Only 7 days left, An Ending, and Blown Away
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:24 OK, awesome! I'll give you some points on the RA Alliance.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:25 I'm adding onto the prompt:
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:28 "These are the descendants of the deities Poulu and Erini," one of the Magi says.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:29 "I can see that," I say, irritation pricking at me like a mosquito. Unless that buzzing sound I keep hearing is a mosquito. Then that would mean I'm both irritated physically and emotionally.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:29 The Magi who spoke to me doesn't even flinch at my irritable comment and leads the two boys towards me.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:31 "This is the son of Poulu," the Magi says, gesturing towards the boy with the dark hair, deep brown eyes, and pale skin. "And this is the son of Erini." He points to a boy with golden hair and matching eyes.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:31 I push some of my red waves out of my face. "So...what do we do now?"
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:32 The Magi all smile. Like my question is amusing. AMUSING.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:32 [Typo] *the Magi all smile as if my question is amusing. AMUSING.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:32 "Open the gate," the same Magi replies.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:33 A hysterical laugh bubbles in my throat. Of course. Ask the one person here without magical abilities to open a magical gate. How logical.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:33 "How exactly do I do that?" I ask, the insane-sounding laughs escaping my mouth as I do so.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:34 The same Magi opens his mouth to respond, but then he stops and glances upward, tilting his head as if he is listening to something. The rest of the Magi exchange glances and do the same.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:35 I quickly stop laughing and stare at them unblinkingly. Then I notice it: The buzzing sound has grown louder.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:35 "What's going on?" I say.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:35 "Do you hear that buzzing sound?" the Magi says.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:35 "Yes," I say. "But I thought it was a mosquito or something..."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:36 The Magi reaches into his robes and draws his wand. "The Draki..." He turns to the other Magi. "...they are coming for the descendants."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:37 Several Magi rush over and grab the sons of Erini and Poulu. I get up quickly and look towards one of the colorful stained glass windows. The glass is no longer reflecting its happy, bright colors and is instead fading to a dull gray.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:38 The Magi who spoke to me rushes over and seizes my arm. He starts tugging on me with unexpected strength, his long beard scraping my skin a little and making my arm itch.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:38 "What are you doing?" I say, glancing at the Magi and then going back to staring at the window.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:39 "We have to protect you and the other descendants!" the Magi says, pulling so hard that my knees almost buckle. "Come!"
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:40 I stumble after the Magi, not taking my eyes off the window. It and the other windows nearby grow less and less colorful and more and more darker by the second.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:40 [Another typo. XP] *dark
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:41 Then the windows entirely go black and shatter. A wave of black guck, neither gas nor liquid, spills into the room through the windows, gradually forming a huge wave.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:41 The wave swallows me up and I am lost into oblivion.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.2 21:42 Done! Feel free to add on, everyone!
4>Mary (Person), 14yo.2015,Sep.8 01:18 I can't come on much because of homework
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.10 23:51 OK.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:07 I'm back! Yay! I'll just add on to the prompt real quick to get it rolling along again!
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:07 (Perspective Change: Son of Erini!)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:09 I watch the strange black substance consume half the room, and come closer and closer. I knew this whole ordeal was a lost cause ever since those stupid alleged "magicians" kidnapped me. I slowly inch backwards, creeping closer and closer towards the
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:10 gate. What happens if I get swallowed up? I can see most of the Magi fighting off the substance with their magic, though it doesn't seem to be helping all that much. Beside me, is the boy these people called the descendent of Poulu. Oddly enough, he
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:11 doesn't seem to be at all worried, and in fact looks rather eerily calm. I tap his shoulder, and he turns to me, his look questioning.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:12 "Uh...hi there. I know that I'm a complete and utter stranger, but I was wondering... do you maybe... I don't know, have a plan?" I ask him. He blinks, slowly, then turns back and opens his mouth to respond.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:13 "Those people seemed to know what they were doing. They told us to open the gate. Since that seems to be the only way out..." he turns back to me. "I would suggest we try to open it."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:13 I ponder this for a moment. It seems like a logical thing to do...open the gate. There's just one problem, though.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:14 "Well, that would be a good plan, if we had the third member of our party present! Unfortunately, you saw her die in that black gunk stuff, remember?" I say, starting to panic. The black stuff is slowly inching closer, and I have to back up a few steps.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:15 Ever calm, the boy sighs. "Yes well, maybe she's not dead, genius. I mean, who's to say? She could still be alive, and we might just need to find a way to get her out of there."
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:16 I think about what he says again. "Fair point," I mutter. "What do you think? Should we just...dive in? What if we die?" I ask. He rolls his soulful brown eyes at me.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:18 "Relax, oh Paranoid One. I'll go first." And with that, he dives straight in to the substance. My eyes widen. I hadn't realized, but most of the Magi are now gone, vanished into who knows where. Now, I'm alone, the sea of whatever-the-stuff-is slowly
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:19 encircling me. I close my eyes, try not to panic. There has to be a way out of this right? I've reached the gateway now, and the stuff has reached my feet. I'm trapped.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:20 Whimpering, I think what I assume will be my last ever thoughts. I wish that I could have gotten the chance to say goodbye. And that I could have gotten the chance to eat that salted carp before I died...
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:21 The stuff engulfs me, and my vision starts to go fuzzy. I'm surprised that this doesn't hurt... All things considered, going out like this doesn't seem to be very difficult or painful at all.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:22 Suddenly, though, the stuff around me is all gone. I stagger onto the ground, which I slowly realize is no longer stained mosaic tiling, but rather cold hard gray cobble stone. I gasp for air, then look around, surprised to find that my surroundings
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:24 changed completely. I'm no longer at the temple of Anani, but instead appear to be in some kind of dungeon. The walls are low lit, with torches of green fire. I wince, because it sort of hurts to look at. All around me, are the bodies of the Magi,
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:25 cold and dead. However, sitting chained in the middle of the floor is the girl and the boy from before, bruised and scraped, but very much alive. The girl has a look of panic in her eyes, and the boy just keeps on his trademark poker face. Suddenly, I
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:25 can hear a bout of evil laughter, and I whirl around, trying to see what it is in the dim light.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:27 All I can see is a shadow, nothing more, save for two luminous red eyes, the color of crimson, of blood. "Glad to see you could finally join the party, Descendant of Erini. You're late. But don't worry. Now that you're here, the fun can truly begin.
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Sep.13 22:27 (and......Done! Woo, that's a nice cliffhanger if I do say so myself.)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.15 04:51 Whoo! Awesome entry!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.15 04:59 I'll probably add on some soon.
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 04:20 Hello! I love reading and writing and since I'm in a writer's block at the moment I thought that this game, I believe it's called, would help with that
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 04:21 I am also very new to this website so I need a little help, if any of y'all are willing to lend me a hand
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 04:22 I am also very new to this website so I need a little help, if any of y'all are willing to lend me a hand
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 04:23 I have no idea why that sent twice
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:44 Aw, I'd be happy to help!
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:49 Hiya! im a reader and writter to so i thought i would join the guild but Hi :3
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:50 I came here beacause I have also been stuck with writters block my train of thought has derailed completely
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:52 ive writen hundreds of beginings to stories but they just well none of them fit i all all out of ideas
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:52 :p
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:56 Hmm....what genre do you typically write in?
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 04:57 I've been able to start stories but I almost always run out of ideas to finish them
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:57 well usually drama there charecture eaither has a terrible past of is going though something terrible but that kinda stopped working for me i guess
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:58 oh see i cant start storries but finishing them is easy for me
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 04:58 I usually have a more difficult time starting books as well.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:00 oh hey idea iv done this with some others before its called a collab story its wee two people or more ppl write a story together are you into that kinda thing? it helps a mega ton with writters block beacause you kinda feed off each others ideas
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:01 would you be into that Alex?
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:01 It's easy for me to start stories... And I've never done a collab story? Sounds fun
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:01 Actually, that's sort of the excessive we've been doing on this rp, just on a smaller scale, so yes I'm into that sort of thing.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:03 cool do you guys have a google docs or a gmail? gmail is linked to hangouts wich has a great screen sharing program
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:04 I have google docs.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:04 and google docs lets you share files to edit or we could just talk about the progress and each write chapters and put it together
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:04 I have gmail
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:04 Don't have google docs though
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:06 I also have a gmail, kind of. I don't really like using it though.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:06 ok although through gmail i can send you guys links to the file and we can all write once we get a good topic kinda thing
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:07 That would be fine with me
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:07 do you guys kinda want us to all collab on eveything or just do chapers like i write a chaper then Alex writes on and then Silver writes one? or we all write the chapers together
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:09 I don't mind, whatever works. I'm actually an aspiring editor, so it might be nice practice for me if I could collab on the chapters.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:09 ok cool
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:10 All we need is a theme, plot and characters, then we can get started. Maybe since I'm good at beginnings I could work on that
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:10 usually me and my friends would each have 3 charectures and write in there pov then evantually they all meet up but we also did it with one charecture to wich also works
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:10 so how many main charectures should we have?
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:11 im kinda good at planning a bassic outline of a story im also super amazing at backstories to
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:11 so what genre do we want?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:12 Well do we want a bigger amount of characters, or just a small group?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:12 As far as genres go, I'm more into fantasy/sci if. I'm not as good at other genres.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:15 ok im good at almost any genre as long as i can make a charecture who is eaither in a bad situation or has a tramadic past with flashbacks
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:15 I would say a small amount of main characters like since there's three of us, maybe we can base the characters off of us and I would go with fantasy
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:15 Im good with small amount of characters and fantasy genre.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:15 as far as charecture dvelopment do we want like 3 charectures and we write ou chaper based on our charectures pov?
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:16 And maybe we can each do a chapter in their POV so it's like we're in the book ourselves and actually meeting and going an an adventure!
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:16 Alex you kinda read my mind :)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:16 Sounds fun!
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:16 On*
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:17 yeah i am great at first person but i cant do 2nd or 3rd
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:17 Awesome, Caprial! Great writers think alike :)
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:18 I can't do 2nd or 3rd person. It's a bit hard for me
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:18 I can do almost any point of view (though second person is sort of hard...)
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:18 we should stick to 1st person maybe
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:18 I agree with that.
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:19 I agree as well (How do you even do second person????)
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:20 so fantasy usually means magic so will are charectures have magic or wil enemys have magic or no magic like how do we wanna do this?
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:21 ( idk how to i know what it is but idk how ppl possible do it)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:21 You just talk to the audience for second person. It's really wired.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:22 yeah i couldn't do that
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:23 Wow that is weird... Hmm as for the magic maybe magic should be rare
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:23 XD well i guess you could do a 2nd person veiw book about a person who is completely paranoid they are being watched so they talk to the audiance the whole time.. hmm not a bad idea actually.. ill save that for later
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:23 It's difficult, but it IS possible.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:23 ok
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:23 Can we possible add dragons?? I'm sorry but I just LOVE dragons
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:24 Dragons are cool!
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:24 but we have to make it origanal
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:24 I adore dragons as well! Yes, let's please incorporate dragons!
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:25 all fear the mighty spagattie dragon XD kidding but it needs to be an origanal dragon
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:25 there are normal elament dragons but we need something new unherd of
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:26 oh important are are main charectures human?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:26 They don't have to be. It might be easier if they were.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:26 iv written about wolves and humans and once a plannet of moles... but yeah will they be human
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:27 or a mix?
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:27 Can the characters be half human and don't know it?? Like half dragon???????? That would be cool!
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:27 oh um i kinda have an idea for an ending maybe
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:27 It's not something you read about all the time so it's original
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:28 like i think are charectures can be any species
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:28 They don't all have to be the same. If we wanted they could all be different species.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:30 but my idea for an ending that dosent have to be but its possible that maybe the 3 kids were acctually part of a lab experiment for a hallucinagenic syrim or drug and they wake up one day and end of the book
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:31 Wow! That seems like a cliffhanger!
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:31 maybe.. possibly that way we could leave it like that or if it goes well its also set up for a sequel
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:32 We might just have to make a second book if we end it like that
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:33 Certainly. It sounds like something that I would hate as just a cliffhanger, but if it was a tie to a sequel it works.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:33 or just leave it not say anything and be horrifiyed if read read fanfics about it XD
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:33 kinding yeah it is a sequel ending
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:34 unless they wake up beacause the police are shutting the project down beacause its inhuman
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:34 so are you guys into writting sequels too or are you kinda agenst it?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:35 Im not against it.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:37 what about you Alex are you pro or con sequels?
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:37 Um, am I allowed to tosspot ideas out there then? Because my mind is working at 100 miles a minute with plot ideas....
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:39 yeah shoot through me us your ideas
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:40 if we use my idea for an ending im thinging of maybe having mycharectures past kinda actually be from bleeding through reality kinda thing
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:41 like i kinda want to use my charecture C.J she is a magical wolf and she kinda hates humans beacause in her "backstory" (quotationmarks for if we use my ending bc thee backstories will all be lies until they wake up and know the truth)
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:42 Alright. *deep breath* One Idea: The three kids sign up for some program that in theory allows one to be completely immersed in an alternate fantasy reality. They undergo whatever the procedure is, but something goes wrong and they end up stuck inside
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:42 her "backstory" is when she was a cub she was ripped from her family and life and was used as bassically a lab rat for year or i could switch it to torched by a wizard for years if it was old timey
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:43 a very real seeming fantasy world. They cant remember anything, and don't know where they are. They have a classic fantasy esqe adventure, and then end up waking up back in the real world.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:44 oh yeah i think it might be best though if maybe we didnt know about the real world thing till the very end
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:44 I don't think I can stay on much longer. I'll be on for a bit more, and then be back tomorrow.
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:44 All for the sequel and Silver I love that idea! Why don't we make the alternate fantasy reality some sort of game where the can make their own characters and what species that they are since they came from a human world and when they're in the alternate
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:45 The readers wouldn't know. It would begin with the characters waking up in the fantasy world. No one knows until the end.
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:45 They can't remember anything
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:45 and maybe for a sequel they can be coping with the real world beacause they dont really know the diffrence between fiction and reality anymore so that might mess up there life kinda..
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:45 That's awesome I love it!
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:46 yeah it went completely wrong the charectures can have fake pasts like a normal game would
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:47 and when they wake up in reality they remember the real world but they literally cant tell fiction from reality
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:47 and you know tv shows with monsters and ghosts they would think its all real every story is a history book to them every show is a documentry ect
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:48 That sounds awesome and how about they have to try and fine one another in the real world after knowing each other in the fake for so long?
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:48 Find*
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:48 oh important i think we shouldnt have cussing in our book or any inappropriate anything
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:48 yeah
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:49 Beacause after that event they were sent to rehab centers seprate ones
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:49 maybe or one of them could have ended up in a mentel hosbital and they escape or try to
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:50 Sounds cool! And yeah I agree about the cussing and inappropriate stuff but I would like a little, keyword little, romance going on. Make it more interesting
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:51 maybe we should wite the first book before we completly make a second one...
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:51 a little romance always makes a good story as long as it dosent turn the book into a love story
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:52 I definitely agree there.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:52 hey want to talk on google hangouts (its automattically linked to gmail) so we dont span the guild with are talking?
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:53 I agree but who should the romance be between? Or maybe we should decided that after making our characters
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:54 I would love to
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:54  Secret message to Silver  
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:54  Secret message to Alex  
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:54 Let's not go on Hangouts just yet. We won't spam the guild.
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:55 not that theese people would but i dont want to risk someone stealing our ideas
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:56  Secret message to Caprial  
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:57  Secret message to Alex  
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 05:58  Secret message to Caprial  
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:59 so yeah not that they would i just dont wanna rissk it
1>Silver (Master), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 05:59 Right.
10>Alex (Friend), 15yo.2015,Dec.5 06:00  Secret message to Caprial  
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 06:02 ok me and Alex are on we are waiting for you Silver
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 06:02 haha i got it
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.5 06:05 b=got both of your email
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 00:55 Whooaa, that's a lot of posts...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Dec.12 00:55 Sorry, I'm too lazy to read all that... XD XP
6>Caprial (Jello pudding), 14yo.2015,Dec.13 22:53 ok guys we might need some help we need creative toataly from your imagination brand new monsters evil creatures never herd of before
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Dec.14 21:51 What for? The monsters that have been made up throughout the centuries are already bad enough...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Dec.14 21:51 XD Just kidding, I'll help out.
5> Soph (Insane Reader/writer), 12yo.2016,Jul.22 00:02 Hi I am Soph. Do you mind if I join?
5> Soph (Insane Reader/writer), 12yo.2016,Jul.22 00:04 I like reading and writing fantasy. My favorite books are Lord of the rings, Harry Potter, The Rangers Apprentice, Anne of Grren Gables,and more.
5> Soph (Insane Reader/writer), 12yo.2016,Jul.22 00:05 My favorite movies are Hunger games, Harry Potter Lord of the rings, and Narnia.
5> Soph (Insane Reader/writer), 12yo.2016,Jul.22 00:06 I dont really watch TV. I want to read the Divergent series cause I here it is really good.
5> Soph (Insane Reader/writer), 12yo.2016,Aug.1 23:12  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=20  
5> Soph (Insane Reader/writer), 12yo.2016,Aug.1 23:13  Secret message to Silver  
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2016,Sep.25 23:17 Hi. I'm twelve now. I like scifi, fantasy, horror, action, you know, epic and unrealistic books. Also, books where the protagonist is evil, an outlaw, working for a bad guy, stuff like that, is cool.
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2016,Sep.25 23:19 I like manga. I'm writing a series where everything ties into eachother in a weird way. It's cool. There's demons.
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2017,Nov.19 01:04 This place probably isn't even active anymore. I'm thirteen now.
3>Felicity (Writer+Reader+Crazy), 13yo.2017,Nov.19 01:04 I scrapped that old concept and came up with something new.
13>Leon (écrivain), 11yo.2021,Dec.9 20:28 c'est un jdr?
16>Cora (Artist[ish]), 12yo.2021,Dec.10 01:52 Hello, I'm Cora. I like dystopian, high fantasy, historical fiction, mythological fiction (such as ideas about Greek gods and etc.). My favorite books are: Lore, The Maze Runner, The Hunger Games books 1-2 (Third one sucks, this is the only time I'll say
16>Cora (Artist[ish]), 12yo.2021,Dec.10 01:53 this, but the movie was better then the book)
16>Cora (Artist[ish]), 12yo.2021,Dec.10 01:54 The Third Reality series, or books by Brandon Mull and Rick Riordan (Not so much anymore now that I'm older but I still apreciate them), and my favorite movie is the Divergent.

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