" Meow "
This game is destined to players of 10 to any years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

you play as an animal
it can have powers if you want but not too much

right now we're playing as wolves so I guess it would be better if you're a wolf too so we could make our wolf pack bigger

have a good time! :)

1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 21:49 [Marmalade is a white puppy who likes marmalade, she's cute, little and very curious, she lives with humans and she wears a pink ribbon]
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 21:56 [Maya is the mother of Marmalade. she's a labrador dog. she's very caring and protects her only puppy]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:20 [Scar is pretty mean wolf but it is possible to be his friend, he's gray, he got his scar back when his village were attacked and he loose all his clan, he found one member tho but well...]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 22:27 [This little puppy. he.don't have a name so Scar is calling him 'hey you!'. he's very cute and helps his friends. he's partners with Scar now. he's a brown wolf. he's a little dumb but that's what makes him cute. he likes to play.]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:30 (I forgot the eye colors so: she have light blue eyes, scar have black ir dark gray, and the other puppy have brown eyes or something like fire color)
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:30 (*or)
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:32 (I'll start, you can join whenever you can)
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:32 *sniffing around* mommy what is this?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 22:33 it's grass
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:33 oh no it's moving!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 22:34 honey, it can't... *takes her puppy up and places someplace safe*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:35 what's wrong mommy?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 22:36 it was just underground animal but please be cereful with them!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:36 okay but it looks friendly
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 22:37 yeah I know but it's better to play with something you know
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:38 like this ball? *takes a dog toy from the ground*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 22:38 yup it's safe
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:39 but it's not interesting..
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 22:40 give it to me *takes the ball and rolls it away* now it is. go get it!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:42 *runs after the ball* *bites it and takes back to her mom* got it but it's still not interesting
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.26 22:44 well it looks like it's dinner time. we should go *gets up and starts to walk to the door*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.26 22:44 okay *follows*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:45 *meanwhile at the forest* hey! are you even coming?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 22:47 yes yes wait I can't go as fast as you, you're older
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:48 that doesn't mather, you should have already learned how to run.
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 22:48 *sighs* where are we going anyway?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:49 we're searching for food
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 22:50 oh right well there is a bug *looks down*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:51 eww we won't eat bugs dummie! come! we need to move.
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 22:52 okay *they keeps walking*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:54 *sees a bird* okay here's our chance! shh sleep down, I'll get it...
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:55 *gets close enough and jumps on* gotcya! *bites it*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:56 nice now let's eat *eating* hey you! you can come now.
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 22:57 *comes* can I get some too?..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:58 yeah wait I eat first remember?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 22:58 yes..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 22:59 *finishes* okay it's yours now. eat and we're staying here for the night.
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 23:00 *eating the bird*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.26 23:01 *rolls on the ground and sleeps*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.26 23:02 *goes to sleep too*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.27 09:01 (next day)
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.27 13:21 *wakes up and sneaks out* *looks back to see if her mom is there* *sits down* *goes back in the house to take a toy* *walks outside to play*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.27 13:23 *notices she's not with her* Marmalade, where are you?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.27 13:24 *follows her nose, walks out* why are you here agen?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.27 13:25 I'm wondering what is behind this wall..
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.27 13:29 you can't go there!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.27 13:30 I know.. *thinking about what could be there*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 13:32 Scar! Scar wake up! I'm hungry..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 13:34 aghh... fine let's go hunting *gets up* this time, you hunt!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 13:35 okay hmm *looks around* can we hunt humans?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 13:36 no but maybe later when we're bigger
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 13:37 okay then.. *looks around* is there a lake or river close?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 13:38 how could I know? we don't live here. okay be quaet! *listens*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 13:40 mm maybe to that side but I'm not sure.. come! *walking*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 13:46 there it is! *jumps into a stream*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 13:47 *sleeps down* that's not how you catch fish
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 13:55 *waiting...* come fishy fishy fishy... *a fish is swimming down the stream* yes come closer *jumps on it* Scar! I think I got it! come help!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 13:57 fine *takes the fish out of water and takes a bite* you can have it
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 13:57 *eating his fish*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 14:04 Scar, how about humans? they have food right?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 14:05 yeah, what do you mean?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 14:05 well, we could sneak into their home and get some food..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 14:06 ha! yeah right, go ahead if you want to sit in a cage!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 14:07 ... but we're little.. they wont notice us
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 14:08 they will! shut up and eat!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 14:09 okay..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 14:11 you can go but it's on your own risk then 'cause I'm not coming with you
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 14:11 hm..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.27 14:13 are you finish? we should start walking if you want to get to homes tonight
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.27 14:14 ya let's go
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 12:01 *about night time* *sleeping*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:03 *at the wall of this house* okay. you ready? go! if you still want it of corse..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:04 yeah I'll get some food *sneaks in the garden* hmm there should be a dog bowl somewhere..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:05 *runs into the wall of the house* ah it's too dark
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:06 *hears* ? *walks to the door* ! *watches silently*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:08 *sniffing around*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:10 *thinking: looks safe* hey! what are you searching for?..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:11 ah! *jumps back* I mean, hey, um, I, can I get some food?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:12 hmm okay.. wait here ^^ *walks inside*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:12 *comes* where's the food you told me about?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:13 wait, she will give it to us
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:13 who is she??
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:14 a puppy girl, she seams friendly
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:15 ah you.. you can't talk to them, it can be a trap!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:16 *coming out* oh.... is this your friend?... *feels a little scared because Scar looks dangerous*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:17 yeah pup. thnx for the food, let's go you!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:18 thank you.. bye *follows Scar*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:19 *after a moment* wait, can I come with you? I want to know how's the life behind this wall..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:20 ahhaha that's dumb! you would die there pup!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:21 wait, Scar. maybe she could come for a day? she helped us, we need to give her something too..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:22 we're bad guys, we don't team with puppies!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:22 but Scar....
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:23 please?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:24 she's your problem than. I'm not going to look after her! *walks away*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:24 come puppy. we're going. *smiles*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:25 yay ^^ *follows him*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:26 *after some time* I'm Marmalade, what is your name?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:27 I.. um.. I guess it's 'you'
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:27 ahahahaha dummie!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:28 huh?..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:29 you. don't. have. a name!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:30 but but...... I thought... why did you?... wait so... all this time I didn't have a name?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:30 yup because I don't care
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:31 you're mean!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:32 oh and what will you do? *laughing* you will attack me? haah! xD
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:33 no.. *looks at 'you'* don't worry.. we will think something cute for you.
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:46 *sitting sad* thank you Marmar..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 12:48 looks like we're staying here for the night, sleep down. *eats some food and goes to sleep*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:48 how about Taco?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:49 I'm not a food
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:49 right. maybe Jojo?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:50 haha are you trying to get me laugh?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:53 yup ^^ okay than Tito? Tommy? Hector? Chris? Pudin? Rophert? Jake?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:54 wait! how about something with Jake? it sounds good
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:56 hmm Jake, Jacky, Jeremy, Jefry, Jimmy, J...., Jacob, J. okay I don't know anymore
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:57 hmmm how about Jefry or Jimmy?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 12:58 I think Jimmy better suits you *smiles*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 12:58 okay thank you! *smiles*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 14:41 (next day)
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.28 16:38 Marmalade! *runs out* oh no where are you....
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:40 Marmar wake up! wake up!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:41 what? oh okay sure. do we have any water?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:41 yup, follow me! *runing to the stream*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:42 *follows*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 16:43 *at the stream* hey kids. I was thinking and I guess we're staying to live here.
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:43 ok
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:44 *drinks some water*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:45 *yawns* what are we going to do today?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 16:46 hunt
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:46 I haven't done that..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 16:47 your problem not mine
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:47 I'll teach you *smiles*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:47 okay thanks Jimmy ^^
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:48 who?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:48 oh hahaha me, I forgot
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:50 okay so what you do is wait and watch around silently and when your hunt is enough close for you to catch it, just jump on it and.. and bite it down
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:51 sounds interesting but evil.. I could just get food from home
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:51 yeah.. but what if you're lost? you wont know how to survive then..
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:52 hm yea you're right..
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:52 I wonder what mom is doing... she's probably worried about me
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:53 you want to go back?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:54 no it's okay but I wonder will she allow me to left next time I want to follow you two
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:54 are you gonna tell her about us?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:55 she will ask I know
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 16:56 and you think she wont allow us to meet agen?...
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:57 yeah she don't like strangers
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 16:58 am I too nice today or what but I guess you could just forget about the meaning about a house and live with our pack
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 16:58 your pack?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 16:59 well we need members so I guess we could keep you here
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:00 oh that's an awesome idea Scar! *hugs him*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:00 ahhhhhrrr stop!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:01 will you stay Marmar? will you? please? it will be cool!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 17:01 well...... I don't know how to be a wolf
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:02 yeah.. but! you look like a white wolf! maybe you just need to think like a wolf and noone will notice that you're a dog
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 17:03 you think so? *looks at herself at the water* hmm you're right wow
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:04 *looks at Scar* Scar?..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:05 what? *understands* oh no no no I said I don't care, I wont teach her, no!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:06 please!! please please please please please!!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:06 shut up!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:06 than you will do it?!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:06 no
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:07 please!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:07 nope I'm not going to do that
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:08 but, Scaaar.... you're an awesome teacher! please teach her too!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:08 okay what do you want to do that?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:08 what I want? hmm
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:12 that's better. first of all! I wont care if she fails, and I'm not the one to care about her, I will only tech her. second of all! I'm the older and you obey me! and the last one is to don't disturb my sleep and don't do all the annoying things puppies do
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:13 'cause we're not babies anymore and this is forest lady!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:13 am I clear?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 17:14 y-yeah master!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:16 *after a while* *starts laughing his ass of* omg ahahahaaha sorry you're just so serious that it's funny XD
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 17:16 hehe
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:16 I hate you xp
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 17:18 phew ah okay well let's do something. and thank you for accepting this *smiles*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 17:18 yeah whatever
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:01 I guess your first lesson is to think like a wolf. try some
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:02 I'm a wolf, wof wof rrrr, I like to eat and sleep..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:03 *closes his eyes* that was horrible *opens eyes* that's not what a wolf would say!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:05 try something like: rrrrr my food, get lost parasite! I hunt I eat. wolves are not puppies! they're never nice, Mar!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:06 Jimmy is nice
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:06 'cause he's a puppy.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:08 now try to be a mean wolf or you will never learn to protect yourself when you get lost!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:08 rrrr... *silence*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:09 what was that?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:09 okay let's try this one *howls*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 19:10 wow that's cool! awoooo!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:10 Jake.. no you need to practice more. you sound horrible
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 19:11 it's Jimmy.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:11 whatever. Mar! now you.
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:12 awawawaaaooooo....
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:13 aghhhh No!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:13 sorry
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:14 go into that stream and get a fish or you're hopeless!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:14 *puts one paw in* the water is cold..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:14 so?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:15 I can get sick
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:15 or you can get imunitate.
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:16 what's that?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:18 it's when your body had been sick so many times that it just can't get sick agen because it knows how to beat the sicknes already... something like that Idk
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:19 okay.. *walks in* m so cold
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:19 Jim?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 19:20 oh um now remember what I told you this morning? hunt it down! I believe you can! *smiles*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 19:21 *waiting for a fish*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 19:35 *sits down*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 21:59 *sees a fish* fishhhhh.... *waits and jumps* did I get it? ahh no I didn't...
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 22:00 *waiting..........* *sees another fish* *misses it too* ah..
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 22:02 *after some failing times* *jumps* yes! finally! *takes it with mouth and brings out the water*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 22:03 yay... -_- give it to me *takes the fish and kills it* here, it's yours, little.
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 22:04 yay my first hunt ever! ^^ *eating* m nice but I prefer meat
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.28 22:07 yeah yeah eat!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 22:12 can I have some?..
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 22:13 yes sure *gives the fish to Jimmy*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.28 22:17 *eating*
7>- (i dunno what im doin), -yo.2016,Aug.28 22:33 [Srry, i have to leave bye!]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.28 22:39 [I knew you will take the blue slot ;) okay than tomorrow? you will play tomorrow right?]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:03 let's go
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:03 huh? you said we're staying here..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:05 yeah I know but we need to find some more pack members so we will move by this river and see where it flows
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:05 okay sounds good for me
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:05 but... what about home?..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:06 you're a wolf now, wolves don't live at houses with humans.
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:08 but but I should atleast tell mommy that I'm leaving and I could get some food too?..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:08 nrr I don't know.. she may not let you go.
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:10 well.. other puppies went away too, I was the last one that stayed so I guess it's normal that I leave?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:11 hmm yeah I have heard about it. maybe she already thinks the owners sold you so you shouldn't go back
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:12 I guess.. *sad*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:13 well anyway. let's go now!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:14 *walking*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:15 *jumping around*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:16 could you please walk normal!?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:17 aw okay.. *walking behind*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:30 stop! see that dear?.. do you think we could get it by three?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:30 hmm I could try
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:31 I don't know.. I don't think I could do that
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:33 well let's try and see. so I'll go from left, Jim goes from right but you.. I guess you just come in the middle but if you run enough fast you could go in front of it?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:34 I'll stay here
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:35 kaay. go! *sneaking by left*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:35 *sneaking by right* *whispers* can we run now?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:36 okay. Marmar, be ready to catch it!! *runs*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:37 *runs and tries to bite it*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:39 ahhh it's coming closer....!! *tries to growl and stands in front of it while others are runing after it*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:41 *dear stops and brothers(I guess we could call them brothers) catches it*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:42 *dear falls* nice job team! *smiles first time in his life*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:42 wow..
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.29 23:43 yay yay we did it yay!! ^^ *jumping happy*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:43 what are we going to do now?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:44 hm yeah I guess we're staying here for some days while we eat this
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.29 23:45 okay
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:46 Marmalade please! don't jump.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.29 23:47 let's eat I guess *everyone eats*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:00 *chasing after bunny, runs by*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:01 what was that?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:01 hmm let's see. it's coming back.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:02 *walks in front*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:03 *runing* ah? *stops* why? you let the bunny away!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:03 hey! I'm Jimmy! nice to meet you! ^^
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:04 oh hey *sees the dear* I see you have food? *walks there*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:05 wait wait wait budy! it's ours!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:05 m just a little?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:06 you let my hunt run so I guess I can get some of this?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:06 sounds true
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:07 fine
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:07 who is this little pup?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:08 it's Marmar, she's new on our pack.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:08 oki *eats*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:11 hey Scar? he looks friendly, maybe he could stay with us?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:11 you think?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:12 hey um what is your name?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:12 I'm Moon
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:13 do you have a pack?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:13 nope
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:13 hmmm...
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:14 would you like to be in one?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:14 sure
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:14 in ours?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:15 ok ^^ you look like a good team
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:17 I'll be back *runs to the stream to drink*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:18 he looks fast.. do he ever walks? looks like he's runing all his life...
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 15:18 yeah... but he's cool ^^
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:19 yup I like him
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:20 *back* so. what's the plan for today?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:20 um... nothing really
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:21 hm kay
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:21 but you should know I'm the leader here..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:22 you? the leader? haha prove it!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:22 what's your moto?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:23 I'm the older here, you obey me..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:24 mh yeah good but I think I'm older than you, well I'm a little bigger tho.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:25 wanna fight?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:25 um sure..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:26 *whispers to Marmalade* don't you think Scar looks scared of him?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 15:27 *whispers back* yeah that's unusual for him..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:28 *whispers back* I'm afraid Moon will get our new leader..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:29 kay. let's start! *starts the fight*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:29 *fights back*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:31 *and soooo the fight goes bla bla bla it ends* *the fight ends with Scar on the ground while Moon is pushing him down with his paw*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:33 sorry fellow, looks like I have win this fight.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:34 *sighs and gets up* fine. I don't care anyway. *walks away*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:35 Scar! wait! *runs after him* where are you going?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:36 I want to stay alone now.. go play with Moon, Jimmy.!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:36 will you come back?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:37 yes go!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:37 okay..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:38 is he okay?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:38 yeah
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:39 I didn't mean to make him sad..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:40 but well what's done that's done. who wants to play cath me?!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 15:40 we're not fast..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:41 than how did you hunt that dear?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 15:41 with team work
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:42 cool. I have never hunted in team
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 15:42 you should try
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:42 [Atlani has white fur with caramel dotte and blue eyes]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:43 sure. what do you pups wanna do?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:43 [she is very playful and lives in a house ]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:44 [shr has no sibblings and her mother died when giving birth to her]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 15:45 [heya! ^^]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:45 [She nevermgetsmany attention and her owners only come twice s week to feed her]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:46 we could play hide and seak?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:46 [Hi Cindy /\ /\
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:46 ah no that's a boring game
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:46 *]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:47 where do you get so much energy?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:47 *walks onto the couch belly growling* Mmmm I need eat!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 15:47 hm Idk I guess it's natural for my breed
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:48 I want try m-mommy,when will she RBER come to love me and feed me and......
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 15:49 what is it?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:49 ^.^
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:50 [Cindy I have an idea how about Alanti walks away and she finds you and marmalade on the journey?{
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 15:52 [sure]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:53 [okie dokie]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:54 *rund away in search for food-*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:55 *sees a puppy and a dog with a pack of wolves*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:56 [I have to wash my face be back in a minute]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:57 [Cindy are you there?]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 15:59  Secret message to Marmalade  
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:01 my breed is a bit of husky I think
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 16:01 [sorry phone went down]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:02 [ok]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:03 ok
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:04 *trotts fearfully behind the closest tree to them*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:04 (please use [ ] when talking in real life!..)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:04 They look so happy.....so big and strong.....they won't want to bother with such a tiny pup like me...
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:05 [I am doing thatCindy]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 16:06 *hears something* shh what was that?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:06 [maybe let's say Marmalade spotted her]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:06 what?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 16:07 there's someone in that bush I think
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:07 *shuts her trap*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:07 N-nothing *whispers that*. It's nothing pup...
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:07 maybe a bunny?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:08 *walks closer*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:08 [First say what animal your person is then describe it]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:09 I'm not a bunny!*whisper shouts that*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:09 oh. come out than
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:10 *whimpers and steps out from behind themtree*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:10 *rhe tree
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:10 a puppy?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:11 [arrrrr I tried to fix my typo with another typo aaaarrrrggghhhh]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:11 *walks closer* hey! I'm Jimmy ^^ what's your name?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:12 Y-yes Um Al-Atlanti
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:13 [sorry Cindy and player thirteen I will be back in ten minutesI have to eat breakfast]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:13 (wait what where is James?)
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:13 (sure have a delicious breakfast! ^^)
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:16 okay.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:17 you want to join us?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:17 we should ask Scar
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:18 I thought I'm the leader now?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:18 no, Moon, you're not even if you won
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:19 hm meh whatever
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:19 *runs to find Scar* hey Scar come please!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:20 why do you need me?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:21 we have a newcomer
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:21 another newcomer?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:21 yeah let's go.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:22 okay *gets up and they walks to the puppy*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:23 hello pup
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:26 (ummm... James? I think you will have to come agen because I was talking to Atlani not you.....)
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:27 how old are you? geez
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:31 I am three I think sir..
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:32 [yes my breakfast was delicious though Ism angry with mom]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:37 (why?..)
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:37 agh I don't know.. do we need another puppy?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:37 another?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 16:38 yeah Marmalade is a dog too
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:38 oh I thought she's a white wolf
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 16:38 thanks ^^
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:39 well anyway
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:39 so you want to join?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:42 Ah-sure
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:42 [are you there?]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:42 ok
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:42 but you'll need to learn to be a wolf!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:43 you think you can do it?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:44 [becauseshe is being SO unfair]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:44 A-a wolf?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:44 (what did she do?)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:45 I-I think so.....do we get fed everyday?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:45 well yeah if you want to join our pack, you have to be a wolf because this is wolves pack
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:45 yeah
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:46 are you hungry?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:47 [I told Kya (my sister) to stop eating her mango do loud and sloppily because it was annoying]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:47 *points paw at Marmalade* she isn't a wolf sir...
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:47 (xD)
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:48 yeah but she learns fast
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:49 I believe she will be a good wolf soon
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:49 [my mother said to leave her alone!!!!!!!!]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:50 (just because you said her to stop?..)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:51 *gulps* okay sir
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:52 [yep]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:52 ah you don't look good.. go there is food *points at the dear they hunted before*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:53 Wow you-WOW I get to eat some of that?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:54 I'm use to rotten fruit and kitty litter!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:54 yeah sure
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:55 hey um do you really think she will learn to be a wolf?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:55 she's yung, she may even forget that she's a pup
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:56 true.
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:56 *rushes over to the deer and starts taking huge bites*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:57 she's yung, she may even forget that she's a pup
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:58 *licks blood off lips* that was the best thing I EVER tasted!!!!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:58 (ah dubble post)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 16:59 [what time is it where you live Cindy?]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:59 really? what did you eat before than?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 16:59 (18pm)
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 17:00 (lol wait no 6pm)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:03 Rotten fruit and kitty
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:04 Litter
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:04 [oh it's eleven am here]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:09
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 17:13 I have no idea what it is but sounds bad
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 17:15 (I'm wondering what is Atlani breed?)
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 17:15 (Marmalade is samoyed breed)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:16 [ok]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:18 [she is a Siberian Husky]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:20 [are you still there Cindy?]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 17:21 (yup)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:27 [ok]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:30 hey Atlani wanna play?!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:35 Sure
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:36 okay do you know any game?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:37 No
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 17:39 how about hide and seek?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:43 Ok
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 17:45 Jimmy counts *runs away to hide*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:46 why me? okay. 30, 20, 5, 16, 43, 9, 8....
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:48 7, 4, 3, 2, 1, I'm comming!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:49 *searches around*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:50 *hides in the bush quickly*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:52 *founds Marmalade behind a tree* found ya!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 17:52 aw okay
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:53 *follows his nose*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 17:53 *goes deeper into the budh*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:53 hmm in this bush maybe? *nope that's not the bush*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:54 maybe this bush! *tries to go in*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:54 are u there?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:55 ohh yup I know you are
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 17:57 *paws her* gotchya!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 18:07 Aww man!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:12 what do u want to do now?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 18:13 we could show her around maybe
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:14 yup
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:14 let's go!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 18:15 *they're walking to the stream first*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:23 hey Marmalade wanna see how I hunt?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 18:23 um sure
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:24 *jumps in the water*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:25 *waits for a fish and jumps on it* yes!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:26 *brings it out and bites it down*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:26 cool huh? ^^
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:27 this is for you ^^ *gives the fish to Marmalade*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 18:29 thank you ^^ *licks his cheek*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.30 18:30 hahaha ^^
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 18:31 *eats a little* you want this too Atani?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:23 so how did you find your pack members, Scar?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:42 well there was a bloody war between two wolf packs and they were stronger so we lost and only I and Jim survived..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:44 hm weird we got attacked too.. okay and how did you find the white puppy?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:47 she just ran away from home, we asked for food but it turned out with she following us so we keeped her
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:49 she had everything but she choosed to live in a forest? well that's interesting. I guess she wanted adventures hm
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:50 so you were attacked too?..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:51 yup.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:52 why are you so cool about it? did you win?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:53 na we didn't win..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 20:55 where did you live?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:01 hm I don't quite remember my past but I remember there was a little mountain and a water place. I remember I had three sisters and brother but I never really talked with sisters so I was playing with my brother
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:03 I guess they all died on that day when we got attacked.... I ran away so I survived
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:04 *looks confused* but.. I remember this too.. the sisters and brother and the place where we lived.. how can it be?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:05 what do you mean?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:06 don't you think we could be those brothers?..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:07 what? no it can't be! *tickles Scars ear*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:08 nrrr don't!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:09 wow I can't believe it! it really is you! oh Scar I thought you're dead *hugs him tight*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:10 *is silently happy but doesn't show that*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:11 let's play the game we used to play! catch the tail!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:11 *they're jumping around like puppies remembering those times*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:18 let's play the game we used to play! catch the tail!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.30 21:20 (ah dobble post)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.30 21:43 [sorry for leaving you Cindy I had a long day of cleaning]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 21:51 (okay I'm here)
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.30 22:04 [are u here?]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 10:59 (answer Marmalade)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 17:38 No thanks he caught it for you..*giggles*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 20:18 haha okay ^^
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 20:56 hey look! what's happening there?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 20:57 are they fighting agen?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 20:57 hm no looks like they're playing..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 20:57 let's go!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 20:58 *they walks to where Scar and Moon is*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 20:58 *notices them and stops* hey
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 20:58 what's going on?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 20:59 we found out that we're brothers *smiling*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 20:59 Moon!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 21:00 oh I thought we can tell them?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 21:00 so you're brothers.... okay that's cool ^^
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:01 what were you playing?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 21:01 catch the tail
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 21:01 sounds interesting
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 21:01 yeah it is
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 21:02 cool, can I play too?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 21:03 hmm well it's like brothers game to us two but you can play it with pups if you want
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 21:04 yeah but it's getting late, let's go sleep *sleeps down*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 21:05 true. good night everyone! *sleeps down*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:05 *goes to sleep too*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 21:08 *sleeping but can't sleep.. so he decides to sleep by Marmalade* *snuggles alongside her*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:08 *wakes up* Jimmy why are you here?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 21:09 I got cold...
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 21:09 I think the winter is coming soon.
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:10 okay
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:23 ^^
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:26 (hey :) I'm still here)
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:29 (next day)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:33 [Cindy yay!]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:34 [i was reading the new posts sorry]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:36 (sure that's good)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:36 [^^]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:38 Cool!I don't think I had brothers...or sisters...I do remember having an older dog with me though...
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:39 I think it was a she....I think I used to call her mob.....or com......or something like that...
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:40 *is muttering in her sleep*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:41 [Cindy are you there?]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:42 [I was brushing my hear]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:44 [okie dokke]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:47 [what do you you think could happen today?]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:48 *wakes up panting* -*looks around and sees everyone e,se is sleeping*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:48 [hhhhhhhmmmm *puts on thinking cap* *gets an idea*]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:50 [maybe we find out marmalade and Maya are actually Atlantis family,and because Atlanti was her youngest pup and there was a terrible storm...]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:52 [hmm okay they can be sisters]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:52 [Maya left her in the house she ran away from and took her other older pups(including marmalade) and found wherever they are now]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:53 [sound good?]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:53 [but how do they find out though?You say how]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:56 [Can you Plz join my house cats and dogs RP?]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:56 [wait so Maya left her there? hmm she wouldn't do that to her puppies]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 21:57 (yeah sure, remind me later)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 21:58 [no no you ate looking at it wrong.She did that to protect her because she would get tired and hungry easily and she would drown in the mud the storm caused]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:01 [hmm I don't know but I think I found a better idea.. how about it have been some years since Marmar left so Maya had her next puppies and Atlani was given away?]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:04 [ok sure I do agree with that]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:05 (oh I know how it happened!! first puppies was Maya+Samoyed but the second ones dad was Husky so now it's clear but we still need to think how they found out that they are sisters..]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:06 (maybe: "do you remember your mom's name?" or something else.. Idk)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:07 [yeah....]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:08 [yeah maybe something like that]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:08 [do you have any better ideas on your mind?..]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:11 [no let's do what you said]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:12 (you might not understand why I call Marmalade-Marmar-Mar and the other names? well it's just to shorten her name but I think it even sounds better)
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:13 (ok)
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:13 (you wake up first)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:16 *looks around the atmosphere*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:17 Wake up guys!!!!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:19 *wakes up* it's morning? *gets up* hmm I'm hungry.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:20 get up you sleepies!! *pokes Scar with his nose*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:20 Me too!!!!food!food!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:20 nrrr why don't you let me sleep.....
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:21 *gets up* okay food
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:22 *sees Jimmy and Marmalade* hey look to those two! haha
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:22 Get up lazies!!!!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:23 *wakes up and jumps up* oh no it's nothing! I just felt cold
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:23 mh yeah okaylet's hunt
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:24 *frowns* has started to get a crush on Jimmy-*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:25 *wakes up last* mm yeah we should do that
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:26 (ouuuu Jimmy have two chrushes ^~^)
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:26 okay puppies! let's hunt!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:27 I'm not a puppy, Moon.
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:27 [ooouuu indeed]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:27 hmhm okay ^~^
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:28 I don't know how to hunt....what should I do?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:30 if you want you can practice with fishing but real wolves hunts meat
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:31 *says that while glaring at marmalade*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:32 Um..ok sir
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:33 *sees that* *rolls her hed in confusion(like dogs do*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:34 well than what will you do now?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:36 Just watch and learn I guess...
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:37 I guess they could go fishing while we hunt
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:38 yeah.. well she should start with something easy I guess
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:38 okay we will teach her
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:39 let's go fishing, Atlani :)
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:40 *they tree goes to the stream*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:40 do you see anything good?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 22:41 hm no let's walk a little
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:41 *smiles really bog* YES JIMMY!!!!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:43 okay so first you have to stand here *jumps into the water* ah it's colder than before...
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:43 *just playing around trying to get something too*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:44 -*jumps in after him* *yelps* aaaarrrrggghhhh it's SO cold!!!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:44 come in it's safe just cold..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:44 (nvm)
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:45 I know I know..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:46 let's do it fast, I'm cold too. okay now wait for a fish and jump on it
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:46 They are fish things in here?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:47 *decides to tease Jimmy*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:48 there's a fish *waits for it...... and jumps* hold it and bite it *takes it in mouth and gets out of water*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:48 what?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:49 *jumps out after him shaking out her fur*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:50 yeh it's cold.. I guess you wont learn to catch fish..
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:50 You like 'Marmar' don't you Jimmy?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:50 you can take mine
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:51 what? why? I mean... yeah well she's a friend.. um Friend!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:51 *growls* I will too Jimmy!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:52 I won't accept your offer!aill get my own fish!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:52 it will be winter so you will need to wait warmer time to go fishing
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:53 oh.. okay
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:54 *comes* hey I got thiss bird
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:54 And BYW I know you like her Jimmy,you ALWAYS stare at her..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:54 that's good *eats his fish*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:55 I.. don't stare
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:56 what are you talking about?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:56 nothing it's nothing Mer....
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:57 oki *eats the bird*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:57 *jumps into the river holding back a yelp*. *tries to get a fish while glaring T marmalade*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:57 how did you get a bird?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:58 I found it on the ground
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 22:58 *howls really loudly* ow ow ow!!!! Something bit me something bit me!!!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 22:59 oh.. well it's good but you shouldn't eat what's already dead okay?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 22:59 oh okay
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:00 Atlani!! *jumps in*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:00 *paw is bleeding badly*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:00 *trying to help her out*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:01 oh no.. *brings her out*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:01 Save me someone!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:02 Marmar! search for Scar, we need help!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:02 It-it hurts!!!!*howls trying to signal the older wolves*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:02 it's okay shh *licks her paw*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 23:03 *runs to them*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:03 *running* yes we heard
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:04 *is there* what happened?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:04 *feels like a princess and Jimmy is her Price* *ehines* NIH uh I won't shush!ITHIRTS!!!!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:05 something bite her, I don't know what
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:05 *prince
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:06 (hmm I'm wondering how to help xD well im not a doctor so)
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:06 *nuh *hurts*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:07 [yeah lol]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:08 I guess the best to do is... yeah what you're already doing *sits down*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:09 I'll check the water *searches for this biter*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:10 (was it fish? you know streams are not too deep so what could it possibly be?)
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:11 are you feeling any better? *still trying to lick the blood off*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:15 *whimpers*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:15 N-no
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:17 ah we need a doctor...
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:17 N-no! I don't want a- a d-doctor
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 23:17 I know my human was a doctor if that's okay?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:18 hmm well I guess that is the best way.. but there will be your mom..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:19 if go we all, she will understand that puppy is with us now
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:20 M-MOM!thats what I called the older dog...A MOM!!!!!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:20 okay! let's go! help me bring her please
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:21 yeah we all call our moms.. well moms *gets Atlani on his back*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:22 *they are all running to the home*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Aug.31 23:25 *straches the door barking loud*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:27 *a human comes and looks by the window* oh my hosh! wolves!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:28 *Maya sees her puppy* Atlani! *tries to tell the man that it's safe*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:28 *whimpers*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:29 M-mom?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:29 *he's scared but understands and let's them in* okay okay nice wolf! please don't bite me.....
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:30 *watches worried*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:30 *puts Atlani down*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:31 *human* oh there's an injured puppy okay wait here I'll get some things *runs upstares*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:33 *Maya walks to Atlani* hey Atlani.. is that really you? ah why did you ran away..
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:33 You are my mom?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:35 yes..
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 23:35 wait what? no she's my mom..
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:36 I-I don't remember....
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:36 *looks at Marmalade* you left with them too?.. come here!..
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:37 *growls* I don't have a sister!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:37 it's okay Atlani, I am your mom *licks her paw*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:38 you have, don't worry, sleep..
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 23:38 *walks to her mom*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:39 *s,iles* told you 'marmar'!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:39 *looks around her* okay you look fine, I guess you're happy with your new familly..
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Aug.31 23:40 told what?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:41 *looks back especially ay Jimmy*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:42 *rolls golden eyes*nvm
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Aug.31 23:43 *does not know wether to stay with the wolf pack or her new mom*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:52 *human comes back, gives her some antipain medicine and rolls her paw with cheesecloth* okay now it should be okay but if it's not, you can come agen I guess..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:53 okay let's go
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:54 *taking Atlani on his back*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:55 wait! she's my puppy!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Aug.31 23:56 ... you want her to stay?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:56 if she wants..
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:57 Atlani? are you feeling better? where do you want to stay?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Aug.31 23:57 with wolves or me?....
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 00:00 [I have school tomorrow so I better go to sleep, bye, ttyl]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.1 01:49 I-I don't know...
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.1 01:49 I love you both..
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 10:39 [I'm back]
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 10:40 what will we do?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.1 10:40 she could stay while her paw gets better
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.1 10:49 okay
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.1 10:50 *lays Atlani on a sofa*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.1 10:52 let's go *walks outside*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.1 10:53 *others follows, Jimmy stays the last, then goes too*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.1 10:55 I hope she gets better.. did you catch anything?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.1 10:55 no
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.1 10:56 oh okay let's do it than
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.1 10:57 *they walks back to the place they're living and tries to hunt something*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.3 00:48 So.....you're my mom?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.3 15:02 yes
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.4 19:12 *walking at the forest* Richter, catch! *throws a ball*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.4 19:12 *runs after it and brings back*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.4 19:13 hmm thanks, I guess I should think something to understand you..
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.4 19:16 *sees something and stops, watching angry to that side*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.4 19:16 what's there, Richter?
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.4 19:17 *bunny jumps out* oh it's a bunny
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.4 19:17 wof wof
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.4 19:18 um yeah we could use it for experiments if you mean that?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.4 19:19 wof *chasing after bunny*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.4 19:20 *bunny jumps in a tree root cave* *straching the ground, trying to get in*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.4 19:21 *walks there* it's okay, Richter, we don't need it, let's go home
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.4 19:25 *sighs and follows Chris home*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.5 00:26 **Flint*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.5 00:28 [slrry I haven't. Eem on in a while]
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.5 00:28 O-ok what s that thing?*raises law at couch*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.5 15:27 it's a couch, you used to love to sleep there
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.5 17:37 it's a couch, you used to love to sleep there
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.7 16:28 *comes home and goes to his laboratory*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 16:29 *jumps into sofa and sleeps*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.7 16:31 *creating something*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.7 16:33 Moon, you have lived alone, do you know any good places to hunt?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:35 well there is no one place because animals are usually moving but I think we could go to that side and see what's there
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.7 16:36 okay let's go
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.7 16:37 so have you ever been here?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:38 I have been almost everywhere walking by the river so I know this forest side good
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:39 but it's always good to try some new roads so I have a question for *looks at Scar* you.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:40 what's the question?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:41 well I know you have always followed the stream, right?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:42 yeah it's safe 'cause I always can get to drink and I can hunt fish if I don't get anything better
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:43 and other animals needs to drink too, right? so it's the best to stay close to this sream.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:44 hmm well yeah but I'm thinking to search another place and maybe there won't be a stream so I'm asking will it be okay?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:46 ..no it's not good, we we need ti stay here, it's still good in this place
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:47 yeah I know but I may know a lake, waterfall, river or pound, does that sound good?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:48 ahh okay but than it will be your falt if we're thirsty or hungry
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.7 16:50 we won't be hungry, we're a good team and I can live without water I guess
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:50 yeah it will be winter soon too and we can eat snow
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:51 fine then *stops* what direction are we going?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:53 we're going there but I guess we could go a little to the left side, sounds good?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:53 are you sure it's better there?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:54 yeah I lived there like two summers and I wasn't hungry or thirsty or anything else
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:55 fine let's go *they keeps walking*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.7 16:55 what about Atlani?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:56 she's a home pup, I never really thought she could survive in the wild world
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.7 16:57 but she have survived hunger and nobody cared about her.. you really think she's not good for our team?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 16:58 I don't really care
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:05 we may come back for her some day, don't worry Marmalade
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.7 17:06 okay
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:19 *Richter hears footsteps and jumps up* who's there!? *walks outside*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:22 ah shh I forgot about this home.. *he whispers* hide here, I will go talk to him *walks closer as others hide*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:23 rrrrr
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:23 hey um.. Richter, right?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:24 yes and who are you?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:26 I'm Moon, don't you remember me?.. I used to live close
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:27 hmm yeah, would you like to come in?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:28 actually.. I'm here with some friends. we can live here, right?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:28
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:30 can we live where I lived for two years? in the cave there *looks back*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:31 yeah.. yeah you can. would you like to help my owner? he's building something, I guess a talking necklase and he needs to try it..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:31 he have you, don't he?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:32 yes but we always need a new hamster
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:33 why are you always thinking about job?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:34 because I'm a helper, I have to make my owner happy, I work for him
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:35 tch fine, as you want. well than I'm going, bye for now
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:36 waait! can I see your team?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:37 *sighs* okay *calls out to them* you can come!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:38 *they comes* this is my brother-Scar and these two pups are Jimmy and Marmalade
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.7 17:39 hey..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:39 so you live in a house?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:41 mh mh I live with a human and you look perfect for būs experiments. are you sure you don't want to help us?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:41 *his
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:43 Richter! no we won't do it, we're wild animals, we don't communicate with humans!
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.7 17:43 rrrr than get lost! *walks inside the house*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:45 jezz he's so under his owner?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:46 yeah.. he likes to work for him every hour of his life..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:47 that's stupid to work as experimenting hamster
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:48 yeah but he have been doing it since born so he don't know how to live without that
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.7 17:49 did you saw how he looked at me?... I think he have something on mind
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:51 he probobly thought you're the smallest so he could steal you but we won't let him take any of us.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.7 17:52 okay but now let's go to my cave *walking*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 16:15 *goes to Flint* wof wof rr wof..
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 16:15 sorry Richter I don't understand
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 16:17 try this on *puts a collar on Richter* does it work?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 16:18 wof
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 16:19 *sighs and takes it off* I'll make this, okay? do something while I'm working
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 16:19 *walks back to the sofa and sleeps*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.8 16:20 *they're by the cave* oh wow is this the cave? it's cool
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:21 yup this is my cave
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:21 *walks in* nice.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:23 well.. I'll go talk to Richter.. will you stay here? you should stay but I guess that Scar can come
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:24 I'll stay with them, I don't really like that Richter wolf
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:25 okay bye *walks to the house* Richy, are you home?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 16:25 *walks out* what do you want?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:26 sorry for the before.. I just didn't want them to know that I'm in this busines too
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 16:27 than you'll help?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:28 yeah but you can't use them or tell them that I'm working too
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 16:28 kay, come in *they walks inside*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 16:29 you want anything to eat? we can ask owner if you want. he's busy now
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:30 um yeah okay let's go meet him *they walks to Flint*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 16:33 10010101101110000 *notices them* oh welcome back, Moon. where was you? I'm making a talking collar now, I guess I'll need to make one for you too.
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 16:34 *gets up* well I guess you're hungry, let's go find something for you *they walks to the kitchen*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 16:36 *puts some dog food into two bowls* here ya go *pats the wolves heads and walks back to work
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 16:36 *
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:37 *eats*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 16:38 it's getting late, you should probobly go
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:39 yeah thanks for the food bye *walks back to the cave*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:40 you're finally back! I thought they kidnaped you!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 16:41 no everything is fine, let's go to sleep
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.8 16:41 (next day)
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:03 Richter! come here, I think it's ready.
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 18:03 *comes*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:04 *puts the collar on* now talk
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 18:05 d.. did did you work all night ht?
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:05 hmm I hear some mistakes but I think I can correct them..
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:06 yup all night. oh I'm so happy it works! *hugs Richter*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:07 okay now wait here *takes it off to correct some things...*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:08 *after few minits* okay now it should be good *puts it on*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 18:09 I don't know what to say
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:09 yes! it works yas!
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:10 *takes another collar* give this to Moon, okay? try to not lost it anywhere please!
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 18:11 oki *walking to Moon's cave*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:12 wait! I'll go with you *follows Richter*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:13 *wakes up, hears foot steps* Moon someone's there
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:13 I um will look at it, stay here *walks outside*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:14 hello, Moon!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:14 shhhhh!!
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 18:15 you can't talk loud, owner.. his clan can't know he's friend with you
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:16 oh okay.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:16 wait what?
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:16 *puts the collar on Moon* try this
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:17 what? oh wow it works... wow
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:18 hm so you have a clan?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:18 you won't use them!!
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Sep.8 18:19 ah fine. you want to stay or come with me?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Sep.8 18:19 I'll come *walks home with Flint*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:20 Moon Moon what was that hm? are you pairing with humans hm?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:21 ahh well please don't tell it to anyone.. yeah I am sorry
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:22 what's the collar about?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:24 for.. talking *takes it off somehow and hides in a bush* well anyway.. let's hunt something? or.. if you're okay with dog food?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.8 18:24 we will hunt!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:39 okay. are they still sleeping?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:40 yeah *wakes them up* wake up, we're going to hunt!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 12:41 *yawns* okay
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.10 12:41 what animals lives here?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:42 we could get bunny or dear I guess
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.10 12:42 okay let's go
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 12:44 where's the waterplace you told us about?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:45 oh it's to that side, come I'll show you!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:47 *they walks to the water place* this is a lake, it's usually warm *touches the water* yup it's warm, I guess I'll swim a little heh *jumps in*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 12:48 *tastes the water* mm but how can it be warm if it's cold outside?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:49 there are underground warm rocks or lava.. I don't really know but it's always warm here *splits water on Scar* hey Scar! come in!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:50 ahh I can't really swim..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:51 cmoon it's not even deep
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:52 *walks in* does it get deeper where you are?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:52 nope this is a weird lake, it's not like other lakes
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 12:53 okay *swiming* hm you're right
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 12:54 *jumps in* ahh I can't touch the ground here!
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 12:55 *gets out and shakes his fur* it's too deep for me, I'm too small
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 12:55 but the water was nice. you should try it *looks at Marmar*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.10 12:56 but I'm even smaller than you..
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 12:57 it's fine I'll help if you can't swim, I can do it pretty fine
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.10 12:58 okay.. *walks in*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 12:58 *jumps after*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.10 12:59 I can feel the ground here, I guess I won't go deeper
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 13:00 o-okay *almost goes under the water* ah well I will swim
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 13:08 hey look, he's doing it good, how did you learn to swim, little?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 13:10 I I don't know.. I guess I'll go out, it's pretty hard to *goes under water and back up* ah swim all the time..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 13:11 sure
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 13:11 *swims out*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 13:13 *shakes out his fur* I'll go hunt something, will you come?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Sep.10 13:14 yeah *goes out and shakes fur* let's go
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Sep.10 13:14 are you guys coming?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 13:15 yeah *swiming out*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 13:15 wait! *bites his tail*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 13:16 ow, Scar! you can swim by yourself! *gets out of the water*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 13:18 *let's go of Moon's tail when feels ground under and walks out*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:05 Ok mommy
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:08 The wolf friends were really friendly!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:11 Didn't Marmalade say you we're her ammo too?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 14:24 *laughs* you haven't changed Scar, the same little brother haha
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:25 that's good. what's ammo?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 14:27 Moon! arr you're annoying me..
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:28 Mom sorry..I don't speak all words pwoper
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 14:28 haha k let's go fluffy! *pokes Scar in the side with his nose*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:29 oh okay, I understand
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:30 Ok what days do we eat here?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Sep.10 14:30 Moon don't do it!... *Moon is walking and everyone follows*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:30 every day in the morning and evening
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:32 *wags tail* Everyday?!Teally!YIP YIP YIP
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:33 yup every day *smiles*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:34 Wow!Wow!Where is my ripped up board to sleep on?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:34 *human comes with two bowls with dog food and puts it on the floor* he's your breakfast *smiling*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:35 *sniffs the bowl* yum!*chows down*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:37 This is the best life ever!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:39 [Cindy are you still here?]
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:39 yes it is *eating*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:41 so you still want to live with the wolves?
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:41 Do I sleep on a ripped up hoard?Where are out ripped up boards.
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:43 NIH uh this is awesome!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:43 we sleep here on these blankets on the ground but you can sleep in the coach too if you wish
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:45 I can,COOL!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:46 We are
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:46 Alike spoiled kids!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:48 what
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:48 Your owner spoils us Mum!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:49 oh I didn't know, I thought it's normal for every dog
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:53 NIH uh!Do we have toys ^^
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 14:54 yup search on that box, there are some
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:56 *searches box* cool plushies!
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:57 *chews them*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 14:59 Mommy...did Mar-Marmalade choose the wolfies over you?
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 15:04 yeah she had always wanted to know what's behind the wall.. maybe she loved me but I guess it's boring for her to just live here, she needs adventures
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 15:08 Ok but I'll never leave you!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.10 15:09 aww thank you.. come here, I'll hug you
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.10 15:11 *snubgles in moms fur*
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.11 14:53 I know you love me mommy,you have to because....
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.11 14:54 I LOVE YOU!!!
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.12 22:23 yes Atlani I love you very very much
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.13 06:24 you're the best puppy I had ever had
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.15 22:53 *smiles knowing Marmalade won't be happy to hear that*
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.16 20:55 [well.. she loves them all it's just that Atlani is the only one that stays with her)
11>Maya (mom), 20yo.2016,Sep.22 14:32  Secret message to Atlani  
2>Atlani (Puppy), 3yo.2016,Sep.24 04:23  Secret message to Marmalade  
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Oct.30 21:59 so.. puppies. would you like to eat dog food or real meat?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Oct.30 21:59 meat
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Oct.30 22:00 I agree to meat but dog food is okay
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Oct.30 22:01 yeah I'm just thinking maybe we could eat at that wolf home...
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Oct.30 22:02 *looks at Moon*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Oct.30 22:02 but I guess we won't
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Oct.30 22:03 Moon look there! there is a dear, let's get it down.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Oct.30 22:04 sure. we go from that side but you from this and to one two three, we're going to attack
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Oct.30 22:05 ok *Jimmy and Marmalade goes to the place they should be*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Oct.30 22:06 *Scar and Moon goes at the other side of the dear*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Oct.30 22:07 *whispers* okay on three two one GO! *they all runing*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Oct.30 22:07 *finally the dear falls* nice job!
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Oct.30 22:08 yay! let's eat ^^
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Oct.30 22:08 *they are eating*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Oct.30 22:11 want to play? I finished your collar so I don't really have anything to do now..
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Oct.30 22:12 yeah sure *takes a ball and gives it to his owner*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Oct.30 22:13 *throws it away*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Oct.30 22:13 *runs after it and gives it back some times*
17>Otis (he-French Bulldog), 4yo.2016,Oct.30 22:42 [hello]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 15:34 [hey. we're not too often here but we can be if you want to play this]
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 15:34 [so what does your character do?]
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.3 04:31 [hi I'm a new player. My character is a she-wolf, has fiery red fur, blue eyes, is normally hunting or fighting, is hard to get, arrogant, loves family]
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.3 11:41 [to meet your characters, I could be hunting and I bump into you?]
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.3 11:53  Secret message to Marmalade  
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.11 17:14 ?? Is this Roleplay even active anymore?
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.11 17:16 [Im going to start Roleplaying anyway]
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.11 17:17 *walks by the side of the river, sniffing at the ground as I walk, searching for deer*
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Dec.15 18:37 [sorry I was busy now we can play]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.15 18:38 *notices you*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.15 18:41  Secret message to Ember  
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.15 18:43  Secret message to Ember  
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.15 18:44 [ah that was puplic post not private..]
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.15 18:44 I.. have to go *runs out*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2016,Dec.15 18:45 wait! where? *sighs* oh well..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.15 18:45 what is it bro?
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.15 18:46 there's a wolf over there..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.15 18:47 mm really. let's go meet her! *runs there*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.15 18:48 Moon don't! we don't know her.. ah okay you stay *says to pups and follows Moon*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.15 18:49 hello there! ^~^
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.15 18:49 you think she's gona join us too?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Dec.15 18:49 it could happen
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.15 18:50 I think she looks nice but hungry
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Dec.15 18:50 well, we don't know yet! maybe she won't want to join.
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.15 18:51 are you jealous that I said that she looks nice?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.15 18:53 hahaha don't worry I won't *pokes Marmalade in side with his nose*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.15 18:54 *runs there* hey where's Moon?
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.15 18:54 why should I tell you?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.15 18:55 because I can kill you *pushes him down a little*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.15 18:56 *gets back up* I don't fear you..
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.15 18:56 nrrrrr fine then I'll take your girl, what now?
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2016,Dec.15 18:58 Jimmy we don't need trouble.. *looks at Richter and points* they went that way...
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.15 18:58 tnx *runs there*
17>Otis (he-French Bulldog), 4yo.2016,Dec.15 21:07 [hello I'm here]
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.17 14:32 [hey]
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.17 21:13 *growls at Moon as he walks up to me* what do you wants?
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.17 21:13 *want
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.17 21:15 *want
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.18 14:02  Secret message to Scar  
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.18 21:05  Secret message to Scar  
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:11  Secret message to Ember  
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:13 chill I just want to say hi
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.18 22:16 *is fast, meets Scar*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:17 Richter wait what are you doing here?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.18 22:17 move aside pup it's not your busines!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:18 first I'm not a pup and second no I won't let you there because you look too nervose
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.18 22:19 Scar! don't joke with me!
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:19 tell me what's so special about that new wolf?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.18 22:20 ..ah grrrr *pushes scar aside and continues to run*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:21 *follows*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.18 22:22 *jums on moon and bites him* don't touch her!
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:22 aah what.. okay okay stop let me go!
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.18 22:24 *let's go moon* hello Ember
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:25 *is there finally* what's happening?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:26 ah I'm not sure..
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:26 moon you're hurt?..
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:27 yeah let's go home... *they're walking home*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.18 22:28 you're back! so.. she won't join us?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.18 22:29 na go to sleep Jimmy..
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.18 22:31  Secret message to Ember  
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.18 23:48  Secret message to Richter  
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.18 23:50 *shakes pelt* long time no see Richter.. *growls a little*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.18 23:51  Secret message to Scar  
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.19 00:02 You have a pack?
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.19 00:25 You have a pack?
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.19 00:25 [not meant to be double post]
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.19 20:12 Well? Do you Richter?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.20 21:54 no I have my owner. so how's your relationship going.?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.20 21:58 *walks to the lake and swim a little, then comes out, shakes his fur and goes to sleep*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.20 21:58 better?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.20 21:59 yeah it's fine
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.21 13:14 I don't have a relationship.. and I can smell dogs..? What's up with that? *growls a little*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.21 13:17 Also, why did you attack that male?
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.21 14:25 Also, why did you attack that male?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.21 21:07 yeah that pack is weird, they have dogs there. and I attacked him because because you're.. mine!
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.21 21:12 W-what?!
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.21 21:13 *is stunned*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.21 21:19 *growls* I'm not yours Richter! I'm not anybodies anything! Leave me alone.. you broke my heart.
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.22 10:36 *is stunned*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.22 11:42 *is stunned*
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.22 13:13 sorry
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.22 18:23 You should be.. anyway.. are you part of that pack? I'd like to join.. it's the first pack I've found in ages
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.22 18:31 Who is the Alpha?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.23 22:22 it's not really my pack but I'm friends with the one I bite.. um yeah and the Alpha I think it's one of them two
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.25 23:42 Right... well could you take me to meet them, so I could see if I would like to join or not?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.26 10:22 sure
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.26 10:23 they're usually friendly and never lets their team mates alone in problems.. maybe I should join but what about my human
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.26 22:57 I don't know, do whatever you want. *he leads me to them*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.26 23:12 [btw you can join my Roleplay Club- Wild and Wolf Roleplay: http://www.studentsoftheworld.info/clubs/club.php?NomClub=Wild%20and%20Wolf%20(Roleplay) ]
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.27 11:59 you're here
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.27 22:55 *walks into the cave with Richter* I'm sorry I was so rude before, I hope you can forgive and forget. *glances at the two males (Moon and Scar)*
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 14:08 sure
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 14:09 *wakes up* oh hello *gets up and sits down*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.28 14:28 Ok.. umm then can I join your pack? It's the first one I've found in ages.
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.28 15:12 I've noticed this isn't an.. adverage pack so... please?
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2016,Dec.28 15:18 [just worked this out-only Atlanti me and Otis are real people, Cindy is controlling everyone else]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 19:54 sure *looks at Richter* and you?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 19:55 [hehe well yeah is there a problem with it?... if you want you can create some more characters too :p]
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.28 19:56 I don't know.
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 19:58 *whispers to moon* if he joins, he will automatic be the alpha......
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 19:59 ooh.. right
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 20:28 *whispers back* maybe he doesn't know that
18>Scar (he-wolf), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 20:29 every wolf knows that
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.28 20:29 guys what are you talking about?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 20:30 nnothing just private stuff
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2016,Dec.28 20:44 well.. then your owner is probably waiting so you should go
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2016,Dec.28 20:44 I just want to make sure she's safe
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.1 22:56 [just thought that it's a bit odd that's all]
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.1 22:58 I will be safe Richter! *glares at him* I can take care of myself... So can I join?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.2 01:22 yup
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2017,Jan.2 01:22 okay bye *runs off*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2017,Jan.2 01:31 *Richter comes home* Richy where was you?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2017,Jan.2 01:32 I met a.. friend
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2017,Jan.2 01:32 you mean Moon?
4>Richter (he-wolf-helper), 9yo.2017,Jan.2 01:32 no you don't know her *sleeps down*
14>Flint Jones (human-scientist), 34yo.2017,Jan.2 01:33 oh a girl okay
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.2 01:34 I'll tell you all tomorrow okay? now let's sleep
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.2 21:28 *sleeps*
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.2 22:34 *next morning* *walks to ember* hello *smiling*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.3 10:26 *snarls then stands up* Sorry pup! Didn't mean to snarl... it's just because I've been use to sleeping alone..
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.3 10:28 *snarls then stands up* Sorry pup! Didn't mean to snarl... it's just because I've been use to sleeping alone..
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.3 10:28 [not meant to be a double post]
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.3 10:31 [is it ok if I have this character too?]
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.3 10:39 [my character is red (ironic) and has amber eyes he's really energetic and is searching for a mate before winter is over]
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.3 14:13 it's okay. I'm Jimmy and this is Marmalade. it's nice that you joined
1>Marmalade (she-samoyed), 5yo.2017,Jan.3 14:13 hello
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.3 14:14 [sure you can have as meny characters you want ;) ]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.3 14:15 good morning *smiles* how did you sleep?
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.8 01:56 I slept fine thanks, it's nice being around other wolves.. and dogs
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.8 02:01 *walks by the river when I smell a pack of wolves, follows the scent to the cave but then turns around and walks back to the river, nervous*
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.8 23:16 well actually just Marmalade is a dog. I'm something in between but my brother Scar he is a wolf. I'm a little older but so we're kinda twins from other mother.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.8 23:17 *sniffs the air* I think someone is close
9>Jimmy (he-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.8 23:19 can I come?
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.8 23:20 no *walking where the wolf went*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.11 07:34 I'm coming. *steps after him*
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.11 07:36 *lays by the river then smells 2 wolf scents close by, stands up and waits*
5>Paii (Student), 17yo.2017,Jan.11 18:28 Hello
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.11 21:52 [hello Paii :) will you play as a human? it's ok you can. thanks for joining!]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.12 14:06 welcome friend! why you here?
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.12 23:22 [do you mean friend as in me?]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.13 09:40 [yup. because Moon is a friendly wolf]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.13 09:41 [yup. because Moon is a friendly wolf]
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.15 10:35 [oh ok, that's fine]
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.15 21:48 I'm no threat. I'm here searching for a mate or a pack. *he stands up tall, then notices the female, Ember*
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.15 21:49 Well hello.... *he gazes into her eyes, his tail wagging*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.15 21:50 *her ears flattern*
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.15 21:51 I'm Red. Nice to meet you..?
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.15 21:52 Ember. *ears relax and she paws at the ground softly*
3>Red (He-wolf), 7yo.2017,Jan.15 21:53 Beautiful name..
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.15 21:53 Thank you.
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.17 23:29 um.. right
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.17 23:30 looks like you're having a good time.. when you're done here, yeah you can join our pack I guess
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.17 23:30 *walks away*
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.19 20:08 *follows behind quickly* Red.... Red.. Red.. Red.. ugh! I can't place my paw on it! Jave
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.19 20:09 [didnt mean to put Jave]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.20 20:56 [what do you mean by what Ember said?.. I kinda don't get it] [oh and looks like we have another player? welcome Jane! ^^ hope you'll have a good time here]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Jan.20 20:57 [ah lol I forgot I already greet her xd]
16>Ember (she-wolf), 6yo.2017,Jan.31 21:26 [forget about what I put]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Feb.6 15:41 [no I mean what do you mean by Red Red Red I can't place my par on it?]
12>Moon (he-wolf-husky), 7yo.2017,Feb.6 15:42 [and is she following me back home?]
7>- (i dunno what im doin), -yo.2017,Aug.5 19:13 [Wow. I made this slot quite a while ago, so much that I don't even remember making this slot. I basically made a blank, empty derp slot. It's Felicity. I'm thinking I'll make a character a little later. I have things to do.]
20> Charlotte (Female wolf ), 7yo.2020,Oct.4 18:34 May I join your pack? Plzzzzz?
20> Charlotte (Female wolf ), 7yo.2020,Oct.4 18:36 I do NOT hunt.
20> Charlotte (Female wolf ), 7yo.2020,Oct.4 18:36 I run around town looking for carrots.
20> Charlotte (Female wolf ), 7yo.2020,Oct.4 18:37  Secret message to Marmalade  

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