" demon fighter "
This game is destined to players of 10 to any years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a super game which deals with killing demons, capturing and taming animals and making friends!

1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,Apr.26 18:23 Hi everyone!!!!!!! who is ready to bust a demon? take a lesson, buy a quest and lets go! (pls check in regularly)
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,Apr.26 18:33  Buying quest (x 1)  
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,Apr.26 18:34  Buying lessons (x 1)  
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,Apr.26 18:34 (Heyy! Ready to join!)
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,Apr.26 18:41 Hi Rosanne!
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,Apr.26 18:42 Ready for your lessons before the quest?
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,Apr.26 19:36  Giving sword (x 1) to Rosanne  
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,Apr.26 19:37 Take your sword. Ready?
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,Apr.27 11:38 Yes!
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,Apr.27 23:35 Okay. their six questions. roll the 6 sided die to choose a question.
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 12:10  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=5  
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 12:11 That's it!
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 12:12 (Hey will we introduce our characters?)
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,Apr.28 15:55 Yes!. your question is; what do you do when you see a demon?
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,Apr.30 23:31 hi can i join
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,May.1 14:51 Yes.Take your sword.
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,May.1 14:51  Giving sword (x 1) to arrow  
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 14:53  Buying shield (x 1)  Thanks.
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 14:53  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=2  
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 14:54  Buying sleeping bag (x 1)  
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 14:54  Buying quest (x 1)  
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 14:55 What is my question?
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,May.1 14:56 Introduce your character first.
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 15:01 Okay. Arrow is an energetic 13 yr old who is good at sword fighting, likes playing and eating and is very serious.can i introduce my spirit animal?
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 15:02  Buying lessons (x 1)  
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 15:02  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=spear  
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.1 15:02  Buying spear (x 1)  
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,May.1 20:25 Fantastic! Yes you may introduce it. Jones is a 16 year old who lost his father to demons at age 5. He is tall and dark in complexion with big muscles. His mother is half angel half demon.
12>arrow (fighter), 13yo.2018,May.3 13:10 cool!
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,May.20 14:47 Hi! Sorry i have exams so i can't come here often.
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,May.20 14:49 My character: Rosanne is a 16 year old girl"as you already know". She's medium heighted, slim and has dark brown hair with greenish blue eyes and dimples.
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,May.20 14:52 She's usually like the sweet girl of the team but can be very serious at times. Although she's decent at sword fighting, her best ability is her intelligence, and fighting ractics she designed. She's best at planning.
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,May.20 14:53 Her life was going easy before demons came and killed her most family members.
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,May.20 14:54 Except for her the only person who could survove was her younger brother "Marius"
2>Rosanne (Camper/fighter), 16yo.2018,May.20 14:55 Except for her the only person who could survove was her younger brother "Marius"
1>Jones (camp leader), 16yo.2018,Jun.9 15:21 No problem! i've also been busy all week!
11>Yuki (Fighter), 13yo.2022,Jan.3 19:57 Hi ! My name is Yuki. Can I join ?
3>Peeta (Fighter), 11yo.2022,Jan.20 16:54  Secret message to Yuki  
11>Yuki (Fighter), 13yo.2022,Jan.20 16:59 oui si tu veux
3>Peeta (Fighter), 11yo.2022,Feb.17 17:36  Buying armour and helmet (x 1)  

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