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Hello, i have recently discovered this site and after hours of being an internet archaeologist, i have become very curious about brunnhilde. She seems to have been very popular on this site.

It seems like she lived a somewhat sheltered life because she only talked about consuming older media (like spyro and digimon). I think that by my math she should be 20-25 now and it seems like she has graduated college. i was wondering if anyone on here would be kind enough to give me the full brunnhilde lore or any general history for this website. i'm wondering why everyone stays on this site and not newer sites, like discord or reddit, but i think it's super cool

1>farthilde (archaeologist), 26yo.2022,Sep.2 22:50 hello my fellow brunheads. any information is appreciated
2>Shh (??????), 20yo.2022,Sep.3 04:33 All rps on this site should be open to all users so why not try to join one and contact her directly? Also I'm only 20 years old and I like Spyro and Digimon!
2>Shh (??????), 20yo.2022,Sep.3 04:46 I think people just like... Group to places online? Kind of curious about your curiosity on a stranger. {Not angry or mad or rude, just really curious!}
3>Control (King of Media), N/Ayo.2022,Sep.9 04:38 The site seems to mostly be home to new passerbyers and a few who have used it for years. It COULD BE the familiarity that keeps one here.
3>Control (King of Media), N/Ayo.2022,Sep.9 04:46 There is no information I am willing to divulge without the consent of whom you are curious about. Privacy of identity is important to her and despite my opinions I will respect that fact.

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