" Black Butler "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 200 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Based on anime Black Butler. It would be encouraged if you have watched or read the anime or manga. You can be a demon, angel, soul reaper, servant, witch, noble, etc.

1>Ethel Riddlington (Witch Noble), 12yo.2017,Mar.27 21:24 [Ethel has long black hair put into a neat bun, and wear a gown all the time.]
2>Floyd Williams (Demon), 30?yo.2018,Jan.13 23:37 Can I join?? Is this game still up and running??
3>Nana (Petite fille), 7yo.2018,Jun.4 18:55  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=55  
11>Donald Trump (President), N/Ayo.2018,Jun.5 07:38 We need to build a wall
11>Donald Trump (President), N/Ayo.2018,Jun.5 07:39 It will be a great great wall
11>Donald Trump (President), N/Ayo.2018,Jun.5 07:39 And Mexico will pay for that wall
12>YeetDaShitOutOFYa ( :D), 18yo.2020,Mar.21 22:47 yo
4>God Of The World (God), ?yo.2020,Apr.22 03:22 *destroys world*
4>God Of The World (God), ?yo.2020,Apr.22 03:23 Ok. Well, done with this

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