" Kpop Idol Group "
This game is destined to players of 13 to 20 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

You just completed your 7 years of training! You and 9 others were chosen to join a new Kpop group. You passed the audition and now you must meet your fellow members and learn to live with them in this new lifestyle!

1>Kim Subin (Manager), 30yo.2016,Aug.12 21:07 Hello! Welcome to KPOP IDOL GROUP! This is a game where you can live as a kpop idol! You must create a stage name, come up with a position, and describe your appearance (or have one of these assigned to you).
1>Kim Subin (Manager), 30yo.2016,Aug.12 21:09 The group name will be decided once we have all of the members! :D
2>Meb (Rap & dance), 18 yo.2016,Aug.20 02:54  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=2  
2>Meb (Rap & dance), 18 yo.2016,Aug.20 02:55  Secret message to Kim Subin  
5>Park Su Min (Rapper), 19yo.2018,May.14 08:46 Nobody has been here in years.. hm.
6>Randy prozac (Absurdist), ?yo.2018,Jun.5 07:12  Buying Face Mask (x 1)  Hello I'm Randy. I'm being chased by the police, may I take shelter here? Btw I'm in Korea
8>Silvershades (S) (leaddancer vocal rap), 18yo.2018,Jul.2 16:50  Buying Outfit (x 1)  
8>Silvershades (S) (leaddancer vocal rap), 18yo.2018,Jul.2 16:50  Selling Outfit (x 1)  
9>Jang-mi. (chanteuse ), 17yo.2018,Oct.24 14:00 bonjour,moi c'est jang-mi

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