" Violet Clouds... "
This game is destined to players of 10 to any years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

you can live on the clouds (sky kingdom) or be a ground animal
you can be a flying animal or a ground animal
you can be a mystical creature (your own imagination animal) or a ground animal but they can only be the real ones
at first this roleplay is about sky animals so I just think it would be better to be a flying animal not the known animals that lives on the ground
(if you want to be a bird, it's okay but use your fantasy)
the roleplay is mostly with good emotions so be a friendly animal
(I got this idea because of violet clouds I saw today)
I hope you will have fun here and good luck playing! ^-^
oh and anything you want(ask if there's not)on buyables :]

4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 20:40  Buying book (x 1)  
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 20:40 *reading*
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 20:42 *slides down a cloud* whatcha doin leny? wanna play? let's jump around! *jumping up and down*
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 20:42 muff you know I'm busy please let me read
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 20:43 but leeny!! you're always on that book you never have time to play.. what can be so interesting about reading a book?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 20:44 the story
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 20:44 story? what kind of story?
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 20:44 will you read it to me?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 20:46 sure just be quaet. listen, this story is about turtle Murtle and foxy Loxsy. I think it will be interesting
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 20:47 okay let's read *sits down and listens as leny starts to read*
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 22:13 turtle Murtle was going to foxie's Loxsie's party. he took a present with him. it was a beautiful tree. foxy was so happy and they planted the tree in the ground in a beautiful place. they keep coming there every day and it became their friendship tree.
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 22:16 one day foxy found a new friend and Murtle felt lonely. she looked so happy with the new friend. they played all day. One day they went to a waterfall. "want to see how I swim?" asked Loxie's new friend. he jumped in and started to swim. he had forgoten t
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 22:20 that it's a waterfall and he started to drown as the sream took him. they thought he's gona die but suddenly the turtle Murtle came to save him. he took a twig and swimed to him. the friend was saved. he thanked the turtle so much and foxy was happy bec
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 22:23 because she knew she have one good friend who will be her best friend even if she's got a new friend. from that day they all are friends and plays together till the sunset.
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 22:25 aww that's a great story.. I guess it is interesting to read those books
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 22:26 good to hear that you liked it
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 22:26 yes I did but can we play now, please?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 22:26 I guess we could
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 22:28 yaay let's play hmm hide and seak, you count! *leny starts to count and puff muff runs to search for a good hiding place*
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 22:33 10, 14, 32, 50 comming! *searching..*
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 22:34 *sits silent*
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Oct.31 22:35 *founds her after few minutes* found ya!
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Oct.31 22:35 hahaha good ^^ *they continue to play*
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:16  Buying back pack or bag (x 1)  
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:17  Buying letter (x 5)  
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:18 *flies around* I have a letter for leny the hedgehog and unicorn puff muff *lands down and gives them the letters*
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:19  Giving letter (x 1) to leny  
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:19  Giving letter (x 1) to puff muff  
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:20 have a nice day! the party is gona be great *flies away*
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:20 what is that?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:21 it's a letter, it usually gives information about upcoming events or good wishes.
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:22 I can't read. will you read my letter for me?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:23 okay give it to me *opens the letter and starts to read*
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:28 dear puff muff it's been a while we met. I'm coming back home on this week and it would be nice to see you so I decided to invite all my friends to a little meeting. I will wait you on friday at seven. I hope you can come. kind regards~ your friend Edgar
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:29 yay Edgar is coming back! ^^
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:29 what's on your letter?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:30 *opens his letter* the same but I have my name in it
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:30 cool so when are we going?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:32 hm good question.. we don't have a calendar or a clock.. we should get a present too don't you think?
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:32 yeah! let's go get something
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:36  Buying hat (x 1)  a blue postal bird hat
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:37 *flies back* heey friends do you have some sugar? I really need some energy to fly around..
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:38 so you teavel around the world?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:38  Buying sugar (x 2)  
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:39 yeah and you never sleep?
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:41 no no I do sleep but it's a hard work to bring all the letters to their owners and yes sometimes I really do travel out of this country but than I'm asking for more than just 'thank you'
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:42 sounds hard to do
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:42  Giving sugar (x 2) to Peter  
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:43 thanks *eating the sugar cube* yes it is
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:44 Peter do you know what day it is today?
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:45 yes it's friday, you should hurry to that party, I'm invited too
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:45 oh we're gona be late! let's go leny!
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:46 thank you for your time Peter. we're gona go now, we still go to buy a present for Edgar
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:47 sure I'll wait you there bye *flies away*
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:47 what are we going to buy?
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:48 hmm I'm thinking what does he like....
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:49 do you think he could like some sweets?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 16:50 yeah he could but we need one more thing and I think I got the idea
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 16:50 what is it?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 17:03 we could gift him a warm hoodie so, if he ever wants to visit the north pole, he won't be cold
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 17:05 that's a good idea, he likes to travel and I think a hoodie will look perfect on him.. hmm but where is the north pole?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 17:10 it's to the north side and it's cold there, really really cold, some say that Santa lives there but others say that polar bears ate all the penguins
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 17:11 oh how horrible.. I hope they didn't eat them. how do you know all this?
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 17:12 I'm reading books, many and many books about very interesting things and stories
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.1 17:13 hm I see.. well, we got to go now!
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 17:13 yes! you're right let's go
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.1 17:13  Buying hoodie (x 1)  
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:05 heeya friends! ^~^ thanks for coming!
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:05 Edgaar! *hugs him* I have a present for you
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:06 haha it's not like I'm having birthday why presents? :)
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:07  Giving candies (x 1) to Edgar  
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:07 thanks I like these *smiles and takes them
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:08 *
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:08 good to see you agen Edgar. I have a little present too
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:09 it's a hoodie so you won't be cold if you travel to a colder place *smiles and gives it to the dragon*
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:10  Giving hoodie (x 1) to Edgar  
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:10 aww thank you it's so sweet
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:11 I really missed you, we always have the best playing! ^^
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:12 we sure have, than let's go and play now I guess?
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:12 yess!
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:13 *eating from the table* oh hey I almost thought you won't come
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:14 but we did and and just in time didn't we?
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:14 *looks up* hmm yeah I guess
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:15 we will have one more guest, my new friend Nicky
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:16 and Peter! did I allow you to eat all the food?
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:16 um no but I thought it's for your guests
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:17 yes it is but we should start to eat that only when everyone is here
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:18 well, I was hungry from my far flying
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:19 okay we could start to eat now, we're waiting just one more guest
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:21 mm what do we have here *looks at the table* a cupcake! yay *eats it* *eats some cookies too*
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:21 so Edgar, where did you go this time?
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:22 I was in China. cool city I could say
4>leny (sky hedgehog), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:23 China is a country
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:23 oh right
9>Nicky (little raindear), 6yo.2016,Nov.3 16:24 *flies down* hello I'm Niky who are you?
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:27 heya! those are my friends- puff muff, leny and Peter
9>Nicky (little raindear), 6yo.2016,Nov.3 16:27 cool. it's nice to meet you *smiling*
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:28 well, I guess I could tell a little story now
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:32 so this time I was to China and it was very interesting. there were geshas and those weird text letters and shushi! it was good :d but most of all I liked the Dragon festival, they even let me join their walk ^^ I felt so special
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:38 oh sounds amazing!
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:39 can I travel with you next time?
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:39 sorry you can't, you don't have your travel passport
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:40 what's that?
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:41 well it's a papper that allows you to travel, without that you could get in problems
12>Peter (postal bird), 5yo.2016,Nov.3 16:43 I should go now, I still have some letters to bring around the world so I should go now
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 16:43 okay have a good day bye
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 16:43 bye bye Peter
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.3 17:12 let's play run and catch?
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 17:13 yes yes! ^^ you catch.
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.3 17:14 *they're playing*
7>Starlight (Cyan unicorn), 4 1/2yo.2016,Nov.6 19:58 Hey guys sorry I'm late!
7>Starlight (Cyan unicorn), 4 1/2yo.2016,Nov.6 19:59  Secret message to puff muff  
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.8 22:42  Secret message to Starlight  
7>Starlight (Cyan unicorn), 4 1/2yo.2016,Nov.9 17:50  Secret message to puff muff  
7>Starlight (Cyan unicorn), 4 1/2yo.2016,Nov.9 17:51  Secret message to puff muff  
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.9 21:13  Secret message to Starlight  
7>Starlight (Cyan unicorn), 4 1/2yo.2016,Nov.11 23:41  Secret message to puff muff  
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.13 17:57  Secret message to Starlight  
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.13 17:58 sister.. you came
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.13 17:59 I thought you don't like playing.
6>Edgar (a traveling Dragon), 7yo.2016,Nov.13 17:59 welcome :)
7>Starlight (Cyan unicorn), 4 1/2yo.2016,Nov.13 22:03 *smiles sweetly at Edgar* Puffy talks rotten rainbows!I
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.18 21:39 no I don't
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.18 21:43 Nicky you're a raindear right? I have always wanted to see the north pole and it's christmas soon.. can we go there please? *smiles at Nicky*
9>Nicky (little raindear), 6yo.2016,Nov.18 21:44 um sure but maybe tomorrow
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.18 21:44 why not now
9>Nicky (little raindear), 6yo.2016,Nov.18 21:45 well, we have a party here already ;)
7>Starlight (Cyan unicorn), 4 1/2yo.2016,Nov.19 00:30 Yeah and plus we have a game to play!
7>Starlight (Cyan unicorn), 4 1/2yo.2016,Nov.19 01:31 Yeah and plus we have a game to play!
1>puff muff (pink unicorn), 4yo.2016,Nov.19 22:08 fine, you came you catch *starts to run*

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