" Manga and anime (from Japan) OvO "
This game is destined to players of 7 to 15 years of age.
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Hello :)
Manga and anime (M&M)are very interesting,aren't they?
if you like them,I want to make friends with you. :D
In this game,let's :
-talk about your favorite manga or anime
- tell me why you like it (them).
-what characters you love most.
Come on!Share your favorites :3

1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.16 16:22 Hellooooo >v<
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.16 16:22 anyone here? :3 Ok,I'm first :)))
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.16 16:26 I LOVE READING MANGA AND WATCHING ANIME :3 I've read naruto,one piece,fairy tail,beel,..... They make me happier.I like Natsu in Fairy tail.
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.16 16:26 p/s; i'm now watching an anime named Kenshin :))))
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Jul.18 05:26 Hi, I'm Brunnhilde! I'm a fan of anime, though I haven't really read any manga.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Jul.18 05:28 I like Miyazaki movies (Spirited Away, My Neighbor Totoro, Ponyo, Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind, Princess Mononoke, Castle in the Sky, and The Secret World of Arrietty are many of the ones I've seen).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Jul.18 05:29 I also like a few non-Miyazaki movies, specifically Summer Wars and Grave of the Fireflies.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Jul.18 05:30 In terms of anime shows, I've seen an episode or two of Naruto (I don't know very much about it, though) and I've heard of Fairy Tail. I'm also a really big fan of Avatar:The Last Airbender and Teen Titans.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Jul.18 05:30  Buying archery (x 1)  (Note:I do archery in real life.)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Jul.18 05:31  Buying dragon (x 1)  (Another note:I love dragons! :D)
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.23 17:52  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.23 17:56 The first Ghibli films I have read is Spirited Away...I didn't understand it much :p
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.23 17:57 But ,to me,grave of the Fireflies is the most obsessive. @@
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.23 17:58 @Felicity What about you ? :)
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.23 17:59 Share something with us :)
12>Felicity (Sassy Girl), 11yo.2015,Jul.26 20:45 Well.
12>Felicity (Sassy Girl), 11yo.2015,Jul.26 20:46 Oh. I meant for there to be many periods.
12>Felicity (Sassy Girl), 11yo.2015,Jul.26 20:46 Anyway...
12>Felicity (Sassy Girl), 11yo.2015,Jul.26 20:54 I mostly draw manga, but I do watch the English dub of the first three seasons of Digimon.
12>Felicity (Sassy Girl), 11yo.2015,Jul.26 21:22 I also watch a show called Tokyo Mew Mew, but it has subs instead of being dubbed.
12>Felicity (Sassy Girl), 11yo.2015,Jul.26 21:28 I've also watched 2 Miyazaki movies: Ponyo and My Neighbor Totoro.
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.27 05:17 wowww can you draw manga? so cool :3 So sorry that I have known Digimon but i don't watch it.
1>Ron (fan of M&M), 11yo.2015,Jul.27 05:24 you tend to like cutie drawings,right ? Do they have an effect on your drawings?
3>Jessica Ferrelli (Cool person), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:13 I like anime, though I haven't watched much. I like movies such as My Neighbor Totoro, and there's this anime series I like called Star Blazers (though I don't think anyone here has heard of it)
3>Jessica Ferrelli (Cool person), 12yo.2015,Aug.7 19:14  Buying sword (x 1)  I have used a sword in martial arts in real life.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.13 19:16  Secret message to Ron  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.13 19:17  Secret message to Ron  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.13 19:17 @ Ron: I know! Grave of the Fireflies is such a great movie! It's so sad, but...the feeling of it is so real.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.13 19:17 (Note: The second secret message wasn't supposed to be a secret message.)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.13 19:18 @ Jessica: I love My Neighbor Totoro! :D I also have a friend who uses a sword! However, I haven't heard of Star Blazers. What's it about?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Aug.13 19:19 @ Ron and Felicity: I can draw really well too, but my characters are in a comic book style (like Marvel or DC) rather than anime style.
3>Jessica Ferrelli (Cool person), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 03:18 Star Blazers is about this group of space explorers who need to save earth after a bomb sent radiation that;s slowly destroying earth.
3>Jessica Ferrelli (Cool person), 12yo.2015,Aug.17 03:19  Rolling Item sided dice... Result=fairy dust  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Sep.10 20:00 Sounds pretty cool!
13>Touka (Ghoul), 15yo.2015,Oct.21 03:35 Uhm..hi
13>Touka (Ghoul), 15yo.2015,Oct.21 03:36 Uhm..hi
12>Felicity (Sassy Girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.28 18:08 @Ron: No, I don't draw cutie drawings. I like epic action stuff. And shipping stuff. Shipping is taking two characters from the same TV show or book series and putting them in a relationship.
12>Felicity (Sassy Girl), 11yo.2015,Nov.28 18:09 I'm a Takari shipper and a Ryoka--or Ryoki, depending on if it's Japanese or English--shipper. Look them up if you don't know what they are.
7>Cindy (meee! ^^), 15yo.2016,Feb.11 22:46 hello! ^^
7>Cindy (meee! ^^), 15yo.2016,Feb.11 22:46 first anime I ever watched was Death Note
7>Cindy (meee! ^^), 15yo.2016,Feb.11 22:47 I love love love the character "L" he's so cute and adorable! ^^
7>Cindy (meee! ^^), 15yo.2016,Feb.11 22:48 but well he died so I cried all day...
7>Cindy (meee! ^^), 15yo.2016,Feb.11 22:48 now I watch some anime regulary but I haven't read any manga yet
7>Cindy (meee! ^^), 15yo.2016,Feb.11 22:50 I just finished to watch "My little monster" season one and I heard there will be season two so I'm very happy about it ^^
14>Erza (Requip wizard), ?yo.2017,Jul.27 16:07 The first anime I watched was inuyasha PS I love his ears:)
14>Erza (Requip wizard), ?yo.2017,Jul.27 16:08 U have not read any magna yet though
14>Erza (Requip wizard), ?yo.2017,Jul.27 19:10 I also lovvvveeeee fairytale my favourite is erza
20>Maka (anime lover), 13yo.2017,Oct.16 16:02 My first anime to watch was Death note after that Code braker and then Naruto
6>LinFeng (Magi), 18yo.2017,Nov.25 08:08 hello mates
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:35 *Maka screams*
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:35 OOFFFFFFF
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:35 OFFFFFFFF
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5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:36  Buying gun (x 1)  
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:36  Buying sword (x 1)  
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:36  Buying archery (x 1)  
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:37  Buying fairy dust (x 1)  
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:37  Buying armor (x 1)  
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:37  Buying dragon (x 1)  
5>EAR RAPE (EAR RAPE GAMES), Eyo.2018,Feb.12 12:37  Buying blood (x 1)  
10>Sakura (main character), 15yo.2020,Aug.12 00:00 hiii!!
10>Sakura (main character), 15yo.2020,Aug.12 00:01 am i the only one here?
10>Sakura (main character), 15yo.2020,Aug.12 00:02 uhh... i really like anime? i have a manga of shonen jump?
10>Sakura (main character), 15yo.2020,Aug.12 00:02 im watching mha and toilet-bound hanuko-kun right now?
10>Sakura (main character), 15yo.2020,Aug.12 00:03  Secret message to EAR RAPE  
10>Sakura (main character), 15yo.2020,Aug.12 00:04 please?
10>Sakura (main character), 15yo.2020,Aug.12 00:04 anyone?
17>Evan (idk), 12yo.2020,Oct.23 17:39 Hello’
17>Evan (idk), 12yo.2020,Oct.23 17:40 oh i get it
17>Evan (idk), 12yo.2020,Oct.23 17:40 this is dead

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