" Heroes Arise: The RPG "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 80 years of age.
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Long ago, Black Widow knew a man by the name of Andy. The two of them were good friends, until there was a sudden shift. Because of this shift, the two became bitter enemies and formed teams to destroy one another. However, it was never revealed WHY this shift occurred. During that times, genetically mutated beings known as mutants began to thrive, and not everyone liked them. While Black Widow advocated these mutants, Andy did not. He began to experiment on these mutants in his HQ/warehouse, claiming it was for the 'common good', and that he wanted a better understanding of their phenomenal powers. Facts aside, his experiments were shown to be brutal and often resulted in death.
Black Widow's former team is no more, and she thought Andy was gone for good. That isn't true. He's risen from the ashes, and is planning on getting rid of mutants for good through many more deadly experiments.
Interested in stopping Andy? Join the team.
*Basically Movie RP 2**
The Avengers- Captain America, Black Widow, Alexander Pierce, the Winter Soldier
X-Men- Mystique, Rogue, Beast, Professor X, Jean Grey, Magneto, Psylocke
Teen Titans: Raven, Slade, Terra
Spiderman- Dr. Connor, Spiderman
Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn
Miscellaneous - Katniss Everdeen, Bill, Indiana Jones, Syndrome

9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.25 05:30 Apocalypse.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.25 05:32 [As you can see, I was quite disappointed by the finale of the trilogy about Prof. X, Magneto, and Mystique when they were younger. At most X-Men 8 was okay. The special effects were epic and the actor portraying Apocalypse himself did a pretty good job
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.25 05:32 portraying this godly villain. Unfortunately, as mentioned, it had quite a lousy plot that seemed more like an excuse on how we can see our favorite heroes beat up on a nearly omnipotent evil blue dude than an actual plot.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.25 05:33 [Weirdly enough, Jean Grey herself mentioned in the movie that the third movie in a trilogy is usually the worst (during the part where they're discussing Star Wars). Annnd she was right. XD XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.25 05:35 [Luckily the next X-Men movie in theaters was Logan, which sort of saved the day. And indeed, Logan was a very good superhero movie.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.25 05:37 [Don't get me wrong: X-Men 8 is okay/about average. It's just that it is dwarfed by most of the other X-Men movies in terms of quality.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:28 (It's fine!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:29 (Yeah, X-Men Apocalypse was cool, but it wasn't as good as the other X-Men movies I've seen. Actually, I haven't seen many of the X-Men movies yet to compare it to, but something about it just wasn't that great.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:36 [*races in* I'm here I'm here I'm here I'm- *trips**faceplants*]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:36 [Ow...]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:37 [Sorry I'm late. I was watching a chess video and got carried away by some really amazing games.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:37 (As far as I know, Dark Phoenix follows Jean in the '90s (Apocalypse was set in the '80s) where she becomes more aware of her developing powers. The same actress who portrayed Jean in Apocalypse will reprise her role in this one.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:37 (Hi!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:38 [Yeah. I actually watched the X-Men movies out of order (I saw most of them on a movie channel that was having an X-Men marathon to celebrate its anniversary or something). The first one I saw was X-Men 3.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:39 [I thought "Hey, this isn't too bad..." (probably mostly because Magneto's awesome moments saved the day XP) and watched more of them. Then it became apparent that X3 was rather weak.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:39 (That's kind of what I was doing before I got online - not necessarily watching chess videos, but watching videos nonetheless.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:40 [When I watched X-Men 8 I got the same feeling, only it was much easier to identify that feeling since by then I had seen most of the X-Men movies.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:41 [Huh, weird. Anyways, regarding the Dark Phoenix movie: Hm...interesting. There'll probably be plenty of Phoenix Force-related things nonetheless, and the movie's name itself sort of hints at the rise of Dark Phoenix.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:41 [RPing?]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:41 [FYI, unless there's a change of plans, I probably won't be on this weekend (starting on Friday). I will perhaps pop up at random times here and there to check on things, but otherwise I'll be absent.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:42 [So let's get in as much RPing as possible! :D]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:44 (Ok!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:47 [Oh, and by the way: What do you and Paige think of the upcoming Star Wars Land that's being built in Disney amusement parks?]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:47 [Just wondering. I've been reading about it and I've been like this internally: "MUST. GO. WHEN. IT. OPENS!!!!!!" XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:49 (I don't know about Paige, but I haven't heard about it.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:50 [Look it up then!!!!!! :D :D :D]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.26 04:50 [Anyways, let's RP before I get an awesomeness overload. XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:51 (Haha, okay. I have to go soon anyways.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 04:53 *they drive for a while and eventually wind up on a desolate highway* We're going to have to ditch this car soon.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 04:54 *Xavier was shaken by what happened and Jean can probably sense another argument brewing*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:55 *glances at the fuel meter, which is getting to its lowest point*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 04:55 *he's probably going to find a way to blame Ashley's "second job" on this, and indeed that is a part of why they're not here*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 04:55 *now here
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 04:56 *glances at Jean and then at the fuel meter* And it's not just that we're out of gas...they have our license plates and this car is beat up. It's clear to them who we are.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.26 04:56 *is quiet and calm, but that's only a pretense* This didn't have to happen.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 04:58 *also seems focused and calm* You think I wanted this to happen?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 04:59 *purses her lips and sighs through her nose*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.26 04:59 *looks worried* What's gonna happen?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:00 I don't know. *the other two are starting to get on her nerves, though she's probably also directing her anger towards BOHSS at them**sighs, exasperated* What, am I suddenly a precog or something?
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.26 05:00 *jumps on the gun and answers Jean* I don't know. We'll probably all die. Shortly.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.26 05:01 *is now yelling* You could have prevented this! I told you time and time again to stay out of danger, no matter what. And you disobeyed!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:02 OR...we're going to get to one of the neighboring towns, get a new car, and keep going.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:02 *said that before he started yelling*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:03 *starts yelling herself* In a world like this staying out of danger is about as easy as flying to the freakin' moon, taking a [BLEEP] on it, and coming back to tell about it!!
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.26 05:04 It was a deliberate choice, though.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.26 05:05 (I have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:05 My goal is to keep us alive, and with the arrival of a [BLEEP] KID I can barely afford to buy the amount of packages of MSG-filled garbage at the grocery store that'll feed us for a day - and that's using my weekly paycheck!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:07 Yes, it was a deliberate choice - a choice to keep us from dying of starvation! Then I brought Jean along to my other job and that was a major [BLEEP]-up... *starts lowering her voice again and puts her hand on her head**is stressed out and getting a
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:07 nasty headache*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:10 *luckily the things she bought at the pharmacy are still in the car**pulls out a medication bottle and takes out some of Xavier's medication**holds onto the steering wheel with one hand and holds her other hand back to him with the medication in it*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:11 Look, you're due. Take the medication. *Xavier has never really appreciated this part of his life and starts to object and grumble**he argues that this is too early - which it probably is* Take it!!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:13 *he does, washing it down with some of the water in a bottle Ashley left in the car as well**knows that he's "cheated" by hiding the medication under his tongue and then hiding it when she isn't there/not looking, so she twists around to face him*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:14 Stick out your tongue. *he starts objecting again, of course* Stick it out!! (Sorry Paige) Xavier: *does so irritably* BLEEHH!!! Ashley: *sees that he hasn't "cheated" and turns back to the road, sighing again*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:14 *Open your mouth and stick out your tongue.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:14 [Oops, almost forgot...okay, bye! See you around!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:21 *almost forgot to say
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:21 **say this
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.26 05:21 [Arrrgh, typo city. >_< ]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.27 03:53 (Haha, that was pretty funny.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.27 03:54 (Anyways, I hate to bring this up at such a late notice, but I can't make it tonight. I've got a paper to finish, and I'm still not feeling up to myself yet. I promise this isn't an excuse - I'm not bored or anything, and I'm trying to be flexible. There
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.27 03:56 are just days when I can't be. So I'm going to say that for now, I will have to skip a day or two online, if necessary. This shouldn't be a long term thing, and I hope you'll understand. See you tomorrow?)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.27 04:59 [It's fine! See you tomorrow! I shall reiterate that I will not be able to come on this weekend, though. This however should give you much more time to finish up your homework and such and make your schedule more flexible.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.28 03:56 [I'm here!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.28 04:12 [brb]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:16 (Hey!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.28 04:24 [Back! Hey!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.28 04:25 [RPing?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:29 (Sure!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Apr.28 04:33 *is soon sort of sedated by the medicine* *the car is quiet*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:34 *after a few hours, they arrive at a gas station just outside a crappy, abandoned town*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:35 *they were lucky to get this far since they are practically out of gas**sees a pickup truck parked in front of the gas station*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:36 *it has a guy waiting in it while his partner trashes the 7/11**gets out of the car and approaches the truck*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:37 *as she gets near the truck, the guy pulls out a gun**knocks on the window**the guy rolls it down, pointing the gun at her face* Guy: Whatdaya want?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:39 *raises her hands defensively* My daughter and father and I are from Santa Fe and we're on our way to El Paso...we're a bit lost and need some directions...can you help us out?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:39 *watches the right hand man of the driver haul a stash of goods salvaged from 7/11 into the back of the truck*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:40 Guy: Hm... *looks at the car**seeing how beat up it is he gets suspicious, but he sees the teenage girl and old man inside it - thanks to the broken windows - and guesses that Ashley's safe to talk to*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:41 Guy: You go that way, back the way you came...there'll be a sign directing you to the highway and you just keep goin' from there...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:42 *nods* Okay, thank you... *starts to turn back around* Guy #2: Hey, who the [BLEEP] is this? Guy: Heh? Guy #2: I said, who the [BLEEP] is- Ashley: *spins around with amazing speed, knocking the gun out of the guy's hands and punching him hard in the head*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:43 *seizes the gun* Guy #2: HOLY [BLE- *is fumbling to grab his own gun when Ashley shoots him in the foot*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:43 Guy #2: *screams and bends over in pain* Ashley: *rushes over and kicks him in the head, knocking him out*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:44 *opens the truck door and hauls the guy she talked to out of the truck**he moans and starts to move so she hits him in the head with the butt of the gun, knocking him out cold*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:44 *yells to Jean:* Get Charles' wheelchair! It's in the trunk!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:45 *pauses for a moment and drops her car keys on the guy she talked with**then rushes to the car and opens one of the back doors*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:45 *watches everything go down, her heart rate accelerating wildly* *Charles remarkbly blinks in the backseat, staring straight ahead*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:45 *slings her bag over her shoulder and picks up Charles Xavier, grunting at the effort*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:46 *rushes out of the passenger door and to the trunk* *retrieves the wheelchair*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:46 *wheels it over to Ashley*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:48 *puts him in the wheelchair and wheels him over to the truck (note: This truck is a model that has back seats but no back doors)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:49 *lifts him up and puts him in the front passenger seat**folds up his wheelchair and shoves it into the back seat area**waves for Jean to get in*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:49 *this time she'll sit in the back while Charles sits in the front*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:50 *hops into the back of the truck*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:50 [BTW, once they're driving again can Jean ask Ashley why Charles is quiet and also ask where they're going?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:51 *gets in the driver's seat and shuts the door**then drives away as quickly as she can*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:51 *she took both of the guys' guns**puts them in one of the compartments*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:52 *continues driving west*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:54 [Also, what do you think of the older Ashley so far and how she's been coping with the responsibility of taking care of both Xavier and Jean? Has she been a bit of a maternal figure?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:54 *gives it a few beats of silence, then asks her question* *barely glances at Xavier* Why did he suddenly get so quiet? Is it the medicine? I mean, he's hardly even moving...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:55 Yeah. *clears her throat a little* Yes, it's the medicine. This happens if I give it to him a bit too early or if I give him a bit too much. He'll be talking again soon, though. Don't worry about it.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:56 *she gave him his medicine early because at this time they definitely can't afford for him to start blabbing irrationally, forgetting who his companions are, and/or having seizures*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 04:56 *Jean's telepathic powers probably allow her to pick up a bit of this reasoning from Ashley*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:57 (So far, so good. She's maternal in a sense - I see her as being like a very frustrated single mom with young kids. She's doing the best she can to keep them alive, but feels the burden of the times and tends to take that out on Jean and Xavier (who are
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:58 mostly helpless in that situation).)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 04:59 *nods* *listens to the road rolling under the tires*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:01 [...That's a bingo!! XD XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:01 [OK, I know you're not going to get that reference, so I'll explain: That's a quote from Inglorious Ba****ds, and one of the more amusing and memorable ones at that. I won't spoil it for you though.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:03 [Anyways, yeah, that was the sort of vibe I was trying to put out. She also is a slightly unwilling mother figure - in that she partially doesn't really want the burden of yet another person (in this case, Jean) to take care of, which increases her
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:03 frustration. But at the same time she cares enough about Jean to not just give up on her.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 05:03 (Heh, okay.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:04 *keeps driving**is currently just trying to put as much space between Dane Reiner+co. and themselves*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:04 *as possible*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 05:04 (Yeah.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 05:05 *falls asleep* *has nothing better to do, and the day has been exhausting anyways*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:06 *Jean wakes up when the truck goes over a big bump**Ashley is still driving and it is well into the night*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:07 *civilization is nowhere in sight (with the exception of the highway)**the desert has now become mountainous*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 05:08 *is pretty startled by that* *her half-conscious mind expected that to be a gunshot, or vaguely enough, a BOHSS soldier*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:09 [If it were daytime, it would look something like this (I believe I actually saw these mountains during my trips to the West in the summer): ht tps://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/b/bc/Organ_Mountains.jpg ]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 05:09 *looks out the window at her surroundings* *can't really see, except for a few stars, flat land, and some looming shadows*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:09 [Every time I see mountains like those I have kind of a (good) nostalgia overload. XD :)]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 05:11 (Wow, that's really beautiful. Thanks for sharing!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:11 [Perhaps that's partially why the movie Logan appeals to me so much. There are shots of landscapes that seem all too familiar to me, if you know what I mean.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:11 [No problem!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.28 05:12 (I've got to go now, so I'll see you on either Sunday or Monday. Have an awesome weekend!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Apr.28 05:15 [Alright, see you too! Thanks! FYI, I'm going to be competing in a long chess tournament (which is why I'll be absent), so wish me luck! :D I probably won't be on Sunday; see you on Monday!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Apr.29 19:41 [Actually, I might be able to be on Sunday night. If I make it on then, I'll probably be a bit late. See you around!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Apr.30 17:30 (Hopefully all went well, I was wishing you luck! If you're going to be late tonight, I might not be online, so I'll plan on seeing you tomorrow.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.1 04:12 [I'm here!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.1 04:12 [Hopefully you come on.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.1 04:46 [Guess you're not here. See you tomorrow!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:16 (Hi! I hope the tournament went well! I'm here, but will only be able to be on for like 15 minutes.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:21 [I'm here as well! Sometimes the tournament was a little "rocky," so to speak, but I managed to bump my rating up a bit more, so overall it went well.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:21 [Anyways, let's RP while we still can!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:22 [Oh, and last week you said that Paige would probably be able to start coming on next week, I think. Well...it's next week. XD :P Is she here as well?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:22 (Hey! That's good. Okay!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:24 (No, actually Paige has had to go on a working binge for the past few weeks to prepare for this week and next week. Starting Wednesday, we may not be able to get on for a week (maybe a few times during that time frame), and the following Thursday, we're
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:24 going on a school trip that will end on Saturday. I've asked her if she's going to plan on being online soon, and while the answer was vague, she's not planning on quitting.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:26 [Dang, okay. Well, let's RP while we still can!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:27 [Perhaps when summer break comes around we'll all be able to come on much more frequently.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:27 *starts falling asleep**the truck starts swerving a bit*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:28 (Yep, hopefully!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:30 *is shocked by the truck's sudden, violent swerves* *snaps her attention to Ashley, who is not really in control* *sends her a jolting message through her mind and takes hold of the wheel, driving the truck off-road*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:30 *Jean probably notices Ashley's eyes fluttering shut*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:31 *the truck lumbers across some patches of dry vegetation, and at this point, Ashley is probably awake enough to choke the brakes*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:32 *thanks to both Jean and the swerving of the truck she awakens and slams her foot on the brakes*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:32 *pauses, then is about to keep driving**Jean's telepathy allows her to realize that Ashley is intending to keep driving for several more hours (which is probably NOT a good idea; Ashley needs another warning)*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:36 *stops the wheel with her powers to prevent Ashley from moving it at all* *Ashley jerks the wheel around, and when it doesn't give after a few turns, becomes vaguely frustrated*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:36 *puts a hand on Ashley's wrist* You need to stop driving!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:38 *yanks her hand away from Jean's* Don't tell me...what to do... *her voice is faint and a little hoarse; she's clearly very, very tired*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:39 *immedietly covers up the severity of her last comment* You should stop for the night. You're getting tired, and you need a break. You've done a lot as it is.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:42 *opens her mouth to fight back again but is too tired to come up with another retort**pauses, then turns the keys in the ignition**the lights in the truck go out*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:42 *leans back her seat and lays back**falls asleep almost immediately*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:43 *sits around in the darkness, basking in the silence* *doesn't really know what to do after that confrontation* *debates offering to drive some more, but figures it could lead to an unwanted argument* *tries to sleep*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.2 04:46 (Alright, I have to go now, I'll plan on seeing you tomorrow night!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:46 [Alright, see you!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:48 *Jean wakes up upon hearing some clanking coming from around the tailgate of the truck**Ashley and Xavier aren't really aroused, though*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.2 04:48 *it is sunrise around now*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:19 [I'm here!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:19 *wakes up slowly, trying in vain to force the sleep from her eyes* *they wander over to the rearview mirror* *sees some shadows darting around near the back of the truck*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:19 (Hi!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:27 [Hey! Sorry for the delay.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:27 *the thief who's after the supplies the original truck owners loaded into the back is none other than Mistyeyed*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:28 *thus it's a "he," not a "they"*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:28 [BTW, I have formulated another short-term plan for how the story progresses. Mind if I share?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:31 (Ok!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:33 [OK, so basically Jean manages to squeeze past Ashley and get out of the truck. She confronts Mistyeyed, who doesn't talk to her and gets quite nervous; he tries to knock down Jean and then flee.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:34 [Before he can run, Ashley comes out with a gun pointed at him and starts to try to interrogate him. Things escalate and it becomes quite clear that Ashley might shoot him dead; Xavier has meanwhile been aroused by the conflict and yells out to Ashley,
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:34 telling her to stop and that Mistyeyed is a mutant (Xavier's telepathic abilities are still somewhat functional).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:35 [Ashley then asks Mistyeyed questions in a more diplomatic manner and for once he actually speaks. She vies for just leaving him out here in the desert and continuing their journey, but Xavier (being Xavier) insists that Mistyeyed needs help.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:37 [After a bit of arguing Ashley allows him to come along. They reach a small town and dine at a restaurant, where Mistyeyed opens up a bit more about his past.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:39 [Some BOHSS agents/scouts from one of Becker's or Gibbs' groups arrive at the restaurant, posing as normal soldiers just passing through. However, having been in conflict with them before, Mistyeyed recognizes them and flips out, revealing his powers.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:39 [A fight between the mutants and the agents ensues and the mutants are victorious - but exposed. They get out of there as quickly as they can...but Reiner, Becker, and Gibbs are all on their trail.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:40 [What do you think?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:41 (Sounds good!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:42 [Oh, and the scouts are basically just soldiers who are part of Gibbs', Becker's, and/or Reiner's team who are send forward to various towns to basically scout ahead. It allows them to narrow down the possibilities of where the mutants they're tracking
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.3 04:43 down could've gone. As they are part of "specialty units," their uniforms and weaponry is a little different from the average BOHSS soldier, but only someone with experience with such units (such as Mistyeyed) would notice these subtle differences.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:43 *it takes a lot of thought, bravery, and nerve, but she decides to leave the truck and see what's going outside for herself* *climbs forward and opens the window manually, slithering out as quietly as possible*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:43 (Okay.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:45 *lands on the ground in a heap* *this startles Mistyeyed, who drops some of the stuff he was going to steal*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:46 [BTW, has Paige been keeping track of what's going on? Just wondering.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 04:47 (I'm not really sure. Probably not.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 04:47 *meets Jean's eyes* *puts his hands up instinctively*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:47 [I'm just a bit worried about the idea of her returning but not knowing what the heck is going on. XD XP]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:48 (Don't worry, we'll get everything figured out. I don't think she has many prominent characters, anyways.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:49 *fumbles around in her pockets, then her belt, for the gun that Ashley gave her* *stands up and paces a few steps towards Mistyeyed* *aims the gun at him* Don't move. Move, and I pull the trigger.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:50 What are you doing? *comes off as strong, but her hand is wavering over the trigger*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:50 [Well, she does have Xavier, who is one of the main three characters in this mission. But yeah, I'm sure you two'll be able to solve this.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 04:51 I-I- *doesn't want to admit to anything, nor does he want to go down without any valuable resources* *uses his powers- telekinesis- to fling Jean across the dry ground*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:52 *the gun is knocked out of her hand upon impact* *grunts* *rolls to a stop*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 04:53 *has what he needs* *runs past Jean, picks up her gun, and runs for the hills*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:53 *as Mistyeyed turns to run she bursts out of the truck with a gun pointed at his head* Freeze!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:53 *as Mistyeyed runs
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:53 Drop the gun. NOW.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.3 04:54 *saw her gun being seized* *pushes herself off the ground, looking up at Mistyeyed*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 04:54 *stops in his tracks* *the gun hits the ground*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:54 *holds her gun firmly and steadily; even if Mistyeyed used his power on her he'd be shot anyway*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:55 Who are you?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 04:56 *is breathless* I'm on the run.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 04:59 Right...so is the rest of the god[BLEEP] universe. Drop the supplies. *raises her voice* Now who are you?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 05:01 *starts getting anxious, because he can't risk to tell anyone. *wrings his hands together* I'm... *starts panicking* *looks around frantically*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 05:01 *almost forgot to drop the supplies* *drops them like a hot potato*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 05:06 Hey, hold still! HOLD STILL!! *as he moves out of panic, she gets nervous and could pull the trigger any second*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.3 05:06 *is listening in to everything, and things seem to be taking a dangerous turn* *says quietly, with a warning edge to his voice* Ashley... *doesn't sound like he's concerned about anything* *it's like he's mildly convincing Ashley not to commit a petty c
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.3 05:06 *crime
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.3 05:07 *this only provokes him to struggle more*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.3 05:07 *speaks up now* ASHLEY!
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.3 05:08 (I have to go now. I likely won't be on tomorrow, and tomorrow also starts the one-week period of me possibly being absent. But no worries - I should be able to get on a couple of times. Have a good week in the meantime, and I'll see you soon!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 05:11 [Alright, see you!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 05:12 *was about to shoot**freezes*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 05:12 *listens to Xavier while keeping her eyes focused on Mistyeyed*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.3 05:12 What...?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.4 21:21 (Hey! Just wanted to stop by and let you know when I will/won't be on. Tonight and tomorrow I don't think I can make it. Saturday, maybe. After that, I'll have to keep letting you know. Bye!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.6 04:19 [OK, see you!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.7 04:05 [I'm here!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.8 04:04 [Annnd I'm here again!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.8 18:34 (I'm so sorry for missing you! I've been finding it increasingly difficult to come online lately. With an upcoming band trip to Cedar Point, I'm also working overtime to try and get everything done for the week (Cedar Point is from Thursday to Saturday).)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.8 18:35 (I MIGHT be able to return Saturday night, but I'm not exactly sure. Until then, I'll have to take a hiatus. Sorry, and I'll see you soon!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.9 04:16 [Alright, see you!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.9 04:16 [It's okay; enjoy your trip!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.9 04:16 [And good luck with your work!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.14 04:23 [It's Saturday, sooo...I'm here!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.14 05:26 [Guess you're not here. I'll come back on tomorrow! See you around!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 04:05 [I'm back!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.15 04:26 (Hi! Sorry I wasn't able to get on last night. I got back late and was exhausted, but I'm happy to be back now!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.15 04:33 *is back to being calm* Put the gun down. He's innocent.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 04:34 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 04:34 What do you mean, he's innocent?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 04:35 [Welcome back! :D]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 04:35 [Are you both on?]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.15 04:39 (Thank you! No, we're not, sorry.(
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.15 04:39 *)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.15 04:41 He means no harm. You should let him go.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.15 04:49 *glances at Ashley entreatingly, hoping she'll release him*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 04:50 [Sorry about the delay in my replies. I'm used to being on only one RP; I sort of forgot to come on here.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 04:51 *her grip on her gun has become more relaxed, but she needs more evidence* [Hint hint: Maybe if she knew what Mistyeyed really was she'd release him...]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.15 04:57 (It's okay!)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.15 04:58 *stares at the barrel of the gun* *the gun shifts from Ashley's hand, then gradually hovers to the ground* *it is a seamless maneuver on Mistyeyed's part, something Jean might not be able to accomplish without making things obvious*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:00 *looks at the gun and then at Mistyeyed**her eyes are unblinking* You're a mutant. *looks at Charles Xavier**he seems unfazed and a bit grim* Why didn't you tell me?
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.15 05:03 *stares at her with that same look* You'd find out in time. But I thought you'd trust me anyhow.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:10 *turns to Mistyeyed again**is experiencing cognitive dissonance over what to do next**she doesn't want the responsibility of taking care of yet another person, but at the same time she knows that this is a fellow superpowered individual who needs help*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:11 *exasperated, she finally sighs and says irritably:* Pick up the stuff, put it in the back of the truck, and get in.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:11 *is probably now receiving a deer-in-headlights look from Mistyeyed**sighs, realizing that he doesn't know what they are*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:12 *spots a rattlesnake among some rocks that Jean probably would never see in her lifetime (the rattlesnake blends in, but Ashley's much more used to desert life than Jean is)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:12 *raises her hand, aiming it at the rattlesnake, and a jet of fire shoots out of her fingertips, striking the snake*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:13 *looks at Mistyeyed again* Trust me now?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.15 05:13 *on the other hand, he would have been fine if Ashley had let him escape, but there would always be the high risk of being caught by a BOHSS soldier* *finally breathes and rushes to the back, like he was waiting for that moment to happen*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.15 05:15 *with that unwavering wide-eyed look, he gives her a couple of rapid nods in the affirmative*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:20 *picks the gun back up and gets in**I guess Jean has gotten back in as well**starts driving*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.15 05:20 (I'm going to have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:20 *glances at Mistyeyed via the rear-view mirror* What's your name?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.15 05:20 [Aw, bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.16 04:16 [I'm here!]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:25 (Hi!)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:26 *answers coolly* My name is Charles. But I go by Mistyeyed.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:27 It's a long story. For another time.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.16 04:27 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:28 Charles? Hah.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:28 I think I'll call you Mistyeyed since Charles is already taken.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:29 I'm Ashley, this is Jean - *points over her shoulder to the back seat; Jean is probably sitting next to Mistyeyed* - and this is Charles. *points at Charles Xavier*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:30 *with Charles having an English accent, Ashley looking like she has heritage from the UK (red hair, green eyes - rather Scottish), and Jean sharing some of Ashley's features (e.g. red hair), it's perhaps quite easy to mistake them for a family (father,
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:31 daughter, granddaughter)*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:32 *glances at the gang furtively and almost shyly* *his eyes have a glint of sadness in them, living up to the namesake* *lingers on Charles for a second longer* Glad we could clear that up.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:32 Where are you from? Where're your parents?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:33 I mean, I don't really consider myself to come from anywhere. My parents are dead.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:34 Last time I heard, an unattended teenager who decides to run around in the desert stealing things out of the back of trucks is going to get himself in deep [BLEEP].
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:34 *said that before he replied to emphasize her curiosity over where his parents or guardians are*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:35 *looks at the floor* *for awhile, the only thing filling the silence is the traction humming against the road* *speaks less boldly* I used to live in Wisconsin, with my family. We were mutants, and we tried to keep that hidden.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:37 Well... then the BOHSS came to power, and mutants across the state - across the country - were wiped out. *waves his hand to punch his point* So, we didn't stand a chance. *doesn't look up from the ground once*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:38 *glances back at him**says fairly quietly:* I know.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:38 *could add in the gory details, such as his brother actually exposing the family, but he's not at the point where he trusts them enough emotionally to share*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:39 *keeps on driving* Know of any places around here? Any towns with hotels we could stay in?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.16 04:40 *would offer up something supportive, like an apology, but that won't suffice for what he's been through* *and since she isn't used to this dystopian world, there is a great disparity between her definition of loss, and Mistyeyed, Ashley, and Charles'*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:42 I haven't really noticed. Mostly, I try to stay as far away from humans as possible. You never know who to trust in the desert.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:43 *again completely understands - she generally tries to avoid making any contacts with others*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:43 *for her, though, a lot of this is normal*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:44 I shouldn't even be here with you, but... We seem to have certain things in common. *trusts Charles enough, and Ashley to a degree, since she displayed her powers*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:44 *sees an old green sign that announces that there's a town in about 18 miles*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:45 That's why I brought you along. *this isn't the whole truth, though - and may even qualify as a bit of a lie*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:46 *the real reason she brought him along was that old impulses from her more heroic days came back and it felt wrong to just leave Mistyeyed behind with nothing even though it was probably the safest thing to do**also, she knew that Charles for sure wanted
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:46 her to do this, and if she didn't she'd probably end up getting nagged at for the rest of the journey*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:47 *in fact, the biggest reason she did this is because it's what Charles would want her and did want her to do*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.16 04:49 *accesses a lot of pointers to Mistyeyed's background, in the meantime* *can tell that he's trying to avoid sharing his life story as much as possible to stay safe* *his thoughts are a whirlwind* *most of them are in bits and pieces, and aren't very
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.16 04:49 comprehendable*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:51 *they go down a curvy road into what barely qualifies as a town (basically it has a gas station, some houses, one or two stores, a restaurant or two, a hotel, and a bunch of abandoned, run-down metal shack things...that's it)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:51 You guys hungry?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:52 *doesn't answer Ashley* *his thoughts stay to himself, and they start stacking up on one another, leading to more worries and anxiety*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 04:53 *she, Jean, and Charles probably haven't eaten since they made their daring escape from BOHSS*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 04:53 *was never a social person for that reason: he spent too much time worrying about the consequence or construction of his response to even make one*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.16 04:55 Yeah... *doesn't sound decisive enough* *after exploring Mistyeyed's mind, she's starting to become paranoid when it comes to the safety of her surroundings*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 05:01 *glances at Jean, a bit concerned**noticed her change of tone**is awaiting both of the Charles' responses*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.16 05:01 *doesn't want to go, but he can't ignore the fact that he's starving* *figures he can make a compromise later, allowing him to stay in the truck while everyone gets food*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.16 05:03 Well, we wouldn't want to be malnourished. I can't remember the last time we've eaten. And you need the energy to stay alert. *is talking to Ashley specifically*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.16 05:03 (I have to go now, bye!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.16 05:04 [Bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.17 04:28 [I'm on! Sorry I'm late.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.17 04:32 (It's okay! I just got here myself.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.17 04:34 [Hey!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.17 04:41 [RPing?]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.17 04:44 (Sure!)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.17 04:48 Ummm... *looks up a little bit* *has to make a quick decision, but can't*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.17 04:48 You guys can get something... I don't know if I want anything.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:48 *nods* Alright. *pulls up to the restaurant**it is a Mexican style restaurant, apparently*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:49 *still doesn't completely trust Mistyeyed**parks the car and says to him:* If you don't want anything then don't order anything on the restaurant.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:49 *at
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:50 Let's go. *hops out of the truck and goes to the back**pulls out Charles' wheelchair and carries it over to the passenger door*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.17 04:52 *jumps out of the truck* *sees Mistyeyed huddled in the corner* Aren't you coming out?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.17 04:53 *looks up at Jean* *feels like he doesn't have a choice, and he doesn't want to act suspicious, so he hops out after her*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:54 *opens the passenger door and helps Charles get in the wheelchair**looks at Mistyeyed**says to Jean:* Yes he is coming out.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:54 *said that before he got out*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:54 *wheels Charles into the restaurant with the other two following*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:55 *it is old and a bit dingy with beige walls, dim lighting, and dark carpeting**they go and sit down in one of the booths*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.17 04:55 *brings up the rear*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:56 *a waitress brings them menus and then walks off *
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:57 *oh, and she of course also serves them chips with salsa*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 04:59 *looks at her menu*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.17 05:05 *opens his menu, but looks around at the walls* *stares at a rusted Coca-Cola sign, which is pretty much a true artifact*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.17 05:06 *declares so the entire restaurant can hear* I think I'll have a quesadilla.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.17 05:06 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 05:07 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 05:08 *some people look at them momentarily**glances around and then says considerably more quietly:* I'll have the (so-and-so) burrito.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.17 05:23 *looks at Jean and Mistyeyed* Decisions?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:19 [I'm here! Also, I have an idea.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.18 04:23 (Hey! Go ahead and share!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.18 04:27 *goes with enchiladas* *Mistyeyed settles on a bean burrito*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:32 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:33 [Okie dokie! So, it's basically like this: Ashley and co. discuss what to do next at the table. Mistyeyed reveals that he's heard of a way mutants can find safety.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:34 [Well, he reveals this after a bit of discussion (and perhaps after Ashley quizzes him more on what he knows). Anyways, Mistyeyed explains that he's heard that Canada has pulled out of various deals with BOHSS and wants nothing to do with them. Mutants
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.18 04:34 (Okay, sounds good so far.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:35 who get across the Canadian border would be safe. And the Rocky Mountains may be used as a highway to Canada - particularly, once one reaches the Tetons and stays hidden in the wilderness, they are home free.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:36 [So they decide to head northwest towards the Tetons.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:37 [That'll sort of set a goal for them in this mission (currently Ashley and co. have been just "drifting" and trying to survive).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:40 [Mistyeyed would have probably discovered these things during the mutant rebellion he participated in. Perhaps one of his fellow rebels discovered some files where Canada sort of cut themselves off from BOHSS and also found some maps of where BOHSS
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:40 members are most highly concentrated (and thus discovered that the northernmost parts of the Rocky Mountain wilderness mostly didn't contain BOHSS centers and such).]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.18 04:51 (Okay, cool.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.18 04:52 *they order their food and kind of sit around for a few moments*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:54 *as they wait for the food, she starts up a conversation with Charles about what they should do next**keeps her voice low*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.18 04:58 *his mind is probably getting a little fuzzy* *his eyes roam around the restaurant* We should probably keep on driving...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 04:58 *Jean perhaps feels a bit left out**their food soon arrives*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.18 04:59 *has the urge to speak* *for a second, he doubts himself, but impulse gets the best of him* I know a place.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 05:02 *looks at Mistyeyed**says "Thank you" to the waitress**turns back to him once she's gone*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.18 05:03 *makes sure to keep his voice low* *glances over his shoulder, then back at Ashley* So, I know where we can go. There's a place where we can find safety.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.18 05:04 *doesn't explicitly state it's a place for mutants to keep everyone's identity secure*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.18 05:08 (I've gotta go now, bye!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 05:08 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.18 05:08 Yes? Go on.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:05 [I'm on!]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:19 (Hi!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:19 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:20 [BTW, has this ever happened to you? ht tps://68.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lrxvghn6ya1r3zypyo1_500.jpg ]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:20 [Just curious...I've been trolled in that way time and time again. XD >_< ]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:23 *leans forward to keep the conversation sensored* So, there's this place. When I was held captive in one of their labs, my friend discovered some stuff.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:24 Wait..."their" labs? Who's they?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:24 (....yes!!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:25 [What the heck?! XD]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:25 *widens his eyes and kind of looks over his shoulder as a way of saying he's keeping things as cryptic as possible for a reason*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:26 [Perhaps it's a secret trolling technique shared commonly by all dads who activate their inner troll?! O.o XD]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:32 (Hahaha... it might be!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:34 *clears her throat a little and says quietly:* My boss probably did this, hm? *disguised the word BOHSS in her sentence by pretending to be talking about her job*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:36 *takes awhile to process that* *finally gives an indecisive nod*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:36 So, apparently, there's somewhere we can go. It's up by the mountains in Canada. Canada's... Canada's a very welcoming place.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:40 So Canada doesn't like them anymore?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:41 No - no. Definitely not.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:47 So... if we go there, we won't have to deal with them.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:48 *sighs* Great. Just great. We're only about 2000 miles away...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:48 Unless your friend also found a magical way to get there that's safe...
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.19 04:49 *stirs her drink slowly with the straw* It's a long way there. Do you think we could make it?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:51 I don't know. But it looks like heading there is our only choice.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:52 Frankly, we don't have anything better to do.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:53 [Could you have Mistyeyed mention that his friend saw a map where the area of the Rocky Mountains from the Tetons up lacked BOHSS forces?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 04:56 [Replies will be a bit slow. I'm getting myself some peanut butter toast. :d :D]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:56 (Peanut butter toast is awesome.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:58 Past the Tetons, it's pretty much heaven. That's what my friend saw on the map, anyways. They're not going any farther than that.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 04:58 *wrings his hands together* *says quietly* I'm sure we could do it.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:02 [Yes it is!! :D]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:02 *mutters* The Tetons... *seems distant for a couple of moments**both Charles and Jean can probably sense that she is looking back at memories from long, long ago*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:04 *for a split second, Jean sees through her eyes**Jean finds herself standing on the edge of a precipice high in the Teton mountains, looking over Jackson Hole**the wind blows wildly, sweeping her hair every which way**but a feeling of exhilaration, not
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:04 fear, is present**this changes to sadness as Ashley mentally returns to the present*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:04 Alright.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:05 We'll get gas and then set out. *continues eating*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:11 [Hola?]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.19 05:14 (Sorry for my disappearance - I had to proofread something and that took some of my time away. I have to go unfortunately, but I'll see you tomorrow night! Enjoy the toast!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:14 *once they finish up they go to the bathroom**this is a rather awkward experience for her because she has to assist Xavier**once everyone is done they go to the truck**helps Xavier get in and puts his wheelchair in the tailgate again*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:14 [Alright, see you!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:14 [And I actually already finished the toast. I indeed enjoyed it. ^.^]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:16 *goes to the gas station**as she gets gas she also sees some maps at the little shop by the gas station**grabs one**finishes pumping the gas and gets back in the truck*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:16 *analyzes the map*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:17 *decides to cut across Arizona to U.S. Route 89 and go to the Tetons from there*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:18 *drives out of town and starts going west*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:19 [I'll try to explain where they are and where they're heading via this map: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:US_89_map.png ]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:21 [Currently they're around the southwesternmost parts of New Mexico. As you can see, there's a blue line/road from there that goes directly west into Arizona, turns north, and then merges with the red line (US 89).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:22 [From there where they're headed is self-explanatory: They follow the "red brick road." Ashley however currently has to make it to US 89, which is going to be EXTREMELY challenging (BOHSS is currently swarming the southwestern parts of the USA and even
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.19 05:23 northwestern parts of Mexico in search of Elektra, Mistyeyed, and any other escapees; they also now know that Ashley and Xavier are alive and around).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:19 [I'm on!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 04:33 (Hi! Sorry if I kept you waiting at all.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:33 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:33 [It's fine.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.20 04:35 *the drive is a little boring, especially in the back, where there aren't any windows*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:40 *later, as twilight comes, Xavier notices that Ashley is very, very tired (she didn't sleep very well in the truck last night)**he insists that they search for a place to stop*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:40 *they drive through what looks like a little, abandoned town*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 04:42 *Ashley probably tried to argue his point earlier, so he tries to convince her even further that he's right, even though settlements have been made* See, this looks like a nice place.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:44 That's because there aren't any people.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:45 *nevertheless they drive a bit slowly, looking around for any places**eventually as they reach the other side of town they do see some lights on in various places, including an old, run-down-looking hotel*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:46 *wants to drive past and keep going, but knows that that would only spark another argument**pulls up to the hotel and gets out of the truck*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:46 *helps Charles into his wheelchair*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:50 *they go into the hotel and get manage to get a room with two beds*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 04:50 *stands near the truck, studying the hotel* *knows there aren't many options, but she can't help but feel cautionary about it* *criticizes some ramshackle boards lying around it*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:51 *they go into it**has brought a bag full of food and such from the back of the truck along in case anyone gets hungry*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 04:51 *before they went in the hotel*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.20 04:51 *stands in front of the window* *besides a chunk of hotel awning, it's got a great view of the desert* *offers to sleep on the floor*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:56 *looks around* There's a couch. *points to it* You can have that if you want.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 04:56 *lifts Xavier onto one of the beds*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 04:58 *yawns pretty loudly while being lifted* Ahhh, thank you. *is perfectly content, even by the possibility that he could be sharing the sheets with bedbugs*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:01 I'll sleep on the floor...Jean, you can have the other bed. *however, both beds are queen size; she could easily share the bed with Jean (hint hint: Jean should offer her this chance...otherwise Ashley's gonna need a chiropractor... XD)*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 05:05 No, take the bed. You've been driving all day, and you shouldn't be on the floor.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 05:05 I can take the floor, or we can share.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:08 Well... *hesitates**naturally she was about to object, but she changes her mind* Let's just share. *is too tired to really argue*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:09 *goes to the bathroom and washes up a bit**takes off her shoes and lets out a sigh of relief as she lies down on the bed*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:09 [Just a word of warning: I might be on late tomorrow. I'm not sure, though.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 05:10 *after many moments of silence* Want me to turn off the light?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 05:10 (Ok, thanks for letting me know!)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.20 05:11 *has settled in* *stares at the ceiling, relaxing with his arms propping up his head*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:17 *nods* Yeah.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:17 *jerks with surprise when Xavier turns on the TV*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:18 *he finds the movie channel**an old movie is on*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:27 [Hello?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 05:27 *turns off the light* *the room is illuminated by the black-and-white screenplay*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:29 *says loudly* This is one of my favorite movies. *has likely never seen the movie before, and even though everyone is getting in bed, he doesn't know to keep the TV off* *his medication is starting to wear thin*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.20 05:30 *is startled at first, but Xavier seems happy enough, so he isn't bothered... until the volume is turned up*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:31 *doesn't know whether or not Xavier has seen it; just assumes he has**it's a famous film noir type movie*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:31 I can't hear what they're saying... *the volume level climbs to almost 40 notches*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:33 *sighs**says loudly:* Xavier, turn it down. We're trying to get some rest.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:33 If you have to, you can turn on the subtitles.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 05:33 *of course, the volume goes up just as James Cagney or some such actor starts shooting off a gun* *literally jumps* Turn the volume down!
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.20 05:34 *is starting to get a little annoyed now* *mutters to himself* I think it's time to turn the TV off.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:34 Oh, but I thought you'd all like to watch a movie now.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:34 Maybe there's popcorn around somewhere!
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:35 *isn't listening to what everyone else is saying, and he's not really paying attention to the movie, either*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:37 [Idea: Perhaps Xavier could start rambling on about his friendship with Magneto and then get anxious when he notices Mistyeyed (because he forgets who Mistyeyed is)?]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:38 (Ok.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:39 *is lost in his own head* *his brain starts melting into a mishap of minor mumblings* *memories of Magneto are somehow triggered* *goes on and on about him*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.20 05:40 *seizes the remote control during Xavier's rambling session* *lowers the volume, almost all the way to mute*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:42 Erik was a troubled man. I could never fully trust him, but there was hope. Hope allowed me to hold onto that friendship.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:43 I wonder where he is now... *looks around the room* *lays eyes on Mistyeyed* *furrows his brows* Are you Erik?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.20 05:43 *is taken by surprise* *feels scared* Uh, no...
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.20 05:44 Then who are you?! Who is- who is this boy? *whips around, staring at Ashley urgently* *points a wavering, wrinkled finger at Mistyeyed*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.20 05:45 I- I- *his heart starts drumming against his chest* *is genuinely terrified, because he doesn't know much about Xavier's illness, and therefore sees it as a threat to his security*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.20 05:46 (I've got to go now. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow night!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:49 [Alright, see you!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:50 *gets up slowly**says smoothly and comfortingly:* It's okay...everything's alright...this boy is just a friend of ours...nothing to be afraid of...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:50 Xavier, calm down.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:51 *Xavier begins to ramble on and on again**rushes to the bag and finds that she forgot to put his medication in it*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:51 *says to Jean:* Keep him calm.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.20 05:52 *turns to Xavier* I'll be right back, okay? There's nothing to worry about...absolutely nothing. You're fine, you're safe... *leaves the room and starts rushing towards the truck as fast as she can*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.21 05:12 *Charles is still seriously disgruntled* *goes over to sit by him* Hey. It's okay. *Xavier doesn't seem to process this well* *gets a little nostalgic* *remembers the old Charles who would've given anyone a second chance*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.21 05:14 *now, Xavier seems to be a totally different person* *even though it's fake, she conjures up a scenario where Mistyeyed is walking through the halls of the school* *hopes that it calms Xavier to some degree*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.21 05:27 (I guess you're not on. I'll see you tomorrow night!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:00 [Sorry I didn't make it online; there was a sudden change of plans that prevented me from doing so.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 04:18 (Hi! It's fine!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:26 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:34 [RPing?]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.22 04:34 *stares out the window, hoping Ashley is quick to rescue him from this awkwardness* *sees her shadow flitting over to the truck*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:35 [Oh, and idea: As Ashley is rushing back with the medicine could Charles have a seizure? (Note: Whenever he has one, everyone within a so-and-so mile radius sort of has one as well due to his telepathic powers.)]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:35 *opens the truck door and gets the medicine**closes the door, locks it, and starts running back the way she came*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:36 *goes up the stairs towards the second floor*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.22 04:50 *is sitting calmly for a moment, until he looks too calm* *hunches forward and starts gasping for air* *falls forward*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.22 04:50 *makes desperate choking noises*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:50 *the seizure ensues and the world starts spinning*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:51 *falls down on the stairs, barely able to move or breathe**Jean, Mistyeyed, and everyone else in the hotel are paralyzed and are suffocating in the same way*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:51 *having endured his seizures before, she is slightly "immune" to them and is able to force herself to crawl up the remaining stairs**pushes herself through the door*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 04:52 Charles? *advances towards him to help, but she is stopped in her tracks by an unforseen force* *from there, everything sort of blacks out*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:52 *rises and slowly stumbles down the hallway towards their room**each minute feels like eternity*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 04:54 *feels totally trapped* *tries to move, talk, but it is mentally and physically impossible*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.22 04:55 *is technically comatose* *unlike Jean, who has some of the same powers as Charles, he doesn't have the endurance to fight the seizure*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:55 *bursts into the room**it takes all her willpower to move at all*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:56 *she and Jean make eye contact**starts to try to walk towards Charles, but she has run out of strength**loses balance and falls to the floor, but in doing so she throws the medicine to Jean*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 04:57 *the medicine includes pills (his ordinary medicine) and needles (the medicine used to prevent/stop seizures)*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 04:59 *reaches for the bags* *thinks she is getting ahold of them, but currently, objects are closer than they appear* *is swatting at air for awhile*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 05:00 *extends a shaking leg to clamp a foot over the medicine* *her knees give way* *collapses*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 05:01 *tries to crawl forward, but no matter how hard she wills herself she can't move another inch*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 05:01 *feels like her chest is going to explode; she can't breathe at all*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 05:02 *slinks towards the bags slowly* *finally gets ahold of the syringes* *suddenly bites down on her tongue* *falls down again, but catches herself by falling on her hands*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 05:03 *can't really see - her vision is blurry, and she is overcome by nausea and delirium* *manages to push a syringe out of the bag* *
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 05:06 *attempts to push the plunger forward, but her hands are shaking so hard that she doesn't have the strength to make that happen*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 05:08 *possibly by accident, she pushes the plunger into her arm* *doesn't know any better, and since she's so spun out, she sees it as a form of release from the seizure*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.22 05:08 (I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 05:12 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.22 05:14 *the medication helps Jean by briefly relieving some of the symptoms of the pseudo-seizure she's having**she now has enough strength and time to grab another needle and use it on Charles*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.23 04:05 [I'm here!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.23 04:25 [Still here...]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.23 04:26 (Hi! Sorry I'm so late.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.23 04:26 *injects Charles* *he shudders to a stop*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.23 04:32 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:43 *the seizure ends and everyone within a so-and-so mile radius can breathe again*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:43 *gasps for breath**Charles is awake and alright, though gasping for breath as well*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.23 04:43 *recovers* *everyone else does too, but it's kind of a slow process* *stays silent for the most part*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.23 04:44 *wants to know what in the name of all things holy happened, but since everyone else is contributing to an awkward silence, he does too*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:48 [A quick note: In Logan, after having seizures, Charles was very apologetic. There was (SPOILER ALERT) one part where his seizure affected probably hundreds of people, and as he, Wolverine, and Laura escape he says to random people who are lying on the
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:48 floor and gasping: "I'm sorry..."]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:48 [It was to some extent an actually funny moment though... XD]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.23 04:51 (Oh, hahaha! Well, I wish I would've known that, but oh well.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:52 *finally breaks the silence:* We are getting out of here first thing in the morning.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:52 Unless there are BOHSS soldiers around who were effected by that... *rushes to the window and looks out it quickly**doesn't see anyone coming*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:52 You know what? We're checking out NOW.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.23 04:52 (Forgot to tell you, but today we were driving back from school and we heard some symphonic exerpts from Parsifal! It didn't disappoint!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 04:52 *affected
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.23 04:53 *sounds really innocent* But, bu... Is it something I did? *his eyes are wide*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.23 04:54 *being a spontaneous person, he picks up his lone bag from the floor and is ready to go*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 05:01 [Awesomeness!!!!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 05:05 [BTW, want to hear some Wagner with the singing? (The orchestral excerpts alone are wonderful, but the orchestra+the singing=...something indescribably fantastic.)]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.23 05:06 (Yeah, sure!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 05:06 [It is Kafreitagszauber (literally translated "Good Friday Magic," but more commonly known as "Good Friday Music").]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 05:07 [Oops...the link didn't post...here, I'll post it again: https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=cKmp-Q5weSc ]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 05:07 [Siegfried Jerusalem is the tenor, Parsifal. Kurt Moll is Gurnemanz. Also on stage is Leonie Rysanek as Kundry, but she is silent.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.23 05:08 (Ok, thanks! I think I've heard it, but I'll listen again when I find the time.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 05:08 [It is magical indeed.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.23 05:08 (I have to go now. I probably won't be on tomorrow, as I have a concert and it won't be over until later. Plan to see me back Wednesday! Have a great night!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 05:11 [Alright, see you! Good luck with your concert!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.23 05:11 [I believe I previously had you listen to Good Friday Music without the singing.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.25 03:49 [I'm on!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.25 04:12 [Hello?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.25 04:22 (Hi! Thank you, all went well!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.25 04:23 (Maybe. It's been awhile since I've heard it, so I can't remember.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.25 04:30 [Hey!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.25 04:31 [Regarding the concert: Great! Regarding the music: Okie dokie. I think I remember what version I originally recommended, and it was an orchestral excerpt. Now of course I gave you the link to a version with the singing.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:33 *turns to Xavier, looking fierce**everyone - especially Xavier - can tell that she's on the verge of "blowing up" and yelling at him*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:35 *looks at Xavier for some long moments**to Jean's surprise, Ashley's face softens**upon looking at Xavier, she couldn't help remembering everything they've been through together and what she's done for her**feels guilty about almost snapping so fast*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:35 [Are you both on?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:36 *Jean senses her guilt, as well as empathy and sorrow**says quietly:* It's not your fault.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:37 *hoists Xavier onto his wheelchair and grabs some of the things they brought*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:38 *knows that they have to get out of here soon; if any BOHSS members or supporters was affected by Charles' seizure (and there's a 90% chance that this has happened), then their location has been somewhat compromised*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:39 Let's go. *they leave the hotel, toss their stuff in the truck, get in the truck, and drive off **though overall she's still quite tired, stress is energizing her*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.25 04:39 (No, but I talked to Paige about that recently. She won't be on until school ends, which will be coming up soon, actually. Once school ends, we should both be a lot more flexible.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:39 [Hello?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:39 [Nvm.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:40 [Okay. Awesomeness! Tell her that I'll be waiting! :D]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:41 [...And so will the Gasbag... >:D *darkness and dramatic green light appears around me as my alter ego briefly returns* Mwah ha ha ha ha...MWAH ha ha ha ha...MWAH HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAA!!!! *lightning strikes and thunder rumbles*]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.25 04:41 (However, we will be joining marching band, which is also starting soon and will last until December. It will be a huge commitment, and we probably won't be able to get on because of it. When school starts after summer, we'll probably only be
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:41 [Annnnnd I gotta pee. o.o' *reverts to normal form* Well, I guess that ruined my villainous moment. XP]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.25 04:41 able to make it on weekends.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:42 [Dang...okay.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.25 04:42 (Hahaha! If it were the other way around, maybe not.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:42 [What instruments do you guys play again? I remember that one of you plays the violin, piano, and clarinet, while the other plays the violin and piano.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 04:44 *sporadically apologizes throughout the drive, even though Ashley forgives him*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:45 [But that memory came from years ago, sooo... XP]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 04:45 (I play the violin and clarinet, and know some basic piano. Paige used to take piano, but doesn't really play much anymore. Her main instrument is the flute.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:46 *finally she does snap a little when he apologizes for what must be the 12th time* It's okay, alright?!!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:46 [Ah, okay.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:47 [Have either of you by chance heard "Forest Murmurs" from Siegfried?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:48 [It features the theme of the bird/bird's song, who tells Siegfried of Brunnhilde sleeping on a rock/mountain surrounded by fire. This theme is played (at least partially) on the flute.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:48 *who/which
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:49 [This theme is repeated later by a soprano who plays as the bird.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 04:49 (Yeah, we actually have it on a CD of orchestral highlights from Der Ring!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:49 [Well, that's not part of Forest Murmurs (the soprano becomes involved once Siegfried can understand what the bird is saying due to tasting dragon's/Fafner's blood), but you get the point.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:50 [Awesomeness! I love the start of Forest Murmurs especially, and how calm it is.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:52 [Perhaps Paige'll learn to play the bird's theme/song sometime. :D]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:53 [I too only know the basics of piano (about the best thing I can play is mvt. 1 of the Moonlight Sonata :/), but I do have an operatic voice. I haven't been trained, though; I mostly sing to myself and my pet fish. XD XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:54 [I don't know the lyrics of most of what I sing; I just sing the tunes of some of my favorite arias and/or segments from opera by memory.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 04:56 (Yeah, that's an idea! She'd definitely be interested in that!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 04:56 (Would you ever be interested in getting vocal lessons?)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:57 [Awesome! RPing?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:57 [Hmm...maybe. I've considered it.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:59 [I think by now I've figured out which roles I'm comfortable with. XD XP The soprano roles in Italian opera are way too high for me. The German ones...not so much, actually.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 04:59 [I honestly have no idea what I am. :P According to some website I read, I'd count as mezzo, but I also have sung segments from Fidelio to myself that are for Leonore (a soprano role).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:00 [And Senta. And Brunnhilde...etc.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 05:00 (That's true! It would be cool, though.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 05:01 (I guess it kind of depends. Someone (like a teacher) might have to verify that for you.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 05:02 I- okay. Sorry- *catches his tongue, knowing that it could irritate Ashley even more, but then he trips over his words* Sorry!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:02 [Maybe that means I'm closer to a dramatic soprano?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:03 [Yeah...I'll need someone who actually knows what they're talking about to verify that.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:03 [XD Anyways...RPing.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:04 *just looks for a moment at Xavier out of the corner of her eye**is too tired to deal with his excessive apologizing anymore*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:05 *they keep driving**they pass through another tiny, abandoned town, and then eventually reach another town that is only semi-abandoned**it is just before daybreak*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:06 *they find a hotel here that is just as run-down and crummy as the last one, but are relieved to find a place to sleep**they repeat the process they went through before up to where they've all settled in and claimed their spots for the night (Mistyeyed
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:06 gets the couch, Xavier gets a bed, and Jean and Ashley share a bed)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:07 *this time Xavier is too tired to watch TV**they all crash*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:07 [Want to skip time to the next afternoon?]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 05:09 (Sure!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.25 05:10 -THE FOLLOWING AFTERNOON...-
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:11 *they actually start to wake up*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.25 05:13 *wakes up feeling well-rested* *her sense of time has been warped, so she isn't sure how long she's been sleeping*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.25 05:13 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.25 05:15 [Aw, bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.26 04:31 [I'm on! Sorry I'm so late.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.26 04:33 (Hi! Not a problem.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.26 04:34 *is passed out* *hasn't slept for this long since forever*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.26 04:34 [BTW, remember Nate from WB? Wasn't he inspired by Elton John or something?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:35 *stirs*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:35 *Xavier is probably waking up easily (or already awake) since the older you get, the less sleep you need*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.26 04:40 (Yeah, a little bit! )
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:42 [Okie dokie. Just wondering since I heard some Elton John today.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:45 *wakes up**mumbles:* What time is it...?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.26 04:47 (Oh yeah? Do you know which song you heard?)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.26 04:48 *drags the old alarm clock across the bedside table, which is turned towards Xavier* *stares at it for awhile* It's almost 11.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:49 [I think it's "Don't You Go Breaking My Heart."]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:50 *it was
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.26 04:52 (Oh yeah! That's a classic. Cool! Since you mentioned him, I had to turn on one of his songs. Haven't listened to him in awhile.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:54 [I heard he's classically trained. Makes sense - his singing is on pitch and he utilizes an orchestra for the background music.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.26 04:55 *has been patient for several hours, and for long enough* *turns on the TV, unassuming*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.26 04:55 (Yeah. He also plays the piano in almost all of his songs, and for the most part, writes most of his songs.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:56 [Yep; I've heard that he does that too.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:57 *another classic movie is on*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.26 04:57 *the news - or some form of it - is streaming at nearly top volume* *can barely be heard asking what's for breakfast*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.26 04:58 *or, a classic movie is streaming at top volume*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 04:59 WHAT?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.26 05:00 *receives a wake-up call equivalent to that of getting doused with ice water* *is alert and annoyed*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:00 *knows that Charles said something; she however has no idea what he said XD XP*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.26 05:02 *raises his voice one decibel* I asked, what's for breakfast!! *is used to getting breakfast, so there's a chance he doesn't know he might not be getting any on the road*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.26 05:03 Shouldn't we be leaving soon?
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.26 05:04 But I thought we'd get breakfast first! Why wouldn't we!
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.26 05:04 *half-marches, half-drags himself into the bathroom*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:05 *sighs* Yes.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:05 *said that to Jean**can now hear Charles, though barely*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:05 *gets up, walks over, takes the remote, and turns the volume down*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.26 05:05 Well, we've got a long way to go. And maybe we can't get any around here. *there is some gradual disappointment in her words* *still isn't used to the fact that she can't live (somewhat) comfortably anymore*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:05 *plops the remote back on Xavier's bed and walks over to the food bag*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.26 05:06 I liked that movie. *turns it back on*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:06 *well, it's more of an anything-they-may-need bag than a food bag; it also contains Xavier's medicine*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:06 [She didn't turn if off. She merely turned the volume down.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:06 *it
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.26 05:07 (I have to go now; I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.26 05:12 [Alright, bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.27 04:09 [I'm on!]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:27 (Hey!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.27 04:28 [Whoo hoo!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.27 04:28 [Heya!]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:28 (I talked to Paige tonight. She's wondering what's up online, and I think she'll be too lost to join in for the rest of the mission. That said, I forgot to mention that I think we're in need of some new Rps, especially for the summer (when we won't be
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:29 doing much of anything).)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:30 [Dang it...she's gonna miss out. So far I think this has been a great mission. :/]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:31 [Well, I do have that Zodiac: Fallen Stars idea.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:31 (I noticed we've been borrowing a LOT of the same plot ideas over and over - Heroes Arise is basically Movie RP, and Dawn of Death is a lot like WB. I mentioned DOD to Paige, and she didn't seem to express much interest in it. But I'm not sure.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:31 [But that was meant to open when Dawn of Death finished.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:31 [I myself have run out of interest for DOD.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:32 (Yeah, I was gonna say. I'm looking forward to it, whenever you decide to open that.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:32 [Regarding Heroes Arise, I still have a lot of interest in this mission, but the missions after it? I'm not sure.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:33 [When is summer break starting for you?]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:34 (Recently, I've been thinking over a few RP plotlines. They'd probably all be LERPS, since I don't think they can be continued for a long time. Mind if I share some of them?)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:35 [Go right ahead!]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:35 (Yeah. I mean, I like this because every now and then I start getting interested in superheroes again, but sometimes, it can honestly run dry.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:36 (My online courses end June 2nd. Electives at school end in three weeks. Regardless, we'll be having more freedom by the week's end.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:41 (Ok! Idea #1 is a mystery slightly based off the book/movie Paper Towns, but with more of a Stand By Me aesthetic, if you've ever seen that movie. Basically, a good friend of the characters goes missing, and as in Paper Towns, leaves behind clues relating
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:41 [Okie dokie! My summer break is already here BTW.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:42 to their whereabouts. I'm thinking that the missing friend would leave clues in every "stop". It would make the RP engaging, but slightly impossible and unrealistic. Unlike Paper Towns, there would be more of a dramatic ending.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:42 (Wow, cool! Enjoying the break from homework and stuff?)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:43 (I think this RP would be fun because it would set a summer mood with a road trip and mystery, and would provide room for a lot of character development. If you think this is a good idea as well, we may have to talk it over more.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:45 (Idea #2 is based off an idea I found online. At a summer camp, some campers pull a nasty trick on another camper by stranding them in a canoe in the middle of a lake. Obviously, it's a real shocker to the stranded person, who swears to get revenge, even
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:46 if it's single-handedly. A series of brawls would be set off at the summer camp until one group remains victorious. I shared this idea with Paige, and she suggested this being a thing wherein 'survival' brawls happen at several types of summer camps. I
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:47 [Yep! :D]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:48 don't think that's a bad idea, but then again, it's based off of WB. This might be fun because summer camps are the epitome of summer, and it would offer a lot of comical moments.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:48 [I haven't seen Stand By Me, sorry. However, idea #1 is still interesting, and definitely a change from our usual action RPs.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:49 (My final idea is a vague one I've had, but it was recently strengthened by this hilarious thriller trailer take on The Goonies. If you haven't seen that movie, I recommend you do. Not only is it a classic, but the plotline is like seamless.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:49 (By the way, the trailer is on YouTube, if you want to check it out. I can provide a link.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:51 (Anyways, a group of people decide to check out a funeral home or something at the edge of town due to some myths of a priceless secret lying within. However, the funeral home is haunted, and the even though the owners haven't been seen in forever,
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:52 they're still rife in the funeral home. The group gets trapped in the funeral home, and are forced to survive through a night of terror.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:53 (I'm rooting for this idea because it could keep us pretty entertained if we have a good lineup of characters. On the other hand, it is pretty similar to that one RP you created a couple of falls ago.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 04:53 (So, those are my ideas. They're bare to the bone, since nothing's for certain, so I'd love to hear your opinions on them, if any.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:56 [Sorry about my slow replies. I had to eat some peanut butter toast again. XD XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:56 [OK, so idea #1 is fine; I don't see anything wrong with it. Heck, maybe some sci-fi/fantasy elements could be thrown into it to twist things up.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:58 [Idea #2 was quite interesting up to the "survival brawls" proposal; I knew that was WB-related before you even stated that it was. No offense to Paige - the survival brawl bit does throw more action into the RP - but it seems repetitive.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 04:58 [Idea #2 is okay, though, and as you pointed out it has a lot of potential for being more of a comedy RP. Even with the survival brawls I think we could pull it off.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:02 [Idea #3 does kind of remind me of that Halloween RP I made. Generally I'm not really a fan of the horror genre, but indeed idea #3 could prove to be very fun. Overall it's again a fine idea to work with.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:03 [If you're not in the mood for action and you are in the mood for something full of plot twists, I'd go with idea #1. If you're in the mood for something somewhat familiar to work with and something perhaps funny, I'd go with idea #2. If you're in the
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:04 mood for something fast-paced and spooky, I'd go with idea #3.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:07 [Hello?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:07 [I'm generally neutral about which one you should pick - it's up to you - but I MIGHT be slightly leaning towards idea #1...]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:08 (Ok. It seems as if my first idea is getting a good response, so I'll probably create it sometime soon. We'll have to talk a little more about as well the closer I get to opening it.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:08 (Yeah, I'd say it's a definite. It's something different compared to everything else we've done.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:09 [It seems like something we could really flesh out into quite an interesting story. We might even be able to throw in some sci-fi or fantasy type aspects - perhaps something involving how one perceives time, sort of like what happened to the main
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:09 character's mind in the movie Arrival. Have you seen that?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:09 [Also, great! :D]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:17 (I haven't seen that movie yet, but it looked interesting. I may want to leave it solely fiction, since you may open the Zodiac soon, but we'll talk.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:18 [What do you mean by solely fiction?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:19 [Sorry, I'm a little confused.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:21 [Arrival was definitely quite interesting; you should watch it! :D Also, I haven't seen The Goonies. I'll try to watch it sometime, though!]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:23 (Ok! It's a great '80s movie.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:24 (By keeping it solely fictional, I meant that I may not want to add elements of fantasy or sci-fi.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:25 [Well, fantasy and sci-fi are both generally fiction. XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:26 [I think you meant "solely realistic" or something like that.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:26 [Sorry if I'm being corrective.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:26 [Oh, wait, you probably meant "solely realistic fiction."]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:26 *fictional
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:33 [Still there?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:33 *overly corrective
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:33 [Typo city. >_< ]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:34 (Yeah, that's what I was going for.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:34 [OK, that's fine. It's your RP.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:38 [RPing?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:38 [Oh, and BTW, I haven't decided when I'll open the Zodiac RP. It might be soon, though.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:42 (Ok, that's awesome! And sure!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:47 *eyes the food bag expectantly*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:47 [Note: Ashley didn't turn off the TV. She merely turned the volume down to a reasonable level.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:48 *passes around food to everyone**the food consists of one bag of junk food (e.g. some kind of chip or crunchy snack) and one fruit*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:48 *for each of them, of course*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:48 *opens a bag of Fritos and eats*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:52 *once they finish "breakfast," they check out and continue their drive*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.27 05:53 *is still pretty hungry after finishing off what I would consider a ''healthy'' weekend breakfast* *sleeps to pass the time and ignore the hunger*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,May.27 05:54 *is still on their trail and is getting closer**he has gotten Becker and Gibbs to position themselves and their forces in some of the places Ashley and co. will surely pass through*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 05:54 *is in the back with Mistyeyed* *still doesn't really know who he is, so he avoids conversation*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:55 *after a few hours they are passing through a much larger town; parts of it are still populated**has to slam on the brakes since someone is cutting in front of her*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:55 [Xavier's medication should have fixed that BTW.]
14>General Becker (General), 23yo.2017,May.27 05:56 *sits along a strip of abandoned highway in a big Jeep, baking in the hot sun* *stares straight ahead, sunglasses on* *has one hand over his walkie-talkie and an eagle eye out for anything that happens to cross his path*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:56 [Wait a minute...I forgot to have Ashley give him his pills on the night of the seizure... *facedesk* Well, pretend she did that. XD XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:56 *angrily beeps at the person who cut in front of her**this jolts Jean awake*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:57 [BLEEP]HOLE!
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.27 05:58 *flies forward, being jolted awake* *barely catches the rest of this person's near kamikaze mission across the street*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.27 05:59 *can hardly resist inertia when Ashley gives the truck an angry burst of gas*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:59 *the car which cut in front of her continues in its merry way like nothing happened**sighs, irritated*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 05:59 *passes the person, who is now going stupidly slow*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.27 06:00 *is stunned by Ashley's aggression, but almost encouraged to join in* *scoffs* It's probably an old person.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:01 *glances at the person as they pass the car* Hah! It's someone who looks about 30.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:02 What an [BLEEP]hole...I mean, really? What's he trying to do, get us killed?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:03 *one of them complains of hunger* We can stop later and get something out of the back. *they continue to complain* Alright, ALRIGHT! *mutters* [BLEEP]...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:04 *pulls up to a gas station**gets out of the truck and goes to the tailgate, where most of their supplies are*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:07 *unfortunately she is spotted by one of Becker's forces (they are a bit spread out; they are in the part of town Ashley and co. are in, and they are also around the highway exiting the town)*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 06:07 *wonders aloud* What time is it?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:08 *the soldier who spots her calls up Becker, informing him that he spotted someone who might be Ashley*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:09 *pulls out some water bottles from a cooler and also some more snacks as well (most of the food they have isn't exactly top grade)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:09 *gets back in the truck and passes around "lunch"*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:11 *then continues driving**speeds a little; with most of society in tatters, it's not like she's going to get caught*
14>General Becker (General), 23yo.2017,May.27 06:12 *talks into the walkie-talkie smoothly* Copy that. I'm on it. *gears up and drives forward*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 06:13 *is complaining about the food* This isn't even proper lunch! This is absolute rubbish! I want a sandwich!
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.27 06:13 *takes care of things so Ashley can focus on driving* This is all we have, Charles.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:13 *once they've exited town, all they see are the highway, the mountains, the desert...and a Jeep ahead pulling onto the highway*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:14 *a few other heavy-duty, military style cars are not far behind them - and getting closer*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.27 06:14 Well... *rips up a chip bag indignantly* *grumbles* I know they're somewhere. You've made them before.
14>General Becker (General), 23yo.2017,May.27 06:16 *his truck looks like a dust storm* *can't really see the truck because so much gravel is in the air, so he's driving right in the middle of the road* *doesn't care if he does crash into the truck, though, because whoever it is, they're a target*
14>General Becker (General), 23yo.2017,May.27 06:16 *and if he catches Ashley and the crew off-guard, then it won't affect him or his Jeep, since it's heavy-duty*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.27 06:17 *sees the Jeep rushing forward, and his eyes widen* Hey... you're gonna crash into that Jeep!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:18 *as the Jeeps close in on them, Mistyeyed probably recognizes them - and Ashley knows that something is definitely fishy*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.27 06:18 (I have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:19 *slows down* No I'm not- *the Jeeps behind them bump into them, edging them towards Becker's Jeep**realizes that they're military/BOHSS style Jeeps*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:19 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.27 06:19 [BLEEP]...it's BOHSS.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:18 [I'm on! BTW, I have a general plan for how the plot will progress from here. Mind if I share?]
14>General Becker (General), 23yo.2017,May.28 04:23 (Hey! Sure!)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 04:23 *screams* GET OUT OF THE WAY!!
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 04:24 *Becker's Jeep is coming full-speed ahead*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:31 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:33 [BTW, Becker's Jeep is going in the same direction as Ashley and the other Jeeps are. Becker's actually slowing down so that his Jeep plus the ones behind Ashley and co. sort of smush the truck.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:34 [They may actually want them alive for experimenting purposes, so inducing a head-on collision would not make Dr. Janus happy.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:34 [Anyways, the plan I've formed is this: They narrowly escape the Jeeps and drive around in the back roads for a while. As sunset comes, they stop at a rural house that has lights on inside, hoping that whoever lives there will give them shelter.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:36 [It turns out that the person there is Elektra (who probably claimed the house to herself since it was abandoned or something). Elektra holds a gun on them, but a fight is prevented when Mistyeyed reveals himself.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:37 [Elektra is thus sort of "added" to the group and they stay there for the night. Ashley becomes a bit suspicious of Elektra and Mistyeyed since they know each other; after some arguing, Xavier is coaxed into probing Mistyeyed's and Elektra's minds.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:38 [Because of Elektra's electromagnetism powers/electromagnetic fields, probing is difficult, but Xavier manages to figure out that they were experimented on and trained together in a facility and even gets a glimpse of Dr. Janus. Jean sees some of this,
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:39 too, since she links her mind with Xavier's out of curiosity. Xavier explains what he saw, after which everyone has dinner. Deciding to have a bit of fun, they have dinner around a campfire in the back, and have a wonderful time.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:41 [However, they are ambushed by BOHSS officials. Mistyeyed meets his end before Ashley and co. make it to the truck. They drive wildly into the wilderness until the truck, which has been badly damaged, finally gives out.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:41 [They try to continue onwards on foot. Ashley and Jean have to work together to carry Xavier, making progress much slower than what they need. BOHSS closes in on them.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:43 [When Mistyeyed died, he and the others took out a lot of BOHSS soldiers (probably either Gibbs and co. or Becker and co.). As BOHSS officials close in on them, Elektra decides to stay back and hold them off (during their brief stay with her, she made a
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:44 strong connection with Xavier since he is an old friend of her grandfather, Erik Lehnsherr; she perhaps feels obliged to not witness Xavier's death).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:45 [Like Mistyeyed, she meets her downfall, but takes a whole squad with her (either Gibbs and co. or Becker and co.); only Reiner and a small portion of his soldiers remain.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:45 [That's my plan for now. What do you think?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:51 *suddenly and abruptly turns, going off the road**the truck might have even drifted for a moment there**turns around and starts zooming back towards town*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:51 *the Jeeps all have to make a U-turn to come after her*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:51 *they start firing at the truck*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 04:53 (Sounds good to me!)
14>General Becker (General), 23yo.2017,May.28 04:54 *pulls up pretty close to the truck* *aims through his window and into Ashley's, then fires*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:57 [Okie dokie!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:57 *ducks instinctively**slams her hand on Jean's head, forcing Jean to duck as well*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:58 *can barely see a thing over the dashboard**unexpectedly swerves left - right into Becker's Jeep*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 04:59 *despite Becker having the top grade military Jeep, her truck is pretty strong too**Becker is pushed onto the sidewalk (and possibly into a building/shop or something; whether he crashes is up to you)*
14>General Becker (General), 23yo.2017,May.28 05:02 *his truck rolls over, but he survives* (I think he has super strength)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 05:04 *terrified, he bears to look out the window* *watches a cloud of dust rise above Becker's toppled Jeep*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 05:04 *rises a little tentatively* Did we lose them?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:05 [Yeah. I scrolled up; his powers are basically a combo of Wolverine's and Connor's (regenerative healing factor+metal bones+super strength).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:05 *keeps driving* Most of them. *the other Jeeps are still there**one had to stop to avoid becoming part of the crash; the other is still following them*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:06 *speeds down another road, cutting in front of people precariously**goes down to another road**makes four right turns, throwing off the remaining Jeep(s)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:06 *then drives through back roads, weaving her way towards the highway while staying hidden*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:07 *even drives off road for a little while before getting back on the highway and continuing on*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 05:10 *has an anxiety attack in the backseat* *is hyperventilating and kneading his hands together in an attempt to calm himself down* *keeps looking out the window*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:10 [Oh yeah, and BTW, I don't mean to complain or be bossy, but you might be overdoing the "senile" factor with Xavier. Yes, he's a little childish here and there and he's definitely possibly the sweetest character in this mission, but he's still quite
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:10 intellectual.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.28 05:10 *looks at Mistyeyed* *speaks really calmly* You seem terribly distraught.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:11 [He also can still use his powers to some extent; for instance, in this situation, he probably can and should try to calm Mistyeyed's mind.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.28 05:12 (Ok, I'll keep that in mind.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 05:13 *looks at Charles with an aggressively bewildered expression* *he isn't really helping his cause by stating the obvious*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:13 [When his medicine is wearing off he definitely starts going whacko and forgetting people/what's going on and such, and you've done a very good job playing as him there. I just think that you're emphasizing his senility a little too much when his medicine
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:13 is "active."]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:14 [Oh, and just like the younger Xavier he really likes to try helping others.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:14 [Sorry if I'm being too critical; your rendition of elderly Xavier so far has been pretty good.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.28 05:15 *is totally still* *starts accessing some of Mistyeyed's racing thoughts, which include several violent and mind-numbing encounters with BOHSS authority* Yes...
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.28 05:17 *stares out the window for a long time, sort of meditating* *focuses on the sun, and how it casts different colors over the changing landscape*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.28 05:20 *gradually eases the bad out of Mistyeyed's mind and replaces it with the good - in this case, the small details*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:20 *just keeps driving in silence**Jean notices a bit of bleeding in one of Ashley's hands; some of the glass that was sent flying by Becker's bullets hit her hand*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 05:22 *makes an eventual recovery* *after awhile, he finally stops fidgeting with his hands and relaxes*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.28 05:23 *observes Mistyeyed* *some fragments of memories of his old students start to come back*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 05:24 *is pretty concerned about the cut in Ashley's hand* *debates whether or not she should intervene in Ashley's driving mode and mention it*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 05:26 *feels like he's being watched* *shoots a long look over at Xavier*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.28 05:27 *smiles slightly* You'll find your way. You just have to allow yourself to realize it.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 05:28 *blinks, trying to process that cryptic message* *leans back and tries to get back to resting*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 05:28 *says something* Hey, your hand is bleeding. Is it cut?...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:30 Yes.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:30 *had to prevent herself from saying something like this: "No, it bleeds from time to time because it wants to"*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:31 *glances at Jean and sees how concerned she is**sighs* Grab the bag. You'll find some first aid stuff in it.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 05:33 Are you sure you can drive? *leans over and rummages around for it*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:39 I have two hands.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:39 I'm sure.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 05:42 *finds the first aid kit and hands it over wordlessly*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:48 Take out the bandage.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 05:52 *opens it up and hands a roll of ace bandage over to Ashley*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:54 *tries to control the steering wheel with her knees as she wraps her hand in a bandage**then resumes normal driving*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:54 *as soon as they enter more towns, she takes various back roads and such to throw off their persuers*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 05:54 *pursuers
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 05:57 (Haha, I love Ashley's versatility in steering.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 06:00 [I've actually seen people use their knees when their hands are temporarily full. Somehow it works pretty well. XD XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 06:06 *they find themselves looking for some place to stop as sunset arrives**they see lights on in a house**the area they are in is rather forested; they park in a space hidden by some trees and brush*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 06:06 We'll see if they'll let us stay here.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 06:06 (Yeah, it would probably suffice if you're driving down a highway or a long country road.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.28 06:07 *gets out of the car to hear a cha-ching of a large gun**raises her hands and looks up to see Elektra standing with a rifle*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.28 06:07 *aims it at Ashley* Don't move.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.28 06:07 What do you want?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 06:08 *is shocked by the shot* *the first aid kit rattles against her knees as she accidently fumbles with it
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.28 06:08 *
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 06:08 *was initially scared out of his wits until he started to recognize exactly who was shooting the gun*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.28 06:10 (I have to go, see you tomorrow!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.28 06:18 [Elektra didn't shoot; she was co cking her gun.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.28 06:19 [Sorry I didn't clarify.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.28 06:19 [Also, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:20 [I'm on! Sorry I'm late.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 04:33 (Hi! Sorry I'm even later, haha.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 04:35 (Yeah, sorry I didn't notice that. I don't know why I thought she shot it, but I did.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:35 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:36 [It's fine. BTW, I've been making a chart for all 12 Zodiac children containing info about their appearances, powers, etc. I'm still stuck on some of their traits, but once I'm done I'll send the chart to you.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:37 [Note that currently I have claimed Aquarius (duh XP), Capricorn, and Sagittarius. I am also considering taking Leo since he will be the leader of the group.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:37 [Since there are 12 signs and 3 of us, each of us can have four characters. One of you is clearly obliged to claim Virgo; the other one of you can have your moon sign, Gemini.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 04:42 (Sweet! Looking forward to this.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:42 [BTW, generally fire and air signs are masculine and water and earth signs are feminine. However, I did not follow this entirely with the Zodiac children; for instance, Gemini (an air sign) is a girl.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:43 [Similarly, Scorpio (a water sign) is a boy. The same applies to Taurus (an earth sign) - he's male.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 04:43 (I'll have to see the chart, then I'll figure out which characters I'll claim.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:43 [Libra (air again) in the meantime is female.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:43 [Okie dokie. I'll try to finish it up soon!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:44 [I haven't stated what gender each character is in the chart, but I probably will say so in the email I attach the chart to.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:45 [RPing?]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 04:47 (Sure!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 04:49 *is about to speak, but Mistyeyed pokes his head out of the truck and interrupts*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 04:52 Elektra! Stop what you're doing. Remember me?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 05:00 [Sorry about my disappearance. Got distracted.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:00 *freezes**stares at Mistyeyed; is shocked*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:00 Mistyeyed?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 05:01 Wait a second, wait a second...you two know each other?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:02 *clambers out of the truck by means of confirmation, sort of crawling over Jean in the process*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:02 *trots over to Elektra* *talks to her casually and breathlessly* Yeah. I don't know how I made it, but I'm still alive. Looks like you are, too.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:09 *nods a little*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:09 Have you seen Spider? *Spider was probably the nickname of one of their fellow mutants from the lab*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:11 *shakes his head* *looks grave* Spider didn't make it.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:15 *is visibly saddened, though she expected such a response* Oh... *looks suspiciously at Ashley and co.* Who are they? *sees Ashley shift a little and raises her rifle slightly and warningly*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:19 Don't worry. They're not the enemy. *glances back at Ashley*They've been providing me safety so far. They're good people.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:21 *continues to look at them suspiciously*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 05:22 *raises her hand, forming fire at her fingertips**Elektra now understands partially why they've been good to Mistyeyed*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:22 *gives her a nod of acknowledgement* What do you want? *isn't nearly as hostile as before**is still cautious*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 05:23 *briefly explains that they need a place to stay for the night*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:27 *hesitates**looks at Mistyeyed, who gives her a reassuring nod**then gestures for them to come over* Come on.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 05:28 *is relieved, but also rather suspicious of the two herself **she and Jean help get Xavier out of the truck and onto his wheelchair and wheel him into the house*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:35 *starts asking Elektra about her life after they were forced apart from one another*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:37 *doesn't go into the details; she's still being cautious around Ashley and co.**just explains some things about how she's been sticking to the wilderness, occasionally steals supplies from town, and has been at this house for a day or two now*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:37 *asks Mistyeyed how his life has been*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 05:38 *she, Charles, and Jean get settled in**this house is quite normal, with a bathroom, kitchen, living room, a few bedrooms, etc.*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:39 *shrugs* I don't know how I did it. After the split, I jumped on a train and never looked back. I guess I just didn't really care what happened.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.29 05:40 *is pretty impressed with how furnished everything is, being managed by a runaway kid and all*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:42 Survival wasn't part of the initial plan. Soon, though, I kinda had to come to terms with that, and sort of roamed from town to town. Some nights I'd live on garbage for a meal, or I'd find a trustworthy person to buy from every once in awhile.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:43 So... life's been okay, for the most part. Nothing special.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:44 Sometimes, I don't see what the point is anymore. But BOHSS and Silver (an old friend) help me to remember.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.29 05:46 *notices how dusty a lot of the stuff is**guesses that 99% of this stuff was here when Elektra got here*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.29 05:46 (I have to go now, see you!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:47 BOHSS in particular helps me remember... *vengeance glimmers in her eyes for a moment**Mistyeyed may not really notice this; however, Charles Xavier does, and he finds it perhaps rather familiar (hint hint: Erik)*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.29 05:47 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:22 [I'm here!]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.30 04:23 (Hi!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.30 04:28 *does find that to be familiar* *since Erik was always so ardent on crushing those who wronged him, it's hard not to notice*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:37 [Hey! Sorry about my disappearance. I was working on the chart.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:40 *they (Ashley, Charles, and Jean) take turns in the bathroom**when she and Charles are in there (Ashley has to help him since he's old and feeble), she begins to insist that he probe Mistyeyed's and Elektra's minds*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.30 04:42 *is about to say something quickly, but he cuts himself off* I don't know if that would be a good idea.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:43 [BTW, I found another hilarious Spyro 3 video. Mind if I share it with you? (Note: Like the other one, it does have one more adult joke, but again: We survived Deadpool. You should handle it fine. XD)]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:44 [Oh, and it starts out clean language-wise but then swear words are thrown in more and more as the video progresses. However, I don't care; it kind of makes the video funnier.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:44 Why? I don't know if staying here with them is such a good idea. I need to know if I can trust them.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:45 They just KNOW each other all of a sudden? Really?
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.30 04:46 *counters* There aren't many of their kind left. It would make sense.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.30 04:47 (Go ahead!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:48 [OK, so I'll provide some background info like I did with the last video: The video I'm about to give you the link to is dedicated to the "Headbash Apocalypse" function in Spyro Edit 2.0.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:49 [Spyro Edit is basically a program that lets you literally edit the environment (move around buildings, change the color of stuff, etc.) in Spyro 3 (and Spyro 2 as well, I think). It works with Playstation emulators (these are programs that are run on a
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:50 laptop and "pretend" to be Playstation consoles so you can play PS games on your computer). One of its many functions - and my favorite one - is the Headbash Apocalypse function.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:51 [Headbash is basically a move Spyro can perform in Spyro 2 and 3 in which he jumps up, flips in the air, and slams head-first down into the ground. Spyro Edit allows you to make the Headbash move effect EVERYTHING (you can create craters wherever you want
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:51 XD).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:52 [I'll also briefly introduce some of the characters you'll see in the video: Hunter is an anthropomorphic cheetah who is Spyro's friend/ally. Bianca is the evil rabbit who wears the dark purple cloak and works for the main antagonist of the game, the
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:53 Sorceress. Sheila the Kangaroo is a playable character (as explained, as you go along, you can get Moneybags to free playable characters for...ahem...a small fee).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:54 [Buzz is the evil frog creature thing who's a boss. You'll see him a lot around the end of the video. Seals, tiki people, and others are natives/citizens of the various realms Spyro visits in the video.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:54 [Oh, and of course there's Moneybags the bear. XD XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:55 [One more thing: At the end of the video the guy experiences "Get the butterfly!!" craze (all classic Spyro fans can relate to this). Just so you know, butterflies are fodder which, if eaten by Sparx the Dragonfly (who stays beside Spyro at all times and
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:56 is Spyro's living health meter), give you health. When you're low on health (Sparx at full health is yellow; at lower health levels, he is blue, green, or simply gone), often you want to snag butterflies.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 04:56 [Anyways, here's the video! Enjoy the havoc! https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=lIoxquKi5nQ ]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.30 04:58 (Hahaha, cool! Thanks for sending. I'll check it our later, but for now I must bid you farewell. See you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 05:00 [Oh, another quick note: Most of the music in the video is not Spyro music. It occasionally switches to it, but mostly it uses its own custom music (which I'm not so fond of :P).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.30 05:01 [Aww, bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:10 [I'm on!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.31 04:13 (Hey!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:21 [Hey!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.31 04:22 (Just got done watching the video. I had some pretty hard laughs, specifically at the Hunter part, and the Billy part. I can't remember which other parts, but really, I was laughing the entire time. It was funny how the gamer approached everything like it
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.31 04:22 was super simple.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:22 [BTW, it's fine if you watch the video now. It's only about 5 minutes long.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:22 [Nvm.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.31 04:22 (Oh yeah, and the part when he was like: "all you have to do is use your head... literally.")
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:24 [Yeah, I found myself laughing pretty hard too the whole time. I love the moment when the PS emulator crashes and it dramatically zooms in to the error window as he just says: "OH...OH...OHHH..."]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:24 [XD I love that too!! It's an absolutely awful pun, but it fits so well with how he glitched into the Seashell Shore world.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.31 04:24 (Yeah!! Hahaha.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:25 [I love the ending where it's like: *music suddenly stops* "Wait...it's a butterfly! Get the butterfly!! Go forward! FOWARD!!" *the computer makes Spyro go back to the balloon* "GET THE [BLEEP]IN' BUTTERFLY!!!"]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:26 [XD I can relate to that so well. Trying to get butterflies becomes second nature when you play Spyro, and it's frustrating when you miss one... (Especially if you miss a glittery blue butterfly like the one in the video - those are rare, valuable ones
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:26 that give you extra lives.)]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.31 04:27 (Hahaha, also a funny part.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:27 [I like how in Sunny Villa he's like: "Look at the NAILS!! They're stickin' out!"]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:28 [They're obviously columns since it's ancient Rome, but his interpretation worked pretty darn well in the video.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:29 [I also agree on the Billy part - that was classic. XD "Hiya Sheila, Rhynocs kicked us out of our houses-" "Why should I care? I'm just here to smash [BLEEP]!"]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:29 [Anyyywayyys...shall we RP before I re-enact the whole video?]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:30 [Oh, and BTW, having Spyro bob his head back and forth isn't an in-game feature. He must've used some sort of hack to get him to do that.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:31 [Or that might be a feature in Spyro Edit 2...not sure. :P]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.31 04:31 (Sure, haha.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,May.31 04:32 (Nonetheless, it was sort of hilarious. And once Billy started talking with that innocent voice, I knew he would be in for some snark.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:35 [Yep!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:35 [Billy's voice is actually kind of nostalgic, especially when he uses the phrase "Hiiiya Sheila!" Brings back memories. :)]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,May.31 04:35 [Let's RP!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.31 04:36 It would also make sense if they didn't know each other - if there's not many of us, then chances are we have a hard time finding each other.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.31 04:37 Take a look at the past years, Xavier. Jean was the first mutant we ever encountered during all those years!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.31 04:44 [Hello?]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.31 04:52 (Sorry for the disappearance, I was taking care of some business.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.31 04:53 *looks off into the distance* *considers Ashley's point - she isn't exactly wrong* Okay. I'll take a look. *is still reluctant, but willing*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.31 04:58 [It's fine!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.31 04:58 *sighs with relief* Good.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,May.31 05:03 *wheels into the living room where Elektra and Mistyeyed are talking* Hello. May I sit down with you two for a moment?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.31 05:03 *glances at Charles* *makes a slow shuffle to one of the beat-up couches*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,May.31 05:06 (I have to go now! Sorry it wasn't for very long (finals week...). I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,May.31 05:11 [Aw, bye! It's fine! Good luck with finals!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 04:21 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. Replies will be slow.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.1 04:22 (Hi! That's okay.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 04:23 *hesitates, looking at Xavier suspiciously**then sits down*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 04:31 [Hello?]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 04:34 [brb for 5-10 minutes]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.1 04:39 *sits in front of them and starts probing their minds* *is accessing a plethora of memories from both of them* *eventually gets a good insight on what their lives were like up until this point*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.1 04:50 *isn't really sure what Xavier is doing, but remains calm*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 04:56 [Back. Sorry I'm so late! :P]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 04:57 *Xavier has a harder time reading her mind/memories, though, due to her electromagnetic powers*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.1 04:59 *stands in the doorway and watches* *has an idea of what's going on, but she doesn't want to intervene....unless she taps into Xavier's probing*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.1 05:01 *has to focus really hard* *squeezes his eyes shut* *even so, Elektra's memories are intercepted in quick bursts* *he is able to come to the conclusion that she too was experimented on*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.1 05:01 *catches a chillingly vivid image of Janus staring over her* *opens his eyes quickly*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.1 05:02 *even though he can't remember a lot of things, he can remember Janus well* *exhales deeply, as if he's about to say something, but he never does*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.1 05:03 (Sorry, but I have to go too, and for the night. It's too bad we both couldn't stay on for long, but that should change pretty soon. I'll see you tomorrow, hopefully!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 05:04 [Aw, bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 05:04 [See you!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 05:05 *looks mad*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 05:05 *as Charles probed more and more, she sensed it and activated magnetic fields, making it harder and harder to probe her head as he progressed*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 05:06 I know what you're doing
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 05:06 *.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.1 05:06 Just stay. Out of. My head. *turns and storms out of the room*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.2 01:03 (Hey, sorry for the late notice, but I won't be able to get on until Sunday night. I'm sorry! I hope you have a good weekend!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.2 04:18 [Darn, okay. See you!]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:28  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:30  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:32  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:34  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:35  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:37  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:38  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:38  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 00:40  Secret message to Andy  
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 04:07 [I'm on!]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:12 [Switching slots in case you wish to send secret messages to this slot...]
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:14  Secret message to Magneto  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:14 (Hi!)
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:15  Secret message to Magneto  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:19 [Hey!]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:19 [Welcome back!!]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:20  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:20  Secret message to Magneto  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:20  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:20 (Thank you!)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:21  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:21  Secret message to Magneto  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:21  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:29 [Sorry about my disappearance.]
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:30  Secret message to Magneto  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:31  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:33 [Anyways, RPing?]
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:37 (Sure!)
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:38  Secret message to Magneto  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:39  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:40  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:40  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jun.5 04:43  Secret message to Magneto  
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.5 04:44 *glances at Elektra, who is storming away, and then at Charles* *is concerned now*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jun.5 04:44 [Let's RP!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 04:45 *is waiting for Charles in the other room*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.5 04:50 *reluctantly wheels out of the room after that outburst, leaving Mistyeyed alone* *meets Ashley and Jean*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 04:53 What did you find out?
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.5 04:56 *describes what he saw* It was madness. I even recognized their leader - I forgot his name, but he was there.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 04:57 Doctor Janus?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 04:58 *Jean has noticed that her (Ashley's) hands have curled into fists* So he's stooped so low as to bring up mutants in labs like rats...
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.5 05:02 *nods a little* I think that's who it was,
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.5 05:02 *.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.5 05:02 *interrupts* Wait, who's Doctor Janus?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 05:04 [Ashley explained everything to Jean when they arrived, including the rise of Dr. Janus.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 05:05 [However, she probably only mentioned him once or twice as the founder of BOHSS, so it's okay if his identity slipped Jean's mind.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 05:05 [Just scrolled up to Ashley's initial conversation with Jean. Ashley did only mention his name a couple times.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.5 05:09 (Ok, sorry about that. I have to go now, so I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 05:10 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.5 05:11 The head of BOHSS.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.6 04:18 [I'm on!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.6 04:20 (Hi!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.6 04:22 [Hey! RPing?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.6 04:22 Oh. Right. *nods*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.6 04:22 (Yeah!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.6 04:23 [Replies will be a bit slow.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.6 04:24 [Want to skip time and go to sunset/twilight?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.6 04:25 (Sure.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.6 04:26 *lets the silence linger for awhile* Anyways, let's leave this behind us and maybe have a nice meal.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.6 04:27 Yeah.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.6 04:28 If we have anything...*glances down the hallway* I don't know where that girl went.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:28 *by now she has started a sort of bonfire in the back yard*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:28 *the sun is very quickly sinking below the horizon*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.6 04:29 *has probably been eavesdropping on all three of them the entire time* *pipes in* I can go talk to her. *promptly gets up*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:29 *Mistyeyed is with her*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.6 04:30 *walks down the hall* Elektra? *doesn't get an answer* Elektra? *the back door is heard clattering shut*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:30 *nvm*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:32 [brb]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.6 04:34 *sees her getting the bonfire going* Hey. *walks up to her* *allows a brief moment of silence to figure out how to ask her about dinner* *she's likely still abrasive after everything that happened with Xavier*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:38 [Back! How much longer can you stay on?]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.6 04:39 (Probably until 11 PM my time.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:41 [Okie dokie.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:44 Hey. *is sitting by the bonfire and throwing more sticks into it**doesn't look at Mistyeyed*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:48 [Still working on the chart, BTW. But I'm almost done!]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.6 04:48 Ummm.... soo... did you start thinking about dinner yet? Since we have guests, uh... maybe it would be nice to have a big dinner or something.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:56 *turns and gets up* I made this bonfire so we could have dinner.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.6 04:56 Okay... so then... what's for dinner?
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:56 Come on. *leads him to the kitchen**takes out sticks used to make shish kabobs*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:57 There isn't much here. Just random cans of stuff. *takes out cans of fruits and veggies* I was thinking we could cook these on the sticks.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:58 But... *reveals a bag of marshmallows, a box of graham crackers, and a brick of chocolate* I also found these.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 04:58 [I might be able to send you the chart tonight, BTW. However, you probably won't be on when I send it.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.6 05:02 *was intending to enter the kitchen and see what they have herself, but has stopped at the doorway upon seeing them**just watches*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.6 05:05 *grins slowly, amazed* How did you get ahold of that? *is pretty humored by it, too*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.6 05:05 (It's not a problem. I'll probably be able to read it in the morning. Well, my time is up now, so I'll see you tomorrow!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 05:06 Regarding the crackers and the cans...they were already here. Regarding the marshmallows...let's just say that the store clerk in the nearest town isn't very vigilant. *smirks*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 05:06 And regarding the chocol- *notices Ashley**her smile vanishes and she goes silent*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 05:07 [Alright, see you!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.6 05:07 *after a few moments of tense silence, she says:* Guess I should take the other two out back.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 05:08 *hesitates, then nods* Yeah, you should.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.6 05:09 *goes to Jean and Charles* We're having dinner out back. Come on. *wheels Charles out the back door**Jean helps with opening/closing the door*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.6 05:11 *soon she and Mistyeyed bring out shish kabobs laden with pieces of fruits and veggies*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.7 02:26 (Hey,
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.7 02:27 *I can't be on tonight because I just so happened to get sick overnight. Hopefully I'll be able to see you tomorrow night!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.7 04:30 [Aw, dang...get well soon! See you around!]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.8 01:37 (Thank you! I will have to skip AGAIN because I'm feeling worse than yesterday. I'm so sorry! I blame this all on the weather - it's really been fluctuating. See you tomorrow, I hope....)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.8 04:24 [It's fine! See you, and hopefully you feel much better soon!]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 03:58 (I'm here, but I probably won't be able to stay on long since I'm still sick. )
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.9 04:03 *walks outside and inhales the scent of burning wood* *is reminded of home, and of the times the team would get together for bonfires in the summer and fall months*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.9 04:16 What a lovely evening. *looks around, content*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:18 *pokes the fire with a stick, then goes over to the kabob dish and picks up a wooden skewer*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:24 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. I was watching a movie. Also, okay. I'm intending to send you my Zodiac chart tonight BTW; I apologize again for the delay and I'm just checking it for mistakes.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:28 [Just want to comment: If I were within a .5 mile radius of that bonfire I'd be complaining like h**l. XD XP I live near people who burn wood smoke, and in this climate smoke clings to the ground and pancakes out...it is NOT fun.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:30 (Hi! That's okay!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:31 [Not to mention that one small log of wood smoke equals about 30 packs of cigarettes health-wise, that the smoke is full of freaking dioxins, and what everything this webpage says: ht tp://w ww.familiesforcleanair.org/myths/ ]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:31 (Ah, well, in that case, I wouldn't blame you.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:32 [Sorry about bringing my grumpy commentary into this...I just happen to not be fond of some of the people in my neighborhood. >_< ]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:33 (By the way, today on my calendar (it's a page-a-day), Grand Teton National Park was featured! It kind of reminded me of your story and this mission, so I thought I'd mention it.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:34 (Well, it's fair. I think everyone has their annoying neighbors, and if you have to complain every once in awhile, it doesn't bother me.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:35 (Also, I'd like to recommend some music. Last night I head a really lovely Beethoven piano sonata- #31. And the 4th movement from Mendelssohn's Reformation symphony. It's really epic.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:37 [Okie dokie! Noted - I'll listen to those soon. I think I might've heard the Reformation symphony before, but not for a while.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:37 [Also, the Tetons?! Awesome!! :D]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:38 (Yeah! I forgot - have you ever been there?)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:41 [No, but I've always wanted to go there.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:41 (There's this one part in the Beethoven (last movement, I think), where the same chord is pounded on over and over again in this really pressing way, gradually crescendoing, almost like Beethoven himself is trying to get you to listen to him. It's like,
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:41 "Okay, okay, I get it!")
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:42 [XD Sounds like Beethoven being Beethoven.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:43 (Yeah, it looks like a great place.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:43 [BTW, I remember you mentioning that you thought Brahms was more dramatic than Beethoven and/or Wagner. I forgot to mention that I disagree (sorry if I seem rude in stating this).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:44 [Once I saw a lecture with Leonard Bernstein where he compared some of the most fiery Beethoven (e.g. mvt. 1 of Symphony no. 5) with some of the most fiery Brahms, and Beethoven was MUCH more fiery and dramatic.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:44 (I think so, haha. It's one of his later sonatas, so it might be a testament to the fact that he was really starting to lose it. A lot of the themes are very repetitive. Well, that's basically how every Beethoven piece is, if you think about it.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:45 [Wagner is similarly quite powerful, especially with his emphasis on brass. I think you misunderstood what I meant when I described Brahms' music as extremely emotional. By this I didn't mean highly dramatic.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:46 [He's sort of dramatic in his own way, I guess - his dramatism, however, is kind of more "mellow," if you know what I mean.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:47 [It's sort of like this: Beethoven at his most dramatic is like a burst of fire - as in "BANG!!! I love you I have to have you I... (etc.)" Fiery Brahms is more like a flood - flowing, perhaps turbulent, deep emotion.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:47 [You know what I mean?]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:49 (Yeah. I think every composer is dramatic in their own way. Like you said, Beethoven is an angry kind of dramatic. I can see Wagner as being sort of a "grand entrance" kind of dramatic, wanting to make a statement.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:50 (I think what I meant to say is that Brahms' music is dramatic in a flourishing way. A lot of his music was inspired by his native heritage (Hungarian), so it can be kind of spicy and fast-moving, like Eastern dancing styles.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:52 [Interesting take on Wagner...I have a hard time describing Wagner's form of "dramatic."]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:52 (It is also very rich and heavy in emotion, like you said. Brahms is no doubt a talent, but he's not my preferred composer because I just can't really connect to a lot of his music.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:53 [Note that Brahms was German. I think he however often heard music in Hungarian halls as he grew up, which highly influenced his music and gave it its Slavic features.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:53 (Yeah, it's hard to place a finger on, for sure. I kind of had to take what I knew about his personality to get to that conclusion.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:54 (Oh yeah... sorry about that. I had the Hungarian dances on my mind.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:56 [It's fine. Also, I understand. I, for instance, "connect" more with German music than I do with Italian music.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:57 [Like you, however, I like Wagner's music more than Brahms'. Nevertheless, all of their music is good.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.9 04:57 (I'm sorry we didn't get to the RPing, but we had a good debate! I'm going to have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 04:58 [Okie dokie, see you! I'll send you the Zodiac chart tonight; tell me what you think of it!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.9 23:53 [BTW, I just want to warn you guys: What time I'll be on tonight is rather sketchy. I might be on quite early or I might be on rather late; we'll see. However, I WILL be on (unless the Internet stops working for dark and mysterious reasons :P).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 23:58 [Actually, nvm, I take all that back. There's just been a change of plans. I'll be just as reliable as usual tonight.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.9 23:59 [Thus I'll try to come on around 9:00 PM CT.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 04:16 (Ok! Hopefully you'll be on tonight. Once again, I won't be able to stay on as long tonight because I'm still kind of sick.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 04:33 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late. Again I was watching a movie.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 04:35 (Hi!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 04:37 [Did you get my email?]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 04:40 [If not, I highly recommend that both of you look at the email I sent you. I sent you the Zodiac chart last night.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 04:44 [Hello?]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 04:45 (I did! Thank you for sending it. )
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 04:46 (I liked all of the details, and so far it seems like there's an interesting lineup of characters. One of my favorite details were the pendants that all the Zodiac wear.)
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 04:47 (I'm not really sure which characters we'll choose. I'll get back to you on that soon.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 04:49 [No problem, and okie dokie! I haven't actually come up with a storyline yet to control how things unfold, so I'll probably need a bit more time to develop this in my head.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 04:50 [Thus it may actually be a good thing that you guys haven't decided on who gets to be who yet.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 04:50 [RPing?
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 04:50 *]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 04:52 (Ok, that works out. Sure!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.10 04:55 *helps to pass around the shish kabobs to everyone*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.10 04:58 [Oh, I'll also mention this: The pendants are immune to the Zodiac signs' powers since they contain Zodiac power themselves. Thus, for instance, Capricorn can't manipulate the iron in Aries' pendant; her powers would simply do nothing since they would be
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.10 04:59 repelled by the Zodiac power within both the metal and the birthstone.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 04:59 *adds some pineapple and celery to his skewer and twirls it over the fire for a few moments*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 05:00 (Yeah. Makes sense.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 05:02 *roasts her shish kabobs as well**lets hers get slightly blackened as if they've been on a grill*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 05:06 [brb]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 05:08 [Back]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.10 05:11 *starts roasting hers as well*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.10 05:11 *feels slightly silly since she could probably roast hers better and more efficiently via her powers*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.10 05:13 *lets hers sit in the flame for a second too long* *a chunk of vegetable catches on fire* *yanks it out of the fire and starts blowing at the lit vegetable incessantly*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 05:14 *watches Jean, kind of snickering*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.10 05:15 *is left with a completely charred slice of pepper* *smiles sheepishly, looking down at the failed shish kabon*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.10 05:16 Hey, I'm sure it's still good... just extra spicy.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.10 05:16 More hot is more like it. I doubt it's edible.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.10 05:17 I'll take it. I've had things like that before.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.10 05:17 How about you take a bite and prove it? *grins*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.10 05:18 *plucks the charred pepper off Jean's stick and eats it without even cringing*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.10 05:18 *nvm*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 05:21 I will.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.10 05:22 Okay.... *passes it over*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 05:26 *eats it**Mistyeyed starts betting that Elektra's going to cringe**everyone stares at Elektra's face in anticipation*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 05:27 *at one point she pauses and it looks like she's about to put on a "yuck" face, but she summons up plenty of willpower, chews some more, and swallows**didn't cringe*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.10 05:28 (I have to go now, see you!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.10 05:29 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 04:30 [I'm on! Sorry I'm so late. I was reading a book and thus got distracted.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 04:33  Secret message to Jean Grey  
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 04:41 (Yeah, sorry I'm even later! I was doing something and wanted to finish it up.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 04:42  Secret message to Ashley  
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 04:43 (I've got the idea for the summer RP sorted out, so if you want me to share, I can.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 04:43 *is amazed*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.11 04:44 *raises his eyebrows, surprised*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 04:47 [OK! Go right ahead and share! Also, it's fine.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 04:48  Secret message to Jean Grey  
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 04:49  Secret message to Jean Grey  
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 04:49  Secret message to Jean Grey  
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 04:50  Secret message to Jean Grey  
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 04:50 *Jean and Mistyeyed literally applaud Elektra**actually joins in the applause*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.11 04:50 *bows*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.11 04:54 [I still haven't come up with a general storyline for the Zodiac RP...eugh... XP]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.11 04:54 [Let me know when you've finished claiming characters.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.11 05:00 (Ok!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.11 05:01 [Anyways, go ahead about your idea!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:05  Secret message to Ashley  
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:06 (Ok, hold on a minute.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.11 05:09 [OK.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:10  Secret message to Jean Grey  
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:15 (Ok, sorry about that long wait!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:15 [It's fine!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:16  Secret message to Ashley  
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:17 (So, the idea is, the RP follows a handful of graduating seniors. The main character/mystery (I guess) is either the popular, unassuming type, or the fairly outgoing one that doesn't mind a good time.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:19 (Still deciding on that one. Anyhow, she commits the unthinkable: wreaks havoc on the small-town Memorial Day parade (which is probably in some Midwestern state like Indiana) before disappearing completely.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:21 (Obviously, the friends of this girl are pretty devastated, specifically the best friend in particular. Distraught, he/she carries out a search in her bedroom, and comes across some evidence located inside her saxophone case.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:23 (The evidence is a note locating them to a list hidden inside the school band room - likely the friends' hangout. The group of friends (which has probably expanded due to the disappearance) miss graduation just so they can get to the note, because that's
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:24 the last day they'll get access to the school. They find the list, which states that she doesn't want to be remembered or found - but if they want to find her, they must carry out a slew of uncouth acts in her name.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:26 (The acts are carried out. Mysteriously, the best friend finally receives a set of directions to find her lost friend. She's in California, ironically at a place called the Lost Coast.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:27 (As both a last blast and a mission to find the friend, the group (and maybe a younger sibling or two, just for kicks) take a chaotic cross-country road trip. But the end result may not be what they expect...)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:28 (And that's all I've got. The characters will probably be created by us, and maybe I'll launch the game in the next week. What do you think so far?)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:30 [So far it seems quite interesting! Count me in!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:30 [Are there going to be only 10 slots? It seems like the type of game where only that no. of characters are needed.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:31 [And, anyways, having 20+ characters can seem like a lot sometimes.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:35 [BTW, I think I'll be fine with 3 characters: A boy, a girl, and a younger brother.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:40 (Great!Yeah, I'm thinking ten is all we need. I doubt the main character will have a slot; if anything, I'll put her in the Game Master's slot.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:47 [Yeah, that sounds like a good plan.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:47 [That'll leave us with the ability to make three characters for each of us (excluding the main character/GM slot).]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:49 (Yeah. That's plenty.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:51 [RPing?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 05:52 [BTW, when will Paige come back?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:55 (Sure! I haven't asked her, but I know she's not really doing anything these days, so probably soon.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 05:57 (I think she's too lost to hop into this mission, so she's exempting. I'm sure Paige will return once one of the new RPs opens.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:02 [Okie dokie.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:03 *after eating a bit more, they start talking to one another about their youth* [I guess Mistyeyed can share stories from when his life was normal. Charles and Ashley can tell stories about when they were young, too.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:04 [Hm...I have an idea about how the conversation in this scene will be structured: First they'll discuss and share stories of when they were young and things were "normal." Then they'll start sharing jokes and funny stories.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:04 *sighs* God...for a moment I forgot I wasn't 16 anymore...
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 06:10 *stares distantly* It's been awhile. But not that long.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.11 06:11 *to her, Ashley was literally 16 just days ago*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.11 06:12 Sometimes I feel like I haven't lived a proper... you know, teen life. I've had to worry about a lot for years.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.11 06:13 I wish things could be simple, like they used to be. *cracks his skewer in half meditatively*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:13 *sighs* Time flies...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:13 You know, I'm not even supposed to be in this era.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.11 06:17 *looks up* Really? *even Jean is a little confused*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:18 *shrugs*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:18 I'm supposed to live a century or two in the future - in a different timeline.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:18 One where those with powers only came from labs.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:18 Or were the descendants of those from labs.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:19 I come from a place called The Caverns...a rogue nation in the Teton mountains.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:19 Don't think you'll find anything like that when we reach the Tetons, though...trust me, I tried to find that forty years ago.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:21 *looks blankly at the fire, fidgeting absent-mindedly with her stick, which is now devoid of food**usually she has a strange cloud or barrier in her mind that makes it hard for Jean to read it, but all of a sudden this barrier is gone*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:22 *Jean peers into Ashley's thoughts and ends up viewing one of Ashley's most painful memories**Jean watches as a 16 or 17 year-old Ashley desperately pounds on a rock wall on the side of the mountain where a tunnel to The Caverns is supposed to be*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:22 *the young Ashley is tired, frantic, and extremely lonely**finally she turns around and slides with her back against the wall into a sitting position and cries hard*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:23 *clearly this happened after BW's Army dispersed and Ashley and Connor finished living together; this also happened right before Xavier took Ashley under his wing and into the X-Men*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:23 *mentally returns to the present, driving Jean out of her memories**looks at Mistyeyed* So, where are you really from?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.11 06:26 I used to live in Wisconsin, but I'm here now.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:27 What'd you do?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.11 06:30 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow! I might be late.]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.11 06:31 (Bye!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.12 04:24 [I'm here!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.12 04:33 [Hola?]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.12 04:36 (Hi!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.12 04:41 [Hey!] *is awaiting his answer*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.12 04:45 I had a normal life: I went to school, had a job, and had interests. Y'know, I was just normal.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.12 04:45 Until my family got busted.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.12 04:49 What do you mean "busted?"
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.12 04:56 We were mutants. Rumors started to spread - my brother was reckless. *pauses after saying that; the memory of his brother never ceases to upset him* He'd just go out and use his powers whenever he wanted to sometimes. My brother was smart, but he just
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.12 04:56 didn't have a lot of discretion.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.12 04:57 BOHSS eventually had him on their most wanted list. I don't know how we made it in that small town as long as we did, but we managed.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.12 04:58 So.... as you can probably assume, the police found him one day. Shot him all up. They shot my parents up, and... *is getting emotional now* then they took me away.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.12 04:59 *there is a pause**then she says quietly:* I'm sorry.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.12 05:00 *looks at the fire, a distant look in her eyes**is wondering what happened to her family and friends by now**wonders if they've managed in The Caverns, or if something terrible has happened to them*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.12 05:00 *is upset after accessing some moments in Mistyeyed's past*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.12 05:01 *sniffs loudly, wiping excess snot along his sleeve* It's fine. That happened a long time ago.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.12 05:03 *hasn't really said anything**by now Charles himself is getting quite curious about her since she reminds him in some ways of Erik*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.12 05:05 *hint hint: perhaps he should ask her about her past...hint hint*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.12 05:06 What about you, Elektra? Where are you from?
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.12 05:06 (I have to go now, bye!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.12 05:11 [Aw, bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.12 05:13 *shrugs her shoulders* Northeast USA. I don't remember all that much about my childhood.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.12 05:13 *is lying about how much she remembers*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:16 [I'm here!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:17 *pauses, then adds:* I do remember being much happier with my family.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.13 04:22 (Hi!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.13 04:24 *nods in a patient and understanding way* I would say that's true.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:24 [Hey!]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.13 04:28 And... *treads carefully* What happened to your family?
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:31 *pauses**then says:* Same as Mistyeyed's. Dead.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:32 Dr. Janus and his cronies came after us because both my mother and I were mutants. Apparently my mother was the daughter of a famous and dangerous mutant known as Magneto, so they wanted to come after her in particular.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:34 It was mayhem...I was told to hide while my parents dealt with some "visitors." Soon it became a full-blown massacre. I eventually... *trails off, getting emotional**Charles and possibly Jean can see in Elektra's head what happened next - Elektra was
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.13 04:34 *isn't too surprised* *says softly* Magneto was... a friend of mine. But we had our disagreements.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:35 discovered and forced out of her hiding place, and upon seeing her family dead she lost control and electrocuted everyone within a 50 foot radius and at least gave everyone within a 500 foot radius an electric shock**she also happened to unleash an EMP
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:35 that took out all the technology within a mile of herself*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:36 *she was too traumatized to really run away, so soon some backup BOHSS forces came and captured her*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:37 They got me. And that's how I met Mistyeyed.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:37 *said that before Charles mentioned Magneto*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:39 You knew him?
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:39 What was he like?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.13 04:41 *doesn't think a simple apology will make up for what's happened in Elektra's life, so she doesn't say anything* *feels kind of bad about that after awhile, and eventually transmits a quiet "sorry" to Elektra's mind*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.13 04:43 He was very impulsive. Erik never recovered from his past, and I suppose it's for a justified reason. But he could never seem to satisfy his hunger for revenge.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:43 *glances at Jean as if she sensed where the "sorry" came from**just gives her a tiny nod as if to say "Don't bother" or "It's okay"*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:45 I guess I can understand...my mother said he was put in a concentration camp when he was a kid.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.13 04:49 *nods* And that's where everything seemed to snap for him.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 04:51 *is suddenly a bit afraid**after being in BOHSS' labs for years, she has had similar impulses to get revenge*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.13 04:51 So Jean...what's your story?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.13 04:51 I never really had the time to ask you anything before you joined the good ol' Army. *is referring to BW's Army, of course*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.13 04:52 *anything about what happened before
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.13 04:58 Well, I had a fairly normal life. But a few years ago - I mean, not literally, but before I came here - my friend got in a car crash. I almost died, but somehow, I didn't.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.13 04:59 I can't remember how it all happened, but that's when it was discovered that I had powers. Xavier helped find out, actually. So I attended his school, and that's where I am now.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.13 05:04 (I have to go, see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.13 05:11 [Aw, bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 05:12 *looks at Xavier* So wait...you're THE Professor Charles Xavier? *he nods* Who founded the X-Men? *he confirms it*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.13 05:12 *is amazed, but tries to remain casual and careful since she still doesn't completely trust him**clears her throat a little* What's your story?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.14 02:56 (Hey, I don't think I'll be on tonight. See you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.14 04:18 [Dang...see you! BTW, I might be on early tomorrow. I'm not sure, though.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.15 04:12 (Ok! I'm here!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.15 04:29 [Annnnd I'm late. XP]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.15 04:30 [I'm in a hotel. I have my own bunk bed; I'm up in it right now! :D]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.15 04:30 [I might be able to stay on pretty late since I'm not at home. How long can you stay on?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.15 04:36 (Hi! I'll be able to stay on for a half hour longer, because I have to go to school earlier than usual tomorrow. But it's my last day, so hopefully I'll be able to stay on longer from now on.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.15 04:39 [Great!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.15 04:43 *they are waiting for Charles' answer*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.15 04:46 *chuckles a little* Well, that would be a long story, don't you think? *chuckles again* *really though, he can only remember fragments of his early past, and I don't know any of it (heh heh heh)*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.15 04:50 Then tell a part of your story.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.15 04:51 [I'll fill in for you since you haven't seen First Class...] *Xavier briefly tells of a part of his past involving the initial formation of a mutant team alongside Mystique, Magneto, and others**he describes a rather amusing thing that happened during
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.15 04:52 this time**everyone has a good laugh and then Mistyeyed decides to tell a joke* [Note: You can tell a joke yourself, look one up, or just type in something like "*tells a fairly amusing joke*".]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.15 04:54 *clears his throat a little* *smiles a little* So, there were these jokes my brother used to tell a lot: Chuck Norris jokes. I don't know who Chuck Norris was, but he must've been pretty amazing, because the jokes are absurd.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.15 04:55 Oh god...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.15 04:55 *of course she knows who Chuck Norris is; she's of an older generation*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.15 04:56 Anyways, here's one that I thought was KIND OF funny: Jack was nimble, Jack was quick, but Jack still couldn't avoid Chuck's roundhouse kick.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.15 04:57 *snorts a little*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.15 05:02 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.15 05:03 *struggles not to crack up**shakes her head, puts her hand over her face, and groans a little*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.15 05:03 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.15 05:05 *adds her own Chuck Norris joke:* Chuck Norris ordered a Big Mac at a Burger King...and he got it.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.15 05:06 Just so you know, Chuck Norris was a famous martial artist.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:10 [I'm on!] He was a karate champion and starred in several movies, including one with Bruce Lee.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:11 He was the "real thing," so to speak, so I always thought the silliness of Chuck Norris jokes to be a little disgraceful.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 04:17 (Hi!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:20 [Hey! Let's RP!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:20 [You can start having your characters crack jokes. This is the part of the conversation where they tell funny jokes and stories.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:21 [You can start having your characters crack jokes. This is the part of the conversation where they tell funny jokes and stories.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:21 [Whoops. Stupid Internet... >_< ]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 04:23 So... was he really as invincible as the jokes make him out to be?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:25 His jokes are total exaggerations. But in martial art tournaments, yes.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.16 04:29 Okay. I'm not the best at jokes, but here's one I can remember.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.16 04:29 So... what kind of bagel can fly? *grins* Guess.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 04:31 *rests his elbow on his knee and leans forward* I have no idea.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.16 04:32 *shrugs her shoulders*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.16 04:39 ....a PLAIN bagel. Get it? Hahaha.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 04:43 *rubs his temples, smiling a tight-lipped smile*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.16 04:53 *facepalms quietly*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:54 Here's another I know...ahem...my ex-wife still misses me, but her aim is getting better.
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 04:58 *snickers*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 04:58 Hey, I got one: how does a train eat? It says "chew chew".
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.16 04:59 My parents used to like a comedian named Don Rickles. He used to hang out with an actor named Frank Sinatra and a bunch of Sinatra's friends, and Don Rickles told funny "Sinatra stories."
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 04:59 *made a rather strained face in response to Mistyeyed*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.16 05:00 One such story goes like this: Sinatra was known for having unexpected temper tantrums. Once, when they were at an expensive restaurant that was all white - white tablecloths, white walls, white everything - a bottle of ketchup was placed on their table
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.16 05:01 as the waiters served them.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.16 05:01 Soon Frank just couldn't stand seeing that ketchup bottle there anymore, so in a fit of rage he threw it across the room. It exploded on the wall and ketchup was sent flying all over the white stuff.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.16 05:02 There was a gasp and a hush throughout the place. Everyone knew that Frank Sinatra was going to get into big trouble. But then Don Rickles broke the silence, saying: "Hey Frank, will you pass the ketchup?"
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.16 05:02 Everyone laughed and Frank was off the hook. *starts cracking up*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:02 *laughs herself*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.16 05:03 *started laughing mid-joke*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:05 [True story BTW.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.16 05:06 (Ha, I believe it.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:11 *Charles looks like he has something to say**everyone looks at him expectantly (hint hint: it's his turn to do a joke)*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.16 05:13 *smiles almost smugly* I suppose it's my turn to tell a joke now.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.16 05:15 Here's one I remember hearing from one of my exceptionally mischevious students. *chuckles a little uncertainly* Anyway, a snare drum and symbals fall off a cliff... ba DUM tssss!!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:15 Oh boy...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:15 *said that before he told the joke*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:16 I think that if I'm going to die, BOHSS isn't going to be the thing that kills me. *puts her face in her hands, straining her face again*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.16 05:19 *laughs, his face crinkling up* Better jokes than them, right?
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 05:23 *nods, although distantly* *BOHSS will always be a touchy subject for him*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:27 Yeeees, much better... *is being extremely sarcastic, though Xavier may not exactly notice this*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:30 *peeks through her fingers at Xavier**hasn't heard him laugh for quite a while**feels contentment and happiness wash over her**hasn't witnessed such feelings in herself for a long while, either*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:30 *they are all cracking up by now*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 05:31 *since everyone else is cracking up now, he starts to all over again*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.16 05:31 (I have to go now. See you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:34 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.16 05:35 *some gunshots suddenly ring out in the darkness**some of them can feel the bullets whiz by, missing them by a centimeter*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.17 03:40 (Hey, sorry for such a late notice, but I won't be on tonight. I will see you tomorrow night!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.17 04:11 [Dang, okay. See you!]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 04:20 *looks around* What's going on?....
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 04:24 *is clumsy but quick to her feet* We have to get out of here!!
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:24 [Hey!]
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.18 04:24 (Hi!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:24 Get DOWN!! *dives on Jean and Charles, dragging them both onto the ground*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.18 04:25 *notices the BOHSS guards, and while it isn't anything new, it's shocking every time* *sees that Xavier is in a new crossfire of bullets* *lunges for the wheelchair*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.18 04:28 *keeps going for the truck* *he is shot once, but it isn't fatal* *is shot twice, and this time, it's definitely fatal* *flies backward on contact*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 04:29 *stifles a scream or gasp*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:30 *the shock of being shot causes Mistyeyed to release a telekinetic energy wave, making all the incoming bullets stop in mid-air temporarily*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:31 *looks around quickly**hoists Charles into the wheelchair and starts rushing for the truck with him, but upon coming about 15 feet away from the truck she realizes that it has been destroyed*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:31 *all four tires are flat and the hood is up with all the stuff inside dismantled*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:31 *the BOHSS soldiers are trying to close in, but the telekinetic energy is holding them and their bullets back*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 04:32 *takes one last look at the scarlet blood pooling around Mistyeyed's torso before scampering off after Ashley*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:32 *has run over and is bending over Mistyeyed, who is breathing some of his last breaths*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:32 [BLEEP]...
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:33 *is becoming very teary* Ch...Charles...?
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:33 *sniffles*
13>Mistyeyed (Escapee/Mutant), 17yo.2017,Jun.18 04:35 *his eyes dart around, mainly at the sky and the ground* *literally can't conjure anything meaningful or enigmatic to say, because he's starting to shut down*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:35 [Scratch what I said earlier about the soldiers closing in.] *looks around quickly**realizes that all the soldiers around them are on the ground; Mistyeyed's wave took them out*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:36 [Also scratch the truck being dismantled. Its tires have been indeed messed up, though.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:36 [I sort of forgot the plan. XP I'm looking back at it.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:37 *recognizes the figure of Becker lying on the ground, dead**the telekinetic blast forced something into Becker's head/brain, causing the brain to shut down and Becker to die before he could start to heal*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:38 *remembers Becker shooting at them from his Jeep during the wild chase that happened earlier**sees Mistyeyed dying and gets pretty angry*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:39 *tries to turn her anger into energy so she can keep going**turns to Jean* We need to get out of here like crap through a goose. Let's get him in the truck. *she and Jean hoist Xavier into the truck*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:39 Charles...Mistyeyed...please... *shakes him* Don't leave me! Don't leave me, Charles, don't leave!!! *starts outright sobbing and shakes him harder*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:40 *during her highly traumatic experience in the labs, Mistyeyed was probably one of her few and closest friends who helped her resist BOHSS and possibly even keep her sanity*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:40 *basically feels like her world is shattering*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:42 *rushes over to Elektra and Mistyeyed**puts her hand on her shoulder* Elektra, let him go. Elektra: No!!! Ashley: Let. Him. GO. He's not going to make it.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:42 And you're not going to make it either unless we get out of here. Come on. *starts pulling on her shoulder*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:43 *yanks her shoulder away from Ashley's hand, glaring at her wildly**looks back down at Mistyeyed**bends down and kisses his forehead*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:43 I'm sorry...I'm so...sorry... *then gets up and runs to the truck with Ashley*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:44 *once everyone's in, she starts driving like a madman*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:44 [Hello?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 04:46 (Sorry about that. I knocked my computer, which instantly gave it an excuse to restart.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 04:47 *stares at the road ahead* *her heartbeat has run a marathon and then some*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 04:48 *glances in the rearview mirror* *sees the figures of limp bodies on the ground before dust clouds them up*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 04:49 *is not his normal self in any sense of the word* *is still, but he's definitely not calm*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:50 [Windows... >_____< XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:51 *sees the lights of other cars - BOHSS Jeeps, of course**immediately swerves off the road after about a minute and goes straight into the forest*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:51 *the ride is extremely - EXTREMELY - wild*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:51 *they bounce around and tear through small trees and crap*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:52 *this time their pursuers are Gibbs and co.*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 04:52 *clings onto anything - probably a door handle - for dear life* *is stunned, and after all the pandemonium and maybe his own forgetfulness, he isn't entirely sure what just happened*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 04:53 *lurches back and forth as if on a terrible carnival ride* *but there's no stopping or complaining; Ashley is in full control, and death is on their tail*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:55 *instinctively grabs onto something - it turns out to be one of Xavier's hands - and holds on tight**whether or not she knows she's holding his hand, no one - possibly including herself - knows*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 04:55 *fires away at the truck with one hand while keeping control of his Jeep with the other* *his aim doesn't falter either way*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:56 *swerves to avoid some boulders and goes racing towards a tree**turns to avoid it, but the truck hits it anyway and bounces to the side**the truck keeps going down a very rocky, steep hill*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:57 *the nearest BOHSS Jeep is probably over 50 meters away; nevertheless, Gibbs' bullets probably nicked the truck*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:57 *they go bumping down the hill and ultimately hit another tree**their truck lets out some pathetic, feeble sounds and then dies*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:58 *springs into action**hauls Xavier out of the truck with Jean's help**Elektra is still in shock and just follows them, eyes distant and expressionless*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:58 The wheelchair will be useless out here...we have to carry him.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 04:59 *wedges her shoulder under one of Xavier's armpits and puts her arm around him**Jean probably copies her on the other side of Xavier*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 04:59 *is heaving around like a ship in a storm* *one thing keeps him hanging on, though - Elektra's hand* *his other hand was dismantled from the door handle when the truck took a hefty blow*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 04:59 *is again just following*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 04:59 *before everything happened*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 05:00 *surveys the area while holding up Charles* *it's starting to get dark, and the forest is thick* *crickets are subtly chirping*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:00 *starts climbing down the rocky slope*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:01 *twilight is rapidly turning into night**with the truck's lights off, BOHSS will have a harder time following them, but without their truck they're going to be much slower than BOHSS*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 05:01 *his voice is shaking in a near tears type of way* What... happened? Where is the boy?
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:02 *slows down to a cruising speed since he lost the truck* *turns his high beams on and stays alert*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:03 Dead.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:04 *tried to be expressionless while saying that, but some of her sadness is given away by her voice*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 05:04 *mumbles* BOHSS found us and shot him. *doesn't say much more, hinting that Xavier should try to be quiet*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:04 Now be quiet.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 05:04 *doesn't address Ashley directly* Did you recover the meds?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:04 *they get to the bottom of the slope and head on through the trees*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:06 Yes. *while hoisting Xavier out of the truck, she slung the plastic medicine bag (which should be classified more as a Walmart bag) over her free arm/shoulder like a purse*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:06 *didn't have time to take anything else, though*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 05:06 *nods a little*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:06 [How much longer can you stay on? (Just curious since this is summer and the weekend.)]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:07 *as they continue on through the forest, Gibbs and co. find their truck*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:08 (I'll probably have to go a little earlier tonight, maybe in 15 or 20 minutes.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:08 [OK.]
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:10 *gets out of his truck briefly and examines the truck with some other BOHSS soldiers* Soldier: *rounds the bend of the front end, smacking it* It couldn't have crashed more than an hour ago. Gibbs: Then let's find them.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:10 *Gibbs and his soldiers continue on foot*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:11 *gets in the Jeep and takes up, his squad following* *amps up the speed a bit*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:11 *nevermind that*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:11 *though they have had a head start, due to Charles they are going along much more slowly than Gibbs and co.*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:12 *soon Gibbs and co. pick up traces of them (footprints, broken branches on plants, maybe even stuff they dropped or lost - e.g. hair caught on a bush or a piece of the plastic bag) and begin to close in on them*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:12 *stomps through bushes and piles of dead leaves* *is catching up*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:13 *once Gibbs and co. are getting pretty close, she stops abruptly**listens**can very faintly hear the soldiers' footsteps*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 05:13 *asks quietly* Does anyone have a flashlight?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:14 *whispers quickly:* They're closing in. Come on! *they try to pick up the pace, but with Charles weighing them down it's useless*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:14 *whispers grimly:* No, but I have this. *creates electricity between her fingertips*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:15 *stops again and quietly snaps at Elektra:* Stop that! Do you WANT us all to die? Because you're on the right track.
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:15 *can hear the crackling of leaves in the distance* *even notices some of Elektra's electricity* *starts to jog*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:15 *makes the electricity disappear* It's useless and you know it. You can't run anymore. They'll find us and kill us.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 05:15 *is getting nervous* Just keep going!
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:16 *They're going to find
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:16 *doesn't respond, and doesn't keep going either**knows that Elektra is completely right*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:16 *glances at Jean and then says to Ashley:* Yes, keep going. I'll stay here.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:17 Wha-
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:17 I'm one of their lab rats. You know that already. *glances at Charles**is basically assuming that he explained her memories to Ashley and possibly Jean*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:18 They want me, and I can stall them.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 05:18 *a bullet blasts through the silence* *whips around, then faces Elektra* *doesn't know what to say* *is somewhat grateful and mostly scared*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:18 We're all mutants. They want us too.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:19 *said that before they heard the bullet*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:19 *closes her eyes upon hearing the bullet**then opens them again, looking sad and grim* True. But this is your only chance. Let me go.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:20 *then lifts up the very bullet they heard**she managed to stop it and catch it via her electromagnetism powers**is basically silently reminding them that she is Magneto's granddaughter**looks directly at Charles while doing this*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:21 *the sadness in her expression has changed to one of a quiet but very intense anger and yearning for revenge*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 05:21 *stares at Elektra* *his eyes are entreating, but accepting of what's about to happen* *places his hand on hers* Thank you... for being a trustworthy friend.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 05:21 *backs away promptly* *watches for a minute, until more bullets tear the air* *escapes with Ashley and Jean*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:22 *specifically looked at Charles because she knew that he alone would understand her expression - it contains revenge quite similar to the revenge Magneto wanted**however, her expression also contains compassion*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:22 *overall, her expression was a very, very complex one that Charles alone can decipher*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:23 *just gives Charles a tiny nod in response**then backs away slowly**turns around and faces the forest from whence they came*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:23 *as stated before, she and the other two get away*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:24 *they continue their desperate flight through the forest*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.18 05:25 *lumbers past branches and shadows, clinging onto Charles the entire time* *there is a piercing ringing in her ears* *is getting away almost by chance, not by choice
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:25 *they reach a stream and walk through it for a while in case BOHSS has dogs tracking them*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:26 *has to steady both Charles and Jean when Jean trips over a rock*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:26 *is standing in the forest, her face expressionless**soon Gibbs and co. surround her*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.18 05:27 *may have the luxury treatment of being taxied through the forest by Jean and Ashley, but he's still worrying about surviving*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:28 *stares at Elektra in momentary wonder* *then raises his gun, seeing as she's passive and he now has the upper hand*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:30 *aims, staring at her for another second longer* *fires a couple of times*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:30 [A quick note: They are somewhere in or around Tonto National Forest. I haven't actually been there, but some of the pics of it look pretty amazing.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:30 [I chose that because it's not far from Phoenix, which is where Jean will eventually end up, as planned.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:32 *the bullets never reach her*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:32 *created an electromagnetic field around herself **the bullets burst with electricity upon hitting the field and just stay there*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:33 *Gibbs and his soldiers have some special bullets not made of magnetic materials designed to take her down**some of the soldiers begin to quickly fumble for them*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:33 (Wow, yeah, it does look pretty neat.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:34 *there's another burst of electricity, and the bullets Gibbs shot at her are flung at the soldiers who are trying to grab their non-magnetic bullets*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:34 *jams them into his own gun* *is getting impatient, so he fires rapidly*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:35 *what she doesn't know is that Gibbs was smart enough to carry a separate non-magnetic gun loaded with these bullets*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:35 *nvm*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:36 *before Gibbs shot at her, she was beginning to conjure a huge wave of magnetic energy and electricity around her in order to take out everyone at once*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:36 *is hit fatally**however, she isn't killed on the spot**winces and screams with pain and fury, unleashing a wave of EXTREMELY high voltage electricity in all directions*
20>General Gibbs (General), 25yo.2017,Jun.18 05:36 (I have to go now, see you tomorrow!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:37 *single-handedly kills Gibbs and co. with that one wave**falls down onto the ground, her mind feeling numb*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:37 [Alright, bye!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:38 *in the back of her mind she knows that she's about to die**tries to grasp for something wonderful just before that happens**fixes her eyes on the stars that are visible through the tree branches*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.18 05:38 *finds great peace and wonder in the stars**dies a moment later*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:39 *they hear the gunshots in the distance as well as Elektra's scream**they also see a flash - Elektra's electricity**knows from the silence that ensues that it's all over*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:40 *though she and Jean can easily guess that the chances that Elektra died are very high, Charles felt the exact moment that Elektra died, which probably made him quite despondent*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:42 *they leave the stream and continue on**they are soon trekking on what is basically a mountainside*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.18 05:44 *the sky is clear and the moon is out, making the trip a bit easier**she could make fire to serve as their flashlight using her free hand, but she doesn't want to risk being spotted by BOHSS*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:20 [I'm here!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 04:25 (Hi! I'm doing something, so my replies will be slow.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:32 [Hey! OK.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:33 *eventually they become too tired and settle down among the rocks and trees*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:33 *despite how traumatic today has been, they fall asleep (mostly because of how tired they are)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:34 [Want to skip time to next morning?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 04:35 -THE NEXT MORNING...-
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 04:36 *wakes up pretty early, since she couldn't really sleep all night long*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:37 *is already up and is scouting the area*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:42 *walks back to Jean and Charles shortly after Jean wakes up*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 04:43 *sees Ashley* Hey.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:54 Morning.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.19 04:56 *looks at both of them* *asks grimly* Where do we go from here?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:57 *settles down and sifts through the plastic bag, counting Xavier's medicine**says without looking at Jean:* I saw some smoke coming from that direction. *briefly gestures in a certain direction*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 04:57 It could be a campfire, but it could also be a trap set by BOHSS...or possibly the beginnings of a forest fire.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:02 It probably wouldn't be a good idea to go in that direction, anyway. We could be intercepted by BOHSS...then again, BOHSS'll probably find us wherever we go. *sighs through her nose* They've probably surrounded the entire forest.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:02 *at first things seem hopeless, but then Jean remembers the telepathic trick that makes them invisible to other people*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 05:08 We don't have to get caught by BOHSS... I know what we can do. *explains the trick* It will be easy enough for me and Charles. All we have to do is make you invisible, too.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.19 05:09 *nods vacantly* That sounds like a wonderful idea.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:14 *she and Jean exchange a glance**Xavier taught Jean this trick himself*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:15 [Note: To be more specific, the trick is basically that the telepath enters the minds of those around them and alters their perceptions so that, from their POV, the telepath isn't there. This is basically invisibility that's limited to those whose minds
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:15 are being tampered with.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.19 05:16 (Ok, thanks for informing me!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 05:19 *is sad because Charles is sad, and that he's withering away from the person he used to be* *is getting tired of staying in this wasteland of a dimension*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:20 Alright. I guess we can start by approaching the smoke. But we'll circle around so that we won't ever be too close to the forests we just went through.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 05:20 *accepts that it's tough luck - the only way she can try to get back is to keep going* *pats her knees energetically* Let's start. It can't hurt to try.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:21 *made use of one of the medicine bottles; it was low in medicine so she just emptied that bottle into another, fuller bottle, and then filled the empty bottle with water*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 05:21 *nods* That's a good idea.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:21 *gives Jean the bottle* Here. Drink up. I've already had some. I just hope these streams aren't polluted.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 05:23 Thanks. *takes a long swig* If they are, we can only hope they don't kill us. At least not right away. *passes the water on to Charles*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.19 05:23 *has a short sip* *Ashley gives him some of his medicine*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.19 05:25 *returns the water to Ashley* I think we're ready now.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:27 *nods* Let's go. *they start carrying Xavier along*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:27 *they stop at the stream to get more water and then carry on**the trip is long and hard; it is very hot out*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:28 *they take occasional breaks to keep themselves from overheating**after a few hours they find what appears to be a hiking path**they follow this path*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 05:30 *has gotten tired easily, especially since she has to help carry Xavier* *pauses to wipe some sweat from her forehead*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.19 05:33 (I have to go, I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:35 [Aw, bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:36 *is strong and has high endurance, but then again she's past her prime**mostly takes breaks for Jean, but occasionally she has shown signs of exhaustion as well*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:37 *water becomes harder and harder to find, complicating things and making them even more exhausted**however, they force themselves onward**at around twilight they reach some cabins in the woods*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.19 05:37 *in a clearing in front of the cabins is a fire pit; the fire was extinguished not too long ago*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.20 04:14 (Hey! I'm here, but I'm probably gonna leave a little early tonight.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.20 04:15 *stares at the cabin and recently extinguised fire* *wisps of smoke drift abover the cabin roof* *whispers* Should we check it out?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:16 [Hey! OK.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:17 Yes...OR we could die in the wilderness. Take your pick.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:20 [Replies will be slow. I'm on multiple RPs and I'm drawing.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.20 04:20 *shrugs a little* I guess our chances of luck are breaking even. The cabin is it.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.20 04:20 (Ok.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:23 *is a bit irritable considering the fact that she's exhausted, very thirsty, and also rather depressed (this whole trip has been a bit traumatic, especially with Mistyeyed's and Elektra's deaths)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:24 *hey haul Charles over to a long log that serves as a bench by the firepit and set him down there* Wait here. *goes up to the cabin door and knocks on it**is met with a rifle barrel aiming at her face*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:24 *puts her hands in the air and backs away a little*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:25 *an overweight man with a Southern accent is holding the rifle* Man: What do you want?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:26 We've been on our way North and thought we might see some of the natural scenery. Our truck crashed in the woods last night and is beyond repair; we've been walking for miles and need a place to rest.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:27 *is quite calm; relief at seeing that BOHSS wasn't in the cabin probably made her mood a bit better**however, the man looks unconvinced and suspicious*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:27 Please - it's just me and... *looks back at Charles and Jean**tries to hide awkwardness in her voice* ...my dad and my daughter.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:28 *regarding Jean, it's believable that they would be mother and daughter - they both have red hair and about the same skin tone**heck, she (Ashley) looks like an older version of Jean, though her hairstyle (its coloration and curl are different) is
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:29 different**regarding Charles...she just has to hope this works*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:29 Man: *steps out onto the porch a bit and looks around quickly**then nods* Alright, you can come in.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:30 Thank you. *rushes to Jean and Charles**says quietly through gritted teeth to them as she helps lift up Charles:* Remember: You're my father and daughter.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:31 *they carry Charles onto the porch and towards the door* Man: Don't you have a wheelchair for him or somethin'? Ashley: It was damaged during the crash.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:31 *they come inside to see the man's wife and kids**the wife is a hispanic woman*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:32 *is a little surprised considering how redneck the man seems*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:37 [Hello?]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.20 04:37 (Hahaha... putting it bluntly there.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.20 04:38 *stands in the doorway, still holding Charles up*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:41 Woman: Oh, hi... *sees Charles and looks concerned**also notices how d*rty and tired the trio look*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:42 Woman: Ay caramba! What happened to you?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:42 Man: Car crash. Way out here, too. Woman: Oh my god...
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.20 04:42 *is starting to tip forward from fatigue* Jean: *tries to hold on* He needs a chair!!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:43 Woman: Well...what can I do for you? Ashley: Got any wheelchairs? Woman: Yes - in fact, one for when my father comes to visit. His wheelchair can get pretty beat up out here.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:44 *that happened before Jean exclamed that he needs a chair*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:44 Woman: *rushes into the dining room, grabs a chair, and drags it over to them**they set Charles down in it*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:44 Woman: Let me see if I can find that wheelchair. *goes upstairs*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.20 04:45 *sighs in relief, his head lolling back* Thank you...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:47 Woman: *brings down the wheelchair**one of her older kids - who is only a few years younger than Jean - helps her*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.20 04:48 *is sort of scared by Charles' magnitude of exhaustion* *stands around uneasily in the meantime* *notices some pottery pieces that are adorned by Latin American designs* *they look like they've been passed down through generations*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.20 04:50 Thank you for getting that for him. We appreciate it.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:51 Woman: Oh, it's no problem.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:51 Woman: What are your names?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:52 I'm Ashley...this is my daughter, Jean...and this is my dad, Charles.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.20 04:56 *stares vaguely until he realizes he was mentioned in a conversation* Oh... hello there. It's nice to meet you. *extends a frail hand to shake*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:58 Woman: *smiles and shakes his hand* It's nice to meet you too. I'm Juanita.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:58 Juanita: And this is my husband - Man: Rick. *nods to them courteously*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:59 Juanita: KIDS! *about four or so children come over* And these are my kids... *names each of them**the boy who helped her carry the wheelchair named Miguel and sort of glances awkwardly at Jean*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 04:59 Juanita: Say hi, kids. *they say hi*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 05:00 Juanita: Now go back to the dining room. It's almost dinner time.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 05:00 *they scurry off * Juanita: Would you care to join us?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 05:00 Oh well...we...
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.20 05:01 Hi... thanks for taking us all under our wing, even though we're a bit of a liability. *chuckles weakly*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.20 05:01 *is starving, but doesn't say anything*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.20 05:04 That sounds wonderful. I can't remember the last time I had a hot meal.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 05:05 *gives in**nods* Sure.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.20 05:06 (I've gotta go, I'll see you tomorrow! Have a good night.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 05:06 Juanita: Great. Feel free to use our bathrooms - I'll get dinner ready. *goes off to the kitchen*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 05:06 [Bye!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.20 05:07 [Thanks; you too!] *they use the bathrooms, washing up, doing their business, etc.**they then join the family at the table*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:11 [I'm on! BTW, Caprial will be offline for the rest of this week, so my replies will be faster and I thus hope to finish up this mission before the weekend (I'll be busier then).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:14 [BTW, I have a plan in mind for how the plot will unfold from here. I suppose I shall share it while waiting for you to come on.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:19 [Alright, so basically they enjoy dinner with the family. After this, Charles and Jean go to bed; Rick in the meantime goes out to repair something and Ashley accompanies him to help out.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:21 [Charles talks to Jean, expressing his happiness and contentment with the way things went tonight; his mind seems much clearer now and Jean also probably becomes happy (after all, positivity can be quite contagious).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:22 [Jean begins to drift off to sleep. However, the remaining one of the three squads, Dane Reiner's squad, finds them. They perform a sneak attack on them; some BOHSS soldiers creep into the house and go upstairs to Charles' and Jean's bedroom while Ashley
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:23 is ambushed outside. Charles is drowsy as well; for a few moments he doesn't realize that soldiers have come into the room, and when he does he sees that Jean is about to be shot (whether it's an actual bullet or a sedative is unknown).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:23 [Charles does the only thing he really can do to defend himself and Jean: He forces himself to have another seizure, paralyzing the soldiers - and everyone within a 1 mile radius, for that matter.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:28 [Being telepathic, Jean manages to use her mental powers to resist the seizure to some extent. She crawls out of bed and manages to take the gun from the soldier who was about to shoot her; slowly she begins to try to shoot the paralyzed soldiers in the
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:28 room. Dane Reiner is also in the room; being somewhat inhumanly strong (he's not a mutant; it's just that he has been physically modified by Dr. Janus - via steroids, implants, etc. - to make himself stronger and thus better in battle), he also resists
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:29 the seizure and shoots Charles in the chest. It isn't instantly fatal, though; the seizure continues, but becomes significantly weaker. Jean shoots Dane before he can shoot again and/or turn on her (it isn't fatal; he's wearing a bulletproof jacket).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:30 [In the meantime, Ashley took out all her assailants - and more - before being paralyzed by the seizure. Now that the seizure is weaker, Ashley manages to come clambering up the stairs to Charles and Jean. She manages to use one of the emergency needles
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:31 to fully end the seizure and then carries Charles downstairs and to the family's car; putting him in the car, she promises that they'll get out of here now and get him help. However, all three of them know it's hopeless.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:33 [His mind still strangely positive and clear, Charles utters some last sweet words before passing away. Crushed, Ashley stops talking altogether and wildly drives away from the scene with Jean.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:34 [They begin driving down a main road away from the national forest, but Ashley's recklessness results in one of the tires becoming flat. They pull into the trees to hide and stay there all night; Ashley remains stoic and silent.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:35 [Finally, in the early morning, Ashley takes action again, and buries Xavier. Only after she finishes burying him does she start talking again; she breaks down, sharing some of her innermost feelings with Jean.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:37 [Not long later, they luckily find a spare tire in the trunk, swap the tires, and continue their journey. They stop again at a small town and reside in a hotel.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:37 [The next day they continue driving along. They strike up conversations in the car and even have a few laughs; a bit of a mother-daughter relationship develops between them.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:38 [However, BOHSS has managed to track them down and even get ahead of them a bit. At around twilight they stop to get gas and are attacked.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:40 [They are forced to abandon their car and seek refuge in the wilderness again. As things get dark, the BOHSS soldiers use headsets that make it easier to see in the dark and also allow them to see heat signatures of living beings (e.g. Ashley and Jean).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:42 [This negates Jean's telepathic invisibility trick. Knowing that they are surrounded, that it is useless to run without creating a diversion, and that fighting would result in certain death, Ashley gets Jean to run away while Ashley herself fights the
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:42 soldiers. Jean runs, but can't help but look back and see Ashley meet her end.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:45 [Jean is alone and devastated, but continues on, changing her fear and despair into coldness and vengefulness. She treks through the wilderness for a while in order to remain unseen.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:46 [Eventually, however, she finds herself walking on the highway back the way she came. A sign is nearby, announcing that Phoenix is about 20 or so miles away. Without anything better to do, she goes straight to the city that is the heart of BOHSS.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:48 [When she arrives, it is night. Surrounding the city is a wall; the only way in is to go through toll booth type setups which test those entering for the mutant gene. Jean uses her telepathy to make the person testing her believe she passed and proceeds
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:49 on into Phoenix. She gets a cab and goes to the BOHSS HQ. She again makes use of telepathy to infiltrate and find Dr. Janus. By the time guards arrive and attack her, she is deep in the heart of BOHSS HQ and fights them off with her powers.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:49 *fends
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:50 [She ultimately finds and confronts Dr. Janus, initially intending to kill him. However, as she talks to him, she becomes intrigued and confused, so she browses his memories.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:52 [She sees how he witnessed Magneto killing his parents and also sees his struggle with his own identity and being born a mutant, as well as his discovery of the Chrono device a few months ago.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:53 [Jean quickly realizes that if she can stop Magneto from killing his parents, she may be able to prevent this timeline altogether. She uses her telepathic powers to "freeze" Dr. Janus in place, gets to the Chrono device, and sets it to the exact date Dr.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:54 Janus' parents were killed, as well as enters his address. She presses the button on it and goes there. Before Magneto can deliver the fatal blow, she confronts him and stops him.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:55 [They argue, and ultimately Magneto proceeds to try to fight her and knock her out so he can go along with killing Dr. Janus' parents. However, Jean feels a new fire inside her. Her psychic fire power activates, creating phoenix wings of fiery psychic
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:56 energy on her, and around her is a powerful aura of telekinetic energy that blocks all of Magneto's attacks and renders them useless. She unleashes a beam of psychic fire on Magneto that sends him flying and knocks him out.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:58 [Jean then goes to Adam Janus, who is now a boy, and lectures him about how it's okay to be a mutant, hoping that this will set him on a better path. She then uses the Chrono device to return to her time.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 04:59 [It is a dark and stormy night. BW's Army is where it exactly was and doing exactly what it was at the end of the last mission; tensions are high among them.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:00 [An utterly exhausted Jean stumbles across the lawn and collapses on the front porch as she knocks on the door. Captain America answers it, sees her, and calls some of the others; she is carried back inside.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:01 [Jean wants to tell her story, but is too tired and famished. She is nursed somewhat back to health, being dried off, fed, etc. Charles Xavier stays near her at all times; he senses something about her that especially concerns him.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:03 Once she is ready to speak, all of BW's Army sits at the table with her, awaiting her amazing story. Before she begins, however, Xavier asks her if she'd like to say anything to him in particular; after a pause, Jean tells him that it might be better for
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:04 her to show him and Ashley what happened first. Jean, Xavier, and Ashley link hands, forming a triangle of arms on the tabletop; Xavier then links their minds and Jean opens her memories to him.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:05 [The three see everything happen through Jean's eyes from where she accidentally swept herself into the future to where she returned to their front door (however, this is more than seeing things from her POV; being a telepath, she can sense the emotions
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:06 and thoughts of others, giving Xavier and Ashley a considerably deep view of what happened). Once finished, they are rather shocked.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:07 [Xavier tells Jean to go ahead now and tell everyone her story, and so she does. Once she's done, Xavier warns everyone - well, BW in particular since BW hasn't been getting along all that well with the Army of the Phoenix - that it is vital that they
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:08 trust each other and remain a team - or, well, more than a team: That they remain friends. I was thinking that the mission would end here, but we could feature a private conversation between Jean, Ashley, and Xavier as well before ending.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:08 [Annnd holy CRAP that was a lot...however, since you don't appear to be on, I guess it couldn't hurt to summarize the rest of the mission for you.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:09 [However, I just plain posted too much. Sorry. XP]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.21 05:13 [Well, I gtg. See you!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:16 (Hey, yeah... sorry I couldn't get on. It was a little difficult for me last night, but I'm able to be on tonight (obviously). Thanks for summarizing!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:23 (After reading all of this, I'm hoping we can maybe get to Charles' death at least by tonight.(
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:26 (And if we don't finish it by this weekend, that's okay - early next week should be a goal, if anything. On Tuesday, we'll be offline for two weeks... because we're going on our first international trip!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:27 (We're going to Spain, where we'll be volunteering at a teen program to help Spanish students learn English. There will be teens from other English-speaking countries, so it'll be like WB, sans survival, competition, danger... etc., haha.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:30 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:30 [Holy crap!! That's awesome!!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:31 [Feel free to rain a million pics on me (like I did to you with Prague XD) after the trip. :D]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:34 [How long can you stay on tonight?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:35 (Hi!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:36 (Yeah! We'll try. We'll be at the volunteer camp for most of the time, but we'll be in Madrid (where we're flying into) for a day or two, so we'll probably get some pictures there.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:36 (I'll be able to stay on later than I have lately.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:37 [Okie dokie. :D]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:37 [Maybe you can get a picture or two of an opera house in Madrid... :D]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:41 (Sure! I guess it depends entirely on where we travel within the city, but it's possible.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:45 [OK. RPing?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:45 (Yeah, why not.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:46 *is surprised to see that there's an entire meal waiting for them* *isn't used to this anymore*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:49 *they go to the dining room and dinner is served by Juanita and one of her daughters*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:49 *had put Xavier into the wheelchair**rolls him up to the table*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:49 *they all sit down and eat alongside the family*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.22 04:50 Wow... this looks delicious! We couldn't have asked for anything better. Thank you so much for preparing all of this, ma'am. *looks thrilled*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:50 *after a few minutes of silence they begin to discuss things with the family**tries to remain discreet since she, Xavier, and Jean are highly wanted mutants*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:51 Juanita: *before the silence in which they ate, she said to Xavier:* Oh, really, it was no problem at all.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 04:54 *notices Ashley is laying low and takes that as a cue to do the same* *eats slowly as an alibi to stay out of the conversation*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:56 *mostly she, Xavier, Rick, and Juanita are talking; the kids are remaining silent, which also serves as an alibi for Jean*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:56 Juanita: So, where are ya'll from?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:57 Texas. *technically, she and Xavier had been hiding out around the southwest Texas/southeast New Mexico area for years**they get odd looks* Well, not originally, of course.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:57 My...dad and I came from New York, actually.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:58 Juanita: Oh, really? I've always wanted to go there! Rick: So yer Yankees, huh? *laughs mostly to himself*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 04:58 *mutters something**Jean picks up something about how the Kansas City Royals are far superior*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:00 (Hahahaha.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:01 *is a little surprised that baseball is still followed in dystopian areas like these* *smiles anyways*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:02 Juanita: So, what do you guys do?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:02 *knows that answering "superhero" could get them in a bit of trouble, so she just says:* Oh, my dad was a teacher.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.22 05:03 *nods in a sagely manner* I've been retired for many years now.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.22 05:04 I moved down here after that to avoid the harsh winters, and we've been traveling the Southwest, mostly.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:05 Juanita: Really? I have a sister who was an elementary school teacher. Where did you teach?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:05 *adds quickly to avoid suspicion* I'm just visiting.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:05 Rick: Thought you said you'd been goin' North.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:06 Oh, we are. We had been in the far southern parts of Arizona for a while though; we decided we wanted to see the Rockies.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:06 Rick: *looks at Jean with confusion but doesn't ask anything*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:07 *nods* Yeah. Yeah. You could say we're doing some vacationing. As a family.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:07 *notices Rick's confusion**says quickly:* Jean here lives with her dad mostly. She occasionally joins my dad and I on our road trips and vacations, though. Rick: Ah, okay. *nods*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.22 05:08 *keeps the details vague* I taught history classes at a middle school in upstate New York.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:08 Juanita: Divorced? Ashley: Um...separated. Juanita: I know how you feel. I was once engaged to some guy who turned out to be a total jerk shortly after our engagement. I don't know what happened, but I dumped him.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:09 Juanita: Then I met Rick. *smiles and puts an arm around him**he puts an arm around her too*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:10 *it's a bit odd seeing Juanita with someone who looks like her opposite (he has the chubby redneck look)**tries not to be amused**just smiles, nods, and keeps eating*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:10 Rick: *turns to Charles abruptly* Really? One of my favorite middle school teachers was a history teacher. *starts talking about him*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:12 *can't help but think to herself: "As if he made it to middle school"**again can't get over how redneck Rick seems with the way he dresses and his Southern accent**Jean probably picks up this thought by accident*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:12 *they continue the conversation while eating**finally, once most of the dinner is gone, Juanita announces to her kids that it's bedtime**she and Rick quickly discuss who goes where since they have visitors*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:13 *Charles and Jean end up getting the guest room upstairs**Ashley volunteers to take the couch, but they instead set up an old futon one of their kids once used*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:16 *Rick announces that he's going out to fix his tractor or something like that**feels like she needs to pay this family back in some way**volunteers to help him**after some coaxing, he lets her go with him*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:17 *nods to Charles and Jean* I'll be back soon...don't worry. *turns and walks out with Rick**Juanita helps Charles and Jean get settled in the guest room*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:17 Juanita: *even tucks them in bed**goes to the doorway and smiles at them* You all settled?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:20 *smiles* Yes, thank you. Thank you for everything.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:21 Juanita: No problem. If you need anything, just give me a call. Night. *turns off the light and leaves*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.22 05:23 *lies in the dark for awhile* *then starts talking* I'm glad we found this family. They're wonderful people - absolutely wonderful. Just in the way they've taken us under their wings... I couldn't thank them enough.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:24 Yeah. You're right. Those kinds of people seem to be rare around here.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:25 *is out helping Rick fix things**having had to fix countless random things that broke throughout the years through trial and error, Rick finds that she is surprisingly smart and helpful when it comes to repairs*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:31 *after a little while, however, things take a turn for not just the worse, but the drastic**Reiner's squad has surrounded the house and started infiltrating*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:32 *is in a shed with Rick**some soldiers ambush the shed**dives behind the tractor as a rain of bullets is sent towards her**Rick is hit and dies on the spot*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.22 05:35 Very. It's funny how things can suddenly turn in your favor when all hope seems to be lost.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:38 *remains down and still, playing dead**when the soldiers approach her to check her out, she unleashes a POWERFUL blast of fire that takes out all the soldiers in and around the shed*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:39 *Charles is saying something about it being a good day, until the bullets are heard firing outside* *bolts up from bed, looking out the only window* *sees Reiner's squad running into the house* Oh no.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:39 *hasn't used that much power in a very, very long time**coughs hard at the smoke that ensues and forces herself to get up and start leaving the shed*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:39 *just then, Reiner and some other soldiers enter veryyy quietly**Jean is too fixed on Ashley stumbling out of the shed to notice*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.22 05:40 Excuse me? *is kind of drifting away*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:40 *one of the soldiers creeps up on Jean, pointing a gun at the back of her neck*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:40 *knows she has to keep quiet* *doesn't say anything*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:41 *a second soldier keeps back, keeping an eye on both of them**Reiner himself begins to slowly point his gun at Charles*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:41 *Charles' telepathy allows him to sense a new set of unfamiliar minds entering the room, snapping him awake*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:42 *picks one of the dead soldiers' guns up**more soldiers start coming at her, firing**hobbles behind part of the porch and fires back*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:43 *once they get close enough, she just plain drops the gun and starts using her fire powers on them, blasting them with searing beams of fire**is basically a human flamethrower - a REALLY FAST human flamethrower*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:44 *is getting very worn out very quickly, but she doesn't stop; her rage and adrenaline is keeping her going*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:45 [Replies will be slower.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.22 05:48 *sees the gun pointed at Jean, and has no other choice but to force himself into a seizure* *falls back, choking and thrashing wildly* *then, everything is still*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:49 *like before, everyone is paralyzed to the point of being unable to breathe*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:50 *has lost too much energy to be able to fight back**even she can't move*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 05:50 *only Jean can really resist - as well as, to a small extent, Dane Reiner*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:53 *finds that she has some flexibility* *starts walking* *feels like she's trying to walk through thick mud* *clumsily bats a gun out of a guard's hand*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.22 05:54 *very slowly strains his face and tries to aim his gun at Charles**it's like he's pulling the trigger in slow motion*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.22 05:54 *isn't able to pull the trigger before Jean shoots the soldier who was about to shoot her*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.22 05:55 *however, as Jean struggles to aim the gun at him, he manages to finally pull the trigger**she is too late*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.22 05:56 *lets out a gasp when the bullet hits Xavier; Xavier is still having the seizure, but being shot weakened him and released everyone from paralysis to some extent*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:57 *yells, but a sound doesn't come out*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:58 *turns slowly* *aims at Reiner, and pulls the trigger like its a tube of icing*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.22 05:58 (I have to go, see you tomorrow!)
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.22 05:59 [Aw, bye!]
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.22 06:00 *lets out a strained, quick moan and goes falling backwards and down the stairs**the other soldier in the room is still recovering from nearly being suffocated and stands there in shock*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 06:01 *resumes rushing forward**takes out one or two last soldiers outside and bursts into the house**sees that one of the family's children is dead**hops around the child and goes scrambling up the stairs, almost stumbling on Dane Reiner**assumes he's dead;
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 06:02 he's laying in an awkward position and isn't moving*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 06:02 *runs into the guest room, nearly ramming into Jean**looks around and sees the soldier beginning to turn and raise his gun**with lightning speed she grabs the gun Jean is holding and shoots the soldier dead*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 06:03 *is beginning to panic a little**rushes to the side of Xavier's bed**is panting**says softly and quickly:* Oh my god...oh...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 06:04 *takes the covers off him and slips her arms under him, picking him up* Okay...okay... *at first sounds like she's trying to reassure herself, but then she continues:* It's okay...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 06:05 *Jean has never seen Ashley - well, at least this older Ashley - in this emotional state before**normally this older Ashley always has hidden irrtation, anger, or signs of being just plain worn out over the years, but she shows none of these things now*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.22 06:06 *starts carrying Xavier down the stairs as fast as she can with Jean following close behind**Jean gets a glimpse of Juanita; she too has been fatally shot*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.23 04:19 [I'm on!]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.23 04:19 [BTW, I have an idea: How about after this mission is over you start up that Paper Towns-based RP?]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.23 04:20 [To some extent, I have lost interest in and ideas for this RP. I think it would be a good idea if I took a break from it for a while and then came back with a "fresher mind," if you know what I mean.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 04:32 (Hi!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 04:34 (Yeah, I absolutely understand what you mean. I've been a little conflicted over when to start it, but after some thought (and your input) it'll be a good idea to start it then.)
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.23 04:34 [Hey! Okie dokie. RPing?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 04:35 *rushes out the door before she can see anyone else dead, or get killed*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 04:35 (Sure.)
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.23 04:42 [Sorry about my disappearance. Replies will be faster.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 04:43 *carries Xavier into the garage**somehow manages to open the door of the car and partially sits in the back seat with Xavier still in her arms*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 04:43 [Listening to Barber's Adagio for Strings...it really fits the mood of this part.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 04:44 *looks down at him**is struggling not to tremble all over; her panic is that strong*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 04:45 Charles... *her voice shook**pauses, forcing her lip to stop wobbling and her voice to "even out"**however, even then her voice is shaking a little* Charles, it's going to be okay.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 04:46 We're going to get you help now, alright? We're going to get you to a hospital. *panicks even more when he doesn't respond within 3 seconds* Charles...!!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 04:48 [Are you still here?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 04:52 (Yeah, it really does.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.23 04:53 *his eyes are barely open, but he's still alive* Don't worry about me, my time was coming... and you knew it. It's up to you and Jean. *is getting weaker* It's up to you and Jean... to get out.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.23 04:54 Please don't worry about me... Ashley. I'll be fine. Just fine.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 04:54 *has started crying by now too*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 04:55 *looks back down at him, tears forming in her eyes**was going to retort in some way - e.g. by saying "Don't talk like this, we're getting you help" - but she can't will herself to say anything*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 04:55 *finally does say something**her voice is barely audible* Charles...Charles...thank you...for...
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.23 04:58 *smiles decrepitly* It was an honor.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jun.23 04:59 *goes completely still after a few seconds*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:00 *knows the exact moment he's gone*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:00 *stares at Charles with a bewildered expression* *slowly looks up at Ashley*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:00 [I have a funny sense about the deaths of close ones too...for instance, I think I knew when my bunny Flopsy had died. I felt strangely empty out of a sudden even though last time I saw him he was alive.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:01 [I also felt odd around the time Wagner died many hours before discovering that he had indeed passed away.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:01 *continues to stare down at him**her eyes are teary but the tears never seem to fall*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:02 *starts shaking before positively losing it* *cries like a toddler* *never thought she'd have to witness the death of someone like Charles, but it's become too much of a reality*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:02 *all of a
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:02 (Hmmm... that is strange.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:03 *gently lifts him, gets up, and gently lays him down in the back seat*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:04 [I have a good friend who also informed me that he knew exactly when his pet dog died (his dog died of old age, sort of like my fish Wagner), so apparently I'm not the only one with this odd sense.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:04 [Have you ever experienced some weird sense about things like that?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:05 (I guess not. It's pretty interesting, though.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:06 (I haven't, mostly because nobody I know has died recently. )
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:06 *closes the car door and walks around to the door by the driver's seat**gets in and starts up the car*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:08 [Hm...you don't have pets, right? (Just asking since generally pets have shorter lifespans than humans; I have had plenty of pets throughout my lifetime.)]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:08 *doesn't even signal or motion to Jean to get in**once she gets in, Ashley backs out of the garage and turns towards the road, the tires screeching*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:09 *drives wildly and recklessly down the road**is utterly silent and stoic**for some reason her mind seemed walled off to Jean; when Jean tries to probe her, she is met with a sort of "mist" blocking her out*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:10 *if Jean forced her way through that "mist," though, she'd find pain and chaos that Jean herself may not be able to bear*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:12 (We have a cat. We've also had some fish and frogs in the past, and another cat. But we ended up euthanizing the cat, and we eventually had to let go the fish and the frog.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:13 *is once again hanging on for dear life* *her tears are dried, alright, and sort of without consent*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:13 [OK.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:14 [I love frogs...when I was little I would catch them and line them up or put them on toy cars and crap. XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:15 [From what I remember, the frogs were actually quite well behaved. They stayed in line and such. I'm not sure what they thought of me, though...maybe something like "Why is this giant...thing doing exactly??"]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:16 (Hahaha, that's hilarious.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:16 *What
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:16 (Most of the time, when I get remotely near a frog, it'll hop away.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:16 [What kind of fish was it?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:17 [Yeah, some frogs just don't want to be near humans at all, especially when they're in water...every time a frog - especially a leopard frog - gets in the pool I have a heck of a time trying to catch it without getting in myself. :P]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:18 (We had a lot of goldfish in the past, as well as some glofish.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:18 [On land I fare much better, though. The only problem is that my dog like to dig up and bat at toads and frogs with her paws for some reason, so a lot of the frogs have been scared off.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:18 [I think my first fish was a goldfish...I nowadays stick to Tiger Oscars and plecos, though.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:19 [If you ever get another fish, pick a Tiger Oscar. They're not called "water dogs" for nothing. XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:20 *the road eventually evens and straightens out, making the ride less wild**remains quiet and distant*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:20 *her current mood is perhaps even more terrifying than the way she's driving*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:22 *dog likes
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:23 *dares to look over at Ashley* *is pretty fearful*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:26 *after a few hours that feel quite endless, the road gets rugged and twisty and the ride turns wild again**finally they go a little off the road and one of the tires is popped*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:27 *they swerve uncontrollably a bit before she slows down**pulls into a clearing in the pine trees*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:27 *stops the car and just sits there*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:28 [Want to skip to the beginning of dawn?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:28 *continues to stare ahead in silence*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:32 -EARLIER THE NEXT MORNING...-
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:35 [Wait...so we're going back in time? Oh, wait, I know...we're going...BACK TO THE FUTURE! *ba dum tssss*]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:36 [I know...that was awful... XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:36 *as dawn breaks, Jean opens her eyes to see that Ashley is getting out of the car**Jean realizes that she must've fallen asleep*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:37 *opens the trunk and finds tools, luckily including a shovel**wakes across the clearing, looking around at the ground, picks a spot, and starts digging*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:39 *walks
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:39 [Typo city. >_< ]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:40 *cautiously gets out of the car and makes her way over to Ashley* *stands at a distance* What are you doing?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:40 *hour after hour passes as she digs, puts Xavier in the grave, and then puts earth back into the hole**remains silent and entirely focused on her work*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:40 *didn't answer any of Jean's inquiries*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:41 *finally she drops the shovel and wipes away sweat, panting hard**stands there for a few long moments, and then starts sobbing uncontrollably*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:41 *falls down onto her bottom with her back almost against a pine tree, crying**is absolutely miserable*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:42 [Replies will be slower. I have to brush my teeth and such.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:46 *stands there for a minute, then heads over* *puts an arm around Ashley and lets her cry*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:51 He's gone...he's gone...he's [BLEEP] gone!!!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:52 He was right...I knew this was going to happen...I just thought... *pauses, sniffling hard and crying* I didn't think of what it would be like without him.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:53 *nods, trying not to let her voice hitch already* *Ashley's emotions are contagious*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:53 *the "mist" cloud guarding her mind is gone and her emotions are very easy for Jean to feel**Jean has no need to probe Ashley's thoughts, either; all her thoughts are pouring out of her mouth*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:54 I know. I mean, I don't know. But I understand what you mean.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:54 *is crying hard the whole time as she speaks* He did so much for me, so much. And now he's gone, and I never got to fully thank him!! To tell him how much I... *trails off, crying too hard to be able to speak*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:57 When I couldn't get back to my world, I had no one. Absolutely no one. My friends...my family...everything I really knew, cut off forever. The only person in this world who I knew really trusted me was Connor, and he had a life of his own.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:58 *nods along to show Ashley that she's listening*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:58 Then Xavier came out to find me. He brought me to New York. He was the only one who seemed to give a [BLEEP] about what happened to me...even I didn't care anymore... *Jean glimpses memories of a young Ashley wandering miserably and aimlessly around the
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 05:59 Rocky Mountains area and eventually seeing a jet land near her and a young Xavier coming out of it, followed by one or two X-Men*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 05:59 It's okay. Charles knows that you were thankful. You didn't have to tell him that.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:01 But I should've.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:02 I didn't [BLEEP] care whether I was dead or alive, and he came all the way to Wyoming to put my life back on track.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:06 Most of all...he was like a father to me. He saw that I especially missed the father I had been cut off from forever because of Andy, and he even took it upon himself to guide me like the father I could never have.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:07 Now he's gone...he's gone, and the only proof he had of how thankful I was was from probing my freakin' mind...and for all I know his neurodegenerative disease made him forget that too...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:07 There's so much I had to say...there's so much I had to say, and it's over.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 06:08 *shakes her head* No. He can't forget that. You know, he's thankful too, and that's how he remembered.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:08 *stops talking and just continues to weep*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:09 *looks at Jean for a long moment after hearing her response**then hugs her hard and keeps crying**they stay in this position for quite a while*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:12 *it's already past noon when they get in the car and continue their journey*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:13 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow! I might be late. Oh, and before I leave, allow me to share with you a funny but accurate meme regarding one's reaction upon learning that someone else doesn't like to read:
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:13 ht tps://scontent.cdninstagram.com/t51.2885-15/s320x320/e35/11349382_151268705209245_2031702027_n.jpg?ig_cache_key=MTA1MzU5NDUyNjI4NjAxMjU1Nw%3D%3D.2 ]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.23 06:13 [Found it at random on Google Images and I just had to share it with you. In case you don't get it, it's a Mulan reference. Anyways, bye!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.23 06:14 (Ok, thanks! See you!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:32 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late. I was watching a movie.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:40 (Hey! It's okay!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:42 (So, I have a question: do you have any tips regarding international travel? Paige and I were reviewing some travel guidelines, and wanted to get some of your input, since you've been to Europe twice recently.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:42 [Hm...let me think...]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:43 [Well, try to research where you're going. Look up videos people have made about the city you're going to, what to do/not to do, etc.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:45 [Also, keep a low profile when in public. I guess it's perfectly fine to reveal you're American at the camp - heck, I don't see how you can hide it - but in other places try not to reveal your nationality.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:46 [I was sort of lucky during my last trips to Europe in that both times the people there thought I was German. I however don't know about you. Perhaps they'll guess you're from the UK or Irish or something?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:46 (Ok. So for instance, did you have to learn some basic German when you went to Berlin to avoid revealing your nationality?)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:47 [Though in Berlin looking German was also a little bit of a curse...once in a while someone would start talking to me or someone with me at random and internally we'd be like the penguins of Madagascar: "Just smile and wave boys, smile and wave." XD]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:48 [Yes, I learned some basics, but actually never made much use of them (except at the chess club; I knew how to count to ten in German as well as most of the German chess piece names, so I could follow along with their analysis very well).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:49 [Occasionally you have to speak English in public, of course (e.g. at restaurants, sometimes when checking out at a store, etc.); I'm just saying don't be very open and loud about it.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:49 (Well, I have dark hair and fair skin, so I might be able to pass off as a native Spaniard. Actually, I've had people tell me I look Eastern European, although I'm primarily Irish. Paige has dyed blonde hair, so it might be harder to conceal her
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:49 nationality.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:50 [Heck, I would speak English all the time as I walked along with those with me; I just kept my voice's loudness normal (or a bit low in quieter places).]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:51 (Were Euros pretty simple for you to use? They're pretty similar to US currency, except for some differences?)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:51 *.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:51 [Hm...OK, I think you guys are good, though I also think they may not be completely sure what you are.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:51 (Yeah.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 04:53 (How was the plane trip over? It's the least of my concerns really, but I've heard that people make a big deal out of the trip over the pond. Like do people seriously take their shoes off in the plane? Haha.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:54 [OK, so Euros were fairly easy to use. If you need to exchange US money for Euros, then you should go to an ATM in the airport (or perhaps at a bank). On my last trip, I got enough Euros to last for the first few days, so perhaps you should consider
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:55 stocking up on Euros before plunging into your vacation.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:56 [Also, credit cards are used in Europe, but not as consistently as in the USA. I think they do the conversion for you.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:57 [The things you should probably fear most in Europe are pickpockets. Thus, try to keep your most precious belongings in a pocket on the INSIDE of a coat. Once, on Charles Bridge, a guy lurked suspiciously near me and one of my companions. We thought he
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:57 might be a pickpocket and tried to stay away.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 04:58 [However, if it's apparent that you're a tourist (the nationality doesn't matter, as long as you're obviously a tourist), then you're a target. Hence in public spaces try to keep a low profile (esp. on public transit; usually the norm in metros and such
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:00 is that EVERYONE is quiet...except apparently a few inebriated skinheads in one of the Berlin trains... -_______-).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:00 [Regarding the plane trips: Three words: They. Are. LONG. XD XP Trust me, you're going to be so exhausted at the end of them - both the trip there and the return trip.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:01 [I don't really have anything to complain about regarding being on the plane, though. I didn't see anyone take their shoes off on the plane, but now I kind of wish I did... XD XP]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:02 [Once you get to your hotel or wherever, feel free to crash like you've never crashed before. XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:02 (Yeah, we've heard plenty about the pickpockets. I've even been worried about carrying a backpack around in the airport in Madrid. They're pretty crafty.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:04 (Haha, alright. We'll expect the long haul.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:04 (And one last question... what were customs like? That's been my prime worry, since they seem really taxing and confusing.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:06 (I think we are exchanging currency before the trip. And yeah, credit cards are handy over there, but I've read that they might not be accepted with purchases over $25.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:06 (Well, technically Euros.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:06 [Hm...I haven't brought a backpack on my trips before, so I wouldn't really know what to do to keep the pickpockets away. I usually just brought my things in a suit case and kept other things I might need while walking (gloves, metro tickets, etc.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:06 in my pockets.]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jun.24 05:07 (Hey! It's been awhile. I hear that the mission is almost over, so I'll just be logging in as Cap and will stand by.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:07 [What do you mean by customs?]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:07 [Do you mean the cultural norms or the airport security?]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:08 [@ Paige: Heyyy!!! Long time no see!! :D]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:08 [@ Joan: If it's the cultural norms then I can't really help you with that; you'll have to research it on your own. I haven't been to Spain and I don't think I have any friends who have.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:09 [In fact, I recommend researching cultural norms. For instance, if I didn't research them, I wouldn't have known until it was too late that Berlin as bike lanes.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:10 [Foreign ped estrians often get a cha-ching and an annoyed "HEY!!!" if they unknowingly are walking on a bicycle lane. XD XP]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:10 [Had to put a space in "ped estrians" because for some reason it won't let me post the word...]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jun.24 05:10 (Yeah! It's good to be back.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:11 (Airport security. Usually when you enter a country, you have to pass through customs so the country can keep track of what you're bringing in and that they're not illegal.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:12 (I've heard that customs in European airports are slightly more lax, but when you're entering the US on the return trip home, it seems to be a hassle.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:13 [There are two waves of airport security: Immigration/passport control and customs.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:14 [Passport control is what it sounds like: They scan your passport and look at you to make sure who you are. I think American passports have chips in them for them to scan.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:14 [Passport control is actually in many ways more important than customs. If they are unsure of who you are, they may ask you a basic question; however, they have never done this to me.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:15 [Customs is about purchases and transporting goods from one country to another. There are dollar limitations and restricted products; you basically just make a list of what you've purchased and hand it to the customs official.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:16 [Restricted items probably won't apply to you - they are things like alcohol, tobacco, etc.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:17 [If you're traveling as a family, then there's only one form/list per family; if you're traveling as an individual, then there's...well, one list per individual.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:18 (Yep. Okay. Thanks for clarifying and answering all of our questions! We really appreciate that.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:18 [The dollar limitation varies by country, but it is pretty high (e.g. maybe about 300 or 500 dollars), so if you just buy souvenirs you'll be totally fine.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:18 [No problem!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:20 [RPing? @ Paige: I guess you'll sort of be a spectator?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:24 (Sure!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:26 *heads back to the truck, maybe scrounging for food* *searches the back*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:27 *throws a piece of black tarp aside* Hey... hey, I think I found a spare.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:27 [They're already driving along BTW.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:27 [And the truck crashed, remember? They have Rick's car now.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:30 (Ok. I know they popped a tire, but I don't remember them really fixing it. That's fine, though.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:31 [Whoops...that sounded much more rude than I intended...sorry...]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.24 05:32 [Also, I did a little bit of a time skip above where I said around noon they continued their journey; I forgot about the tire, though. Just assume that they found the spare in the trunk and fixed it.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:34 (That's fine. Okay.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:38 *got no sleep last night, so at one point, after a lot of coaxing, they switch seats**sleeps as Jean drives*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:39 *once she awakens, they switch again and eventually arrive at a small town**they stay in a hotel there*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:39 [Want to skip to the next day?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:40 [A recap regarding the plot: They'll talk a bit as Ashley drives the next day and will start to have a mother-daughter sort of bond.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:44 [BTW, just so you know, I might be on early tomorrow. I'm not sure.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:46 (Ok.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:46 -THE NEXT DAY-
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:47 *they are driving along**they are both silent*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:47 *Jean is looking at the mountains when Ashley suddenly speaks* I thought you were lucky, you know.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:51 The way you jumped through time...you didn't have to see the team fall apart, BOHSS take over. I thought that because of that you had been spared in a way.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:52 But after the night before last night... *pauses, trying not to get emotional**regains her composure and continues* ...I realized you weren't just not lucky, you were perhaps very unlucky.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:52 You have to spent the rest of your life in this world... *pauses, frowning slightly**then looks at her* What ever happened to that...that thing? The time control thing?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 05:53 [@ Paige: Do you not have the faintest clue as to what's going on? If so, I can provide a brief overview.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 05:57 *stares straight ahead* I'm not sure. I guess I've been trying to search for it all along, but for now, I've been sorta occupied.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 06:04 *sighs* Well, I guess it's too late now.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 06:08 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow! I might be early or late; again, I'm not sure. Also, I decided to maybe try to share a funny meme with you each time I leave. One sec...I'm looking for one...]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 06:08 *nods* I don't even know where to look now.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.24 06:08 (Ok! We'll plan on seeing you tomorrow, then! Liked the meme you sent last night!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 06:12 [OK, here's a Philosoraptor meme with a perhaps Married With Children-esque question (I could see Al Bundy pondering it XD). Also, the part at the bottom is what happens if you divide by zero...or ponder what Philosoraptor is pondering.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.24 06:13 [Here's the link: ht tp://memeblender.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/04/philosoraptor-if-women-are-never-wrong.jpg See you!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 04:28 [I'm here!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 04:28 [I actually came online about 15 minutes ago but got carried away on another RP... XP]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 04:35 [Hello?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 04:38 (Hi! Sorry I'm late. I was doing stuff for my trip, and there's also a centipede in my room, so I was standing several feet away from it with a can of hairspray for awhile before eventually wimping out.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 04:47 [Hey!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 04:47 [A centipede?! Aw crap...]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 04:50 (Yeah. We thought we had them under control, but we've been seeing three now in the past week.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 04:51 [A few days ago I felt something crawling on me while I was trying to go to sleep; I shook it off and turned on the light to see that it was a spider. O.O]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 04:51 [I guess spiders aren't as bad as centipedes, though.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 04:51 (Haha, funny meme you sent!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 04:53 (That is pretty creepy, and if it was a big spider, extra creepy. That happened to me once, too. I just turned the light on to get something and there was a spider right next to me.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 04:54 (Yeah, I can take out a spider more easily than a centipede. Centipedes aren't harmless and can even be beneficial, but they look creepy and move fast. The one I saw last week moved faster than I've ever seen one move when I tried to bash it with a
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 04:54 lacrosse stick. And the one I saw tonight was just plain ugly and disgusting. It honestly looked like a few strands of hair taped jaggedly together.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 04:57 If I did find it though... if WE found it... what would you do? *looks over at Ashley*
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 05:12 [Sorry about disappearing. My Internet stopped working. ~.~]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 05:13 (Oh, it's fine.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jun.25 05:13 [I'm surprisingly reluctant when it comes to killing bugs...I generally prefer to catch them under cups and toss them out. If one POes me, though, that's another matter (e.g. the average female mosquito -.-). XD XP]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:17 *pauses, then shrugs her shoulders* Go back...stop everything.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:17 Prevent the dispersion of our team, stop the rise of BOHSS.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:17 The latter may be just impossible, though.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 05:24 *nods* Yeah, I guess so. If I do find it, and if I go back, I wonder if BOHSS will still form in the future.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 05:25 (Mosquitos, yeah. Centipedes, yeah, if I can attempt it. I may spare some spiders. Generally, if they're harmless, I'll leave them alone.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:28 [I try to leave spiders alone, especially small brown ones (we have brown recluses down here...AND Black Widows >_< O_O).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:35 At this point I don't think you're going back.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 05:37 (Wow, in that case, I'd definitely leave them alone. And hopefully the one in your bed was innocuous.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 05:38 *feels a little crushed* But what if? I have to worry about that sometimes.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:46 [It was. It was black with red legs, which I suppose is normal.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:46 "What if" isn't "is."
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 05:50 *sits back and stares straight ahead, silent*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:50 [My Internet is being flaky; I might disappear again soon.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:53 *notices how depressed Jean says**quickly adds:* Look on the bright side...the day before yesterday you got some of the most top quality shish-kabobs you can get in this area.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 05:57 (Ok. That's fine, I'll have to leave in a few minutes too.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 05:57 [Same here.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 05:59 *cracks a small smile* Ha. That's true. *has been surprised by the way Ashley has been acting lately, even though she knows for a fact that it's all due to the recent deaths*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 06:00 [Before you go, I'll quickly share "the nightly meme" with you: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/736x/8a/79/b1/8a79b1590ee7a6bd9a1e1fd6d569bb1a.jpg Thought you might like this one in particular.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 06:03 [Oh wait wait wait, I just found an even better one: ht tp://quotesnhumor.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/Top-30-Funny-Marvel-Avengers-Memes-funny.jpg ]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 06:03 [OK, I'll stop before I go meme-crazy. XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.25 06:05 (Ok, thanks! :) I've gotta go now. I might be late tomorrow night, but I'll see you!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.25 06:06 [Alright, see you!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.26 04:43 (I'm on! Sorry if I've kept you waiting.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.26 05:17 (Well, I guess you aren't. Thanks for the Marvel memes and hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.26 05:45 [Sorry I didn't make it on when you were on; there was a sudden change in plans that resulted in me being unable to come on until now.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.26 05:45 [Guess it was a good thing I posted two memes since I didn't manage to come on with you tonight. XP]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 04:22 (That's okay. Things change.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:25 [Hey!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 04:26 (Hi!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:27 [RPing?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 04:31 (Sure.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:38 *smiles at Jean slightly and squeezes her shoulder reassuringly* Don't worry. Everything will be fine. We're going North.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 04:39 *nods, feeling a little better*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:40 *as their eyes meet, they both feel something stir within them - a strange, new, family-like bond*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:41 *for the next few hours, they sort of talk "on and off," and even have a few laughs/tell jokes*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:42 [Want to skip time to twilight?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 04:43 (Yeah) -HOURS LATER...-
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:46 *they stop for gas**gets out and starts messing with the pump, hoping that it works still**after a minute or two, shooting is heard**feels a bullet go through her hair and another bounces off the pump*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:47 *sees that Jeeps are parked nearby and soldiers are starting to come towards them* [Turned on Fireworks Factory BTW. The epicness matches the danger of this scene!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:47 *ducks and scrambles back into the car**says one word really quickly:* BOHSS. *then drives like h**l*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:48 *turns the keys in the ignition, turning the car back on**puts the pedal to the metal**the tires screech loudly and the car speeds off *
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 04:50 *the Jeeps immediately follow them in pursuit*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 04:52 Wait! *glances in the rearview mirror* *whatever question she had is immedietly answered*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.27 04:53 *he himself leans out of one of the Jeep windows, firing at them with an automatic assault rifle*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.27 04:53 *upon seeing him in the rearview mirror, Jean (who shot him) is probably shocked*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 04:56 *swore she had gotten Reiner* *doesn't have much time to mull over it, though*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:01 *it's a very wild car chase**at one point she swerves clear off the highway and onto the adjacent one that goes in the opposite direction*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:03 *is grasping onto the door handle, her hair flying all over the place*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:04 *eventually they end up on more rural roads, some of which barely count as roads**tries to confuse them by making four right turns (or left turns) in a row, but to no avail*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:04 *ultimately their car is riddled with bullets and almost all of their tires are flat**out of desperation she goes clear off the road and drives the car into the wilderness*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:05 *the car gets really banged up and she ends up slamming on the brakes to stop them from crashing into a boulder*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:06 *there is smoke coming out from under the hood**knows that this car is useless to them now and they can't get away by car, anyway*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:06 Come on! *jumps out of the car and starts running*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:08 *bolts after Jean* *her heart is slamming against her chest almost painfully* *is terrified now*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:08 *looks ahead, trying to find a place to hide* *it's pretty dry, though*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:10 *they are in a pine forest and twilight has rapidly turned to night*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:11 *starts to heave, and her legs feel like they're on fire* *is just really out of energy* Stop... Stop!...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:12 *as they run, Jean looks over their shoulder to see lights beginning to appear from the way they came; the Jeeps have tracked them down (or perhaps those are the flashlights of BOHSS soldiers travelling on foot)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:12 *slows down to a jog*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:13 *finally stops**leans forward, clutching her stomach* I forgot I'm not your age anymore... *is utterly out of breath*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:13 *there is a flash of light in their eyes for a split second and they pause to look up**the lights in the distance have increased in number and gotten brighter/closer; it is a truly terrifying sight*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:14 *they hear someone yelling orders in the distance; it's probably Dane*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:14 *stumbles* *bends over, placing her hands on her knees* *is panting* We need to find somewhere to hide. They've got their flashlights now.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:16 There's nowhere to hide. It's too open.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:17 *desperately looks up at the towering branches of a pine* *even though she can't climb, it seems ideal, until realizing that BOHSS could easily shoot them from the top*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:17 *Jean suddenly gets the idea of using her telekinesis to lift them up into the trees*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:18 [Posted that before I even saw the post about her thinking about tree-climbing...]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:18 *gets a nervous feeling in her stomach* *stares at Ashley to feel less hopeless*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:18 [Jinx, sorta.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:19 *a flashlight beam darts in front of them* *starts to panic*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:23 [BTW, I thought I'd share the "nightly meme" in advance: ht tps://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/9e/5e/21/9e5e2133248bb1b1a2267208f5e2bf70.jpg It's another Marvel-themed one.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:24 (Ok. Thanks!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:25 *it's almost as if she reads Jean's mind* Climbing the trees won't work either...BOHSS developed "mutant detector" technology - like metal detectors, but obviously it works with mutants instead.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:25 It's short-range, but they would still find us if we were at the top of those trees.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:26 Come on. *starts running again, but is clearly fatigued; she used up most of her energy with that one first sprint*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:27 *they go over a ridge only to find themselves in an even more open, sandy area*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:27 *keeps shaking her head* *her face is red, puffy, and on the verge of tears* I can't make us invisible again... they have those high beam flashlights. It won't work.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:28 *they stop by a few of the trees and pant**looking up, they see beams of light flashing at the top of the ridge**the distance between them and the soldiers never changed; in fact, it might have been reduced*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:29 Nothing can make us invisible.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:30 *shudders in fear* *glances at Ashley again*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:30 [Note: The BOHSS soldiers have on headsets that give them night vision and also allow them to see heat signatures. Jean can't telepathically make them not see her or Ashley because they'll see their heat signatures via the headsets.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:32 (Yeah.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:33 *turns to her and puts her hands on her shoulders, looking at her intensely and unblinkingly*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:33 Look...Jean...you have to get away.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:33 I can distract them for maybe 15...20 minutes at best.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:34 *keeps shaking her head, almost backing away* *talks in the same fast, unintelligible murmur* I can't do this. I can't. Ashley, I'm scared. I'm REALLY scared.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:34 Put as much distance between them and yourself as possible. If you are found, use your powers liberally.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:34 Stick to the wilderness - preferably the trees - but don't stray too far from the roads. Head North.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:34 You can do this. You have to. Okay?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:35 *offers as a feeble last attempt* We could think of something else. I can probably think of something. *probably can't*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:35 *puts her hand gently on Jean's cheek**it's both a gesture of affection and of urgency* Do you understand?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:35 *said that before Jean offered to think of something else*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:35 *repeats her question:* Do you understand?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:36 *both she and Jean know that there isn't anything else**the lights are getting brighter and beginning to travel down the ridge*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:37 *looks over her shoulder briefly* *then nods a little*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:37 *tears start streaming down her face* Thank you. *looks over her shoulder again, then turns around and runs*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:39 *hightails it diagonal from Ashley's standpoint and doesn't look back* *tries to be numb to her surroundings and situation*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:39 *hears gunshots popping back and forth* *detours sharply*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:40 *smiles at her, tears forming in her eyes* One of the things I never really got was a family...you and Charles were the closest to that I've ever gotten.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:41 And I have to say it was all worthwhile. *said all that before Jean said "Thank you" and ran*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:41 *backs away as Jean leaves**watches as she runs and then turns around*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:41 *a beam of light flashes on her and gunshots in her direction follow**dives behind a tree*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:42 *the soldiers begin to maneuver around the area to surround her**due to their flashlights she can easily track their whereabouts*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:42 *responds by darting about, setting all the trees around her on fire to confuse them*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:43 *sees something light up on the periphery* *deems it safe to hide behind a tree and watch* *sees Ashley's figure darting between trees, setting them ablaze*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:45 *one of the soldiers is burned by the fire* *is sort of cheering Ashley on silently*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:46 *moments later, a soldier confronts Ashley* *she wields her flames, but he pulls the trigger more quickly than it takes for her to strike*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:47 [Sorry about my slow replies. I got distracted.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:47 *feels the life drain out of her for a minute* *processes it all, and goes from numb to hurt* *leans into a tree, crying hard but silently* *lets everything out*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:48 (It's okay.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:48 *is shot in the leg (her flames saved her; the soldier got burned a little, freaked, and jerked his hands)**cries out and grits her teeth in pain*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:49 *unleashes a fatal beam of fire on the soldier**more soldiers start to close in, shooting at her**throws herself behind a boulder*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:49 *a soldier gives his flashlight a 360 turn* *can't just stay there forever* *is fueled both by fear and vengeance now* *sprints off*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:49 *sees a soldier near one of the trees, aiming an assault rifle at her**makes the fire in the tree lash out, giving the soldier terrible burns before he can shoot*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:50 *by now a few of the soldiers are realizing that Jean has disappeared and are scouting the area more than fighting Ashley*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:50 *or a need for vengeance
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:50 *Dane in particular has noticed this**he along with most of his crew begin to close in on Ashley to finish her off *
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:51 *because of the gunshot followed by the cry, Jean probably thinks that Ashley is dead by now*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:51 *ignores the rising burn in her legs and doesn't stop until she reaches the road again* *stops, trying to figure out which direction to take* *would head north again, but the soldiers would be most likely go that way since that's where they were heading*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:51 *however, she's alive and fighting like h**l**waits for the right moment**then drags herself up, leaning forward on the boulder, and unleashes a wave of fire on Dane and co.**also makes the fire in the trees reach out towards them*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:51 *all of them get burned and for most of them it's fatal*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:52 *after an extensive internal debate, she decides to go south* *runs along the shoulder of the road*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:52 *Dane and a few others force themselves out of the fire and survive**the few soldiers who are scouting the area rush over to their aid*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:53 *is shot again, this time in the shoulder**screams out in pain*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:53 *takes out that soldier with the help of the fire in the trees*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.27 05:54 *he and the four or so remaining soldiers have positioned themselves around the boulder, all of them just out of Ashley's sight**yells:* ASHLEY COLTIS!
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:54 *it is pitch black out, and she can't see anything* *stops running, assuming it's safe now*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.27 05:54 WE KNOW YOU'RE THERE! IT IS OVER; SURRENDER NOW AND WE MAY SPARE YOUR LITTLE FRIEND!
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:55 *instantly knows that there's a 90% chance that that's a lie*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:55 *and even if they did spare her, Jean would be subjected to brutal experimentation*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:56 *is sweating profusely and her knees buckle* *keeps on going*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:56 *doesn't reply**somewhat sadistically lets her silence leave them on edge for a little bit**anyway, the more time Jean has to get away, the more Ashley wins this fight (she knew she'd never get out of it alive)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:57 *hears a few of the soldiers step closer**a new strength fills her, eliminating the pain and burning through her entire body*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:57 *rises, walks around the boulder, and faces them, fire flickering all over her body*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:58 *projects phoenix wings of fire from her back**her fire is EXTREMELY bright**Jean's peripheral vision easily picks up its light*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:58 *spreads out her arms and fire wings*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 05:59 *stumbles, looking up at the sky* *there is a subtle glow hanging over the trees* *is mildly confused*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 05:59 *Dane shoots her in the chest**a few other soldiers join in immediately after him, also shooting her**unleashes her wrath on them with what is truly the last of her strength*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 06:00 *fire in the shape of a phoenix rises out of her, taking her wings with it**the phoenix-shaped fire them plunges into Dane and all the soldiers*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 06:00 *promptly collapses, dead**Jean senses something the moment Ashley dies (perhaps telepathically she senses it...or perhaps it's something more), and Jean possibly realizes that Ashley just died*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 06:03 *feels weirdly empty and weak* *stops*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 06:03 [Want to skip time to the next day?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 06:04 *has the urge to cry, but she's let out all her tears, so it's impossible*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.27 06:04 (Sure. I have to go now, so I'll see you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 06:05 [Alright, bye! I hope you liked the meme!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 06:05 *the next day, late in the afternoon, Jean is hot and exhausted**there are no clouds in the sky and there's nothing but desert, mountains in the distance, and the road*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jun.27 06:06 *suddenly Jean sees something else - a sign saying that she's within 20 or so miles of Phoenix*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:07 *it will take her close to 6 hours to get there on foot* *sits down under the sign to recharge for a few minutes, then continues the trek*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:07 [I'm here!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:08 -HOURS LATER-
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:08 (Hi!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:11 *is in the city now* *since it is dark, she can easily notice the BOHSS seal gleaming at the top of a skyscraper*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:12 *heads over to the city center* *a wall of booths surround it*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:13 [Hey!]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:13 *Jean of course managed to get past the security screening via using telepathic tricks Xavier taught her*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:14 [Note: The entire city is surrounded by a wall and everyone who enters/exits has to go through a screening, which includes a mutant gene test.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:17 *walks zombie-like into the city* *hails the first cab she sees* *the driver sidles up to the curb, and she enters* *says gruffly* I need to get to the BOHSS headquarters.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:18 Driver: *looks at her curiously and then adjusts his rearview mirror* Alright then. *drives*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:18 *is promptly taxied over there* *gets out without paying* Driver: Hey! HEY!!! WHERE'S MY MONEY AT?!
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:19 Driver: *pulls up to the BOHSS HQ building**turns to ask her for the cash she now owes him, but she is probably about to use more telepathic tricks*4
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:19 **
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:19 *that was before she got out*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:20 *is able to get in using the same tricks* *walking through, she is swelling with disdain and a need for wholesale revenge*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:22 *by now, the taxi driver has possibly called a branch of BOHSS to warn them of a suspicious character entering their building, as well as several other authorities*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:25 *doesn't know where she's going, but she knows her main target is Janus* *hardly budges when alarm bells start ringing*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:27 *the hallway she's in is soon flooded with soldiers* *runs to the end of that hallway* *using her powers, she makes one side of the wall fold in on them* *bolts around the corner*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:29 *enters an elevator and punches a random number* *is soon sailing upwards*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:30 *probably by reading the minds of others, she locates Dr. Janus' office*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:30 *the bell dings and the door cracks open* *guards try to infiltrate it, only until she forces the door shut on them* *there is a sudden cry of pain* *a guard's hand has gotten stuck in the door*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:31 *the place is full of soldiers and panicking workers running around everywhere*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:31 *feels somewhat merciful* *opens the door, shuts it, then continues upwards* *knows it is going in the right direction*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:34 *the bell dings once more, and the door opens* *once she exits, guards notice and start running for her* *uses her powers to send a cluster of guards and workers flying into a wall*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:35 *there is the cha-ching sound of a gun being co cked*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:35 *Janus may be safe and locked up in his office, but the next thing he knows, his door has gone straight through the window*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:36 *then Jean sees him standing there, blocking the door to Dr. Janus' office**is aiming an assault rifle at her**is a gruesome sight; he's covered in terrible burns*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:36 [Epic plot twist!! >:D]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:37 *is a little scared, but also pretty aggressive* *stares Reiner down intensely*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:39 *says after a momentary stalemate* Why do you want to kill me?
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:40 Why do ya think, pumpkin?
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:40 You're the problem in this world.
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:40 And, anyways, I don't really appreciate you comin' after my boss like this.
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:40 I should've shot you the moment I first saw ya...
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:42 Maybe you're the problem. I mean, you make a better window than a door. *has the gun in her hands due to her powers* *has turned the tables - and the gun - in her favor*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:43 *aims at Reiner for the intimidation factor and to give herself some time to decide what to do* *settles on pulling the trigger*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:46 *at first looked shocked/afraid upon having his gun float right out of his hands, but he just started laughing at her before being shot fatally*
18>Dane Reiner (Security Advisor), 28yo.2017,Jun.28 04:46 *falls down, actually dead this time*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:47 *is waiting calmly in his office*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:50 *walks over Reiner and into the office* *stands all the way at the other end of the room, just staring at Janus* *is filled with hatred and silent, dangerous rage* *has to hold herself back from killing Janus with her own hands, right there*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:50 *has no words*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:51 *is sitting at his desk**there is only one light on - it's the lamp hanging above his desk**thus everything is dark except for the center area (where his desk is) and the light coming in from the door Jean ripped open*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:52 *is looking at his desk**then looks up at her with piercing, unblinking eyes* Close the door behind you. *this is perhaps a chillingly humorous statement considering what she did to the door*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:53 *browses the back ends of books and documents, which probably contain gruesome amounts of information on mutants*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 04:54 *gives her head a small shake, glancing back at the door* I'm afraid that can't be done. *seems so vague, she might as well be stripped of her former aggressive energy*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 04:58 Have a seat.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 05:01 *pauses, then takes tentative steps forward to the seat across from Janus* *sits down*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 05:03 [BTW, I shall again share the nightly meme with you in advance: https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/73/b9/3e/73b93e1eca5a561e9102791042544429.jpg ]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 05:03 [This time the meme merely depicts the politically correct phrase for a certain bodily function. ^.^]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 05:09 (Hhahahaha!! I have to say, whoever created that pumpkin...person?...was creative at most.)
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 05:10 [XD Agreed.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jun.28 05:10 (Anyways, I'm gonna have to leave early tonight, because I'll have to be saying goodbye for about a week and a half. I probably won't be able to get on at all during that period, however, I look forward to returning. Until next time!)
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 05:11 *as she walks over and sits down, he pulls out a strange gun at lightning speed and shoots**it is a dart gun meant to knock her out**however, she is faster*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jun.28 05:12 [Alright, see you! Enjoy your trip and make sure to send me plenty of awesome pictures of Spain! :D]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.3 03:57 [Hey Paige and Joan, I just wanted to point out this: Tonight I watched Metropolis (the anime film). I recall recommending it to you and sending you a link to Roger Ebert's review of it; I however do not think you told me whether or not you read the
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.3 03:58 review. If you did, thanks. If not, then I would really appreciate it if you did. Here's the link again: ht tp://w ww.rogerebert.com/reviews/metropolis-2002 ]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.3 03:59 [But I would appreciate it even more if you watched the movie. I know you aren't particularly fond of anime, but that's probably because you haven't been exposed to any really good anime. I know how you feel - before watching The Hunger Games, I was
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.3 03:59 not very fond of The HG even though I barely knew a thing about it. Seeing some of the violence in the commercials/ads I was like "Eh, I don't like those kinds of movies." Then I saw it and found that it was freaking awesome and I was totally wrong. XD XP
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.3 04:01 So come on, give it a shot. Anime movies aren't like your average "kiddy cartoon"; adults can enjoy it too (Roger Ebert even points something like this out in his review), so if you're thinking "It's animated; I must've outgrown it by now" that isn't
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.3 04:02 necessarily true. The plot is really good, the questions it raises are quite deep, and the visuals are mind-blowing. And don't be afraid of getting bored either; it's action-packed (Roger Ebert describes the action in his review quite well).]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.9 04:27 [Hey guys, I'm sorry to say I won't be on for the next five days or so. I'm at a summer camp and I will be too busy to come on @ the fixed times. I will occasionally check this RP for a few minutes, though.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.9 04:27 [See you around and enjoy/I hope you have enjoyed your trip!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.11 04:00 (Alright! Not a problem. We look forward to seeing you soon, and hopefully you have fun at camp!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.15 04:38 [I'm back!!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.15 04:38 [I had the time. Of my freaking. LIFE!!!!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.15 04:40 [Unfortunately it was so fun that I became instantly depressed when camp ended. XP :/]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.15 04:41 [Still kind of recovering from fun deprivation... XD :(]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.15 04:42 [I have some really funny stories to share with you if that's okay with you.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.15 04:42 [Also, how was your camp? Do you two have funny stories to share?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.15 04:44 [How was your trip in general? (Sorry if you've already told me how it was via email; I haven't checked my email for nearly a week.)]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.16 04:07 [I'm here again!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:05 (Hi! Sorry I missed you for two days in a row. I've lost track of time completely, and so it's felt like a month since I've been online!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:06 (That's great to hear! Well, the camp was sort of a disappointment. Other than the speaking of English for educational purposes, it was basically one rowdy summer joke, and a low key popularity contest.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:08 (Other than the Spanish, there were a lot of Irish, and a handful of British, French, Dutch, and American people. The Irish were pretty friendly. The British were okay, but most of the British guys were really idiotic. And the Americans... well, they were
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:10 pure a******s. All I can say is that they were like the typical American tourist: proud of their exquisite American loudness, and dismissive of anything non-American. Seriously, I just couldn't believe how freaking rude they were.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:13 (There was one guy from New York who, when every time he opened his mouth, he'd be educating everyone on America. It was sort of annoying.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:14 (The Spanish were overall pretty nice, but it was kind of hard to understand them. Some spoke good English and some didn't, and near the end of the week, I think they started to get a little passive because they weren't allowed to speak Spanish, which was
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:15 perfectly understandable. However, they kinda took advantage of our help and even ditched us to play cards.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:17 (Some of the activities were weird. In lieu of the 4th, we had to do an all-American photo scavenger hunt. Long story short, Paige and I had to pose as Donald Trump. )
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:17 (Oh, and I forgot to mention that I nearly had to twerk in front of everyone. So, like WB, there were some stupid activities, and while it was a cool multicultural experience, there were a lot of shallow jerks.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:18 [Annnd I'm here again!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:18 (Don't know if I'd do it again, but it was a beneficial experience nonetheless. Spain as a country was awesome, and I'll have to send you some pictures. We weren't in Madrid for that long, but we tried to get as many as we could.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:19 [Hey!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:22 [You had to WHAT as Donald Trump?! XD O___O]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:31 [Hola?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:34 [Also, the typical American tourists sounded annoying as h**l...I definitely know what you're talking about. I mean, seriously, can't they wrap their tiny minds around the fact that other cultures exist? -.-\
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:34 *]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:36 (Hi! Sorry about that, my computer decided to restart and I had no control over it.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:37 [And that right there is one of 12472127 reasons I use Linux and not Windows... XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:38 [Well...you got to go to Spain, so you got that going for you...which is nice... (In case you don't get that, that's a Caddyshack reference. XP)]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:38 (Yeah, we had to pose as Trump for the photo scavenger hunt. I had a deflated basketball on my head to look like the hair, and I stood in front of a "wall" with some of my other group members behind it. Some of the other photo topics included burgers, the
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:39 flag, the Statue of Liberty, the KKK, NASA, and Osama bin Laden... some of those topics were borderline offensive, in my opinion, and don't really define the US?)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:40 [X'D Did you pucker your mouth and squint too?!!?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:41 (Yeah. It wasn't that bad, but we both agreed that exploring more of Spain would've been better than being stuck in a funhouse in the middle of nowhere. Not everyone was bad. Before the camp started, we met a duo from Ohio, a duo from Canada, and a girl
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:41 [The KKK and Osama bin Laden? WTH? If you had to include something villainous, at least throw in some big corporate names...geez, the situation with the lobbyists is infuriating...]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:42 from California (she lived in Madrid though because her parents worked for the embassy). We got along really well, but they ended up going to different camps. And the Spaniards were cool.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:42 (Why of course! It's a Donald staple.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:42 [Well, you got that going for you too. ^.^]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:44 (Yeah... it was kind of weird just watching everyone else make fun of it and act like it was nothing. I did talk to some more tolerable Americans about it, and they had the same reaction.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:44 [BTW, anything in this picture would've made a good American photo topic: https://img.buzzfeed.com/buzzfeed-static/static/enhanced/web04/2012/7/3/14/enhanced-buzz-21871-1341341891-0.jpg XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:45 (As for a funny moment, we were all watching a movie a guy from London had put together after dinner (dinner and lunch are both very late in the day in Spain - dinner is as late as 10). The film was dramatic, quiet, and really serious. And then all of a
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:45 [Yeah, those are real problems, not things to joke about. Though with Trump it is impossible not to joke about it...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:46 [Or rather, about him...]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:47 sudden, a kitchen employee basically yelled "Bueno" in this affirmative way, breaking the silence. It was pretty hilarious. Anyway, enough rambling for me. Tell me about camp!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:48 [OK, so my summer camp was actually a fantastic chess camp. :D]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:49 (Now THAT would make a great photo! I asked Paige about her Donald pic (I never got to see it), and I guess she had to take a selfie, with the Donald hair flip and wall in the background, doing the iconic Trump thumbs-up.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:49 [I had a great time. There were tons of laughs and I won an award from the instructors at the end (I believe I won an award that is the hardest one to get in camp; two people from each group - the groups are separated by ratings - get this award, one
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:49 (Wow! That sounds pretty cool!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:49 having the #1 award and another having the #2 award; the #1 award is obviously a bit better than the #2 award - it's like 1st place vs. 2nd place).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:50 [XD Sounds like Paige did a pretty good impression. BTW, is she online? If not, invite her on; I would like all three of us to chat, like the good ol' Movie RP days. :)]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:51 [There were lots and lots of funny moments...let me think of a few really good ones...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:52 [Alright, so here's one that is kind of similar to your funny story: The camp works like this: Going by a tight schedule, the instructors trade places everywhere, going to lecture the various groups.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:52 [So one of the instructors comes to my group and starts the lecture. At one point he stops and gets us (my group) to analyze the position. All is silent and serious.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:53 [Then all of a sudden...outside the room...a little kid leaves one of the other groups' rooms and says "BYE-BYYYYE" really loudly. We hear the kid shut the door to his group's room.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:54 [There's a brief pause and then all of us start to laugh uncontrollably.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 04:55 (Oh my gosh, I can just see this all happening and I'm laughing.It is very much like the "bueno" moment.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:55 [Oh, and by "analyze the position" I meant that he set up or was going through a game and stopped at a certain chess position.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:55 [XD It is!!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:56 [Another story (this one is indeed very strange): One of the kids in my group sort of out of nowhere got the nickname Larold. Mind you, his name is NOTHING like Larold - it's not Larry or Harold or anything like that.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:57 [So though we had no idea how or why, all of my group (including myself >:D) started calling this one kid Larold.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:57 [And we did it whenever we could. "Ah, hello my dear friend Larold!" "How are you Larold?" *"Larold" protests repeatedly* "Why can't I call you Larold, Larold?"]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:58 [Around the end of camp we got to have private sessions with the instructors (again they were on a tight schedule) and coincidentally Larold was scheduled to be with my instructor right after I was done.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:59 [So upon leaving the private session I turned to him and was like: "It's your turn, Larold! Come on, Larold!" And lastly I added: "Sorry for calling you Larold, Larold!"]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 04:59 [It was too tempting. XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:00 [Every time he was called that, "Larold" would sort of grimance/groan and laugh at the same time.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:00 [Still here?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:01 (Haha, poor Larold.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:03 *grimace
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:03 [Oh, and during his lectures, one of the instructors recommended a book he himself wrote about endgames. He added that it makes good toilet paper.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:04 [BTW, endgames are like...the end of the game where...most of the pieces have been traded off and stuff... XP It's hard to explain to non-chess people...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:06 [Is Paige online?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:06 (Nice! Hahaha.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:10 (I asked her, and she's got some business to take care of. But I've been sharing some of this with her, and she says hi.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:13 [Okie dokie. Tell her I say hi as well!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:14 [The groups were made up of people from all over the USA. One of the people in my group was from the deep South (but he wasn't born there so he didn't have an accent) and was doing Southern redneck accents/impressions nonstop as we were trying to do chess
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:15 puzzles. At first it was really funny but eventually it just became distracting as h**l and I finally threatened to dub him as Larold II; he immediately stopped his shenanigans.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:16 (Whoa, that sounds awesome! Was this camp far from where you live? Was there anyone from like the Midwest or East Coast at the camp?)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:16 [Mostly it was people from the West because, yes, the camp was far from where I live; it was out West.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:17 [There were people from Colorado, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Arizona...etc. etc.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:17 (Well then. The Larold craze must've been pretty feared.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:17 [However, there were a few people from places like New York, North Carolina, and Alabama.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:17 [And Texas of course.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:18 [Yes it was. XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:18 (That's pretty cool.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:22 [Oh, and there was one really strong person from Minnesota.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:23 [By strong I mean chess strength/skill/rating.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:24 [He had a beard and was referred to as the Minnesota Man multiple times. XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:25 (Hahaha, sure sounds like it.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:25 [A bunch of the instructors also originated from other countries or had very foreign heritage. I heard two of them talk to each other in Russian while a third spoke Russian to the mother of one of the campers.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:29 [However, that doesn't mean they're Russians. For instance, one of them actually was originally Ukrainian.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:32 [Oh, and I got seriously burned after a blitz chess tournament. XD I got so caught up in the tournament that I didn't realize it was over. Finally I dared to ask one of the instructors if the final round had even started.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:33 [First of course I was told that the final (fifth) round had ended, and then followed something like this: "Did you even go to school? Let's see: One, two, three, five...wait no, four..."]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:33 [He only backed off when I threatened to force him to solve a basic Calculus problem.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:33 [Do you have any other funny stories/moments to share?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:36 (Whoa... that is cold. Pretty cool that some of your instructors had foreign heritage!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:37 [Actually you can't entirely blame him...he wasn't entirely self-controlled...he was inebriated...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:38 [In fact, ALL of the instructors who participated in the blitz tournament were inebriated.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:39 [It was freakin' hilarious...in between rounds they'd all rush off, get a few shots, and then rush back to the tournament...with each round they grew sillier...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:40 [Well, except maybe one. Most of them started kibitzing randomly in the last round and the one who was still slightly serious/concentrated on the game yelled: "Shut up!" And then: "TD!!" (TD = Tournament director/the guy in charge who enforces the rules)]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:41 [However, the instructors were all at least 300 points higher rated than the highest rated campers, so they probably did that to make things more interesting.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:41 [In other words, to give the campers an actual chance. XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:41 (That's a little surprising actually. The counselors at our camp were pretty young, and evidently they would have some drinks at their meetings, among other things.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:41 [They still all kicked total butt in the tournament though...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:42 [Really?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:43 [BTW, watching the instructors during the last few rounds and after the blitz tournament was entertainment in itself. You just didn't want to be the people stuck talking to them. XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:44 [One of them put his arm around another instructor's shoulder and randomly introduced him to someone he was having a chat with: "This is (so-and-so); he's been one of my best friends for 10 years...(blah blah)" XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:45 [Also, really? Huh...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:45 [Maybe it's a European thing? XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:46 (Yeah. Two of them were most definitely having an affair, and one night after curfew (our camp days lasted from 8-12), they were being a little too loud in the hallways. Paige and I both (we were in seperate rooms, but those two counselors really migrated
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:47 twisted the door handle to our rooms to bust the counselors. We may have succeeded in scaring the crap out of them.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:47 (Hahaha, yeah it might be.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:48 (We also had a total "smile and wave, boys" moment, which I might save for the email.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:49 [A smile and wave boys moment?!?!! I HAVE to know about that. XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:52 [But save it for the email if you want.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:54 (Okay, so we were in a hotel room, and suddenly, some cleaning ladies barge in. They start talking to us in Spanish (and the Spaniards speak at 100 mph), and we couldn't understand. I was saying "no comprendo, no comprendo" over and over.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 05:55 [Oh, and my camp days were much longer. They began at 8 and ended late in the afternoon (sometimes late at night; it depends if you participated in the extra nighttime activities).]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:56 (Eventually, they just did their work and we were standing around awkwardly as they warbled on together. And even though they couldn't speak English, they were still nice to us.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:56 (Oh, I meant 12 midnight. I guess I should've specified.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 05:58 (I also saw Spiderman: Homecoming this week, and I have a Spiderman-themed mission in mind. I'll have to look at the list of mission ideas you curated and see if we could integrate ideas.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 06:01 [Ohhh, okay. Holy crap that's long...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 06:01 [Okie dokie! Great! I haven't seen that yet, though.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 06:02 [Also, I totally know how you felt with the maids. XD In Berlin people would start talking to me in German and internally I'd be like: "Smile and wave boys, smile and wave..."]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 06:02 [Heck, even in chess camp one of the instructors thought I might be German. >_< XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 06:03 [I of course corrected him: Half German, but born in the USA.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 06:04 (Haha, that's funny. Did people speak quickly in German too?)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 06:05 (It was a pretty good movie, for the most part. The mission I have in mind is lightly based on one scene in the movie. I was thinking maybe one of your missions could segue into it, so we'll talk more about it.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 06:05 [Kind of. It's their native language, so of course they speak it quickly, but not nearly as quickly as Spanish people; I suppose that's just a Spanish thing.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.17 06:05 (Anyways, I have to go now. It's great to be back! See you tomorrow!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.17 06:07 [See you tomorrow too! It's great to be back as well! (Though ever since camp ended I have been suffering from immense fun deprivation... XD :/)]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 03:59 [I'm on!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:08 [BTW, I'm going to admit this: I've lost interest in The Caverns. I haven't worked on it in a while and I probably don't intend to. I have several more story ideas that seem more promising, including one for another dystopia.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.18 04:26 (Hi! Sorry I'm late. I just got back from marching band and I'm kind of exhausted.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.18 04:28 (Really? I'm surprised. It seemed like you had a good idea of where you were going to take the story, the characters, and everything else in between. Will you still be keeping Ashley as a character on here?)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.18 04:29 (What are your other ideas? I don't intend to copy your ideas, I'm just curious.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:33 [Hey!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:34 [Ashley will remain a character on here, and it is true that I had/have a very good idea of where the story was heading. My problem is simply that I've lost the passion to write that story.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:35 [I'll probably pick up The Caverns later on. I don't know when (it could be months, years, or maybe even just a few weeks), but that's why I saved everything I've written (story/novel-wise) in text files. :P]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:36 [I also have a text file in which I record story ideas. Ideas for good stories seem to come upon me at random and "all at once," so I usually try to type them into the text file the day I get them.]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:38 [Give me a sec...I'm browsing my story ideas...I'll share them with you via secret messages...]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:43  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:43  Secret message to Andy  
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.18 04:44 (Yeah, I understand where you're coming from.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:45  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:46  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:47  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:48  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:50  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:51  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:52  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:53  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:54  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:55  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:56  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 04:57  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 04:57  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 04:59  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 04:59  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:01  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:01  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:02  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 05:02  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:03  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 05:03  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:04  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:04  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:05  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 05:07  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:07  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:08  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 05:10  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:15  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:19  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:20  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:20  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:21  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:22  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:24  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 05:25  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:26  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:27  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:28  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:29  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:29  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:37  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:38  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 05:41  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:42  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:42  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:43  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:43  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:48  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.18 05:52  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.18 05:55  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:10  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:12  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:13  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:15  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:18  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:18  Secret message to Elektra  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.19 04:24 [I'm here!]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:25 [Switching slots...
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:25 *]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:26  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:27  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:28  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:29  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:29  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:29  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:30  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:31  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:33  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:38  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:39  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:40  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:41  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:41  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:43  Secret message to Andy  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:48  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:53  Secret message to Elektra  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 04:54  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 04:57  Secret message to Andy  
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.19 05:00  Secret message to Elektra  
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.19 05:03  Secret message to Andy  
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 04:12 [I'm here! BTW, I have an idea regarding when the Zodiac: FS RPG should be opened.]
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.20 04:17 (Hi! Ok! Tell me your plans.)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 04:22 [Hey!]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 04:23 [Alright, so remember how you plan on opening a Paper Towns-esque RPG after this mission has ended? Well, I was thinking that after we're done with that LE RP, I could open Zodiac: FS.]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 04:24 [Is that alright with you?]
1>Andy (Scientist), 35-40yo.2017,Jul.20 04:27 (Yeah, sounds good to me!)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 04:28 [Okie dokie! Ready to wrap up this mission?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:30 (Sure! I'll have to leave early again, but hopefully we can get a lot in.)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 04:30 [Alright. RPing!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:31 *has Janus' gun in her hands and pointed at him now* *has an almost feral insanity about her*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 04:32 [Oh yeah, did you read my posts about Metropolis? If so, have you and Paige looked at the Roger Ebert review?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:32 (I did, but I haven't gotten around to reading the post recently. I did in the past, though.)
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:33 *isn't afraid; it's a dart gun that will merely knock him out if he's shot*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:33 [OK.]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:33 [Did you read the Roger Ebert review?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:35 (Yeah.)
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:35 [OK.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:36 *senses the lack of fear and lowers the gun a tad* *stares him dead in the eye* Why?
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:36 I've seen that look before.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:36 *doesn't directly answer her question**hints at the answer in his next statements*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:36 Why did you not only kill all of my friends, but millions of people who were just like them?
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:37 It was in the look of the mutant who changed my life. The look of the mutant who made me decide to go down this path.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:39 You're right - the millions I've given quietus to are all alike. You're all alike.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:41 You're like rats...
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:43 *shakes her head vigorously, trying to hold back a stream of anger* No. No, we're not.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:43 You are dangerous, good-for-nothing, disease-ridden, and all highly similar to one another--and yet some went as far as to say you were the superior species. Ha! Good riddance.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:44 *finds herself browsing through Janus' past to get a quick answer to her question* *since I've forgotten most of Janus' past, you can go ahead and do a quick montage*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:45 H*mo sapiens is just as superior to rattus as it is to so-called h*mo superior.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:46 You are ill. Ill like the rest of them. Ill with something you were born with, with something that you must be rid of either through the cure or by death.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:46 You are just a sad, sick little girl, aren't you, Jean? *clearly he did his research on the mystery, lost in time girl who followed Ashley and Charles around*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:47 *said this before Jean entered his mind**now he is frozen, watching his memories as Jean watches them*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:48 *is clearly fuming now* *her chin trembles a little* No, I'm not.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:49 *first Jean sees his young adulthood and how he helped to raise a newly formed BOHSS into power**she watches as he lobbies politicians and discusses money and politics with friends**she watches as he works for days on end in his labs, experimenting on
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:49 mutants in particular*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:50 *still, Jean can
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:51 **still, Jean can't find answers, so she browses back even farther**she briefly sees his campaigns as a high schooler to form BOHSS**she keeps going back and finds that, when he is about 12 or so, he is hiding in an alley, eyeing a needle*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:51 *reading his 12 year-old self's thoughts and feelings, she is shocked to realize that he was once a mutant and that in this scene he is deciding whether or not to take the cure*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:52 *ultimately he injects himself and proceeds to be racked with pain*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:52 *her anger is probably ebbing a bit and curiosity begins to take over**Jean goes even farther back, in search of why he did this*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 04:53 *is disturbed by the pain Janus has decided to put himself through*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:54 *she stops at where he's about 9 or 10 and sees that his father and mother are both wealthy**his father is particularly interesting in that he's a politician--an extremely anti-mutant politician*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:55 *the boy Janus by now has discovered that he is a mutant, but keeps it secret considering his father's ideology**this leads him to be unhappy in that, being influenced by his father, now he sort of hates himself*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:56 *Jean senses massive confusion in the boy Janus' mind**she goes forward through the timeline of his memories a bit and stops at one very, very vivid memory in particular that took place when he was 10*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:57 *his father has put forward a bill that violates mutants' rights in many ways**many are angered by it, but surprisingly many back it*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 04:58 *a night or two after the bill has been introduced, the Janus family--Adam and his parents--are at home, relaxing and doing normal stuff (e.g. watching TV, doing stuff in the kitchen, etc.)**they happen to live in NYC*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:00 *the house begins to tremble**chaos ensues; for a minute or two they think an earthquake has hit**but no, an earthquake hasn't hit; this is proven when Magneto tears open the house and steps inside*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:00 *Adam has hidden himself, whereas his parents are in more open/precarious positions**he watches in horror as Magneto kills them both*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:02 *before Magneto can leave, Adam comes out of hiding**Magneto turns and raises some metal as if to kill him too, but Adam instinctively raises his hand and activates his powers a little**upon seeing that he is a mutant, Magneto says to him: "Don't try.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:02 Whichever way it would go, it would be a waste."**then Magneto walks away**police arrive a minute or two later**Adam is just standing there, in tears*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:03 *realizes that this is where everything wrong* *considers that nothing can be done to fix it, until she remembers the Chrono device on the other side of the room*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:04 *freezes time and retrieves the Chrono device* *has to freeze and unfreeze time a little so she can punch the address/location into the Chrono device*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:04 *Jean probably realized that Adam found and kept the Chrono device in this very room whilst browsing his memories*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:05 *takes a deep breath, closes her eyes, and pushes the button on the Chrono*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:05 *is standing in their home moments later*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:06 *Jean finds herself standing near the bottom of the stairs in Adam's childhood house*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:06 [Jinx...sort of...]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:07 *everything is normal**Adam's father is watching sports while his mother browses through magazines in the kitchen*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:07 *there is a sense of calm, like the calm before the storm - and that's when Magneto makes his grand entrance*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:07 *Adam himself has recently come down the stairs and entered the portion of the room that is sort of an odd atrium - it is an open space that connects the kitchen, living room, and front door*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:08 *Adam is looking at the TV too for a few moments when the house shakes**Jean braces herself as time for her sort of replays itself*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:09 *soon of course Magneto doesn't even bother opening the door**he simply manipulates the metal in the structure of the house, ripping the wall the front door is attached to open like fabric and pulling it apart*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.20 05:10 *a few book cases against a wall near the bottom of the stairs have fallen over, forming a sort of tent-like triangle**Adam has taken shelter in this triangle*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:10 *doesn't come forward right away* *tries to warn him telepathically instead* Erik! Stop!
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:11 *walks in calmly*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:12 *due to his helmet, Jean can't reach him (just like Xavier can't; that's why Xavier can't find Magneto telepathically via the Cerebro)*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:12 *when things become chaotic, though, she makes herself known* *runs forward, barely dodging a falling chest* Don't!!!
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:13 Please, just stop what you're about to do!
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.20 05:14 (I have to go now, I'll see you tomorrow!)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:15 *had said something Adam and Jean couldn't hear to Adam's father and raised some sharp metal**was about to launch it at him*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:15 [Aw, bye!]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:16 *looks at Jean**is surprised*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:16 Thought you had been lost in time. *sighs and shakes his head a little* Typical of Xavier to spring things like this on me.
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:17 *turns back to Adam's father and launches the metal anyway**Jean manages to stop it telekinetically; it is just inches away from Adam's father's head*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:20 *switching his focus to Jean, he lets the metal drop**raises more metal and launches it at Jean, intending to use it to bind her and hold her back*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.20 05:21 *she had to use all her might and focus to stop that one piece of metal from going into Adam's father**stopping all this is virtually impossible**wraps metal around Jean that drags her back and pins her against a wall*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 04:25 [I'm online! Sorry I'm so late; I was watching Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. It was freaking AWESOME!!]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:29 (Hi!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:29 (It looks like I'm right on time! That's awesome! I might be seeing it tomorrow.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:31 *starts choking for air* *looks up at Magneto hopelessly and a little entreatingly*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:36 Please.... don't do...what you're about to do... just let me explain...everything...I can explain...
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 04:40 [Hey! Sorry for the delay; I was researching something and got carried away.]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:40 It's such a shame that you have to defend these...these people.
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:41 [Also, okay! I hope you see it and enjoy it; I only have one complaint about it, which is Valerian's voice, but otherwise it's great!]
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:41 [His voice helps his character in some ways but also does the opposite in other ways; I'm not spoiling anything though. You'll see why.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:43 (Haha, alright. I'm looking forward to it!)
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:45 Do you see that? *steps aside a little and points out of the gaping hole he made in the house**it turns out that they're not that far away at all from the Statue of Liberty; it can be seen over the neighboring houses*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:49 That is the symbol of America, the so-called "land of tolerance." *looks at Adam's father, who is staring back at him, too terrified and horrified to move* There is no tolerance here.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:50 *tries with all her might to resist Magneto's iron forces* *growls after failing a few times*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:52 I'm not defending them!! *squirms* Please!.... Let me explain!
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:53 What else are you doing, then?
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:54 We are gods among insects. The elimination of a few particularly pesky h*mo sapiens can only alleviate matters.
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:54 We are the future, Jean. And there is nothing you can do to stop the future.
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:55 *turns away and walks closer to both of Adam's parents**begins to raise some more metal in preparation of killing them**above, the sky is starless and thunder rumbles*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:55 The boy.... you don't know it now, but he's going to become strong and powerful. He's a mutant.... but he doesn't want to believe he's one because of his dad.
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:56 *lightning slashes through the sky and Jean knows that it's now or never**an inner burning and power begins to release itself, almost spiraling completely out of her control*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:56 *Jean's voice was drowned out by the thunder**he doesn't turn to acknowledge her*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:56 *tries raising her voice* Once you do that, it's all over! He'll become a spitting image of his dad, and he'll kill us all. I can guarantee it, because I've seen it.
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:56 *and if he did hear her, he'd probably take it the wrong way and think that he could use the boy to his advantage*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:58 *pauses**turns around to face her* Then ultimately he'll become the spinning image of this. *metal flies towards Adam's father**by "this" he meant Adam's father's corpse, which is what Adam's father is about to become in .4 seconds unless Jean doesn't
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:58 unleash her Phoenix Force-related power*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 04:58 *ignore previous post*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 04:58 *if Jean doesn't unleash
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:00 *unleashes the Phoenix Force* *lets out a strange screeching noise, arms outstretched* *the entire house glows like a sun flare from the inferno that is now Jean*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:01 *the metal around Jean is incinerated and he is knocked back**the metal that was about to go into Adam's parents is flung away*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:01 *a stream of flaming psychic energy is launched straight at Magneto*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:01 *is shocked but also strangely impressed**rises* How I'd love it if you saw things my way.
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:02 *an epic battle ensues**creates a powerful magnetic shield that BARELY keeps the psychic energy from hitting him**using that shield nevertheless drained a lot of his energy*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:03 *uses some of the energy that's left to tear some huge hunks of metal out of the structure of the house**launches a stream of this metal at Jean*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:03 *Adam is watching while hiding, eyes wide and unblinking*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:04 *the powerful aura surrounding her is able to fend off Magneto's offensive attack* *flaps her phoenix wings, which sends a rush of energy barreling towards Erik*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:05 *summons more magnetic objects but isn't able to block her attack this time**is flung back again*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:06 *lands on a sidewalk just beyond the front steps where the front door used to be**grunts, rising again*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:06 Think about what you're doing to yourself and your kind! If he gets that law passed, you will have caused an age of suppression!
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:07 *is entirely consumed by the Phoenix Force* *releases an ultra powerful beam of energy, aiming it at Magneto*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:10 *calmly watches the beam approaching him* I've been at the mercy of people just following orders. Never again. *summons a massive amount of electromagnetic force that collides with the beam before it can reach him*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:10 *obviously he still thinks Jean was sent by Xavier or something like that*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:12 *there is an explosion when the two forces collide**however, Jean's force is far stronger than his, and it breaks through the electromagnetic forces**is blasted*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:12 *when the explosion clears, Jean sees that he is lying now on the street*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:13 *is clearly fatigued**struggles to get up, but miraculously manages to*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:13 *knows that police will arrive soon; the deaths of Adam's parents have been postponed too much**plus, he has run out of energy*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:13 *the psychic flares begin to subside, and she is gradually ridded of the Phoenix Force altogether* *descends to the ground*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:14 *looks at Jean**strangely, there is respect and admiration in his look--he recognizes that she holds a power greater than many could ever dream of*
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:14 *hears some sirens in the distance and begins to hobble away*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:15 *stands there for a moment, observing the damage* *there are still small flames flickering around the house from the batlle* *sees Magneto struggling in the distance*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:16 *remembers that Adam hid behind the triangular shelter formed by the bookshelves* *approaches it* Adam? It's okay. You can come out now.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:18 *isn't there*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:19 *he had come out to get a closer look**inadvertently scares Jean a little when he speaks**she snaps her head to the left and sees him standing there*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:19 Are you one of them?
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:19 The people who are dangerous to us and want to kill us?
3>Magneto (Supervillain), 40+yo.2017,Jul.21 05:20 *soon he has completely vanished**he perhaps had a Brotherhood member waiting for him in a getaway vehicle or something like that*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:22 *looks up at Adam for a long time* *the wailing sirens seem to be coming closer* Listen.... I know you're scared right now. You're scared of a lot of things that have been going on right now, and that's okay.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:22 *quietly listens**his parents don't interfere; they are frozen in shock*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:23 [Need a brief recap of what happens next?]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:23 But you should never, ever be afraid of yourself, and who you are. You're a mutant - people will bully you, and they'll call you weird, and you'll start wondering what you are, exactly. I know that feeling, because I was there once, too.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:24 (Sure.)
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:25 But I don't want to be a mutant. *starts getting a little teary*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:25 But you'll learn to embrace it. Being a mutant means that you're powerful, and intelligent, and... kind of amazing. You're not hurting anyone by just existing. And if we were all the same in this world, how would we all get along?
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:26 [OK, so basically Jean continues what she's doing now: Lecturing Adam on how it's okay to be a mutant, and also indirectly telling him that his parents are wrong and lecturing him on showing compassion for all beings, no matter what their race, gender,
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:27 creed, species, etc. is. When she's about finished, the police arrive, and she uses the Chrono device to return to the team on the night they go home after Jean's disappearance.]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:27 [Exhausted, she stumbles to the door. CA opens it and is shocked to find her. He takes her inside and, after spending a bit of time nourishing/reviving/taking care of her, she decides to share her story with them.]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:28 [After a minute or so of telling it, Xavier decides that it might be better if she first shares it only with him and Ashley. The three link hands and Jean opens her mind to Xavier; they all witness what happened through her eyes. This happens for only a
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:29 minute or two, but to those three it feels like days (it feels like the "real time" of the memories). After this Jean tells her story to everyone else.]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:30 [At the end of it they discuss things--particularly one of the story's morals, which has to do with the fact that they shouldn't lose faith in one another and fall apart like what happened in the bad future.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:30 There's nothing wrong with you, Adam - there's something wrong with the people who are against you and me. They can't accept the differences that this world has to offer. We all exist to accept, and that's what sameness denounces.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:31 [Black Widow openly apologizes to the former Army of the Phoenix members and the team's trust in one another is now reinforced. The mission can end here, or there can be some more Xavier-Ashley-Jean moments if you like.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:32 *the police are now outside of the house* *glances over her shoulder* Look, I have to go now. Remember what I've told you, alright?
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:32 But mutants...mutants are bad!
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:33 Can't we denounce bad things? *doesn't get that mutants aren't bad and that he should have compassion for all beings yet*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:33 *the police hesitate to examine the scene, giving Jean a chance to say a few more lines*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:34 *shakes her head* You can't. Because in most cases, you never truly know who they are inside, or what they're going through. Different doesn't mean bad.
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:37 *her words "Different doesn't mean bad" seem to have a big effect on him; his face gives away a sort of "Aha" moment*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:37 *the police begin to close in*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:38 Just because they're mutants doesn't mean they're bad. They're like anyone else in this world, but with special abilities that make them unique.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:39 If everyone showed them kindness, they'd show kindness back. And if we all showed each other kindness, the world would be peaceful, and maybe there might not be bad things.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:40 Think about it. *gives him a small smile before disappearing*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:41 *is far away from the house by now, with the Chrono device safe in her hands* *sees the Statue of Liberty in the distance, and hopes that maybe Adam will look to that symbol - and message - for future inspiration*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:41 *indeed thinks about it**thinks about it so hard that he barely notices a policeman who came and asked him if he's okay*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:42 [Wait...]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:42 [Jean can see the Statue of Liberty from suburban Chicago? XD]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:42 *looks down at the Chrono device* *now that she has it, she can finally return to the team* *enters the date, time, and location where she last left off*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:43 (I thought they lived in NYC. She didn't leave just yet.)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:44 *travels through space and time at the speed of light, until she finds herself standing on a saturated lawn in front of a clapboard house* *it is pouring down rain, and starting to get dark*
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:45 [Oh, okay.]
11>Dr. Adam Janus (Head of BOHSS), 41yo.2017,Jul.21 05:45 [I got confused because you mentioned the Chrono device in her hands.]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:46 *instantly recognizes this as the team homestead* *is overwhelmed by shock, and disoriented from the travel and everything before that* *staggers to the door*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:46 (It's fine. I should've clarified.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:46 *from how stormy it is, it takes an exhausted Jean a moment to realize she's not still in NYC**after all, Magneto tried to kill Adam's parents only shortly after Jean's disappearance*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:47 *stumbles and falls over the stairs leading up to the door* *can't seem to move a muscle after that* *has to crawl to the door* *weakly raps on the screen*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:47 *in fact, one of the team members is actually reading a newspaper with a headline about rumors regarding an anti-mutant rights bill popping up in the near future*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:48 *the rain starts to come down faster* *is soaking wet now, and rain drips down her face, limiting her vision and overall motor skills a little* *bangs a little louder, shouting something that comes out as incomprehensible*
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.21 05:49 *finally answers the door* *looks down to see Jean curled up against it* Jean?....
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:50 *is at the kitchen table with the rest of her former Army*
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.21 05:50 *someone says, "is that really her?" in the background*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:50 *they are huddled together quietly, isolated from the rest of the team**the gathering no. of team members at the front door catches their attention**looks over her shoulder curiously*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.21 05:51 *the first and last thing she remembers seeing is Steve's face before blacking out*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:52 *CA quickly carries her in**Katniss, who was behind him, closes the door*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:52 *when Jean awakens, she's in her bed with Xavier on his wheelchair by the side of the bed*
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.21 05:53 I need backup!! *a lot of team members come forward to help him get Jean back inside* *rolls out the futon in the living room, throwing a heap of woolen blankets on it*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:53 *BW and Katniss are also in the room, and CA and Ashley are occasionally seen poking their heads in*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:53 *wait, not her bed, a futon, sorry*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:54 [Sorry if I'm powerplaying...I just realized I didn't ask for your permission to do that time skip...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:54 *in that case, everyone is around Jean since they're in the living room**Xavier and BW just happen to be the closest to her*
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.21 05:54 (We'll have to leave the end of the mission temporarily open-ended, as I have to go now. I might not be on this weekend - definitely not tomorrow night, but there's a chance I could make it on Saturday and Sunday.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.21 05:55 [Dang it...see you soon!]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.21 05:55 (It's fine! Have a good weekend, and I'll try my best to keep you updated. Bye!)
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 01:23 (There's a change in plans, so I should be able to make it on this weekend!)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.23 04:23 [Yay!]
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 04:32 (Hi!)
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 04:40 (About our future Spiderman mission, I was looking at two missions on your list that could correspond with my idea. I think one of them was called Harvester Rising, and then that one could lead into Moose St. Mayhem.)
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 04:41 (I'll leave it at that, so we can focus on wrapping this mission up instead.)
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.23 04:51 [Hey! Sorry; had an Internet glitch...]
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.23 04:53 [OK. RPing!]
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:03 *studies Jean* She's in shock. Lord knows what she went through while she was gone.
12>Elektra (Mutant), 16yo.2017,Jul.23 05:04 Katniss: Let alone "when" she went through...
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.23 05:04 I'll go make her some tea. Maybe that'll revive her. *disappears into the kitchen*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.23 05:05 *has the Chrono in his hand* So this is what Andy wanted. Jean must've launched herself by accident after the scuffle with him.
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:06 Yeah. That's basically a given.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:06 *she and the other Army of the Phoenix members have stayed at the back of the crowd**however, with her blazing hair color, she stands out anyway*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:06 Katniss: *inspects the Chrono device* Looks pretty burned up. I doubt Andy will have much use for it now.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:07 Spidey: That's a good thing.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:07 Katniss: And a bad one for some scientists at S.H.I.E.L.D.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:07 Spidey: Well...still...
4>Connor (Hero), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:07 *rumbles down the stairs, donning a fresh bedhead* *even though he, Ashley, and Spiderman were allowed access into the team once again, events in that mission have prompted him to keep his distances* Is Jean back?
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:08 A little tweaking from both parties can probably work wonders.
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:09 *doesn't answer Connor, because he's looking at his answer*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:10 *she, Connor, Spidey, and Mystique have been keeping low profiles**however, she dares to ask:* Is she okay?
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:11 *is grim* I don't know.
4>Connor (Hero), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:12 Well, I hope so. *stands near the Army, shifting around a lot*
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.23 05:14 *returns with piping hot tea, holding the teacup like it's the Holy Grail* *kneels down by Jean and tries to bring it to her lips*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:18 *sits up suddenly* *starts coughing*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:19 *glances around with a terrified expression* *being trapped many years in the future for a few days has altered her memory a bit*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:19 [Just imagined the moment Indy gave his father the Holy Grail to drink out of in The Last Crusade...IJ nostalgia... XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:20 *for some reason Jean's gaze locks on her (Ashley) in particular**makes eye contact with her for a few moments, then looks away**glances at the others nervously*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:22 (Haha, yeah.)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.23 05:23 *the tea splatters* *lets it fall to the carpet to help Jean sit up* Jean? Are you okay?
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.23 05:24 It's okay. You're home now.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:25 *nods sluggishly, then starts crying a little*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:27 *strangely feels like she should do something, but just stands there**if she did go to comfort Jean, it would probably be viewed as strange and suspicious by BW's Army, anyway*
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:27 *has been eager to hear about Jean's travels, but for now she's going to have to wait* *she and Xavier exchange knowing glances, although Xavier's more understanding*
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:30 *after this goes on for some time, she decides to just go for it* *approaches Jean gently* Would you like to share what you've been through with us?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:32 *would definitely like an explanation as to why Jean stared at her**watches intently*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:32 *blinks back some residual tears, looking blank* *stays silent for awhile* It was 30 years into the future. I.... I found myself in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of this desert.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:34 *all my characters listen carefully (except Bill maybe--he can't do anything carefully)*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:35 *sniffles, staying silent again, mostly because she remembers how helpless and disoriented she was in that moment* Eventually, I found a gravel road, and.... it lead me to a sort of shelter. *adds inadvertantly* There was debris all over the road.
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:36 *reaches into her pocket* *amazingly enough, she still has that coin she picked up* *shows it to everyone*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:37 Katniss: *looks at it* Maybe we could carbon-date it?
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:38 Finally, when I reached the shelter, I found Ashley and Charles. They were there, they were both there, and I- *is so overwhelmed by the memory and the situation that she just starts crying again*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.23 05:39 *looks over at Ashley* *now they are the ones to exchange mutual glances* I think it would be best if Jean explained to Ashley and I first.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:40 *hesitates, then walks forward so that she's beside the futon**is across from Charles*
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:41 *looks blank herself, probably because she's trying to process and analyze what Jean is sharing* *nods subtly* *says quietly* Okay.
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.23 05:41 *gets up and leaves the room, everyone gradually proceeding out after her*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:42 [They don't have to leave BTW.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.23 05:42 *wheels over closer to Jean* Can you give me your hand? Let's all link hands.
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.23 05:43 (I meant the rest of the team, sorry.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:43 [Xavier can allow the three of them to view Jean's memories without the rest of the team seeing.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:44 [I know what you meant. However, now that I think about it, I was mistaken; if they want to discuss things verbally then the rest of the team has to be absent.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:44 [Sorry!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:45 *hesitates**has never really liked the idea of someone having access to her mind**however, she consents**holds Jean's left hand with her right hand and Xavier's right hand with her left hand*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:45 [brb]
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:46 (No, it's okay!)
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:48 *transmits every memory to Charles and Ashley* *some that stand out include Ashley introducing herself and Charles, the run in with Rennard Rodriguez, hitting the road to escape BOHSS, meeting Mistyeyed, the first seizure, the second wild chase with BOHSS
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:50 *seeing Elektra get defensive with Charles, the bonfire, the deaths of Xavier and Mistyeyed, Elektra's perserverence and brilliant sacrifice, Ashley's breakdown and the bonding moment they had, telling Ashley she couldn't face BOHSS anymore, Ashley's epic
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 05:52 defense and ultimate loss, following the freeway in the dark with uncertainty, reaching Phoenix, the fight to enter BOHSS, facing Janus, and accessing his past*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:53 [Back! gtg soon though.]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.23 05:54 *feels like he was witnessing it in real time* *has no words once it's over*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.23 05:54 (Ok, same here.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:55 *also is speechless and shaken**can't believe that she just saw herself die--as well as saw Xavier die*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.23 05:56 I think everyone else needs to hear about this.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:56 *not only did she see it very, very vividly through Jean's eyes, but due to Jean's telepathy Jean easily picked up the emotions of everyone around her throughout the entire journey*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:58 *she felt her older self's growing frustration and pain, Xavier's confusion that was interrupted by times of happiness and/or clarity, Mistyeyed's fear mixed with his quiet courage, Elektra's mysteriousness and selflessness, Dr. Janus' sheer coldness,
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:58 etc.*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:59 *stares blankly ahead for a few moments**then looks up at Xavier*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 05:59 *her gaze is filled with a million questions and a million answers*
15>Jean Grey (X-Men), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 06:00 *the team is rounded back up into the living room* *tells everyone the story, from the very beginning (when the team eventually disbanded) until the end*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.23 06:00 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow! I might be late.]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.23 06:01 (Bye!)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.23 06:05 Before we start asking questions all at once, I think the main question here is: could this all have been avoided if we had just stuck together?
4>Connor (Hero), 18yo.2017,Jul.23 06:06 *is the first to pipe up* Maybe. I keep forgetting that this actually happened. HapPENS.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:12 [I'm here!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:13 Katniss: But she prevented Magneto from killing Adam's parents. That should have prevented most of this, shouldn't it?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:20 [BTW, are you interested in seeing one of the most classic and hilarious things in the history of the world?]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:23 (Hi!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:24 [Hey! Are you both on?]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:25 Yeah. But what do you think could've happened if Jean hadn't prevented it?
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:25 (No.)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:25 (Of course I'd be interested in seeing that!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:25 [OK. So Joan's not here this time?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:26 [Then here is the Black Knight scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail (a little warning: It has heavily exaggerated and cheap gore; however, again, you've seen Deadpool, so you should handle it fine): https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=dhRUe-gz690 ]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.24 04:26 (No, this is Joan.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:27 [I recall you saying that you had a calendar with quotes on it, one of which was "It's just a flesh wound." You'll now see where that came from. ^.^]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:27 [Oh, okay. Make sure to share the clip with Paige, then!]
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.24 04:28 (Paige hasn't been participating in this mission because when she took a bit of a hiatus, she wasn't able to jump back on.)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.24 04:29 (Yeah! It also had the elderberries quote in it. Okay!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.24 04:29 Everything would have happened as Jean experienced.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:30 [Okie dokie! BTW, I found a certain clip with the elderberries quote...to me, that clip is even funnier than the Black Knight one. I can share it with you too if you want. ^.^]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:31 [Both clips are very short (under 5 minutes), so you can watch them now if you want.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:31 Spidey: *is relieved, but also worried about the future anyway*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:34 Spidey: So...what are we going to do?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:35 Bill: *has fallen asleep**snores very loudly**one of BW's Army (you can choose) slaps him lightly on the cheek, waking him up*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.24 04:35 (Hahahaha, hilarious!!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:35 Bill: *freaks and jumps back, flipping over the back of the couch (he was sitting on the couch...WAS...)*
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.24 04:35 (I'd love to see more!)
8>Charles Xavier (Mutant), 70yo.2017,Jul.24 04:36 (The sword fighting was so hilariously awful.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:36 ["Alright, we'll call it a draw." XD Reminds me so much of the most irritating chess moments ever...]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:36 [Yeah, it kinda was. XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:37 [Here's the even more classic French Knight scene (this is just the first one of two scenes featuring the French Knight--like the Black Knight, he's played by John Cleese): https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=A8yjNbcKkNY ]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:37 We can't predict what'll happen in the future. The best we can do is stick together as a team - a collective team. The point of being in a team is to work together, not break off into smaller groups.
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:37 (Ok, thanks!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:38 [I think it actually gets cut off a little at the end (there's more to it; specifically, in an attempt to emulate the Trojan Horse, Arthur and co. build a giant wooden rabbit in order to sneak into the French castle...it backfires horribly).]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:42 (Wow, that was great. The part where they tossed the cow on them was the best part, hahaha.)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:42 (Ha, that's not a surprise.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:43 [Eh...the animal-launching is classic, but I like the insults more. ^.^ XD]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:44 ["You empty-headed animal food trough wipers!!!" "...What a strange person. O.o"]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:44 What we need in this team, I think, is more of a support system.
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 04:45 (And the farting noises he kept making!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:45 [*bangs hands on top of head*]
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.24 04:46 I think I need to speak for this. *glances at Cap*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:47 *still kind of resents BW due to her coldness towards the Army of the Phoenix and how Xavier and Jean alone would listen to her (Ashley)*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:48 *briefly gives BW an "As if you would speak for this if Steve didn't bring this up" sort of look*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:51 [BTW, maybe we could do The Caverns mission sometime soon.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:52 [I remembered you asking if Ashley'll stay in BW's Army, and I'm not so sure anymore. If we do The Caverns mission(s), it might help me decide (if I decide that's a "no," then at the end of The Caverns mission--or Caverns saga, if there's multiple
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:53 missions/parts--then I can always have everyone except Ashley return to their time and world).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:53 *we can always have everyone
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.24 04:55 (Ok, that's fine by me. I also liked the two-part mission you invented that was based off of Dr. Strange.)
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.24 04:56 It's true that the support in this team has been down lately, and I feel like I'm partially responsible for it. As the team leader, I don't think it was fair of me to hold a grudge because of a misconception.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:58 [Okie dokie; thanks! I'm reviewing my mission ideas since I haven't seen them in a while.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:58 [I can invent more if you want.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:58 [Have you seen Dr. Strange yet?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 04:59 [Also, Dr. Strange is definitely a character I'd consider playing as on here (Dr. Strange is easily one of the best Marvel movies I've seen; I rank it alongside the best of the X-Men movies).]
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.24 05:01 (I've seen some of it. That would be great. Strange came across as a really complex character to me, and I liked that.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:01 *Xavier--and probably other psychics like Jean--can sense that Ashley was silently fuming; her cheeks are a little flushed (blushing is typical of Ashley when she's mad)**however, as BW speaks, Ashley calms down and her cheeks become normal*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:02 [Yep. Dr. Strange (the movie) is also one of the funnier Marvel movies I've seen (nothing beats Deadpool in terms of Marvel comedy, but Dr. Strange had some pretty darn funny moments).]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:02 [brb for a few minutes]
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.24 05:04 More specifically, I'd like to offer my apologies to Ashley, Connor, Peter, and Raven. I was wrong in thinking that you were plotting against me with Andy, when clearly you had an alibi.
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.24 05:05 (Ok. Yeah, I have to agree with you on that. I always love some good Marvel wit, but Dr. Strange had taken it up a level.)
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.24 05:07 But it's not only that. Even after I allowed you into the team, I demeaned you. And I'm sorry for that. I hope you'll accept my apology, and stick with us. *smiles courteously*
4>Connor (Hero), 18yo.2017,Jul.24 05:08 I mean... yeah. I accept.
4>Connor (Hero), 18yo.2017,Jul.24 05:09 Mystique: *has her arms crossed and her head leaning to one side a little dismissively* *similar to Ashley, she's still highly passive about the whole deal* *is more or less agreeable* Sure.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:10 [Back!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:14 Spidey: *is genuine and relieved about the whole thing, like Connor**is glad this is over and that he's close to the team again* Of course...thank you.
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:16 *is hesitating**her anger and bitterness are urging her to reject BW, but she knows that if she did this, all the things BW, Jean, and she herself have worked for will be wasted*
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:16 *nods* I accept your apology and your offer to stay.
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.24 05:22 *the corners of her mouth slightly raise* *nods to indicate that she's pleased to have the team reinforced* Great.
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:23 Let's not waste anymore time, then. Who's ready for some teamwork? *grins*
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:23 -THE END-
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:24 Spidey: So...what next?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:24 *he said that after BW said "Great"**obviously he's ready for more missions*
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:24 (Cheesy ending, maybe, but it seemed to give everything closure. So... wow. That was a long mission, but it was an epic one for sure.)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:27 (I guess is where we end for awhile and open the LE RP?)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:30 [Yep and yep!]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:34 (Ok! I have the general plot figured out, and most of my characters, but I may need some additional advice or tips.)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:35 (I'll go create it real quick.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:35 [OK. What kind of characters can I make again? Teens and their younger siblings, right?]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:38 (Yeah. I think we limited it to 3 characters per player - me, you, and hopefully Paige.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:39 [Okie dokie. And a Visitor slot or something for the 10th slot, I guess (unless one of you want an extra character, which is fine by me).]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:43 (Ok.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:47 [Is it open?]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 05:47 [Also, BTW, I might be on early tomorrow. Not so sure.]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:53 (It's not open quite yet. Still working on a game summary.)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 05:53 (Okay.)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 06:05 (The game is now opened!)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 06:06 [Woohoo!]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 06:08 [Can I play as Christina?]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 06:10 (You may!)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 06:12 (Actually, I created a bit of background to Christina that might be important to her character. I can explain through secret message either on here or the LE RP.)
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 06:13 [OK.]
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 06:14 [Do you have an appearance and personality established for her, or can I come up with them?
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 06:14 *]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 06:17  Secret message to Ashley  
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.24 06:18 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow! I might be late.]
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 06:19  Secret message to Ashley  
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 06:19 (Bye!)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 06:21 (Yeah. I highly encourage you to do whatever you want with Christina, as I'd be interested in seeing how you would portray her character. The backstory I gave you is simply a skeleton of inspiration, so you can add whatever you want to it.)
16>Captain America (Avenger), 90yo.2017,Jul.24 06:23  Secret message to Ashley  
9>Ashley (Heroine), 47yo.2017,Jul.25 04:11 [I'm online! Since this RP is on pause, though, from now on I'll come on Finding Samantha Summers (I'll call it FSS for short). See you there!]
19>Black Widow (Leader), 30yo.2017,Jul.25 04:16 (Ok, I'll see you there!)

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