" interview between a life coach and a student "
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a breif scene between a student and a counslor

1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 16:54 hi
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 16:55 hi
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 16:55 how are you doing today ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 16:56 im doing fine ,thank you for asking
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:00 so tell me Fatima ,how you feeling today ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:00 im feeling a bit lazy and depressed
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:01 oh lord,why is that ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:02 i dont know i was hoping to you could tell me why ,because i have been feeling off and cant focus in my studies
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:03 well,i propably know why but let me ask you some more questions to be sure
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:04 do you have a certain sleeping routine ?
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:05 well,i propably know why but let me ask you some more questions to be sure
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:07 ok Fatima ,do you have a regular sleeping routine ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:07 what do you exactly mean ?
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:09 umm,in another way do you mostly sleep 8 hours or less on a regular basis ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:11 no ,most of the times i sleep at 4am and wake up at 9 am
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:11 so you sleep from 4-5 on a regular basis ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:11 you can say that
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:17 ok Fatima ,can you please brief me on your daily meals ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:18 umm i prefer not having breakfast and due to my busy schedule and i mostly have my lunch late '
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:18 how late are we talking about ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:19 umm around 5 pm or 4 pm
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:20 ok and what exactly do you eat at that time and what about dinner ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:21 to be honest , i dont have enough time to think so i order something that can be made fast such as burgers or pasta
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:22 and for dinner its the same i mostly eat noodles or burgers
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:24 ok Fatima , what are you expecting when you decided to come for a counsel ?
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:26 well i came with a will to change and be better
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:26 well Fatima congrats that is the first step
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:27 as for the next step i would recommend you to stop eating burgers and noodles as a meal once might be tolerable but not every time
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:27 but i really dont have time to think about meals and stuff
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:30 you can buy nuts and healthy snacks for in between meals and you can have some fruit or fresh juices for dinner
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:32 or i can subscribe for a program that provide full nutrition depending on your likes and dislikes after conducting some allergies test
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:35 and i heard that the university has its own app that help you reach for help or look for a healthy meals
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:35 not to mention it counts your daily steps and provide some tips and advices to reach a healthy life
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:36 but the most important thing is the will to work
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:36 yes i understand i will try my best
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:37 and there is a positivity booster on the app also that sends some motivation sentences to encourage you
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:38 ok Dr.Alshamsi ,thank you for your help i really learned a lot of helpful things and i actually enjoyed this meeting
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:39 no problem dear ,we are here for you whenever you need help
1>Dr.Alshamsi (counselor), 30yo.2021,Oct.3 17:39 i wish you all the best
2>Fatima (student), 21yo.2021,Oct.3 17:40 thank you Dr , have a nice day

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