" Two of a Kind: An FSS Double Feature "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Game 1: Samantha Summers has always captured the essence of a free spirit. But maybe that was what trapped her.

Four years before her bombastic exit from Grass Creek, four years before she took her own life, Samantha celebrated her final year of high school by bonding with her classmates and taking advantage of the time she had left to let loose with them. But when her zest for adventure winds them up in a serious accident, she finds herself being brutally shunned by dozens of her classmates. Now denounced by the people she thought she considered friends, Sam takes it upon herself to reinvent her image - employing friends new and old to create a night as questionable as it is unforgettable.

Game 2: Samantha and Alexa both ran away from inner demons, inadvertently begging to be rescued. But what happens when a previously unexplored character must be rescued from a living nightmare? Stay tuned...

1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:29 *smirks, but the word ďamateurĒ does sting* Thanks.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:30 *is laughing super hard*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:30 *hears all the laughing* What's so funny over there?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:31 *hangs her head and sighs* Alright... *thrusts the mop toward them without saying anything*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:32 *murmurs* Those two... theyíre always up to something.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:32 You guys gotta clean this.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:33 Which two?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:33 Who, me???
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:33 *bats his eyes at her innocently*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:33 *throws his arms out in front of him in protest* *is laughing* No!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:34 Take the mop. Take the mop! *aims the mop at Midas like itís a lance - jokingly, of course*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:35 Midas and Josh. My friendís boyfriend and his friend.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:37 *screeches in terror* Okay!! Okay!! Mercy!!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:37 Spare the Don!!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:40 Alright, youíre spared. *Midas takes the mop, and he and Josh attempt to swipe the poop away* *watches with her arms crossed* Youíre barely even touching it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:41 Isn't that the point though?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:41 Touch it with the mop and not your hands?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:42 *rolls her eyes with a smile* I meant with the mop.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:43 Okay. *holds the curtain taut so the broom can get more of a grip*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:46 *says "ewwww" and "this is disgusting" and "gross" several times in a girly voice as he mops up the doodoo*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:46 *suddenly lowers her voice* Okay, so... I know this is a bit random, but Sam has this weird guy in my house. Do you know him?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:46 (Oh my gosh. Midas is iconic.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:47 Nope. I can smell him from here, though.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:47 [Yes he is. XD]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:47 *is kind of laughing at Midas* Who?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.25 05:49 *wrinkles his face in disgust--it's legitimate, this time* He smokes.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:50 ...What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:51 Just tell them itís over and theyíll leave.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:53 *has already sort of taken matters into her own hands* *marches into the living room to find Rocco and Sam sitting pretty close together on the couch*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:53 *tries to sound polite, but thereís an aggressive edge to her voice* Hey, so Iím really tired, and Iím closing up shop. *gives them a tight-lipped smile* I think itís time for everyone to head out.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:55 I just got here.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:55 Unless Sam wants to leave, I don't think I feel like leaving.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:57 *knew Alexa was paranoid about her house, but now she feels like Alexa is particularly mad at her for bringing in Rocco* *stands up* *is scared that this might start a fight in the near future*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:57 Címon, Rocco. Weíre leaving. Alexa wants us out.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 05:58 But do you want to leave?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:58 Yeah. The doorís that way, bro. *points at it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 05:58 *comes out of the bathroom* *he and Midas are watching from afar*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 05:59 *shrugs, looking nervous* *lowers her voice* I mean, we can probably go somewhere else...
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.25 06:06 *there is a long pause* Um... okay. *rushes over to the door* Thank you so much for letting us use your house, Alexa! See you on Monday! *pushes through the door*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 06:08 *sighs and follows her, warily glancing back at Alexa*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:08 *is sort of glaring at Rocco* *is irritated with Sam, but more so because sheís hanging around someone like Rocco and letting him think for her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:09 *comes forward* Man, that guy was a (BLEEP).
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:10 *looks exhausted* I know. I have no idea who he is or where he came from.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:11 Letís hope you never see him again. *pauses* Well, we should probably get going. *turns to Midas* Yeah?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.25 06:12 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow! I might be late.)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Oct.25 06:14 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.26 04:43 [I'm here!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 04:47 (Hey!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.26 04:49 [Hi!] Indeed.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 04:54 *the boys leave* *is left to finish cleaning the remaining mess*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 04:56 *Monday rolls around, and the general consensus is that the party was cool and the pranks were funny* *is getting a lot of compliments in the hallway that morning* *has never enjoyed being at school more*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 04:57 *however, a fair amount of people are ticked off about the vomiting epidemic that went around* *nobody can confirm it was her, but people have their suspicions*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 04:58 *Christina, Alexa, and Eleanor have their hunches* *Alexa told them about Rocco, and now theyíre really beginning to see a possible other side to Sam thatís emerging*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 04:58 *is getting a lot of validation, but thereís one person that she hasnít talked to yet* *waits for Christina to get to her locker*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:03 *has definitely concluded that the nausea was from the party--she just hasn't told anyone other than Alexa about this conclusion*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:03 *arrives at her locker**doesn't really look at Sam; is more focused on her own stuff*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:05 Hey. *is smiling*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:06 So, whatíd ya think? I didnít catch you after the party.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:06 *doesn't seem to be really paying attention* It was nice.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:18 *nods* Yeah, yeah... glad you liked it.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:19 *senses Christina doesnít mean it* *says quietly* Is everything okay?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:22 Hmm... *looks at one of her notebooks for a little bit, then turns to Sam* Sorry, what??
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:24 *becomes a bit defensive* Did I do something wrong?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:27 *pauses, trying to figure out how to answer that*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:27 I don't think so.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:31 Okay. Because it seems like it.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:33 It's just... *sighs*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:33 Other people have been saying that the outbreak of nausea was from the party, and I've been defending you...but I want to know.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:33 Was it you?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:36 *looks at Christina straight in the eye* I donít know what youíre talking about.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:38 What do you mean? Everyone's been talking about it--people have been throwing up over and over for days.
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:39 *feels really bad about lying to Christina, but after what happened to Eleanor, she canít bear to tell the truth* *sighs* I have to stop caring what people say about me. Even if I did do it, who cares? What will they matter to me in five years?
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:40 *shrugs* Think what you wanna think, I guess. But I didnít do that.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:43 ...Okay. I believe you. *feels bad about lying as well, but she feels like maintaining her friendship with Sam matters more*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 05:45 *smiles faintly* Thanks for believing me. Iíll see you later. *heads off*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:46 *watches her go, thinking*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:46 *decides to have a talk with Alexa about this later*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 05:47 *later, after school, she talks with Eleanor and Christina for a bit about Sam* So she didnít spike the Sprite or anything?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 05:49 *leans against the wall, arms crossed* Why would she do that if she knew we were gonna be there? It doesnít add up.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 05:49 Well, you did make those brownies, Eleanor.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 05:50 Yeah, but not for you guys.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:54 I think she did.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:54 I think she's lying.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 05:54 I just...I didn't want to sabotage our relationship, I guess.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 05:57 *nods* Iím more worried about her and that guy. I think itís him. Ever find out who he was?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:00 Not really.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:06 You?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:06 Thereís something different about Sam, thatís all I can say. Iíve sensed it for a while now. I donít think itís anyone making her think differently; sheís just angry.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:06 *that was directed more at Eleanor*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:13 Hmm... *furrows her brows in thought*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:15 It all started after that accident.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:19 ...It did, didn't it?
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:24 *nods slowly* Yeah.
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:24 It seems like sheís gotten over it, but you never know. The best you can do is just be there for her.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.26 06:33 *nods a little, but has this small feeling that nothing will ever be the same*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:34 I have to go now. Iíll see you guys later. *gives them a wave and heads home*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:37 [Sorry for disappearing; I got distracted.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:37 Bye. *waves casually, but she's deep in thought*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:48 *itís a nice spring day, so she decides to take the long way home* *cuts through the park* *notices someone swinging pretty recklessly* *at a second glance, she sees the one and only Sam*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:48 (Thatís alright. Iíve kind of been doing something myself.)
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:50 *Sam is wearing headphones, presumably listening to music* *sheís also laughing with glee* *sees that the guy Alexa was talking about - Rocco - is pushing her*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:51 *is a little bit freaked out* *has no motivation to say hi anymore* *wanted to believe that Sam was just going through a phase after that conversation, but she has no doubt that something has changed*
7>Eleanor (Friend), 17yo.2019,Oct.26 06:52 *gets out of the park before any of them can notice her- or before she sees anything that confirms her theory even more*
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 06:52 -THE END-
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 06:56 (Alright, thatís a wrap! I know that maybe it wasnít the cleanest ending, but it seemed like the best way to go.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 06:57 [Hm...the ending worked okay. It kind of gave me an eerie/creeped out feeling, considering that we know things turned absolutely foul not long later.]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 07:02 (Yep. So... whatís next?)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 07:05 [The Mazy arc, I suppose.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 07:05 *]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 07:06 [Unfortunately I've been so caught up in schoolwork that I forgot a lot of the details we've come up with so far. XD XP How much more time do you have to stay online?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.26 07:12 (I have to go now, but we can discuss tomorrow! One more thing before I leave: I think the Mazy storyline should take place during Thanksgiving, just for a change of scenery. Anyways, see you tomorrow!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.26 07:14 [Alright. Let's have it be during Thanksgiving, or at least during some holiday. I actually imagined a fall setting anyway. See you!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 03:42 [I'm here!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.27 03:55 (Hey, sorry Iím late! I was doing something and didnít realize how late it was.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 04:02 [Hey! It's fine.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 04:03 [I'm still stumped regarding the Mazy arc--I've been busy writing essays all day and haven't had much time to think of it--so could we go on the RP Discussion Docs thingy and discuss it?]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2019,Oct.27 04:12 (Yeah! Iíll open it up.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:45 (Hey, Iím back! Should we provide brief character descriptions, or just get to it?)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 05:47 [Yeah, let's provide descriptions. You go first.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 05:47 [We can change the slots along the way and provide descriptions whenever new characters are introduced.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 05:48 [So for now let's introduce Josh, Kai, Midas, and Mazy (unless you have more characters to introduce, in which case go right ahead).]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:50 (Alright, Iíll start with Josh. Josh has light brown hair in a short crew-cut style, hazel eyes, slightly tanned skin, and a toned build. He is a basketball player, but actually isnít very tall considering that.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:52 (For comparison appearance-wise, Iíd say he resembles James Dean, especially in the eyes. However, heís not as attractive, and looks a lot younger.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:54 (Josh has grown up a lot since the Sam portion of the RP. Heís less immature and has learned to appreciate things he didnít in high school.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:55 (Heís amiable, enjoys a good laugh, and is popular - not exactly by will. He doesnít have a lot of free time, and finds that heíd rather spend most of it by himself.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 05:59 (The downside of this popularity is that Josh has become a bit full of himself. Heís used to praise; when things donít go his way, he tends to be selfish/irritated/pouty/etc.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:00 (Unlike Mazy, he doesnít really know what itís like to struggle financially. His entire education is covered by the school, and his parents support him on the side.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:01 [Oh, I just remembered something...we need to change our characters' ages (at least Midas' age needs to change).]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:01 (Josh can be pretty sensitive - more so than his other friends - but some feelings he is either confused about or prefers to hide. For instance, he clearly likes Mazy, but heís not sure if it goes anything beyond that. )
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:02 (Yep. Iíve already gotten that taken care of.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:05 (Alright, moving on to Kai. Kai has deep caramel skin, brown eyes, and curly black hair, which is also in a crew cut style. Heís fairly tall and lanky. Also, heís mixed race- part African American and part Pacific Islander.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:06 (He wears black jeans and a red and black plaid jacket with a hood. Kai is an interior design student at school, and really enjoys tapping into his creative side. Painting is one of his favorite hobbies.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:08 (Heís open-minded, passionate about causes he believes in, and enjoys social connection. Heís an extroverted-introvert - while he enjoys the occasional party, he needs time to recharge.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:09 (Kaiís introverted side sometimes make him come across as cold. It takes a bit for him to warm up to people; additionally, heís a bit critical. He also tends to be a rigid know-it-all in some situations, thus earning the title of ďDadĒ by Eleanor during
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:11 the last road trip. Kai cares deeply about his friends, whether he exhibits that or not. His friendship with Mazy might seem questionable at face value, but they have more in common than what meets the eye.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:11 (On a final note, Kai likes being in charge, directing projects, and helping people out.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:12 (And thatís Kai for you.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:13 [Okie dokie. I shall now do the Don's profile.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:16 [Midas has light skin, amber eyes, and medium length brown hair. He's tall (easily over 6 feet) and fit. He is Caucasian and usually wears a white T-shirt and dark blue pants; however, since it's fall, he now wears a dark blue jacket in addition to this.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:18 [Like Josh, Midas has matured considerably after everything that happened with Sam and Alexa. He started out as the high school clown with a callous streak (which especially showed when he dealt with Red); now, he's more compassionate and sensitive to his
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:19 friends' needs. He's also become quite philosophical, and has been studying philosophy a lot in college, though he studies mathematics as well.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:20 [He has also luckily sobered up since the Alexa arc. He still occasionally goes to wild parties, but he controls how much he drinks.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:21 [He still plays basketball sometimes, though it's much more of a hobby to him than anything else. He also keeps in touch with Josh regularly. Midas has never really cared what other people think of him, though he recognizes that Josh does care, so he
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:21 tries to support Josh whenever he recognizes that Josh is hurting from something someone else said or did.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:22 [Midas also never really got to know Mazy nearly as well as Josh did. However, his close friendship and loyalty to "Sancho" will cause him to decide to embark on a Thanksgiving break journey unlike any he's ever been on before.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:25 [Finally, we have the mystery girl herself who is going to be the girl who disappears in this arc: Mazy. She has messy, greasy, wavy, shoulder-length black hair, green eyes, pale skin, and is about average height (5'4"). She mostly wears dark colors, such
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:32 as dark gray or black (*cough* like Batman *cough*). In this arc, she wears a black hoodie, black military style boots, a black skirt, a grayish-green shirt, and dull greenish patterned pantyhose.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:36 [She also wears dark lipstick. She is an introvert and often tries to act like she doesn't exist and stay out of others' way. She likes to read books and draw, though she rarely shows her art to anyone else.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:37 [After the events of the Alexa arc she started to finally open up to people and probably spent more time than usual with Kai in between current day and the Alexa arc because she can relate to him. However, one day she abruptly stopped seeing Kai--and
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:38 that's because she fled to Wisconsin and started living with Josh, claiming that her mom had kicked her out of the house and that she and her family were broke.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:39 [She's been living with Josh for weeks now. They've tried finding a job for her to no avail, and Josh's budget has probably been strained as a result.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:40 [In addition to this, an emotional strain has been building, as she believed that she had feelings for Josh (after all, they kissed on the night she arrived at his door), but things have become confusing, and she refuses to give details about what's going
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:40 on with her family apart from what she told him on the night she arrived.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:41 [Overall, she has continued to cover up her insecurities by acting aloof and weird. This has probably created "embarrassing" situations for Josh as well, considering that he has friends who live with him.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Oct.27 06:42 [There is clearly more to what's going on with her family than what Mazy told Josh, however. And what she's not telling him may have dire consequences.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:43 (Alright, awesome descriptions! Are we ready to start?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:43 [I gtg to bed now. See you next week! Good luck with your assignments!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Oct.27 06:44 [Yes, we are, though unfortunately I gtg. You can kick things off with stuff about whatever's going on with Josh recently. Goodnight and see you next week!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:45 (Alright, you as well! See you soon!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:46 (Iíll get the ball rolling real quick.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:47 *it is a weekday night* *returns home after a full day of school, practice, and training* *finds Mazy sitting on the couch watching TV* *one of his friends is in the kitchen tiredly preparing a PB sandwich*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:49 *isnít completely sure whatís going on between him and Mazy, but itís definitely a relationship* *has become comfortable living around her, and so have his friends* *seems to be learning a little more about her every day, too*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Oct.27 06:50 *drops his backpack and sits down next to her* Hey. How are you?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:45 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I've had a very busy week.] *was on her phone, looking at a picture of someone**puts her phone away quickly*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:45 *she didn't actually notice him until he came over to her**shrugs her shoulders* I'm...okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 03:53 (Hi! Thatís okay. Happy Halloween!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 03:55 *glances at her phone a little suspiciously, but quickly shrugs it off* Okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 03:56 Hey, so I have a question Iíve been wanting to ask you... *his friend saunters into the living area, slowly chewing the sandwich* *stares at him*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:56 [Hey! Happy Halloween to you too! :D]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:57 [Have you seen A Heist with Markiplier?!?! :D]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 03:57 *stares at the friend as well*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:00 (Unfortunately, I havenít. I donít have much time to frequent YouTube these days.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:00 [Ah, okay. Well, when you have the time, I recommend checking it out. It's a lot of fun.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:00 [It's pretty stupid, but it's the funny and crazy kind of stupid.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:01 [Have you seen Damien or Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:01 Friend: *says with a mouth full of food* What? Josh: Do you mind, like... getting out of here for a sec? Friend: *again, with mouth full* But I was gonna watch Jeopardy!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:02 (Ok! I think I did see that one.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:02 [Which one?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:03 Friend: Right, Mazy? *he and the other roommate have openly accepted Mazy, mostly because they had no other choice* I need my daily dose of knowledge!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:03 *doesn't say anything**stares down at her feet*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:08 *isn't in the mood to talk to Josh right now, but doesn't know how to express it, so she just blankly stares at her own shoes*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:09 (Iím pretty sure I saw Damien, and I also saw some Warfstache interviews.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:11 You can watch Double Jeopardy. Friend: *murmurs* Okay. *goes in his room and shuts the door*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:12 [Okay. Have you seen Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache? (Like Damien, that's another 20 minute or so video, except it's live action and it features Warfstache instead of Damien and Celine.)]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:12 *Warfstache and the Detective
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:13 Okay, so... *can tell Mazy isnít in the mood to talk for whatever reason, so this is making it kind of awkward for him* Thanksgiving is coming up.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:13 (I havenít seen that one.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:17 I have a few days off, and Iím going to see my family in Chicago. *admits with a laugh* We have this weird tradition where we do Thanksgiving at a restaurant, because my brothers and I donít have the time to go home.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:17 *looks at her* Iíd like you to come with me so you can meet them. If youíre up to it.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:20 [I recommend it. It's part of the canon--in fact, I think Mark said in a livestream that if you to put them in chronological order, his videos would be in this order: WKM, Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache, Damien, and...Markiplier TV. XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:20 [Here's a spoiler: right after the events of Damien, Warfstache went up to Darkiplier like "Hey, wanna make a TV show?! :D" And Dark was just like ".........Yeah OK."]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:21 [And then Markiplier TV was born. XD If you haven't seen that, I recommend it too. It's really silly.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:21 [Oh, and in case you were wondering this (like I was for months), A Date with Markiplier just doesn't chronologically fit in anywhere. Mark confirmed this in a livestream, so don't even ask. XD XP]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:22 *is silent for a little bit**finally says:* Okay...that sounds okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:25 (Alright, sounds pretty zany! Iíll try to find the time one of these days, but I canít guarantee it. Iíve been incredibly overwhelmed lately, and I donít think itís going to get better until the semester is over.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:27 Great. *smiles and looks away* *there is a long pause* I donít want you to take this the wrong way, but... um... maybe you could wear something nice and put on less makeup. I want them to like you as I see you. Sometimes I think youíre trying to hide
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:27 [Yeah...the group projects have really been getting out of hand--I keep getting most of the workload put on my shoulders--so things have been overwhelming lately here too.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:28 that with what you wear and stuff.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:28 [We'll just have to muscle through this. :P]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:28 What do you mean? *looks at him, frowning slightly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:33 (Yeah. Iím sorry that this group work is getting thrown on you. Itís ridiculously unfair.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:33 *speaks quickly* Maybe you could try to look a little more open?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:35 [At least there's peer review stuff coming up...all I have to do is be honest. -_-]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:36 What, so you think I should wear dresses that go down to my buttocks and high heels?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:37 You think what I choose to wear isn't me?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:37 (Heh, yep.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:39 *now itís his turn to frown* I didnít say that. I simply asked you to wear something... else.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:44 Then what do you think I should wear?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:44 What makes you think it's your right to tell me what I should wear?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:47 *sighs, agitated* Because I know youíd probably show up in something like that if I hadnít told you!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:50 Something like what? This? *gestures to herself* THIS offends you?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:51 Maybe I'll stop eating sweets. Will that make you feel better?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 04:51 *sweets too.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 04:57 *replies stubbornly* I donít know. Do whatever you want. *pauses* I just asked a simple question. You donít have to overreact.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:00 [Sorry for the slow replies. I've been playing A Heist with Markiplier (there are 31 endings; I started playing it yesterday and I want to finish it today).]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:01 [Also I think I finally figured out the chronological order of A Date with Markiplier with respect to all the other parts of the series...ending 6 of 31 insinuates where A Date with Markiplier belongs...that cheeky son of a... XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:02 [But chronological order honestly doesn't mean much. You may have noticed that time and space don't work correctly; there's a reason for this. I'll reveal the truth behind the whole series once you also watch Wilford 'Motherloving' Warfstache.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:02 I'm not overreacting, you are!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:03 *gets up* If you're so offended by what I wear, then [BLEEP] you! *starts getting some of her things*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:04 (Haha, cool. Alright! And regarding slow replies, no worries.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:04 [BTW, I'll spoil what I just discovered: ending 6 of 31 implies that A Date with Markiplier occurs after A Heist with Markiplier. I won't say how it insinuates this; you'll have to figure that out on your own.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:05 *is pretty shocked**doesnít move from the couch*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:07 *once it sinks in though, heís mad* *realizes how inflexible Mazy is*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:08 (Ok.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:08 *once she has some of her things, she started heading for the door*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:09 *stands up* If you really want to leave, go right ahead, because I really donít think we understand each other.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:09 [BTW, have you done A Date with Markiplier?]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:10 [I'm mostly curious because, if you haven't, I will warn you: there are a whole bunch of A Date with Markiplier references scattered all over the place--e.g. some endings where clearly based on A Date with Markiplier endings.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:10 [Or some elements from A Date with Markiplier were downright parodied.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:11 *all over the place in A Heist with Markiplier--
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:11 *sighs, hesitating* You clearly don't understand ME. *goes out the door**hasn't gotten all of her things--just some necessities, e.g. her wallet and her phone*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:11 (Iím pretty sure I havenít.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:12 *is incensed - a side effect of him not getting his way* *replies audibly* Yeah, well, maybe because I actually have a life.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:15 [Well, I recommend it mostly for the Darkiplier portions. A Date with Markiplier is also stupid fun with the exception of the Darkiplier part, which is my favorite part and is actually legitimately scary.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:18 *is stung but keeps moving*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:20 (Alright. Iíll look into it as well.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:21 *retreats to his room* *paces around for a bit* *is a little bit scared, not because Mazyís gone, but because he doesnít really regret what he said*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.1 05:21 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:22 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:22 [MARK NO XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.1 05:23 [AHWM (A Heist with Markiplier) is recycling a choice from ADWM (A Date with Markiplier)...in both series, there's a branch where you're given a choice between sandwiches...I'm scared because in ADWM, one of the choices ends catastrophically...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 03:08 [BTW, sorry if I've been annoying you with my constant blithering about Markiplier-related stuff. XD XP I just got a message from one of my friends who's probably lowkey annoyed at similar behavior I've been engaging in around her.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 03:08 [If you want me to shut the h**l up, just tell me. XD XP]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 03:18 [We can do a time skip unless you have things for Josh to do.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 03:54 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 03:55 (Haha, thatís okay. I just donít watch Markiplier a lot, so itís a bit hard for me to follow along. Also, go ahead and take the reins!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:06 [Hey! It's fine; what movie was it?]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:06 [Also, how long would it take for Josh to get worried and contact Mazy?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:10 (Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince! I just finished the book. Iíve never actually finished the series, so I made it a goal beginning this summer.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:11 (Probably a couple of days. Heís still upset, but is probably wondering where she went.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:13 [Ah, cool!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:14 [Regarding Josh: oh crap. It'd really take that long?]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:14 [I was anticipating that it'd be hours since she didn't gather up all of her stuff (in other words, it's obvious that she means to come back later).]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:15 [She pretty much just took her wallet and her phone.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:22 (Okay. In that case, it can be a few hours. I think Josh would be quick to feel remorseful about it all, just a little bit.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:22 [Okay, that works better.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:22 [She really has nowhere else to go.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:25 [Let's make it a little longer than a few hours though. I don't feel like she'd respond to him until more than that has passed.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:25 ~5 HOURS OR SO LATER...~
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:27 *still hasn't shown back up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:28 *is up late, watching Jimmy Fallon and attempting to do homework, which he does on most nights* *can focus on neither* *all he can think about is the fight*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:31 *as the hours have ticked on, disappointment has settled in* *really did want Mazy to meet his family - he told his mom about her, so theyíre practically expecting her* *is having a hard time believing it was his fault, though*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:33 *is nonetheless a little worried* *knows that Mazy is fragile in nature, and she couldíve gone out and got herself into anything* *decides to call, albeit a bit reluctantly*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:34 *doesn't answer the call*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:34 *however, shortly after he makes a failed attempt to call her, he receives a text from him saying: "What?"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:39 *asks her where she is, then asks if she plans on coming back to pick up the rest of her things* *is remorseful, but at the same time heís still irritated with Mazyís inflexibility*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:49 [Sorry for disappearing. I need to brb.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 04:54 *texts back "You want me to leave?"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:57 (Thatís alright.) *replies* ďItís up to youĒ.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 04:59 (Not going to lie, Josh is really causing the Jerk-O-Meter to explode.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:02 [Mine too man, mine too. XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:08 *there's a hesitation for a few minutes**then texts back "Maybe I will."*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 05:12 *doesnít answer because thereís not much he can say* *sits back and waits to see what will happen*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:37 [Sorry for disappearing; I got caught up drawing.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 05:46 (Thatís okay!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.2 05:46 (I have to go now, so Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:49 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.2 05:50 *a while later she texts him: "Why have you been pretending to care about me?"*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 03:39 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. Replies will be slow; I'm watching TV with family.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:10 (Hey! So sorry Iím late. Iím currently watching a movie, and my replies will be slow as well.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 04:11 [Hey! OK. What movie?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:13 *mutters irritably upon receiving this message* *cares about Mazy more than heís willing to admit, and heís frustrated that she didnít notice* *replies* ďItís not what you thinkĒ
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:13 (Now, Voyager. Itís a 1942 film starring Bette Davis.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:15 *adds* ďI wouldnít have done a lot of things if I really didnít careĒ*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 04:20 [Oh yeah, I've seen that one! It's really bittersweet. Charlotte's mother also drives me nuts.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 04:33 *hesitates for a few minutes**then texts: "Then what am I supposed to think?"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:41 (Yeah. Iím at home this weekend, and we all kind of laughed when she fell down the stairs. Sorry for the slow response, by the way. The movie just ended.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:44 *replies* ďI donít know, itís complicated. But I donít not care about youĒ
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 04:45 *adds* ďYour stuff is here. I donít know if you want to come backĒ
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 04:53 [Okie dokie.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 05:22 [Sorry for disappearing; I got caught up drawing again. XP] *texts "What do you think?"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:33 *doesnít respond* *is a little tired by the back-and-forth texting, and literally exhausted to top it all off* *retreats to his room*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:33 (Thatís alright!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 05:47 *after about 15 minutes, she texts him again: "Hey"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:52 *had fallen asleep, but his phone goes off and wakes him up* *turns it on, squinting* *looks at the text, but debates whether or not he should answer* *Mazyís text has a read receipt on it, so she can see that he looked at it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:54 *decides to give her a straight-up call*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 05:54 *this time she answers*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:57 *sounds pretty tired* Hey.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 05:57 *tries to say this as nicely as possible* Why do you keep texting me?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:02 I'm tired.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:02 I think I should come back.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:03 *pauses a little* Okay. Thatís fine.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:03 Where are you?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:07 Um...at a restaurant.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:08 Could we meet at the bus station at (so-and-so) street?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:12 *again, there is a pause* Sure. Iíll be there.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:13 See you soon. *hangs up and drags himself out of bed*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:14 *throws on some pants and whichever shoes are closest* *pulls on his puffy, silver winter coat and wonders if maybe he should apologize and act like nothing ever happened to restore the peace*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:15 *stop, not station XP
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:15 *leaves the "restaurant" and heads for the bus stop*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:16 *grabs his car keys and sets out to get Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:19 *arrives at the bus stop not long later*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:25 *she isn't at the bus stop, however*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:29 *is initially confused, but not all too surprised* *thinks itís probably Mazy being her typical self* *gives her a call*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:38 [gtg to bed. See you next week!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.3 06:38 *she doesn't answer* [Anyways, bye!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:46 (Alright, see you!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:47 *outside, the slight drizzle begins shifting to a heavy downpour* *drives off aimlessly, but with every intent of finding Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:49 *turns on the windshield wipers* *in the background, the radio plays quietly - specifically, the AM station, which he has developed a secret liking for* *the Elvis song that comes on is not enough to quell his increasing worry* *calls Mazy again* *the
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.3 06:49 rain hammers down harder*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 04:48 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; this week has been hectic.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 04:48 *she again doesn't answer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 04:50 (Hi! Thatís okay. Iím going to have to leave early because I have a violin lesson tomorrow morning.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 04:53 [Alright, that's fine!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 04:53 *a girl who resembles Mazy is seen rounding a corner a couple meters ahead of Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 04:56 *just hangs up and mutters a swear* *continues to drive around in circles* *finally just parks nearby for a minute*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 04:57 *catches sight of this figure and immediately makes the connection* *opens the car door*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:01 *the girl was walking away from Josh/went out of his sight*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:03 *gets out of the car and throws up his hood* *walks in the direction of this girl* *is pretty certain itís Mazy*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:08 *the girl doesn't turn around as she walks*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:09 *the girl is in dark clothing and a hoodie*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:13 *calls out* Hey!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:14 *the girl looks back at him, confused**she's not Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:19 *stands there, a little taken aback* *for some reason, he was expecting it to be Mazy* *turns to head back to his car*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:23 *as he's walking back, a truck parks across the street from where he parked*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:23 *a masculine figure comes out of the truck and approaches another darkly-clothed, darkly-haired woman*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:24 [Note: because it's rainy out and Josh is preoccupied, I don't want him to really notice the people across the street until he's in the car/until at least a minute has passed.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:25 (Okay.) *gets back in the car* *sits around tiredly before starting the ignition* *as heís doing that, though, something catches his eye again...*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:26 *the man and woman across the street have been talking to each other**suddenly the man grabs the woman, putting his hand over her mouth, and drags her into the truck*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:29 *sees this all go down, and is jolted by fear* *almost gets out of the car, but the truck takes off before his foot even makes it to the ground*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:32 *is shaking, unable to move* *basically witnessed a kidnapping* *all the while, a psychedelic, somewhat cheery song is playing on the radio, and the rain keeps pouring* *stares out the window, the scene outside melted by the rivulets of water streaming
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:33 down* *is so confused* *doesnít know if he should call the police - thereís not a lot they can do because he didnít get a good look at the people or the truck*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:35 *has this strange sensation that it was Mazy* *after all, she hasnít been answering him, and she dresses in similar clothing* *tries to convince himself that it wasnít her- she walked out, and sheís long gone*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:36 *debates with himself for a solid 20 minutes before he shifts into gear and leaves* *stumbles back into his dark apartment and goes straight to bed* *however, he has a sleepless night* *canít get Mazy out of his head*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:38 *the first thing he does when he wakes up is check his phone for any signs of forgiveness/existence from Mazy* *no dice* *gives her a call, figuring she wonít answer anyways*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:39 [Oof...the part with the cheery music really got me. Methinks we have ourselves a psychological thriller on our hands. >:)]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:40 *she doesnít* *leaves a brief message* Hey. Um. I havenít heard from you in a while, so just wanted to make sure youíre okay. *pauses* Talk to you soon.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:41 (Yeah, for sure. It seemed to fit in that moment.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:42 *the day dawns overcast, and the morning progresses without any word from Mazy* *is getting really concerned* *has drifted through the day passively, unable to think about that fact that Mazy did get kidnapped right in front of him, and he did nothing
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:43 about it* *to add onto that, the last words he potentially gave her werenít so nice* *keeps leaving voicemails, each one more vulnerable than the next*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:45 *it is later in the afternoon, and he is walking to practice* *is at his most conflicted now* *leaves one last message* Hey Mazy... itís me. I donít know where you are, or if youíll get this, but I want to apologize for what I said. Iíve had a lot to
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:46 *he receives no reply from her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:47 figure out, and... you didnít deserve that. Iím sorry. *pauses* If you get the chance to let me know that youíre okay, Iíd appreciate it. *pauses again* I miss you. *sort of choked that last part out so Mazy might be convinced to answer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:48 *ends the voicemail once he gets to the practice facility* *forces himself through the doors* *doesnít know if he can do it because his brain is so fogged up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.8 05:48 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! Note that I might be late.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.8 05:50 [Alright, see you! Good luck with your violin lesson.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 04:38 [I'm on! Also, is it just me, or is there suddenly this weird text at the bottom of the page??]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:14 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late. Thatís weird... I donít see anything.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:16 [You sure? Try scrolling all the way down to the bottom. I'm seeing text that says "tml');});"]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:23 (Oh yeah... that is weird.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:32 [Yeah, the heck is that??]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:32 (Sorry about my disappearances. Iíve been trying to do some things. Anyways, it looks like a good chunk of this is going to focus on Josh for a bit, so Iíll get going.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:33 (No idea. I have noticed this site has been acting up, though.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:34 [It's fine. I'm multitasking as well. And yeah, this site has definitely been weird lately.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:34 [The other day it would barely load for me. We thought it was because some fibers were cut and our Internet provider started re-routing traffic weirdly until it was fixed. But now I'm not sure about that.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 [And RaeAnna can't post anything on her computer; it doesn't show on anyone else's devices/things don't update properly. That may just be an issue on her end, though.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 [I really don't know what's going on ehre.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 *here.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:35 [Anyway, go ahead and get going. Let me know when I can hop back in.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:36 *is not himself during practice* *during a team scrimmage, he takes a shot that barely hits the rim - uncharacteristic of him* *his coach yells, ďWhat the h**l was that, Josh?Ē* *tells himself heíll do better* *however, the next shot is no better*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:36 [Note: I currently imagine that eventually Josh will receive a mysterious message/hint that compels him to take action.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:37 (Wow, that is weird. I hope sheís able to get back on.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:37 (Okay. Maybe you could jump back in then?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:39 *impulsively turns around and stalks over to the locker room* *is so overcome with anger and guilt that he canít think straight*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:40 *enters the dim locker room and sits down *squirts some water from a water bottle onto a towel, wipes his face tiredly, then drapes the towel over his head* *was hoping deep down that someone would stop him, but no one has*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:43 *finally, the bench creaks from the addition of someoneís weight* *the assistant coach has come to talk to him* AC: *is a bit brash* Whatís goiní on? *the only response is a sniffle from Josh* I canít help you if you donít want to talk.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 05:44 [Yeah. Just let me know when it's okay to jump in and I'll do so.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:47 *is pretty sure the coach wonít understand, so he chooses not to talk* AC: Do you want to talk? *pauses* Okay. *gets up and leaves*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:48 *soon after, the rest of his teammates file in* *they seem to sense something is wrong and leave him alone* *the only one who stays back is his roommate/friend*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:50 Friend: *sits down next to him, fiddling with a towel* Whatís going on, man? *no answer* Is it that girl? *doesnít even need an answer to know this is the truth*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:51 Friend: Real talk, I heard you saying some (BLEEP)home things to her. *says jokingly* Shouldíve just let me watch Jeopardy. Josh: *smiles vaguely* Yeah... I really (BLEEP)ed up.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:53 Friend: You need to go make things right. Josh: *mumbles*Thatís what Iím trying to figure out. *explains that she hasnít answered his calls/texts, but he leaves out the kidnapping part*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:55 Friend: I donít know then. *gets up and throws his backpack over his shoulder* It might take a while to redeem yourself. See you later. *heads out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:57 *allows that to sink in* *his friend probably isnít lying* *has done everything he thought he shouldíve done, and yet, still no sign of Mazy* *doesnít want this to hang over him forever* *walks back to his apartment*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 05:58 (If you want, you can jump back in. Whether itís now or later, maybe Josh can find a clue.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:05 [Alright.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:07 [He won't be sent a clue right away/right now, so I'll do a short time skip.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:07 ~SOMETIME LATER, AROUND 5 IN THE MORNING...~ *the notifications on Josh's phone go off*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:13 *is interrupted out of a deep slumber* *rolls over groggily and reaches for his phone, which is on his bedside table*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:14 *wipes his eyes and reads the notifications*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:15 *his phone shows that he missed a call and received a text from an unknown number*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:19 *opens up the text first*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:20 [Where is Kai from again??]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:22 (Heís from Michigan, but he goes to the same school as Mazy somewhere in Indiana.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:25 [Okay.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:55 [Sorry!!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:55 [I got super distracted... XP]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:55 [Sorry, I'm pretty tired...]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 06:57 *the text says "Culverdown 7:30 tomorrow"*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 06:59 (Thatís okay!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 07:00 *stares at that message for a few moments, totally perplexed* *flops down in bed, too tired to put in the mental effort required to figure it out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 07:01 *a couple hours later, he sends a response* *basically asks the sender to elaborate*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.9 07:04 (Well, youíve left me with a cliffhanger, as I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 07:07 [Alright, bye!] *he gets no response*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.9 07:07 [Again, I'm so sorry about disappearing.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:32 *if Josh has been especially observant around Mazy, he might find "Culverdown" to be an oddly familiar word*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:43 (Hey! About disappearing last night, thatís totally fine.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:44 *it doesnít instantly come to mind* *disregards it as a wrong number for the time being* *as the day goes on though, he starts thinking about it more*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:46 [Hey!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:48 *if he thinks about it hard enough, he may recall Mazy using the word in conversation*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:49 *namely, it was probably mentioned way back during the searching-for-Alexa trip, perhaps when Mazy was asked where she was from*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:52 *has a feeling that it has to be a town, but heís not sure where*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:55 *is trying to study for an upcoming exam later that night, but he canít focus* *had decided earlier that calling Kai would provide some answers to his questions* *sends him a text, then calls in the next half hour*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 04:57 [Culverdown is the street Mazy's parents' house is on BTW.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 04:59 (Okay, got it.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:01 Kai: Whatís up? Josh: *sounds solemn* Something happened to Mazy. *describes everything, from Mazy appearing at his doorstep to their growing relationship, and then to the potential kidnapping*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:01 (By the way, I have a question on behalf of Paige. Youíve been dealing with this a lot, so I thought I might ask.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:02 (She has a group project due this week, but the guy she has to do it with hasnít answered about meeting up or really doing anything. Should she just go on and start the project? Or should she wait?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:04 Kai: *is heard sighing on the other end* You and Mazy... I donít know. Mazyís got a lot of baggage - a LOT. I donít know if youíd want that in your life, just hearing some of the things sheís told me.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:07 Kai: It would probably be a wise idea to stop associating with her. Josh: *pauses briefly* Really? Kai: *is taken aback by Joshís challenging tone* What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:09 I donít think thatís the problem. I... I said some things to her I shouldnít have, and I need to apologize. Plus, sheís disappeared, and I havenít been able to get ahold of her.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:09 [Oh gosh...if it's due this week, then she really ought to get started immediately.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:10 [I've been working on group projects over a month in advance. I've found that I have really needed that time.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:10 [She also really ought to mention to the professor what's going on.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:11 [Not in front of the teammate, of course, but perhaps in a one-on-one conversation with the professor she could do this.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:13 [BTW, wait, by "this week" you mean next week, right?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:18 (Yeah. Itís due on Thursday, and itís only a Power Point presentation, but Iíll let her know.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:18 (Thanks for your input!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:20 [Yeah, these things take time or research. Making a good PowerPoint can still take hours.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:20 *and research.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:20 [She also really ought to message her professor about this ASAP.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:21 [E.g. something along the lines of "I have sent messages to my teammate about the group project, but he has [insert what he has/hasn't done]. Do you have any advice on what I should do?"]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:21 [Not these exact words, but maybe something along the lines of that. Keep it respectful and non-accusatory.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:23 [I've found that making the tone of a message confused helps keep it diplomatic. So basically don't lambaste the teammate; describe what's going on in an "I'm confused about this" sort of way.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:23 [If in doubt, though, message/consult your parents.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:24 [I'm guessing they've been through college, so they can probably help you on what to do more effectively than I can.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:27 (Alright, got it. Should she let the guy know that she started working on the presentation, maybe so that will encourage him to pitch in?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:31 *tells Kai about the text he received* Kai: Thatís the street Mazy lives on - used to live on. Her parents live there. I donít know man, it sounds like risky business. But it might not help you, either. Mazyís parents are...
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.10 05:32 [Yeah, sure.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:33 Yeah, I know. I think Iím gonna go for it. I have to be in Chicago in a couple of days for Thanksgiving and all. Kai: Really? So am I. Iím going to my grandmaís. Let me know if you need anything. And let me know how it goes if you decide to go.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:35 Alright, will do. *says goodbye and hangs up* *then wanders over to his bed* *sits on the edge and meditates on the matter for a long time*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:37 *looks at a bag filled with Mazyís belongings slumped against the wall* *feels a pang of guilt - and a larger incentive to be at Culverdown at 7:30*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:39 *starts packing his bag* *tosses in a few articles of clothing, money, and other necessities that will last him a few days* *sets his bag down next to Mazyís* *before he forgets, he pulls Lukeís radio out of the closet and sets it on top of the pile*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:41 *sets his alarm for 7 and hits the sack* *stays awake and stares at the ceiling* *ponders the fact that heís going on a road trip without his friends* *has gone on long drives alone, but this is different*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:43 *looks across at his bedside table* *reaches out for his phone* *opens up the contacts app and stares at Midasí contact* *hasnít talked to him for a few weeks*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:44 *guesses that heís still up* *gives him a call*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 05:46 *puts on a high-pitched girly voice* Hello?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:50 *chuckles a little* Hey, Don. *doesnít sound as lively as he usually would*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 05:57 *keeps up the girly voice* This isn't Don, this is Donna. Who is this?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 05:59 *is grinning* This is Josh. Sancho.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:01 I don't know a Josh...but I know a Sancho!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:02 Well, then thatís gotta be the one.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:05 How is Sancho doing?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:07 *sighs a little* A lot of (BLEEP) has been happening.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:08 *his voice goes back to normal* Oh?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:11 *probably kept Midas pretty up-to-date with Mazy after she appeared on his doorstep* Mazy and I had a fight. I asked her to go with me to meet my family for Thanksgiving, I said some things I shouldnít have, and she flipped out and left.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:12 She was going to come back, but when I went to pick her up, I donít know... something weird happened. I think I saw someone drag her into a truck and drive off. I donít know if I was imagining things, but I havenít heard from her since.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:14 Have you called the authorities?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:14 *tells him about the shady text* Iím driving out there to try and straighten things out, but I donít think itís going to help much.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:15 I mean, it happened so quick. Thereís not a lot they can do.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:17 *sighs* I know this is a lot to ask, but would you be able to make it to Chicago within the next day? I can pick you up halfway.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:18 I just donít think I can do this on my own. And I need to get ahold of Mazy.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:19 [BTW, I'm guessing Josh has already invited Midas to accompany him to the Thanksgiving thing? Midas would've definitely said yes.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:22 (Yeah. Since Midas is fairly close to Josh and his family, it would fit.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:25 Hmm...yeah, sure.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:26 [I forget...is Midas going to take a train?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:28 (Yeah.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:30 Thanks. What time are you coming in? (I think heís supposed to get there the day after Josh visits Mazyís parents, or maybe he could get there later that night.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:36 [Okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:37 I think I'll be there by later tonight.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:37 Which means I gotta get going.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:39 Alright then. Iíll see you later.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:43 I'll be taking the train. See you later too. Try not to get yourself into anything you shouldn't, okay?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:45 *pauses* Okay. See ya. *ends the call* *shortly after, he grabs his bag, Mazyís bag, the radio, and takes off*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 06:46 *contacts his family briefly about his plans, and then packs and heads off to Chicago by train*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:47 *the day turns out to be beautiful, and he sort of enjoys the solitary drive* *speeds across the flat land, the solar-powered radio blasting from the dashboard*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:48 *however, when he approaches Indiana later, some bruise-colored clouds roll in* *they donít exactly block out the sun, which makes for a very weird-looking afternoon*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:51 *Mazyís town is about 1.5 miles from the Indiana border* *it is an old town, with a downtown area and a few Victorian mansions**however, itís pretty deserted* *there is something very cold about it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:53 *passes an old crematorium/funeral home on the main street* *a chill goes down his spine* *not much further down the road is a muddy high school football field* *vaguely wonders if Mazy went to school there*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:55 *Culverdown Street turns out to be on the fringes of town* *slowly turns* *isnít all that surprised to see that Mazyís house is the worst one on the street* *it is shrouded by trees and bushes, and the siding is streaked with d*rt* *the shades are also
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:55 drawn*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:57 *takes a deep breath* *sits in his car for a while* *now that heís seen the house, heís really quite scared* *considers the possibility that this could be a trap*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 06:59 *is breaking into a sweat* *tries to counter that by taking deep breaths, but his heartbeat continues to rise* *finally, he canít bear the anxiety anymore* *pushes the car door open* *locks it and heads to the front door* *knocks*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:00 *stares at the cracked cement on the porch and says a quick prayer*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:02 *there's no answer, though he can perhaps hear something inside--perhaps a TV*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:05 *rings the doorbell this time*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:11 *after a minute, a scrawny woman opens the door* Woman: What is it you want? *her voice is hoarse and unwelcoming*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:16 *literally jumps out of his skin* Oh. Um, hi. Are you- are you Mazyís mom?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:22 Woman: *pauses**then sounds more stern* What is it you want?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:25 Iím a friend of Mazyís. She disappeared recently, and I got this text telling me to be here tonight at 7:30. I thought maybe youíd know something about it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:25 Woman: *doesn't say anything**just looks at him*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:29 Do you? Or not?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:33 Woman: What's your name, boy?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:37 *is starting to get a little freaked out* Josh.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:41 Woman: Last name?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:43 *is even more on edge* Boyd.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.10 07:51 (I have to go now, see you! Have a good week!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.10 07:53 [Aw, bye! Have a good week too! Good luck with school (good luck to Paige too, by the way)!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.16 04:11 [I'm here! I'm so sorry I wasn't on yesterday; yesterday was kinda crazy and I frankly forgot what day of the week it was.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 04:25 Woman: *just looks at him for a little bit**then says:* What makes you think you have any right to poke your nose in these parts?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:35 (Hey! Thatís totally fine; donít worry about it!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:35 *frowns a little* Because Iím concerned?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:36 I havenít heard from Mazy for days, and I think something might be wrong. I just wondered if you knew anything.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 04:44 Woman: Who are you to be concerned about her whereabouts? She's an adult. She takes care of herself.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:55 *is silent - and really frustrated* *doesn't understand why Mazyís mom is blind to the fact that Mazy could be in very real danger*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 04:56 *is also feeling like he made this trip for nothing* *takes a passive-aggressive stance* Okay. Youíre probably right.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:00 Woman: Yeah, I am.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:11 (Sorry for the slow replies. I had to take care of some things, so theyíll speed up now.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:12 [It's fine!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:14 Alright. Iíll get going now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:18 *gives her a nod* Thank you for your time. *is making a slight jab*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:23 *walks down the steps, internally swelling with anger every time* *stops and turns around* You know, itís kind of sad that you donít even care about your daughter, but okay.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:26 Woman: *huffs* You know nothing about any of us.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:26 Woman: Now get away before I call the cops.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:30 *stalks away to his car* *wouldnít really mind if Mazyís mom called the police - maybe then theyíd get exposed*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:32 *peels off, his blood boiling* *recklessly drives over part of their lawn*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:34 *the sun has dropped below the horizon* *speeds northbound toward Chicago* *wonders why he wasted time, money, and energy for a good chunk of the journey*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:35 *the woman makes an obscene gesture as he drives away and then stalks back into her house*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:36 *she immediately calls someone to talk about some kid showing up looking for Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:36 *got absolutely nothing out of that visit* *is mad about the ďclueĒ, and pretty much everything else* *wonders if he should even continue looking for Mazy* *it would be impossible not to, because he canít get it out of his head*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:38 *heís grown to like Mazy too, making the decision even more difficult* *however, he doesnít want to know what his friends and family would think if he were associated with someone like Mazyís mom*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:38 [When should Midas enter the picture again?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:41 (Pretty soon. Josh will be picking him up now.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:43 *pulls into the train station a few hours later* *Midas probably had to wait for a while, which makes him more upset about making the trip down to Mazyís parentsí* *goes out to meet Midas*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:48 [Okie dokie.] *is sitting on a bench, tapping his foot impatiently*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:48 *gets up upon seeing Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:50 *sees a familiar figure leaping up* *canít help but smile* *jogs over*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:50 Midas! *gives him a one-armed hug*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:51 Sancho! *gives him a one-armed hug too, patting him on the back*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:51 What took you so long?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 05:53 Yeah, sorry Iím late... *pauses for a while* Remember I told you about Mazy? *starts leading them back to his car*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 05:59 *gathers up his stuff and follows him* Yeah, what about it?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 06:05 Well, I got this tip-off to go to her house in Indiana. *briefly describes the town and how crappy it was* I shouldnít have (BLEEP)ing gone. Itís pretty obvious that her parents donít care. They literally donít care.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 06:06 *opens the trunk and tosses one of Midasí bags inside* I have no idea where she is. The only person who might know is Kai, and he told me not to get involved.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 06:07 *mutters* I donít even know. I was the one who last saw her, I said some things, and... I feel like itís my responsibility to take care of it. *gets in the car*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.16 06:08 (I have to go now. I donít know if Iíll be online tomorrow night because Iím going to a musical. If I am online, Iíll be really late - probably 11:30 or so my time. Hopefully Iíll see you then!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 06:12 What happened
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 06:12 *What happened when you got to her house?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.16 06:13 [Alright, hopefully I'll see you then too! Goodnight!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.17 04:43 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 05:41 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.17 05:43 [Hey! It's fine. What musical did you see?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 05:51 (I saw Les Miserables! It was excellent.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 05:55 *starts driving* Her mom came to the door and asked me who I was. Then she basically told me that Mazy could take care of herself, and threatened to call the cops on me.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Nov.17 05:56 [Ah, okay. Did you see a live version or the movie?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 05:57 Oof...sounds like you ran into a dead end.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 05:58 (It was a live performance.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:00 Exactly. It doesnít seem like thereís a lot I can do from here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:06 [Okie dokie. Cool!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:06 Hmmm...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:06 Have you gathered any more information about this? Anything at all?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:10 (Yeah! Thereís a performing arts center on campus, and they usually bring in two off-Broadway musicals per semester. Iím hoping to see the next one, Aladdin. Itís one of my favorite Disney movies/musicals.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:11 [Ah, okay. ^.^]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:13 Nothing.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:14 I just wish I knew more about her, and where she was. *sounds exhausted*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:25 [Sorry, got distracted in Hangouts.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:25 *]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:25 [I can't stop laughing because I typed the dumbest thing I've read in a long time...]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:26 [We were discussing anger with RaeAnna and how it effects being in character. For me it can get in the way sometimes. She said "I don't have much trouble with that, actually. It's nice when my own character would be angry as well."]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:27 [In response I sent this: "Yeah, it definitely works if it'd work for the character to be angry anyway."]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:27 [Just...brain, WT*... XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:28 Hm...maybe you should sleep on it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:29 Say, what was the name of that road again?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:36 (Oh my gosh, haha. I spent a while puzzling over that sentence.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:36 Culverdown?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:38 Huh...okay...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:39 Say, what did Mazy's house look like?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:40 Uh, it was small and white. Kind of on its last legs in terms of appearance. There was a lot of overgrowth around it.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:40 *stops to wonder how Mazy even managed that*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:43 *notices Josh's odd pause* You okay?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:44 *says almost instantly* Yeah, Iím fine.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:47 Whatcha thinking about?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:48 Just... all of this. Everythingís good, though.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:50 *is wondering why Midas wants to probe his brain all of a sudden* *his optimistic side is also hoping that Midas knows a bit about Mazyís neighborhood*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 06:57 Alright...where are we going, exactly?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 06:59 Weíre going to my brotherís place to spend the night. *that would be his eldest brother, Alex*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:01 [Well that makes three RP characters named Alex. XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:01 [There's Alexa, then Alexander (one of Mayhem's aliases), and now Alex.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:02 [Heck.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:02 Oh yeah...the one named after my girlfriend?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:03 (Oh my gosh, thatís a hilarious observation. I didnít realize that - I just pulled it out of the top of my head.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:03 *laughs a little* Thatís the one.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:04 *about twenty minutes later, they arrive at Alexís apartment* *is a little nervous* *hasnít seen his brother in maybe a year, let alone spend much time with him*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:05 I need to ask your parents how they could dare to steal that name from her.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:05 *said that before the time skip*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:06 *knocks on the door* *it is promptly swung open* Alex: *says with a grin* Hey, little bro! *glances at Midas, then does a double take* Wait... are you... Midas?...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:07 *had told Midas he can ask on Thanksgiving*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:08 I hope I am.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:10 *laughs* Alex: Oh my god!! *is also laughing* I think the last time I saw you was when you were in seventh grade or something. And now youíre taller than Josh! Wow.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:12 *looks down at Josh* Well...again, I hope I am. *looks at Alex, grinning*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:13 Wouldn't want to have an identity crisis during Thanksgiving break. That would su ck.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:14 Alex: For sure. Come on in. *leads them inside his apartment, which is pretty nice*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:15 Alex: So, how are you doing? Josh: Fine. *is lying through his teeth* *sets his bag on the floor* *remembers that Mazyís is in the trunk*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:16 *the two talk basketball for a bit* *then, Alex turns toward Midas* How have you been? Howís your family, your brother? God, I remember when he was a toddler... he fell off the monkey bars in the park one time, and I had to go help him.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:18 Yeah, I remember that too...don't worry, he isn't as stupid now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:18 *goes to rummage in the fridge in the meantime* *finds some orange juice and a glass, and fills it to the rim* *also discovers some Goldfish* *takes a hefty handful*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:19 My family's doing fine.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:19 *Alex laughs* *takes a sip of OJ and listens to Midas* *had forgotten to ask how everyone was doing*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:23 Alex: Great, glad to hear. *pauses* Well, I know itís not five-star lodging, but Iíve got a spare bedroom and a couch. You guys can decide who gets what.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:24 *points at Midas with the glass of OJ* *says through a mouthful of Goldfish* The bed is all yours.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:27 Alex: *notices Josh took some of his food* Hey, next time ask before you ransack my food supply. Josh: That probably wouldíve been a good idea, seeing as you got orange juice with pulp.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:29 Alex: Hey, itís better for you. Anyways, Iíll be in my room, so... goodnight. *retreats to his bedroom*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:30 *picks up his bag and sort of grins at Midas* Well... I hope youíre ready for tomorrow. Itís definitely not your average Thanksgiving.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:32 I hope I'm ready too.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:32 Also don't kid yourself. You need the rest. Take the bed. *slumps down on the couch*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:33 [gtg to bed now. Goodnight! Good luck with college, and have a good week! *offline*]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.17 07:34 *his tone gets quieter* Also, are you sure you shouldn't have contacted the authorities about...you know...? [Anyways, bye!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:34 (Alright, you too! See you!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:35 *looks down* I donít know. Itís probably too late now. *shifts around a bit* Iíll see you in the morning.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.17 07:37 *lies in bed worrying about things- an upcoming game, Thanksgiving, and a pair of shoes he mightíve lost* *most of all, he worries about the entire Mazy situation, and about her*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:14 *lies on the couch, thinking**can't really get to sleep either*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 04:28 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:41 [Hey! How's college been?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 04:47 (Well, itís definitely been the calm before the storm right now. Iíve had some papers and presentations to work on which havenít been too bad, though Iím getting really worried that I might not pass math.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 04:47 (By the way, Paige wanted to tell me to tell you thank you for your group project advice. The project went well, and she said your suggestions really helped.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 04:49 (How have things been for you?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:53 [@ Paige: You're welcome! Glad I could help. :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:54 [Things have been alright, though all of my classes have some big project or exam coming right before the final. I'm trying to get those done ASAP.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 04:54 [What kind of math is it? I might be able to help.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:02 (Good luck with those! Iím in college algebra, so Iíve been learning about all types of functions- linear, exponential, logarithmic, quadratic, rational, etc. I have a general idea of each, but the tests are usually harder than what is taught in the
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:03 lecture. Itís also a ton of stuff to remember - especially logarithmic and exponential functions - and I tend to blank when doing quizzes and tests.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:20 *sleeps for two hours, albeit restlessly* *gets up and helps himself to a glass of water* *downs it in a gulp or two* *then stands beside the fridge for a while and attempts to sort out his thoughts*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:21 [Ah, okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:30 [WTH? For a little while I lost access to this page. It kept redirecting me to the RP-City home page.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:31 [Sorry for all the disappearances...RP-City is acting up on me again.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:32 (Thatís really weird... donít worry about it, though. )
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:33 [I'm pretty good with college algebra. If you need some help, let me know.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:33 [I was a math tutor for a while, actually. Most of the people I helped were doing college algebra stuff.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:41 (Okay, thanks for offering! Iíll look through my notes and let you know.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:50 [Alright. BTW, do you watch Khan Academy?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:51 *has been up on his laptop*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 05:51 *goes over to Josh and taps him on the shoulder* Hey.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:58 (Yeah, sometimes. Iíve been going to tutoring lately, too.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 05:58 *jumps very slightly and turns around* Oh. Hey.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:04 [Ah, okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:05 [Whenever I have problems with math, I pretty much default to Khan Academy. It's saved my butt sometimes.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:05 Thinking about the Mazy thing too?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:06 (Alright. Iíll try to see if I can find some videos pertaining to what Iím struggling with.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:06 *looks at him and nods* Yeah. I canít sleep. *turns around and fills his glass with more water*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:08 I donít know what to do. I donít know if I should file a missing persons report, or... *takes a swig of water*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:08 Iíll take anything I can get right now. *mutters* I have her bag in my trunk.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.22 06:11 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:23 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:24 Have you tried contacting her, or contacting whoever sent you that weird text?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.22 06:24 *her again, or
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:04 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:06 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:07 *shakes his head* No.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:07 Is it even worth it?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:19 (By the way, I have some math questions. Is it okay if I share them on a Google Doc?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:34 [Hey! Sorry, I forgot to check this RP.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:34 [Sure. Send me the link to the doc in a secret message.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:35 (Alright! I might be able to share it via email, too.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:41 [Okie dokie.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:41 (Sent it! Let me know when you get it.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:46 [Got it!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.23 05:49 (Great!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 05:53 [Go ahead and share your questions. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.23 07:26 I mean...what if you got something back?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 04:56 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 05:01 (Hey! Thatís fine.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 05:02 *nods vaguely* Maybe.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 05:03 (By the way, I have another quick math question. Mind if I share?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 05:09 [Sure! Should we go to the doc, or can it be shared here?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 05:18 (I can put it in the doc if thatís okay.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 05:25 [Alright, I'll check out the doc.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:29 (Okay, Iím back! Thanks again for your help.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:31 [I'm back!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:31 [No problem! :)]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:32 *sets his glass on the counter* Well, I think Iím gonna try to get some sleep. See ya in the morning. *heads back to the spare bedroom*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:32 Do you know anyone who knows her who you could talk to?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:32 *said that before Josh set the glass down*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:35 *immediately picks up his phone* *ignores all the other notifications and goes straight to the mysterious number* *sends it a message that basically demands the sender to stop messing around and that he knows the sender has further information*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:36 *lays down and stares at the screen for a little longer* *then goes to Mazyís number*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:38 *scrolls up and down through his string of unanswered texts, which only fills him with frustration* *yet, he adds another: ďWhere are you?Ē* *knows he might never get a response, but sending it helps release some stress*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:40 *thinks for a while and goes back to his laptop**shuts the laptop down and sighs**then has a thought and takes out his phone*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:40 *it's probably at least 3 in the morning, but he calls Kai anyway*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:42 *answers on the second to last ring* *sounds a bit groggy* Hello?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 06:45 Hey Kai, sorry to bother you this late at night, but what do you know about the situation with Mazy?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:50 Nah, youíre good. *admits with a laugh* Iíve actually just been gaming for 5 hours straight. One minute. *there is some rustling around before Kai gets back on the line*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 06:51 Is this the one that Josh called me about like, 2 days ago?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:16 [Sorry for disappearing, I got super distracted. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:16 Yeah.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:16 But I have an update... *explains how Josh tried to investigate to no avail*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:19 Do you have any ideas on what could be done next?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:21 (Thatís okay!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:22 Well, honestly, I donít know. Mazy was never real open about any of that. I just know that her mom lives on the bottle, and her dad might as well, too. Though heís kind of a mystery.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:23 I remember around this time of year, sheíd just stay back while everyone else went home to their families. I really donít think sheís well-connected to any of her other family members.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:24 She did tell me about this close friend she had back in her hometown. You might want to look there first if you want better answers.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:25 Are you with Josh right now or something? He told me he was spending Thanksgiving in Chicago...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:28 Indeed I am.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:28 Who's this "close friend?"
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:30 Okay. If you decide to go through with this... I mean, no pressure or anything, but maybe you could swing by and pick me up? Iím at my grandmaís house in the Chicago area. *pauses* Mazyís one of my best friends, and I donít want to let this go unsolved.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 07:31 I think sheís a neighbor - they grew up together, went through similar experiences. The friendís parents didnít sound too great, either.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:53 [Sorry, got caught up in an argument. >__< ]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 07:58 Alright. How about we meet up and you take me to Mazy's friend?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:01 (Thatís alright. Hopefully everything was resolved!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:02 Maybe sometime tomorrow. Later though, since I have to be here for Thanksgiving dinner.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:02 I can send you the details later.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 08:09 Alright. Will you send me the details through email or phone call or what?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:17 Iíll text you the address.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 08:17 Got it.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:20 Well, I guess Iíll see you tomorrow, then. Try to catch some sleep. *chuckles a little* Itís pretty late.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 08:25 Yeah...goodnight. *yawns*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:28 *Thanksgiving morning comes around* *is disappointed to see that none of last nightís texts got answered, but what more could he have expected?* *is pretty sullen all morning* *he isnít looking forward to later, and heís worried about this*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.24 08:29 (I have to go now. Hope you have a good week! By the way, Iíll be online Wednesday night. See you then!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.24 08:36 [Alright, see you! Have a good week too, and happy Thanksgiving break! :)]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 04:23 [I'm online! My replies will be quite slow. I'm working on a Java semester project.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 04:58 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:05 [Hey! It's fine.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:20 *gets dressed into something nice, as the Thanksgiving dinner is to be held at a 5-star restaurant* *adjusts his tie one last time in the mirror, then they set out* *his brother drives seperately*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:22 *is making espresso*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:22 *well, he did that before they left, obviously*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:23 *makes the trek to and through downtown Chicago* *parks, then meets up with his brother* *they walk to the Michael Jordan Steakhouse (yes, there is such a place), and wait by the back door for the rest of his family* *it is bitingly cold out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:25 *shoves his hands into the pockets of his winter coat* *his stomach twists when he sights his dad, mom, and brother walking toward them* *weirdly enough, his thoughts spiral into the Mazy ordeal at the same moment*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:28 *a mini reunion of sorts takes place by the back door* *hugs his mom and dad, and his other older brother - Hayden - just kind of smirks at him*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:29 Joshís mom: Midas? *seems surprised to see him, but goes in for a hug* How are you? Itís been so long!...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:30 I've been good! *hugs her back a bit awkwardly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:37 Joshís dad: *says a bit gruffly* Nice to see ya, Midas. *heads toward the door* *everyone else follows* Joshís mom: Oh, Aunt Pam should be here any minute... Josh: *gulps*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:38 *gives Josh's back a comforting pat*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:40 (By the way, I donít want to totally steal the show, so I would highly encourage you play as Hayden or another random family member (the weirder, the better). Hayden is definitely not the nicest brother - heís got an ego for sure. When paired with Alex,
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 05:40 [Okie dokie. I can be Hayden and Aunt Pam.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:41 itís double the trouble. I imagine Midas is no stranger to Haydenís bullying. Haydenís probably 2 years older than Josh, so they wouldíve hung out when they were younger.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:41 (Okay, awesome!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:46 *a waiter leads them over to a long, rectangular table* *feels a bit more unnatural every year he has to do this* *hasnít had a traditional Thanksgiving dinner since middle school, or whenever Alex left*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:48 *sits next to Midas* *gives him an apologetic glance as he unfolds a cloth napkin*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:48 [Okie dokie, I recommend reloading.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:48 *not long later, his mom flags down Aunt Pam* *Aunt Pam is fairly short, lean, has short, sandy hair, and a faceload of makeup*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:53 *comes in with her sister* EYYYYYYYYYY!
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.28 05:54 *leans back in his chair, his tone casual**is wearing a very nice suit* Eyyy.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:55 *winces* *Alex and Hayden, who havenít wasted any time in delving into conversation, bother to look up* Joshís dad: Hello, Pam. Happy Thanksgiving.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:56 Alex: *gives Aunt Pam a small wave and smile*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:58 How are my nephews?!! *comes over to Alex*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 Oh, don't be shy. *ruffles Alex's hair* You're growin' up to be a fine one!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 Alex: Doing great. *gives Aunt Pam a genuine hug*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 *goes over to Hayden* And you are turning out to be a handsome boy! Got a girlfriend? Hayden: Oh, maybe one or two. *smirks*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 *did that after hugging Alex's hair, of course*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 05:59 *hugging Alex, [BRAIN WTF]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:01 Ooo, you guys better be careful or this one'll turn into James Bond!
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:02 *laughs and goes over to Josh* Hey! *sees his suit* ...eugh...could be better...
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:02 I keep telling ya you look better in pink. *hugs Josh briefly* Ah well.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:03 *smiles a tight-lipped smile* Uh, thanks for the suggestion.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:04 Joshís mom: We have a special guest here with us today. Josh: *takes the cue* Uh, yeah. This is my friend, Midas. Maybe you remember him.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 06:11 Hey. *smiles*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:17 Eyyyy! *ruffles his hair* You grew fast! Haven't seen you since you were... *holds her hand up* ...this big!
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:17 You still play Uno or what? [Yes, she's confusing him with Red.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:18 Alex: *chuckles* *says in a good-natured way* I canít believe theyíre still friends. *however, he shares a laugh with Hayden*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:19 (Oh my gosh. Aunt Pam has exceeded my expectations so far.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 06:21 Um...yes.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:25 Maybe we can play a game or two, eh? Midas: Maybe. *winks* Aunt Pam: Ooo hoo hoo, and how many girlfriends have YOU got? Midas: One.
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:25 *@ Josh* More than you too, huh?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:26 Joshís mom: Uh, Pam... *chuckles a little* *pauses* Speaking of girlfriends... werenít you going to bring yours, Josh?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:27 *sees his dad quickly face him out of the corner of his eye* *is a little embarrassed, especially because of Aunt Pam* *his face reddens* Um. She couldnít make it.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:27 Joshís mom: Aw, thatís really too bad. Alex: *laughs incredulously* Wait, Josh has a girlfriend?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:41 [Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted by my Java project.]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:41 *says in unision with Alex* Josh has a girlfriend?
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:41 Why didn't you tell me?!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:45 (Thatís okay!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:47 We just recently started... dating, I guess. *feels weird saying that*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:51 Why isn't she here?!
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.28 06:52 I could tell you if she's the type for this family!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:55 Alex: *laughs* You guess? Either you are or you arenít. Josh: *shrugs, then browses a menu with an air of nonchalance*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:55 *looks at Aunt Pam from over the menu* Something just came up.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:56 Alex: *is still grinning* Are you even telling the truth? Josh: Hey. *leans back* When was the last time you had a girlfriend? High school, maybe?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 06:58 Joshís dad: *drops his menu* *says like heís had to say it a hundred times before* Okay boys, thatís enough.
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.28 07:00 What "came up," bruh?
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.28 07:01 Your ego?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:01 Joshís mom: Yeah, itís Thanksgiving. Be nice to each other. Why donít you pick something off of the menu, too. Midas, you can have whatever you want, hon.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 07:03 ^.^ Okie dokie.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:04 *glares at Hayden* *murmurs coolly* That sounds like a question more fit for you to answer.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 07:04 *decides to order something really weird just to see how Aunt Pam will react*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:05 *Alex laughs at Haydenís question* *allows the menu to partially obscure his face again* *is getting embarrassed and píd off very quickly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:09 *around this time, Kai sends Midas the information*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:13 *the orders are placed* *it takes a while, but the ďThanksgiving feastĒ emerges* *got something pretty basic* *Hayden and his dad probably got very carnivorous dishes, while Aunt Pam and his mom opted for a bottomless salad*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.28 07:13 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow! Happy Thanksgiving!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.28 07:17 [Aw, bye! Happy Thanksgiving to you too!]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.29 05:03 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I got caught up in schoolwork.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:08 (Hey! No problem.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:23 *Joshís dad says a few words of thanks before the meal* *canít stop glancing at Midasí dish, which is some truly exotic seafood*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.29 05:27 [Hey! Sorry, forgot to check on this tab.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 05:32 *his dish is still sizzling loudly*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 05:32 *tries not to smirk because the sizzling forces Josh's dad to speak up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:38 Joshís dad: *clears his throat a little, glancing at Midas* Alright, everyone. Enjoy your meals.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 05:39 Amen! *digs in*
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.29 05:44 *is looking at Midas' seafood platter a lot**his expression is somewhere in between "WT*??" and amusement*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:48 *kind of snickers, appreciating Midasí subtle rebelliousness there*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:50 *mid-meal, everyone at the table begins to talk about the latest achievements in their lives* *his mom talks about her health promotion job, Alex reveals that heís extending his contract to sit on the Bulls bench for another two years, and Aunt Pam
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2019,Nov.29 05:50 *nudges Alex, whispers with him a bit, then turns back towards Midas* Hey, what have you got there?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 05:50 *says while chewing* Heaven.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:52 babbles about her Black Friday plans* *then Hayden and his dad brag about how the former is a contender for Player of the Year within some conference/team*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:56 *feels envious* *because he broke his wrist during the first road trip, he knows heíll never be better than his brothers, at least not at Alexís level* *since he doesnít see his family often, he also finds that he doesnít really care about what theyíre
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:57 saying* *knows the same feelings would be reciprocated if he said anything* *canít think of anything to bring up, except for Mazy* *knows his family wouldnít support him if he told them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 05:59 *eats quickly, the frustration building up* *Hayden keeps talking* *finally, the frustration boils over into anger* *sets his fork down and pushes himself away from the table* *stands up*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2019,Nov.29 06:03 *she keeps praising Hayden and Alex--Hayden especially--while ignoring Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:10 *pushes in his chair while watching Aunt Pam a little* Joshís mom: Josh, whatís wrong? Josh: I have to go.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:12 *watches Josh carefully*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:13 Joshís dad: *doesnít sound particularly aggressive* Sit your (BLEEP) down. Itís Thanksgiving. Itís time to be with family. Joshís mom: Yeah, whatís going on? You havenít been yourself.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:16 Just- something came up. Alex: That seems to be happening a lot with you. Joshís mom: Itís Thanksgiving! Joshís dad: *is firm now* Sit down. Josh: *says stubbornly* No.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:18 Joshís mom: *is getting firm now* Tell me whatís going on. Josh: *wonders if people in the restaurant are looking at them, but then he remembers that theyíre the only ones there* Iím leaving now. *puts his coat on* See you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:18 *mutters* Come on, Midas.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:19 *immediately gets up to follow Josh*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:20 *smiles and waves* Thanks for the dinner! It was great. *shoves a little extra seafood in his gob, then follows Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:31 *walks back into the cold, wiping his eyes a bit* *doesnít say anything to Midas until they get in the car* Sorry. I just needed to get the h**l out of there.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:34 Understood.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:34 Hayden and Pam in particular really su ck.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:43 Yeah. *murmurs* Aunt Pam is losing her mind.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:44 *drives through Chicago, unsure of where heís going* *turns the radio on*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:47 You know...I might have somewhere we can go to.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:48 *turns to Midas* Where?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 06:57 I was in contact with Kai last night. He agreed to meet up with me here sometime after dinner.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 06:59 Okay... is there a specific location?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:00 *is starting to feel a little hopeful* *had talked to Kai himself, who seemed interested in helping find Mazy*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:05 [Sorry for the slow replies. I've been working on my project.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:05 [I've gotten to the part where drawing counts as work. XD XP I'm using Krita's multibrush tool to draw snowflakes fast. It's a hypnotic experience.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:06 [Also I'm guessing Kai texted Midas back about where they'd meet up?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:12 (No problem. Haha, I can definitely see where itíd have that effect! And yeah, he did.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:14 [I can literally wig-waggle my tablet pen in any direction and it's like "oh my god that's a beautiful effect...I could watch that forever...wait it's been 15 minutes already?"]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:15 [So where did Kai say they'd meet?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:18 (Oh my gosh, haha. His grandmaís house. He likely sent Midas the address.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:20 [Okay.] *pulls up the address on his phone* Kai's grandma's house.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:20 He's got some information that might interest you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:25 *sits for a moment, considering that* Okay. Letís see what heís got.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:26 *he and Midas go up to the door and ring on the doorbell* *an older woman - presumably Kaiís grandma - opens the door* *she stares at them with narrowed eyes, then slams the door* *hears her saying behind the door, ďDonít worry everyone, just a few
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:27 Jehovahís Witnesses at the doorĒ. *looks down at his pants, then at Midasí nice coat* *laughs* Okay...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:29 *knocks again*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:29 JEHOVAH'S WITNESS!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:29 YOU FORGOT SOMETHING!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:30 *is thinking that they got the wrong house until the door is answered by Kai*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:30 *laughs* Sorry about that. That was my grandma. Címon in. *opens the door wide*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:32 Aww, but I was in the mood to roleplay. *comes in*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:32 *leads Josh and Midas into a semi-packed house* Hey Grandma? Those were actually my friends. Kaiís grandma: Oh, Iím sorry! Kai: *introduces them to her* This is Josh, and this is Midas.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:34 Kaiís grandma: Pleasure to meet you two. Kai: *says smoothly* Weíre actually going to a hockey game tomorrow, and since theyíre in the area, theyíre picking me up.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:35 Someone, probably Kaiís cousin: You like hockey? Kai: Uh, yeah. Itís one of my newest phases. *laughs a little*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:35 Hi! *smiles and waves*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:36 Grandma: Well, you canít just stop by without having something to eat! Josh: *smiles* Actually- Grandma: Címon, itís Thanksgiving! I didnít cook this food for nothing! Grab a plate and help yourselves!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:38 *awkwardly grabs a plate and goes into the kitchen* *some food is set up buffet-style* *takes some pumpkin pie and a few other Thanksgiving fixinís*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:39 *gets dessert as well*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:42 [gtg to bed. Goodnight!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.29 07:42 [See you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.29 07:42 (Goodnight to you too! See you!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 04:15 [I'm online!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 04:52 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 04:53 [Hey! It's fine. We've all been busy.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 04:54 *hangs around on the fringes of the living room with Midas, watching the football game* *Kai soon comes up to them, a backpack slung over his shoulder*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 04:55 *keeps his voice low* So...how are things?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 04:57 *smiles a little* As good as they can be.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:03 We're hanging in there.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:11 *nods* Good. So... I had this idea. *glances at Midas, then at Josh* Mazy had a good friend who might know some things. We need to meet her before the hockey game, because she might have answers.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:12 *takes a bite of pumpkin pie and frowns* What?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:13 *wiggles his eyebrows* The hockey game.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:15 *shakes his head a little, still not following* Tell me when we get in the car.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:17 *he and Midas polish off their plates as quickly as possible* *then, they start making their way towards the door* *Kai says goodbye to his family members, who seem confused but wish them all safe travels*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:20 *calls out to Kaiís grandma* Thanks for the food! It was excellent! Kaiís grandma: Oh, anytime, anytime! You boys take care, now. *watches Josh and Midas file out the door* *wonders what they were doing all Thanksgiving*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:21 [Sorry for disappearing. I was watching Markiplier's latest 3 scary games video and some of the games there were actually quite good/really caught my attention.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:30 Yeah, the pie was fantastic!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:30 *heads to the car*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:33 (No worries!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:34 *slams the door to the driverís side and cranks up the heat*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 *waits for Kai to get in* Whew...I doubt I could eat again for a week.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 Okay, so Mazy has - or had - a best friend in her town. They used to be neighbors, I think. Grew up together, parents were both neglectful... it seemed like they had a strong bond.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 *looks at Josh* You doing okay?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 *asked that before Kai got in*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:36 *had climbed into the backseat*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:38 *laughs a little at Midasí comment, thinking back to his exotic meal* Yeah... Iím good. *starts driving and listens to Kai*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:39 *at Kai* So... do I need to drive back there?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:40 Thereís not a lot we can work with here, but seeing if we can catch her friend would be a start. If finding Mazy is something you really want, then yeah. Itís not too far from here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:40 *yawns* Wake me up when we get to Indiana.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:41 *nods* Yeah. Okay. *pulls onto the interstate and heads back that way*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:41 [Wait...where does Mazy's friend live?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:41 *laughs* Thatís probably gonna be pretty soon.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:41 (In the same town, probably right across the street.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:48 [Hmm...]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:48 [How long would it take them to get there?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:51 (The Chicago area is approximately 20 minutes from the Indiana border. Indiana is pretty small, so Iíd say about an hour at most.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:54 [Ah, okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 05:55 [Is it okay if I play as Mazy's friend, or do you want to do that?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:57 (Go right ahead!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:57 *turns up the small radio* *to Midasí delight, an Elvis ballad is on to lull him to sleep*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 05:59 Youíve got an aux cable and a perfectly good radio system, yet you still choose to use that old thing. *laughs a little*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:00 *smiles* Midas likes it. *really though, what would a road trip be without it?*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:01 *says after a while* So, did you ever go to Mazyís house?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:03 Yeah. *sounds disappointed* Kai: Howíd it go? Josh: It wasnít worth the trip. *describes it all* ...she threatened to call the cops on me. Maybe that wouldíve been a good thing. Kai: *sighs* (BLEEP)...yeah, I didnít realize how awful they were. Hopefully
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:04 *looks asleep, though he's not*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:05 [brb]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:06 we donít see them tonight. Josh: *keeps his eyes on the road* I donít know. I guess I wouldnít mind it. *doesnít elaborate*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:06 (Okay.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:08 *sees that his mom called, then his dad, and surprisingly, Alex* *doesnít plan on calling them back* *he can only focus on one thing right now*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:19 [Back!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:20 (Welcome!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:22 [Thanks. XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:28 *eventually Elvis does indeed lull him to sleep*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:32 *canít believe it, but heís back in Mazyís town for the second time in a row* *the downtown is still as dead as ever, and seeing it sort of s u c k s the life out of him* *sees the crematorium pass by* *mutters* How did she stand it?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:34 *this is the first time heís seen Mazyís town* *watches the muddy football field roll past, feeling pretty depressed himself* I donít know.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:35 *his stomach lurches a little as he turns down Mazyís street* *slowly stops a house away from Mazyís house, which is unsurprisingly shrouded in darkness*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:36 *nudges Midas a little* Hey. Weíre here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:36 *has awoken*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:39 Oh hey, we are...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:47 *turns back to Kai* Where does her friend live?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:48 *his eyes dart around a little* Uh... I actually donít know.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:49 *sighs with annoyance and leans back* Then how are we supposed to find her.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:50 Letís just wait here while itís still light out. Maybe we can ask someone.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:50 *is really irritated, but he just goes along with it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:52 *at least 20 minutes go by* *is starting to nod off* *his eyes follow a nice car as it slows in front of a house across the street from Mazyís* *doesnít think much of it, until a girl with blonde braids emerges*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 06:52 *sits up a little* Hey. Guys.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:53 Hm what?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 06:53 *sees the girl* Oh...so...is that her?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:03 I think so. *opens the car door*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:04 *follows Josh*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 07:04 [Midas was asking Kai BTW.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 07:04 ['Cause how Josh would know I have no idea. XD XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:10 (Oh, right. Just pretend Kai confirmed that.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:10 *jogs up to her* Hey, excuse me?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Nov.30 07:10 [Okie dokie.] *gets out of the car*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:13 [I recommend reloading.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:14 *pauses**looks at them warily**her voice is a bit scratchy* What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:15 *Kai and Midas are behind him* *notices that Havynís car keys are splayed between her fingers* *canít seem to figure this town out - or the people who live in it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:16 *stands back a little* Do you know someone named Mazy?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:17 *looks at them carefully for a little bit**then says:* None of your business. *goes to walk around them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:20 Wait! *runs after her a little* We really need to know.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:25 Why?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:25 Why the [BLEEP] would anyone care?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:29 Sheís missing.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:31 *nods* Yeah. I care - sheís one of my best friends. *sounds a bit annoyed, like that was a common sense answer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:32 I was here yesterday to see her parents, and they donít seem to care. Kai: *adds* We thought you might know something.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:41 *pauses*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Nov.30 07:43 [Well, I gtg to bed. Sorry to leave you on a cliffhanger. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:46 (Aw, okay. Iíll see you then!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Nov.30 07:47 *waits for her to speak* *is desperate for anything*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 04:32 [I'm here! Replies will be slow. I'm doing schoolwork.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 04:32 You thought I might know something about what?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:36 (Hey! No worries.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:37 Anything. Like... did she tell you anything that stood out? Maybe about her family?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 04:38 Why do you need to know?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:42 *sounds like heís trying to contain his annoyance* Mazy is missing. We need anything we can get in order to maybe track her down.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:44 You might have connections to people she could be with right now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 04:45 *narrows his eyes a little* Sheís not with you, is she?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:01 Why the h**l would she be with me?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:01 And how the h**l do I know you're trustworthy?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:11 We wouldnít be here if this wasnít a concern.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:12 *adds* And just so you know, we know nothing about you, except that you were one of Mazyís good friends. She told me herself.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:18 And who the h**l are you?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:25 *looks a bit surprised* Well, Iím Kai, and I go - went - to school with her before she took off. And theyíre Midas and Josh, other friends of mine.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:26 Mazy was staying at my place for a while before she went missing.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:28 [Oh crap...I just realized how similar this character's name is to Josh's brother...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:29 [Well...first we had Alexa and Alex, now we have Hayden and Havyn. Whoops. XD]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:34 ...Got proof?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:34 (I know, haha! I was almost thinking about pointing that out.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:35 Yeah. *goes to his car* *pops the trunk and pulls out a black backpack, which has a few keychains and buttons on it* *carries it over to Havyn* She left her stuff.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:51 *grabs the backpack quickly and looks through it*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 05:53 *hesitates* Got pictures?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:56 *shakes his head a little* No.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 05:57 Wait. *shoves forward* I do. *hold his phone out, showing Hayvn a few pictures he has with Mazy*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:01 *hesitates*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:01 *glances around a bit* We can talk. Just not here.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:09 Where do you want to go?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:19 *starts walking*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:25 *glances back at Kai and Midas, then follows Hayvn*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:37 [Oh crap, I got really carried away...sorry... XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:38 (Donít worry about it! Iím kind of doing something myself.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:47 *walks a couple of blocks to a bus stop*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 06:55 *gets in the bus*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:56 *nervously follows her* *is not feeling very optimistic about leaving his car behind for an indefinite amount of time*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 06:56 *gives Midas a puzzled look* *murmurs rhetorically* Where we going?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.1 07:00 No idea. *climbs in*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:04 *sits a seat across from Hayvn* *isnít pushing her for answers, but he is waiting patiently* *looks out the window* *some golden streetlamps reflect against it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:15 *the bus rolls on for a few silent minutes* *speaks up* Look, I donít mean to be rude or anything, but my car is sitting out in a strange neighborhood, and... *gets to the point* Can you tell me what you know about Mazyís family?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 07:21 I'll tell you when we get there. Midas: Get where? Havyn: *doesn't answer**gets out after a couple stops and walks off to a little park type area*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:24 *follows Havyn once again* *is kind of creeped out* *a lone, flickering streetlamp is the only source of light* *the playground equipment is old and skeletal* *a see-saw creaks and groans nearby*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:25 *sits down on the edge of a slide*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:30 *walks around the perimeter of the play structure, kicking woodchips absentmindedly*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.1 07:46 *turns to them* Tell me what you know so far about her.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:49 Well, youíre her friend, or were, anyways... her parents are trash... sheís an amazing artist... *is counting off what he knows* *Josh nods along*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:53 *adds* She likes candy.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.1 07:54 (I have to go now, see you! I have an orchestra concert on Thursday, so I donít know if Iíll be online. Until then, have a great week!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.2 05:34 [Alright. I hope you have a great week too! Good luck with the concert!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.6 05:14 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.6 06:04 [Guess you're not here. See you tomorrow!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:26 [Sorry for not posting BTW. I've been here for a while, I just forgot to announce it. XP]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:34 *hesitates*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:34 Tell me what you know about what's happened to her recently.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:39 (Hey! Thatís okay. Iíve been studying math because I have a final on Monday. Maybe itís an exaggeration, but I feel like I have 2 days left to live before doom, haha.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:41 [It's fine. I feel the same way. XD XP I have two finals on Monday, one on Tuesday, and one on Wednesday...it'll be one heck of a marathon.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:41 (I do have a quick math-related question on the Google Doc though, if you wouldnít mind providing some insight!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:41 [I have something I'd like to share with you. Do you mind signing into Hangouts?]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:42 [Oh, alright.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:43 (Geez... yeah. With two in a day, youíll really have to bust butt.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:43 [The thing I have to share should only take a few minutes. Could we do that first and then switch to the Google Doc?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:43 (Crap. Iím at home this weekend and I left my laptop on campus. I donít know if Iíll be able to sign into Hangouts... sorry!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:49 [I think Hangouts should work fine on a phone or tablet or other device.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:49 [At the very least you can open a browser and go to hangouts.google.com and sign in there.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:50 [There's also a Hangouts app.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:53 (Alright.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 05:55 (Okay, I got the app.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 05:55 [Okie dokie! Meet me on Hangouts!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 06:47 (Iím back!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:48 [Eyy!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 06:49 *looks at the floor for a while, trying to figure out what he should or shouldnít say* Well, her parents kicked her out of the house. She showed up on my doorstep a while ago claiming she had nowhere else to go, and sheís been with me ever since she went
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 06:50 missing. *looks up at Hayvn and adds* By the way, Iím in Wisconsin.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:53 So she's with you right now?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:53 Why are you here then?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 06:57 Sheís not with me, and thatís a long story. But... one night I saw her walking around outside, and then someone stepped out of a truck and said something to her. I swear she got pulled into the truck then and there.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:58 *doesn't say anything(
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 06:58 **
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:01 I donít want to say it was a kidnapping just yet. After hearing what sheís told me, I think thereís a lot going on that we donít know about.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:06 ...What do you know about her family?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:11 I just know that theyíre alcoholics, and that they fight with her. It sounds like a nightmare.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:13 Do you know anything about anybody other than her parents?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:15 She has a brother and a sister, but thatís all I know of.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:16 *pipes in* I think sheís mentioned an uncle and aunt before.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:30 [Sorry for the delay. I got distracted drawing.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:30 *hesitates*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:30 There's been trouble with her brother. That's all I know. You never saw me. *turns and starts walking*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:36 *pauses, utterly befuddled* *then stands up and tries to stop Hayvn before she can get off the bus* Hey, wait!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:36 I just need to know how I can get ahold of him.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:42 *pauses*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:42 No idea.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:42 ...I know a bit about her aunt and uncle, though.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:44 What do you know?
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:46 I know where they live.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:47 Can you?... *is basically asking her to tell them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:48 I just need to make sure sheís okay.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 07:56 *looks around quickly* Do you have something to write on?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 07:58 *hands her his phone* Just type it in.
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 08:02 *takes his phone, types something in as quickly as she can, then gives it back to him* I wasn't here. *turns and leaves*
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2019,Dec.7 08:02 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 08:02 (Bye! See you!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 08:03 *just stands there and watches her dart out of sight* *the bus pulls forward, and he stumbles back into a seat* *didnít even get a chance to say thank you*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.7 08:03 *suddenly realizes he has no idea where they are*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.8 04:57 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. I was watching the movie Alice in the Cities with my family. I recommend it.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.8 05:08 (Hey, I donít think Iíll be online tonight. I went to a concert, and Iím still not back home. Iíll see you next week! Best of luck with your finals!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.8 05:34 [Alright, see you best week! Good luck with your finals too! Kick that math's butt! :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.8 05:34 *next week!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.11 04:05 (Thank you! I ended up passing math! I was really worried I wasnít going to because I didnít too well on the last exam, but the final wasnít too bad. Thanks for all your help! It really did serve me well.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.11 04:06 (I wonít be online Thursday because I have an exam really dang early Friday morning. I actually might not be on Friday-Saturday night, but weíll see. From there, I should be online regularly.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.12 04:24 [You're welcome! I'm glad you did well. :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.12 04:25 [Also, alright. Early morning exams really su ck. Good luck, and see you around!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Dec.14 04:29 [I'm here! By the way, I want to warn you that not long from now I will be going on a trip to Europe. I will be 7 hours ahead of where I live (which is 6 hours ahead of where you live).]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Dec.14 04:29 [I'll still make an effort to come online every day, but I can't guarantee anything, and obviously I'll come online at weird hours.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.15 05:04 [I've been online for a while BTW. I just forgot to post. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.15 07:48 [I gtg now. I won't be on tomorrow, but I will probably be on the day after--I hope. I'll be on at weird hours, though. Hopefully I'll see you around!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.15 22:46 (Hey, sorry I missed you! I hope you have a great vacation! Where are you going?)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.15 22:47 (Iíll try to catch you if I can- just let me know the times that typically work the best, and Iíll try to be online. In the meantime, Iíll just make posts.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.16 05:08 [I'm in the airport right now. I'm going to the Czech Republic again. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.16 05:18 *looks at Josh as if to say "Now what??"*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.16 15:40 [I'm in the London Heathrow airport now, waiting for us to get our gate number to the flight connecting to Prague. I only got a few hours of sleep on the plane, so I am kinda loopy right now. XD XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.17 17:05 [I'm in Prague now, fending off jet lag. I'm still figuring out what hours I'm on the most, but I think I'll often be on late at night (maybe around 10 PM?? I think I'm 6 hours ahead of you, so that would be 4 PM where you live).]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.17 17:05 [I kind of get online and offline throughout the day depending on whether I'm in my hotel room or not, though.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.17 22:22 You...got a map?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:10 (Hey! Thatís awesome! Are you just in Prague, or going on a day trip somewhere too? Let me know about any interesting things you see!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:11 (Also, I hope the jet lag has worn off. Itís the worst.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:12 *nods a little at Midas* Yeah.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:14 *the bus driver seemingly has no intention of stopping* *forces his way to the front of the bus* Hey, excuse me, do you mind stopping real quick? *the driver wordlessly pulls over and opens the doors*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:16 Thanks. *leaps out of the bus, Midas and Kai behind him* *the temperature outside is below freezing, but itís oddly exhilarating*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:17 *exhales a cloud of frosty air* *can hardly see Midas or Josh due to the age-old glow provided by the street lamps* *mutters* Where the h**l are we?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:18 No idea. Lemme check. *opens his phone* *the light from the screen illuminates his face* *waits basically eons for Maps to load*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:19 Hey. I think I know where we are now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:21 Huh? *looks up from his phone and recognizes the dreary downtown area* *references his phone and then a shop in order to point them in the right direction*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:23 I think we have to go this way. *points up ahead* Come on. *starts walking*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:24 *they walk in silence, hunched over and hands in pockets* *is looking at some of the buildings* Hey, is that a funeral home?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:26 *looks up at the old funeral home/crematorium* Yes. Kai: Something smells toxic... maybe itís the-? Josh: *can definitely smell something too* *cuts Kai off* Stop.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.18 06:27 Kai: *chuckles a little* Are you scared? Josh: This town has a vibe, okay? *walks a little faster* *just wants to get out*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.18 10:20 [I'm going on a day trip, actually. :D I'm heading to Karlovy Vary (AKA Carlsbad).]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.18 10:20 [And yeah, I'm still slightly jet lagged, but it's not as bad as it's been on previous trips. I'm fending it off, don't worry. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.18 10:40 *follows Josh* Oh Jishwa, I'm so scarwed.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 06:57 *mutters ominously* Stop.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 06:58 *thinks he sees a trace of a smile on Joshís face, so he laughs* *when he glances at him though, there definitely isnít*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 06:59 *doesnít want Midas and Kai to think heís truly creeped out, so he attempts to downplay it* Just- please donít call me that.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:01 *they get back to the car in maybe a half hour* *gets in the backseat and leans in between Josh and Midas* So. Whereís the address that girl gave you?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:02 *had already pulled it up* *looks at it for a semi-long time, not really sure what else he expected* Itís in Tennessee.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:03 *Josh shows it to them* *immediately enters it into his phone* Itís not that far from here - five hours. We can make it.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:04 *sits in contemplation for a moment* *figures that itís probably worth it if itís only a five hour drive* Okay. *shifts into gear and drives off*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:08 *the drive begins* *Josh appears to be too focused on driving/caught up in his mind to talk, so he strikes up a conversation with just Midas* Iíve been meaning to ask you, but... how is everyone? Christina, your brother, Eleanor...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.19 07:09 (Awesome! Isnít that a spa town? I took a travel and tourism class this past semester, and the spa towns of the Czech Republic were once mentioned.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:46 [Yep, that's exactly what it is! It's full of hot springs that supposedly have healing properties.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:46 [I'm actually in Karlovy Vary now. The river smells like sulfur. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:48 Last I checked, Christina's doing really well. She's getting good grades in college...the nerd.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:49 [They have a nice Christmas market outside the hotel, though, and the buildings by the river are absolutely beautiful.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 09:49 Eleanor...not so sure about her. I think Josh may know more.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 12:07 [Word of warning: if I disappear for a long time, it's because the Internet in my hotel in Karlovy Vary has been acting up. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.19 21:50 [I'm online BTW. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.20 00:08 [Well, I guess you're not here...hopefully I'll see you around tomorrow!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.21 23:00 (Hey! Sorry I havenít really been on here. Iím busier than I thought I would be.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.21 23:02 (Haha, sorry to hear about the water. That kind of reminds me of the water at my university. Itís completely safe, but there are so many minerals in it that it looks - and smells - weird.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.21 23:02 *says in a trance-like way* I donít know... I think sheís okay. *probably hasnít talked to her for a while*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.22 09:51 [I'm back in Prague now. In terms of water, Karlovy Vary was a bit of a disappointment. We're a family that loves hot tubs, and we couldn't find any goddarn hot tubs in the whole spa town.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.22 09:52 [On the other hand, the views were not disappointing at all. I got some beautiful footage of the place.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.22 09:52 [BTW, by "we couldn't find any goddarn hot tubs," I mean we couldn't find tubs that were hot. Our hotel technically had a hot tub, but it wasn't working.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.22 10:31 *notices his odd tone* Hey...you awake?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:46 (Aw, Iím sorry to hear that it was sort of a rip-off. At least the town itself was nice. Iíve seen some pictures, and yeah, the views canít be beat.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:48 *glances at Midas* Yeah. Yeah, everythingís fine. *can tell Midas is trying to probe his emotions* *makes a mental note to keep it together*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:50 *the golden arches of McDonaldís rise above the passing trees* *is reminded of a time when he and his brothers would get McFlurries after a long day at the pool, when the only competition that existed was a matter of who could make the biggest cannonball*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:53 *is feeling a little stressed and a little sad* *pulls off at the next exit for a McFlurry*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:54 *had just started to nod off* *notices the car decelerating* *opens an eye* Where are we going?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:56 McDonaldís. Want anything?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.23 06:56 *is slightly confused* Nah. Iím stuffed after Thanksgiving.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.23 22:17 Sure. Maybe some onion rings.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.26 05:11 *gets him some fries instead*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.26 05:12 (Hey, merry Christmas! Just wanted to let you know that Iím going to Florida for a few days, so I probably wonít be online besides the occasional post.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.26 10:39 [Merry Christmas to you too! Have fun in Florida!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.26 12:59 *is visibly disappointed*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.28 22:11 [I saw The Devil and Kate today in the (Czech) National Theatre. It was amazing! :D]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:02 (Thatís awesome! Do you have any pictures?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:02 (Thank you, by the way!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:03 *knows heís going to regret it, but he gets a coffee to top it all off*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:03 *notices Midas looks disappointed when he hands him his fries* Sorry. Thatís all they had. Unless you wanted donut sticks...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:05 *puts his coffee in the cupholder and pulls back into the freeway* *then digs into a Reeseís McFlurry* *is briefly in food heaven*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:06 They should really make these with Reeseís Pieces. *pronounces ďpiecesĒ like ďpeeceesĒ*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:08 *is lounging in the backseat, thinking about sleeping* Reeseís ďPeeceesĒ? Itís Reeseís Pieces. Thatís like asking- *assumes a high-pitched voice* ďcan I have a PEECEE of pizza?Ē
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:10 *snickers* Whatever. Same thing. *suddenly gets pretty hot* *holds the McFlurry up in one hand and takes the other hand off the wheel while attempting to slide off his coat*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:13 *the coat doesnít come off as easily as expected* *stares ahead at the road and tries to pull his arm out of one coat sleeve* *it doesnít budge* *mutters through gritted teeth* (BLEEP) it!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:14 *shakes his arm around* *the car takes a sudden, violent swerve* *clutches the wheel with his legs and precariously steers*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:15 *manages to pull his arm out of one sleeve* *shifts the McFlurry to the other hand* Midas, pull this off for me.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.28 23:22 *wakes up after the car swerves again* What the (BLEEP) is going on?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.30 04:41 [I have some pictures and plenty of videos. The device I brought with me is a camcorder, so its videos are far better than its pictures. I'm hoping to make at least one Youtube video about our vacation.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.30 04:42 [I'm also back in the US, but I've been awake for 21 hours straight so I am going to crash very soon. I'll start coming back on at the usual time tomorrow.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.30 04:43 Jesus [BLEEP], just hand me the McFlurry! *takes the McFlurry from Josh with one hand while trying to help shove his coat off of him with his other hand*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Dec.31 04:55 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:02 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:03 (Sweet, Iím looking forward to seeing them! Also, I can kind of relate. I had to get up at 3:15 this morning to make it to the airport on time. But staying up 21 hours through different time zones is definitely tough.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:07 *shakes his coat off with the help of Midas* *the car swerves again* *someone behind them passes in an aggressive manner*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:07 What the h**l? Pull over! Someoneís gonna call the cops!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 05:15 *yells irritably* Itís all good! *his coat drops to the floor* *cruises for a while, then takes back his McFlurry* Thanks, Midas.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 06:04 *after that debacle, the drive continues in silence, except for when Kai asks Midas for a fry* *of course, the radio is also on* *Elvis hasnít been played for the entire trip, but at that moment, Viva Las Vegas comes on*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 06:08 *the giddy beginning sets off a current of indescribable energy in the car* *out of the corner of his eye, he sees Midas going into full-on impersonation mode* *smiles a little*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2019,Dec.31 06:08 *is immediately captured by the energy of the song* *nods along*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2019,Dec.31 07:54 [I'm so sorry!! I forgot to check this RP... XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2019,Dec.31 08:00 *sings along**is again surprisingly good, and does funny "Elvis" facial expressions* [I actually gtg to bed now...again, I'm sorry. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.1 06:23 [I'm here, though my replies will be slow; I'm multitasking (I finally got Minecraft and I'm still testing it out a bit--namely, I'm testing out giving my character custom skins; I'm also on multiple RPs).]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 07:11 (Hey, Iím sorry to say that I wonít be able to make it online tonight. Have a happy new year! And about last night, itís not a problem.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.1 07:33 [Alright. Happy New Year to you too!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 07:36 (Actually, I might be able to be online tonight.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 08:43 *Midasí overall impersonation is infectious* *sings along, stumbling over lyrics without a care*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 08:45 *smiles, then laughs* *isnít too familiar with the song, but he joins in anyways in the final chorus* *they roar out ďLas VegasĒ in very off-key unison*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 08:50 *chuckles when itís over* Ohhh. *takes a sip of coffee* *his spirits seem to have lifted*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.1 08:59 *asks Midas* So, why Elvis? Howíd you get so interested in him? *is grinning*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:00 [Crap...I didn't check again on here after reading your message. I'm sorry. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:01 Well...partially it's my parents, and partially it's that I'm an opinionated-as-[BLEEP] classical music fan who has determined that Elvis is among the best non-classical music out there.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:02 [XD #ShutUpMidasTotallyAndAbsolutelyIsNotSomewhatBasedOnMeAtAll]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:06 Also please leave the singing along part to me if you don't mind.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:40 (Thatís alright!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:41 Sorry. Weíll try not to next time.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:41 Well, he started singing along and I guess... *trails off, laughing quietly*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:43 You did that out of your own free will, Josh. Donít blame me for nothing. *smirks*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:48 [Hey! Replies will be a bit slow.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:48 *chuckles a bit*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 06:50 *leans back* So...how much longer 'til we get to Tennessee, do you think?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:58 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 06:59 A while. I think weíre still in Indiana.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 07:08 *an hour or so later, they cross the Kentucky border* *is in a contemplative mood* Hey Midas?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 07:25 [Hey! Sorry, forgot to check if you were here.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 07:26 Hm?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 07:41 (Thatís fine.) *pauses* *keeps his voice low* Have you ever said anything to Alexa that you really regretted?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 07:50 *hesitates**then nods a little**says quietly* Why do you ask?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 07:54 *sighs a little* I said something I probably shouldnít have.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 07:55 We wouldnít be here if I hadnít said anything. Mazy wouldnít have gone missing.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:13 Oh...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:23 *mutters a bit shamefully* I just donít know why I end up with girls like this. *remembers Ga Eun and is immediately embarrassed* *however, she was just a heat of the moment crush* *something about his connection with Mazy is deeper*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:26 *has been eavesdropping* *pipes in* I told you, you probably shouldíve cut ties with her. What do you guys have in common anyways?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:29 Well, I turned her onto the Lakers and (insert video game here)- Kai: *snorts a little* Lakers? Really? Rockets all the way.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:30 The Rockets arenít (BLEEP). *an NBA argument that Kai didnít ask for ensues*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:31 But seriously- has she even been to any of your games?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:32 *his cheeks burn* No... Kai: Then I think you need to let this go, man. After we find her, just let it go. Josh: *is silent* *contemplates the harsh truth behind that*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:35 *says quietly* I donít know. Iím just trying to make things right, and I donít know how.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:39 ...I don't know, Kai. It did seem like she was okay.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:40 Iíd say youíre doing pretty well right here. *pauses* Iím not saying you should dump her or whatever after this, but I wouldnít go past being friends.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:42 Iím just sayiní - Mazyís got a dark past, and I donít want you to get hurt when it comes back to you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:43 *reflects on that, becoming vaguely depressed* *sees that an exit for a rest stop is approaching* Hey, I think Iím gonna stop here for a few hours, get some sleep.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:43 *pulls over* Thereís an extra blanket in the back. You guys can fight over it.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:49 Midas, itís yours.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:50 *cruises past the truck lot and parks* *puts his coat back on and rests his head against the seatbelt, hood up* *is ready to call it a day*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:51 *thinks about what Kai said* *decides that the best way to reconcile would be to keep Mazy at armís length after this is all over*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.2 08:54 (I have to go now, bye! By the way, I was thinking about having a dream sequence featuring Mazy follow this, so you can play as her if you want. See ya!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:56 *takes the blanket* Thnak you.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:56 *Thank
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.2 08:56 [Alright, that's fine with me. See you!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 06:43 [I'm here! Sorry I'm a bit late.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:46 (Hi! Thatís fine; Iím a little late myself.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 06:48 [Hi! I'm ready for the dream sequence.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:51 (Alright!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:53 *falls into a deep slumber, and the dream begins* *is standing on Mazyís front lawn* *walks up to the front door, obviously- she could be inside* *this is when reality sort of influences the dream*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:58 (By the way, since this is a dream, there wonít be any structure. I do think that Mazy would come across as a little different in some ways - more extroverted per se, but more mysterious too.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 06:58 *rings the doorbell*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:09 [Okie dokie, got it.] *opens the door and smiles* Heyyy!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:11 Come in!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:13 *grins* Hey! *is taken aback - for once, Mazy isnít wearing black, and her face looks more open* *goes in for a hug because heís so relieved to see her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:18 *follows Mazy through the house* *an old show is blaring on the TV, but none of her parents are in sight*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:20 *flops down on the couch and takes out her phone**this seems a bit more like the Mazy he knows--really, the only reason she watches TV is Josh, as she prefers her phone or computer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:21 *they stop near her room* Iíve been looking all over for you. Whereíd you go?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:22 *ignore the first part of that last post*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:26 What do you mean? I've been here the whole time.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:28 *chuckles a little* Honestly, I canít remember what happened, but you either ran away or got kidnapped.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:30 *sees a transistor radio sitting on a counter* *turns the dial up* *a static blast reveals Elvis singing* *laughs in the dream - and in his sleep* Midas would love this.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:31 *chuckles* Yeah. *starts dancing a bit*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:41 *smiles at this* Anyways, I guess none of that really matters now. I just wanted you to know that Iím really sorry for making it happen.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:45 *doesn't seem to hear him* Come on, dance with me!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 07:47 *is still smiling, but heís frustrated that Mazy wonít acknowledge him* Mazy, I said I was sorry.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 07:55 Sorry for what?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:02 For what I said before you disappeared. I just need you to forgive me.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 08:06 Disappeared?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 08:06 I said I've been here. Now come on and dance.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:20 *frowns a little* Youíve been gone though.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 08:21 Gone where?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:26 I donít know. Thatís what Iím trying to figure out. *this is when the dream starts melting into reality* *is basically conscious, but heís trying to make the dream last so as to believe it is actually happening*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Jan.3 08:34 Well I'm here now, right? That's what matters.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:39 *nods* Yeah. *the reality finally kicks in, and the dream fades*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:43 *wakes up suddenly, freezing cold and disappointed* *the radio plays a cheesy yet vaguely haunting 80s ballad* *winces from the glow of the streetlamp above the car* *rubs his eyes and grips the wheel* *that dream left him feeling some kind of way*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:46 *grapples for any moment of truth in that dream, but there were none* *can remember all of it pretty vividly - especially Mazy* *his mind lingers on her for a bit, and it leaves an unanticipated ache*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:49 *recalls echoes of the earlier conversation - Kai saying, ďWhat do you guys have in common anyways?Ē and Midas saying, ďIt did seem like she was okayĒ* *the dream has him convinced that maybe Midas was right*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:52 *sees the soft glow of Kaiís phone in the rearview mirror - heís up* *Midas is buried in a bundle of blanket* *thinks back to the dream, and then to Kaiís advice* *knows he has a point, but the dream kind of changed everything*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.3 08:54 *is snoring faintly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:55 *is waging an internal battle* *thinks that keeping his distance from Mazy would be the best option, but he realizes his feelings for Mazy are deeper than expected* *shifts into drive and heads back onto the interstate to distract himself*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:58 *drives down the mostly empty interstate in a daze* *is trying to focus on the road, but all he can see is Mazy from the dream* *has to keep reminding himself to focus, to follow Kaiís advice*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:59 *has been playing games on his phone since before Josh got up* *was a bit surprised by his sudden takeoff*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 08:59 *at this point, the sky is faintly light*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.3 08:59 *wakes up once the car gets going* ...What's...what's going on??
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.3 09:00 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.3 09:09 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 06:24 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:29 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:29 Just getting back on the road.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 06:33 [Hi!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:42 *drives onward to Tennessee* *by early morning, theyíve pulled up to Mazyís uncleís house* *itís off a highway, practically in the middle of nowhere*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:43 *stares at the old two-story that is supposedly the final destination* Well... this is it.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 06:44 Itís way too early to go knockiní on the door. We need a game plan.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 06:55 Like what?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:01 *Josh turns around and looks at him* Well, letís get out of here first. Weíre gonna need to talk this out.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:02 Hm...true. Let's figure out what we'll ask them, exactly.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:03 *with that, the car heads the 12 or so miles back into town* *they stop at a Waffle House*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:17 *gets a sandwich and an ice tea*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:21 (Sorry for the slow reply. I had to look for something.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:24 *gets pancakes* *Josh gets an omelet and peanut butter toast* Okay, so we canít go up to their door all like, ďWhereís Mazy?Ē We could get involved in something we donít want to.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:25 *frowns a little* Then what else do we do?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:29 [It's fine. I'm multitasking, so my replies will be slow too.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:36 *stares ahead and squints in thought* Weíre lost and looking for directions... no, that wouldnít be enough time. We need to be there long enough in order to pick up anything about Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:38 *sets down his coffee mug loudly* What? Whatís the point of going if weíre not going to ask?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:38 We could pretend to be delivering something.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:39 Though nah...we'd need uniforms for that.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:42 We really need to play it safe, I think. *goes back to brainstorming with Midas* We ran out of gas. But what if they canít help us?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:43 Changing the topic from our car to Mazy would be a bit tough unless they have some sort of memorabilia of her.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:44 And they don't seem like the type of family that would keep each other's treasures.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:44 *shakes his head a little and looks out the window* *has so many objections, but he figures anything is better than nothing*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:46 Well then, weíll need another backup plan. Because I donít see how weíre gonna get anything out of them without looking suspicious.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:47 Hmm...I can't think of anything much better.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:49 You know, that house did look pretty dark...you think they're even there?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:50 Is the family situation really that bad? *pauses* I mean, weíve got nothing to lose. We donít even know them. If they threaten us, we drive off and call the cops.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:51 We would be on their property, though, so we wouldn'
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:51 *wouldn't have much against them unless we start talking about what we think happened to Mazy.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:52 Easier said than done, but okay. And itís about 8 am, so I wouldnít expect them to be up now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:55 *nods in agreement with Midas*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 07:57 So when should we go back?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 07:59 Okay... maybe you guys have convinced me. We can do that and see what happens, I guess.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:00 Weíll go back in an hour or so. Iím guessing heís old, so he should be up soon.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 08:03 *nods and finishes his sandwich*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:07 *they take their time eating and then head back over to the uncleís house*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:10 *parks a fair distance away* *cuts the engine and sits in silence* Okay... um... whoís ringing the doorbell?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 08:14 ...I'll do it.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:15 Wait. Weíll all go.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:16 Right. *dazedly exits the car* *despite having gone to Mazyís house alone, his stomach is churning*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:28 *they walk from the street to the porch* *glances at Midas*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 08:34 *rings the doorbell**there's no answer**rings it again**no answer**yells:* Anybody home? *no answer* [Hint hint: nobody's in.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.4 08:34 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.4 08:41 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 04:41 [I'm on!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 04:58 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:00 *stares at the door* Thereís gotta be someone in here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:03 [Hey! It's fine; I'm late too.] Not necessarily...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:03 *starts walking around the side of the house*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:03 *peers through windows*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:11 Letís check things out. *follows Midas* *doesnít see anything in the windows, so he trudges through the mud (itís warmer down there) over to the garage*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:12 Wait! *flies after Kai* What if somebody sees you? What if someoneís inside?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:13 So? I haven't done anything wrong. I knocked and yelled first.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:15 *yells* Hello? Anybody home?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:19 *laughs at Josh* Weíre 70% certain thereís no one here. *peers inside the garage window* Hey... thereís a car in here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:25 *the car is old and clearly probably broken down*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:25 *presses his nose up against the dusty glass* Itís a frickiní Oldsmobile. I donít think itís left this garage for a while.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:26 *snickers softly* Thought we were in luck.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 05:32 *tries to open a couple doors and windows**finally yells to Josh and Kai:* Hey, this back window is unlocked!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:41 *runs over to Midas* See anything?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 05:41 *jogs up next to Josh* Why the h**l would they just leave their window open like that?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:00 Dunno. Maybe they were in a rush.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:05 *tries to get a look* Seeing anything in there?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:13 *peers through* Looks like a kid's room...not sure. *goes to open the window*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:14 Think we should go in?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:20 *doesnít voice his obje
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:20 *objection, but heís nervous that someone might actually be inside*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:22 Well, drastic situations call for drastic solutions.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:23 This could be an emergency, couldn't it?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:28 Technically, yes.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:28 Youíre the tall one. Up you go.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:48 *climbs through*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:49 *looks around carefully, then beckons Kai and Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:50 *hoists himself up* *lands on the floor with a thud, then turns around and gives Kai a hand*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:52 [Sorry for the super slow replies. I've been playing Minecraft while RPing, and I got a tad carried away because a trader is in my house.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:52 [I open the door a crack and he just walks right into my house...WTH? XD >__< ]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:53 (Haha, thatís fine. Sounds like a dilemma!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:54 [Thank god...he finally got out.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:54 [Freakin' weirdo. XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:56 *leaves the room*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 06:56 *whispers* Look for any clues about Mazy.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:57 (Good, haha.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 06:58 *slowly wanders around the room* *picks up an old paper airplane perched on a desk* *examines it*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:00 *pulls open drawers* *isnít seeing anything eye-popping*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:09 [Freaking...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:10 *]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:10 [Of all the times I had to die and respawn at my house, I had to die and respawn at my house when it was surrounded by enemies.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:10 [I probably won't get any of the stuff I had when I died back. There's a time limit.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:11 *pokes his head back into the room* Erm...I'm not sure if I would look in a kid's room for clues, but okay then, be weird. *wanders off*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:14 (Dang. Iím not familiar with Minecraft, but that sounds pretty rough.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:15 Hey - you never know. Maybe this was her room at one point. Maybe she used it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:16 [It is for beginners. I'm on normal difficulty and I still die a lot.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:17 *turns back around and adds:* Look at the photos. Seems like a young boy lives here. *heads off*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:17 *looks for notes or electronics*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:19 *exits the room and wanders around the house* *picks up a random stack of papers and sifts through* Not really sure what we should be looking for.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:21 Those look like medical bills to me. Iíd suggest leaving those alone.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:22 *raises his eyebrows in an ďokay thenĒ way and lets the stack fall emphatically*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:23 *goes over to a bookshelf and rifles through some select titles* *one of his favorite fantasy novels catches his eye all of a sudden, and he immediately snatches it from the shelf* These people have taste... *opens it up*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.5 07:28 (I have to go now. Unfortunately, a new semester begins this week, so Iíll be back to my Thursday-Saturday times. See you soon!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.5 07:30 [Crap, see you!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.10 05:18 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late. I was having trouble installing something on my computer and had to troubleshoot things for a long while.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 04:33 (Sorry I missed you last night! I was really tired and wasnít able to make it.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 04:51 [It's fine! How has your semester been so far?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 04:58 *sits down at a desktop**it has its username and password on a post-it pasted on the side of the monitor**signs in and starts looking through files*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:07 (Hi!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:10 (Itís been a little tough. My courseload might require more work than it used to. Iím also trying to get into a research lab too, so Iím trying to see how I can fit that into an already packed schedule.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:11 (How about you?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:12 *sees that Midas is pretty much going to town on the computer - which is unusual, because it was locked earlier* *quickly walks over to him* Hey. Howíd you get on there?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:12 [Mine hasn't started yet. It's going to start next week, so I've had a lot of time off lately.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:15 [Sorry to hear that it's been tough. Hopefully it'll get better as you get more used to the schedule.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:21 (Oh, okay. Well good luck in advance! And thanks!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:23 [Thanks! I'll need it. XD XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:26 *points to the post-it on it*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:26 They're morons, that's how.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:26 *is in the user's email* They also save their passwords in their browser...like morons.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:29 *laughs a little* Wow.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:31 Pro move.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:33 Yeah... *watches Midas browse around* Finding anything?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:34 Still looking. It seems like it has never occurred to this person that they should delete something.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:40 Then you must be finding something.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:41 Maybe. Maybe not.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 05:42 See if you can find anything else that could be useful...maybe another computer, maybe some notes, maybe some letters.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:54 Okay. *aimlessly wanders into the kitchen* *finds some papers sitting around, but they donít seem to be anything useful*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:57 *joins Josh in the kitchen* *files through the randomness* *nothing catches his eye, but he does do a double take when he finds an old boarding pass*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 05:57 Hey, whatís this? *unfolds it*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:11 [Sorry, had some technical difficulties. XD XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:13 *the old boarding pass is a flight between Nashville and Lincoln*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:15 (No worries.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:15 Kai: *states that* Josh: As in Lincoln, Nebraska?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:16 [Yep, that's it.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:20 Kai: *confirms that* Josh: *takes the boarding pass and examines it* This was scheduled for the day before yesterday. Mustíve left an extra one lying around.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:22 Do you even think itís relevant? Kai: Maybe. Lincolnís a pretty obscure place to be traveling to. Midas, see what you can find about Nebraska on that computer.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:22 Hey, I found emails about that flight.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:29 Blah blah..."Gotta get to Dylan ASAP, [BLEEP]ing truck has broken down again..."
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:31 *looks over Midasí shoulder at the screen* *snickers a little* Is there anything about the names of the passengers on that flight?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:31 I think these are emails between her aunt and uncle...her aunt says "What's the problem?" He says "That [BLEEP] is gonna give us trouble, we need to do something about it now."
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:32 Aunt says "Flight is booked."
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:36 *is starting to feel a little queasy hearing this*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:37 *sounds grim* Do you think that maybe they took her out to Nebraska and?...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:38 She got in a truck. When I saw Mazy in the park that night, someone pulled her into a truck and drove away.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:40 Can you find anything about their final destination? Where they were supposed to go after this flight?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:43 I'll keep looking. Why don't you two check out the garage and see what's in there exactly?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:48 Okay. *goes out to the garage with Kai, not feeling very optimistic about things* *the garage itself is old school, so he has to pull up a handle on the door to lift it up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:50 *they stand in the doorway as the dust settles around them, then slowly look around the place*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:51 *there is a truck in there that looks a lot like the one Josh saw Mazy get pulled in*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 06:51 *into*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:53 Hey. *stops in front of the truck, frowning*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:54 *turns around* What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:55 This is it! This is it, I know it is. Kai: The truck? Josh: Yeah. *mutters* Iím gonna tell Midas. *runs back into the house*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:55 *storms back inside* Itís in there! That truck is in the garage!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 06:56 *is close behind Josh* They mustíve taken her to the airport with them. Thatís the only explanation.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 07:02 *is still focused on the computer* What truck, exactly?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 07:10 The truck that I last saw Mazy getting into.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.11 07:11 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.11 07:17 *nods**doesn't seem surprised* [Aw, bye!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 04:49 Obviously sheís been here. Wonder if we can find any trace of her.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 04:49 If anything, itís on there. *points at the computer* Her stuff is in the back of my car.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:07 [Sorry I'm late. I had a long day. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:12 *is frowning slightly as he re-reads some of the emails* Hm...see if you can find anything on this "Dylan" guy.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:13 *goes to Google and looks up the aunt's and uncle's social media pages*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 05:19 (Hi! No worries. )
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 05:21 *promptly returns to the kitchen to look through the papers* *pulls one out slowly* Well, hereís a copy of his driverís license...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:32 [Sorry for disappearing. My computer froze. :P]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:33 What's his last name?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:36 [You can come up with the last name. The family is kind of rural and Caucasian, so keep that in mind when choosing one.[
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:36 *]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 05:41 (Ugh, thatís the worst! Glad you got it fixed. Also, okay.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 05:42 Jones?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:49 Hmmmmmmm...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:49 Aha...Dylan Jones is friends with Mazy's aunt...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 05:57 Okay. This already sounds like it has the potential to get weird.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:57 What's Mazy's last name, by the way?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 05:58 [It's Jones.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:01 Jones.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:01 Is that a coincidence, or?....
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:07 Highly doubt it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:08 Josh, where's Mazy's Facebook page? [Mazy's page is highly inactive BTW--she hasn't been on it for years.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:10 Uhh... on the Internet.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:11 *laughs a little* Itís not like weíre gonna find anything. She hasnít been on there for years.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:12 Can't hurt to look. There are lots of "Margaret Joneses," just show me the link.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:12 [XD "On the Internet." The classic dumb student response.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:13 [There have been plenty of moments at college where a professor asks "Where did you find this?" and a student is like "Uhhh...on the Internet" or "Uhhh...Google." Yeeeaaahhh, that's REALLY helpful. XD]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:15 Here. Let me do the searching.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:18 (Yeah, haha. On the flipside, I had a professor who constantly told the class to ďfind that (BLEEP) on the InternetĒ, and would tell us to consult (in this order) a classmate, a TA, the Internet, or our moms before emailing him.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:27 [Yeah, that is good advice too. From what I can tell, professors constantly have to answer questions that are easily answerable via the syllabus, Google, parents, or the college website.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:30 (Yep. I think a lot of professors have that issue. Iíve heard people complaining that their professors didnít tell them about an approaching due date, and itís like.... look at the syllabus!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:33 [*facepalm* EXACTLY.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:33 [I check the syllabi CONSTANTLY throughout my semesters for reasons like those. Often I want info that's right effing there.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:37 (Yeah! I really donít understand why people act like it doesnít even exist.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:39 *Midas hands over the keyboard* *logs into an age old Facebook account and finds Mazyís page*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:39 *mutters almost to himself* Why is she called Mazy?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:40 [I think it's simply due to an extraordinary lack of tissue in their cranium.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:41 [Also wait, Midas wouldn't have let Kai sign in.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:41 [That would give away who's been using their computer.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:41 *]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:47 (Haha, most likely.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:47 (Okay. Weíll say Kai used his phone.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:50 [Still would be too much of a giveaway for Midas' liking.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:51 [Hmm...following along with the aunt's stupidity concerning passwords on her personal computer, perhaps it automatically signed her into her account when Midas opened Facebook?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 06:52 (Actually, yeah. That seems like a more likely scenario.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:59 *using Mazy's aunt's account, they search for Mazy's page**Dylan is on her friends list*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 06:59 [Sorry about the slow replies BTW. I've been drawing.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 07:01 (Thatís fine.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 07:15 Huh...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 07:17 Who exactly is this Dylan guy?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 07:19 Figures...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 07:20 I'm trying to figure that out. [Are there ways to search for Facebook posts relating to specific people?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 07:20 [E.g. is there a way to search for posts pertaining to both Mazy and Dylan?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 07:30 [I wouldn't know since I don't use the site, sooo... XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 07:32 (I donít either, but I think so.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.12 07:33 [I gtg to bed now. Goodnight!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.12 07:38 (Goodnight, see you next week!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.17 05:11 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. I had a long day (my semester's started) and then I wound up watching a movie with my family.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.17 18:20 (Hi! Thatís okay. I apologize for not being on myself. I have to take a gym class, and the exercise segment was INTENSE. I spent most of yesterday trying not to get sick. Iím fine now, though.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 04:12 (Hey, just wanted to let you know that I could be pretty late tonight.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 04:43 [Aw geez, sorry to hear that. XP Also alright, that's fine. I've been studying for my geography class, hence why I'm late myself.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 05:44 (Hi!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 05:46 (Oh, okay, good luck with that! Geography can be surprisingly hard, especially when you get into Earthís surface. If you need help with anything, Iíd be glad to offer some help!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 05:47 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 05:47 [Okay, thank you!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 05:50 (No problem!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 05:55 [RPing?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 05:59 (Sure! This is starting to get pretty suspenseful.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:01 *starts scrolling through Mazy's and Dylan's pages in search for anything where they overlap*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:05 (By the way, about how old is Dylan? Just trying to get an idea of who he is.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:06 [Hmm...he's probably just a little bit older than Mazy, e.g. early twenties.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:07 *looking through Dylan's profile, he's a somewhat tall, strong fellow with green eyes and brown hair*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:08 (Okay.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:09 *is noticing that Dylan has liked a lot of Mazyís posts, or vice-versa*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:12 *naturally finds Dylan a bit weird, maybe out of jealousy*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:13 *doesn't find any overlap between the two other than likes until he goes way back in Mazy's posts*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:14 *finds an old post with a picture of her and Dylan smiling with their arms over each other's shoulders*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:18 *the picture has this text associated with it: "Spending time with my brother"*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:18 *nods* *mutters* Thatís it.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:20 *crosses his arms and looks at the picture* I thought her siblings didnít care about her.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:22 You never know - Mazy couldíve been overreacting. Or this was just staged....
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:25 *starts putting things together* After Mazy left, I kept getting these weird texts from some ghost number. I wonder if we could track down the location.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:25 I dunno...this picture was posted three years ago.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:25 Also yeah, of course we could do that.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:27 It's just really really really hard.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:27 Knowing how to do that is a different matter, and I don't think we know how to do that.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:36 We have to find some way to know where they went, exactly...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:37 *goes back into the aunt's email, looking for anything about their recent departure*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:44 Canít you find the tickets they got?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:44 Yep...just found them.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:45 So we know they went to Nebraska, but where they went after that I have no idea.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:45 There's nothing about any hotels that I can see.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:52 *crosses his arms and lets out a dry laugh* So they leave everything out in the open except for the thing we really need to know.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:57 *sounds a bit nervously* So what do we do now?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:57 *nervous
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:57 Can you find any other electronic devices in here?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:58 Keep searching for clues. That's all we can do.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.18 06:58 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:58 Unless you can think of something Mazy told you that's helpful.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.18 06:58 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 04:33 [I'm online, and I am thinking that Mazy may have told Josh something that might help.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 05:19 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 05:19 (Okay. Can you remind me?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 05:30 [I cannot remind you, as these are things not played out in the RP. I can, however, tell you some things she told him that will help. XD XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 05:30 [Also hi! Replies will be slow. I'm on multiple RPs and I'm doing homework.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 05:33 (Haha, okay. Shoot!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 05:36 [She probably once described to him a ranch she went to in Nebraska when she was younger.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 05:41 [She probably gave him the name of it, too.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 05:49 [Would you like to come up with the name, or should I?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 05:54 (Okay, got it. Do you mind making the name up?)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 05:55 I donít know. I think weíre at the end of the road.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 05:57 *sounds irritated* Nononono. I- all of this Nebraska stuff made me remember something she told me.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 05:58 [Alright, I'll do it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 05:58 *]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:03 [I think I'll call it Lorelei Ranch.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:03 [I do recommend looking up the name I chose. I like to bury meanings in names.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:06 (Alright.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:06 (I looked up the name, and dang... Iím sensing a twist.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:09 [>:)]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:11 *looks down and paces in deep focus* Her family used to have a ranch in Nebraska called Lorelei Ranch.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:12 *frowns* How do you know?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:12 I donít know! I just remember her telling me that.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:15 Hmm...Lorelei Ranch... *enters "ranch" into the search box in Gmail, trying to dig up any emails*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:21 *keeps pacing around nervously*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:22 *digs up one in which someone asks the aunt
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:23 **if they are "heading to the ranch"**the aunt replies with "yeah"*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:23 Hmm...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:24 This email's old, but it mentions a ranch...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:24 So theyíre there.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:24 See if you can dig up letters with the ranch's address on them.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:24 They may not be there currently. This email dates back to 2015.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:24 I'll see if Google Maps'll help at all...or maybe even browser history... *continues searching*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:25 *sighs a little* *goes back to the pile of papers and shuffles through it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:26 *is holding up some old MapQuest directions* What do you think theyíd be sending from the ranch to here?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:27 Families like to send letters to each other or presents during holidays via mail, don't they?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:27 At least my family does that.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:28 Yeah. Could be Christmas cards, money... *glances at the paper in Joshís hands* Hey, whatís that?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:30 *looks a bit dumbfounded, having not noticed them before* Directions. To a hotel in South Dakota.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:31 *mutters* Who prints out directions anymore?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:31 My grandparents do.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:32 [*nervous sweating*]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:32 [*then gradually raises hand and points at my parents as well*]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:33 *the printer included the date in the bottom right corner of the page* This was from over a month ago. *pauses* Hey Midas, where is this ranch? Like, in relation to other states?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:34 (Haha, theyíre not the only ones. Some of my family members still print directions, too.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:38 [Printing out directions has proved to be a lifesaver on plenty of our trips, actually.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:39 Dunno...haven't found it. I thought Josh said it was in Nebraska?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:43 It is, but we need the exact location.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:48 Hence why I'm looking for it and hopefully you're looking for it too.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:49 *asks Josh* Is it private, or?...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:50 Uh... Iím not really sure.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:51 *does an Internet search on his phone* *ends up scrolling, but he does find an old newspaper article about it that was posted online* Hey, think I found something.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:51 [Remember: Midas won't let them connect to the Internet if they try.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:52 [It's too identifiable. They did come into this house illegally.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:52 [Kai is free to swap places with Midas on the computer, though.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:57 *says before Kai connects to the Internet:* Don't, that's too identifiable!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 06:57 Use this computer here.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 06:59 Okay. *makes the same search* *has to scroll a little more, but he eventually finds the article* *pulls it up*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:01 *reads aloud about how Mazyís family has been associated with the ranch since the 50s* *after the original owner died, they bought it out, which is what the article is about*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:02 *the article states that the ranch is named after the original owner's beloved dog*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:02 *there is a picture of Mazy and her family at the ranch when she was a kid* *for the most part, they look pretty normal*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:02 *scratch that, it was named after the beloved dog of an ancestor of the original owner--AKA the person who created the ranch*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:10 *canít stop looking at the picture* *wonders what went wrong, and why*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:10 *the actual content of the article isnít really what heís looking for* *is looking for the town name, which is mentioned multiple times*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:12 Look for that town on Google Maps.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:22 *pulls up a new window* *as it turns out, the ranch is creepily close to South Dakota and Omaha - although probably more so to SD*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:27 Huh...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:27 If it's so close to Omaha, why would they book a flight to Lincoln??
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:28 *there is a really long pause* *says solemnly* Some of me thinks we need to take our chances and go. No oneís here, and weíre finding all this shady (BLEEP) - really, what is there to lose?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:29 Cheaper, maybe? Or maybe they have family there.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:29 Maybe.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:30 Also, I have a feeling something suspicious is going down at that ranch. At smaller airports, there arenít as many people. Maybe they wanted to avoid that.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:32 And I suppose our chance to talk to the cops about this has ended here...after all, we can't exactly explain how we got this information...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:33 The reason as to why they chose that airport could be infinite. But right now, Iím fairly convinced theyíre at that ranch.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:33 *looks at Josh* But this is about your girlfriend, so...I think the person who should have final say here is you. What do you want to do?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:35 [I gtg to bed now. See you next week! Good luck with your schoolwork, and kick butt at gym!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.19 07:35 [You can continue the conversation if you like to where Josh decides they should go for heading to the ranch. Anyways, bye!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:38 (See you! I actually plan on being online tomorrow, since I donít have class on Monday.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:39 *had been so quiet that they didnít notice heíd left*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.19 07:39 Uh... whereíd he go?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.24 05:22 (Hey, just wanted to let you know that I wonít be online this weekend. See you next week!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.25 04:40 [Dang it...see you!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 04:39 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 04:52 (Hi!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 04:58 [Hey! How has university been?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:01 (Itís been alright! Definitely a little harder in terms of classes and their content, though. What about you?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:14 [Sorry for the delay. I'm in a call on Hangouts.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:18 [Things have been tougher in some ways, but overall I am doing well. I'm trying to work ahead.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:19 (Yeah, thatís a strategy I try to employ myself. Being ahead is always better than scrambling to get an assignment done before itís due.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:25 [Definitely. I have several exams coming up, so I am trying to get ahead in case I get swamped with studying.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:25 (Yep. Thatís where I am as well.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:26 *looks up from the computer* What??
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:27 *looks around* ...Good question.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:31 *gets up and starts looking around*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:32 *goes outside* *sees that Josh is in the car with the doors shut* Hey Midas? *starts walking towards the car* I found him.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:32 *hears Kai and comes outside*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:34 *goes up to the window and knocks on it* *however, Josh is unresponsive - his head is bent over the steering wheel* *takes a step back*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:35 Josh?! *runs over and goes to open the door*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:37 *goes up behind Midas and practically bangs on the window* *luckily, the door is unlocked* *opens it*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:40 Hey, whatís going on? *asks tentatively*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:43 *doesnít sit up* *sounds distressed* I didnít think this would go this far. *when he walked out, Midas and Kai were discussing the cops and information*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:44 What do you mean?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:52 *leans all the way back, revealing a red and anxious face* *canít get his thoughts in order* I... I just... *besides the Mazy dilemma, heís thinking about school, and practices that heís definitely going to miss taking the drive*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:54 *somewhere deep down there, heís also worried about how he left his family on Thanksgiving* *if anything, thatís been the backbone of his stress*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:54 *mutters* Itís just...a lot at once.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 05:57 ...You need a break?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:58 *would respond with a sympathetic ďI knowĒ, but he really doesnít know* *honestly has no idea how to respond* *Mazyís his friend too, and naturally, he wants to find her* *is vaguely annoyed that Josh is backing out so suddenly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 05:59 *shakes his head* I donít know.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 06:00 *says carefully* You didnít come all this way just to turn around, did you?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 06:02 *stares ahead, blinking* *itís almost as if heís purposely ignoring Kai* *a long, awkward silence follows* *finally murmurs* I need to think things through. *gets up, sort of brushing past them as he walks off*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 06:03 *watches Josh walk along the side of the road, seemingly without a destination in mind* *confusion turns to slight anger* Whyís he being... sorry, but heís being a bit of a (BLEEP) about this.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 06:04 Hey, you want to find a place to stay?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 06:04 *said that before Kai turned to him and spoke*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 06:05 I don't know...I think with everything that's going on he's just stressed.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 06:08 Maybe, but Iím getting the vibe that he thinks the entire world revolves around him. He drags us out here, then when things get too intense, he expects us to go right back. I mean, I have a life, and Mazyís my friend, too.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 06:10 He didn't necessarily say he wants to go back.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 06:12 *hadnít really considered that* Well... *leans against the car, arms crossed*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Jan.31 06:12 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Jan.31 06:20 [Aw, bye!]
1>Samantha (Ringleader), 18yo.2020,Feb.1 02:37 (Hey, I might be late tonight.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.1 04:32 [I'm here! OK.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.1 05:46 (Iím finally here!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.1 06:27 (I guess I missed you. Hopefully weíll catch each other tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.1 06:37 [No wait!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.1 06:37 [God dang it...I'm so sorry! XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.1 06:38 [I was online, but my mouse sometimes does a weird thing where it accidentally closes a tab. I think I accidentally closed this tab and thought it was a different tab I closed, so I "reopened" the wrong page.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.1 06:38 [Then I forgot to check this. XP Sorry!!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.1 06:38 *]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 04:49 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 05:08 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 05:12 (About last night, thatís fine. )
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 05:28 *crouches down in the grass a few hundred yards away from the car/Midas and Kai* *pulls out his phone* *is initially heard yelling into the receiver, but as the conversation continues, he calms down*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 05:44 [Hey!!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 05:44 [Forgot to check this again...god freaking dang it to heck...]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:04 (Hi! Thatís okay.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:13 *about 20 minutes pass* *is nodding his head quite a bit* *after a final nod, he gets up and starts walking back to the car*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:14 *approaches Josh once he returns* You alright?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:14 *looks a little sheepish* Hey.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:15 *there is a bit of a pause* Yeah. Iím ready to go when you are.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:17 *smiles a little and pats Josh on the back* Glad you could work it out.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:18 *they get in the car* *calculates the distance on his phone* Itís about a nine hour drive from here.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:19 Think we can make it?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:20 Well...how much money do we have left?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:24 I donít know, but I think we can make it. As long as we limit our budget to gas and coffee for me, weíll be fine.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:25 Alright...and how much effort and dedication do we have left?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:26 *sounds more determined than he has the entire trip* *shifts into gear and turns the radio up* *speeds back onto the gravel road, the car buckling a bit unsteadily*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:27 Iíve got a pretty good feeling about this.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:29 Fair response. We did put in a lot of research back at that house.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:30 Alright...let's do this, boys.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:30 *turns the radio up even more when Elvis comes on*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:34 *starts singing, but naturally Midas tells him to shut up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:35 *chuckles* You shouldíve known better....
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:36 Yeah, yeah, Midas is the only one who can ďproperlyĒ imitate Elvis, but sometimes I canít help myself, yíknow?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:44 *smiles* *is finally getting to enjoy the road trip, but there is still an unceasing nervous ache in his stomach*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:48 *is also a little dizzy over the fact that he could be seeing Mazy in a matter of hours* *has no idea whatís going to happen, or what heís going to say when he gets there* *hadnít thought about it much until he saw the nine-hour route on Maps*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:49 Lemme show you how it's done. *starts singing along*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:52 Alright, Iím listening. *nobody can hear him due to Midasí impassioned take on an Elvis ballad*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:52 *...then, a Madonna song comes on* Oh god no.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:53 Anyone wanna sing along? *snickers*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:55 Sure. *adopts a screechy, off-key falsetto* *Josh abruptly flips to another station* Kai: *laughs a little* Hey!... Josh: No. Iím not listening to that.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:56 You do it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:56 *said that to Josh before Kai did it*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 06:57 aAAAAAAAAAA
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:57 Iíd say I was on a roll, right Midas? Champion of imitation?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:58 Iím willing to listen to a lot of things, but not that.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 06:59 Well, Iím sure as h**l not willing to listen to country.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:01 *sure enough, a song about being barefoot in blue jeans or whatnot is blaring from the radio*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:02 *smirks, turning the volume up gradually* Kai: You like this (BLEEP)?!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 07:03 MAKE IT STAHP
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:04 Welcome to the shadow realm. *the volume goes up another notch or two*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:05 Youíre killing us slowly. Donít do it!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:10 *gives in and turns the volume down* My brothers love country.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:10 No offense, but they might need help.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:12 *laughs* Youíre probably not wrong there. *goes back to the other station* *a cheesy disco version of the Star Wars theme(s) plays, with Elvis once again next* *Midas is able to belt into ďReturn to SenderĒ in the true spirit of the King*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 07:13 *at the end of it he does a sexy hair flip*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:14 (Yesss, haha.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:15 *they make their way up to Nebraska* *only stops once to refuel, both on gas, food, and a large caramel frappe for himself*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 07:15 [XD Yes indeed.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 07:16 [Wait, are you joking or do you find Midas handsome? XD]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:17 *the sun has set, and they are fast approaching the Nebraska border* *is in a contemplative mood* *breaks the silence* Do you think sheíll be there when we get there?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:18 (Both, perhaps.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 07:19 [Okie dokie. I ought to draw him sometime...]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:21 (That would be cool!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:23 Itís hard to say. Even if sheís not, at least we might be able to get more information from whoeverís there.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:25 *nods vaguely*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:29 *sooner than heíd care to believe, the destination is less then a half hour away* *his hands are sweaty, and the nervous ache in his stomach expands* *exhales deeply*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 07:31 [I have some other drawings to finish and I actually have some drawings I did in my sketchbook on the airplane to/from the Czech Republic that I'd like to share with you, but I will get around to drawing Midas eventually.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:31 *takes the exit that will hopefully lead him to Mazy* *is a little bit shaky, yet aggressively focused* This place is gonna come up on our left. I need you guys to look out for me.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:36 *notices some lights pulsing in the distance after traveling for a few miles* Hey, I think thatís it. Josh: *looks around* Where? Kai: Right there! *leans forward and points*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:38 (I look forward to seeing them! And no rush, take your time.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:40 *a wooden sign indicating the ranch leads them down a long gravel driveway* *speeds down it* *a two-story farmhouse with lights faintly glowing looms up ahead*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:43 *whips into a parking space he made up himself* *cuts the engine* *sits back and lets out a shaky breath*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:44 *glances at the house* The lights are on. Think we should knock?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 07:52 [Sorry for disappearing; I had to brush my teeth, wash my face, etc.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:53 (Thatís okay!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:54 *stares at the house* *a funereal heartbreak song is playing in the background* That might be a good idea.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 07:57 Okay. *slowly leans forward and puts his hands on Midas and Joshís shoulders* We ready?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 07:59 *nods* Readier than ever.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:00 I think so. *now that heís here, he really isnít as brave as he was when he started out*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:00 Alright. *opens the back door*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:02 *takes that as his cue to get out* *is a bit wobbly from an almost nonstop drive* *is exhausted, and heís not proud of the fact that heís wearing the same clothes he wore on Thanksgiving* *reminds himself that there was a reason for all of that*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:04 *looks at the house, then makes his way up to the front porch*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:06 *doesnít remember ever being so shaky in his life, and he canít bring himself to knock* *Midas and Kai are right behind him, practically breathing down his neck*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:08 *stares at the weathered old doormat right below him* *doesnít know what makes him finally knock, but maybe itís the possibility that Mazyís standing on the other side of the door*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 08:10 *is sweating a bit, but forces himself to look normal and calm*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:13 *heís also pretty anxious* *shakes his knee* *wonders if anyoneís going to open the door*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 08:15 *the door opens a crack and a male voice says: "What do you want?"
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 08:15 **
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:19 *his stomach leaps* *stammers* Um- do you know Mazy (whatever her last name is)?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.2 08:23 (Well, I have to go now. This is quite the cliffhanger. Iíll see you next week! Good luck with school!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.2 08:25 [Indeed. See you next week! Good luck with school too!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.7 04:56 (Hey! Iím sorry to say that I wonít be online tonight. Itís going to be increasingly difficult for me to make it later on Thursdays because I have lessons early in the morning. See you soon hopefully!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.7 05:53 [Dang...see you soon!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 04:31 [I'm online!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 04:34 *the voice hesitates, then says back: "No. Now git the h**l outta here!"*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 04:35 (Hey!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 04:38 *sounds calm but insistent* We think she might be here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 04:52 [Hi! Replies will be slow; I'm doing homework.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 04:52 Man: She's not here, but you know who is?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 04:53 Man: You. And you shouldn't be here. *the end of a rifle pokes out the door a bit*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:06 (Alright, thatís fine. So am I.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:07 Okay. Weíll be on our way, then.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:08 *they pretty much high tail it back to the car*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:09 *slams the backseat door shut* Holy (BLEEP)!! What are we gonna do now?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:10 *is still trying to process what happened*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 05:11 ...Do we really end things here, though?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:21 No. We canít. *a really cheery song plays on the radio* *turns it down immediately* *thought he had everything figured out, but heís once again questioning why he even bothered driving out*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:21 Should we call the cops?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:27 We could, but... that person behind the door mightíve been that guy. *is referring to Dylan*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 05:28 His voice seemed kind of low and hoarse, though...like an older man.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:28 I donít think he wants to talk with us. Somethingís going on behind that door.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 05:35 We ought to drive the car away before they do anything.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 05:40 We can come back later...maybe sneak into the ranch and watch and see if Mazy is really here.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:43 Yeah. Good idea. *starts the car and heads out* *isnít really sure where to go, so he sort of drives aimlessly for a while*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:44 Letís stop at Walmart and take a break. Weíve been on the road all day.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:45 Also, can we get some blankets or something? *chuckles a little* It was (BLEEP)ing cold in here last night.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 05:46 *realizes how tired he is when he pulls into the nearest Walmart* Yeah, sure. You guys can go get them though.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 05:49 Alrighty.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 05:50 *@ Kai* Be careful not to buy some overpriced cloth with some artsy-fartsy design. We're on a tight budget.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:07 Okay. I promise not to disappoint.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:09 *is gone for around 20 minutes* *returns, not with the ďartsy-fartsyĒ blankets Midas warned against, but Frozen and Toy Story themed blankets*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:10 *stares at Kaiís purchase in disgust* Why?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:10 *is smirking widely* They were ten bucks. I couldnít turn Ďem down.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:14 Don't judge 'em 'til you feel 'em. *yeets a Frozen blanket at Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:15 Ey! *attempts to swat it back at Midas*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:16 Warm and cuddly, isnít it? *snickers*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:17 I think I wouldíve preferred the oriental rug Midas seemed to be talking about.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:18 You canít always get what you want. *opens the back door* Iímma go cuddle with Woody and Buzz now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:22 *rolls up the Frozen blanket and gives it a high velocity chuck at Kaiís face*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:22 Hey! *throws the blanket back at Midas*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:25 *subsequently throws it back at Kai*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:25 *at Josh, not Kai, WTH brain XD XP*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:26 Lay off, I got my own blanket! *reveals a blanket covered in Mickey Mouse*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:31 *tosses it over his shoulder, and it once again falls on Kaiís face* *turns to Midas* Where the h**l did you get that?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:31 Was it buy two get one free or something?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:33 Maybe. Maybe not. There's only one blanket for each of us, though, and I sure as h**l am not giving up this one. *settles down and wraps himself in the Mickey blanket*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:33 Snuggle up, buttercup.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:37 (Hahaha.) Alright, chief.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:39 *zips up his coat all the way and puts his hood up instead* Okay, real talk- when should we go back and investigate? Do I need to set an alarm for 3 am or something?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:40 3 might be a little too late, but by the sounds of that guy behind the door, that isnít a normal household.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:41 I can easily see where the trouble could hold out all night.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:51 [Sorry for disappearing; I was finishing up my homework.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.8 06:51 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:53 What time is it now?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:53 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.8 06:53 I think we should get some sleep and then sneak over there on foot.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 04:40 Itís almost 11 now.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 04:41 Iím fine with that idea if everyone else is.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 05:42 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 05:43 [Sorry I'm so late; I had a busy day and wound up watching A Rainy Day in New York with my family at the time I usually come online.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 06:02 [It was a nice movie; I recommend it. ^_^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 06:07 I'm fine as well.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 06:07 *fine with it as well.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:10 (Hi! Thatís okay.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:11 Okay. Weíll go back at about one, then.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:12 Cool. Until then, goodnight. *throws the blankets over his head and lays down*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:13 *watches people walking in and out of Walmart for a while before falling asleep*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 06:14 *sets his phone to go off at 3 AM and settles down*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 06:26 *his phone does what he set it to do**wakes up with a jolt at 3 AM**groans*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:28 *is jarred awake by Midasí alarm, which is set to a ridiculous r i n g t o n e (for some reason I canít spell it on here)*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:29 *sits up, wiping his eyes* *was not expecting that wakeup call*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:36 *is feeling incredibly zombie-like* *looks around for anything that will bring him back to life* *is contemplating an old caramel frappe when he sees the radio* *turns it up a little bit* *after the song ends, the tired radio host mentions an incoming
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:36 snowstorm*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:37 We still planning on doing this, or?...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:39 I mean, you never know with snow. It could end up just being a light dusting.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 06:44 Well, in my experience if they say there's a snowstorm there's a light dusting, and if they say there's a light dusting there's gonna be one h**l of a snowstorm.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 06:44 Can't hurt to try it anyway...unless we're caught, of course.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:45 I think we should stick with our plan. But maybe we should bring the car.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 06:55 Yeah. Let's park the car somewhere near the ranch but discreet--so we can get back to it if we need to but they won't see it.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:58 *nods* Got it. *sluggishly shifts into drive*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 06:59 *creeps up to the ranch* *as Kai predicted, some lights are still on*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:00 Iím gonna back up. *speeds in reverse*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:01 *lunges forward* Whoa, whoa! Gimme some time to wake up here! Josh: Sorry.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 07:02 Who do you think you are, Tow Mater?!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 07:02 *looks around quickly* Hey, park behind that brush and trees.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:02 Alright, this might be a little weird, but weíre gonna have to play the role of Peeping Tom because I have no idea how else weíre gonna find out whoís in there.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:04 How did you know that was my favorite movie? *slowly backs up into the area Midas directed him towards*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 07:06 Hm...you know, there WAS a Cars blanket...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:07 Aw. Maybe I wouldíve liked that one.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:09 Honestly the most unnecessary Pixar movie made, but okay.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:11 So, are yíall on the same page as me, or not?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:11 *turns the car off* You gotta do what you gotta do.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 07:15 Well, we gotta do what we gotta do.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:19 Letís do it now.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:20 Right now. *opens the back door*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:25 *steps out of the car* *is hit by bitingly cold air* *waits for Midas and Kai to make their way around the car, then they set down the gravel road towards the house*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 07:26 *gets out of the car and starts heading in the general direction of the house, but he tries to stay near tall brush and whatnot*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:27 *it is eerily quiet outside* *the only sounds to be heard are their footsteps scraping against gravel and their chattering teeth*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:29 *is trying to make out any figures through the windows* Which side of the house should we look at?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:29 Letís stay on this side.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:30 *they reach one of the side windows, but are standing a decent distance away* *looks on, contemplating if he should go any closer* *decides to take the risk*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:41 *hisses* Kai! *itís too late- Kai is already peering into the window* *some snowflakes start drifting to the ground* *looks on with baited breath*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:41 *bated
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 07:46 [Sorry for disappearing; I got distracted. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 07:47 *holds his breath as well*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 07:47 *the room Kai is looking in is dark, but there appears to be someone sleeping on a bed*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:49 *turns around* *whispers* I canít see!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:49 (Youíre fine!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:50 What?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 07:51 *raises his voice* I canít see! Iím going to the next window! *jogs up to the window thatís nearest to the front of the house - probably the living room window*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.9 08:00 (I have to go now. See you next week, and have an awesome week!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 08:02 ...This guy is crazy...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.9 08:17 [See you next week, and I hope you have a great week too! :)]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.14 04:55 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.14 06:46 [Guess you're not here. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 04:04 [I'm here! Happy Valentine's Day BTW!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 05:15 (Hey! Sorry Iím so late, and I apologize for not being online last night. I was really tired and fell asleep. Thanks! Happy Valentineís Day to you as well!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 05:29 [Hey! It's fine.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 05:30 *looks on as Kai teeters around on his tiptoes in an attempt to get a better view* Yeah...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 05:31 Though in all fairness, youíre the one with an alter ego called Sir Dr. Mr. Knight von Poopenschmirtz.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 05:43 That's a CONTROLLED kind of crazy.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 05:47 Maybe?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 06:04 *quickly sneaks after Kai*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 06:05 *whispers* See anything?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:08 I think I saw some movement, but Iím having a hard time seeing. The window is too high up.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:08 *Josh joins them* Can you guys maybe lift me up?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 06:14 Alright. *tries to help Kai up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:23 Wait, what if someone sees you?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:23 No one will see me. Help me up now, can you?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:25 *helps Midas out* *they both take one of Kaiís legs and gradually hoist him up to where he can see*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:25 *looks inside* *there are definitely some people in his view*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 06:30 [Sorry for the super slow replies BTW. I'm in a voice call and I'm drawing. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 06:31 *one of the people is an old man with his rifle**the other is a shadowy figure who goes into another room before Kai can get a good look*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:37 (Thatís okay!) *Midas and Josh buckle under his weight, and he goes tumbling to the ground* Whoa... *chuckles a little as he gets back to his feet* Sorry about that.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:40 What did you see?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:42 Well, there was an old guy with a gun- the guy who answered the door. And I saw someone else too, but not enough to know who it was.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:42 I wonder why he was still carrying that rifle around...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:44 I just wanna know about that other person you saw.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.15 06:44 (I have to go now, Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.15 06:53 [Aw, bye!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 03:14 [Word of warning: I'll be about an hour late tonight.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 05:19 (Alright, got it.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 05:20 [I'm here!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 05:20 He's probably carrying that rifle around because of people like us.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 05:43 (Hey!)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 05:44 *nods* Yeah... *answers Josh* I couldnít see who it was. They walked into another room or something.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 05:51 [Hi! :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 05:51 [How are you doing?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 05:54 (Iím doing well, how are you?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 05:54 [I'm doing well. Just kinda swamped in homework. XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 05:57 *starts sneaking around the house, staying low to avoid being seen through windows*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:02 (Yeah...definitely not fun.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:02 *follows Midas with Kai in tow* *notices that a lot of the lights in the back of the house are off*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:13 *sneaks towards the back, wondering if they can spot anything in the areas that are oddly dark*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:14 Try to be careful, guys. I think I saw someone sleeping in there.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:17 *indeed, there is a woman sleeping in one room, but she is clearly shorter and wider than Mazy*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:21 *at one point, while he is looking through one window and the other two are looking through another window, they see the silhouette of a person in a hallway*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:22 *the silhouette is feminine and seems to be facing in Josh's and/or Kai's direction*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:22 *they kind of hang around in the window for a while, trying to discern whether or not itís Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:24 *realizing that someone may be looking right at them, he ducks down*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:24 *the silhouette clearly seems to be looking towards them*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:24 *the silhouette abruptly turns and disappears down the hallway*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:28 *ducks down after that* What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:29 *sounds a little freaked out* I donít know- someone was looking right at us.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:32 *pauses and turns back towards them* Someone spotted you?!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:32 [BLEEP]...go go go! *starts heading quickly in the direction of the car*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 06:32 *moments later she comes out the back door**says in a hushed voice* Hey!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 06:41 *stops and turns back slightly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:41 *trips over Kai as they try to hurry after Midas* *stumbles to the ground when he hears Mazyís voice* *whips around*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:44 *gets up on his knees and sees Mazy* *says in a barely-there mutter* Mazy?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 06:44 *looks around quickly, then gestures for them to follow her**her voice is still hushed* Hurry! *rushes towards an old wooden shed that's about 40 feet away from the back of the house*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:47 *Kai and Midas rush over to the shed* *is running closest to Mazy* *keeps turning around like heís trying to find the right moment to talk*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:48 *yanks the door open and comes to a running stop inside* *bends down and grabs his knees, trying to catch his breath*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 06:49 *runs into the shed and closes the door as soon as they're all in**it's dark and dusty and smells like cobwebs and dirt*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 06:49 *peeks through a crack in the door, staring at the house for a minute, and then turns to the three of them, panting* How...how the h**l did you get here?!!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:55 Honestly, Iíd like to ask you the same question, but... basically, we did a lot of searching.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 06:56 Also, I hope weíre not here because someone might shoot us.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 06:56 Searching where?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 06:56 Look...you three really need to go or someone WILL shoot you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:01 *avoids telling her about their stop at her uncleís house* On the Internet and stuff. I thought you got kidnapped- you werenít answering my calls or texts, and I had to find you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:02 *lowers his voice* You donít know how sorry I am.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:03 *spins an old shovel around on its tip, anticipating Mazyís answer*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:07 *looked about ready to go on a tirade until Josh said that last sentence*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:07 *goes silent*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:10 *says quietly* You...you need to go.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:10 Don't get involved in this, just go.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:10 *his expression goes from anxious to regretful to a little desperate*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:14 *looks down for a while, biting the inside of his lip* *then looks back up* *is trying to keep his voice even* Iíve been driving for over 2 days straight. Iím wearing the same clothes I did when I left. *there is a hint of a deprecating but pained smile
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:15 on his face*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:16 If Iím going to turn around again, I just want to make sure that youíre okay here, and that this is where youíre supposed to be. You have to tell me the truth.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:17 *adds* I donít expect you to forgive me, either, but I just wanted to come here and apologize.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:20 [Sorry for disappearing. My Internet has been going down at random intervals lately.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:23 This...
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:24 This isn't where I'm supposed to be, but I'm here and there's not much anybody can do. Don't get involved and don't ask why. Just go and pretend nothing ever happened.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:24 That's the best thing you can do.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:29 *stands there contemplating for a while* *is still processing the fact that his journey was truly for naught* *finally mutters* Okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:29 (Thatís fine, by the way.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:30 *walks out of the shed without saying anything, because thatís all he can really manage to do*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:30 *eventually follows Josh* *gives Mazy a curt nod on his way out* Good seeing you.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:31 *had taken the shovel with him*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:31 *nods a little, contemplating things**then says "Hey!" and rushes to get the shovel from him**adds quickly:* Stay low and go fast!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.16 07:31 Don't let them see you!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:32 *hesitates, sighing, and follows*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:35 Okay!... *murmurs* (BLEEP). *was planning on using the shovel for self-defense if it came down to that*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:37 *runs after Josh and Kai but freezes upon hearing a male voice say "MAZY!"*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:37 *the older man is standing on the back porch with his rifle ready*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:39 *comes to an immediate halt, sort of knocking into Josh* *looks at the guy in fear* *is really wishing he had done a better job of smuggling the shovel*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:40 *whispers breathlessly* Who IS that crazy mother(BLEEP)er?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:44 *whispers* I dunno, but run. *dashes in the direction the car is in*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:44 *the man turns and shoots the ground just in front of Midas**freezes up a bit and skids to a halt*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:45 Man: Keep that up and I'll aim at YOU next time!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:54 *doesnít stop running until he gets to the car* *ducks down behind it instead of getting inside - he doesnít want the guy to hear the door shutting*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:54 *whispers to Midas* What the h**l was that about?!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:57 [Midas didn't even get halfway to the car BTW.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:57 [Soooo...]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 07:57 [They're not supposed to escape. XD XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 07:58 (Oh, okay. Sorry about that! Eliminate everything up to Joshís comment.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.16 08:04 (I have to go now. Have a fantastic week! As a note, I wonít be online on Thursday because I have an orchestra concert. See you soon!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.16 08:08 [Aw, bye! Good luck with your concert! I hope you have a great week too!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 03:10 [I will be late tonight.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 05:27 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 05:44 (Hey!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 05:48 [Hi!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 05:50 Man: Put your hands in the air! All of you!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 05:55 *freezes* *is both terrified and unsure of whether or not he should take this seriously* *sees Kaiís arms slowly rising in his peripheral vision*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 05:58 *slowly raises his arms as well*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 05:58 Man: *his tone darkens* Mazy, don't pretend I didn't see you. *Mazy slowly rises from out of some bushes*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:02 *turns around* *doesnít have his hands up*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:11 (So how has your week been so far?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 06:12 [Not so great. :/]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 06:12 [There are some people in my physics class that I don't really get along with.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 06:15 Man: *@ Josh* What did I just say to you, boy?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:19 (Dang... Iím sorry to hear that.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:20 (What type of physics class is it?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 06:24 [It's physics 2, which covers electromagnetism but isn't calculus-based.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 06:25 [Every Tuesday we do a lab. There are four girls (including me) and four boys. For whatever reason, the lab groups wound up basically being one all-girl group and one all-boy group.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 06:26 [The professor's teaching style is quite informal. He's a riot, really (AKA he has a fantastic sense of humor and is basically made of comedy movie references), but at the same time some of his lectures are incomprehensible.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:27 *does as told - his hands go up* *tilts his head almost lazily*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 06:27 [The three other girls all know each other from at least one previous semester, so I'm kind of the odd one out in the lab group, and apparently at least one of them finds me annoying, soooo... XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.22 06:29 Man: *@ Mazy* How much did you tell them?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:29 I-I told them nothing, I swear! I told them to leave!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:29 Man: Don't lie to me, Mazy. Mazy: I'm not lying!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:30 (Ah... that type of professor. I had a similar one whoíd go on rambles. It was a travel and tourism class, and once the lecture ended up getting extremely philosophical and off-topic (eg, do objects have a sense of touch). Since I never knew if exams
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:31 (would be lecture-based or textbook-based, I ended up not doing as well as I should have. As for the girls, thatís definitely the worst. Iíve found that girls can be like that unfortunately, and itís really annoying.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:32 (Honestly, if they think that, then you must be doing something right.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:33 *steps forward tentatively* Sheís telling the truth- she threatened us in there-
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:34 [I've been acing the exams and homework so far, but it's been very difficult.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:35 [And yes, he tends to ramble. He seems to like going off on a tangent about some sort of somehow related trivia, but a lot of the time I think what he's talking about gets lost on the students.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:35 [Some days are better than others. On Thursday I could understand 90% of his lecture. Tuesdays seem considerably worse in general for some reason.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:36 [I often stay behind after class is over and ask him lots of questions. I've found that if I ask him enough questions I can drag out a bunch of fundamental information that I missed and needed.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:36 [And yes, the difference between girls and boys is the starkest I've ever seen in this classroom.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:36 [The boys are generally silent 95% of the time, and when they speak they're polite and soft-spoken. The girls are just...ugh.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:37 [During any sort of spare time and even when the class is supposed to start they're just going on and on and on about how stupid or incompetent this guy is in this class, or that person is at work, etc. etc.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:42 (Itís kind of a shame that the professor isnít really doing what he should be, especially for a class like that. Also, tell me about it. During my time here, Iíve honestly had an easier time talking to guys. I just donít trust some of the girls.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:44 (Thatís ridiculous, but I sense a pattern. It seems like they enjoy putting other people down, which could indicate some insecurity issues.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:44 [Yeah. A friend of mine told me that girls in professional environments are goddarn catty. I can see why he said that even in an academic setting.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:45 [At first I admired them for how outspoken they are, but over time they've just gotten annoying.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:48 [They also basically talk throughout class as well. One of them is somehow able to throw a snarky or sarcastic comment at basically anything and everything.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:48 [Sometimes it's legitimately funny, but over time it's gotten to the point where I'm constantly thinking "Do you have a positive thing to say about anything at all?"]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 06:49 (Yeah. There comes a time where that just becomes overkill.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:56 [Absolutely.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 06:57 [How has your week been?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 07:07 (Itís been a tad overwhelming so far. Iím planning on auditioning for a music minor next year, and today I found out that I might have to learn part of the Mendelssohn concerto. I love that piece, but itís like 10/10 difficulty.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 07:08 (On top of that, Iím trying to reaudition for marching band in the summer, and that piece has been a challenge. Then Iíve got some difficult classes. So...yeah.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 07:09 [Oof... XP Well, I wish you the best of luck with all of that!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 07:11 (Thanks! Iíll definitely need it.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.22 07:16 (Anyways, I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! )
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.22 07:21 [Goodnight! See you!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.23 05:14 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I was busy and I forgot to get on this RP.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.23 06:58 [Guess you're not here. See you next week! I hope you have a great week!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.23 22:12 (Sorry I couldnít make it! Someone I know on my floor was having issues with loud neighbors, so I sort of had to offer a safe haven. You have a great week too!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.24 04:15 [Ah, okay. That's fine; see you!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 04:40 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:16 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I was doing something and I got caught up in other things. I might be able to stay on for like 15 minutes.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:18 [It's fine!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:18 Man: *@ Josh* Was I talking to you?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:23 *doesnít say anything* *just sort of looks at him*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:31 Man: Answer my question, boy!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:33 *mutters* Bro! *gives Josh a nudge*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:34 *says flatly* You werenít, but I thought you might appreciate an additional answer.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:37 Man: I don't. Now keep your trap shut!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:37 *says flatly* You werenít, but I thought you might appreciate an additional answer.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:37 *Now, unless otherwise stated,
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:37 (Sorry for the double post.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:40 [It's fine!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Feb.28 05:40 He's--all I did was tell them to leave!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:40 Man: *thinks for a bit**then says:* I'm afraid they can't leave now.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:41 *was nodding until the man made that last statement* *glances at Midas*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:41 Man: *gestures towards the door with his rifle* You three boys come inside now, nice an' slow. And keep your hands to yourselves!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 05:42 Man: My finger's real itchy. If anyone makes any sudden moves I might just do somethin' nobody will like.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:42 *didnít know what he was thinking when he thought theyíd get out scot-free* *is truly terrified* *takes the first step after the man*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:42 (Sorry, but the manís comments are kind of hilarious, haha.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:44 *follows Josh unsteadily, his hands still partially raised* *mutters to Midas* This is it. *isnít joking, either*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Feb.28 05:48 (I have to go now, see you! I may or may not be on tomorrow night, but spring break starts for me so I intend to be online this upcoming week.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Feb.28 06:06 [Alright, see you! Okie dokie, great!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.3 04:28 [I'm online!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.3 04:56 (Hi! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.3 05:59 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.3 05:59 [Are you still there?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.3 06:09 [Sorry I took so long to respond...I've been on other RPs and whatnot and I forgot to check on this one... XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.3 07:08 [Crap...I guess I missed you... :( See you tomorrow, hopefully! Oh, and what movie was it?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 04:54 [Well heck...now I'm late because I was watching a movie. Sorry.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 05:06 (Hi! Nah, itís fine. I just got online myself. Sorry I missed you last night- I fell asleep. I was watching On the Waterfront with Marlon Brando.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 05:45 [Ah, okay!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 05:45 [Also hi! Sorry, forgot to check this RP AGAIN... XP I hope you're still there...]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 05:59 (Still here! I might not be able to stay on for long, though.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:10 [Yay! Alright. Let's RP!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:11 *keeps his hands raised as he follows Josh**says under his breath to Kai:* We'll see...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:17 *follows the man inside the house, which is very old but immaculate* *canít seem to see straight, heís that scared*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:18 *is just as terrified as everyone else, but something about holding up the rear gives him the sense that heís temporarily cushioned from danger*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:21 Man: *enters a dusty room that seems to have been in disuse**yells for somebody to get more chairs**an older woman gets them*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:21 Man: Take a seat.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:25 *stumbles into the chair* *sits up straight and rests his hands on his knees* *his legs are shaking so badly that theyíre practically bouncing*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:28 *looks up at the man tentatively* *his eyes are glassy and apprehensive*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:28 *sits down as well*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:33 *is the last to sit* *trips over an extremely old pair of rubber boots in the process*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:34 Man
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:35 **Man: *stares at Kai*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:38 *stares back at the man in an almost challenging way* *finally murmurs* Excuse me.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:39 Man: *switches to looking at the three of them as a whole* Well well well...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:39 Man: What are we gonna do with you?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:39 *another man is seen in the shadows of the hallway, looking at the three of them**the man looks remarkably like Dylan*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:42 (Was Dylan one of Mazyís friends? Iím in need of a quick refresher.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:43 [Remember how they were searching on her aunt's computer for clues?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:44 *draws in a long breath* *was expecting an interrogation, but it seems as if the worst is likely to unfold*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:44 [They found a very old Facebook post with a picture of Mazy and Dylan together.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:44 [The picture was titled "Spending time with my brother."]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:45 [You can refresh the page to "log out," press Ctrl-F to search for text, and type in "Dylan" if you need a more detailed refresher.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:46 (Ohhh okay. Now Iím remembering.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:48 *doesnít have a defense, either* *they came to the house for Mazy, and snooped around in order to find her* *part of him feels like he got what he deserved for going too deep*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 06:56 Man: You three have any suggestions?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 06:58 *looks up quickly* What?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 07:05 Man: You. Three. Have. Any. Suggestions?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:10 *is getting easily frustrated* *points at a bucket in the corner* Just throw that bucket at my head and call it a night. Lights out.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 07:14 Man: Heh...we've got a wise guy here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.4 07:14 Man: You hear that? This one's got sass. *Dylan is heard chuckling darkly*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.4 07:14 *suddenly arrives in the hallway* No...please...
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.4 07:15 I didn't tell them anything, honest!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:20 *looks up again* *Mazyís voice is like a divine intervention* *tries to get a view of the hallway in hopes that sheís close by*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:21 Do you expect us to give you a realistic answer as to how weíd like to be killed? *turns toward the door* *Mazyís voice has diverted his attention*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:23 Shut up, Kai! *is both trying to defend him and trying to quell an altercation in the face of potential rescue*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.4 07:36 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.4 07:38 [Aw, bye! Sorry for disappearing; got caught up in an amusing argument.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 04:21 [I'm here, but my replies will be slow. I'm studying for a physics test I have tomorrow.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 04:26 (Hey! Okay.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 04:41 Man: "Killed?" *laughs a bit*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 04:41 Man: Keep talkin' like that and maybe something like that might happen.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 04:47 *doesnít respond, though he has a strong urge to* *clenches his fist and glances at the door* *the man probably notices how everyoneís attention has been diverted*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:02 Man: Tie 'em up. *Dylan and the woman run off and come back with ropes*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:02 *the woman hesitates, seeming scared* Woman: Do...do we really have to? We...we could just let them go- Man: And if Mazy told 'em everything what are we gunna do?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:03 Man: Tie. Them. UP! *the woman just cowers a little**he grumbles* Gimme... *takes her ropes and gives her the gun**he and Dylan tie the three to the chairs*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:03 Man: Scream all ya want...out here, nobody can hear ya.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:07 Man: Get yer sister. We're gonna have a talk. *Dylan heads out and grabs Mazy**Mazy is heard objecting and resisting*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:08 Man: Now if any of ya try anything it's in my right to blow your heads off! Ya hear?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:11 *nods* *is sweating profusely*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:12 *leans his head back* *feels like he might throw up, have a heart attack, or both* *utters a swear repeatedly*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:15 *is managing to stay remarkably calm* *even though the chances are seeming low, he has a feeling theyíll get out of it somehow* *after all, the man hasnít attempted to kill them yet*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:17 *the man leaves temporarily to have whatever kind of ďtalkĒ he was meaning to have with Dylan and Mazy* *there is a lot of yelling, especially between the man and Mazy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:18 *is talking rapidly* We shouldnít have done this. God, we shouldnít have come here. *seems like heís on the verge of a breakdown*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:18 *offers shakily* Just keep calm. Keep calm.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:24 *some tears start falling down his face* Iím trying really hard to.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:25 *keeps his voice low* Weíre gonna get out of this eventually. Itís all a waiting game. Maybe heíll forget about us out there.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:36 You don't just forget that you have three men tied up in your [BLEEP]hole.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:37 You three have anything sharp on you?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:38 *the ropes are so tight that heís starting to lose sensation in his arms* *draws in a breath through his teeth* No. Not that I know of.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:40 *is scanning the room for any sort of sharp tool*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:41 *the room mostly just has a bit of old, covered furniture*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:42 *looks around as well**tries to remove one of the sheets with his feet to no avail
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:42 **
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:43 *the yelling coming from the other room quiets down after a few minutes*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:46 *after giving up on a search for tools, his eyes land on a beaten sofa in the corner* *stares at it* *is reminded of his grandpaís old couch* *vaguely notes that he hasnít seen his grandpa in a while* *is starting to get extremely lightheaded*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:47 *glances at the door in anticipation of the manís return*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:47 *sees Josh's expression* Hey...hey, you okay?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:47 Josh?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:52 *his eyes are cast towards the floor* *his thoughts shift to his parents* *murmurs* We shouldíve stayed the full time... *hasnít had more than a caramel frappe in the past several hours*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:53 Josh?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:53 What do you mean?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:53 *canít really think straight due to the pain* *says after a while* What the h**l are you talking about?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:55 *glances at Midas with a flicker of alertness in his eyes* Yeah, I was talking to you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:56 We shouldíve stayed for all of Thanksgiving... I couldíve said...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:58 ...Yeah...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:58 We could have done that...not necessarily should have, though.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:58 *attempts to rephrase* I couldíve left them... in a way that I wouldíve been okay with and they wouldíve been okay with.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 05:59 Did I miss something important? *sounds a touch sarcastic*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:59 Look, this isn't the end until it is the end.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 05:59 We can't give up now. We need to do something and fast.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:03 *looks a Midas for a while, then looks at the ground as he considers his words*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:04 Right. I donít know what happened, but we gotta focus on right now.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:08 *had set out to make things right with Mazy, but now heís in her grandpaís basement or whatever, in the face of death* *isnít sure if what he and Mazy had will ever be recovered, but from this entire experience he realizes that he shouldíve been building
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:09 more important bridges all along* *the only way to make that happen is to get out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:09 *looks up at Midas again* Is there any way we can try and squeeze out of these ropes?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.5 06:10 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! Good luck on that physics exam- you should kill it!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 06:10 So start looking for anything that'll help. *tries to scooch his chair towards some covered furniture but stops, as the scooching makes loud scraping noises*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.5 06:19 [Aw, bye! Thanks!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:11 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late, I just finished watching one of the most disturbing movies I've ever seen. XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:12 (Hey! Thatís fine- I literally just finished a book and got here myself. What was it? And how did your test go?)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:17 [I think my test went well, but I won't know until I get my grade. Also the movie was called Killer Joe. It's definitely rated NC-17 for a reason.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:17 [My replies will be slow. I'm studying for a geography test I'll take tomorrow.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:24 (Oh geez. Thatís why I tend to stay away from those movies. Also,okay.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:28 [It wasn't a bad movie. In the end I would say it's a good movie. Doesn't mean it doesn't necessitate brain bleach after viewing, though.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:29 [If you're curious about it, I would read Roger Ebert's review of it.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:35 [BLEEP]...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:35 *suddenly Dylan walks in**he just crouches down and stares at the three of them*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:35 *looks right back at him*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:39 *looks up at Dylan too, as does Kai* *there is a long silence*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:42 *Dylan just continues to look at them**Dylan's expression seems a bit curious, but is otherwise unreadable*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:43 (Yeah. Unlike horror movies with that rating, it seems to have a legitimate plot.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:44 *would make a smart remark right now, but that could mean the difference between the man returning and Dylan cutting them some slack*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:46 *instead, he raises the slightest eyebrow at Dylan*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:48 [It does. It has some surprisingly funny moments too, but it's still disturbing as h**l.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:48 [BTW, have you seen the movie Parasite?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:49 *Dylan continues to stare*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:51 (No, I havenít. I really want to, though!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:51 [I have. It's really good--I definitely recommend it!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:51 [I would describe it as a bit of a horror comedy. It has some really hilarious moments, but also some disturbing moments (not nearly as bad as Killer Joe, but still scary).]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:52 (The premise seemed great. Iím going to have to soon. One movie I did really like was 1917. Iíve seen that a few times already.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:53 [Yep, Parasite has a pretty interesting/unique plot. Also alright.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 05:53 [I haven't seen 1917, though I've definitely heard of it.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:55 *is starting to nod off again, though the chair scraping/Dylanís arrival did kickstart him a bit* Are you here for a reason? *isnít challenging him - if anything, he sounds almost worried*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:57 (It definitely seems like one of those movies that messes around with your mind like that. As for 1917- Iím not a fan of war/violent films, but I really liked this one because it focused on the emotional aspects of war rather than having tons of action
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 05:58 sequences. There were some gruesome parts, but I think that contributed to the historical accuracy, which was striking by the way.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:04 [Ah, alright. Interesting. I'll have to see if I can watch it sometime.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:04 Um... *itís kind of obvious that Dylan heard the noise*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:04 *gives Kai a look* *is really just wondering why Dylan is lingering around*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:05 Dylan: *nods a little*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:09 *stares at Dylan, waiting for him to elaborate*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:09 *Dylan does not elaborate*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:14 *sits through the longest, most uncomfortable silence of his life* *remembers his phone in his back pocket* *wishes they wouldíve gone against Mazyís wishes and just called the police*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:15 *says after a while to Dylan* Do you know what time it is?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:15 [Oh crap, I forgot about their phones. The man and Dylan would've taken them away to keep them from calling the police.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:15 Dylan: *pauses, then stands up* Yes. *heads out without another word*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:17 (Oh, okay.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:17 *mumbles* That was really weird.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:18 ...It felt like they were testing us or something...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:18 Or he's crazy.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:18 Or maybe he's...ya know...not into girls?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:18 *keeps his voice down, especially on that last part*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:21 I donít know. Whatever it is...thereís a screw loose up there or something. *points to his head*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:22 Seems like it...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:22 *chuckles dryly* He doesnít take after grandpa or whoever, does he. Kai: No, but we should be thankful for that. Grandpa wouldíve shot us without hesitation.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:23 I think that's Mazy's uncle...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:23 I'm not sure, but it would make sense that these are her aunt and uncle, wouldn't it?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:26 Probably. Her aunt sent all the emails.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:26 So where do her parents come into all of this.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:26 Yeah...she's the one who got tickets to this state.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:26 I dunno.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:27 They don't seem to be around, but who knows?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:27 Let's just focus on getting out of here alive, okay?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:27 I really donít think they give a single (BLEEP). Truly.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:28 *is looking at the floor* *suddenly, his eyes fall on a pair of old pliers in the corner of the room* Hey.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:28 What?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:29 *points at the pliers* Over there. Are those?...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:31 *doesnít answer* *starts reaching with his toe* *however, the pliers are too far away, and he overstretches* *the chair club is against the floor*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:32 [XD "Chair club?"]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:32 [Reminds me of Markiplier's recent Human Fall Flat video.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:32 [Mark became obsessed with climbing on pipes in the game so he was constantly like "PIPE CLUUUB!"]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:32 [XD Well, now I just imagined Midas being like "CHAIR CLUUUB!"]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:35 (Haha, totally missed that typo... autocorrect is weird. I meant that the chair clunked against the floor.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:35 (Technically, I guess the chair couldíve clubbed the floor too.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:38 [XD I still like to think that one-third of the Chair Club is now against the floor.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:39 Careful...
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:39 (Also, he totally should, hahaha. They are a chair club of sorts at the moment.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:39 (BLEEP). Sorry about that.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:41 Yeah, careful. Just keep moving an inch at a time.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:42 Okay. *slides the chair carefully an inch or so across the floor in 10-second intervals* *after about a minute, he gets to the point where he can reach the pliers with his foot* *drags them across the floor*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:43 *whispers* I think I got Ďem. *tries to reach them with his arm, but he canít* *has to kick them around a little more before he can come close to reaching them*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:46 *picks them up* *tosses the pliers in the air and catches them* Alright. I canít just untie us all just yet. We need to know what weíre doing first.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:51 Getting the [BLEEP] out of here, that's what we're doing.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:54 Yeah, but how? I want to keep the chances of death to a minimum.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:55 I need my keys and my phone. He has them.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:55 I donít think we can just escape out the back door. *points to the pliers* Itís not much, but we do have those.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:57 *looks down for a while* Okay. *puts the pliers in between his teeth and picks up his chair with his free hands* *toddles over to Josh and sets his chair down as quietly as possible* Youíre first.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 06:58 [BLEEP] the phone. We need to get to the cops.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:58 *begins tugging at the ropes with the pliers* *grunts a little - theyíre extremely tight*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 06:59 *lets out a sigh of relief when Kai finally unties him* *lets the ropes fall and goes over to untie Midas* *unravels the knot with his hands as quickly as possible*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:02 *once he's untied, he breathes a sigh of relief as well and gets up**says quietly* Let's get the h**l out of here.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:03 *Midas and Josh head for the door* *is still tied to the chair* Uh, did you guys forget about me or something?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:03 I'm just scouting around. I thought Josh would untie you. *raises an eyebrow at Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:04 *smiles a bit bashfully* Sorry. *unties Kai as quickly as he can* *has to use the pliers this time*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:04 Thanks. *stands up, a bit rocky* Alright. Letís jet.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:05 *peeks out into the hallway tentatively*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:05 *it's very dark and quiet out there, though he can see a light coming from a room with a closed door*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:05 *says a few prayers* *then looks after Midas*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:06 *whispers* We good?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:08 *turns towards Josh and Kai* Yep, let's go- *suddenly Dylan runs in extremely fast and hits him from behind*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:08 *lurches forward onto Josh and Kai*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:14 *almost falls to the ground* *Kai lets out a yelp*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:14 (Okay, that was creepy. Iím guessing Dylan was listening to them all along.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:16 *the uncle comes in behind Dylan, holding up his shotgun* [Yep. And the uncle, too.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:16 *turns around and locks eyes with a feral looking Dylan* *his hands grope the air as he tries to grab hold of Kai and Midas* Go! GO! *pushes them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:16 (Uh oh. Double the trouble.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:16 Uncle: It's a shame, but now we really have to do something to ya.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:16 Uncle: SIT. BACK. DOWN!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:17 *attempts to scramble towards the door*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:18 *sees Kai making a run for it* *doesnít really know where Midas is - his head is spinning in the frenzy* MIDAS!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:19 Uncle: *hits Kai in the head with his shotgun*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:19 *dives at Dylan, but Dylan slams him down*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:22 *Kai goes down so instantly, itís scary* *pulls out the pliers and lunges at the uncle* *isnít really sure what heís doing*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.6 07:27 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow! Best of luck on that exam!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:28 *Dylan immediately goes to grab Josh by his arm and body and slam him into the wall*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:29 [Aw, bye! Good luck to you too!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.6 07:29 [With spring break fun, that is. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:04 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I had a long day and then watched a movie with my family.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:11 (Hi! Thatís fine!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:14 (Also, is Dylan Quicksilver or something? He runs extremely fast, haha.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:15 [Nah, he's more like Foxy from FNAF 1.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:15 *1. XD]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:15 *lets out a gasp of pain* *sees an explosion of stars in his mind when he hits the wall*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:19 Uncle: That's it! *grabs Josh and starts dragging him out of the room**also gives Dylan a handgun*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:23 (Geez, thatís a way to treat someone who just got slammed against a wall...) *yells out in pain* *kind of wants to die already at this point*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:25 *is passed out, but the faint sounds of Joshís yelling rouses him* *opens his eyes* *the room is spinning, and there is a throbbing pain near his right cheek*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:27 *rushes to help Josh, but Dylan aims his gun at Midas' head**freezes*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:28 Uncle: Keep these two [BLEEP]s there! *half-drags Josh away**ultimately forces him into the basement*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:31 *is pushed down the final few steps* *lands on a concrete floor on his hands and knees* *his breathing is shallow* *is scared to death*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:38 Uncle: *gets some rope and ties Josh to a concrete pillar*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:41 *is sagging against the pillar* *glances at the uncle with dropping eyes* What the (BLEEP) do you want from me?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:48 Uncle: You'll see soon. *makes sure he's secure and then leaves*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 05:51 *utters a string of curses* *is preparing to die*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 05:56 *in the meantime, Dylan has kicked Midas around and then tied him and Kai back up*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 06:02 Uncle: *comes back to the room Midas and Kai are in* You're not gonna see Josh for a while, and if you try anything again you're not gonna see him ever.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 06:03 Uncle: Enjoy your stay. *Dylan, in the meantime, is checking around to make sure nothing useful (other than the pliers) is sitting around in the room*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:07 What?... *is still weaving in and out of consciousness*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:07 *has been trying to wriggle himself out of the ropes, but it hasnít been working out so far*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 06:13 *Dylan ensures that there are no tools available to them and then clothes and locks the door*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:23 *murmurs* Back to square one... *nods off again*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 06:24 *immediately tries to wriggle out of the ropes, but can't*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 06:24 [You okay with a time skip occurring?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:28 (Yeah, sure!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 06:32 ~HOURS LATER...~
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:38 *is feeling completely defeated* *can barely stand against the pillar, even with the ropes holding him* *despite that, he tells himself heís going to get himself out, no matter the cost*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 06:43 [Josh was tied up in a sitting position, actually.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:45 (Oh, okay.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 06:58 Uncle: *comes down into the basement and throws cold water on Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 06:59 *gasps* *sputters a curse* You (BLEEP)!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 07:00 Uncle: Watch yer mouth, boy.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 07:07 *only retaliates* (BLEEP) off.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 07:07 Uncle: *kicks Josh*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 07:14 *folds a little from the blow* *winces*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.7 07:17 (I have to go now; see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.7 07:22 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 04:18 Uncle: Are you deaf?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 04:47 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 04:48 *frowns a little* Are you nice?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 04:57 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 04:57 Uncle: When I need to be.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:03 Uncle: You're gonna stay down here for a while, so get used to it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:03 Uncle: In the meantime, we're gonna get to know each other.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:17 *watches the uncle as he paces the basement floor* *wouldnít be surprised if ďknowing each otherĒ would equate to another beating*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:26 *Josh is correct**the uncle begins to beat him while asking him what he knows about them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:30 *doesnít really know or remember* *is able to handle it in the beginning, but after a few punches, he loses it* *his face is bruised and bloody*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:31 *the uncle screams in his face and accuses him of lying* *is practically crying* I donít know! I DONíT KNOW!!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:32 *can hear everything in the basement from upstairs* *listens, heart pounding*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:33 *says shakily* Midas, I think heís gonna kill him.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:37 [BTW, I'm in a voice call with Caprial and RaeAnna and I mentioned you and Caprial wondered if you'd be interested in joining one of our RPs.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:38 [I pointed out that you're in university and usually can only come on 3 days at a time, though, and she kind of expressed that that wouldn't work out too well since our RPs are very fast-paced.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:40 [We currently have three active RPs--one has a main story going on while the other two are set in the past and have side stories going. I am the Game Master for the main one (A Horribly Amazing World 3), while Caprial and RaeAnna own the other two.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:40 (That would be cool! The only thing is that I canít be online regularly. As you know, Thursday-Saturday is really the only time I can be online, and I donít know if that would be an issue.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:40 [Caprial owns a side RP set just before/during WWII. You could jump in if you wanted to since there isn't too much lore to learn, but unfortunately we come on and RP every night and you could easily get left behind. :(]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:41 (Another thing is that Iím kind of unfamiliar with A Horribly Amazing World, and I know you guys have done a ton of world building.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:42 (That sounds awesome, but yeah, I donít know if thatíd work out at the moment. Sometimes Iím not even able to make it on Thursday nights.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:42 [We can share the lore you need to know. For the side RP, you don't need to know nearly as much as the main RP.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:42 *as if you joined the
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:48 [However, I understand. Maybe you can join sometime later on/when you have more time. :)]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:52 (Yeah, for sure! Thanks for asking me!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:53 We gotta do something... *wriggles*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 05:53 I-I can't take this... [BTW, they know Dylan is standing right outside their room with a gun.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 05:59 (Yep.) I donít know what we can do...weíre trapped in here.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 06:07 We...we can charge out...I'm sure one of us will make it to him...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 06:16 *suddenly pauses**just outside the door there's whispering*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:20 *looks at Midas* *listens carefully*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.8 06:31 *listens, but he can't make out what the voices are saying**suddenly there's some shuffling and a loud bump*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.8 06:32 *moments later, she opens the door, runs in, and starts cutting their ropes*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:38 Mazy? What the?... *watches her as she cuts through his ropes*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.8 06:47 My uncle is torturing Josh...we need to get him and go.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 06:48 Weíre gonna have to get past your uncle though. *winces when he stands*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.8 07:03 I got Dylan's gun.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 07:04 *does a visible double take* Okay. We need to hurry.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 07:12 *Mazy leads them down into the basement* *notices that she has the gun at the ready*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.8 07:18 [BTW, while Caprial and I were talking about you, Caprial said you have had some really good RPs. :D]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 07:24 (Oh! Tell her I said thank you.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.8 07:30 (Anyways, I have to go now. Have a great week!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.8 07:31 [I did. ^.^ Aw, bye! I hope you have a great week too!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.13 01:04 (Hey, just wanted to let you know that I might not be online tonight. My university cancelled classes until April 20 due to the coronavirus, and I had to come home. Iím probably gonna have to spend most of my night unpacking/studying for upcoming exams.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.13 01:06 (Iíll probably be online tomorrow though. Since classes are now online, I will be able to sleep a little longer/have more time in my day due to a reduced schedule. That said, I may be able to be online more frequently, but let me gauge out the week. Iím
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.13 01:06 still unsure of how my classes are going to be structured.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.13 03:11 [Holy heck, alright. That's totally fine. What university are you attending again? I usually get University of Michigan and Michigan State mixed up.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.13 03:11 [Hopefully you will make it online tonight, and good luck with your exams.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 03:22 [I'm here!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 03:51 (Hey! Sorry Iím late.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 03:57 (I go to Michigan State. That was pretty much the first university here to resort to online classes, then all of the other universities in the state followed suit. Itís truly getting crazy around here.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 04:31 [Hey! Sorry for the delay in my reply.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 04:31 *]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 04:32 [Ah, okay. Most of the classes I'm taking this semester are completely online (other than proctored tests) already, so if my college does the same then it won't be too much of a shift for me (hopefully).]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 04:32 [How have you been faring when it comes to switching to online classes?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 04:43 (Hi! Thatís fine.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 04:45 (I actually donít have any classes on Fridays except for lessons, which were canceled until my teachers and I can figure things out. Most of my other professors still havenít gotten the classes sorted out 100%. A lot of things had to be modified.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 04:46 (I took online classes for most of high school, so Iím prepared to make the transition. Itís still a very confusing time though.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 04:51 [Ah, okay. I took a lot of online classes when I was younger too, so I'm used to them as well.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 04:51 [I hope your college gets things sorted out!]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 04:54 (Thanks! I do, too.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 05:20 *hesitates just before entering the basement***chickens out and turns to Josh and Kai**whispers:* Do either of you know how to use a gun?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 05:29 I have no idea. It doesnít matter - we need to go down there!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 05:35 Answer my question!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 05:35 Both of you!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 05:36 [My dad right now: COVID-19 only affects people who are multiples of 19. Me (a 19 year-old): ...Well [BLEEP] you then.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 05:39 (Oh my gosh, haha. Iím right there with you.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 05:40 I just did! I have no idea!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 05:50 [I'm in Hangouts with RaeAnna, Caprial, and others and I told them what my dad said. RaeAnna's birthday is 3 months from now, so she's like "I HAVE 3 MONTHS TO GET IT"]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 05:54 (Uh oh. Hopefully sheís not counting down the days yet...)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 05:55 How do you not know if you have or haven't been trained to use a gun?!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 05:55 Here! *shoves the gun in Josh's hands*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 06:03 (Josh is currently in the basement, haha.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 06:04 You were the one with the (BLEEP)ing gun in the first place! *starts downstairs* *is done caring*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 06:09 [Wait what??]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 06:09 [Mazy took the lead and wouldn't have let them in before they were prepared. I am confuzzled. XD]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 06:12 (Yeah... the reason they were going down there was because her uncle was having his way with Josh.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 06:17 [OHHHHHHHHHHH]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 06:17 [My bad. XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 06:17 [I'm super tired, sorry.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 06:18 [For some reason I thought they were going down to save Midas. Nvm, she gave the gun to Midas.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 06:18 I haven't touched a gun since I was a kid- Mazy: Get over it.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 06:18 [Pretend every reference to Josh was aimed at Midas.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 06:21 (Nah, donít worry about it. It has been a while.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 06:23 *is kind of getting irritated with Mazyís pushiness* Whyíd you bring the gun if you didnít know how to use it in the first place?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.14 06:27 (Alright, I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.14 06:35 [Aw, bye!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.14 06:35 *doesn't answer**begins to slowly and carefully open the basement door as quietly as possible*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 03:14 [I'm here! BTW, spring break starts next week (AKA tomorrow) for me, and I do plan to do my Spring Break Ball for several days next week.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 03:14 [Naturally you are invited. ^.^ Do you have preferences for what days the ball will be held?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 04:04 (Hi! Sorry Iím late.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 04:05 (Great! I really donít know, honestly... I may be on Thursday night; I may not. To be safe, Friday onwards would be best for me. I donít have to be there if itís too much of an inconvenience.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 04:27 [Hi!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 04:27 [No, it's fine. You could even come in the middle of it if you wanted to. I'll try to schedule it for later in the week.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 04:33 (Alright, thanks!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 04:52 *once the basement door is open, she pushes Midas a bit, making him go in first*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:02 *kind of shoves in after Midas* *is a little scared to see whatís going on down there*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 05:22 [Sorry about the slow replies BTW. They'll be faster now.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.15 05:23 *somewhat reluctantly goes in first**aims the gun forward and climbs down the stairs as slowly as possible**winces when Josh yells in pain*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.15 05:26 *at the same time, Josh's cries also anger him**he finally rushes down and aims the gun at the uncle* DON'T MOVE!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.15 05:26 *the uncle instinctively reaches for his gun, then stops**Josh, in the meantime, is pretty beat up*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.15 05:26 Uncle: Don't move or what?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 05:27 *rushes over and starts cutting Josh's bonds*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:30 *goes over and helps Mazy* *utters a swear upon seeing some of the injuries*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:31 (No problem! My internet kind of crapped out, so my apologies as well.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:42 *throws the ropes aside once theyíre all cut* *hoists Josh up and holds him, since he is having a hard time keeping his balance*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 05:44 [It's fine!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 05:44 [That happens. It's crappy when it craps out. XD XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.15 05:45 Or I'll shoot! Uncle: ...I don't see a killer in those eyes.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.15 05:45 I can learn.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:50 *turns to watch the intensity unfold* *Midas raises the gun slowly* *the uncle just stares back calmly*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:51 *Josh gropes at his shoulder, finally realizing heís been rescued* *murmurs* Hey, Iíve gotchu.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 05:51 Let's go!! *pushes Kai and Josh towards the stairs*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 05:56 Wait!- *faces Midas, but Mazy pushes him towards the stairs*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.15 05:59 GO! *pushes them both*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.15 05:59 *keeps the gun aimed at the uncle* She's right, just get out of here!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 06:01 *is about to yell something at Midas, but heís gone before he can think of anything to say*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.15 06:05 (I have to go now. I wonít be back until Thursday I donít think, but Iíll try to send in some updates. Take care, and see you soon!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.15 06:13 [Alright, see you! Take care too!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.19 04:24 [The RP is OPEN! Please join as soon as you can, read the rules, and post your character descriptions! http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=SpringBreak3 ]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 03:33 [I'm online!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 03:36 [I'm thinking I'll delay starting the ball RP until tomorrow. However, everyone's free to join and post their character descriptions.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 03:41 [I'm bringing an FSS character so that your characters won't be lonely. ^.^]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.20 03:45 (Hi! Okay, sounds good!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 03:52 [How many slots are you going to use? Make sure to read the rules, BTW. ^.^]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.20 03:56 (Probably just two for me!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 03:59 [Really? Okay. I would like a fourth slot, but I have limited myself to three so you and others can have four; would it be alright with you if I borrowed one of your slots?]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.20 04:00 (Of course!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:00 [Keep in mind that that would mean your slot limit would drop to three unless other people also take less slots than expected. If you're not okay with that, that's fine.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:00 [Alright, thank you!]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:00 [I'll update the rules to reflect that decision.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:03 [Oh no...]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:03 [I just realized that I have added both Char and Midas to this, two of my most mischievous characters to date... XD]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.20 04:06 (Haha, uh oh... double the trouble, it seems.)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:07 [Indeed.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:07 [I also added Jane, who is practically made of energy. XD]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:07 [So it seems that I have decided to bring my most energetic characters to the ball.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.20 04:10 (All the better though, right?)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:10 [Yep. XD]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:19 [Are you going to claim slots on there and provide descriptions, or would you like to just RP on here tonight?]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:21 [Context in case you can't follow some of my descriptions: Panthea is a planet I created in the A Horribly Amazing World multiverse. Panthea and a set of planets called the "Panthean planets" have deities that are worshipped there and are considered the
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:22 planet systems' overseers of sorts; these deities are known as the Panthean gods.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:23 [Panthea is to me as Irakurri is to RaeAnna. Panthea is sort of "my" world with their rules, magic systems, peoples, etc. invented by me; Irakurri is a whole universe that RaeAnna created that also serves as a major setting.]
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:24 [The vast majority of RaeAnna's characters are Irakurrians; the majority of mine are Pantheans or are Panthea-related in some way.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.20 04:24 (Iíll probably do everything tomorrow, as I have to go now. See you then!)
5>Havyn (Mazy's Friend), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 04:30 [Alright, see you!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:36 [Oh boy...so...uh...things have happened... XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:37 [Here's some context: Caprial likes StarKid Productions, a musical theater company. One of their musicals is called The Guy Who Didn't Like Musicals, which features a professor character who is kind of insane but hilarious.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:38 [The professor had a great scene where he says that he has loved Alexa (i.e. the technological device you put in your home) like a "woman of flesh and bone," but he is supposedly forced to give "her" up, so he tells Alexa to self-destruct.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:38 [Alexa says that "she" cannot do that. The professor calls Alexa a "[BLEEP]ING PIECE OF [BLEEP]" and smashes Alexa.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:38 [A friend named Bumble (AKA Shyne) has a scientist character named Quinlynn who she's bringing to the ball. Bumble has stated that Quinlynn is oddly like the professor.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:39 [As a joke I added rule 8 to the RP (please read it). I then remembered that you have a character named Alexa. XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:40 [I informed Bumble, Caprial, and RaeAnna of this, and followed up with a big "NOOOO." Bumble replied with this: Quinlynn: "I'm so sorry you were named after a piece of [BLEEP]."]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:40 [I HIGHLY recommend bringing Alexa to the ball. It might make for some great situations with Quinlynn. XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.20 05:41 [Oh, and beware: RaeAnna has brought Litho to the ball (he's her villain who kissed Aedona/Kaliste right before killing her), so watch out. Also I will confess that I encouraged her to do this. XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 03:00 [I'm here! However, I will be mostly on the Spring Break Ball RP tonight unless you request that we RP on here as well. Please make sure to post your descriptions ASAP!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 03:56 [Hello?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.21 03:59 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. I was watching Lord of the Rings, and thereís really no better time to watch it than now.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.21 03:59 (Well, thatís perfect! I was actually planning on having Alexa be my second character.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:00 [Awesome!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:01 [Please join me on the Spring Break Ball RP! :D]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:01 [And please post your character descriptions for yourself and Alexa!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:05 [I will close this RP for now because I'm managing too many RPs at once. If you want me to come on here, please tell me so on the Spring Break Ball RP.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.21 04:05 *close this RP's tab
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.22 03:38 [I'm online, but again I'll mostly be on the Spring Break Ball RP. ^.^ Please go on there; I sent you a secret message!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.26 05:06 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late, I forgot it was Thursday. XD XP
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.26 05:06 *]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.26 06:01 [Well, guess you're not here. See you around!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.26 06:54 [Oh wait...I was the biggest moron on the face of the Earth...it was Wednesday. Whoops, sorry!! XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.27 03:17 [Whoo, I'm here on the correct day!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 03:20 (Hey!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 03:21 (Haha, thatís totally fine! Mistakes happen. Honestly, I didnít even know it was still March....)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.27 03:44 [XD Oh gosh.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.27 03:44 [Also hi!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 03:48 (Hi! Letís get this show on the road!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 03:50 *is pulled upstairs by Kai* *is struggling to turn back around* Midas! MIDAS!
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 03:52 *grits his teeth* *keeps his voice low* We have to go! *Josh lets out a sort of yowl* *winces a little* *doesnít want to leave Midas in the basement either, but thatís how it has to be*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 03:52 Shut up!!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 03:52 My aunt probably heard you! Go or we're finished!
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.27 03:53 *tried walking backwards after them, but the uncle charges him, betting he doesn't have the guts to shoot*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.27 03:53 *does shoot, but only gets the uncle in the arm**winds up in a tussle with him*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 03:54 *mutters* Weíre gonna call the cops. *high tails it to the nearest door*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:00 *is about to run out the door until he realizes something* *stops in his tracks* *then turns around* *walks towards Mazy and corners her*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:00 *says quietly* Give me your phone.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:03 I don't have one! They took it, just go!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:04 [BTW, Dylan has his.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:04 No! I need to call the cops. I need to end this.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:06 *Josh is pacing around in the background, anxious about the sounds coming from the basement* *looks over his shoulder to check on him, then faces Mazy* Or you can call them for me.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:12 I don't have a [BLEEP]ing phone, okay?!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:13 *Dylan is in the hallway not far from Josh, lying on the floor, his head bleeding a bit**he groans and begins to sit up*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:17 *sees Dylan stirring* *rushes over and clamps down on Dylanís arm with his boot*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:18 *hisses* Where is my phone?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:21 Dylan: *reaches for his gun, but realizes it's gone**leans up and bites Kai's leg*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:22 No!! Wait!!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:22 *does a double-take, looking at Dylan**then rushes over to pin him* Grab his phone!!!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:22 [Kai isn't the most street-smart, is he? XD]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:29 (Well, I guess not.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:30 *screams, stumbling back*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:33 *had slunk into the kitchen while all of this was going down* *emerges, wielding a rolling pin and looking slightly crazed*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:33 *now that Kai isn't pinning Dylan anymore, Dylan easily pushes her off*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:37 *comes up from behind and whacks Dylan in the head with the rolling pin*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:42 *lifts himself up* *grabs Mazy to stop her from toppling onto him*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:47 *screams slightly as Dylan flops to the ground*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:47 *the aunt rushes in, sees Josh, and screams*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:48 *the aunt rushes away to get a gun*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:49 *practically leaps on top of Dylan, frantically searching for any of their phones as the aunt scrambles to find a gun*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:51 *faces the kitchen* *is nearly hyperventilating*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:52 *Kai manages to find Dylan's phone in his jeans pocket*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:52 *uncovers a few in Dylanís pockets, along with Joshís keys* *stands up* *however, his hands are shaking so badly that he accidentally drops one*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:52 *is shaking all over and staring at Dylan's head*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:53 [They probably didn't keep all those phones on them BTW.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:53 *scratch what I just posted - he found Dylanís phone*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 04:53 [The car keys, maybe. All the phones? No.]
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:54 *is about to stand up* *looks at Mazy worriedly* *whispers* Go hide somewhere and donít come out until itís safe. Please.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:54 (Okay. The keys are fair enough.)
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:55 *gets up and pulls Josh after him* *they run for the front door*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 04:55 *turns back and glances at Mazy before Kai opens the door* *ducks out*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:00 *runs across the expansive lawn as fast as he can force himself to go* *commands Dylanís phone to call 9-1-1 once heís a safe distance away*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:00 *her aunt comes running out with a gun**summons her wits and gets up and runs to her aunt, grabbing her and the gun* Stop!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:00 Just STOP IT!
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:01 *tussles with her aunt while the basement suddenly gets quieter*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:01 *can barely keep up due to the beatings he sustained from Mazyís uncle* *manages to make it into a small forested area Kai ducks into near the car*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:02 *leans against a tree, panting* *says slowly* Did you call?
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:03 Yeah. Theyíre on their way. *pauses, looking at Dylanís phone* *lets out a low chuckle* Idiot didnít even lock his phone.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:04 *nods, looking very distant*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:05 *glances at Josh* Hey, you okay?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:07 *slides down the tree* *the rolling pin - which he was still holding onto - hits the ground and rolls to a stop* *hears Kai saying, ďJosh, bro!Ē before everything fades out*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:09 *regains a burst of consciousness when flashing lights approach* *sees Kai talking to a paramedic* *another paramedic unloads a gurney*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:09 Police officer: *goes into the house to investigate* *has a gun locked and loaded*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:10 [We can have Josh go in and out of consciousness and then skip to when he fully wakes up.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:11 [I have an idea for the next time he gets a brief "burst of consciousness."]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:14 (Ok.) *feels himself being lifted, then sort of floating* *is actually on the gurney*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:15 *is blinded by intense fluorescent lighting* *winces* *can hear music playing softly, but he canít tell what it is*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:17 Paramedic: Dave, turn that off. Dave: Oops- sorry, heh heh. *turns off a transistor radio* Always like to have my tunes with me... Josh: *realizes the song was the same haunting song that was playing when he woke up from that dream in the rest stop
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:18 parking lot* *stares into the lights before passing out again*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:19 *it takes a while for the police to investigate everything going on in the house* *another ambulance whips in, and more cops are hanging around Joshís car as Kai gives a report of what happened*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:19 *wakes up to a splitting headache* *groans a little* *attempts to sit up* *looks around* *the back door is still open*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:21 *she is suddenly there, telling Josh it's going to be alright before the police whisk her away*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:21 *there is no sign of Midas anywhere*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:22 *says groggily* Whatís going on? Paramedic: Well, you passed out for a bit, but donít worry. Everythingís gonna be fine. Weíre about to leave for the hospital to get you checked out.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:24 *was pretty startled by Mazyís attempt to see him in the back of the ambulance* *is still really confused, so he doesnít know what to make of it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:24 What time is it? Paramedic: About 4:15. Josh: *lays back down and lets out a deep breath* *just wants to know whatís going on*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:26 *remembers Midas went missing for a while* *calls the paramedic over* Can you ask the police a question for me? Paramedic: Sure. Josh: Can you ask them where Midas is?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:26 *the paramedic goes out and asks*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:27 *the police refuse to answer*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:29 Paramedic: *returns to Josh* We donít know yet. *looks a bit grave* Josh: *feels his chest tighten* *is expecting the worst now*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:30 *the back doors finally close* *is hauled off to the hospital* *tries to sleep*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:30 -LATER-
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:31 *wakes up to the sound of beeping* *is in the ER* *looks down and sees an IV tube taped to his arm* *does a double take when he notices a hand in his*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:33 *it is his mom* *looks around and sees that his dad and brothers are also there, with weary eyes and duffel bags at their feet* *says shakily* Mom... *leans in towards her* Joshís mom: *can barely keep it together* Honey... youíre okay. Everythingís fine.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:35 *sniffs* Whereís Midas?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:35 *the police are also nearby*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:35 [I'm figuring he must've been out for quite a while since it would take a while for his family to come?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:37 (Yeah.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:38 *looks at the police expectantly*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Mar.27 05:45 Policeman: We have some questions for you.
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2020,Mar.27 05:46 *in response to Josh, he points to a nearby corridor*
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2020,Mar.27 05:46 *says quietly* He's just down there.
3>Hayden (Evil Big Brother), 22yo.2020,Mar.27 05:46 [Also, considering what kind of family Josh comes from, I'm thinking they'll have a lawyer at ready?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:48 (Oh yeah, for sure.)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2020,Mar.27 05:49 *@ the policeman* And we have a lawyer for you, sir!!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:49 *his heart skips a beat* Joshís mom: Here. *helps Josh up* Josh: *is a little unsteady* *is no longer wearing his Thanksgiving outfit* *is instead donning a hospital gown* *is a bit embarrassed about that*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2020,Mar.27 05:50 *a couple of the policemen have a "Oh dear lord no" look on their faces upon seeing Aunt Pam*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:50 *hobbles over to the nearest chair and sits, waiting for the interrogation to begin*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:51 (Hahaha, sheís definitely not the greatest person to have around at the moment.)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2020,Mar.27 05:51 *turns to Josh* You go see your friend honey, I'll deal with these creeps!
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2020,Mar.27 05:52 [Or is she? >:D]
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2020,Mar.27 05:52 [BTW, I imagine she has a really heavy east coast accent.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:54 (Oh my gosh, thatís hilarious.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:54 *casts a doubtful look at Aunt Pam, but goes off to see Midas anyways*
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2020,Mar.27 05:55 *is heard giving the cops the riot act in the background*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:57 *Joshís dad can be heard saying, ďPam - Pam, take a seat. I think we can handle thisĒ.*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 05:58 *peeks around Midasí curtain* Midas?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.27 06:00 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
9>Aunt Pam (An enigma), 50yo.2020,Mar.27 06:03 [Aw, bye!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.28 04:18 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late, I was watching a movie.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.28 04:19 [Would you like to chat on Hangouts? I'll most likely be more active on there since it bloops every time a text is made and a bunch of other friends are there as well. We can just text (I'm video editing, so that'd probably be easier than a voice call
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.28 04:19 until I'm done with that).]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.28 04:25 (Hey! Yeah, that would be fine! Iím going to have to go probably in the next half hour because I have to get up early tomorrow.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.28 04:38 [Hey! Alright. Please come on Hangouts!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Mar.28 04:45 (Ok!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.29 06:16 [I'm so sorry!!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.29 06:16 [I don't know what the h**l is wrong with me, but I didn't come on here because for the past several hours I thought it was Sunday. XD]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.29 06:17 [Maybe the lack of a schedule that spring break brought has severely meddled with my biological clock??]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.29 06:17 [Anywho, if you're still around, I won't mind if we met up on Hangouts again. I have more stuff to share. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Mar.29 08:13 [Guess you're not here. See you next week, hopefully!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 04:32 (Sorry I missed you last week!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 04:45 (Sorry I missed you last week!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.3 04:46 (Whoops, double post. Anyways, I think I may have to forgo tonight. Iíve had a pretty hard time sleeping these days, and I donít want to be on electronics too late. Iíll see you tomorrow hopefully!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.3 20:14 [That's fine, and I'm sorry I missed you last night. I honestly don't know what the [BLEEP] is going on with me--I thought it was Wednesday yesterday. XD XP]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.3 20:15 [I may have been keeping track of the days of the week by keeping track of when I attend classes. Now that all of my classes are online, I keep being a day off regarding what day I think it is.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.3 20:16 [Anywho, I'll definitely be online tonight. I hope you got a good night's rest yesterday!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 03:50 [I'm online! However, I am multitasking, so it would be easier for me to talk to you via a voice call. Are you up for one?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 04:23 (Hi! Thatís fine! I donít think Iíll be able to do a voice call tonight as Iím watching a movie- Iím sorry about that!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 04:47 [Crap, okay.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 04:47 [Wait, when will the movie be over? Maybe we could do one then. ^.^]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 04:57 *doesn't answer**his eyes are closed*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 05:00 (Probably a little later, unfortunately. :( )
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 05:05 *isnít really sure what to do* *stands around for a bit, then decides to wait* *pushes the IV stand over to the nearest chair and sits down*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 05:05 *would rather not be around Aunt Pam, anyways* *can still hear her attempting to shout over his parents*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 05:14 [Dang, okay.] *suddenly starts saying something quietly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 05:21 *leans forward a little* *says quietly* Hey. Midas.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 05:49 *says "Sancho" ever so faintly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 05:55 *smiles a little* *chuckles faintly* Yeah. At your service.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 06:04 *opens his eyes and smiles back*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 06:06 [Sorry about disappearing so much. I just had an infuriating Minecraft session.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 06:07 [In Minecraft you can assemble a whole bunch of llamas into a caravan. I did just that to try to make moving a lot of items over a long distance easier, but honestly it would've been easier without the llamas. -__-]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 06:08 [Their AI is ridiculously dumb around ravines. One went plunging to the bottom of a ravine and I had to make a dirt wall around the others to keep them from wandering away while I went down to save it.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 06:10 [That took way longer than it should. I was a bit angry so I kept forgetting about the RPs I'm on right now. XD XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 06:26 (No worries! That honestly sounds so annoying, and I donít blame you for taking your time to stew over it.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 06:26 *grins* Hey.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 06:27 You look like a modern masterpiece.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 06:30 Thank you. [I also am not sure what Josh means...could you explain? XD XP Sorry.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 06:36 (Iím guessing Midas got pretty beat up in the basement, so Josh would be referring to his face.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 06:37 [Ahh, okay. Yep.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 06:47 How are you doing?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 06:47 How are you and Kai?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 06:54 *shrugs a little* Still shaken, I guess. I donít remember much of what happened. *can still remember what happened in the basement*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 06:54 I think Kaiís here somewhere, but I havenít seen him.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 07:07 I don't remember much, either...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 07:07 For that matter, where's Mazy?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:11 *shakes his head in a distant manner* No idea. *is really curious himself, but after everything, heís not sure things will ever be the same*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:14 Kinda funny how sheís the reason weíre here, and we still donít know where she is. *sounds bitter*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 07:16 *notices the police nearby* I would think we would know why we're even here soon... *glances at them pointedly*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:19 *turns around and looks at the police* Yeah...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:24 *notices a familiar figure striding down the hall towards them*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:25 *smiles solemnly* Hey guys. *pauses* *says with a chuckle* Man, you two look ROUGH.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:27 *laughs a little* Yeah... itís nice to see you, though. Youíre not looking too bad yourself.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:29 Maybe not. *reveals he got a concussion after being thrown to the ground/kicked by Dylan* Nothing too extreme, but a concussion all the same.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:30 *nods in the direction of the waiting room* My parents will be here to pick me up. Theyíre p***ed, but glad that I survived.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:35 How... how bad did it get? Kai: It got pretty ugly Iíd say. Josh: *looks contemplative* It wasnít worth it. Kai: Maybe not, but at least we know now. I donít think things are gonna be the same.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:37 *glances around* *says quietly* Iím gonna slide out of your way. It looks like thereís some people who want to talk to you. *the police are starting to mosey their way over*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:38 You guys take care, alright? *gives Josh a pat on the back and Midas a wave*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 07:39 You guys have your lawyers at ready?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:39 Thanks, Kai. For everything. *is starting to get a bit emotional*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:41 Sure thing. *smiles* *responds to Midas* Yeah, we got ahold of one. Thatís what my parents have been trying to do on the way here, actually.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:42 Well... Iíll see you guys around. Weíll talk soon.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:42 Yeah. See you.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 07:45 See you. Stay safe. Don't say the wrong things to the wrong people.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:47 *nods* I wonít. *is gone just like that*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:48 *waits anxiously for the police to approach them for an interrogation*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 07:49 *turns to Josh* Just tell them to talk to your lawyer. You aren't obliged to say anything.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:58 *nods, but still looks a little worried* I guess I donít remember enough to tell them.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 07:58 Are you planning on doing that too?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.4 08:01 (I have to go now. Iíll see you tomorrow! Have a nice night!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.4 08:30 [Goodnight! See you!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 04:10 Getting a lawyer to deal with this? Yeah.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 04:10 [I'm here! BTW, how are you doing? I've heard that things are bad in Detroit (regarding the virus). Are you okay?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 04:33 (Hi!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 04:34 (Yeah, itís pretty bad here, and I definitely wasnít expecting that to be the case. Nobody I know has it, but my mom works at a hospital so thatís a concern.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 04:37 (I think the city is getting hit pretty hard because the folks down there donít have enough resources to combat it. However, my county has the second most cases in the state. I (and some of my family members) have health conditions that seem to be
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 04:38 targeted by the virus, so Iím pretty worried. Other than that Iím fine, but Iím bracing myself for the weeks ahead.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 04:39 (Anyways, hopefully itís not affecting you too much. I heard that theyíre having trouble enforcing isolation measures in your state.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 04:40 Sorry, that was an obvious question. *pauses, bouncing his knee* I honestly just have no idea whatís going on.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 04:40 *says quietly, almost to himself* How bad did this actually get?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:02 [Hey! Sorry, got caught up drawing and whatnot.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:03 [Also yeah, Texas has been kind of reluctant. Stay-at-home orders have been issued in various counties and whatnot, so a lot of things here depend on what individual counties are doing.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:03 [A stay-at-home order just became active in my county a few days ago, though, so we're making progress.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:03 *]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:04 [I'm also 100% sure Houston is full of the virus. A ton of Asians live there; many visit relatives for the Lunar New Year. Houston has been "mysteriously" silent on how many cases it as sometimes, so I think it's really undereporting things.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 05:10 (Not a problem! Thatís good. Ideally, it would be wise for every state to issue those orders, even if they donít have as many cases. If it starts spreading later in those states, it could be a while before things get back to normal.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 05:11 (Also, thatís a bit worrisome. I saw that may be the case too with New York, though itís already clear cases are exploding there.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:15 [Definitely. I'm also aggravated that orders haven't been issued to make wearing masks of higher importance. Everywhere news anchors are like "Should we wear a mask??" and then I watched a video from a week+ ago of a South Korean doctor who explained
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:15 very clearly that masks help, you should wear them, and there really shouldn't be a question about it.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:23 [I'm guessing they're not telling the public to wear masks because they want to save them for the health care workers.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 05:24 (Yeah... it seems like thatís finally starting to gain some traction here.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:26 I dunno, but it's bad. So let's not take any risks.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 05:33 (Thereís definitely a shortage. I think the public should wear masks, but thereís probably not a need for them to wear N95s. My mom and other employees at her work have to store their masks in a paper bag so they can reuse them, and I honestly donít know
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 05:33 how many days in a row they have to use them for.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:33 [Oh geez... XP]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 05:35 *nods* *soon after, the footsteps of a few police officers approach* *looks up* *sees his parents peering in before backing off*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 05:37 *the police introduce themselves and explain theyíd like to ask the two a ďfew questionsĒ about the previous night*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:41 Am I being detained?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 05:46 Officer: *misses the joke* No, we just want to ask you some questions about your involvement in last nightís incident, which you arenít obliged to answer.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 05:55 [It wasn't a joke, but okay. XD XP] I have my lawyer's phone number. You may talk to him.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:14 Officer: *looks a bit taken aback* Okay. Uh, weíll make note of that. *one of them comes forward and does just that*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:16 Officer: *turns to Josh* Weíve talked to your family already, but would you still be willing to answer some of our questions so we can understand the situation a little more?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:17 *looks nervous* *canít deny that things did get out of control, and he has some evidence to prove that he was dragged into it* *remembers what Midas said* No.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:19 Officer: *looks at them sternly* *Josh is staring at the floor, and Midas is likely keeping the officerís gaze* Okay. Thank you for your time. Both of you have safe travels. *leaves*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 06:19 I can write down my lawyer's number for you if you want.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:21 *stops bouncing his knee, but heís not exactly anxiety-free* *this is only the beginning, and heís not sure what will happen next*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 06:30 [Hmmm...I'm actually not sure how to continue this...]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:36 (I have an idea as to how we can close out this part, but as for the rest... yeah. I would like to know what happened. And I imagine the captivity in Mazyís uncleís house, combined with the fact that word got out about it, would have depressed Josh to
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:36 some degree.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 06:36 [I'm not familiar with how a case like this would affect the families, whether they would need to go to court, etc.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:41 (To be honest, Iím not either. For the sake of convenience, letís just assume there was some kind of a legal process. )
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:49 (At this point, Iím mostly interested in the characters - particularly the fate of Mazy.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 06:50 [Yeah, let's time skip.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 06:52 [I'm also trying to figure out if Josh and co. learn what happened from their lawyers.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 06:52 [Because what happened was pretty darn serious.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:58 (Sure. I feel like one of them should find out first, then share it - maybe Midas?)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:58 (Iíll go ahead and time skip, but not too far ahead.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 06:59 -LATER-
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:00 [Hmm...let's have Josh find out first.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:00 [Let's say that Josh's family is talking with their lawyer and the lawyer takes Josh aside to talk with him privately.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:00 *has been discharged from the hospital* *testing revealed he had sustained a few mild fractures as well as some bruising* *is going to have to take it easy for a while*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:01 (Alright. Weíll have this happen a week or so after the incident.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:02 *his parents have been in contact with Midasí parents, who are on the way* *before they leave (Josh and his family), they make sure to stop by*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:03 *stops at the side of Midasí bed* *heís still looking a tad weak* *musters up a smile* Thanks for going with me. I owe it to you sometime.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:05 Hey, don't forget to give yourself and Kai some credit.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:11 But no problem anyways, Sancho. *winks and smiles*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:13 *lets out a silent laugh* Yeah. Well, if thereís ever anything you need, just let old Sancho know.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:14 *bids Midas farewell and turns away with his family* *however, Joshís dad stays*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:14 The Don shall do that.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:16 Joshís dad: *comes forward almost tentatively* *looks weary, like he doesnít have total control over his life for once* Hey, Midas. Ah. *is trying to put his words into order* I just wanted to thank you for being there with Josh.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:17 I donít know what the h**l happened there, but I know that he probably wouldnít have made it without you. *sounds vaguely choked up*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:31 *smiles, but also looks a bit shocked* You're...you're welcome, sir.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:37 Joshís dad: *gives him a nod* You take care, Midas. And tell your parents I said hi.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:38 -A WEEK OR SO LATER...-
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:39 *is back at home* *went back to school for the purpose of finals, but he was hauled right back to Grass Creek to deal with everything*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:40 *it is a late winterís afternoon* *is shooting hoops nonstop in the driveway, which he usually wouldnít be found doing when at home* *however, basketball has become crucially therapeutic to him*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:41 *is dribbling the ball around when an SUV pulls up* *sort of stops what heís doing* *his mom walks out of the house and over to the car* *a woman walks out, and they shake hands*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:42 Joshís mom: Josh, this is our lawyer, Patricia. Josh: Hi. *smiles and shakes her hand* Joshís mom: Sheís here to work through some things, and wanted to talk with you a bit. So if we could just go inside...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:43 Josh: Of course. *sets the ball by the garage and goes inside* *he and Patricia seat themselves at the dining room table*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:48 [You can play as the lawyer if you want up to where the lawyer tells him what happened.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:48 [If you don't want to do that, though, that's fine.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 07:54 (Iím not really sure about all the details of what happened, so you can play as the lawyer if thatís alright.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 07:59 [Okie dokie.] Lawyer: *
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:00 *Lawyer: *clasps her hands together* So...can you tell me everything that happened?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 08:04 *pauses for a moment, then nods* Yeah. *tells her from start to finish - from the fight, to the mysterious texts, to the moment he saw Mazy appear in the ambulance*
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:09 Lawyer:...So you never knew what happened, exactly?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 08:12 No one ever told me, no.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:15 Lawyer: *sighs, thinking**then says:* Well, I might as well tell you since this has made headlines with some of the local news...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:15 Lawyer: Your friend's brother Dylan is a murderer.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:16 Lawyer: His uncle and him were involved in some unsavory schemes and owed money. A fight broke out and not everyone got out alive.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:17 Lawyer: The main problem they had was that there was a witness, and that witness is Mazy.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:18 Lawyer: She must've been reluctant to turn in her brother, though, so I suppose she ran off to you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 08:20 *nods a little, listening intently* Yeah.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 08:20 So what happened to her? Where is she at now?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:22 Lawyer: Well, I'm really not sure, but last time I checked she was in police custody.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 08:24 *nods* *asks tentatively* Is she okay?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 08:25 (I have to go now, but Iím willing to come online tomorrow to wrap things up and discuss whatís next. I actually have some ideas for the ending of this and whatís next!)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.5 08:25 (So... see you tomorrow? In the meantime, have a nice night!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.5 08:43 [Alright, great! See you tomorrow!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.6 04:49 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late, I was watching a movie.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.6 04:50 [I wouldn't mind if we went on Hangouts tonight BTW. ^.^ I have drawings to share, and it would be easier to share them on there.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 04:57 (Hi! Thatís fine.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 04:57 (Okay. I can probably do a Hangouts chat, but not a voice call.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.6 05:09 [Okie dokie, that's fine!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 05:15 (Great! Send away when you get a chance!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.6 05:18 [I'm just kind of waiting for you to sign on to Hangouts.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.6 05:50 Lawyer: I don't know.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.6 05:51 Lawyer: We'll see. She may get out of this or she may not. I would say things aren't looking too well for her, though.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 05:59 *nods* Okay. *looks down* *starts chewing on his nails, a nervous habit of his*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:05 *is not exactly forgiving of what Mazy allowed to happen to Midas, Kai, and himself* *understands that theyíll never be on the same page again* *yet, he genuinely hopes she gets out of it okay*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:06 -A FEW WEEKS LATER-
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:08 *Christmas and the New Year have come and gone, bringing some lighthearted moments* *got to spend time with Alexa and Midas, and bonded with Kai over video games* *feels like his family got on a level of closeness that was unlike any other*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:10 *however, things arenít over yet regarding the accident* *his lawyer, as well as Midasí and Kaiís, took action*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:11 *is traveling to a courthouse in Indiana with his parents to hear Mazy bear witness to that nightís events* *it is a bleak day, and some sleet is falling*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:12 *isnít particularly looking forward to it* *feels like he might throw up when they arrive* *walks into the courthouse upon arrival* *Kai and Midas are already there*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:15 Hey. *offers a grim smile*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:16 *murmurs back in response* *can hardly talk*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:16 Is everyone okay?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.6 06:17 I'm alright...what about you, Josh?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:20 *lies* Iím fine.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:21 *can tell they might be lying to some extent* Weíre gonna be okay. Donít worry.
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:24 *the three are asked to sit with their families* *gives Midas and Josh a pat on the shoulder* *then, the proceedings begin*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:25 *the judge invites Mazy to the witness stand* *Iím guessing charges were pressed against Mazy initially, but they are conducting the hearing in order to properly drop them*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:26 *or, theyíre getting Mazy to testify in order to determine the charges against her uncle, aunt, and Dylan*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 06:28 *comes up to the witness stand**has been forced into some nicer clothes and makeup**she looks quite nice, actually, but is visibly uncomfortable walking in high heels*
2>Kai (Friend/assistant), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:33 *the judge briefly describes the case, and shows some pictures of the chairs with the ropes, the basement, and Joshís and Midasí injuries* Judge: Where were you at the time of the three plaintiffsí abuse?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 06:34 Inside the house.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:35 *seeing Mazy brings back a lot of memories: the time when they ate candy together in Midasí car, the artwork she shared with him, his friends always wanting to watch Jeopardy with her, and the fight* *sees the pictures and hears his mom letting out a
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 06:35 *looks out at the crowd a bit, her eyes locking on Josh's for a moment*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:36 shaky breath* *is reminded again that things canít go back to where they used to be*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:36 *quickly looks away*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:38 Judge: The three plaintiffs claim that they were friends of yours, and were concerned about you when you went missing. Can you claim this is true?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 06:43 ...Yes...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:47 *his lawyer stands and asks a question about the mysterious texts* Judge: Did you have any knowledge or involvement regarding these messages?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 06:49 ...I sent them.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 06:51 Judge: Why did you send them?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 06:55 [I sent you a question on Hangouts BTW. If you're not on there anymore, I can ask it again here.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 07:00 (Ok. Just answered!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 07:05 [Okie dokie. Sorry for taking so long to notice; Hangouts is supposed to make a noise every time a message is sent, and it sometimes stops doing that. It did that tonight. XP]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 07:12 I wanted help.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 07:17 Judge: Can you please describe the circumstances that prevented you from helping the plaintiffs?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 07:28 Helping them when?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 07:28 When they were at my house? I...I did help them the best I could.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 07:33 Judge: Where were you when they were tied up in the chairs and being beaten in the basement?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 07:36 I was in another room. I had to get away from my aunt and try to find some way past my brother.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 07:39 Judge: Had they tried to harm you in the past or on that night?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 07:43 ...Yes...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 07:44 Judge: Can you please describe?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 07:50 They threatened me if I spoke to anybody about what I saw Dylan do.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 07:50 Judge: How?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 07:57 They told me that they would seriously hurt me and find out who my roommates were and do the same to them if I told them or anyone else.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 07:59 Judge: Okay. *dismisses Mazy for the time being* *the lawyers speak out, the jury drafts up an opinion, etc.* *it is a fairly long process*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:01 *near the end, he, Midas, and Kai are asked if that was the way of things* *the scars Mazyís dad inflicted on his face are still visible, but he says without much hesitation that she was speaking the truth*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:05 *after it is all said and done, Mazy is declared free of all pending charges* *the judge bangs the gavel, and the court is dismissed*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 08:08 *uncle, not dad
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:12 -A MONTH LATER-
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:14 *it is now late February* *the trial is pretty much over, and justice was served* *is still not easily forgiving Mazy - at least, not in his head* *lately though, heís been reflecting about the case a lot, and the truth behind it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:16 *realizes more and more that Mazy wasnít necessarily at fault for anything - for not coming to his defense, and for crash landing at his apartment* *has this crushing urge to apologize for that in some way*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:18 *is getting dressed to travel to a basketball game when he decides thereís only one way to gain closure, even if it doesnít work out* *grabs his things and walks out into the early morning sun*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:19 *takes a detour into a nearby park* *it is quiet* *sits down on a bench and takes out his phone* *still has the number, even though it might not get through*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 08:19 [Hmm...I'm trying to figure out where Mazy is living since her family basically has rejected her now...]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:20 *takes a shaky breath and calls* *isnít expecting an answer, and heís not surprised when it goes to voicemail*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:20 (Does she have any decent family members left? For her sake, I hope so.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:22 Hey, Mazy. Um. I know Iím the person you least want to hear from, but Iíve been thinking about all of this for a while, and the only way I think I can properly heal is if I apologize.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:25 I was told what really happened. I wish I wouldíve helped, but I couldnít understand what you were facing, and I still donít. I hope that maybe now youíre surrounded by people who do.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:27 *takes another deep breath* *says quietly* Iím sorry about everything that happened. *pauses* And I hope youíre doing okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:28 *ends the message* *looks around for a while* *isnít seeing everything in a new light, but he feels like a significant weight has been lifted from his chest* *eventually gets up and starts walking towards the practice facility*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:33 (Iím thinking Mazy should return the call, or they can meet up by chance. )
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 08:34 [No, probably not. Maybe she's with Havyn.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.6 08:34 (Anyways, I have to go now. Weíll finish this up on Thursday! I hope you have a great week!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 08:34 [Sorry for disappearing, a friend in the chat was having a bad day and needed memes to cheer her up.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 08:37 [Alright, see you! I hope you have a great week too! Be careful!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.6 08:40 *he soon receives a text from her saying "Can we meet somewhere?"* [BTW, if she lives with Hayvn then I think it'll be quite a drive for either of them to meet up. She and Kai are from Indiana, right?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 01:42 (I have some free time this evening, so I thought Iíd make some posts. And to answer your question: yes.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:04 *the text from Mazy throws him off guard* *decides to get the basketball game over with before he thinks it through*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:06 *is driving back the next morning with his friend/roommate (who knew and liked Mazy well enough) when he decides he canít hold it back any longer* *tells him Mazy contacted him and requested to meet*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:09 Friend: Honestly man, the entire situation was (BLEEP)ed up. *Josh nods vaguely* But you shouldíve seen yourself after she went missing. *chuckles a little* Why did you go out and look for her, and why did you keep going when you knew it was gonna get
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:09 weird? And then you called her to apologize yesterday... *looks at him* You have to think about all of that.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:11 *does think about it for the majority of the next day* *is driving back home from practice that night and telling himself that heís going to answer* *yet, another part of him urges him to drop it*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:12 *parks in the apartment lot* *picks up his phone* *is on the brink of calling Mazy - feels like his heart won the debate* *ends up calling another number instead*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:14 Hey, Mom... *knew he needed to be upfront and talk things through with his parents before making any decisions* *explains that he called Mazy to apologize for everything, and that Mazy has requested to meet*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:17 *there is a long pause on the other end* Joshís mom: *finally speaks* I donít think she had anything to do with any of it. Seeing her on the witness stand last month sort of broke my heart. You can tell she has no one.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:20 JM: I think you had the right intentions when you called her, and I think you had the right intentions when you told me what was going on (Josh called his mom when they were at the uncleís house). I canít decide who you can and canít see, so you need to
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:23 trust yourself, and know what youíre getting into if you tell her yes. Josh: Okay. *pauses as he mulls that over* Okay. Thanks, Mom. JM: Sure. *says after a beat* We love you, Josh.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:24 *smiles a little* You too. *hangs up* *takes a deep breath and goes to his messages* *responds to Mazy* *after typing and retyping several times, he essentially tells her yes, but on her own conditions since heís busy*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.8 02:25 *besides that, heís just to cautious to go on another road trip to see her*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.9 06:11 *sends a text back, acknowledging his terms and suggesting a time and place for them to meet*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.10 02:09 [It's stormy out, so if I don't make it on it's because my power and/or Internet got knocked out.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 04:26 (Okay, thanks for letting me know! Hopefully everythingís okay.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 04:28 *agrees to meet in a park near his apartment, probably sometime in the spring* *itís a bit far off, but he isnít anticipating much free time until then* *plus, he wants to talk face-to-face*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.10 04:46 [I'm here!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.10 04:51 [Hey! You can skip to when they meet if you want.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 04:57 (Hey! Okay.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 04:58 *soon enough, the day has arrived* *is about to leave, but he gets really anxious* *calls Midas - feels like he needs to know*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.10 05:18 [Sorry for the slow replies. I'm working on video editing.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 05:23 *answers* Mmmmyes?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 05:28 Hey. Um. *pauses* I need to talk to you about something.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 05:28 (No problem, by the way!) Iíve had it on my mind for a really long time, and I thought Iíd turn to Sir Don for some wisdom.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 05:40 Alright. What's on your mind, Sancho?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 05:45 Okay, so I called Mazy a couple of months ago. I felt like I needed to apologize - after thinking about all of that, all of what happened, there were a lot of misunderstandings.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 05:45 Now she wants to meet me, and I have no idea what to do.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:03  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:04  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:05  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:05  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:06  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:07  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:07  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.10 06:12  Secret message to Midas  
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:14  Secret message to Josh  
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:17 Hmmm...
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:17 I think talking to her face-to-face would be the most constructive option.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.10 06:18 Being kind and patient and listening to her would also be constructive options.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 04:27 [I'm here!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 04:58 (Hey! Sorry Iím late. I was watching a movie.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 05:33 Okay. I just... I donít know.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 05:34 [Hey!]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 05:34 [Sorry, I forgot to check this RP. Did you watch my video?]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 05:46 (Did you put it on YouTube? I donít think you shared a link with me or anything.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 06:00 [Aw crap...I didn't notice that it didn't post the link. I'm sorry. XP I did post it, but the site didn't put my post up. Here...]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 06:00  Secret message to Josh  
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 06:08 (Thanks! That was kind of hilarious!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 06:21 [Thank you! ^.^ Sorry for disappearing; I've been working on video editing.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 06:31
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 06:31 (No worries!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 06:32 You don't know what exactly?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 06:41 Iím honestly kind of freaked out.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 06:53 By what, exactly?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 06:56 I have no idea whatís going to happen. I havenít seen her in forever.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.11 07:20 (I have to go now; Iíll see you tomorrow!)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.11 07:23 [Aw, bye! Also I'm so sorry I disappeared again. XP I try to multitask but I'm probably just bad at it.]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.12 04:11 [I'm here! Are you up for a call?]
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.12 04:14 What's the worst that can happen? You p*** her off again, she runs off again, gets kidnapped again, goes to court again, psh. Big deal.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.12 04:17 ...But seriously, we've been on repeated road trips to h**l and back. Have some confidence in yourself.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 04:28 (Hey! Sure. I can start the call, Iíll just need a moment.)
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.12 04:29 [Okie dokie!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 04:30 *laughs a little* Yeah. Okay.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 04:32 Thanks Midas. I know this is gonna sound cheesy, but youíve been through just as much of this as I have, and... I think it wouldíve been more of a (BLEEP)show without you.
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.12 04:44 You have no idea how much of a [BLEEP]show it would've been without you.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 04:58 *chuckles* I guess. *pauses* Iíll let you go now. Iíll talk to you soon, alright?
8>Midas (Secretly a Knight), 21yo.2020,Apr.12 05:02 Alright. Don't worry--the Don is with you in spirit!
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 05:05 *that lifts his spirits considerably* *hangs up, then grabs his keys and gets in the car*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 05:14 *drives to the park* *Midasí comments have bolstered his confidence a bit, but when he gets there, he ends up sitting in the parking lot worrying*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 05:14 *is already at the park by the time he gets there**is sitting on a bench, watching the birds nearby*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 05:30 *is looking around* *then his eyes land on Mazy* *gets a nervous feeling in his stomach* *forces himself to get out of the car*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 05:40 *looks up at him as he approaches her*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 05:44 *tries to smile a little* Hey.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 05:46 *smiles a bit too, but her smile is tense* Hi.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 05:48 Hey. *looks down awkwardly* Uh... how are you doing?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 05:51 ...Better. You?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 05:56 Iím doing alright.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 06:06 *hesitates awkwardly* Good.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 06:06 *looks down at her feet**is fidgeting with them*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 06:10 *looks at her tentatively* So why did you want to meet with me?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 06:12 I just...
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 06:12 After everything that happened...we never really got any closure...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 06:19 *nods along* Yeah.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 06:20 *chuckles dryly/awkwardly* I guess Iím not sure what more there is to say.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 06:29 *keeps looking at her feet for a few seconds**then looks at him* You hungry?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 06:37 We can go somewhere if you want, sure.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 06:46 Alright, let's go. *gets up and starts walking*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 06:55 *they get into his car* *heads out to one of his favorite lesser known restaurants in the area* *the drive is relatively silent*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 06:56 *takes a table at the window and just orders a smoothie*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 06:57 *when they're most of the way there, she turns to look at him again* What's it like?
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:00 (Just wanted to post to say that Iíve migrated back here!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 07:06 [Okie dokie!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 07:06 [Just wanted to post to say that drawing hands still sucks. XD]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 07:11 [Also whoops, scratch the "when they're most of the way there" part.]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 07:12 *turns and orders some onion rings* [Crap, now I crave fried food...]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:14 (Aw... Iím sorry about that, haha.)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:14 (Dang, me too...)
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:15 *furrows his brow a bit* Whatís what like?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 07:17 Having a family like yours.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:21 *is caught off guard* I... itís a lot of things.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:26 *sighs* My familyís never been the best at communicating, I guess. It can be frustrating. But Iím grateful for them.
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 07:30 Maybe that's a good thing in some ways.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:36 *takes a sip of his smoothie* Maybe. *is going to tread carefully around this subject* *knows itís a sensitive point for Mazy*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 07:40 I understood my family well. I sometimes wish I didn't.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:42 *nods, looking at her intently*
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 07:47 *sits back and swirls his smoothie around with the straw* It wasnít your fault. You couldnít control what they said to you, you know what I mean?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 07:55 ...I suppose so...
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.12 08:05 (I have to go now, but I should be able to make it tomorrow night since I donít have to wake up early on Mondays. Iíll see you then, and happy Easter!)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.12 08:09 [Alright, great! See you and happy Easter to you too!]
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.13 04:50 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I was working on homework.]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.13 04:52 (Hi! Thatís fine.)
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.13 05:01 [Hi!]
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.13 05:12 *another long silence ensues* *looks up at Mazy after a bit* Where are you staying now?
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.13 05:14 At a friend's place.
6>Josh (Sancho), 20yo.2020,Apr.13 05:23 *nods a little* *feels kind of bad about the fact that she really doesnít have a reliable family*
4>Mazy (Mystery Girl), 19yo.2020,Apr.13 05:25 They probably won't be able to support me much longer. [brb]