" Lycanthropes United "
This game is destined to players of 10 to 29 years of age.
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In a world of warring humans and savage beasts, you live among other humans in a small village known as Lupin Cap, atop a mountain surrounded by deep, dark forests. In the forest around you lurks the ever-hungry werewolves, savage wolflike monsters that prey on you and your livestock. When livestock and even people start to go missing, you know something must be done. Will you kill off these beasts at the cost of your own Sanity, knowing they were once people you knew and loved? Or will you join the Pack of the Hollow Moon, spreading your Curse to the humans around you to take back what's yours and claim victory for the wolves? Your adventure starts here...

1>Alpha Yurei (Alpha of the Pack), ???yo.2021,Mar.5 19:07 **The night is dark. The bright, silver moon just barely shows through the thick clouds. You can hear the howling of wolves in the distance. Lamp-lights flicker in the darkness, on and on.**
1>Alpha Yurei (Alpha of the Pack), ???yo.2021,Mar.5 19:07 **You begin to think that this night will never end, but in truth, it's only just begun...**
2>Belle (Girl), 12yo.2021,Mar.6 12:53 Hi!
2>Belle (Girl), 12yo.2021,Mar.6 12:55  Buying Slingshot-Dmg (x 1)  What do we have to do here?

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