" Vessel Zotikos "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 999 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

In another universe where mankind inhabits many planets, has much more advanced technology, and has abilities beyond the five senses, a group of passengers wake up on board Zotikos. This gigantic spherical space ship was designed to be used as a refuge in the event of a disaster. But there's a problem: none of the passengers remember any such disaster happening or how they got on the Zotikos in the first place, though they do remember thinking that something apocalyptic happened. In addition, they seem to be the only ones on board, and there's no way for them to return to their planets. But do they even want to return to their planets?
1. No bullying, discussing/posting inappropriate content (this RP should be PG-13), or other malicious behaviors.
2. No powerplaying. This is particularly important regarding characters with ESP. Powers in this world are MUCH weaker than those in many other roleplays on this site--e.g. for telekinetic people, lifting an apple takes a quite a bit of effort.
3. At the moment, this RP is invitation only for the sake of arranging slot space. I have invited 3 other people to join and all have accepted my invitations, so each person can have 5 slots maximum.
4. Regarding characters: This RP will be psychological, so make sure your characters are well-rounded. The characters also should be diverse and from all walks of life. I HIGHLY encourage you to make them of many different ages (35+ year old human characters are strangely rare). Making them of different races is also a good idea; just note that this version of mankind is different, but it has equivalents to our various races (e.g. one character of mine is this world's version of Irish). In addition, your character should have a profession, whether it's a student, nurse, etc. But take into account that this is a much more technologically advanced version of humanity (this means you could play as a character in charge of shuttles between planets and/or other futuristic things).
5. Regarding ESP: All people have ESP, but only 10% of the population have ESP strong enough to outwardly manifest. I imagine that the percentage among our passengers will be much higher (it'll add to the mystery--'Why are there so many powered people here?'), but I would like for it to be around 50% tops. This means you need to make at least as many non-powered characters as powered characters. If you're worried about the ESP characters being too powerful, giving the non-powered ones a profession or specialty can help compensate for their lack of powers.
6. When you create/introduce characters, it is mandatory that you provide a character profile for them with basic information. I will show you how by using my own character profiles as examples.
7. This is the most important rule: have fun! :)

1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 04:45 [Sooo...hello and welcome to Vessel Zotikos! I can't wait to get this started.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 04:46 [Currently we're in the slot claiming and character creation phase. As rule 6 indicates, you must create a character profile so everyone knows what your character looks like, what their background is, etc. etc.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 04:47 [I will make one for Aysel first because she's probably my most fleshed-out character so far. Please try to imitate the way I do Aysel's profile the best you can.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 04:47 [Also, regarding ESP powers: I have a certain feeling for what powers fit in this RP and which ones simply don't. Unfortunately, I can't really put it into words--it's more of an intuitive thing. Please run by me what powers you want your characters to
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 04:48 have, and I'll let you know if they fit. In addition, try not to repeat others' powers. One character having the same powers as another is technically allowed, but it's not recommended. And two characters having the same very powerful ability (e.g. Sara's
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 04:49 immortality ability) is forbidden.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:00 [Introducing Aysel! She has messy, wavy black hair, dark brown eyes, and somewhat dark skin. She is of this world's equivalent to Turkish descent. She wears dark blue jeans, a somewhat d*rty white tank top, black sneakers with white markings, and has a
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:01 brown jacket she usually keeps tied around her waist (unless she's chilly, of course). She's about 5'4" and has a slim build.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:04 [She's a student in a high school in a fairly poor neighborhood. She doesn't have all that many friends or acquaintances. She generally has an indifferent or irritable demeanor that not many people get past, but she puts up this front as a defense
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:05 mechanism to seem tough and strong.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:06 [She is quite stubborn and doesn't really like school (or at least her school; she'd probably do better in a nicer one). She is actually quite intelligent, but due to her issues with her school her grades aren't all that great at all.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:10 [Regarding her past, she was born to middle-to-upper class parents who were genuinely good people. At around the age of 4, she met a man who had loved Aysel's mother. This man had done bad things in the past, and was trying to atone by helping enemies--
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:11 such as his rival's daughter.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:13 [The man befriended the family, and they went on an outing to a big public place. Chaos suddenly broke out--an event akin to our world's 9/11 occurred, killing thousands. The parents became separated from the man and Aysel.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:14 [The man had another change of heart. He took Aysel away (as he was a friend, she willingly followed him), deciding to tell the parents (if they survived) that he had seen her die. This was exactly what happened; all four survived the event, and the man
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:15 told her parents that she had died.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:22 [The parents' lives immediately went into tatters. Being part of the aforementioned disaster was extremely traumatic, but believing their daughter was dead was the straw that broke the camel's back.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:24 [They separated shortly afterwards. The mother was unable to recover and went insane; she was committed to a psychiatric hospital. The father had become quiet and distant, but seemed normal. Then, out of nowhere, a few months later, he killed himself.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:34 [In the meantime, Aysel was kept at her kidnapper's home for about three years. She thought of him as a friend and never knew what he had truly done, and he in turn never hurt her or wanted to hurt her. But she missed her parents and wanted out more and
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:35 more as time went by. The man had had the perfect setup--everyone who knew her thought she was dead. Trouble only started arising near the end of the three years, when people spotted her in or around the man's house as she tried to get out.]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Oct.24 05:36 [Yasmin Yaz for short has long black hair usually kept in a pony tail she has darker brown skin with the equivalent of Pakistani descent she is about 5'2 and usually wears a light blue jean jacket with a black shirt and black jeans she has brown eyes ]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:36 [Ultimately, the authorities tracked her down and rescued her. She was about 7 years old. Still not understanding why she couldn't be with her parents, she bounced around in foster care for a while, and was genuinely unhappy during these days.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:38 [At around the age of 8, the last living close friend of the family, Gallagher, finally got custody of her. He was poor compared to her original family, but Aysel grew used to it.]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Oct.24 05:39 [her body is slim she is a Police officer but is usually sent to handle smaller issues like parking disputes despite her effort to get bigger more interesting jobs, she has a British accent since were she grew up that was the accent everyone else had ]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:40 [She didn't get along with him at first, namely because he had similar flaws to her--he was irritable and bad-tempered and stubborn at times. He tried to keep the truth about her parents hidden from her as long as possible, but he eventually caved in.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:41 [She matured considerably after learning about her parents and began to take after Gallagher and liked to hang around his workshop, but he insisted that she go to school and get an education so she could get a good job.]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Oct.24 05:41 [she lives with her Father and her sister and is working hard to get a place of her own, she tends to have a sense of humor and jokes around her friends but when its time to be serious she is, she trys to settle things calmly with the least ammount of
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Oct.24 05:42 arguing]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:42 [She still found the time to learn how to repair things and how to code from him. She found she preferred tinkering with software to tinkering with hardware, and soon learned to code better than him. Her main ambition was to be a great coder.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:42 [As she lived in a rough, poor neighborhood, she was also soon forced to learn to fight. She has a considerable amount of street smarts as a result as well.]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Oct.24 05:43 [her life isnt very intresting she finished school became a police goes to sleep and work and hangs out with friends and thats how her life has always been]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 05:43 [That's all when it comes to Aysel. IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT PROFILE-MAKING: The backstory is optional. You may keep your character's backstory hidden if you please. I just provided mine because typing helps me flesh out my characters' stories.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 05:44 [You may make it as long or short as you like. Mine was really excessively long, but oh well. XP]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:44 [Also, I'm revising a part of Aysel's backstory: She only lived with the kidnapper for 1 year. I originally made it 1, then revised it to 3, and now I want it to be 1 again, sooo... XP]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:45 [Oh, and not long prior to winding up on the Zotikos, she forced Gallagher to take her to her mother. It was a horrowing experience.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:47 [Aysel's story is basically a version of Eira's story that's adapted to fit this RP. Eira is an OC from the AHAW roleplays who looks vastly different, but is similar in personality and backstory.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:48 [Also, it took Gallagher another year or so to get custody of Aysel, so really she escaped at the age of 5 and Gallagher got her when she was 6.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.24 05:50 [Sara. Shoulder length brown hair usually kept down, she wears a black t-shirt and black cargo pants with a green belt her shirt is always kept tucked in she had black military grade boots Sara has the extremely abnormal ability to not stay dead]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:50 [And Aysel's (pronounced like "Hazel" without the "H," by the way) ESP does not outwardly manifest. She is non-powered.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.24 05:50 [I'll shut up now. XP]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.24 05:52 [her eyes a blueish green when her ability was first discovered she was taken and trained for top Secret Goverment missions, altho she looks harmless she is quick on her feet thinks fast and can fight Very well, She used to be one of their best agents ]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.24 05:54 [until one Mission went wrong, Very wrong, they thought Sara might be able to do the rob but she couldnt and no one blames her, it left her emotionally and physically broken she did go on other Missions and she still gets the job done but she looked]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.24 05:55 [diffrent after that incident. Her eyes are now cold and seem to be emotionless or in alot of pain most of the time, She trys her hardest to forget the past. Saras powers work like this, IF she gets hurt she will heal at a normal pace like anyone else but
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.24 05:57 if she gets hurt then "killed" or just killed she will fall down and slowly heal back up, it can take from an hour to sevral days depending on how damaged her body is apon death she trys to hide her powers and its works out fairly easily for her since ]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.24 05:57 [They are easy to keep hidden]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:01 [You done with the Sara profile? I recommend to take turns when posting character profiles, though Yasmin's profile was so short it didn't really matter with her.]
Player 172018,Oct.24 06:03 [Grahm is a simple man he wears a brown jacket and a plaid shirt and blue jeans, he has greyish white hair combed partially to one side he has clear blue eyes and has a british accent he has been driving a hover bus for several years ]
Player 172018,Oct.24 06:04 [he stayed in one town his whole life and is still there not much to Ghram really...]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:13 [I guess that's it when it comes to Ghram then. XD]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:13 [I'll do Gallagher's profile now, and I'll try not to post a whole freakin' novel... XP]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:15 [Gallagher is a machinist. He's tinkered with computers, cars, gadgets, and many more things all his life. His father was a mechanic with a low-level education who pushed for Gallagher to get a higher level of education. Gallagher was brilliant when it
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:16 came to tech, and managed to get through college just fine. He knew some coding, but preferred the tangible stuff--things he could tinker with his bare hands.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:17 [He was quite successful and got many very well-paying jobs. Unfortunately, he had an extravagant and wild lifestyle that caused him to spend his money as fast as he earned it. He had many a lover, but his luck with women was ironically not so good and he
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:17 never married.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:18 [As he got older, he started getting a bit smarter about his finances and set up a retirement plan. Very soon after his corporation demoted him to a much lower paying job, foiling his plan. He tried getting jobs elsewhere, but corporations only wanted the
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:19 newer generation of tech specialists that were arriving (in other words, they discriminated against his age).]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:20 [Angry and disenchanted, Gallagher soon became fed up with his new, lower-paying job, took what money he had, and went off and opened a repair shop of his own. Unfortunately, it's in a poor neighborhood, and isn't as successful as it should be. But it's
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:21 enough to keep Gallagher afloat. As previously mentioned, he was friends with Aysel's parents--namely, Gallagher and Aysel's father's father (her grandfather) were great friends. In turn, Gallagher was friends with Aysel's father, and supported him when
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:23 Aysel's grandfather died. Gallagher wound up being the closest friend or relative left to Aysel after her father died and her mother went insane. Most of Aysel's family is deceased, which only a few distant relatives bouncing around on other planets, and
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:23 Gallagher was easily the family's closest non-related friend. Gallagher had met the man who kidnapped Aysel and never liked him from the beginning--and Gallagher's intuition was correct.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:25 [After Aysel was rescued, there were several failed attempts to have her be adopted. Eventually Gallagher was told about Aysel being alive, and he gathered whatever resources he could to get custody of her. He succeeded, though it did cost quite a bit of
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:25 money.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:25 [When he first got custody of Aysel, he was quite a bitter and unhappy man, but raising her warmed him up considerably. He's still grumpy in general, but he's gotten better.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:25 [Crap, I almost forgot to provide his appearance...]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:30 [Gallagher is of this world's equivalent to Irish descent and thus has an Irish accent. He wears a light brown shirt (probably originally white but turned light brown from all the work he's done with machinery), a dark green cargo jacket, and sturdy blue
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:33 jeans. He also wears sturdy blackish-brownish shoes. His eyes are light blue, he wears an Irish brown beret, and he has grayish-white hair and a beard. He is about 6 feet tall.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:34 [Basically, Gallagher and Aysel form a tech tag team of sorts. Gallagher is the hardware and machinery expert, while Aysel is the software and coding expert.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:35 [Oh, crap, I almost forgot: Gallagher does in fact have ESP that outwardly manifests--he's powered. His ability is telekinesis. It's helped him quite a bit in his work, tinkering with tiny parts and small tools. Anything larger than an apple can take
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.24 06:35 quite a bit of effort to move, though.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 06:35 [Yayyy, I wrote a novella instead of a novel. XD XP @ Caprial: Your turn. I gtg. See you! *offline*]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.24 07:20 [Theo wears a purple or dark blue suit and sometimes a scarf and black coat if its cold and a matching tie out in public but in more causal settings he wears a maroon dress shirt with the cuffs and top button undone he always wears black dress pants and]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.24 07:30 [brown shoes, his hair is combed but it isnt flat on his head its up a bit and kind of fluffy and sometimes sticks out a bit his hair is dark brown and matches his eyes he is 6'1 and slim, he looks nice he has a trusting face and is always very careful ]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.24 07:35 [with his words, He is the CEO of the biggest Tech company in the world right now Infored Tech they are always coming out with new phones and devices that continue to be more and more impressive, Theo is definitely popular in the public eye in a good way]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.24 07:37 [Theo has almost Always gotten what he has wanted because he has the power of what he calls Persuasion but in reality is mind control. Any command he gives will stick with a person for 3 hours If he commands someone else before the time is up the person]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.24 07:39 [Who was just commanded to do something will be stuck with it for 3 hours while the previous person is freed, every new command weather its given to the same person or different people resets the clock. Theo Always gets what he wants he always has except]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.24 07:41 [once... He chooses his words very carefully so he doesn't accidentally command people when he dose not want to he is quite powerful and very smart but he isn't very physically strong and dosent look that intimidating]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 15:18 [Mr. Tinnudi wears a dark gray suit, a white business shirt, and a pastel red tie. He has black hair and hazel eyes, and also has reading glasses that (unless he's reading, of course) he keeps tucked away in his suit jacket. He looks about average and is
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 15:22 under average height--he's 5'7" (average for for men is 5'10", at least in this world). He looks like a younger Martin Freeman (AKA Bilbo Baggins) with darker hair.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 15:27 [He sometimes seems to be out of it to the point of seeming just kind of stupid, oblivious, and/or ditzy. When he's not just oblivious to what's going on, he seems rather weak-willed and cowardly if not a little slimy, but he does seem to be somewhat more
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 15:28 intelligent. When presented math problems, he becomes hyper-focused and hyper-competent--hence he is a financial analyst, hired by various companies to look at their finances and give them recommendations.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 15:29 [Infored probably hired him at least once, though Theo won't remember him.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 15:30 [His ESP does manifest, though he tries not to let others know what he can do, and thus his power will be secret for a little while...]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 18:23 [Actually, I changed my mind. His ESP does not manifest. That doesn't mean he isn't capable of strange things though...oh, and in addition, he this trademark quirk: He toys with a Rubix cube a LOT. Especially when he's nervous or brainstorming.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.24 18:23 *Rubik's
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.25 04:32 [hi]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.25 04:34 [Hey! @ Joan: Please put your characters' professions in their "Role" boxes.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.25 04:34 [E.g. if they're a student, stick "Student" in there.]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 04:41 (Alright, I guess I'll start things off with Keyan. I just created his backstory on a whim, so it's better to write it down while it's still fresh.)
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 04:44 (Keyan has long but receding salt-and-pepper hair tied back in a loose ponytail. His eyes are warm and dark, like coffee, and he's of a tall and fairly muscular build. The onset of age is definitely showing, though - he's on the stocky side and has some
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 04:47 (deep wrinkles and age spots. Keyan is of Sioux descent and lives in the Midwestern US. In the days of yore, Keyan was trendy, liberal, and independent. His family -traditionalists at heart - didn't really approve of Keyan's "beatnik" nature.)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.25 04:49 [I'm sorry to interrupt, but remember, this is a different world. The US doesn't exist here, but you can say he comes from the equivalent of it.]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 04:54 (Despite apparent tolerance brought about by an open mind, along with claims of being "cultured", Keyan was not very respectful toward his parents or well-versed in the real world. He and his friends went to college without much direction (other than the
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 04:54 (Ok.)
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 04:56 (nearest party). He soon realized he was more intellectual than theoretical after failing most of his classes in a health science field. Keyan eventually graduated in a major he had a passion for... eight years later, loaded in student debt.)
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 04:58 (Keyan was soon working nonstop to pay back his debt. One of his jobs, which he stuck with for many years, was being a tour guide. He led tours all over what was once North America, and even Europe. It was in this job that he met his future wife.)
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 05:01 (The two married and settled down. They had three children - two sons and a daughter. However, their combined salaries weren't really enough to make a proper living. They weren't destitute, but they were probably living on the wrong side of the track
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 05:03 *tracks. As his kids got older, they started to become a little resentful of what they didn't have. Conflict ran deep. Although Keyan never lashed out, the ever intrepid traveler in him would hit the road and disappear for days at a time.)
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 05:07 (Ultimately, Keyan had to find a better job. He became a landscaper; it was there that he discovered his inner admiration for plants. I'm thinking he should have powers, but I'm not sure.)
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 05:09 (Given the backstory here, Keyan can be assertive, but nowadays he prefers to discuss things more calmly. Conflict doesn't sit well with Keyan, and he goes out of his way to avoid it. Sometimes, he'll even submit to the party that'll win him the most
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 05:09 favor.)
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:11 (I'm bracing myself for one of the deeper backstories I managed to come up with: Arjun's. He's of Indian descent, and has a rich, tan skin tone, sleek black hair, and penetrating eyes. His most noticeable feature is possibly his tall, thin frame and long
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:12 nose. When not in police uniform, he's usually dressed down in a black t-shirt and sweats.)
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:14 (Arjun grew up in what was once the Silicon Valley, where his dad was a successful entrepreneur. One night, an intruder burst through the unlocked doors of their home (his dad's ultimate vice was forgetting to lock the doors at night). His father was
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:16 murdered in cold blood and their valuables were stolen. To have his father alive one night and gone the next morning was extremely unsettling to Arjun. It troubled him for the rest of his life, as you're about to find our.)
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:16 *out
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:19 (Arjun watched his mother, shaken for life and without a specialization to her name, struggle to support himself and his siblings. This filled him with incalculable rage toward his father's killer/the circumstances, and left him untrustworthy of pretty
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:21 much everyone. Combining his love of science and his family with a passion for video games, he turned his destined career path into that of a public safety officer.)
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:22 (Now older, working for the equivalent of the LAPD, and still seriously broken, Arjun has finally realeased his pent-up plan of vengeance through his occupation. He started out hoping to give society something his father didn't have- safety - but took a
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:25 total 360 in recent months. He's been accused of shooting two unarmed citizens, based on personal bias and his apprehensive nature. Arjun has been in the midst of a trial with a side of frequent therapy sessions.)
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:28 (Obviously, Arjun is not stable mentally. No matter what facade he decides to wear, he's losing it on the inside. Arjun has been fighting a constant battle between good and evil - his love for his family inspires him to do good, but the murder of his
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:32 father has led him to adopt a seriously skewed mindset. Sometimes he's disgusted by what he did; other times, he's congratulating himself. With Arjun, it always depends.)
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.25 05:33 (Alright, I'm done for the night. I'll be going out of town this weekend, so I probably won't be back until Sunday. See you all then!)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 05:35 [Thanks for posting the profiles! See you soon!]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 05:37 [But another reminder: This is a different universe. Mankind lives on more than one planet and is much more advanced. There is no North America, Europe, or Silicon Valley; the geography and history is all quite different.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 05:38 [I'll assume you meant their equivalents, of course. For instance, I imagine Europe's equivalent being on the original planet mankind came from--a place full of historical sectors. North America is the "New World," so this universe's North America is
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 05:38 probably on one of the more recent planets mankind inhabited. Silicon Valley is named something different and is a huge, booming, and highly expensive tech center where Theo probably works.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 05:46 [I actually kind of like where I'm going with the equivalents of Europe, North America, etc...I should probably give them names... ^.^]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 05:46 [Anyyyways...for a character you created out of basically thin air, Keyan is pretty good. And Arjun is indeed a character very well-suited for this psychological RP. Good character creation work!]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 05:47 [In the meantime, I'll introduce my last character for now... (I'm saving my 5th slot.)]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:17 [Cecilia has olive skin, mottled, brown-black, thick collarbone length hair, and light brown eyes. She wears a red business jacket with a black shirt and black pants. She also wears lipstick and makeup, though she'll probably have to give these up after
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:19 waking up on Zotikos. She's quite above average height (average for women is 5'4" in our universe), as she is 5'8". She also wears sturdy black boots with a thick high heel; these boots are fashionable, but practical.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:20 [Well, at least they're more practical than normal high-heel boots. Anyways, she came from an upper class family. Her childhood was good and normal, and so was her education. In her teens, she started discovering more and more things about the flaws in
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:22 her world--she especially learned about how many of the less educated people and workers are downtrodden. Crime rates and people in need of help--if not just some counseling--have been rising over the years. A family friend was also essentially "bleeped"
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:22 over by life in general (not entirely unlike Gallagher being "bleeped" over by his employer as he approached retirement), giving her a closer look at the dark side of the booming businesses.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:24 [Thus, not long before entering college, she was determined to perform some social work. She found the interworkings of the human mind to be one of her favorite and most intriguing subjects, so she chose to get a degree in psychology.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:25 [She entered the workforce in her twenties bright, optimistic, and ready to take on the world. Starting out was a little shaky, but soon she was making a decent amount. However, as the years went by, some of her cases were more dark and severe. Society
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:26 most definitely wasn't improving--in fact, it had been growing worse. Cecilia herself started having troubles of her own. She caught her first husband cheating on her and got a divorce. It was a very terrible period for her, but she tried to recover the
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:27 best she could so she could continue trying to help people.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:28 [Really, all she has ever wanted to do since her youth was help others. She is genuine and compassionate, cares deeply for her friends, and only wants to do what's best for everyone else.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:28 [She has ESP, but she rarely ever uses it or shows it. She frankly isn't so fond of it, with the stigma and all. Like Sara and Theo, her ability is unusually powerful.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:29 [I haven't chosen exactly what it is yet, but I have several ideas. I'll post what it is once I've made my decision.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.25 06:43 [I know it seems like I've created way more heroes than villains--in fact, on the outset it seems like I've created no villains at all. But just you wait and see... >:D]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.25 06:54 [Oh, I'll add that Cecilia has an angry and vengeful streak, but it rarely, rarely ever turns up. Really, the last time it appeared was a few years ago, during the turmoil with her ex-husband.]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.25 23:37 (Thanks! Just wanted to let you know that there's been a change in plans, so I'll probably be on tonight.)
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.26 04:16 [Hi im on for the night]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 04:18 [Hey! @ Joan: That's great!]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 04:19 [@ Joan: Go ahead and try to finish off your profiles. If Paige can come on and start claiming slots and maybe even post some profiles, that'd be great too.]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:26 (Hi! Okay. I'll get going.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:30 (Grace has shoulder length red hair, work-weary gray-blue eyes that are corrected by eyeliner, and pale skin. She's of average height (leaning more on the short side) and isn't particularly slim. She likes a good meal, but isn't overweight, either.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:32 (I honestly can't imagine her wearing anything other than scrubs, but I imagine she'd wear a black athletic jacket, black pants, and a simple t-shirt.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:36 (Grace wasn't raised in a particularly wholesome environment. Her mother was an actress at one point, but her beauty couldn't save her from being cast in crappy shows - or from being let go. A manic depressive, Grace's mom turned to alcohol to ease the
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:38 pains caused by her dismissal. It shouldn't be a surprise to learn that her father was hardly present in her childhood. He was usually hiding out at the office from dawn until dusk.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:40 (One coping mechanism Grace's mom relied on was her two daughters: Grace and Florence (who is also in this RP). She lived vicariously through them, forcing them to attend beauty pageants and school plays from the second they started speaking. As the years
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:42 went on, Grace learned to put up a fierce resistance. She didn't want to live under the confines of her mother's personal interests, and as a result, days were occasionally filled with slamming doors, choice words, and even the old one two.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:44 (Florence was a little more receptive to her mom's whims, but that had devastating results, all to be revealed later. Despite hostile relations with her family, Grace lived with them until the end of high school. By this time, she'd figured out what she
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 04:45 [I won't be on Questscape until you're done on here and want to RP on there. I've been having severe issues with this site on seemingly random days where this site loads horrendously slow for me while other sites don't. It seems to be happening again
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:46 wanted to do, and where she wanted to go. Her parents (primarily her mom) were in great disapproval, but sc*ew that. Grace made a statement and moved far, far away where her parents would never reach her (of course, they ended up paying the bills) and
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 04:46 tonight. I think there are issues in French servers--on one night this happened, I tried going on another French site and its load times were horrendous too. However, I can't really confirm anything.]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:50 studied what she wanted to. Though she got duped by men along the way, she discovered some things about herself: about her self-worth and unrealistic ambition. Grace has developed a distrust of men and a feminist spirit.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:50 (Okay. That's fine.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:52 (Currently, Grace works 12-hour shifts at the ICU of a metropolitan hospital. Its chaotic environment stressed her out to the point of wanting to quit her job. The more hectic things got, the more demoralized she became. It didn't look like there would be
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:56 (an easy solution to anything... until Grace inexplicably healed a patient's near fatal wound. For a time, that made her even more apprehensive. But gradually, she started to accept it. She doesn't often use it though, because she fears the consequences.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 04:58 (Grace has a feisty nature, but at heart, she's compassionate. She wanted to become a nurse to give people the care that she didn't receive herself growing up. Even though she can be selfish, Grace tries to have everyone's best interests at heart.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.26 05:00 (I should also mention that Grace can come off as blunt and outspoken.)
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:02 (Florence is Grace's younger sister. She has the same red hair (it's wavy and longer), blue eyes, and skin color, though she's a bit taller and thinner than her sister. She also has more defined facial features, and is actually pretty striking.)
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:04 (For the sake of time and space, I won't repeat the information you've already read. Florence too was hauled off to the beauty pageants and plays and auditions and yada yada yada... but she was younger than Grace was when she was thrown into the ring, and
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:06 (had a different experience. Sure, her mother could be intense. But without those constant activities, she didn't have a sense of identity. Her reliance on her mom caused some social development issues that made her extremely adverse to talking with kids
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:08 (her age. The ironic thing is, Florence eventually lost that sense of identity. Because of her quiet personality, she was bullied throughout school, which gave her a very skewed image of herself. That, paired with an incident that happened between she and
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:10 (her mom, caused her to develop an eating disorder. The eating disorder and long bouts of depression progressed dramatically; a visit to the hospital brought her to recovery, however. She's grown into quite a passionate person, though her scars still show
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:10 *.
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:12 (Florence can be extremely manipulative of others, only because she wants to receive the treatment she thinks she deserves. She's still pretty quiet, but has found her niche in the world. Florence enjoys music, and works as a cashier in a bookstore.)
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:14 (Some things never change, though. Under a pretense of geniality, Florence is actually extremely distrustful of people because of the torment she received in school. She can usually sense who she should avoid and who she should pursue.)
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:16 (Grace is another matter. They have experienced the worst together, but the fact that they remain mutually silent on their past has created a strained relationship. In fact, Florence is sort of p*ssed at Grace. In her opinion, Grace abandoned her and
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:16 acted selfishly. Her resentment may cause her to retaliate against anyone.)
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:19 (Alright, I think I'm ready for Questscape. I'm still trying to think of Travis' backstory. It's definitely not going to be as dramatic.)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 05:20 [Okie dokie. This site has luckily sped up a lot for me. I'll meet you there!]
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.26 05:21 (Ok!)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:23 [AN IMPORTANT POST FOR WHEN YOU'RE CHOOSING ESP POWERS FOR YOUR CHARACTERS: I have been looking at a list of psychic powers (namely, this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_psychic_abilities ) and I identified some powers that'd fit the tone of this
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:27 RP. Thus, here's a few power suggestions if you're stumped on what your ESP characters can do: Heat generation--basically a very, very subdued version of pyrokinesis. They can make their hands or possibly other parts of the body VERY hot; can be useful in
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:27 combat as you simply need to grab someone to burn the crap out of them.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:41 [Thoughtography is an interesting power. Basically, it allows you to burn images from your mind onto surfaces. It has no value in combat, but it could have one heck of a psychological value.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:43 [Remote viewing is the ability to see things that cannot be seen from your current location. It's sort of like if you were able to make your eyes float out of your body and fly around (the power doesn't do that, that's just a metaphor...luckily O.o).]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:44 [Now, there's no mention of being to hear things far away, so that's one handicap. It'd still be kind of unfair if your character could basically see anywhere, though, so I imagine there's a limit in terms of how far they can see, and I also imagine it
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:44 takes TONS of concentration and effort. Maybe they can only do it well if there's complete silence or something. Those are just suggestions on how to keep it from being OP, of course.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:52 [Levitation is another power you could pick. It's not the same as telekinesis--with telekinesis, you can move an object in any direction you want with your mind. Levitation strictly moves you upwards, or at least away from wherever the center of gravity
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 05:52 is. Basically, you can make yourself and/or objects float up, but not much more. I guess one could think of it as a VERY simplified form of telekinesis, or some sort of simple anti-gravity power.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.26 06:01 [That's all I have for now.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:02 [I have also decided on Cecilia's ESP power. Like Sara and Theo, she sort of won the power jackpot and has the ability of teleportation. Of course, this would be very OP unless I put restrictions on it, so I'll elaborate...]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:16 [She teleports by accessing a higher dimension (e.g. she g
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:16 [Crap...ahem, as I was TRYING to say...she teleports by accessing a higher dimension (e.g. she goes from this 4th dimension of space and time to, say, the 5th or 10th dimension or something). This happens so quickly that it looks like she disappears and
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:17 reappears elsewhere instantaneously. She can stay in this higher dimension longer than a split second if she wants to, but it takes an insane amount of concentration, effort, and energy to do so.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:18 [In addition, just the act of teleporting takes a lot of energy. If she teleports more than once in quick succession, she makes herself very, very tired. In addition, there's a limit to how far she can teleport--namely, her line of sight and knowledge of
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:19 the terrain limits her. To teleport somewhere, she has to form a vivid picture in her head of where she's going. It's easy if she can see where she's going, but trying to get somewhere she's never seen or been before is impossible.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:20 [She can teleport to places she's previously been, but only if her memory of the place allows her to form a vivid enough picture of where she wants to go.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:21 [She first learned about her ESP when she was a kid, when she teleported by accident to escape some bullies.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:24 [Oh, and she can take people with her when she teleports, but that basically doubles the amount of energy she needs to spend to do this.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.26 06:25 [Well, that's only if she takes one person with her. I don't know if she could even do two, and three or more is impossible.]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.27 04:04 [hi]
Player 52018,Oct.28 03:57 [I have one more character to add: Hayley, an Infored Tech secretary. She has olive skin, very dark brown hair, and green eyes. She is also above average height--about 5'6"--but not as much as Cecilia, her older sister.]
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:02 [Her hair is longer and wavier than Cecilia's. She wears a pink blouse, navy blue pants, and black and pink high heels. She is genuinely quite pretty.]
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:04 [When she was born, Cecilia was already in high school, and as Hayley changed from a baby to a child Cecilia was soon shipped off to college, so in her childhood she never saw much of her sister except during summers and holidays.]
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:07 [Hayley generally is very peppy, extroverted, and doesn't take things as seriously as her sister does. Hayley is a self-described hopeless romantic, whereas her sister is more intellectual--it's a little bit like romanticism vs. enlightenment.]
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:09 [Nevertheless, Hayley has brains of her own (though admittedly Cecilia is smarter). She managed to become a secretary for mankind's biggest tech company, Infored Tech--specifically, she is the secretary for CEO Theo.]
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:13 [Hayley is admittedly innocent and naive; she grew up quite sheltered (her parents learned from Cecilia's occasional of bullying and whatnot and helped prevent stuff like this from happening to Hayley). Hence, it's not surprising that after spending a
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:14 whole lot of time working for a charismatic, charming, handsome guy like Theo she would fall for him. Currently, it appears that they are falling in love, and Hayley is in a genuinely great place in her life at the moment as a result.]
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:16 [In the meantime, she and her sister have become the best of friends. When Cecilia and her husband were getting divorced, Cecilia fell apart. Hayley saw just how bad her sister was coping with her husband's betrayal and swooped in to help. Hayley is
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:17 probably the main reason Cecilia was able to get back up and move on. They have been close ever since, and when Hayley and Theo started showing signs of becoming a couple, Cecilia befriended Theo too. Hayley likes to think of them as this trio of great
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:17 friends (kind of akin to Harry, Ron, and Hermione).]
Player 52018,Oct.28 04:20 [Of course, waking up on Zotikos will sort of throw a monkey wrench into Hayley's life. Oh, and Hayley does not have powers.]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:01 [hi im on 4 the night]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.29 03:21 [I'm here too!]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:26 (Hi!)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:28 (I guess I'll get Travis done. Travis has dark, curly hair styled in a crew cut, dark eyes, defined facial features, and dark skin. He usually wears jeans and a sweater, depending on the weather or environment he's in.)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.29 03:28 [Hey! :D Did you see my posts on Questscape?]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:30 (Travis is definitely one of my more low key characters. He didn't struggle very much, despite living in a household with many younger siblings, and his parents encouraged him to follow his dreams. That dream turned out to be music. He's currently
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:30 (I did not. I'll look at them real quick.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:33 (I'll probably only be on here tonight, so I'll answer your questions here. I have not watched the videos yet, I'm sorry to say. I honestly don't have a lot of time to. Secondly, I've asked Paige to join, and she's interested. I think she's still coming
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:34 up with characters. It's a slow but sure process. I'm sure she wouldn't mind if you started without her, but that depends on how you want this to play out.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:35 (Rather, the sequences of events.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:37 (Anyways, Travis is studying to become a music teacher. He's quite proficient in jazz trumpet, but has taken a preference for singing. Because he lived in a healthy, happy household, Travis is inherently extroverted, and has a lot of friends. )
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:37 (His deep faith has led him to care about everyone individually, so he's not superficial.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:39 (Everything seemed to be going pretty well for Travis... up until a devastating event took place at his university. One afternoon while studying for finals, a bomb detonated in the library. Many people were injured, several died.)
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.29 03:41 [ Kaleb is a 9yo boy in the 3rd grade he has dirrty blond hair and freckles he wears kid t-shirts with puns on them like most boys his age. He likes to rough house but still crys when he is upset he likes playing video games and PB&J without crust with ]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:43 (Just as a pipe in the ceiling was about to fall on a nearby student, a feeling deep inside caused Travis to dive forward and stop the pipe from injuring the student. He didn't just push her out of the way, though. He suspended the pipe in midair.)
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.29 03:43 [Rasberry jam and crunchy peanut butter which he dunks in a glass of chocolate milk when eating. He is still very depenant on people and is still at that age were he thinks grown ups know everything he is a sweet kid though and trys to listen even when]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.29 03:44 [its hard sometimes especially when grownups are talking and he has something to say but he has to wait to say it but he trys his hardest]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:46 ((Brunnhilde, I'm adopting the levitation idea you posted above; hopefully you don't mind.) The bombing in its entirety highly unsettled Travis. He knew full well that his actions were supernatural, and that's something that's been bothering him the most.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:47 (Travis has not come to terms with his powers. He doesn't want to acknowledge that he has them. Moreover, he's become increasingly paranoid and withdrawn because of the incident. His anxiety has spiraled, and he can't go anywhere - to class, to an
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.29 03:48 [he dose not have any powers]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:50 open mic with friends - without feeling a looming sense of foreboding. Sometimes, it causes him to lash out and complain more than usual. This doesn't mean he's not his friendly self anymore. He is, but he struggles to keep it together.)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 03:51 [Oh, using my levitation idea is perfectly fine.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 03:52 [@ Caprial: Thanks for creating a child! I actually felt like the RP lacked children. We have 60 year-olds, so why not have 8 year-olds?]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.29 03:52 [he is 8 not 9 sorry]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:52 (Maybe a portion of this aftershock has something to do with his upbringing as well. His naivety subconsciously led him to believe that he wouldn't have to live through events that threatened his safety.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 03:53 (And I think that's about it for Travis.)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 03:54 [OK, now that you're done with Travis' profile I'll reply to your things regarding Paige...]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 03:57 [My initial plan was that all the characters wake up in the same room--hence, it is mandatory to have all the characters created before the RP starts. However, it might add to the mystery is our 15 current characters wake up...and then 5 others suddenly
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 03:58 pop out of nowhere. 5 others (or however many Paige makes) wake up in a room in the same condition as everyone else. They seemingly just arrived later.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 03:58 [We could actually start now if you're willing to go with this plan. However, this plan means that Paige is willing to read everything.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 03:59 [And it's a lot to read as it is right now. I'll let you and Caprial decide: Would you like to delay things and let Paige create her characters first, or go with the plan where my, Caprial's, and Joan's characters arrive in the ship first and we can start
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 03:59 immediately?]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.29 04:04 [no comment I am good with whatever Joan decides]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 04:05 [OK. Joan?]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 04:06 (I think it'll be a while before Paige posts all of her characters, so it'll probably be okay if we start immediately.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 04:07 (The surprise appearance of the other characters might help add on the suspense as the plot moves along.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.29 04:11 (I have to go now, so would it be okay if we started tomorrow? See you then!)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.29 04:11 [Yeah, we'll start tomorrow. See you!]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.29 04:12 [bye!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 02:59 [hi]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:38 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I've had a busy day.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:38 [your fine!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:43  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:44  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:44 [It's time to start the RP!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:45  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 03:45  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:45 [Just a quick note: Caprial and I have made some fiendish plans (hence Theo's backstory and some of my characters' backstories are intertwined). Theo will be waking up before everyone else and sneaking off. I highly recommend not having any of your
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:45 characters catch him.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:46 [Maybe occasionally one of your characters could spot him for a millisecond in the corner of his/her eye, but nothing more.]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 03:46 *is the first one to wake up in a strange place....everyone is asleep and his head is fuzzy he stumbles off into the dark hous before anyone else wakes up*
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 03:46 *hours
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:49 *our 15 characters are laying in a circle in the center of a large room**there's only one source of light from a dangling light bulb in the center of the room**the walls of the room are too far away to even be visible--basically, everyone is surrounded by
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:49 darkness on all sides*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:51 [A quick reminder: Zotikos is designed like an onion, with each floor being a different layer. Everyone starts on the largest and outermost layer. And you can't just walk around the entire thing in one day--this thing is as big as a planet.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:53 [On the outermost layer, the rooms are metallic (basically your gen eric spaceship interior/room). There are a lot of hallways and office places and dormitories whatnot. There is also an absolutely MASSIVE food court area.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:53 [Also, the ceilings in some rooms are windows that show outer space.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 03:55 *wakes up shortly after Theo, but not before Theo has vanished into the darkness*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.30 03:55 *wakes up, but doesn't feel like moving**just sort of stares upwards*
Player 52018,Oct.30 03:56 *starts stirring*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Oct.30 03:57 *wakes up clutching her head then stands up quickly not recognizing were she is* Bloody ell...
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.30 04:00 *sits bolt upright as if she just had a terrible dream**gasps and looks around, confused*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.30 04:01 *once everyone's heads clear, they will remember they're on Zotikos and they'll all seemingly just know that some apocalypse happened, but none of them will have any memory of any such apocalypse happening*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.30 04:01 *turns over and grumbles*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.30 04:02 *blinks, waking up* *is kind of blinded by the superficial light illuminating the room*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.30 04:03 *sits up slowly, rubbing his eyes* *a wave of nausea passes through him* *is forced to lay back down*
Player 52018,Oct.30 04:03 *stretches, yawns, and sits up**only seems to realize she's not in her bed when she opens her eyes after sitting up**is visibly very alarmed*
Player 172018,Oct.30 04:04 *wakes up* oh... god...
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 04:04 *is directly below the lightbulb* *was in a deep slumber until his senses started prickling him awake* *opens his eyes; they're promptly stabbed by the obnoxiously white light* Ahhh, god!
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.30 04:05 *wakes up and starts to painc* Were am I whats going on? Mom?! Mom!
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Oct.30 04:05 Ugh... *turns face down* *is not a morning person*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:06 *wakes up and quickly gets on her feet seems VERY calm she darts her eyes around a bit slightly but stands mostly still*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.30 04:06 *feels a sudden burst of dread, like she's missed her morning alarm* *rises immedietely, squinting* *surveys her surroundings* *is surprised to see Florence fast asleep beside her*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.30 04:07 *groans**is lying face down due to turning over and refuses to get up*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.30 04:08 *Gallagher is across from her in the circle**would run over and prod him awake, but she's too overwhelmed by the situation to do anything but look around*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.30 04:08 *is utterly confused* *hasn't seen her sister in a long time, much less lived with her* squints at Florence* Flo? What're you doing here? *is cautionary*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:08 *her face is very emotionless but her eyes look slightly confused when she sees Kaleb*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 04:12 *is the first other than Theo to get up**stumbles around a little, seeming rather aimless*
Player 52018,Oct.30 04:13 *catches Mr. Tinnudi staring at her a bit and is creeped out**looks around and is relieved to spot her sister, Cecilia*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 04:16 *seems slightly embarrassed when Hayley looks back at him**he looks down bashfully and then proceeds to stare at Sara a bit*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.30 04:16 *whispers as loudly as she can:* Gallagher. Gallagher!
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.30 04:16 *is awake, but struggling to stay that way* I don't know. I'd like to ask you the same thing. *pauses* Seriously.
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.30 04:16 *finally submits to saying his name out loud* Gallagher!
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.30 04:17 Mmph. *rolls over again and sits up**is much more alert than anyone would have expected, but still a bit groggy*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.30 04:17 *by now, their knowledge of where they are and why they're here should be returning to everyone*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.30 04:18 *sits up, seeming to come out of a trance when she sees her sister* Hayley...??
Player 52018,Oct.30 04:18 Cecilia...are you...are you alright?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.30 04:18 Yes...I presume so... *looks around at everyone else*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Oct.30 04:23 *is starting to get alarmed* *stands up, her knees a little wobbly* *turns around to see more people around* *is a little shocked* *says quietly* What's going on?
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.30 04:24 *is awake and afraid - primarily because there are several other random people in the same room as him*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:26 Alright everyone lets sit down and share names IT looks like we are stuck here but knowing names is better they Saying Hey you all the Time My name is Sara
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Oct.30 04:27 oh um Alright....um Im...Yasmin...Yaz..for short
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Oct.30 04:28 *glances from person to person, wondering what the heck is going on*
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.30 04:28 *follows Sara's game from the sidelines, but she's too confused - and nervous - to take part*
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Oct.30 04:29 (I have to go now, I'll see you guys tomorrow!)
Player 172018,Oct.30 04:29 Im Ghram...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:31 *points to Gallagher* you whats your name?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.30 04:35 [Aw, bye!]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.30 04:39 *says gruffly* Gallagher.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:48 *points to Aysel* and yours?
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.30 04:50 Aysel.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:51 see how this works?.. *points to Mr. Tinnudi* how about you whats your name?
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 04:51 *doesn't seem to hear her**is toying with his Rubik's Cube obliviously*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 04:51 *has sat down again*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:54 *Walks over to Mr. Tinnudi* Hey Rubiks cube guy, eyes up here *points to her eyes*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 04:57 *looks up at her for a few moments, then looks at his Rubik's cube*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.30 04:57 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.30 04:58 *walks back over to were he was standing* temporary name for him is Ruben until we find his real one...
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Oct.31 02:18 (Hey guys, I won't be able to be online tonight because I have to get up pretty early for something school-related. I should be online tomorrow. See you then! You can continue if you want. )
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.31 03:19 [Aw, okay. See you! Good luck with school!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 03:52 *looks at Keleb then at everyone else* Whoes kid is that........alright no one? no ones kid?
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 03:53 ok...would any of you like to volenteer to look after him?
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Oct.31 04:22 *looks at Gallagher, who shakes his head a little at her**frowns, looking offended*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.31 04:23 *suddenly speaks* M-M-Mister Tinnudi.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.31 04:23 *says bluntly* What?
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.31 04:23 My name is...Mr. Tinnudi. *sounds like he just discovered that for the first time ever*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 04:23 ok Rubix cube guys name is Mister Tinnudi...
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.31 04:23 Glad you could join us.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 04:24 Mr. Tinnudi are you good with kids?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.31 04:24 [BTW, I like to hide hidden meanings in names. I recommend looking up the meanings of some of the names I used for the characters--and this place (Zotikos).]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Oct.31 04:24 Kids? What kids??
Player 52018,Oct.31 04:24 *tentatively raises her hand a little* I-I...um...
Player 52018,Oct.31 04:25 *clears her throat**is having a bit of stage fright from speaking up among a group of strangers* I...could...do it.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.31 04:25 *is surprised since her sister has no experience with children*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 04:27 *looks at Hayley and scowls slightly* you? You with a kid?
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 04:28 *sees Cecilia* Oh your both here...lovely...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 04:28 *sighs* yeah ok your on...kid duty Hayley
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.31 04:31 *she and Hayley both recognize Sara and don't like her*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.31 04:33 *keeps her face rather stoic, but Hayley shows a bit of dislike*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 04:34  Secret message to Cecilia  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Oct.31 04:34  Secret message to Cecilia  
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.31 04:34 *is sitting down and crying*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.31 04:36  Secret message to Sara  
Player 52018,Oct.31 04:37 *gets up and walks over to Kaleb* Hey...what's wrong?
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.31 04:38 I...I dont know were I am and...and my mom is gone
Player 52018,Oct.31 04:45 Hey...it'll be okay. We'll figure this out, alright? *smiles at him reassuringly*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.31 04:46 no its not ok...I want my mom and she isnt here!
Player 52018,Oct.31 04:47  Secret message to Kaleb  
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.31 04:48  Secret message to  
Player 52018,Oct.31 04:49  Secret message to Kaleb  
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.31 04:51 I wanna go home...
Player 52018,Oct.31 04:54 We'll see if we can find your mother, okay?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Oct.31 04:54 *is thinking a bit**realizes that if there was an apocalypse, surely the rest of mankind is on board as well, and so Kaleb's mother should be on board*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Oct.31 04:55 *nods a bit* ok
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.31 04:55 *is on the same track as Cecilia* Say...where's the rest of us?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Oct.31 04:55 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.1 02:18 I'm so sorry guys, but I'm going to have to skip tonight again. I'm coming down with a cold and have to get up super early for school (again). Since I have some events tomorrow and Friday that will take up most of the day, I figure it'd be best if I
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.1 02:18 rested up. If you want, you can continue without me. I'll probably be back tomorrow night. Hope to see you then!)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.1 20:35 [It's fine. I was super busy yesterday too and was unable to come on at all. :P]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 02:56 [Hey guys, I have a Youtube channel! I only have 1 stupid 17 second long video on it, but still...check it out! ^.^ https://w ww.youtube.com/channel/UCBu_ffk2x-Abu3dMg2hiFoA ]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:20 [HEck YA! Uber Grapes = Quality Content]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 03:27 [Indeed. >XD]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 03:27 [I'd make Friedrich Nietzsche so proud...]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 03:29 (Hey guys!)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 03:30 (I'm doing some homework, so my replies might be slow.)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:30 [thats ok]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 03:32 [Got it. I'm actually doing homework too.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 03:32 [Ready to RP?]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 03:32 [I think Sara needs to get the names of Joan's characters.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:33 *looks back at the group* Ok we need a few groups group 1 will be in charge of finding were the food and water is. Group 2 is in charge of finding extra clothes and beds or couches nice places to sleep. and group 3 is in charge of finding other people if
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:35 there are any Oh and If you havent said your name yet like you *points to travis* You *points to Keyan* You points to Florance* Or you *points to Arjun* please do so now If you want to be a group leader come talk to me I will assign group leaders and
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:35 the people in your group
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.2 03:40 Well...[BLEEP] this. *gets up and starts walking towards the nearest door**Aysel scrambles to her feet to follow him*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 03:41 *sits up and winces* Geez... *looks at Sara, utterly confused* Who are you? And where am I?
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.2 03:42 *certain that this was some kind of trick, she got up to go inspect things for herself*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:43 Im Sara,I dont know were we are but best guess is Zotikos, who are you?
Player 52018,Nov.2 03:45 *she and Cecilia don't like how Sara is taking charge**they are considering going off on their own, like Gallagher and Aysel*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:47 Hayley Cecilia come here
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 03:49 What?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 03:50 *walks over with Hayley*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.2 03:50 *goes out the door and sees a long, white, metallic hallway**outer space is seen through windows in the ceiling*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.2 03:50 What are you doing?!
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.2 03:51 I do what I want.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:51 I have an important job for you yes it is actually important not just a joke
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.2 03:51 Maybe...maybe we should stay with the others. I mean, this place is supposed to be huge, right?
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.2 03:51 *fallows Hayley*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 03:51 What is it?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 03:52 *sounds rather curt, but she actually doesn't dislike Sara as much as Hayley does*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 03:52 I'm Travis. *is looking around, certain nobody is listening to him*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:53 I need you to find bathrooms and Shower rooms you guys are in charge of that I'll add people to your team if their are extra people to distribute
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:55 Nice to meet you Travis I need you and...Mr. Tinnudi *points to him* and Ghram to go find the kitchen and food and water.
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.2 03:55 *there's no way he's introducing himself to anyone just yet* *if the setting were more intimate, things might be different*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 03:56 *nods* Okay.
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.2 03:56 *comes forward* Keyan's the name.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 03:59 Nice to meet you Keyan, you...take Yasmin and Cecilia, go find comfy places to sleep preferably bedrooms but couches cots... yoga mats...anything soft is good ok?
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.2 04:00 *nods* Alrighty.
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 04:00 *at first he doesn't seem to understand, but then he follows Ghram*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.2 04:00 *scans the area* *says almost to himself* Okay, so who's Cecilia and who's Yasmin?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 04:00 I thought I was finding bathrooms?
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 04:01 Hey guys. I'm Travis.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 04:01 I'm not leaving my sister, anyway.
Player 52018,Nov.2 04:01 *waves at Travis awkwardly* Hi.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:02 Right right sorry um....ok Keyan just take Yazmin and Aysel then
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 04:03 So... we're stuck in this place and we have no idea where we are. That's really somethin'. *there is a pause* *nods slowly*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:03 Yasmin is over there *points to her* and Aysel is over there *points to Aysel*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.2 04:03 I'll take her, too. *saw Florence standing around*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:03 Anyone who dose not have a job meet me over here
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 04:04 Um...I'm pretty sure this is Zotikos. *all of them have memory of where they are and why**they just don't remember how they got here, and nor do they remember any apocalypse despite "knowing" that one happened*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.2 04:05 *after some coaxing, she gets Gallagher to come back**overhears Sara--the room is big and their voices echo everywhere--and drags Gallagher over to Keyan and Yasmin*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:05 I...am also taking a crew of people to find...this place is saposed to be fully automated in therory it should have lit up and everything when we arived so im going to try to find the control room with others or...help bots in storage to activate them
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 04:05 *just follows Ghram around*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.2 04:06 So what does the boss say we need to find? *the "boss" is Sara's new (sarcastic) nickname in his mind*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:06 *looks at Aysel and Gallagher* Welcome back you 2 um *looks at Florence* Um whats your name?
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.2 04:07 Stuff to sleep on, I think...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:07 no um you 2...would you mind helping me find the control room or any help bots?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.2 04:11 Sounds fine.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:11 alright
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 04:11 *says quietly to Hayley* Let's go. *Hayley gestures for Kaleb to follow and they start walking to find bathrooms*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:12 I assume you guys already know each other?
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.2 04:12 *crosses her arms and looks at the floor* My name is Florence. I have a sister here - Grace. I don't know where she is, though...
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.2 04:13 I sure hope so. I adopted her.
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.2 04:13 *"viciously" (playfully) yanks his ear* Gallagher: *lets out a highly exaggerated howl of pain*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.2 04:13 why are we the only ones here?...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:14 Nice to meet you Florance would you like to go help find bedding or help me find the control room?
Player 52018,Nov.2 04:16 We don't know that yet. We'll probably run into lots of people--maybe even your mother.
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.2 04:17 ok
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.2 04:19 *nods a little* Sure.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 04:19 *they come out into a long hallway similar to the one Gallagher encountered*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.2 04:20 *had discovered some beds, but nobody knows about this* *sat down on a mattress, then laid down to test it out* *unintentionally fell asleep*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:22 sure you want to find beds and clothes or sure you want to help me find the control room?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.2 04:26 The control room, naturally.
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.2 04:27 *shrugs a little* It doesn't matter to me. *isn't very decisive*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:27 *sighs* Alright your with me then Everyone! meet back here in 1 hour got it?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 04:34 *she and Hayley don't answer Sara, but they intended to return to this room to meet up with the others later anyway*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 04:34 Great.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.2 04:34 Alright get...searching... *walks out one of the doors*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 04:34 *starts down the bland, whitewashed hallways* *can see himself getting bored out of his mind in Zotikos, and that actually terrifies him*
Player 172018,Nov.2 04:37 this place could do with a bit of color
Player 172018,Nov.2 04:37 *fallows Travis as he walks*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 04:38 *chuckles a little* That's right.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 04:38 *looks at Ghram* So... are you Ghram, or Mr. Tinnudi?
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.2 04:38 (I have to go now. See you guys tomorrow!)
Player 172018,Nov.2 04:38 Ghram Nice to meet you
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.2 04:39 [Aw, see you!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.2 04:39 Mr. Tinnudi, financial analyst. *sounds like he's had that line memorized for years*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.2 04:40 *follows Sara with Gallagher(
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.2 04:40 **
Player 172018,Nov.2 04:48 not anymore mate...there isnt anythin financial to memorize here..
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.3 02:11 *raises his eyebrow at the contrived reply* Alright. Nice to meet you guys.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.3 02:13 (Hey, I'm sorry to say that I won't be online tonight... again. I had an all day event today, and I'm starting to fall asleep. I've also had a cold, which seems to have progressed today. I'm really sorry about
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.3 02:13 this! I'll see you soon.)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.3 03:43 [It's perfectly fine. You need your rest. See you soon! I'm very busy tonight, anyway. I have lots of work to do.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.4 03:28 [I'm on!]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 03:43 (Hey! Sorry I'm late.)
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.4 03:48 [Hey! It's fine.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.4 03:54 [Caprial had to go (I was on another RP with her), so let's switch to Questscape.]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.4 03:59 (Ok.)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.5 04:30 [ho]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.5 04:30 *hi
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.5 15:54 [Joan told me on another RP we go on (Questscape) that she was at the height of her cold, so she couldn't be on Sunday. She also has band on Monday and Wednesday, so she won't be on on those days either. She should be on every other day, though.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:10 [I'm on!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.7 04:13 [hi]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:18 [Hey!]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:19 [I guess we should start RPing. I can't remember who's with who anymore, though... XP]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.7 04:22 [Welp if you scroll up you can see it]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:29 [OK, give me a sec...]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:30 [OK, I'll post a summary of who's doing what since it was hard to keep track even when I was re-reading.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:30 [Cecilia, Hayley, and Kaleb are off to find showers and bathrooms.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:32 [Travis, Ghram, and Mr. Tinnudi are supposed to find kitchens, cafeterias, or other sources of food/water.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:33 [Keyan, Yasmin, and Florence (I think...? She wasn't entirely decisive, but she didn't follow Sara to find a control room) are going to find beds, pillows, or anything soft to sleep on.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:34 [Finally, Sara, Aysel, and Gallagher are looking for control or storage rooms.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:35 [Grace wandered off by herself, found some beds, and fell asleep. And Arjun is generally trying not to get involved with anyone else.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:36 [And Theo woke up and wandered off. He'll probably start keeping track of everyone else without them knowing... >:)]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:36 *woke up first
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:37 [That's 15/15 people...I suppose we could play out what Cecilia's and Sara's groups are up to since they don't involve Joan's characters.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:38  Secret message to Sara  
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:38  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.7 04:48 [K]
Player 52018,Nov.7 04:55 [Sooo...RPing?]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.7 04:59 [Ye is joan here yet?]
Player 52018,Nov.7 05:04 [Nope. :P]
Player 52018,Nov.7 05:04 [Let's just RP.]
Player 52018,Nov.7 05:04 *is walking down a long, metallic hallway (pretty much everything's made of metal) with Kaleb and Cecilia*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.7 05:17 *continues searching*
Player 52018,Nov.7 05:24 *they stumble upon a huge dormitory full of bunks beds upon bunk beds*
Player 52018,Nov.7 05:24 *Grace is in there somewhere*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.7 05:25 *they soon enter a huge cafeteria*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.7 05:30 Found the cafeteria then..dose thst2mean a kitchen is near?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.7 05:36 [RaeAnna's on AHAW 2. ^.^]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.7 05:36 Probably...?
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.7 05:49 [Caprial?]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.7 05:49 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.7 15:13 [BTW, I have certain plans involving Cecilia. I think it would help these plans if another character knew her--perhaps one of Joan's characters, since Cecilia's story mainly involves my characters and Caprial's.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.7 15:14 [I was looking over the backstories of Joan's characters, and I was thinking that Grace and Florence both had to have wound up talking to therapists at some point. I personally would want Cecilia to be Grace's therapist at one point or another.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.7 15:15 [I was thinking that maybe during one of the most hectic and stressful periods at work, Grace was encouraged to get therapy. She wound up with Cecilia as her psychologist. Cecilia helped her get out of that low point, and actually became her friend.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.7 15:17 [I've designed Cecilia to actually be possibly the kindest and most genuine character in this RP (later, you'll find out why). It would help if another character knew this was Cecilia's nature; that character could possibly even help bring this to light
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.7 15:17 to the other characters.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.7 15:18 [Grace wouldn't have been let into the Hayley-Theo-Cecilia circle, though. She may know about Hayley and Theo being her closest friends, but she may have never actually met them. Grace would be a fairly close friend, but not as close as Hayley and Theo.]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.7 21:54 (Hey, I'm sorry for not showing up. My Internet went down last night and I had no way to get online. It'll be out until tomorrow, so I'll plan on seeing you then.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.7 21:55 (I might be able to make it tonight, but there's no promising that. Sorry, and see you soon!)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.8 04:36 [Alright, that's fine. See you soon!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.9 04:08 [I'm on!]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.9 04:11 (Hey!)
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.9 04:11 About everything pertaining to Grace and Cecilia: sounds fine to me!
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.9 04:15 [Hi! Okie dokie. ^.^]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:17 *they are about to leave the dorm when Hayley notices a figure in one of the beds in the distance**Hayley nudges her and points* Hayley: There's someone there.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:18 *she, Hayley, and Kaleb approach the figure somewhat cautiously**once they get nearer, she finds that the woman lying on the bed is quite familiar*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:18 [Replies will be slow. I'm studying.]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 04:22 *is a light sleeper, so she can easily sense someone's presence* *blinks a little bit*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:26 *they arrive at Grace's bed**says tentatively* Grace...?
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 04:31 *her eyes flash open* *looks at Cecilia, initially shocked, but recognizing her quickly* Yeah. Cecilia?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:31 What are you doing here?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:31 Are you alright?
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.9 04:33 *helps Sara and Gallagher search for access to the kitchens, but all they find are a whole lot of machines placed throughout the giant cafeteria*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.9 04:33 *these big, rectangular, tall machines basically are used for entering food orders and then send the food presumably from somewhere below**all of them are on and waiting for input*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.9 04:34 Any volunteers for testing a food machine?
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 04:39 *lets out a dry laugh* I guess so. Seems like I fell asleep while trying to look around. *sits up* How are you? I didn't notice you here.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:44 I'm doing well...did you wake up in the circle with the rest of us, or...elsewhere?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:44 *is obviously trying to determine if there are other people who came from different areas of Zotikos*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 04:55 *seems a little confused by this* I just remember seeing Florence. Maybe there were a few others, but I'm not sure who they are.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:56 *doesn't look very happy about this**this means Grace is with their group**they're still in the dark about whether anyone else is around*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 04:56 *it's possible that she woke up near other characters, like Aysel and Gallagher*
Player 52018,Nov.9 04:57 I think a girl named Florence was with our group...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:57 Yes, she was.
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 04:58 This place is so huge, I thought I'd try to wrap my head around it all... I tried to see if I could find anything interesting, but obviously I didn't get too far.
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 04:59 *nods* Florence is my sister. *pauses* Do you know where she is?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:59 A woman named Sara has assigned everyone to look for some form of supplies. This is Hayley. *puts a hand on Hayley's shoulder**Hayley waves and smiles* Sara has assigned us to look for bathrooms and the like.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.9 04:59 [hi im on sorry im late]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:59 I don't know where Florence is. She must've been assigned to another group.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 04:59 [Hey! It's fine.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 05:00 *@ Hayley* This is my friend Grace.
Player 52018,Nov.9 05:00 Oh, yeah! I remember you mentioning her. Oh, this is Kaleb.
Player 52018,Nov.9 05:01 Say hi to Grace, Kaleb.
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 05:01 *nods a little and smiles* Nice to meet you.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.9 05:01 I'll do it *puts in a simple sandwich order* Might not work though if the system isnt on unless the kitchen runs sepratly then the light and help bots...sometimes kitchens run on their own server and sets of instructions
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.9 05:02 Hi...do you know were my mom is?
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 05:02 *gives Kaleb a wave and smiles widely* *uses the voice that she would normally use around kids* Hey Kaleb!
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 05:04 *feels a pang of sadness and a bit of guilt after hearing Kaleb's question* I'm sorry, I don't. But maybe if you tell me what she looks like, we can look out for her.
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.9 05:05 she is tall and has brown hair and is the most beautiful mom in the whole world
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 05:13 *nods* Okay. You'll be able to find her for sure if we see her. *instantly regrets that she's giving him false hope, but she knows this must be disorienting for him*
Player 52018,Nov.9 05:13 *after about 30 seconds, the machine beeps and a sandwich pops out*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.9 05:14 (I have to go now. I'm going out of town this weekend, so I'll see you guys on Sunday. Have a great weekend!)
Player 52018,Nov.9 05:15 Well...I mean...it happened, right? An a-po-po-pocalypse? *finds the notion that her world was destroyed highly disturbing* So...um...she should be here, with the rest of us who...es-es...escaped.
Player 52018,Nov.9 05:15 *clears her throat* So, yeah! We'll find her!
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 05:15 Let's keep looking for bathrooms.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 05:16 Grace, why don't you join us?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 05:16 *smiles kindly and holds out her hand to help Grace get up*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.9 05:16 [@ Joan: Alright, see you! Enjoy your weekend!]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.9 05:17 *grumbles* Sandwiches...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.9 05:22 *takes a bite* hmmm not enough vinegar but it will do
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.9 05:23  Secret message to Gallagher  
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.9 05:27  Secret message to Sara  
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.9 05:27 [BTW, the whole place is lit up and the technology is all activated as if Zotikos was active/inhabited by people after an apocalypse.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.9 05:28 [This will make it even more disturbing when our characters can't find anyone else. The place itself indicates that there should be other people, and yet...there aren't. Or are they? >:)]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.9 05:31 ....alrighty lets head back to the main room and wait for the others *turns around*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.9 05:36 You can do that. *starts walking away*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.9 05:36 I thought we were looking for a control room?
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.9 05:39 yeah but I told everyone we would meet back at a certain time and so we should probably go meet up with everyone before sharing what we found and exploring more
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.9 05:40 I'll return when I want. *keeps walking*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.9 05:40 *hesitates**then shrugs her shoulders and runs after Gallagher*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:25 [I'm on!]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.12 04:34 (Hi!)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.12 04:35 *takes Cecilia's hand* Thanks.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:36 [Hey! :D]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:36 *nods a little and continues walking*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 04:37 [hi]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:37 *they go through hallways and soon find the massive cafeteria as well**Gallagher and Aysel are still walking through it*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.12 04:43 why are we the only ones here?...
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.12 04:46 *tries to be reassuring* Well, we're not the ONLY ones.
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.12 04:47 There are quite a few people that are here as well. *glances at Cecilia for a confirmation of that*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:48 There should be more people.
Player 52018,Nov.12 04:48 I'm sure there are more! *tries sounding enthusiastic* This place is reallyyy big...maybe they're just farther away.
Player 52018,Nov.12 04:48 [Hm...the exploration period is slowing things down. Shall we skip to when everyone meets back up in the room they woke up in?]
Player 52018,Nov.12 04:49 [Everyone should find everything they need. The cafeteria with its machines provides food, there are dorms, there are bathrooms, etc...]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.12 04:49 but I counted 30 beds in the bedroom and there are only 14 people in this area...
Player 52018,Nov.12 04:49 [There are also doors that are locked for no apparent reason (mwah ha haaa), but the doors didn't prevent anyone from finding the essentials...]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.12 04:50 [ok]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:50 Only 30? This place was designed to hold all of mankind... *she believes Kaleb, though*
Player 52018,Nov.12 04:50 I...I'm sure there are more bedrooms!
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:51 *looks sadly and reassuringly at Hayley*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:51 ~TIME SKIP!~
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:51 *everyone (except Theo) is back in the room they woke up in, reporting what they found*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.12 04:51 *she and Gallagher arrived last, but they still weren't late*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.12 04:53 *is just sort of hanging around, eavesdropping on everyone*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 04:53 Great did anyone find any type of entertainment while out?
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.12 04:54 *reunites with Florence, though they share relatively few words*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.12 04:55 *sees Arjun standing in a corner* *didn't actually notice him before, so he decides to be friendly and extend himself* *walks over* Hey. What's your name, young man?
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.12 04:57 *walks forward and shakes hands with Keyan* *knows how to properly socialize with people - he's not that withdrawn* I'm Arjun.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 04:58 anything as simple as paper and pencils to tablets or Tvs
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.12 04:58 There was a TV. I wouldn't work.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 04:58 We found a lounge. It had some paper and pens.
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.12 04:58 Nice to meet you. I'm Keyan, and I'll introduce you to everyone else later. We woke up this morning and found ourselves here. As you can see, we're trying to explore this place and find some
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.12 04:59 resources.
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.12 05:00 *is very aware of that, but he conceals any evidence of knowledge that may be showing on his face* *nods distantly*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.12 05:00 ok as for now we will assume no one else is here, Hopefully that isnt true but False hope is bad If you would like hope, WE are alive and we could easily survive here
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.12 05:00 Paper and pens? *seems puzzled*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.12 05:02 *nods in agreement with Sara* There's much more to explore, I'm sure.
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.12 05:03 (I have to go now, see you guys tomorrow!)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 05:03 [See you!]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.12 05:03 [I'll switch to being on AHAW 1 & 2 only now.]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:13 [I'm on!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 04:16 [Hi]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 04:17 (Hey!)
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:22 [Hey!]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:23 [@ Joan: Want to see something awesome? :D]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 04:27 (Sure!)
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:28 [I posted an article about my most recent trip to Europe on the world's biggest chess site! https://w ww.chess.com/blog/Brunnhilde/chess-train-2018 ]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:29 [Please read it and watch the video! It had tons of pictures, but I just realized some of the stuff may not show if you're not logged in...ugh...]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:29 [If it won't show you the video for one reason or another, you can find it on my channel here: https://w ww.youtube.com/channel/UCBu_ffk2x-Abu3dMg2hiFoA/videos ]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:29 [@ Caprial: Did the pictures and such load for you on the article?]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 04:31 (Ok, thanks!)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 04:31 [yeah]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:32 [OK, good. Hopefully they'll work for Joan. For some reason the pictures and video won't show unless I'm logged in, so I got worried.]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:43 [I guess we'll RP when Joan's done reading/watching the video. ^.^]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 04:44 [ok]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 04:50 (Wow! That was pretty cool. It seems like the Chess Train was almost coincidental, since it combines two things you enjoy doing. It's awesome that you were able to go on that trip!)
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:51 [Thanks! :D]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 04:51 (I was really impressed by Warsaw. It looks like a picturesque city, and now I've added it to my list of places to visit. Also, the Chopin piece you added is one of my favorites.)
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:55 [Great! Warsaw is really beautiful. They actually rebuilt a lot of it after WWII, though. I actually recommend Krakow more--it's possibly even more beautiful, and it's the original thing (nothing needed to be rebuilt after the war).]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:56 [Both cities were magnificient, of course. It's just that I liked Krakow more. I also recommend Hradec Kralove--it was extremely beautiful. I regret not being able to see it more in the daytime (the train arrived after dark).]
Player 52018,Nov.13 04:56 [BTW, which Chopin piece was your favorite? The C sharp minor one?]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 04:57 (Krakow looked nice, too. It seemed to lack the urban energy that Warsaw had, which isn't a bad thing in my opinion.)
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 04:58 (It was the one playing during the Warsaw montage. I can't remember it by name, but it's one of my favorites.)
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:00 [Yep, that's the C sharp minor one. In the credits, I listed the music pieces in chronological order; the C sharp minor one came first.]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:00 [Yeah, now that I think about it, Krakow felt less modern and hustle-bustle even though there were tons of people. I actually kind of like that.]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:01 [I like the fairy-tale land style Europe more than the modern Europe. That's probably why I like Prague, Krakow, and Hradec Kralove so much.]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:01 [So...RPing?]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 05:02 [Joan do you listen to Billie Eilish?]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:04
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:04 [Whoops]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 05:06 (Ok, thanks! Yeah, you're right. Older parts of Europe do have a fairytale- like quality to them.)
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:09 [BTW, I will add this: This RP's plot works like that of the AHAW RPs. Unless there are special occasions, we usually have enough trouble going on to have our characters doing something. There are usually no pre-set plot summaries that we follow, and when
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 05:10 (I have heard of her, but I haven't really listened to any of her songs.)
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:11 there are, they tend to be big, long arcs I devise (I'm not so good with short-term plot twist stuff, but I'm good at creating the "skeleton" for a long story) or short-term arcs that usually lead up to some devastating plot twist (Caprial tends to create
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:12 these, but sometimes a few people work together to create such arcs if both parties' characters are needed--e.g. Caprial and I actually have plans for some of our characters, which is why some of our characters know each other in their backstories).]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:13 [If they are long-term arcs, they aren't usually followed nearly as faithfully as on Paige and Joan's RPs. A lot of stuff is added as we go along.]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:14 [As what our characters are supposed to do at this point has become unclear, I will try to give the plot some steam by saying this: The characters have now established their base of sorts. They know the basic layout of the areas immediately around where
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:14 they woke up. Many characters probably will start branching off on their own and doing what they want.]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:14 [And they just might find some odd things along the way...]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:15 [I recommend that the characters travel in generally the same direction. It'd be a nuisance if they all ran off by themselves in different directions. Playing out 3 scenes at once can be hard, but 15 at once would be just stupid. XD]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 05:15 now that we know are way around...I dont care what you guys do and please dont come to me with your problems *starts walking off*
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:16 [Thus, the characters would be kind of clumped together but still doing whatever they want. They'd all basically be in a small set of rooms around the place they woke up.]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.13 05:16 wait isnt she in charge were is she going?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.13 05:16 Amen. *walks off with Aysel*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 05:18 (Ok.)
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:18 No...um...she wasn't exactly. She sort of took charge when we needed it. Now we can do whatever we want.
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:18 Isn't that exciting?
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:18 Maybe the cafeteria has ice cream!
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.13 05:20 I dont like icecream very much...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.13 05:20 *walks to one of the bedrooms and starts doing pushups*
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:21 Well...uh...what do you like?
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.13 05:23 um i dont know
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:24 You have to like something...cake? Pie?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.13 05:25 Why don't we go to the cafeteria and look at what they have?
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:25 *is relieved**she didn't really know what to do here for Kaleb* Yeah, okay.
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.13 05:25 I like pierogies
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.13 05:25 *waves to Grace and beckons for her to come over* We're going to get something to eat. Come and join us!
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.13 05:26 (I have to go now, see you guys!)
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.13 05:26 and Pizza
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.13 05:26 [...Methinks Kaleb was watching my Youtube videos lately. XD]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.13 05:26 [@ Joan: Aw, bye!]
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:27 Uh... *doesn't know what pierogis are* Let's get some pizza!
Player 52018,Nov.13 05:34 [I'll switch to being on AHAW 1, AHAW 2, and A Thing 2 now. Could you please reply to me on A Thing 2?]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.14 04:24 [Hi]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:34 [Hey! I'll be on here only for now. I'm studying and this site is phenomenally slow AGAIN.]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.14 04:36 [ok if Joan dosent turn up could we go to AHAW 1?]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:38 [I have no idea if you even saw my post because this will not load...I keep having to hit the back button to make posts since the page won't load enough to give me the text box I can type in.]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.14 04:40 (Hi!)
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:40 [OK, I finally saw your previous post. Yeah, sure, but AHAW 1's load times are even worse than this RP's. Could you maybe create a Google Doc we could chat in? Perhaps you could make it so Joan could join us on there if/when she turns up?]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.14 04:41 (Dang, I'm sorry about the slow connection. Hopefully it starts working soon.)
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.14 04:42 [ye ill make a doc
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:42 [@ Joan: Hi! :D I have no idea if I can RP right now...it's the same situation as when this happened before--only French sites load extremely slowly for me. Everything else is absolutely fine. This is not a problem on my end. Can we chat on a Google Doc?]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:45 [Well, if Caprial made a doc, it may take me a while to get onto it because IT WON'T LOAD ENOUGH FOR ME TO SEE A GOD-FORSAKEN LINK... >.< ]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:46 [Well...holy crap. As soon as I start screaming the page fully loads. XD]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.14 04:46 (Yeah, that should be fine.)
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.14 04:46 [ht tps://docs.google.com/document/d/1Q8ON82Fygm-DupoqF12LPq7xrJNVnYJ02Jj-4Xnn7c8/edit?usp=sharing]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.14 04:47 (This site can really be a nuisance sometimes.)
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:47 [*page not loading at all* Um...I mean, AS SOON AS I START SCREAMING THE PAGE FULLY LOADS!!!!!!]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:48 [*page only partially loads*]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.14 04:49 (Don't worry... you're just a copy and paste away from leaving this bloody site, haha.)
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.14 04:50 [FINALLY...it loaded enough for me to get to the documUGHHHHnt. XD]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.14 04:51 [Joan we be on the doc bc Brunnys Internet is bein trash]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.14 04:53 (Yep, I'm on my way.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.15 03:51 (Hey, I won't be able to make it tonight (and possibly tomorrow night as well). I have a chair audition tomorrow (it looks like it was written by a demon), and some other obligations. See you guys soon!)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.15 04:16 [That's fine; good luck with your chair audition! BTW, I have a chess friend who also plays the violin and has gone through chair auditions, and he has informed me that chair auditions are just as nerve-wracking as chess tournaments. Yeesh... O.O]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.15 04:16 [Sooo...I know how you feel. Good luck!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.15 19:57 [BTW, since the plot has slowed down quite a bit, I'll suggest what many of the characters can do next: By now many of them are probably hungry. I'd bet most of them will head to the cafeteria, though of course some will branch out on their own.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.15 19:58 *is waving for Grace and Florence to join her, Hayley, and Kaleb**wants to go to the cafeteria with them*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.15 19:59 *wanders off by himself*
Player 52018,Nov.17 04:05 [I'm on!]
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.17 04:38 (Hey! Sorry I'm late.)
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.17 04:45 *crosses her arms uneasily and follows Grace*
Player 52018,Nov.17 04:48 [Hey! :D]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.17 04:50 *they reach the cafeteria and head to one of the food dispensing machines*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.17 04:52 *holds onto Hayleys hand and sort of leans away and back twards her in a swaying motion*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.17 04:54 *stands close to the glass and peers through it* Hmm... what do we have here?
Player 52018,Nov.17 04:55 *looks down at Kaleb for a few moments and smiles a little, finding him genuinely cute*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.17 04:55 *figures it's about time to get a private explanation* *musters up his strength and follows Mr. Tinnudi*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.17 04:56 im bored..
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 04:58 *is in a lounge, walking in circles and talking to himself *
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 04:58 *well, not talking, but muttering and playing with his Rubik's cube*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.17 04:59 *finishes working out and makes her way to the lounge*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:01 *stops and stares and shuts up when he sees Arjun and Sara approaching the lounge*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:01 *then he briskly walks into a corner--out of sight of the big, wide doorway into the lounge--during the split second that they spot him*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:01 *when they get to the lounge, he is gone*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:02 *mind you, there are no other exits--the only way out of the lounge would've been to walk forward through the big, wide doorway, which would've been walking straight towards Sara and Arjun directly in their line of sight*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.17 05:02 hi Arjun
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.17 05:08 *doesn't return the salutation* How do you know my name? *looks confused*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:10 *is pretty bored, so he decides to explore the place* *discovers a bowling alley* *is pretty amazed by this find* *stands in front of a darkened lane, the lights flashing on*
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.17 05:11 *hovers around Grace, her arms still crossed almost protectively over herself* *says quietly* So, how do we get food here?
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.17 05:12 *tries to mask her annoyance* I don't know. *is trying to figure out the machine*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Nov.17 05:14 IT looks like my tablet *goes to the machine punches some things in and gets a slice of Pizza*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:15 *looks over at a bowling ball return* *a screen lights up in front of him* *an AI voice starts speaking out of it* Voice: *monotonously* Please select players.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:16 Sweet. *grins* I'm actually just here by myself though, haha.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:16 *the computer doesn't answer* *hesitates, then selects a single player*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.17 05:18 im very observant
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:19 *he is suddenly seen by Cecilia and co. walking by with a tray full of food*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:19 *slips and falls*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.17 05:19 *immediately rushes over and helps him get up and clean up*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.17 05:19 *had just gotten some food for herself after Kaleb**gives the food to Mr. Tinnudi and helps him get seated*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:20 *all of a sudden, a weird robot on wheels with glowing red eyes glides forward* *his stomach flips* HOLY (BLEEP)!
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:20 *he nods along somewhat obliviously in thanks during all this*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:21 Robot: Hello. I am Watson. Who are you? Travis: You can't be real! Watson: I, in fact, am. Travis: Umm... Watson: Hi, Um!
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:23 *scowls a little* I don't think so. Watson: You just told me your name. I am confused. Travis: Well, it's Travis. Watson: Okay, then. Let's bowl, shall we? *rolls forward to the bowling ball return*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:26 I doubt you know how to bowl. Watson: I have a few tricks up my sleeve. You'll see. *picks up a bowling ball, throws it, and gets a solid strike*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:29 [XD Oh god...Doctor Watson?!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:30 [That Windows program can go to h**l.]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:35 (Haha, I honestly came up with that name on a whim. I guess it is sort of a coincidence, though.)
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:36 *raises his eyebrows* That was crap. *is kind of just trolling him for the heck of it* Watson: *whips around* I do not understand.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.17 05:36 (I have to go now, unfortunately. See you tomorrow!)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.17 05:38 [Aw, see you!]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.18 04:35 [I'm here!]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.18 04:43 (Hi!)
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.18 04:48 *is confused and even a little unsettled by Sara's response* *walks off briskly*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.18 04:49 Of course you don't. Watson: What are you saying? I know everything. Travis: *scoffs* *mutters:* Stupid robot... Watson: You hurt my feelings. Travis: You don't convince me.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.18 04:51 *even though Watson isn't human, he's still sensitive toward the feelings of others* *decides to stop trolling him*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.18 04:55 *they bowl for a while, and he's doing terribly* *is actually having fun though* *in an act of exaggerated frustration, he hurls the bowling ball across the floor* *it goes barreling for the gutter* *since he's practically on his own, he decides he's
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.18 04:57 comfortable enough to exploit his deepest stunt* *holds up a hand in the bowling ball's direction* *it freezes, then sort of hovers above the floor under Travis' control*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.18 04:59 Watson: That's cheating! Travis: *grins* I know. *watches the bowling ball as he moves it around* *starts realizing how fascinating his powers really are*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.18 05:00 *is strolling around the place* *happened to pass the bowling alley, where he saw Travis* *has kind of been stalking him for a while now*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.18 05:02 *is stunned by Travis' display of levitation* *instantly connects that with Sara's response - "I'm very observant"* *gets out of there ASAP*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.18 05:02 *wonders while walking* Is everyone here crazy?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.18 05:09 [Sorry for disappearing; I'm on other RPs and I forgot to check in on this one.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.18 05:11 *walks into the room were Travis is bowling* Hello
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.18 05:19 *is trying to open a locked door with Aysel's help**it's not just a door with a knob that needs a key--it's sliding automatic door that is jammed shut, with a light on it indicating that it is locked*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.18 05:20 oh bowling...I dont do bowling *wonders off and manages to find Gallagher*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.18 05:22 (I have to go, see you tomorrow!)
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.18 05:22 *finally kicks the door out of frustration**he and Aysel don't have nearly as many tools as they usually have--just whatever came with them on their belts or in Gallagher's jacket--and they don't have enough resources to open the door by force*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.18 05:23 *stands on one foot, clinging to the one he used to kick* [@ Joan: See you! I'm really sorry about almost not seeing you here! XP]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.18 05:23 what did that door ever do to you?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.19 04:17 [I'm on!]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.19 04:36 [Hello?]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.19 05:44 [@ Joan: Guess you're not here. See you tomorrow!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.20 04:19 [I'm online!]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.20 04:29 (Hi!)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.20 04:29 (Sorry I wasn't on last night. I'll probably be on Questscape tonight.)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.20 04:51 [Hey! OK.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.21 04:07 [I'm on!]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.21 04:29 (Hi! Sorry I missed you last night. I'll be on Questscape tonight.)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.21 04:41 [Hey!]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.21 04:41 [OK.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 04:33 [I'm on!]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 04:34 *finally sits down with Hayley, Grace, and Kaleb**just got a small bowl of comfort food and some coffee that smells of cinnamon*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.23 04:50 *is drinking coffee* *downs the cup and starts tapping it against the table anxiously while looking around*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.23 04:50  Secret message to Cecilia  
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 04:54  Secret message to Grace  
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 04:54 *there's a giant boom in the distance**due to just how massive this ship is, it's hard to tell how big or far the boom was, but it causes their coffee cups to shake and their eating utensils to rattle on the table*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 04:55 *it's pretty easy to tell from the vibrations the general direction the boom came from*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.23 04:56 *was about to explain to Sara that he saw a computer room through the dark windows in the door when the boom happened*
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.23 04:56 *looks down at her cinnamon roll, then over at one of the doorways* *is definitely a little scared*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 04:57 *stares in the direction the boom came from*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.23 04:58 ...And that most certainly wasn't caused by us. *grabs Aysel's shoulder* Come on... *starts running with Aysel*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.23 04:59 *he and Aysel walk through a corridor that goes along at an arc/curve and come through the doors into the cafeteria*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.23 05:00 *I'm not sure how close the boom was in relation to the bowling alley, but if it was close, all the pins are knocked over before he can get a strike*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.23 05:00 *he and Aysel ran in the general direction of the place where they all first woke up (which is also away from the boom, so should anyone go to investigate it, they'd be going into uncharted waters)*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.23 05:06 *slowly turns around and faces Watson, as if asking, "what the h*ll?" Watson: *all too brightly* It was just the furnace! Travis: The FURNACE? That is the lamest excuse ever! I don't believe it.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.23 05:08 Watson: I don't know everything. Travis: Maybe you don't, but just stay with me so I don't die a sudden, fiery death alone.
Player 52018,Nov.23 05:13 Wh...what...what was that?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 05:14 I don't think anyone knows. None of us could've caused it.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 05:24 [Sorry for the slow replies. I'm reading your document. ^.^]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.23 05:28 (That's okay! I'm sorry, it is a bit detailed.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.23 05:29 I just hope it isn't anything dangerous.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 05:36 [No, it's great! I'm sending you my reply right now.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 05:39 [BTW, I would prefer for your replies to my replies to be in your next email to me. I don't really want a huge flood of replies and discussion inside your document. My own comments interrupt the flow of your document enough.]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.23 05:49 (Okay, I'll do that.)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.23 06:00 (I finished reading it, so I'll send my replies in.)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:01 [Okie dokie. Also, Caprial's on!]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.23 06:06 (Great!)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:19 [Crap...she can only be on one RP tonight. :P]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:20 [Did you respond? If so, I haven't gotten it yet. Gmail can be stupidly slow sometimes.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.23 06:27 [Hi]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.23 06:27 (I just responded. Sorry it took me so long.)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.23 06:29  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 06:32 [Nah, it's fine! It took me a while to respond too.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 06:32  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 06:33  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 06:34  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 06:34  Secret message to Sara  
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.23 06:35 (I'm going to have to go now. See you guys tomorrow!)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 06:35  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 06:35 [See you!]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.23 06:36 *walks out of the room he is in sticking away from people and noises and staying in the shadows*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.23 06:47 *he walks off in the direction of the boom**doesn't say a word or look at anybody else*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:48 *is worried for Tinnudi--he seems mentally disabled--but more importantly, his actions have piqued her interest*
Player 52018,Nov.23 06:48 Wh...what are we going to do?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:48 I can't just let a mentally disabled wander in that direction. It could be dangerous. *she knows he may not have been wandering this time, though--there was a certain confidence about him*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:49 Maybe you should stay here with the kid.
Player 52018,Nov.23 06:49 It might be a sign of other people, though...and we shouldn't get separated.
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.23 06:50 *is quietly arguing with Gallagher about what to do**she's determined to investigate while he wants to just forget about the matter and focus on the locked doors in this area*
Player 172018,Nov.23 06:50 Ill come with
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.23 06:51 *finally, out of frustration, she heads in the direction of the boom**an exasperated Gallagher follows*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:51 *turns to Ghram, who had probably been eating nearby* I suppose there's strength in numbers.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:52 Alright...are we finished with our food? *by now, they probably are*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:53 [By now Kaleb may be sleepy. He just ate, and if this were a planet it'd be starting to get near his bed time. I have an idea about what to do with this.]
Player 172018,Nov.23 06:53 [Ok]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:59 *everyone in general starts heading in the direction of the boom**all the hallways they go down in this direction seem to converge to one point--a door that was previously locked*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.23 06:59 *but now this door is wide open*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.23 06:59 *is following Cecilia and co. with Aysel at his side**he remembers this being one of the locked doors he found while scouting around with Aysel and Sara**frowns slightly*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.23 07:00 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.23 07:00 Looks like a survalince room...but...no one is inside its hot in here...a computor probably over heated if its hooked up to a gas genarator which i think it was...that probably caused this
Player 52018,Nov.23 21:06 *the computers are indeed hot from plenty of use--and the fact that the surveillance room is rather small**but they're not hooked up to any gas generators; everything requiring electricity gets the electricity from a place deeper in the ship*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.23 21:07 *spots a back door in the surveillance room that is slightly cracked open**walks over and cautiously opens the door and peeks into what's beyond**there's a whole new branch of unexplored hallways*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.23 21:07 Someone was here...
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:11 [I'm here!]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.24 05:13 (Hi! I'll probably only be able to stay on for 15 minutes. I have to get up early tomorrow.)
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:19 [Hey! It's fine. Sorry I'm so late; I finally got my hands on a PS4 and Spyro Reignited. I installed the parts of Spyro that are on the disc, but Activision had legitimately bleeped me over...]
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:19 [You see, there's this fun and convenient thing called the download controversy. :P Basically it's this: Spyro 1 and small bits of 2 and 3 are on the disc. The majority of 2 and 3 are not. You have to download them. This completely negates the idea of
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:20 getting a physical copy. I live in the country; my Internet su cks. I can only get 1-2 GB a day, whereas what I'm facing is a 20 GB download (I should hope it's only that; I've seen a few people say it's 36).]
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:21 [This motherfreaking download will take WEEKS. I haven't started the download process yet, but I'll have to do it eventually. Thanks, Activision. -.-]
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:21 *has legitimately
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:21 [At least I have my favorite of the three (Spyro 1) already on my PS4... :/]
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:22 [I would've come on earlier, but I got carried away unboxing and setting up my PS4. Keep track of my Youtube channel; I plan to do a Let's Play of Spyro Reignited when I have the time.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:23 [Shall we do a time skip?]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:23 [Basically what's going to happen is this: Basically everyone will explore this new area of the vessel that is now available to them (the originally locked door initially cut them off from it). They'll try to find the source of the boom to no avail.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.24 05:25 Hmm...i dont like this
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:25 [The vessel will dim its lights and go into "night mode." Everyone will go to bed. Well, almost everyone will be in bed... >:)]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:25 [So there really isn't much that'll happen until everyone goes to sleep (there's more dormitory areas in the newly unlocked area).]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.24 05:26 *unzips one pf her cargo pants pockets and pulls out a hand gun and some bullets and quickly loads it but keeps the saftey on*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.24 05:27 Im going to search for the missing person beacause we obviously havebt met them yet...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.24 05:28 You guys should get some sleep since its obviously night mode now...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.24 05:29 [Sara will stay up wandering the ship but the others can sleep and a time skip is fine]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.24 05:30 (Darn, that does su ck. Good luck with the download!)
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:35 [OK. So shall we skip time?]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:36 [@ Joan: Thanks! I just hope the download is just a "mere" 20 GB (which is freaking gigantic)...]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.24 05:38 (I'm fine with that!)
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.24 05:45 (I have to go now. I'll be on really late tomorrow, so hopefully I'll see you then!)
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:46 [Alright, see you!]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:46 ~THE VESSEL GOES INTO NIGHT MODE...~
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.24 05:52 *is fast asleep after a long day of searching around*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.24 05:52 *snores*
Player 52018,Nov.24 05:54 *her bed is shoved right up next to Kaleb's**is asleep while holding his hand to comfort him; he's probably still worried about his mother*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 05:55 *of all people who can't sleep, it's her--the one who does everything in her power to keep everyone else's heads straight*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 05:56 *gets up, making sure not to disturb anyone else, and goes for a walk**she has always done that in the past to help clear her mind*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 05:57 *sticks to hallways she knows so that she won't get lost**she suddenly hears a little bit of commotion from a storage room to the left*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 05:57 *freezes**wonders if she should wake up the others*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 05:58  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.24 06:06 *hears Cecilia and quickly comes down the corner pointing her gub directly at her face before lowering it she keeps her voice down*gaw...why arent you in bed I almost shot you!
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.24 06:08 Just go back to bed..*hurrily runs off in the opposite direction is almost silent*
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:09 *is sitting down in a room crying a bit as he leans back in a chair that is swiveling from side to side*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:11 *watches Sara run off **mutters* She shouldn't be allowed to be armed...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:12 *cautiously and quietly follows the sounds coming from the storage room**is shocked when she recognizes Theo sitting on a chair among the boxes, lamps, other chairs, etc.*
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:12 [Sara is a highly trained secret agent probably the only one qualified to be armed here XD]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:13 Th...Theo?! *her voice echoes a bit louder than she expected; the room is big and the vessel is extremely quiet**puts her fingers over her mouth for a moment*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:13 [XD Yeah. But Cecilia's kind of a pacifist. She'
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:13 *sees Cecilia and quickly wipes his tears* oh...you..i thought everyone went to sleep its dark
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:13 *She'd say that about anyone, including herself.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:14 *rushes over to him, putting her hands on his shoulders supportively while getting a closer look at his face* What are you doing here? Are you alright?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:14 When did you get here? Did you wake up with everyone else?
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:15 Yeah im..fine i guess i was looking for the kitchen but i decided against wandering that far out of the shadows...
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:16 I woke up before everyone..um best for me to stay away from them i guess.. since the two people who ruined my life are here..
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:19 Im glad to see you though *smiles and hugs her*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:20 I'm glad to see you too. *hugs him back tightly*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:20 *says gently* Are you alright? What happened?
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:24 Just bad memories..kicked in..that old man Grahm...he hit my mom with a bus when i was little it killed her
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:25 He should have been in jail but they deemed the crime as a "suicide" which was a lie
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:26 I just disnt expect to see him ever again and he shows up with Sara and you know what happend with her
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:26 Alsi a computer blew up and burnt my arm a bit..it hurts alot *rolls up his sleeve to show the burn*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:30 Oh my...god...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:30 *the burn doesn't really concern her nearly as much as Ghram*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:31 I'm...so sorry...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:31 *is particularly in shock since Ghram seems like a perfectly normal and nice person*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:31 Is...is there anything I can do to help you?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:32 *looks at Theo, very genuinely sad and eager to help*
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:33 Go kill Ghram when your done talking with me *chuckles a bit* i wish but i would never ask you to do something like that even if he dose deserve it
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:34  Secret message to Cecilia  
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:34 I wish someone on this ship would though...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:36  Secret message to Theo  
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:37 *her eyes seem suddenly a little glazed over* Yes...
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:38 Ill see you later im going to go find a place away from everyone to sleep bye *walks off*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:38  Secret message to Theo  
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:38  Secret message to Theo  
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:40 *pops in* kill him long an painfully to...just kidding youd never kill i wouldnt want you to...your a good friend thanks for talking with me
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.24 06:41 Anyways...bye Cecilia *smiles sadly theb walks off for real*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:45 *nods, smiles, and waves, but for the first time in a long time, her smile is forced (she never feigns emotion)*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:45 *(well, almost never...)*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:45 *looks around the storage room**it is actually quite big**rummages around quietly for certain supplies, and then heads to the dormitory*
Player 172018,Nov.24 06:48 *is asleep on the bed*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:50 *looms silently over Ghram for a minute, sort of calculating in her head what her next move is*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:50 *then taps him lightly on the shoulder*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:51 *whispers in his ear* Shhh...you need to be very...quiet... *her tone of voice is disturbingly monotone*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:51 I have something to show you...come with me...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:51 It's urgent.
Player 172018,Nov.24 06:52 *mumbles* can it wait til morning lass?..mm ttying to get some shut eye
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:58 No, you can't.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 06:58 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
Player 172018,Nov.24 06:59 Im old..n gray nit the bast one for the job luv...ask someone younger like Yaz or that Sara girl
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 18:30 It's about the woman you hit with the bus.
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.24 18:30 You need to come with me. Now.
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:07 [I'm modifying how Cecilia's powers work, BTW: As stated above, she teleports via accessing a higher dimension (going from this 4th dimension to the 5th or 6th or even 10th dimension, etc. etc.). However, above I established that it takes insane effort to
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:08 stay inside this dimension. This is why it appears that her teleportation is instantaneous--she goes in and out of the higher dimension EXTREMELY fast, and even just doing this twice or three times in quick succession wears her out quickly.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:10 [I'm going to modify it in this regard: It's the act of entering or leaving this dimension that requires so much effort. It still takes effort and energy to stay inside it, but not as much as before. I modified it to be like this because I want Cecilia to
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:11 be able to stay in this dimension for more than a split second (she won't be able to stay in there for hours or anything, as it still requires concentration and energy to be inside this place).]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:12 [Really, for my current purposes, I need her to be able to stay in this dimension for a few minutes tops. Depending on the plot, she may gradually get better at staying in there, but the amount of time she can stay won't increase dramatically.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:14 [Also, don't worry--when she enters this dimension with someone else, she can't abandon them there. They sort of wind up tethered to her--if she leaves the dimension, they leave too. If she could trap them in there for as long as she wants, that'd be
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:14 overpowered beyond belief.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:18 [Also, as previously mentioned, her teleportation ability relies entirely on whether or not she can vividly see where she wants to teleport. Teleporting somewhere within her line of sight is thus easy, but in order to go somewhere she can't see,
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.24 20:19 she has to be able to vividly remember/conjure an image of the place in her head. If she can't vividly remember a place or area, she can't go there, and of course she can't go anywhere she hasn't been before.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 04:10 [I'm here!]
Player 172018,Nov.25 05:10 How do you know about?...no I didnt hit her she walked infront of it... Im not going with you luv go bother someone else
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:13 *suddenly puts her hand strongly and not so gently on his shoulder*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:14 *before he can make a sound, he and she are gone*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:14 *Ghram finds himself inside the storage room*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:15 *hits him in the head with a blunt object to stun him, but not kill him*
Player 172018,Nov.25 05:15 Get off my your Crazy!
Player 172018,Nov.25 05:15 *Yells Loudly* HELP! HELP! SHES GOT ME IN THE CLOSET! Shes Gone Crazy!
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 05:16 *hears Yelling and runs twards it*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.25 05:16 *Is awoken by the yelling and wakes up and quickly moves twards the sound*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 05:22 (Hey! I'll be on in a few minutes.)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:23 [Hey! OK.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:23 *locks the door tight shut*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:23 *as this is a storage room that could hold important items, the door is extremely secure*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:23 *hits Ghram again, knocking him down**gags him and binds him to a chair*
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:24 *wasn't sleeping very soundly in the first place, so she easily wakes up*
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:24 [I don't want anyone to get into the room for at least an hour, BTW.]
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:25 [It's fine if they work on opening the door in the meantime, though. It might take that long, considering how secure the door is.]
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:25 [Also, the door has no windows on it. No one will know what's going on in there, though they will hear sounds of pain...]
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:27 Wh...what's happening? What's going on?
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.25 05:32 Someone is yelling! I think they are in trouble
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 05:33 Agreed definitly troubled *Yaz and Sara work on the door*
Player 172018,Nov.25 05:33 *wakes up the gag muffles his yells and he hops the chair backwards a few times*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:35 *picks up some of the things she dug up in the storage room before kidnapping Ghram*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:35 *they are generally sharp objects--various types of tools and blades*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:35 *approaches Ghram slowly, and then starts doing what she was told to do*
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:36 [I don't like these kinds of scenes, and usually nothing is scarier (what your mind fills in is generally much worse), sooo we'll switch to the POV of everyone outside.]
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:36 *sits up and looks around**wonders where her sister went*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.25 05:36 *runs over toward the action* Hey, what's this about?
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:37 *sees Kaleb stirring**bends over him and says softly* Shhh...it's okay, go back to sleep...
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:37 *sits bolt upright**like Hayley, he hasn't been sleeping soundly*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:38 *hops out of bed**lets Aysel keep sleeping--she is sleeping quite soundly**walks towards the action*
Player 172018,Nov.25 05:41 *screams out its muffled but can still be herd it sounds really bad*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 05:41 *works on the door faster* This isnt good someone is being torn apeart in there!
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 05:43 *the noises have been intertwining themselves in a dream she's having* *they become so incessant that she falls out of sleep and realizes they're real* *sits up, kicking the blankets away* What the h*ll is this?? *her voice is resounding*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:44 *reaches the door* What's going on?
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 05:44 *is really scared, but she hides that under a pretense of supreme annoyance*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 05:46 someone is being beaten to death in there we are trying to open the door! its solid *is working on picking the lock*
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.25 05:48 *is embarrassed by how Grace is acting* *crawls over to her* *says quietly* Grace! Be quiet. *looks around* Some people are trying to sleep here.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:48 *looks at the door for a few seconds**then grabs Sara's hands* Don't do that!! It may never open!!
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:49 This is an advanced type of door with many security mechanisms. What you're doing could activate one of them.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 05:49 *stops* I pick locks its part of my job but I have never seen this type of high sucurity door before
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:49 *could've activated
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 05:49 how do we open it?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:50 I haven't either, but I've seen similar types...give me your tools. *starts taking things out of his own tool box*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 05:50 *sharply turns to Florence and gives her a harsh look* *her teeth are sort of chattering* Are you kidding me?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:50 Someone wake up Aysel.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:50 *@ Sara* By not doing what you did, that's how.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:51 *very carefully, digilently, and slowly starts working on opening a metal panel near the button that's used to open/close the door**he's being slow because he doesn't want to accidently activate a security mechanism*
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.25 05:52 *shrugs a little and looks at the ground* *feels like she did something wrong - but that's always the way it is around Grace*
Player 172018,Nov.25 05:52 *his yells and screams soon go silent after several minutes as he dies*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 05:54 *throws her blanket aside and sits up* *watches the door intently*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 05:55 [Cecilia won't let him die that quickly, BTW.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 05:55 [I'll skip time in such a way that it'll work, though.]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 05:55 *someone goes and gets her**she comes and helps Gallagher unlock the door**close to an hour passes before they manage to open it*
Player 172018,Nov.25 05:56 [oh ok]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 05:56 *Ghram goes chillingly silent as soon as they open the door*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 05:56 *is sweating all over**none of this required too much physical exertion, but hearing Ghram for the past hour has been a living nightmare for her and everybody else*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 05:57 *looks at it she has seen that kind of scene many times before and isnt phased by it she quickly pulls out her gun*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 05:57 *by now Ghram's screams have awoken everyone, and everyone is by the door as Gallagher pushes it open*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:57 *is on her knees beside Ghram, covered in blood*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:57 [A quick note: For this to work, EVERYONE has to respond violently to this. Even good guys like Travis. Basically, everyone has to charge Cecilia violently.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 05:57 step away from Ghram Cecilia *points it directly at her head*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 05:57 [That is, everyone except Hayley and Grace.]
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:58 *is standing there while holding Kaleb's hand**has been trying to shoo him away for at least half an hour**now she can't summon the will to speak*
Player 52018,Nov.25 05:58 [@ Joan: Got it?]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.25 05:59 Thats murder you just Murdered an innocent man!
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:00 *is staring ahead**very slowly begins to turn to look at everyone standing at the doorway*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 06:01 (Yeah.)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:02 I said Step AWay!
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.25 06:03 *what Yasmin says sort of triggers him* *his father was killed in cold blood, too* *stares at Cecilia with extreme malice*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:03 [Hm...I have an idea: Arjun could probably lead the charge. He's not entirely right in the head, so I can see him being the one to attack first.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:03 [I posted that before you posted as Arjun. Looks like you're way ahead of me.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 06:04 *is glaring at Cecilia*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 06:04 *can't take her eyes off Ghram**he's utterly unrecognizable**feels like she should be fainting and she wants to faint, but she can't*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.25 06:04 *actually stalks forward* *grips Cecilia by the shoulder so hard and so suddenly that it knocks her off balance* *his voice shakes with fury* What did that man do to deserve to die? *his spit flies in her face*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 06:05 *as if to reflect the rage and horror around her, she finds herself gripping a long wrench tightly and looking at Cecilia, calculating how she'll go about attacking her*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:06 *just stares back at him blankly*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 06:06 *his stomach churns* *crosses his arms to keep it from ending up on the floor* *squints a little* You crazy, lady?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 06:06 *he approaches Cecilia, and soon others follow**mere stalking or approaching soon turns into full-blown charging*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.25 06:06 *goes over and kick any wepon Cecilia has in her hand away*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 06:06 *is one of several who goes running towards Cecilia, her wrench raised*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:07 *is among the small crowd flooding through the door towards Cecilia**but there's no malice on her face--only fear*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 06:08 *hears a lot of commotion* *is worried about what might be going on by that door - what Florence might be doing* *opens her mouth to say something to Hayley, but she can't speak*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:08 Get away from Cecilia we already have one dead body we dont need another what we need to do is lock her up!
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:08 *starts to be kicked and pummeled**expressions of hurt and confusion begin to enter her face, but she still remains silent*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:09 *even Aysel throws her wrench at Cecilia**it hits Cecilia's head*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 06:09 *kicks Cecilia**the crowd of passengers has become a mob**the rage is getting out of control fast*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:10 *tries to push her way to Cecilia*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.25 06:10 *violently kicks Cecilia just as the wrench meets her head* *feels like he's doing everyone justice, as well as justifying his past a bit*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:10 No! Stop it, please, stop it! *everyone seems deaf*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.25 06:11 *tosses a random object at Cecilia*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:11 *there are plenty of items around the room that should be used as weapons right back towards Cecilia**spots Arjun eyeing some of them and gets particularly scared*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:12 *is at one point pushed away and she nearly lands on Ghram**almost throws up and faints at the sight of him*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:12 *Yells loud* FINE! BACK AWAY SO i CAN GET A CLEAR SHOT AT LEAST!
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:12 *forces herself to stay awake, get back up, and start pushing towards her sister again*
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.25 06:12 *stops by Hayley after retrieving a weapon* *says all-knowingly* What she did was wrong. *turns and hurls that weapon at Hayley's sister*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:13 *she's dizzy, and the yells of rage coming from the mob make her even more disoriented*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:14 *sees a shot of Cecilias head and takes it she fires her gun*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:14 *what does register in her mind is Sara's gun getting closer and closer*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:14 *pushes her way through the crowd as hard as she possibly can, throwing her own body over Cecilia's*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 06:14 *has seen all there is to see while handling trauma patients, but she's never seen anything so outrageously hideous* *moves away from the mob*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 06:15 *Aysel has picked up a sports bat and is about to hurl it onto Cecilia when he sees Sara shooting**yanks Aysel back before she can get in harm's way*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 06:15 *all goes eerily quiet after the gunshot goes off*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:16 *blood appears on her chest*
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:16 *slides off of Cecilia as Cecilia starts trying to sit up*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 06:16 *is standing against a wall when the gunshot goes off* *opens her eyes*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:16 *goes over quickly and puts presser on the wound* Why would you ever jump infront of a bullet...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:17 *her face has gradually gone from blank to full-out confused and hurt**stares at her sister, and for the first time what's going on seems to register in Cecilia's mind*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:17 Hayley...?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:17 H...Hayley...
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:17 stay awake HAyley we can fix this SOmes get hot water and a clean sheet Now!
Player 52018,Nov.25 06:17 *is already dead**Sara can't feel a heartbeat*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 06:18 *recognizes the lifelessness in Hayley's eyes for what it is**keeps a firm grip on Aysel and quickly leaves**Aysel doesn't resist*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 06:19 *just walks down the hallway and around the nearest corner, where he and Aysel can be alone**then he stands there and hugs her silently*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 06:19 *is staring at a white wall, which is slightly glowing* *starts blinking rapidly* *her heartbeat rises*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.25 06:19 *hugs him back and starts to quietly cry*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 06:20 *he can deal with these events**but he senses that Aysel can't--hence why he left*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:21 *is too hurt to even sit up**lies there in shock and horror*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.25 06:21 *looks at the floor, then the wall, then the corridor to her right, then back again* *is trying to process what happened, but the only thing that seems to be slow in her body is her brain*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.25 06:23 *stares at Cecilia, examining that look of shock* *is satisfied by it* An eye for an eye.
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.25 06:24 *he participated in the mob**he seemed extremely upset at the sight of Ghram, and for once seemed to know what he was doing*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:24 *sighs a bit and stands up*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.25 06:25 *seems a little alarmed at Hayley's death, so he leaves the room as well*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:25 no Arjun not eye for an eye 2 innocents died today that isnt fair...to anyone
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:26 an eye for an eye makes the world go blind...
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.25 06:27 *glances at Sara* Well, it seems as if you're blind to the fact that you're just as guilty as the rest of us.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:28 I know im guilty but i can deal with guilt
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:28 [I recommend that most of the people leave the room. Not all have to go, but most...I just need a moment where no one's looking at Cecilia.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:30 Cecilia still needs to be delt with lets do it the right way...no more killing on this ship Ever. never again and we lock her up there is probably a jail around here but for the mean time Yaz you mentioned being police have any handcuffs on you?
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.25 06:30 *pauses* I admire your honesty. *stands around, looks at Cecilia one last time, then strides out of the room*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:30 *turns to look at Yaz*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.25 06:31 In my vest in my room I'll get them *walks off*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:31 *is suddenly gone*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:32 What the?!
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.25 06:33 crap...she has powers...
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 06:33 *is far off in another part of the ship*
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.25 06:35 *leaves when it's clear that there's nothing else to do* *passes Grace on her way out* *Grace looks incredulous and confused* *merely shoots her a glance with her wide eyes* *but they aren't as innocent-looking anymore*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:35 *has teleported to an empty but fairly big closet she found early on in her explorations with Hayley and Kaleb*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:35 *it's near the where they first woke up*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:37  Secret message to Theo  
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:38  Secret message to Theo  
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 06:39 *wanders over to the area were Cecilia is and finds here there* Cecilia! are you ok what happend?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:41 I don't...understand...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:41 *is saying that she doesn't understand what happened*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:42 *needless to say, she's in a very dark mental state**she can't comprehend why she'd do what she did to Ghram*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:42 *that's not to mention what seeing her sister die has done to her*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:43  Secret message to Theo  
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:44  Secret message to Theo  
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:44 How could I...?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:44 *she sounds disturbingly tired as opposed to truly emotional*
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 06:46 its not your fault...they attacked you...
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 06:47 they could of killed they they did kill someone they did worse though they killed someone innocent who didnt deserve to die beacause you did the right thing...
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 06:48 You...you did the right thing and they didnt even ask why before turning against you...look at you your all bruised and bloody...they did that to you...you dont derserve their hate or any hate...you were not in the wrong you rarely are
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:52 *turns to look at Theo**her face is covered in tears* Theo...what happened to me?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:52 *is lying flat on her back on the floor, her clothes still bloody*
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 06:54 nothing that wasnt normal you didnt do anything wrong..They attacked you they beat you up and now your all broken...they broke you...we need to put you back together your to amazing to be broken buy village fools with pitchforks...
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:58 *sits up and stares straight ahead at the wall**is no longer crying, though the tears are still on her face*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 06:59 *the expression on her face is now bitter and empty*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 07:00 *Theo sees the expression on her face suddenly turn to hate and rage, and she teleports*
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 07:00 Sara is dangerous and she got control of the group no wonder they turned on you...if they are all fallowing her...come I know were some showers and another cafateria is so you can get cleaned up without worrying about those monsters outside
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Nov.25 07:00 [said that before she telaported]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 07:01 *she stays inside the higher dimension for a little while**then she goes to one of the bathrooms near where everyone woke up and cleans herself off *
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.25 07:02 *teleporting so much within a few minutes has made her a bit lethargic, so she stays in the bathroom for at least an hour*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 07:03 *in the meantime, the ship is still deep in night mode**tries to get Aysel to go back to sleep**Aysel can't**she just lies there and stares at anything straight ahead of her*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 07:03 [@ Joan: Are you still here?]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.25 07:09 [I gtg. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.25 07:15 (Sorry for disappearing. See you!)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.26 04:17 [I'm on!]
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.26 04:27 (Hi!)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 04:30 *lays awake in bed fiddling with a butterfly knife*
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Nov.26 04:33 [Hey!]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.26 04:34 *walks around by himself, actively avoiding the storage room where horrors were committed*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.26 04:34 *just lies in bed, staring at anything*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 04:34 *has disappeared off somewhere*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 04:35 [Want to skip to morning? Or is there something you wish to do with your characters before then?]
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Nov.26 04:42 (I'm fine with anything. There's not much for my characters to do right now.)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 04:43 [same]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 04:44 [OK.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 04:44 *hours pass**Aysel is just getting to sleep when suddenly the ship lights up gently, going into morning mode*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 04:45 *TV-like holograms of a woman in a Vessel Zotikos employee uniform appear along the ceiling**over the speakers, there's an announcement that it's time for breakfast*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 04:45 *this is just one of many pre-recorded announcements programmed into the ship*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.26 04:48 *doesn't feel like moving**doesn't even feel like she wants to live after what happened last night*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.26 04:49 *he returned to the dormitory only a few hours before morning mode set in**is lying on a bed by Aysel's**is facing away from her**he looks like he's sleeping, but he probably hasn't gotten any sleep either*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 04:49 *hasn't returned*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 04:50 *gets up and acts perfectly normal like nothing ever happend she goes to the cafateria for breakfast*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.26 04:50 *rolls over and tosses his arm over his eyes* *is still processing what happened the previous night, and it's left a bitter aftertaste* *is annoyed by the peppiness of the hologram lady* What if I don't want to eat breakfast?
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 04:50 *Sara discovers that he's already eating in the cafeteria*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.26 04:51 *suddenly sits up and says gruffly:* Then don't.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 04:54 Morning Tinnudi
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.26 04:56 Great. Because I wasn't planning on it.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.26 04:56 *goes back to sleep*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.26 04:58 *somehow finds the strength to make his way to the cafeteria* *finds something to eat and sits alone*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Nov.26 05:01 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 05:02 Tinnudi....you seem to know alot about this place hmm?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.26 05:05 [Aw, see you!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 05:05 *nods a little bit*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 05:05 *casually continues eating*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.26 05:06 *intends to try sleeping some more, but then he and Aysel make eye contact**knows she'll never sleep in these conditions**sighs*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.26 05:06 *holds a hand out to her* Come on.
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.26 05:06 *holds his hand and goes to the nearest cafeteria**ignores Sara and Tinnudi*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.26 05:07 *goes to one of the machines that emits food and drink**gets them both some coffee with milk and sweetener**gets Aysel a big cookie*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 05:07 you worked in Finance right? did you help with this ship? A project this big would need lots of people to help budget the money
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.26 05:08 *sits with Aysel at least 70 feet away from Sara and Tinnudi so they can talk privately over their coffees*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 05:08 Oh, yes. Only in the later stages. I helped with the... *starts rambling financial terms**seems annoyingly enthusiastic*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 05:14 cool, I helped design some of the jail cells and training rooms but I dont know what level they are on
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 05:27 Ah. So you are in law enforcement?
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 05:28 not exactly but close enough
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 05:34 Im only 17 so not much im able to do
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 05:41 *resumes eating**doesn't acknowledge her statement, though he definitely heard her**he's not very good socially*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.26 05:45 Talkings not your thing but thats alright, do you like it when people talk to you or do you prefer to be alone?
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 05:50 *just stops eating and starts playing with his Rubik's cube in response**he has no answer*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.26 05:56 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.27 04:27 *Sara is welcome to sit with him, of course*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 04:56 *sits by him* Oh a Rubix cube mind if I have a go? Im quite good at them
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.27 05:07 *hesitates, seeming a bit defensive**sits it down very, very carefully on the table and keeps a very close eye on it*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 05:13 *figures he isn't welcome wherever he goes* *wanders around the ship*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.27 05:15 *Arjun suddenly sees a wrench just sitting out in the middle of one of the hallways he's traversing**it's about 30 feet ahead of him*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:18 *quickly solves it and hands it back*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.27 05:19 *never took his eyes off the cube**very quickly takes it back and scrambles it again*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.27 05:19 *takes bites of food in between taking steps to solve it*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:19 I used to compete with these things my fastest score was 15 seconds
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:20 I can scramble it back to exactly how it was if you would like
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 05:21 *picks the wrench up* *looks at it curiously* *it's definitely a bit familiar*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.27 05:24 *it's the wrench Aysel threw at Cecilia*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.27 05:24 *shakes his head and points at it, as if to indicate he already did that*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 05:32 *wonders what it's doing in the hallway* *starts wandering back to the sleeping quarters*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.27 05:34 [Did Arjun keep the wrench?]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.27 05:40 *she wants to say things to Gallagher, but she can't bring herself to talk much after the experience of last night**keeps sipping her coffee until it's all gone**devours her cookie, not really tasting it--her mind is elsewhere**Gallagher just quietly sips
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.27 05:40 his coffee, letting Aysel talk first (which she doesn't)*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.27 05:43 (Yeah, he took it. I have to go now, see you!)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.27 05:43 [bye]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.27 05:43 [Bye!]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.27 05:43 [I gtg soon. I'll be on AHAW 2 only.]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.28 02:08 *doesn't want to be around Florence, so she forces herself to wake up* *heads over to the cafeteria and gets a cup of coffee*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.28 02:09 *remembers seeing Keyan in the midst of last night's battle, so she doesn't feel comfortable sitting next to him* *doesn't trust Sara or Tinnudi,either* *plops herself down near Aysel and Gallagher*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Nov.28 02:10 *recalls Aysel being pretty disturbed after the fight, but she obviously doesn't mention it*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.28 02:11 *goes to the bowling alley to clear his mind a little* *just wants to talk to someone, even if it's Watson* *sits on a bench* *the lights flash on*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.28 02:13 *hears the buzz of Watson's wheels approaching* Watson: Hello. Would you like to bowl again? Travis: *looks up at Watson a little guiltily* Something had happened. Last night.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.28 02:13 *bad
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.28 02:14 Watson: What happened? Travis: *tells him everything - how everyone, including himself, attacked Cecilia and that her sister was accidentally killed* *even though Watson can't compute
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.28 02:15 emotionally, he's glad to have someone to divulge his anxieties to*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.28 04:12 [I'm on!]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.28 04:28 *wanders the ship a bit just to walk to get her mind off things*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.28 04:31 *everything about last night heavily disturbed her**she's particularly confused about why she got so mad and violent out of nowhere*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.28 04:32 *just the thought of what Ghram looked like makes her want to vomit**and she can't get his figure out of her head*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.28 04:34 *goes to the closet and deals with the bodies so they are not lying around and rotting she also cleans up the closet and the tools*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.28 04:40 *sets down her half-full cup of coffee, her hand shaking**wants to escape this whole thing, and the only way she can think of escaping is through sleep*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.28 04:41 *finds paint in the closet and repaints the room so it wont look the same as it did before*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.28 04:41 *whispers that she wants to go back to bed**Gallagher nods a little**goes back to the dormitory**is passing by Arjun when she freezes, staring at the wrench he is holding*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.28 04:41 *swallows, summoning the will to speak* Where did you get that? *her voice is a little hoarse from lack of use*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.28 04:42 [Unfortunately, Joan informed me that she won't be on tonight, sooo... :P]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.28 04:43 [AHAW2?]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.28 04:49 [Sure!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.28 21:12 [BTW, I like to put hidden meanings in my characters' and locations' names. I usually vigorously research names, relevant words in other languages, etc. before deciding on a name.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.28 21:13 [Every name I use in this RP has special meaning (except Gallagher; I just really liked the sound of that name). I highly recommend analyzing the names I use here or researching them.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.28 21:15 [I suppose Gallagher's name is somewhat accurate (part of the name means "helpful"), but it's just a coincidence. I will also give you two other hints: Aysel's name simply references the original character she is very heavily based on (Eira, who has
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.28 21:16 winter and night powers), and you will get nowhere researching the meaning of Tinnudi.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.28 21:17 [Oh, and don't forget about location names... >:)]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:14 [I'm on!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 04:16 [Nahhhh]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:19 [Nah about what?]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.29 04:30 [nahh]
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 04:31 *frowns, but it's barely noticeable* I found it lying in the hallway. *pauses* Why do you care?
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 04:31 What would a girl like you be needing a wrench for?
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:34 I live in a shop where we fix things.
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:34 I'd like it back.
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 04:35 *takes her word with a grain of salt* I think it would be best if I held onto it.
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:39 Look, you saw me throw the thing at...at..*stutters, gritting her teeth at the memory*...at h-her head, now give it back.
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 04:43 *raises his eyebrows* Do you want anything like that to happen again?
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:43 No. That's why I want it back.
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 04:44 Your shop doesn't exist. You live here now. *his voice shakes a little - he's still coming to terms with that himself* So you won't be needing this.
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:50 Yes I will! There's tons of tech here!
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 04:52 *can't answer to that* *feels like Aysel is bribing him* *is breathing very quickly and unevenly* *his eyes dart around as he tries to come up with an answer*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:56 *holds out her hand, indicating that he should give her the wrench*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 04:57 *finally caves under his own anxiety* *lays the wrench on the floor*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 04:59 *hesitates**then quickly picks it up**walks away quickly into the hallways, not feeling like sleeping anymore**Arjun's sudden anxiety didn't go unnoticed, and it made her nervous*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 05:06 *fast-walks back to the sleeping quarters, his thoughts swirling* *is afraid that Aysel might attack people with that wrench*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 05:12 *finds one of the trash chutes and contemplates throwing the wrench in*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 05:12 *her heart says yes but her head says no**paces*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 05:12 *several times she has the chute open with her hand holding the wrench over the hole*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Nov.29 05:21 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 05:21 [See you!]
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 05:22 *finally decides that she really wants to get rid of it, but she has to have it around in some way in case a wrench is needed for something**scouts around and finds a closet used for storage*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 05:23 *hides/wedges the wrench under one of the boxes**memorizes the room's ID on a little sign just outside it in case she needs the wrench, and then leaves*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.29 05:23 [I'll be on AHAW 2 only now.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 04:08 [I'm on!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 04:09 [I'm thinking we should skip about 3 days. I feel like everyone needs a bit of time to recover from seeing what happened to Ghram.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 04:09 [In addition, what's happened to Kaleb? Surely he'll seek out someone to take care of him or something.]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 04:53 [Hi sorry im so late]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:00 [Hey! :D]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:04 (I'm here!)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:10 [Wahoo!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:17 [Alright, so I got confirmations from both of you that the time skip is OK...let's go!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:17 ~THREE NORMAL DAYS PASS--WELL, RELATIVELY NORMAL DAYS~
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:20  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:20  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:21  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:21  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:27  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:28  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Nov.30 05:28 (I have to go now, see you!)
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:35  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:35 [Aw, bye!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:36  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:37  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:52  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 05:53  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:57  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 05:58  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 06:01  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 06:03  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 06:03  Secret message to Sara  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 06:04  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 06:05  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 06:09  Secret message to Sara  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 06:13  Secret message to Mr. Tinnudi  
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 06:13 *is walking down the halls alone at night since she cant sleep*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 06:19 *over the days, the passengers have also expanded their knowledge of Zotikos a bit, exploring new hallways**Sara is probably fairly far from the dormitory*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 06:20 *something hard suddenly slams into Sara's head from directly behind her**it should knock her out cold for a few minutes, and when she does wake up, she'll still be way too disoriented and dizzy to do anything*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 06:26 *a few minutes later, when her eyes open again, she's in a room she doesn't recognize**she probably smells blood--she's been cut*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Nov.30 06:27 *before she can react, she's lifted up and her neck is impaled on something and she is left dangling there*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:29 *hasn't been able to sleep well at all since Ghram's murder**tonight has been a relatively good night--she's only awoken 3-4 times*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Nov.30 06:29 *bleeds out and dies he body starts to heal a bit but cant heal fully since the spike is in the way so she is left half dead and not breathing*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:29 *wakes up again a few hours after Sara's murder and just lies there**her body clock has adjusted to Zotikos, and sure enough, in a few minutes the ship goes into morning mode*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:30 *once again, a peppy but formal lady appears on holographs, instructing everyone that breakfast is ready, afterwards they can try various activities (including bowling), etc. etc. yada yada*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:31 *drags herself out of bed**her hair is a disaster**trudges to the nearest cafeteria; she's gotten used to having some meals without Gallagher to supervise her*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:32 *is walking to her usual machine when she sees something very strange--namely, it is able to make her scream**she screams a little and slaps her hands over her mouth to cut it off *
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:32 *is shaking all over**stares at it*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.30 06:32 *gets up and wanders in for breakfast* morning your....one of the 3 kids right?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.30 06:33 *has actually slept in a little; he's usually up and in the cafeteria before morning mode even ensues**he wakes up and disgruntedly starts heading to the cafeteria*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.30 06:33 *said that before she screamed*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.30 06:33 *runs over* What is it whats wrong?!
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:33 *is shaking very hard and not looking away from what's on the floor about 20 feet in front of her*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:34 *it's her wrench, covered in blood**there's drag marks of blood that form a trail leading out of the cafeteria through a door about 50 feet to the left*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.30 06:36 *stands infront of Aysel and puts her hands on Aysels shoulders* Hey...Hey look at me
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.30 06:36 I want you to go back to the bedroom ok?
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.30 06:36 I'm a police officer I...I'll take care of this
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:36 *looks at Yasmin**nods a little and starts walking towards the dormitory*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.30 06:38 *enters the cafeteria**freezes upon seeing Aysel slowly walking towards him**rushes over to her* What is it?!?!
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:38 O...O-Over...th...there... *refuses to look back, so she vaguely gestures behind her*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.30 06:39 What over there? Aysel: She...she told me to go back to the dorm... Gallagher: Who? *spots Yasmin* Oh...the cop. Do that then, alright?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.30 06:39 *sees how scared Aysel suddenly gets* I'll be back in the dormitory as quickly as possible, I promise.
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:39 I...I...I HID IT I HID IT IN A CLOSET UNDER SOME BOXES I SWEAR--
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.30 06:40 *hugs Aysel tightly* Shhhh...it's okay. Go back to the dorm.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.30 06:40 I'll deal with the problem, alright?
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:40 *is crying a little bit out of hysteria* Okay...
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Nov.30 06:41 *goes to the dorm, but keeps looking back**jumps at any sound and is very reluctant to go around any corner*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.30 06:41 *jogs over* What's the problem-- *sees the wrench and shuts up and stares*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Nov.30 06:41 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Nov.30 06:41 yeah...
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 04:40 [hi]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.1 05:02 [I'm here!]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.1 05:26 *heard the commotion and storms out of the cafeteria* *sounds pretty calm* Hey, what's going on here?
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.1 05:27 *the others kind of look at him* *makes himself clear* I think I deserve to know. Things around here have been pretty strange, and...
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 05:28 *points to the trail of blood with the wrench laying in it*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 05:28 Satisfied?
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.1 05:34 *crosses his arms and looks at Gallagher squarely* Not really.
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.1 05:34 *still has the same calm demeanor* You must know a little bit about it, eh?
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.1 05:34 Just a little bit.
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 05:36 sir. I will handle this...Im a police officers crime is what I do for a living
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.1 05:43 *nods a little* Okay. Thanks for taking care of this.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 05:44 This is dangerous. We should follow the trail as a group. It could easily be a trap.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 05:44 One of us should get others...that Indian is a cop too, right?
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 05:45 good idea.. lets go then *starts fallowing the trail*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 05:45 [nvm]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 05:45 I think so want to go get the others bring them here?
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 05:46 wait who will stay watch the two kids?
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 05:46 *three kids
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 05:53 Three kids? I'm only aware of one kid...that boy...
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 05:53 I can go get the others. I'll make sure one adult stays to watch the kid...
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.1 05:55 *nods* *mutters* We can't let him see this.
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 05:55 3 the boy Kaleb that...kid who we just sent back to the room and that teenager who likes to tell everyone what to do
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:06 Oh...well, I haven't seen the spy kid at all. But I'll make sure there's someone around to keep watch of Kaleb and aysel.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:06 *Aysel
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:07 I'll be right back. *goes to the dorm, where almost everyone still is since it's early morning**explains that there's an emergency and they need to go as a group*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:07 *go investigate it
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:07 ...And someone's gotta be babysitter. No buts.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:07 *be the
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:07 So who's going to keep watch of these two? *points to Kaleb and Aysel*
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Dec.1 06:08 *would normally be going on an "I'm not a child!!!" sort of tirade, but she's too disturbed by what she saw to say anything at all*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.1 06:10 I can. Florence and I can do it. *gestures toward her sister*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:13 Alright. The rest of you...come with me. *walks back to the cafeteria*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Dec.1 06:13 when is Cecilia gonna come back?...
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.1 06:25 *suddenly turns grim* *swallows carefully* I'm not sure.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.1 06:26 Uh, so what is this all about?
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 06:27 bloody wrench its a trail and we are going to fallow it
15>Aysel (Student), 14yo.2018,Dec.1 06:27 *doesn't answer**curls up in bed, still shaking a bit**hopes Cecilia never comes back*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 06:29 what about her sister?
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Dec.1 06:31 [Wait what? Sorry, I'm confused as to what Yasmin is trying to ask.]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 06:34 [oops Kaleb ment to ask that]
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Dec.1 06:38 when will Cecilias sister come back I kinda forgotted her name
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.1 06:44 They're both gone for a little while. We're not sure when they'll be back.
10>Florence (Cashier), 22yo.2018,Dec.1 06:44 Hopefully soon, though. Try not to worry about it. Okay? *smiles*
6>Kaleb (student), 8yo.2018,Dec.1 06:44 why do all the good grownups leave me?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:45 *takes out a handkerchief and retrieves the wrench, wrapping it up in it and putting it in his pocket*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:46 *starts walking forward before Yasmin gives any signal**he's very independent, after all*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:46 *the trail gradually leads them into hallways they haven't quite explored yet--they're just outside the zones that have been explored*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:50 *they enter some sort of electrical systems room that was most likely previously locked**the electrical room is circular, and its walls are lined with whirring machines covered in lights and switches*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:51 *in the center of the control room is a big hole--kind of akin to the ones in Star Wars, e.g. the one Han Solo fell in in the Force Awakens, only MUCH smaller*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.1 06:51 *keeps fallowing the trail until she comes apon Sara* Oh no...
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:52 *gets a brief view of the wrench* *his heart starts pounding a little* *officially decides he doesn't trust anyone* *would leave, but he decides to stay just to see what's going on*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:52 *there's a circle of spikes surrounding the hole**these spikes all lean inward, but don't touch--there's in fact quite a bit of space in between them*
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Dec.1 06:52 (I have to go now, bye!)
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:52 *Sara is dangling with her neck lodged in one such spike*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 06:52 [Aw, bye!]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.1 07:04 [gtg myself. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:29 its the other kid...
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:30 help...help me pull her up...
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:37 Wait a moment. Those things could be electrified.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:37 *goes and checks some of the equipment**verifies that the spikes aren't electrified* Okay, it's safe to pull her down.
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:41 *gently reaches up and takes her off and lays her down*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.3 04:46 *his fingers move erratically as he plays with his Rubik's Cube*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:47 *feels like he's going to be sick after seeing that* *squeezes his eyes shut and turns away*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:47 So now what?
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:48 *his thoughts start swirling* *random murders like this have happened twice within a week or so, and there aren't that many of them on the ship... or are there?* *comes to the terrible realization that he could be next*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.3 04:49 *starts breathing rapidly* *walks away*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:49 we...take care of the body....there isnt a corinor here so we...need to put her someplace before...finding a place to....deal with her properly
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:50 *exhales slightly as her body starts slowly healing again*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:53 Well, there's plenty of trash chutes-- *sees her exhale and stares*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:53 *says quietly* Wait a second.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:54 Did you see that?
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 04:55 *starts bearthing a little but they are short rugged breaths she is really struggling with the hole in her neck*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.3 04:55 *mutters something under his breath* ...yes.
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.3 04:56 *is really too stunned to speak*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:56 oh my gosh she is alive someone find a first aid kit quick!
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:56 *bends down and puts his hand on her wrist**looks very serious**stands back up*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:56 I'm not sure if there'll be a need for that.
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:57 I need something sanitary!
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:57 *looks around very seriously at everyone* We need everyone in here. Now.
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:57 What why not? she has a hole in her neck!
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.3 04:57 What is happening...?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:57 *@ Yasmin* Not for long.
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:58 I need a first aid kit it might save her life!
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:58 *has been watching the hole carefully**it'
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:58 **it's already shrunk a little*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 04:58 [how long do you want it to take for her to heal?]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:58 What we really need is a group discussion between everyone on this ship.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 04:59 [Hm...I'd say an hour before she regains consciousness, then several more before she can speak.]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 05:00 [yeah but how long til the hole like skin closes up? bc some things will heal faster then others]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 05:08 [I don't know...you can control the order of how things heal.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 05:08 [I'm terrible at biology. Don't ask me. XD XP]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 05:10 [its your rp your rules normal Sara heals instantly!]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 05:12 [I don't even know what the true name of the air pipe is. XD And if it is really just called the air pipe, then you can especially see how stupid I am when it comes to biology.]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 05:13 [Just have Sara lay around unconscious for an hour.]
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 05:18 *slowly heals*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.3 05:19 [Sara ment to do that]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.3 05:20 *her neck hole is getting smaller very slowly but quick enough for someone looking to notice it*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 05:26 Just watch her neck hole. In the meantime...ay, Tinnudi, go get everyone else and bring them here.
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.3 05:26 *just whimpers a little and sits down with his Rubik's cube*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 05:26 Okay...um, Keyan. Could you go get everyone else?
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.3 05:26 (I have to go now, see you guys soon!)
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.3 05:34 [Aw, bye!]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.4 04:10 [I'm here! Word of warning: The thing is going on again where French websites won't load for me. If one of you could re-post the link to the emergency Google Doc file, that'd be much appreciated.]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.4 04:10 [This page loads better than others because it's much smaller than the other RPs I go on, but still... >____< ]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.4 04:24 [hi]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.4 04:26 [*rapidly entering Desperation Mode as not even this RP fully loads* Link? Please?? *puppy face*...Pwetty pwease?]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.4 04:26 [ht tps://docs.google.com/document/d/1xMcReOIcGIe2X4FFvDsH-XkLvvhkdKg08LR5heuefGo/edit?usp=sharing]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.4 04:27 [OH MY GOD! SWEET MERCIFUL LORD OF BACON, THIS PAGE FULLY LOADED!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.4 04:28 [YEET]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.5 04:13 [hi im on]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 04:59 [I time skipped on AHAW2 in a way that would work for everyone]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Dec.7 05:04 [I'm here!]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 05:04 [hi]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.7 05:16 (Hey!)
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Dec.7 05:19 [Let's continue. Gallagher asked Keyan a question. ^.^]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.7 05:31 *nods* Sure thing.
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.7 05:32 *finds everyone else* *it takes him about ten minutes to gather them and bring them back*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:36 *is sitting**by now, the hole in Sara's neck has only gotten smaller**rises*
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.7 05:39 *has the two sisters, Aysel, and Kaleb at his side* Any progress?
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.7 05:40 *keeps laying there*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:44 Some.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:44 Now...there's a reason I have all of us here...
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:45 I'd like to know just how many of us have ESP.
19>Arjun (Ex police officer), 31yo.2018,Dec.7 05:45 *starts looking around at everyone*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 05:46 *opens his mouth to say something, but he's honestly too scared*
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.7 05:46 I dont im just a normal human err... not that there is anything wrong with having ESP
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:50 *gives Travis a "Don't act like I didn't see that" look*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:51 Cecilia disappeared out of thin air. We found this girl hanging by her neck from a spike--she survived.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:51 I want to know every one of you who has ESP, and I want to know exactly what it is you can do.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:52 And if you hold back, you're infringing on our...and YOUR...very survival.
18>Yasmin (Police officer), 30yo.2018,Dec.7 05:52 Having ESP isnt bad at all but it could be helpful
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.7 05:58 *is looking around rapidly* *doesn't trust anyone with that information*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 05:59 I know there are more of you.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 06:00 Here. You want my little secret? *takes out his pipe and pulls out his lighter**twirls the lighter around his finger without touching it--he's able to levitate it and spin it around with ease*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 06:00 Telekinesis, AKA psychokinesis. I can only do it with little objects. It's really handy in fixing things.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 06:01 *lights his pipe without touching his lighter**then lets the lighter drop into his hand and puts it in his pocket*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 06:01 Now... *puffs on his pipe* ...what's your secret?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 06:02 *the others are silent**speaks again* We don't want any more disappearing-reappearing murderers, do we? Now speak up.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 06:04 *would rather not be blamed for anything out of his control* *plus, Gallagher's revelation was encouraging* *nods to himself and strides forward* Me.
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.7 06:04 (I have to go now, see you guys soon!)
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 06:08 *nods in Travis' direction* And what do you do, boyo?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.7 06:09 [See you!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.8 04:46 [hi im on]
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.10 04:33 [I'm here!]
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.10 04:47 I levitate things. So I can't really kill anyone unless I tried.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 04:50 Mmm...I don't think anybody can kill anyone unless they're tryin' to do some sort of harm, boyo. *smirks a little*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 04:50 Who else?
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.10 04:59 *looks from person to person so as to seem inconspicuous*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 05:01 C'mon, we're not the only ones.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 05:05 There's nothing wrong with coming out about having it. There's something wrong with concealing it. I know you're out there. Step forward now.
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.10 05:13 *finally steps forward* *feels all the air trapped inside going to her head* *is pretty shaky* Okay. Me too.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 05:17 And what's your magic power, m'lady?
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:19 [hi]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 05:25 [Hey!]
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.10 05:26 I have healing powers. I don't know... I guess whenever my hands are close to anyone who is physically injured, I have the power to heal them immediately.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 05:31 That's handy.
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 05:31 Anyone else?
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:32 *keeps laying on the floor with a hole in her chest*
7>Grace (Nurse), 28yo.2018,Dec.10 05:40 (I have to go now, bye guys!)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.10 05:42 [Grace: I can heal people! *ignores Sara bleeding on the floor*]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.10 05:43 [XD]
16>Theo (Ceo of Infored Tech), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 04:53 [hi im on sorry im late]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Dec.13 05:00 [Hey! It's perfectly fine.]
3>Cecilia (Psychologist), 36yo.2018,Dec.13 05:00 [I'm close to being just as late.]
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.13 05:15 (I'm here as well!)
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:16 Yes? No? Maybe?
8>Keyan (Landscaper), 59yo.2018,Dec.13 05:27 No one's said anything. I'll take it as a no.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:28 *her eyes flutter and she sits up*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:34 *trys to stand up stumbles a bit and falls down she gets up more slowly the second time using the wall to lean against*
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:37 What the (BLEEP)...
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:39 Ay, you might want to lay down. With a hole like that in your neck you won't be breathin' so good.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:40 *starts using sign language* [if any other character speaks sign language Please say so and Ill traslate what Sara is signing
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:42 ...I thought she was dead??
2>Travis (Student), 19yo.2018,Dec.13 05:42 (I have to go now, see you guys!)
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:43 *glares at Travis and signs some more*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:48 [Aw, bye!]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:48 [byyy]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:48 Have you got severe earwax buildup? She's got ESP.
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.13 05:49 *starts blurting out what Sara is trying to say*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:51 [she basically said "I can do what I ******* want" to Gallagher and "***** you" to Travis she is a bit mad she just got stabbed]
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:52 [And left hanging on a spike for several hours]
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:55 *turns to Tinnudi
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:55 **
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:55 Excuse you?
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:56 Well [BLEEP] you too.
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.13 05:56 That's what she said. *points at Sara*
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:56 Then you can take the last [BLEEP] I give about this whole scenario. *makes a rude gesture at Sara*
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:57 *signs "Thank you Tinnudi"*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.13 05:57 I believe from her movements that her second sentence was directed at Trav--
14>Gallagher (Machinist), 62yo.2018,Dec.13 05:58 Agh, shuddap.
13>Sara (Counter Intelligince), 17yo.2018,Dec.13 05:59 *signs "Tinnudies right the ***** you was for Travis"*
1>Mr. Tinnudi (Financial analyst), 40yo.2018,Dec.13 06:14 *verbally echoes what Sara's saying via sign language*

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