" Five Nights at Freddy's Roleplay Game "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 30 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Join this Roleplay if you love fnaf!!

1>Toy Bonnie (Animatronic), noneyo.2016,May.29 13:50  Dropping Big Scare (x 1)  Free for first person to join!!
9>Mangle (Animatronic.), ???yo.2016,Jun.16 23:43 Hi! I just joined as Mangle! Can't wait to get started!
9>Mangle (Animatronic.), ???yo.2016,Jun.16 23:44  Buying Small scare (x 1)  
11>Spring (Night guard), 20yo.2016,Nov.29 05:49 im new here how do you get money ??
11>Spring (Night guard), 20yo.2016,Nov.29 05:49 like to the website
11>Spring (Night guard), 20yo.2016,Nov.29 05:54  Taking Big Scare (x 1)  
11>Spring (Night guard), 20yo.2016,Nov.29 05:59  Giving Big Scare (x 1) to Mangle  
12>clark (golden freddy), 12yo.2017,Apr.8 01:14 hello
3>Chiko (Chiko), 100yo.2017,May.21 03:50  Buying Small scare (x 1)  
3>Chiko (Chiko), 100yo.2017,May.21 03:52  Secret message to Toy Bonnie  
3>Chiko (Chiko), 100yo.2017,May.21 03:53  Giving Small scare (x 1) to clark   Secret message to Toy Bonnie  
13>Foxy (Scary), 14yo.2017,Jul.14 23:48  Buying Medium Scare (x 1)  
13>Foxy (Scary), 14yo.2017,Jul.15 13:09  Giving Medium Scare (x 1) to zoey  
14>SCP 049 (Plangue doctor), ?yo.2018,Feb.4 13:17 *Jumpscares clark and he dies of screams*
14>SCP 049 (Plangue doctor), ?yo.2018,Feb.4 13:18 Er... Toy bonnie could you give me some 199999 money please?
15>Avrine (Nightguard), 13yo.2018,May.9 10:26  Buying Bat (weapon) (x 1)  I am the night guard I'll be friendly. If you try, I bought a bat to school.
15>Avrine (Nightguard), 13yo.2018,May.9 10:27  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=93  
5>Ashley (NightGuard [Student]), 19yo.2018,Aug.10 09:59  Buying Bat (weapon) (x 1)  Buying Bat (weapon)
5>Ashley (NightGuard [Student]), 19yo.2018,Aug.10 09:59 Hai Avrine :3
5>Ashley (NightGuard [Student]), 19yo.2018,Aug.10 10:01  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=Yes  
5>Ashley (NightGuard [Student]), 19yo.2018,Aug.10 10:01 YEY
6>LightTrap (Animatronic), 11yo.2019,Jan.26 18:18  Buying Small scare (x 1)  I get up out of my usual place in the pizzeria and take a look around.
16>Ronald Mcdonald (Ronlad Mcdonald), 87yo.2020,Aug.26 05:28 Hello I am ronald
7>Tsuki (Nightguard), 14yo.2021,Sep.16 22:10 Hi
7>Tsuki (Nightguard), 14yo.2021,Sep.16 22:12 how do you buy stuff i want me a foxy plushie
7>Tsuki (Nightguard), 14yo.2021,Sep.16 22:14 is this rp dead
7>Tsuki (Nightguard), 14yo.2021,Sep.16 22:14  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
7>Tsuki (Nightguard), 14yo.2021,Sep.16 22:15 THAT IS FALSE

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