" city roleplay "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 100 years of age.
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this is adventure game

4>lars (police), 24yo.2017,Jun.7 13:49 yo
5>Guest 666 (Demon), ?yo.2018,Mar.29 16:43 Mwuahahahaha!!!!!!!!
5>Guest 666 (Demon), ?yo.2018,Mar.29 16:43 I will get you diarrhea! Mwuahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!
7>Zia (Todler), 4yo.2018,Apr.4 22:01 -smiles😀 Like a sycopath-
7>Zia (Todler), 4yo.2018,Apr.4 22:01  Buying house (x 1)  
8>Isabell (good), 13yo.2018,Jun.5 17:44 hi what is going on?
9>Hector moore (Business man), 22yo.2019,Mar.21 23:43  Buying house (x 1)  
9>Hector moore (Business man), 22yo.2019,Mar.21 23:44 Would anyone like to buy some stuff? From mwa, the business man
9>Hector moore (Business man), 22yo.2019,Mar.21 23:45 Cheep prices, great deals that's our slogan here at HECTOCORP

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