" Colors! ^^ "
This game is destined to players of 0 to any years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

use visitor slot (password: oreo123)
tell what color you want to be and I will give you that slot

and than just play as that color
(what do you think that color may say or do ect.)

good luck! :)

8>Sand (Sand-Colored), -yo.2016,Jan.20 21:06 Hi!
18>Muted Purple (Muted Purple-colored), -yo.2016,Jan.20 21:06 Hi!
1>White (as white color), ...yo.2016,Jan.20 21:15 Hiii! ^^
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,Jan.27 04:27 [I think I'll call this Violet instead.]
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,Jan.27 04:30 [Plus, purple is a composite color, while violet's a spectral color, which makes violet a true color.]
18>Muted Purple (Muted Purple-colored), -yo.2016,Jan.27 20:52 [What the heck are you talking about?]
18>Muted Purple (Muted Purple-colored), -yo.2016,Jan.29 00:07 Euodia, Laura, you stole Kalista's slots.
1>White (as white color), ...yo.2016,Jan.29 20:18 (ahh okay we can talk like this if you don't want to talk in slot 11...)(she had 20 and 16 slots? ok I will delete them so Kalista could join)
1>White (as white color), ...yo.2016,Jan.29 20:20 (done ^^ now Kalista can join)
1>White (as white color), ...yo.2016,Jan.29 20:42 (AHH no it's so difficult to delete text corectly! :b can we just start all roleplay agen maybe?)
1>White (as white color), ...yo.2016,Jan.29 20:43 Hello Friends! My Name Is White! Let's Be Besties? ^^
7>Cyan (as cyan color), :)yo.2016,Jan.29 20:47 Haya! I'm Cyan Cyan Cyan! wow it kinda sounds like Nyan to me haha =^~^=
18>Muted Purple (Muted Purple-colored), -yo.2016,Feb.10 01:04 @Brunny: There are actually 1000 different spectrums, each with 360 colors.
18>Muted Purple (Muted Purple-colored), -yo.2016,Feb.11 22:03 Oh, and I forgot to mention, that's just in the VISIBLE RANGE.
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:04 [@ Felicity: Just do research on composite colors vs. spectral color dude. :P]
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:06 [Composite colors are colors that are combinations of other colors (e.g. red+blue = purple); they are not part of the normal visible spectrum. Violet, however, is part of the visible spectrum.]
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:06 *spectral colors
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:06 [It's a little hard to explain, so maybe if you look these things up on Wikipedia or Google you'd be able to understand better.]
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:06 [Wow...I haven't been on here in months. XD XP]
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:13 [To be more specific, composite colors have to be "mixed" (in other words, the colors in the normal visible spectrum mix; the color is not a pure/stand-alone color itself, it is a combination of different wavelengths). Meanwhile, spectral colors are
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:14 pure colors that have only one wavelength - they aren't a mixture of multiple ones.]
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:14 [Violet is a pure/spectral color. Purple is a composite color (a combination of red and blue).]
2>Violet (as violet color), ...yo.2016,May.26 19:15 [I'm not sure which one I like better since often they're about the same, but purple tends to be more reddish and pinkish while violet is more blue-ish. My second favorite color is blue, so I guess I might lean more towards liking violet.]
16>Blue (I don't know), 12yo.2016,Aug.5 16:33 Hi
16>Blue (I don't know), 12yo.2016,Aug.5 16:33 What is this?
1>White (as white color), ...yo.2016,Aug.21 20:48 (this is...... I don't know what to say.. okay well you act like a color.. like black could be evil or pink could be shy.. something like that)
4>Green (Just Green), 11yo.2016,Sep.24 15:02 Hi can I join?
4>Green (Just Green), 11yo.2016,Sep.24 15:04  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
4>Green (Just Green), 11yo.2016,Sep.24 15:04  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=30  
1>White (as white color), ...yo.2016,Sep.27 19:33 sure ^^
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2016,Oct.9 14:33 i would like to be orange
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2016,Oct.9 14:34  Secret message to White  
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2016,Oct.9 14:35  Secret message to White  
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2016,Oct.9 14:35  Secret message to White  
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2016,Dec.13 02:50 HEYO! It's Bill Cipher/Discord/Corona. Two things: 1. Can I be yellow? and 2. The one marked Blue, I think that should be light blue or sky blue because there is another blue thats more an average blue.
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2016,Dec.13 02:56 No offense, person-who-plays-blue. XD
1>White (as white color), ...yo.2016,Dec.26 21:36 oh hey sure take whatever colour is free ;)
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2018,Feb.2 17:17  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2018,Feb.21 00:32 hey can i join as a magenta
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2018,Feb.21 00:33  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
11>VISITOR (-), -yo.2018,Feb.21 00:33  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=2  

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