" Zombie Apocalypse (RP) "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 16 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

2024 AKA The End Of The World. You Have To Fight To Survive The Apocalypse And Try To Find A Cure. You Will Either Make It Out Alive... Or You Will Die Trying. Will You Survive?

2>Adjutant (From mass effect), ?????yo.2018,Jan.27 20:42  Buying Ammo (x 11)  
2>Adjutant (From mass effect), ?????yo.2018,Jan.27 20:42  Selling Ammo (x 1)  
2>Adjutant (From mass effect), ?????yo.2018,Jan.27 20:42  Selling Ammo (x 10)  
3>Ethan (Survivor [Good]), 12yo.2018,Aug.10 09:20 Buying AK-47
3>Ethan (Survivor [Good]), 12yo.2018,Aug.10 12:19  Buying Weapons (x 1)  
3>Ethan (Survivor [Good]), 12yo.2018,Aug.10 12:19  Buying Clothes (x 1)  
3>Ethan (Survivor [Good]), 12yo.2018,Aug.10 12:19  Buying Ammo (x 1)  
4>Zach (???????), 19yo.2019,Mar.5 19:23  Buying Water (x 1)  
4>Zach (???????), 19yo.2019,Mar.5 19:23  Buying Food (x 1)  
4>Zach (???????), 19yo.2019,Mar.5 19:24  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Clothes  
4>Zach (???????), 19yo.2019,Mar.5 19:24  Buying Clothes (x 1)  
4>Zach (???????), 19yo.2019,Mar.5 19:24  Buying Weapons (x 1)  
4>Zach (???????), 19yo.2019,Mar.5 19:24  Buying Ammo (x 10)  
4>Zach (???????), 19yo.2019,Mar.5 19:25 Now I have what I need to survive this Earth, What has it become...... What have we become.
13>Dewmi (Dc), 13yo.2019,Mar.11 16:33 Hi frends
13>Dewmi (Dc), 13yo.2019,Mar.12 13:18  Buying Food (x 1)  
13>Dewmi (Dc), 13yo.2019,Mar.12 13:18  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=3  
14>Millie (Baddie), 16yo.2021,Nov.10 10:53 Hi guys
14>Millie (Baddie), 16yo.2021,Nov.10 10:53  Buying Weapons (x 1)  

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