" Be a penpal of me,please! "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

This is a chat place for the girls&boys who can't find a penpal.

2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.24 23:59 Hi!
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:00 I will introduce myself.
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:00 I am a girl from the USA and I am on Students Of The World regularly.
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:01 Unfortunately I cannot have a pen pal that's a boy or above twelve.
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:02 I would love to learn Sanskrit! Chinese is good too!
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:04 That is a little bit about me! If you are interested in being my pen pal or finding out more about me, my REF is 1469939.
2>Jaismi (Friend), 10yo.2020,Sep.25 00:04 Bye For Now!
5>Keke (Friend), 15yo.2021,Dec.18 13:41 Hello guys
20>dalila (Student), 13yo.2022,May.13 22:13 Hi
3>Fiona (Fiona), 13yo.2022,May.31 16:49 I am from China, can we chat in this game? You can ask me anything you want about China!
6>Rita (Rita), 11yo.2022,Dec.26 09:06  Secret message to Jaismi  
6>Rita (Rita), 11yo.2022,Dec.26 09:09  Secret message to Jaismi  
6>Rita (Rita), 11yo.2022,Dec.26 09:11 Hello, everybody!I'm from China. I'm glad to meet you.

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