" Do Not Go Gentle: An LE RP "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 200 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

On a warm summerís day in rural England, it snows. Not because of a sudden change in weather, but because of a disaster.
The corrupt English government tried to keep a major accident under wraps, but those who suffered retaliated in a most unimaginable way. Victimized by the numbers, the government does what it believes is the only fair solution: gathering nearby citizens do their part by helping to rebuild. It appears to be a rally for unity, but is that really the case?
Before the crisis tips over a boiling point, an English family and a Scottish family merge due to the fact that their mothers, who are friends, are diplomats that seek to solve the problem at a conference in Central Europe. The two families learn to bond, and life in rural England is lackadaisical... until it isnít. Here, our characters are forced out of their home and separated from each other without anything but the clothes on their backs. They adapt to strange, dangerous situations that only they can see. Reuniting seems like a pipe dream, but do they have the determination to do so? Play to find out.

1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 05:41 They wonít come here. Certainly not now, anyways.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:00 [Sorry for disappearing. I'm drawing and while I can draw legs quite well, arms have currently been the bane of my existence. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:00 Then let's go.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:02 (Haha, itís totally fine.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:04 *is soon driving down the road at slightly terrifying speeds* *gravel flies about, and strikes the old van like Morse code*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:05 What the h**l dude?!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:05 Slow doon, you're gonna give us a flat!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:11 Iím in a race against time!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:16 We're gonna be in a h**l of a lot more of a race
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:16 *of a race if we get a flat!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:19 Letís not think about that. Letís think about the fact that the supermarket is closing in forty five minutes!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:21 *reaches the store* *the parking lot is fairly empty* *sighs* Thank (BLEEP). I was afraid the lot would be at capacity.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:27 *has his eyes on a parking space, but a guy hauling a cart - which is filled to the brim - is in his way* *eyes the cart nervously* Move along, mate.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:28 Let's go before everything is cleared out. *heads inside quickly*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:28 *whips into the parking space* Letís do the opposite of what Emma did and make this as short as possible.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:31 *the store is mostly empty, although there are a few people who are clearly panic buying* *notices that the item of choice (Hmm, what should it be this time?) is batteries*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:37 [Not toilet paper?!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:37 [*has a cardiac arrest*]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:40 *tries to get goods that are essential*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:46 (I know, right?)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:46 *picks up an inexpensive flashlight or two* *when he and Nairne try to find the batteries, theyíre almost totally gone*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 06:50 Hmm...did ya find any wind-up flashlights?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:56 These were the only ones... *keeps looking around, pushing things back* *finally finds something behind a box of lightbulbs*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 06:56 *has tried to get some canned food*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 06:57 *snatches them* We should have some at home, but Iíll take these.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 07:02 *tries to get toilet paper, and if there's not enough she also goes for paper towels*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:06 *says to Nairne and Noah once the cart is about full* All set?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 07:10 *has also tried to get water* Mmm hmm.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 07:10 *has a second cart of his own*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:12 *they check out* *the total is once again high, but he isnít as concerned*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:14 *drives back home* *is mindful of the speed limit this time* *when they get back, he notices Emma and Di on the porch* Thatís odd. What are they doing outside?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:15 *it is hard to see because itís so dark out, but her arms are clearly crossed*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 07:16 Dunno. Don't care. Let's get this stuff inside. *gets out and starts carrying things*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:18 Where were you guys?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:19 Just so you know, the powerís out.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 07:20 Getting supplies.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:21 *stands there a bit dumbly with a bag in each hand* It is? Emma: Yeah. Tom: Blimey. Itís a good thing I got us some torches. *puts down a bag and rifles around in it* *takes out a flashlight, then rips open the batteries*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:23 *is a bit confused, but she doesnít need to ask why* *knows their trip had something to do with what was on the news*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.24 07:25 *Tom lights the way back inside* *runs after him, whimpering a little* Iím scared!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:26 I know. Everythingís going to be okay. *is trying to put the stuff away, locate batteries, and find matches for candles all at once*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:29 *absentmindedly takes a few bags to empty* *is doing it to help Tom, but she also wants to gather more information about whatís going on*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:30 *strikes a match, the glow illuminating his face* *lights a candle and brings it into the living room* This is chocolate scented, Di. Your favorite. Di: Really? *goes over to it with mild interest*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.24 07:32 I canít sleep. Tom: Would you like me to read to you? Di: Yes. *flops down on the couch* Tom: Okay. *picks up a battered book of poetry and sits next to Di*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.24 07:34 *opens up to the first dog-eared page* ĎMy heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky: So it was when my life beganí- Di: You always read that one. Tom: Okay. *flips through the book until he finds one he likes*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:37 *glances into the living room* *tries to ignore the icy silence between Nairne, Noah, and herself* *finally crumples up a bag and faces them* Whatís going on?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:38 I heard you guys talking down here before you left. I need to know whatís going on.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.24 07:39 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.24 07:40 [Aw, bye!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.24 07:42 *keeps his voice down so that Di doesn't hear* Things have gotten serious.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 03:47 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 04:47 [I'm still here.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 04:47 [It's going to thunderstorm later tonight. If I disappear it's because my power/Internet got knocked out.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:05 (Hey! So sorry Iím late. My replies may be slow because Iím finishing something up.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:05 *stands in the doorway* *furrows her brow a little* *says quietly* What?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 05:12 [Hey! Alright.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 05:13 *continues to keep his voice down* Mum won't be back for at least a month and the government is trying to recruit people to work in the city. We stocked up on supplies so we can hide in here if we have to.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 05:14 But we can't tell Di this. She doesn't deserve that kind of stress.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:27 *nods a little* *looks at the floor, then mutters* (BLEEP).
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 05:39 *hesitates, then sighs* It's late. I'm going to bed. 'Night. *heads to his room*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:52 (Iím so sorry for the delay in response!) *says a delayed ďGoodnightĒ* *is thinking about herself, and how sheís pretty much trapped for more than the allotted week*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 05:52 [It's fine.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.25 05:53 *pats Emma on the shoulder* Don't worry. You'll live. *heads upstairs*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 05:54 *is finishing up a poem for Di: ĎDo not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the lightí* *Di is curled up into him, practically asleep* *glances at her and closes the book*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,May.25 05:55 *looks back at her shoulder, as if she wasnít expecting that from Nairne* *continues to stand in the doorway, arms crossed* *makes eye contact with Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 05:57 *holds her gaze before waking Di up* Up you go. *helps her off the couch and to her room*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 05:59 *has already said goodbye and gone home to his house*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:00 *that's very redundant but whatever, I'm tired XD*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:01 (Haha, itís fine. I barely noticed.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:02 -THE NEXT DAY-
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:03 *literally rolls right out of bed onto the floor* *lets out a muffled swear/yell combo* *looks at his alarm clock while he tries to get the stars out of his vision* *itís pretty early, but he might as well stay up*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 06:05 *the light is on in his room, though his door is closed*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:05 *hobbles downstairs, hair sticking up at all angles* *suddenly remembers what happened in London, and his head aches* *thereís some uncertainty there, but he figures today will be like any other day*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 06:05 [Whoops, I forgot the power was out. Nvm that.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 06:05 [Is there phone reception? Can they get on the Internet via a data plan?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:12 (Yeah, most likely.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,May.25 06:24 *is browsing the Internet on his phone, looking for more information on what happened in London*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:36 *makes some tea and goes outside* *sees Di drawing with sidewalk chalk and Cian not too far away* *ambles over* Hey.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:45 Hi!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:45 You
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:46 *You're up early.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:53 *grins a little* So are you.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:59 *asks after a bit* You sleep okay?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 06:59 ...Not really...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,May.25 07:00 Do you guys want to draw with me? Here. *starts pulling out some chalk*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:02 Aw, Di, you know I can only draw a stick-man! You do a better job of making the walkway look beautiful. *turns to Cian* Yeah. I canít stop thinking about this whole thing. I still donít really know whatís going on.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:03 *says quietly* Iím just afraid that theyíre going to find us.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:03 (I have to go now. My first chemistry exam is this week, in addition to the rest of the work, so I wonít be online until Thursday. Iíll see you then! In the meantime, have a great week!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:04 [It's raining rather hard, so beware--I may disappear.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,May.25 07:05 [Aw, bye! See you on Thursday and good luck with your exam!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.29 03:51 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.29 05:42 [Well, I guess you're not on. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.30 02:15 (Yeah, sorry about that. I was basically doing chemistry from 9am until 11pm. It would probably be a good idea for me to just be online from Thursday-Sunday. Most of my days have been looking like that, and besides, I have kind of a lot going on in
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.30 02:15 addition to that class. I donít think Iíll be online tonight because Iím not really feeling well. Hopefully Iíll be able to see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.30 04:20 [Darn, sorry to hear that. I hope life lays off on you soon. XD XP Get some good rest and see you soon!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.31 00:59  Secret message to Nairne  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,May.31 01:00  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,May.31 07:08  Secret message to Tom  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.1 04:56 [I'm online! If you can't make it I understand.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.2 04:50 [I'm online again!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.2 04:51  Secret message to Tom  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.2 22:19  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.3 06:33  Secret message to Tom  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.5 22:17  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 04:57  Secret message to Tom  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 05:16  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 05:19 [Hi! Sorry for the slow replies. I'm working on some programming homework.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 05:20 (Hey! Thatís totally fine. Iím doing some chemistry studying myself.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 05:37  Secret message to Tom  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 05:37  Secret message to Tom  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 05:45  Secret message to Nairne  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 05:47  Secret message to Nairne  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 05:48  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 05:52  Secret message to Tom  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 05:53  Secret message to Tom  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 05:56  Secret message to Nairne  
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:02 Me too...though...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:03 Mam says she knows some good hiding spots for if or when they do come.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:03 [Mam is Cian's adopted mother/the owner of the house neighboring Tom's.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:05 I kinda think she's crazy, though--opposing the authorities like that is nuts.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:21 *chuckles a little incredulously* Really? Iím curious as to where.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:24 *isnít sure what to think of Cianís final comment* *after all, his mom sort of instructed them to do just that* I think if it depends on your safety, then opposing the authorities isnít all that nutty.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:25 I guess...I dunno...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:40 (Sorry for the delay in response. My responses should be quicker now.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:45 [It's fine.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:46 *attempts to compromise* We shouldnít ignore what they have to say. But if it meant the difference between the safety of the nation and the safety of my sister and brother, Iíd go for the latter.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:47 *a silence hangs between them, until it is interrupted by a whirring sound - a helicopter* *is suddenly attacked by feelings of paranoia*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:49 *sounds shaky* Get down in the bushes, thatís probably them. Di- *stumbles over to her and gently pushes her into the bushes*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.6 06:52 *sounds annoyed* What are you doing, Tom?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:53 *had also made sure that Cian took cover* Just stay low. Di: But why? Tom: Because I said so.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.6 06:58 *has meanwhile woken up just recently* *is looking around in the kitchen for cookie ingredients* *thinks that would be a good daytime activity*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 06:59 *is hiding in some bushes as well, shaking**his butt is clearly sticking out*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 06:59 *is reading*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:12 *has to kind of lower Cian*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:14 *once he can no longer hear the chopper, he peeks out of the bushes* *steps out and walks around for a bit* I think itís all clear now.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.6 07:16 *remains in the bushes for a while* *is confused and a little scared, and trying to gather her bearings*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:16 *is pretty much fine now* *turns toward the bushes* Guys?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:21 Wh-wh-what?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:23 Uh, I think everythingís okay.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.6 07:25 *stands up, looking a tad disheveled* *says irritably* What was that for?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:30 *as a direct result of his paranoia, he realizes itís only a matter of time before the truth will have to come out to Di* *gulps, looking a bit remorseful*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:30 Uh--nothing. *stands up as well*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.6 07:31 *stalks off*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:32 *faces Cian* Iím sorry. I just- that couldíve been them. *lowers his voice* And my mum told me that we arenít to leave the house, that we arenít to be seen by anyone.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:34 Really?! Geez...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:34 Should...should I be going back inside, then?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:38 I guess itís up to you. *as for him, he goes back inside*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.6 07:40 *notices Tom walking in* *is in a fairly good mood* Hey Tom. Do you guys have any brown sugar? *he doesnít answer*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.6 07:41 *instead he goes right upstairs* *says loudly* Why isnít anyone like, ever in a good mood around here?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.6 07:42 *looks around at the sky and then hurries back to his house*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 07:42 *walks in* The h**l are you talking about?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.6 07:55 *says savagely* Donít start with me, Nairne.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.6 07:55 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 07:59 [See you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.6 07:59 I'm in a good mood.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.7 04:31 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 04:42 (Hey!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 04:42 Maybe right now, but not always.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.7 05:07 [Hi! Sorry for the delay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.7 05:14 Well that's what's called being human.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 05:17 (Hi! No worries.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 05:19 *Nairne got her there* *keeps quiet after that*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.7 05:22 Also methinks the brown sugar is in here, madam. *opens a cabinet and gestures towards it with an exaggerated flair*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.7 05:22 *ends up taking a nap* *wakes up an hour or so later and trudges downstairs* *stands in the living room and sort of surveys everything* *Nairne is lying upside down, reading a magazine* *in the kitchen, Di and Emma are rolling balls of cookie dough and
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.7 05:26 talking quietly* *isnít sure what he thinks of that, but heís pretty sure he wants to be by himself*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.7 05:28 *goes outside and heads the orchard of trees that he bypassed when he gave Nairne and Emma a tour of the place* *that was on purpose* *the orchard was his fatherís, and brings back repressed memories*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 05:31 *has been sticking to his room and doing research**finally comes out*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.7 05:31 *sits in front of the trees, which are in bloom, and just stares* *one of the dogs comes up to him and nuzzles against him*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 05:35 *follows the nice smells to the kitchen*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 05:35 [I figure Noah would've dug up some more important information/updates as to what's going on.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 05:35 [So is there anything I need to know that Noah now knows?]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.7 05:48 (Hmmm... not that I can really think of. Oh, I think heís probably see that theyíre setting up ďcheckpointsĒ around London where people go to get sorted into ďjobsĒ.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 05:49 [Alright.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.7 05:49 (Basically, citizens would be driven into these checkpoints, surveyed, and then placed into a restoration job that would match their skill sets.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 05:49 [Would the news and/or people on social media be giving any more information?]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.7 05:50 *is standing on a stool* *has a big apron on* *turns around to see Noah standing in the doorway* Hi.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.7 05:52 (I think theyíd be trying to give everyone the sense that things are okay and that they should keep calm. Theyíd probably tell them thereís a chance they ďmightĒ be asked to temporarily contribute to the rebuilding, when in reality, a lot of people will
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.7 05:53 be asked regardless.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 05:55 [Alright.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 06:10 *looks back at Noah* Oh, hey. *unbeknownst to her, she has a swipe of flour on her face*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 06:37 [Sorry for disappearing. My replies should be faster now.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 06:37 Hi... *looks at his phone, then glances up at her face a whole bunch of times*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 06:47 (Itís fine!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 06:47 *smiles at first, but she sort of furrows her brows when Noah doesnít stop* *asks awkwardly* Uh... what?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 06:53 *hesitates, then brushes his face a little* You have something here.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 07:02 *actually seems a little bashful for once* Oh. Um. Thanks. *smiles a little*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 07:02 *isnít really sure what Noah is doing in the kitchen* *tries to dispel any awkwardness, but she probably makes it worse* Um... do you want to help us make cookies?...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 07:04 Uh...sure.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 07:16 Okay. Come here.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 07:17 Weíre just rolling up the last of the dough and putting it on these pans. *brings the bowl over* Youíll want to take some and roll it between your hands. Not too much, though. *observes him*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 07:24 *scoops out some dough to work with, sneaking a bite of it in the process*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.7 07:24 (I have to go now. Due to the test, I may or may not be online tomorrow night - we shall see. Have a nice night!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 07:25 *takes some dough and starts rolling it*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.7 07:40 [Aw, bye! Good luck with the test!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.9 05:12 [I know you're probably not going to be on for a while, but I just want to say that I'm rooting for you. ^.^ I hope you kicked [BLEEP] on that test and I hope you're doing well in class!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.10 04:42 (Thank you! It didnít really go that well, but the material was hard stuff. Iím sure Iíll be able to catch the rebound. Itís been a little easier lately.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.10 05:11 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. My programming class has been very heavy on reading (we're covering three languages and thus three books).]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.10 05:20 (Hey! Thatís okay.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.10 05:22 [Also sorry to hear about the exam. Better luck next time!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.10 05:32 (Yep!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.10 05:34 *puts the rolled dough on the pans*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.10 05:34 *comes in through the kitchen door all of a sudden* *stops a little when he sees Noah and Emma working fairly close together* *says a little rudely* Well whatís this?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.10 05:41 Weíre making cookies, and Iím showing Noah how.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.10 05:42 *says to Noah* Wow, youíre becoming a regular Pillsbury doughboy now, eh?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.10 05:42 *giggles a little* Whatís that?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.10 05:44 *looks a little irritated*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.10 05:54 Would you like to help us?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.10 05:55 *responds like itís obvious* No. *seems stung by his own response as he drifts upstairs* *then comes tumbling down and back out the door*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.10 05:56 *swivels around to look out the window* *can see Tom jogging out of sight* Whatís got his boxers in a twist?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.10 06:01 *is still upset about what happened earlier, although heís probably been ruminating too much on top of it* *passes the cottage where Cian lives and stops* *thinks about going and apologizing, but he is beside himself* *returns to the orchard*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.10 06:02 I dunno...but whatever it is, it's annoying.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.10 06:13 *shrugs* Maybe a cookie will cheer him up. I donít know.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.10 06:14 (I have to go now. I wonít be online tomorrow night, but I should see you on Thursday!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.10 06:16 [Alright, see you!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.10 06:16 Hopefully. He isn't usually like this...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.12 04:47 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.12 04:47 [My replies will be a bit slow. I'm doing homework.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 05:14 (Hey! Thatís fine.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 05:15 Weíll bring him some later. I think these are ready to go. *opens the oven and puts them in*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.12 05:20 [Now I'm craving sweets, god dang it... XD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.12 05:20 [Also hi! How have you been?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 05:51 (Iím sorry for the delay! I was doing a puzzle and got caught up in it.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 05:52 (Me too, haha. Good, how have you been? How are summer classes?(
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 05:53 *the cookies are done about not long later* *eagerly pulls them out, only to be disappointed by the fact that several of them turned to blobs*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 05:53 Yeah...um...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 05:53 There's something I need to do. *goes out to find Thomas*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 05:54 *whoops, he said/did all this before the cookies were done*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 05:54 [My summer class has been going okay so far. Unfortunately I don't think the instructor's first language is English, so some exam questions wound up being unclear. XP]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 05:55 [Also the class has been very heavy on reading and I'm a slow reade.r]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 05:55 *reader.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 05:55 [But I've been doing alright so far.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 06:06 (Thatís good. I can sort of relate to the reading. Iíve had to read some monster chapters in chemistry, and itís really the convoluted explanations that slow me down.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 06:06 [Oof, yep. XP]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 06:07 *sighs* (BLEEP) it. Di: What is it. Emma: *shows her the cookie blobs* My finest work yet. *Di laughs*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 06:07 I guess some of them are salvageable... *pokes at a few* Cookie, Nairne?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.12 06:08 *is back at the orchard, sitting and staring*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.12 06:14 No thank you.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.12 06:14 Maybe the Boogeyman might like one, though.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 06:17 *says kind of sarcastically* Nice. Okay.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.12 06:18 I want one! *Emma scoops one up* *takes it and crunches down* *chews slowly*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 06:19 *finds Tom*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 06:19 How is it? Di: I like it... *doesnít sound too convincing* Emma: Really? You donít have to say that if you donít. Di: Well... theyíre okay...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 06:20 Tom, what's going on?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.12 06:20 *smiles a little* Sorry. *is determined to make a better treat soon*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.12 06:23 *swivels around and looks at Noah in total surprise* *then turns away and exhales deeply* I donít know. *pauses* Quite a lot, honestly.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.12 06:24 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 06:27 [Aw, bye!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 06:27 You're kind of...you're kind of being a pain in the [BLEEP].
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.12 06:27 So what's the matter?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 03:10 (Hey, just wanted to let you know that I might be late.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.13 03:50 [That's alright.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.13 04:59 [help me]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.13 04:59 [the computer world takeover has begun]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.13 05:00 [I've made a rock, paper, scissors program in C# for a homework assignment and the computer is beating me 90% of the time.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.13 05:01 [The next thing we know, it will have gained sentience and programmed itself to make the Terminator.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 05:53 (Hey!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 05:53 (Uh oh... a monster in the making?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.13 05:54 [Indeed.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.13 06:07 [Also hi!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:14 (Hi again! Sorry for the delay.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.13 06:16 [Hey! It's fine.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:17 So have you. In your own way.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:19 *pauses before giving Noah the lowdown* Now Cianís hiding in his house, and Di will have to know in a matter of time. *rips up a blade of grass and runs it through his fingers* Iím just tired of being responsible. Iím tired of being put in control, when
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:19 Iím really not.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:20 *lets out a deprecating laugh**murmurs* Not sure why Iím telling you all of this, really.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 06:25 Cian's hiding?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:40 Well, yeah. I scared him off
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:40 *.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 06:44 Why the h**l would you do that?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:50 *turns to face Noah, looking fierce* You wouldnít know, would you?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 06:52 Maybe I would. But I'm still asking since assuming things never gets you very far.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:57 *looks angry, and his voice is wobbling* Having to worry about everyone else for so long, not knowing whatís happening at the moment... it really starts taking a toll, ya know.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 06:59 *hesitates*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 06:59 *looks up and sniffs* I miss Mum, and I miss Dad, too. *pauses* *says almost out of the blue* I remember weíd pick apples all day out here, you and me.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 06:59 ...You're not the only one who worries, you know.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:00 *said that before Tom went on about their parents and apples*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:03 *had said drily* Oh, so you are keeping yourself occupied in that room.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:05 I do nothing but keep myself occupied in that room.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:06 It's not like I sit in there and waste away--unlike most people who waste away whether or not they confine themselves anywhere.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:11 Then what kind of contribution have you made to the family? Because I have yet to see any.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:11 *leans back a little* Blooming h*ll, I hardly even know you anymore, thatís how little I see you.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:14 Right back at you.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:15 I've only been researching what's going on since 5:30 AM this morning, but I guess that doesn't count.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:21 Right. Because you havenít even shared what youíve been researching.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:23 I have been sharing it. You just haven't been around.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:32 *his tone softens an iota* What have you been reading, then?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:37 From what I can tell there's a lot of censorship going on. But I think I gleaned that they're going to ask plenty of people to help rebuild.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:37 So we've been correct in that we need to lay low.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:39 *nods thoughtfully* Maybe pushing Di and Cian into hiding wasnít really a crazy idea after all.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:40 What if that chopper was looking for people out here, like in the country? Iíve a feeling thatís maybe what they were doing.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:42 Maybe.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:42 But I wouldn't know. I don't contribute.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:44 *glances at him* Maybe in your own way.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:48 What's that supposed to mean?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:51 That maybe Iím considering that you do contribute, but in your own way.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:51 *stands up* Think Iím going back now. Iíll see you for dinner. *starts walking*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.13 07:52 (I have to go now myself. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:52 *hesitates*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:52 See you.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.13 07:52 [Aw, bye!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 04:59 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.14 05:08 (Hey!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 05:10 [Hi!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 05:13 *notices Tom walking in* Hey. Want a cookie?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.14 05:14 Sure. *takes a bite* *nods a little* Not bad. Emma: Youíre the first person to say that. *smiles a little*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 05:14 So whereís your brother? Tom: *looks noticeably sullen* Outside.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 05:15 *heads out the door* *Tom stares at her mid-chew*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.14 05:17 *whistles*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.14 05:19 *glances at Nairne with slightly arched eyebrows* Somethingís going on there.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 05:20 *walks through the tall grass, not really sure where sheís going* *suddenly remembers the castle on the hill* *heads in that direction*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.14 05:25 Oh really?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.14 05:25 Whodathunkit?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 05:26 *stood out where Tom was for a few minutes**is now heading back towards the house**stops when he sees Emma*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 05:31 *pauses, then gives an uncharacteristic wave* *walks toward him* *murmurs awkwardly* Um, the cookies are done if you want any. *itís clear that isnít what she came to talk about*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 05:34 Oh, nice.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 05:34 *looks down a bit, fidgeting with his feet*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 05:36 How was Tom?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 05:57 [Sorry for disappearing. XP]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 05:57 [I was busy digging a sandspur out of my hair after I got stabbed in the back by it when leaning back. Needless to say, it sucked.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 05:58 Alright...ish...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 05:58 Kind of feeling strained, I guess.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 06:08 (Yikes. That sounds really unpleasant. )
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 06:10 [It is. It wasn't as bad as stepping on a sandspur, but it was annoying.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 06:10 *can see that Noah himself looks strained* *looks down* Just saying, but... you guys donít seem to have the best brotherly relationship or whatever.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 06:10 (Oh yeah, definitely. Hopefully it didnít poke you.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 06:11 (Or rather, poke you too badly.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 08:25 [It sure poked me, but I've endured worse pokes in my lifetime. XD XP]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 08:25 ...Mmm.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 08:25 *doesn't look up*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 08:40 *says quietly* I understand. *reaches out and places her hand on his arm for a brief moment*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 08:46 *looks at her hand, then looks at Emma, seeming a bit surprised*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 08:54 I donít get along with Nairne, either. *chuckles a little* She thinks Iím stupid or something.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.14 09:29 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 10:02 [Aw, bye!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 10:02 [Also I'm so sorry about disappearing. Something came up and I forgot to tell you. XP]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.14 21:37 Well...regardless of what she thinks about you, she seems like the type who loves to tease.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.15 04:06 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.15 05:12 (Hey! Sorry Iím late, I was watching a movie. I may not be on for long tonight.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.15 05:13 I think itís a little different around me. *smiles wryly* I know I can be a (BLEEP). But something was off even on day one.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.15 06:02 (Unfortunately, I have to go. Sorry I missed you! This week is going to be crazy, so I donít know if Iíll be back online until Saturday. Iíve got a marching band audition and another test. I hope to see you soon!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.15 06:19 [Dang it, I'm sorry I missed you too! I understand; good luck with your audition and test?]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.15 19:28 *!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.15 19:28 I understand.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 04:43 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 05:26 (Hey! So sorry Iím late. My replies might be a bit slow.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 05:39 [Hey!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 05:40 [That's alright. How have you been?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 05:54 (Iím doing good! Itís been busy! How are you doing?(
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 05:55 *smiles a little* Thanks. Not a lot of people do. Or seem to, anyways.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 05:57 [Alright. I'm not so busy anymore; I had to drop the class because English was obviously not my instructor's first language and there were some communication issues that made whether I would pass dubious.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 05:57 [I've enrolled in another class, though.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 06:06 (Oh dang, Iím sorry that happened. What are you taking now?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 06:08 [Discrete Mathematics. Class doesn't start until July.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.21 06:13 Yeah.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 06:26 (Ok, good.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 06:28 *there is a bit of a silence* Well, Iím gonna head back now. The cookies werenít really a hit, so eat at your own risk* *smiles and turns* See ya.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.21 06:31 Actually...I'll go with you. *follows her*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 06:38 *kind of giggles* *they walk back together*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 06:39 -THE NEXT DAY-
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 06:41 *it is past breakfast* *is cleaning out a pan in which he made some rather substandard pancakes* *the task could have been fun, but Cian still hasnít come around*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.21 06:43 *is pacing around the kitchen and whining* Can we go swimming today? *crawls up the counter* Can we PLEASE go swimming today?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.21 06:44 *wakes up early**spends a lot of the morning on his phone in his room**comes out of his room when smelling food**is in an uncharacteristically good mood*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 06:45 Yes, Di, we can go swimming today. Weíll go as soon as Iím done with these dishes. *Di jumps up and down and runs upstairs*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 06:45 *puts the pan down and peers into the living room* Anyone up to go swimming today?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 06:47 *is actually up - probably so she can spend as much time with Noah as possible* Well... I donít know.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.21 06:50 *says a bit quietly* You sure it's safe?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 07:09 (Sorry for the slow reply. My cat escaped and I had to help find her.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 07:10 *nods* Maybe for a half hour. Itís a nice day. Weíll be cautious.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.21 07:24 [brb]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.21 07:24 [That's fine. I need to brb...]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 07:27 *smiles a little at Emma* Are you sure?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.21 07:27 *shrugs a little* Weíll see.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 07:35 Okay. Well, Iíll take Di over and you guys can decide.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.21 07:35 [Back]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 07:35 *once Di is ready, he heads out with her* Before we go swimming, thereís something I have to take care of. Di: Like what? Tom: Come on. *leads her towards Cianís house*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 07:36 I'm comin'!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 07:36 *said that before Di was ready*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.21 07:36 (Aw, Iím going to have to go now. But Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a good night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.21 07:49 [Aw, bye! See you and goodnight!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 05:36 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late. I had a long day and then wound up watching some TV with my family.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 05:36 [I watched the first episode of the Odd Couple and I liked it very much.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 05:43 [The original/1970 version, I mean.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 05:54 (Hey! Thatís okay. I just got done watching a movie myself.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 05:55 (Thatís awesome! I havenít seen it in a while, but itís a hilarious show.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 05:56 [Yeah, I want to watch more of it sometime. ^.^]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:03 *spots Tom and Di coming**has been nervously peeking out the windows a lot*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:04 *approaches the door and pauses before knocking*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:15 *opens the door slowly*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:15 H-hi...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:27 Hi.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:28 Iím not scaring you, am I? *there is a grin playing at the corners of his mouth*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:28 Whatcha doin' here? *is trying his best to sound normal*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:28 *said that before Tom asked that*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:28 No, of course not. *turns slightly redder than normal*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:41 I just wanted to come by and say sorry... for yesterday.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:42 For what??
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:43 *runs a hand through his hair* All of this has me a little more worried than usual, but I blew things out of proportion with that one. I didnít mean to; it just sort of happened.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.22 06:44 *looks up at Cian hopefully*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:45 ...Well...with what's happening, it's kind of hard to blow it out of proportion, everything's so nutty and weird the way things are already...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:51 What are you two up to?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:53 *smiles a little, glad that Cian understands* Well, we were just about to head over to the creek for a swim. I was wondering if maybe youíd like to come along, swing from some more branches maybe?...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:58 *hesitates**then says:* Yeh, alright. But not for too long. *says a bit more loudly* And Mam says no more branch-swinging.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:58 *adds rather quietly:* But she won't be watchin'.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 06:58 *grins slightly and then heads inside to get ready*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:00 Brilliant. *grins*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:00 *says when Cian comes back out* Oh, and I think Nairneís coming, too. Just thought Iíd warn you.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:00 *comes out a little while later, ready to swim*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:00 Oh god...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:01 We'd better be careful.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:09 Yeah... *chuckles a little*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:10 Last one there gets to face her wrath! *hits the ground running*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.22 07:13 *is meanwhile about to head out with Nairne and Noah* *is only going because Noah is, and sort of because Nairne talked her into it* *doesnít even have a swimsuit, just wears what she has on presently*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 07:17 Uh...you swimmin'?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.22 07:28 *crosses her arms tightly* Uh, no.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.22 07:28 God knows whatís in the water, anyways. *laughs*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.22 07:29 *hears a cannonball* *sort of winces*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:30 *sees the trio getting closer* Oh (BLEEP), sheís here! *goes under*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 07:37 [Sorry about the slow replies. I've been studying.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 07:37 [Truth tables suck.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.22 07:44 (Thatís fine! I have no idea what those are, but it sounds like it. Iíve gotta go now. I should be online tomorrow - chemistry is winding down. See you then, hopefully!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 07:50 [This gives you a basic look at these monstrosities that are called truth tables: ht tp://sites.millersville.edu/bikenaga/math-proof/truth-tables/truth-tables.html ]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.22 08:35 [Anyways, bye! I hope to see you here tomorrow!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 05:00 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 05:07 (Hey!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 05:34 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 05:34 [Sorry for the delay.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 05:47 (No problem.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 05:48 (Also, I had a look, and I really had a difficult time comprehending that, haha.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 06:06 [Same here. XD XP I'm doing my best, but it's difficult. Thank god class hasn't even started yet (I'm reading the book early to prepare).]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 06:06 [It's a 5-week class too with an assignment due every day of the week except Sunday. But there are no exams--the entire grade is basically daily homework.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:10 (Okay. I was gonna say- thatís quite an accelerated class.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:11 *Nairne swings from a vine like Tarzan, announcing her presence* *tries to get away as fast as possible*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 06:12 [Very much so. If I had started reading once class started I would've been [BLEEP]ed.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 06:20 *creates as big a splash as possible*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 06:20 *she made a Tarzan-like call on the way down*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.23 06:34 *lets out a shriek* *even Noah, who is wading around nearby, sort of tries to shield himself*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:35 *scrambles to the far end of the creek*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:36 *flops onto his back and floats* *it doesnít take long for him to notice Emma, who is hovering right above him* What are you doing?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 06:37 Watching. *has her arms crossed*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 06:38 *notes Emma's location and smirks slightly**gets up on land and prepares for another jump*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:38 *looks at Emma and glances towards Noah* Watching what?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.23 06:39 *is in nothing but swimming trunks*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 06:45 All of yíall. *no doubt sheís checking out Noah though*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:46 Nice... sounds like fun.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:47 *suddenly has an idea* *is tired of Emma being a stick in the mud* *knows sheís got potential somewhere; she just hasnít shown it* *his idea is terrible, but great*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:48 *climbs back onto the surface* *his eyes meet Nairneís* *looks at her as if to say ďdonít do anything yetĒ*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 06:49 *was about to give Emma the splash of a lifetime**looks disappointed but doesn't jump yet*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:53 *sneaks up behind Emma* *is as silent as a stone* *turns to Nairne and raises a finger to his lips* *glances at Cian too*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 06:56 *Di is about to let out a scream, but itís too late - heís already given Emma a mighty shove*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 06:57 *lets out something of a scream-roar as she goes tumbling down, fully clothed*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 06:58 *comes up seconds later, sputtering* *looks a bit bewildered*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 07:00 *is laughing* Well? Not as bad as you thought?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 07:01 *glares* *then splashes Tom* *shrieks* You (BLEEP)! *falls back from the force of her own splash* *behind the spray of water, she can be seen laughing, too*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 07:02 Whatíd you do that for?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.23 07:03 I think you needed that. *jumps back in*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 07:05 *smiles*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 07:05 *then lets out a mighty "GERONIMOOOOO" and plunges into the water, sending a tsunami towards Emma*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 07:07 *screams* NAIRNE!!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 07:08 *goes after her, splashing viscously*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.23 07:08 (I have to go now, see you! I might not be online tomorrow. If I am, Iíll try to be here early.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.23 07:10 [See you! Alright, hopefully we can RP some more tomorrow!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 05:12 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I was watching a movie. My replies will be slow.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 05:26 (Hey! Thatís alright.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 05:41 (Also, I just realized I spelled viciously wrong... too much chemistry, haha.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 05:41 [Hi! Oof, yep. XD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 05:41 *cackles evilly and dodges, splashing right back*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 05:44 *suddenly gets an idea* *retaliates in the same vein as Nairne* *almost without thinking, she leaps onto a vine, swings, and falls into the water, totally dousing Nairne*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 05:57 AAAFHFBFBJG
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.24 05:57 *raises his eyebrows*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 05:57 *stares in shock*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 06:01 *isnít angry; sheís actually laughing hard*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 06:07 *drifts away from Nairne* Hey, anyone want to play Marco Polo?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:09 *is also in shock by the fact that Emma managed to usurp the Queen of Cannonball, but heís also liking how at ease Emma seems to be* Sure.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 06:17 Who doesn't?!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 06:17 *looks like she's in awe*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 06:19 Okay then. I nominate you to be Marco. Thisíll be fun. *grins*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 06:20 *and it is, with Nairne practically unleashing warfare and making it easier to find Polo* *the game goes on well into the afternoon* *by that time, everyone is tired and ready for dinner*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 06:20 *climbs out of the water* Iíll leave the cooking to you two. *is referring to Cian and Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:21 *looks at Cian, then at Emma* Why?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 06:23 *shrugs* I just need to do some things out here.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:23 *looks puzzled* Like what?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.24 06:23 Youíll see.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 06:25 Uh...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 06:25 You sure you wanna...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:26 *gives Cian a befuddled glance* *then slowly starts walking* Bollocks. I donít know what weíll be able to cook up without burning the house down.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:26 You got any easy ideas?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 06:32 I got easy ideas. Let's go.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:37 Okay. *follows Nairne into the kitchen*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 06:47 *gets to cooking without even giving them a chance to start*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:48 *leans against the counter, arms crossed and sleeves rolled up, ready to go* *now that Nairneís taking care of business, all he can do is raise his eyebrows*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:49 So is cooking your secret talent too?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.24 06:57 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.24 06:59 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 03:03 [I hate to say it, but I'll be late again tonight. XP]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 05:16 (Thatís fine! I just got here.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.25 05:26 [Hi!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 05:35 (Hey!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.25 05:37 [Hey!! How are you?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 05:37 Nah. But it sure isn't yours.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 05:38 Get some flour, will you?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 05:41 (Not bad, how are you?)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 05:41 No, it isnít. *gets out the flour*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 05:43 [Pretty good. Had another long day, but eh.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 05:52 (Yeah... at least itís technically over, though.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:05 *as it turns out, Nairne is a pretty fantastic cook* *sheís managed to whip up some sort of meal with dumplings, and itís enjoyed by all*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:05 Wow. *points at Nairne with a spoon* Youíve really outdone yourself.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 06:06 *says sort of quietly* Youíve outdone us all.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 06:14 [Yep.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 06:14 It was nothing. *grins*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 06:14 *is impressed with herself as well**didn't expect the dumplings to turn out this well*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:15 *has been hogging the dumplings a bit*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 06:15 Yeah, sure. *smiles*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.25 06:18 *was going to take seconds, but Cian pulls the last of the dumplings towards him* *gives him a guilt-inducing stare*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:23 ..............
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:23 .........
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:23 ......
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:23 ...They're for Mam...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.25 06:24 *mutters* Okay...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.25 06:26 These were really good. Thank you. *heads to his room as soon as he's finished*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 06:30 Wait. *stands up* Weíre having dessert outside. *almost sounds a little worried*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:31 *was heading out himself* *stops* Oh - really?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 06:31 *nods, grateful that Tom is at least interested*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.25 06:31 *was most of the way to his room**hesitates, then decides to come back*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:32 *chuckles* I hope it doesnít go as quickly as the dumplings.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.25 06:32 *glances at the door, then runs after them*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:34 *follows Emma behind the old barn* *is surprised to see a neat pile of wood, surrounded by a circle of various chairs* Whatís all of this?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 06:35 *raises her eyebrows*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:35 *looks surprised as well*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 06:38 I thought weíd try an American favorite. *plops into a rocking chair and rocks back and forth* *suddenly, the chair buckles, snapping into pieces* *falls to the ground with a yelp*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:39 *sounds distant* That was grandadís, that was.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 06:40 Not anymore.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:49 *helps Emma up* Are you okay?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 06:50 Yeah... *Attempts a laugh and stumbles out of the wreckage* *her cheeks are red* Iím really sorry about your grandpaís chair.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:52 *smiles* Nah, itís alright. Granddad wouldíve loved this - all of this. Emma: *looks surprised* *takes out some matches and lights the pile of wood* Tom: He was a professor at one of those big unis over there. *settles himself into a chair*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:55 Every time heíd come back, heíd tell all sorts of crazy stories about his time over there. I guess you could say he was the best cook to date in our family - heíd make American dinners. One I remember are the bacon cheeseburgers with the dangerous-looking
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:56 *sits down as well**the chair creaks rather precariously*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:56 cheese. *laughs, continuing to reminisce*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.25 06:56 *sits on the ground, sort of behind Tomís chair* *the dogs are soon at her side* What are we having?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 06:57 Símores. *takes out a box of ďbiscuitsĒ, marshmallows, and chocolate* Basically, a toasted marshmallow in between two graham crackers and chocolate.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 06:58 *skewers some marshmallows on actual sticks and passes them around* I prefer mine burnt to a crisp. Itís better that way.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 06:59 What kind of sugary abomination is this? *cautiously aims the stick at the fire*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 07:00 Hey. *points a finger at Tom* Itís not an abomination. Itís delicious.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 07:05 I can concur.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.25 07:06 *holds his stick a bit awkwardly*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 07:06 *is repeatedly glancing at the bag of marshmallows*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 07:15 *catches Cianís gaze* Hey. Have two if you want. Iíd even say three. *tosses him the marshmallows*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 07:16 *sticks her marshmallow straight into the flame* *pulls the blazing marshmallow out, blows out the flame, and assembles a símore*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 07:17 *watches Emma take a big bite* Youíre sure this is delicious?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.25 07:17 *says with sort of a full mouth* Get over your pudding. I promise this isnít a fried Oreo.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.25 07:19 *is carefully roasting her marshmallow near the flame* *once itís golden brown, she goes over to Emma so she can help her make a símore* *is soon going back for seconds*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 07:20 *judging by the fact that Di is going back for more, he deduces it canít be all that bad* *sticks his marshmallow into the fire*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 07:20 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 07:20 Thanks... *has a s'more with extra marshmallows*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 07:20 *also goes for seconds*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.25 07:21 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.25 07:21 *smiles at Di and roasts her own marshmallow*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.25 07:22 *glances at Di and Tom and then sticks his marshmallow in the fire**his marshmallow winds up a little burnt*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 04:41 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:05 (Hey! Sorry Iím a little late.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:11 *makes a símore and scrutinizes it before taking a tentative bite* *the marshmallow stretch is kind of infinite* *says through mashed-up símore* Jesus!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.26 05:17 Well, what do you think? *is also eyeing Noah*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:17 Itís definitely American. But itís not bad.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 05:23 [Hey!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.26 05:23 *nods as he chews**lets out a muffled "It's good"*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:32 *is on his third s'more*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 05:35 *looks from the marshmallow bag to Cian* Hey... *was also going to go for a third símore*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 05:38 *looks from the marshmallow bag to Cian* Hey... *was also going to go for a third símore*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 05:39 (Sorry, double post.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:40 *smirks* I hope you two are sharing.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:41 *smirks* I hope you two are sharing.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:41 (Again... sorry.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:41 *leans back* I wonder what itíll be like when Mum gets back.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.26 05:43 *has no idea what itíll be like* *offers* Quiet, I guess.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 05:44 Yeah... I think this is the most fun itís been here, honestly. *isnít going to admit it, but he feels like Nairne and Emmaís presence has helped bring him closer to his siblings*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.26 05:45 Youíre lucky to have this place, though. Itís nice.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:07 [Sorry for disappearing. XP]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:07 *holds out the marshmallow bag bashfully to Di*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 06:08 Ye. It makes me miss my old home in Scotland, to be honest.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:20 *says softly* Thank you. *nibbles one straight up*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:20 (Also, itís fine. I had to look at something myself.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:21 Really?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:24 You can have the bag if you want...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 06:24 Yeah. We used to have this place with similarly wonderful views...not anymore.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:29 What happened to it?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:29 *gives him a small smile* Thanks...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 06:29 Had to sell it.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:29 *after a moment, she hands him two marshmallows*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.26 06:30 *glances at Nairne with a sort of tight jaw* *she and her dad are the reason for that, no doubt*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:31 *murmurs* D***. *sort of shakes his head* Iím sorry.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:31 Oh...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:31 Thanks.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 06:31 Eh, what's happened happened.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:31 *smiles and accepts Di's offering*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:32 I canít stand the city. Too many people, rubbish everywhere... Iíd live here as long as I can if I could.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 06:35 Yeah...at least cities have some d*** nice pubs.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:42 *laughs* The only good thing about them, yeah?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:43 *stands up and gazed at the sky while eating a marshmallow* *then turns to the others, looking excited* Look at the moon!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:44 *stands up a little to get a view* *the moon is indeed huge, and perfectly full* Wow. Itís beautiful.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:46 It has a face, you know. Tom: Yeah. Di: I wonder if Mummy can see it, too.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:48 Maybe. Itís the same, no matter where you are. *Cian then shares a fun fact about how the moon used to be 100x closer to Earth at the dawn of time, which everyone finds to be creepy but cool*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 06:48 Actually it's got a rabbit on it.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 06:49 *said that before Cian shared the creepy-ish fact*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:55 *giggles* Itís a face! *wanders off into the barn*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:56 *calls out* Be careful in there! *mutters* That thing is on its hinges. Twisted my ankles when I fell from the rafters once.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:57 *comes back with an American flag beach ball* Was this granddadís too?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:58 *laughs a little* No, I think Mum got that. Here, throw it over.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.26 06:58 *tosses it to Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 06:59 *catches it* *tosses it to Cian*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 07:02 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.26 07:09 [Aw, bye! Sorry for disappearing again. I got caught up drawing an embroidery pattern on one of my characters. It's been a rather painful process so far. XD XP]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.26 07:10 *catches it and tosses it to Emma*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:03 [I'm here! BTW, how is your mom doing?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:09 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:14 (Good, thanks! I donít want to say things are getting back to normal, but hospitalizations have gone way down. I hear itís the exact opposite over there. How are things?)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:16 [Getting worse. I often feel like venting because for the past weeks it has seemed like absolutely nobody cares. Some places (e.g. stores, restaurants) have been more packed than ever before with nobody wearing masks.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:16 [The governor had been saying that masks are recommended but nobody can enforce them for weeks upon weeks. Only today have things actually started to change and become mandatory.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:18 [The people here literally seem incapable of social distancing. One nearby county reported that only 7% of the population was social distancing. Many of the new hospitalized infectees are young people who think they're invincible because they're young.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:20 [Also there's plenty of people here who subscribe to the You-ain't-gunna-make-me-wear-a-mask philosophy. I have no explanation for it apart from being uninformed, careless, and/or just stupid. Now that some counties have started making things mandatory,
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:20 however, we'll just have to wait and see if these things are actually put into place and enforced.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:21 [My family has been relatively safe so far. Only one of us goes to town at a time to get necessities every so often. I'm the only one in my household who's not in a sensitive group.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:22 [Sorry to lay all this on you. I just keep being absolutely baffled by Texans' behavior. Now that things are mandatory, maybe some change will take place.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:26 [I'm glad things are turning around up where you are. Be careful, though. It isn't over yet. You don't wanna re-open at warp speed and end up like Texas. XD XP]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:30 (No, I totally get your frustration. The way this country has handled this as a whole is atrocious, and continues to be that way. )
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:31 [Absolutely.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:32 [Out of curiosity I looked at how the Czech Republic has been handling it. I recommend looking into that. I haven't checked on them in several weeks, but last time I read about them their way of handling it sounded great.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:32 (As you said, Texas is mostly a red state, and Iím sure that mentality has definitely contributed. Iím sorry this had to happen. Hopefully people actually realize that this isnít a hoax.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:32 [Yet another reason why I miss the Czech Republic and love the people there. XD XP]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:33 [Yeah, that's part of it. This really shouldn't be a political issue at all--this is a health issue, a life-or-death issue. I don't know how the h**l this turned political, but it sucks.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:33 (Yeah. Actually, most of Europe is doing fairly well - which just proves that the US, apparently a technological superpower, is embarrassing itself right now.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:34 [At least I can look at how Arizona and Florida are doing and be like "Ha haaa, get wrecked, somehow we're doing better than you." XD XP]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:34 [We're not the bottom of the bottom, d*** it! XD XP]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:34 [Yet.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:35 [Also yeah, Europe overall has done better. It largely depends on the country, but I'd say the US fumbled things far more.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:35 [The EU just banned travelers from the US along with ones from Russia and Brazil.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:35 (The political part is what makes this terrible. Kinda reminds me of this: ht tps://i.gifer.com/E0Fi.gif
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:37 (Actually, Michigan has done pretty well. Cases have gone way down, as have hospitalizations. My mom says that mostly really old people with health problems are dying - and as of right now, most of them are even asymptomatic, which is why itís spreading
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:38 in the nursing homes. When I was in the hospitals, some of the nurses werenít even wearing masks. However, I donít think that means everything is safe. We almost got to stage 5/6 of reopening, but thatís been delayed because cases are kind of rising.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:39 [OOF, exactly. XD XP]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:39 [That gif sums it up really well.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:39 [I try to mostly listen to Fauci since he's pretty much the most qualified guy up there right now.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:39 [I also love that he got his wish of being portrayed by Brad Pitt granted. XD]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:40 (Thereís a bar in the town I go to college at, which was recently PACKED with people. Not a mask was in sight. Apparently one girl went there WITH the virus, and now thereís almost 70 cases linked to that bar. Iím kind of scared to go back, mostly because
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:40 I donít trust people like that.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:41 [Also ah, I see. So wait, are over 50% of the infectees asymptomatic?]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:41 [Oh no...yep, that's the sort of thing that's happening down here.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:41 [You can't exactly drink or eat with a mask on--I understand that part--but at the same time going to a bar or restaurant in the first place just sounds stupid right now.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:42 (Yeah. Heís been fairly trustworthy so far. Also, thatís hilarious. I do think an older Brad Pitt would sort of resemble him.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:43 [Have you seen the video where Brad Pitt is playing as Dr. Fauci?]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:43 [If not, you need to. XD I can supply you with the link.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:46 (In the nursing homes - apparently. I have no idea why though. This virus is crazy.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:46 (Ok!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:48 [Enjoy: https://youtu.be/uW56CL0pk0g ]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:48 [Yeah, this virus is basically curtains for old people, which is rather sad.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:52 (Thanks! It is. Iím pretty worried about a good family friend of mine(her husband was a pianist and met Rachmaninoff). Sheís really sharp, but is almost 90 and probably wouldnít make it. I think sheís staying vigilant, though.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:57 (Oh my god, haha. That was gold. He even talked like him! I kinda wish his hair/wig had been a bit neater, for that true Fauci look.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 05:57 (As for Trump... he looked a bit worse for wear.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:59 [I hope your family friend makes it through this. Meeting Rachmaninoff sounds amazing.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 05:59 [Also was the "sharp" bit on purpose? XD]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:00 [Also yeah, Brad Pitt's voice was spot-on! There's not too much he can do to imitate Fauci's appearance, though.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 06:06 (Haha, totally unintentional. He wouldíve gotten pretty close if the hair had been just a tad neater, haha.)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:14 [Yep.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:15 [I hope all of you up there stay safe. Shall we RP?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 06:15 *catches it and throws it to Noah* *Noah doesnít see though, and gets bonked in the head* Sorry!!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 06:16 (Yeah! And you guys too!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 06:22 *chuckles* RIP!
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.27 06:22 Hey!! *rubs his head*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.27 06:22 Don't throw unless I'm looking... *picks up the ball and throws it gently to Di, looking pouty*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 06:24 Sorry!... *is laughing a little*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 06:24 *doesnít catch it, so she has to pick it up* *passes it to Cian again*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:30 *throws it to Tom*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 06:31 *@ Noah* Oi, you got a booboo?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:36 *laughs* *throws it to Nairne*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 06:38 *throws it to Di*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.27 06:38 ...No...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 06:40 *throws it to Noah with a giggle - or more like at him*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.27 06:45 *catches it**wrinkles his nose at Di, but playfully throws the ball back to her*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:53 *reaches over for the bag and tries to get another marshmallow or two...or three*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 06:56 *catches the ball with a laugh* *then sees Cian sneaking into the marshmallows* *throws it at him without any reserve*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:57 Oooh!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:57 *gets hit in the face* AGHCK!!! *jerks back*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 06:57 *sounds like he's almost crying* I just wanted a marshmallow!!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 06:57 *bursts out laughing*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 07:02 (Hahaha, poor Cian.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 07:02 *takes the bag, looking a bit smug*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:03 *is cracking up - Cian seems like heís in a brief moment of agony*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:03 Címon, Di. Share!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 07:04 *hands the open bag Cianís way* *looks reluctant*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 07:05 I donít think sheís really a fan of sharing.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:05 When it comes to food, absolutely not.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 07:05 [Poor Cian indeed. XD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 07:06 [*overlays GTA 5 "wasted" death screen on an epic replay of Cian's face getting annihilated*]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 07:06 Di sounds like my kind of gal!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:08 (Oh my god, hahahaha.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:09 You guys would probably get along capitally over your shared love of not liking to share food.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 07:11 *is momentarily distracted by something fluttering above* Hey, look! A bat! *jumps up and runs after it* *is trying to get a good look*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 07:11 Methinks it'd be a very profitable alliance.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.27 07:12 Hey Di, watch where you're going!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:19 *glances at Noah, a little surprised by his intervention* Yeah, maybe we should go in now.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 07:20 *whines* Why?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:20 Too many bats out. Plus youíll get yourself sick eating all those marshmallows.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 07:22 No I wonít!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:23 *smiles like heís not convinced* Letís go. *walks Di inside*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 07:24 *stands up and looks around* *isnít really sure how sheís going to put out the fire* *decides to drag a couple of chairs back into the barn*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.27 07:32 [Sorry for disappearing. I got caught up working on a drawing.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:34 *decides to stay behind, help Emma with the chairs, and, last (but not least), snag the marshmallow bag*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 07:44 Thanks. *smiles at him* Itís all yours now. (No problem!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:44 *is holding the bag behind his back* Uh...what is?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 07:52 The marshmallows. Finders keepers.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:55 What marshmallows? *smirks*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 07:58 *winks* Thanks. *starts to walk away*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:01 -THE NEXT MORNING-
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:02 *is making breakfast while everyone makes their way to the table* *is still a bit tired from the previous night* *puts the kettle back on the stove to make more tea*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:03 *out of the corner of his eye, he sees something pulling into the driveway* *looks up and realizes that theyíre two large, black vehicles* *sort of freezes*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:04 *a pair of men dressed in military uniforms exit each vehicle* *there is a knock on the door* *remembers what Molly said* *gets down* *whispers* Everyone get down. Get under the table!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.27 08:05 Tom? *sounds scared*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:05 Just get under the table!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.27 08:06 *they get under the table* *whimpers* Whatís going on?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.27 08:07 *is still in his room*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 08:08 *gets under the table*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 08:08 *says quickly and quietly:* Maybe we should leave out the back...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:08 *is at his own home with his adopted mom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:09 *mutters* We need to stay put.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:13 *keeps his eyes on the window* *the men walk up to the door, as expected* *they are not greeted by an answer* *one of them saunters over to the window and looks in* *he then goes over to talk to the others* *knows itís over - he probably saw the kettle on
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:13 the stove, or an abandoned breakfast*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:13 *after a few mighty bangs, the door swings open*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.27 08:14 (And thereís a cliffhanger. I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 08:18 What if they come in?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 08:18 *said that before they came in*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.27 08:18 [I typed that before seeing that they broke in. See you! Have a nice night too!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 02:51 [I'll be about an hour late. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 05:16 [I'm finally here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:20 (Hey! I just got here myself.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 05:31 [Hi!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:33 *one of the men announces theyíve arrived in the name of the government, and that anyone present must reveal themselves* *stands up shakily* *everything goes by in a blur*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:34 (Hi!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.28 05:36 *freezes upon hearing the government officials come in**doesn't know whether to run or see if the others are okay*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:37 Man 1: The government is requiring each household contribute to restoration projects in the city of London and its metropolitan. Tom: *stares, his throat tight* Man 1: *notices theyíre all kind of shocked* Itíll only be for a bit - three weeks, tops.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:40 *isnít dumb enough to believe that* Man 1: *pulls out a device* This is the Eady household, am I correct? Tom: *nods* Man 1: *says sternly* Whereís your mother? Tom: *says hoarsely* Abroad. On business.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:41 *has to give those details* Man 1: And youíre?... Tom: *is looking down* Thomas, sir. Man 1: *points to Di* Is that Diana? Tom: Yes. Man 1: Whereís Noah?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:42 Tom: *opens his mouth to say something* *feels like heís going to betray Noah, but really, thereís no hiding him* He- upstairs.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:44 Man 1: *says to the others* Search the upstairs. Iíll take them out and figure out where to place them. *Tom and the others are turning to go when Man 2 steps forward* Man 2: Iíve got two tickets to the United States of America for *reads Nairne and
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 05:44 Emmaís full names*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 05:45 *immediately knows that her dad took off when things got bad - and that heís trying to do the same for them* *watches as Tom guides a whimpering Di outside* *then looks at Nairne with a worried expression*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 05:47 *looks back at Emma, then looks at the men straight in the eye*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 05:47 What's this about?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 05:47 What's going to happen to the minor?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 05:48 *suddenly remembers Noah, and their chat by the castle* *maybe itís the deciding factor, but she realizes sheís too involved to leave*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 05:49 Man 1: Come on outside. Emma: *gives Nairne a small shake of the head and follows*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 05:57 *another man is with Tom and Di, trying to figure out where to place them* *can see other people in the back - neighbors, probably* Man 1: Youíve been requested to return to your father in New York. We can take you to the airport and youíll be on your way
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 05:57 *.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 05:57 Oi, what are you going to do with the 10 year-old?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jun.28 05:58 *is brought downstairs by some of the men*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 05:59 *would love to see her father, now more than anything* *however, she doesnít know why she and Nairne get special privileges when thousands of other households are being uprooted in a similar fashion*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 05:59 *some of the men are handling Noah pretty roughly*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:01 Man 1: Sheíll be put somewhere with other children, and very likely with her brothers or neighbors.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.28 06:01 *starts crying*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:02 *doesnít care what Nairne says; sheís made her decision* *has a feeling Nairne will soon follow suit, though* *says shakily* Iím not going.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:03 *looks at Emma like a deer in headlights*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:04 ...Are you...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:10 *turns to Nairne* Iím not. Man 1: *takes on that stern tone* Youíve been requested to return. Your ticket- Emma: *suddenly explodes* *swivels around and snatched the ticket, tearing it into two* Thereís my ticket!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:11 ...What if we want to stay?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:15 Man 1: Weíll need everyone we can get. *looks at Nairne suspiciously, noting her Scottish accent*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:17 Man 1: As for you... we have no choice but to take you with us. Emma: *allows them to lead her to the back of one of the trucks* *Noah is led to the opposite truck just as quickly*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:17 We're foreigners. What right do you have to drag us along, unless we volunteer?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:18 Man 1: *looks down at a crying Di* *takes on an unconvincingly sweet tone* Come along, love. Up after her you go.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:18 Man 1: *turns to Nairne* You still have a ticket, you know.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.28 06:20 *starts to panic* *starts walking towards Tom* *whimpers* Tom...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:23 *takes the ticket and tears it* What are you talking about?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:24 *Di clings to him like a lifeline and whimpers nonstop* *can feel her shaking* Di: Tom... Tom... *starts sobbing* Tom: *gets down to her level and tries to be as composed as possible, which is difficult*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:26 Man 1: Well, youíve lost your chance now. And you have even less of a chance than she did, because I can tell youíre not an American citizen.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:28 *looks Di in the eyes* *says quietly* Go get your kit. Di: *sobs* No! Iím not going! Theyíre going to hurt Lizzy and Daisy! Tom: Lizzy and Daisy will be fine. Theyíll be fine. Di: No!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:30 *there are tremors in his voice* I need you to go grab your kit. Di: *screams in his face* NO! Tom: *the facade is starting to crumble* Di, go get your kit right now.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:32 *she puts up a fight* *has to go inside and get the pink-and-yellow backpack* *puts it around her shoulders and hugs her tightly, squeezing back tears*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:32 My country should've become independent centuries ago.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:32 Man 1: Whatís in the kit? Tom: *glares a little* Itís only chocolate.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:33 *says VERY loudly* What kind of people are you, anyway, taking children from their homes when this is the safest place they could be?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.28 06:33 Man 1: *says to Nairne* Maybe you shouldíve stayed there, then. Up you go.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:33 Don't tell me it's for the welfare of us or our country!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:34 What, am I being detained? What right do you have to order me to move a muscle?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.28 06:34 *a couple of the other men start cornering Nairne* *the drama causes her to panic again* TOM!!!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:36 *hugs Di again* *murmurs* I need you to go with them. *Di has resorted to crying and staying immobile* *gives Nairne a look of desperation*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:37 *one of the men goes over to solve the problem* Man 2: Youíll be going with your brother. *gently pulls Tom away from Di* Tom: *says to Di while he can* I love you, and so does Mummy and Noah.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 06:39 *is hauled off* *sort of cries* *stumbles into the back of the truck, where he takes a seat next to Noah* *pretends he canít hear Di shrieking when the truck pulls out*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:40 *resists heavily* Can't any of you answer a d*** question?!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:40 *scrambles out of the back to rescue Di, Cianís mom in tow* *didnít actually notice, but Cian is in their truck, possibly frozen with fear by the dramatic turn of events*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:42 *is definitely not as consoling as Tom* *says breathlessly* Come on. *takes Diís hand* *turns to Nairne* *hisses* Itís not worth it!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:47 Man 4: Do you think sheís affiliated with them? *is talking about Nairne, of course* Man 2: If she is, she wonít make it very far. *they are talking quietly, but he is talking loud enough for Nairne to maybe hear*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:48 [I actually thought that Cian and his mom would be captured last.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:49 [His mom did have a pretty good hiding spot.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 06:49 I'm affiliated with democracy, thank you very [BLEEP]ing much!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:56 (Okay. Would you like them to stop there?)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 06:58 Man 3: *seems like the only nice on out of the bunch* Iím really sorry about what Iím going to have to do, but... *drags Nairne into the back and shuts the door* *the truck rolls before she can even find her balance*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 07:05 [Sorry, I don't follow.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 07:07 (Since you wanted Cian to be captured last, do you want the trucks to stop there now?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 07:18 [Oh, yeah, okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 07:18 [Sorry for disappearing. XP]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 07:20 (Itís fine!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 07:21 *doesnít say anything to Nairne* *knows sheís pretty much responsible for getting her into something she didnít want* *puts an arm around Di, who is also silent*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 07:22 *meanwhile, things are pretty silent in their truck* *stares ahead* *is in a daze, especially since the previous night seemed so normal* *now, nothing is going to be the same again*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 07:23 *is wondering about Molly when a hand rests on his knee* *an old neighbor sitting across from him and Noah pats their knees with a smile* Neighbor: You two were always fine chaps.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 07:23 *gives him a nod and whatever kind of smile he can muster*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 07:26 *is unnerved by the fact that heís talking in the past tense, though* *the truck takes a slow turn, then stops completely* *instantly knows where they are: Cianís place*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 07:27 *the back doors fly open* *cranes his neck to get a view* *sees Man 1 knock on the door, then break in like itís second nature*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 07:32 *it takes 15 minutes for Cian and his mother to be found*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 07:34 [My replies will be slower.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 07:40 (Ok.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.28 07:42 *can hear the men talking outside* *suddenly, the back doors slam shut* *whether itís the last time heíll see Cian or not, heís not certain* *their vehicle rumbles off* *feels increasingly numb*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.28 07:42 *Cian and his mom are herded into the back of their truck* Cian... *offers a smile*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.28 07:43 *is still very quiet, but seeing Cian seems to comfort her a little bit*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.28 07:43 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.28 07:48 [Aw, bye!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.29 04:14 [I'm here! My replies will be slow.] *looks very pale*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.29 04:14 *Cian's mom smiles a little back*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.29 04:15 *his mom is a small, elderly woman**she puts her arm around Cian**it's a bit odd-looking--a wide young man being supported by such a small woman*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 05:04 (Hey! So sorry Iím late!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 05:05 *treads forward to help them* *however, the trick revvs rudely*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.29 05:11 [Hey! It's fine.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.29 05:24 *Mam waves her hand slightly at Emma, as if telling her to not bother/to go away*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 05:31 *makes her way back* *the truck jolts, so she falls before she can make it back to her seat*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 05:33 *once Cian and Mam officially board, the truck rumbles off* *says to them after a while* Did you guys make it out okay?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.29 05:58 Mam: *nods curtly**Cian remains silent; he seems a bit shell-shocked*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jun.29 06:03 [Sorry for the delay. I got distracted. XP]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:11 (Itís fine!) *nods and looks off* *doesnít say much else, only because sheís not in the mood, and sheís not sure sheís welcome to*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:12 *about an hour later, the truck arrives at a massive facility* *climbs out of the back* *it is raining* *squints and watches as many other trucks pull in* *there are a lot of people walking around and inside, but none of them look like Tom or Noah*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.29 06:13 *they are ushered inside* *grabs Nairneís hand*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:16 *the first thing they have to do upon arrival is wait in a huge line* *spends most of that time leaning against the wall with crossed arms, huffing impatiently*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:18 *as the line inches forward, she sees that there are dozens of screens set up - sort of like the ones at US customs* *when they get to the front of the line, she doesnít waste any time in going towards the next available screen* *doesnít know where Cian
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:18 Mam went, but sheís too preoccupied to care*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:21 *taps the screen aggressively to start a new session* *the first question it asks is whether or not she is part of a family unit* *says with finality* Iím putting us in as a family unit. I have no idea where Tom or Noah are, so...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jun.29 06:22 *Emma asks her what her middle name is* *utters it quietly* *knows Tom and Noah are gone, but hearing it almost has a worse effect*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:24 *puts in Noah, Tom, and Diís address as their residence* *the screen then asks for each person to fill out a set of skills* *goes first*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:26 *is immediately overwhelmed* *the screen provides a checklist of various skills, mostly engineering, data collection, landscaping, plumbing, and healthcare* *is only able to
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.29 06:26 *mutters under her breath* I have a very particular set of skills...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.29 06:26 *chuckles to herself, hiding nervousness*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:27 mark off one measly checkbox - cooking* *is a little scared for Di*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jun.29 06:28 (I have to go now. Tomorrow I have my chemistry final, so wish me luck! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.29 06:31 [Alright, see you! Good luck with the final--kick its butt!!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.29 08:06 [I believe in you!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jun.30 03:25 (Thank you!! I just wanted to let you know I wonít be online tonight. I think I got food poisoning, and have been sick most of the day. Iím starting to get better though, so I expect to be back tomorrow.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jun.30 04:43 [Oh no...that's awful. I hope you did well on your final and I hope you get better soon!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.1 04:27 [I unfortunately will be late tonight. I have some work to do.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.1 05:02 (Ok!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.1 06:01 [I'm finally here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.1 06:16 [Sorry I'm so late.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.1 07:14 [Heck, I guess I missed you. Oh well; see you tomorrow!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.2 02:50 [I will be late again. My family wants to watch a movie and I have more studying to do afterwards.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.2 04:38 (Ok. I may not be online then because I have an appointment tomorrow. Iíll catch you around!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.2 04:49 [I'm here! Dang, alright. See you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.3 04:55 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.3 05:08 (Hey!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.3 05:15 *gives Nairne a wry smile* Your turn.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.3 05:25 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.3 05:27 *reads the skills carefully**chooses cooking as well as plumbing*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 05:34 *meanwhile, he and his brother have arrived at one of the screens* *starts typing stuff in* *after he submits their address, Emma, Di, and Nairne show up as a possible link to their ďfamily unitĒ* *lets out a gasp* Theyíre here!
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.3 05:36 We had better include them as our family.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.3 05:36 I think that's what they did with us.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 05:42 *nods* Yeah. *hits their names* Letís hope for the best... *sounds pretty optimistic*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 05:44 *enters his skills first, which he deems landscaping and gardening* *Noah has many more skills, most of which include things to do with computers and engineering*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.3 05:55 [Well, you called that before I had a chance to have Noah select tech things. XD]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 05:56 *he and Mam have put themselves in as a family unit, and on Cian's insistence they included Tom*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 05:56 [Would doing this make Tom's whole family unit show up?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 05:59 (Well, no. It would probably say that heís part of another one, and his request would be denied.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 06:01 *the two are led into a large waiting room* *sits next to Noah* *takes a quick survey of the people sitting around, then looks up at a screen* *various shots of the citizensí efforts are shown with Elgarís Nimrod playing in the background*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 06:02 [Huh...so what happens to extended families that try to include each other but fail because of that?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 06:09 (The system identifies based on shared addresses. Due to everyoneís different skills, itís not possible for extended family to be at the same place. Nuclear families have a better chance.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.3 06:11 *she, Nairne, and Di are led to a different waiting room by a woman wearing bland clothing* Woman: It seems like you have some brothers here. Emma: *nods* Yeah, we do. Where are they?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.3 06:12 Woman: *sort of dodges the question* Weíll try to keep you together, but some areas are more in need than others. *smiles as she ushers them through the door*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.3 06:12 *the woman says sheíll be back with their assignments soon* *nods and sits down*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 06:19 [Ah, I see.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 06:20 *like Emma, he sadly puts in only one skill--gardening*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.3 06:20 *Mam puts in gardening, cooking, and healthcare**they then go on their way*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.3 06:21 *sits down**her knee bounces rapidly*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.3 06:21 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.3 06:23 [Aw, goodbye!]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 04:32 (Iíve decided to throw a new character into the mix named Katia. Sheís tall, quite skinny, and has olive skin and brown eyes. Her hair is of a sandy brown color.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 04:33 (Katia lives with her dad in a suburb of London. Her mom walked out on her father long before she could remember her, and the two are very close to each other. Katia has no siblings.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 04:35 (Her dad works in one of the trades, possibly an electrical company. Having grown up with that, Katia is pretty interested in computers and engineering. Although sheíd like to study computers or engineering, sheís pretty content to stay with her father
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 04:35 and help with the electrical company.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 04:37 (As for her personality, Katia is quiet, awkward, and kind of nerdy. She tends to get along better with boys, feeling that girls donít understand her. Sheís been through a lot, but nothing is going to measure up to this. Sheís scared, and doesnít want to
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 04:37 be separated from her dad. Iím thinking Katia will be stationed with Noah, and maybe they can form a bond.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.4 04:45 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.4 04:51 [Ooo...I like Katia a lot so far. I'm interested in seeing how she gets along with Noah.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.4 04:52 [Considering how different Noah's skills are compared to the others, I was afraid of not having much to do with him since he'll most likely be separated from the others a lot.]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 04:59 (Hey!)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:01 (Yeah, that was what I was thinking, especially if heís going to be doing computer work. We might be able to do some sort of subplot with the two.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.4 05:04 [Okie dokie.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:09 *the wait drags on* *loses hope any time someone enters the room with someone elseís assignment, yet he canít help but look up every time* *this time, they come for a girl around his age who is sitting across from them*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 05:11 *meanwhile, they are getting their assignments* *the woman giving them tells Emma that sheíll be making baked goods for some company that had inventory in London destroyed* Woman: Nairne and Diana, you will be planting and harvesting food that will be
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 05:11 passed on to stores and hospitals around London.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 05:14 *is struck by a pang of fear* Wait, are you separating us? What about our brothers? Woman: *looks regretful* We couldnít arrange for you to be with your brothers, unfortunately. But the factory and the farm are only a block away, and youíll be in the same
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 05:15 living quarters. Emma: *still looks stony* Okay.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 05:16 Woman: Youíll be leaving soon, so I just wanted to bring you to your departure gate. Emma: *gets up and follows* *as she does, she catches a familiar eye - Cianís* *didnít even know he was there*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:17 *has been told where sheís going, but sheís hardly paying attention* What about my dad? Whereís my dad? I havenít seen him since we were at the gate. *her eyes were filled with worry* Woman: Iím sorry, we couldnít- Katia: You said I could be with my dad!!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:18 *raises a hand to wave awkwardly, then lowers it**is very pale*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:20 *watches the scene unfold, getting lightheaded each second* *Katia is screaming, and they practically have to drag her out of the room* *gets flashbacks of the moment he had lost his own father* *also realizes that they have no problem splitting families
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:21 up, which isnít really helping at all* *feels faint* *mumbles to Noah* Do you know where thereís any water?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 05:22 *when they arrive at the departure gate, they are told that they wonít be leaving for another hour* *says to Nairne and Di* Iím just gonna go on a walk.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.4 05:25 *is staring at the ground, trying to shut everything out*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.4 05:25 *glances at Tom* What?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.4 05:26 *nods**puts a hand on Di's shoulder and guides her to a place where they sit down*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.4 05:41 *is extremely tired* *falls asleep on Nairneís lap*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:42 *is about to say something when a man walks in the room* Man: Thomas and Noah? Tom: *raises a hand*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:43 Man: *smiles* Brilliant. Iím here with your assignments. *taps on a screen* Youíll both be in central London, but at two different locations.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:45 *is going to be restoring one of the parks in London* *Noah, on the other hand, is going to be a data assistant, tracking and recording the whereabouts of citizens regarding their assignments*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:47 Man: Youíll be going to different departure rooms. Thomas, youíre first. *walks them down a hall* Tom: *his throat is dry* *says quietly* Okay.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:49 *is at the door sooner than heíd like to be* *looks at Noah with eyes full of fear, yet he doesnít know what to say* *stammers* Will I- will I be able to reach my brother?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.4 05:50 *remains quiet, his gaze still fixed on the floor**can't get Katia's screams out of his head*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:51 Man: Yes. Ask your assignment officer when you arrive. And if all else fails, weíll have you home in three weeks.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 05:55 *canít force himself to speak; heís in shock* *glances at Noah* *sounds strained* Iíll see you soon, okay?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.4 05:59 *nods slightly, glancing at Tom as well* See you soon.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 06:04 *walks into the room and sits down* *puts his arms on his knees and hangs his head, letting reality sink in*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.4 06:05 Man: Alright, Noah, weíre just around this corner....
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 06:12 *is taking a long walk around the place* *turns a corner, looking sullen* *happens to look up, and does a double take* Noah!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 06:12 Oh my god, Noah! *practically runs at him* *the man seems taken aback*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.4 06:12 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a happy 4th!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.4 06:18 [See you! Happy 4th of July to you too!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.4 06:55 Oh--
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.4 06:55 Emma...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.5 04:15 (Hey, sorry for the late notice, but I donít think Iíll be able to be online tonight. I have to finish up my audition tomorrow morning; also, our AC is out (itís in the high 90s), and Iím really lethargic. I hope you had a great holiday, and Iíll see you
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.5 04:15 soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.5 04:47 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late; people in the surrounding area are shooting off fireworks and I went out onto our front yard to watch.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.5 04:47 [Dang it...good luck with your audition, and as someone who has had their AC fail in the middle of summer too I can relate. XP That really sucks and I hope it gets fixed soon. See you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.6 04:09 [I'm here! My replies will be a bit slow.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 04:12 (Hey! Thank you! So, I was watching TV, and I just saw the craziest commercial yet. Behold, Trumpy Bear: ht tps://images.app.goo.gl/M8fDeWL9vC52JQwb8
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 04:14 Noah! *is breathless* Whatís been going on? *notices heís alone* Whereís Tom?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.6 04:48 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.6 04:48 [X'D OH MY GOD]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.6 04:49 [I can't decide whether I love it or hate it more. XD]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 04:50 On a walk...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 04:50 What happened to you guys?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 04:50 (Hahaha, saaammmme. The hair REALLY added the finishing touch. I literally laughed out loud when I saw that.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 04:56 [Absolutely. XD]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 04:56 [The hair is fabulous, and NOT a toupee!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 04:59 Weíve been placed. I donít know where exactly, but weíre not getting split up. Iím supposed to be making bread or something, and Nairne and Di will be harvesting crops.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 05:01 (Yes! The Trumpy Bear testimonials were also hilarious, and came from mostly burly-looking guys. One officer was like, ďwhenever Iím on duty, I know Trumpy Bear is always by my sideĒ.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 05:02 Where are you going? Where is Tom?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 05:05 [X'D]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 05:05 [I need to see that commercial.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 05:10 (Itís apparently a few years old, but this is the first time Iíve seen it. I think this is the commercial: ht tps://m.youtube.com/watch?v=i9qv8RSreIM
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 05:27 [X'D]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 05:28 [I lowkey want it now. XD]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 05:29 (I honestly wasnít expecting that, haha. Thereís something remarkable about Trumpy Bear though, and I canít place my finger on it.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.6 05:54 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.6 06:04 [Indeed there is. Also I'm sorry I disappeared; I got distracted. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.7 04:55 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.7 07:12 [Guess you're not here. See you soon!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 03:01 [I'll be about an hour late.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 04:19 (Okay. Iím sorry I wasnít on last night. I was unable to make it, and I forgot to post on here.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 05:09 [I'm on!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 05:10 [That's alright. It happens.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 05:14 (Hey!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 05:24 [Hi! How are you?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 05:24 [Also how did your class go overall?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 05:26 (Fine, you? I managed to scrape by, so Iím pretty relieved by that!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 05:35 [Good! Class has started and so far it's been alright. The two weeks or so of study I did beforehand are really paying off, but I still need to put in a lot of work in each day since it's quintuple speed.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 05:35 *work each
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 05:48 (Thatís good! Glad to hear you were able to prepare. Hopefully the speed of the class isnít too bad.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 05:51 [It'd definitely be horrifying if I hadn't prepared. XD XP But so far it's not as bad as I expected.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:01 (Good, good!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 06:05 [RPing?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:16 (Sure! Sorry for the delay in response.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 06:19 [It's fine!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:19 Tom went on a walk...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:20 We're both being sent to central London but will work in different places.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:20 What about you all? What about Di?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:22 *Noah tells her that he and Tom have been placed in Central London* *where Tom is exactly, heís not sure* *bites her lip in thought* *looks concerned*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:22 (Oops, just disregard all of that.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:23 *shakes her head a little, staring at the floor* I donít know where weíre going. *pauses* Di is fine. Sheíll be with Nairne. Weíll be in the same house.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:23 *looks around, which is what she does when sheís thinking* *gives the escort guy a hard look in the process; he gets the memo and ambles off*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:25 *keeps her voice down* Thereís no way theyíll let you out. Youíre at the center of it all. *pauses* The waiting room we were in was massive. I donít really know if theyíd need us...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:26 *looks up at him* *whispers* Weíll leave and come back for you. Iíll... Iíll make sure of it. Where did they put you again?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:28 *says quietly* Don't worry about me. I can take care of myself. Just make sure Di gets out of this and I'll worry about Tom.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:28 And make sure to get yourself out as well.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:39 Iíll get us out, but Iím getting you out, too. They wonít let you go unnoticed.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:39 You're risking too much. Look, I'll be able to take care of myself just fine.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:40 There's no need. Just make sure to take care of Di and yourself. That's all I want.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:40 If anyone will be in a position to get me out, it's me.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:40 *keeps his voice especially low when saying this, and "scratches his nose" to cover his mouth(
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:41 **
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:41 *glances quickly towards a camera*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:44 *nods, accepting that* Okay, okay. *stays silent* I have to go now. Iíll see you soon.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:45 *looks down the hall, her arms crossed* *then turns to Noah and hugs him*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:46 *his eyes are wide**hesitates, then hugs her back rather stiffly*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:53 *mutters again* Iíll see you. *walks down the hall, turning back once*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 06:55 Man: *strides over to Noah with a smile* Are you ready? Letís go. *takes him to his departure gate* *it is pretty small, and Katia is among the few sitting inside*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:56 *watches her go, not knowing what to say*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 06:56 *turns and goes to the departure gate with the man, not looking at him*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 07:03 Man: Youíll be leaving in 20 minutes. Good luck. *gives him a final smile before heading off*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.8 07:05 *is meanwhile leaving for London* *follows a guy in a group who canít be much older than he is* *judging by the looks of him - lanky, red hair, and freckles - he could be from the country* *makes a mental connection with him for that*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 07:07 *she, Nairne, and Di are also leaving* *Nairne has to shake Di awake* *glances at Nairne, almost as a way to check in on her, before they board*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.8 07:07 *glances at Katia and sits down*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.8 07:07 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 07:08 *doesn't look back at Emma**is mostly focused on Di*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.8 07:08 [See you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.9 04:49 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.9 05:01 (Hey! I know this is extremely last minute, but I wonít be able to be online tonight. I hope to see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.9 05:05 [Alright. See you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.10 02:39 [I'll be a bit late tonight. My family wants to watch a movie and I have work to do after that.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 04:41 (Hey! Okay.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.10 05:42 [I'm finally here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 05:49 (Hi!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.10 05:54 [Hey! How are you?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 05:58 (Good, how are you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.10 06:00 [Tired. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.10 06:00 [Frustrated, but pulling through.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:08 (Yeah, that sounds like the grind alright. Hopefully youíll have a bit of a break this weekend.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.10 06:12 [Hopefully. But I doubt I'll really have any breaks until this is over.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.10 06:12 [I have to keep working a lot every day to keep up.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 06:22 *keeps his eyes on his feet*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:28 (Yeah, that sounds a lot like chemistry. I think yours may be more intense, though.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.10 06:33 *looks really green* *suddenly vomits all over her tie-dyed shirt*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 06:34 [Maybe, maybe not. I've never taken chemistry, so I honestly wouldn't know how discrete math and chemistry compare in difficulty.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 06:34 [brb]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 06:36 *winces*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 06:36 *isn't sure what to do or say*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.10 06:39 *almost everyone stares* *just dabs at her mouth, kind of shaking* *is trying to keep it together*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.10 06:41 *it is a little while later* *just as Emma,Di,Nairne, and Noah are leaving the checkpoint, he is reaching his final destination* *watches as dozens of medical tents pass by* *knew the poverty level in London was bad, but not that bad* *then he realizes
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 06:41 *hesitates, then takes a couple tissues out of his pocket and holds them towards her*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 06:41 *did that before the time skip*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.10 06:42 that they were probably set up for victims of the attack* *also realizes heís in the heart of London when the Victoria and Albert Museum whizzes by* *says to a guy next to him* Werenít they gonna put us in Hyde Park?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.10 06:44 Guy: *says unenthusiastically* By the looks of it, weíre going to Green Park. Tom: *sits back* *marvels to himself about the chances of that happening, being so close to the palaces*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.10 06:45 *even though she doesnít see Noah after boarding, she isnít likely to forget his face after that*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:46 *their drive takes a little bit longer - almost three hours* *get a few glimpses of the sea* *knows that canít be a good sign*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:47 *the truck pulls into a suburban development at dusk* *one by one, passengers are dropped off at a house* *gulps when someone calls their names* *stumbles out of the back*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:55 *mutters* Whereís the farmland? Shouldnít I be making bread or something? *lets out a dry laugh*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.10 06:55 *is holding onto Nairneís hand as tightly as ever*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:56 *a woman with short gray hair answers the door of a basic two-story* *she smiles warmly, and has a motherly look about her* Welcome to our home. Weíre so glad to have you.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:58 *they are invited in* *the house is so clean, itís as if nobody lives there* *the woman leads them upstairs to a bedroom - a boyís bedroom* *it also looks as if it hasnít been lived in, though there are posters and things*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:59 Woman: This is where youíll be sleeping. Itís my sonís room. Heís not here, but heís... very particular about his things.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 06:59 Woman: *pats a stack of folded blue fabric and smiles* These are your work uniforms.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.10 07:00 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! Good luck with everything!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 07:16 [Aw, bye!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.10 07:16 [Thanks! I'll do my best.]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.11 04:05 (Hey, I just wanted to let you know that I wonít be online tonight. It might be a challenge for me to be online this weekend, though I might be online periodically. Iíll try to see you tomorrow! Once again, good luck with all that studying!(
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.11 04:42 [Alright. Hopefully you'll have more time to RP soon!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 02:55 [I will be late tonight.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 05:18 (Hey! Okay.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 05:37 [I'm here! Sorry for the delay. Our Internet was inexplicably out for most of today, so we were running behind on things.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 05:46 (Hey! Glad to hear you got it back. Hopefully that didnít affect your class too much.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 05:54 [Hey! Thankfully I've gotten far enough ahead already that it didn't really affect too much.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 05:55 [I could've used a day off anyway. I was starting to feel burned out.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 05:56 [If this happens repeatedly, though, then it'll start to take a toll.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 06:02 (Yeah, I think thatís a good call. As tempting as it is to keep pushing forward, a break is a good idea. Also, I can relate sort of. For whatever reason, the power lines by my house go out pretty easily, then it takes forever for the power to return. That
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 06:03 happened recently, and it put off about a dayís worth of work.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 06:10 [Aw geez, that really sucks. XP]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 06:12 (Yeah, itís definitely very frustrating when it happens.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 06:25 Emma: *looks at the uniforms, then at their hostess* Woman: *smiles* Weíll be downstairs if you need anything. *slowly closes the door*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 06:26 *sits on the edge of the bed* *doesnít even know what to say*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 06:31 *stands up after a moment of contemplation* You two can have the best. Iíll take the floor. *tosses a blanket and pillow to the floor*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:33 *has meanwhile been put right to work* *is donning a blue jumpsuit like the ones Emma, Di, and Nairne were given* *canít believe how terrible the park looks* *entire patches of grass have been ripped off* *the facade of Buckingham Palace is blackened*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 06:34 [Do you have some sort of backups for when the power goes out? E.g. battery packs, phones with data plans, etc.?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 06:34 Not on my watch.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 06:35 I'll take the floor.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:35 *is receiving instruction in a large group about how they plan to sow the grass seeds and remove the fallen trees* *isnít really listening* *can only think about how he wants to go home, and how he needs to get to Noah* *reasons he canít be too far*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.12 06:35 [Where's Noah and Cian?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.12 06:35 *]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:35 *doesnít even know that Cian is in the same crowd somewhere*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:36 (Iíll get to Noah shortly.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:37 (We do have phones with data plans, but thatís about it. )
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 06:37 *scowls at Nairne, but knows she canít argue* *Nairne will put up a strong fight*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:40 *after that, the day is done, and the group of gardeners head to the National Gallery to lodge* *upon entrance, he sees that almost every square inch of the place has a cot* *takes one on the ground floor*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.12 06:41 [Ah, okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 06:42 And if you're that in love with dust mites in the carpet we can sleep on the floor in shifts.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:43 *has been scared all day and messing up all day*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:43 *is about to get under his blanket, but he canít help but feel awkward* *a guy next to him gives him a funny look* *is suddenly very untired* *realizes now would be the perfect time to ask the head of his department about Noah*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:44 *goes to pick a cot with Mam*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:44 *to add insult to injury, Cianís probably gotten his fair share of getting yelled at*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:44 *spots Tom* Hey--hey Mam, there's Tom!!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:44 Mam: *looks up* Where?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:45 *points* Right over there! Let's go!!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:45 *starts hurrying over* I think I see empty cots there too, Mam!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:46 TOM!! *waves*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:46 *is inching around the cots, asking anyone who looks official where he can find the head of department* *out of the corner of his eye, he notices two figures rushes towards him* *turns and frowns* *then his eyes light up*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:47 CIAN!! *waves joyfully* BLOODY- *is running towards them* *almost trips over a cot, but heís so relieved to see his best friend, he doesnít even care*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 06:48 Cian, mate! *grabs him by the shoulders, then hugs him* How the bloody h**l is it that I see you here? *is grinning ear to ear and sounding ecstatic*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.12 06:51 Fine. That sounds like a deal. *pauses* I guess weíll probably be getting up pretty early, so... *climbs into bed*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.12 06:51 *is already in bed* *sleeps with her backpack*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:06 *grabs him tightly by the shoulders* Gardeners stick together, that's how!!
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:06 How have you been?!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 07:07 Agreed. G'night!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.12 07:07 *settles down on the floor with a couple blankets and a pillow*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:12 *lets out a sigh and laughs* Iím absolutely knackered. *glances from Cian to Mam* You both made it okay? Where are you stationed? Green Park or St. Jamesí?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:29 St. James'. Where were you?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:30 [Oh wait, would it be better for them to be stationed at Green Park so they can interact with Tom?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:31 (Hmm. Maybe, but at the same time, the two parks are pretty close to each other. Theyíd probably be able to interact during breaks or at the end of the day.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:33 Iím at Green Park.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:38 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:39 [Aw, bye!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.12 07:39 [Also alrighty. They can be at St. James then.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.13 04:39 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.13 05:00 (Hi!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.13 05:02 Theyíre close enough to each other. Weíll be able to meet up, Iím sure. Where are you sleeping in here?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.13 05:48 [Hey!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.13 05:48 [Sorry about the late reply. XP]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.13 05:57 (Itís fine! I apologize myself, because I have to go now. Iíll catch you tomorrow, hopefully!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.13 06:03 [Dang it, see you!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.13 06:04 Where are you sleeping?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.13 06:04 We haven't decided yet. If there's room where you are, we'll join you!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.14 04:09 (Just wanted to let you know I will probably be late tonight!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.14 04:30 [I'm here! Okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.14 06:54 [I guess you didn't make it. See you tomorrow!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.15 04:52 [I'm here!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 05:27 (Hey! Sorry Iím late, and Iím so sorry I was unable to make it last night like I said I was going to. )
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.15 05:34 [Hey! It's fine. Also our A/C died.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 05:42 (Well, Iíll be darned. I hope youíre staying cool, and not going too insane from the heat.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.15 05:52 [We have spare rooms attached to our garage with window air conditioners, but we have yet to fully set things up there. XP]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 05:54 (Yeah, it can be a pain. We have a basement, so I just slept down there for most of the time.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 05:58 *says to Cian* Most of the places near me were full. We can relocate.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.15 06:12 [Good thinking since heat goes up. We don't have a basement, unfortunately.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.15 06:12 [Also our house was designed by idiots so it's an oven.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:13 Okay! Mam saw some places that weren't so full over there. *points*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:14 (Ugh. Iím sorry to hear that, and I understand completely.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:16 *they go to a gallery and claim some places to sleep* *he and Cian talk late into the night* *tells him about how he was going to ask the head of the department about contacting Noah before they showed up*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:18 [Thanks for the support. I hope our A/C gets fixed soon. XP]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:19 Are you sure you wanna do that?
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:19 The leaders here are kinda scary...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:22 They said I could. I donít see why not.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:24 I mean... Iíve never had much of a connection with my brother. *looks down, twisting the corner of the blanket around* Even before Dad, things were weird. There was something about being there with him, though, that seemed sort of different.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:27 Weíve been (BLEEP)s to each other for a long time, and I think now I need to reach out, prove that Iím not.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:29 ...Good luck.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:29 Try not to get yelled at.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:31 *looks up and smirks* Thanks for the encouragement, mate. Iíll try not to.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:33 *as for Noah? Heís arriving in Victoria Station* *the arrival is chaotic, with the various groups of people in his department being split up according to a platform number*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:34 *Noah goes to a rather small group, which is led by a younger guy who introduces himself as Liam* *Liam is tall, ginger, and has sort of this snarl on his face, with bad teeth to boot*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:35 Liam: Youíre here for data tracking? Whatís your name?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:39 (I have to go now. I may or may not be online tomorrow, and Iíll try to notify you if not. Hang in there with the heat!)
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.15 06:54 [Alright, see you! Thanks! I hope you make it!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.15 06:54 Noah [Insert Last Name Here Because I Can't Remember XD XP].
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.16 05:13 [I'm here!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.16 06:26 [Guess you didn't make it. See you tomorrow!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.17 03:08 [I will be very late tonight.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.17 04:20 (Yeah, I apologize for that. Thank you for letting me know!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.17 05:53 (Hey, I might have to go now. Iím sorry I missed you, and hope to see you soon!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.17 06:34 [*runs in screaming in the language of burnout*]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.17 06:34 [Dang it, sorry I missed you. XP I had a whole lot of schoolwork to do.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.18 05:09 [I'm here! If I have more typos than usual it's because I'm wearing disposable gloves. My fingers (particularly the tips) got extremely itchy all of a sudden. We've treated it in various ways and it's gotten somewhat better, but in case it was poison ivy
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.18 05:09 or poison oak I'm wearing gloves.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 05:31 (Hey! Okay. I may not be on for long.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 05:33 Liam: Great, nice to meet ya. *doesnít sound sincere* Hereís the first thing youíll learn about your new job. *motions for Noah to hand over his wrist* *then stamps on a tattoo of numbers*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.18 05:35 [Hey! Alright.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 05:35 What's that?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 05:40 Liam: Tracking number. Weíre gonna need to know where everyoneís going and what theyíre doing, donít we, mate?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 05:41 Ah.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 05:44 *laughs a little* Alright, everyone get in the back. Weíre heading out.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 05:46 *the group gets in the back, and they drive to a tall building that was likely an office complex* *Noah is split up from the rest, and guided to a dark room with screens all around*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 05:47 *is standing at the back of the room, arms crossed, looking idle* *thereís a group of young guys - maybe a little older than Noah - huddled around the screens, laughing at something inappropriate*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 05:47 *looks around carefully, keeping a stoic facade*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 05:50 *glances at Noah from the darkness* *initially thinks he could be ďone of the guysĒ, but thereís a flicker of recognition* *suddenly remembers him as the one who gave her tissues*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 05:51 *walks along, casually looking over the screens*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 05:55 Guy 1: *sees Noah looking around* Who are you?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 05:55 Most call me Noah.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 05:55 Who are you?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:02 Guy 1: *pushes away from his desk on a spinning chair* *sort of mocks Noah* Most call me Caleb. Those two are Oliver and Theo.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 06:03 Nice to meet you.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:03 Caleb: *nods in his direction curtly* So did they send you here?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 06:08 Mmhmm.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 06:10 What do we do here, exactly?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:12 Well, youíre just gonna watch us analyze the data - that is, make sure everyone in their department is supposed to be where theyíre supposed to be - until you can learn for yourself.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:12 *one of the others cheekily murmurs ďwatch and learnĒ with a snicker*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:12 *Caleb said that.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:13 Caleb: Youíll be back there with Katie. Katia: *mutters her correct name*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:13 Caleb: Yeah, whatever. Happy watching and learning.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 06:13 Mmmhmm...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 06:14 And when something goes wrong and someone isn't where they're supposed to be, what do you recommend I do?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:19 Caleb: Youíll call and let the head of department know, and theyíll get in contact with the other head of department and put them in their place. We donít worry about that part, though.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 06:22 Alright. What's the head of department's number?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.18 06:22 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night, and hopefully the poison ivy/oak goes away!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.18 06:24 [See you! Thanks; I definitely hope it goes away too!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 04:58 [I'm here!]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.19 05:01 (Hey! My replies might be slow. How are things? Did you ever get your AC back?)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:03 [Whatever it was, it went away. It may have actually been a latex allergy (I was picking figs yesterday).
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:03 *]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:04 [By "it" I mean what was making me itch.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:04 [Or it still could've been poison ivy. We really don't know.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:04 [Also my dad managed to resuscitate the AC, but we only have it on for limited hours and it's basically on its last legs.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:08 [Also my replies will be kinda slow too. I'm doing homework.]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.19 05:35 (Aw man, Iím sorry to hear about the AC. But Iím glad the flare-up wasnít poison ivy.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:41 [I don't know if it was or wasn't poison ivy.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:41 [It could've been poison ivy, poison oak, latex allergy, or some mystery thing (my dog has wounds on her front paws which are almost completely healed, but it was probably a bad idea for me to handle her paws yesterday).]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:42 [If it was poison ivy I likely got it from petting my dog or something.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.19 05:42 [I guess if I picked more figs and it happened again we'd know if it's latex allergy, but I'm not so keen on experimenting like that. XP]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.19 05:52 (Yeah, itís best to just monitor it and let it run its course.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 05:53 -THE NEXT DAY-
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 05:54 *is woken up by the light shining in her face* *squints, rolls over, and groans* *doesnít know how early it is, but it must be pretty early because the light is on*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 05:56 *groans*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 05:56 Mother[BLE-
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 05:57 *falls back asleep briefly, but wakes right back up* *opens her eyes a little to see Di totally asleep*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:02 *drags herself out of bed and slowly pulls on her jumpsuit* *trudges to the bathroom across the hall* *looks at herself in the mirror* *her hair is disheveled, the jumpsuit is baggy, and she looks more or less like a zombie* *decides she looks pretty
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:02 ugly, but thereís not a lot of time to reflect on that*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:03 *goes back to the shared bedroom and sits on the edge of the bed* Did she say breakfast was downstairs?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:11 *has her face in a pillow* I dmnnom...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:18 *looks at Nairne, then at Di* *both of them are sleeping* *in a normal world, it wouldíve been the other way around* Guys... *goes over to Di and tries to nudge her awake*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:23 [Nairne isn't asleep. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:23 *groans* Whaaat?!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:27 We need to get up!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.19 06:27 *sits up and rubs her eyes* *looks totally groggy*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:29 Here. Hereís your outfit. *hands the smallest jumpsuit to Di* *tosses the other one onto the floor next to Nairne*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.19 06:30 *canít really figure it out, so she has to have Emma help her*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:42 *groans and rolls off of the bed, letting out a loud "UFFF"*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:42 *sits up, rubs her eyes, and puts on her jumpsuit*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:44 [Mind if I send you a music recommendation? :D]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.19 06:47 (Go ahead!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:48 [Here you go: https://youtu.be/Sy2wkAdCAkg ]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:49 *the three make their way downstairs, where a breakfast of eggs, plain toast, and orange juice is waiting* *digs in, but after a bite, sheís barely able to hold it down upon realizing the eggs are powdered*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:49 [The 2nd movement of this is easily my favorite part. I like his 2nd piano quintet more, but the 2nd movement of this is so beautiful that it has almost made me cry.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:55 (Oh yeah, Iíve heard that one! Itís great! Iím pretty sure I have a recording of it!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:56 [Awesome!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:57 (I would agree. Itís very bittersweet. The Finale is probably my favorite movement; it has so much energy.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:58 [Yeah! The 3rd movement is my 2nd favorite part.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:58 [Unfortunately the 1st movement seems a bit weak, but it's definitely nice too.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 06:58 (I donít have some of this on my gigantic classical music playlist (which Iím trying to expand), so thanks for reminding me to get it on there in a way, haha.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:58 [It's early Dvorak, though. He was still learning.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 06:59 [You're welcome. XD ^.^]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 07:04 (Yeah, I guess compared to his other quintets, itís a bit dry. But you make a point.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.19 07:17 *is the only one who doesnít seem to notice*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 07:18 *shortly after breakfast, the same truck that brought them there arrives to take them to ďworkĒ* Woman: *smiles* Have a nice day.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 07:19 *looks/feels constipated*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 07:21 *they get in the back of the truck, greeted by the sight of other people sitting there too* *is reminded of a school bus, but a slightly more sinister one*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 07:23 *the truck jerks forward, then rumbles to life* *sits back and tries to keep her breakfast down* *in an effort to calm her nerves, she rearranges Diís messy ponytail into a braid*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.19 07:24 *looks complacent enough, but sheís understandably nervous and uncertain about whatís going on*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.19 07:25 *the truck drops Nairne and Di off first* *is slammed by the reality that sheís truly alone now* *is shaking a little* Iíll see you guys later.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.19 07:27 *grabs onto Nairneís hand* *turns back and gives Emma a small smile*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.19 07:30 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.19 07:35 [Aw, bye!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 02:36 (Just wanted to let you know that I might be late/not online tonight.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 04:57 [I'm here! Alright. Sorry I'm late; I was watching the Blues Brothers. :D]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 04:58 [It was very nostalgic for my dad, I think. He's from Chicago and has stories from his life concerning tons of places shown in the movie.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 05:12 [My dad ate at the Dill Pickle (which appeared in several shots in the movie) with his dad/my grandpa. He also played in a chess club not far from the transient hotel Jake and Elwood lived in. The train passed right by it there too; the chess pieces would
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 05:12 shake.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 05:43 (Hey! Iím finally here!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 05:45 (Awesome! And thatís so cool that your dad has been around some of the places in the film!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 05:46 [Hey!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 05:46 [Yeah, he spent a lot of his life basically in and around a lot of the places shown in the film.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 05:57 (Thatís super cool!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:07 [Yeah! :D]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:07 [RPing?]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:11 (Sure!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:12 *she and Nairne are dropped off at a field as far as the eye can see* *at the edge of the field are a couple of massive greenhouses* *takes it all in, holding Nairneís hand tightly*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:13 Well...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:13 Let's get to it, I guess.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 06:13 *wonders what she got herself into as the truck carries her off to the kitchens nearby*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:15 *she and Nairne are ushered into a group* *is waiting for instruction when a jumpsuit-clad man approaches them*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:16 Man: *has a Cockney accent* Iíll be needing to take the little one.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:16 *turns around, looking up at Nairne with wide, imploring eyes*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:19 Why?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:20 Man: Iím going to need to place her somewhere else. Di: *her wide eyes are now watering* *is almost whimpering*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:24 Why?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:24 She's a well-behaved kid.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:26 Man: Thatís not the problem.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:31 *is shaking her head fiercely now*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:40 Then what is the problem?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:42 Man: *canít help but sympathize for Di - sheís so desperate to stay with Nairne* *on top of that, Nairne sounds a bit threatening* *looks defeated* Oh, alright. Come along now.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:43 *and thatís how Nairne ends up with a bunch of teenagers and little kids, with a couple of moms thrown into the mix* *looks happier now* *they stand in a line, receive the same number tattoo as Noah, and wait for instruction*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:44 *over at the greenhouse, crops are being raised at record speed and transplanted into the soil to meet the demands of the population* *it is their job to sort out the spoiled crops from the good ones*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 06:46 *she and Nairne are given a wheelbarrow to share, then begin sorting through a pile of crops* *plops down and picks out the decent potatoes, carrots, and lettuce*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:56 [I'm sorry, I got distracted.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:58 *helps teach Di which crops are good vs. which crops are bad*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 06:58 *pushes/pulls the wheelbarrow around since it's far too big and heavy for Di to handle*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 07:02 *it starts drizzling out* *follows Nairne to the drop-off area* *isnít saying much at all, but sheís glad that Nairne is there*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:03 *is meanwhile working away in the hot, stuffy kitchens* *has her hair in a bun, but somehow her hair is still sticking to her face*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:04 *has to pull the bread out of the oven* *has burned her hands way too many times at this point* *does it again* (BLEEP). *mutters* They should really hand out better mitts.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 07:04 *jokes a lot to try to keep Di in good spirits*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 07:05 [Ah, Emma has my curse: a few strands of hair that are too short to fit in any sort of ponytail or bun and wind up in your face no matter what you try and do.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:05 *a man at the cutting station nearby suddenly freezes* Man: *notes her American accent* What the h**l are you doing here?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:06 (Yep. I know that struggle well too, haha.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.20 07:07 *manages to laugh* *so do some of the other kids, who are quickly growing fond of Nairne*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:09 *spins around* *is totally taken aback once she realizes the man is talking to her* Man: *repeats himself* Emma: *frowns* *doesnít seem to have a comeback, and people are starting to look at her*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:10 *glances around at them defensively* *when she meets her eyes, she sees Noahís, and Tomís, and Diís, and even Nairneís*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:11 *finally says to the man* Because I chose to. *turns around and slams a pan into the oven* *the din of people returning to their tasks fills the place again*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:12 *remembers what Noah told her about leaving to find him* *day one isnít even in the books, and sheís already doubting her ability to honor that*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.20 07:12 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.20 07:35 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 05:20 [I'm here!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 05:28 (Hey!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 05:35 *at about 5pm, the day concludes* *walks with Nairne back to the jeep* *Nairne climbs in, but then she does something odd - she doesnít follow her inside*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 05:41 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 05:41 *looks back at Di* Di, hop on in!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 05:41 ...Di?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 05:44 *just stands there, looking a bit scared* *an officer comes forward* Officer: Go ahead, go on in. *Di doesnít budge* Do you need help getting in, miss?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 05:45 *gives the officer a hard look* *speaks the first words sheís said in a while, with a shake of her head* No.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 05:53 Officer: *sounds a tad impatient* Come on, miss. Up you go. Di: *shakes her head, frowning* No.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 05:54 *the officer looks down at her imperatively, and that causes her lips to quiver* Iím not going because you... you took... my dogs away. *is talking quietly and sniffling*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 05:57 [Sorry for disappearing. I've been multitasking. I'm trying to wrap up schoolwork.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 06:06 *watches, trying not to let her emotion show**is proud of Di for standing up for herself*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 06:10 (Thatís okay!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 06:11 *eventually gets in the back, but she makes it clear that she knows what theyíre doing isnít right*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.21 06:12 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 06:23 [Alright, goodnight!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 06:23 *pats Di on the back supportively*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.21 07:12 *says quietly* You were pure dead brilliant.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 04:08 *nods a little and smiles*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:00 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:00 [Had some technological issues.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:01 (Hey! Thatís fine!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:10 [I'm still here, just not sure what to do next.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:20 (Sorry for disappearing! Iíll get to it.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:22 *the truck slowly drives over to the kitchens, where a surly-looking Emma boards* *they then return to the house for dinner, and for the night*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:24 [It's fine! I'm doing homework, anyway.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 05:24 *the woman greets them at the door with a smile* Woman: Weíre just getting ready for dinner. *pauses* Before you sit down... Iíd like you to please treat my house with respect. *nods at their mud-covered boots*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 05:25 *couldnít have asked for a warmer welcome* *the three of them do as theyíre asked* *treads over to the dining room, only just realizing that the carpet is covered in plastic wrap*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 05:29 *sits down for dinner, next to the husband* *notices he is wearing an officerís uniform* *the woman drops a tablet into a pitcher of water* *watches it with a frown as it sinks to the bottom, dissolving rapidly*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 05:29 Is the water not safe to drink? Woman: *has that same smile on her face* None of the water near London is that safe anymore.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:31 *the woman passes around plates of neatly arranged, canned/long-lasting foods: green beans, pasta, and a few slices of Spam-like meat*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:31 *mutters* It was safe in this d*** city?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:31 *the woman and her husband dig in* *didnít complain about the powdered eggs, but she canít stop staring at this*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:33 Husband: *gives Nairne a pointed look* Itís unsafe practically everywhere. The bombings contaminated the water supply.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 05:33 *picks up her fork and knife and forces herself to eat everything*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:38 *says "whoosh" quietly*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 05:39 (Hahaha) Husband: *puts down his fork* *has noticed Nairneís Scottish accent* Where are you from again?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:39 *doesn't have too much of a problem with the pasta and green beans, but getting the meat down without turning green turns out to be a challenge*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:39 Scotland, originally.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 05:48 Husband: *looks up at her* Moved here?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:49 *isnít eating a bite* *scrapes at her food with her fork*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:50 [Uh...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:50 *]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:50 [I can't remember how Nairne's family and Tom's family wound up living at Tom's house, sorry. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:50 [How did that go again?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:51 [Nvm, I'm dumb. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:51 [All I had to do was read the RP's description at the top.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:52 No. Emma and I are stepsisters. Our mother's a buddy with her mother. *gestures towards Di*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 05:52 We just wound up living in England at a p*** poor time.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:58 *the husband and wife smile politely, but donít say anything more*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 05:59 *has nearly finished her dinner* *sees that Di has barely touched most of it* *gives her a look*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 05:59 *reluctantly starts cutting up the meat* *takes a slow bite, and then another one*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 06:00 -LATER-
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 06:01 *they are back in the shared bedroom* *Emma is rummaging around in the closet, and has decided to wear one of the boyís shirts - which has ďRomaĒ scrawled across it - to bed*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 06:01 *is sitting on the bed and sniffing*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 06:04 [Roma as in the movie?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 06:05 *has gotten ready to sleep on the floor**notices Di* Oi...you alright?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 06:08 (As in the city, haha.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 06:08 *says in a wobbly way* I want Mummy...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 06:09 *has actually found that the guy is a bit of an apocalypse fiend, so sheís making some good finds* *has just discovered a map when she hears Di* *stops and listens*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 06:10 Do you think weíll ever see her again?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 06:12 [Ohh, okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 06:17 Sure we will.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 06:17 We'll get through this and we'll find your Mum, okay?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 06:20 *nods and sniffles* Okay.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 06:22 *turns away from the closet* Yeah, weíll get through this. Thereís three of us. Three is stronger than one, or even two. *smiles at Di -and Nairne, too*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 06:24 *hugs Di* We'll be okay.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.22 06:26 *hugs Nairne back* Okay.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 06:27 *says awkwardly* Weíre a team. *means it nonetheless*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 06:28 *is lying awake in bed later that night* *Di is fast asleep, and Nairne is snoring away* *thinks about how determined Nairne was about finding Molly, all the resources in the closet, and then of Noah* *wonders where he is, and what heís doing*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 06:28 *because she canít sleep, she sneaks out of bed* *grabs Diís pink backpack and slips out of the room*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.22 06:29 (Alright, I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.22 06:32 [Alright, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.23 07:04 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I was doing homework.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.23 07:17 (Hey! Thatís alright!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.23 07:23 [How are you?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.23 07:30 (Iím good, how are you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.23 07:31 [I'm doing fine. ^.^]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.23 07:42 (Great!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.23 07:48 [RPing? ^.^]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.23 07:48 [Also I'm glad you're doing well!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.23 07:50 *shifts ever so slightly when Emma opens/closes the door*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.23 07:50 (Sure!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.23 07:50 *opens her eyes a bit*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 07:51 -THE NEXT DAY-
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:00 *has been working all afternoon* *Green Park is in terrible shape, itís fairly hot out, and the smoke is still quite thick to the point that itís bothering his eyes*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:10 *after the day is done, he lies down underneath a rare tree* *watches workers chip away at the facade of Buckingham Palace until he canít keep his eyes open any longer*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.23 08:10 [I'm kinda curious as to what's been happening with Noah.]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:10 *has gotten slightly less screamed at today, so he's got that going for him which is nice*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:14 (This section with Tom should be pretty brief.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:15 Guy: *stands over him* You alright, mate? Tom: *bolts awake* Yeah... yeah, thanks. *the guy helps him up* *stumbles to his feet and heads over to St. Jamesí to find Cian*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:19 [Alright.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:19 *tells Cian about his plan on their way back to their lodgings in the National Gallery* I know you think this is a bollocks move, but Iím going to ask them about Noah. I just need to know.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:22 Heís the only family Iíve got in this bloody city. I have no idea where Di is, or Emma and Nairne, and I was supposed to take responsibility of them...
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:26 ...Alright...um...who are you going to?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:30 Iíll see if I can get through to the head of our department.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:32 Okay.
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:32 ...You sure you...you want to go alone?
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:35 Yeah. Iíll be okay. Donít worry about me.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:36 *starts asking officers how he can get ahold of the head of department* *has to ask a lot of people, but he finally ends up getting his wish*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:38 Officer: I donít know how much this will help you, but itís the best we can do. *leads Tom down a dim gallery to the assistant head of departmentís office*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:39 *the assistant is sitting behind a large desk surrounded by monitors and officers* *comes forward slowly* Excuse me, sir. Iím part of the gardening and landscaping department, and I was told I could speak to my brother, who is in another department. I
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:40 was wondering if you could help me. Assistant: *gives Tom a once-over* Last name? *Tom states it* *types some things into his computer*
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:41 *winds up worrying a lot about Tom anyway*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:42 Assistant: *swivels around and faces Tom, his expression dry* Iím afraid I canít help you at this time. *adds cryptically* But maybe your brother can, eventually. Have a nice night.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:43 *looks visibly crestfallen* *mutters* Thank you, sir. *turns away* *canít believe he wasted time doing that, although he had none to lose in the first place*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:43 -MEANWHILE-
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:45 *she and Noah have been observing for two days now* *hasnít actually talked to Noah, though* *for one thing, he doesnít look very open, and for another, sheís trying to absorb all she can*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:46 *once Caleb has deemed the two have gotten the hang of it, he allows them their own monitor* *itís still in the same room as Caleb and the others, but itís nice to be working independently*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:47 *logs on and gets to work* *canít ignore that Noah is sitting right next to her, and that they havenít spoken a word to each other* *says rather abruptly* Um, whatís your name?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.23 08:48 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! I might be late tomorrow night because I have a meeting for band, but it shouldnít be too late.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.23 08:49 [Alright, see you!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.23 08:49 Uh...Noah.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 04:53 (Iím here!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:18 [Hi! Sorry I'm late, I had a long day.]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 05:26 (Hey! Thatís fine.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:32 [RPing?]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 05:38 (Sure! Sorry for the delay; I was reading something.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 05:39 *says awkwardly* Nice to meet you. Iím Katia. *smiles*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:41 [That's fine. I'm studying, so my replies will be a bit slow.]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 05:41 (Oh, I forgot to mention that Iíll have to leave early tonight.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:42 [Also I am irritated with Caleb. Computer scientists are supposed to be able to work in teams well; it's not a solo job. It seems like, with his style of running things, he'll do more to hinder his organization than to help/]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:42 *.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:42 [But perhaps that'll work well plot-wise.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:42 [Also alright.]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 05:46 (Yeah, itís sort of an ego problem honestly. One time I walked through the engineering building at my university just to see what was going on, and I saw students teaming up like their lives depended on it. It is sort of for the sake of plot, but I think
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 05:47 Caleb has a superiority complex. Heíd rather work with the other guys, viewing Noah and Katia as inferior.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 05:51 *looks at her screen* *little does she know that sheís monitoring the gardening section that Tom - Noahís brother - is part of* So where are you from?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:53 [Ah, I see. :P]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:54 [Yeah, people in technical fields can have flaming egos. And yeah, Caleb's ego could maybe be helpful to the plot--perhaps because of how he hasn't been running things in the best way possible, Noah will be able to do things he otherwise wouldn't have
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.24 05:54 been able to do.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.24 06:02 The countryside.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.24 06:02 You?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 06:06 (Yep, my thoughts exactly.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 06:07 Buckinghamshire (a county northwest of London). Itís scenic out there, too. *pauses and smiles* If you live in the countryside, what brought you here? *gestures towards the monitors*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.24 06:14 Same people who brought you here, I suppose.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 06:25 *laughs* Yeah, but what got you interested in computers and things? Donít you live in 19th century cottages out there?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.24 06:25 (Alright, I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.24 06:30 [Alright, see you! Have a nice night too!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.24 06:30 Well yeah, but nothing's truly in the 19th century with Internet access.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.25 04:07 [I'm here!]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 04:50 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.25 04:51 [Hey! It's alright.]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 04:58 *looks down and smiles* I guess youíre right about that.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 04:58 Do you go to school? University?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 05:04 I was just finishing it up, actually.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 05:15 *nods* Really.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 05:18 Yeah. I'm a computer science major. What about you?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 05:20 *shrugs* I like computer science and engineering, but I donít know... I donít really want to go to university yet.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 05:21 My dadís an electrician, so Iíve grown up around that. I feel like maybe thatís what Iím meant to do - stay at home and help my dad. I donít mind. *sort of looks withdrawn*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 05:26 Well which do you like better?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 05:26 Computer science or electrical engineering?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 05:47 (Sorry for the delay; I had to do something.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 05:48 *shrugs* I like electrical engineering, but I do know computers better.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 05:53 [It's alright.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 05:53 Why not do both if you like both?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 05:59 I donít know. I guess I could, but I really think Iíd be happy learning my dadís trade.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 05:59 If that's what you'd be happier with then go for it.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:13 Yeah... *smiles distantly, then goes back to her screen for a while*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:13 *asks randomly* Did you come here with anyone?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 06:13 *glances at her, but doesn't make an effort to continue the conversation*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 06:16 *did that before she asked a question*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 06:17 Well...I have a brother, but we've been separated.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 06:17 I also have a sister and other family members...I'm alone here, though.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:26 *allows that to sink in* *says quietly* Yeah. So am I.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:26 It mustíve been hard being pulled away from your siblings like that and not knowing where they are. Iím sorry. *pauses* Itís just my dad and I, and I have no idea where he is.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 06:27 ...Well, we're here...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 06:27 Maybe we can make sure they're okay.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:30 *nods* Yeah...
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:30 Caleb: *spins around* Is that your job?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:40 *looks like a deer in the headlights* *glances at Noah* No.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:41 Caleb: Right. *turns around, calming down a bit* Rest assured, your family members are okay. So are mine. The more work you do, the sooner youíll be able to see them.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:42 *reluctantly goes back to staring at her screen* *gives Noah a look indicating that sheís very much considering his idea*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.25 06:42 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 07:08 [Aw, bye!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 07:08 *has gone silent**a tiny bit of anger can perhaps be seen in his eyes by Katia for a split second*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Jul.25 10:32 [BTW, if I disappear for several days it's because tropical storm/potential hurricane Hanna knocked my power/Internet out. XP]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.26 03:12 (Aw, okay! Hopefully everythingís okay!)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Jul.26 03:13 (I will probably be late tonight.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 05:08 [Things are alright so far. It's actually much cooler out. Of course it's raining, but the rain isn't as bad as I expected.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 05:08 [Also that's alright; I'm late myself and I have more homework to do.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 05:36 (Hey! Okay, thatís good. )
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 05:55 [Hi! RPing?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:04 (Sure!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:04 -A WEEK LATER-
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:06 *the week passes in mundane fashion - wake up, go to work, return home for dinner, sleep, rinse and repeat* *is getting totally restless* *the only thing keeping her sane are regular nighttime visits downstairs with Diís backpack*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:08 *the following day, she, Nairne, and Di are riding home in the truck when it suddenly rolls to a stop* *it stalls there for a bit* *peers out of the side like some of the other people and sees that some gruff-looking people are blocking the compound gate,
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:09 armed with weapons* *some officers come into view, wielding guns* *notices one of them is the husband back at their temporary home* *doesnít have time to react, because someone yells at them to get down*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:10 *crouches down under a seat as quickly as she can* *her heart is pounding*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.26 06:11 *is scared but outwardly calm* *stays close to Nairne and Emma*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:13 *a man in the truck hovers above everyone else* *wonders if he just didnít hear, or if heís crazy* *confirms the latter when he steps out of the truck*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 06:13 *gets down, putting her arm around Di*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 06:20 *stares up at the man who got out of the truck*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:20 *jumps when gunshots ring out* *notices the man doesnít even flinch* *some officers corner him, but he only resists by pushing against their guns*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:22 Officer: Get back into the truck. Man: No. *tries to push the officer* Officer: Get back, or I shoot! Man: No! I stand with the rebel cause!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:24 *the crack of a gunshot bursts through the air* *her vision is soon splattered by something red, hot, and sticky* *wipes her face, hands shaking* *looks over at Nairne and sees that her face was splattered with the manís blood* *there is some on Diís
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:24 jumpsuit, too*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:25 *looks back at the man* *blood is running out of his nose and mouth and onto the gravel street* *he convulses every few seconds* *is frozen in terror*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.26 06:27 *more gunshots are fired* *clings onto Nairne as the truck takes a wild turn, then tears forward* *briefly sees the rebel people advancing, shooting officers down by the second*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 06:28 *has tried to cover Di with her body as a shield when the guns went off*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:41 *when they make it back, they barely eat* *is too scared after what happened, especially since the husband was involved*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:42 *flies into their room and slams the door when Nairne and Di get inside* Weíre leaving. Tonight.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.26 06:58 But itís scary out there...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 06:58 *faces Di* Do you want to see your brothers, or not? *Di sort of sinks into herself*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 06:59 How?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 06:59 Haven't you seen the cameras?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 07:00 *goes around the bed and picks up Diís backpack* Iíve been collecting food the entire time, so we should be okay. I just forgot the water... weíll need that.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 07:01 If we leave in the dead of night, then weíll be able to outsmart them. Weíll stay out of their sights. But we canít stay here. Even the compound isnít safe anymore, and I donít trust these people.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 07:02 At least their son set us up for success. *pulls out a larger backpack that has some survival essentials, including a map and compass*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 07:04 ...Some cameras can see in the dark, ya know.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 07:04 You better have a heckin' good reason why this should work.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 07:04 *unfolds the map* Weíre right here. *points in between Southampton and Bristol* If we just follow along these roads- *traces the map* -then maybe we can get to London and find Tom and Noah. If that doesnít work, we can at least find another department.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 07:05 If we stick to the forest, they wonít be able to find us.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.26 07:05 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 07:08 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.26 07:08 How far is the forest from here?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 04:21 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:03 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:14 Itís not far. Itís just outside of town.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:14 Weíll leave once everyone is asleep.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:18 [Hey! It's alright.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:20 (How are things out there? I heard the hurricane is supposed to be pretty bad.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:20 *hesitates, then puts her finger over her mouth*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:21 [Actually not bad. We've only really been hit by outer bands.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:21 [There's been plenty of rain, but we really needed it.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:21 [Other places like Port Aransas and whatnot aren't doing so well at all, though. XP]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:30 (Okay, thatís good. Not about the more affected regions of course, but that you and your family are safe.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:33 *mouths the word "Microphones"*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:33 [Yeah. Thanks for checking on us; I really appreciate it!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:42 (Yeah!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.27 05:43 *rescues Emma* Are you serious? Weíre safer here!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:44 *looks at Di for a while* Yeah, no. Youíre right. *shakes her head* I donít know what I was thinking... we should go to bed.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:44 *climbs into bed* Itís gonna be a long day tomorrow.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:47 *falls asleep for a while* *wakes up suddenly after realizing they need to leave before dawn, or at least while itís still the dead of night* *looks out the window* *the sky is still black*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:47 Yep...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:48 [Also wait, Nairne wouldn't have let her fall asleep.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:48 *shakes Di awake* *slowly crawls out of bed to retrieve the backpacks*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:49 (Okay, maybe we can say that she fell asleep for a moment, but woke herself back up.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 05:49 *walks over to Nairne* *lets a backpack hover over her*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:54 *has written something down with a flashlight in hand**gives her the paper*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 05:54 *the writing says "It's now or never"*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:00 *nods* *turns around and makes her way to the door* *opens it very slowly, so that it doesnít make a sound*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:00 *takes the paper from Nairne and writes, ďwe need waterĒ*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:16 *leads them down to the basement very carefully* *this is where she has been going every night* *opens the food closet* *takes a few more cans of food just to be safe, then grabs three huge water bottles*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:17 *turns around to leave, but she runs into the husband* *nearly falls back* Husband: *says gruffly* What are we doing up out of bed?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 06:22 [Sorry, another friend is having a hard day and I got caught up talking to her.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:23 (Thatís okay!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.27 06:23 *picks up a can of food and throws it at his face*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 06:26 Di--!!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 06:27 *realizes it's too late**grabs another can of food and charges at the husband, aiming to slam the can on his head*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:35 *the first can was enough to disorient the man, but Nairne ends up dealing the final blow*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:36 Come on! *grabs Di and pushes Nairne back upstairs* *hears the wife distantly asking, ďwhatís going on?Ē before wailing at the sight of her husband* *has no time to feel sorry*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:42 *yanks open the door and starts running* *it is raining out* *takes the lead* *cuts through an alleyway in town, taking them towards the forest*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.27 06:43 *is struggling to keep up, but she doesnít stop running*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 06:44 *tears through the forest, shoving branches aside* *looks over her shoulder for a split second, then runs a little faster* *finally slows down a little when they reach a huge tree* *ducks under its cavernous roots*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 06:57 *races after Emma, keeping one of her hands tightly around Di's*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 06:57 *has relied more on sound than sight to keep track of Emma, especially when Di slows her down*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 07:01 *says as quietly as she can* Letís take a break. I donít think anyone is following us.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.27 07:01 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 07:03 [See you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 07:04 *ducks down under the tree with Di*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.27 07:04 Ye...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 04:16 [I'm here!] *pants*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 04:20 (Hey!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 04:20 Weíll just wait here.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 04:21 *wraps her arms around her knees and looks on miserably as the rain continues to fall* *eventually gets some sleep*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 04:27 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 04:27 *finds it impossible to sleep, so she just tries to keep watch*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 04:34 *wakes up to the sunlight filtering through the trees* *her face and hair are damp from the rain* *ties her hair up in a low bun, gets up, and starts walking around*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.28 04:44 *comes up next to Emma* Good morning. Emma: *smiles* Hey. *goes back to looking around, leaving Di to do her own scouting*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.28 04:45 *finds a patch of blackberries* *picks them until her hands are cupped full of them* *returns to the tree* Iíve got breakfast.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:25 [Sorry for disappearing. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:26 [My replies should be fast from here on out. Had some things to take care of.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:27 You sure those are safe?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.28 05:30 (Thatís fine!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.28 05:31 *nods* Tom taught me.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 05:32 *figures Di will finish most of the berries* That wonít be enough. Here. *opens some canned fruit* *doles it out to the best of her ability*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:34 Thanks, Di. Thanks, Emma.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:42 I got some food
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:42 *food as well.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:42 Anyone need water?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 05:50 Yeah, thanks. *takes a generous swig - itís starting to get hot out*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 05:53 *says once theyíre finished* We should probably go. *pulls out the map* I want to try and get there in two days.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.28 05:53 *glances at Nairne, but doesnít question Emma*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:54 And once we get there...then what?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:54 I'm sure they'll be looking for us.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 05:54 We need something more than that. We need a plan.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 05:59 We can talk about it on the way. I donít want to stay here. *starts walking*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 05:59 Noah said he was working in data collection. Maybe we can find someone who can lead us there - or better yet, works there.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 06:03 How?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.28 06:05 *sneaks a water out of Nairneís backpack and drinks liberally*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 06:06 Itís London. Thereís tons of people in London, especially fixing things up. They probably have a directory or something.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 06:07 If weíre going to start anywhere, maybe we should try the Underground to be safe.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 06:07 *suddenly takes on an annoyed tone* I just want to get out of here, okay?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.28 06:08 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 06:08 Maybe.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 06:08 *said that before Emma sounded annoyed*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 06:08 [See you! Have a nice night too!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.28 06:09 I do too. And getting out of here usually entails not getting caught again.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.29 04:27 *turns around* If youíd like to go back, go ahead.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.29 04:29 I just [BLEEP]ing said not getting caught again is my ideal.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.29 04:29 Do I need to speak American for you?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.29 04:30 [Hi, unfortunately I gtg now. I have a lot of schoolwork that needs to be done. I won't be offline forever tonight, however; I'll try to get back ASAP. I don't know how long I'll be gone, but maybe it'll be an hour and a half? Hopefully I'll see you later
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.29 04:30 *!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.29 04:57 (Hey, sorry I missed you! I might not be online then, so Iíll see you soon!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.29 04:57 *says angrily* Maybe.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.29 04:58 Can you please stop?!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.29 05:59 [*when you can't do your homework because a glitch has caused the homework page for the section of the book you just finished to display problems concerning the next section of the book*]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.29 06:39 Are we going to do something constructive and form a plan or not?!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.29 07:03 [Also crap, I'm sorry I missed you too. See you!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.30 04:15 (YES. The struggle has been real.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.30 04:16 I shared my ideas, and all you did was criticize me!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.30 04:16 *they are walking up a hill* *is getting sweaty, and even more annoyed because of that*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.30 05:20 (I have to get up early tomorrow, so unfortunately I have to leave now. Hopefully Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.30 05:26 [Crap, I just missed you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.30 05:27 [Sorry, I was doing homework... XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.30 05:27 [I should've warned you, but I got kind of immersed in it and forgot to post. Sorry.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.30 05:27 Where in the bloody h**l that is England are you going?!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.30 05:27 [See you tomorrow, hopefully!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 04:32 (Thatís okay!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 04:32 Are you deaf? I said we should go to London!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 04:49 And how are we going to do that without getting caught?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 05:13 (Hey!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 05:14 Weíre going through the forest, remember? *holds up the map*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.31 05:14 *says louder* Can you please stop?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 05:16 *sort of ignores Diís request* *sees that sheís drinking the water, and that reminds her that sheíd like some too* Give me that. *takes the water* *is about to take a swig, but then she realizes something else*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 05:17 (BLEEP). *scrambles around time grab the backpack* *shuffles through it*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:17 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:18 What I mean is what the h**l are we going to do once we get there?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:18 Who the h**l says the Underground is safe?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 05:26 (BLEEP)! *throws the backpack down and starts digging through it more ferociously*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Jul.31 05:27 *watches Emma with a confused expression*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:29 [Sorry for disappearing. I'm working on the last homework assignment for my class.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:30 *sighs**takes off her backpack, opens it, and takes out a water bottle* Oi.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 05:38 *shakes her head, slowly standing up* No, thatís the last one. I forgot them. I forgot the (BLEEP)ING WATER TABLETS!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 05:44 I donít know what the h*llís in the water around here, and thatís the only water bottle we have left. *sinks to her knees*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:47 ...I got more water bottles.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:47 We just have to ration the water and act quick.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 05:50 *nods, considering that* *still, she looks exhausted and hopeless* Maybe we should just go back home.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:58 After all that [BLEEP]?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:58 They'll kill us!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 05:58 They probably expect us to go running home.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 06:09 How do you know that? By the time we get back...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 06:09 *stands up* I donít know. Iíve tried offering my opinion, and itís been shot down every time.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 06:16 I just don't want us getting caught again.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 06:21 We havenít got caught yet. Weíll stick to the forest and the map. Going to London is the only way weíll find them.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Jul.31 06:22 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 06:26 [See you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Jul.31 06:27 And how'll we find them without getting our a***s and our necks hung?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 04:54 Iíd rather die trying than not at all.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 04:54 I donít know about you, but I donít plan on saying anything like that crazy guy said yesterday. Thatís what will get us killed.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:14 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:14 [Sorry I'm late again. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:15 And I don't either.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:19 (Hey! Thatís fine.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:19 Good. *continues walking*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:20 (By the way, I have some news! My sister and I will be featured on a classical radio station based in Minneapolis (it plays on the weekends/holidays on our local station) on Friday next week. It would be awesome if you could tune in! Weíll be on the air
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:21 from 3:30-4:30 CT. I can send you the link to the site when the date gets closer! You can stream it online, and also on their app.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:23 [Sounds awesome!! :D]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:23 [I think I'll have time to tune in. Give me the link as soon as you can!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:23 [I'll try stream it online.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:26 (Great! Thanks! Iíll probably email it to you, and Iíll let you know when.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:27 [Okie dokie, sounds good!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.1 05:30 *they soldier on for the rest of the morning/afternoon* *is bored, tired, and lagging behind as a result* *Emma allowed her to use the map, so sheís also looking at that while walking* *is actually quite good with them*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.1 05:31 *something catches her eye* *looks away from the map and sees a shoe - a ballet flat - lying on the forest floor* *crouches down to pick it up* *examines it, shrugs, and continues walking*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:31 *glances at Di* What do you have there?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.1 05:37 *sounds innocent* I donít know.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:38 *is walking ahead of them, where more random objects are strewn about* What is all this stuff? *is uneasy when she sees a mangled suitcase, its contents strewn about*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.1 05:39 *is looking at the debris curiously* *suddenly jumps down to grab something* Chocolate! *holds up a box of chocolates* I love chocolate...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:39 Di, put that down. You donít know whatís inside.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:40 *quickly takes the box* Emma's right.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.1 05:40 *looks crestfallen* *murmurs* Maybe thatís why Mum left.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:40 What? *is looking around*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.1 05:41 Iím a chocolate fiend! Sometimes I donít care about anything else! *is nearly shouting*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:42 No, no. Of course not. Your mom loves you. *is trying to remain composed as the debris becomes more ubiquitous*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:43 *looks up* *suddenly holds out an arm, blocking them from going on further*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:52 Wha-- *follows Emma's gaze*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 05:54 *up in a tree is a man - a dead man, who, by the looks of it, was badly burned and fell out of something*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.1 05:55 *stops in her tracks when she sees him* *canít stop staring*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:58 *stares at the man, then looks around at all the objects lying around again*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 05:58 [Lemme guess...plane crash?]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.1 06:01 (Yep.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 06:02 *not too far ahead are the remains of a plane, with ten times the amount of debris and bodies* Oh my god...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 06:07 Mustíve been shot out of the sky... or maybe it just fell out.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 06:13 You think it just fell out during a time like this?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 06:14 Because of the bombings, yes. That wouldnít be a coincidence.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 06:16 *canít stand to look at it any longer* Come on. *takes a detour around the crash site*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.1 06:16 -LATER-
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 06:16 ...Wait.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 06:16 Maybe we should look around and see if anything's left that's of use to us.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.1 06:16 *she did that before the time skip*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.1 06:17 *afternoon has segued into evening, and she and Noah are due to start the night shift* *walks back into the room, a styrofoam coffee cup in hand* *Caleb and co. are nowhere to be seen* Hey.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.1 06:19 *is kind of uncomfortable with the idea* *thinks it should be left alone, as a sort of grave*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.1 06:19 *logs back on* *says carefully* You know, that idea you had... it really wasnít that bad.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.1 06:25 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.1 06:26 ...Oh?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.1 06:26 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.2 04:09 [I'm here!]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 04:50 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.2 05:01 [Hey! It's fine.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 05:06 *waits for her to elaborate*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 05:10 Yeah, about looking for our families. *lowers her voice* We have this entire database to ourselves. It might be worth a look.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 05:15 *says nothing, but glances around* [Are there cameras in this room other than the ones in their computers?]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 05:22 (Itís likely, but they probably wouldnít be able to pick up what Katia and Noah are doing on the screen.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 05:22 *says quietly* Weíll just check on them.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 05:23 [Well that's what programs that record your screen are for. XD XP]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 05:23 [I am assuming that programs would be in place that keep close track of what everyone does on their computers.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 05:25 [And that paired with camera/microphone recordings would give their higher-ups all the information they need on who was doing what on a certain computer and when they were doing it.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 05:34 [Under what circumstances are they authorized to do a search on a specific worker/person?]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 05:35 (Okay. The cameras would be able to see them then, but I donít think theyíd get in trouble if they were just looking up names. If Caleb were there, it might be a different story.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 05:38 (Since they work in data collection, theyíd have full access to that. Itís discouraged, though.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 05:46 [Okay. Would they know if trouble had arisen in any areas in particular?]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 05:54 *hesitates, then goes to open up the database*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 05:56 (Probably, but I think it would definitely show if people havenít checked in to work - i.e. Emma, Nairne, and Di.)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 05:56 *watches Noah*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 06:01 *initially goes through the normal routine of checking for suspicious activity*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 06:01 *winds up finding Emma, Nairne, and Di among those who haven't checked in**his eyes widen*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 06:01 ...Katia, what's your family's name?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 06:12 Um... *types in her surname* *a single ID shows up - her dadís*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 06:13 Um... *types in her surname* *a single ID shows up - her dadís*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 06:13 *sighs with relief* They put him in Croyden somewhere.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 06:21 Hm...and he's not tagged with anything suspicious? He's checked in?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 06:26 *nods* Yeah. Heís there.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.2 06:37 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 06:42 [Aw, see you!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.2 06:42 *looks up his various family members as well**frowns when reading data about Nairne, Emma, and/or Di*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 04:41 [I'm here!]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 04:45 (Hey!)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 04:46 *notices Noahís grimace* What is it?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 04:57 [Hey! Sorry for the slow reply; I was helping my mom with something.]
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 05:02 (Thatís fine!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 05:05 ...Nothing. *opens an ordinary window again*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 05:15 Are they checked in?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 05:23 Is your dad checked in?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 05:37 *nods*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 05:43 *turns back to his computer*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 05:43 *checks the cameras in the areas Nairne and co. are supposed to work in*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 05:44 *glances at the camera on his desktop**sighs and finally says:* No, they're not.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 05:46 Maybe theyíre not supposed to be there right now...
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 05:47 *suddenly, Caleb bursts through the door* Caleb: Er, what the bloody h**l do you two think youíre doing?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 05:52 Our jobs.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 06:00 *has quickly closed out the tabs with her fatherís ID on it* *gives Noah a glance of thanks, then nods quickly*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 06:01 *continues checking on various cameras*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 06:01 Caleb: *pauses* Alright. Because I thought otherwise. Katia: You shouldnít be. Weíre good workers.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 06:02 Caleb: *smirks* Okay. Iíll take your word for that.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 06:02 *waits until the door clicks shut* *whispers* Thanks for that.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.3 06:11 *then breaks out into a fit of silent laughter over Caleb, and how easily he was fooled*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.3 06:13 *shakes his head, but he's smiling*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:19 -LATER....-
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:21 *it is around dusk* *hikes through the forest, at the head of the line* *is growing exhausted, no matter how hard she tries to concentrate on the map*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:21 *wants to keep pushing, but she canít deny the toll thatís starting to take* We need to take a break. *drops her stuff down next to a large tree concealed by bushes*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.3 06:22 *sighs with relief* *drops to the ground and pulls off her boots*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:23 *notices that blisters are already starting to form on Diís feet* *pretends she didnít see that* Iíll get some dinner out.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.3 06:29 *sits down* Do we have any band-aids?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:29 *decides on a can of beans and some dried meat* *by this time, Di has found a blackberry patch and has brought back ďdessertĒ*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:30 Yeah. *pulls over the backpack* *passes the can of beans to Di* Bon appetit.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:30 *pulls out a roll of gauze and hands it to Nairne*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.3 06:31 *eats one ravenous spoonful after the next, until she remembers she has to share* *takes another sheepish half-bite before passing it on to Emma*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.3 06:32 Hm...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.3 06:32 When we get walking again we'll put some of this on Di's feet.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.3 06:35 Thank you...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:35 Yeah. Those boots hardly fit... maybe weíll add some inside as extra padding.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:37 *digs up a few spoonfuls of beans* Itís kinda nice here. I donít think Iíve ever spent much time in a forest. *looks up at the late afternoon light as it filters through the leaves*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.3 06:44 *nods* Daddy used to take Tom and Noah in the woods, so I know my way about. *adds furtively* And where the fairies live
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.3 06:46 Really?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:46 *grins* Really? *Di nods* Do you miss your dad?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.3 06:46 *smiles a bit* Where do they live?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.3 06:47 In the crooks of trees, in the ferns - places were people wouldnít think to look. Sometimes I build houses for them.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.3 06:48 *shakes her head in response to Emma* I donít remember him at all.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:49 *rolls her eyes at her own forgetfulness* What about you? *turns to Nairne in a surprise move*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.3 06:49 (I have to go now. I wonít be online tomorrow night due to an early appointment Tuesday, but I hope to see you soon! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.3 06:50 Me?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.3 06:50 Why wouldn't I?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.3 06:51 [Alright, see you soon! Have a nice night too!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.5 03:29 (Hey, I probably wonít be online tonight because Iíve had a long day. Iíll see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.5 04:29 [I understand. See you soon!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.6 02:31 [Word of warning: my family wants to watch a movie so I'll probably be late tonight.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.6 04:15 (Thanks! Aw, okay. :( I have to get up early for an appointment tomorrow, so Iíll have to leave early. I might miss you again, but thatís okay- I totally understand. I hope the movie is good!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.6 04:15 *flushes red* Um,I donít know. I guess you never mentioned it.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.6 04:16 *having not had a father, sheís curious* *faces Nairne with her hands resting on her chin* What was your dad like?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.6 05:30 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.6 05:31 [I just finished watching the director's cut of Nuovo Cinema Paradiso. It was astoundingly good--I highly recommend it (it is rather long--it was about 2 hours and 45 minutes long, hence why I'm so late).]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.6 05:48 Well...he's
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.6 05:50 *he's observant and hilarious and always there for ya when ya need him...he doesn't like it if you step on his toes and if you spill his beer he'll go radge.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.6 05:51 But other than that he's nice.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.6 06:01  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.6 07:51 [Also I'm sorry I missed you again. :/]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 04:25 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:01 (Hey! Sorry Iím a little late.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 05:03 [Hey! It's alright.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:03 (Thatís cool! Iíve never seen it, but Iíve heard some of the music in it. It looks like a great movie.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:05  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 05:06 [It absolutely is. I definitely recommend it!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 05:07  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:09  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 05:12  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 05:13  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:19  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 05:21  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:29  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:30  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:31  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 05:34  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:41  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 05:45  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 05:59  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.7 06:00 *didnít realize that Nairneís dad was still alive, probably because she never paid attention*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.7 06:00 *is laughing at Nairneís descriptions*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 06:04  Secret message to Emma  
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.7 06:06 (Well, I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night, and again, thanks for listening!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 06:13 *turns to Emma* Now what about your dad? Does he eat bacon, eggs, and pancakes for breakfast like a heathen like the rest of the people from your country do?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.7 06:13 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 04:09 [I'm here! I listened to you guys on the radio from 3:25-4:30 (I wanted to listen to more, but my parents wanted us to go walk the dog).]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 04:10 [I really enjoyed it and your stories about what got you into classical/into various instruments were quite interesting!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 04:13 [I was also a bit shocked that you chose mvt. 1 of the Italian Symphony. Coincidentally, I've been listening to that a whole bunch fairly recently.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 04:14 [I'm also glad I finally learned the name of On the Nature of Daylight. I don't listen to much really modern classical, but that's one piece I rather like. I haven't heard it since I saw the movie Arrival, though.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.8 05:00 (Hey! Sorry Iím a bit late. Iím watching a movie, so my replies could be slow.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.8 05:01 (Awesome! Thank you so much for listening; we both really appreciate it. :) 4:30 was about the time we went off, so you caught the full thing!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 05:02 [Ah, alright. Good to know I didn't miss too much!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 05:02 [What movie are you watching?]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.8 05:02 (Thatís cool! Itís a great piece, isnít it? Iíve actually been listening to a lot of Mendelssohnís music, because it has that weirdly nostalgic quality. I read a bit about him a while ago, and when he was writing music, composers like Berlioz and Liszt
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.8 05:03 (were also popular. They didnít really like his music because they thought it was too traditional/classical. Maybe thatís why his music is like that.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.8 05:04 (I think itís called You Canít Take it With You. Itís an old one.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 05:07 [Yeah, I recall that Mendelssohn followed more traditional or popular paths while other composers (e.g. Wagner) did things that were more novel with music.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 05:12 [Mendelssohn is still great, of course.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 05:12 [Also I think I've seen You Can't Take it With You! If it's what I think it is, it's a great movie!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 05:16 [It's the movie where Grandpa doesn't want to sell his house, right?]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.8 05:44 (Yes! Itís that one. Sorry for the slow reply, by the way.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 06:05 [It's alright!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.8 06:14 *smiles* I canít remember. But probably.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.8 06:14 I still donít get why you eat cheese and beans on toast for breakfast.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 06:19 Because it's [BLEEP]in' good, that's why.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 06:22 [What do you think of the movie so far?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.8 06:25 (It was pretty good! There were some funny moments in it, too.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.8 06:26 Not for breakfast... although I guess Iíd eat anything for breakfast these days.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.8 06:34 *after dinner, they set up a discreet camp to spend the night* *is tired, and doesnít want to wear Di out*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.8 06:35 *unrolls what is practically a paper thin blanket* *rolls the ďRomaĒ t-shirt up as a makeshift pillow* *settles in with a sigh* Goodnight.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.8 06:36 *is curled up in a ball, looking uneasy* Donít let the bugs bite...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.8 06:36 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night, and thanks again for tuning in today! :) )
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 06:37 [Sorry about the slow replies BTW. I've been drawing a whole lot today.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 06:37 [I was drawing while listening to you guys on the radio, actually.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 06:37 And crawl into your ears...and eat your brains...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 06:38 [Also see you tomorrow! No problem; if you guys were radio commentators I'd tune in every day! :D]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.8 06:38 [Oh, and Nairne would make one h**l of a mother, wouldn't she? XD]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 03:52 (Aw, thanks! And yeah, totally, haha.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 03:53 (Random question, but: I remember you told me that after you traveled to the Czech Republic, you got symptoms that were sort of similar to coronavirus. What were those symptoms?)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 03:56 (Iím asking because my sister was working at the primary elections here, and got a call saying that another worker tested positive. She thinks she may have worked closely with this person, and the people she was working with were frankly stupid enough to
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 03:56 get so comfortable with each other that they werenít wearing masks. I have terrible COVID anxiety, and this isnít helping. Iím wondering if maybe you had it after that trip, because it seems kind of possible.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 03:57 (Also, I might be late or not online at all. Iíll try to make it, though!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:13 [I'm here! Replies will be a bit slow. I had a long day and I'm unwinding with Minecraft.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:17 [Well, at first I thought it was strep throat because I had a severe sore throat and I've had strep before. It was the weekend and I went to an urgent care center, I think.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:17 [I literally waited 3 hours before someone saw me and told me that they were out of strep tests. However, she looked in my throat and told me it looked like strep so I was prescribed antibiotics anyway.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:18 [Within a couple days the severe throat completely subsided and for the rest of the time it felt like a mild cold. The only thing unusual was that it was much dryer than the colds I've had before--as in when I blew my nose or coughed I couldn't get much
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:18 out.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:19 [At one point I had the slightest of fevers (100.4 degrees) but that only happened once. The rest of the time my temperature remained below 100.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:19 [In summary: I had a bad sore throat at first and then it went away, after which it felt like a mild cold (coughing/tickle in the throat), but the cough was dry. I also barely had a fever at all.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:20 [Keep in mind that symptoms of COVID vary widely. Some people experience loss of smell/taste or something like that; I did not.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:20 [Heck, some severe cases of COVID can make your toes go gangrene.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:22 [Also yes, it is very much possible I had the coronavirus. There were plenty of sick people on the plane back to the US.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:23 [I'm really sorry to hear about what has happened with you and Paige; I really hope you guys didn't get it. I would try to distance yourselves from people in sensitive groups.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 04:25 [If what I had was the coronavirus it honestly wasn't that bad. However, I live in a household where I'm the only one not in a sensitive group, so COVID has been worrying me too.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 05:22 (Hey!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 05:22 (Okay, thanks for going into detail! I talked to Paige, and she said she thinks it could have been a voter - in which case, everyone was wearing a mask except one giy
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 05:24 *guy. The governor said that voters didnít have to wear masks, for whatever reason.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 05:26 (Itís possible you got it, but as you said, itís hard to say. I think your parents would have gotten it, too. Iím sorry to hear that theyíre in a sensitive group - it really su ck s that the virus targets various conditions.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 05:27 (I myself have a condition that sort of amplifies my worries. It doesnít affect me to a noticeable level and it isnít cardiac related/diabetes, etc., but I have no idea how the virus would affect that.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 05:37 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 05:38 [Also WTF? Even just one person not wearing a mask defeats the purpose of wearing masks.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 05:38 [My dad wasn't feeling so good during and after the trip but my mom was fine. For all we know we all got it (last time I checked, around 40% of people are asymptomatic).]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 05:39 [Or perhaps none of us got it. There's no way to really tell.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 05:39 *of people with it
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 05:39 (Yeah, it makes zero sense, and just proves how ridiculously political this is all getting.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 05:41 (Yeah, thatís true. And wow, I wasnít expecting such a relatively high percentage... I think some of it has to do with the amount of exposure/viral load.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.9 05:55 (Anyways, I think Iím going to go. Iím pretty tired. Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.9 06:22 [Sorry for the late reply. I got distracted. XP Get a good rest and stay safe! I really hope you and Paige aren't infected.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 04:38 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 04:43 (Hey!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:05 *wakes up suddenly from a nightmare* *had dreamt that Noah was far underground, trying to dig himself back up* *presses her face against the cool ground, trying to convince herself that it wasnít real*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:06 *sits up* *is looking around when she notices Di, bug-eyed and shivering against a tree*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:06 Di?... *no answer*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.10 05:07 *her eyes are darting around frantically*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 05:18 [Hey!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 05:19 *is snoring slightly*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:27 *looks to her right* *beyond the trees, there is a fire blazing* *hears voices*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:29 *the voices grow a little closer* *hears some dry leaves rustle and crunch - like someone is stumbling through them* *sinks behind the bush, but peeks through so she has a decent view*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:30 *what she sees terrifies her* *some men are dragging a woman through the woods* *she is whimpering* *they throw her to the ground, then turn away for a moment* *keeps her eye fixated on the gap in the bush*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:32 *the woman seems to sense someone elseís presence and stares back at the bush* *looks right back into her hopeless face, which is streaked with tears and blood* *has no idea what to do, or whatís going on* *the womanís shaking lips mouth something, which
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:33 causes her to rise cautiously* *is wildly debating whether or not she should rescue her*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:34 *at that moment though, the men come back to wrangle the woman away* *her screams grow louder and louder, and are silenced by a gunshot that cracks through the night*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:34 *falls back onto her blanket, shaking and covering her ears*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 05:39 *she woke up at the sound of the woman being thrown down onto the ground*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 05:40 *she looked around quickly and then froze, staying low, when she saw what was happening**she did not get as good a view of the woman as Emma did, though*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 05:40 *she grabbed Di's hand and held it tight*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:42 *turns to Nairne and Di about 20 minutes later* *keeps her voice down, but itís urgent* We need to get out of her.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 05:46 *keeps her voice down too* Absolutely.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:46 *here
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:47 *starts stuffing things into the backpacks*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.10 05:47 *grips onto Nairneís hand as they double check before making their escape* *is still shaking*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 05:55 *helps Emma pack**gives Di's hand a reassuring squeeze* We ready?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:55 *nods* Yeah.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 05:57 *they make a surreptitious escape* *takes another detour to make sure she avoids the campsite*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 06:02 *keeps walking well until morning* *canít sleep after that incident, and she wants to distance herself as much as possible from those men* *everything has become a little more uncertain, making her obsessive about the journey to London*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.10 06:02 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 06:04 *is rather tired and worried about Di's well-being at this point**seems wary of Emma's fixation on London*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.10 06:04 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.11 04:07 [I'm here! I'm multitasking, so my replies will be slow.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.11 04:46 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. My replies will probably be slow as well.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.11 04:46 (How has your class been going?)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.11 04:47 *trudges quite a distance behind them* My feet hurt...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.11 04:47 *nobody seems to hear* *says louder* My feet hurt!...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.11 04:48 *suddenly stops in her tracks* *turns around* I swear to god, will you SHUT UP?!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.11 04:48 Weíre trying to get to your brothers! Do you want to see them or not?!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.11 04:50 *looks down* Sorry...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.11 06:00 (It seems like I might have missed you. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.11 06:58 [I'm so sorry!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.11 06:58 [I got completely sidetracked. My class ended about a week ago and I think I did very well. I have several classes starting this fall that I'm trying to prepare for.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.11 06:59 ...Di, ride on my shoulders.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 04:12 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 04:13 [Have you taken an American Literature class? If so, do you have any tips for taking one?]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:10 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:12 (Thatís okay! Also, I havenít since high school, but I know some people who have. Iíve also been reading a lot of classic novels lately. Which books are on the syllabus?)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:13 *climbs onto Nairneís back* *is probably a little heavier than expected*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 05:15 [It's the Norton Anthology of American Literature.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 05:15 [The assigned readings are numerous and all sorts of authors and kinds of works.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 05:16 [I'm mostly taking this because it's required for my associates degree. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 05:16 Uff...how about a piggyback ride instead, Di?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:30 (Having taken the AP Literature class, I can say that this might not be the easiest class if youíre not a fan of writing papers or reading antiquated books. Iím really not a fan of the former, or the latter if itís for school purposes.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:31 (Then again, I had a teacher who tore apart all of my essays and analyses, which... I donít think thereís a ďcorrectĒ answer when it comes to literary symbolism, but I digress.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:33 (I looked at this book, and it seems like you could be reading anything from the Federalist Papers to Emersonís poems and novels like The Scarlet Letter. My first piece of advice would be to analyze, analyze, analyze. Especially for novels, anything could
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:36 be a symbol. Symbols and stuff might be more detectable in books like The Scarlet Letter than they are in Little Women - which brings me to my second piece of advice. It might be a good idea to be a little familiar with US history and what was going on at
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:36 the time of publication/what might have prompted the author to write what they did.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:38 (Honestly though, it shouldnít be too terribly bad. I think most professors understand that most of the students taking these types of classes are doing it to fulfill a requirement, so they tend to take a sympathetic/engaging approach. I have no doubt
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:38 youíll be fine!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 05:45 [Alright, thanks for the advise!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 05:45 *advice
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:47 (Yeah, no problem!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 05:49 [There will be at least one paper, but there will also be a group presentation (it's an online class though). That's the part I really dread. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 05:49 [I hate those.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:50 Sorry... *tries to rearrange herself*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:55 (Yeah, I do too. Despite being on their phones all the time, people werenít great at communicating. With everyone being online, itís hard to say what that will be like.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.12 05:57 (When everything went online, I had a group project, and was lucky enough to have a decent group. Everyone did their bit. Hopefully you wonít experience any problems, because itís just unnecessary stress.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.12 05:58 *continues forging ahead, oblivious to Nairne and Di*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.12 06:00 *the path forks off into a clearing* *sees a pasture-type gate ahead* *on the gate is a sign indicating a farm up ahead* *slows down*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.12 06:00 *looks at the map, then back at the sign* I guess we can take a break... do you think thereís anything here we might need?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 06:03 [I tend to be put in groups where I wind up being the workhorse. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 06:03 [I once had someone turn in their work the night before the project was due.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 06:03 [That was fun. -___-]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 06:03 Maybe...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 06:04 We'll have to be careful if you're thinking of doing what I believe you're thinking of doing...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.12 06:13 (Yeah... sounds like it. I really hope this time around youíll get a respite.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.12 06:14 What do you think Iím thinking of doing? I mean, Iím planning on being careful... this place looks safe enough.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.12 06:14 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 06:17 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 06:17 [I hope so too.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.12 06:18 ...Stocking up on food, that's what I think.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 04:11 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 04:47 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 04:48 Only if itís canned. I donít trust anything else. *slowly approaches the farm* *the barn itself doesnít look like a traditional barn; it has more of a warehouse look*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 04:53 [Hi! It's alright.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 04:54 *tries to remain quiet and discreet as she approaches**whispers* Di, I'm going to have to put you down and you're going to need to stay quiet as a mouse, okay?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:04 *nods obediently*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:05 Actually, Nairne... why donít you wait with Di. Iíll take a quick look around this place.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:07 You sure?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:08 *there is a hint of a reassuring smile on her face* Yeah.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:09 *starts walking* *calls over her shoulder* Iíll be right back.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:10 Hey, look... *points over at some wildflowers growing nearby*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:12 You know how to make flower crowns?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:15 *nods* Yes.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:15 Wanna make some?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:16 Why not? We just need to stay really quiet and vigilant, okay?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:18 *treads past the fence, which is opaque* *behind the fence are a pile of bags* *thinks they must be trash bags, as some birds are swooping down to investigate them*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:19 *nods* Okay.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:20 *looks around quickly and goes over to the wildflowers*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:21 *another look changes her mind* *the bags are long, and are emitting a noxious stench* *suddenly knows what they are - and gets a horrible, gut-wrenching feeling that Noah and/or Tom could be zipped inside*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:22 *slowly, carefully walks towards the bags, trying to block out the stench* *is kneeling down next to one before she knows what sheís doing*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:24 *unzips the bag* *has to hold an arm to her nose* *heart pounding, she reveals an old manís sagging, green-tinged face* *pulls the zipper down a little more to see that he is wearing the same navy jumpsuit*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:26 *zips his bag back up and moves it aside, something building inside her throat* *unzips another bag, and another, the same frantic obsessiveness controlling her as it did on their way over* *is starting to cry once sheís gone through a fifth bag*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:26 *is about to look through a sixth bag until her system overtakes her, and she vomits violently*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:27 *hears some gagging noises* *looks up from the white flowers she was weaving together*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:28 *half-stumbles, half-flees into the barn* *blindly takes inventory* *a sort of workbench has been set up with random things strewn about* *lays eyes on a backpack* *tears through it hungrily*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:29 *has flowers but she's been keeping watch mostly instead of making flower crowns*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:30 *upon hearing the retching she pulled Di back, hiding among the plants with her*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:30 *her heart rate has skyrocketed, and she throws stuff out of the backpack until she has found the crown jewels: water and water tablets* *then a gun goes off*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:31 *jumps when she hears the gun* *falls back into Nairne*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:31 *screams, diving under the workbench*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 05:33 *is the one shooting*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 05:35 (A quick recap on Landonís appearance: he is a young Asian man with a tall, muscular build. He has thick black hair, and his eyes are piercing in a way. He is also clad in the same blue jumpsuit. More to be revealed later.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:37 *locks eyes with Landon under the table* *stands up a little* PLEASE! STOP SHOOTING! IíM NOT HERE TO HURT YOU! *raises her arms, then collapses in tears*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:39 *hears Emma screaming* *lets out a whimper*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 05:40 *says bitingly* Donít steal my stuff.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 05:42 *still has his gun raised, but he lowers it when he sees that Emmaís folded body is racked with sobs* *she is shaking her head* *has a cautious change of heart*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 05:42 *his voice is still firm* Where did you come from?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:42 [Okie dokie.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:43 ...Di, take my backpack.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:44 Go back the way we came and hide in the woods. I'm going to go after Emma.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:45 *sobs and shakes her head* I donít know where I came from, I just... *canít finish her sentence*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.13 05:46 *nods* *takes the backpack and runs, sort of crying*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 05:47 *cautiously gets a little closer to Emma* Do you need some water? *holds out a bottle to her*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:48 *gratefully accepts* *chugs almost half of it*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 05:51 *crouches down a bit and heads in the direction Emma went*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 05:56 *notices Nairne sneaking towards the barn* *instinctively raises his gun*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 05:56 No! *smacks his arm down before he can take aim*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 05:57 What?! *looks from Emma to Nairne*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 06:01 *mutters a swear word, realizing her brightly colored hair probably gave her away**stands up, looking irritated*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 06:03 I can explain. *her voice is still shaking a little*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.13 06:04 **her tone turns harsh* What are you doing here? *looks up at Landon*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 06:06 *lowers his head, no longer looking very strong* Iím trying to leave London.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 06:09 *sighs* I was a musician. Originally. I was recruited to work in data management. My wife is pregnant, and I had to leave her at home. I couldnít that. I didnít trust the people who stayed back.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 06:11 Some people at data management helped me out. *glances at Emma and Nairne for an overdue explanation*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.13 06:12 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 06:13 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.13 06:13 Data management, eh?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 04:37 [I'm here!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 05:07 (Hey! Sorry Iím late, I was watching a movie.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 05:15 [Hey! That's okay. What movie was it.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 05:15 *?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 05:31 (The Breakfast Club, which is actually one of my favorite movies! Today I had to deal with some tough news, so I needed a laugh.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 05:36 [Nice!!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 05:52 [I hope you're doing alright. How are you and Paige?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:00 (Weíre fine, for the most part. I donít think we have coronavirus, thankfully. The news that I got was that marching band isnít happening this year. I ended up making it and was really looking forward to it, but alas, the (BLEEP)ing coronavirus.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 06:06 [Oof, sorry to hear about that. [BLEEP]ing coronavirus indeed.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:13 (Yeah. Itís destroyed a lot of opportunities, thatís for sure.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 06:16 [Agreed.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:20 Yes. I was placed in data management because I have some skills with computers - enough for them, anyways.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.14 06:20 We know someone in data management.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:21 *raises an eyebrow in surprise* Where did you two come from?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.14 06:22 Well, there are three of us... *glances at Nairne nervously* *noticed Diís absence*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.14 06:23 *continues* We were stationed at a food production center in southwest England. Near the sea. Things started getting weird there... someone got shot, possibly by the man who was hosting us.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:25 Why? Host? Emma: We lived in a house. With strangers. *pauses* Someone voiced their support for the rebel cause, and they were shot to kingdom come.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:26 *nods* Itís dangerous to have those views, Iíve learned. Iíve yet to see a shooting, but I have seen some of the rebels outside the city. Theyíre dangerous too, if not worse.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 06:27 We're looking for friends. They're in the city.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.14 06:27 *thinks back to the previous morning, when she saw the woman in the woods getting beaten and shot*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.14 06:27 *nods* We left so we could find them. We were living in the same household, and they split us up.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:29 *looks off in thought* Most people arenít brave enough to go to those lengths. What you two are doing is risky.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.14 06:29 *frowns a little* No riskier than you.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.14 06:30 If you were in data management in the city of all places, then how the h**l were you able to get out?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:31 *stays quiet for a while* Thereís a Tube line that serves people like us. Itís an underground operation, really. *laughs dryly at the irony* During the day it hauls workers and officials in and out of the city; at night it allows people like us to get
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:32 back to our homes.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:33 *looks distant* *speaks quietly* One night, I just caved. I couldnít bear to think of my wife in her condition, not knowing what was happening to her. The man in charge of my squad let me in on that secret.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:33 It runs a few hours in the night. Maybe if weíre quick enough, I could get you there.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:34 *glances up at Nairne and Emma to see if they think thatís a viable option*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.14 06:34 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 06:45 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 06:46 Maybe...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.14 06:46 But how do we know if we can trust you?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 04:04 (Hey, just wanted to let you know that I might be a bit late tonight.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 04:10 [I'm here! Okay.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 05:11 (Finally here! Hi!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 05:12 Because of this. *reveals his number stamp* I wouldnít be trustworthy if I didnít have this.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:27 [Hey!!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:28 [Hm...I forgot...do Emma and co. have their own number stamps?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:28 [I remember Noah and Katia and so on do.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.15 05:35 (Hi! Yeah, they do. )
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.15 05:35 *nods a little* Okay.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.15 05:42 In exchange for some of our food and supplies, youíll share some of yours - and show us the way to the Underground.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 05:43 Itís a deal.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 05:43 *shakes on it with both Emma and Nairne*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.15 05:44 Letís get out of here. I donít want to be hanging around much longer. *eyes the pile of body bags*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 05:45 *says as they pass the pile* Wonder what happened to them. Rebels mustíve infiltrated the place.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.15 05:46 A lot of them were old. I donít think thatís a coincidence. I donít think the body bags are, either.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 05:47 *lets that sink in - especially the fact that Emma looked at them* You... looked through the bags?...
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.15 05:47 *shrugs* *feels like nobody would understand if she tried to explain*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:48 *was rather reluctant to shake his hand but did it anyway*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:48 Um...we're forgetting something...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:48 *didn't follow**was just standing there*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 05:48 *is probably wondering if he can trust them now*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:49 *sighs and goes running, saying:* I'll get her!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.15 05:49 *emerges from the forest, looking red-faced and resentful*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.15 05:52 *has hardly complained the entire journey, but now sheís mad* Where WERE you?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.15 05:53 *mutters to Landon* Our friends who are in London? Thatís their sister.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:53 Di, it's alright!
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:53 Emma met somebody. He's a new ally.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:53 Be careful, though.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 05:53 We're going to London. Come on.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.15 06:01 *calms down, but looks at Landon warily*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 06:01 *smiles* Hey, Iím Landon. I heard that you have brothers, and Iím going to try to help find them.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.15 06:02 *crosses her arms and looks at the ground* Nice to meet you. Iím Di.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 06:03 *understands what sheís going through* You too.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.15 06:03 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.15 06:04 [See you! Have a nice night too!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.16 03:51 [I'm here a bit early!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.16 05:26 (So sorry for being late!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.16 05:53 [It's alright!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.16 05:54 (Hey!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.16 06:06 [Hi! My replies will be slow.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.16 06:11 (Got it.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.16 06:16 *they restart their journey, and decide to stop for a break once evening falls*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.16 06:23 *they restart their journey, and decide to stop for a break once evening falls*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.16 06:23 (Sorry, double post.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.16 06:25 *has gone to look for berries, probably to get away from Landon*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.16 06:27 *is preparing a can of what she knows as Boston baked beans* *images of the body bags are still swimming around in her mind* *says to Landon* Why were you staying at that place?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.16 06:28 The farm? I was running out of supplies. Iíll admit that it was a grisly place, but I got used to it. Iíll do whatever I have to to get back home.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.16 06:33 *returns, looking a bit sullen* I brought us some desert. *reveals blackberries*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.16 06:50 [I'm so sorry for disappearing!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.16 06:53 (Thatís alright!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.16 06:55 You know what happened to the people there?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.16 07:00 *shakes his head* Thereís no knowing what happened to them. So weíre going to have to be careful.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.16 07:02 Thanks, Di. *passes around the cans*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.16 07:02 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.16 11:09 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.16 19:33 So where's your home, exactly?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 04:33 North of London. I took a detour, traveled a bit east and then Iíll come around to the north.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 04:58 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 04:59 Oi Emma, where are we with respect to London again?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.17 05:11 (Hey!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.17 05:12 *pulls out the map* Weíre coming in from the west side. (I meant to say Landon was coming in from that side - I mixed up my directions.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:13 I should be able to retrace my steps.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:22 Hi! How are you?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:22 [That was meant to be in brackets. XP]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:23 (Good, you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:23 [Also ah, okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:23 [I'm doing okay! ^.^]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:24 [I keep wanting to finish or start drawing projects but whenever I have time to draw I don't want to draw. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:25 So...you'll be dropping us off at the Tube line and then heading off on your own?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:27 (Good! Yeah, I get that - it happens to me with other things, too. Plus, drawing is a lot of work.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:30 [Yep. XP In my latest project I must've redrawn the same character 2 times already and now I'm going to do it again. I just can't seem to design him that well.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:32 No. Iíll be going with you. You donít know where your friends are, so you?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:32 *do
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:33 (Thatís easily the most tedious part. I hope youíll get it right this time around!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.17 05:36 *shakes her head*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:36 [I hope so too. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:37 [I'm not drawing tonight, but hopefully I'll resume that project soon.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:37 *sighs and also shakes her head*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:38 Hereís what I can do. I can override the system in a way that will allow me access to their buildings. I can also discharge them from their assignments. I had to do that for a group of people in a facility south of London.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 05:48 Where do you override the system exactly?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:49 I can get back into my building. Iíve not been gone long.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.17 05:50 Maybe that guy who helped you get out can help you back in.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 05:51 *nods* Exactly.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 06:06 Alrighty then.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 06:07 How long have you been gone?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 06:18 Probably 48 hours.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 06:18 Give or take.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.17 06:19 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 06:24 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.17 19:28 You just got out...what about your wife?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 04:39 My wife never went - sheís expecting in a month or less. Theyíre keeping her under their watch at home though, or at least Iím afraid of that.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.18 05:05 *nods thoughtfully* *then looks up* Is it a boy or a girl?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 05:05 *smiles* Girl.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.18 05:06 *grins impishly* I hope you have a decent name in mind - not one of those god-awful ones Iíve been hearing lately.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 05:07 *laughs* Rest assured, this oneís an old family name.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 05:14 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late, I was watching a movie with my family.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 05:15 What's the name?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 05:18 (Hey! Thatís alright.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 05:19 *sort of smirks* Itís a secret.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 05:27 What, is it Landonina?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 05:32 *guffaws to the point where nobody can help but smile* I donít know. Maybe.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 05:37 ...You're [BLEEP] with me.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 05:41 I am. And I stand my ground on that secret.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 05:42 *Di lays out the berries, which are gone quickly* Are we ready to go? We should probably get a head start.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 05:47 I swear to dog if it's another Emma--
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.18 05:49 HEY.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.18 05:49 I think weíre ready, yes.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 05:51 Emma's a fine name, but I swear every 4th woman I meet is named Emma.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 05:56 And ye, we're ready.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.18 06:10 -LATER-
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.18 06:11 *after several hours on foot, they close in on central London* *the city and its outskirts were treacherous - they had to take detours due to debris, and had to be watchful of stray rebels or people in charge of the facilities*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.18 06:15 *Landon leads them to a Underground station* *a metal gate indicates that itís closed, but there is a gap in the side just large enough for them all to slip through*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 06:16 *looks up and around the place, which is drafty and dank due to the cement walls* *nods* This is it. Follow me.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 06:16 *has kept close watch of Di the entire way to make sure she's alright*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.18 06:16 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.18 06:23 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.19 04:48 [I'm here!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.19 04:53 (Hey!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.19 05:00 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.19 05:10 *keeps following Landon, taking up the rear of the group with Di right in front of her*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.19 05:12 *they pass through the entrance gates via their tattoos* *leads them down some stairs and into a cavernous basement that branches off into various halls*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.19 05:19 *looks around at the rooms they pass by curiously*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.19 05:20 *turns to Di* How are you doing? *hasnít heard a peep out of her, which is surprising* *genuinely looks a little concerned*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.19 05:21 *nods* Good.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.19 05:23 *smiles* Youíre a trooper, you know. *stands up* Okay, weíll be taking this line. Follow me. *hangs a left into one of the passageways*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.19 05:24 *after what seems like endless twisting and turning, they make it to the platform* *some lights beam down onto what is essentially train tracks in a tunnel*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.19 05:24 *looks down the tunnel* Now all we have to do is wait.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.19 05:31 How often does the train come now?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.19 05:43 It only comes round a few times. *looks up at a clock* We can probably expect the next one at quarter to midnight.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.19 05:44 Great. Wake me up when itís here. *half sits, half sleeps on a bench*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.19 05:51 *glances back at Emma* Will do.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 05:52 -MEANWHILE-
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 05:56 *she and Noah are back on their shift* *had been focused on her monitor for the first twenty minutes, but nothingís really happened - which isnít unusual* *when Caleb leaves, she pulls up an online video game*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 05:57 *trusts Noah enough not to tell anyone* *theyíve pretty much had each otherís backs*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.19 05:59 *doesn't approve of Katia's actions, but he's bored himself and winds up feeling tempted to read*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 06:04 *sees Noah leaning back and watching her out of the corner of her eye* *looks at him to meet his disapproving eye* *smirks* What?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.19 06:09 *sighs a little* Nothing.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.19 06:13 What are you playing?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 06:15 *names a random game* Alpha Age. I love this game.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 06:16 *takes a drink of styrofoam cup coffee* And I HATE coffee.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 06:16 Do you play video games much?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.19 06:18 Not since before college.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 06:21 *smiles a little* What do you do most of the time, then?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.19 06:21 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.19 06:25 [Aw, see you!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.19 06:25 ...Study.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.20 06:49 I wanted to wrap up my degree this year.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.20 07:39 *nods* Donít you do anything else though?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.20 08:09 (It seems like I might have missed you tonight. Hopefully Iíll see you tomorrow!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.20 08:24 [Crap, I'm sorry!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.20 08:24 [I forgot to say I was going to go for a while. XP]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.20 08:25 I guess...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.20 08:26 I read.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.21 04:27 [I'm here!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 04:38 I watch a bit of TV or Youtube or something.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 04:55 (Hey!)
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 04:57 You read. You watch TV and YouTube. Iím guessing you work on computers.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 04:57 *grins* Youíre a mystery sometimes, but I feel like Iím learning more about you every day.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 05:04 [Hi!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 05:16 *scratches the back of his neck, looking a bit awkward* Do you watch TV?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 05:22 *shrugs* Sometimes. Most of the time, I feel as though there are other things I could be doing.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 05:30 Oh...what do you watch?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 05:40 *looks a little embarrassed* Mostly shows my dad likes.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 05:43 Like what?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 05:48 *with hesitation, she names a couple of shows that have general audiences of 50+*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 05:52 *to her surprise, he states that he's seen one of those shows and he likes it*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 05:57 Oh really? *smiles* Actually, I hardly tell anyone I like it, because I assume they wonít know what it is.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 06:00 Same.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 06:00 My mom introduced me to the show, actually.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 06:04 Caleb: *pushes through the door, then almost freezes upon entry* What is this?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 06:05 *swivels around, finally speaking up* Are we not allowed to talk to each other? Caleb: No, but I see youíve got a crap game pulled up, too.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 06:06 Itís not crap. *closes out her browser* Caleb: *eyes them warily* Okay. Next time I see you slacking, I wonít be as nice.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Aug.21 06:06 *gets back to work* *silently mimics Caleb once she knows heís back out the door*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.21 06:11 -MEANWHILE-
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.21 06:13 *is awoken by a distant rumbling sound that echoes off the tunnel walls* *as the sound grows closer, it causes the bench sheís sleeping on to shake* *sits up, wondering what to do*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.21 06:15 *doesnít see Landon hiding behind a barrier with Nairne and Di* *instead, he walks up by the tracks, where a subway-like train glides into view*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.21 06:16 *wildly waves it down* *it slows to a stop, the engines hissing* *a voice breaks through an intercom system* Voice: Headed back into the city, are you?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.21 06:18 *nods* Unfinished business. *turns to Nairne, Emma, and Di and waves them over* This is it. Come on.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.21 06:18 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Aug.21 06:20 [Aw, see you! Have a nice night too!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.21 06:21 *shakes Di awake and rises*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.22 03:17 (Hey, just wanted to let you know that I wonít be online tonight. Iíll see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.22 04:18 [Dang. See you!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.23 02:50 (Yeah, sorry about that. I may be late tonight, or not at all again. Iíll see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.23 04:53 [Alright. Hopefully I'll see you on here tonight!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 04:49 [I'm here!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 05:02 (Hey! Sorry Iím a little late- today is my birthday!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:07 [Awesome!!! Happy birthday!! :D]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 05:14 (Thank you!!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:17 [How have you been?!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 05:27 (Pretty good, you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:29 [Pretty good too! My semester's going to start tomorrow, though, so I'm preparing for it.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 05:40 (Ah, okay. Good luck with that! Mine starts the following week I think. Are you going back in person? Also, youíll have to let me know what the American literature syllabus looks like!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:48 [I'm definitely not going back in person. XD XP This state is in terrible shape.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:49 [Also I looked at the syllabus already. The longest works (which I have read now) are As I Lay Dying and The Beast in the Jungle.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:49 *
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:49 **]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:49 [The first week covers Whitman; the next adds Dickinson and Twain to the mix. There's a lot of handouts that will only be available once the class starts.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:50 [Oh, and there's going to be a group project. *resists urge to vomit*]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:50 [...the things I do for a freakin' associates degree...]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 05:55 (Okay, I was just wondering. My school pulled the plug before anyone got a chance to move in, and it doesnít really seem like many others have done the same.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 05:56 (And that doesnít seem too bad! Youíll probably be doing a lot of poetry analyzing, which can be tough. But again, hopefully the professors have sympathy.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 05:57 (Refresh my memory: is this the second group project you have to do?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:58 [I wish it was.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:58 [I've done more group projects than I wish I had to do in the past.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 05:59 [I remember three I've done in the past. I think there's some sort of teamwork requirement that educators have to fulfill.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:00 [Our colleges down here are basically offering different options: hybrid in-person (some days you come to class, others you watch a livestream), synchronized online (you attend classes via something like Teams or Webex; it's entirely online but follows a
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:00 stricter schedule) or traditional online (normal online classes without many live meetings at all).]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:01 [Masks are mandatory, but from doing some basic people-watching at nearby gas stations I'm still wary of my fellow Texans and have decided to take nothing but online classes.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:01 *are mandatory in in-person classes,
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:01 [And yeah, there's a lot of poetry in the syllabus.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:06 [Also I've probably done more than three group projects in the past. I think my tired brain is trying to suppress those memories, though. XD]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 06:08 (Yeah, thatís kind of a ridiculous amount already. I hope you have better luck this time around.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 06:09 (Sewing how things progressed in Texas, Iím surprised that itís still business as usual in some places. Of course, plenty of people just donít care about this.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:10 [I'm pretty much always the workhorse of the group in a group project. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:10 [Yeah, there's a lot of people here who just seem uninformed or just plain stupid.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.24 06:10 (Well, I have to go now. I wish you all the best with school tomorrow! See you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:16 [And I wish you all the best in school next week. See you, and once again happy birthday! :D]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.24 06:16 [Tell Paige I wish her a happy birthday and great semester too!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.25 04:57 (Thank you! Iíll be sure to!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.25 04:57 (Iím going to have to leave early tonight, and I also wonít be online tomorrow night. I hope your first day back was okay, and Iíll see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.25 05:09 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late, I've been reading/studying a lot today.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.25 05:09 *]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.25 05:09 [It's been alright so far. I just need to keep up with the workload. Also dang it, I'm sorry I missed you. XP See you on Thursday!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 04:52 [I'm here!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.27 04:56 (Hey!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.27 05:04 *groggily follows Nairne*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 05:05 [Hey! How have you been?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.27 05:06 *enters the vessel and sits down* *looks out a grimy window at a poster for a film thatís advertised on the Underground walls* *it was one she was hoping to see - until everything happened, of course*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.27 05:07 (Iíve been good! Howís school?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 05:13 [A little overwhelming so far. Last night I studied until 4 in the morning.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 05:13 [I'm tired but alright.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.27 05:22 (Yikes. That does sound like a lot. If I may, Iíd suggest maybe studying for 2 hours a day rather than, say, 8 hours a day. Itíll help you process more, even if it doesnít seem like it. Itíll also keep you less overwhelmed.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.27 05:23 (Especially since Iím guessing exams and quizzes arenít right around the corner, it could be a good idea to look over todayís notes/the previous dayís notes.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 05:32 [Ah, okay.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 05:32 [I don't think I can afford to study for just 2 hours (I'm a slow reader), but I should probably relax a bit more.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 05:32 [But I didn't think to review previous notes more often. I usually do that right before a quiz or exam.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 05:32 [Thanks for the tips!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.27 05:38 (Yeah, no problem! I totally get it. Professors tend to assign a ridiculous amount of reading, which is usually pretty dry and due in a short amount of time.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.27 05:40 (Yeah. And even if you do review all your notes the night before an exam, youíll have retained some of them from previous note-reading. I felt that helped me a lot.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 05:48 [Yep, agreed!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.27 06:00 (Iím going to have to go now. Good luck with school, and Iíll see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.27 06:02 [Aw, bye!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.28 02:27 (Hey, just wanted to let you know that I might be late tonight.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.28 05:18 [I'm here! Okay.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 05:30 (Hey!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.28 05:38 [Hi!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 05:46 *the train comes to a stop after about an hour* *the same voice crackles over the PA system* Voice: Hereís your stop. Safe travels.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 05:47 *hops onto the platform* Thanks. *whispers to Nairne, Di, and Emma* Follow me.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.28 05:47 *gets up*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.28 05:47 *gestures for Di to come along and starts walking*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 05:56 *leads them through some more passageways, then up an escalator that seems frozen in time* *the main entry is pitch black, giving the impression that the station isnít in use*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.28 05:58 *murmurs* I canít see a thing.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 06:05 Yeah. Just stick together. Try to sense your way through.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.28 06:10 OW!
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.28 06:10 Sorry, Di...
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.28 06:11 *sighs* I'll take up the rear again, alright?
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.28 06:13 *hears a very sudden, very loud clang* *freezes*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 06:13 *lets out a pained groan* God... yeah, thatís fine.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.28 06:14 What happened? *almost trips herself* *realizes theyíre by the gates at the platform entrance*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.28 06:15 Oi, you want the Queen to hear us from her grave?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 06:15 Almost smashed my bloody nose in walking into these gates... Iím fine, though.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.28 06:16 I wasnít trying to be loud. Itís just that I canít see anyone, or anything.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 06:17 *some distant lights illuminate the iron grate blocking off the entrance* *finds a way to slip through* Címon. This way.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 06:21 *makes sure everyone gets through* *they then ascend some concrete stairs into the city streets*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.28 06:21 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow! I hope schoolís been going well for you!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.28 06:23 [Alright, see you! It's been going better, thanks!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.29 04:09 (I donít think Iíll be online tonight because Iím not feeling too well. Iíll hope to see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.29 04:24 [That's alright. Rest up and I'll see you tomorrow!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.30 05:00 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. I was watching A Clockwork Orange.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.30 05:29 (Hey! Sorry Iím late; I was watching a movie as well.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.30 05:33 [Hey! It's alright.] *tries to remain hyper-vigilant about the surroundings**doesn't want them getting caught*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.30 05:46 *dives into a dark alley as soon as the chance allows, the rest of them taking the same action*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.30 05:46 *whispers* Do you know where to go from here?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.30 05:47 *looks down the alleyway, focused* I think so.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.30 05:53 *whispers* Follow me. *inches across the alleyway, leaving it and entering another one*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.30 05:56 *is creeping along that alley when he hears a noise - someoneís voice, in fact* *throws himself flat against the wall when a shadow enters the alleyway*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.30 05:57 *says through clenched teeth* Donít move.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.30 05:59 *holds Di's hand tightly, watching carefully as she tries to hide against the wall*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.30 06:01 *claps a hand against her nose and mouth*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.30 06:03 *follows Landonís lead and watches the shadow carefully* *the shadow paces around, sighing* *it sits back against the wall for some time, seemingly unaware of the four of them, before turning back around*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.30 06:06 *waits a few minutes to be completely sure the person has left* *then pushes back from the wall* *murmurs* Looks like one of the medical stations.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.30 06:12 I know a way around it. Come on. *jogs back the way they came*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.30 06:16 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.30 06:19 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.30 06:20 *wrinkles her nose at a bit of a smoke smell, then follows Landon*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.31 07:07 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I was studying.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 07:26 (Hey! Thatís okay. I was doing stuff myself.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 07:26 (Hope the studying is going okay!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 07:27 *the smoke smell Nairne caught starts to grow suffocating* *smoke is still rising from the ruins* *tries to keep a cough discreet* Careful, everyone.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.31 07:28 *can hardly see* *sounds a little panicked* Landon?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 07:29 Just keep walking straight ahead. Straight on through.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.31 07:30 [It's going alright. The reading for the computer classes is difficult and slow, though.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.31 07:30 [Also heck, I only mentioned smoke because I imagined the random person in the alley was taking a break to smoke or something.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.31 07:30 [I forgot that the place was basically in ruins. XD XP]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 07:45 (Good to hear. Kind of interesting about the computer readings, though - I didnít expect them to be that dense!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 07:47 (Haha, I wasnít really sure, but it worked out!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 07:49 *after getting through the smoke, they arrive at an old office building* *holds up a finger* Wait right back here.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 07:59 *slips inside* *soon exits with a middle-aged man who has pronounced jowls and is wearing a blue jumpsuit with some badges*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 08:01 Man: *says in a hushed voice* Back in the city, are you? *sounds confused* Landon: Yes. I need your assistance once again.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 08:04 *reveals the girls* I found them not far outside the city. They walked all the way from the western coast so they could find their brothers. They think theyíre here. One of them is in data management.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 08:06 Man: Landon... Iíd love to help, but you know I canít save everyone.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.31 08:08 *something about the way he says ďsaveĒ causes her stomach to twist* Theyíre her brothers, not ours. *puts a hand on Diís shoulder*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.31 08:09 Our moms are friends and colleagues. Theyíre the diplomats having peace talks in Paris. They told us to stick together, but we were split up.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Aug.31 08:10 We donít know if our moms are still alive. We donít know if our friends and brother are still alive. *remembers the bodies she saw back at the warehouse* *tears up, glancing from the man to Landon* Please.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Aug.31 08:21 Man: *sighs inwardly* I can verify that theyíre in the city. What is the last name?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.31 08:22 *tells him* *the man goes inside to check while Landon waits outside with them*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.31 08:22 [Sorry for disappearing. My dad wanted to talk to me and after that I wound up preoccupied with other things.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.31 08:22 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.31 08:23 [Overall I wound up very distracted. I'm so sorry for disappearing for so long. XP]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Aug.31 08:31 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Aug.31 08:35 You sure you can trust him?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.1 04:25 [I'm here!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 04:32 (Hey!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 04:34 *nods* I am.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.1 04:39 [Hi!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.1 04:39 Who is he, exactly?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 04:46 (I just saw that I made a double post last night, which is totally weird. )
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 04:57 (I just saw that I made a double post last night, which is totally weird. )
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 04:58 (How ironic. Anyways, sorry for the brief disappearance.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.1 04:58 [Huh...maybe you refreshed while trying to post?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.1 04:58 [Also you just made another. XD It's fine.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 04:58 Heís the shift manager here, and also serves as a bit of a security guard at night.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 04:59 (Iím thinking I probably forgot to close my browser, and it somehow reloaded.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 05:01 *before he can go into more detail, the man returns* Man: Theyíre both in the system, and both of them are here. In fact, one of them is down the street.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.1 05:01 *her mouth sort of drops open*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 05:04 Man: Hereís what I can do. I can have Landon override himself into the system so he has access into their buildings. He can remove them from their posts on the basis that a relocation is pending. I can have him override the little one into the system so
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 05:05 she can identify her brothers.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 05:06 Man: This doesnít come without risks. Overriding her- *is referring to Di* -would give data collectors a clue as to where she is, and that she needs to go back to her original post. Having your friends pending a relocation for a significant amount of time
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 05:07 can also raise suspicion.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.1 05:08 Man: I can do all I can to remove you lot from the system, and our three weeks is almost up, hard as it is to believe. *chuckles dryly* But these risks are very real, and you must be willing to take them.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.1 05:08 *says without hesitation* Okay.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.1 05:09 (I have to go now, as I have an early appointment tomorrow. Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.1 05:17 [Alright, see you tomorrow! Have a nice night too!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 04:46 [I'm here! BTW, how are you and Paige doing? I've been kind of worried about you since your close call/contact with the "beer virus." XD XP]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 04:59 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. Iíll probably have to go soon since school starts for me tomorrow.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:01 (Weíre doing pretty well, thanks for asking! Haha, I donít think we got the beer virus, thankfully. We havenít shown symptoms, and neither has the rest of our family. Our brother actually had to get tested when he moved to campus and it came back
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:01 negative, so thatís a good sign.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:11 [That's great!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:11 [Also heck, why is school starting for you on a Wednesday??]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:17 (Iím not sure, although tomorrow will be following Mondayís schedule. I appreciate that it allows me to ease into the semester before the holiday.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:19 (Most of my classes do not meet at scheduled times, so I guess it wonít really matter. I checked some of the syllabi though, and it looks like Iíll have group projects galore too...)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:23 [Oh no... >__< ]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:24 [I lucked out with my group project. There are a couple other people in my group who have a decent work ethic. Well, they had a decent work ethic. The group's gone kind of silent over the past week. I'll probably have to do the remaining work.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:24 [But the remaining work honestly isn't much. It could be far worse.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:25 (Yeah... Iím taking on a part time job since Iíll be home this semester, and I expect my courseload to be on the heavy side. Iím kind of scared that Iíll end up with people who are, well, lazy.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:27 (Thatís good! Iím glad itís a change from your past group project situations. Yeah, Iíd definitely agree that you should get in touch with them, maybe send them an update before you do everything else.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:27 [Yep. People in general seem to be lazy. Even I've been feeling lazier than usual. XD XP How many classes are you taking?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:27 [Also yeah, I sent a message describing what's left that needs to be done. Nobody's replied or made an effort to do anything yet so I think I'll just take care of it myself.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:28 [Nobody down here can write worth crap (we're making a document/handout the teacher will use later in class). I don't really trust the others with this assignment, anyway. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:29 [BTW, if you want we can do a voice call. If you can't that's alright.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:32 (Yeah, me too. Iím honestly not even prepared for school. Iíll be taking 6 classes. 3 of them are a credit each, but with physiology thrown into the mix, I canít expect it to be easy like the rest.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:35 (Yeah, I totally relate to your frustration with people who donít have the greatest writing skills. I actually have to go now, but thanks for asking! Iíd definitely like to sometime.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.2 05:35 (Iíll be back online tomorrow at the normal time, maybe a little earlier if I can. See you then!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:37 [Holy freaking crap...6 classes is a LOT.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:37 [I've only really have heard of people taking 5 classes tops. Nevertheless, good luck!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.2 05:37 [Also alright, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.3 03:03 [I'm sorry to say this, but I'll likely be very late tonight. My family wants to watch a movie, after which I have some more schoolwork to do. If I had to guess, I probably won't be on until past 11 PM CT.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.3 03:08 [Hm...actually, change of plans. Considering how late it is, we may not watch a movie. However, I still have schoolwork so I'll probably be an hour late (e.g. I won't be on until past 10).]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.3 04:40 (Hey! Okay, Iíll keep an eye out.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.3 04:53 (Yeah...turns out 6 classes is going to be hard, ESPECIALLY since 50% of them (the ones that are 3+ credits) do not meet at scheduled times. Thereís not a lot of structure, and Iím trying to figure out when Iíll get everything done.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.3 04:55 (I expect physiology to be treated like itís the only class on my schedule. Iíll also be working 3 days a week as an after school care aide, probably from the afternoon until the early evening. I kind of had to find a job since Iíd be home, and since my
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.3 04:57 family ran into financial problems due to COVID. That all being said, I may not be able to come on until Saturday during the week starting next week.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.3 04:58 (Sunday might be an option too, but weíll see. There may be weeks I may only be able to check in. I start the job next week, so
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.3 04:58 *I will gauge how that goes.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.3 05:25 (I might have missed you tonight. I hope to see you tomorrow!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.3 05:32 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.3 05:33 [God dang it, I just missed you.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.3 05:34 [Also I understand...that's a h**l of a lot of work. I'm sorry to hear about your family's troubles and I wish you the best of luck.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.4 04:01 [I'm trying to wrap up a group project tonight so I'll probably be at least an hour late. There's not much left to do but the work is a bit tedious.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.4 04:57 (Hey! Okay. I might have to go now because I have an appointment early tomorrow. Good luck with the group project!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.4 06:44 [I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA I hate MLA]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.4 06:44 [So yeah...I just spent 30 minutes actually writing and somewhere around 2 and a half hours doing MLA. XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.4 06:44 [I definitely missed you. XD XP I wish you well and see you later!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 04:45 [I will be a bit late tonight. I have a quiz to do.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.5 05:16 (Hey! Thatís alright. Good luck with the quiz!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.5 05:18 (Hahaha, I love MLA... rarely do I use it, though. Mostly I have to use APA.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:02 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:02 [I aced the quiz!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:03 [Huh, weird. I've never had to use APA.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.5 06:15 (Hey! Awesome!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.5 06:23 (Itís definitely a little more confusing than MLA. )
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.5 06:31 (By the way, I was watching the Woody Allen movie Midnight in Paris. Have you seen it?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:34 [Yeah!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:34 [I love that movie!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:35 [Sorry for the delay in my reply.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.5 06:40 (Thatís okay! And yeah, I thought it was great. I really liked the premise.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:42 [Yeah, the idea of being able to go back in time and talk to such influential authors is really intriguing.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:42 *artists
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 06:43 [I haven't seen it for a while. I ought to see it again.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 07:16 [Hello?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.5 08:23 [Guess you're gone. See you tomorrow, hopefully!]
10>Cian (Neighbor), 18yo.2020,Sep.6 02:14 [Hey Joan, I'm just coming on to say that if I don't make it on tonight it's because our power and/or Internet got knocked out. It's thunderstorming right now; it's pouring out.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.6 03:37 (Alright, thanks for letting me know! Stay safe. And Iím so sorry for not making it last night; I fell asleep and forgot to post.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 04:32 [I'm here! That's fine, it happens. XD]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.6 04:58 (Hey, sorry Iím late!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 05:08 [Hey! It's alright.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 05:23 *glances at Emma**then says:* I'm in.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.6 05:27 (Sorry for the late response!) Alright. Iíll perform the overrides. You might want to help Di get ready.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Sep.6 05:28 *looks grave* *basically didnít have a say in it, but itís not like she doesnít want to see her brothers again*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 05:37 *pats Di on the back* We'll be alright.
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.6 05:44 *crouches down to Diís level* Here. Take this backpack. It has your chocolate in it. And a bit of food, too.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Sep.6 05:45 *looks down at the pink and yellow backpack for a while before taking it* Thank you.
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 06:01 Eat all you want.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Sep.6 06:03 *musters a smile*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.6 06:18 *comes back into view* Iíve performed the overrides. Weíre ready. *looks down at Di* Di? *she nods* Wonderful.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.6 06:21 *notices that Di looks pale* Hey. *looks her in the eye* Weíre going to be fine. Iím going to get you to your brothers, okay?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Sep.6 06:21 *sniffs, a tear rolling down her face* *nods*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 06:23 You'll do great, Di.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.6 06:24 *nods, smiling* You will.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.6 06:25 *stands up and reviews the plan with the man* Man: Youíve got it. Best of luck.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.6 06:25 *gives him a quick nod* Thank you for everything. Keep them safe. *motions toward Nairne and Emma*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.6 06:27 Ready? *Di trudges forward* *then they head back into the smoke*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.6 06:28 *crosses her arms and watches them go*
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.6 06:35 *canít really say anything* *Diís left, and sheís not sure how reliable Landon will be - although sheís betting on him with her life*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 06:40 [Wait, they're leaving with Di?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 06:40 I'm coming with you. *starts following*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 06:41 [Where are they going? I feel like I misunderstood something about what they're going to do.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.6 06:44 (No, Landon is going with Di to pick up Tom and Noah. Di is coming along not only to identify them, but because sheís young. Emma and Nairne are waiting back at the building with the man who helped them out.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.6 07:02 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 07:09 [Aw, bye!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.6 07:10 [Have a nice night too! Also okay, now I understand. But wait...couldn't they bring pictures up of Noah and Tom in the database? Or do they not have that level of authority?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.7 03:53 (Hey, I donít think Iíll be able to be online tonight. Iím going to see how this weeks goes, so Iíll either see you Friday or Saturday night. Iím hoping Friday.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.7 03:54 (They likely would, but it would probably be difficult for Landon to find them - especially Tom.(
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.7 03:55 (Anyways, Iíll see you soon! Have a great week and good luck with school!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.7 04:58 [Alright, I understand. Good luck with school and work!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 04:52 [I'm here!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 05:16 (Hey!!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 05:42 [Hi!!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 05:42 [Sorry about the late reply. How has your week been?!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 05:52 (Itís been alright! How about yours?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:02 [It went by very fast.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:02 [Even just 3 classes has been a lot of work. How are you managing with your 6 classes?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:07 (I actually had to drop one. It was only a credit, but between the job and the other classes - especially physiology - it just wasnít going to work out. All of my classes are asynchronous, meaning I donít meet at scheduled times, so Iíve been struggling
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:08 to create a schedule. The professors are also having a blast piling on the work. Instead of a single physiology lecture, I have to watch between 5 and 8- all 30-45 minutes long.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:09 [Holy freaking crap...WTH are they thinking?!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:10 [In one of my computer classes, one lecture of that length a week (plus some very hard reading) suffices.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:10 [In the other it's two lectures, but the reading isn't as important.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:15 [5-8 lectures is absolutely excessive.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:15 [How is work?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:19 (Yeah, it can be extremely tiring. I think itís the professor, honestly. After every lecture, you have to get a 100% on a lecture quiz in order to ďunlockĒ the next lecture. Youíre also expected to watch the lectures a second time because of the set of
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:19 study skills the professor promotes. And thatís just the tip of the iceberg
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:19 .)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:22 [What the actual h**l?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:30 [Definitely sounds like the professor.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:30 (Yeah... Iím really hoping I can make it through.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:31 (By the way, have you ever taken a statistics class?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:34 [I have not, sorry.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:35 [I used to be a math tutor and these poor people would come in from statistics and it would look like a foreign language to me. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:35 [Luckily my boss could help statistics people, but I sure couldn't.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:38 (Ok, I was just wondering. Iím not taking it this semester or next, but the year after... maybe.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:41 [Beware. I've heard that it's really freakin' hard. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:42 [Khan Academy has some stuff on it, I think.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:47 (Alright, Iíll keep that in mind! And after this physiology class, hopefully Iíll be able to take on anything.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Sep.13 06:48 (Anyways, I have to go now. It was great talking to you! Iíll be back next week, and maybe Iíll check in during the week. Have a great week, and see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:51 [Alright, see you! It was great talking to you again and good luck with your classes and work! I hope you have a great week too!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.13 06:51 [Maybe we can do a voice call next week?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.17 20:10 (Yeah! Letís see if we can work one out!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.18 07:00 [Okie dokie! :D]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.19 16:21 (Hey, so I donít think Iíll be able to be online tonight after all. I have a physiology exam on Monday (the quizzes have been off to a rough start, so Iím worried about the exam), as well as some homework to finish up. Iím really sorry. Maybe we can do
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.19 16:22 (the voice call next weekend?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.20 20:21 [That's fine; I totally understand! Keep up with your studies and hopefully we can do a voice call next Saturday! ^.^]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.27 04:50 [I'm here!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.27 05:01 (Hey!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.27 05:03 [Hi!!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.27 05:03 [How have you been?!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.27 05:04 (Iím doing okay! How are you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.27 05:08 [Alright! Just trying to stay ahead in my studies. The urge to procrastinate is strong. XD XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.27 05:15 [Are you able to do a voice call?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.27 05:15 (Yep, thatís definitely how it is here as well.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.27 05:16 (Yeah! For a little bit though- Iím kind of exhausted.)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.27 05:16 (-as in Iíll probably have to leave at about 12 my time.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Sep.27 05:20 [Alright, that's fine! I'm on Hangouts already.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Sep.27 05:23 (Ok!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.4 06:17  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.10 05:52  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Oct.11 00:09  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Oct.11 00:10  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.11 04:20  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.11 04:20  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.11 04:20  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.11 04:20  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Oct.17 00:22  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.18 04:15  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Oct.24 01:49  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.24 06:33  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.24 06:33  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.24 06:34  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.27 02:52  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.27 02:55  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.27 02:58  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Oct.27 02:59  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.4 02:53  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.4 02:54  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.4 02:56  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.5 04:16  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.5 04:16  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.5 04:17  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.5 04:18  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.5 04:18  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.21 18:22  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.21 18:24  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.21 18:26  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.21 18:27  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.21 18:28  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.22 09:33  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.22 09:35  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.22 09:36  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.22 22:57  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.22 22:59  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.29 22:28  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.29 22:30  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.29 22:30  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Nov.29 22:31  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:33  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:33  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:34  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:35  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:35  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:36  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:38  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:38  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:39  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:43  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Nov.30 03:44  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.9 18:44  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.9 18:45  Secret message to Nairne  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.9 18:47  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.9 22:28  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.9 22:28  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.9 22:52  Secret message to Emma  
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.18 03:16  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.18 08:10  Secret message to Emma  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.19 04:25 [I'm around!]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.19 04:32 (Hey!! How are you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.19 04:38 [Hey! I'm doing great! How have you been?]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.19 04:40 (Awesome! I havenít been doing too bad myself!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.19 04:43 [I really missed you! :D]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.19 04:50 (Me too! Itís nice to be back! :) )
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.19 04:53 [Yeah!!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.19 04:54 [Sorry about the slow replies.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.19 05:00 (No worries!)
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.19 05:11 (So, shall we get back to it? It may take me a while to see where we were at.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.19 05:13 [Yeah.]
7>Emma (Student), 21yo.2020,Dec.19 05:27 (Ok. Letís pick up with Landon and Di at Noah and Katiaís assigned place.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:30 *arrives at the building, which is an old two-floor office building* Ready? *Di nods*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.19 05:34 *puts her arm under the scanner as Landon instructed her to do* *within moments of entry, they are stopped by a guard*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 05:38 [Alright. Can you remind me of where Noah and Katia are and what they are doing?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:42 (Yep. Noah and Katia were placed in one of the computer information areas. Itís their job to log everyone into the system, and to track people who mightíve left their assigned place. I think Noah previously noticed Di and co. had left theirs.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:44 Guard: Excuse me. May I ask where youíre going? Landon: *says smoothly* Of course. *hands over his wrist for identification purposes* *the guard scans him*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:46 Guard: *arches his eyebrows after seeing Landonís info* Well, okay then. And why do you need the girl? Landon: This one... is a bit of a special case.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 05:49 [Got it. Thank you!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:51 Guard: Alright then. Who do you seek to identify and relocate? Landon. *gives him Noahís name per Di* Guard: Yes. Youíll find him on the top floor.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:51 (Yep!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:51 Brilliant. *turns to Di* Follow me. *heads upstairs*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 05:54 *notices on a computer that someone was cleared to enter their building*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:54 *locks eyes with Noah and Katiaís boss (I think his name was Caleb) upon reaching the landing* *the soot and smoke covering his face makes him appear intimidating, causing Caleb to stare dumbly in a rare moment of weakness*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 05:54 [I'm guessing Landon's info is falsified?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:56 Iím looking for a Noah? Caleb: *nods quickly, gripping his styrofoam cup of coffee* Yeah. Just past that door. *points to a large gray door dead ahead*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:58 (In a way. He actually did work at a place where he was authorized to move people around, but he took off. When Emma and Nairne met him, he led them to where he worked so he could find Noah and Tom, and was able to re-enter himself into the system.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 05:58 *opens the door* Noah?
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Dec.19 05:59 *whirls around* *comes face-to-face with a gruff Landon - and upon closer inspection, a halo of curly red hair hiding behind him*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 05:59 *looks at Landon**opens his mouth to reply, not looking surprised until he sees Di*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:00 *stands up* DI?!
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:03 *shuts the door* *Di comes forward and stares at Noah, hardly able to utter a greeting due to the shock of it all*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Dec.19 06:04 *is glancing from Landon to Di to Noah in search of an explanation*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:05 *lowers his voice to a whisper* Yes, this is your sister. Weíve come for you.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:07 I found her and some of your friends half-delirious in the middle of nowhere. It wasnít exactly the middle of nowhere - it was an old storage unit filled to the brim with corpses dressed in this same material. *pulls at the fabric of his jumpsuit*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:08 Theyíd come all the way from the coast for you. I promised them Iíd help in exchange for food and resources. Iím trying to get out myself.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Dec.19 06:08 *her voice comes out as a squeak* What?...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:11 *hurries over and hugs Di tightly*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:11 Iím going to try to get you home. First, we need to get your brother Tom. I work in data management, and was able to remove both of you from the system.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.19 06:12 *hugs Noah back* *squeezes her eyes shut in an attempt to fight back tears*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:13 *smiles a little*
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Dec.19 06:14 Noah, whatís going on? Are you leaving? *looks worried*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:23 *hesitates**looks up at Katia as if he didn't hear her* Um...yeah...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:23 *grabs Di's hand and holds it tightly* Let's go.
8>Katia (Citizen ), 18yo.2020,Dec.19 06:27 Good luck getting home.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:28 *gives Katia a nod that is both courteous and apologetic* *gets out of there before he can let the guilt set in*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:29 Caleb: *says when Noah walks out* So, whereís he going? Landon: *says gruffly* In the north, where heís needed more urgently.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:35 [Sorry, I got really distracted XP]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:35 *pauses* Wait...she's not coming with us?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:35 Multiple people are really needed north.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:44 *shakes his head a little* No. Not now. Weíre pulling from various areas, and it just so happened that they didnít really need you.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:44 (Thatís okay!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:44 Caleb: *looks a little confused* Well, good luck.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:49 I beg to differ.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 06:50 [I don't know if Katia should come yet or not.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:50 *soon, they are back in the streets of London* *however, theyíre not the fiery streets of before - not one light is shining*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:51 (I think sheíll stay, as Iím not really sure what would happen to her if she came along. But sheís going to do her best to protect Noah and co. in terms of how they appear in the database.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.19 06:55 (I have to go now; Iíll plan on being back tomorrow! It was great seeing you again! Have a nice night!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 07:08 [Okie dokie.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.19 07:08 [It was great seeing you again too! Goodnight!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 04:40 [I'm here!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 04:58 (Hey!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 05:16 [Hi!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 05:29 (Letís get back to things!) Your brother is at the National Gallery, which is close. But weíll have to take a detour.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 05:30 [Okie dokie!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 05:31 *looks around warily**finds the lack of lighting ominous but tries to appear stoic for Di's sake*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 05:31 Oh?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 05:47 *mutters* Actually several. I donít want to risk getting caught.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 05:47 *leads them down several streets* *Di and Noah are probably wondering if theyíll ever get there*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.20 05:48 *whines a little* I canít see...
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:08 Itís alright. Youíre doing just fine.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:08 It's alright...just be quiet...
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:08 I got you.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:08 *suddenly stops* *his head turns slightly towards the sound of voices*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.20 06:09 *holds onto Noahís hand with a rather tight grip*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:11 *wordlessly shoves Noah and Di into an alley* *keeps his back flat against a building wall, his head slightly turned to keep an eye out for the source of the voices*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:17 *the voices come closer* *two silhouettes appear under the faded glow of a street lamp*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:19 *is pressed against a wall and has put his hand over Di's mouth*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:23 *makes eye contact with Noah and Di* *puts his finger to his lips and motions for them to run after him as quietly as possible*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:28 *brings them to Green Park, near Buckingham Palace* *the place is a mess - trees are uprooted, and gates and street lamps lay in mangled piles - but it seems to be improving* *from there, they access the Mall, which will take them straight to the Gallery*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:29 *has to take a few minutes to catch his breath* Sorry about that. I guess itís better to be out here than back there.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:33 *nods*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:33 How much farther do we have to go?
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:35 Not far.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:39 *sure enough, they make it to Trafalgar Square and the facade of the Gallery looms ahead* *stops, possibly to admire it* *then he spits out a curse* (BLEEP).
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:39 [BTW, what happened to Emma and Nairne again??]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:39 *looks at Landon*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:43 (Theyíre at the place where Landon used to be. The guard there helped him escape, and heís with Nairne and Emma at this point.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:44 *faces Noah* I have no idea how Iím going to get you in here. I forgot to give you access.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:48 [Okay.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:49 [Hm...would Noah have been watching the cameras in/around the Gallery?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:51 (As I recall, he was actually tracking the place where Emma, Di, and Nairne were. However, thereís an alternative. Landon could explain that he has several people to pick up for relocation; Noah could wait with them.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.20 06:57 (I have to go now; Iíll see you soon!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.20 06:58 [Hmm, okay. Also see you!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.21 03:05 (Hey! I donít think Iíll be online tonight. Iíll see you soon!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.21 10:22 [Alright. See you soon!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.22 04:40 (Iím here!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.22 04:48 [Hey!!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.22 04:48 [How have you been?!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.22 04:57 (Good! How about you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.22 05:29 [Fine!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.22 05:29 I can wait and take care of Di.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.22 05:30 [Sorry for disappearing, got distracted. A friend provided an early Christmas gift.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.22 05:34 (Awesome! Thatís fine.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.22 05:35 *nods* That would be a good idea. It would reduce any suspicions, too... *turns toward the Gallery* Letís go.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.22 05:35 (Unfortunately, I have to go now, though I hope to catch you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.22 06:44 [Aw, see you!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.23 04:15 [I'm here!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 04:52 (Hey, sorry Iím late!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 04:56 *passes through the ID scanner* *motions for Di and Noah to follow* *Di goes through, but a red light begins flashing severely* *urges her to keep moving*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.23 04:57 *guiltily slips through*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.23 05:01 [Hey! It's fine. Replies will be slow; I started playing video games.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:08 (Got it.) *some security guards come rushing over after Noah passes through*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:18 Guard: What is going on? Landon: *holds his hands up* I can explain! Iím doing my rounds picking people up for relocation. Iím relocating them. *points to Di and Noah* And I need someone here.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:19 *the guards look skeptical* Need proof? *holds out his wrist for scanning* *the guards scan him again, review his information, and nod in reluctant approval*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 05:20 *just focuses on keeping Di calm*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 05:21 *just keeps his mouth shut and looks calm*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:25 Guard: Who are you looking for? Landon: *states Tomís name* Guard: *enters something into the computer, then says* Follow me.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:25 *glances over his shoulder at Di and Noah before heading off*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:30 *the guard tells him to stay in the corridor while he fetches Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 05:31 *not long later, he stumbles out with the guard, looking
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 05:33 *looking fresh out of a deep sleep* *his brows knit in confusion upon seeing Landon* Guard: Youíre no longer staying here. That chap - *points to Landon* -is going to relocate you.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 05:39 *waits with Di**his impatience only shows through his bobbing knee*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 05:50 What?... Where? Landon: Donít worry about that yet. Come with me. Tom: *turns back* *canít live with himself knowing heís leaving Cian and his grandma behind, but heís going to have to* *follows Landon*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 05:52 *when they reach Di and Noah, his expression is of total shock*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:53 *catches the look of shock registering on Tomís face and takes action* Weíd better get going. *sort of shoves the three of them toward the door*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:54 *meanwhile, the guards are having their moment of confusion*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 05:54 *runs to the nearest Underground station*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 05:56 *sees that Di and Noah are faithfully following Landon* *has no idea whatís going on; only knows that heís going wherever his siblings go*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 05:56 *does a much better job of hiding his shock/elation until they're gone*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 05:57 *he (and I presume Di) ends up hugging Tom once they're away from the authorities*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 06:03 *hugs Di and even Noah, but he doesnít seem to be fully there*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 06:04 *clambers down the Underground stairs* Come on. *his teeth are gritted* Theyíve probably found out already.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 06:05 *by the way, yes- the guards thought something was up, and have discovered that Di, Noah, and Tom are siblings*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 06:05 *nods and quickly follows*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 06:06 *breaks away from Di and Noah* What?! What kind of bloody fever dream is this?!
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 06:06 Itís not what you think. Trust me! *scans himself into the station*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.23 06:09 *scans herself in and whirls around, anticipating Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 06:12 *his confusion leads to anger at a boiling point* *points a finger at Landon* *says darkly* Who the (BLEEP) are you?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.23 06:13 Tom!... *urges him to shut up*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 06:16 Di-!
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 06:21 *sets his jaw* *figures the truth is better than nothing at this point* Iím trying to get you home. I found your sister and friends in the middle of nowhere searching for you, so I thought Iíd help them out.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 06:22 *his expression softens* ...Oh.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 06:24 *looks away* Yeah. Weíve got no time to waste. The Tube will be here any second.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2020,Dec.23 06:24 Right. *passes through, looking embarrassed*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 06:28 That doesn't answer his question.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 06:39 *turns to Noah and Tom* Itís what I did- do. Before everything happened, I was a musician. My wife is pregnant, and Iím trying to get home, too.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.23 06:39 (I have to go now, see you! Have a nice night!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 07:14 [See you! Have a nice night too!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2020,Dec.23 07:18 *hesitates, then nods*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2020,Dec.24 03:46 (Hey! I donít think Iíll be on tonight because Iím not feeling well. I probably wonít be online until Saturday; if I donít see you until then, Iíd like to wish you a very merry Christmas!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.24 07:19 [Dang, okay. Hopefully you make it on sooner, and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.27 05:06 (Thank you!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.27 07:51 [Oh heck]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.27 07:51 [I'm sorry, I forgot it was Saturday XP]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.27 07:51 [I lose track of days of the week during holidays...I'm so sorry!]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2020,Dec.28 01:08 (Thatís fine! Iím sorry to say that I wonít be online for a while. Iím getting my wisdom teeth extracted tomorrow...yay. Iíll try to check in once Iím feeling a little better!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2020,Dec.28 04:25 [Oh geez...good luck with that and stay safe! Make sure you have someone to take care of you--the anesthetic will most likely make you very loopy.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.1 20:03 (Hey, happy new year! Hereís hoping it brings you the best and shapes up to be better than last year! Sorry I havenít been on in awhile. The surgery is making me feel really crappy. Iíll try to be back soon, but for now Iím taking it a day at a time.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.5 00:00 (I also watched A Rainy Day in New York before my surgery! I liked it - it had one of my favorite songs in it, and I kinda liked the premise. The performances were all great, too.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.5 00:02 (The only thing that my sister and mom and I agreed upon was that people that age probably wouldnít have referenced certain movies, songs, people, etc. I didnít even know some of those references. Anyways, it definitely made me want to see more Woody
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.5 00:03 Allen films. Also, another note: I have to go back to work this week so I wonít be online until Friday probably (I donít start school until Jan. 19)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.6 03:53 [I hope 2021 proves to be a lot better than 2020 too. Also oof, I hope you're feeling better than before. XP A close friend of mine had his wisdom teeth removed and it wasn't a pleasant experience at all, so I have some idea of how nasty that can be.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.6 03:54 [I'm really glad you liked A Rainy Day in New York! And yeah, I agree, the main characters were a little too cultured to be realistic. XD XP Oh well, those sort of references to old things are part of why I like Woody Allen.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.6 03:55 [I recommend that you watch Love and Death next, though you can watch his movies in any order you want.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.6 03:56 [Also I have some ideas for our next RP, so I look forward to sharing them with you this weekend. See you soon!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 00:09 (Sweet! I may not be online tonight, and if I am, Iíll be late. Hope to see you!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 03:31 [Alright. I hope to see you too!]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 04:38 (Hey! Iím here!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 04:39 (By the way, Iíve been cleaning out my room and I found a drawing of Tubbyís Fat Mom from Movie RP. It had me laughing, and brought back some memories!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:00 [Hi!!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:01 [XD Oh gosh I remember that a little]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:02 [How have you been?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:02 [It feels like it's been forever1]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:02 *!
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 05:09 (Hi! It certainly has! Iím good, you?)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:16 [I'm doing pretty good! Replies will be slow. I'm playing games.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 05:20 (Great! Okay. Feel free to share your ideas about the RP!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:25 [I honestly forgot a bunch of them XD XP What I do remember is that it'd be an extension of the AHAW RPs. It'd take place in the same multiverse as those, but it'd be set in parts of the universe/societies not focused on in the other AHAW RPs.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:26 [I love that multiverse and how it's been developed so I'm usually most inspired to make stories set there. The RP would just include you and me (though Paige could join if she wants to) and it wouldn't interfere with the rest of the AHAW RPs since it
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:26 would be parts of the universe that have so far been unexplored or haven't been invented yet.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 05:36 (Ok, sounds like it could be interesting!)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:42 [In case you don't remember, the AHAW RPs are the RPs I've been in with other people. I've put a lot of time/effort into developing the characters and worlds there and I'm frankly rather proud of them.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:43 [It's a sci-fi/fantasy multiverse where the main focus tends to be on the lives of the gods, though there are plenty of other characters as well.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:44 [My worlds are called the Panthean planets (named after the oldest and most important of the planets, Panthea). They are watched over by the Panthean gods.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:44 [I've been wanting to develop more planets other than Panthea itself. So far I've somewhat developed another old planet, Mirizil.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:45 [I've been considering maybe focusing on a planet or several that are newer or otherwise have recently come under the gods' dominion.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:45 [One idea I have focuses on a dying race who embark on a journey through space (they haven't invented teleportation, which is a common ability among advanced societies) to find a new home.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:51 [It'd serve as an opportunity for me to expand upon the Panthean planets and possibly even gods that haven't been developed much yet without interfering with the rest of the canon.]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 05:51 [Perhaps some really great characters and stories could come out of this.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 05:51 *there is a distant rumbling, then the Tube rushes forward, slowing to a stop* *they board, seemingly the only passengers*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 05:58 (Yeah, Iíve kind of gotten the impression that itís a pretty developed universe. The idea you have is a cool one, and I think it would be a good way for you to ďshareĒ it with me.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 06:12 [Yeah. It's kind of impossible to add you to the main RPs since you wouldn't be able to come on every day/you wouldn't be able to keep up, but I can share the universe with you this way.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 06:25 (Yeah. That seems like it would work out well; we can give it a shot. Also, sorry for the delayed response- I was having a quick midnight snack.)
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 06:30 [That's fine!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.9 06:37 *grabs one of the poles* *the Tube lurches forward* *gazes out the window as the advertisements on the wall fade to black*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 06:38 *is skulking around in the back near his siblings* *takes note of how much older they look all of a sudden*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 06:39 [Can I have a reminder as to who's where right now?]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.9 06:39 [Sorry XP]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 06:52 (No problem! Noah, Landon, Di, and Tom are all on the Tube headed back to Emma and Nairne. They just picked up Tom.)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 06:52 (Itís also possible that the guards at the Gallery - where Tom was - have put the pieces together and are after them.)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.9 06:54 *looks at the floor and swings her legs* *is sitting near Noah* *canít really bring herself to face Tom*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.9 07:03 *stays close to Di, keeping an arm around her*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 07:06 *breaks the silence rather suddenly* Iím sorry. I... *rubs his forehead*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.9 07:06 *glances over at Tom*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.9 07:10 *looks at Tom*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 07:16 *sighs* Cian and his nan were with me. I didnít even get to say goodbye. In a way, I left them there.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 07:16 *tries to hide his face with his hand* *is holding back tears*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.9 07:18 *takes in a deep breath from the other side of the car* *doesnít know Cian, but a familiar feeling is resurfacing- specifically when he was helping Noah leave*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.9 07:18 Iím sorry. *thatís all he can say*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.9 07:23 *looks pretty stricken upon hearing the news* *says quietly* There wasnít anything you could do. All we can do is hope.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.9 07:23 *looks surprisingly disheartened*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.9 07:24 ...We should've gotten them too...
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 07:26 *looks from Di to Noah* *both of them have changed a little bit in their own way* I know.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 07:27 *finally just says it* Itís only been three weeks, and both of you seem so much... older.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.9 07:28 Iím sorry. I didnít know about them. I could have tried if I had, but I didnít want to look suspicious.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.9 07:29 *light suddenly floods the car as they arrive at the next station* *has spoken too soon* *two figures whiz by, looking similar to the guards at the Gallery*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.9 07:29 *hisses* Get down. *drops to the floor*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.9 07:30 (And with that, I have to go. Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.9 07:39 [Dang, a cliffhanger. XD XP Alright, see ya!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.9 07:46 *grabs Di and gets down with her immediately*
4>Paolo Brosio (Doctor), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 16:41  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=nothing  
4>Paolo Brosio (Doctor), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 16:41  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=15  
4>Paolo Brosio (Doctor), 18yo.2021,Jan.9 16:43 I'm new, what we have to do?
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.10 04:05 [I'm here!]
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.10 04:06  Secret message to Tom  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 04:24 (Hey!)
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 04:25  Secret message to Nairne  
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.10 04:28  Secret message to Tom  
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 04:31  Secret message to Nairne  
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 04:32 *slides to the floor immediately*
3>Nairne (Scottish Girl), 23yo.2021,Jan.10 04:32 [Also hi!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 04:33 [Is there room to hide underneath some of the seats?]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 04:35 (Hey! Yep!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 04:41 *whispers "Go" to Di and pushes her towards a space underneath the seats8
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 04:41 **
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 04:50 *crouches under the seat and hugs her knees*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 04:50 *follows Di and Noahís lead, albeit in a clumsier manner* *glances at Landon for some sort of cue*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 04:51 *stares at the doors, which slide shut* *no doubt the guards have boarded an adjacent car to investigate*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 05:03 *turns to Noah, Di, and Tom* *raises a shaking finger to his lips* *then, the Tube lurches forward*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 05:04 *is sort of rocking back and forth*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:05 *has tried to slip under the seats but is a bit bigger than everyone else, so it's difficult*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 05:14 *mutters* Bloody h**l.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:15 *shifts, trying to make sure he's totally hidden**glances over at Di and whispers irritably:* Hold still
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 05:15 *whispers* What are we going to do?
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:20 Just stay still.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 05:30 *freezes on the spot*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 05:30 *nods* For now.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 05:31 *waits a moment* Theyíre likely in here. Weíll need to get out a stop early, and slide out so that they donít see us.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 05:32 *his mind is occupied with the thought of sliding off the platform for the time being*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 05:33 *keeps track of each stop*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:43 [Sorry I disappeared, got distracted.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:43 [My replies should be faster now.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 05:44 (Thatís alright!)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 05:46 *finally, they reach the stop he has in mind* *whispers* Now! *begins to slide furiously towards the open doors, which will soon slide shut*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 05:46 Stay down, even on the platform!
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 05:47 *crawls after Landon*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:48 *lets Di go first and then struggles to get out from under the seats**follows them, crawling*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 05:49 *pushes himself from under the chair* *is sort of flopping around - isnít as nimble as Di, or Landon, or even Noah*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:50 *looks back at Tom* Shh!
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:50 [Oh gosh now I'm remembering videos of a hilarious glitch in Apex Legends XD]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 05:50 *manages to pull himself over the gap* *gives Di a hand*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:51 [Basically if you lose all your health you get knocked down on all fours and your movement speed is greatly reduced. You also can't shoot or jump. However, there's a glitch that lets you jump while knocked down and it looks hilarious.]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 05:51 *whirls around to see if Noah needs any help getting over*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:51 [I remember one Irish youtuber screaming "I flop like fish!!" repeatedly while doing it.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:51 [Tom right now internally in my mind: "I FLOP LIKE FISH"]
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 05:51 (Oh my gosh, I can kind of see it, haha. Thatís pretty much Tom now.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:52 *manages to get over himself*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 05:52 (Yep!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:52 [XD Yep]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:52 [Wait let me see if I can get a video]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 05:53 *grits his teeth and acknowledges that above fact*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 05:53 *reaches the door and the gap* *tries to push himself over, but the gap is just too large* *is practically hanging over it*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:54 [Here's an especially egregious example where both teammates are doing it together for s***s and giggles; watch 6:22-7:27: https://youtu.be/1EZBmNBfbZA ]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 05:55 [I love this Youtuber. He's one of the few people who can make Apex funny.]
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 05:55 Slightly obnoxious British voice: Mind the gap! Tom: *has a pained expression on his face* D*** it! *the Tube lets off some steam, signaling the doors may shut any moment*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:02 *reaches back and grabs Tom*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:02 *gives him a mighty pull*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:04 (Haha, yeah. That was hilarious, and definitely Tom moments ago.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:04 *is crawling to the exit like a cat on the prowl*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 06:05 *lands with an ďoofĒ* *gasps* Thanks for that.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:05 [XD Yeeees]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:07 No problem. Let's go.
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:07 *crawls after Landon*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 06:13 *the doors slam shut* *sort of stands up and runs into the exit rather than crawl*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:14 *picks himself up as well and races through the tunnels* *only stops briefly to check the signage or to take an abrupt turn*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 06:15 *swears he hears the echo of someone on their tails* *tries to keep up*
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 06:17 *is staying close behind Landon, but her boots are sort of betraying her* *although Nairne and Emma added some extra padding, itís starting to wear out* *winces at the pain of the blisters that are starting to break open again*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:25 *takes them up a network of elevators and stairs until they reach the top* *runs back into the night- with caution, of course*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:28 *looks both ways, then sneaks into an alley* *beckons the rest to join him*
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 06:30 *leans against the wall, eager for a break* *nearby are the remains of a double-decker bus bearing an advertisement for a movie he was going to see with Cian* *wonders if the movie will ever show* *more than ever, he wonders if heíll see his friend again*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:32 *slides to the ground* Weíll need to lie low for a bit.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 06:33 Okay. *is about to crouch near the bus when he notices some whimpering* *turns around* Di?...
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 06:34 *begins to full-on sob* *slowly peels off her boot, revealing a piece of cloth soaked through with blood*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:37 [I'm so sorry!!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:37 [Got distracted again by funny videos, ugh XP]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:38 Di!!
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:38 What happened?
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 06:45 (No problem!)
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 06:45 *continues crying* *is ready to give up*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:49 Come here.
1>Tom (Citizen), 18yo.2021,Jan.10 06:49 *comes over to Di and hugs her* Itís okay. Weíll be alright. *looks up at Noah* *then examines the boot, which looks much too small*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:49 *goes over to her* I'll carry you.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 06:52 *sniffles, then hugs Noah*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:53 *gives Noah a nod of respect and appreciation* *wouldnít have been able to do it if heíd tried, and heís pretty sure the same can be said of Tom*
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 06:56 *hugs her back, then turns around and gets on his knees* Get on my back.
5>Di (Citizen), 10yo.2021,Jan.10 06:57 *climbs on Noahís back*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:58 *rises* Letís go. We shouldnít be far.
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 06:59 *isnít as close as he thought* *they have to walk as well as stop several times for the sake of Noah* *but eventually, they make it back to the place he was once assigned*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 07:00 Weíre here. *gingerly opens the door and steps inside* *a corridor leads him to the man who helped him* *behind a door, two anxious faces peer out*
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.10 07:00 (....and another cliffhanger! I have to go now. I wonít be on tomorrow night since I have an appointment early Monday, and since I also have to work this week, I wonít be back until Friday. Have a fantastic week, and see you soon!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.10 07:02 [Dang, see you! Have a fantastic week too!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.11 00:43  Secret message to Noah  
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.11 00:47  Secret message to Noah  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.12 09:06  Secret message to Landon  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.12 09:06  Secret message to Landon  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.12 09:07  Secret message to Landon  
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.12 22:18  Secret message to Noah  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.12 23:14  Secret message to Landon  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.12 23:15  Secret message to Landon  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.12 23:16  Secret message to Landon  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.12 23:16  Secret message to Landon  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.12 23:16  Secret message to Landon  
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 04:52  Secret message to Noah  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:00  Secret message to Landon  
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:00 [Hi!!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:04 (Hey!)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:16 [How are you?! :D]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:21 (Iím doing well, although pretty tired- itís been a long week and school hasnít really even started yet. You?)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:24 [Same. My semester hasn't started but preparing for it has been tiring.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:24 [RPing?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:27 (Yep, same. Actually, instead of going back to this, why donít we talk about this new idea?)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:30 [Sure!]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:30 [Got any ideas for the plot?]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:38 (I have to admit, not quite. I have an idea how Iíd like it to be, though.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:38 [Alright, share!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:39 (Obviously, itíll be sort of goofy, if not mostly. I think it should have a ďmoral to the storyĒ behind all the fluff though, sort of in the same fashion as a John Hughes movie.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:41 (I also think we could get into the origins of Poopenschmirtz, like when Midas was a kid. I kind of had thoughts of Midas being a kid and having a strong belief in ďsomethingĒ (like buried treasure or an inanimate object), leading to the birth of
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:43 Poopenschmirtz. Sancho is pulled in, and it becomes a shared secret between the two.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:44 (The two grow up and it becomes less of a thing, of course - still present, but somewhat forgotten. )
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:46 (The RP would focus on a sort of awakening in this alternate realm, most likely in a case where it becomes compromising.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:47 (Iím getting more ideas as I go along, but here are some thoughts. Midas could go totally loco, opening the ďgatesĒ into Poopenschmirtz world. I kind of want him to be at normal levels of loco though.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:48 (Secondly, the plot could mirror Don Quixote in some ways. After all, Midas and Josh do have those nicknames.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 05:49 (Also, weíd probably pick up shortly after where we left off in terms of RP time.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:55 [Hmmmmm, okay.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 05:55 [I like the idea of this having to do with their childhood, as well as having a moral behind the comedy.]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 06:02 (Yeah, I think it would be cool to go behind the scenes a bit with Midas. I forgot how much younger Red is compared to Midas, but maybe the childhood portion takes place shortly after Redís birth, and this is Midasí way of dealing with it. Maybe
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 06:03 Poopenschmirtz is how he gets attention from his parents.)
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 06:03 (I think if we were to go that route, the moral/big metaphor would be about growing up, accepting change, things like that.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 06:06 [Yeah, that's actually a pretty good idea!]
9>Landon (Citizen), 25yo.2021,Jan.16 06:14 (Ok, great! Now all thatís left to discuss is how the idea comes to Midas, and how we segue from reality to a fantasy-type land. I honestly donít mind if the fantasy portion is completely random, but some structure or idea would help.)
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 06:19 [Hm...it would make sense to begin in Midas' childhood.]
2>Noah (Eldest Brother), 24yo.2021,Jan.16 06:19 [We'd transition into