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Hi! I'm Breann! I'm writing a book about a boy named Cole Bancroft. It takes place in 1840s/ Victorian Era in London, England. He and a Toy-Maker/Woodcarver named Benedict Darwin figure out a way to go into different dimensions. And I need. Some characters to be companions in the dimensions! Can anyone help me out?

2>Elizabeth (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.15 13:03 I would love to help! The story does sound interesting. I'll be Elizabeth Pennyswell, Cole's best friend.
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.15 20:08 Hi, this sounds like a cool roleplay
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.15 20:09 I don't mind what dimension i am from as long as i am friends with Cole and Elizabeth and i am in most of the story :)
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.15 20:13 I have long auburn hair and grey eyes
2>Elizabeth (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.16 00:38 Elizabeth has long, blonde, hair that she keeps in a simple bun, and bright green eyes by the way.
2>Elizabeth (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.16 01:34 Would you like any of us to actually play as Cole or Benedict? And how old are Cole and Benedict?
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.16 17:15 We could each have another charactor
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.16 17:16 one of us could be cole and one of us Benedict
2>Elizabeth (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.16 23:39 Would you like to be Cole or Benedict, because I don't mind either way.
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.18 17:00 I would quite like to be Benedict.....
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.18 17:00 I will create his profile now
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.18 17:01 MESSAGE FOR AUTHOR: how old is Benedict
2>Elizabeth (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.19 21:00 I'll be Cole then. How old is Cole?
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.20 11:20 lets make Cole 13 for now, and Benedict could be 14
2>Elizabeth (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.20 12:17 Sounds good. In that case, what do they look like?
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.20 17:58 Benedict has shoulder length blonde hair, blue-grey eyes and a few freckles. He is a bit tall for his age.
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2014,Dec.20 18:00 Hi, I am Ben. I am a toy maker.
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:10 [This sounds like a cool story/roleplay, so I decided to join!]
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:11 [BTW, if Benedict is a toymaker (AKA he has a job), one might expect he's an adult. When I imagine him I think of him as a cheerful, wise old man. Maybe you could make him 60 to 70 years old??]
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:12 [Anyway, about my character:Raven is somewhat based off a character named Raven from the show "Teen Titans." She has short black hair, blue eyes (violet-blue, of that's OK), and usually wears black and indigo clothing.]
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:13 [While in the show Raven has purple hair, violet-blue eyes, a blue cloak, blue shoes, and black leotard, I'm going to make sure she doesn't resemble Raven from the show too much in terms of appearance.]
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:15 [Anyway, Raven in this RP has short black hair in a bobcut, dark blue eyes, a white long-sleeved shirt (I decided to make her look like herself in her most powerful form, "White Raven," instead), white pants, white boots, and a white cloak.]
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:15 [Actually, nvm, I'm going to change my character AGAIN. I don't want her to resemble Raven too much, so I'm renaming her Nicole and giving her a whole new personality and appearance.]
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:19 [Name:Nicole Isolde Lackner, Age:16, Dimension:Basically one that highly resembles Germany except has a different name, Role:Friend of Cole and Ben, a professional archer, Appearance:Long black hair, dark blue eyes, a black hoodie set with dark blue
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:21 borders, black boots, often wears a leather quiver over her shoulder and has a dark brown wooden bow, Personality:Smart, often quiet, compassionate, brave, stands up for what's right, occasionally isn't sure where she belongs, a good friend.]
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.20 23:21 [I would like Nicole to appear a lot in the book.]
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2014,Dec.21 10:12 Hi Nicole, Yes, you are probably right about my age in this. I will change my profile :)
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.21 15:12 (Ok, so I got around to making Cole Bancroft. He's thirteen, with black hair and brown eyes)
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.21 15:15 (He wears a simple brown coat, inlaid with bronze buttons, and leather pants, with black boots)
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.21 15:16 (He also wears a reddish brown cap)
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.21 15:17 (I'm thinking of giving him a cat that can fly, and travel throughout the dimensions, seeing as you wanted companions. What do you guys think?)
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.21 18:16 I think the flying cat is a great idea :)
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.21 18:16 can Benedict have a rocking horse that can turn invisinle?
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.21 18:17 oops. i meant invisible
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2014,Dec.21 18:17 SHOULD WE START THE STORY NOW? OR SHOULD WE WAIT FOR MORE CHARACTORS
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.21 20:15 [Hmmm...idea! How about Benedict gave Cole a magic flying cat for his b-day when he was little, and when Cole grew up to be 13 he found out that his cat can fly?]
12>Nicole (Friend), 16yo.2014,Dec.21 20:15 [And also, if the cat wears a magic collar Benedict made, then the cat can teleport from one dimension to the next?]
17>Joshua (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.21 20:18 [One last character:Joshua. He is Cole's best friend. He has blonde hair, stunning green eyes, and is tall and skinny. He is immature, somewhat stupid to the point of being hilarious, funny, but at the same time brave.]
17>Joshua (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.21 20:19 [He likes adventures and mischief.]
17>Joshua (Friend), 13yo.2014,Dec.21 20:19 [He lives in Cole's dimension. Also, he often tries cracking ultra cheesy jokes that no one likes. XD]
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.21 21:29 OK, cool
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.22 17:24 *practicing the piano when there is a knock at the door*
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.23 00:08 *knocks on Leila's door; waits for her to open it; hears her practicing the piano*
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.23 20:33 *sighs* she really enjoys the piano, and hates being disturbed while practicing
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.23 20:34 *stops playing and opens the door*
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.23 20:34 "Oh, Hi Cole" *tries to smile*
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.23 20:38 *akward silence*
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.23 20:38 "ummm... why are you here, aren't you meant to be helping Benedict"?
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.23 22:32 *shrugs* Just because I'm Benedict's apprentice, doesn't mean I have to help him every single hour of every day!
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.23 22:32 Besides, I have something really cool to show you!
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.23 22:33 *fishes around in his pack, and pulls out a carved ring*
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.23 22:34 See. I found it in Benedict's storehouse! Isn't it neat?
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.24 10:54 Yes, it's lovely!
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.24 10:55 Are you allowed to take things from Benedicts storehouse?
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2014,Dec.24 14:07 *walks up behind Cole*
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2014,Dec.24 14:07 "well, strictly speaking he shouldn't, but I think we'll let him of this time" *smiles and laughs*
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2014,Dec.24 14:08 "oh...ummm...Hi Ben"
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.25 20:36 *really startled*. Oh...hey Ben!
13>Kat (Guardian), 11yo.2014,Dec.25 22:15 Hi, everybody!
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2014,Dec.29 11:45 (HI KAT)
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2014,Dec.29 11:46 "Cole, I was wondering if you could give me a hand today"
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.29 14:51 *shifts his feet*. Uh, sure, Ben.
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2014,Dec.31 16:58 "good, because I have something to show you, Leila and Elizabeth can come to if you want"
11>Cole (Main character), 13yo.2014,Dec.31 17:25 *smiles*. Thanks! Can my friends Josh and Nicole come too? I don't go anywhere without those two!
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2015,Jan.3 17:54 Of course they can
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2015,Jan.3 17:54 Infact, the more people that come, the better
13>Kat (Guardian), 11yo.2015,Jan.7 20:48 I'll come!!!!!
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2015,Jan.8 18:00 cool
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.16 00:00 (Hi! I'm new! This sounds very interesting, and I've always loved Victorian London!)
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.16 00:00 (Can I join?)
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2015,Jan.17 18:58 Hiya genevieve!
13>Kat (Guardian), 11yo.2015,Jan.20 01:40 Hi Genevieve! can you come along with us?
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.24 17:44 (Yes!!! SO sorry, I've been really busy in the last few days!!!!!!)
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.24 17:45 *walks up to them* And I suppose I'll come... *smiles sneakily*
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.24 17:46 (Oh, and I'm very mischievous.... mwahahaha!!!)
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.24 17:48 (I have long, dark brown hair, shockingly green eyes, and tan skin, but not TOO tan)
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.24 17:49 (OH!!! And I'm normally NOT wearing dresses, I hate them!!!!!)
13>Kat (Guardian), 11yo.2015,Jan.25 20:30 (Dresses?!?!YUCK!!!!!!!!!I hate dresses!!!!!!!!)
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2015,Jan.26 18:07 Yeah guys, come with us!
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.27 02:11 Ok! Where are we going?
13>Kat (Guardian), 11yo.2015,Jan.27 14:53 (I have now clue?)
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.27 20:30 An adventure? Just for fun?
3>Leila (friend), 12yo.2015,Jan.29 20:02 We're going with Benedict and Cole to there workshop, apparently they have a suprise for us!
13>Kat (Guardian), 11yo.2015,Jan.30 02:26 Ok then.
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jan.31 01:16 Maybe a new dimension!
13>Kat (Guardian), 11yo.2015,Feb.1 15:42 That would e cool!
4>Benedict (Ben) (toymaker ), 68yo.2015,Feb.1 17:36 It would be awesome, unfortunately, thats not what i was planning on showing you
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Feb.1 23:24 Aww.... Well what is it?
13>Kat (Guardian), 11yo.2015,Feb.2 15:47 *moans*
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Feb.2 21:09 Don't complain Kat.
5>Ellie (orphan), 12yo.2015,Jun.13 17:24 I will be Ellie, an orphan Cole meets and helps out.
5>Ellie (orphan), 12yo.2015,Jun.13 17:25 Ellie has long, brown hair and green eyes. She is 12 yrs old.
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jul.17 01:22 (KK)
14>Marie (Child), 10yo.2015,Jul.18 19:45 (Hey)
20>Genevieve (The Clumsy One), 12yo.2015,Jul.20 04:30 (Hi! I've been gone for a while!)
7>Antoinette (Silurian (dr. who)), 18yo.2015,Jul.24 04:38 (hello, sry 4 the spelling of Doctor Who and the reference of being a silurian)
18>Abigal (Child), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 14:20 [Hi!]
18>Abigal (Child), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 14:24 [This sounded like a cool RP, so I joined!]
18>Abigal (Child), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 14:31 [Anyway, my character: Abigal has light brown hair usally tied up in two short braids with two light blue ribbons, and green eyes, fair skin. She wears a light blue dress with a doily color, and white tennis shoes.
18>Abigal (Child), 12yo.2015,Dec.19 14:33 Personality: QuiT
6>Darien (Writer of books), 21yo.2016,Jun.27 20:47  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=100  
6>Darien (Writer of books), 21yo.2016,Jun.27 20:50 I know a character THE LEGO CHARACTER.
19>Chris (boy), 10yo.2016,Jul.10 20:11 *playing with a bunny plush toy on the floor*
19>Chris (boy), 10yo.2016,Jul.10 20:16 [Chris is a cute, shy boy. he's hair ir dark brown and his eyes color is brown. he wears a magician looking hat. he never lefts his toy bunny]
19>Chris (boy), 10yo.2016,Jul.10 20:17 (*his hair is)
9>Fairy (Cute), 10yo.2016,Aug.8 01:30 [Hi this seemed cool so I joined]
9>Fairy (Cute), 10yo.2016,Aug.8 01:31 [Fairy has light brown skin and hazel eyes,she is tall for her age and super competitive]
9>Fairy (Cute), 10yo.2016,Aug.8 01:32 [She is now wearing a white tank top,jean shorts,and white tennis shoes...]
9>Fairy (Cute), 10yo.2016,Aug.8 01:34 [she has a little past her shoulder lengthed hair that is dark brown]
15>Kitty (The Little Kitten ), 5yo.2016,Sep.24 09:07 Hi

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