" A horribly amazing world "
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Earth... Chia wolves hate it.

10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.12 08:04 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.12 18:44 Alright, I'll give it a shot.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 03:12 [I don't know if you're on, Caprial, but I'm here.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,May.13 03:47 [hi]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 03:49 no...reliving trauma succks...its not just remembering it they like put you in the moment...I know how they do it but...I...I dont approve of it which is why I dont go anymore I sell
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 03:50 but....you can...help me put an end to it...if youd like...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 03:50 [Hey!]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 03:51 Oh?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 03:52 What should I do, then? I could destroy the whole building. It'd only take a couple of minutes tops. But it's not that simple, is it?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 03:56 no...there is a creature inside used to force the memories out..we need to rescue it...without killing their enslaver yet.. can you track...specific kinds of magic?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 03:59 [hi]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:01 If I get a sample of the magic I need to track, then I think I can.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:04 I have a sample this creature is not from this universe is that a problem? *pulls a glass bottle from her backpack it has a dark purple-ish red magic swirling around and it dosent feel good at all it feels almost like its screaming*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:05 it will be in a Heavily secured Area powerful powerful warding I need to find the creature and the person controling it can you track down the controler to?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:05 *takes and lifts up the glass bottle* Oof...that's not a happy magic... *chuckles* That's so potent it's easy to trace.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:06 I can track down the creature for sure, but the controller is different. What method of control is the controller using?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:06 Heavy security doesn't matter in the face of the most advanced mathematics.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:07 Magical control um a magical bond exactly that this creature is helpless to the person controlling it but the creature had to give the said person control years ago
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:08 Tessering dosent exist in other universes Katrin thats why these guys use tech from other universes it wards off tessering, like if you tried to tesser in or out of my house you couldnt
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:09 but...we can try to get as close as we can and...people will try to kill us
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:10 most important thing tho is we cant let the controller Speak once we find him
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:12 I've performed interuniversal tessers. Ahntor has anti-tessering safeguards adopted from other universes too. You've seen how well they work against me.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:12 They work against the rest of the Panthean pantheon, sure, but I honestly don't think much of everyone's so-called tessering safeguards.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:14 [Katrin is basically the most mathematically advanced member of the Panthean pantheon. She knows the most about tessering. Vitar and the primordials come in close second. Only she and Vitar can perform interuniversal tessers.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:14 alright lets find him then...and maybe after this you can attempt to get into my house
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:16 Who says I haven't already? *smirks*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:17 I know you havent come on lets find this poor thing
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:19 If I hadn't I wouldn't have let you into my own house. I don't admit strangers into my house, no matter how good they are at delivering compliments.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:21 sure keep telling yourself that *smirks a bit*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:23 [Sara has alot of houses Katrin probably got into one of her houses but she definitly didnt get into what Sara conciders her actual house]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:23 anyway we need to find it...quickly..
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:24 Anywho...what kind of magical bond is the controller using?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:25 its..the creatures magic same magic as that except alot more powerful
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:28 [
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:28 *[Probably.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:30 [Definitely.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:34 Alright...give me ten minutes. *goes off and traces both the controlled creature's location and the controller's location**comes back after 8 minutes have passed*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:34 [...Unless it's not that easy, in which case I take that back.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:35 [it can be 8 minutes is probably alot for a god]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:36 [It most definitely is.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:36 Great....ok send me to the controller first
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:36 Got both their locations.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:36 Here. *gives Sara the controller's coordinates* If you can't just teleport there, I'll tesser you.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:38 tessering is better
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:38 for this usually I prefer telaporting but for this tessering would be better
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:44 [Replies will be slower. I'm working on something (you'll see what it is soon >:D).]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:44 [k]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:46 *nods and tessers her to the controller's coordinates*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:49 *looks at the guy square in the eye very mad* Man: Oi Sara what are ye doin here? why ya makin that face? *Sara walks over to him and grabs his shirt collar and pins him against the wall* You...got on my bad side, you know what that means yeah?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:50 *is around, she just decides to remain unseen and observe*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:50 you probably do you have herd the Stories but Let me remind you what I do to people who cross me! *The man starts panicking* man: Wait! Wait! what did I do?! I...I didnt do anything to you I promise! h...how...how do I fix it make it up to you huh?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:52 Man: I....I'll do anything! anything thing you ask please! I...I dont know what I did but please...let...let me fix it! d...dont hurt me g...give me a chance please *he is tearing up* Sara: Ok...fine 1 chance Katrin...can you take us there please...were
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:52 all three of us need to go?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:53 *tessers the three of them to the creature being controlled*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:54 [I updated this profile btw]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:55 *is a wolf sitting in the corner shaking and crying he looks like he is struggling alot he has a collar on his neck and some scars and wounds*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 04:55 [Okie dokie. I reloaded.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:57 I want you to go up to him *hands the man a bracelet* Put this on his ankle Take off his collar and say these Exact words "I Release you" If you say anything else I will pull you right out And Help you understand it Again got it?!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 04:59 Man: *looks mad but he is more terrified then mad he dose as Sara asks* I...Release you Sara: Good *walks over to the wolf and the man grabs both of them and telaports the wolf to her home and telaports to the man to The city Center* I dont go
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:00 Easy on people like you. *takes out an Airhorn and blows it in the air Definitly gathering attention before kicking the man to the ground* LISTEN UP. This man here! many of you know him alot of you know how powerful he is but he Made me Very mad and here
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:02 Is another Reminder of what Happends when you get on my bad side no matter HOW powerful you think you are *is causually walking around the man who is kneeling down Sara shoots him in the leg and he starts Screaming as you see his flesh and clothes Slowly*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:02 [Behold...my first Spyro video that isn't a post commentary! :D https://youtu.be/4wpQ0rS21PA ]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:03 [Please let me know what you think.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:04 *rot away around the wound as it slowly speads* It isnt easy to make me Mad. You guys know this. but im reminding Anyone who thinks They can hide it from me Beacause I will find out and when I do Nothing will stop me *shoots him in the arm and another*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:06 *time in the leg then drags him over as he screams in agony and chains him to the post in the city center* If anyone Kills him or helps speed up his death in Any way then thats a sure way to get on my Bad side he will Sit here in the Sun and Slowly ROT
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:07 Until HE dies from the Rot Or I decide to come back and Kill him! dont knock him out give him pain revilers or anything like that but feel free to feed him non leathal foods and give him water *looks at the man* I want him around for a couple of weeks
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:09 Beacause yes...it will take at least a few week Kalfin...and thats if you die quickly... *looks out to the crowd* Do you All understand?! *a loud somewhat frighted Yes is herd from the crowd* Good! feel free to ask him what he did....Come on Katrin...we
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:09 Should go to my place...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:12 *nods and follows Sara*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:12 [;-; why you kill the doggos]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:13 *turns off her Tessering blockage and takes Katrins hand and telaports to her shack* Ok...Sorry about that...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:14 Kalfin has been trying to hide this from me for years...I dug it up found out and now he rots
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:15 he will feel every second of it and he freakin deserves it...um help yourself to tea I know you dont need to drink I dont eaither but its...good or you can come with me while I take care of that poor creature
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:19 [Because those doggos are evil!! They have been the bane of my existence since I could hold a controller!!]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:19 [DON'T TRY TO TELL ME OTHERWISE!!!]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:19 [...I know my anger doesn't show very well in my voice, but I was freakin' p***ed throughout a lot of that video. XD]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:19 [you are trying to kill there sheep and there owners of course they try to protect them...but to no Avail...evil dragon kills all...no mercy]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:20 I'd like to meet the creature...if I had to guess...it's a Chia wolf, or something related?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:21 [They're all henchmen created by Gnasty Gnorc. That's why they drop gems--killing them reverses the spell that turned treasure into warriors.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:22 yeah...Chia wolf... come on *walks into another room and sees the Chobi crying on the floor she walks up to him and he quickly backs away* Hey....hey...shh,....shh...its ok...your safe your safe now...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:24 I...I...I...I know...you...I...I saw..y...your me..memories some....I...See so much...pain every day all I see is everyone elses pain.... *starts crying* over and over reliving it making them relive it and living it with them it hurts so much..
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:25 You never have to do that again....I promise... whats your name? Im sara...you know that tho...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:25 C...Chobi...E...Everyone...is..f...filled with so much pain it hurts!...so...much hurt...and sarrow...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:27 no...Chobi...someone hurt you...they only let you see peoples pain...but I got something for you...*pulls out an orb and holds it out* Hold it Chobi look at it...I know your scared but it wont hurt you I promise
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:29 *looks at it then takes it in his paws and looks into the orb..* t...they are not crying...they are smiling...and...and laughing....
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:29 *just watches, intrigued*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:30 I found as many people As I could whos bad memories you saw...and collected as many good memories as I could from them...for you even some of mine...you saw bad bad bad every day you deserve some good...someone hurt you and that wasnt ok so I am going to
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:32 take care of you ok?.... *Chobi nods a bit* You are probably very tired and hungry *gets out food from her backpack and holds it up to Chobi* go on you need to eat..
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:33 *he quickly eats the food sara goes to the kitchen and gets more food for Chobi and he eats quite alot* These you go....now *points to the bed* you can sleep there and if you need me you can walk down the hall or just Call my name ok?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:33 [Sara said that :p]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:34 *hugs Sara quickly with tears in his eyes* Thank you...so...so much you saved me....
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:34 So...he has memory powers.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:35 *is standing back and leaning against a wall*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:35 alright get some sleep *helps Chobi on the bed he lays down shuts his eyes and quickly falls asleep* Alright *smiles and walks out motioning for Katrin to fallow as she walks to the living room* there
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:36 I dont know what he has if he is under someones control he has every power...he could just have 1 power or he could be an alpha
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:37 Ah.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:37 Well...this was a fun vacation from my responsibilities, but I really ought to get going.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:37 I usually dont go saving people and things but...this is an exception..
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:37 You can stay at my place if you want. Just teleport there, it won't block you.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:38 thanks for your help Katrin he will be asleep for at least a month if you still wanna hang out...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:38 I can't tell you exactly when, but I'll find you. *puts on her headphones, turns on her music, and tessers*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:39 [If you're not sure what to do, there is someone Sara could talk to at Katrin's place.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:39 *said that before the telaporting thing* I will lower my tesser blockage for you as well Ill keep it down your welcome here as well
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:39 [ok[
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:40 I'll...see you at your place then *smiles a bit and telaports to Katrins home*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:41 [your Video was good btw ^-^]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:42 [Thanks! :D]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:42 [I had a ton of fun editing the parts where I died. Was my editing okay?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:43 [yeah]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:45 [Great! :D]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.13 05:46 *her home is very quiet, apart from the sounds of the ocean all around**it seems deserted at first, but the sound of soft footsteps can be heard if one listens very carefully*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:49 *she hears the footsteps since she has a keen ear and fallows then*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:49 *them*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 05:55 [Freaking browser crashed...]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 05:57 [I recommend reloading; I changed this slot. I also highly recommend looking up the meaning of this character's name.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 05:59 [ok]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:01 [As her name suggests (some sites say it means "grandmother"), Tethys is Zelenka's grandmother. She wears a traditional Sahlemese kimono-like garb; it is old, but she keeps it in good shape, as she's good at sewing, knitting, weaving, etc.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:01 [Like most Sahlemese, her skin is tan, her hair is dark/black and her eyes are pastel (they are a seafoam green).]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:02 [Unlike most Sahlemese, she is rather short. This is partially due to age, but she always has been shorter than the average Sahlemese.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:02 [She's maybe around Sara's height, but she hunches over a lot, so she'll appear even shorter.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:03 [She keeps her hair in a bun and her head in a pretty scarf she made herself.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:04 *is trudging along in one of the hallways*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 06:06 *walks and sees her in the hall* oh...hello there
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:08 *pauses**bows very briefly in greeting and then keeps walking*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.13 06:10 *fallows her a bit* Are you Related to Katrin?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:15 In a way.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.13 06:15 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.14 01:42 [I posted another video! :D https://youtu.be/agCzjOpH7iU Please let me know what you think. Also, make sure to read the description.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.14 01:45  Secret message to Sara  
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.14 01:46  Secret message to Sara  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 04:14 so no not related then, why are you wondering her house?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 04:17 I am Zelenka's grandmother. She brought me and the rest of Zelenka's family to live here.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 04:20 [Hi!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 04:28 Oh...I dont see the rest of her family just you wandering around...do you want me to make some tea?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 04:31 *pauses again**hesitates, but feels that she can trust Sara if Katrin is letting her stay here**nods a little* Yes, thank you.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 04:32 *goes over and opens a door**behind the door is a portal to another part of Katrin's planet**steps through onto a beach (Katrin did make some islands, but otherwise the planet is entirely covered by the sea)*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 04:33 *there's a lone door standing on the beach with no walls around it--this is what the door to the portal looks like on the other side**closes the door behind her and goes over and sits down on a chair*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 04:33 *works on her weaving*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 04:35 *starts making some tea*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 04:43 [You can skip ahead a bit and have Sara join her on the beach if you want. There are spare chairs sitting near the door in the house.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 04:56 [Hello?]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:11 [Are you still there?]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:11 *continues weaving while Sara makes the tea*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:14 [Sorry if I'm antsy...it's just that there are certain giant secrets here, and they may begin to be unearthed if Sara talks with Tethys for long enough...]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 05:32 *finishes her Tea and joins Tethys* here you go *sides her a cup*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:40 Thank you. *takes the cup and sips* Mm...could use a bit of nespera, but otherwise very good.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:40 What brings you here?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 05:47 your Granddaughter *smiles a bit* shes a special one
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:50 *doesn't answer her**just takes another sip and continues weaving**after a minute she says* Be careful.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 05:53 *chuckles a bit* I dont need to be careful with anyone, I cant die and my soul cant be removed...cure of being me but hey it has its persk
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 05:53 *perks
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:56 There are many worse things than death.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 05:57 but I am careful when it comes to others if your concerned about that...everyone tells me to be careful around her but no one tells my why,
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:58 She's not what she appears to be. She makes herself appear more human for us, but...changing outward appearances does not change what's inside.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 05:58 *do not
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 05:59 so yeah I hear "Be careful" And then people get all quite and look at there feet but no one bothers to tell me why I should be careful no one gives me a reason to assume she is dangerous
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 05:59 I have met many many people who are very far from being human so far she dosent seem like one of those peopl
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 05:59 *People
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:05 so...do you have a legitimate reason for me to be scared or are you just going to say cryptic messages while knitting?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:06 [Sorry for disappearing; I'm multitasking.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:06 You have only met her on her better days.'
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:07 *.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:07 I do have a legitimate reason, but... *stares ahead at the ocean**has stopped weaving**tears come to her eyes**turns her head away from Sara to hide them**says quietly* It's familial matters...if she has not shared it with you, it is not in my
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:08 jurisdiction to share it.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:09 and she has only met me on mine so pain me a picture of her bad days. What dose she do and I dont want vague answers like "horrible things" or "Nothing good" No just simple tell me straight up what she dose for Example, keeps souls in Objects
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:09 Katrin is the last remnants of the woman I called my granddaughter...she is the amalgamation of the last shards of two entities.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:09 *said that before she talked about Legitimate Reasons*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:10 One entity is Zelenka...the other is a monster. I can still see my granddaughter in there...she's what is keeping the other parts in check most of the time.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:11 so your saying shes a fusion of many people, some worse then others yes? Well....I can probably help I may be the only Person in any universe who can....but I cant help If i dont know whats going on *holds Tethys hands* you understand that right?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:11 There are times when the other part of her take over, though. It's these times when she's a danger to everyone, including me to some extent. I'm the safest of them all...that's why you're able to talk to me...but it's still never completely safe.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:12 *said that before Sara replied and held her hands*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:12 *takes
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:12 What kind of entity was the monster?...what dose it do? That will help me understand its thought process better then maybe I can save your grandaughter hmm?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:14 *looks at Sara again* There's no separating the two...I had a long talk with Katrin about this...they're already one. All that's left are slivers of the two entities' former selves--too much has already been lost.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:15 And even if there was a way to separate them, she wouldn't want it to happen. She said it's better this way.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:15 Zelenka was a mortal...the other part's not. That's why she's a god.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:17 well maybe we dont work on sepration but rather intergration...helping the monster be more human then they can live with less violence but I need to know how far it has gone to even being to help..
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:18 She doesn't like talking about the other part and niether do I...it took me a while, but the other part used to be called Olamitera--"all-mother" in your language. *takes out a book and places it in her hands* Here...read the first chapter of this.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:18 *it took me a while to learn,
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:18 *neither
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:18 You...may need a translator.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:20 [what language is the book in?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:23 no...things on paper are never as good as personal experience and I really must insist
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:23 [Sahlemese.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:24 [Well, it's some Panthean language. Might be ancient Panthean--I haven't fully decided.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:24 Almost everything I know about Olamitera is in that first chapter.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:25 There's not much more I can do.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:25 you know her better then any book I wanna hear it from you
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:28 *shakes her head a little* She hasn't told me almost anything about that part of her.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:30 I dont want to know what you were told I want to know what you have experienced, and what you saw
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:30 I am glad she hasn't... *fights back tears again*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:30 *said that before Sara replied*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:34 Before...Katrin revealed the truth, we thought Olamitera was an old legend. She was the creator of the primordials, Panthea's so-called first gods...she's more powerful than the primordials as a result.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:35 no...no I dont want her story I want your personal experiance with her first hand accounts
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:35 Katrin had been pretending to be Zelenka, saying she had been granted godhood in exchange for services, hence why she left all the time...she took us from poverty, gave us this home...it was for our own safety, but...she couldn't defend us from herself
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:36 forever.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:36 *she was absent all the time
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:39 ...I think it was her brother's death that set it off.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:40 Something happened...I'm still not sure what...she still allowed us to travel to Panthea...her brother was away from home when he disappeared...not long afterwards she sent us here and forbade us from leaving.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:43 Days passed and we were still stuck here...she finally came home, but...she wasn't the same ever since. It was then that I started realizing that this wasn't entirely my granddaughter anymore.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:44 It took a while, but we finally figured out he had died...more days passed...she spent most of the time away from home...she never even came home to sleep.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:44 *nods a bit* ok then what?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:45 One of the days she got home, she got into an argument with my son--her uncle...and then she... *goes silent*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:45 its ok...go on
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:45 *her hands are shaking**sets the tea cup down to keep it from spilling**tears fall down her otherwise stoic face*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:46 If she hasn't told you, then it's not my right to tell you...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:46 But...after it was over...she put everyone else into objects to protect them...to protect them from herself.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:47 She...trusts herself not to do anything to me, so...that is why I'm here and...not with them...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:47 It's...it's for their own good...I think... *nods a little**was talking mostly to herself now*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:49 It was...then that she told me the truth about herself. We...had a very long talk.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:50 I have met people who have done much worse things...honestly you Pantheas are so skittish..
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:51 You don't know what she did. If she isn't going to tell you, then I cannot.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:52 By the way...if you...think this conversation we're having is private...keep in mind that I believe she can sense everything that's going on on this planet.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:54 oh I know its not privet I dont...really care she probaly knew I would do this Dosent change how I feel about her though,...I mean I....committed mass genocide before so quote and quote "Terrible things" dont really phase me unless its Very specific
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:54 Situations
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:55 Your a lovely women and your Granddaughter what you call monster and all...man I could probably spend the rest of my life with her
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 06:56 and when she wants to tell me deeper stuff she can but I wont force her to or you since its clearly very sensitive
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 06:57 Thank you...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 07:00 im not to bad of a person, and I dont need the information if I was desperate and trying to just get information I would have drugged your tea with truth serum but this is just casual conversation for me *sips her tea*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 07:01 and if all Goes well maybe one day in the future I will be calling you Grandma to altho that may be weird since there is a great possibility that im older then you
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:01 I...don't really view her as Zelenka or Olamitera...I see her as Katrin...I still...feel that she's my granddaughter, though she has changed. She...she doesn't want to be viewed as pieces of two other entities, anyway...she just wants to be seen as
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:01 what she is now. That's why she gave herself a new name, I suppose... *said that before Sara continued on*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:02 Still...be careful.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 07:05 I have only met Katrin *smiles a bit* she has a Gawd awfel taste in clubs tho
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:08 Clubs?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:08 Hm...I do not really know what she does while she is away...I don't ask...she only shares whatever she wants to share whether or not she's asked...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:09 But...some of the more recent things she's said...have me a bit worried. *looks at Sara in such a way to make it clear that, by "have me a bit worried," she meant "make me very scared"*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:10 I'm...not sure if whatever she's doing is...entirely beneficial...if you could find out what she's doing and talk to her about it...I'd be grateful.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.15 07:12 if she wants to tell me she can but im not going to push anything...Nice talk tho *winks a bit* I have a puppy at Home I need to tend to so I will see you later goodbye *telaports home*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:20 Goodbye...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:20 *sighs, sitting there, brooding**after a few minutes she takes another sip of Sara's tea and nods a little, still impressed by it*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:28 *is too depressed to continue weaving, so she just watches the sun set over the ocean*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:34 [BTW, if Sara had a keen eye, she might've noticed little bits of dried blood in various corners, crevices, etc. of Katrin's home--in other words, places that are very easy to overlook.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 07:47 [Just curious...what do you think happened when Katrin and her uncle (well, sorta) had an argument?]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 08:34 [Caprial?]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.15 09:21 [gtg...I'm exhausted...see you tomorrow!]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.16 06:24 [I'm here!]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.16 06:37 [Soooo...]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.16 17:48  Secret message to Sara  
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.16 17:50  Secret message to Sara  
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.16 17:51  Secret message to Sara  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 04:09 [you mentioned the blood when Sara first arrived with Theseus and As i previously said yes she did notice it]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 04:11  Secret message to Katrin  
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 04:32 [I only said the blood was in the room where the objects keeping the souls were contained. I didn't reveal until now that it was all over the house as well.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 04:32  Secret message to Sara  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 04:35  Secret message to Katrin  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 04:36 [K she would have noticed that blood to again keen eye]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:00  Secret message to Sara  
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:00  Secret message to Sara  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 05:02  Secret message to Katrin  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 05:02 hmm
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:20 [Katrin will be away for quite some time
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:20 *quite some time, so how about we do a time skip?]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:21 [I doubt anybody will make much progress regarding finding Aedona. Katrin has adopted plenty of safeguards.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 05:29 [Ok Assume Sara has been home with Chobi skip a While and ZOOm there we go]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:36 [Hm...wait...I was going to skip just a couple of weeks, but do you want to skip to when Chobi wakes up?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 05:39 [nah a few weeks is fine]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:40 [Okie dokie.] ~A FEW WEEKS LATER...~
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:41 *when she comes home she's very beat up again**this time it's far worse than when she arrived at Sara and Theseus' destination*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:41 *Tethys is very alarmed and tries to help**refuses her help and even outright snaps at her*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:42 *shuts herself in her room and takes care of something before heading back to the Panthean spiritual plane in order to heal*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:43 [Would Sara have been visiting Katrin's house from time to time? She is allowed to come and go as she pleases, though Katrin hasn't been home for a few weeks.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:43 [It would be helpful if Tethys had some way to communicate with Sara.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 05:43 [Tethys doesn't own a phone, but maybe Sara gave her one and/or gave her her number.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 05:52 [yeah she might have]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 05:56 *walks on the beach, thinking, very worried**finally decides to call Sara*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 05:57 *answers* Hello?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:03 Hello, it's um...me...Tethys... *is a bit awkward**she's still not used to talking on a phone at all*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:03 It's...um...about Katrin...I'm getting very, very worried...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:07 alright i will come over *hangs up and talks to Chobi about going to visit Katrin again and telaports off*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:07 *she starts making home made mac and cheese and hot coacoa*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:09 *goes back into the house and follows the smell to the kitchen*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:09 [The house isn't super fancy like a mansion or anything BTW. It's just pretty big--big enough to house a very big family.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:10 [If there's anything fancy about it, for some reason I imagine that Katrin really loves wood carvings. I imagine that a lot of the interior is made out of beautifully carved wood.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:10 Hi
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:11 [So actually it is rather fancy, now that I think about it.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:11 Hi...I...don't know if she's still home...she went in her room and locked the door last time I saw her, but...it's been quiet for a while now...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:12 [ok]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:12 She was...really, really hurt when she got here...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:13 [So basically it's big/made for a large family and has fancy woodwork. And it's underwater. Any doors that lead to the "outside" are actually portals that lead to various places.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:13 [Of course, Katrin's magic keeps the water from getting in and controls the humidity levels inside the house.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:15 And she went to panthea to heal as she dose so im making some food and hot coacoa for when she gets back
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:17 Thank you... *sits at the table, thinking*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:17 The thing's she's been saying lately...they're alarming me more and more...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:18 *things
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:18 wanna tell me about them or no?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:24 I...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:24 I suppose I could mention...a few...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:27 ok *continues cooking*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:31 She keeps mentioning that she's hunting something down...she never says what...she also says that by doing this she's going to set things right, make the order the way it should be.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:32 When I express worry, she usually just says that in the end we'll see she was right...the reason why scares me a little...she says it'll be because she'll have given us the world.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:32 I don't want the world, though...I just want to live in a house by the sea again...and she gave me that back already...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:33 she probably doing it more for herself then for you to be honest
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:33 Yes, I think that's true...if she was doing this for us, she would've listened and...stopped whatever it is she's doing...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:33 *this only for us,
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:36 Sometimes...she's said things that are quite different, though...things like we'll never leave so long as she's watching over us, and that it's better that way...I... *glances around, paranoid**the atmosphere of the room has changed a bit, as if there's
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:36 someone definitely present who isn't visible* ...I shouldn't get into that though...that's a...more touchy subject...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:44 ok
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:47 *Katrin stays away and heals much, much longer than she did the previous time she had to heal when Sara was around**has dozed off in her chair when Katrin gets back*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:48 *smiles at Katrin* HI I made you some mac and cheese and some hot coacoa
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 06:56 *seems rather tired and oddly cold, but she grins* I know.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 06:56 So, Siegmund Freud, what's my diagnosis? Am I a monster, like everyone else says I am?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:57 *as awoken**says nothing, just resumes the knitting she had been doing as she spoke to Sara*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 06:57 *Sigmund
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 06:58 I have met real monsters, your nothing like them *pushes her a cup of hot coacoa as she sips some herself*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 07:03 Don't waste your time on me. *but she takes the cup of hot cocoa and sips anyway* I wouldn't blame you if you said I was a monster and walked out right now. I probably wouldn't feel bad either.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:06 I do what I want and I wanna stay with you *smiles a bit* Also those blood stairs in the corner toothpaste gets them out easily just take a toothbrush and scrub itl come right off
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 07:07 Ah.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:11 I dont think your a monster and Im not scared of you and I dont think I every will be, People have called me a monster before This one person legit thought I was the devil it was funny
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:12 what fallowed wasnt so funny But Nothing I couldnt handle
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:18 That was a rough night though Humans are messed up creatures lemme tell ya
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 07:21 Mmm...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 07:22 Humans are messed up indeed...deities are worse. Thank you for the hot cocoa, but I don't think this is an optimal time for you to be visiting. *her attitude is strangely cold/curt*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:24 I mean if you want me to Leave I will but I'd rather stay...I mean I havent seen you all week
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 07:25 You must be living on a planet where time goes by slower then.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:28 a week,...a few weeks time is weird for me I stopped counting my planet dosent have sunrise or sunset
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.17 07:30 Ah. Well, you can still come and go whenever you like...I have some more work to do, though...*hesitates, thinking*...I think I will be home by...tomorrow. *finishes her hot cocoa and tessers*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:30 *hesitates**after about a minute of silence, she says quietly* If you had the time to spend the night here, that'd be alright with me. *is trying to hint that she's been extremely lonely*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:31 yeah sure I'll do that
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:34 Thank you...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:35 It's been...a little too quiet since the others were... *doesn't finish her sentence, though she's clearly referring to her family being put into objects**smiles a little**it's not a happy smile, though, it's more of a bittersweet one*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:37 you need a dog...or a cat maybe
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:43 A pet? Mm...I used to have one long ago...back when Zelenka was shorter than you... *smiles a little*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:44 well then. get another cat
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:45 Oh, it wasn't a cat...it was a bird...it sang the sweetest songs...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:46 That's why I spend most of my time outside on the beach...I miss the birds...I felt safe around them...closer to the gods...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:47 Though that's probably an unintelligent thing to say, considering I live with a god now...I suppose I'm still adjusting to that fact...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:47 I can get you like a parakeet or some other type of bird
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:48  Secret message to Sara  
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:48 Parakeet? Hm...haven't heard of that kind...mine was a *names a Panthean species of songbird*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:48 In my experience the only thing diffrent from a God and what most people call Super humans is the fact that people worship one
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:49 mmm Parakeet is a bird from earth they are saposed to be pets
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:52 Ah.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:52 What color are they? Do they sing often?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:55 Blues whites greys greens and yellows mostly they can sing and the males can even sometimes mimic human speech and other songs that you teach him
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 07:57 They sound adorable...my little bird was blue...I taught her tunes through whistling. She could imitate my whistles to some extent.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.17 07:58 yeah..I hate shopping on earth there counters were you pay they beep and I hate that sound
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.17 08:03 Huh...why do they beep? [A quick note: Panthea is just beginning to take its first steps into its industrial revolution. There's no scanners or anything at Panthean counters.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 03:49 [I'm on!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 04:08 I dont know why
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 04:09 [Hi Raeanna wont bw on tonight]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:10 [OK, I know.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:11 [Also hi. ^.^]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:11 Huh...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:18 *hesitates, thinking for a minute* Where could I get one of these...parakeets?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 04:20 At a pet store on earth
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:26 I presume Earth is one of these "other worlds" everyone has been talking about in recent years?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 04:31 There are so many planets
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:32 Ah...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:32 Katrin has mentioned that...I've...never been anywhere other than here and Panthea, though...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 04:33 Maybe one day you will
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:36 Maybe...I'm very old, though... *chuckles*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 04:37 So Am I, I just dont look like it tho
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:37 Have you...talked with Katrin at all over the past weeks?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 04:37 Im over 100 now..
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 04:38 Nope just Radio silence
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:43 I'm 181. You've got plenty of years to go...at least if you were Panthean.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:43 *says quietly and mostly to herself* Hm...so she doesn't speak much with you anymore either...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:44 *looks sad**says quietly* Zelenka was always so talkative...she always had something to say...but now... *sighs*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 04:51 [Want to skip to when Katrin gets back?]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 05:01 [Hello?]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 05:02 [Sorry about my slow replies BTW. I've had a busy day and I'm still working on stuff.]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 05:25 [Are you still here?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:28 [Sorry I got distracted]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:29 Average life expectancy on my planet is 71 and a half years old
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:31 [ye lets skip]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 05:32 [It's fine.] Oh...that's strange...on mine it's about 180 years...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:33 *about a day and a half later she comes home**it's nighttime, so Tethys is asleep*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:33 *is still up* Hiya
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:34 *just stands by one of her favorite walls in the house--it's made of glass, as if it's a big window**watches the coral reef just outside, a dark grin on her face*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:34 *she was doing this before a while before Sara came over*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:35 watching the fish huh?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:37 To some extent...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:37 But to some extent I'm somewhere else... *turns to her, smiling darkly* Aren't we all?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:37 how was your trip?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:39 We pass through our lives in a haze...part of us is in the present, but most of us is living in a chaotic whirl of a mental cage we made for ourselves...a cage of worries and lost dreams and traumatic pasts...and for what?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:39 *said that before Sara asked her question*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:39 I dont know
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:40 *snorts* How do you think it was? *turns back towards the window* You know...I think I might've been lying to myself when I decided I was rightfully mine back to make it better.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:41 I think what I might've wanted all along was to just watch part of this depraved world we live in burn.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:41 Maybe it'd be better if I embraced that attitude...I still don't know...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:41 Once my Ying yang universe alter a pain in a butt Met a dragon who thought the universe he belonged to him
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:43 Im scared of the universe ending beacause I cant stay dead if all the universes are one day gone I will be floating aimlessly reliving death over and over again
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:43 Tiberion? Yeah, I know all about him.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:44 I'm not like him...he laid false claim upon something that wasn't his...I am merely taking back what I once ruled a long, long time ago.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:44 Owning places is fine its when you own people that problems spring up..
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:44 I don't plan to destroy it...that's what...she wanted. To destroy everything...even herself. *looks down, a haunted look in her eyes*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:45 I can still feel that aim of hers...writhing around deep inside...I'm never letting that out, though. *chuckles* That wouldn't be good for anybody.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:46 Possibly would destroy you too...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:46 You can't die, but...she would know a way to make it so that you were...close enough.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:46 maybe she should go to a break room its a room you pay for and its filled with stuff they give you a bat and you just destroy the room
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:47 *is muttering to herself at this point* Nevermind that...shouldn't reflect on that...shouldn't...reflect on... *shakes her head a little as if to clear it*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:48 I've tried that...I've tried that plenty of times...it...worked for a little while...not...not long enough...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:48 thats fine Im used to being a punching bag in all honestly nothing bothers me any more
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:48 Only my break room was planets...planets full of...innocent...innocent civilians... *shakes her head again, staring at the ground**laughs a little**is panting*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:49 You think your little genocide stunt was bad? It's...it's not so much how many that die...but...how they die...that's what's...that matters...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:49 If you need me as a glorified punching bag thats honestly perfectly fine with me if It helps you feel like others are safe
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:50 Ah yeah millions of Sadistic demons unleashed on inoccent lives...not the best thing... but yeah I can be your break room if needed
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:51 No no no...I'd never...that's...bad...that's bad... *clutches her head and sits down, closing her eyes**the air seems suddenly thick, as if the power emanating from her is filling the air and making it hard to breathe*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:52 *is breathing heavily**her voice is quiet and scared* I'm not...I'm not doing that again...not again...no...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:53 *puts her hand on her shoulder* hey...your ok Itl be ok your just dissociating
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:55 at least...thats what It seems like...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:56 *suddenly grabs Sara by the throat and throws her through the window**water comes streaming into the room*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:56 *stands up, grinning, her irises glowing brightly in the dark*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 05:56 *wakes up with a jolt to the sound of glass breaking*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:57 *swims back in the room dosent seem phased at all* Hi
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:57 you might want to get your gandma out You would probably hate for her to die
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:58 *her magic causes the glass to be repaired quickly to prevent more water from getting in*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:58 *starts laughing* What makes you think I really care about anyone?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:59 That works to
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 05:59 thats why I said probably *shrugs a bit*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 05:59 *throws her through a wall**her skin has become a bit lighter* You really are naive about the things that lurk in this universe.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:00 *stands up* Yeah...thats true I dont know alot of Crap but I dont really care
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:01 *tessers beside where she lands**her hands have lengthened into whitish claws**brutally tears Sara's upper body apart* Everything I do and have ever done is for ME and ME only! Do you understand? THAT is what matters!
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:02 *once she dies from being torn apart she releases a pulse of powerful gold magic into Sara* [Considering that this is Irakurri Sara, I severely doubt she's experienced the kind of pain zauber can inflict. I'm sure she'll get used to it as time goes by,
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:02 but at this point it's probably a new feeling for her.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:02 *dies and sits back up* Yeah I get that Thats how I usually work I have expectations sometimes but usually Its me myself and I
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:03 Everyone else is worthless...my children turned on me, twisted my vision into something horrible...I'll set them right...and you're not getting in my way!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:03 [yeah but most pain is catogarized and even if she hasnt felt that pain she still has such a strong tollarance to everything that new things dont really phase her eaither]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:04 I never said I was getting in your way Im not stopping you, you are your own person
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:04 Your magic feels weird *chuckles a bit*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:04 [Her tolerance may be strong, but what Katrin is using is the most powerful magic Panthea has to offer. That one little pulse probably killed Sara in an instant.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:05 [It probably was painful enough from its sheer power to at least cause her to cringe.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:05 [yeah it did kill her and she sat back up]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:05 *has come out of her room**just watches from a distance*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:06 [Hm...wait...I know that'll faze her...I almost forgot Olamitera could do this...] *grins* You're going to regret ever approaching me.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:06 [It made her chuckle thats what she dose when she is kinda uncomfortable but yeah she is pretty chill]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:06 nah..I dont think I will sorry
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:07 *throws her clear through a table and across the room**releases another pulse of magic with a snap of her finger, but this magic is much different**it stimulates the part of the brain the amygdala is housed in*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:07 *all of Sara's worst fears are instantly dragged to the forefront of her mind**she may even be experiencing hallucinations*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:08 *is hit by the pulse as well**slowly crumples to the ground, covering her face with her hands*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:08 *Starts laughing* Oh thats so cute honey..Everyone has messed with that part of my brain
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:09 Oh no my worst fear...mm getting stung by a bee its not a fear just annoying tho. See when I said I wasnt scared I ment it
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:09 [Sara has lived so long she literally isnt scared of anything at least not cripplingly fear her worst is nervous]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:10 [She's probably nervous at this point then.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:10 Bees are so annoying
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:11 *is a little nervous but is fine*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:11 *just chuckles and is about to prepare another kind of spell when she spots Tethys out of the corner of her eye*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:12 sorry im not gonna be scared of you but im not going to stop you from doing whatever you want
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:13 *grimaces* And that's exactly what I don't want to hear from you.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:14 *blasts Sara back into the room with the big glass wall*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:14 Sorry what do you want me to say?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:15 *quickly extracts the magic from Tethys' brain**the regret in her expression is clear* Go back to bed...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:15 *said that before she was blasted after she is she walks right back into the room*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:15 *just nods a tiny bit and slowly gets up, hobbling back into her room*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:16 I want you to say nothing and get out of my sight. You disgust me.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:17 Ok See you later...would you like some retcon for your grandma tho?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:17 its a thing it erases specific memories you can program it easily
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:18 its good If you have guilt about something you did because you can make them forget about it
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:19 Get. Out.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:20 ok see you later *just walks into the other room and sits on the couch and goes on her phone*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:20 *sighs, tessers to Sara, and strikes her hard on the back of her head, knocking her out*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:21 *passes out on the couch*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:21 *tessers with her and tosses her unceremoniously onto a forest floor**then tessers away*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:22 *lands on a planet and walks up a hill, muttering and laughing and cackling to herself **reaches the top of a hill and sees a town*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:22 *wakes up a few hours later and telaports back to Katrins couch and goes back on her phone*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:23 *not long later every inhabitant of the town is dead**she got a little sloppy this time, so her leg is hurt**limps out of the town, covered in blood*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:24 *trips and falls into a stream**laughs to herself and uses magic to extract the bullets out of her leg*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:24 *drags herself out of the stream and lies there, staring at the night sky*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:25 *looks out the window for a while*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:26 *starts crying*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:27 this is a nice ocean..
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 06:28 *just lies there crying until dawn*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:29 *makes breakfast for Tethys the next morning*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:32 *comes out a couple hours later than she usually does*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:33 *is quieter and shakier than usual**tries to act normal while she eats breakfast*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:35 Morning you ok after last night? Your not but Its polite to ask anyways
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:38 I've seen much worse...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:41 Thank you...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:46 so have I
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:47 I dont think she likes me But whatever
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:47 I just gotta try harder to be on her good side
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:50 You have been on her good side. This isn't something any of us can control...not even her...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:51 You just...saw a little bit of what one of her not as good days can be like...it's okay...it's not your fault...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:53 I know and As bad days go she isnt as nearly as bad as one of my exes *laughs* They were a piece of Work!
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 06:57 Oh?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 06:58 *chuckles* Yeah
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:03 Well...you haven't really seen one of her worst days, but...I do believe you...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:04 I wonder when she will get back, dose she like eggs?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:08 I...don't know when she will get back...after days like that her time away varies...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:09 Alright Call me when she comes home ok?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:11 *just nods a little**isn't sure if she will, depending on how Katrin is acting when she returns*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:13 *telaports home for a few hours then goes to earth for a bit then telaports back to Tethys with a new Parakeet and all the supplies* Ta-da
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:17 *gasps* Is that one of those...er...para...parakeets?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:17 Oh, you shouldn't have!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:18 Yup 2 of them they are for you
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:18 were do you want the cage set up?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:21 Er...just...in my room. *seems much happier than before**picks up the cage and some of the supplies and starts heading to her room* Th-thank you!!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:22 No problem *sets up the cage and everything else and puts the birds in the cage*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:23 *her room has a big window that gives a beautiful view of the coral reef as well*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:24 You know...she...she does like you...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:24 they will need time to adjust before you bring them out of the cage But yeah
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:24 Otherwise you would've never gotten here...I don't think...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:24 Thats good to know
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:28 She certainly wouldn't have shown that much restraint last night if she didn't...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:29 yeah
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:33 so..your saying I have a chance?
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:37 A chance at friendship? Certainly, if you're careful. I...am not sure if she wants anyone getting too close to her, though...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:40 we will see
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:46 So...these parakeets...tell me more about them... *wants the fundamentals on how to care for them in case their needs are much different from the needs of the bird she owned once*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:46 [You can skip through her telling Tethys about parakeet care, obviously. XD XP]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:47 well you feed them bird food and talk to them after about 2 days you can start giving them streats and teching them to step onto your finger
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:47 *hands her a pamphlet* just read this
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:50 Thank you. *takes the pamphlet*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:51 yup
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 07:53 *cares for the parakeets for the rest of the day**Katrin only comes back once Tethys is fast asleep again*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:56 *is on the couch when she comes back* Hiya you ok?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 07:57 *chuckles a tiny bit* I ask myself that a lot...it's always the same answer, so don't bother...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 07:58 *slumps down on a cushy chair near the couch**her clothes have blood on them* [This is unusual because she normally makes absolutely sure to clean herself up before she goes home again unless she's absolutely forced to come home like this.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:58 well maybe one day we can change that answer?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 07:59 Your clothes are all bloody, rough night? Mine were to but Its all good I washed them and cleaned up the blood around the house
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:00 Mmm...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:00 I hope you dont mind but I got your grandmother some pet birds
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:00 *stares out the window at the ocean in silence for a little while**then says quietly* I'm sorry.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:02 what for? I said you could I honestly dont mind or care my friends used to use me for training I am used to death and magic attacks so there is nothing to be sorry for
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:02 so are you hurt?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:04 No, no, none of this is mine.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:04 And it's not so much the physical damage I inflicted...it's the fact that I even got to the point of trying that...and it's the things I said.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:05 ok want me to wash those stains out for you then?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:06 *chuckles* What stop talking and go away? Seriously that is Far from the worst things people have said to me I remember the worst thing that was said to me and You will never be able to top it
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:07 and my best friend tried to make me Extrememly Scared when she first met me
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:07 No, before that.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:07 I...I lied. I do care about others...that's why Tethys and the rest of the family are there...it's just that I start spewing lies whenever... *hesitates*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:07 hm which part?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:08 Unless...I just don't know the truth anymore.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:08 [nvm the which part]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:08 *are here
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:08 One day I say one thing, the next day I say the complete opposite...and every time I speak I feel as though I mean what I say.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:08 No you care I knew you were lying especially since you literally dropped everything as soon as you saw your grandmother
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:10 Thing about feelings is they change when your mad You dont care no one cares when they are mad its when you stop being mad that you care
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:12 It's not...I'm not mad, it's...more like madness.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:13 Madness is mad *smiles a bit* im insaine havent you noticed?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:14 altho crazy people dont know they are crazy
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:19 Oh, sometimes they do.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:19 Of course I noticed. That's why I paid more attention to you than the others.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:20 I felt we had something in common. *smirks a little*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:25 *smiles a bit* Yeah I like you to your intresting more intresting then most people and you are really really hot
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:29 So is it Did that you have or something else?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:31 Oh no...not really...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:31 I'm the merger of two beings with completely opposite values. What do you think that results in?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:32 one heck of a power struggle
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:33 but again if its 2 seprate people sharing one body then what the other being dose isnt your fault
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:36 It isn't like that...honestly it would be easier if it was...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:37 then how is it?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:40 *looks at her, thinking*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:41 It's h**l.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:41 yeah... I know that feeling
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:43 its like you
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:43 [Sorry dog hit the keys i didnt finish it]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:46 Its like you are a glass cup that someone throws against the wall it shatters into a billion tiny pieces like dust and then they sweep you up but they obviously dont get all the pieces then they through you into the fire in an attempt to remold you.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:46 at least thats the best I can describe that feeling
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:48 In a way...only it's like someone took a cup and a bottle, smashed them, and then tried putting them back together into some sort of hybrid. It's unnatural. It doesn't work out too well.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:51 The remnants of both sides hate it...for vastly different reasons of course, but...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:52 That just contributes to the chaos. *leans back, closing her eyes**says quietly* Mmm...wish I could sleep without dreaming.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:55 Belive it or not I have something for that
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 08:56 Oh really? *smirks a little**of course she believes her and of course she knows she has something for that*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 08:58 want some?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 09:00 Naturally.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 09:01 Doubt it'll work all that well...mortals' bodies are far more fragile in this regard...unless you have a divine dosage for this as well.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 09:01 *rummages though her backpack and hands her a bottle of pills* 3 right before you sleep, yes I calculated for God Dosage
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 09:02 I have human dosage god dosage dog dosage ect...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 09:02 Mmm hmm. *looks at them for a few moments* Worth a shot. *swallows them*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 09:03 Do me a favor...don't let Tethys into this room. I'm not very...presentable at the moment. *smirks and leans back*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 09:03 Will do
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 09:05 *falls asleep within minutes**looks quite peaceful*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 09:07 *while she is asleep she gets her into clean clothes and washer her old ones*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 09:08 [Katrin would've woken up...maybe Sara would've been able to slip her coat off, but nothing else.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 09:09 [oh ok]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 09:10 [Unless the anti-dream pills double as sleeping pills. But even, the pills aren't entirely that effective. They'll work for the most part, but not entirely.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.18 09:10 *even then,
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 09:12 *waits for her to wake up for a few hours she is at home with Chobi but returns probably an hour before she wakes up*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 09:16 *wakes up early in the morning, like she usually does**comes out of her room around the time Sara gets back*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 09:19 *stretches, goes to the bathroom, and then heads for the kitchen*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 09:21 [ima go to bed]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 09:23 *has to pass by the big room with the couch and large glass window (AKA the room Katrin's in) in order to get to the kitchen*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.18 09:24 [OK, goodnight!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.18 18:52 *stops Tethys* Eh She dosent want you in that room right now *ushers her back into the room they are in*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.19 04:07 Hm? Oh...alright...
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.19 04:10 [I'm on! ^.^]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 04:30 [hi]
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.19 04:33 [Hey!]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 04:33 *wakes up about an hour later**stretches and gets up**of course she's left bloodstains on the chair she slept on*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 04:35 *hears Katrin stretching and walks into the room* Good morning
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 04:40 Mornin'. *yawns**looks at the chair* Whoopsies...gotta clean up...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 04:42 *quickly uses magic to clean up the chair and then runs off, disappearing into another room**after a few minutes she comes out, her clothes good as new*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 04:42 Is Tethys up yet?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 04:43 *of course she knows she is**she's just trying to be sociable and distract herself from what's going on in her mind*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 04:43 [brb]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 04:52 [Back!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 04:57 yeah I kept her out of here
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 04:59 Good...good.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 05:01 I'm...going to be away for quite a while. *glances at her inside coat pocket* There's something I need to get done, and...I don't think I can afford any distractions.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 05:03 *takes the broken mirror out of her pocket (it looks something like this, except the glass is cracked: https://previews.123rf.com/images/wabeno/wabeno1303/wabeno130300074/18504560-vintage-hand-mirror.jpg )* Here...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 05:04 *golden energy swirls around it briefly as she casts spells on it**holds it out to Sara* Take this for your troubles. *winks and grins* Do your best not to lose it.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 05:04 It's just a little...something for you to talk to in case you get lonely.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:13 *nods a bit*...will...will you call me when you get back?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 05:17 Of course.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:18 *nods a bit* ok stay safe
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,May.19 05:19 Safe? What's that? *grins and tessers away*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2019,May.19 05:20 *has been occupying herself with her parakeets**she likes them a lot*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:20 *takes the mirror and telaports home she taps the mirrior* so...are you another little soul trapped in a bottle?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:20 well mirror...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:24 H...hello?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:24 Who...you sound familiar...Sara?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:25 ugh...with all the people to talk to I get stuck with you great..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:25 [BTW, the voice coming from the mirror is young and female, but sounds like it's on a phone or radio, so it can't really be identified all that well.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:25 well I guess its the thought that counts
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:26 (nvm then)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:26 [Katrin has put a whole lot of safeguards into the mirror so that 1. Aedona's soul can't be traced to it and 2. it's extraordinarily hard to identify who's in there. There are spells blocking Aedona from sharing a lot of information about herself, and of
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:26 course her voice sounds different.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:26 which one are you? I know oh so many people
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:28 its not like I freakin care tho
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:29 I...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:29 Well... *tries and tries to say a lot of things about herself, but finds that she can't*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:29 *sounds rather panicked* I cannot say...I...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:32 I'm trying...but I...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:33 I dont care I really dont care...Katrin thinks im lonely so she gave me you...its super sweet...man I love her shes just the best
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:36 I...I've seen what she does when she's away...she's not really...it's...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:37 Please...could you...could you find a way to... *is trying to ask if Sara will help let her out, but even that subject's prohibited*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:41 nope not letting you out and I have seen her on bad days im fine with her
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:44 You haven't seen her real bad days...what you saw was mild...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:46 I know and everyone is scared of her yadda yadda yadda I dont care...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:46 here I know someone for you CHOBI! Come here!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:46 *runs in* Y...yes?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:47 *hands Chobi the mirrior* here it talks its for you Take it to your room or whatever
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:48 ok *takes the mirror to his room and sits down* Hi...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:51 Er...hello...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:51 Wh...who are you?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:52 who are you? I doubt your actually a mirrior
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 05:59 I...um...I can't...really say...I'm trying, but...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:00 make up a name then
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:03 I...uh...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:04 *tries using makes relevant to herself in hopes that if anyone hears that Chobi has a mirror buddy named, say, "C.J." or "Erikas" or something, they'll know**Katrin covered this too, but she does manage to get around the rule by using something that's
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:05 part of one of her friend's names, albeit rarely mentioned* J...Jane. Call me Jane.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:05 I...I guess...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:07 *using names
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:07 [I can't spell anything right tonight. >_< ]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:07 I knew someone with a Similar name... Cara Jane..
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:08 tiny little thing she was...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:09 *sounds excited* Cara Jane?!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:10 mmhmm yeah...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:11 Do you know where she is?!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:13 yeah dead she has been for 116 1/2 years
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:13 *16 1/2
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:15 torn our pack apart...her and her brother... both of them...died
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:16 No no no...they're not dead...I...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:18 I got taken trying to save them I saw there limp lifeless bodies so dont even joke about that alright?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:20 But they're not!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:20 16 and a half years...she's 17 now!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:21 Her brother is a tech whiz and he wears yellowish socks!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:22 I swer I will Shatter that mirror if you dont knock it off
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:22 *swear
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:26 I'm not joking! I'd never joke about something like this! Cara Jane's my best friend!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:29 your disgusting *sets the mirror down and walks off he comes back a few hours later she probably hears him come in the room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:41 *doesn't say anything*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:42 stupid bracelet...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:42 Bracelet?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:42 I...I'm sorry, I can't see anything...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:42 I used to be able to, but...not after I was...given away...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:44 I dont want to talk to you your just as bad as the others....
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:48 I...I don't understand...I'm telling the truth...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:49 My words are limited...but I can take you to them if you help...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:50 you are a very sick person you know that?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:52 I'm not...I'm telling the truth, I swear.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:53 *picks up the mirrior and throws it into the hall*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:54 *more of the glass breaks, but it doesn't make any difference for her**she literally cannot feel anything*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:56 *walks in* Hey whats wrong?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:57 That mirror is evil...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 06:58 *nods* ok Im sorry I didnt know I'll get rid of it *walks in the hallway and grabs the mirrior* what did you do hmm?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:00 I just told him the truth...that's all I did...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:01 I told him Cara Jane and her brother were alive and he wouldn't believe me...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:07 thats beacause he dosent know and he is very fragile so shut it
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:08 Al...alright...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:08 If...if you helped, I could...take him to them...show him they're alive...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:09 I dont want that you idiot
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:11 Why not? Wouldn't it help him?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:11 let me guess Friend of C.J definitly not my C.J other C.J missing friend god Related Hi Aedona
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:13 [AUGH A SCORPION]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:13 [WHY ARE THEY SUDDENLY COMING IN MY HOUSE ALL THE TIME?!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:13 [dont get stunged]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:15 [I LOOKED AWAY FOR 2 SECONDS AND IT'S GONE?! WHAT THE H**L?!!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:16 as I said I dont care im not letting you go, its rude to throw away gifts dont you think?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:17 [I have a flashlight and I looked all over, but I can't find it...I'm just going to sit with my legs crossed on the chair for the rest of the night... O_O]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:17 [yup]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:20 Please?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:21 I...I can't feel anything...I can't see...I can't breathe...it's...it's horrible in here...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:26 I dont care
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:27 Lets make this Very Very Very clear I dont care about you at all in the slightest you could be crying and begging all night and It wouldnt change a thing
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:29 *just doesn't say anything*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:32 and radio slice thats very rude
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:35 *just sounds depressed* What do you want me to say?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:35 Everything I want to say is blocked.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:42 what help me please huh?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:47 No...but she's keeping me from talking about people I know. Cara Jane's the only exception I've found.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:51 I dont want to hear about your stupid friends Aedona I dont Care
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:51 Well...I thought we...shared a friend...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:51 maybe by staying in here changes your terrible future and makes sure you Stay away from Saxon
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:56 I dont have friends Anymore Aedona
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:57 well except Saxon hes cool and you ruin his life in the future... I know that You dont though you have no stinkin clue what happends I wont tell you eaither
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 07:59 [Wait, but YY Sara was the one who went to the future. How could she know this??]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:03 [no it was Ikurian Sara that went]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:04 [bc YY sara was in the lab remember? ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:06 [No, it was YY Sara.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:06 [YY Sara went into the lab after she got back.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:07 [It had to have been YY Sara, otherwise YY Sara's disappearance right after coming back from the future wouldn't have had as much impact.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:08 [no the lab that transfered her to The other lab that Cara died in]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:08 [Recall that the Eira arc started right after the Irakurrian backdoor arc. What happened was that the tunnel back to Yinyang from where Theseus and co. worked malfunctioned, flinging YY Sara into the future. I'm not even sure if Irakurri Sara was even
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:08 involved in the Irakurrian backdoor arc.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:08 [Precisely! YY Sara was transferred to Vulkanisch, where she met up with the rescue team trying to get to the "Irakurrian backdoor" within Vulkanisch.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:09 [im going to bed ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:09 [Irakurrian Sara was not involved in the Irakurrian backdoor storyline at all. YY Sara met up with everyone later, shortly after Cara's death.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:09 [OK, goodnight!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:10 [The Irakurrian backdoor arc involved Saxon, C.J., Aedona, Cara, and Nycro. They headed to Irakurri in search of the wormhole placed there that would lead them to where Theseus and co. were trapped. That wormhole was inside Vulkanisch.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:11 [YY Sara was transferred to Vulkanisch and met up with C.J. and co. and went with them through the wormhole to Theseus and co. Once there, they had to create another wormhole back to Yinyang. That "return wormhole" was defective, causing YY Sara to be
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:11 flung into the future. After YY Sara got back from the Eira arc, she couldn't stand being around Aedona and co. after what she just saw and disappeared. I assume she was re-captured by the labs while she was gone.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:15 [I also recall that the Sara involved in the Eira arc was much friendlier to Aedona than Irakurri Sara ever was or ever will be. It had to have been YY Sara.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:15 [Sooo...you kinda need to scratch the last things Irakurri Sara said. :P]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.19 08:19 [I looked back at the "Poor Boi Saxon" RP...yep, it all fits...YY Sara was traded to Vulkanisch. In return Vulkanisch gave Saxon to the Earth lab. I guess YY Sara was re-captured by the Earth lab after she got back to Yinyang.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.20 04:04 [I'm here!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.22 04:33 [I'm on!]
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,May.26 05:28 [Actually ikurian Sara was traded yy Sara eaither didnt go or was with the team but ye your right yy Sara went into the future]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 05:49 [Why would the Earth labs have Irakurri Sara??]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 05:50 [If YY Sara wasn't traded, then that kind of breaks the plot. She had to have been traded, otherwise it wouldn't have been possible for her to be there when the return wormhole malfunctioned and flung her through time.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 05:50 [Unless you want to revise the plot and say YY Sara went to the future in a totally different manner or something.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 05:51 [Here's the Poor Boi Saxon RP: http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=math2 I'm pretty sure the Sara who was traded to Vulkanisch is YY Sara.]
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,May.26 06:16 [I play the 2 Saras VERY diffrently if it was YY sara the reaction to the lab, breaking out, and the jackels would have been diffrent YY Sara was either with the group or in the mini universe trapped with the others]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 06:25 [YY Sara couldn't have been in the mini universe though. She was the one who set up Theseus and co. to be captured and put into the mini universe. She did that to get Aron back from Corbin and co.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 06:26 [YY Sara also wasn't with the rescue team, though at this point I suppose it couldn't hurt to make a revision and pretend she was.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 06:27 [This all happened many months ago though. The way we play as our characters changes over time. I recently looked back at Aedona's dialogue from several years ago and cringed because it didn't seem like it was Aedona at all.]
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,May.26 06:38 [im only gonna be on a new arc rp tonight and dont bring this disagreement about MY characters there please]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 06:43 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 06:44 [It can't hurt to say that YY Sara was part of the rescue team BTW. If you want to say that she was part of the rescue team from the start and it was Irakurri Sara who got traded and then returned to Yinyang with everyone else, that's fine.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,May.26 06:51 [This sort of change is honestly nothing to me BTW. I've made much, much, MUCH more radical changes to, say, Aedona's backstory.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 02:11 [yeah ok irikurian sara probably didnt know but yy Sara and Irikurian sara talk alot actually so she probably told her, they share secrets even though they hate each other they trust each other to some degree, they have an agreement]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 02:12 *tosses the orb from hand to hand while talking to her* Magic humans teleportation space crap its all a load of garbage and you got yourself stuck in a ball
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 02:14 *mirror not ball she is tossing the mirrior she said mirrior..*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 02:16 I cant care about people I dont know and I dont grow attached to people much anymore altho Katrin man...shes just...wow...I havent fell that hard for someone since Alex...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 03:45 [OK...but YY Sara never told Aedona and C.J., and they're her best friends. How come she told Irakurri Sara and not anyone else?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 03:46 [I am also confused as h**l because I could've sworn YY Sara fell for a girl named Alex on AHAW 2. XD XP I guess Alex had an Irakurrian counterpart then...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 03:49 *just doesn't say anything**is really disturbed by what Sara said about Saxon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 03:56 [Oh, and can you reiterate what's going on with Flair, Spark, and YY Sara? I remember you revised this, so now I just don't really know what to do with Flair.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Jul.2 04:19 *has been trying to do his own thing in the dragon worlds and has still been kind of annoyed with C.J., but he is getting a bit more tolerant about it (or at least he's becoming a little numb to it)*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 04:25 [Yy sara and Irikurian Sara tell each other things more then there bffs bc even though thwy kinda hate eaxh other they are the only immortals they know of also both saras had an alex Irikurians died a long time ago]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Jul.2 04:32 [Okie dokie.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Jul.2 04:34 [So what's going on with Flair?]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Jul.2 04:44 [Hello?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:03 [Flair thinks spark is dead but Sara never tourchered her]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Jul.2 05:05 [Okay, got it.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:07 [Also sorry i was off I had to get 3 children food and the order got messed up so I had to go back to get my missing nugs]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2019,Jul.2 05:10 [It's fine!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:18 ...So there's no chance you're going to help at all?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:18 Oh good your silent I'll just put you on the mantel and leave you there if your going to act like an inanimate object
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:18 *said that before she spoke*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:19 I never said that Im still deciding
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:24 ...Alright...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:25 [Will it be a while before Sara does something? I don't have plans for my characters until later on unless you have something happen with your characters that affects mine (e.g. Sara does decide to do something).]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:28 [i dont have anything planed eaither idk what to do]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:34 [OK, I'll do a time skip then.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:35 [Sorry for the slow replies BTW. I started working on my Eira drawing again.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:35 [I have a final tomorrow, but god dang it, I feel burned out...I need some more down time...]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:38 [k]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 05:41 *calls Sara*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:41 *answers it* Hey hon, hows your trip?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 05:44 Fantastic. What's crackalackin?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:46 nothing much, found out the friend in the talking mirror nice puzzle bye the way I figured it out fairly quickly though, shes still inside but she dosent talk much
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 05:48 Figures.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:49 so...are you coming home soon? I miss you
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 05:51 I'm on my way. Can't stay there long, though, I have lots to do!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:51 need any help?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 05:51 Panthea is finally mine again...that's all I have to say. *smirks and hangs up and then heads to her underwater home*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 05:54 *tends to her ocean planet for a while and then sits back in her home, waiting for Sara to arrive*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:55 *smiles a bit and picks up the mirrior* shes so cute she just called me saying Panthea is finally hers again Shes doing great
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 05:55 anyway I will see you later *sets the mirrior down and telaports to Katrin* Hi
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:00 *remains silent, but she definitely isn't happy*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:00 Hello gorgeous! *winks*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:01 *hugs her* Oh I missed you
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:03 *hugs her back* Missed you too, hon.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:03 And about that question you asked...perhaps.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:03 I have plans for the Panthean planets...it would be nice to have a companion...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:04 *and it would
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:07 *smiles big* I would be more then happy to fulfill that role If you would like
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:14 Thank you. *smiles*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:15 so, what sort of plans do you have in mind?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:18 Well, first I plan a vacation to celebrate.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:20 Then I plan to work...but as they say, work hard, play hard, and I'm about to go on a big play hard phase.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:20 mm alright
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:25 I...have never been bowling before, have you?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:28 Nope. Worth trying. I think I have the time.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:29 lets go bowling
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:34 Alrighty! *teleports to Earth* Um...so do you know of any bowling places?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:35 um...no...but...google is a thing *pulls out her phone*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:36 there is one a few miles from here *shows her the map*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:43 Ah. *tessers there*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:43 [Sorry for the slow replies...I'm just gradually driving myself insane with this lineart...so much for deciding to wind down via drawing...]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:46 *telaports there she goes to the counter and pays for shoes*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:51 *looks around curiously*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:52 [Katrin is easily over 6 feet tall BTW. XD XP She probably looks like a giant compared to the other women here.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:52 *brings katrin her shoes* here put these on I have seen bowling in movies before you need to wear bowling shoes I also looked up the rules online
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:55 Got it. *takes off her boots and puts on the shoes**wiggles her toes* Comfy. I think I'll keep these.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:57 *laughs* no you gotta return them when your done come on *goes to the bowling alley* So we each get 2 turns before the next person and your saposed to roll the ball along the path to hit the pins thats what the rules say *pickes a ball and rolls it and*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:57 *it hits a few pins then goes to the ball return and rolls it again and gets a gutter ball and the pins reset* ok your turn
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 06:58 I'm sure they won't miss these. These are rather big, anyway. I doubt there's many others here who can fit in these.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 06:59 you'd be surprised
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 07:01 I dunno...they won't miss these, I promise. [She IS keeping the shoes BTW. XD]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.2 07:02 but then they wont let us come back to this one!
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 07:13 Says who?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.2 07:14 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 00:07 [If I don't come on tonight then it'll most likely mean my Internet or power got knocked out. It's thunderstorming quite a bit here.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 04:36 [I'm on! Sorry I'm late; I was busy looking for gems in an empty Ice Cavern because I'm an idiot who missed the Level Complete signal.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:13 I can buy you your own pair if you want bowling shoes that badly, a new pair not those old ones
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:14 I dunno...these are fine.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:24 *rolls a ball, imitating how Sara did it**hits most of the pins, though not all of them, and tries again*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:25 *takes out the rest of the pins with her second roll*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:26 [I have gone bowling only once in my life BTW and that was years ago, sooo... XD XP If I do something stupid, it's due to lack of experience.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:35 nice one... *takes her ball and hits a strike with her next roll* Nice! *she rolls again and hits another strike* Im good at this!
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:40 *throws a gutter ball and swears, and then hits a strike*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:40 Huh...so simple, yet oddly satisfying.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:40 I suppose the people of Earth have no choice but to find satisfaction in little things like this...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:42 I mean....we do other things to...I...I was born a long time ago though so alot has changed...so much has changed...I used to go down to the soda shop with Tom and Amy...*chuckles* we would get root beer floats and 50 cent burgers from the little counter
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:44 then we would go swimming in the canal or play base ball in the park before the lab....those were simpler times... and then by the time I escaped from the lab everything was so diffrent I nearly had a heart attack..
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:49 ...You mean to tell me burgers were only 50 cents?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:50 yeah...long...long time ago...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:52 I was born so long long long ago...all my old friends are dead...every single one of them old age...or heart attacks or other things..
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:55 God [BLEEP] it, why couldn't I have been released then? [BLEEP]ing Izar shouldn't have delayed having a child...I'll have to have a word with him about this... *chuckles*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:55 *said that before she mentioned her friends are dead*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:56 im probably much older then you plus I didnt grow up in this universe
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:56 I have the opposite dilemma...all my old so-called "friends" are still alive...it really made thinks inconvenient for a while after my release...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:56 Oh, please. I'm a couple billion years old. I don't think burgers existed on Earth a couple years ago. Then again I never left Panthea back then...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:56 The other piece of me, however...yeah, she's much, much younger...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:57 hey even [bleeping] friends are better then dead ones
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 05:57 Where...where did you come from, exactly?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 05:58 Irikurian...I think thats what they call it...It...It was nice...until it wasnt...and now im here...I guess
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:04 Irikuri dosent have as many gods or much space travel and stuff its calmer there
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:04 which isnt good for someone like me beacause calm means you are not busy and if im not busy I start thinking and thats no good
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:06 Funny...I feel exactly the same way.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:07 ["Stuff its calmer there." *and suddenly we switch to Irakurri, where everyone's recovering from Mayhem's attempted takeover of the universe* ...Yup that's calm and stable. XD]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:07 anyway...*rolls the ball and gets another strike rolls it again and gets 1 more strike*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:21 [Sorry, got distracted with the Eira drawing. The lineart for her original design is almost complete. ^.^]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:21 [Do you want to do a Hangouts call?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:22 [not really I get distracted when I do]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:23 [Be warned: if you agree, it may be finicky at first. I'm going to see if I can get this distribution to work with Hangouts calls.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:23 [Alright.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:23 *gets several strikes as well, though she takes more time/has to concentrate more than Sara does to get them*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:26 *she keeps getting strikes until the match is over* well...that was fun
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:28 Yep...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:30 What else do these Earth people do?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:31 well I used to hang out in the park...we could walk in the park
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:35 Alrighty.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:41 parks are nice
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:43 Perhaps after this I could show you some things the Sahlemese like to do.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:43 ok
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:45 So...which park would you like to go to?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:46 I dont know
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:49 Well I'm sure there are lots to go to.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:49 Pick any park in the world.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:54 know one knows the names of parks people just go to the nearest park in your neighborhood
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 06:55 I dunno...everyone knows the names of the more famous recreational areas in Panthea.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 06:59 *chuckles a bit* thats kind of weird ya no people live in an area and if someone says "Hey lets go to the park" everyone knows were it is even though every place has a diffrent park
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 07:02 [*cough* Parc Guell *cough* But Sara isn't familiar with modern day Earth, sooo... XD Can't blame her for not knowing that one.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 07:02 So where is this place's park?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 07:07 [i dont even know what that is]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 07:07 I dont know ive never been here before
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 07:13 [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Park_Güell ]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 07:13 Alright...do you know where any parks are?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 07:15 I mean I knew were the one in my home town was
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 07:21 Would you like to go there or look elsewhere, then?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 07:22 my..um home town is in another universe so no we cant go
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 07:28 Alright. How about you look up parks on your...thingamajig?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.3 07:29 its a cell phone I hacked it so it works all over the universe
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 07:42 Ah. Anyway, perhaps you should look up parks?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.3 08:21 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.4 00:33 [Wheee...I broke reality... https://youtu.be/o7OBo4TkMc0 ]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.4 04:25 [The spiders in High Caves still scare the crap out of me...whoop-dee-doo...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.4 04:25 *]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.4 04:29 I have turned very sarcastic during these last few recording sessions...not sure why...sooo... XD XP Expect to see the sassy side of me in the next episodes of my let's play.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.4 04:29 *[ [FREAKING BRACKETS]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.4 05:25 [Hello?]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 04:32 Hm...nah, let's just go to Panthea!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 04:32 *shrugs a bit* Yeah I guess
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 04:37 *tessers them to the top of one of Panthea's biggest cathedrals* So, what do you want to do? *seems rather excited*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 04:38 Whatever you want *smiles big* I dont come here oftain
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 04:40 *looks down then holds Katrins arm tightly* but um...maybe we should get um...down first
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 04:41 *looks a bit confused but also concerned* Oh...alright. *tessers them down to the ground*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 04:42 Acrophobia?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 04:43 I was pushed out of alot of planes as a kid
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 04:49 *tries not to laugh* Geezus, you got ripped off by the airlines.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 04:53 But really...what the heck happened?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 04:59 they wanted to how high you could fall from a plane without dying,...so they started high and kept pushing as they got lower until I didnt die but I broke nearly all my bones and couldnt move and was in alot of pain and instead of killing me they..
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 04:59 If...you're not ready to tell me that's alrigh.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 04:59 *alright.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:00 *said that before she started explaining*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:00 bandaged me up stuck me in a hosbital bed and refused to let me die...they made me heal naturally
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:06 they have also tied me to the top of very tall polls during lightning storms so I would get hit and they could study the after effects of getting stuck by lightning and they have done other things evolving heights to
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:09 ...Would you like me to go on any revenge missions? I could...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:10 no...no its fine...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:18 Are you absolutely sure?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:19 yes they live in another universe anyway and I dont like dragging stuff in from the past
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:21 I dont like other people looking into my past without me either
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:21 *doesn't seem entirely convinced, but she nods in response*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:22 *hesitates, thinking**then says:* I should hope you're not afraid of snakes too.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:25 no snakes never bothered me
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:27 *smirks* Good.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:28 *tessers them deep into the ocean, using her magic to illuminate the area and let them stand in an air bubble*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:29 Be very quiet...I'll be right back. *tessers elsewhere**a minute later she appears in the water in front of Sara with an EXTREMELY large dead fish*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:29 *tessers back into the air bubble and puts her fingers over her lips, smirking*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:32 *looks confused*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:34 *a few minutes pass and then an absolutely GIGANTIC white snake with blue eyes comes zooming out of the darkness**it snags the fish*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 05:37 *her smirk grows bigger* One of Accr's favorites... [Accr is the primordial goddess of water BTW.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:38 *dosent even flinch*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:38 cool
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 05:46 Thats a pretty big snake
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:05 I suppose you could say a couple thousand feet is pretty big... *a few minutes have passed and the snake is still passing by them*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:09 Beautiful creatures...they're part of the Panthean Zodiac, actually...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:09 It's a shame the Panthean Zodiac doesn't revolve around water creatures...land ones are so overrated...that may something I may just have to change...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:09 *may be
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:14 *hesitates awkwardly**then chuckles and says:* What's your favorite animal, by the way?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:24 I dont have one
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:25 How come?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:25 but as far as zodiac signs go, Im a Taurus
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:26 *ignores her how come question*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:26 earth Zodiac signs dont mean anything though its just a load of bs that stupid people believe in
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:29 True...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:30 I bet the Earth Zodiac doesn't have anything like the wynfidi here. [Wynfidi is the Panthean word for the giant sea serpent species they see here.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:30 wyfindi?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:32 Panthean name for this species of snake.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:37 oh on earth its called Lotan altho on earth Lotan dosent actually exist
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:42 Ah, leviathan...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:43 Shame Earth doesn't have these...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:45 if they did people would have killed or trapped it by now
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:47 I can't imagine why...they only swallow boats whole... *smirks*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:48 oh trust me when it comes to destroying and killing earth humans always find a way
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:52 Mmm...true...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:53 if you saw me a few years ago I was completely broken not at all like I am now
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 06:54 ...You sure you don't want me to do something about that?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 06:55 Yes. I am positive. I dont want you going there or doing anything. I have my reasons
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 07:04 its my lets call it my insurance policy
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 07:09 "Insurance policy?"
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 07:10 yup.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 07:14 What's that supposed to mean?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 07:15 its my plan B bassically like a sort of back up plan
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 07:19 What sort of back up plan?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 07:27 the kind that you could never wrap your head around or understand
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 07:30 I dunno...I'm a special kind of crazy...I can sure as h**l try.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.6 07:34 thanks for the um...interest but you wouldnt understand it at all and I dont really wanna talk about it
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 07:35 Alrighty then.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.6 07:36 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.7 04:25 [BTW, would Sara trade Aedona to anyone? I am sort of getting tired of her being trapped forever and ever.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.7 04:26 [I wonder if she'd trade her to Armis...I recall that RaeAnna had Armis do this so that he could get the leverage over Saxon necessary for Saxon to wind up training him in the AHAW 2 era...how Armis would figure out she has Aedona is beyond me, though...]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.7 04:26 [I'm just kind of thinking "aloud" here...]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:29 *goes over and sniffs the mirriror*....you...you syopped talking
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:30 ...What's the point?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:38 Nobody's going to help me...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:38 d...do you want out?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:39 Of course I do...it's...it's horrible in here...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:39 I...I can help maybe...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:40 I...know what being trapped is like
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:40 ...Why? You think I'm a liar...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:40 *said that before the "I...know...(etc.)" part*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:40 Oh...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:41 I...suppose I can give you more names of people who might be able to help, but...you'd probably get mad at me...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:42 beacause you lied to me thats why. but i'll still help you. *picks up a telaporter* I have a telaporter it has names of people and places on it you tell me which one you want to go to ok?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:43 first Frequent list, Katrin....Mathews.....Gerrett....The BM......Tomas....
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:43 Tomas?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:44 do...do you want to go to him?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:45 Y-yeah...that works...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:45 I just...hope it's the right Tomas...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 06:46 [Something tells me this is going to be Irakurri Tomas and not YY Tomas...ah well... XD XP]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 07:00 *telaports them to Irikurian Tomas* [i gtg ttyl]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.7 07:08 [Aw, bye!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 03:38 *saw the incomming telaport and it intrigued him so he let them telaport inside* my...my...my what do we have here...another Chia wolf...Hello
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 03:40 you have met Chia wolves before?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 03:40 yes I have but I havent met you..who are you?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 03:41 *remains quiet for the time being*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 03:42 Chobi...there is a person in this mirrior...she wants you to get her out *hands the mirrior to Tomas*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 03:42 I see...Hello have we met?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 03:46 probably if you requested me...or did you want other tomas?mmm I dont think that would matter much
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 03:50 unless it dose...hmmm It depends....if its your soul stuck or your whole being and if you are a yin yang soul or an Irikurian one, I can do both but His equintment is better suited for yin yang beings
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 03:52 I'm a Yinyang being...um...yeah, I wanted the other Tomas...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 03:56 alrighty sending you over now *calls Tomas and send only Aedona to him*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 03:57 YY Tomas: Hello...your a curious thing...ok so is it your soul or body stuck in here?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 03:58 Soul...you know me...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 03:58 I was here not too long ago...I can't say much else due to the spells on me...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:05 well very very few spells can be place on the soul itself so you probably have heavy anti information spells on the mirrior so I can just move your soul to another object and see who you are ok?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:09 Alright...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:11 your not alseep so you might feel a little funny ok? *puts her in a machine and puts another object in the machine a little wooden puppet in and transfers her soul from the mirrior to the puppett and takes it out* you can even move in this little puppett
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:12 but more importantly you can talk freely
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:14 I-I'm Aedona!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:15 oh ok I have your dna so I can re create you fairly easily not a problem
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:16 [I thought he had her body stored?]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:16 [oh Right]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:17 [nvm that then]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:17 Oh! I found your body its in cold storage perfectly preserved
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:20 I'll go get it um stay...here.. *runs off and rolls Aedona body in its kinda frozen he puts it in a machine* ok lets do this
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:20 Okay...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:23 *puts the puppett in the other side of the machine and transfers Aedonas soul to the body that has heated up in the machine to normal body temp then opens the machine* ok you might be dizzy and have a hard time walking
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:23 *holds her hands* go ahead and step out
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:27 *steps out and almost immediately falls down*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:29 *catches her* whoa...careful...Ok Im gonna need to run some tests on you make sure your stabalized and that everything is good...*leads her to a chair* how about you have a seat
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:30 *sits down awkwardly*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:35 *hooks her up to an I.V line* Im getting you some fluids and nutrients that you desperately need
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:38 Alright... *feels fatigued, but also very much relieved**this is far more comfortable/natural than being in the mirror*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:38 Th-thank you...it was...I hated it in there... *feels rather lightheaded**suddenly realizes she's crying a bit, but she can't help it*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:40 you should stay here for a few days just so I can be certain everything is ok with you...this can be a little iffy sometimes especially when your soul is in an inanimate object for so long
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 04:42 Okay...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.8 04:45 no problem
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.9 03:51 I want to talk to C.J...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.9 04:16 go ahead and call her *points to his wall phone* my phone is over there
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.9 04:25 *tries to get up, but feels super dizzy and half-sits, half-falls back down into the chair*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.9 04:25 [BTW, hi! ^.^]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.9 04:29 [I'm sitting in a place where I can see through a gap in the mountains called the Window, and I can see a light flickering wayyy off in the distance. Heck, it could be a mile away. Is that morse code for AAAAAAAAAAAAA?!!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.9 04:31 yeah you need to build your strength up dont move for a while
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.9 04:35 Where's my phone??
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.9 04:36 it wasnt on your body alot of your stuff wasnt on your body actually
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.9 04:36 *hands her a plate of food* here
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.9 04:37 *eats more out of instinct than out of a conscious decision**her mind feels very foggy*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.9 04:38 you should get some sleep to the chair pull the lever on the side and itl flaten out into a bed thing
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.9 04:39 [Annnd I gtg. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.9 04:40 [....]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.9 04:40 [It's super dark and there are mountain lions in this area. I should be able to stay on later tomorrow, though. See you!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 02:06 I swear I left my phone here...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 04:08 *pulls the lever* I...I swear...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 04:11 Maybe you thought you did but I can assure you your phone isnt hwre
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 04:34 [Hey! Sorry for disappearing, I got distracted by Youtube videos.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 04:35 *is doubtful of that, but is also fatigued**whether she likes it or not, she falls asleep within minutes*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 04:38 *walks in, looking tired and depressed**sees Aedona and says quietly:* What the [BLEEP] is she doing here?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 04:39 [Keep in mind: quiet is not normal for Flair. XD XP If she were her regular self she would've practically yelled that.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 05:22 [Hello?]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:12 [hi]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:14 I thought she died so I kept her body frozen but her soul turned up so im studying her....um...shes stuck here she dosent know that yet um...if you want to have some fun with her you can I know how that cheers you up..
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:23 or...we could get Sara or C.J for you if that helps...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:23 [Hi! gtg soon.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:24 [hi]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:25 I'm not in the mood... *almost walks back out, but then turns around and says:* Get Sara. *then walks out*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:27 *is back home after spending a long time with Katrin when she gets a call* Hello?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:28 yeah its YY tomas your Tomas gave me a mirrior he got from you and im having trouble figuring it out, do you think you could help me with it?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:29 ...How...did he?....Listen dont touch it I'll come get it Tomas: Ok see you soon.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:30 *she telaports into Tomas lab but he redirects her telaportation path landing her in a room with sleeping gas that knocks her out quickly, he sucks the gas out of the room then he goes in and takes her backpack and telaports and any gadget on her then*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:31 *walks out with her stuff locking her in there then goes to Flairs room* Hey...she is in room 9B.Alpha
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:31 [Tomas said that]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:32 *holds out a needle to Flair* she is knocked out but that will wake her up when you want or she will wake up normally in 5 hours
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:33 *nods and takes the needle*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:35 if you need anything let me know ok?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:37 *just nods a little and heads to another room to brood*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:37 *walks off*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:38 *after a while she heads to Sara's room, sticks the needle in her, and proceeds to beat her to death repeatedly (or at least try to)**doesn't care what Sara
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:38 *Sara says or how she reacts, she is just unleashing pent-up, unrelenting violence upon her*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.10 07:38 [nvm about it being Irikurian Sara I think he brought YY Sara that would make more sense]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:39 *as soon as Flair hesitates she quickly backs up* What the heck?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:39 [For a split second I was confused but then I remembered YY Sara was taken by "the place" sometime just after the events of AHAW 2. Okie dokie.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:40 *just hesitated to catch her breath**then proceeds to attack again*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:40 Flair! why are you doing this I know you hate me or whatever but this isnt like you at all usually you're an A hole and you taunt and take your time Blind Rage isnt Your thing
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:40 [I'm guessing that perhaps Tomas lured her in with something similar/some other excuse about the mirror? I imagine YY Sara would be concerned for Aedona and would thus jump on an opportunity to come see what's going on.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:41 [ye]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:42 *grabs Flairs wrists pins her to the wall headbutts her hard and then lets go of her wrists to let her fall to the ground* Listen if you wanna beat me to a pulp at least tell me why
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:44 I don't have to tell you [BLEEP].
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:44 I'm the one who asks questions here, just like the old days. *gets back up and slams her into a wall*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:44 *tries to punch her over and over, but the headbutt made her disoriented and her attacks are more wild/less coordinated than before*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:45 *grabs her shoulders and pushes her to the ground* No in the old days You always gave me a Reason yes you teased and tourmented me when you did it But you Still gave me a reason.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:46 Your always an awfel person but this is Weird even for you. your not the kind to go into a blind rage
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:49 There's a first for everything, isn't there? *kicks/trips her and then gets back up, but has to lean against a wall slightly to steady herself*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:50 *on the ground she kicks Flairs leg sending her to the ground* So what we fight until you cant fight anymore and then you will tell me? Since we know I will always win a physical fight every time
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:52 Will you just SHUT UP for once?! *blasts her with fire and then quickly gets on top of her, punching wildly again**there are tears in her eyes*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 07:53 Just SHUT UP and let me beat the [BLEEP] out of you JUST THIS ONCE!!!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 07:57 *steps back a bit seeing the Tears in Flairs eyes*....what...happend...Im...Im the last person you would cry in front of.... *looks a bit worried and a bit confused*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 08:00 Just SHUT UP! *blasts her with more fire*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 08:01 Alright *sits down and dosent move* go for it
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 08:03 I thought you were working to be better with Spark what happend to that plan?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 08:04 *raises a fiery fist, but hesitates**can't stop the tears from falling* HE'S DEAD!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 08:04 Are you happy now?! Now that you know?! HE'S DEAD! *punches her with burning fists over and over*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 08:04 *immediately gets up and just hugs her pretty tightly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 08:06 *freezes up**has no idea what to do*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 08:07 *realizes she kind of wants to be hugged and is disgusted with herself **throws Sara away from her* Let go of me you [BLEEP]!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 08:07 *stays there hugging Flair*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 08:07 [nvm]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.10 08:07 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 08:08 Im sorry I didnt know, I wouldnt have mentioned it if I did
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 02:33 I don't want your pity!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 02:34 I just want my kid back... *starts to break down**throws another fiery punch at her*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 03:26 Wait he a Chia wolf right?....C.J might Be able to find him since I think she may know what happends to Chia wolves when they die since she technically was dead for a bit and I know in irikuri you can bring people back and Chia wolves are not from here
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 03:27 so Get my phone I'll make some calls and see what I can do
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 03:27 or you can just keep crying and hitting me
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:37 *was about to punch her again, but she hesitates*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:37 ...Fine.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 04:37 [hi]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:38 Try and pull any tricks and you'll never leave this place. *exits* [I'm guessing she knows where prisoners' belongings are kept?]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:38 [Hi! Sorry I'm late; I was busy losing my mind playing online chess. I was trapped in a losing streak for a while... XP]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 04:42 [ye she dose]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:43 [Hm...wait, she may not even need to get Sara's phone.] *gets a normal phone that is not Sara's and can only do normal stuff like calls, texts, etc. and comes back to the room*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:43 *hands it to Sara*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 04:47 I dont have C.Js number memorized so I need my phone plus C.J dosent pick up strange numbers
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:50 I put C.J.'s number in already and I have cloned your number onto this phone.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:50 [Yes, it is possible to clone numbers.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 04:51 [brb. I'm in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico; I'm going to get in a hot spring for a while. ^.^]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 04:55 [Theres a Doctor Who Episode About that place! one of my favorites actually!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 05:04 *calls C.J it takes a few times but she eventually picks up*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 05:04 Hey...Sara you called me 12...times what do you need?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 05:05 hey....So Since your a chia wolf and all Chia wolves are connected um...can you track down a Dead....Chia wolf?....Spark...um died...
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 05:06 well who ever told you that is lying beacause If he did Die I would feel it heavily and I can still sense him he is definitly still Alive but no I cant track down dead chia wolves
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 05:09 now I can say for Sure that spark is alive and that...he is depressed.....but I cant tell you were he is....very fuzzy I can barely sense anything about him besides his being alive even the mood is faint...but Hes definitly not dead he hasnt died yet
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 05:09 and his soul never left his body its still in there so I hope that helps
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 05:10 yeah t dose thanks bye *hangs up*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 05:10 C.J said he isnt dead.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 05:53 [I'm back...you can probably guess where Aedona's liking for hot water comes from. XD XP]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 05:53 [Really?! Cool! :D]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 05:57 ...What?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 05:57 She's lying.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:00 [Hopefully I can start watching Doctor Who once my road trip is over. ^.^]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:00 [For now I'm surprisingly occupied with other things, but I think I'll have a lot of free time after I get home.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:04 [I am curious about the T or C episode...did it turn out that there were aliens in the hot springs? XD]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:05 *punches Sara again* She's lying!! Call her again and tell her not to lie or she will regret it!! We have Aedona and we'll do whatever's necessary to get the truth!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 06:06 You call her *tosses her the phone*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:07 *calls C.J.*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 06:08 *answers* what is it now Sara?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:10 Stop lying!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:11 We have leverage and we will use it! And no, that leverage is not Sara! Now tell the [BLEEP] truth!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 06:11 whoa..Flair so you call me up to yell at me thats rude. But I mean so are you but still ow
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:11 And while you're at it tell me why you're lying or you will regret everything you've ever done!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 06:12 Truth about what? I havent talked to you in Freakin months and then you yell in my eat
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 06:12 *ear
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:14 Spark is dead! Why are you lying?!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 06:14 Im not lying he isnt dead telaport to me and I can prove it.
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 06:16 who ever told you he is dead then you have seen his body hmm? Im guessing you didnt since he is very much alive
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:17 SHUT. UP! *throws the phone across the room, breaking it*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:17 *storms out of the room and paces*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 06:18 *hears Flair Storming and runs over* Hey....Hey...whats wrong is everything ok?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:24 Get the camera and whatnot ready by Aedona...C.J. is going to regret everything she said...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 06:24 whoa....what did C.J say?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:33 It doesn't matter...she's going to regret it...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 06:34 well you tend to take things to far sometimes and I am just trying to see if your anger is justified...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 06:36 like the drive through incident....just because they got your order wrong dosent mean you should blow up the building with everyone inside
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:46 [Sorry for disappearing. I gtg soon.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 06:49 [k]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 06:50 why were you talking to C.J anyways?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:50 [XD Oh god yes, the drive-thru incident is 100% canon.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:51 [...These RPs are effed up...]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:52 [If I disappear it's because my Internet connection is acting up.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:53 What she said doesn't matter, all that matters is that she was lying! If you don't get the stuff ready I will! *storms off to another room and starts getting the equipment*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 06:54 *walks over to Aedona* Just a heads up I think Flair is trying to kill you
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 06:55 *is sleeping fitfully**wakes up slightly* Wha...?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:56 *after she gathers up equipment for about 5 minutes she suddenly just stops and stares ahead**her mind is whirling*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 06:59 nevermind just...go back to sleep ok?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 06:59 *puts everything down and walks out to find Tomas*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.11 07:00 I...what... *dozes off again*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:01 *looks at flair* hmm?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 07:08 Why did you tell me he was dead?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:09 Beacause he is dead
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 07:14 No he's not.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:17 let me guess, C.J told you that? There are 2 sparks remember? it probably confused her sense since they are technically the same person from diffrent universes they probably read as one confusing her
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:18 eaither that or she is flat out lying to you beacause she dose that
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 07:23 I don't think she is.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:25 listen why would I lie to you about Spark dying?.....I wouldnt ever hurt you like that and I wouldnt say something like that unless I was certain that It was true
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 07:29 Why don't you tell me?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:31 I wouldnt lie to you about Something like that Flair. C.J is eaither confused, dosent know, or she is lying
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 07:32 I'm just...I...I'm told...he's dead, he's not dead, I just don't know what the [BLEEP] anymore!!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 07:33 [BLEEP] everyone! *storms to another room, slams the door, locks it, and cries*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:33 *sits dont and sighs* [Bleep].....I cant keep this up...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:38 *walks into his office and calls someone up on his phone* Ok....Listen If you just send him....I know...I know I forgot to add him to the blacklist.....Yes...I know thats my fault but....If you just bring him back I....I can get you a clone of him or....
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:39 I'll even work up there ok? at the facility I will work on site......Please....how long have I been working for you? I have done everything you asked and I never questioned it and I.....yes I know no one leaves but...can we make an exception just this
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:41 once?.....Yes....anything just.....no....no...absolutely not....anything but that.....I know I just said everything but shes my daughter......no I know shes my neice but She is still I raised her and Im not trading her for him
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:44 Please...Spark is....Ok I know You dont use names but I do. Spark is part of my family you cant just.....I would rather not pick between them....Yes Technically I said that but that dosent mean that Id....Id wipe his memory first cant we just....im Sure
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:45 we can come to some sort of Agreement....No I dont want Visiting hours for me thats not!....listen...just...please....No!...No!...I...Ok...I understand my position yes...I...I wont bring it up again....ok...goodbye *hangs up* [Bleep!]...[Bleep!] oh gaw...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:46 what will I do... [btw If you want its ok if Flair overherd that half of the conversation or parts of it]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 07:48 [Yeah, that's fine with me.] *came back out and snooped around and heard the latter half of the conversation*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:49 *walks out of his office to see Flair right there* Hey...what um...what do you want for dinner?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 07:56 *just looks at him**her expression cannot be interpreted as anything but a nonverbal version of the words "You betrayed me"**walks back to another room slowly, shuts the door, and locks it again*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:58 [ah yes everyone knows happy face, sad face, mad face and the oh so common "You betrayed me" face]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 07:58 *goes to the kitchen and starts making dinner*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 08:01 [XD XP Mmm hmm.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 08:02 [Tomas Has never seen that face therfore he just thinks she is sad/annoyed ]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 08:08 [Hm...I would describe it as a really hurt-looking expression. It's sort of like the expression one would have when telling someone "I trusted you and you did this to me?!"]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 08:08 [hurt looks like sad and annoyed trust me]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 08:09 [they are easily confused]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 08:13 [Okie dokie then.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 08:14 *knocks on her door a few minutes later*...hey...I made you dinner
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 08:14 *doesn't come out for dinner*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 08:15 *doesn't answer him either*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 08:15 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.11 08:15 Come on Flair....we talked about this its ok to be Sad but you need to eat and keep your heath up
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.11 19:44 *doesn't answer*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 03:46 [I'm on! It's thunderstorming here, so if I disappear it's again due to technological reasons (for all I know the Internet could get knocked out).]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 04:46 ok Im coming in *unlocks her door and walks in* Its your favorite
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 04:55 [Hi!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 04:56 You lied to me. Get out.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:03 I didnt lie to you C.J is again probably just confused but regardless you still need to eat.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:06 Do you think I'm deaf?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:08 *thinks back* I thought I soundproofed....how much did you hear?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:09 Enough. Get. OUT!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:12 no. no we need to talk its important how much did you hear?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:17 What if I don't want to talk to you for once?! Huh?! What if for once in my god[BLEEP] life I DON'T WANT TO TALK TO YOU?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:22 [BLEEP] off and GET OUT!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:24 If you only herd part of it then you might have herd wrong...Space clean up took his body Im trying to get it back so we can burry him but Im not his legal gaurdian even though I do the booking for them They still wont budge
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:25 *puts her food on her desk* here you go *walks out of the room*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:30 LIAR! *slams the door*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:32 *sighs and walks to the other room*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:36 *within minutes she comes storming out of her room to confront him*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:37 have you eaten yet?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:43 Trade me for him!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:43 If you care about me at all trade me for him! I don't care where he is, just [BLEEP] do it!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:47 [Sorry about the slow replies; I was working on the Eira drawing.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:51 Eat first then we will talk
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:51 No!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 05:52 We're talking NOW!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 05:53 no you are angry when you are hungry So, I will talk to you after you eat
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:00 I'm not eating [BLEEP]!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:01 and Im not saying [BLEEP].
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:02 once you eat we can talk *opens his book and starts reading*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:09 [Freaking...I tried posting something and it didn't post... >_< ]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:09 ...Fine! *stomps back to her room**has one bite, but her appetite is 100% gone, so she incinerates the rest with her pyrokinetic magic and dumps the remains in the trash*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:10 *has drugged the food so she will fall asleep after eating it*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:10 [altho if she ate only one bite she would be tired and a bit woozy but idk if she would pass out]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:13 *suddenly feels dizzy and fatigued* [BLEEP]er...I knew he drugged it...son of a... *goes to a cabinet in search of an antidote, or at least something to give her energy*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:14 *keeps reading with the antidote in his back pocket*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:18 *can't find it* Son of a... *just resorts to drinking something with a bunch of caffeine in it*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:18 *then goes back into the room, clearly p***ed* First you lie to me and then you drug me. What the [BLEEP]?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:20 *raises an eyebrow at her* are you sure your not just tired? you have had a long day and you were crying alot and you havent drank any water your probably dehydrated
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:23 *the room Tomas is in,
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:24 STOP LYING!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:26 Im not lying *hands her a glass of water* drink this it will make you feel better
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:26 [Stupid freaking Internet connection...it's acting up...]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:28 *slaps the glass away (and possibly out of his hand)* Don't try these things on me!!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:28 Im only trying to keep you safe its not something I can talk about
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:29 Why?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:30 beacause as I said im trying to keep you safe. and so I cant talk about it
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:32 I'm not a [BLEEP] kid, I don't need you to keep me safe!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:33 Why the [BLEEP] are you telling me that Spark is dead when he's not?!!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:33 Listen when Im talking about keeping you Safe im not talking hold your hand as we cross the street safe Its the Im making sure you dont end up dead or worse kind of Safe alright?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:34 Ok Yes Spark isnt Dead he is Alive and he is SAFE ok he is perfectly Safe ok?.....And we will leave it there.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:35 WHY ARE YOU TELLING ME THAT SPARK IS DEAD WHEN HE'S NOT?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:35 *SO WHY DID YOU TELL ME
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:36 Beacause You would go looking for him! and You can not do that!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:36 I can do whatever I want!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:37 They will Do worse then kill you they will make you wish you were dead!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:38 I don't care! I'm getting Spark back!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:38 I am sorry I am not letting you anywere near them I love you but In the morning you wont even remember this conversation *quickly puts a needle in Flairs arm and injects something into her*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:39 ok that wont knock you out but it will make you forget everything today and we can keep talking and you wont remember it
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:45 *just looks at him, extremely hurt and still very angry**put her hand on him in an effort to avoid the needle**her hand burns him a little before her expression of hurt is replaced by confusion*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:46 you will still think spark is dead when you wake up bassically...but for now Ill answer your questions
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:52 *her mind is already basically tripping over itself*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:52 ...Why? *is just asking why he's done all this*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 06:54 To keep you safe, I mean you never bother to ask were I work I work for dangerous people who wouldnt hesitate to kill you or worse and spark got mixed up with them and I cant risk loosing you
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 06:56 He was a kid, how did he get involved with them??
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:02 He was intresting to them so they took him they do that...but they wont take you your on the blacklist
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 07:04 But I heard the phone call...they sounded like they'd trade him for me...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 07:06 Just...just [BLEEP]ing trade him for me!! Why don't you just [BLEEP]ing do it?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:12 beacause they will burn every cell in your body, poke and prode you and put you through agonizing pain on a daily basis as they study and dissect you alive and they will not let you die and you will never be able to leave and I will never see you again
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 07:15 ...No...no...trade him for me. *starts crying* Trade him for me...you can't just let them do this to him you heartless sack of...please...let me switch places with him...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:16 They wont do that to him hes for a diffrent study He wont be hurt like they would hurt you
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:18 see Im in charge of many things and placing and catagorizing were people go is one of them BUT you are not allowed to place your own family members but they dont Veiw Spark as a Family member since Family member is Surender only
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:19 and I obviously didnt surender him but they want me to surender you but I wont, So I placed him Someplace very Safe VERY Very safe he is a companion Subject meaning he lives with the people who get hurt so they dont go insaine from loneliness but more
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:20 importantly they wont touch him. HE. Is. Safe. But If I give you up YOU wont be
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 07:21 I don't give a [BLEEP]...get him out of there you son of a [BLEEP]... *is still crying*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:21 So I will not trade you for him beacause I know spark is safe but If I hand you over I wont be able to do that for you
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:23 I will do Everything I can to get him out everything EXCEPT give you up
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 07:25 Why do you work for those [BLEEP]?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:27 Beacause they took your parents and Said If I didnt they would take you to and As long as I work for them you are safe and I can still talk to my Brother....and every once and a while your mom...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:32 They are not as....Safe as I want them to be but they are better them most of the people who end up there
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:33 usually...*tears up a bit* Im....I promised Your parents I would keep you safe and I make that promise every time I see them beacause the first thing they ask when I show up is "How is Flair? is she ok" and I am not going to walk in there and tell them
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 07:34 Who are they?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:34 That I Willingly handed you over to that facility. As long as I work for those People they dont touch you thats the deal
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:35 They are just Them a group of sick twisted people that never gave themselves a name beacause names stick around its just Them The Facility
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 07:37 ...I will destroy them...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:37 no you wont you wont remember they exist in a few hours
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 07:39 I'll find a way and I'll [BLEEP] make them wish they were never born.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:40 And that thinking is why I cant tell you beacause IF you go out and try to find them or whatever ALL that will happen is you will end up stuck there in agony. Flair there are people and things there 5 billion times more powerful then you trapped in there
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:41 you dont Stand a chance Belive me Beacause THAT That is what your parents Said, That is what they tought They tought they would take them down and now they are stuck!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:43 you know what wait *goes into his offices and brings out a stack of papers taller then Flair* These are the people that tried to stop them and Failed just this afternoon... almost all of them are stronger faster smarter and more powerful then you
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 07:44 I am filing them putting them were they go this is the boring paperwork I have to do on a daily basis...I am required to put 75% of them in the worst cattagory
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 08:01 ...How big are "them?"
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 08:02 *is in shock because she would've thought that many people could take down a facility like that if they all teamed up into some sort of coordinated effort*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 08:09 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.12 08:15 Its...really really big
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.12 18:00 [BTW, since Irakurri Sara is forced to pretend that Joy is dead, let me guess...she somehow wound up in the hands of "them?"]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 04:11 [I'm online!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 04:37 [Hello?]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 05:46 [Still here...]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 05:47 [Nope your wrong and Sara isnt Forced to pretend Joy is dead She chooses to belive it bc its easier for her]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 05:47 [What the h**l...for a split second I thought I saw a post of yours and then it disappeared??]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 05:48 [Wait nope it's back. What the heck...]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 05:48 [Okie dokie then. Also hi. ^.^]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 05:51 [hi]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 05:58 Why the h**l do they [BLEEP] exist? What the h**l is their purpose?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 06:05 I have no Idea there are lots of therories but no one really knows why
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 06:07 but your parents ask about you Every time I see them, I bring them photos and videos of you from the sucurity cameras and social media
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:10 Why the [BLEEP] did they take Spark? Why not C.J. or Aedona or any of those others you found so much more interesting?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:10 *said that before he brought her parents up again*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:11 I...I just...[BLEEP]ing... *sighs and puts a hand on her forehead, extremely agitated*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 06:13 I know....I know...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:20 Why the [BLEEP] DID THEY TAKE SPARK?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 06:33 Beacause ....Your parents have not been couaperating and none of there old tricks work so they thought if they took spark you would make me hand you over so they can tourcher you infront of your parents to make them do what they want
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:38 ...I will DESTROY THEM!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:39 *knocks an array of shelves down in rage*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 06:43 no you wont what will happen if you try to get near them is they will take you and hurt you while your parents are forced to watch as they scream out for them to stop but they wont, they will break you
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:44 I DON'T CARE!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:44 [brb[
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:45 *]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 06:59 [Back. gtg soon though.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:00 BUT I DO! I CARE! And so dose EVERYONE ELSE! If you give yourself up your not just Throwing away your life your Ruining 5!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:03 Oh [BLEEP] YOU!! *tries to storm out, but trips clumsily and falls down onto her hands and knees**just sits on the floor and leans back against a wall*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:05 Yeah I know im a [Bleep] The stuff that will make you forget is slows you down alot so you cant do anything stupid
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:06 This isnt a situation that we can win Flair. And it sucks it Really Really sucks beacause knowing someone you love is trapped and you Cant help them is worse then knowing they are dead which is why im making a copy of spark...so when you wake up tomarrow
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:07 I will lie and say that wreckage clean up found his body and we can berry it and you will have closer
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:08 NO!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:08 DON'T YOU...DON'T YOU [BLEEP]...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:13 I know you would rather Kill youself by storming over to that agency but I wont let you I love you to much for that and dont give me bs about If I loved you Id let you go beacause I know what that place is and I love you there is no way im throwing you to
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:13 them
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:14 I wont make spark look all banged up im going for sufficated in space its the least traumatic
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:16 I...I don't wanna... *starts crying*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:17 Real or fake...I don't wanna see his body...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:18 *hugs her* I know....I know but If I dont it will always bug you in the back of your head the "maybe he isnt dead" little nagging and thata dangerous and you know why now but you wont tomarrow
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:22 But he isn't dead...I don't wanna forget...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:23 I know...I know but its better if you do...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:27 No it's not! *cries harder*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:30 your right not better but Safer for everyone
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:32 Not for him! I could save him!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:35 no beacause if you go in there they will release spark for about a week max before they grab him again and they will have some one else file him so he wont be safe
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:40 Why don't they just grab me and file him that way then?! What the [BLEEP]?! They do whatever they want, don't they?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 07:50 Yes Flair they do.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 07:55 So why the [BLEEP] don't they just take what they want then?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 08:03 Beacause even awfel people have some sort of moral code everyone dose theres is the blacklist I mean if they didnt protect there employees familys no one would work for them but if anyone quits they are off the list so no one leaves
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.13 08:03 so if word gets round that they are breaking that then they all.....fall...apart...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.13 08:06 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.14 01:47 [BTW, I am finally in Arizona and I am attending this: https://w ww.facebook.com/westerninvitational/ Yes, I am in the group picture at the top of the page. ^.^]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.14 01:47 [As a result I won't be on much, and on some nights I may not be on at all.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.14 04:45 [I'm here!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.14 04:45 ...So there IS a way to take them down!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.14 05:15 Why the... *sobs a bit* ...why THE [BLEEP] did you inject me with this?! Give me the [BLEEP] antidote!!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.14 05:15 We can destroy them, just give me the antidote!!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.14 06:49 [gtg! *offline*]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.15 04:11 [I'm on, but I'll probably have to go soon.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.15 04:16 [Annnd yep, I gtg. I'm going to get in a hot tub since my back hurts. Hopefully I'll be back in an hour or two. Bye!]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Jul.15 05:30 [I'm here!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.15 05:33 no thats not a way beacause if someone lies about it they can prove it. its not a way out
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.15 05:35 But maybe there's a way to make it not be a lie.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.15 05:58 no.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.15 06:02 Why NOT?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.15 06:19 to dangerous your not getting involved end of story
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.15 06:21 They took my parents...I'm already involved.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.15 06:30 no your not you dont even know your parents names they didnt want you involved so your not getting involved
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.15 06:39 But...but you told me their names...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.15 07:15 *cries harder* Did you...you lied to me you [BLEEP]...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.15 07:31 What are their real names? I want to know...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.15 07:41 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 04:25 [I'm here BTW. ^.^]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:02 If I told you there real names you would have obviously looked them up the fake names were people who died in a lab explosion exactly like how I told you your parents died
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:03 Tell me their real names!! I need to know!!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:04 John and Jane smith
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:05 Don't give me that [BLEEP]!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:06 I ca come up with better fake names
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:07 [BLEEP] YOU!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:10 I know
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:11 Im gonna give you a sedative now ok? so you can sleep through the night
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:11 No that's not okay!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:12 None of this is [BLEEP] okay!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:12 Leave me the [BLEEP] alone!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:16 I know...I know...*gently grabs her arm and sterilizes it then grabs his needle*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:20 *throws him away from her before he can put the needle in and storms out*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:21 *grabs her teleporter and teleports elsewhere*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:22 *strings together a whole bunch of teleportations to help make her trail difficult to follow*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:23 *finally lands in a teleportation zone in Ahntor and walks off into the city, using the crowds to conceal herself *
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:24 *waits a few minutes then telaports to Flairs location grabs her arm nd sticks it in* Itl take effect in 5 minutes I have a tracker on your phone always have so telaport hopping wont effect me finding you come on we are going home
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:24 *figures he can track her down anyway, but since she's walking around in no-teleportation zones she can delay how long it'll take him to reach her*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:24 [He can't do that. She's in a zone with heavily advanced teleportation blockers.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:25 [He'd have to arrive in a nearby teleportation zone and track her down on foot or in a vehicle.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:27 [ok nvm then] *lands in a telaportation zone closest to flair and tracks her phone he easily finds her then grabs her arm and injects it into her* I have a tracker on your phone you will be out of it in 5 minutes so we can walk to the telaport station or
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:27 I'll carry you in 5 minutes when you drop
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:45 I wish I wasn't [BLEEP] raised by you! Why couldn't you have just let them [BLEEP] take me?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:46 You tell me all these things and then don't even let me think them over!!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:46 [BLEEP] you, I'd rather be dead!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 05:47 I know come on to the telaporting station lets go
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 05:52 No! *starts storming away*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:07 *walks behind her*5 minutes your dropping anyways
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:08 I dont want some rando picking you up you know how people are here
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:10 *turns and pushes him down to the ground* Leave me the [BLEEP] alone!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:11 *runs to a teleportation zone, calling someone as she runs*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:12 *teleports away**leaves her phone on the ground somewhere to throw Tomas off her trail and then teleports again*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:13 *telaports home waits a few minutes then Telaports to Flair* I also put a tracker on your telaporter
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:14 [She dropped her teleporter off and then ran off and was picked up by someone else.]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:15 *teleports to Flair, grabs her, and teleports elsewhere*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:15 Alright, what the [BLEEP] is going on again??
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:17 Gimme a pencil and paper! Borenaga: Do I seriously look like the type- Flair: Let's go to Corbin's, he has plenty then! Borenaga: I'm not a caddy- Flair: A SEDATIVE IS GOING TO KICK IN IN 2 MINUTES SO HURRY THE [BLEEP] UP!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:18 *Borenaga teleports them to Corbin's place**grabs some paper and a pencil and writes as fast as she can*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:18 *shrugs* 3 minute seditive...She will be down any second...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:19 *picked up her phone and checks who she called and telaports to Borenga and Flair he grabs the paper that she is writting on from her and shoves it in his pocket* no
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:20 *holds out the paper to Borenaga weakly when she realizes she's passing out faster than expected* Don't...lose... *collapses, unconscious*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:23 Whatever... *takes the paper and starts reading the small amount she managed to write* ...WT*...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:24 [Tomas took it first]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:29 [What??]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:30 [Oh. I posted that before the post where he took it had appeared.]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:30 [Or at least that's how it was on my screen.]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:31 [I'll scratch Borenaga taking it then.]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:31 [For now.] Um, yes. *zaps him with enough magic to knock him out but not enough to kill him*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:32 [ye] Hi Borenga im Taking Flair home...long...day she hasnt been herself lately with the whole...spark dying thing
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:33 *lays on the floor the note no longer seems to be on his person*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:33 *said that before he got knocked out*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:34 [he wont be able to find the note on Tomas or around him btw Tomas has a thing for that]
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:36 *looks for the paper* The h**l...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:37 *wakes up a few minutes later* Ow...and you wont find that paper I have a telaportation system in my back left pocket It telaports things directly into my incinerator when I push a button on my watch which I did
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:38 Flair is really unwell I need to go home and take care of her she had a mental breakdown
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:39 she was trying to write a will...she was planning on ending her life...
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:39 Er...yeah no.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:39 im keeping her home were she is safe you are welcome to come with and visit her
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:40 *knocks him out again and calls Corbin*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:40 *Corbin doesn't answer**sighs* What is even happening anymore...
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:41 *thinks, pacing, and then picks up Flair and teleports elsewhere*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:43 *wakes up a while later and telaports home he makes a replica of Spark he makes it broken and bloody and parts of it burnt it looks very gruesome but its still very clearly Spark he puts it in a Casket and closes the lid and leaves it in the livingroom&
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:43 *
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:46 *lets Flair sleep in one of the beds in his palace and paces**expects Tomas to arrive eventually, though he doesn't look forward to it*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 06:47 *starts digging a hole in the backyard then goes to bed and wakes up the next morning and checks on Aedona* hey...how are you feelin?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.16 06:50 Better...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:50 *wakes up confused* Where...wha...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:51 *gets up and stumbles out of the room* What the [BLEEP]...
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:52 Good morning sunshine. *is sitting luxuriously*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:52 Your nice uncle used a memory wiper and a sedative on you. Flair: Why...? Borenaga: Beats me...something about he lied to you about everything and is covering everything up... Flair: What the [BLEEP] are you talking about...?
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:53 I dunno...you didn't give me the specifics when you called me for help.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:53 I what??
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:54 *huffs* Ever check yourself for excessive earwax?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:54 I dunno...ever check yourself for excessive ugly?
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:54 You must think you're so clever...
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:55 Anywho, you were running from Tomas and called me for help. I came and picked you up and you started writing. Tomas arrived and took the paper away.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:56 Did you read the paper at all? Borenaga: Eh...I just glimpsed something about what happened to your parents being a lie...nothing much else, though...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:57 I...I need to go home...
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 06:58 You really think you can trust him?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 06:59 [BLEEP] off...I do what I want... Borenaga: I dunno...you seem to be playing right into his hands. Flair: [BLEEP] off!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 07:00 *looks for her teleporter* What the...did-- Borenaga: No, you dropped it off yourself to throw him off your trail. Here. *tosses her another teleporter*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 07:00 Hey...if you need someone to run to, you've got me.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 07:01 ...Yeah no [BLEEP] off. Your beds are [BLEEP]. *teleports to Tomas' place and knocks on the door*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Jul.16 07:01 *just smirks*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 07:12 *barges in, kicks Aedona's chair hard on the way by, and goes to her room and faceplants on the bed*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 07:22 *helps Aedona up and runs to Flairs room* hey...are you ok?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 07:27 *sits by her and gently strokes her hair* You had me worried sick honey...you scared me half to death last night...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 07:35 Mmph.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 07:36 *keeps lying face-down on the bed*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.16 07:38 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.16 07:40 your head might be a little fuzzy...I had to give you a Blocker...*very quietly and carefully takes Flairs telaporter* we can talk about last night when you feel a bit better ok?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.17 07:32 [Sorry I wasn't on. It was movie night out at the pool. I probably won't be on at the fixed times tomorrow since there's a blitz tournament tomorrow night.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.17 07:32 Mmph...okay...by the way, you can give me back my teleporter...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.17 07:45 [gtg! *offline* See you around!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.18 03:47 [I'm going to the blitz tournament now. It will probably end sometime around 10:30 PM MT, but I'm not so sure. Hopefully I'll be around by then.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.18 07:08 [I'm here!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.18 19:08 I...I dont think thats the best Idea right now Flair...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.19 02:50 I'm an adult. I do what I [BLEEP] want. *tries to snatch her teleporter back from him*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.19 04:13 *easily keeps it away from her* Flair you tried to kill yourself last night...I think its better if you Stay here until I know your ok
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.19 05:17 they....brought Sparks body home last night and it....it was bad and when you saw it...it...shattered you...I...I managed to get you some blockers and you cried that it wouldnt be enough or change anything and so I sedated you but you telaported off
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.19 05:19 to Borenga I fallowed but he took you beacause you said it was my fault and I dont know what he thought but you started writting a Suicide note and I took it and you passed out then Borenga took you and I couldnt track you and I have been worried sick all
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.19 05:19 night.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.19 06:16 *sighs and flops back down flat on her face*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.19 06:22 *doesn't say anything as she processes things*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 04:07 ...What does this have to do with my parents?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 06:23 you were going on about if you died you could be with Spark and your parents again the have a better life
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 06:27 saying stuff like Spark and your parents are alive in the afterlife and if you just ended it you could be alive with them but while that might be true in the Irikurian universe there is no proof of an afterlife in this universe besides the Panthea one
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 06:27 thats only for gods
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:34 [Panthean gods: ...Bruh.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:38 [Panthean gods: No.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 06:39 I...I just want to make sure your Safe Flair...Im not trying to be controling or treat you like a child...I...I love you and I want you to be safe you understand that right?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:39 *slams her face down onto her pillows and groans*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:39 *her voice is muffled* Just gimme my godd*** teleporter...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 06:41 no...I love you so im going to make sure your ok I'll make you some breakfast *walks out of Flairs room closes it and locks it he already got rid of all of Flairs telaporters and communication devices in her room*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 06:42 *he starts making breakfast*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:50 *immediately tries to leave her room as soon as he's gone*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:50 What the [BLEEP]?! *goes looking for travel or communication devices*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 06:50 *telaports into Flairs bedroom* hey.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 06:52 and before you beat me up and try to steal my telaporter it only works with me but I was there last night I herd what went on and I recorded it
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 06:53 the conversation, I was stuck in a room so Audio only but yeah Tomas wiped your memory beacause you were on to him
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:54 What the [BLEEP]?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:54 Why are you here? *looks disgusted*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 06:55 Im here beacause unlike you im a decent Person
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 06:56 and I feel sort of bad about what happend...now we can do this to ways we can talk and I can play you the audio and you learn the truth or you can scream at me say Im a lair when Im speaking and I telaport off without you
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 06:57 wich means you will probably yell at Tomas and he will just wipe your memory again
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 06:59 ...Gimme the audio.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 06:59 *hands her the audio player with headphones it has Tomas and Flairs whole conversation from last night on it*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:00 Im pretty sure Tomas thought he put me in a soundproof room, he didnt
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:05 *puts the headphones on* Shut up. *starts listening*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:08 *at the end of it she takes off the headphones and turns to her door, preparing to blast it down with pyrokinetic magic*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:10 If you go out there he will just drug you again plus tht door is probably blast proof, I can get you out of here tho
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:14 I mean your technically my cousin so why not
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:14 I don't need your [BLEEP] help!! *blasts her instead of the door, killing her*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:15 *sits down and clutches her head**her hands are giving off steam*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:16 *sits back up* Right ok *grabs her audio player and her headphones* Im not putting up with this *starts putting in her cordinates*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:17 Im going home I would say Call me but I doubt he is letting you have a phone *continues typing it in its a very old looking telaporter so she has to put in her cordinates in manually*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:20 *suddenly blasts her again and tries to snatch the teleporter*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:20 I might conciser coming back in an hour or so, Tomas will drug you again if he finds out you know so just pretend your upset about Spark being saposabbly dead If you know whats good for you
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:21 *yanks her arm away* It wont work for you Idiot its coded to me specifically
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:21 *said the message above before her arm was yanked*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:22 Im not taking you with me if your going to be fighting and killing me I told you that already, Im not having you blowing up at me every 2 seconds.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:24 I can't stand being anywhere near you. If you just gave me a godd*** teleporter I'd be away from you in a second!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:24 Calm the *Bleep* down and I will be back in an hour *telaports off*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 07:26 *a few minutes later he knocks on the door* Hey...Flair are you feeling ok? I brought breakfast....I...I know your probably mad from me locking you in so I...Im not going to come in right now but here... *slides the plate under a 1 way slot in her door*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 07:26 *I.E he can open it from the outside but she cant open it from the inside*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 07:27 Its your favorite...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:28 *is sitting on her bed and clutching her head again* ...[BLEEP] off...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 07:34 ok...I..I know you need some space...I...I'll come back later *walks off*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:40 *doesn't eat**just gets up and paces*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:42 *an hour later she shows up again* hi
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:45 What took you so [BLEEP] long?!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:46 I said an hour its been n hour but if your going to fight and yell it me Ill leave again
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:46 Just give me a teleporter!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:50 It wont work for you here Try it *tosses it to Flair* knock yourself out.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 07:55 *huffs and throws it right back at her* Just get me the [BLEEP] out of here!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:58 *puts it on and grabs her hand and telaports with Flair to her shack* Dont bother looking for telaporters the one on my wrist is the only one here beacause it cant be traced. and neither can this place Its not as glam as one of my mansions but its
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 07:58 ment to be practically invisable and it is
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:02 Great. *tries to walk out*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:07 I mean walk all you want but its a dead planet if you walk in a straight line then in 5 minutes you will be at the front door again
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:08 *makes an obscene gesture at her and walks anyway**gets back to her house in 5 minutes* What do you want?!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:10 your welcome for Saving you Butt. I mean I assumed youd rather be here then with Tomas right now.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:22 And I'd rather be in a lot of other places instead of Tomas'.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:22 *Tomas' AND yours.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:23 Give me a teleporter!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:24 yup but im willing to help you get spark back since you will probably be dead by the time I can do it safely but I can use your help
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:24 so You can help me take those [BLEEPS] down or I can give you a telaporter so You can run away
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:27 ...If this is a trick I will make the rest of your life h**l forever.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:31 Its not a trick *hands her usb stick but its very short so its hard to see* Tomas work computor you need to plug this into the back of it and you need to pretend everything is fine with Tomas you cant let him know you know
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:32 so Live with Tomas as Normal Cry when you two burry the fake Spark body....I will do the rest.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:33 its not a trick or a Trap you should have your kid back. thats all
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:33 I...have a soft spot for kids thats all and I like Spark this is for him not you just so we are clear ok?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:35 What's the USB do?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:35 This could either take a few weeks or a few Decades but I can get him out but if you plug that in Itl be faster Also when I text you KEEP Tomas away from his computor systems until I text you back
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:35 [*gets flashbacks to "This is a rubber ducky" from Mr. Robot*]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:36 bassically It lets me into Tomas computor so I can get into The Places computor system since Tomas's System is part of it. It bassically lets me hack into there network So I can get spark back
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:36 [Explanation: an episode of Mr. Robot featured a USB with a rubber ducky logo on it. The USB could rip passwords/login information out of any computer it was plugged into.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:37 [Oh, and before you start ranting, I have obtained Doctor Who episodes (the reboot version, of course) and I think I will be watching them on the way back home. ^.^]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:38 [Nice! Season 1 episode one is oof but you should still watch it and it goes good from there except Adam...we dont talk about adam he dosent exist]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:39 [XD OK.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:40 [Hm...regarding season 1 of Mr. Robot...the pilot is absolutely fantastic, but the next few episodes are a bit weaker. They're still good, they're just more "meh" in comparison to other episodes. As the season gets past the halfway point it REALLY gets
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:41 good, though. The final two episodes of season 1 are just...holy freaking crap...I can't say much because spoilers. XP]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:42 [I'd say the episode just before the finale of season 1 is actually much higher on the "holy crap" scale than the actual finale, though. XD]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:42 just...go home pretend everything is ok Plug this in then text me here *hands he a phone* this has special encrypting on it so Tomas's tech wont identify it as a comunication device plus it looks exactly like an old game boy
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:42 [I actually cried after watching it...again, I need to shut up because spoilers...]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:42 [ok]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:42 ...Fine. *takes the USB and "game boy"*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:44 ok Im gonna send you back before he notices alright?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:44 Fine.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:46 ok Remember if he knows you know or whats up its all over, *sends Flair back to her room*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 08:46 *knocks on Flairs bedroom door* hey....how are you holding up in there?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:50 ...Go away.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 08:51 what....what would you like for lunch today?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.20 08:53 Go away!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 08:55 ok..*walks off again over to Aedona* how are you holding up?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:56 I'm better...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 08:56 Kind of...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 08:59 *nods a bit as he replaces the I.V bag* ok...thats good do you want to try walking a bit today?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:00 Yeah...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:01 *gets up slowly*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 09:02 *helps her up* ok your gonna be a bit wobbly you have to get used to your body again and thats hard
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:02 *nods and starts walking slowly and very awkwardly*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:03 I want to go over there... *gestures towards the wall with the phone on it*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:03 [XD Tomas is the guy with the high tech and he still has landline.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:04 [I'm just kidding--I'm sure the phone works way differently--but still... XD]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 09:06 [he probably has a land line but it only calls if you put in a specific code first if you try just dialing the number without the code it wont work]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 09:07 ok *holds onto her arm* I wont let you fall
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:10 *starts slowly working her way over to the wall*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:11 [OK.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 09:15 *helps her along til she gets to the phone* there we go
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:18 Thanks...um...I want to call C.J...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 09:18 oh that phone dosent work...its for decoration
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.20 09:18 [gtg]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.20 09:20 [Aw, bye!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 00:56 Then why did you tell me to use it earlier?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 00:56 ...I...I'm leaving...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 03:22 If I let go of your arm right now you would fall to the ground, you are in no condition to leave
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 03:40 I have friends who can take care of me just fine.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 04:26 Not really, this isbt the thing C.J or the others can heal with magic
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 04:33 [Hi!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 04:33 I'll manage.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 04:35 Yes you will you will manage perfectly fine here in my lab
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 04:43 I'm leaving.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 04:49 Yes you are, as soon as you are better *helps Aedona to her chair then lets her go so she falls back in it*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 04:54 *has been contemplating whether or not she'll plug the USB into Tomas' computer*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 04:55 Im making lunch is there anything you want for lunch Aedona?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 04:59 I...I don't really feel hungry right now...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:01 Well not right now but by the time Im done cooking you will be so what would you like to eat?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 05:04 I don't know...mac and cheese...?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:06 Ok *goes into the kitchen and starts cooking*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 05:10 *tries to stand/walk on her own while he's not in the room*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:22 *hears him cooking and finally tries to leave her room*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:25 *he finishes cooking and knocks on Flairs door* I...I brought you lunch.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:26 Are you going to let me out now?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:31 I...Alright...one second *reprograms all the telaporters doors and windows So Flair cant use them to leave then opens her bedroom door* Its mac and cheese
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:32 I know. I can smell.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:33 *hands it to her* Should we um..eat at the table?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:38 *shrugs her shoulders*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:41 alright *walks over to the table and on the way he hands Aedona a bowl of mac and cheese* good for you standing up keep practicing *walks to the kitchen table*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:42 *on the way to the table she kicks Aedona*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 05:43 *winces and falls down*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:43 *sits down at the table and plays with the mac and cheese with her spoon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.21 05:44 *her mac and cheese luckily didn't spill**sits, clutching her leg*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:45 you should eat Flair...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:46 Mmph...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:46 *forces herself to eat**eats really fast*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:48 *glances a bit at the closed casket in the livingroom*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 05:52 *noticed the casket but refuses to look at it, let alone glance towards it*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 05:58 we...will get through this
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.21 06:03 *just stares at her bowl*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.21 06:08 [i gtg]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.22 06:11 ...Why are you making me do this?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.23 04:36 [I'm here!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 04:13 [I'm on again!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.24 05:34 do what? eat?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:35 [Hi!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:36 *slams her spoon down angrily and says nothing**just glares*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.24 05:45 Flair we talked about this I cant read minds if you want to let me know something Glaring at my forehead isnt going to get me the message
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:56 THAT. *points at the casket*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 05:56 I don't. Want. To see it. *stares at her bowl, tearing up a bit*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.24 05:57 ok....we...we will bury him today The hole is already dug
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.24 06:25 *gets up, kicks her chair, and storms into another room*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 04:30 [I'm here!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 05:24 *sighs a bit and finishes eating before walking over to Aedona* hi
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 05:30 [Hey!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 05:31 [hiii]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 05:36 Hi...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 05:36 I want to call C.J.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 05:39 Sure as soon as your healthy again.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 05:40 Why?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 05:46 beacause C.J cant fix you but she will freak out and make you worse by taking you
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 05:51 I want to just talk to her.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 05:52 yeah But she wont care she will come over anyway treat it like a rescue mission
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 06:06 Not if I tell her not to.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 06:08 We both know thats not true
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 06:11 No, it's true. Give me a phone.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 06:16 sure thing as soon as your better
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 06:25 I want a phone right now.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 06:27 Good for you you can use my phone once your better which might be a while
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 06:29 Why?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 06:36 *hands her a pencil and paper* you can write a letter if you want
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 06:40 I want to call her.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 06:45 sure thing, as soon as your better. but for now Letters.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 06:50 What difference does it make?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 06:54 Alot actually anyway I am going to be in my office shout if you need anything *walks off and picks up his book*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 06:57 *sighs and practices standing and walking since she doesn't have anything better to do*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 06:58 *hums as he reads his book*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:08 *trips Aedona while heading to her room*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:12 *hums a bit as he reads*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:15 [idk what else to say]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:25 [Same...]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:25 [Oh wait...would this be an opportunity for her to plug the USB key in?] *goes to her room and paces*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:30 [his pc is in his office but maybe]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:39 *ponders things for a while and then leaves her room and knocks Aedona's chair over*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:41 *continues reading*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 07:42 *is pushed down by Flair and kicked in the stomach*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:43 *half yells a bit* everything ok?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:44 Everything's FINE! *kicks her again*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 07:44 *tries to activate her magic in self-defense but can't*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 07:46 No, she's attacking me! *coughs a bit*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:46 *turns to storm off but freezes beside the casket*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:47 what was that?...um Flair be Nice
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:52 *doesn't answer him**her curiosity gets the better of her and she quietly opens the casket
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:52 **
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:54 *a exact replica of sparks body is laying there bloody and broken and bruised*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:54 *stares, completely still and quiet*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:56 Thank you...*keeps reading*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 07:56 *isn't even aware of the tears pouring down her face until she has sunk to her knees*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 07:59 *notices how Erilly quiet it is and walks out notices Flair by the coffin he rushes over and closes it Quickly and hugs Flair* Oh honey....why did you look?....you werent saposed to look...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:06 *doesn't hug him back**just cries*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 08:08 *continues hugging her* Im so so sorry....*just sits and holds her while she cries*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 08:09 *has pushed herself back up to her feet while clutching her stomach*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 08:11 hey...hey...I know its bad and nothing will be like it used to be but we will survive this ok?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 08:20 *is staring in shock**she saw Spark's body and her eyes are wide*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 08:21 I...I'm sorry...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 08:25 *just continues holding Flair* I'll bury him tonight ok? under his favorite tree...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:26 *doesn't answer him*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:27 *closes the casket and just sits down in this main area near the casket, staring ahead*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:27 [Time skip?]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 08:29 [ye sure]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:29 [I'm thinking she'll take advantage of the fact that he won't be in the house when he's burying Spark...]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 08:29 *later that night he is outside alone burring the casket Flair didnt want to go outside and watch so she stayed inside*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:32 *has thought deeply about things all day**hasn't said a word since she saw the body*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 08:35 *continues burrying it it will take a while*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:37 *finally goes into Tomas' office and puts the USB key in*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.25 08:38 *texts Flair* Keep him out for 2 hours*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:43 *deletes the text and goes outside*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 08:46 *sees Flair* Hey....
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:52 I want to go somewhere after this is done.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:55 Not the house...just...somewhere else. *her voice is quiet and scratchy*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.25 08:55 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.25 08:57 *nods a bit* ok..were where you thinking about going?...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.26 03:52 Anywhere...just not here...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 04:40 [I'm on!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 06:11 ok *telaports them to a small empty planet that has a big flower feild the sun is setting so it looks really peaceful
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 06:47 *sits down and stares ahead**discreetly pinches herself hard to make her eyes tear up*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 06:50 *sits with her*yeah...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 06:52 the flowers out here...are pretty
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 06:55 ...Why did this have to happen...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 06:58 I dont know
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 07:03 but...it did and all we can do is continue living our lives
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 07:03 [mind If I time skip?]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:09 [Nope.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 07:10 *thought the night Tomas and Flair talked then headed home for the night Sara worked through the night*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.27 07:12 *works though the afternoon then steps back* Alright! YES! Yes...Yes I...Yes that...That will work ok bye...*hangs up* ok...ok..good They wont last that long anyways
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:13 *is telaported directly outside of Tomas door he is thin and shaking he has one of those paper bracelet things on that you get at theme parks that you cant rip off, his eyes are a bit bloodshot he looks exausted and terrified but when he sees Tomas door*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:14 *he knocks on it quickly*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 07:15 Im coming Im coming! *opens the door he sees a note stuck to sparks paw he grabs it reads it then sticks it in his pocket* oh brother.....FLAIR! FLAIR GREAT NEWS COME QUICK!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 07:16 *runs over to Flair* They sent us the wrong spark! I mean it must have been Ikurian Spark that died or maybe one from another universe but our Spark he is alive! he just turned up outside!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:19 *comes at a normal pace, obviously still upset* What the [BLEEP] is it now?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:19 *said/did that before Tomas said/did the things in the last post*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:19 Wh-what?!?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:20 *runs over and hugs Spark tightly, crying* Oh god...what did they do to you?!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:21 *dosent say anything and just stands there shaking*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:22 I'll kill them...I'll [BLEEP] kill them...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:23 no...no...no.. one had...had me...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:23 *cries extremely hard*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:24 I...I...the ship blew up and...my...my telaporter...I telaported but It broke I was...was on an abandoned...planet I...I was stuck for weeks until...until Sara found me she saved me and brought me here...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:24 You don't have to lie...someone had you...just tell me...I'll tear them apart for you...all of them...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:25 *rests his head on Flairs shoulder nuzzling into her tightly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:34 *hugs him tighter**her words get somewhat incoherent from how hard she's crying*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:35 *he is still very tense but relaxes a bit in flairs arms*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:35 *finally just gestures for him to follow her inside*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:36 *is still crying as she takes him in to wash him and feed him*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:37 *he looks at the food nervously and hesitantly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:41 What's wrong?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:42 I....I...I havent um...eaten in...in a while...and...eating...to...to much...to..quickly after...can...can make people...sick...T...Tomas told me that one...once
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 07:43 thats after months of not eating...you should be ok
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:44 *eats a little bit then flinches almost imediantly then calms down a bit and eats slowly and cautiously he seems to be on edge*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.27 07:45 *has been practicing walking around**has to cling to stuff/walls*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.27 07:46 *peeks through the doorway to see what the commotion is all about and gasps* Spark?!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:48 *jumps back in a panic when Aedona yells out his name he is shaking and it takes him a few minutes to actually calm down*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:51 What...what day is it?...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.27 07:51 Are you okay?! I-I thought you were dead!!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:51 *quickly recites the date*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 07:53 *looks really confused after she says the date*....thats..not....mmm...ok...ok..
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:56 *@ Aedona* GET THE [BLEEP] AWAY AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS YOU [BLEEP]!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.27 07:56 *opens her mouth to retort, but then just decides it's not worth it and slowly begins making her way back to her chair*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:58 *turns to Spark* What is it?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 07:58 What are you scared of? Is it her? I'll beat the [BLEEP] out of her...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:01 *shakes his head* no...no she just...starlted me...I...had...had to keep my gaurd up...alot...alot of wild animals...tried...tried to atrack me alot..
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:05 Tried to take what luttle food I had to...alot...alot of wild animals...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:05 Felt...felt like months *is still shaking*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 08:06 ...We...need to talk after you're done eating...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 08:06 *sees his plastic band* What's that?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:14 I found it...on the ground.. It...It reminded me of home kind of *its all worn out and covered in dirt*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:23 I...i think Im dobe eating anyways *he has only eaten a few bites*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 08:26 You need to eat more to keep your strength up.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:29 I...im ok...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:30 I...Can...i go lay down?...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 08:38 *really wants to talk* ...Sure.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 08:38 Why do you need to ask permission?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:42 Beacause you just said I need to eat more If I walked off you might have gotten upset..
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 08:43 *walks to his bedroom and lays on his bed but perks his ears up* im not going to sleep right now...I...i just wanna rest my..my legs but we..we can talk
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 08:46 I mean...talk in private. *glances in Tomas' direction**her face is pointed in a direction such that Tomas can't see her eyes, but Spark can*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.27 08:48 I have some paperwork to do in my office anyways *walks off*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 17:22 [Would microphones/security equipment that picks up audio be present in this room?]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 20:14 [no]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 20:55 *closes the door and sits down on the bed beside him**keeps her voice low* You don't have to lie...I know about them, and...the place.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 21:32 What did they do to you?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 21:53 I...I dont know what your talking about.. what place?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 21:57 What really happened while you were gone?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 22:02 I was stuck on a planet with nothing but wild animals.... I had to fight for what little food I could find...and I had to keep my gaurd up even when resting...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 22:02 resting in the day...less animals hunted in the day,...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 22:21 What REALLY happened?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 22:45 *jumps back a bit when she yells* I...I dont know what you want me to say...I...I told you
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 22:53 [She didn't really yell, but she did raise her voice a bit on that second word. Considering that Spark jumped when Aedona talked to him, though, I figure that no revisions are needed.]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 23:00 [yeah]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 23:02 Let me see your band.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 23:03 *holds out his wrist his wristband in very faded letters has the name of a theme park on it*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 23:11 *quickly takes a gadget off her belt and scans it for any hidden technology, words, etc. in it*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 23:12 *she cant find anything hidden its just an old paper wristband nothing more*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 23:14 *suddenly seems a bit frantic**checks his paw, takes out a little bag, and scrapes a bit of dirt off of his paw to get a sample*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 23:15 W-we're going to have to clean you up later...umm...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 23:15 *hugs him tightly* You're very brave and I love you...don't tell Tomas about this conversation, okay?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 23:16 oh...ok?....
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 23:51 *goes to another room, puts the dirt sample into a machine, and goes to the computer hooked up to the machine**lets the machine process the dirt and waits for the computer to give her the dirt's origins and whatnot*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 23:53 *the computor gives her the orgin which is an uncivilized planet with a bunch of wild animals the Planet is in a slower part of the universe so days here equal months there bassically proving that spark isnt lying about were he was*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 23:53 *from that end anyways*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 23:55 What the...what...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.27 23:58 *lays down in bed and trs to sleep but he is kicking and shaking in his sleep definitly having some sort of night mare*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.27 23:59 *goes to get a teleporter, kicking Aedona again on the way by**Aedona tries to block and manages to minimize the damage, though it's still painful*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 00:01 *kicks more in his sleep and wimpers ever so softly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 00:09 [Will she be able to get access to teleporters now?]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 00:11 [she can ask Tomas]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 00:15 *goes to Tomas' office* Can I have my teleporter back? *seems rather agitated*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.28 00:16 sure *tosses it to her*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 00:31 *takes it, teleports elsewhere, buys a phone, and calls YY Sara*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 00:32 Hello?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 01:21 We need to talk NOW. Where the [BLEEP] are you?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 02:03 nope I can tell your pissed and im not talking to you in person when your mad no [Bleeping] Way
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 04:16 I can get Tomas to drag you over here if I want him to!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 04:28 no you really cant.... but I know were we can meet I have a cop who owes me a favor we can use an interagation room to audio recording but there is video so if you touch me its over ok?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 04:33 [BLEEP]ing...fine.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 04:37 *texts her the cordinates then telaports off to the location*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 04:37 *walks into the interagation room which is telaportation proof*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 04:59 *teleports to the location as well ans goes to the interrogation room*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 05:00 Hello stay on that side of the table *is sitting on the side farthest from the door*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 05:11 *sits down* Why do you want this [BLEEP] recorded, anyway?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 05:14 oh nothings being recorded except the video which someone is watching a live feed of so if you touch me they pull you off of me hopefully with tazers since I dont feel like being pummled today
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:01 I don't guarantee [BLEEP].
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:01 Now what the [BLEEP] happened to Spark?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:01 I know you dont which is why we are here so if you do try anything well lets just say you wont have a fun time
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:03 oh Spark I kept eyes on him dont worry. your ship crashed he telaprted randomly at the last second using a 1 use emergency telaporter landed on a nastly little planet I found him used you got what I wanted from Tomas and sent him back, making Fake dead
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:04 bodies like the one on your doorstep is easy re animating them now thats much harder but I only needed a fake dead copy
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:06 Quiet easy to trick you though fake conversation altho you almost...after seeing the body almost threw a rench in my plan
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:07 really? Them? The place? you really belive all that? thats cute...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:07 no I used you and saved Sparks life to I could have just left him there poor thing it was months for him he must be traumatized the poor baby
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:09 *has been tapping her foot under the table as she smiles a bit*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:09 *leaps over the table and grabs her in a stranglehold*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:11 *chuckles and leans into her ear and whispers* Listen to my foot they are watching our lips move... *bites her ear drawing blood*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:12 *police rush in just as Sara shoves Flair back into her seat* Its fine we got it
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:14 *they ask if Saras sure she says yes the police leave again* aww did that upset you? *keeps tapping her foot but if flair listens she can hear a pattern* sorry but you really are gullible
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:15 if you dont want me to bite you dont grab me next time *keeps tapping her foot* so anything else you wanna yell at me about?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:16 plus Spark is so weak and fragile its good for him to get some back bone for once *keeps tapping her foot*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:19 *listens to her foot carefully while glaring and panting*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:19 [Is she tapping in morse code?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:19 anyways... If you dont have anything to say I should go *keeps tapping*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:20 [yup]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:20 I ought to burn hang you over a volcano by your innards...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:20 *to hang
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:21 *deciphers most of the morse code, as she has this--and plenty of other codes--memorized**what Sara is saying is...*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:22 *finishes tapping* cute been there done that see ya *walks out and telaports off*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:22 *it is a bunch of random letters and numbers that seemingly mean nothing and would easily be deciphered as just random tapping*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:25 *immediately leaves, teleports back to the lab, gets paper and a pencil and writes down the letters and numbers as fast as she can**can't remember them all, but remembers most of them*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:26 [So I'm guessing the "random" letters and numbers are a code, e.g. hexadecimal code?]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:26 *are part of a code,
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 06:26 *walks into the kitchen* hi....F...Flair I woke...woke up and you were...were gone....w..where were you?...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:32 Running errands.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:37 *is analyzing the numbers and letters very carefully, trying to determine what code they are*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:38 Do you need something? *looks at him* I can give you anything.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 06:38 oh...*sees flairs game boy phone and picks it up* cool... *presses buttons on it quickly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:42 Hey! *takes the game boy phone away from him quickly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:43 This is not a toy, this is a sensitive device in disguise. Er...keep this our little secret too, okay?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:44 If you want an actual game boy I can get you one.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:44 Is that what you want?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 06:45 oh ok...*the phone screen has the key code on its display*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 06:46 I..Im..going..um..to talk to..to Aedona...*glances around warrily before walking to the living room to Aedona* hi...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:51 *goes back to staring at the paper, not noticing the phone*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:52 Hi...are you okay? We...we thought you were dead...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 06:53 I...Im...Im ok...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 06:54 w...why are you here?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:55 *sends Flair a text which just an emoji*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:56 I'm not feeling so well...it's a long story, though...I really would like to leave...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:56 *keeps her voice down*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:57 Do you have a phone that I could use to call my friends?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:57 I...I haven't seen them or talked to them in ages...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:58 *shakes his head* n...no..bu...but...if...if your sick..y..you should...should stay until you..you are better....T...tomas...he...he can seem cold..but...but he..he knows what...what he is doing
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:58 *finally looks at the phone**her face turns red upon seeing the code key*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 06:59 *cue Seinfeld theme*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:59 It's really not that bad...my friends could take care of me just fine...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 06:59 Are you sure you're okay? You're kind of stuttering...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 07:00 f...friends..can...can only do...do so much before....n...nevermind...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 07:02 t...the forest...it...its filled with monsters...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 07:02 [Spark ment to say all that... XP]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 07:04 *the code says "Stop It. Stop Questioning Stop Searching. I handled it. Part of the deal of getting him back is You not snooping. If you continue looking or searching or Talking about it or questioning then they will kill him for good. I am working on *
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 07:05 *This. Be sparks Mom, Take care of him they broke him hard he needs your love and attention Focus on him Dont push him for answers seeking them out will only get him killed and waste the progress I made*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:08 *raises the phone to throw it in anger and frustration, but knows better and puts it down**grabs a cup and throws it instead (it's plastic so it won't break)*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 07:10 s...so...so..so many...many monster...monsters...terrifying monsters in the forest...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 07:10 *says quietly* Do...do you need a hug?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 07:12 *just sits down next to her and rests his head on her lap* keep...Keep an eye out...out for monsters s...so I can sleep...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 07:17 *gently and protectively rests her arm on his neck* I will...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:19 *paces, extremely agitated**is torn between searching for a way to find her parents and protecting Spark*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 07:20 *closes his eyes and goes to sleep*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:20 *ultimately decides to vent via beating up Aedona**goes into the room Aedona is in and sighs, even more frustrated, when she sees Spark trying to take a nap with Aedona*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 07:23 *jumps up startled when Flair Sighs then calms down a bit* mom...are you done being busy...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:23 Yes.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 07:25 *smiles and walks over to her*c...can...can...we...we..watch...watch a movie...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:36 Of course. Pick any movie you want.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:36 *mouths "You're lucky" at Aedona and leads Spark back to his room*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 07:41 *goes in his room and picks a really calm and boring movie and turns it on then sits on hit bed next to Flair during the movie he slowly cuddles up next to her and rests his head on her lap before falling asleep*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:42 *gets really bored from the movie and, despite the thoughts raging in her head, she manages to start falling asleep too*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:43 *looks down at Spark on her lap and quietly cries a little bit, smiling, and then drifts off*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 07:44 *after a few hours he wakes up to see Flair laying down to he jumps up startled and starts to panic a bit he runs and hides in the closet shaking*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:50 *wakes up from Spark jumping off of her* Ow, what the??
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 07:52 *is hyperventilating a bit*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 07:58 *got a glimpse of him going into the closet**gets up and walks towards the closet* Spark? Spark, are you alright?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:00 *nods a bit trying to calm down his breathing* y....yeah...o..ok..I..I..I im ok
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:00 *opens the closet door wider* Did you have a nightmare?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:01 *tears up a bit and nods as a few tears drip off his face*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:04 *hugs him tightly* Oh, my poor baby...let's talk with uncle Tomas, he might have something that can stop the nightmares...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:07 *hugs her back tightly*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:07 n...no...i...im ok...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:07 *continues crying a bit and holds onto flair tightly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:09 You need help, let me help you...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:09 I've got you...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:12 *whimpers slightly* I....I...I dont wanna talk...talk to uncle Tomas...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:15 Why not?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:18 h...his....his...eyes...are....same color as monsters....
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:20 ...Oh...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:21 Would you be okay if I left for just a moment to talk to him and see if I can get something that will help you?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:24 *looks terrifeid and holds onto her tightly* no dont leave me!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:26 Okay...okay, I won't...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:26 I'll never... *fights back tears and hugs him tighter*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:28 *hugs her back just as tightly like hes holding on for dear life*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:28 I...I didnt know the world had real...real...monsters..b...before I got lost...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:31 s...so...so many monsters.....scary...scary monsters...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:31 I sheltered you...I should've warned you...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:34 *shakes his head* no...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:35 p....people who fight....monsters get hurt...broken...devoured
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:38 You didn't.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:39 And that's what matters right now, okay? You're safe.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:39 *nods a bit*..yeah..safe...im...im safe
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:44 Do you want to try to get more sleep, or eat some more, or what do you want to do?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:46 I..I dunno...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:50 Do...do you want me to get you a game boy?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 08:53 *shakes his head* no...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 08:58 What do you want?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 09:02 t...to spend...spend time with...with you
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 09:02 We...we could go out for ice cream...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 09:05 I....I...dont..want to go back out there....
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 09:15 Then we'll stay here and do something...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 09:15 You want to watch another movie?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 09:19 [gtg! *offline* See you!]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 20:08 *shrugs a bit and curls up on the bed* I dont want monsters to get me when im sleeping...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 22:05 They won't. They can't get in here.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.28 22:16 ....they can...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 22:16 Ikurian Sara: *calls Flair*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 22:50 No, they can't. You're perfectly safe here. *lets go of Spark gently and slowly and then answers her phone, sounding extremely annoyed* What?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 22:57 Hi Its Sara the better one, um...your Sara called me and hey I have a chia wolf here staying with me his name is Chobi he actually went through something very similar to Spark and ya know...If he would like to hang out with him I know it will probably
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 22:58 help both of them since they are pack animals and would probably benifit from talking to each other
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 22:59 I'm [BLEEP]ing busy right now...um...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:00 I'll think on it.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 23:01 alright. bye *hangs up*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 23:11 *calls Bakura*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:12 *cuddles with Spark for a few more minutes**then goes to call Irakurri Sara back*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:13 *well, she tries to call her back, anyway*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 23:13 *the phone beeps then says a message* "This caller is on another line at the moment please call back later"
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 23:14 *answers* Hello?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:18 [BLEEP]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:18 *goes back to cuddling with Spark while tapping her foot impatiently*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 23:19 hey Bakura can you come over? I know your not a chia wolf but I mean close enough I cant have C,J on this for...specific reasons ya know...um just come over its important. bye *hangs up then calls flair back* Hey sorry missed your call
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 23:22 *looks confused and hesitant. Goes into the house to think on things for a few minutes*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 23:24 *she is busy cooking* Hi..whats up?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:25 What the h**l?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:26 What were you--nevermind, what you and your stupid double do doesn't [BLEEP] matter to anyone...look, why don't you bring this Chobi over here so Spark and I can have a look at him and see if this can work?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 23:29 he....is affriad to leave the house...like terrified... hence why I thought Spark,...may be able to help him
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 23:30 I guess I'm going to visit Sara. Should be back fairly soon I hope.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:30 Spark is the same exact way.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:30 I'm not going to get Spark to leave if he doesn't want to leave.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 23:33 oh alright
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.28 23:33 tell him its me and my house that should help also you going with him should help to
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.28 23:35 [gtg! *offline* See you later!]
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.28 23:44 Bye. *teleports to Sara's house*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:05 ...If this is some sort of trap I'm going to find a way to be your ruin.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:12 Give me proof that this Chobi even exists.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 04:28 *sighs* CHOBI! Come here!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 04:28 *walks over* yeah?...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 04:29 a friend of mine wants to talk to you its fine shes safe *holds it to Chobis ear*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 04:29 Hi....who...um who am I uh..speaking to?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:37 Hey, could you make this a video call?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:38 I want this to be a video call. Don't think I'm stupid, voice simulation is child's play.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 04:41 oh..I..um...ok...I..will just um..*presses the video call button* hi..
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:44 What's your name?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 04:45 Chobi
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 04:48 Where are you from?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 04:53 thats....a...difficult question...were.um.Was..I born or were um did I live the um...longest
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:03 Eh...[BLEEP] it...what is Sara's relationship to you?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:04 she um...she saved...saved my life
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:09 Oh, please, don't make this sappy.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:10 Give the phone back to the brown-haired [BLEEP].
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:12 *hands it back to sara*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:14 I'll see if I can come over. *hangs up*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:16 right...Bakura thanks for coming this Is Chobi by the way
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:16 hi..
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:20 Hello.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:22 Hey Spark...would you like to go to Sara's house? She has a friend there who I think you would like.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:24 your not a chia wolf..but you kind of smell like one
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 05:25 mm...w...Will...will you be there to?...
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:27 *nods* My wife is a chia wolf.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:28 no...no Chia wolves dont marry other...types of wolves...
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:29 It's.. A long story.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:30 Of course.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:30 mm probably recent though...I have been away for a long time....
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 05:30 oh...ok
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:30 [XD "Chia wolves don't marry other types of wolves." *jumpcut to YY C.J.'s life*]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 05:30 *nods a bit* yeah..I...I trust Sara...s...she saved me
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:31 How long? I've been with her for quite some time now.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:31 You wanna go? We'll stay here if you don't want to.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:31 [to be fair Nycro isnt a wolf]
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:31 (Boi Irakurri Bakura came first)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:32 I...I dont know how long....mmm about 17 years ago...2 pups were...were kidnapped from out pack...not in this universe though it was another...I...I went to um...find them...and um...they ended up shipping me here with no way home..I was used for such a
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:34 long time.. in that horrible...horrible place....thank goodness Sara came along...but im afraid I wont be able to return home...you need at least 2 Alphas to open a portal
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:36 [ye]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 05:36 I...I'll go
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:38 That other universe wouldn't happen to be Irakurri? That is where C.J and I came from.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:39 no first of all C.J is dead secondly its the home universe I would be trying to get to
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:40 C.J and Alfie those were the names of the pups that were stolen this universe had dna and recreated fake copies of them but they are not real Chia wolves
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:42 Alright, let's go.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:43 *gets ready and then teleports with Spark to Irakurri Sara's house**knocks on the door*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:44 *opens the door* Ah come in!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 05:44 *walks inside*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:44 C.J is very much alive. So is Alfie.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:48 no they are not if they were I would be able to sense them easily
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:48 they are my kids after all...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:49 but what I need is to get back to my pack..
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:50 Hmm... *forms two small magical replicas of C.J and Alfie* This is Alfie. He's lots of fun. Not a care in the world. This one is C.J.
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:51 (I still do love Bakura's magic. physical form magic is beautiful. I love it almost as much as ice magic)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:57 no C.J isnt any of those colors and chia wolves dont wear socks.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 05:58 *follows Spark, glaring suspiciously at Sara*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 05:58 C.J used to be white. Those colors are from the lab.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 05:59 *shakes his head* No they died I know it beacause I saw them killed with my own eyes so dont lie to me!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:00 Drop it Bakura! you wont get anywere its a whole thing with him
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:00 Anyway Chobi this is Spark, Spark Chobi and this is Bakura I thought you guys could talk...help each other out.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:00 He thinks C.J. and Alfie are...? *bursts out laughing*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:01 Man I wish!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:01 w...w...were you stuck..with monsters to?...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:02 Im not talking of the copy this universe made. I dont care about them
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:03 *shakes his head and sits down*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:05 (I can't remember where Armis even is)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:09 [I don't know either. XD XP His goal was to find Aedona for Saxon though, so I assume he is wandering Yinyang and looking for clues.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:09 [By now Aedona is back in her body BTW. Since you left, Katrin gave the mirror Aedona was in to Irakurri Sara; the mirror eventually landed in Irakurri Tomas' hands, and he sent it to YY Tomas, and YY Tomas put Aedona's soul back in her body.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:10 [Aedona is in YY Tomas' lab and still recovering/getting used to her body. Unbeknownst to her, Tomas intends to start experimenting on her again.]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:17 and yes...the worst kind...souless eyes...that you at you with hunger....uncaring dead souless eyes
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:18 *nods a bit* yes...they devour you in a second using you...you all up..
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:19 yeah...Yeah exactly...they take all you have and they just leave you all..
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:19 Broken..
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:19 yeah...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:21 I...I...I dont feel...feel myself...myself...anymore...I...I just want...want to stay in my room...I..I like my mom but...but I dont like how....it affected her...I...I scared her when I got...got taken I...I scared her a...alot...and...and I...I didnt
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:22 I...I didnt mean to...to leave her but...but...but...I did..n..not by...by choice...but...but its...its..hard...hard to...to look...look her...her in ...in the eyes...eyes now...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:23 I...um...dont want to leave here eaither...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:23 *even she seems kind of depressed now*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:25 kids...sometimes they forget that you can hear them...they are funny like that...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:26 *glances at Bakura then at the ground* monsters took everything from me...
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:27 *whispers, mostly to himself* If only you'd have a little faith and trust my word..
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:27 they...they didnt take...Sara...or him *points to Bakura*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:27 *He understands there isn't much he can do, so he isn't really mad or anything*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:28 I can hear you ya know....and its not that I dont have faith I just...its...easier...to...think...they..are...dead.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:29 yeah...the people you couldnt save...that monsters took first....I...I understand....
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:30 Well then you're an idiot, but that's not my problem.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:31 *said that to Chobi*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:31 you...cant save them if they are stuck in the monsters cave....beacause there is no way..to get them out without...hurting yourself and the...the...people you love...more
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:31 [XD Oof...I just realized that if Nycro was present he would've said the same exact thing.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:31 [Flair and young Nycro are not exactly my nicest characters...Flair is far worse, but Nycro can have his genuinely jerkish moments...]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:32 *looks at Flair a bit but avoids her eyes just like everytime he has looked at her since he got back* y...y...you...you...you wouldnt...wouldnt...under...understand..m..mom...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:33 y...y....you...y...you s...shouldnt...shouldnt...be...be..be...be.m..m..m mean...t..t...to...to..p..people...t....t....t..thats...thats....w...what...what..m...m...monsters...d..d..do f..for fun
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:34 *is shaking a bit nervously which is why his stutter was getting worse*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:37 Sara, what exactly was I supposed to be doing?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:37 *resists the urge to roll her eyes* Yes sweetie.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:38 *looks confused* Why...are you shaking?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:43 d...dose..they....hate me?....C.J...and Alfie?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:44 m...mon....monsters...start..as...as..mean...people..I..I dont want...want you to..to turn...in...into a mon..monster
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:45 *sighs and walks over to Spark* your mother...isnt a monster she wont turn into one..dont worry
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:45 any...anyone...could...could turn...turn into one..a...at any...any mo..moment
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:46 no...you know what monsters look like now...you wont be surprised by them again
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:47 *nods a bit* ok...y..yeah....I...I guess..y..your right..t..thanks
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:48 *goes back to Bakura*....
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 06:48 *walks over to Flair* Can...can we stay here mom...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 06:50 *isn't too happy about that request, but of course she gives in* Yeah, sure.
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:51 Maybe you could find that out yourself? C.J's at home right now.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:56 ...I dont know...if I should...I...I couldnt save her...I failed...as a father
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:57 *snorts* You aren't the only one
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 06:58 dont...tell me you....guys...have kids...
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 06:59 We do.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:00 oh goodness...I failed as a grandfather to...
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 07:02 Perhaps it's not to late to introduce yourself to them?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 07:03 thanks...I...I dont...dont wanna go h...home....*looks scared very quickly then whispers* ..aedona...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:03 what if they want nothing to do with me? why would they?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:05 *sits down and yawns*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 07:06 The worst that can happen is a confirmation of what you're thinking now. One of them is bound to like you.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 07:06 w...we...need...need to g..go..go...go..g..get..get.,..A...A..A..Aedona *is panicking*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:07 Fine...Sara Im...going with Bakura...I..I shall return...soon
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:09 Finally! go good luck
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 07:15 *teleports them both to his house. Goes inside* I'm back, C.J! I brought someone with me!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:18 oh who? *walks out into the living room*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:19 *@ Spark* No you don't. She's fine, what are you worried about?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 07:20 *starts hyperventalating and freaking out* We need t..t..t.t..t.t.t.t.t.t.t.t...t...t...t..t.t.t. s...s...ave...g...gg...get...h...h..her
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:22 Hello...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:23 *drops whatever she is holding and stands there in shock*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 07:25 C.J, this is Chobi..
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:28 *continues to stand there not saying anything*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:29 oh no I..I knew this was a bad Idea...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:29 *tears uo then runs over and hugs Chobi tightly* Daddy.....
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:30 *hugs her back* hey....
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:31 hey...sweet pea...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:34 *goes over and hugs Spark* No...shhh...it's okay...she's alright.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:34 Tomas is taking good care of her. She's sick but he's helping her get better.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 07:35 n...n...n..n...n.n...no!...n...no!! t...t...there....there.....there....monster....is...there! *is still panicking alot*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:38 *walks over and hugs Bakura tightly* how did you find him?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:40 No there isn't. *hugs him tighter*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:41 You're just coming to irrational conclusions because you've been through a lot. Why don't you try to take a nap again?
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 07:42 Sara called me over.
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 07:43 Where are the kids?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 07:43 n..NO! s..s...she isnt SAFE!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:44 Loalia and Tallie are out its date night and Spark is with his friends
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 07:44 Ah. Well, you may have to wait to meet them, then, Chobi.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 07:48 Bakura!...I.. we can go to my home! we...we can live there! back with the pack!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:52 Yes she is!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:53 Look at me. She's perfectly safe. You're perfectly safe.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 07:54 NO! *blasts magic pushing Flair away* SHE ISNT SAFE
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 07:56 *keeps panicking more* not safe! she isnt safe!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:58 *hits a wall and is stunned**stares in shock*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2019,Jul.29 07:58 Yeah, we can!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 07:58 Yes she is. Stop lying to yourself and calm down! *approaches him, discreetly reaching for a syringe in her belt*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 07:59 *backs up quickly* NO! T...Tomas is the monster! *breaks down crying* it...it wasnt a forest! I was with Tomas the whole time!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 08:02 as soon as the kids get here we can go home! dad...you can lead us since you know and I can help with the portal!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Jul.29 08:05 *smiles* home world...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:10 *stops and stares*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:10 ...What?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 08:12 I...Im...n...not saposed t...to...tell you but...but...Aedona...s...she isnt safe...p...please...*is crying*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:12 You're...you're lying...you have to be lying...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.29 08:14 d...dont make her stay there please *is in tears* mommy...please
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:17 *just stares, a distant look in her eyes**rushes out of the building and teleports back to Tomas' place*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.29 08:18 *is eating lunch with Aedona* Oh Flair hello!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:26 *just stares at Tomas for a few moments*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:26 *then says* I need to borrow Aedona for venting purposes. *her tone of voice is oddly monotone*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.29 08:36 um...no...not gonna happen she is already hurt enough thank you. Dont you have Spark to keep you busy?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:40 I didn't say want, I said need.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:40 You said I could use her so I am. *goes to grab Aedona*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.29 08:48 *blocks her* I didnt really mean It I said it beacause you were upset. but you have nothing to be upset about so go find your own play thing
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2019,Jul.29 08:50 *at this point has given up and ultimately decided to just avoid Saxon for awhile. Finds a place with a nice, tall tree to sleep in*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:54 *takes out the syringe and sticks it in Tomas' neck* The sedative will kick in in 10 seconds, so you had better go find your antidote fast. Though you should know this since you designed it.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:55 For the record, this is not for her since frankly I hate the little [BLEEP] and I wish she would just die for real for once.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.29 08:55 yes I did design it which is why It wont work on me *pulls it out* None of my stuff will work on me I coded my dna into it.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:55 We're going to have a talk later.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.29 08:55 Now get the [BLEEP] Out of my house.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:55 *said that before he replied*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:56 No. I'm not going UNTIL YOU EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT THE [BLEEP] YOU DID TO SPARK!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.29 08:56 you are acting like a child. Get. Out.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 08:57 NO! *pushes him down*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.29 09:00 *kicks his leg under Flairs knocking her to the ground and stands up then while Flair is getting up he pins her arm behind her back and walks her out the front door* You need to calm down you are acting insaine I cant belive you actually attacked me!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 09:01 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.29 09:01 I will not Stand for it. come back when your ready to act like an adult *closes the door and locks her out of the system so she cant get back inside through telaportation doors windows or otherwise*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 22:34 *bangs on the door* WHY DID YOU HURT SPARK?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.29 22:34 WHAT THE [BLEEP] IS WRONG WITH YOU?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 05:22 I did Nothing of the sort ask him yourself
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:31 HE TOLD ME YOU HURT HIM!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 05:37 oh Really what are the Exact words he used?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:41 He said he was with you while he was gone!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:41 LET ME THE [BLEEP] BACK IN!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 05:42 Once you have calmed down and started Acting like an adult then I will and for now you can tell Spark Aedona is in code Jade tell him that and he will calm down
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:44 ...Just...[BLEEP] YOU!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 05:45 *paces in front of his door for a little while and then goes back to Irakurri Sara's place*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 05:45 *dosent respond and goes back to Aedona to eat* you ok?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 05:46 Y-yeah...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 05:47 alright. Sorry about her. she wont be staying here for a while
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 05:50 Oh...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 05:52 I have no tolerance with violence when it comes to Family
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 06:03 Okay...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 06:04 *seems very agitated and approaches Spark* Spark, Aedona is code Jade, everything is fine.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.30 06:05 what the heck is code Jade?!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.30 06:05 *panics more*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 06:10 It means she's fine!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.30 06:11 *starts panicking more*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 06:14 *sighs* [BLEEP]ing...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 06:22 hey...*holds Spark* Hey Calm down...ok... Aedona is useless to Tomas...he already got what he wanted from her a long long time ago and now he is just fixing her ok? I promise plus I have special secret Equitment that keeps track of her so If she goes
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 06:22 someplace else I will now and I will go get her ok?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.30 06:23 *sniffles a bit but calms down* o..ok
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 06:26 *paces angrily*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.30 06:28 hmm...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 06:33 When will I be better?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 06:42 I dont know. I havent ever seen this before which is why I want you to stay in case anything happends for all I know, any moment you could start seizing
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 06:43 Oh...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 06:45 yeah your like a ticking time bomb of potential problems
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 06:47 Then I should be around C.J...she has healing magic...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 06:52 thats the problem actually your soul was held in a dangerously high concentration of Magic, the magical side effects is what im worried about
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 06:54 I don't feel anything really wrong magically...I'm not restricted by the spells anymore...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 06:59 there can be side effects many like you having a very hard time walking
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 07:16 I'm just not used to my body anymore...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 07:19 magic is also effecting it alot to
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.30 07:21 But you have anti-magic around here...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 07:23 yes I do which will help you recover faster and once you are physically better I will slowly start lifting the anti magic and dealing with your more harmful side effects
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 07:43 *impulsively goes back to the lab and bangs on the door again*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 07:44 *goes to the front door and checks the sucurity cam and sees Flair so he dose not open it* Yes?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 07:46 Let me the [BLEEP] in so we can [BLEEP] talk like human beings!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 08:03 no your mad and I have to tolerance for Violence
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 08:09 I won't be violent again, just let me the [BLEEP] in!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 08:10 I said I would let you in when you calmed down and started acting like an adult.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 08:21 I [BLEEP] AM!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 08:37 you just yelled that you are clearly not calm
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 08:54 I'm not calm because I'm SICK OF YOUR BULL[BLEEP]!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 08:57 ok Honesty hour here we go alright is that what you want?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 08:58 I didnt hurt Spark I never would So if he is saying that he is lying or was tricked. So if thats what your mad about Get over it!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 08:59 Then what was he doing with you the whole time?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 09:00 When he was missing?! I wasnt with him Flair I was no were near him beacause I was Taking care of you the whole time! I was with you the whole time he was missing how in the world would I have been with him?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 09:06 If you would Like I can scan his brain and see if anything has changed since he left. but I dont have to if you dont want me to Sara probably has one she can send me the results if you would like that.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.30 09:10 There's a HUGE gap in my memory!! How am I supposed to know he wasn't with you?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.30 09:17 Brain Scan thats how or Veiw his memories Call C.J she can tell wether something in memories is an illusion or not
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 04:27 "Call C.J.?!" "CALL C.J.?!!" I [BLEEP]ING HATE C.J.!!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 04:29 WHY the [BLEEP] would she do anything for me?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.31 04:39 she wouldnt but she might for Spark and she definitely would for Sara
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 04:45 And who says either Sara would do [BLEEP] for me?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Jul.31 04:56 they wouldnt but they would for Spark. I mean isnt he at Saras house right now?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:03 ...Fine.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:03 If you're full of [BLEEP] again you're going to regret it. *teleports back to Sara's house and just barges right in*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:12 hi Spark was tired he went to bed but beacause nightmares I assume he will be up in 5 minutes crying which is your department
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:18 [How fast do Chia wolves enter REM sleep?]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:19 Can you call C.J.? I need her to do a brain scan on him.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:21 which one?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:29 Whichever one would be better for Spark.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:30 my C.J hates your Spark I'll call the other one *calls YY C.J and somehow manages to convince her to come over*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:30 *telaports over* Alright whats so important that...*sees Flair* NOPE no not dealing with her NO way
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:36 Absoultly not Im not doing anything that involves her.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:38 I just want you to give my kid a brain scan. Tomas might've been responsible. I don't know.
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:38 I dont even Like you Sara your not even from my universe Frankley there is no good reason for me to be here!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:39 If you don't give Spark a brain scan and tell me what the [BLEEP] happened and why Tomas was telling me he was dead for the fast few days I am going to [BLEEP] you up.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:39 I have someone you care about. I will livestream that someone's maiming straight to your phone if you don't tell me what the [BLEEP] happened to my kid!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:44 Oh you mean Aedona Who Tomas is taking care of?! The same Tomas that locked you out?! Yeah he called me a few minutes ago I dont have to help you And Threatening me isnt a good way to ask for help
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:45 He called me saying you were mad and to let me know that any Aedona threats were Empty!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:46 Give me 1 Good Reason why I should help you and I might concider it.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:48 *laughs* And you believe him after all these years?!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 05:49 Yeah, Actually he has saved my friends lives more then once. you have only hurt them
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 05:55 In the last days Spark's been through worse [BLEEP] than you have. Just give him one little [BLEEP] brain scan!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 06:05 Right ok Im leaving Im not going to stand here while you Yell at about about how " I have to" Do whatever I dont I do not have to do Anything So I am going to leave
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 06:13 That isnt my problem. I dont like being yelled at. Im leaving unless you would like to apologize.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 06:13 Apologize for what?!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 06:15 well Yelling at me for Starters and then for hurting me and my friends.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 06:24 Well fine! I'm sorry! Happy?1
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 06:24 *?!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 06:26 you yelled that so no.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 06:30 No I did not!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 06:34 goodbye Flair *begins walking twards the door*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 06:49 My kid might've been tortured by my own uncle and you're just walking away?! What the [BLEEP] is wrong with you?!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 06:56 *sighs* fine bring him out here.
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 06:57 [Yy C.j ment to say that]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 07:05 *goes over to Spark* [Did her yelling wake him up?]
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 07:05 [probably]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 07:05 *he is hiding under the bed shaking*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 07:15 Spark?? *sees his tail sticking out a bit and sighs* Spark, are you okay? You can come out.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 07:20 y....y...you were...were yelling alot...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 07:24 Oh...I'm sorry...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 07:26 *wimpers slightly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 07:27 C.J.'s here to see you...she's going to perform a...check-up of sorts, okay?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 07:29 *crawls out from under the bed*....w...why?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 07:33 It's for your own good. C'mon.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 07:34 *walks with her over to C.J*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 07:35 Right Flair you may want to hold him tightly...re-living bad memories may involve alot of thrashing around and screaming
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 07:36 *backs up a bit slowly* mom...I...I..I dont wanna do this....
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 07:41 *hugs him tightly* You'll be okay. You'll be completely alright.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 07:42 no...No...*stuggles* I dont want to!!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 07:55 *sits down and starts looking through Sparks memories he starts Thrashing about and screaming and crying alot*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 07:56 Stop! Please Stop it Hurts *keeps crying and screaming and thrashing around Violently*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 07:59 *holds on tight to him* You're fine, everything's fine!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:12 *after about 30 minutes she stops* ok
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 08:16 *keeps hugging him tightly*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 08:16 *as soon as Flair loosens her grip he runs out the front door*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 08:18 Spark!! *runs after him*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:19 Heck! He nicked my telaporter on the way out...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 08:19 *he telaports off Quickly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 08:23 *quickly pulls out gadgets and tries to track down where the teleporter went*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:26 Wait she will be back
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 08:27 *calculates the coordinates, but before teleporting she realizes something**runs back to Sara* Wait, I thought your teleporters only worked for you?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:30 I coded spark in, but my telaporters are all on scrablers through. Makes things fun
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 08:32 *grabs her by the throat* You track down that teleporter NOW!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:36 *looks her dead in the eye* No. And I will tell you why, No loving mother would Ever! EVER hold their child Down while they endure that kind of Tourcher and C.J! We both know you could have done that painlessly Both of you out of my house. NOW
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:36 *telaports off*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 08:38 *throws her down* I need to get my son back NOW!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:40 Thwn maybe you shouldnt have made him want to run away from you, and if you are any sort of mother to him then you should know were to look for him.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Jul.31 08:41 ...[BLEEP] you. *kicks her and leaves the house*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:43 Yup *moves her house to a new desolate planet and re sets up her anti tracking*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:44 *telaports to Tomas house* Hi Aedona
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:45 C.J.! *reaches out to hug her*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:47 *steps back* heyy..I would touch you but you have really strong Magic poisioning in your system...the anti magic protects me from the airborn but if we touch it can transfer easily, I can smell it all over you...bleeding out
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:49 Oh... *looks confused*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:50 It wont hurt you but it will hurt or kill me depending on how serious it is...
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:51 But how are you? Doing I came to Check in I got your letter!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:52 My letter??
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:53 I'm feeling fine...but "letter??"
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 08:55 Yeah *pulls out the letter that was sent* thats your hand writting
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 09:17 *looks at the letter* [Did Tomas write it, or did he take what Aedona had written without her noticing?]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Jul.31 09:27 [the latter]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Jul.31 09:33 [OK.] Oh...he sent it... [Anyways, gtg. Goodnight!]
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 04:40 yeah...Tomas is good at treating it though so your in good hands *smiles*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 04:52 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I was watching a movie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:01 Okay...um...when do you think I'll get out?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:01 I don't like being alone...here...with them... *has a distant/slightly haunted look in her eyes for a couple moments*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:08 I dont know depends on how bad the poisoning is....
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.1 05:09 it shouldnt be to long Aedona and...Flair wont come back while you are here so you wont have to worry about her
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:21 *just nods a little*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:28 [BTW, the contents of the letter included an explanation as to what happened to Aedona herself as well as what happened to Theseus (he's now still trapped in an object).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:29 You've told everyone else I'm okay, right?
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:37 yeah of course, we are working with trying to get Theseus back now.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:38 *Calls Katrin* So....I have my house all to my self now, all empty no chia wolves no people just me myself and I so...wanna come over?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:39 Okay...is Saxon alright?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:39 Mmm...I'm a tad busy right now, but...I think I can put this off. I'll be over in a couple minutes. *sure enough, she arrives a few minutes later*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:40 [BTW, I think I have realized that Flair allowing C.J. to do that to Spark for 30 minutes straight was a massive break in character. I'd like to revise that.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:40 hey, *smiles a bit* hows it going?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:41 [it was 20 minutes]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:41 [Considering that Flair freaked at the idea of YY Sara even hurting Spark a bit (I know this sequence probably isn't canon anymore, but still it says something), I would think that Flair would've let go of Spark and stopped C.J. after only 5 minutes or so
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:41 *.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:41 [Ahem... 7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo. 2019,Jul.31 08:12 *after about 30 minutes she stops* ok ]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:42 [but maybe it was 5 we can make it 5 minutes bc that isnt to bad but still enough to make Sara angry]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:42 [Maybe you made a typo?]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:42 [Yeah, 5 works. Flair was probably about to put a stop to it when C.J. finished.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:42 [huh I thought I said 20 but eh]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:43 Busy, but I'm making progress. Soon the Panthean planet system will be all ours. *smiles*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:43 [Eh, it was late at night and brain farts happen. XD]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:45 yours, I have no intreat in owning planet systems but...you have fun with it!
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:47 [brb]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:53 [Back!] But ruling alone is so boring.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:53 Hmm...if I'm queen, then how about you be my top advisor?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 05:58 mmm Im the wost at advice... the worst indeed
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:59 Perfect. *smirks*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 05:59 You're hired.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:00 mm ok
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:01 *is waiting for an answer from C.J.*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 06:02 Hmm...let's start off with the basics. *pulls out a big piece of paper and slaps it on the table* I wrote down all the names of every Panthean planet.
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:02 yeah...yeah he is good
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 06:02 They're so...boring...eugh. The gods and these people have no class.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:02 Okay, good. *smiles a little*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:03 *chuckles* neither do I
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:04 Will more of you visit soon?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 06:04 You're still classier than all of them combined. Now, help me out here.
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:05 yeah yeah of course!
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 06:05 I need help coming up with new names...I'm thinking of naming this whole section- *runs her fingers over a part of the paper that includes about 20 names* -Danny Devito. To save time, ya know. I can't come up with unique names for every one of these.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:05 Great! I miss you guys...
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:08 *laughs a bit* just go online to a name generator and write down what they give you
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:08 [Sara ment to say that...]
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:08 yeah we miss you to
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 06:11 But that's no fun.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:12 Be...be careful...I don't want Katrin to take more of you when you go after Theseus...
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:15 ok
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:15 *smiles a bit*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:18 How long are you going to stay here?
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:21 not to long unfortunately...I have things to get back to
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:36 Oh...alright...when will you come back?
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:38 I dont know soon thoug...I got to go now but I'll see you later! take care! *telaports off very hastily*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.1 06:39 oh...she barely spent 5 minutes with you thats Sad...but to be fair at this point acidently touching you could result in your death so i wouldnt be surprised if "Soon" was several months from now after your better
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:40 Bye! *barely got to say that before she left**seems rather sad*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:40 Oh...um...okay...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.1 06:42 yeah depending on how you react to treatment depends on how long you stay here
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:43 What's the treatment??
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.1 06:45 you have to remove it and its very painful bassically we remove it until you say you cant take it anymore then we do it again the next we and we comtinue doing it til the toxic magic is removed its like radiation a little is ok but be exposed to to much
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.1 06:45 for to long and you become toxic
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 06:47 Hmm...gimme a name, any name.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:47 Oh...okay...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:47 Stormegeddon Dark lord of all
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 06:48 Okie dokie. *slaps her finger on a section of planets* That's their new name.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.1 06:48 Gimme another name.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:49 *laughs a bit* mmm I dont know i try not to name things
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 06:57 When will treatments start?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.1 06:58 once your well enough to start treatment aka are healtheir and can actually walk without falling over
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.1 06:58 [time skip?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 07:07 [Sure.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 07:14 [Skip as much as you want.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.1 07:21 [A few months later, Tomas is almost finished with treatment and Spark is still missing, Tomas hasnt responded to Flair in any way during these few months and focused on helping Aedona*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 07:34 *has been desperately looking for Spark this whole time*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 07:35 *is out on some errands when she spots flair and she quickly and quietly attempts to sneak away before Flair sees her*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 07:39 *has been also trying to track down YY C.J.**spots her, but pretends not to at first*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 07:40 *keeps sneaking away before making a run for it*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 07:43 *teleports right in front of C.J. and grabs her by the neck, quickly pinning her down to the groun*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 07:45 *blasts her with magic and stands up* ugh what do you want? *sneers a bit*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 07:56 I want to know why the [BLEEP] you did something to my kid in 5 minutes that should've taken 5 milliseconds!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 07:56 Im not Irikurian C.J I dont know how she dose it in 5 miliseconds! im not her
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 07:58 By the way Tomas that he "Saw" wasnt real Tomas it was fake he has been riddled with the strongest halutions I have ever seen along with the scariest...real life...things...Someone screwed up your kid badly
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 07:58 and I mean...really really badly lets just say if they didnt have healing magic your kid would be dead so many times
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 08:01 Im not the one you should be mad at, Spark is going to have very very deep psychological issues for the rest of his life.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 08:02 Alright. Now tell me where the [BLEEP] Spark is!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 08:04 how should I know?! hes your kid not mine but I mean if he really was Your kid you would know were he is.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 08:18 Well he ran away because of you!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 08:18 Aren't all you Chia wolves connected? I'll give you two options: give me my kid or I'll beat you up. Which do you prefer?
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 08:20 He ran away beacause he was scared and he cried for his mommy to stop but She held him down and let it happen. he didnt run away from me he ran from you
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 08:21 thin Flair if Spark is crying and Scared of his mom and his uncle who is the next person he would run to?
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 08:28 beacause I barely know him and without my chia sense I found it out in like 10 minutes if you cant thats just sad
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 08:32 I've visited everyone I know he'd go to!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 08:33 Except the person he is actually at. which should have been the first place you looked. Please tell me who you visited amuse me
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 08:39 [BLEEP] you.
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 08:41 you to. now if you dont mind I have better things to deal with then you.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 08:50 I don't think so. *launches fire at her*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 09:01 *doges it easily* Im not telling you anything if your not going to play nice
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 09:02 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 18:24 I never play nice and neither do you!
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 22:59 then I guess Im not telling you anything *telaports off*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 23:00 *pulls out a gadget to trace her teleportation*
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2019,Aug.1 23:02 *telaports to couple places before her desitnation to screw up the trace*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 23:10 *lands in the first place she went to and looks around**sees more teleportation residue and traces that**she manages to trace plenty of places C.J. went to, but she knows it's too slow and C.J. will get away*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.1 23:22 *screams in rage and throws a bunch of her stuff to the ground*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.1 23:35 *he is wandering around in a forest when he spots Flair throwing stuff on the ground he immediately starts running away as fast as he can*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:11 *hears Spark and spots him out of the corner of her eye*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:12 Spark?! SPARK! *races after him*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 00:14 *darts off quickly doges trees and making sharp turns and as soon as he is out of Flairs sight he hides*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:16 *takes out a gadget that traces and shows infrared radiation/heat*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:17 *uses it to determine the direction Spark went in and sneaks towards him*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 00:22 *he is hiding under the hallowed out roots of a tree*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:28 *finds him* Spark, I just want to talk to you!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 00:37 *looks absolutely terrified he backs up scrambling out from under the tree and keeps running*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:38 *goes around the tree and grabs onto him from behind*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:39 I've been looking for you for a [BLEEP]ing month! Just talk to me!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 00:41 *screams then curls up crying* p...please dont hurt me again!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:43 I didn't hurt you! I never hurt you!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:44 Shhh...it's okay...C.J. is the one who hurt you!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:44 What she did could've been done in an instant! She took much longer than that on purpose!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 00:46 *keeps crying* l...let me go..please let me go dont...dont hurt me more please!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:47 I never hurt you and I'd never hurt you!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 00:48 *is sobbing* j...just let me go please!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 00:53 I never want to let you go again! I love you!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 00:54 *he is terrifed and shaking* p...please...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 04:12 We're going home!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 04:25 *starts panicking and crying more* NO! no I dont wanna go dont make me go!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 04:27 I'm going to make you better! Come on! *teleports with him to Tomas' place and bangs on the door*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 04:30 *struggles screaming and crying*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.2 04:30 *looks out the window but dosent open the door* What are you doing here?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 04:33 I found Spark! Let me the [BLEEP] in!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.2 04:34 *sighs and opens the door*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 04:35 *Digs his claws into the dirt crying and screaming and shaking in terror* NO! No I dont wanna go please dont make me go! Please!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 04:38 I don't know what's gotten into him, but I need to take care of him!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 04:39 *said that before Spark said that last part*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 04:39 Hm...wait...no...[BLEEP] it...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 04:39 *teleports to Borenaga's place instead*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:04 *keeps struggling and Crying and shaking* no! dont make me go! Dont make me go with you I dont want to!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:10 You're not well! I'll take care of you!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:11 Borenaga, Spark. Spark, Borenaga.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:12 *is absolutely terrified so he whips and bites Flairs arm so she loosens her grip then he slips away and runs as fast as he can through the castle*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Aug.2 05:13 *yawns and presses an emergency button**the castle exits are all sealed off*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Aug.2 05:13 *guards all stand around*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Aug.2 05:13 **guards are everywhere*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:13 *stares in the direction Spark went, shocked*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:14 *runs around fanatically he is terrified and very fast*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:14 *he sides under a guard and runs off into a bedroom and hides inside a wardrobe panicking as silently as he can which is very very silently*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2019,Aug.2 05:15 Alright, so what the [BLEEP]?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:16 My son and I are staying here for a while and you're going to leave him the [BLEEP] alone.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:17 *continues hiding*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:22 *goes looking for Spark**with the help of some guards telling her where they saw him go, she arrives in the room he went in* Spark?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:23 *is very silent he stops moving all together to avoid making noise*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:24 Spark, you don't have to hide...I love you and I'd never hurt you...just tell me what's wrong and I'll fix it.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:26 *continues to not to make a sound*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:27 Come out Spark.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:29 ;lG
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:31 *continues to stay silent in the wardrobe*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:33 *closes the door behind her and locks it, and starts searching the room for him*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:34 *looks at the door of the wardrobe he sits wishing that there was a lock for it*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:37 *finally opens the closet*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:37 *is standing with his back to the door shaking and terrified hoping that some how Flair cant see him*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:39 Spark...I love you. It's okay.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:40 *continues standing there not facing her trying to stay still but is shaking from fear*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:43 Spark, look at me.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:44 *continues to face away from her*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:46 Spark, I'm not going to hurt you. I'd never hurt you.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:46 *continues to face the wall still terrifed still shaking*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:48 Spark, come here...let mommy give you a hug.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:50 *continues to stay were he is shaking*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:51 *moves to gently put her hand on his shoulder*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:52 *as soon as she touches him he yelps loudly as if he is in pain*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:54 I didn't hurt you!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:55 *continues yelping like that for as long as her hand is on him*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 05:57 *lets go*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 05:59 *after she lets go he goes silent but shakes still not looking at her*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:01 Talk to me.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:03 *just sits there shaking in terror*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:06 Alright...we're going to stay here until you talk to me. I haven't seen you in a month. I've been worried sick. I need to know what this is about. *goes over to the other side of the room and sits down*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:08 *an hour later he is still shaking in the wardrobe in the exact same position she left him in*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:11 What the [BLEEP] is wrong?! Just tell me, I'll fix it!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:11 If you want to go somewhere, tell me where you want to go!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:12 b...back...back..t..to..to..to th..the...the..the..f..f...f...forest.....w..w...where..y..y..y.ou found...found me
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:13 Why there?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:15 *just wimpers a bit and continues shaking*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:20 Is it because your stuff is there?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:21 y...y....yes.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:22 What part of the forest is it in?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:24 w...were...y...you..t...took..m...me...i..i..its...its close
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:26 Okay. *teleports to where she caught Spark and scouts around a bit**finds the cave with his stuff in it, gathers up his belongings, and tessers to the room she left him in*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:27 *has taken away any teleportation devices and whatnot*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:27 *quickly rummages in his belongings clearly looking for something*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:27 *she has also confiscated his communication devices*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:28 *starts panicking more then backs away from Flair wimpering in fear and manges to crawl under the bed*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:30 *he reaches his paw out and slides his teddy bear under the bed with him*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:30 Why are you scared of me?! I never hurt you!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:33 *dosent respond but she can probably hear some sniffling since he has started crying*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:38 Why are you crying??
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:39 *continues laying under the bed crying*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:40 y...your...j...j...just....just...l..l..like...T......Tomas
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:42 I don't get what you're trying to say...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 06:42 Unless...Spark, you have to understand, Tomas never hurt you. You were not with him--it was a simulation.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:43 ...b...b...but..w..w..worse...than...than him..
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:46 *said that before she mentioned the simulation*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:48 y...y...your....y..y...you...h...hurt...hurt...me..y..y...you....you...are keep...keeping..me..me..me trapped...l..like...like they...they did
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 06:59 a...a...and..y..y...you..lie...lie...lie about....about it
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:00 I haven't been lying about anything
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:00 *!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:03 y...y...y..you..keep...keep saying that...that..y..you...you didnt...didnt..hurt...hurt...me..b...b..but..y..y..you d...did
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:11 How?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:11 C.J. hurt you, not me! I'd never hurt you!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:12 *starts crying more* You held me down! and you let her in my head! I told you no and to stop but you didnt listen! you held me down and let her anyways! *stutters alot whille talking*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:13 [im not typing out the stutters anymore bc im lazy]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:15 you chose to hold me down and let it happen that hurt me more then C.J did I..I dont want to be around you please just let me go...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:17 [OK. XD]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:20 I needed to know if Tomas actually hurt you! He didn't!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:23 I already knew that! you could have asked me...you didnt even bother to ask me...Let me go
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:25 No! I'm going to make this better!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:27 You think trapping me is going to make you forgive you?....your not fixing things your making them worse
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:30 You can't survive on your own. The universe is dangerous.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:30 your not doing this to help me your doing this for you and your hurting me more beacause of it but you dont care.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:39 No! I'm doing this because I do care about you!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:41 not enough to actually consider my feelings
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:43 I'm doing what's best for you!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:45 you...scare me
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:47 And that's bad! I'm going to fix that!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:49 this...is only scaring me more...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 07:50 There's nothing to be scared of. You're fine.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:51 *just starts sobbing*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 07:57 j...just leave me alone!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:00 *goes to hug him* It's okay! You're okay!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 08:01 *kicks her off of him and runs to the other side of the room* No Im not!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:07 You're going to be okay, then!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 08:08 just leave me alone!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:08 Calm down!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 08:09 your not even my Real mom!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:17 I...just...[BLEEP] off!! *storms out, locking the door*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.2 08:21 *sits in there and crys*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:23 *paces around for a while and then calls Tomas*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.2 08:24 *answers* hey you ok?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:26 No I'm [BLEEP] not!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.2 08:27 alright whats got you so mad this week?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:30 Mad?! I'm not mad! *laughs wildly* Spark's scared of me!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.2 08:31 yeah I know Sara called me and told me what happend
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:31 I spent a month searching for him and now he treats me like a monster!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:31 What the [BLEEP]?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 08:35 [gtg! *offline* Goodnight!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.2 08:35 Welcome to the wonderful world of raising a teenager
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.2 19:48 I NEVER treated you like this!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 04:03 [I'm on!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 05:26 You were not scared of me but you got made at me alot...ran away alot and You kept saying you hated me and I was the worst uncle in the universe but you were a teen and you were mad and that happends
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:33 He's not mad. He's terrifie.d
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:33 *terrified.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 05:37 Probably, he went through sevear truama and now your holding him against his will, he is probably dealing with alot of ptsd
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:38 So what the h**l am I supposed to do?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 05:41 Dont make him feel trapped against his will
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 05:42 If I don't keep him here he'll run away!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 06:56 out him in a pocket universe, he will think he is free when he isnt and he will come to you when he is ready
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 06:57 I have something similar to a pocket universe but it lets you program in whatever location you want and it copys it in a contained area
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 07:15 Hmm...alright.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 07:16 yeah
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 07:17 but I dont know ask C.J how she stopped being afraid of me and how Sara stopped being afraid of her lab
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 07:17 Can you send me a teleporter that goes to that pocket universe?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 07:20 you cant use telaporters to get into pocket universes the owner has to let you in but I can give you a fake telaporter that sends spark to the room and a tablet that controls it
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 07:28 That'll do.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 07:29 ...If this is another [BLEEP] lie I am never going to trust you with anything ever again.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.3 07:36 yeah yeah whatever you will lie to spark to one day for his own well being probably in a few minutes actually *telaports them to her* there you go
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 07:40 I mean it. If this is another trick...let's just say things will never ever be the way they were before. *hangs up and returns to Spark's room*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 07:41 *she has left all teleportation/communication devices outside the room except for the fake teleporter*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 07:41 I am going to sit here until you tell me the real reason you're upset. *sits down*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.3 07:42 *backs up as far away from Flair as possible*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.3 07:43 *mumbles* I already told you..
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 07:53 *sets her stuff down on a table beside her* Well I'm waiting for the truth. And I'm willing to wait a long time... *yawns*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.3 07:56 *lays down as far away from Flair as he can and dose not face her he just lays there ignoring her*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 08:12 *after a while she pretends to fall asleep*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 08:15 *the fake teleporter is among her things on the table*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 08:23 \
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 08:23 [Oops]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.3 08:25 [gtg! *offline*]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.4 04:06 [I'm on!]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 03:39 *quietly sneaks over and grabs the telaporter types in the cordinates and uses it* wait....this...this isnt...whats going on?! *uses the telaporter over and over again but he keeps ending up in the same place, a big empty black room*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 03:41 *opens her eyes and sees that Spark is gone**calls Tomas*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 03:46 hi
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 03:47 Is he in your pocket universe? He used the teleporter.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 03:48 Its not a pocket universe its more of a...ugh...its complicated but you have the tablet so I mean you can see him and everything you programed the location first right?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 03:50 ...Uh...I thought it was set to go to your pocket universe imitation already...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 03:51 no you have to program it with the tablet first or he just ends up in a black voic
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 03:52 *void
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 03:57 If he ends up in a black void how do you pull him out of it?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 03:59 you control everything with the tablet you can pull him out or build the world or do whatever
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:02 Oh okay. *gets on the tablet and sets it to create a basic world with a field, trees, and water*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 04:04 *sees everything apear and starts freaking out* NO!...No! Im not...gone...It was a trick...im still here...im still here...I never escaped...of course they didnt let me go! Stupid! Stupid! Stupid! *sits on the ground sobbing*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:09 ...[BLEEP]...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:10 He knows...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 04:12 I mean if you put him in before it was programed then of course he knows
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:13 I did.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 04:15 oh well, you can join him and explain or pull him out and explain
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:27 Explain what?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 04:30 that he is safe and ok
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:33 He's terrified of me. What makes you think he'd believe me?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 04:36 did you try apologizing to him? sinsearly then Actually giving him the space he needs?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:38 Apologizing for what?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 04:40 whatever you did that is making him terrified of you or mad at you so...knowing you, holding him down while C.J sorted though his memories since I doubt you took the time to calm him down and make sure he was ok with it before forcing him into that
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:41 You're the one who suggested I get C.J. to do this! This is YOUR fault!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 04:42 yes but I wrongly assumed you would make sure Spark would be ok with it first
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 04:43 and when you point fingers at other people 3 point back at you Flair, you need to start taking responsibility for your own actions
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 04:47 Well those 3 others are wrong!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 04:54 those 3 fingers are on your hand you are pointing them at yourself
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:00 What if I point at people with all my fingers?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 05:05 then you look stupid
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:13 No I do not!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 05:19 *laughs a bit* I dont know pointing with all 5 fingers is pretty weird, better to not point fingers at all I say
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:23 Just...ugh, fine! *hangs up angrily*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 05:26 *continues sitting there sobbing* Im such an idiot!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:28 *goes into the pocket universe*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:29 Spark...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 05:30 *looks up and sees Flair then looks around to see if he can see anyone else but ends up yelling behind him* I know its fake! Im not falling for it again!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:33 Spark, I'm sorry.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:34 You're okay...you're safe here...but I'm sorry for what I did.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 05:39 no No..no *backs up* Im not falling for this again! Im not falling for your fake reality your fake people! First it was Alfie then Tomas and now my Mom! No I know its not real!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:42 *sighs* I'm perfectly real. *uses the tablet to teleport them back to the room in Borenaga's palace* See?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 05:50 *shakes his head* no...no...no...this isnt real none of its real! Its another one of your Stupid simulations another one of your sick Games!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:52 Ask me a question. Any question.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 05:54 no...no Im not playing into it not again you did this EVERY time I ask questions somehow you all answer right then slowly you start hurting me more and more you made me think you let me go That I though was real but no...I never left!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 05:58 *teleports them back to the simulation room/"field"* No. You have left. You're going to stay here a while and you'll be perfectly safe, okay?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 06:02 If....I say yes and Play along will you leave me alone for a while? I...I know you get bored quickly...put things on a shelf and come back to them later
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 06:02 You're not playing along to anything!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 06:03 ok....ok.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 06:08 It's ME!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 06:08 Just...just stay here, okay? I know you need space to think. *leaves the simulation room and calls Tomas again*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 06:09 Ok! yes fine its you...and your going to leave me here...for a bit were its safe...beacause...your my mom and you want me safe...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.5 06:09 *said that before she left*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 06:16 [BLEEP] [BLEEP] [BLEEP]...!! Borenaga: *says from outside the door to the room* What are you swearing about? Flair: SHUT THE [BLEEP] UP Borenaga: OK
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 06:16 *calls Tomas once again*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 06:16 *answers* yes?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 06:19 He thinks I'm not real.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 06:27 probably, he thinks I hurt him to he was probably forced into a simulation...or ate a Dreamscape plant he probably thinks he is still in a simulation
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 06:37 I know that!! What do I do?!?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 07:28 nothing anything you do to try to convince him he isnt in a simulation will only convince him more that he is in one
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 07:39 So I just leave him there for a while??
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 07:58 no he knows that place is a simulation beacause it is let him go out in the real world I know its scary but he can handle it
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 08:06 What?! No he can't handle it!!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 08:07 how do you know?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 08:09 Because I'm his mom and I know these things!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 08:11 Sometimes I think you cant handle it but then I check up on you and see your doing fine...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 08:12 part of being a parent is letting Your kid go When they are ready even if you are not, worst case senario is he gets upset and comes back home
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 08:26 He's NOT ready!!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 08:26 He just went through h**l!!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 08:26 Neither Are you, you should come home right now your not ready for the world
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 08:27 your right you both went through h*ll both of you should come home right now
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 08:35 ...Shut. Up!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 08:35 I haven't gone through h**l!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 08:36 of course you have, Come home your not safe out there anyways
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 08:36 I know beacause Im your uncle and I raised you
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 08:37 Just shut up!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.5 08:39 you called me
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 08:40 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.5 21:39 I don't want him to wind up trapped again!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.6 01:09 He wont Sara made a deal they wont go near him again
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.6 04:39 But-- *pauses, remembering she isn't supposed to remember what he said about the place, her parents, etc.* -"they?" Who's "they?!"
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.6 22:21 you went to Sara to find out were spark was she found who took Spark and made a deal to get him back he is safe she delt with the people that took him
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 04:35 There are thousands of people and creatures that want my blood!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 04:36 What makes you think even just eliminating one group of people makes him safe?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 04:53 He can easily take care of leeches Flair and you found him on a really well hidden planet which mean he knows what he is doing, you couldnt find him for a month and when you found him not a scratch was on him. he can take care of himself
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 05:10 Not a scratch was on him?! He was emaciated and traumatized!!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 05:15 yeah but that was more beacause you held him down...he was probably out there to work on his issues he was probably doing well to
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 05:38 Doing well?! He was STARVING!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 05:39 no he really wasnt....
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 05:39 he was more then perfectly healthy
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 05:40 Then why was he so [BLEEP]ing thin?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 05:42 because he is a teenage wolf...they always look like that
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 05:43 I know, but he was...thinner than usual!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 05:45 no he wasnt
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 05:45 he was actually fatter then normal
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 05:52 What?!!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 05:56 yeah
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 05:58 But...I just... *shrugs and hangs up and paces*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 06:29 alright then
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 06:30 *thinks for a while and then uses the tablet to send Spark back to the forest where she caught him*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.7 06:46 *dosent move at all just stays sitting* nice change of scenery....not gonna change the fact that your keeping me hostage
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 06:47 *sits down and cries a little bit*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.7 06:47 but...whatever... *takes off the telaporter bracelet and smashes it to peices then goes to find his old den* right you took my stuff...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 07:05 *she paces around a bit and then sends his stuff to him*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2019,Aug.7 07:06 thanks... *puts it in his house then goes hunting and gets some food then eats it raw*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:08 *has dozed off *
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:10 *wakes up Aedona* hey time for your last dosage!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:17 *is groggy* Dosage?? Of what??
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:19 of treatment for magic poisoning
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:19 Oh...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:21 come on
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:23 *is very apprehensive, though she doesn't show it**gets up and follows him reluctantly*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:29 *starts treating her this process takes a good few hours*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:36 [BTW, zauber is quite a stable form of magic. I really can't see it causing magical poisoning.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:36 [I would kind of like to come up with another way through which Aedona got magical poisoning because I can't see zauber causing it. I can see more unstable types of magic causing it, but not zauber itself.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:40 [to much of anything can be poisonous even water]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:41 [True, but one must take into account that some magic types are more/less stable than others.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:41 [I would prefer a stronger justification for how Aedona got magical poisoning than it just being a result of being slathered in spells in the mirror. After all, it was her soul and the mirror that was slathered in magic, not her body.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:42 [Plus Aedona herself generates zauber. I just can't see it being zauber that has poisoned her unless she was intentionally poisoned by a zauber spell in some way.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:44 oh its her soul that is poisioned it leaked into her body after being put back in]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:44 [Perhaps Katrin tossed a spell in there that was meant to create this condition in case Aedona escaped the mirror. Or perhaps Tomas had to poison Aedona himself by using TONS of magic to get her soul out of the mirror and put it in her body.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:45 [and lets be honest Katrin probably did poision her with magic and if she didnt Sara probably did to shut her up for a bit]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:45 [yeah Tomas might have poisioned her I like that]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:45 [Yes, lots of magic was used on that mirror, but I can't see it being enough to cause poisoning. Plus it is zauber, which is inherently a stable kind of magic.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:46 [ye Tomas probably did it]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:46 [Yeah. Maybe Tomas had to perform a magical DDOS attack to free Aedona's soul--e.g. he'd overwhelm the spells on the mirror by pumping it full of magic and then extract Aedona.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:49 [ye]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:49 there we go...now go rest up...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:49 [That works. ^.^ So long as the magic isn't zauber it works for me. I can't really see zauber leeching into the environment as a super harmful thing, and if zauber can cause magical poisoning it would take an absolutely ludicrous amount to have that effec
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:50 *effect.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:50 *is shaking and probably crying*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:51 *helps her back to bed*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:52 [BTW, I am wondering if Saxon knows that Aedona's back in her body...would your characters have told him?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:53 [If given the chance?]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:53 [idk maybe maybe not]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:53 *doesn't look at him**lies down, trying to control her breathing*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:54 [Hm...I figure my characters (e.g. Calvin) know she's okay, though?]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 07:56 [yeah C.J would have told then that she is fine ect...they have been focusing on getting Theses back now I imagine]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:58 [Okie dokie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.7 07:59 [Hmm...to get to Theseus they may need to go through Irakurri Sara by the way...]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 08:00 [ok]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 08:02 *paces around some more**calls Tomas*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.7 08:03 *answers* hello?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 17:42 Fine I did it. Now what the [BLEEP] do I do?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.7 17:42 *her normal (AKA annoyed) tone of voice is also laced with misery*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.8 00:18 continue with your life and wait for him to come back on his own
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 04:07 Come back on his own?! In what, 30 years?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.8 05:55 when he gets over his fears...wether thats 30 days or 30 years that depends on him but you bothering him will only make it longer
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2019,Aug.8 06:04 [BLEEP]ING- *hangs up*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.8 06:09 *sighs a bit*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.8 19:39 *after resting for a while she shakily gets up and walks to the room Tomas is in* I...I would like to leave now...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.9 22:54 ok *continues working on whatever he was working on*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.10 03:46 ...Th-thank you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 00:17 *tries to leave*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.11 08:23 *the doors and windows are still locked and the telaporters still dont work for her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 08:29 *walks back over to him* I can't get out. Could you please open the door?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.11 08:31 its pull not push.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 08:33 I tried both. It's locked.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 08:33 Please let me out.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.11 08:36 it should open its a door..maybe your not strong enough yet , still weak from treatment go rest a bit maybe we will work on getting your strength back up
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 08:36 No, I feel fine. Let me out.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.11 08:43 if your not strong enough to even open a simple door you shouldnt be out in the world your still very weak treatment took a toll on you now you need to get your strength back, Ill get you on a special diet and exersize program
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 08:50 I am strong enough. Why are you forcing me to stay here?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.11 08:53 If you were strong enough then you could open a door Aedona
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 09:04 Why are you forcing me to stay here? *her voice is quite steady*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.11 09:07 well your not strong enough to open the door so your staying here until your healthy and yourself again.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 09:16 I'm healthy. I want to leave,
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 09:16 *.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.11 09:18 not healthy enough to open a door
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.11 09:18 as soon as you can open it on your own then you are healthy enough to leave
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 17:22 Are you serious?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.11 17:33 I can't open it on my own until you unlock it.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 04:10 it is unlocked
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 04:24 Why are you trying to keep me locked in here?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 04:33 *sighs and walks to the front door and opens and shuts it easily* Its not locked your just to weak to open it you need to get better
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 04:38 Don't try to trick me.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 04:39 Everything in here is programmed to respond to you. Just let me out.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 04:40 Trust me I wouldnt waste my time trying to trick you just go to bed maybe you will feel better in the morning I have work to do *walks back into his office*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 04:59 *looks around for ways of getting out for a while before finally just going to bed**has a very hard time getting to sleep and staying asleep*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 05:00 *wakes up the next morning and makes breakfast and sets it on the table*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 05:05 *the first thing she does when she gets up is try to leave again*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 05:05 Aedona come get some breakfast before it gets cold
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 05:19 *sighs and reluctantly comes over for breakfast*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 05:20 *sits down and starts eating*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 05:41 *eats as well, but doesn't eat all of it*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 05:46 *starts cleaning up and doing the dishes* I got some new movies if you would like to watch them on the tv
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 06:04 How long do I have to stay here?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 06:07 until you can open that door on your own
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 06:08 that unlocked Door
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 07:06 It's not unlocked.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 07:10 yes it is
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 07:36 *irritably goes to open it again*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 07:39 you should exercise get your strength up in about a month you should be able to open it
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 08:40 *someone knocks on the door and he gets an envelope then opens the door and talks to the person outside and hands it to him and brings Nilium inside her hands are bound in front of her with thick rope he closes the door and moves her forward as she is*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 08:41 *trying to fight back and kick while yelling in a foreign language*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 08:43 ok...ok your alright...wild little thing...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 08:44 *watches, alarmed*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 08:44 *moves her into a room thats see through it has white carpet and not much else at the moment unties her and kinda pushes her in and locks it*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 08:45 alrighty....
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 08:46 *has followed Tomas* What was that about?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 08:46 *trys to run out but hits the glass puts her hands on it and bangs on it yelling she looks confused at the glass at first*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.12 08:51 oh thats a kalfin im studying it....shes about 17...female...feisty little thing though Im gonna learn about her physical traits an autopsy sort of, poke around see whats inside
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.12 18:49 B-but...she's...she's alive...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 01:20 yes she is
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 05:38 You can't do an autopsy on someone alive...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 05:40 not someone something and yes you can she is a mystery unknown...Im scanning her now then im going to sedate her then scrub in
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 05:42 I mean technically its not an autopsy since she isnt dead but, same thing basically exploritive surgery
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 05:46 She is not a thing.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 05:47 well we dont know that for sure hence the surgery so I can learn more about her
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 05:52 She clearly has some amount of intelligence.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 05:54 mm yes so do plants everything living dose
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 06:12 You can't just do this without her permission...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 06:16 You dont need permission to eat your own chicken or to prune your own trees, this is similar *finshes scanning her then starts prepping his tools*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 06:26 Pruning trees can be beneficial depending on the tree. This isn't beneficial to her at all.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 06:29 yeah it is *points to a spot on the screen of her scan* she has a tumor in her leg probably how they caught her she was limping, If I dont take it out who knows what damage it could do thats why I scan fisrt
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 06:29 *first
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 06:32 I have a good Idea...of whats in there but I need a close up look *the room Nilium is in starts filling with gas and she continues banging and yelling but as she gets drowzy you can see the panic set in her eyes*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 06:39 *goes towards the glass instinctively upon recognizing her panic**puts her hand on the glass, looking at her with concern and sympathy*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 06:40 *passes out*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 06:42 right *puts on his gear and gloves and wheels his cart and table into the room gently picks her up and puts her on the table then starts operating he removes the tumor in her leg then explores elsewhere after he finishes he sews her up cleans*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 06:43 *and dresses her wounds then puts a table in the room and straps her down in it and puts an I.V drip in her of painkillers then takes the stuff out of the room and locks the door* There...I learned so much from that *quickly goes into his office and
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 06:44 *starts writting and drawing things down*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 06:59 *has just been trying to find ways out*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 07:01 *starts to wake up then starts panicking after realizing she is tied down and cant move she starts yelling loudly but angerly*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 07:05 Aedona come here Really quick!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 07:10 *comes over* What?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 07:11 *hands her a bracelet* go put that on her please
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 08:12 *takes the bracelet**approaches her, but hesitates* Why?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 08:14 its a traslator It will assimulate her launguage and traslate it for us so we can understand each other
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 08:34 Alright...why do you want me to do this?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 08:38 so we can understand her why else?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 08:55 But...why me and not you?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.13 09:01 beacause I have to file everything I learned about her
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 09:09 *sighs, walks over, and puts the bracelet on her*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 09:13 *makes a growling hiising like sound at Aedona when she comes near*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.13 17:50 Hey, I'm not going to hurt you. *backs off a couple of steps*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 01:12 ral eth lɔɪ limeth esha! *she yells at Aedona then spits in her direction*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 01:16 Ral nishi lethel neni ash *glares at her*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 01:38 [ash is the English word translation is kicking in a little bit it translated that one word]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 01:54 [her laungauge is very Hard to traslate though since they dont use the word And, the, or A and they use alot of words instead of other words for lack of a certain word]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 02:06 [most are traslated in a matter of seconds hers will be a few minutes or hours]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.14 04:31 [Erm...a LOT of languages on Earth don't use the or a. XD]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.14 04:33 [The "and" part I kind of understand (though how kalfin list things, construct "and/or" statements, etc. evades me), but there are tons of languages that don't use "the" or "a" at all. Honestly it'd be more of a problem if they had TONS of words that were
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2019,Aug.14 04:33 equivalent to "the" or "a" (e.g. German with die, das, der, etc.).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:34 ...Okay. *walks back over to Tomas* I don't think the translator is working.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:38 [If kalfin are extraordinarily rare, then I would understand her language taking forever to translate simply because Tomas' computers only have limited "samples" of her language to work with.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:39 [Perhaps his computers don't have translations of very many words and have to sort through databases of related languages and try to approximate what she's saying via cognates and whatnot.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:40 [Keep in mind that ordinary Earth computer systems are EXTRAORDINARILY fast, and Tomas' are thousands of times better/faster. It can't just be that the language is wordy or is structured a bit differently being a problem--I mean, yes, that's a problem,
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:40 but there are Earth languages that have similar problems that can still be translated by computers pretty fast.]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:43 [yes true but this language he has 0 samples on his pc has nothing to go off of so it has to learn itl catch up soon tho]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:43 [I'd buy this if his systems have to sort through databases of related languages for awhile to churn out the proper translations.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:44 [If it has 0 samples at all and no known related languages, how the h**l will it figure out how to translate the language??]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:44 [launguage is alot harder to traslate for comutors thoug bc they have diffrent grammer rules and structures and saying and slangs and words that dont traslate into other words ect...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:44 [It has to have something to go off of. Perhaps he has the PC looking through related languages for cognates.]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:45 [it is churning out any related laungages it can find which is how it found the word Ash but there are very few samples so its extrememly difficult even for a super computor]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:47 [Ah, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:47 [So if it's having to go off of related languages alone I buy it. ^.^]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:52 [her language has very limited words as well it only has 233 root words which you would think makes it easier but infact makes it so much harder beacause they use the same word to describe many things]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:55 [it dose not have a word for A or The for example it dose not have a word for wind eaither it is missing alot of words]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:55 [they do have a word for date though/asking out on a date]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:56 [XD OK.]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:58 [its a terrible language yes I made it yes its crap yes she called Aedona a feild dog which is an insult]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 04:58 [and yes its all written down with rules and a pronunciation guide]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:00 [Okie dokie, cool.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:00 [Anywho, I'm waiting for Sara to respond on AHAW 3 and Tomas to respond on here. I'll mostly be on AHAW 3.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 05:04 yes it is It found 1 word...so far the word Ash...its working on others...this is an unstudied spoken only language so no written records its very difficult to translate....Actually can you *hands Aedona a pack of flashcards* Take these they are pictures
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 05:05 of common things, and talk to her try to get her to understand? the more she talks the sooner we can understand her and she definitly responded to you
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:17 I'll try... *takes the flashcards over to Nilium*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:22 *holds up a flashcard*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:26 *points to the picture* Tree.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:31 namear mile mɔɪhaer esha
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:41 I can't understand a word you're saying.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:46 Iɔɪ shihem young shishi! *glares at her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:48 I don't care if you're insulting me.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:49 Let's try this again I guess. *holds up a flashcard showing clouds and whatnot* Sky.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:51 leni mɔɪ hahe
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:54 I have to keep you talking for this to work, so...let's try to finish this while we're still young.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:55 nasha skin ral eth eral
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:55 young...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:56 ...Skin?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 05:59 rem...skin...rɔɪthɔɪl lɔɪlɔɪlɔɪ hinɔɪthɔɪr ihem
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:01 Tree..Mile...sky...limɔɪrm rem?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:01 Erm...so....um...let's keep talking. *holds up another card* Rock. Or...boulder.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:02 *said that before she went on about "tree" and "sky" and whatnot*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:03 Oh. *holds up the tree card again* Yeah. Tree--mile...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:04 Rock....tinith
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:06 Rem...Mile ...mmm...thahim a mile...tree thahim
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:09 tree thahim minesh Mile
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:10 Okay...um...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:10 Rock is tinith...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:10 So... *holds up another card* Mountain.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:11 tinith...Rock...Rem...Yes Rock...rock
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:12 Hmm...rem is yes...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:14 mountain...minesh rock yes
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:16 So...is minesh...big?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:18 Menesh rock mountain
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:18 *minesh
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:20 *nods*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:20 Ye.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:21 *Yes.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:21 *looks a bit confused at her noding*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:24 Um...this movement means yes.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:28 no... himal Iɔɪ himishɔɪmi naral
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:29 Alright...I can't really understand you...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:30 *raises another flashcard* Um...water.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:30 Or river.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:30 *looks at aedona like she is a weirdo*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:31 *did that before she pulled out the flashcard
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:31 River...yes river
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:33 *pulls on the straps again and sighs frustrated*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:35 I know you don't like that...I don't like it either.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:35 *takes out another flashcard* Okay...um...grass or field.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:36 I...I...can understand you....now...*looks confused and worried*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:38 Oh, good! That was the point.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:38 That's what that bracelet does.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:39 what is a bracelet?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:43 It's...that. *points to the bracelet* It's a thing that goes around your arm.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:45 *pulls on the restrance* take them off
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:45 *restraints
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:47 I want to, but...I don't know if that's a good idea.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:47 You might attack.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:51 you took me from my home you torture and trapped me to this........place.....Let. Me. Go!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:55 I didn't. I'm trapped here too.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:55 Tomas is a doctor or...medicine man or whatever you call it...but I'm better now. I'm not sure why he's still keeping me here.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:56 no your not braceleted *pulls on the restraints again*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 06:57 your not traped like me. *glares at her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:06 I've been trying to get out of this place for over a day. Everything's locked or sealed.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:06 I'll ask Tomas if I can un...trap you, okay? *goes to Tomas*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:06 The translator is working...is it okay if I remove her restraints?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 07:08 the legs and the arm that Dose have the I.V line in it you can undo that way she can sit up and make sure she dosent rip out her I.V
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:27 Alright. *only undoes the limbs that he specified were okay to untie*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 07:28 you forgot one
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:31 Tomas wouldn't let me untie that one, I'm sorry.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:33 who is Tomas?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:35 he is not you, you can take it off
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:36 He is the man who brought you in here. He's the doctor in charge here.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:38 if he trapped you here why are you fallowing his orders like a pet?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:42 I...suppose I don't really have anything better to do...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:42 He helped me...I was unwell. But now I'm better. I just can't seem to convince him that that's true.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:44 *tries to pull the I.V out of her arm*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:50 Don't do that. It's
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:50 *It's helping you.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:52 *keeps trying to pull it out
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 07:59 Don't. *holds her wrist gently but firmly* You need that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:00 It's giving you your medicine.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:02 *spits on Aedona* Let Go you Feild dog!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:03 You're only going to hurt yourself if you pull that out. Don't. It's helping you.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:04 I dont want your medicine
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:05 It's not my medicine, it's Tomas'.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:05 You'll be in a lot of pain if you pull that out.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:06 The medicine is preventing the pain.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:06 *growls a bit then stops trying to pull it out*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:06 *lets go*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:07 *glares at Aedona* Why are you doing this?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:10 I'm just trying to help...the sooner you get better...well, the better.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:10 And the sooner you get better, the sooner you'll get out of here I hope.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 08:11 *leans in a bit and smiles* Your starting to sound like me Aedona *chuckles a bit then walks over to Nilium* So...whats your name
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:12 *just spits on Tomas and glares at him in response*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:12 *just stares in shock*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:12 ...I want to go home...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 08:15 *wipes it off onto his coat* You had a tumor in your leg that would hurt you thats why you were limping I took it out Im going to heal it so im going to touch your leg to change the bandage and clean it and do the same with the one on your stomach Please
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 08:16 dont struggle or I will have to tie you down again and I dont want to do that.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:17 untie my other arm
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:17 But...there isn't one in...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:17 Her stomach...
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 08:18 sure right after I clean up those wounds, they should be fully healed in a few hours *changes the bandages and points ointment on the wound the whole time Nilium is looking away from it then Tomas unties her other arm* There all done...not this in your
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 08:18 *now this
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 08:20 in your arm its called an I.V line it puts medicine numbing into you so you do not feel the pain from the wounds so keep it in if you would like to walk around hold onto this pole its attatched to *grabs the pole* that way it dosent rip out ok? I dont
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 08:20 want to tie you back up but I will if you keep pulling you I.V line out ok?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:20 *glares at Tomas*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2019,Aug.14 08:21 alright... *gets up and goes to his office*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:23 why do you stay with this snake man?... *looks down at her feet she looks a bit hurt but she is trying not to show it*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:23 Well...I had reason to stay days ago because I was sick...but now I'm better and I've been trying to leave, but he won't let me.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:24 All the exits are sealed.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:25 I...I miss my friends...I have one friend who visits me, but she hasn't been around in a while...and I don't even know what's been going on with my boyfriend...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:25 Do you have friends out there?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:26 yes...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:27 *looks down at her stomach* dose he do that oftain to you...is that why you stay?...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:27 *frowns, confused* Do what?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:28 touch your stomach
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:28 Um...no...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:30 I'm not here because I want to be...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:31 why dont you fight to get out then?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:32 There'd be no point...he controls this place.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:32 He has a lot of resources...even if I did fight I doubt I'd get anywhere...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:32 then if you win he losses control
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:33 Not really...this place is designed to only respond to him or anybody he authorizes.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:34 It's why I can't get out the exits. They won't respond to me--I can't open them.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:34 *looks really confused*...I...I dont understand....
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:34 You seem really...different. What sort of world do you come from?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:35 you are the diffrent one...you are yellow and have no ears
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:36 *chuckles* Well...people with my skin color are a minority at my home...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:38 I want to go home
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:40 Me too...maybe we can work together to get out.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.14 08:40 yes.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 04:47 What's your name?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:09 no.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:13 Um...what do you mean, "no?" I just would like to know your name...mine is Aedona.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:15 your not in my tribe we dont share names to those outside our tribe
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:20 Why? What am I supposed to call you?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:24 why do you need to call me anything?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:34 I mean...names are often used in conversations where I'm from.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:35 only my tribe uses my name no one else
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:39 Alright.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 05:51 yes and Im not marrying you or anyone in your tribe so you dont need to know my name
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:08 What?! I have a boyfriend!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:10 then why were you nodding your head at me? Regardless Im not interested
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:20 Nodding is equivalent to "yes" in my culture.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:20 And shaking your head-- *shakes her head* --means "no."
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:20 It's just body language for "yes" and "no," that's all.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:26 why dont you just say yes and no?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:28 Well...it's interchangeable, but I'll just say yes and no.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:31 body launguage is not used like that
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:35 Well...in my culture it is...as well as in many other cultures.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:38 its used for romantic advances
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:39 and flgirting
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:46 Oh...well, I'm sorry.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:47 *chuckles slightly* I'm just warning you...a lot of people I know nod to say "yes."
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 06:49 thats disgusting thats asking everyone to marry them....I want to go back to my own people
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 07:02 In other cultures it's not. It's just another way of saying "yes."
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 07:07 Let's see if we can both get back to our own people.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 07:08 yes lets do that.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 07:08 my tribe isnt fighters but I am strong so we can get out...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 07:17 Brute physical strength won't get us out.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2019,Aug.15 07:18 I know we need to...plan
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.