" Crevasse the realm of the lost "
This game is destined to players of 23 to 35 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

In a real world where we struggle to create something fake to experience something real. Let's create our own story and weave them together to make a realm where we feel real.

1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 02:59 //Wandering aimlessly for hours, finally he found a medium tree log which fell from what seem like an attack from a huge creature. Ignoring the possible danger, he flop his ass down on the log, finally removing the pressure from his sore feet//
1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 03:02 "Well, this seem like it would take a while before I come across another living being" //He murmured under his breathe, as if to remind himself to not have any expectation of anyone joining him anytime soon//
1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 03:03  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=1  
2>Nyan (Cat Demi-human), 23yo.2019,Oct.19 03:10 Nyaa~? *The cat-human hiding from behind the log saw the human and pounced on him* Nyaaaa
1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 03:14 //By instinct which he had honed from years of experience of almost being assassinated, He moved his body in angle avoiding the newly popped up being// "Hmm? Do you need anything?" // He asked, his tone of voice not even showing a hit of surprise//
2>Nyan (Cat Demi-human), 23yo.2019,Oct.19 03:15 *She pouted as she landed on the empty space where he was sitting earlier* Not fair. Nyaa~
1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 03:17 //Watching the new being pout in disappointment, he couldn't help but smile wryly// "Well, aren't you a lil' bit selfish one?" //He said teasingly to the other being//
1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 03:18  Giving Cookie (x 1) to all players  "Here... don't pout"
1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 03:18  Giving Cookie (x 2) to Nyan  
2>Nyan (Cat Demi-human), 23yo.2019,Oct.19 03:20 Nyaaaa~!!! ?? *She got excited with the sight of sweets, making her jump on the hand extended to her* Mine!!
1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 03:26   + 5 Charisma points to Nyan  
1>Xaius (Rogue), 27yo.2019,Oct.19 03:26   + 10 Experience points to all players  

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