" Boarding School (Co-Ed) (UK Edition) "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

A boarding school for both boys and girls..

6>Caroline (Prodigy student), 5yo.2015,Jun.12 06:16 Hi umm I am Caroline, and I am looking for a Charlotte. She's my roommate...
6>Caroline (Prodigy student), 5yo.2015,Jun.13 22:45 Hi umm I am Caroline, and I am looking for a Charlotte. She's my roommate...
8>Claire Boucher (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.24 23:59 Hey... I'm Claire, I come from America. Gonna go to my, ermh, dorm now...
8>Claire Boucher (Student), 13yo.2015,Jun.24 23:59  Buying Book (x 1)  
11>Eliza (Gifted student), 8yo.2015,Jun.30 21:25 Hi. I'm Eliza, which is short for Elizabeth. My mom's name was Elizabeth.
11>Eliza (Gifted student), 8yo.2015,Jun.30 21:27  Buying Book (x 10)  I love to read, so I chose a bunch of books.
11>Eliza (Gifted student), 8yo.2015,Jun.30 21:30  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=54  If I get a 1-40 here I will go to my dorm, if I get a 60-100 here I will cause problems and if I get a 41-59 here I will just stand there and be lost
12>Brittney Billows (Student), 11yo.2015,Jun.30 21:32  Secret message to Eliza  
11>Eliza (Gifted student), 8yo.2015,Jun.30 21:33  Secret message to Brittney Billows  
11>Eliza (Gifted student), 8yo.2015,Jun.30 21:34  Giving Book (x 5) to Brittney Billows   Secret message to Brittney Billows  
7>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Aug.16 19:15 [If I roll 1-30 I will go to my dorm, 31-60 means cause trouble, 61-90 means wander around and 91-100 means I will rummage around in my bag looking for my phone and roll again.]
7>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Aug.16 19:15  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=35  
7>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Aug.16 19:23 Hee hee hee.
7>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2015,Aug.16 19:26 *goes to my dorm**claims a bed, then puts a plastic snake in the other bed*
9>Euodia (Student ), 12yo.2015,Sep.4 12:21 Hello, I need help
13>Mia (A student), 14yo.2015,Sep.19 15:48 Hi
9>Euodia (Student ), 12yo.2015,Sep.19 21:17 hello Mia
18>Daniel (student), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 13:48 heya! I'm Daniel! ^^ who will be my roommate?
18>Daniel (student), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 14:22 (Daniel is kinda bad boy, blond hair, green eyes, he likes girls, he's skateboarding, usually wears green hoody, jeans and red scarf around neck)
18>Daniel (student), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 14:23 (he likes football too)
16>Kathreen (SchoolGirl), 12yo.2015,Dec.21 14:25 [Hi!]
16>Kathreen (SchoolGirl), 12yo.2015,Dec.21 14:28 [Still here?]
18>Daniel (student), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 16:14 (yes I'm here)
18>Daniel (student), 15yo.2015,Dec.21 16:16 (are you?...)
19>Kayla (student), 15 yo.2016,Jan.3 22:36  Buying Bobbypin (x 10)  
19>Kayla (student), 15 yo.2016,Jan.3 22:37  Buying Book (x 2)  
19>Kayla (student), 15 yo.2016,Jan.3 22:37  Secret message to Eliza  
18>Daniel (student), 15yo.2016,Jan.3 22:42 (hey)
10>tamika (student), 14yo.2016,Apr.1 23:19 hi I'm new!
10>tamika (student), 14yo.2016,Apr.1 23:19 tamika has dark brown frizzy hair (bit like an Afro) that goes down her back. She has brown skin with brown eyes, and plump lips. She has a curvy body but is always self conscious about it.
10>tamika (student), 14yo.2016,Apr.1 23:22 she always wears the necklace that her grandmother gave her
10>tamika (student), 14yo.2016,Apr.1 23:24 she has a don't care attitude
7>Felicity (Schoolgirl), 11yo.2016,Apr.1 23:24 [Hi]
10>tamika (student), 14yo.2016,Apr.2 19:21  Buying Book (x 1)  
10>tamika (student), 14yo.2016,Apr.2 19:21  Buying Bobbypin (x 1)  
10>tamika (student), 14yo.2016,Apr.2 19:21 hi how do i find my dorm
15>Emily (Popular ), 12yo.2016,Sep.24 02:18 Tamika dawling. Follow me.
15>Emily (Popular ), 12yo.2016,Sep.24 02:18 The dorms are this way. Are you new here?
15>Emily (Popular ), 12yo.2016,Sep.24 02:18 [Emily has long bushy brown hair, is popular, smart, and can be mean at times]
15>Emily (Popular ), 12yo.2016,Sep.24 02:19 [her family is also very rich, she always wears fur coats and sunglasses, inside and out]

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