" Zodiac High School "
This game is destined to players of 15 to 18 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Welcome to Zodiac High School. Here at this school all students will be living in dorms based on your zodiac sign. Also this school is used to train young zodiac knights to fight with there physical mental spiritual and magic abilities. I hope you all enjoy this school and train hard.

20>Miki (Casual observer), 15yo.2017,Mar.7 20:29 Hello~
5>Sienna (No one knows), 15yo.2018,Feb.15 16:10 Looks around
5>Sienna (No one knows), 15yo.2018,Feb.15 16:11 Takes out book and reads
3>Layla (Sagitarius), 15yo.2018,Feb.16 22:21 Hello
3>Layla (Sagitarius), 15yo.2018,Feb.16 22:21 stands there ankwardly
4>April (Capricorn ), 15yo.2019,Apr.10 20:10 Hello hello hi hello hello hi Im April
4>April (Capricorn ), 15yo.2019,Apr.10 20:11 Wanna be friends?
4>April (Capricorn ), 15yo.2019,Apr.10 20:16  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=Strength up  
4>April (Capricorn ), 15yo.2019,Apr.10 20:17  Buying Agility up (x 1)  
4>April (Capricorn ), 15yo.2019,Apr.10 20:19  Dropping Agility up (x 1)  
4>April (Capricorn ), 15yo.2019,Apr.10 23:40  Taking Agility up (x 1)  Sorry ! I can be quite clumsy!!!!
13>Isabelle (Nic brave social new), 16yo.2019,Jul.11 19:10  Buying Strength up (x 1)  
13>Isabelle (Nic brave social new), 16yo.2019,Jul.11 19:12 Says to April Hi I'm new can you give me a tour sorry I didn't even introduce myself I am Isabelle 16 years old
6>Sadie Sink (Badass), 16yo.2021,Nov.10 11:02  Buying Killer instinct up (x 1)  

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