" Living in One Body "
This game is destined to players of 15 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Sofia is a 17 yo girl with DID. Undoubtedly that she has suffered something horrible.And who are you?Are you an identity inside her, occasionally dominating her behaviours to influence her life, or a psychotherapist to help her, or a parent ,a friend ,a teacher,a(an)¡­¡­

*The identity could be a non-human,and you won¡¯t grow older;
*Events can occur during the dissociations;
*Explain when&why the identity(you take charge of) appeared;
*The identities(7 in total!) know each other and they talk to each other, sometimes they quarrel over the dominance;
*Follow the Narrator(!);
*Tell us in advance if you¡¯ll quit for a while, or you would be deleted when not showing up for 1 month.

Do your utmost to protect Sofia!

1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.20 16:42 *One Friday afternoon,Sofia on her way home*
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.20 17:19 *walks aimlessly,clueless about why she is suddenly on Oak Street *
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.20 17:20 *notice Sofia*:why are u here?there's some bad guys around oak street
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.20 17:21 *notice Sofia*:why are u here?there's some bad guys around oak street
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.20 17:26 I wish I knew i...Oooh I,I mean,I just want to have a walk here.*smiles nervously to Lulu,worried about whether Lulu heard the words ahead or not*
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.21 11:04 I'm Sofia's feral dog. I hung out with her since she was ten but I don't live with her like her pet. I was born with special telegraphic powers which work only on my loved ones.
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.21 11:07 I look up at Sofia anxiously. Tugs at her trouser and says through telegraphic powers 'Sofia, come out of here! This is not the way home!'
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 12:01 *walks aimlessly,clueless about why she is suddenly on Oak Street *
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 12:32 *walks aimlessly,clueless about why she is suddenly on Oak Street *
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.21 12:55  Secret message to Charlsia  
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.21 12:56  Secret message to Charlsia  
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 13:07 ok...wait,what did u say?
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 13:12 *suddenly saw a bully guy coming and try to borrow money from us
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 13:31 Sh*t. * whispered, trying to hide in a corner,but stumbled over herself*
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.21 13:49 Bully guy:*laughs,pushes Lulu* GET AWAY,sweetheart,I know you're rich and kind...*comes near Sofia*
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.21 15:11 *Bares his teeth at the Bully Guy*
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.21 15:20 Sorry, I didn't understand all the instructions at first. Ignore the last two messages please.
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.21 15:22  Secret message to Narrator  
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 15:52 *walks aimlessly,clueless about why she is suddenly on Oak Street *
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 15:57 *walks aimlessly,clueless about why she is suddenly on Oak Street *
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.21 15:59  Secret message to Charlsia  
4>Iris (Sofia’s personality ), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 16:12 *Iris: Sofia’s alternate personality remains unconscious, shadowed by Sofia’s confusion *
4>Iris (Sofia’s personality ), 17yo.2021,Jun.21 16:14 Iris is Sofia’s alternate personality, she’s a child like character who aims to protect Sofia from losing her innocence any further. She came about after Sofia faced great trauma.
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.22 11:12 I forgot to mention how Charlsia came into Sofia's body. She came when Sofia saw a beautiful dog and fell into a long trance.
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.22 11:59 *After
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.22 13:54  Secret message to Charlsia  
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.22 14:59 *slap the bully guy in the face and take Sofia to go
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.22 15:15 Bully guy:*Astonished and well exasperated* Woah,who the f do you think you are?HOW DARE YOU! *Face turned red and clenched his fist to Lulu*
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.22 16:00 *was knocked to the ground, unable to walk
8>Wei (Teacher), 38yo.2021,Jun.22 16:13 is walking home after a day's tiring work,suddenly notice the three,thus running quickly to protect the two girls.(perhaps with the help of the little dog)
4>Iris (Sofia’s personality ), 17yo.2021,Jun.22 16:24 *Sofia’s personality goes blank and Iris comes through*
4>Iris (Sofia’s personality ), 17yo.2021,Jun.22 16:24 “Get away from me” she screams
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.22 17:08 Then Charlsia gets into action is Sofia's body and all of a sudden Sofia lunges and the bully and claws his face up.
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.22 17:08 *was knocked to the ground, unable to walk
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.22 17:09  Secret message to Narrator  
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.22 17:29  Secret message to Charlsia  
4>Iris (Sofia’s personality ), 17yo.2021,Jun.22 18:20 *the two internal personalities fight for dominance (iris vs dog)*
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.22 19:05 W...wait...*suddenly kept silence, feeling unconscious and squatted down,fighting for the dominance* ......
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.22 19:13  Secret message to Charlsia  
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.22 19:25  Secret message to Charlsia  
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.22 20:47 *Turning a bit ferocious* Hey Iris! This isn't your area. Leave me in charge of the tough stuff!
4>Iris (Sofia’s personality ), 17yo.2021,Jun.22 23:07 You can’t help her now! You’re just a mutt!
2>Sofia (Original Id), 17yo.2021,Jun.23 03:37 *escapes,leaving the body totally asleep*
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.23 05:19 *was knocked to the ground, unable to walk
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.23 09:06 I can help her more than you can and I'm not a mutt! What can you do now? Sofia needs somebody strong now. Have your turn later!
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.23 15:01 nudge sofia anxiously,not knowing what to do
11>lulu (best friend), 17yo.2021,Jun.23 15:11 *feel very suspicious that she didnt do anything but why she faint
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jun.23 15:44 Bully guy:*noticed the teacher,spat and ran away*
8>Wei (Teacher), 38yo.2021,Jun.23 16:00 Arrived in time,warned the bully guy to leave right now while opening his arms to protect the girls.
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jun.23 19:46 Well, Sofia isn't in danger any more. You can have her for the time being Iris. People are gonna suspect.
4>Iris (Sofia’s personality ), 17yo.2021,Jun.26 16:06 Iris’s personality stays in her body for the remainder to the day, keeping her awake and alert of any danger
1>Narrator (PLOT CREATOR), ?yo.2021,Jul.6 16:01 helloooooooo everyone?
7>Charlsia (Sofia's dog/Identity), 4yo.2021,Jul.6 19:08 I'm here

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