" Test game [private role play] "
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1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 23:29 *Sakura sits at a table in a Mcdonalds on earth. It's 2:00 in the morning.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.18 23:30 *she feels a bit empty as she takes a drink of her courtesy water*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 00:18 *Adora orders a big meal for jasper and a small chicken nuggets for herself*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 00:19 *she sits in a booth behind a depressed looking person*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 00:25 [lol is Sakura the depressed person?]
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 00:33 *He peeks over the seat at a girl drinking courtesy water*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 00:36 *He peeks over the seat at a girl drinking courtesy water*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 00:37 *Sakura sees Jasper and whispers under her breath--* I guess pets are allowed in here... I'll have to remember that.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 00:40 pet!!!? Jasper thinks *Jasper claws his way the the girls table* Meow he puurrs like a "pet"
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 00:44 Awe. *Sakura pets Jasper*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 00:45 Miss? *she looks to Adora and picks Jasper up* I think you lost your cat.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 00:53 *Adora Blinks* Him? oH oho yes *Adora takes "cat"*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 00:54 Adora- thank you
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 00:58 Any time. *Sakura feels awkward* whatcha doing with a cat in here? I'm pretty sure the last I checked pets weren't allowed.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:03 Uh I was trying to hide him in my coat *Adora is embarrassed* he gets insecure when I leave him at the house alone, other wise hes a really good cat.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:04 *Jasper nudgess Sakura and purrs*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:05 Awe. He's really cute. * Sakura warms up to them* Say, what are you doing at a McDonald's at 2am?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:08 waiting for her dumb boyfriend
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:09 *Japser grumbles under his breath*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:10 * Sakura jumps* excuse me sir, I didn't know you were a shifter. You might not want to speak here!
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:11 Adora- Late night snack?*Adora pushes jasper onto the seat accidentally knocking soda on him*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:13 *Jasper growls* I just bathed last week *he shouts*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:16 *the one employee working and the college student on the laptop in the corner stares. Sakura clears her throat.* I- yes! And now I will clean it off!
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:20 No No let me *Adora runs to grab napkins*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:21 nO you'll smear it into the fur *jasper tries to run away*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:21 *Adora grabs jasper* keep your voice down
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:23 *Sakura stands helpless* maybe we should take this outside.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:25 Im going to the bathroom, come if at your risk *adora shoves a hysterical jasper into her coat and rushes off to the bathroom*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:26 / I guess I should help/
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:27 *Sakura follows*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 01:29 *Adora plundges jasper into toilet water and he relaxes*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 01:41 Bluefrost runs into the store, looking for Sakura*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:44 *Sakura witnesses everything that Adora does to Jasper*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:46 Um
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:47 Pretty sure that
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 01:47 That water is more
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 01:57 *Toby walks into McDonalds looking for Adora but sees a cat, he stops to pet her*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 01:57 who do you belong to?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:13 *hisses*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:17 [ to change characters
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:18 Just click select action, connect and then the new stuff will appear. Change the character and if that character has a different password then change that too. Once this is finished click ok]
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 02:19 *hisses back*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:20 *Bluefrost laughs hysterically. College student leaves*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 02:24 *Blinks twice, rubs eyes* //a laughing cat// can you talk to?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:24 Yeah why? Have you seen Sakura?
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 02:28 *toby shakes his head* I don't know who Sakura is. can you describe her?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:31 Well that depends on if she's a cat right now or not... if she's a cat, then she's got a deep amber eye color, and brown fur with a cream under belly and dark russet stripes. If she's human then she has got the deep amber eyes, she is tan with strawberry
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 02:33 \
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 02:35 i haven't seen any cats, but im looking for someone with strawberry bloned hair too. I don't see her here yet. Are you sure sakura is here now?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:37 Ever since we got to this area she's been coming here almost every night.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:38 *Bluefrost looks to the floor with her worried face.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 02:41 *Toby feels concerned* Id help you look for her if I have time to kill
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:45 Don't worry. If we look together I'm sure we can find both of them. Your blond girl, your looking for her right?
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 02:49 yessss. She should be here any minute, *Toby glances around the restaurant* I hope
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 02:59 *Bluefrost walks away*
Player 202018,Sep.19 03:01 [literal tears]
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 03:03 [I'm pretty sure I can say literally anything else and I'll be fine]
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 03:04 That soda is sticky
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 03:20 Don't wash him in the toilet
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 03:21 It is the disgusting
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 03:42 Its ok he likes it *Adora was lying through her teeth*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 03:44 Jasper- Adora? is this where you take a poop every morning?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 03:46 I will end you while your sleeping *he voice girgled in the tiolet as adora pushed him further down to wash his hears*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 03:47 *Sakura began to feel more and more uncomfortable. Then out of nowhere the door slammed open. Sakura whirls around*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 03:48 Yo, Sakura! You in here?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 03:48 *Sakura cringes*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 03:58 //another talking cat?// why cant i be the only talking cat *crys*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:01 *Sakura turns to Bluefrost* what do you want?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:02 Just to be with my BFF you could have invited me. * Bluefrost pouts*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:03 Well. I didn't think you would want to come.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 04:07 Id be immbarrased if I were you *Adora whipers to Jasper* Thats a pretty cat
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 04:09 *looks at adora funny* you know im not actually a cat right?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 04:10 yah your too ugly *adora pats jasper down with a paper towle*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 04:10 *deeply affended*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:15 *Bluefrost sees Adora for the first time.* Hey, you, blonde girl. Your boyfriend is looking for you.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:16 *Sakura blushes* Bluefrost, don't assume that that guy out there is her boyfriend!
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:17 No one else would be here at 2AM.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:18 Still. You shouldn't assume that he is her boyfriend. Even if she does know him.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:19 Girl. I can tell. Cute boy is wandering around like a lost puppy looking for love to follow. If they aren't a couple they should be.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:20 Cute girl is lucky for a cute guy like him. They are practically made for each other
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 04:23 Tobys out there? hot messy blond hair?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:24 Girl you bet it's hot!
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 04:26 *Adora rushes out of the bathroom*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 04:27 Sure leave me here with the stranger and her weird cat
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 04:27 /////////
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 04:27 *Jumps down from sink*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:29 oh no he didn't. Who does this gato feo think he is? *Bluefrost huffs. Then she also leaves the bathroom.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:30 Bluefrost wait! Where are you going?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:32 Going to see cuties and leaving this mess here. * she cast a glance at Jasper when she said 'mess' and then left the bathroom.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:33 Wait up! * Sakura ran to Bluefrost.*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 04:35 *jasper stayed in the bathroom because reasons*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 04:37 *runs and jumps into tobys arms* ive missed you
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 04:39 *catches adora* its been a hard 2 months. hows life in scaevola?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 04:41 it's great my mother is finally letting me take ballet leasons!
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 04:42 Thats great *looks at blue frost* have you met the talking cat? thanks for helping me find my girl friend.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:44 All in a days work. * she gives a sideways glance to Sakura and says* See I told you.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:45 Well you not right about everything.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:45 Oh really? Not even about Aric?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:47 * Sakura's face turned from tan to scarlet. She fumed.* well--I you see. I don't like Aric. Not at all!
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:49 *Bluefrost kept herself from laughing* just because you won't admit it... * she looked outside to an approaching figure.* Speak of the devil and he shall appear.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:50 *Aric burst through the door.* Sakura, Bluefrost! I've been looking for you guys everywhere!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:51 *her heart beat skyrocketed. She blushed harder*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 04:51 He mentioned you name first.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 04:52 Be quiet. Please! * Sakura whispered.*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 04:55 Who's the thug?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 04:57 *shoves jasper* sorry my cats a little loopy today, maybe too much cat nip
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 04:58 I thought jasper was a synarat
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 05:00 Im whatever i want to be *meows like a cat*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 05:02 Hey Sakura, who are your friends?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 05:04 *Sakura glanced at Aric, then at Toby and Adora. Then back at Aric. She did not speak*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 05:06 Im toby im from florida, this Adora, my girlfriend, and this is our kid, jasper.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 05:09 kid? *jasper scoffs* im old enough to be your great grandfather
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 05:53 *Aric looked from Sakura to Toby, then Jasper.* I didn't know that there were other shapeshifters in this area.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 05:56 *Adora toby and jasper in sync* We're not shape shifters!
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 05:57 *Aric visibly surprised* oh-Kay...
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 05:58 So what now?
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 05:58 Should we order?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 21:36 Can i go home?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 21:39 No shut up and eat your double cheese burger, Im not making another portal in here.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 21:41 you'll like it here jasper we've got mini marts and Tv
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 22:09 *Aric casually whispers to Sakura* what are minimarts? And is TV a thing you can eat?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 22:10 No, Aric, TV dinners are the things you can eat.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 22:10 Well it's nice to meet you guys. Do you live around there?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 22:11 [she is talking to Toby]
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 22:18 No we're on vacation, we live in Scaevola, It's to get away when your a prince *toby sighs*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 22:26 Huh. Well we don't really live here either. We are kinda on vacation too, you could say. Maybe we will meet again?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 22:27 Whatever. I'm getting something to eat.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 22:30 Bluefrost transforms into a human with white hair and a blue streak going through it. She forgot to 'tuck in' [tuck in as in shape them away] her wings. She woke up the sleeping cashier and ordered some food.*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.19 22:34 Hey cat lady your wings are showing *snickers*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.19 22:34 Don't be rude
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.19 22:47 *Bluefrost returns* at least I can hide my problems. [im sorry this is literally what she would say].
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.19 22:47 *mortified*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 00:22 *changes subject* So where are you guys from?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 00:26 *looks at Aric uncomfortably.*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 00:27 *Aric shakes his head and looks uncomfortabllyat Sakura*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 00:29 Umm I--I welllllllllllll. *Sakura shakes her foot.* we. Live in Vitae...
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 00:33 Oh is that in twin continents?
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 00:35 What is he saying. * He whispered to Bluefrost.*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 00:35 *Shrugs*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 00:36 No. Not really...
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 00:37 [Sakura's comment is directed towards Toby]
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 00:39 [to Toby] Toby, im sure there plenty other Vitaes else where
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 00:41 What dimension do you come from, ive never heard an accent like yours * looks at aric*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 00:43 Well... based on my background... I would say Old English, with a touch of Latin.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 00:46 /lets be clear here, who's from earth and whos not
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 00:58 I'm from Vitae. Which is kind of earth.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 00:59 Born and raised in Vitae. So...... kind of earth...
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 01:00 I was born in Vitae. But I was raised on earth. What about you guys?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 01:09 well, I'm from a completely different dimension, it's sorta like earth, but not so advanced *Aodora's voice trailed off as she looked around the room*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 01:10 I was born the same dimension, scaevola, and raised on earth
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 01:15 my home dimension is called Cleo, but it got over run so I was forced to live with these weirdos
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 01:17 *Bluefrost didn't try to repress a mocking smile.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 01:19 *Sakura looked at a watch she had.* We gotta sit down. You guys are welcome to sit with us. But there is a reason I came here tonight.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 01:46 What's your reason?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 01:47 You'll see.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 01:48 *Sakura sits in a booth. Aric and Bluefrost follow*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 02:08 *Toby, Adora, and Jasper follow their new friends*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 04:57 Alright. As you might not know I've been coming here every night--
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 05:00 Uh, yeah I know you've been coming here! Every night it's the same thing. I come here at about in the frickin!2AM
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 05:01 And your here every night! You order me something and we eat until three. You're going to get fat. I have to take runs every morning!
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 05:02 And you won't let us leave until 3:30!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:04 Bluefrost, please stop talking. I meant that every night I have been coming here for a reason.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:05 *audible silence*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:06 Why?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:08 *pause and a breath* I've been coming to meet someone.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 05:09 Girl. I thought that you said you weren't ready to date.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:10 *extreme exasperation can be heard* Bluefrost! STAWP.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 05:11 Sheesh, fine.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 05:11 Who have you been meeting?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:21 I've been meeting a chief of a gang of shapeshifters on a place and time. Here at three thirty. He has agreed to come as long as I provide a meal and he has no guarantees on his part. He could be here tonight. *She checked her watch.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:22 About now actually. I'll need a second with me for negotiations and no offense, Bluefrost but I don't think you'd be a whole lot of help...
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 05:23 No offense. I'm no good with numbers and business whatnots anyway...
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:24 Anyone volunteer?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 05:30 Iím trained in combat, although Iím not very good *looks down* but I can heal someone just by touching them .
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 05:34 I love get in on the action! *jumps out of seat enthusiasticly* I can move around and run really fast!!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:37 I'm not looking for action. I'm looking for a professional in politics.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 05:41 *looks to toby* what are politics?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 05:44 Sounds like a diseases
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 05:47 *pats Aodra* something you donít have to worry about darling. Letís rule our country with an iron fist! *slam table*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 05:50 *smirks* now that a man id run into battle for.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 05:50 Letís have the coronation tomorrow!
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 05:51 *concerned* But Toby, what will we do with the aristocrats?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:53 *Sakura face palmed* this is very important. It's for the movement. Please anyone?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 05:53 *concerned* But Toby, what will we do with the aristocrats?
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:54 *Aric looks to Sakura*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:55 I know a lot--I mean a--a bit. My father was practically Mr. Polotics... he had me take some classes before... I was cursed.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 05:58 *Sakura's face is unreadable at the sheer a variation of emotions displayed there. She nodded and smiled at him.* Okay... okay. * she became more determined* Everyone else needs to leave this booth and act natural...
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 06:01 *toby ang gang goes to the other end of McDonaldís*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 06:02 So what do you think that was all about
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 06:04 I think there all insane *jumps onto booth seat* we should just go.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 06:07 Hold on I want to hear them out, I havenít had this much exitment in a while
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 06:09 They seem nice *adora nodded*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 06:11 *Bluefrost walks to their booth.* Mind if I join?
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 07:20 Not at all *scooches over for bluefrost to sit
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 07:22 Besides shifting, bluefrost, is there anything else you can do
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 07:24 Didnít you hear them? Sheís not from your dimension
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 07:25 The givers rarely visit other dimensions and it would be a sin if they bestoyed power there.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 07:31 What are you talking about?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 07:37 Iím not saying you couldnít have a gift by any other means, itís just most other dimensions only give out one.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.20 07:38 *turns to blue frost* yours is beautiful by the way.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 07:39 *glares*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 07:41 How come mine give me a terible one? What am supose to do with it? Lure men into the ocean?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 07:41 *sings like a mermaid*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 16:06 *Bluefrost fixes Jasper with an intense glare.* we're supposed to act natural.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 16:09 *She looks to Adora.* Thank you.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.20 21:35 None of us have been acting natural the entire time we've been here. *glares at blue frost* Miss "let me turn into a human right infront of the cashier"
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 22:51 The sleeping cashier. And I don't mean him. I'm talking about the one who's coming. He can't know that anyone else has come, or he might break off the deal. This is the first step of the movement. If we don't pull this off,
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 22:52 It might mean trouble for the members of the union.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 23:43 That means act like a cat jasper
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 23:44 What kind of deal are you making with this mysterious person?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 23:51 Sakura will be trying to negotiate a place to stay in exchange for provisions. This is the first step of the movement.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.20 23:52 *the door opened and in came the stranger. He wore a cloak and a ragged hat.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 23:54 [meanwhile at Sakura's booth.]
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 23:57 * everyone leaves the table. Aric sits next to her.* /is he too close? Too far?/ *Sakura fiddled with the meal. She organized it to look better for the chief.*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.20 23:59 So... how have things been?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.21 00:00 Good.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.21 00:02 Look. I'm sorry about all the weird stuff between us. Honest I--I have no idea how I was in that cave... we just need to put the past in the past.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.21 00:06 It's not just the cave thing... I don't know... I'm sorry too, about flipping you over. I wasn't expecting you to call me by my name or... put you hand on my shoulder. /nor did I expect to recognize your bright green eyes, or like your smile so much/
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.21 00:06 Start over as friends?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.21 00:07 I'd like that.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.21 00:08 * in walked a man with a black cloak and a ragged hat.*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.21 00:08 [ back at Toby and friends]
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 00:13 He looks sketchy toby whispered. Are you sure they can trust him?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.21 00:15 quit staring *paws toby's face* we're suppose to be acting natural
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 00:17 if you saw a who looks like he's about to sell drugs to little kids, would you not stare?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.21 00:20 I think your both going to draw more attention over if you keep whispering like that //why can't they just be normal?// *Adora slumps over a cup of root beer*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.21 00:23 *Bluefrost looked to them* It will all make sense later. But now we should focus on other things... how are you liking the food here?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.21 00:24 It's so weird, the first time i tried it i got sick
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 00:25 Well greasy food makes for a sad stomach, Adora
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.21 00:25 I don't know what you guys are talkin about, i love it
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.21 00:28 *Bluefrost laughed.* I remember my first time here. I got a bit sick afterwards too. Those were the good old days though...
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.21 00:33 when was your first time
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.21 00:39 About two years ago I think... it was a while before I brought Sakura back to Vitae.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.21 00:40 It's been a year for me
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.21 00:41 Well i just got here *gleams*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.21 01:36 It's a pretty interesting world... isn't it?
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.25 00:16 Yah no one knows anything about powers here
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.25 00:18 Nope. But I wouldn't call them powers so much as science we don't under
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.25 00:18 Stand
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.25 03:27 As far as I understand it, at least in our world, these powers, these abilityís, are gifts from above *speaks in a sacred tone*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.25 05:29 I see. Many on earth and in the semi-world believe the same... you know, religious stuff.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 05:37 Yes we believe in God, Iím not entirely sure how theirs works.
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.25 05:40 The mighty Givers are the source of our power, their power superior to ours. Manilus, Silvious, and Augustus, they are much like this God you speak of. *looks at Toby*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.26 03:56 Huh. My ancestors are who I believe in most. I only know about much else...
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.26 03:58 *Bluefrost jumps at the slam of a table. The man Sakura and Aric had been taking to said...* you can stop with the act. Your friends, are safe. * he shook Sakura's hand.* I'd be happy to provide land in this great cause.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.26 15:35 *Bluefrost jumps at the slam of a table. The man Sakura and Aric had been taking to said...* you can stop with the act. Your friends, are safe. * he shook Sakura's hand.* I'd be happy to provide land in this great cause.
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 21:05 *all stare at table* think heís onto us?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.26 22:03 *bluefrost facepalms and returns to her former winged-cat shape. She flew to Sakura's table.* congrats girl. *Bluefrost turned to the man.* I'm sorry... we meant no disrespect to... this was all just a big accident.
Player 92018,Sep.26 22:07 I understand... and i would have figured out you were a shapeshifter even if I hadn't caught you tucking in your wings when I made a perimeter. I don't know what your friends are supposed to be, but you were all at the same table.
Player 92018,Sep.26 22:08 The name is McCoy. Pleasure to meet you. *He shook Bluefrost's hand.*
Player 92018,Sep.26 22:09 Men! Fall in! * men came inside. Fifteen in number.*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 22:13 *stands defensive for Adora* whatís going on here/:
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 22:14 ///
Player 92018,Sep.27 05:36 Men! Fall in! * men came inside. Fifteen in number.*
Player 92018,Sep.27 05:39 [That was an accident] Worry not small man, I only call my men for good measure. * yells at men.* At ease!
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 23:34 *Toby was uneasy, he partly sat*
Player 92018,Sep.27 23:36 Might I escort you Miss, to your residence.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.27 23:37 I only need directions to your reserve, please.
Player 92018,Sep.27 23:39 Then I will do that as long as you have brought along a pen and paper.
Player 92018,Sep.27 23:40 *McCoy writes on the paper with the pen Sakura gave him and then he exited with his men. * Fall out!
Player 92018,Sep.27 23:41 *the cashier sands by extremely confused. He is sure that his medication must be messing with him.
Player 92018,Sep.27 23:41 *
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.27 23:56 *scratches ear* well that was easy
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.27 23:58 *looks up, Charlotte has appeared through a gleaming blue portal*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.28 00:00 Charlotte- Adora,Toby you have to get back to
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.28 00:01 [oops, also donít have a color for Charlotte, will have to make do, I donít think she will be here long]
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.28 00:03 Charlotte- you have to get back to Scaevola, the rebelís are pushing for a riot, itís conplete chaos
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.28 00:03 *head in hands*
8>Adora (The chosen one), 16yo.2018,Sep.28 00:04 Weíre gone for one hour and this happens
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:05 Go away weíre on vacation *stares into soul*
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 00:10 Away with vacation! *stands* we canít let this get through
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 00:10 We have to get back tonight!!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:13 [you can just make her now and then I'll delete her when you want me to. I plan on deleting McCoy later.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:14 [lol wrong symbol]
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.28 00:23 Ooooo wow. *Bluefrost gets too close and feels the pull. [Julene imma just say that your characters already left]
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:24 Bluefrost be careful! Youre getting sucked in!
Player 132018,Sep.28 00:25 The portal leads strait to the castle
Player 132018,Sep.28 00:26 [ok so before your stuff then]
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:27 *Sakura grabs onto the half end of Bluefrost that isn't yet sucked in all the way.*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:29 Hey hold on Sakura! *Aric runs to her and tries to keep her from going in but in the process he gets sucked in himself.*
Player 132018,Sep.28 00:29 *the portal lands on castle grounds*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:30 *He feels inside out but then he opens his eyes in a room on the stone cold floor.* Where are we? Where is everyone?
6>Toby (Lost prince ), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 00:37 *Everyone hurrys to places, except jasper he was too grumpy that they left the vacation behind for this poop
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:40 //at least im home. now i can take a nap, forever perhaps?//
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:42 *He walks to his room. there three lost souls are snooping around his treats* //you monsters those are specially made for me! Me! Alone!//
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:42 Guards help! rebels! Im being burgulared!
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:44 Jasper? You recognize us right?
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:44 Help! We have been taken to your world!
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.28 00:46 Why are we asking him? He probably couldn't find a solution if it stared him in the face!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:46 Manners Bluefrost! Now let's get out of here before that dragon comes back!
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:52 Hey! Blue face! I do too have ideas, just because I can
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:53 Can't boppady boop a portal doesn't mean I can't do anything
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:54 *rubs eyes* Wait you brought a dragon here!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:55 We didn't bring it!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 00:55 *everone could hear a roar and Bluefrosts tail puffed up.*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:58 +
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 00:59 oh no this isn't right! Magical creatures shouldn't exist in this world
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 01:00 *points at gang* What have you done?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.28 01:03 What have we done? *Bluefrost sputtered* for the last time WE haven't done anything! Your owner is the only person I know who can make portals! It has to be her!
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.28 01:03 Forget it I'm out of here. Sakura, Aric you with me?
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:06 *Aric fiddled with something on the ground. Sakura also looked uncomfortable. Aric looked to Sakura, then back at Bluefrost.* We know who he is.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:07 It's a long story Bluefrost... I don't know how he got here, but we have to help get him out.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 01:17 aw good, so you are responsible. so take care of it *turns to blue face* if you weren't sassy all the time you have noticed that charllote magically appeared back at the tacky restaurant. there fore you are wrong, now you know two portal masters.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 01:19 Charlotte is very complicated I could never keep track of whos side she was on. *rabbling noncense* any way don't mess with her, i know i wouln't
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.28 01:21 *Bluefrost blushed and growled.*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.28 01:24 I'll hit that dragon where it counts! *Bluefrost became four times her size when she changed her form from a lyx to a griffin. She remained blue.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:25 We don't know the way around, but we are going with or without you. You in Jasper?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 01:36 Címom I know every short cut, tumble, hide out, you name it. Oh! And I even stumbled on Tobyís third bathroom, never seen a toilet with so many Rubyís. Donít tell him I said that.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:38 Lets go then. *as Jasper promised, as soon as they headed out it was short cuts and tumbles. Eventually they found the source of the roar. Bluefrost immediately attacked.*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.28 01:38 Caw! Take that you overgrown rock. And that!
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:43 Aric walked on two legs and pulled out a pebble he had kept [which I might add no one saw until now.]. The pebble grew and morphed into a sword.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:44 * The sword gleamed its obsidian tip which would cut the scales of the dragon apart.*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:45 *He met the dragon with fierce anger.*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:46 *Sakura became a unicorn and charged with her horn.*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:47 [oops the one before this was supposed to be Sakura.]
Player 92018,Sep.28 01:52 So... *pants* you think you can get the stone from me eh? Too bad for you! *faints*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:53 What is he talking about?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 01:55 It must be that stone there. * Sakura picked up a stone from Chamberlains hand and she picks it up after she return she to wolf form, her original form.*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 02:53 //this is strange. Is the rock a shaper too?//
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:12 *gasp * This isn't a stone at all!
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 03:14 What else could it be?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:18 This is one of those objects. *She looked to Aric.* like you had, the one that made you able to travel in time, only this one is purple!
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:31 Hmmm. That necklace wasn't as simple as you put it... I think it healed wounds better than anything else. I'll bet this stone is just as complex...
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:32 *Aric puzzled over it for a minute.* we'll have to ask Chamberlain how he used it.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 03:35 How? The dragon is dead. You killed it right?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 03:35 *pokes dragon*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 03:36 *Dragon bats him away*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 03:36 *Screams like a little girl* definatley not dead
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:38 *Aric held his sword towards the throat of Chamberlain.* How did you get here?
Player 92018,Sep.28 03:40 *Whimpers.* I--I don't know, p-p-please not so close!
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:41 What was the last thing you did before you came here?
Player 92018,Sep.28 03:42 I-I had just found it! All purple and shiny, sooooo shiny. I picked it up and I came to this place.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:44 You're LYING.
Player 92018,Sep.28 03:45 Fine. I rubbed it like a little genies lamp.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:47 * Aric moved towards Chamberlain with his sword. Chamberlain whimpered. The sword acquired a few licks of fire.*
Player 92018,Sep.28 03:48 Fine fine, I tell I'll tell! Just back OFF!
Player 92018,Sep.28 03:48 I whispered to it.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.28 03:50 *Aric back up out of surprise.* huh?
Player 92018,Sep.28 03:51 I told it how I wanted to leave the world I was in and live in a rich castle for all my days and then I was here! Amazing what a little communication can do.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.28 19:35 *growls* they already have a rolyal pet. Hate to break it to you big guy but thereís no room for the two of us // Wait a sec, darn that means Iím the royal pet// *hits face*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:03 I'm sure we can figure something out.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 01:04 Let's kick him back into the space time continuum.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:05 I agree
Player 92018,Sep.29 01:06 Wait! No!!!!!!!
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:07 Hey rock, can you make chamberlain go back to where he came from?
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:07 *Nothing happened*
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:08 Please?
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:08 *with a blink, Chamberlain disappeared.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:12 Wait how does this work. Let me try something... *Aric hands her the rock. She blushed a bit.* I I want to travel in space and time with... Bluefrost.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:13 *Aric watched as Sakura and Bluefrost disappeared.*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 01:20 //Now whereíd they go// great now Iím Stuck with you
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:22 *Aric made this face. He watched them come back. Wide eyed and bushy tailed.*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 01:23 [Bluefrost was a cat when she returned] Wow!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 01:24 Huh. I did not know that would work.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 01:36 What was it supose to do? Shoot rainbows?
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 21:50 And what do you think it would have done?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 22:01 how bout be a rock
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 22:05 I wish that me and Bluefrost have no effect of going to that place, as if we hadn't, save our memory only.
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 22:05 How do you know that worked?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 22:06 I don't. But I am going to pretend it did.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 22:12 Do any of you realize what we could do with this? We could say anything, like, 'I wish we could go to a time and place where cyborgs have fought against humans' and--
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 22:15 *suddenly, all in the room were taken to a different smaller room, where a girl layer in a bed sleeping.*
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.29 22:27 *opens eyes, sees strangers and wreird looking cats* //wow ive never seen a cat before, is that really what they look like?//
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.29 22:27 *jumps from bed* who are you? Howíd you get in my room?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 22:30 *Sakura whispers to the others.* I don't think she knows we can talk.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 22:30 Sakura! Why on earth did you freaking say that!
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.29 22:33 *screams*
5>Danny (Nonhuman ), N/Ayo.2018,Sep.29 22:34 *runs in* what is it? Whatís wrong?
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.29 22:35 Robots are invading our house!
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 22:37 Oh sure! Blame it on some robots! Are you blind? Do I look like some futuristic computer! Sakura, look what you've done!
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.29 22:39 How else would you be talking?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 22:41 *sighs* can we just go home? Beats having to deal with unmagical specimen
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 22:46 Oh so now you want to deal with magical creatures! What about the dragon? Or was that too magical for you taste?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 22:49 *hair sticks up* //oh no she didnít// *growls* at least it new the difference between a robot and a mouthy cat!
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 22:51 I'd rather be a robot and mouthy, rather than a stuck up brat!
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 22:55 The years have been harsh but at least I know how to shut my trap *hisses*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 23:01 Do you now? *mimmicks Jasper* ehh I don't have time for this, ehh too normal for me, ehh I'm some old ugly who thinks his opinion matters.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 23:03 Bluefrost, Jasper that's enough. Bluefrost, if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything. Jasper, prove your old enough to handle this by being the bigger--cat, I'm sorry I forget your specie--.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 23:05 Yeah, Jasper, if your so old and wiiise, than put your money where your mouth is and put a sock in it!
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.29 23:05 Honestly why do I try?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 23:13 I never said I was old *infuriated* for a 500 year life spand, Im at my peak of beauty. in fact Ill show you how young and strong I really am *pounces at blue frost*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 23:18 *triples her size. Then triples again.* she whacks Jasper on the other wall. He hits it with a loud thump.*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 23:20 For young strong and beautiful, you sure are weak old and stupid.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 23:23 I wasn't ready
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 23:23 *growls* you pulled a fast one on me
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 23:25 *She laughed* Oh did you? The one who pounced first? No warning? Not ready? Wanna try again?
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.29 23:51 *spits* I can go at this all day
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.29 23:55 *rushes between them* that's enough little cat's, there will be no more fighting, I believe you, robots arn't this sassy.
5>Danny (Nonhuman ), N/Ayo.2018,Sep.29 23:55 yeah I don't wan't a dead cat hanging up as decoration, that's gonna be hard to clean.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 23:57 I'm not the one who started this. The little weak one can do what he wants, I barley have to lift a finger against him.
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.29 23:58 I would be surprised at his ungentleman like behavior, if I had thought he was a gentleman in the first place.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.30 00:00 We are sorry to barge in like this, do you happen to know where we are?
5>Danny (Nonhuman ), N/Ayo.2018,Sep.30 00:04 7
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.30 00:05 you're in my house!
5>Danny (Nonhuman ), N/Ayo.2018,Sep.30 00:06 America *Danny corrected*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.30 00:08 Don't be daft, America doesn't have robots that control the world. * She turned back to her normal form.*
5>Danny (Nonhuman ), N/Ayo.2018,Sep.30 00:16 She said it not me
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.30 00:18 *surprised* how'd you do that?
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Sep.30 00:19 *looks to blue frost*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.30 00:20 Because I am just that smart. And the thing that I know is...
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Sep.30 00:28 *mimics blue frosts voice perfectly* Iím so smart I know how to be a can and human and have wing thingys
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Sep.30 00:39 It's true. I am very talented aren't I.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Sep.30 00:39 Guys... the stone is gone.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Oct.1 02:37 *internal scream* WHAT??
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Oct.1 02:37 TAKE ME HOME RIGHT NOW
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.1 15:52 We have to find it! It has to be around here somewhere...
7>Aric (MSC), 14yo.2018,Oct.1 15:53 *Aric gave a sad look.* No it doesn't... it could be anywhere, even in another time.
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.1 20:33 what are you guys talking about
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.1 22:36 The way we got here... let's look for it.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:50 I found a paper! It says:
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:52 In quiet times many flock to see me, what once was sacred, faced, then defaced
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:55 In Ann unmentioned spot were fame is now erased,
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:56 Were goats climbed and eagles flew,
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:56 It is there you'll find your next clue,
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 00:59 It's a riddle! Someone has that rock! We have to find it! Do you know where anything like this is?
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.2 01:19 *shakes head* thereís nothing but dessert for miles
5>Danny (Nonhuman ), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.2 01:20 There is a mountain northwest from here
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.2 01:21 But thatís native territory
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.2 01:22 *bites fingernails* not too friendly
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.2 01:35 We have to try. Can you lead us there?
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 00:27 *looks to Danny, nods*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.3 01:40 We don't know what kind of crook this is, the faster we move the better. *They all moved out.*
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.3 08:25 They took a train to the border of America * itís about a 20 miles walk from here, think you can make it? weíll say west of the tribes main land.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.3 15:27 We don't know what kind of crook this is, the faster we move the better. *They all moved out.*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.5 01:09 I think we'll all be good. Where are we going?
5>Danny (Nonhuman ), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.5 18:37 A mountain in the Natives territory, it used to be full of life, now all of its beauty has withered away.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.5 19:33 How sad... what happened?
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.5 19:38 We happened *jades face was grim*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.6 00:08 *they walked, mostly in silence except for some side conversations. Bluefrost remained the farthest away from Jasper.
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.6 00:08 *
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.6 00:09 *Soon the mountain was seen by the group. They walked towards it.*
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.21 21:08 *Before they got too close they were ambushed by native Indians*
5>Danny (Nonhuman ), N/Ayo.2018,Oct.21 21:09 Everyone stay calm, Iíll descract them while you make run for it
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.23 15:53 Where will we go?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.23 16:52 Where will we go?
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 19:16 Thereís a cave *points in a direction* lets go
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.23 22:52 Alright. *they follow Jade while Danny distracts the futuristic Indians/Native Americans*
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 23:23 what does your rock look like?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.23 23:24 What rock?
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.23 23:27 what ever your looking for, i though it was a rock
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.23 23:28 [lol I understand now] yeah. It's round and smooth. It glows purple
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.24 00:02 If it glows we're sure to find it
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 00:03 *Sakura nodded*
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 00:14 I hope your friend gets here alright.
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Oct.24 00:16 He'll be fine *blushes*
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Oct.24 00:19 Yah, yah, *sighs* lets find that purple pebble so I can go home
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 00:21 Do you think it s here? That person who took it could be anywhere in time and space by now.
11>Jasper (orphan), 200yo.2018,Oct.24 00:39 It's here, I can feel it in my gut *he searched diligently*
12>Bluefrost (MC BFF), 15yo.2018,Oct.24 00:41 Wouldn't we see it if it was here?
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 02:43 I don't think it is. Otherwise we would see it. But maybe it is hidden among some rocks.
4>Jade (Spy), 18yo.2018,Nov.3 06:10 *they searched a while longer* itís not here, Iím sorry guys
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 19:44 Itís alright. There are other mountains. *Sakura reread the note from earlier
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 19:47 Are there any famous mountains
1>Sakura (Main Character), 14yo.2018,Nov.3 19:49 Around here that were defaced? It seems like we are looking for a mountain in earlier America that was famous for something...

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