" A horribly amazing world "
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Earth... Chia wolves hate it.

14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 04:49 Aedona, what's the wound? *says as she cautiously steps toward Karasu*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.18 04:51 *shakes his head* I've never heard of it. It sounds made up to me.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 04:51 *points out the wound (because I can't remember what it is...I THINK it's a neck wound? XP)*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 04:51 maybe your right *smiles a bit*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 04:53 *examines the extent of the wound* hmm.. you do know she's dead, right?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 04:55 what would I do without you? *leans on him*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.18 05:03 *shrugs his shoulders, but smiles back to assure her that he maybe is right*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.18 05:03 *did that before the "what would I do without you?" part*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.18 05:03 *puts an arm around her* I should be asking you that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:04 So...what do we do?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:05 What do you WANT to do with her? Bringing her back isn't impossible, but it will take a lot.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:06 I wonder when Aedona will get back....
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.18 05:08 Where is she?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:08 Bring her back.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:08 Helping Saxon in a Rift I think
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:09 (How the heck does she even know what the rift is?! She isn't even Irakurri sara!)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.18 05:10 Saxon? Isn't he the guy who tried to kill you guys and kidnapped me?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:11 Very well. We have roughly... *looks at the sky, her gaze jumping from Star to star* forty minutes before the Tenshi locate her soul here.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:12 (XD I'm noticing some inconsistencies here)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:12 (No matter)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:13 *steps toward the cave but is electrocuted and thrown back by a force field* What the heck, Finick?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:15 Why would you need to enter? *Corvis: I know how to set up for what you're planning. *Finick: I don't want your help. *Corvis: You need my help.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:15 yep...thats the one turns out he was being blackmailed to
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.18 05:16 Oh...um... [Inconsistencies? I don't see any inconsistencies. The Saras as telepathic. XD]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.18 05:16 *are
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:17 (?)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:17 (oh um Aedona probably mentioned it....)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:19 [Hm...yeah, maybe.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:20 Look, what should I do?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:20 We don't have much time for this.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:22 Get her to allow passage for me. With what little time we have, the child is running out of time faster than you think.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:23 *isn't sure whether she should trust Corvis*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:23 *looks at Karasu and thinks of how much pain Saxon must be going through, and how much pain her parents would be going through if Aedona was the one who died or was taken away (or both) instead of them*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:23 *turns to
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:23 I assure you, my children and I can fix her on our own. *Corvis: and kill them in the process? You should know how much energy it takes to pull this stunt off
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:24 *Finick* Look...what matters most here is getting her back.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:25 A wise man once said that the key to a happy life was "father dies, son dies, grandson dies." Any other order would cause great suffering for the generations who were still alive.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:25 This is easily the worst thing that could ever happen for any parent. If letting Corvis in there would allow her to be revived in the fastest and best manner possible, then please...you have to let him in.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:26 I don't know what he wants to do in there, though. I don't know what the cons are. The choice is yours.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:27 Not to be offensive in any way, but the ravens cause too much trouble to make this choice lightly. Either we do things my way for I leave her to Hikari
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:29 What the heck happened to you, Finick? We were originally supposed to keep watch over raw magic together as Irakurri’s ambassadors of the night sky.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:34 Foolish old man. *turns to Aedona and nods, taking down the force field* Saxon's always been the meridian of our kind. I guess he deserves some sympathy for once.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:39 *is relieved a bit*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:41 *tosses Corvis a stick of chalk-like substance* hurry up. Aedona are you able to carry the child?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:41 *transforms into avian form and finds a clearing within the cave to start drawing*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:42 *nods* Should I pick her up now?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:42 [Nvm what she said, it sounds too stupid. XP] *picks up Karasu carefully*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:45 Come. *steps back into the cave where Corvis has drawn the main insignia of Irakurri’s magic council and was now writing avian phrases in the air around it*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:48 *comes into the cave, careful not to trip or anything*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:51 Place her in the center of the writing
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.18 05:57 *finishes writing the last of the phrases* You are welcome to share a portion of your power with her if you'd like. However, citing ancient avian phrases may prove difficult for a human.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 05:57 *does so*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 06:01 *puts her in the center of the writing, I mean*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 06:01 I'll try.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 06:01 *@ Corvis*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.18 06:03 You can start first, then. I'll recite the phrase and you repeat it. If cited correctly you will notice your life force being drained. Back away after several seconds otherwise you'd never recover from the loss.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.18 06:05 *holds his talons to the edge of the main insignia* You will do the same when you recite the phrase. *backs off and annunciates every syllable in avian language for her*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 06:06 (I gtg I'll be on tomarrow feel free to rp without me)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.18 06:06 (ok bye)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.18 06:14 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 02:21  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 02:28  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 02:37  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 03:49 [I'm on!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 03:49  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 03:49  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 03:49  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 04:17 (I will be late since my phone is almost dead and i won't be home until after 8:30)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 04:51 [OK.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 04:54 (Hi im on for the night)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 04:55 [Hey!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:01 ( i cant really do anything till Aedona is out of the rift so I guess we can wait unless flair wants to try Alfies Idea)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:04 [Flair most definitely won't try Alfie's idea unless she gets SUPER desperate (e.g. she encounters Tomas again inadvertently and he keeps his promise of making her suffer for her actions).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:04 [If you want, we could set up something where Flair and Tomas wind up on the opposite "ends" of something--e.g. Corbin and co. and Tomas are both after something, and Tomas and Flair wind up encountering each other.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:05 [A bit of a battle between Tomas and Flair would be interesting (it would be one-sided, though; she wouldn't attack back and would be just plain terrified).]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:07 (im back finally)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:12 You may begin when you are ready. *steps up to the insignia*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:12 Of course you are not obligated to take part in this. *steps up as well*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:14 (He wouldbt attack eather mostly he just takes C.J on trips and he has a stay at home office job he is a dad)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:17  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:17 [Oh, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:18  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:19  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:19  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:20  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:32  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:33 (I like either idea. If you want Aedona to find him, go ahead.)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:33  Secret message to C.J  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:34 (lol whoops)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:34  Secret message to Sara  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:42  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.19 05:42 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.19 05:42  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:11  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:12  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:40 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late; I was watching a movie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:41  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:41  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:42  Secret message to Armis  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:42 (Hi I'll check in a bit later to see if Aedona left the rift)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:43  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:43 [OK, got it. She technically already left the Rift--she's on one of Irakurri's moons, where Finick lives.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:46  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:47  Secret message to Aedona  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:47 (Ok when can Sara find Aedona or vise versa?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:48  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:49  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:49 [Hm...we currently plan for Aedona to find Saxon. Saxon's in Yinyang somewhere. Sara can probably find Aedona--or vice versa--shortly after Aedona finds Saxon.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:50  Secret message to Armis  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:50 (Can I'll check back in a few minutes the)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:51  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:52  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:53 Hold up just one moment. *leans in and grabs the plush wolf, setting it aside* Sorry, Cojiro, cannot have you being harmed.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:53  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:53 *is a little confused as to what Corvis just did*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 04:54 *then attempts to say the avian words or whatever as part of the ritual*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:55 (you can say whether she succeeds or not)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 04:59 Do not be alarmed when you notice your life force being pulled at. It is simply your life energy being offered to create a self-sustainable life force for the child's soul.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:00 You're so repetitive. *Finick: hush
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:01 *it takes a few tries, but she finally gets it right*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:03 *he and Finick repeat the phrase and prepare to take over for Aedona*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:06 [I'm just waiting for something to happen because I have no idea what the h**l Aedona's supposed to do apart from say avian crud... XD XP]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:07 (they told her to back away after a few seconds. Really i can make this go by fast)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:09 [Oh, okay. Sorry, I forgot.] *backs away*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:11 *both become increasingly tired after minutes of continuing ritual* You sure you can continue, Corvis? *corvis appears to be even more exhausted than Finick*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:14 Yes yes.. I'll be alright. *Finick stares at him curiously, then nods, understanding. A few more words are spoken in avian language when Karasu inhales suddenly, gripping where her wound once was*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:15 *karasu looks around, lost and afraid* Karasu: Where am I?! Who are you people?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:16 [@ Caprial: Think we can whip up a quick storyline or scenario to give your characters something to do? :P]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:16 [I could just go into my Fursonia mode, grab Sara and Aron, and drop them off somewhere dangerous to give them a random escape scenario. XD XP]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:19 (No its fine I dont like fight scenes anyway unless whilst there they find B-12 ooh! I have an Idea!!)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:20 [What is it?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:21 *steps forward again a little*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:21 (Maybe Alex she had to end up in that orb somehow maybe she did beacause she telaported a can of B-12 to Sara)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:21 (an open sprayin can of B-12)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:23 Karasu: *looks up at Aedona* You're Dad's friend, right?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:23 (she would definitly be locked up for a stunt like that)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:23 [Hm...how would Alex get teleportation technology, though? And why would she be put in an orb for doing that?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:24 [Nvm the latter question.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:24 [I can imagine Alex somehow sneaking the B-12 to Sara...]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:25 (there are telaporters in the lab just locked up but she could probably break in just long enough to send it)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:26 (maybe she left it in Saras bag last time she was there)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:26 [Oh, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:26 [Seems kind of weird that Sara would never notice that can until now, though.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:27 [Maybe Alex was caught trying to get the can to Sara and the can wound up in the orb along with Alex.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:27 [AKA they stuffed her in the orb while she still had the can or something.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:28 [All that needs to be done to access said can is to release Alex.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:28 (no sara's bag has alot of stuff in it its easy to miss something like that)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:28 (I'm not realising Alex)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:32 [It's been months/a year since the Alex shenanigans, though, and it's a spray can. And I believe Sara has dumped her bag out at least once this past year (RP time).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:33 [I still can't really see a spray can being missed...maybe the orb is rubbed in such a way by someone that only the can pops out?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:33 *nods at Karasu*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:33 Yes. I'm here to take you back to him.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:34 (Maybe she isnt in the orb yet and she just telaports it which is simple)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:34 Karasu: Where.. Where is he? Why did he attack me? *starts crying*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:38 It's not his fault. Cassius did this.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:39 [Hm...that wouldn't make sense time-wise, though. I thought we already went through the thing where Sara was captured and met Alex and stole her orb and all that.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:40 He should have been able to tell the difference, right?! I've been told how clever he is!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:40 (We did that in the future rp)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:42 I know Cassius messed with how I looked to try and trick him but he shouldn't have fallen for it.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:42 [Hm...I thought Sara did that in this RP, and then Alex was finally released in AHAW 2. I guess I'm just more confused than crap. XD XP]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:43 No, no one could ever tell the difference.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:44 (no She hasnt gotten Alex yet that wont happen for a very very long time)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:45 [Oh, okay. I'm just really darn confused then. XP]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:45 But he could have... *looks at the other two birds* Why are they here..?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:45 Finick: *the insignia burns away and she gives the plush wolf back to Karasu* We are friends. *looks up at Corvis* And I'll be your mentor from now on.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:46 [We can have Alex send Sara the B-12 right now and then get sent the orb. I presume Alex will have gotten Sara's coordinates from the lab tracking Aron.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:47 (They wouldnt send Alex in the orb the orb is were they put people they cant control Sara will find her orb later)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:47 *shakes her head* He couldn't. There are some who are just more powerful than him.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:48 *glances at Finick and Corvis* They were here to help heal you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:48 [I didn't say they'd send Alex. XP]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:48 Karasu:(@Aedona) I... I understand.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:48 [I said that Alex will send the B-12 to Sara. Alex would know where Sara is because I assume the lab knows where Aron is. In turn, Alex will be sent into the orb.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:49 Karasu: What do you mean, mentor? *corvis falls over, limp. Before anyone can react his body fades away, leaving a marble-sized ball of condensed magic with silver & white wisps*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:49 [Annnd I just realized I typoed above and didn't put the "into" into "sent into." Sorry. XP]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:49 (oh I see yes)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:49 *gasps a little**looks at Finick* What happened?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:50 *A spraying can of gas is sent right in front of Aron Sara jumps on it wrapping around it in case its harmful so It wont hurt the others* Get back! It might be dangerous!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:51 *steps several feet back very quickly*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:52 *is coughing and inhaling a very large dose of B-12 and forgotton memories start swarming her brain and she is learning the truth*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:53 Finick: He knew he was too old to perform this ritual. Corvis gave his life so she might live. And in doing so he also chose his successor. *solemnly places the marble before Karasu* Here lies the power and knowledge that set him apart as leader over the
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:53 *starts crying a bit but holds on tight till the can is empty*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 05:55 *has gotten back quickly*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:55 ravens. Take it with pride. Crush the magic to gain what he has willed to you. After which I will show you how to open a portal to the Rift. (gonna change corvis to karasu for now)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 05:56 *is alarmed to see her crying* Sara...are you okay?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:56 *stands up clearly shaken up she is crying silently*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 05:57 *just stands there not responding*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 05:58 [OK.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 05:58 *nods, able to understand the responsibility and why Corvis would have chosen her over the other ravens to control such power, then crushes the marble, taking in the magic*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 05:59 Sara? *starts approaching her**smells the B-12 and realizes what has happened*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:00 *after a few minutes she finally speaks up* your an awfel person...
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:01 *finick takes her outside and shows her how to open portals. It takes a few tries but she is eventually successful* Come on, Aedona! Thank you, Finick.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:01 (b-12 dosent have a sent)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:01 [Nvm then. He just stepped forward a bit and said "Sara?" again.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:02 *nods and turns away to head back home* You be sure to come learn what your responsibilities are, okay?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:04 *looks genuinely hurt* What...Sara, what are you talking about?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:04 I cant belive I thought I loved you!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:05 mmk!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:05 What...you...
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:06 What was that gas?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:06 *glances at the can and recognizes the type of spray can immediately, but acts like he doesn't know what it really is*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:07 B-12
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:07 You can stop playing stupid now!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:08 What are you talking about?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:09 What's wrong?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:09 *nods in thanks to Finick and then follows Karasu*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:09 [Crap...I miss Corvis already. He was a ba***rd, but a ba****rd with style--the kind of villain you love to hate.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:10  Secret message to Armis  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:10 You know Exactly whats wrong!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:11  Secret message to Armis  
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:11 *shakes his head innocently* No... *turns to Alfie a little* I...I think the gas has done something terrible to her...to her head.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:12  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:13  Secret message to Aedona  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:13 You think it went to my head?! Alright I'll kill myself any "side effects" will ware off insantly if it isnt real! *snaps her neck and dies then stands back up* Nope! your still a despicable person!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:13  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:14  Secret message to Aedona  
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:14 Sara...I need a bit of context....
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:14 She's been brainwashed in ways before where even killing her doesn't work... [This is true; I recall times where her mind was modified in ways that killing her did nothing.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:15 ok bassically most of my life is a lie I was brainwashed by the lab Aron works for them his job is to keep an eye on me beacause I was causing to much trouble at the lab! But they still need me so he takes me in I do what they want I'm re brainwashed and
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:16 They did It so I belived I loved and was over protective of Aron! Beacause that way I would be with him 24/7 and or always trying to get to him!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:18 *the other ravens refuse to make eye contact with either of them as they pass through the Rift* So where are we headed, then?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:18 ok then Lets go to Tomas lab test your memories and see which one of you is lying wether it be intentional or not sound good?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:20 I think we should look for an antidote to this gas first.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:20 (question is... who is going to tell CJ that her Papa is dead?)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:20 *looks at Alfie in disbelief* Do you REALLY believe all that?!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:21 Tomas can test chemical levels and find an antidote easy if he dosent already have one, After testing your memories
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:22 [Ohhh...geez...probably Aedona the next time she encounters C.J....]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:23 What I belive is if Sara said she didnt love you you would be in tears not trying to convise me its a lie, If she was brainwashed by the gas just now also I know brainwashing takes at least 3 hours for it to take full effect so If this was brainwashing
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:23 ( https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=OTuMh7VDaC4 (1:30-1:40)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:23 *sighs**goes over and picks up the spray can**inspects it* I've seen this before. It's from the lab--they used it to twist our beliefs horribly before. It usually wears off after a while, but she breathed in quite a lot.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:24 gas Sara would have her head hurting she would be slightly hazy and confused a bit disoranted and she wouldnt be in a yelling fit like she is now but It might be something new and if thats the case you would have no problem going to Tomas to get it fixed
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:25 The more you breathe in, the faster it takes effect, so it makes sense that she's like this. I know where an antidote is. I can take her there right away.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:25 Thats what I belive Aron and since its earth technology I doubt it activates that quickly
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.20 06:25 (lets be honest here, that's probably the main reason why he would come back. He misses CJ)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.20 06:25 *steps away from Aron* Dont you dare touch me!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:25 I know how this gas works; it's been used on me.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.20 06:26 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 00:42 Ok right...your right. Tomas isnt himself anyways of course you would know this Aron.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 00:46 Were do we find the antidote?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 04:16 (Ok hi)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 04:20 [BTW, if Aron gets to do what he wants to do, Sara will wind up brainwashed all over again.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 04:20 [The "antidote" is simply Aron taking Sara back to the lab so the brainwashing can be reinstated.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 04:34 [Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 04:36 (I might be a little slow too. I'm putting together a video)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 04:37 [OK, cool!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 04:39 (In just a few messages Irakurri will be left behind)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 04:39 (Such good news ^-^)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 04:43 [Wait...what?]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 04:43 [What do you mean?]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 04:46 (i intend to leave the rift out of the rp for quite awhile after Karasu and Aedona leave)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 04:58 [Ah, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 04:59 I think we should find your father.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 04:59 He needs to know you're alright.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 04:59 Any ideas where he might be? I'd figure back in the Underground.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:03 *shakes her head* No. I'm not even sure which universe he's in--yours or mine.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 05:05 *takes a few steps toward one of the Rift's windows.* Well how do we use these? Do you think it'd be of any help?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:13 Well, Corvis said you could spy on anyone using these windows, so I guess you can locate him using them.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:14 *feels weird talking about Corvis now that he's dead**she always felt like he'd be around far after she was gone*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 05:15 How are they used?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:21 *shrugs her shoulders* I don't know.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:21 It sounds like you're the new leader here, so...maybe you can order someone to show you how they work?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:21 I don't trust anyone here, though...so maybe you could ask Finick?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 05:26 I doubt Finick has ever been here..she seems too... dignified to ever come here.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:26 (Hi im on and I never said Aron would get what he wants)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:30 No! NO! *backs up away from them* I.... I have all the twlaporters anyway and I am not letting you near thwm or me but I cant get to them while your there beacause you will jump me
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:31 [Hi! I was pointing out what would happen if Aron had his way so I know whether or not you want Sara to be brainwashed again.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:31 *nods a little*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:31 None of you come closer just stay were you are! *starts backing up slowly not looking away from them*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:31 (Ok)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:32 (You have Aron do what you feel he would do and I will have Sara act how she should)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 05:33 Sara, please, stop. We need to get the antidote.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 05:33 *looks around* Grandpa? *Riyu steps forward*Riyu: Yes, dear? *Karasu: Wold you mind helping us locate Dad?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 05:33 *looks at her pleadingly* I love you...so much. Please. I...I can't survive without you. We need to get the antidote!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:34 We both know If Alfie wasnt here you would do everything in your power to get me back to that lab and I am not living under those lies again!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 05:37 What are you talking about? I love you more than anything! Please, come here. We need to fix this/
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 05:37 *.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 05:37 Riyu: Of course. *doesn't sound remotely thrilled at the thought of finding Saxon, but he obeys nonetheless, showing her how to locate people through the windows*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:41 No you dont Stop lying to me!!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:42 Do...you two need time alone to sort things out?....
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.21 05:42 No! No if you leave he will come after me! And them I'll be stuck again dont leave!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 05:43 *tears form in his eyes* Sara... *seems very agitated**turns to Alfie* Yes. Yeah.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.21 05:44 Karasu: Thank you so much. *An image of saxon beating a steel wall fades into view*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.21 05:49 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:01 (Hi im on)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:12 *her eyes widen a bit when she sees the image, but she definitely can't blame him for being really angry*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:12 [Hi!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:20 No! You cant leave me alone with him!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:20 *nods a little at Alfie* It'll be better if we can sort things out alone.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:24 (Hi (
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:26 [Hey!]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:26 *ok Sara Im putting a tracker on you...* walks over and puts a tracker on her* i will be back in 5 minutes if the tracker is removed or if she moves from this area then Im coming right back or telaporting to her location got it?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:28 Can you set it up with a radius so if he comes within 2 feet of me you will be alerted and come immediately?...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:29 Yeah... no problem *goes over and sets it in*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:29 He's so angry... *a soldier moves into view and grabs Saxon by the shoulder by which he responds with a swift punch to the soldier's temple*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:30 Ok 5 mintues you know the terms. *walks off*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:30 *he is seen yelling at the soldiers surrounding him before the window fades*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:32 *stands there* ok he is gone now so stop with your bs fake emotional manipulation bit!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:33 We need to get to him. Whatever he's doing, it isn't good.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:33 Sara, what are you talking about?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:33 We need to get the antidote.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:34 *holds out a hand* Just give me your phone. I can make you better.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:34 Riyu: Never seen him so emotional. *shrugs* whatever if you want to help him just get out of here already.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:34 You know what Im talking about! Stop pretending you dont!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:35 *Riyu opens a portal for them*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:35 *winces a bit* Sara, you don't know how much this is hurting me.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:35 I love you more than anything...please...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:35 *jumps through the portal*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:36 *yells:* SAXON, YOUR DAUGHTER IS ALIVE!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:36 No! No your not touching me or my phone! You are not coming anywere near me! I know so just stop it must be killing you inside to have been faking this long! No wonder you go on so many walks alone you need time to be your stupid self!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:36 *the portal leads to somewhere nearby*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:36 *creates night energy and sends it at all the soldiers she can see, using it to push them back but not kill them*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:37 What are you talking about?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:37 (It's gotta be this way for a reason)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:37 Its clear Alfie dosent belive any of us Aedona she will belive you the others on gone so that dosent matter! Its your fault! Its all your fault!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:38 (I already described the scene they'd find when they get to him)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:40 You are bassically a golified babysitting with a ridiculously high pay check! But I have done awful horrible thinngs because of you! I have killed people good people beacause I tought I loved you! *is crying* I was brainwashed and manipulated over and
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:41 Over! You Have ruined my life the least! The least you can do is own up to it you coward!!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:44 (also if they went directly to the site they'd likely be caught in the crossfire)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:48 [Oh yeah, whoops, sorry. Scratch what Aedona said/did then--unless there were soldiers around where she was, in which case she'd defend herself by pinning them back with night energy.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:49 *starts to cry a bit himself * Sara...please, it's the gas! The B-12 did this to you! You're not right in the head...you have to listen to me!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 04:49 Please just give me your phone! I can set things right!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:50 (just nearby the site. in the woods)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:54 Why dony you use your phone? The one thats hidden in your watch you thought I never knew about?!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 04:56 where is he? thought we'd teleport straight there
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 04:56 And just so we are clear I noticed your watch before the gas
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:00 *looks around* I don't know...
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 05:00 *that caught him off guard**sighs and activates the phone in his watch*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:01 (Just so you know the brainwashing sara goes under isnt a simple gas or injection it has to be done on sight at the lab it requires many machines and takes a long time)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 05:02 *starts trying to call the lab**he plans to say the code words that'll let them know what has happened to Sara*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 05:02 [I guessed she'd need to be taken back to the lab for the brainwashing to be reinstated.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:04 *power lines hidden by trees spark and a thick layer of fog rises from the distance*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:04 (Ye)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:07 Uh oh.. *runs toward the fog*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:08 you can call and say those stupid code words but there is no way I am going back there or believing you!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:10 you can try to lie and say "I love you" All you want but I dont belive one word of it and If I really was drugged I would be hesitant to lash out If I was drugged I would go off and think run off till I knew I was sure beacause I know what its like to be
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 05:11 *calls the lab and says the code words while looking at Sara: "But Sara, I do love you."*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:12 drugged! I know what it feels like to have something forcefully changing how you think and feel! So when Im drugged I know and I dont say what I think or feel! I am not drugged and I am not going anywere with you!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:12 *runs after Karasu* [Are you going to draw Karasu? I'm a bit interested in what she looks like.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:13 Of course those are the stupid code words! Why wouldnt they be?! I dont even know why Im trying to get you to say anything since all you have ever done is lied to me!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:14 (at some point i will. She takes more after her mother than saxon. She didn't even inherit his ice magic except for one quality of being unaffected by cold)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:14 *as she nears the edge of the trees creaking and small crashes can be heard*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:17 *the entirety of what appears to have once been a naval base has been crushed and torn to shreds by massive spikes of ice infused with shadow. in the center of the chaos is where he sits on his knees, clutching his head in his hands, his wings matted and
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:17 limp*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:20 *walks back over* Everything Solved?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:20 (btw this is why that scene is so specific. I've planned out this part specifically https://youtu.be/bVOVdu7olxw)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:20 (im not even close to being done but its still progress)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:21 *as soon as she herd Alfie she wiped away her tears* Yeah, We sorted it out turns out it was the gas effecting my brain It wore off though everything is good
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:21 *stands there in shocked silence for a few moments**then runs forward, trying to navigate the shredded base and get to Saxon*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:22 (as the video progresses I've begun animating the characters in the foreground to be aware of what's going on in the future background)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:22 *takes off the tracker and hands it to him then goes over to Aron and holds his hand shutting off his watch while she dose it* everything is just fine right Aron? *smiles up at him*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:23 *also takes the tracker out of arons Watch and breaks it in her hand so they cant find her* Just fine
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:23 [Ah, okay. What you've done so far is pretty cool!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:23 *can barely move at the terrible sight. she is unable to believe what she is seeing, but she tries her best to follow aedona anyway*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 05:24 [Aron managed to call the lab, so I'm sure they got his location already.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.22 05:24 [...Then again they're in outer space, and it's Earth tech.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:24 *calls out his name to no avail*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:25 *finally climbs up a tall hunk of ice, slipping and having to use night energy several times to get to the top**looks around and finally spots him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:25 *yells:* Saxon! *jumps down and runs toward him*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:25 (no they have his location but only this current one)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:26 *he's too overcome with emotion to respond to any of Aedona's calls*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:26 I'm Hungry though lets go get something to eat! I know this amazing resturant! *Puts on a telaporter and telaports with herself Aron and Alfie*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:28 Saxon! *pants hard, but manages to get the words out just as she reaches him:* Your...daughter...is alive...!!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:28 She's here...! *stops upon reaching him, bending over and panting*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:28 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.22 05:28 *they are in a town square like place she walks to a restraunt holding Arons hand while doing so she slips his watch off him and puts it in her pocket *
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.22 05:29 *speaks in a hushed, exhausted voice* Don't lie to me...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.23 01:21  Secret message to Aedona  
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,Apr.23 04:14 Ew...I dont like this place, im going to the nelyo place across the street see ya later* walks off*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.23 04:15 *goes into the restaurant gets them a table and sits across from him* looks like your stuck for a while Aron
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.23 05:12 (hmm)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:25 [I'm here!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:26 [Sorry I wasn't on last night; I had some important quizzes today and was studying like h**l.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 04:26 (YAY!)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:28 [Hi! ^.^]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:31  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:32  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:33  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:34 I'm not. *turns and yells to Karasu:* He's over here!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.24 04:36 *crawls over another ice spike and freezes when she sees Saxon*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 04:44 (I'm on my phone rn so I am slow)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 04:45 *looks up to see Karasu* it can't be... *shakes his head to clear his mind* can it?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:51 [Sorry for disappearing; I was a bit busy.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 04:54 (Ok)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.24 04:55 *doesn't want to move*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:57 Are you just doing it for the money ir do you have an actual reason?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 04:59 *or
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:01 *sighs* I love you.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:01 This is for your own good.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:01 No you dont stop lying its frustrating and annoying
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:02 *finally snaps at her a little* You think what they've done and what I've done is bad?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:03 There's a reason the other Sara is stronger than you. What they've done so far to us is nothing. I really am doing this for our own good.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:03 How the h*ll is hat for my own good?! Honestly just ok how about this, be yoyrself ok? You have a chance to be yourself in public finally you should take it
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:03 [I'm not entirely sure what Aron's motivations are, BTW, since I don't know the full details of what happened for him to wind up "babysitting" Sara.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:04 [It has to be more than money; that's too shallow. I'm currently thinking that it was a chance to gain some freedom and safety from the lab as well, both for himself and Sara.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:04 And she isnt stronger she is just cruler, and dosent acknowledged her emotions
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:05 [I don't think of Yinyang Aron as a villain, but now that it turns out he isn't who we thought he was, he isn't a hero either. I personally think he's somewhere in between.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:06 I've seen her take you down. She's endured so much more than you. I'm doing this so you don't have to endure anything she did.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:06 Karasu..? I-... you're alive.. how is it possible?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:06 Fine. Maybe I have been acting. But it's not for petty reasons.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:07 Corvis took her and me to a phoenix named Finick. We revived her, but it costed Corvis' life.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:07 (Aron actually isnt a person who was being experimented on he can quit his job whenever and money isnt to shallow bc his mom is sick and has alot of medical bills this covers all of them + more so his parents and siblings can have a comfortable life )
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:08 (Without having to worry about money or food or bills)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:08 [Hm...Aron does have some weird quirks--e.g. the floaty sleep and brain wave thing--so I can't imagine them not performing some tests on him. However, I can imagine said tests being very mild/not harmful or painful.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:09 [Also, he knows so much about Sara and how she's been tortured. He may not love her, but he's human. Naturally he'd want to spare her more of that.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:10 [If he didn't know so much about Sara and how he's supposed to have undergone similar treatment to her, he wouldn't be able to act the way he has for years.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:10 *spare her from more of that.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:11 Oh... he's... huh..
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:12 (If there is one thing pople will do anything for its there family/Mom especially if they are close to them)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:12 [Of course getting the money to take care of his family is one motivation, but if he's going to act the part around Sara, it can't hurt to throw in that he cares for her a bit. Again, he doesn't love her, but he is technically supposed to "babysit"/care
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:13 (He probably doe it to keep her out of the lab though as well but mostly for his family thats his main motive)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:13 for her. The best jobs are jobs you make a lot of money on and enjoy doing. If Aron legitimately cared for Sara, it would help him put up the facade he has had for years a LOT.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:13 How did you not know it was me? *her eyes start welling up with tears again*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:15 [It's fine if the family part is the main motive; it's just that it'd be natural for him to legitimately care for Sara to some extent for all he's been doing to work.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:16 (Well obviously he cares a bit he dosent love her but he cares)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:17 [Yep; that's what I've been saying. ^.^]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:17 [And he can try to disguise this care as his main motive in order to try to keep some control over Sara.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:17 ...I'm sorry.. my head wasn't clear.. I shouldve noticed but I didnt. I'm so sorry..
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:18 (yeah thats a given)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:20 *he struggles to stand up, but ends up in a slouched position as his wings still hang limply from his back*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:21 Im not going back to do any missions with the lab again I know its your job to bring me in for them but its not happening
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:24 *she looks at Aedona, uncertain of what she should do since she isn't sure of Saxon*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:27 The longer you wait for them to reinstate the brainwashing, the worse it'll be for you when you return. That's why I tried to return you immediately.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:27 I've seen what they've done to you, and they have far worse things up their sleeves. I've just been trying to protect you.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:28 and part of my "softness" Is so that people underestamate me when they kidnap you so I can get you out quickly which oh a good thing if someone kidnaps you I wont care and try to get you again
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:28 If I don't send you back, then they will get you eventually, and that's a given.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:29 I will just wont go back to earth! problem solved
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:29 I'm not saying you're "soft." What I'm saying is that they can break you in ways that you'll never recover. In ways that will make it impossible for you to function as a human being ever again.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:30 No, not problem solved. I just said that they will get you anyway. They have much more up their sleeves than you think they do.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:30 *nods at Karasu, as if to say that Saxon is telling the truth and that she should approach Saxon*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:32 Yeah well If you "Cared" So much why didnt you not call them beacause If you didnt call them they would still think I was brainwashed!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:35 Because what we had going on with you brainwashed was the best situation possible for both us and the lab.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:35 *slowly she shuffles toward Saxon, becoming more and more confident as she sees the genuine sorrow and exhaustion in his eyes. She ends up running to him and giving him a big hug*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:35 It's far more dangerous for you and me if you're not brainwashed, especially you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:37 *smiles a little, reminded of the moments she hugged her parents**her smile winds up bittersweet as the utter loneliness she's faced since she woke up from the coma hits her hard*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:37 I dont like being emotionally maniputlated into thinking I love someone to the point that I would Live in endless pain for them thats not my Idea of a good situation!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:39 (Raeanna will brb)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:44 [OK.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:45 Well, it's better than what they had in store for you prior to their decision to put you and me through this.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:46 I'm the only reason you're allowed any bit of freedom whatsoever. If I had never agreed to do this, you would have spent all these years in the lab.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:46 *he hugs her tightly, never wanting to let go* I'm so happy to know you are alright.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:46 And endless pain is far better than what they were intending to do next and will do next if we don't reinstate the brainwashing.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:47 Do you think I liked seeing every moment of what they did to you? Do you think I like learning what they planned on next?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:47 *liked
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:47 Time is ticking. If we don't go back there soon, I can't guarantee whether or not they'll decide to let you retain your freedoms.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:48 No I can handle phisical pain Aron! Being mentally and emotionally minipulated is the worst thing People can do to me!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:51 Yes, I'm alright. *pulls away* I have to get back to the Rift, though. *Saxon: But why? *Karasu: Corvis left me with a great responsibility and I intend to keep the ravens in order.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:51 Then come back to the lab.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:52 If you wait any longer, then what they intend to do is far worse than any physical pain.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:53 *sighs* Well, you are old enough to make your own choices so you do as you wish. As for me I think I'll be staying here for awhile. *Karasu: *nods, hugging him again* Love you, Dad.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:53 I dont know if your lying to me or not so I am just going to say your lying
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:53 Also, look at yourself. You were so much happier when brainwashed!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:54 Look at yourself.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:54 Love you, too. *karasu backs up again and opens a portal back to the Rift. she looks over to Aedona* *Karasu: Thank you. *walks through the portal and disappears*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:55 The brainwashing is your protection and it is your way of getting freedom. If you choose not to go along with it, then that will be the worst choice you've ever made in your entire life.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:55 If there's something we have both always wanted, it's peace of mind. The brainwashing gives us both that peace of mind.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:56 If you want the lab to leave you alone as much as possible, then all you have to do is come back with me and get that B-12 out of your system.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 05:56 Please. Everything I've done is for your own good. I mean it.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.24 05:58 *sits back on the ground, finding it hard to move* I... used all my magic...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 05:59 No its not freedom Aron I dont think like me or act like me or feel like me when Im brainwashed! Its not freedom
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 06:01 If you don't do this, you'll never leave the lab again.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 06:01 Think of our friends. Think of all the things we can do. I care about you.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 06:02 Prove it.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 06:04 I am proving it by trying to get you to come back to the lab.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 06:05 What they will do to you if you don't go along with this is...indescribable.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.24 06:06 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.24 06:06 No I hate the lab you know this Trying to get me back to the worst place in this usinverse dosent show you care!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:09 [I'm on!]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:09 Have you been listening to a word I said?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:09 If the brainwashing isn't reinstated, they will find you. And you will never get out again. Not after what they call "plan B" is instated.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 04:10 (Hello. I may be a bit distracted. Watching Poltergeist 2 with my dad)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:11 You can't afford to avoid the brainwashing. You can ditch me as quickly as you like. Run off to some planet with your buddies and hide for weeks. Maybe months. But they have ways of finding you, and they will do it, and they will never let you back out
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:11 for what you will have done. I'm the only reason you ever met C.J. I'm the only reason you ever had friends. I'm the only reason you've retained your humanity.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:12 [Okie dokie.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:12 If you don't come back, you will lose everything.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:13 Think of your friends. The team is already in pieces. It's been that way since Gandalf died. But you've been its backbone for a long time.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:14 If the brainwashing isn't reinstated, they will never see you again, and I doubt they'll be able to pick up the pieces. They'll wind up going their separate ways forever, broken by the loss of so many friends so quickly.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:15 A couple of them might try to stick together. I imagine Aedona would try to hold people together. Maybe Alfie as well. But they wouldn't be able to for long. They'd become lost.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:15 It's not just you who's in jeopardy here. They need you. And the only way you'll have a chance of staying with them is if you come back to the lab.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:16 It's your choice. You could refuse to come and throw away everything that ever mattered to you, or you could reinstate the brainwashing and be happy and free.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:18 *sits back* If you make the wrong choice, just don't blame me. I have not done anything wrong.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 04:22 Thats what you say but you have no way of proving it
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 04:24 *begins to slip in and out of consciousness, falling forward repeatedly*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 04:28 Well, if you want proof, go ahead. Run away. Wait a couple of weeks. You'll then have the rest of eternity to regret your decisions--that is, if you will still have the ability to think after what they do to you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 04:29 *goes over to Saxon, looking at him, concerned* What should I do?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 04:32 I... don't know.. haven't ever... depleted my magic supply.. before.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 04:42 [Sorry for disappearing; I'm multitasking.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 04:45 (Ok)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 04:45 (The movie is over now so I'm heading to the computer)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 04:53 It's become difficult to move.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 04:53 Im not scared of your threats earth technology is very limited and I can avoid them easily
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:01 [Okie dokie.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 05:02 You REALLY underestimate the technology they have at their disposal.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:03 Maybe I should take you where we can get help.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 05:06 As you wish... Not like I can stop you anyway..
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:14 No I dont not in the slightest I know how powerful they are but I have fought Literal Gods and Demons and won. You know you were there! Just how much are they paying you to do this?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:16 I treat them as a high risk threat which is Exactly why I wont get caught by them
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 05:16 *glares at her for a minute**then says:* Enough to keep my mother alive.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.25 05:16 *gets up and walks away*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:18 Good riddance...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:19 Wonder were he will go without a telaporter *walks off to find Alfie*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:25 *spends about 5-10 minutes doing intense calculations**then tessers with Saxon to C.J.'s treehouse**it is luckily day when they arrive, so Aedona is safe from Izar*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:26 I'll be back in a moment. *still doesn't trust Tomas, but she knows that she and Saxon will be safe so long as C.J. is around**climbs out of the treehouse and runs towards the house*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:26 *knocks on the door hard* C.J.?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:28 *comes out* oh Hi!!! *smiles big is very excited and wagging her tail*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:28 Hi! Um, C.J., there's a bit of an emergency...a friend of mine needs medical attention, and quick...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:28 Do you still know your healing magic?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:31 Yeah! I know how to make people feel better one second! *runs off and comes back holding a rainbow sparkely bag* ok lets go!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:32 He's in the tree house. *runs there*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:33 *runs to the treehouse sees its Saxon* no..no no thats the bad man....
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:36 He's not bad.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:37 The reason he fought your..."father" is because he was trying to get his daughter back, and fighting your father was one way he could try. It's complicated, but that's the gist of going on.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:38 If someone took you away, I'm sure your fathers would do the same for you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:38 Could you please heal him? Please?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:38 *but that was the gist of what was going on.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:39 I...I need to ask my pap if its ok...he was with you last time, do you..know were he is?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 05:46 He won't be back for awhile..
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:48 Wha.. why what did you do to him?!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 05:49 Heh.. I did nothing to the man. HE beat ME up. ..But he went to his real home for awhile.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:50 No..No this is his real home! Your a lair!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:52 C.J....Corvis is millenias old. He's not from this universe.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:53 He just left for a while. Everyone needs to just leave sometimes, you know?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:54 I dont care! He is still my Dad this is still his home he needs to be here!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:55 *her fur is standing up slightly like static*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 05:57 You'd rather he abandoned and forgotten his family back in my universe?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:58 Im his family! Me and Tomas !
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 05:59 He has other family. That includes him--Saxon.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 06:00 Calm down. Your dad is alright where he is now.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 06:00 And he'll always be with you. He's in your heart.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 06:01 No your lying! *stops her front paws on the ground when ahe dose a blast of energy hits Aedona and Saxon making them fall down*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 06:02 *starts running off crying*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 06:02 (meanwhile in heaven: corvis sits back, clearly enjoying his status while Hikari and several other Tenshi stare at him, unable to comprehend how he managed to make it there in the first place)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.25 06:04 *is barely able to pull himself back into a sitting position after the blast* Should we tell her?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.25 06:08 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:13 [I'm on!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:13 *sighs* I don't know.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:14 If she were the old C.J., then yes. But she's not really the C.J. I knew anymore.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 04:43 Heck, I wouldn't even tell CJ if she WAS herself. That is if she was anything like the CJ I know.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:44 (Hi)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:45 [Hey!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:47 I am this universe's C.J.'s best friend--apart from Sara, of course. But even if this C.J. was her old self, our C.J.s are fairly different.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 04:47 (One does not simply tell CJ someone she's close to died)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:49 [Eh, Aedona would simply tell her if C.J. were normal. But C.J.'s currently much more immature, innocent, and sensitive. Telling this C.J. is a no-no.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 04:50 Wait. Why didn't we go to MY CJ? At least she would've been willing to help.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:51 I don't know the coordinates.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:51 Do you?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 04:55 Unfortunately, no. I do know the coordinates to Tomas' place, but I can't remember right now.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 04:56 I may have to just wait this whole thing out unless we can convince her to help.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:58 *nods a little*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:58 *looks out at the sky and sees that the late afternoon sky is quickly transitioning into sunset* We had better leave this planet.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 04:59 If night falls, you don't want me around. You've had enough trouble already.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:01 *thinks of various planets she knows**picks the forest planet Theseus and co. hid on while she was in a coma, estimating that it should be noon there*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:01 *sits and concentrates on her calculations*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 05:04 *makes an attempt to create a portal. A small puff of black smoke appears and he winces in pain*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:06 *glances at him* Give me about ten more minutes. I can get us somewhere safe.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 05:08 Alright.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:11 *continues calculating like so for a little while**then grabs Saxon's hand and tessers to the forest planet**she got lucky; it's actually morning there*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:12 [@ Caprial: Can we give the forest planet Theseus and co. had been using as a campsite for months a name?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:12 [If so, I have some suggestions. ^.^]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 05:15 (Btw I'll be really slow tonight. Gotta finish painting a mural for my art class)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:19 [Okie dokie.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.26 05:44 May I ask why we had to leave?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:51 It's a long story, but...long story short, I'm the granddaughter of a night god. And that night god is out to kill me.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:52 He can see anywhere at night except places where both the night sky is blocked and there is enough light to block out the darkness.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:53 Technically, his power is limited for the most part to his and my planet--Panthea. However, all Panthean gods can exert some influence over other planets, so better safe than sorry.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:54 I could probably go out at night on this planet for a short period of time before he spots me, whereas on Panthea I'd be spotted immediately.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:55 [If you want, you can have Saxon ask her for her life story. I'm sure he's wondering why she has wanted to help him so much. She will have a few terms before sharing, however.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.26 05:55 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Apr.27 03:47 [I'm here!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:01 I see. But I'm still confused. Why would you leave your friends to help a stranger? I've done nothing to gain your trust. Heck, I've done more to prove myself an enemy than a friend.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Apr.27 04:17 [Hey! Sory, got distracted.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 04:18 I could see a repitition of certain events from my life in yours.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 04:18 I couldn't just watch someone suffer what threatened me and my family.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 04:18 Again...look...it's a really long story...but if you want to hear it...you've got to share your story. Okay?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:25 YOU have a really long story? I've started anew four times already, just working on my fifth restart now. Lemme see if I can summarize it all.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 04:29 *listens*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:33 *sits back, thinking* I was born and raised in a lab as part of a genetic experiment to grant humans magic. I made one friend but was forced to kill her and stay in a twisted form of solitary confinement which failed to erase who I was. A different tactic
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:39 was formulated to suppress my personality. They were desperate to keep me around since I was the finest super-soldier Sarge trained. Somehow I escaped the lab and sealed away another subject like me, it's all a blur, though. That marks my first 20 years.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:44 Afterward I lived in the mountains with a creature I created with the help of the sealed subject's magic. She was a lion-like creature made of ice who had two adorable cubs. For years I fought to protect them and the magic power I had sealed away. It was
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:48 Sara who accidentally released that subject from her prison. Immediately after her release I was sealed away into that very same prison. Simply put I used Bakura as a medium and demolished city after city, like my original orders were. CJ and Sara helped
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:50 me return to my senses. Quinn, the released subject, tried taking me back to Vulkanisch and ended up killing one of the lion cubs. Eventually I caught her and trapped her in a cryotube then threw it in the volcano. CJ sent me to Earth after that.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:55 It was winter. Within days of arriving I got terribly sick. A woman named Cynthia took me in and nursed me back to health. I travelled the world only to come back to the city, back to Cynthia. We ended up getting married and having a child. Life was
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:59 Good for once. I loved my family, my job, my home. Could've easily joined the military but I settled for a career in education. I still visit that school. Anyway, while I was away with Karasu, who was only 3 years old, THEY kidnapped her. Those
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 04:59 d***** Ravens hired Nixon to take her away.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 05:01 Naturally I left Karasu with a friend and tracked her down, but it was all a trap. Luckily I made a deal with Nixon to release her. I'd stay in his lab and help for anything as long as she was safe. At some point he had a new experiment to test. It wasn't
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 05:06 Supposed to be harmful at all, but it went horribly wrong and I ended up on Amyls, torn between myself and my own dark power. When I overcame that obstacle, with Karasu's help, we went to live with Blitz and start again. Cynthia had died of cancer three
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 05:07 *five(dangit I can not even tell the years right)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 05:10 Years after my deal was made. But I knew Karasu would be safer in the Underground. You remember when that whole "destruction of the world" thing happened? Blitz disappeared, having become one with her other half. We protected her dimension in the
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 05:12 Mountains, Karasu and I, while Blitz hid herself in her shadowed form. She's since been helped back to her normal self and we'd returned to the Underground. And then Riyu caught Karasu while I was away. You should know most of the events after.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 05:12 And that's the loosely told story of my life.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 05:14 (And now I can die from all these posts :'D)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:16 [You have fulfilled your destiny. XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:17 *sighs a little* Alright...my story...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:17 It all began long before I was born. My grandfather,
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:18 [NARRRRR WHY YOU DO THIS TO ME ENTER BUTTON]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:18 [XD Sorry, I couldn't contain my rage.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:19 *My grandfather, Izar, is one of the primordial gods of Panthea. He was also the most prideful of them. He generally regarded human life as a waste and preferred the "perfection" of his realm.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:21 Ironically he fell in love...I guess. Probably it was just her beauty...but anyways, he fell for my grandmother, Synna, and offered to make her a goddess.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:21 She was already in love, though--namely, with a man named Sigmund. He disrespected the gods and believed in more spiritual and less material things, like love.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:22 Izar became very angry and cursed Synna and Sigmund and all their descendants. They lived through the hardship and had a son named Erikas. Erikas would later become my father.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:23 Sigmund went missing one night when Erikas was a kid, and it was assumed that Izar got him. Synna died not long after. Erikas became hopeless for a while, but as he grew up he decided to go on a quest for vengeance.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:24 Long story short, he tried to get the one weapon that can kill Panthean gods--the sword called theoskha, which is Panthean for "god-killer." By then, Izar had started a family of his own by taking down a constellation and turning it into his daughter,
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:25 Silene. Silene was sent to stop Erikas from getting theoskha, but her actions actually caused him to obtain it. Izar was enraged, so he banished Silene from the heavens and made her a mortal.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:26 He put a spell on her dictating that she would be forced to marry the "worst man" on the planet, which turned out to be Erikas, since he is the worst man on Panthea from Izar's point of view. Izar was made even more angry.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:27 Silene still had Izar's values, so she didn't like Erikas. It took a while, but she eventually saw the truth in Erikas' values and the coldness in Izar's so-called perfection, and Silene warmed up to Erikas. They fell in love.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:28 I was born and had a fine childhood up to a point. My parents, Erikas and Silene, raised me in a small house in the woods, making sure to always keep me safe from the darkness of night.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:29 When I was about 10, though, I made a horrifying mistake. I decided to stay out late to watch the fireflies. Izar found me and sent this Shadow Beast after me--a personification of darkness designed to capture me and kill my parents.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:29 You see, Izar didn't actually want to kill me back then. He wanted to make me like him--loveless and perfect.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:30 My parents sacrificed their lives defending me from the Shadow Beast and Izar that night while I ran away. I found a building in the woods and was let in by a stranger. He gave me shelter for the night, but then wouldn't let me leave because he saw that I
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:31 had powers. He wanted to experiment on me--maybe keep me there forever. He was a scientist. His name was Tomas.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:32 I went through months that were far worse than watching my parents die. I ultimately escaped, but not before seeing some very important information about Tomas on one of his computers. He saw this and used an experimental memory wiping gun on me as I ran
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:32 away, though, so I couldn't remember what had happened the past year, and whether or not my parents died became very fuzzy.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:33 I took care of myself and hoped that my parents would find me for the next five years or so. When I was 16, my life changed because I met my future best friends for the first time.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:33 C.J. and her friends had arrived on the planet and needed a guide. Alfie recognized me from the lab, but I didn't recognize him due to the memory wiping. I agreed to be their guide, but only if they helped me find my parents.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:34 We went on a quest on foot across the continent to find a special cave that shows secrets to those who enter. Along the way, we were joined by a nightingale and a humanoid firefly. They had no names, so we just called them Nightingale and Firefly.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:35 Long story short, we found the cave and I found out that Nightingale was actually my reincarnated mother. On my planet, when gods die, they come back as themselves and gradually gain back memories of their past lives. However, Silene technically was
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:36 demoted from her godhood, so she came back as another species--albeit a night-related one--and it was harder for her to gain back her memories.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:36 Anywho, I was captured by Tomas again because he wanted my night magic for some super-weapon. The experience brought back many of the memories hidden by the memory-wiper.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:37 With my life being so upside-down, I wasn't entirely sure what to do. However, Nightingale had told me the story of our family and what had happened, and that provided some clarity. I decided to try to find theoskha--which had been lost after my father
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:38 died, and he alone knew its location--and avenge my family by killing Izar with it.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:39 C.J., her friends, my mother, and Firefly agreed to help me on my quest, and we set off to find theoskha. We split up and checked places linked to my father. Ultimately, Theseus, Nightingale, Firefly, and I went to Erikas' original home, where he grew up
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:41 with Synna and Sigmund. Night fell and the Shadow Beast attacked. After we thought we killed it, it turned out that Firefly was actually my father reincarnated. The reason he was a strange human-firefly mix was that he was meant to come back to life as a
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:41 firefly, but Silene tried to use her divine magic on him to allow him to come back with his memories intact like a god. This backfired, and he came back as a human-firefly mix with no memories.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:42 I thought I was finally reunited with my parents, but then... *pauses, hardening herself * The Shadow Beast wasn't dead. It killed them both. And I killed it.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:43 While killing it, I shattered my father's guitar, which he had given me on the night when the Shadow Beast first attacked and he told me to run while he and Silene died for me.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:44 I found theoskha in the remains of the shattered guitar. It had been inside it all along.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:44 I rode Theseus. We evaded Izar and returned to our friends. C.J. knew what had happened to my parents before I said a word.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:45 From there I left my planet and joined C.J. and her intergalactic hero team. I trained every day with theoskha in order to prepare myself for the inevitable conflict between me and Izar.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:46 Months later, it happened. The team had returned to Panthea to...well, I won't go into it. This story is already too long. But as I was saying, we had returned to Panthea. Night fell and everything was chaos--everyone was scattered. I was outside and Izar
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:46 found me. We fought for a long time, and I eventually won. I killed him with theoskha.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:47 I was finally safe. I could go out at night anywhere anytime. I was free from my one main tormentor. I rejoined my friends and went on many adventures with them. Everything changed recently, however.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:48 It was during Decay's Onslaught. You might have seen it--I thought you said you were watching from the Underground or something...I don't know. But while fighting Mirkrovul, my one defense against Izar was shattered.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:49 I knew that he would grow up and get enough memories back to become a threat within my lifetime, and he would definitely go after my kids if I had any. I had planned to pass theoskha on to my children, but after that moment I knew I would never...ever
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:49 have a child.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:50 After the war came something even more unexpected. There was a prophecy about me--about theokofos, the twilight of the gods.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:51 It said that on my 17th birthday, I would destroy the world by crashing the moon into it. When the era of Decay's Onslaught was over, I was mere weeks away from turning 17.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:52 I sought help. Corvis had taken interest in me and decided to help me. He locked me in a cryotube in a lab in Irakurri. It didn't work. When I turned 17, I immediately tessered to Panthea. I tried hard to fight the prophecy. I wasn't alone--the bird man
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:52 you made deals with, Corbin, is a minor Panthean god. He alone of the pantheon had hope, and so he alone tried to kill me.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:53 Theseus and my friends learned of the prophecy and decided to also try to stop it. But I made the mistake of distancing myself from them and trying to handle things on my own.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:54 I ate one of Corvis' pearls to give me a power boost, thinking that would help me resist everything. It didn't. I went into a trance that made me go to the moon. There, I met Izar, who was a child.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:54 He showed me...something...it's blurry, but I'm afraid to think about it too much...but...it...along with the pearl's power...did...SOMETHING...to me. *is shuddering a little*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:55 All my values turned inside-out. Everything was just wrong. I sort of...snapped, I guess, and tried to launch the moon into the planet.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:55 Theseus and my friends managed to restore Izar to the age and power level he was before I killed him, and he then stopped me. What he did to me put me in a coma for months.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:56 When I woke up, I woke up around here. On this planet. Safe with my friends. But everything was different. Izar was back to full power. I have no sword. My best friend is entirely different. And everyone's trust in one another seems to be just...falling
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:56 apart.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:57 If there's a time that I miss having parents...that I miss just having someone by my side...it's now.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:58 Anyways...th...that's my story. Maybe you understand now why I had to stop Karasu from...becoming another me. From becoming a version of me who was torn away from my parents and made "perfect" by Izar.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:58 [Ohhhh god...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:59 [Can I die now?...Please? XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.27 05:59 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 06:03 *chuckles, falling back into the grass* And where is she now? They got what they wanted, for the most part. Can't say I'm too upset anymore. Riyu may be a dirt bag but he still protected her.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 06:14 You mentioned a cryotube. So Corvis took you to Vulkanisch,eh? *starts laughing* And he put you inside the only faulty cryotube! And YOU trusted that it might help you! It couldn't "fix" me for Sarge, so why would it fix anything now?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.27 06:20 I bet Corvis got a kick out of that. I know I would've.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 03:03 (If I don't reply right away it is because I am working to finish an animation by tonight so I can show my aunt and mom tomorrow. They've never seen my animations)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:14 [I'm on! OK. Good luck with your animation!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 04:21 (im still here tho)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:24 [Okie dokie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:26 *looks at him darkly* I never really trusted Corvis. It figures that he'd do that. But when you're trying to stop yourself from killing every place and person you loved in your childhood, you don't have very many options, and being asleep in another
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:26 universe seemed like the best bet. But I guess I misjudged even you. That sort of thing is all fun and games to you Ravens, isn't it?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:29 *sighs* I did everything I could to help your daughter. I can't really complain about how she turned out either. At least she's in charge of all of them. Maybe that'll make them behave for a while.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 04:34 *his laughter drops to a single, half-hearted chuckle* At least you were able to be stopped. *holds a short moment of silence before closing his eyes, cracking a small smile* What's wrong with fun and games?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:37 Nothing. Unless certain topics like murder and mass destruction are interpreted as so-called "fun and games."
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 04:41 Now I never said anything about murder and mass destruction.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:48 You act like my attempts to prevent myself from destroying my own planet were a joke.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:49 That's fine. You can go s***w yourself. *gets up and starts walking away*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 04:56 No thanks. Though I never made any notion toward your experience being a joke. Where did I say that?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:57 *yells over her shoulder* You should consider listening to yourself sometimes.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 04:57 *goes off to find a tree to climb*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:01 *calls out to her* The only possible notion would have been my saying of 'at least you were stopped'! And that was a lament if you must know!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:08 *chooses not to respond**finds a pretty big tree and starts climbing*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:17 [Is there a reason as to why Saxon seems like a jerk all of a sudden? Is it the dark magic he battled with and kinda-sorta-maybe merged with or something?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:18 *drags himself to a tree to lean against* whatever. You do you. *slips deep into thought, staring up at the sky*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:21 (He's tired af and trying not to break from making himself think deeply about the pain in his life. The only way he knows to combat that is with music and humor. Only he can barely move so humor is the only option, albeit dry humor)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:23 (really the only triggering thing was his lamented comment which was referring to the fact that he was quite literally forced to kill the one closest to him after he had promised they'd escape together.)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:25 [Okay, makes sense.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:26 [People can lash out when tired and remorseful.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:29 (yeah)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:35 *climbs a tree and also thinks for a while in silence**knows that she needs to find her friends, and knows that she is lonelier than ever, and yet somehow she just wants to be alone for a while*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:39 [Sooo...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:39 [Where's Caprial?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:43 (i dont really know...)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:44 *lost in his trance, he starts whistling a foreign tune. Though nothing appears to happen, back in Irakurri a small tribe of humans look to the sky, listening. Tears come to his eyes when there is no response.*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:45  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:45 (btw it sounds similar to this, but whistled. https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=CqKdtsf9Zyw)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:45  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:46  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:47 (I'll explain myself since that action does have meaning. The one Saxon first fell in love with, the one he killed, was from a small tribe on the Northern side of Exocoel. When Saxon escaped Vulkanisch, he went there first, to give them the news and
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:47  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:50 apologize profusely for what he had done. They understood and sympathized with him, and took him to meet the Surtil family, or Raina's family. Though disheartened, they, too, understood and appreciated his efforts, granting him the honor of joining their
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:52 tribe and taking on the family name of Surtil. He stayed with them for years, learning about the tribe and what they did. Turns out they were the only humans of Irakurri to naturally have an ability. That ability was to hear the sounds of the universe.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:54 This tribe took those sounds and translated them into songs. These songs can be heard from anywhere in any universe. Unfortunately Saxon could only learn the songs, but could never hear them from a distance like they could.)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:56 (Saxon was never truly one of the tribe, as much as he longed to be. Most of Irakurri's 'songs' are slow, often sad)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:56 [Wow...that's actually a pretty touching story. And an interesting power as well.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 05:57  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:57 [Also, I approve of the Mendelssohn. ^.^ *thumbs up*]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 05:58  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 06:00  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 06:02 (while I do not enjoy full on classical music with the whole orchestra, I do enjoy violin. My dad played violin and I played violin.)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:02  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:03 [That's awesome! My dad played violin too.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:03 [I play piano and sing...sort of. :P I'm a self-taught singer with an operatic voice. I pretty much sing exclusively to my pet fish. XD XP]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:04 [Also my piano kinda su cks. I rarely play and the best thing I can play is the 1st movement of the Moonlight Sonata.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 06:04  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 06:05 (I can play a little bit of piano, violin, guitar, flute, and am going to learn to play the tenor saxophone)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 06:07 (I like singing, but only when im alone. when im with others i get too self-conscious and end up singing terribly)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:08  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:08 [Yeah, I get really self-conscious when I sing, so I only do it around pets.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 06:12 (basically Saxon is only half-consciously whistling the song. Internally he's been trying to escape to a place where he can call home and pull himself back together, but he also remembers that he can never hear if his adopted family responds)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:14 [Ah, okay.] *comes back shortly afterwards with a whole lot of fruit and berries and nuts**sets them down* Here.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.28 06:15 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 07:25 *is still whistling, but much quieter, head hanging. He appears to be asleep*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 14:39  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.28 14:41  Secret message to Aedona  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:00 *telaports herself to an empty planet and starts crying*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:03 *puts his hand on Sara's shoulder she jumps and quickly moves back*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:04 L..Leave me Alone!
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:05 you found out your live is a lie hmm? but whats mostly bugging you is that Aron dosent love you anymore
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:05 Stop it Mathews Im not going back with you!
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:10 oh...always such Disrespect with you, Its Doctor Mathews Sara you know that. plus we still have all your other little friends, Alex and Derick, Adam, Liam and who can forget little phoebe.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:12 and Im not taking you back right now we dont need you at the lab your really only useful for suicide missions. we let Alex send you the B-12 but she dosent know that, she got in trouble for it anyway but we were not to harsh
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:14 Aron was getting to attached to you not loving you yet but he cares a bit enough to be nervous and a little on edge when he brings you back so this is better
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:14 your not going to...
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:16 no we wont hurt your friends or Aron If you listen to us *hands her a watch* we usually dont use you except when we do we will call you and you better pick up and listen beacause if you dont we will hurt your friends then come get you then hurt
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:18 your friends again right infront of them then hurt you alot and keep you in the lab. You like freedom Sara so this is your chance you keep your friends safe, and you get to be free well until we call you for small jobs anyways...I'll keep in touch
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:18 *telaports off*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:19 *her breth is shaky and she holds on tightly to the new phone*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:25 *breath
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:25 [I'm on! Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 04:26 (I'm on my phone so I might be s bit slow)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:28 [Hooo crap...I imagined Dr. Mathews saying all those things lightly and politely, as if he was talking to a 7 year-old...it made his threats all the more horrifying.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:28 [@ RaeAnna: OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:28  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:28 *pokes him* Hey. I brought food.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:29 (yep thats exactly how he said it to)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:31 (also new watch not new phone)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:31 [XD XP I think I understand his characterization a little too well. Time to get out the brain bleach.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 04:33 *shutters in response, gasping* huh?! Oh, food. Thank you. ...was I asleep?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:41 [Sorry for disappearing; I had to clean the smudges off my blue light blocking glasses. :P]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:41 Kind of. You were whistling to yourself.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 04:42 I... was?.. Oh dear.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:48 *sits down on a rock and starts peeling the skin off one of the fruits**says to him casually:* What tune was that? *being a music lover, she's naturally curious*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:51 *wonders the woods very upset*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:52 *telaports to Aron* Hello
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:52 *is sitting in a cafe on whatever planet they went to, in a bad mood**looks up at Dr. Mathews* She wandered off somewhere. Probably teleported away by now.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:53 No I delt with that problem dont worry we know its not your fault
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:54 But I have a diffrent job for you it...pays very nicely and wont take to long
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 04:54 Judging by my slumber it must have been one of the serenades. Whichever one it was, you've never heard it. The tune is from Irakurri, back on my home planet.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:56 Hmm?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:56 Oh.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:57 *thinks, trying to place where she put her guitar (formerly C.J.'s, as she had given it to Aedona after Aedona's had been destroyed) prior to Decay's Onslaught**realizes that she left it on the ship, which was tarnished by Decay's minions*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:57 we have word that that chia wolf that Sara is friends with was brainwashed I need you to bring her to me
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 04:58 *wonders where the remains of the ship are**realizes that she still has a teleporter linked to it, though it may not work and, if it does, it may be unsafe to go to the remains of the ship*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 04:58 What for?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 04:59 Far north on Exocoel, in the Urmukkan valley lived a tribe with the ability to hear the sounds of the universe. The people converted them into various tunes. I shouldn't say much more as they're meant to be kept secret. Every song has magical properties.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:00 she is powerful childlike vunarable and easy to minipulate, she will be useful
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:00 Some can be dangerous and are meant to be kept from all other life forms.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:00 Alright. Where is she?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:01 Panthean folklore has stories about songs like that. Songs that could do magical things.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:04 TOmas I think his name is she is around his lab in the forest here *hands him a small bag* It is a smell sent that will make canines trust you feel comfertable around you to *hands him a telaporter* be quick
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:04 Ever find out if those stories were true?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:05 Alright. *looks at the teleporter**it already has the coordinates he needs in it**teleports near Tomas' lab*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:05 *puts the bag in his pocket and looks around**starts walking into the forest*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:06 Panthean folklore is a big mix of truth and fantasy. It's hard to tell. There is most definitely a Panthean music god who can perform spells through songs, though.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:08 That sounds pretty cool.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:10 *smells the bag and walks over to Aron then stops*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:11 *stretches out his limbs* well I can move again but I doubt I can use my magic.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:13 your not nice...you kidnaped me when I was little...
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:17 I wasn't the one who decided to do that. My other friends did.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:17 And I'm very sorry we scared you like that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:18 Eat. *tosses him some food*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:18 oh so you came to say sorry?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:19 or did you come to get your friend in my treehouse? she put a man in there that I dont like
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:19 a very mean mean man
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:22 Thanks. *starts eating* if I could use my magic I'd be able to create a guitar or violin so I can play something. Did you ever get another guitar?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:24 C.J. gave me hers. I'm not entirely sure what happened to it. I lived on a spaceship with my friends, but that was destroyed during the war, so I don't know if the guitar's intact or not,
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:24 *.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:24 I came to say sorry.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:25 I have a friend who also wants to say sorry. He has a hand in your kidnapping. Would you like to meet him?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:26 Well why not find out for sure?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:26 Too dangerous. The ship could be floating in space with all its windows busted open or could be on some planet with acid for air.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:27 And that's assuming the teleporter linked to it still works.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:28 Is it the pony? I like the pony...he is a good pony...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:30 But you never know, it could be just safe enough to have a quick look around and get out.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:33 Not quite. But you might have chances of meeting him again if you come with me.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:33 We really are sorry. Can you please come with me to accept our apologies?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:33 I'm not risking instant death for a guitar.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:34 If you get the mean man out of my treehouse then yes
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:37 That's alright. I just figured you'd want something as precious as that back if possible. We could always find some way to go in safely.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:40 Alright. Which way is the treehouse?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:40 I intend to find a way. I just don't have the resources right now to do it.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:41 this way *walks to her tree house*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:41 [A quick note in case you (Caprial) missed this: Aedona and Saxon are back on the forest planet that is basically Earth with no humans. They left the treehouse.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:42 *climbs inside* So...um...where's this mean man?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:45 oh I guess they left...good
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:49 Then let's find the resources. Everyone needs something precious with them at all times. It may not look it but I always have my precious belongings with me.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:51
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:53 Oh, okay,
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:53 *.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 05:53 So...would you like to come with me now to accept our apologies, or...?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:54 Hm...well, I need someone or something that can make a forcefield around me.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 05:55 I..I should probably go get my dad first He likes to know if im leaving the planet
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 05:56 Can your friends be of any help?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 06:00 Yeah. In fact, I need them for this. I don't know where they are, though. They went off on a mission and I assumed they'd come back here afterwards.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 06:00 They should come back here soon unless something went wrong.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 06:00 Alright--oh, what is...is that something on your paw? What is that? *holds out his hand to pick up her front paw gently*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 06:02 *picks up her paw with one hand while activating the teleporter behind his back**he and C.J. teleport to the lab**jerks back* Whoa!! What happened??!? What--?!??
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 06:02 *@ C.J.* I don't know what's happening, hones-- *looks around, "confused" as scientists come in* What's going on--hey!! *some scientists grab him and pull him out*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.29 06:03 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.29 06:03 Well it's your universe so I'll make it your call. Should we search for them or wait?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.29 06:08 *stands there looking pretty scared*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.29 06:10 *walks in and gets in on C.J's level* Hey are you ok?....
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:15 I...he was taking me so his friends could say sorry but this isnt were his friends are and my magic isnt working Im scared and I wanna go home!
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.30 04:17 No..he is a very mean person he was trying to kidnap you but we hacked his telaporter so you would come here and be safe Tomas said it was ok this is a special school for people with magic! We are going to teach you to be a super hero!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:18 Oh Im in a superhero school...when can my dads visit me?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Apr.30 04:19 You can see them again when you graduate and that depends on how fast you learn and how long it takes you to become a hero!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:20 Oh...ok
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,Apr.30 04:20 *calls Aron*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 04:22  Secret message to C.J  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 04:22  Secret message to C.J  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:26 (XD)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 04:28 (You know what'd be neat? If someone told CJ that "the mean man" killed her dad)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:30 (Oh brother )
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 04:32 (>:D)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 04:51 [I'm here! Sorry I'm so late; I have some exams coming up and I lost track of time while studying.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.30 04:52 *doesn't have his watch; Sara does*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.30 04:52 *Tomas' call winds up making his watch start beeping*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 04:56 (Hello)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 04:59 (I've been wanting to add a new character for a bit, however she is still in development so I will leave her out for now. But soon I hope to introduce her to you)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.30 05:03 [Okie dokie. Cool!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 05:10 (Anyway shall we continue where we left off?)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.30 05:11 [Sure.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:11 *hesitates**then says:* They should be back by now. We should search for them.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:12 (Aron has a phone the watch is only used by Mathews and the lab)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:12 Are you sure you want to come along? You still need rest.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,Apr.30 05:12 [Oh yeah. Whoops.] *nvm, his watch isn't beeping**picks up his phone*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 05:13 I can manage as long as I do not use magic.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:15 *nods a little* Okay.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:16 I'll be right back. *goes to Theseus and co.'s campground**they left a bunch of their supplies there since they thought they would come back soon**digs around, finds some paper and something to write with, and leaves a note saying that she was here and
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:17 has set out to look for them*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:17 *comes back to Saxon*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 05:21 So...?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:23 I'm ready to go, but...I'm not sure where to go to.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:23 Do you have any idea where they might be?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 05:25 Not a clue. (Honestly I have no clue where they are either)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:26 [Theseus and co. have no clue either, really. XD XP]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:27 [Only I do. They're in an infitesimally small universe created by a singularity. They're in a SUPER small universe within the Yinyang universe. The tech they were exposed to allowed them to shrink accordingly.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:27 [Really, only Fursonia power can get them out of there.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:28 [Or the power of a Yinyang duo at their full potential. But it would take centuries--if not thousands of years--for them to reach that level. Theseus could since he's immortal, but Stefiny most definitely would die of old age before reaching that.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:29 [@ Caprial: I have an idea, BTW. It's just an idea, though; I'm still not sure whether or not I would go through with it, and that's assuming you would agree to go through with it too.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:30 [I was thinking that time in the singularity universe passes somewhat faster than time in the normal Yinyang universe. Hence, when Theseus and co. are pulled out of there, only weeks or months (a year at most, really) would have passed here, but inside
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:31 the singularity universe about 5 years will have passed. This means the humans in there--Calvin, Stefiny, and Emily--will all be in their very early twenties.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:34 [I mainly came up with this idea because I imagine that Calvin and Emily would get married by the time they're 20 or so, and perhaps they'd retire off to some peaceful planet and live happily ever after together not long afterwards.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 05:35 (So what should they do/where should they go if they search for Theseus and co.)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:35 [However, I don't want to let go of Calvin just yet, so I'm quite reluctant to go through with such a plan. Maybe they could become married but stick with the team for quite a while longer anyway. It'd be interesting to play as older versions of them.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:36 [@ RaeAnna: I'm thinking maybe they'll tesser to the last place they were before Sara teleported them off to the lab. This is the place where Aedona decided to leave the team and help Saxon.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:36 [They'd come up with nothing, and I'd appear in Fursonia form and hint at what happened to Theseus and co. in order to get across the point that searching is useless.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:40 *thinks for a little while**then says:* Give me some time. I think I remember the coordinates of the last place I was with them. I need to calculate the tesseract I can create to bring us there.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:41 *grabs Saxon's hand so that when her calculations are done, he'll be pulled along in the tesseract**then calculates for 5-10 minutes*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:41 *they appear where Theseus and co. were camping out prior to going to the planet with the singularity lab*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:46 *starts searching around**finds teleportation markings and/or residue, but she has no clue how to interpret these*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 05:49 Evidence of teleportation usually fades right away. At least where im from. This place is so strange.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:55 Hm. Weird. Here we have to take tons of precautions with teleportation.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:56 We sometimes do something called subwave teleportation that is like "encrypted" teleportation. The marks go away faster and are much harder to interpret.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 05:56 Why's that?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:56 And tessering leaves nothing behind.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 05:56 (Nvm)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:56 Teleport-hijacking is a common occurrence when you have a lot of powerful enemies.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 05:57 [You don't have to nvm that question.] It's happened at least once to all of my friends, I think.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 06:00 (Alright)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 06:01 *sighs* If only I knew how to interpret the teleportation marks like they do... Leonore: *pops out of nowhere* Eh, don't bother. Aedona: Huh? Oh...it's you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Apr.30 06:01 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Apr.30 06:03 Heck it's one of Blitz's friends.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 03:54 [I'm online! I'll be on here and AHAW 2 tonight.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 03:55 [@ Caprial: Sooo...what do you think of my idea?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:03 Leonore: Yep.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:04 Wait, what do you mean "don't bother?" Leonore: They're somewhere you'll never find them. Heck, the combined forces of Yinyang and Irakurri couldn't drag them out of where they are now.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:04 What?! Leonore: Let's just say there was a little bit of treachery among your group, and now they're...um...infinitesimal. Aedona:...I don't understand.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:05 Leonore: I didn't think so. *teleports herself, Aedona, and Saxon to a moon in a solar system near the newly made singularity* See that? *points* Aedona: *squints, looking* I can see...some kind of distortion.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:06 Leonore: That's a singularity. There's an infinitesimal universe inside said singularity. Aedona: *pauses for a little bit**then says:* They're in there. Leonore: Bingo.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:06 How'd they get in there? How do we get them out? Leonore: I'm leaving that up to you. Buh-bye. *creates a portal and starts walking towards it* Aedona: Hey, wait! Aren't you all-powerful or something? Help us!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:07 Leonore: Can't. Aedona: Why? Leonore: Oh...um... *zips up and whispers into Saxon's ear:* For the sake of the plot. DON'T tell her. *glances at Aedona*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:07 Leonore: Gotta go! Bye! *zips through the portal*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:07 Wait! *she's gone**turns to Saxon* What did she say?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:12 (wait is he supposed to know? I'm drawing a blank)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:19 [Saxon is the only character here who knows this is a text-based RPG.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:20 [I don't want Aedona to know, but I also wanted to simply reveal that "Yeah, I'm not saving everyone you love for the sake of the plot because I'm a cold un of an itch." XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:21 ["Un of an itch" are some of the first words uttered by a relative of mine when he was a baby BTW...his dad thought it was hilarious, and I do too. XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:21 [They're not his very first words, but close. XD]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:22 (ah)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:25 *smiles uncomfortably* Um.. Hmm... Jeez how do I explain?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:28 *internally* "Thanks for this 'WONDERFUL' situation you just put me in!"
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:28 Leonore: *in Saxon's head* You're welcome.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:28 Leonore: *still in Saxon's head* And don't you dare reveal the truth as to what this place really is to her.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:29 "GET OUT OF MY HEAD OR I WILL TELL HER"
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:31 Leonore: *in his head* Ehh, you wouldn't tell her. And even if you did she wouldn't hear.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:32 Leonore: *goes silent, implying that I'm gone*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:33 "Whatever" *clears his throat* What's it called when there's something only you and your friends find funny?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:33 But no one else really understands?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:35 Um...I don't know...I think my Earth friends had a word for that...um...an "in-joke"?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:35 Leonore: *the most annoying sound in the world from Dumb and Dumber starts playing nonstop in Saxon's head* >:D >:D >:D
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:38 [XD I'm really enjoying this BTW...]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:39 In-joke.? INSIDE JOKE! Yeah! That's pretty much what it was. *shrugs* You expect a Sona to offer me any REAL advice? No, they just like to make my life a living H*** apparently.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:39 [Where's Caprial?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:39 Oh...um...okay then.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:40 *frowns slightly, as he kind of dodged her question, but turns back to the singularity**sighs* I wonder if any of my friends avoided being trapped in there...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:40 Then again...she said there was treachery. That means that one of my own friends was responsible for the rest being stuck in there.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:41 (dunno)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:42 Do you wanna place bets?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:44 *sighs* I really don't know who'd betray them. We've been friends for so long. We'd die for one another.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:45 *thinks for a little bit**then says:* But there is one...she's betrayed the team in the past...not during the time I've been around, but she's done it before...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:45 And Aron is missing...so I wouldn't put it past Sara to do something radical in order to get him back.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:46 I'm not saying it was her, though. For all I know it was any of them. I wouldn't put it past that newcomer Stefiny. Her loyalties haven't been very...well, solidified.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:48 Do you have any idea on how to track the remaining one down?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:50 I do not do tracking, but I have my suspicions as to who the traitor is. I believe it is Sara. It was her since I came into play in this universe.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:50 Just remember. When Corvis originally said he could help her, Sara did not hesitate, even going as far as saying that she didn't care what her end of the deal was as long as she got Aron back. But then suddenly she is cautious about everything and turns
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:51 *doesn't seem angry**really, she seems a little hurt and disappointed*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:51 *regarding Sara, I mean*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:52 down a near fool-proof and instant way of getting him back. But why? Unless someone else was dealing with her when she used that teleporter and disappeared.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:52 *nods a little*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:55 I do not believe any of you caught on when I was lowkey accusing her of making a deal with another being. Not to mention the fact that she wasn't gone all that long and then magically "had a lead"
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:55 when she got back.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 04:58 Alright, so...do you have ways of quickly locating your Sara in your universe? Maybe we could apply those ways here.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 04:59 My Sara would most likely be with the others of my universe. Namely with either Tomas or CJ.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:06 Well, that's out of the question here. She just got rid of the others of my universe, if your theory is right.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:10 C.J. could probably find her, but she's scared of Sara now. Sara and the others tried taking her away from Tomas when she was a puppy...it's kind of a long story.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:12 *sighs* we need Corvis... I doubt he'd come back though.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:13 Saxon...he died to bring Karasu back.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:14 Yep. And I have a pretty good guess as to why, too.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:17 You know how Irakurri CJ still has Bakura?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:22 Yes...but what do you mean by "still has?"
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:22 Your CJ appears to have lost Bakura.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:23 Yeah. He died years ago.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:24 Technically CJ lost him, too. He died several years ago. Leo killed him when he staged a breakup with CJ in order to protect her from his brethren.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:27 CJ was devastated. Leo didn't know, and kept to his word when he said he'd kill him if he ever hurt her again.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:27 How'd he come back?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:27 However, since Bakura, a creature born destined for the Underworld, changed and devoted himself to CJ, even to the point of changing her, he was granted access to heaven, where he would keep his original form for his second life. Also due to this he was
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:29 allowed free access to the overworld, or mortal realm, with a physical form as a Tenshi, that way he could go back to his love.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:30 Corvis did the same. He saved Karasu so he could redeem himself and be granted access to the ranks of a Tenshi. He could come back if he wants, but I seriously doubt he'd want to risk his second life out here.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:31 Of course, he won't have all that power from before. He gave all that up to Karasu.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:41 Hm...strange.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:41 Afterlife on my planet works far differently.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:42 Irakurri is a strange place, yes.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:46 Can he still spy on people with those Rift windows as a Tenshi?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.1 05:49 through the windows, yes. whenever he wants, no. he cannot summon those dark powers at will like he could before. He will be like the rest of his children.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:54 Alright.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.1 05:54 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.2 04:01 Unless he has gone against his own nature and has learned to genuinely care for another, in this case CJ, he has no reason to return to this universe.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.3 03:56 (hi im on for the night what did I miss?)
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:00 Hello?!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:14 [I'm on!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 04:15 (not much? I think?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:15 [Pretty much nothing. I/Leonore just popped in, explained that Aedona's friends had been betrayed and were stuck in a black hole, trolled Saxon a bit, and left.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:16 [Aedona and Saxon are just trying to figure out how to find Sara (they quickly determined that she was the traitor).]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:16 *recognizes Tomas' voice and gives the phone to one of the scientists so that it seems like Aron was legitimately captured*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:19 (the scientists let him leave shortly after he probably telaported off by now)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:20 [I would've thought Aron would've been debriefed or something as to what he had to do next, buuut okay. :P]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:21 Tomas?!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:21 *sounds legitimately distressed* Th-they took C.J.!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:21 (nah if they need him they will call him)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:21 H-h-he has her! I don't know what he wanted...I don't know why he let me go...but he has her!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:21 Who took her?!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:22 *hesitates**then forces out the name like it was something disgusting that got stuck in his throat:* Mathews.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:23 I'm in trouble...they dropped me off somewhere...I don't like it...I bet it's one of their tests...AUGH! *"trips"; Tomas hears stumbling sounds* Gotta go bye! *hangs up*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:24 *the lab of course equipped him with a new watch**calls them and quickly informs them that he had to tell Tomas that Mathews has C.J. so as to not blow his cover&
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:24 **
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:24 *Calls Sara*
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:25 *doesn't explicitly state the "not blow his cover" part since that's inherently obvious in his message to the lab**then teleports off to the forest planet he and Theseus and co. hid on in order to get his bearings on things*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.3 04:26 Are you an idiot?! I didnt want anyone to know we had her! The only person who Knows your working with us is Sara and she wont tel anyone now he is going to come and start messing with things!
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:27 *@ Mathews* Well what was I supposed to do? Say "hey I kidnapped your daughter" and let him do things to me that are just as bad as what you've done to Sara?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:28 I'm one of your most valuable employees and you know it. I'm the one thing that connects you to the rest of them. [He means the important figures--e.g. Tomas, the Yinyang duo, etc.--in the rest of the universe.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:29 Yes, what I did means there'll be short term losses, but in the long term things will remain stable.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.3 04:29 Did he even ask about C.J when he called you?
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:30 He called me right after I took her. What do you think his call was about? *has some fear and doubt now, but hides it*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.3 04:30 (Which Sara?)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:30 [What do you mean?]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:31 [He's referring to Yinyang Sara. From what I know so far, the Yinyang lab doesn't know about the Irakurri one.]
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.3 04:32 Even if It was about C.J you could say "I dont know" Since he knows she is afraid of you
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 04:32 Enough about Corvis. He's not coming back anytime soon. What's our plan? Are we to find Irakurri Sara?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.3 04:33 (I was refering to Toams wich I thought was Saxon )
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:33 what? do you want Tomas I'm busy
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:36 [Oh, okay.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:36 [Why are you talking to yourself? XD]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:36 [XD Sorry, couldn't help it...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:36 I don't know. Could Irakurri Sara find my Sara?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:37 I am...looking into the reasearch your lab did with um simulations I was wondering if you had there location
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:37 You don't know Tomas. He can smell lies from miles away. I had to play the "panic card" if I was to get away with these lies.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:37 (yes she could)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 04:37 You originally asked if she could locate her.
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.3 04:38 Now you need to move C.J. to one of the other facilities as quickly as possible. Alright?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:38 [Aedona didn't ask that...she was inquiring as to whether Corvis could locate her via the magic spying Raven windows.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:39 [Aedona only asked if Irakurri Sara could find YY Sara just now.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:41 [...I'm confuzzled. XP]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 04:42 (i misread a past message then)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 04:43 She's always got some way of proving herself helpful. Unless, of course, we want to find another way. I'm open to suggestions.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:44 I can't really think of any other way...you're friends with the other Sara, right?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.3 04:44 you screwed up Aron Dont let it happen again and she was already moved *hangs up*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.3 04:45 (ikuri can find yin yang easily)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 04:45 Yes I am. Last I checked, at least.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:46 fat chance... dont call me again *hangs up*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:46 *calls Aedona or tries to*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:48 [She doesn't have a phone, so...is it some kind of telepathic-ish magical call or something?]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:49 (sure yes magical tomas has some stored magic in bottles but he rarely uses it)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:50 [OK.] *hears some weird sounds in her head* Augh, what the... *the sounds remind her a bit of when Gandalf would send telepathic messages via magic spells* Who...who is it?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:51 *turns away from Saxon with her hand up by her ear, insinuating that she's communicating with someone*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:51 Tomas...Please tell me C.J is with you or someone safe!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 04:54 C.J.? I...I thought she was with you. Isn't she?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:54 can you come over and help me?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 04:55 if not thats ok she is just a bit past cerfew and Im worried...she was planet hopping again and I lost her signal which happends from time to time
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:01 *thinks**then says:* I'm sorry. Really, I am. But there's an emergency over here as well. I'm sorry, but I can't come.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 05:02 (brb)
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 05:03 ok um thanks.....thanks anyways.... *hangs up*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 05:04 *paces a bit really worried then calls Flair*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:05 [OK.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:05 *can't believe her eyes when she sees who's calling on her phone*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:06 *glances around**she and her allies definitely aren't busy--with all the heroes gone, they have been breezing through their objectives*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:06 *once she's sure no one's paying attention to her, she picks up the phone but says nothing, expecting some new tirade*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 05:09 *sounds calm like his old self* Hi Flair
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 05:09 (back)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 05:12 To Sara, then?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:14 *sounds emotionless* Hi.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:16 Yeah, let's go.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.3 05:16 What are the coordinates?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 05:18 So The earth lab Sara used to be in has advanced amazinginly in there simulation development and I was thinking how about we go steal there files...they dont keep ant of them digital to avoid hacking
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.3 05:18 I was going to go myself but I thought you might want to cause some trouble as well
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 05:18 Depends. Shall we check CJ's place or Tomas'?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:31 *thinks for a little bit before responding*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:31 What does the Earth lab have that you really want?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:31 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:34 [Nvm.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:34 [I can stay on a bit longer! :D Sorry for my disappearance.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 05:39 [Still there?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 05:50 (im still here)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.3 05:51 (got busy working on an art piece)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.3 06:03 [OK. Unfortunately, now I gtg. :P See you! *offline*]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.4 04:36 [I'm online! Sorry I'm late.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.4 04:37 (hello)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.4 04:46 [Hey!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.4 04:49 (So in awhile I plan on bringing in my other character. She has a name but can have a temporare name as she doesn't speak.)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.4 04:57 [OK.]
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.4 05:13 [Still there?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.4 05:17 (So sorry! I was eating dinner)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.4 05:24 [It's fine!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.4 05:27 (Shall we continue?)
12>Laolia (Chia wolf), ?yo.2018,May.4 05:31 [Sure.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.4 05:31 Let's check the other C.J.'s place.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.4 05:31 Even if Sara isn't there, we can probably get you healed up.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.4 05:33 I'm fine I swear. At this point I don't need any healing.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.4 05:36 If I told you you wouldnt help me but I do also actually want there simulation solution as well
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.4 05:44 I just can't use my magic.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.4 05:46 [Sorry, I had to go do some chores real quick.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.4 05:47 Well, maybe your C.J. knows how to fix that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.4 05:47 [@ Caprial: Hi!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.4 05:47 *hesitates, confused about his last statement**puts two and two together*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.4 05:48 They somehow got C.J., didn't they?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.4 05:48 Don't be an idiot. I'll go get her.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.4 05:50 I'm sure she can help me. Anyway here's the coordinates to CJ's house. *gives Aedona the coordinates*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.4 05:56 *calculates for about 10 minutes and then tessers with Saxon to Falcon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.4 05:56 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.5 04:15 [I'm here! Replies will be slow; I'm multitasking.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 04:15 (hey)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.5 04:17 [Should I switch to AT 2 for the scenes on Falcon?]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.5 04:17 [Hey!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 04:18 (hey)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 04:19 (ugh it repeated)
7>Yin Yang C.J (ugh), 17yo.2018,May.5 04:21 (ye a thing 2tonight)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 04:22 (And ye (
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.5 04:27 [Okie dokie.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:10 *sits on the planet alone trying to comprehend and deal with everything*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:13 *appears near Sara about 5 minutes after getting her coordinates*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:13 Sara...what did you do?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:14 *didn't really think through what she was going to say, so that wound up coming out*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 05:14 *appears right beside Sara. He isn't expecting such an accurate teleportation and is startled, falling back a couple of steps*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:18 *Saxon arrived before her, obviously*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:19 Leave me alone...I came to be alone If I wanted to be near you I would have telaported to you
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 05:27 *cuts to the chase* Why did you do it?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:28 Do what?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 05:32 You know what I'm talking about, don't avoid my question
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:34 Are you refering to the time I killed 9,835 innocent people? Or the time I poisioned a country with extememly toxic and painful gas? Or the time I Shot a 6 year old? One one of the many other things?! *her voice is very pained it sounds extrememly sad and
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:34 a bit mad*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:35 and the 9,835 is one single incident in one day not my toatal death count if you were wondering
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:36 I'm talking about my friends, Sara. OUR friends.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:37 *gets up and starts walking off*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 05:38 *his stare turns cold* You know EXACTLY what I am referring to, Sara. Where are all your "friends", huh?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:41 werever they are they are better without me ruining there lives
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.5 05:43 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 05:46 Wherever they are, they cannot come back so easily. My question is WHY did you choose such a deal?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 05:54 What kind of soulless creature throws their friends under the bus? I honestly thought you'd be better than this.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 22:25 You took Aron and gave him to extrememly dangerous people who would not hesitate to kill him or worse! I had to go make a deal with them I knee they wanted me to kill them so I hinted at Alfie so he would find out what I was really doing and he did! He
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 22:26 Changed the terms like I knew he would so I wouldnt kill them. I didnt throw my friends under the bus I was making sure that everyone made it out alive!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 22:32 I know for a fact they wouldn't kill him. It's the reason I took him in the first place. I knew you'd do anything to get him back. And you have no clue how much I regret that choice. No matter how desperate I was, I should never have taken advantage of
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 22:34 You. But you were given an option. This could have been fixed so easily. Corvis could have helped you so easily.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.5 23:31 I know theese people very well they woulsnt hesitate to kill him! Or much much worse and you and Aedona and all my friebds said dont trust him!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.5 23:39 Of couse I wouldn't trust a man who could convince anyone to kill anyone or anything for any reason. But we all missed something important. He had someone other than his own family to care about.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 02:59 If I could go back in time and not do it I would alright?! But I cant! There is so much I would change but I cant change the past! And I wouldnt even be in this mess if It wasnt for you!!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 03:03 Well we both know that blackmail's a (bleep)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 03:05 We finally have something in common!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 03:06 Yeah...it is but hey its better then brainwashing
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 03:15 *snorts* Or even-- *cuts himself off, smacking himself in the forehead* Im stopping before I go too far. Again.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 03:20 Ive seen and done it all honestly
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 03:25 As have I and I never want to repeat any of it. Aedona, you talk to her, I'm going for a walk. *his wings appear and he takes off toward the mountains in the distance*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 03:28 Im...Im just going to go to. I...I came out here to be alone *starts walking off*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 03:49 *he finds a cave to sit in. Before he can attempt to relax, a low growl sounds from the darkness* hello? Am I tresspassing?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 04:21 *two other slight whimpers can be heard deeper within the cave, causing her to attack Saxon, tackling him. They both take a roll down the steep moutainside*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 04:33 (Heyo)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:34 *follows Sara*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:34 We need to talk.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:35 [Hi. ^.^ Sooo...is that a Yinyang dragon or an Irakurri one?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:37 No we dont
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 04:38 (an irakurri one. here's what she looks like. her left wing is torn up from a fall down a mountain. it got caught under a boulder as she fell)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 04:38 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1mvCsazu7QJrNtkWSZfwmwHpQDYx8rCXL/view?usp=sharing)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:38 Sara, we've wound up exactly in the situation Gandalf worked to prevent.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:38 We're all scattered and most of us are as good as dead.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:39 Yes, I'm mad at you for what you did, but not nearly as much as when I first arrived here.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:39 We have to figure this out.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 04:39 (she has a "decay" breath. it gradually kills whatever it comes into contact with.)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:39 [Whoa, she's pretty!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 04:40 (by breath i mean the fire breath of a dragon)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:41 [Yeah, I know.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 04:43 (oh btw. Saxon won't be coming back to find Aedona anytime soon. If she gets impatient she will have to find him herself :D)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 04:43 (given enough time he will come back)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 04:44 *manages to catch a wind current and uses it to throw his attacker off him*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 04:48 *he lands several feet away from the light blue dragon, just now learning what he is standing before* I swear your kind doesn't exist... Right?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:49 [Okie dokie. :P]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:50 Find it out yourself I dony wanna be a round you
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 04:51 A Kvettian crystal.. You definitely do NOT exist in Irakurri. Where did you come from? *the dragon sits up, staring in disbelief and almost fear at him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:51 Who's in that singularity and who isn't? Is there anyone left other than us and Alfie and C.J.?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:54 Thats exactly why you should leave
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 04:54 ..What? I'm not going to hurt you..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:55 So we really are the only ones left.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 04:57 Dont count me in I cant be a part of this anymore
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 04:57 *she shakes her head, then scrambles up the mountain* *Saxon: *gives chase, easily scaling the mountain much faster than her* Wait! Tell me where you come from!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 05:02 *she stubs her toe on a rock. She falls and curls up, crying, trembling in fear*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:03 *stops following her* I understand. I don't think I can ever trust you again. *sounds sad, not spiteful, though*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:03 Goodbye. *turns and walks in the direction Saxon went*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:04 *feels more alone than ever before**almost starts crying when she suddenly wishes that her parents were there, but remains stoic*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:04 Didnt C.J warn you about me when you first met? Im nothing but trouble plus your her best friend not me
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:05 *said that before she walked off*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:10 *doesn't answer back**doesn't feel like she has any friends anymore; they're either trapped in a singularity universe, altered beyond recognition, untrustworthy, or dead*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:12 *telaports to Aedona* hi
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 05:13 Thank you she was kidnapped but I cant track her location...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:13 *is a little jarred by Alfie's sudden appearance**stops and turns to him* Hi.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:13 What are you doing here?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:14 Got any clues at all?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:14 If so, send them to me. I kept my laptop.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:15 *means clues about C.J.'s location, of course* Any idea who took her?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 05:16 *is completely confused as to why the strange dragon is so afraid of him*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 05:19 No It could be anyone Arons team has alot of enemys he was panicing and said "they" took her but i dont know who he is talking about
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 05:20 Try asking Aron or Sara Aron knew last but I cant get his location either...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:22 [Aron told him that Mathews got C.J.]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 05:23 (Oh nvm then)
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 05:24 He said Mathews got him I think thats Saras old scientist but I dont know him so I cant find his trace to get his location
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:28 Well...pff...it's probably Earth, but...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:29 *sighs* I'll work on it. *hangs up**calls Borenaga and Corbin over and explains the situation*
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,May.6 05:29 Save C.J.? SAVE C.J.?!?! HA!!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:29 I hate the idea as much as you do, but-- Borenaga: You've gone soft! *@ Corbin* See? I told ya! She was far tougher back in the old days!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:30 Look...uniting with Tomas could be a huge advantage. He's capable of...so much.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:30 If we can get him on our side, that'd be a huge asset.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2018,May.6 05:30 She's right.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2018,May.6 05:31 I'm helping. *@ Borenaga* Frankly, I don't care what you do. Perhaps you can stay here and make sure everything stays the way we want it to. Or you can help us get a very skilled ally. It's your choice.
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,May.6 05:31 Well, I'm choosing the latter, because your plan su cks.
4>Borenaga (Reptix Lord), ...yo.2018,May.6 05:32 Hmph. *stalks off*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:33 *is in one of the labs that is more about training then research so its alot nicer*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:34 *with their resources and Flair's technology skills, it doesn't take her and Corbin long to figure out where all of the labs Dr. Mathews is associated with are located*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:35 *well, probably not all of them, but most**has stolen a computer on some planet and hacked into some of the databases on one of the Earth labs*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:35 *the hack was probably detected, but she throws away the computer and switches to another stolen computer before anything can be done about it*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:36 *she and Corbin have decided that C.J. must be in one of three or so labs that are more training-oriented**hacks into the cameras of those labs and finally sees C.J.*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:37 *gets the coordinates of the lab C.J. is in and turns to Corbin* Magic doesn't work on Earth. I'll be fine using just my tech and martial arts, but you might have some issues.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:37 And she probably doesn't like you after some of the things you did to her.
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2018,May.6 05:38 I'll be backup then. Let's put a tag-lock mechanism on you. If you aren't back in...say, 15 minutes, I'll activate it and you'll come to me.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:39 *Is in her bedroom after the days training she is coloring*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:39 Eugh...alright. *teleports to another planet with Corbin where they steal some tag-lock technology**they set up a tag-lock**swallows the tag-lock--it's in pill form--and Corbin keeps the controller so he can teleport her back to him on demand*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:42 *finally teleports in the hallway near C.J.'s room (last time she saw C.J. on the cameras, C.J. was walking down this hall to her room)*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:42 *runs from door to door, kicking or blasting them open with a gadget*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:42 *kicks open C.J.'s door and runs in* [Should Flair succeed in taking her back to Tomas?]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:43 *is also with her friend they are coloring together*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 05:43 *after examining the pattern of the red crystal on the dragon's chest he is taken aback, having vivid flashbacks of Vulkanisch*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 05:45 *sees Flair kicking the door open holding a gun screams and holds onto C.J*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 05:46 (Not Ziraph new updated character)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.6 05:47 Hey....I know you you came over when I was a kid...why do you have a gun are you bad now?...
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 05:49 C.J...C.J wheb someone has a gun pointed at you...you dont ask questions or...or speak you just do what they say...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:50 [OK.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:51 I'm here to save you. *points the gun towards the door instead*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:51 *edges over to C.J. and her roommate*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:51 [Since no one's arrived to stop Flair, I guess I'll assume Flair will succeed in her mission.] *once she figures the coast is clear, she dives onto C.J. and teleports with her to Tomas' place**C.J.'s friend probably gets dragged along in the teleportation
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 05:52 Were not In danger! We dont...need saving!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:52 but it's up to you/Caprial*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 05:52 (Nvm what she said)
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 05:53 (It would be smarter if they didnt telaport to Tomas but to flairs HQ)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:55 [How come?]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:55 [Can the lab track teleportations now?]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 05:57 (Yes but I bet Flairs Lab has some tech that blocks or encribts that data)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:58 [Flair doesn't have a lab. She shares an HQ with Borenaga and Corbin.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:58 [She still has that spherical space home, though, and that encrypts teleportations. We'll say she went there.] *they go to her old home**quickly starts it up again--a lot of it was off *
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 05:59 Oh my-- how did- *remembers having to replace a crystal attached to a machine every few hours* I- I'm so sorry, I had no idea.. *gets no response.* I see.. *drops a little box made of ice by her side and flies off, back to where he left Aedona*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 05:59 *they are floating around, but gradually start to go down to the ground as the artificial gravity kicks in*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:00 *opens a drawer, finds a syringe, and injects Cassy with it quickly**it's a sedative*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 06:00 (I assume it dose at least if not thats ok to)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:00 *@ C.J.* Sedative. She just needs to calm down.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.6 06:01 *is knocked out*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.6 06:01 What are you doing? Why did you kidnap me?!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:01 *checks a clock and sees that she only has a few minutes before Corbin teleports her**grabs them both and teleports to Tomas' front door*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.6 06:02 *waits until Saxon is gone before rising to her feet to see the box. carefully she looks inside, then takes it back up to the cave*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:02 *@ C.J.* They kidnapped you. Didn't you know?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:02 Tomas has been panicking because of you.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:02 *knocks on the door*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.6 06:02 Me and Cassy were fine we dont need "saving" we are not in danger!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.6 06:03 *is kinda waiting for Alfie's response*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.6 06:03 I like my school...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:03 Psh. That's what you think.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:03 "School?" *bursts out laughing*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.6 06:03 Hanging out
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:03 They're a lab that does horrifying things to people!
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:03 They said they're a school and you BELIEVED it? *laughs some more*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:04 *knocks again while laughing since Tomas hasn't come yet*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.6 06:04 (It is an actual school just a secret one)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:05 [A school for torturing immortal teenagers? XD XP]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.6 06:05 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 06:05 *opens the door sees C.J and hugs her* C.J are you ok?!
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 06:06 (No the lab owns many buildnings the lab is one the school is a diffrent one and many more)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.6 06:06 Did I miss anything? *hasn't noticed that Sara is gone and Alfie is there*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.6 06:07 *hugs him back* yeah Im ok...I missed you...did you decided I didnt need to go to that school anymore?..
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 06:08 ..yeah...yeah I missed you to much...to have you at that school
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.6 06:09 *hugs Flair has tears in his eyes* thank you...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.6 06:15 I dont know I just got here
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 01:01 Ah, alright.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 01:02 (I don't think Saxon has actually met either Alfie. He doesn't even know his name)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 03:13 Im Alfie by the way
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 03:39 Is that so? I'm Saxon.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 03:44 *appears sort of spaced out*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:03 *@ Saxon* Not really, except that Sara and I have decided to...part ways.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:03 *notices how spaced out Saxon is**frowns slightly* Uhm...are you okay?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:07 [I'm on! Replies will be slow. I'm multitasking.]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:14 Sara isnt with Aron?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:16 *@ Alfie* No. I don't know why.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 04:18 Yeah. Yeah I'm doing great.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:19 She is Always with Aron if she isnt there is something wrong she dosent like/trust me right now so you need to figure out whats wrong
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 04:20 And where is Sara?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:21 She walked off that way. *points*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 04:22 Okay. *doesn't move*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 04:28 What's going on?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:29 She relates to yoy more Aedona your human and a girl I'll stick with him and talk to him while you figure out whats with Sara and Aron
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:33 *sighs* Fine. *runs after Sara**catches up with her* Hey, why isn't Aron with you?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:36 *her voice gets really emotional and quiet shesounds like she is about to cry* I said I didnt want to talk
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 04:37 Not meaning anything by this question, but why'd you choose to stay behind?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:41 Sara really dosent like me right now
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 04:43 Understandable. I just cannot be bothered with her anymore. Im too much in the wrong to make an argument.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.7 04:44 Would...you like to come inside flair?...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:46 At least you are not with The Other Sara there are 2 of sara C.Js Tomas and me's since someone from another universe moved here other sara is much worse
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.7 04:49 *is a bit shocked**nods a little* Yeah...yeah, okay.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:50 I know. But what's going on with Aron?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:50 You did this for him. Why isn't he here?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:50 Did...did you find out the truth?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:51 Wait you knew?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 04:52 How rude.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:54 We all knew after you blurted out the stuff about how you were brainwashed when we were exposed to that gas.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:54 Remember how we tried to tell you and you wouldn't believe us?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:55 ....
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.7 04:56 Yeah I found out... and it hurts beacause even though he isn't at all who I thought he was I...I still love him *stsrtd crying*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 04:58 THAT Sara is one of my only friends in this universe.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:00 Oh ok..no she is gery loyal if she likes you if not she is...really..not good...but hey you might know her diffrently then I do
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:00 *looks at her for a few moments**then walks over and gives her a hug*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:01 Is Flair gonna stay with us Dad?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.7 05:01 If she wants to she can
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.7 05:03 We will have to explain to that girl whhats goung on...earth kid so...frightening so C.J put her on the couch and I'll make some food and we will all talk to her when she wakes up
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 05:05 Sara and I have a lot in common. *finds a tree to lean against* We are both quick to make enemies. At least in this universe for me.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:07 *hugs her back* it was better when I didn't know...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:09 Ok *uses her magic to bring Cassy inside lays her on the couch*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:16 He can't hurt you anymore. Now that you know.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:18 Im not worried about me being hurt... I was never worried about being hurt
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 05:21 *Tries to summon the box again, already forgetting that he gave it away. A puff of smoke appears. He flinches in pain* Crap..
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:22 Are you ok?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.7 05:24 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 05:25 Yeah... I don't have much use of my magic. It's painful to use even the simplest of spells.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 06:15 Wait wait wait! Can you get me somewhere with a variety of tech?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 06:23 I make tech very well if I have materials and tools I can make alot of things so I have some at my house
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 06:47 *stands up quick* mind if we go there, then? I need to make a translator!
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.7 06:50 I have one on me already
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.7 06:53 Is it able to translate an Angel Dragon's voice? These creatures are EXTREMELY rare to come by. They don't even exist in Irakurri. Most cannot even manifest themselves.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:25 [I'm here!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 04:27 (ey)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:28 Gwt me a sample of there laubges then almost definitly
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:31 [Hey!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:34 *continues to hug her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:34 Alfie's here...would you like to meet up with him?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 04:35 All I know is that they squeak. *is avoiding Alfie's statement*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:37 No....
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:38 lots of species speak in squeaks
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:42 What do you want to do?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:43 make this all disapear...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 04:44 Okay I'll be straightforward. I do not wish to go back right now. I've done enough and should just leave her alone.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:46 You dont have to, I could If you want get the launges sample and analyze it and get the translator working
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 04:48 In order to get a language sample I'd need to go back.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 04:49 I'm sorry that I'm not being specific. I feel awful right now. Back to the mountains, I mean
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:49 Alright
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:56 I can't really help you with that.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:57 I...Cant be around you or Alfie or C.J or any of our friends..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:59 [I'm guessing Sara said that.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 04:59 What are you going to do?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 05:00 Is there any other way?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:00 (Sara ment to say that)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:04 stay away from everybody and distance myself from my emotions... I understand why other Sara seams crule she isnt she is smart...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:10 I mean if you have there exact location or a dna sample I can telaport to them myself
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:10 or if you have a video or audio or a memory of her speaking that you could play
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:12 Cooping up your emotions will only make it worse.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 05:13 Only a memory of her real voice. But she lives far that way. *points toward the mountains and gives the coordinates for the base of the mountain*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:13 ITs not for my Saftey its for everyone elses and If you see Aron dont confront him if you see him pretend everything is normal and I told you that we broke up
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:14 He cant know that you guys know do you understand?!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:16 I understand that part.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:17 But I don't understand why you have to keep yourself from your own emotions. That will make you unstable. If you want to protect us, you have to be yourself.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:20 You dont understand and I cant tell you...ITs just safer for everyone Only call me if its an absolute dying emergancy
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:22 *sighs and lets her go* Alright.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:25 alright now do I have to leave or do you wanna?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 05:25 if you go to her cave, be careful. It appears that she is protecting two others like her
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:29 I will be *telaports then starts heading up the mountain twards the cave*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:30 I guess I should meet up with Alfie and Saxon over there, so you should leave.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.8 05:30 *makes some egg salad sandwhichs and some ham and cheese crackers and some other finger foods and puts them on the coffee Table in the living room were they are all in*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 05:31 *she is reading a letter while swatting away two small, curious Angel Dragons, keeping them away from the box*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:34 *telaports off to alot of planets before landing on an empty one then puts the battery back in her phone It rings immediately and she picks it up*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:35 *Finds the cave and turns on the recorder then pops his head inside the cave* Hello?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:37 *walks over to Saxon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:37 So what's going on with you and Alfie?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.8 05:37 You took your phone battery out that is a stupid thing to do sara
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:37 I acidently dropped it on a rock it fell out I didnt notice till just now
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 05:39 *the little dragons squeak and bound to the back of the cave. Raina pushes the box away, whipping around to face Alfie, snarling, spreading her wings in a threatening manner*
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.8 05:39 Im not an idiot Sara you traveled alot of places before putting it back in why?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:40 Some people came on the planet I was on I had to telaport off to someplace without life I picked up the phone and battery and went quickly I'm not in the mood to get close to people
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 05:41 *looks up* Huh? What do you mean by that?
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.8 05:41 I will let you off with a warning only this once if anything like this ever happends again Lets just Say Pheobe wont be having a great time..
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,May.8 05:41 *hanfs up*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:42 *backs up slightly and speaks gently and calmly* Hey...Hey its ok...I dont mean to hurt anyone... I was just climbing the mountain I saw the cave I like exploring them I didnt know anyone lived here...
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:46 I'm Alfie by the way, whats your name?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 05:46 *doesn't care about his reasoning. She breathes a warning bit of black, decaying flame in his direction*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.8 05:46 so how have you been Flair?....
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:47 You've been talking to him quite a bit.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:48 What are you up to? *doesn't say this in an accusatory manner; is just curious*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.8 05:48 *feels very strange and awkward* Er...nice...okay...
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.8 05:48 Oh! I have to make a phone call. *quickly calls Corbin**says "Mission accomplished. Disable it." and hangs up*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:49 *backs up more* Alright.... ok Are you alright are you stuck or hurt? All the dragons I know live in the dragon lands...not in caves
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2018,May.8 05:49 *was close to tag-locking Flair back to him**disables the tag-lock*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2018,May.8 05:49 *then goes back to doing whatever business he was up to prior to the mission*
11>Tethys (Human), 181yo.2018,May.8 05:49 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.8 05:50 oh a tag lock...smart..
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:52 do....do you need help getting home? I dont have magic but I have friends who could help maybe but if not thats ok...
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 05:54 *looks slightly confused, but does not move*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:56 can...can you speak at all?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 05:58 *sees the kids and smiles* oh you have kids *waves* Hi little guys
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 05:59 *folds her wings, staring cautiously. She opens her mouth, but nothing but a couple of cute little squeaks come out*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:00 *smiles* thats adorable....
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:01 *the dragons in the back do not move, they just stare timidly*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:05 *pulls out a deflated beach ball from his travel bag and blows it up* Do you like to play?...
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:07 *reluctantly, she steps aside, chirping quietly to the smaller dragons. Only one jumps forward; a gray, white and black angel dragon with a short tail.*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:07 *balances the beach ball on his nose*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:08 *tosses it gently to the baby angle dragon who jumped forward*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:11 *the dragon chirps what mimics laughter as it grabs the ball, rolling with it across the floor*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:13 *smiles*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:16 *raina chirps at the other dragon then turns back to alfie, gesturing with her front paws, chirping wildly, trying to explain that they aren't babies*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:16 *sees the other baby Dragon who didnt come forward pulls out a big Shiney bell rings it slightly* would you like this? (holds it out*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:18 *the dragon shakes its head*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:19 no?...ok thats alright *puts it back in his bag*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:19 ....your not like regular dragons...you are fluffy...
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:22 *raina pretends to open a book, chirping some more. She vaguely gestures a few things*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:24 what are you trying to tell me?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:24 (would you like the traslator to work?)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.8 06:24 Nothing. I've just been thinking about what a mess I've made throughout my life.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:25 (yes and no. probably only certain things can be translated)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:26 (ok)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:27 *he puts the recordings of The dutch angle dragons squeaking into his traslator and it anilizes it so he can now understand some of what they are saying*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:27 can you understand english?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:29 *shakes her head*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:29 (nvm)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:30 *nods*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:31 oh...thats good then so are those your kids?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:31 *her eyes widen and she shakes her head briskly, chirping what sounds like "no"*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:35 no? are they your sibling?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:36 *nods and shakes her head*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:38 how do you know them?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:43 *she starts rolling forward, flailing as if she's falling. she drops a small rock on her left wing and continues "falling". She chirps something along the lines of* "I fall, hurt wing, sisters show up to help. I protect sisters"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:45 oh...so you fell and hurt your wing and your sisters helped you? are they not your biological sisters but your close friends?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:45 *nods*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:46 ok...are they older or younger then you?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:48 "older"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:50 ok Older...are they saposed to be bigger or are you sapossed to be smaller?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:51 *holds her paws close together, indicating "smaller"*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:53 ok smaller do you know why you are this big?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 06:54 *shrugs*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:56 thats ok... I was born a bit diffrent to... I dont have fur on my feet and parts of my legs so I wear theese socks
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:58 I...I have a traslator and I put some of your chirps in it so now I can understand some things you say..not all but some
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 06:59 Saxon wanted me to make a traslator that would work with you do you know saxon well? I met him fairly recently
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 07:00 *she looks at his socks, then places a paw on the crystal on her chest, whimpering silently. the other two dragons run to her side*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 07:01 oh...are your paws hurt to?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 07:02 *shakes her head slowly*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 07:03 no? they are not hurt? is something else hurt?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 07:04 "scared
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 07:04 "he scares me"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 07:06 oh he scares you..... I wont give him the translator then
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 07:07 did...did he hurt you?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 07:12 *she shutters* "long ago" *looks back at the box* "said we escape together"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 07:14 did you not escape together then?....did he leave you behind?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 07:15 *nods*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 07:24 Im sorry...do you need a hug?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.8 07:24 (I gtg I have work tomarrow)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.8 07:24 (ok)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.9 01:28 *holds up her arms for a hug, chirping lightly*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.9 04:07 [I'm here, but I gtg early.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.9 04:28 Funny. I've been thinking about the same things myself lately. *there's no humor in her voice at all*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.9 04:47 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.9 04:57 *hugs her* since..Sacon knows were you are would you like me to help you move to another planet? I know lots that are beautiful and empty and safe
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.9 05:01 *looks back at her sisters, unsure if they want to move from their home after havung lived there so long* "sure"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.9 05:02 Ok, do you want someplace like this dry and warm in mountain deserts or more green and lush?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.9 05:03 "Mountains. Rocky. Cold"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.9 05:04 How cold? Windy nippy snowy or freezy
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.9 05:05 "Snow"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.9 05:08 Ok I know a few good locations would you like to go with me to see them first to see which one you like best?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.9 05:09 *nods*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.9 05:37 *telaports to a few different planets then back to her home* do you like any of theese?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.9 05:41 *holds up two fingers, calling for the second planet*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.9 05:50 Ok would you like me to help you guys pack your things?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.9 05:55 *she grabs the box, stuffing the letters back inside. The other dragons pick up their own belongings* "let's go"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.9 15:05 *telaports them all there to the wnd planet*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 04:19 [Hi! Replies will be slow; I'm multitasking quite a bit tonight.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 04:28 [Then again, it's Wednesday, so I don't have to worry about posting on here all that much...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 04:50 \
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 04:51 [Oops]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:06 (I'm here)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 05:06 [Hey!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:10 Normally I am not affected by the past. Not externally. But this time is different.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:11 Typically I keep such personal emotions to myself.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 05:11 Same.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:14 *gazes blankly at the ground, speaking half to himself* Now I understand why Corvis asked if I was ever forgiven.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 05:16 Why did he ask that?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:17 Because I wasn't.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 05:22 What happened?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:32 I told you about that friend that I was forced to kill in Vulkanisch. It literally wasn't my own choice. *places his hand on the back of his neck* There's some kind of tech they used to control my movement. A chip somewhere at the back of my head or neck.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:32 Anyway, for our final assessment we were to test our most dangerous magic-based attack on a regular human. Anyone other than HER, I would not have cared. I refused to attack, so they forced me to. *his voice begins to shake* I promised I'd help her escape
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:32 but I ended up violently murdering her. Imagine how that must have seen from her eyes.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:33 *Imagine how that must have looked from her eyes
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 05:34 *doesn't really have any words for that, so she just puts an arm around him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.10 05:43 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:43 I... need to write something.. *snaps his fingers and a pen and small pad of paper appears. He writes a few phrases in a foreign language and some others in english. afterward he draws a horned owl in the corner, folds the paper, and snaps his fingers*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:47 *the paper disappears and reappears inside the box he gave to Raina. the paper and pen disappear as well* ..It wasn't enough.. It'll never be enough..
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.10 05:47 *said that to himself*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.11 03:58 *puts the box down again* "thank you"
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:04 Your welcome... Hey If you need me call me *hands her a flip phone and a phone number* do you know how to use it?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:17 [I'm here!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.11 04:18 (Hey)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.11 04:18 *shakes her head*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:20 [Hey!]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:21 here I'll teach you *shows her how to use the phone to call him* See? Easy just call the phone and I'll come right on over ok?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:21 *@ Saxon* Hey. It's not your fault. If you were being controlled, then it just isn't your fault/
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:21 *.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.11 04:23 "Okay"
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 04:25 *cringes* it's my fault for making a promise I couldn't keep.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:27 You tried your best.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:33 alright Im going to go now ok? call me if you need anything bye! *telaports to Saxon*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 04:38 But how would you feel if the one person you trusted in a twisted environment basically tears your throat out?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:42 Did...I um come at a bad time?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:43 It depends on whether or not I knew about the chip in the back of that person's neck.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 04:44 of course not
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 04:45 (ugh)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 04:46 (my laptop decided to update before i saved my animation)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:47 (;-;)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:57 [Nooo!!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:57 [Reason no. #4575 as to why I hate Windows. >.< ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 04:59 I'd feel betrayed. But why didn't you tell her?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:01 I didn't even know until that day.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:09 Well...if you two were close--and it sounded like it--I'm sure she knew something was wrong and that you'd never do that willingly.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:12 It's hard to know who you can trust on Exocoel. On Earth, Nixon told me where and how he got her for Vulkanisch. But he never told me why. Every one of those prisoners were taken from civilizations who had come to trust him.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:14 Prisoners?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:15 Captives? Subjects? Who knows what they were referred to by the scientists.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:20 Im just going to head home...if you guys dont need me
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:21 Wait, how did it go with the angel dragon?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:26 I've been a test subject. Prisoners seems fitting enough.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:27 I couldnt find her..looks like she moved out of the cave before I got there it was completely cleared out
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:29 ... huh..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:34 *turns to Alfie* Where's your home? Maybe we could come with you?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:36 I dont invite my work friends to my home for a reason...not to be Rude but destruction fallows you literally everywere
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:37 *sighs* Alright. Could you at least lend us a teleporter or two? Tessering is really, really difficult.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:39 I only have one telaporter and its kind of fused into my sock
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:39 *sighs* if you come over dont touch anything
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:41 *nods* Alright.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:41 *puts one hand on Alfie and her other hand on Saxon's shoulder so they can teleport together*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:41 Fine by me I guess..
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:44 *telaports into his house its white and modern style they are on the inside on a small patch of white tile infront of the door* take off your shoes
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:45 *silently cooperates, despite not really wanting to take off his shoes*
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:46 The only tile in the house is in the kitchen dinning room and bathrooms the rest is ehite carpet and I just had it cleaned
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:47 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:48 *is fine with taking off her boots, as this kind of thing is normal in Sahlem* [Anyways, bye!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:48 Excuse me, do you have a computer I can use?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 05:50 All my lab and tech stuff is in my garage which is curently under renovations
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 05:52 Is there anything of the sort that I can use?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 06:04 I mean you can use the one in the garage there is just alot off stuff around there again renovating
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 06:07 Alright thank you. Can you point me toward the garage?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.11 06:29 Down the hall to your left last door
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.11 15:15 Thank you. *heads to the garage and makes his way to the computer. Within 30 minutes of booting the system he has prepared a tracking system and a translator for the language he wrote in.*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.12 04:40 (ey)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.12 04:41 (im on both here and AT2 for now. I'm doing another short thing. One of my characters is outside Tomas' house)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.12 04:42 *looks at Aedona* dont touch anything every centimeter of this house is worth more theb everything you own and so much more
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.12 04:44 (QUICK, BRUNNY! If you want one of your nearby characters to have a say, it's gotta be fast because Film won't be there long)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.12 04:52 (XD)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 04:55 Okay, geez...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.12 04:59 *gradually becomes more and more focused on his typing, setting up coding*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 04:59 *realizes that all she practically owns at the moment are the clothes on her back, so Alfie has a point*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 05:35 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 17:37  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 17:39  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 17:40  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 17:41  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 17:43  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 17:44  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.12 17:45  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 00:28  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 03:59 [I'm here! I'm going to have to brb very soon for a while.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:00 [Annnd brb...]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 04:18 (Hello)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:20 (Hi)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:25 [Back! Hi! :D]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:29  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 04:31  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:32  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:33  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:34  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:35  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:36  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:36  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 04:45 (Sorry I was playing guitar and forgot)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 04:47 [It's fine!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 04:48  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 05:03  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 05:05  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 05:06 *carefully makes her way around, looking for Saxon**finds him at the computer* Hi.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 05:06 What are you up to?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 05:07  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 05:07  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 05:08  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 05:08 Hello. How long have I been out here? *hasn't looked away from the computer*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 05:09 Just starting a new project. A consolation thing I guess
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 05:16 About ten minutes,
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 05:16 *I suppose.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 05:16 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.13 05:18 Ah, not that long, then. Say, would you like to help me by getting supplies? Stuff like scraps of metal and wires.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.13 23:44 I'd like to, but Alfie told me not to touch anything. *sighs* I can't say I blame him. Everywhere I go, things I love die.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.14 02:42 Same here. *mutters to himself* But maybe I can change that.. *clicks 'enter', starting the code's upload. he stands up and begins searching for parts*
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.14 04:33 So..Flair just wondering why did you pick up her as well? *points to Cassy* also when will it wear off?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 04:35 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 04:36 [I finished writing Aedona's revamp. I just have to read it and get rid of bad grammar, spelling, etc. It will be updated occasionally, as I have some plans for RPing out important events in her life.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 04:37 [Also, I unfortunately won't be able to stay on as late as usual for the next few weeks; I have a very intense interim class that starts tomorrow, and I have to get up early for it.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 04:41 She was clinging onto C.J. harder than a wet cat. I didn't have the time to pull them apart.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 04:42 It'll wear off in about two hours. Two minutes if you use the antidote. I just used *names some gen eric sedative*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:45  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.14 04:46  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:46  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:46  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:47  Secret message to Saxon  
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.14 04:48 Oh ok *goes and gets the antidote and gives it to her* I wonder who she is...earth kid so probably a bad reaction to..waking up and transportation
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:49  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:50  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:50  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:51  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:52  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:52  Secret message to Saxon  
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 04:52 Eh. These Earth kids are all alike.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.14 04:54 *wakes up after two minutes sits up holding her head* ugh... what did you give me that...thats an awful headach..
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.14 04:55  Secret message to Aedona  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.14 04:55 *hugs her and smiles* you woke up!
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.14 04:56 So..were am I exactly what for?...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.14 04:58 (oh btw this is a more accurate version of what film looks like)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.14 04:59 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1z75j7iB_OwAq41fNzw6jlxDiLMgR8AnE/view?usp=sharing)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.14 05:00 If you won't help find anything, would you be so kind as to ask Alfie for some tools? *asks calmly but quickly*
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 05:00 [Should I be on AT 2 as well?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:00  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:01 Oh, yeah. Sure. *feels a bit stupid for not thinking of that herself **goes and finds Alfie* Hey Alfie, Saxon needs some tools. Since I can't touch anything, I can't really help him find some. Can you help him?
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,May.14 05:01 Um...care to explain Flair?..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:02 [Film's still a bit creepy, but now I can see a bit of cuteness about him.]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:02 Which tools?
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 05:03 Sure. You were inside a lab that does terrible things to people and I came to take C.J. from it and give her back to her dad, Tomas. *gestures towards him* You were clinging to C.J. and I had no time to push you away, so you came along with me.
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 05:03 That's the gist of it. *sits back and crosses her legs casually*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:03 I don't know. He said something about needing scraps of metal and wires, though.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.14 05:05 Oh ok..It wasnt that bad I was with the LP group they kind of just leave us alone Its a long explination....so what do I do now?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:07 Other Sara stole my scrap box if you knock on her door she will give it to you if its for Saxon
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:15 (Hello?)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.14 05:15 (im still here)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:16 [Sorry; I had to brb. And now I have to brb again. :P]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:20 (K)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:30 [Back, but I gtg soon.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.14 05:30 Beats me.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.14 05:30 (ok)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:31 Alright. Can you give me a teleporter?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:36 *gets one and hands it to her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:40 Thanks. *enters the coordinates, teleports to Falcon, and goes around to the door used as a shortcut to Sara's room**knocks* [Can you just "sub" in as other Sara here? I'm too lazy to switch to AT 2. :P]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:41 Sara:*opens the door* what?. Oh...ew its you *starts closing the door*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:43 I need something for Saxon.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:43 Saxon's trying to program something--I'm not sure what--but he needs the scrap box you took from Alfie.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:44 (I gtg ttyl)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.14 05:45 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.15 04:14 [I'm here, but my replies will be very slow. I'm doing homework.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.15 04:35 (im here now. my phone was dead. anyway caprial might be on in a little while. dunno)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.15 04:38 [OK.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.15 04:47 \
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.15 04:47 (sorry got distracted. i dont think we can go anywhere without caprial??)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.15 04:52 [Yeah... :P]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.15 04:58 [I need to concentrate more on my homework so I can get it done tonight, which means I gtg. Sorry... XP Anyways, see you!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.17 05:11 [I'm on, but it's about time for me to go. See you tomorrow!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:09 (Hi im on)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:10 Sara: ya odds are your lying just to get Alfies box back so no
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:16 I'm not and you know it.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:16 Just call up Alfie. I'm sure he has some camera-like gadget he can use to show you live footage of what Saxon's doing.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:25 Sara:no thanks im good plus what is in it for me anyways?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.18 04:30 (caprial text me when I'm needed. Otherwise I have to be working on my stuff for the senior party tomorrow)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:33 *shrugs her shoulders* I guess the gratitude of being able to help a friend. But I guess you're below that.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:33 (K)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:33 You could call Alfie. Maybe he'd trade something for that box.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:35 Sara: If I wanted something he had I would have it by now
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:40 Well, I have nothing but the clothes on my back, so I have nothing I can offer you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:40 Maybe I could give you a little magic to power something, but I'm sure all your friends can supply that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:41 So I guess you just don't want to help Saxon, huh?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:41 Well then your not getting that box or anything in it sweetheart..
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:42 If Saxon wants my help he can ask me but he isnt asking me your are
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:45 Fair enough. *teleports back to Alfie's house* She won't give me it. She wants Saxon to ask her for it. *goes to Saxon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:45 Hey Saxon, your Sara stole a box of parts from Alfie; the box probably has a whole bunch of stuff you need in it. I tried to convince her to give me the box, but she wants you to ask her for help.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:46 I have a teleporter with her coordinates in it.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:46 Do you want to go ask her for the box?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:49 [I guess you need to text RaeAnna?]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:51 (I did she is comming)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.18 04:52 *rolls his eyes* I'll stop by in a bit, I guess. Don't really feel compelled to leave before finishing my little project. *though it clearly pains him, he creates several tools from ice to use in place of real tools* These will do. Thanks for trying.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:54 Sara: *telaports to Saxon with the box* Hi Saxon did you need this box?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:57 *is surprised**realizes that she probably shouldn't be surprised, though*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:58 [@ Caprial: I have an idea. RaeAnna and I have a solo--well, more like duo--adventure planned out for Saxon and Aedona. Alfie probably won't be all that involved.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.18 04:58 ......Yes. I do need that box. *is disappointed that he made tools for nothing, but is grateful to have real tools*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 04:59 [I've been thinking about bringing Nycro back. So you won't be left out or anything, perhaps we could do a separate Nycro-Alfie adventure as well?]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:01 (Maybe they sara to rescue/kidnap C.J bc she dosent really care about that C.J and would probably have the best chance at fixing her maybe flair could help since it would get her Tomas back)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:02 Sara: do anything else you need Saxon before I go?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:04 [Er...sorry, you appear to be missing some words in your sentence. I'm not completely following; again, sorry.]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:05 (Ugh stupid keyboard, sorry. They send Ikuri Sara to bring yin yang sara back to normal and flair helps bc she wants tomas back)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:06 [So basically, Alfie and Nycro would come together in one way or another and decide that they need to bring C.J. back to normal. They get Irakurri Sara (Flair will most likely be secretly involved) to get C.J. so she can be fixed.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:07 [Ohhhh...wait what? How would making Yinyang Sara normal get Tomas back?]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:07 (K)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:07 [Oh...wait, I think I'm following. OK, they send Irakurri Sara to make Yinyang Sara normal so Yinyang Sara can in turn make Yinyang C.J. normal.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:08 [Right?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:08 [YY Sara knows YY Tomas much better, so it'd make much more sense to send her to get C.J., anyway.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.18 05:10 Well how good are you at learning different languages?
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:11 (No they just send Ikuri sara sinxe she dosent have an emotional attachment to C.J so she wont feel bad if she is crying and begging to go home)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:19 [Ohhh, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:34 [We need to formulate some event that gets Nycro involved and triggers the idea of getting C.J. BTW, Nycro wants nothing to do with her--she brings back too many memories--and wants to do everything in his power to protect his realm.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:35 [He will inevitably initially oppose the idea of having anything to do with her being kidnapped and fixed. However, with the destruction of the Intergalactic Council and most of the more powerful and benevolent races, intergalactic crime is basically the
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:35 norm. Yinyang is in pure chaos; crime currently rules (that's why Corbin, Borenaga, and Flair are so powerful; they are particularly dangerous intergalactic criminals who united at exactly the right time).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:36 [Inevitably, someone's gonna target the Dragon Realms. Nycro doesn't really know what's going on elsewhere, as he's busy dealing with his own Realms at the moment. If Alfie told him of what's happened to the hero team as well as that crime is basically in
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:37 charge, that will convince Nycro to help bring back old C.J.; a powerful hero like her is really needed in times like this.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:40 [Just note that we need a good, solid reason for Alfie to bring Nycro into the picture. Maybe fixing C.J. involves getting some resource from the Dragon Realms; I don't know.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:40 [Are you guys still around?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.18 05:43 (i am)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.18 05:49 [Okie dokie. Well, I gtg. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.19 04:41 (I'm at my graduation party. So is caprial)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:01 [I'm here!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:20 [Hello?]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:34 (hi im on)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:45 [Hey!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:45 [So...any thoughts on my posts above? Any ideas on how Alfie and Nycro would wind up working together?]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:53 (idk)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:55 [Hm...oh, wait!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:55 [OK, so as mentioned, crime is rampant in this universe. RaeAnna and I had a plan: Once Aedona and Saxon leave Alfie's place, they'll be kidnapped by pirates to be sold on the black market.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:56 [Why have them leave the house? Why not just have the pirates find Alfie's place, kidnap the three of them right then and there, plunder the place, and go?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:56 [As the pirates start putting them into the slavery/gladiator/living power source/etc. market, they could wind up being separated. Alfie would be transferred to some other ship or group while Aedona and Saxon luckily stay together.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:57 [Nycro has been to places outside the Dragon Realms more than the vast majority of his race. It'd make sense if he wound up kidnapped by pirates again.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:58 [Hm...perhaps Alfie is separated from Aedona and Saxon because he's a quadruped. He could be shifted to a pirate group that works more in the quadrupedal (or at least non-humanoid) market.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 04:59 [For Alfie to embark on a mission to get C.J. back, Alfie would need to break out in one way or another. Alfie would be taken to some big quadruped prison camp of sorts to be sold later. He could organize a mass breakout; Nycro could be in the same camp.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:00 [Nycro would recognize Alfie right away and follow him, knowing that he can trust Alfie to take him somewhere safe (Nycro is heavily reliant on portals for transport, and wouldn't have any other option, really).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:00 [I'm guessing Alfie would want to find and free Aedona and Saxon next, but for the sake of the plot we can say he fails to locate them.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:01 [Anyways, that plot idea at least solves the problem of getting Alfie and Nycro together. What do you think?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:04 (Hello)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:05 (nah bc I dont want them to take Alfies socks his socks has his telaporter in it and I dont want them to take his socks away)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:08 (If Saxon is going to be kidnapped, which right now is the perfect time, with his disability and such. He just needs to finish his device and i can set aside that little plan of mine)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:09 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:11 [@ Caprial: Hm...I think the pirates would ignore his socks, really. They'd be far more interested in looting his tech at his house--it'd be like a goldmine.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:11 (I also have terms for taking him since he doesn't have his box. I changed slot 20 temporarily once again. Mia is a feline from Amyls who was taken to Nixon's lab as a kitten about a year before Saxon began work for him. Due to tests her coat has been
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:11 *telaports to the dragonlands to jump off some rocks*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:12 [Also, they'd knock him out when capturing him and stick anti-magic and anti-tech (e.g. teleporter jamming devices) on or around him, so he wouldn't be able to just teleport out of there. But they'd ignore his socks, I think.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:13 [I mean, they wouldn't tear the boots off Aedona unless they were made of really rare material or something. They're more interested in the tech around Alfie's house and less interested in his choice of clothing.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:13 [If you're worried about Alfie's house being ruined, then you can say he has some sort of security doodad that'll save most of it or something.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:13 [@ RaeAnna: Okie dokie.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:14 Slightly altered and she will never grow from her kitten size. Mia isn't a regular feline though. She's a species of cat whose magic power can give them and other creatures outlines of wings which can be used for flight. However, she was born with the
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:14 [However, it looks like Sara is up to something in the Dragon Realms, so I suppose we could have her send Nycro off to Alfie for whatever reason.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:15 Defect of real wings and no magic. Since she never grows out of that kitten stage she is super tiny and incredibly soft.)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:18 (You know, I can spice things up a bit and have Mia come WITH the box, and that is what's taken from Saxon by the pirates)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:18 (you want to give him a reason to do anything in this universe, there ya go)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:30 [Sorry, I had to brb and do some chores.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:31 (k)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:31 [Alright, sounds like a good idea.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:32  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:32  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:33  Secret message to Aedona  
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.20 05:34 *is in a lush, meadowy part of the Realms--namely, Artisans**glides over and lands by some cliffs by a beach**sits on the edge and then realizes he's not alone--he sees Sara along the rocky cliffs and is a bit shocked*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:34 (While rock jumping she falls and lands on Nycro*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:35  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:35  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:39  Secret message to Aedona  
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.20 05:40 *can't dodge in time* Ouch!! *is a bit smushed under her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:41  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:41  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:42  Secret message to Saxon  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:43 Hello
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:43  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.20 05:43 *his voice is muffled* Geroff!!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:46 *rolls off him and stands up* Whats up?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.20 05:47 *gets up slowly and shakes himself off * You, apparently.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.20 05:47 What are you doing here?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.20 05:47 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.20 05:48  Secret message to Aedona  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:55 wanna help me steal
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.20 05:56 I dont know a lamp? sure why not one of Alfies stupid lamps
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.21 04:30 (Just assume Sara is ikuri sara ubless said otherwise)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.21 04:30  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.21 04:30 [@ Caprial: OK.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.21 04:31 Um...I don't steal.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.21 04:31 [Sorry to say this, but I gtg already. I just popped in real quick to let you guys know that I have an exam tomorrow and I need to study a lot. See you tomorrow!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.21 04:52 Its not really strealing since he will get it back
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.22 01:01 (so i have been reconsidering things in order to make a more logical storyline. I've decided to no use Mia, but instead I wanna possibly bring in someone to play an antagonist. His real name is Mayhem, but he is often subject to insulting nicknames)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.22 01:14 (Mayhem is one of the beings once locked away in the Rift. One of the shadow creatures without physical forms. However, Mayhem is the eldest of his brothers; Pandemonium, Paroxysm, Lunacy, and Cataclysm. He's got more power over elements, and with
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.22 01:16 Cassius releasing him from his prison, he is able to create a body for himself. He created a human form and fled Irakurri, knowing that Blitz would soon come to imprison him again. It's likely that he'd end up with beings such as pirates cause why not?)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.22 04:12 [I'm on, but I can't stay on for very long at all. I have a LOT of homework to do.]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,May.22 04:20 [@ RaeAnna: Ah, sounds interesting. Does Mayhem have any reasons for/plans that involve going after Saxon and/or Aedona? That might add to the plot significantly.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.22 04:21 Pfsh. In what? 2000 years?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.22 04:21 Hmmm...wait...what's in it for me? Do you know of any places with gems?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.22 04:24 [I really need to get school work done, so I'm going to go now. Hopefully I'll see you tomorrow!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.22 04:59 (Well for one, Mayhem loves his younger brothers, though he doesn't show it. Saxon ruined their chances of escaping by killing Cassius. Two, he has a vendetta against Irakurrians in general)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.22 05:08 (It's hard to give an exact motive yet. He's a fairly new "out of the dark" character. Meaning he's been a concept for awhile and is just becoming an actual character.)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.22 05:17 Alfie has a whole gem collection...
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.23 02:15 (i've been planning my concept art for Mayhem and will start an image with him tonight. just letting you know because why not?_
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.23 02:16 (also here ya go. start on page 2, that's where it has a little bit about him. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HiMxCWQgwTgGF-OfhVZDiw5W0L3L5mpoPNcvGZ_JzSg/edit?usp=sharing )
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.23 04:04 Raina: *calls Alfie*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.23 04:33 (hey)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 04:42 Hm...guess I need to check that out. How about I help you with the box and you help me with the gems?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.23 04:56 (ive got sketches ready, so an image of Mayhem should be ready by tomorrow)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 04:59 [Done reading. He's actually a pretty darn cool character so far.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:00 [OK, great! I'm interested in seeing what he looks like. Regarding his motives, I think that keeping them as hidden as possible is good for this character--he's a manipulator who seems to change all the time depending on who he's talking to. Confusion is
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:00 his trademark. However, it is good to have a few possible motives for as to why he'd become the enemy of Saxon and Aedona.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:01 [You've got the motives for his enmity with Saxon/for why he'd try to harm Saxon; I have a few ideas for why he might try to harm Aedona.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:01 [Well, other than the he-likes-to-fight-other-gods/demigods reason you covered, of course. Aedona was involved in Cassius' death. She didn't kill him, obviously, but she was there and had sided with Saxon in the conflict.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:02 [In addition, when Saxon and Aedona become close, Mayhem may go after Aedona in an effort to harm Saxon emotionally.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:02 [What do you think of these ideas?]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:03 [Oh, and one of Aedona's weakness is probably that she's naive. She might be vulnerable to Mayhem's manipulations.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.23 05:04 (well one possibility could always be he didn't start out an enemy, they made him an enemy. that's just one thought. Something I was considering during my finals at school was either he already has Aedona's guitar, or he offers to retrieve it if it's
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.23 05:04 still in one piece. Problem is he would probably like to keep it for himself)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.23 05:12 (btw what i am drawing him wearing is his real attire. what he wears whenever he conceals himself to masquerade as a humanoid usually looks similar, but slightly fancier than whatever people around him are wearing)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:14 [Hm...Mayhem keeping the guitar sounds like a good idea. However, it would just tick her off, not make them sworn enemies or anything.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:14 [Also, OK.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.23 05:16 (no, what i mean is referring to what i mentioned in the document. He really does not like people trying to take what he claims as his. To the point where he will kill whoever he catches stealing from him)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:22 [Oh, so she'd ask for it back and he'd get violent or something?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.23 05:24 (if she just asked for it back, or even demanded, he wouldn't really care. but if she takes it he will be upset. if she manages to get away from him with it, he would likely pursue her to the ends of the universe to get it back.)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:41 [Hm...she's not really the type to resort to stealing.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.23 05:44 (would she see it as stealing if it really does belong to her?)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:53 [Not really, but if she recognizes that Mayhem could be potentially dangerous, she'd know better not to do it.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.23 05:53 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.24 04:26 [I'm here, but I have an exam tomorrow, so I won't be on for very long.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.24 04:37 [Annnd it's Wednesday, sooo... :P]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.24 04:37 [I probably won't be on when you guys come on, so I'll leave now. See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.24 04:41 (As I am still developing him, there are behavioral aspects that are still subject to change. Also I haven't been home all day and haven't been able to work in my drawing)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.24 05:09 What box?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.24 21:46 (just saying that I might not be on tonight. Chances are I will check in and possibly get distracted enough to stay on, though. also once again i havent had any time to work on the picture of Mayhem. However I have been working on his story/behaviors)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.25 04:38 [OK, got it. brb for 10 minutes; I need to shower...]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 04:39 (Okay.)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 04:39 *assume he said "lamp"* [How the h**l did I remember "lamp" as "box?" >.< ]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.25 04:39 (k)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 04:39 [Anyways, brb...]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.25 04:39 alright lets go
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.25 04:40 *telaports as soon as he gets the call* are you ok'?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.25 04:43 Raina: *nods, pushing the box toward him* Belongs to him.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.25 04:46 Saxon? its his box?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.25 04:46 *nods*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 04:51 [Back!]
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.25 04:53 ok want me to take it back to him?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 04:54 [I saw Ready Player One! Have you guys seen it?]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.25 04:54 Yes
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 04:55 *walks over beside Sara* By the way, why are you stealing from a friend?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.25 04:55 (Nope. Also my phone is nearly dead so if I suddenly stop replying that is why. It died)
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.25 04:57 ok Call me if you need anything else *telaports home and goes into the garage then drops the box in Saxons lap* That belongs to you
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 04:58 Oh... thanks.. *gently puts it aside and finishes tightening a bolt to the little machine he was making* alright I think this is ready.
6>Nilium (kalfin), 17yo.2018,May.25 04:59 whats the machine for?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:00 he isnt my friend and he is fun to mess with he is all stuck up my Alfie im friends with this one? nope
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 05:01 It's just a drone. I've had the plans to build one for years but never got around to it. *stands up and takes both the box and the drone outside*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 05:03 [@ RaeAnna: OK.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 05:06 Wait, your Alfie?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 05:06 Oh...right, there's two of you now. I got so caught up in repairs in my Realms I almost forgot. Which one are you?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:06 yes
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:07 the better looking one
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:07 *with nothing else to do, she follows him* What do you plan to do with it?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 05:08 (When will Aedona and Saxon be captured?)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 05:09 Simple answer: I'll launch it into the sky. *presses a few buttons and the machine starts a slow ascent, picking up the pace until it leaves the atmosphere*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:15 [Hm...when they leave Alfie's planet, I suppose. I don't want Alfie's home to be trashed.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:15 Why, though?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 05:16 Well, truth be told, it's a tracker.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 05:17 (The tracker can locate Raina's planet right away and they can teleport there?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:25 [Yeah, good idea.] For who?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 05:25 An old friend.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:34 *nods a little* Alright.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.25 05:41 So...now what?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 05:47 I suppose your hair is a little nicer than hers...but who am I to judge? Psh...I'm from a species without hair.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.25 05:52 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 16:17 We wait.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.25 16:19 *a smaller device beeps in his pocket* ...apparently not that long. It's already located the planet. Shall we go?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 01:20  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 01:29  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 01:31  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 01:33  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:15 [I'm on!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:16  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:17  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:18  Secret message to Armis  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:19 *laughs* lets go
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:19  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:19  Secret message to Armis  
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 04:20 Ya know, you may be more rude than the other one, but I think I might like you a little more. You're not so mushy. Anyways, yeah, let's go.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:21 *telaports and ends up outsude Tomas house* ooooh.... geological storm today...i forgot about that...better not telaport till its over
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:22  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:22  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:23  Secret message to Armis  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:24 *sees Cassy through the window and picks up her phone and calls Other Sara talks to her for a few seconds then hangs up*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:24  Secret message to Armis  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:25 Nycro have you ever broken a door down?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 04:27 Yeah. Usually I'd have to use some sort of supercharge ramp or some other magically empowering stuff.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 04:27 I can take down wooden doors just fine. But this looks like it needs superflame or supercharge.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:28  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:28  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:29  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:30  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:30  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:31  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:31  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:31  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:32  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:33  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:34  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:35  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:36  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:37  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:38  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:39  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:39  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:40  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:40  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:41  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:41  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:42  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:44  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:44  Secret message to Armis  
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:47 *knocks on the Door Tomas comes to open it and Sara Barges in and walks into the Room were Sara Flair and Cassy are*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:47 Cassy?! Is that you?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:48 [Caprial, you still there?]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.26 04:48 Sara?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:48 [Nvm.]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.26 04:48 (no im not here im so far away)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:48 *hugs her* How did you end up here?!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:49 *pushes Sara away and kind of gaurds Cassy* No! your mean you hurt people! stay away from my friend!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:49 [XD OK...?]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:50 *sees Nycro* Oh no...She brought a Dragon with her!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:51  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:52  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:54  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:54  Secret message to Armis  
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 04:55 [Which Sara are you playing as, BTW?]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 04:55 What, haven't you ever seen one before?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 04:56 Don't worry, I won't eat you. At least not yet. *smirks a little*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.26 04:57  Secret message to Aedona  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:58 this dragon is weird...and small
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:58  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 04:59 Sure, let's go. We're visiting that "old friend," right? *since Saxon's responses have been vague, she's just verifying what she thinks they're up to*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 04:59 I'm am adolescent.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 04:59 *an
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:00 *sniffs a little* Chia wolf in a green hoodie? You remind me of someone...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:00 why are you here?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:00 She was one of the most annoying beings I've met.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:01 I came here with Sara. I don't really have anything better to do.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:01 Yep.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:01 [Which Sara are you playing as? I'm confused as to who's doing what.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:01 There is only one chia wolf...its me...I live here with my dad...How do you know what I am?!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:02 (Ikuri Sara and it is her until I say otherwise)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:02 *nods a little and holds his hand so they can teleport together**has grabbed him numerous times to tesser with him, but somehow, this feels different**almost feels a little embarrassed*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:03 [OK. I'm guessing she's pretending to be YY Sara since this involves a Yinyang lab person/Cassy.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:03 One Chia wolf? Pfff, I've met four.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:03 (nope)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:03 Six if you count Chia wolves from other universes. Even more if you count half-Chia wolves.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:03 Really? Do all of them have green hoodies like me?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:03 [Huh...weird.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:04 One did. She was the really annoying one I was talking about.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:04 Nycro that is your C.J....honestly stay in the loop
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:04 65893
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:04 Well, make that two. She has a less annoying counterpart from another universe.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:04 (sory my dog pressed number keys)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:04 Then there's Alfie, Lucy, Sp- *is cut off when Sara tells her who he's talking to*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:05 [XD OK.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:05 I am not anyones anything
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:09 (I'm going to be brutally honest with his response) *chuckles quietly, feeling a little embarrassed, mostly due to the fact that the situation had always been reversed in the past and now he feels sort of powerless, if not useless*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:13 *his chuckle only makes her own embarrassment worse* Are we going?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:13 Wait WHAT?! *backs away a bit, his eyes wide*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:13 That's--?! How--?!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:13 Yeah..
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:13 What?!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:14 *is waiting on him to teleport them since she doesn't know what planet they're going to*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:14 long story but we gotta bring her back beacause I need to get to my Sister C.J Cassy is my sister! I called other Sara she dosent have a Cassy and her sisters have red hair not brown
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:15 Wait Cassy....Your Sara's sister?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.26 05:15 yes! I havent seen her in years...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:16 oh...Sorry for blocking...family is important *steps out of the way*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:16 *hugs Cassy* How did you get here?....
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:17 *dials a few numbers on the device. It hums and they are teleported to the planet Raina is on. The device sizzles and starts to smoke* Well we cannot go back using this.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.26 05:17 well a few years after they took you they took me not in the place you were the LP department not the experimental one
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:17 What...the...what???
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:18 *sighs in relife* Oh good...LP...is good thats not bad....
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:18 *lets go* I still have the teleporter Alfie gave me. We should be fine.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:19 [Hm...since Raina was put on this planet by Alfie, I assume it's a relatively safe and remote one. It wouldn't make sense for pirates to come here unless they were sent here.]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.26 05:20 then a few months ago They sent me to this universe they were trying to travel universes and they used me...since I guess I wasnt Valuable after you left...and It worked and I ended up in the other lab here LP devision in this universed they sent someone
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:20 [Corbin and co. obviously didn't get rid of all of Theseus and co. It'd make sense if they hired someone to finish the job. Extremely powerful beings have gone into black space's slave trade and never gotten out.]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,May.26 05:20 else to our universes lab...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:20 (they could be led there by the tracker's technology)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:20 [I think I'll use that as justification for why Aedona and Saxon are taken in the first place--Corbin and co. told them to go after Aedona, and they succeed.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:21 (and where she lives is pretty remote and possibly has dangerous terrain to get up to)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:21 [Yep. Someone could easily hack into Saxon's makeshift tracker thing--he slapped it together in only a few minutes--and find them.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:21 *looks at Nycro* They are family why are you here? are you there pet?...or...brother or something?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:21 (ooh)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:22 Oh, I see. Earth lab stuff. Yeah yeah, I've been told stories about that.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:22 So wait...fixing her--*gestures with his tail at C.J.*--will fix this Irakurri lab stuff?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:23 And why exactly would you want me involved?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:23 *deliberately ignores C.J.**is very uncomfortable talking to her*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:23 (they just have to be found before they get near Raina because she's just going to be in the dark for a long while)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:23 Fixing me? Im not broken!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:24 Ya I back to Normal at my house....Nycro...the storm is over...by they way... *glances at her telaporter then at C.J is hinting he should jump C.J so they can telaport with her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:27 [Done.] *just as she and Saxon take their first steps forward, a pirate space ship warps into the sky*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:27 *hears the ship and looks up*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:27 LOOK OUT! *dives on Saxon, pushing him and sending him falling off to the side*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:28 *the ship has a net gun aimed at them**it gets her since she pushed Saxon aside**the net has stunning technology; she is electrified and can't do anything as it zips back up to the ship, drawn in by the rope it's attached to*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:28 *another net shoots out and barely misses Saxon*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:29 *sighs* I really don't know why you want me around, but whatever. *jumps on C.J. and rolls with C.J. over to Sara, allowing Sara to grab them and teleport*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:30 *grabs Cassy and Nycro and C.J and telaports to her other home the one she goes to when she isnt with her C.J its pretty nice but very magic proof*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:31 *presses a button on her watch and all the house doors and windows lock*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:31 *Growls* Let me go! I wanna go back to my Dad!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:32 *lets go of C.J. and quickly moves away from her*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:32 [Sara should probably explain to Nycro just how bad crime has gotten in this universe. Otherwise he won't be of any more help at this point.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:32 *throws C.J's hoodie at her* Here you will want that later...Also im doing you a favor
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:32 He's not your dad you Gnorc-brain, he terrorized you.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:33 And this stupid universe a Favor to Crime is rampent they need old C.J not your pathetic excuse of a being
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:33 *jumps to his feet, making his wings appear as he jumps to take off after the net, creating an ice scythe. Though smaller than his usual scythes, it is still able to cut through the line pulling Aedona up*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:34 (brb)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:35 Nycro you gonna help me?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:35 (back)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:36 [OK.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:37 *hesitates, then sighs* Fine. If this is what C.J. has become, then we need the old one back.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:37 And by we I mean this universe in general. That absolutely does not mean I need her back.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:39 *catches the net and pulls it to the ground, panting* We've got to make a run for it. I can't fight yet. *cuts the net*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:40 ok Cassy you come help me and I'll explain whats going on Nycro attempt to calm her down with that dosent work tie her up so I can work with her
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:44 *nods and jumps up* Come on! *starts running down a slope and pulling out a teleporter at the same time**some pirates, however, start teleporting down to the ground*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:45 *walks into the other room with Cassy*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:45 [I have an idea as to how Saxon gets his magic back. The pirates have power-detector devices that allow them to judge how powerful a being is. This allows them to name a price accordingly for the being.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:45 *backs up and Growls* you stay away from me...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:46 [Their detectors will pick up that Saxon is pretty darn powerful and not powerful at all at the same time--a classic sign of a powerful being with some sort of power blockage.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:46 [They'll treat him accordingly, giving him some sort of magic-medicine that gives him back his magic (he'll be kept in a strong, magic-proof environment, of course).]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:47 *follows, making attempts to create some kind of barricades while he runs, but they end up just being pretty much obsolete*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:47 Funny. I think that's the last thing we said to each other before you turned into...this. *snorts, smirking a little to himself *
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:47 (sounds good)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:48 I have never met you in my Life I dont like this I wanna go home!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:48 *a pirate right behind Saxon shoots a powerful electric beam at him**the electric beam is designed to knock out Saxon without causing bodily harm*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:48 (also im about to upload a screenshot of a statue depicting Mayhem's shadow form. This statue sits out front of his mansion, spilling lavender water from its face into a fountain)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:49 *is about to finish preparing the teleporter for teleportation**turns to grab Saxon and winds up raising her arm and creating a night energy shield to block an electric beam aimed at her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:49 *gets hit by another beam from a completely different direction and collapses, her teleporter rolling away from her in the snow*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:49 Sheesh, I'm starting to regret my decision to want to change you back.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.26 05:50 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1AMbkjFYD8TfS3gt2-ndBgaVjujxCm2kv/view?usp=sharing )
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:50 *turns to her* Look...remember this after you're changed back. I did this for my Realms, not for you.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:50 You'll know what I mean. *sits, looks away, and starts grooming himself, licking his paw and running his paw over the spikes on his head*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:50 *watches her via his peripheral vision*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:52 [Well...that looks awesome. :D]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:52 *is trying to knock down doors and windows with pure strength since she dosent have her magic here but they are to strong after a while she ends up in a corner curled up facing the wall and sighlently crying*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:53 (cool)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:56 *does his best to ignore her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:56 *I guess Saxon isn't able to dodge**they're both knocked out and caught*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:57 *they are loaded into anti-magic chambers with heavy duty anti-magic bracelets put on them for good measure*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:57 *wimpers a bit slightly she hurt her paw trying to bust down everything*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:58 *this was done because preliminary tests found that they were both positive for magic**an alien woman with light gray-green skin, thick strands of hair, four arms, very large eyes, pointed ears, and ste
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:58 *steampunk-ish clothing prepares the more intricate magic tests*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.26 05:58 *can't help but glance at her once or twice out of concern*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.26 05:59 *glances at her hoodie across the room but turns her head back to the wall*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 06:00 *the pirate ship goes off into black space somewhere*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 06:01 *it lands a few times on various planets, selling and getting cargo, but Aedona and Saxon are kept on the ship and are still knocked out*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 06:09 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 17:15 *the four-armed woman visits Aedona's room first and injects her with something that wakes her up (the pirates' magic detectors work better when the being is awake)**sits bolt upright, gasping*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 17:16 Alien: *says something in another language* Aedona: Wh-what?? Alien: *sighs* Hold still. *puts a device to Aedona's finger**the device pricks it while testing her; it is surprisingly painful* Aedona: OW!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 17:18 Alien: *presses some buttons on the device and watches its screen, awaiting results**when they pop up, her eyes widen a little**uses her four arms to slap some shackles on Aedona's arms and legs; the shackles are attached to each corner of the bed and
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 17:18 contain even more magic blockers* Aedona: What the-?! Alien: Just taking necessary precautions. You'll be fine, sweetie. *leaves and goes to Saxon's cell*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 17:19 Alien: *injects Saxon, waking him up, and then tests his magic**has to do it multiple times, as the results are wonky**each time is painful, of course*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 17:20 Alien: Hmm...one of those, eh? *pulls out another syringe from her belt and injects Saxon's neck before he can react**this too is painful, but not as bad as the magic detector*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 17:20 Alien: *counts to some number and tests Saxon again**the results are no longer wonky* Okie doke, that's better.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.26 17:21 Alien: *shackles Saxon like she did Aedona and leaves**since she had four arms, she was able to do all that very fast*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 03:42 (heck a lot happened)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:31 [Not much, really. Anyways, I'm on!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:31 [I was just getting the magic detecting sequence in the pirate ship over with.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:31 [Sorry I'm late; I was studying.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 04:34 (Hello)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 04:35 *huffs* Why does this always happen?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:36 (hi)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:37 [Hey!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:38 *some gas enters her and Saxon's rooms**they are put to sleep for a while longer*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 04:39 *says before he loses consciousness* great. This again.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:39 why wont you just let me go home?....
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 04:44 Can't teleport.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:45 you dont have to telaport just get a door or window to open...I can get home myself then..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:45 *wakes up briefly sometime later from the pain of having a bit of her magic extracted**as she has an affinity for resisting magic blockers and serums and such, Saxon probably doesn't wake up when the same thing is done to him*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 04:46 If you can't open anything here, I can't. *this may be a lie; after all, if Nycro and C.J. were to fight in a magicless environment like this one, Nycro would probably win*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:49 thats not true your alot bigger and stronger then me....you just dont want to help me...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:49  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:50  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 04:50 (Probably didn't wake up more just because he has long since been conditioned to such tests and such)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 04:50 (Oh gosh redundant)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:50  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:51 [Ah, okay.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 04:52 (Also yeah that may be the case)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:52 If the situation was reversed I would help you...
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 04:54 No you wouldn't. If the situation was reversed, you'd have your memories intact and I wouldn't, and you would most definitely like having me in distress.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 04:55 And I'm sick of talking to you.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:57 I'm not that kind of person I dont like seeing people hurt or scared
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 04:57 I dont understand why you hate me so much I didnt do anything to you *is still crying a bit isnt yelling*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:00 "Hate" you? Pff...
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:00 I'm done talking to you. You're too stupid in this state. Just wait until you get your memories back.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:01 maybe I dont want them back
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:01 *when she and Saxon are awoken, they are dragged off of the ship and onto a planet in black space*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:02 *they are in a futuristic, dark cityscape**the planet is more advanced than Earth, but is probably a crime-ridden dystopia full of corruption since it's a black space planet*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:03 *they have bags over their heads**when the bags are taken off, they are in gray, metal cells**they are still separated and can't see one another, but they're actually in rooms right next to each other*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:03 If the older version of me made you hate me why would I want to be a person like that?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:03 *the cells have anti-magic tech**some extra anti-magic tech is put on Aedona since she has an affinity for resisting such tech*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:03 *sighs* Because ironically the universe needs a person like that right now.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:04 From what I can tell, you've been away in a cushy "bubble-land" for a while. This universe right now is in tatters. You have the power of an army, but only the old you can really fix this universe.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:04 That's all I have to say. *turns away*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:06 *starts ramming herself into the door repeatably*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:09 Um...what are you trying to do, give yourself CTE?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:10 *there's a small window with bars in it on the reinforced steel doors of her and Saxon's cells**as they wait around, they occasionally see figures peeking at them*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:10 *tries to ask the figures what's going on, but they don't reply*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:11 *rams into it again and a crack is herd*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:18 *sighs**goes over and yells:* Sara, she's knocking the door down!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:19 *legitimately doesn't want to fight C.J.*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:19 *keeps ramming the dooe and one of the 2 hinges fall off the door*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:19 *eventually, both of the doors are opened*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:19 *is working in her soundproof lab*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 05:23 ??
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:23 *gets up immediately*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:24 *calls Sara a few more times and then figures she isn't coming**sighs and turns to C.J.* Don't make me do this.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:25 I just want to go home....
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:26 thats All im doing I'm just trying to go home...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 05:28 (Brb gonna go to the rock wall)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:28 [OK.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:29 You can go home once we're finished with you.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:29 Which should be shortly if you don't force us to fix that stupid door.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:31 What ever your going to do isnt going to be good I can feel it...
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:35 It's for the common good.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:35 Don't you believe in the common good?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:38 *a voice tells her and Saxon to come on out*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:38 *looks at her hoodie then runs to it and starts climbing into her pocket dimension*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:40 Hey! *jumps onto her, grabbing her with his claws and yanking her back*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:41 No! Leave me Alone! *kicks him and climbs all the way in*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:44 *pounces on her hoodie, but it's too late* Dang it!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:44 *paces**hopes that she's stuck in her hoodie, but he isn't sure how her pocket dimension works*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 05:48 (Back)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:50 *stays in her hoodie not knowing what to do*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.27 05:50 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.27 05:50 *hopes he dosent climb in after her*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.27 05:54 *cautiously, but also in a somewhat bored manner he steps from the room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:22 [I'm on!] *cautiously exits her cell, alert and careful*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 04:24 (hey)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:27 [Hi!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:28 *as soon as she and Saxon exit, bags are put on their heads and their hands are secured behind their backs*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:36 *after a bit comes in to check in on things* WEre is C.J?....
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 04:38 *simply sighs, figuring it may just be better to do nothing for the moment*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.28 04:38 She jumped into her hoodie pocket dimension. I have no idea how to get her out.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:41 you crawl in and dragg her out her hoodie portal she cant turn it off to block people from coming in thats why she wears it
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:43 I just needed to get a blood sample from her but I guess not now I'll be back in a few mintutes *walks back into the room*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.28 04:43 Fine. *crawls into C.J.'s hoodie and drops down into her pocket dimension*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.28 04:44 *spots C.J. and sighs* C'mon, let's go. *gestures with his head towards the exit*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:45 *sees nycros and quickly swim/floats away* (her dimention is big white area with lots of floating things everything floats but you cant really fly through it you more have to swim)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:46 *is swiming around her many things that are scattered all over*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.28 04:49 *tries to fly, but finds that that doesn't work very much**swims after her**is actually a pretty good swimmer and quickly catches up with her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:50 *she and Saxon leave the building and are teleported away with whoever their captors are*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:52 Leave me alone!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 04:53 Can I at least know where I am going?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:53  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:55  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 04:55  Secret message to C.J  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:55  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:55 *Saxon is slapped for talking*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.28 04:56 I will once I get this over with.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.28 04:56 You think I like hanging around you?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 04:57 *snorts* Well fine, then. Jeez, people from this universe are rude
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 04:58  Secret message to C.J  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:58  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 04:58  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 05:03  Secret message to C.J  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 05:05 (brb)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 05:05 You dont have to hang around me thats why im in here....
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,May.28 05:08 [OK.] We need you back in that room. Come on. *swims over her, grabs her by the scruff with his teeth, and swims strongly towards the exit*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.28 05:08 *Saxon is hit again and outright told to not talk unless he's told to do so*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 05:11 Nycro stop it!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.28 05:11 *mutters irritably in a foreign language*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.28 05:16 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.28 05:20 Sam(a small purple plush bunny): *suddenly plops onto Nycro's face, hugging it tight*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,May.28 05:26 *wiggles free from nycro and starts quickly swimming* Thanks Sam! *goes and hides*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.28 05:30 Sam: *continues holding onto Nycro's face, covering his eyes*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.29 04:09 [I'm sorry to say this, but I have an exam tomorrow, so I won't be on; I have to study. See you!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.30 03:59 (so if interested, I don't have too much more, but I DO have a little more on Mayhem. Primarily a sketch of the front of his mansion and the cape he wears and a bit of info)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 04:21 [Go ahead and share! I'm interested to see them.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.30 04:32 (k hold on a moment while i finish up a thing)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 04:36 [Okie dokie.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.30 04:39 (im sad because i had made the fountain look so amazing but then my computer crashed)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.30 04:39 https://docs.google.com/document/d/16WGtj700TO63NRgHOoAoRafWMZgFwzgKFmnAeSoisBg/edit?usp=sharing )
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 04:49 [The mansion looks freaking awesome. I can't draw buildings worth crap. OK, so I can draw cubes and such, but I mostly draw characters, not architecture.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 04:51 [Just finished reading it all. It's all very interesting!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.30 04:55 (In the little top view of the mansion, the big black room in the back is where the creature resides.)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.30 04:57 (It's name is Kahoe. Don't look into that name because I literally just thought of Tahoe and changed the first letter.)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.30 04:58 (Also brb gotta help move boxes. I'm in the middle of moving)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:00 [Okie dokie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:04 *she and Saxon are guided through a building and finally come to a stop**the people holding them take off the bags over their heads**in front of them is an alien humanoid man in formal clothes, sitting at a lavish dinner table by himself *
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,May.30 05:10 (Back)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.30 05:15 *clears his throat, not really caring about potentially being hit again* Excuse me, sir, may I speak?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:19 [Welcome. ^.^]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:20 Man: *holds up a finger, as if to say wait a moment**after a few moments of silence, he turns to them* No, not yet.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:20 Man: I am here to explain your new...profession. You see, I am your new master.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:21 Man: The reason I brought you here was that you have something highly desirable. With the collapse of infrastructre across the galaxies, power is becoming an absolute necessity. And it's becoming harder and harder to get power.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.30 05:21 *rolls his eyes as if to begrudgingly say "again"*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:22 Man: But some beings have it within them. Some naturally excrete it. And in a time of need like this, they are...obliged to share it with their fellow beings. It is a necessary sacrifice.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:23 Man: But you're valuable. You'll be cared for, I'll make sure of that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:23 *doesn't wait to be told whether she can speak or not* Do we have any choice in the matter? *one of the guards holding them raises his hand to hit her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:24 Man: *puts his finger up**the guard stops* Let me reiterate...I am your master. You are my property. I shall do with you what is necessary in times of need like this.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:25 *takes that as an absolute no* Man: I'm running behind on schedule already...you must quickly get to work. *claps his hands* Take them to the place. *turns back to the table*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:25 *the guards put the bags back over their heads and guide them into a facility*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.30 05:30 I "wonder" what kind of work he has in mind.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:31 *the bags are taken off their heads**they are revealed to be in a place where a whole lot of living beings are each in transparent cells (kind of like the ones from Ready Player One, if you know what I'm talking about), hooked up to machinery*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:31 I think we already know. Guard: Shut up. *Aedona and Saxon are shoved into two cells next to each other*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.30 05:32 (can you send a picture because i havent seen ready player one yet. want to tho)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:35 *Aedona and Saxon are both hooked up to the machinery--namely, big cuffs are put on their hands that prick the tips of their fingers a bit**wires attached to the cuffs are funneled up and into the walls of the cell; from there, the wires go through the
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:39 walls and floor to power conversion machines**their magic blockers are taken off *
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:39 [Crap...I looked, but I couldn't find any pictures.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.30 05:40 (ok)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:41 [Hm...imagine the cells looking kinda like this: https://thumbs.dreamstime.com/b/abstract-blue-glass-d-cube-shadow-render-illustration-41783755.jpg The blue parts are actually solid white and not translucent; the parts in between the blue parts are glass
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:41 walls.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:41 [Also, their cuffs look kinda like this: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/teentitans/images/0/02/Meet_Starfire.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20140407233057 ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:43 *the cells are heavily magic-proofed, and so are the outer parts of the cuffs (the inner parts are meant to channel magic while preventing a surge of magic from short-circuiting it)*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:43 *cuffs are put on her ankles that both chain her ankles together and chain her ankles to the floor, making her range of movement small and keeping her from yanking the wires around*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:44 *the same sort of chains are put on Saxon's ankles, bolstering him to the ground and limiting his movement*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:46 Guard: *his dull and cranky tone clearly shows that he's sort of forced to give this explanation* You're the property of Mr. Avar for life. Your job is to channel as much magic into this power plant as possible without trying to abuse the magic channelers
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:46 *.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:47 Guard: Your cuffs will be removed for no more than 10 minutes at a time during scheduled feeding and bathroom breaks. Any attempts to infringe on the rules here will result in swift punishment for misbehavior.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:48 Guard: Get to work. *the glass doors on both of the cells slide down and close**they look just like any other glass walls*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.30 05:48 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,May.30 05:49 well isn't this just glorious? *chuckles lightly* may i ask what you have to motivate me to use my magic?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,May.31 03:53 [I'm sorry to say this again, but I have another exam tomorrow--my final exam. I'm studying like h**l and I need more time to study, so I won't be on tonight. See you tomorrow!]
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,Jun.1 04:24 [I'm here!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.1 04:25 (hey)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.1 04:29 (So for now until I get to my grandparents house i will be on my phone. In between the time before I get there I will be moving another set of boxed so I'll beaway for a bit soon)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,Jun.1 04:32 [OK, that's fine.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.1 04:35 (Ok brb now)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 04:36 (hi)
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,Jun.1 04:38 [Hey!]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.1 04:39 Hey! *shakes his head hard**paws Sam off and bats him away**glares at him* Stay back. Next time you do that, you're toast.
16>Tomas (human), 31yo.2018,Jun.1 04:39 *walks back to Flair with more snack food* Were...is C.J and the others?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.1 04:39 *swims around, looking for C.J.*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 04:40 *is hiding inside one of her many large objects floating around*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.1 04:41 Sam: *swims after Nycro, laughing* You can't kill a toy!
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.1 04:43 568395720949320239023902394 bottles of milk on the wall 568395720949320239023902394 bottles of milk....take one down pass it around 568395720949320239023902393 bottles of milk on the wall....
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,Jun.1 04:48 C.J.? You're responsible for her. I don't know.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.1 04:52 (Ok I'm back)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.1 04:52 (Sam is a girl, by the way)
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.1 04:53 well I cant think of anything better to do....
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 04:54 *stays hidden not wanting Nycro to find her*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.1 04:55 You can with fire.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.1 04:55 *uses fire breath in Sam's direction**it doesn't touch Sam, but it gets close; it's sort of like a warning shot*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 04:56 *sees this and Bolts out Tackling Nycro* YOU LEAVE HER ALONE!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 04:59 *kicks him into one of her chain nets that closes around him tightly so he cant move*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.1 05:00 *narrowly manages to escape C.J.'s grip, kicking out with his legs and sending her floating away from him* Come back out with me and I'll leave her alone.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.1 05:01 Sam: *shakes off the heat* double team!! *bites Nycro's wing*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.1 05:03 Ouch! *legitimately sends flame breath at Sam*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.1 05:05 Sam: *squeats with pain, but as soon as the flame goes out the fabric starts regrowing*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.1 05:06 *sighs* Oh, so that's how it is. *easily kicks Sam off his wing, sending her spinning through the air*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.1 05:07  Secret message to C.J  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:19 I'm sure they have a lot of ways. *hears some screaming nearby and sees an alien with his cuffs being electrified**it's unclear whether the cuffs are doing this or if the alien is resisting and is short-circuiting the cuffs, but it looks extremely painful
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:19 **
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:21 [Hello?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.1 05:21 (im still here)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.1 05:24 I am going to be completely honest here. Physical pain doesn't affect me much anymore. Fortunately, I'm being thoughtful right now and might as well offer some kind of power.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.1 05:25 *completely avoids channeling his ice magic and instead channels his dark magic into the machine*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.1 05:26 *he has nearly an infinite supply of this magic from the Rift, though he can only use so much at a time. However, using dark magic is never painful in any way*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:27 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:28 *the cuffs feel tingly on her fingers; they're in a way urging her to release magic**releases some night magic*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.1 05:29 *slips by the cells through the shadows, pausing momentarily to view Saxon and Aedona, smelling their magic. The scent of dark magic almost makes him chuckle as he moves on*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:33 *the cuffs on both her and Saxon start to tingle uncomfortably**it's a different sort of discomfort from plain pain; it's kind of like the discomfort brought by having an itch that you can't scratch**it's the discomfort that causes restlessness when not
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:33 addressed*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:36 *tries to ignore the tingling, but it gets overwhelming the more she doesn't address it**releases stronger streams of magic**it relieves the tingling immediately*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.1 05:37 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.2 02:09 (Just going to say that I will very likely be late. Graduation starts at 7 and it'll take about an hour or so not counting the stuff afterward)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.2 02:11 *actually feels a little more relaxed having a way to dispose of the dark magic, but nevertheless feels slightly guilty for sharing his power*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.2 02:13 (Remember dark magic isn't something to be shared.)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.2 03:52 [I have some things I need to do, so I'll also be late.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.2 04:55 (I have one last thing to do but I can be on late tonight)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.2 05:22 (I'm back is anyone there?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.2 05:38 [I'm here!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.2 05:51 [Hello?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.2 05:56 (Hello)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.2 06:09 [Hey! Sorry for the delay.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.2 06:17 (Omg sorry! I got caught up talking to family!)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.2 06:19 [Nah, it's fine. Anyways, I gtg. See you tomorrow!]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:18 [I'm on!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:32 (hi)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:37 [Hey!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:39 (hi)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:40 *bites nycro hard on his wing percing it* Leave her Alone!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:40 *swims towards C.J. and grabs her by the scruff again*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:40 [Nvm]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:41 *the pain makes him instinctively breathe fire at C.J., burning her shoulder*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:41 I dont like Fighting I dont want tofight but your hurting my friend!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:41 *regrets doing that, but doesn't say anything**quickly twists around, grabs C.J.'s scruff, and rapidly swims towards the exit while she's in too much pain to react*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:41 *said that before her burned her*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:41 [Do you want Nycro to successfully drag her out of the hoodie?]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:42 *Is curled up crying out in pain*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:43 (sure)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:49 *gets out of the hoodie with C.J. and drags her onto the floor*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:49 *is too stubborn to apologize, but the look on his face when he sees her burn again says all**turns and walks as far away as the space in this room permits*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:49 *makes sure to take her hoodie with him to whatever corner he's slunk off to*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:53 *is crying in the corner her shoulder is all black and red and still really hot it hurts alot and it looks very bad*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 04:56 *walks in* ok did you.... *sees C.J* What the H*ll did you do to her?! are you insaine?! *runs off and comes back with ice water and a rag outs the cold rag on C.J's shoulder and it sizzles*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:59 It was instinct. You don't just bite a hole in a dragon. *lifts up his wing*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:59 You think I like doing this sort of stuff?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 04:59 You brought me into this. This is the last time I'm helping you with anything.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:00 *continues to sit facing the corner opposite to C.J.*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 05:00 Oh..right this weak crying scared version of C.J bit you?! Really your going with that?! honestly if your going to mame someone at least dont lie about it!
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 05:01 You know I cant fix her till she is fully healed right?! That is going to take a few weeks maybe even a few months!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:08 *sighs* Have you ever heard of healing magic?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 05:08 unless you have some quick healing dragon breath or something
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:08 And yes, that oh so weak, crying scared version of C.J. bit me. Either that or I put freshly bleeding holes in my wings for fun. Take your pick.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:09 There's no such thing as healing breath, but I have a lot of connections. I can get someone with healing abilities.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 05:12 it has to be bottled magic regualr magic wont work here its blocked
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:15 Alright, that's fine. My Realms are full of relics with power. I should be able to find something like that in no time.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:15 Can you give me a teleporter?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 05:17 *puts one one him* Its locked onto you it will bring you back here in 30 minutes so hurry up
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:18 *sighs* Fine. *teleports back to his world*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:19 *goes to a scientist friend (BTW, scientists in the dragon worlds usually work with magic or magic technology), who quickly whips up a healing concoction*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:25 *takes the concoction and returns to Sara with it*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:25 This should help. It's used in worlds where lava is prevalent.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 05:29 is it injested or topical?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:37 Ingested.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 05:47 Alright you made this mess you fix it get her to eat it *walks off*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:49 *sighs and puts the concoction by C.J.* This'll heal you.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:49 You want to stay in pain? Fine. Don't drink it.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 05:50 If I drink it you guys will change me...
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:57 And if you don't drink it we'll change you anyway. It'll just take extra time.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 05:57 Look, do you want to see your father again or not? The sooner you're finished here, the sooner you can go back to him. If you don't drink it, it'll be weeks until you see him again.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 06:01 the other version of me is evil she hangs around kidnappers and murders and everyone hates her
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 06:04 That's funny. That's the you I fell in love with. That's the you everyone fell in love with.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 06:05 Then again, that's the you I broke up with.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 06:05 If your father is any good, he'll love you no matter what you are. If you want to see him within the next 24 hours, drink that. If you want to wait a month, don't. It's not up to me.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 06:06 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.3 06:06 if you change me I wont be me anyone I'll be a diffrent person old me Hated him I dont want to hate my dad
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.3 07:43 (So sorry I couldn't be on tonight! My phone was dead and I was at a dance festival with family until now. Anyway see you tomorrow)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 19:08 You choose how you feel about others. Even after you change, you can choose to love him.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.3 19:08 Do you want to hang around me and her for months, or would you rather leave as soon as possible?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.3 22:42 *takes human form in another room with a guard* where'd those two new ones come from?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:05 Guard: Who? The boy with the blue hair and the girl in purple?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:12 Yes
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:14 Guard: *shrugs his shoulders* Just another import from black space.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:15 [I have an important announcement. I'm going to Iceland soon! Therefore, I'll be 5 hours ahead of the Central Time Zone/6 hours ahead of the Mountain Time Zone.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:16 [I was thinking I'd come on at nighttime at maybe around 9 PM there, which would be approximately after school hours in America (3 PM MT, 4 PM CT). However, the days in Iceland are EXTREMELY long during the summer, and I'll have jet lag, so I can't
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:16 confirm anything with regards to when I'll sleep and when I'll be online. I'll have to figure out the most common times I'll be online once I get there.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:18 (Well I don't have school anymore so I can be on anytime)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:18 If I stick around I have a higher chance of escaping I'll stay like this. I can handle you but I think your the one who cant handle me.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:19 [Okie dokie! ^.^]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:20 *smiles* such powerful magic. *pulls out a strange empty vial* may I take a sample of the blue-haired mage's magic?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:20 (so youll be on at 2pm Mountain time?)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:21 (Also I am in washington state right now which has done wonders for my traditional art. I've begun a shaded piece of Mayhem's animalistic form if you take away the shadow. Should be finished by tomorrow)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:24 [@ RaeAnna: OK, great! @ Caprial: I can't confirm anything about when I'll be on. As stated above, I was thinking I'd come on around 3 PM Mountain Time, but due to jet lag and the super ultra mega long days there (the sun is up a LONG time in Iceland in
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:24 the summer), I have no idea how my times online will turn out.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:24 [I'll have to figure it out once I actually get there.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:25 Guard: Who are you exactly?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:25 Alien Man: *is the man in charge who talked to Aedona and Saxon earlier**walks in* Let him do it. He's a client of mine.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:30 *nods toward the alien man* Thank you. *fills the vial with the black magic then sits down against a wall* Irakurrian magic. Some darn good magic at that.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:33 your a violent Dragon...another example of past friends I'd rather not have
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:33 Alien Man: Oh?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 04:33 I can handle you just fine.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 04:34 I'll just let you know that you can beat me with your magic, but without it I'll always win.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:35 I rarely use magic... I hate fighting...
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:35 That man has two magics. Strange how he'd choose to share THIS with you. He must be in a very bad mood.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 04:41 Alien Man: So he's one of the types whose magic is based on his emotions?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:47 No no. He chose to share this magic probably because he is cross with the lot of you. Rift magic is fun to play with. *pulls the magic from the vial and twirls it around his hand*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 04:51 Alien Man: Could this magic harm our magic-to-power machinery?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:54 I really do not know. It's extremely powerful magic exclusive for creatures of his race. He's nearly a god but is still too mortal to be as such.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 04:54 I dont care who wins if I dont want to be fighting in the first place
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 04:56 It won't harm any tech.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 05:01 But if you are worried about his magic then get him to use his ice magic. However I didn't smell as much of it as I did before. He mustve pushed himself to the limits recently. The man needs rest if you want THAT magic.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:07 If your forcing me to choose between prison or become an evil being filled with pain and hatred I will most definitely rather be a prisoner
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:10 [Sorry for disappearing; I got distracted.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:10 (your fine)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:14 Alien Man: He'll get rest here. But just for good measure... *goes and gets a sample of Saxon's magic himself and goes off to some labs*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:14 I'm not forcing you to choose anything.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:14 You will be changed back. That's a given. I'm just saying that it'd be better for you to get it over with sooner.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:16 im not going to let you change me thats a promise i intend to keep
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:20 I'm not the one who's gonna do it. It's the girl who dragged me into this.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 05:22 (Excuses to get Saxon out of the cell to confront him)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:23 I wont let her eaither but she is cooped up in that room all day all I have to do is wait for you to fall asleep
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 05:24 *Let's the magic sample disperse into the air*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:29 I'm sure I can stay awake long enough for her to come back.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:30 And if I have to, I can get a different kind of antidote that you can't refuse to take.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 05:32 *returns to shadows and returns to watch Aedona and Saxon in their cells*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:38 *is already trying to figure out how to escape*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:39 *finds that she can't move around far enough to interfere with the cord going from her hands to the ceiling*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:39 *without the use of her hands or magic, she can't do anything about being chained to the floor*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:40 *tries to brute force the magic-harvesting cuffs by increasing the amount of magic she's pumping into it dramatically, but the cuffs are designed to protect against this behavior**gets the same uncomfortable tingling as before--only it's 10 times worse*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:40 *can't brute force her magic more than a second or two due to the pain*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:42 Why do you want me to change I dont want to change!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 05:43 *finds himself laughing at Aedona's efforts from the shadows, slowly allowing his eyes and mouth to glow*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:45 I dont know much about who I was but I know it wasnt good I wasnt good
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:46 The universe needs the old you right now.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:47 Maybe she wasn't as innocent, but she could get the job done.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:47 *sits down, giving up for the time being**glimpses a weird glow from some shadows, but she only sees it for a split second and decides that it was just her mind playing tricks on her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:48 *turns to Saxon* You okay?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:49 What can she do that I cant?! If the universe needs me Why cant I do it as this version of me?! Why dose it have to be the other one?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.4 05:51 As I'll ever be. Gotta say I'm a little upset at my situation. *stares out at the shadow* have you noticed it?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:55 Noticed what?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:55 *tries to follow Saxon's line of sight*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:56 She can do a lot more than you can. You've gone soft.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.4 05:56 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.4 05:58 Why do I have to die so someone else can take my place? *is tearing up* The other me she is just hiding waiting to be woken up but I...I will end up dead! I wont be able to come back I...I dont wanna die *starts crying*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.4 18:58 *mayhem sinks deeper into shadow, disappearing* it's gone now.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 19:04 *his ears twitch as he hears a voice calling out to him. He unzips a portal into Irakurri and hops through. He's standing in a white plane before Corvis* Been too long, Corvis. *Corvis: Too long, my lord.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 19:06 Mayhem: Did HE kill you, too? *Corvis: Huh? Saxon? No, I gave my life to save another. *Mayhem: *nods* I see. What is it that you need? *Corvis: Since I died I have lost much of my power.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 19:11 Mayhem: Ah, so you just want more power. *Corvis: *kneels before Mayhem* As your lifelong servant I humbly ask for something to at least help me move between universes. *Mayhem: Oh? Have you found a life in that little universe? *laughs* Cute.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 19:16 Here. I guess this is as good a time as any to reward you for your work. *tosses Corvis a black lion-like skull ring with a small amethyst fixed in its mouth* Don't lose it, for anyone can use that concentration of magic. Not to mention it will always
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.4 19:21 Generate magic. *Corvis: Thank you, sir. Thank you very much. *puts the ring on. It flexes to a comfortable fit on his finger* *Mayhem: I'll be off, now. Got a special someone's tragic death to stage. *hops back through the portal in human form*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:37 [I'm on!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.5 04:44 (K we will be on in a few)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 04:44 "Die"? Pff. You're C.J. You'll always be C.J.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 04:44 [Okie dokie. This stuff with Mayhem is getting interesting...I can't wait to see what's gonna happen next. >:D]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:45 *looks at the shadows, then at Saxon* What was it?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:48  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 04:53  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:53  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:54  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:55  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:56  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:56  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 04:56  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:57  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:57  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:58  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:59  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 04:59  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:00  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:00  Secret message to Aedona  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:00 We might look the similar and have the same name share the same body but Im A diffrent person! I have diffrent memories then hers i dont have any of her memories I had my owb seprate childhood I grew up diffrently I think and act diffrently I have
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:01  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:01 Diffrent ideas and belives theb her I learned other things she did I had diffrent experiances then her if that dosent make me a diffrent person what dose?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:02  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:02  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:03  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:04  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:05  Secret message to Saxon  
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 05:05 *teleports back into the Yinyang universe and sits down to focus*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:05  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:06  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:09  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:10  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:11 By the end of this, I guess you'll have both memories.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:11 From both "lifetimes."
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:11 You choose who you are. If you want to go soft at the end of this again, fine.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:11  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:12  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:12  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:13 You know she wont choose me, you know that. She will get rid of me Ill be dead! You dont care about me at all
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:14 *starts crying more* I want my papa..he could save me uf my Papa wasnt stuck he would rescue me right now..
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:14  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:14  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:15  Secret message to Saxon  
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:15 Just...just shut up!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:16 Shut up... *turns and walks back to the opposite corner**is genuinely compelled to get her out of here*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:16 *looks at the timer on the teleporter Sara gave him**the 30 minutes aren't up yet--they're close to being up, but he still has some use of the teleporter*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:17  Secret message to C.J  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:19  Secret message to Saxon  
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 05:19 *after he hears CJ''s call he stands up for the teleport. He appears in front of CJ, glaring at Nycro* What the h*ll do you think youre doing?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:20  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:21  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:21  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:22  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:22  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:23 (Yes)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:23  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:23 (Brb I gotta move more boxes)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:23  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:23 [Okie dokie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:24  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:24 *runs to Corvis* Papa!!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:24 You?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:24 You know what? Nevermind, forget it, I'm disgusted at all of this, I've had it!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:25 (Btw Sara place is heavily magicproof from the inside so Corvis cant use magic to get out)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:25 *quickly sets the teleporter with his claw and jumps onto C.J.**teleports with her and Corvis to the Dragon Realms* There. Now go off wherever the heck you want to go before Sara finds you,
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:25 *.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:25 [Luckily, Corvis was touching C.J. who was touching Nycro, and in turn Corvis was pulled out as well.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:26 *walks a couple meters away and tries to claw off the teleporter* [He can take it off, right?]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:26 *hugs Corvis Tightly whike crying* your ok! Your ok and safe you you came to safe me!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:27 (No he cant thats the point so he cant run off)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:27 *did that before Nycro telaported off with them*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:28 [Ah, okay.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:28 *sits, trying to pry it off **realizes really fast that he's in trouble*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:31 (Back)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:32 *a few seconda later Nycro is back in her Shed Sara looks pretty mad* what did you do?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:33 This Raven guy came in and got her.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:33 Papa...they still have Cassy...
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:33 [I'm pretty sure only Aedona, Corvis, Finick, Mayhem, and the Ravens know Corvis died BTW, so I don't think Sara can pull the "He's dead" argument.]
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 05:33 Have her where?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:34 Really? Beacause This place is magic proof and You are the only one with the telaporter and acording to the datalog you activated the telaporter and traveld with 2 other people
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:35 Were I was just now but in a diffrent room
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 05:35 *Pats her head* well we need to go get her back, then, don't we?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:36 *gets up and shakes himself off * Well, fine. You want to know the truth? Okay, I'll tell the truth.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:37 When I joined in this charade, I didn't anticipate that I'd have to give someone who was not too long ago my best friend a 3rd degree burn and then ruin her life.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:38 She's way better off the way she is now than she was before. I'm not going to be the one to ruin that. I'm disgusted with myself and I'm disgusted with you, and I wish I had no part in this whatsoever.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:39 Now may I please leave?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:39  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:42  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:42  Secret message to Saxon  
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 05:43 Do you want to come with me? Or I can send you to a place where you will be safe until I get back. (He means the Rift)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:43  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:44  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:45  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:45 (Yeah (
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:45  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:46  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:46 You understand what Corvis will do with her right?! He is gojng to take her to the Rift with him she trusts him 100% he is evil he is slowly gojng to coruppt her beacause Tomas cant stop him anymore!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:47  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:47 (Sara ment to say that)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:47  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:47  Secret message to Aedona  
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:48 I've seen how powerful he is. If he's been hanging around her and Tomas for years, then he could've done that to her whenever he wanted to.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:48 (Aww Sara doesn't know Corvis!)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:48 (That's so adorable and sad)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:49  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:50  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:50  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:50  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:51  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:51 If he used force she wouldnt trust corvis she loved Tomas if he hurt him she would hate Corvis so he slowly grew her trust she loves him more now then Tomas Corvice can control her if you were evil and could Control C.J while C.J wants to and is willing
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:52 *starts whistling the Jeopardy theme. Not for any particular reason, just because he can*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:52  Secret message to Saxon  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:52 To be controled do you know how much damage she could do how much they could do?! So when they come back you need to get C.J knock her out and I'll do the rest ok?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:53 (Ugh wrong slot its sara both times agaib)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:53 *looks at the shadows, then at Saxon* What was it?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:53 (Ok )
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:53 And why would they come back? Beacause C.J likes my little sister and my sister is here
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:54 She addressed him as "Papa." If she sees him as a father, then I'm sure he could have controlled her long ago.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:54 You go do all that yourself. I want nothing to do with any of this.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 05:56 *stops whistling* I really don't know. It's gone now, whatever it was.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 05:56 What do you think is the bestest idea?
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 05:58 You know I just want you to be safe. The bad people wouldn't be able to find you if I hid you.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 05:59 Alien Man (AM): *gets the results from the lab about the dark magic**is immediately shocked and VERY p***ed off*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 06:00 AM: *sees just how horrible it would be if the dark magic-tainted power were to go to the masses**immediately resolves to fix the problem*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:00 To bad, Your in it wether you like it ot not that telaporter isnt coming off until I take it off I can have you by my side at any second Until you get C.J back and we fix her i control you
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 06:00 AM: *orders for a whole lot of the tech and magic-to-power converter beings to be replaced, and a lot of the power to be simply disposed of*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 06:01 AM: *goes to a control board and orders for the pain levels in the Saxon's cuffs to be put on maximum for about 20 seconds--which is one of the worst things that can be done to anyone in the cells*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 06:01 Well, good luck with that. *sits and grooms himself *
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:04 Oh yeah I will *turns on an very high pitched noise its aighlent to himans but would be iritating to dragons and other animals that hear well it has the safe effect as a sonic rodent repeller it drives them away beacause the sound is so awfel*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 06:05 Hey! The heck is that?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 06:06 AM: *watches Saxon's reaction closely*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:06 A sound that will play 24/7 slowly driving you insaine...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 06:06 *initially he yells for a second, but then starts cursing in another language. He is legitimately just further annoyed by the pain*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:12 Eventually you will be willing to do anything to get it to stop
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 06:13 AM: *has his vital signs checked before the pain turns off **the dark magic resumes**realizes that it won't be easy fazing Saxon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:13 *quickly gets up and goes to the glass wall nearest to Saxon's cell* Are you alright?!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.5 06:14 Psh, oh, yeah, right.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:14 Ok I will go to the safe place then
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:14 AM: *sees Aedona and gets an idea**sends some guards to take Aedona and Saxon to the punishment room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:14 AM: *goes to the punishment room himself *
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:15 (The sound really will do this sloely drive him to insanity)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 06:16 *cackles under his breath*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 06:17 And yes, Aedona, I am quite alright.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:18 What happened?
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 06:18 Alright then, come with me. *opens a portal to the rift* after you
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:18 [Nycro's too stubborn to believe that, unfortunately for him. :P He'll believe it in so-and-so hours.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:19 [He might side with her if she brings up his homeland again. If she points out he'll be locked up here forevermore and won't be able to protect his Realms, he might give in sooner.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:20 *jumps in*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:20 [By sooner, I mean like 6 hours as opposed to several days.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:20 *some guards come towards her and Saxon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:21 [gtg! *offline* I'm going to Iceland tomorrow, so I won't be on until Wednesday, and from there I'll have to figure out the best times for when we can meet up. See you!]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:22 Let me know when you have had enough Nycro
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 06:23 (Welp i have camp so I wont be on til sunday)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 06:25 *says in a childlike manner* I was being baaaad. *turns to face the guards. He instantly attacks one of them but is caught by the other* okay maybe I have a bit of pent up aggression toward these people.
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 06:28 *follows CJ. The portal closes. He instantly redecorates the Rift to look exactly how CJ wants it to look* Okay. Don't ask questions, yes, I'm alive. You are to make sure no one enters this place. *finds Karasu*
5>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 19yo.2018,Jun.5 06:29 CJ, this is Karasu. Anything you need, just go to her and she will do her best to help you, okay? *Karasu says hello in a welcoming manner*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 17:25 *the guards manage to slap an anti-magic bracelet onto Saxon and then free his cuffs from the wire (the cuffs are detachable from the cell, but only by using a very specific key; this is so that, when a person is taken out of the cell, they don't have to
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 17:26 take the cuffs off and then put them on again)**Saxon is dragged out of the cell, held from behind in such a way that fighting back is very difficult, and a bag is put over his head*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 17:26 *the same thing happens to Aedona, though her resistance is feebler than Saxon's*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 17:26 [@ Caprial: Okay. I hope you enjoy camp!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.5 17:27 [@ RaeAnna: Well, we do have more of the Aedona-Saxon plot to play out, so I guess we can do that while Nycro suffers for hours. XD XP]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.5 20:54 (Caprial and I both have the same camp btw)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.7 14:10 (Crap...well, see you on Sunday then!)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.7 14:12 *she and Saxon are taken to the punishment room*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.10 17:21 (Let's see if I have reception up in the mountains today.) Wait a second why is Aedona with me? She didn't do anything.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 22:49 (Hi im on)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 22:58 *the bags are taken off their heads**her heart rate instantly goes up when she sees the equipment around the room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:00 *an overseer hired by the alien man comes in**he has been assigned to oversee what is about to happen for the alien man; the alien man doesn't want his relations with Saxon and Aedona to become crappier (just in case)*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.10 23:00 *sits stubbornly*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.10 23:07 [Still there?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.10 23:20 (Hello my Internet is very slow but I'll try to be here)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.10 23:29 So what's the big idea? I didn't really do much. All I did was what you told me to.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:40 [Hey! Sorry I disappeared; I had to go do something.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:42 Overseer: You were caught pumping an extremely dangerous substance into our systems--something dangerous enough to shut us down.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:47 Overseer: This is your punishment.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:48 *looks at Saxon worriedly, wondering what they're going to do to him**he is chained back against a wall**then she is grabbed and dragged over to the equipment**gasps, not understanding what's happening*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:48 [I'm not fond of playing out torture scenes, and what our heads fill in for us is often far worse than anything that actually happens, so I'll zip through this...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:50 *they inject her with something to prevent her from passing out and make her hyper-aware of what's going on**they proceed to put various types of equipment to gruesome use on her for hours**it's not just Earth torture devices--there are plenty of alien
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:50 ones as well that are much worse*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.10 23:51 *the hours tick by, and he starts acting a little erratic*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:52 *after way too long a time, it ends, and she is dumped in front of Saxon (his ankles are shackled to the wall, but not his hands, by the way)*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:53 Overseer: If you continue to put even one drop of that magic into our systems, this will happen again, and for twice as long. Do not think we won't catch you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:54 *the overseer and guards leave the room to let what just happened sink into Saxon**they wait outside the room, intending to take Saxon and Aedona out not long later*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.10 23:55 *just lays there, quivering all over in a fetal position, her eyes wide and unblinking**faintly moans/whines a little bit*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:01 [Hello?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:03 *stares down at Aedona, wide-eyed, breath shaking* Those monsters... *looks up with pure hatred* Oh I'll do as you ask. Just pray that I do not escape.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:04 (Sorry. Got a little distracted)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:12 *it's unclear whether she even heard what anyone said* [It's fine!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:16 *is just going to lay there for who knows how long unless someone touches her or something*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:17 Don't worry, Aedona. This won't happen again. I swear.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:20 *doesn't really respond*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:21 Aedona? *crouches as low as possible so he can place his hand on Aedona's shoulder* Do you hear me?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:24 *flinches a little*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:26 *after a minute of no response apart from the flinch, she throws her arms around him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:26 *cries into his shoulder, still shivering all over*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:34 *does his best to be comforting and to ignore his resentment toward their captors*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:37 *continues hugging/cuddling with him for quite some time, her crying and shivering slowly getting less intense*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:38 *finally says to him without letting him go:* Get me out.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:41 *holds her tight* I will. One way or another, I'll get out of here.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:41 *get you out of here
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:42 (Dying inside from stupid typos)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:43 [XD Ouch...that's not the typo you need for this scene...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:43 *holds onto him tightly as well**for the first time since before Max's death, she feels safe*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:44 *the safe feeling only lasts 30 seconds, as the guards open the door**abruptly lets go of Saxon, terror in her eyes**stares at the guards for a few moments*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:45 *then looks at Saxon as the guards to to unchain him**seems to be more composed now; there's a dangerous look in her eyes**she's basically saying "Now!" to him via her eyes*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:48 *they unchain his feet (a quick note: they still have the big cuffs on their hands)*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:52 *as soon as he is unchained he steps away from the guards, summoning his wings(a feat that isn't actually magic-based. In fact, it takes more energy to keep them hidden) to shove them away from Aedona*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:53 *the guards are thrown flat against the walls*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:54 *runs for the open door**there are a few guards still outside (the overseer has gone off to do other stuff)**uses her cuffs to hit one upside the head, knocking him out*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:54 Hurry! This is your only chance!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:54 (Nvn)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:55 *hits the other guard hard in the side with a swing of her bulky cuffs**he hits the wall and falls down**kicks him in the face**is weak, but she has a vengeful streak that is fueling her at the moment*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:55 *@ Saxon:* Come on!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 00:57 *keeps up right beside, even often ahead of Aedona, fighting with mostly his wings and his feet*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 00:59 *runs down some hallways and back into the main room**they have to take out a few more guards along the way**here and there she needs to grab Saxon's hand or wrist, as she needs him to pull her along; she's still quite weak*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:00 *looks around and then points up at a glass wall up on a nearby side of the giant room with all the cells* Looks like a control board.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:00 [Nvm the hand or wrist part; they're in cuffs that cover their hands. :P We'll say she just tries to snag her cuffs on his shoulder or something.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:01 *ducks under his cuffs and slides in between his arms, anticipating that they'll have to fly through the glass*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 01:04 Hold on tight. *flies up and smashes through the window, at the last moment using his wings to shelter Aedona from the glass*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:05 *ducks under again, freeing herself from Saxon**whacks the nearest facility worker with her cuffs**most of them run in fright; they're control panel workers/technical aliens, not guards*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:06 *sees guards running from a hallway**whacks her cuffs against the keypad for the door, smashing it and causing the door to close and permanently lock*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:06 *goes over to the control panel with Saxon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:07 *is looking for something--anything--that could help them**a cuff deactivator would be great...especially a universal cuff deactivator (one that turns off all the cuffs)&
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:07 **
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 01:10 *smashes the control panel with his cuffs* just cut off the electricity.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:11 *nods and smashes her cuffs all over the control panels*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:12 *the cuffs weren't designed for being smashed around; they were designed for magic harvesting*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:13 *the lights in the facility go out and red ones kick in, along with alarms**her cuffs break from being smashed around too much and she frees her hands from them*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:13 *out in the main room, powerful beings are breaking free from their cells left and right**guards flood in, but this containment breach is way too big to stop*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:14 *watches the action going on below with satisfaction for a few moments**she and Saxon run out of the control room and down some hallways before they can be spotted*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:15 *they stop and peer around a corner to see the alien man and some other well-dressed beings--clients, probably--heading away somewhere*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:17 *whispers to Saxon* We should follow them.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 01:18 *nods*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:20 *they sneak after the alien and his clients**sure enough, they head to an escape pod (the facility is full of anti-teleportation stuff)*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:20 *(this stuff is especially kept activated when the alarms are going off)*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:21 *summons some magic around her hands as the escape pod is opened*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 01:21 (Ye)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 01:24 S*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 01:24 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow! I'll still be on around 3 PM MT.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 01:24 *prepares for whatever Aedona has planned*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 13:00 *now that the cuffs are off and the main power system is out, they can use their magic*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 13:01 *is still weak, and there are guards accompanying the alien and his clients, so she nudges Saxon and then glances at her hands, indicating that he needs to help her and use magic too*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 19:59 *still his only magic supply is his dark magic, but he still prepares to use it*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:43 (hi om on sorry about yesterday I came on then forgot I was on)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:44 [Hey!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:44 [RPing?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:44 [Oh oh oh wait wait wait! I just got a plot idea.]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:45 (Nope me and Raeanna have a secret plot we are planning)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:46 (we have it planned out )
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:46 (>:D)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:47 *walks over to Nycro* How are you doin over there?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:49 [It's a plan for the eventual release of Theseus and co. from the infinitesimal universe.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 22:50 Oh, fine. Just fine.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 22:51 [I kinda assume your and RaeAnna's ultra secret fiendish plan will be executed before Theseus and co. become any sort of priority, though...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:52 *launches some night energy at one of the guards, grabbing him with it and throwing him into a wall, rendering him stuck in a hole in said wall*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 22:53 Sounds reeaal good here. Real nice. What note is that? E flat?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:55 (ok lets do that...after me and raeannas plot is that ok?)
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:55 (the plan works best w/out the yin yang )
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 22:56 *blasts another guard with a black fog that brusts into flames upon contact*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 22:56 Im going back to my room taking to much might distract you from that...lovely sound *walks off*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 22:58 [Okie dokie. It'll probably take a while for the plan to play out, anyway.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 22:59 [I'll summarize the plan briefly: Basically, Nimnim/Motherwolf and I/Leonore go to some of our characters and propose a quest. If they succeed in the quest, we'll free Theseus and co. from the infinitesimal universe. Basically, we're disguising making our
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 22:59 characters jump through hoops for our own amusement with a great adventure of sorts.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:00 [It'd be better for the plan to be executed when C.J. is brought back to her original self. She'd be a big asset in the quest.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:01 [By the way, have you become the Motherwolf yet? Should I stop calling you Nimnim? I'm asking you this because I intend to change my fursonia form as well.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:02 [I want to be a dragon since I noticed that you guys are your trademark species (Chia wolf and Vulpis) as well. I'm also thinking of doing an overhaul of sorts of the Dragon Realms' family system so that it's Spyro-inspired instead of carbon copy Spyro
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:03 (The Motherwolf IS what Chia wolfs call her but its R.C is her casual name)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:03 dragons. That way I can say it's my species, as opposed to it truly being Insomniac Games'.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:03 [OK. But are you the Motherwolf/R.C. yet? Or are you still Nimnim?]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:04 Alright, bye. Not like I care.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:04 *the sound is starting to get at him, but he's too stubborn to show this in any way*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:05 *some of the alien man's clients fall down from the force of their attacks*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:06 *before the alien man can get into the pod, she grabs him with night energy and flings him towards herself and Saxon**goes into the pod as fast as she can--which isn't very fast--and collapses*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 23:09 *enters the pod and shuts the door* any idea how to work these things? Escape pods aren't exactly within my field of expertise.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:10 *pulls herself onto a seat, breathless* Nope...never seen...anything...of this...design...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:13 Maybe...there's an...autopilot...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 23:16 Hmm.. *presses a few buttons*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:16 *a screen turns on, but it's in an alien language*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:18 *walks into the room with Nycro and telaports them to the Dragon lands* This is your home right?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:19 Oh...uh, yeah.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:20 Thanks. Uh...could you get this off? *holds forward the teleporter around his ankle* That girl will get me again if this isn't removed.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:21 (Sorry...Sara ment to do/say thant wrong slot..)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 23:22 *presses a few more buttons, hoping that by some miracle he gets the pod to launch*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:27 [Whoops, okay. Scratch everything after the "Oh, uh, yeah."]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:27 *the pod indeed starts to launch*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:27 this planet get...attacked quiet frequently last time I checked
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:28 *tries her best to help, but she's lightheaded and has no idea what any of the alien words mean*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:29 just um remind me who...protects this place again?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 23:33 *the pod launches and he sits back in his seat* I think.. I think we're good.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:34 *sighs* The Peacekeeper dragons. But yes, me too.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:36 well I hope they can manage without you since you will be stuck in my house for who knows how long *telaports them back to her house*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:36 *nods a little**the pod starts to exit the building and floats over some parts of the facility...which proceed to blow up*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:36 *the pod is rattled by the explosions**grips her seat**some airplane-like steering controls are in front of Saxon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:37 *they really need to rise farther; otherwise the explosions will reach and damage the pod beyond repair*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:37 see you..later *starts walking back to her room*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:38 Yeah yeah whatever. *sits and grooms himself **is genuinely very concerned for his home, but again he's hiding his true feelings*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 23:43 *grabs ahold of the controls and steers further away from the facility*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:43 Also there is a stage 5 meteor shower scheduled to hit the Dragon lands tonight should be..beautiful *goes into her room and shuts the door*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:46 *could feel the floor of the pod getting hot from the explosions and was certain they were going to crash**they wind up zooming upwards and towards space*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:47 A what??
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:47 [@ Caprial: Is your Fursonia the Motherwolf/R.C. now, or are you still Nimnim?]
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:48 (R.C she can shapeshift Nimnim is one of her forms)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:49 [OK. Then you are R.C., but you can revert to Nimnim at will.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.11 23:55 *once a safe distance frim any surrounding debris he relaxes once more* So where do we go now?
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:55 (lets just use nimnim for now since R.C dosent tend to leave her planet nimnim dose))
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.11 23:57 [OK.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.11 23:58 *little do Saxon and Aedona know that he is sitting on top of the pod as a shadow, now intrigued by their feat, eagerly awaiting their next move*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.11 23:58 *is staring ahead at the stars as they enter space**just as Saxon finishes his sentence, she hugs him again tightly**collapses at the same time, almost accidentally pulling him off his chair*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:02 *sits and contemplates things*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 00:02 *walks out and over to Nycro* Hwy were did C.J go?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:06 What the...who are you? Why are you here? *has started scratching the sides of his head, as if that will help with the noise*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:07 *holds Aedona up to keep from falling, starting to laugh as he hugs her* You'd better get some rest. I'll find someplace safe.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:09 (Brb)
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 00:10 Im....My sister took me here
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:11 *nods a little**can't quite summon the strength to laugh, she's so tired, but she does smile at him**there's more than just happiness at their escape in her smile*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:12 Okay... *lets go and, by grabbing handles and such on the walls, she makes her way to the few bunk beds on a nearby wall**climbs into the lowest one*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:12 *is still hurting all over, so she takes the time to find the most comfortable position**says while yawning:* Maybe back to that forest planet...where my friends were camped out...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:13 *falls asleep quickly despite being so sore*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:13 (Back)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:13 Okay...um, C.J.'s gone.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:13 Though if you could get me outta here, that'd be great.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:14 You see, I'm here against my will, and Sara is playing this really annoying noise that only animals can hear in this room.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:14 If I could get this bracelet off and leave before I go nuts, that'd be great.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:15 Got it. *finds what he assumes are dials for coordinates and puts in the coordinates for the forest planet*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:15 *the pod begins traveling towards the forest planet*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:16 *the pod wasn't designed to be the best space ship ever, so it takes its time in charging up a warp that will bring them very close to that planet*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:16 *during the charge, some pirates (probably associated with the guy on the roof of the pod) approach the pod in their much bigger ship*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 00:17 No Sara wouldnt do something like that its probably in your head
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:17 *the pirates fire a wire-like thing at the pod that latches onto it, forming a link between their pod and the pirate spaceship*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:18 Excuse me?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:18 Which Sara are you referring to? The sadistic one from this universe or the more sadistic one from the other universe? Just so you know, you're in the house of the more sadistic one.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:19 You're kinda naive.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 00:20 My sister isbt Sadistic! She is the leadt sadistic person she is always so kind abd gentle twards everyone!, then again arent most dragons evil anyways?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:22 Psh. Oh, yeah, we're these horrible monsters that hoard treasure and eat valiant knights.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:23 *starts circling around Cassy* We chew on the bones of our unsuspecting victims and grind babies into little pieces.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:23 *is in full-blown sarcasm mode, of course*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:23 We also chase unsuspecting butterflies.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:24 And we sear the butts of unsuspecting and highly annoying young girls. *is behind Cassy now**releases a little flame**this doesn't actually burn her butt or light it on fire, it just makes her butt hot enough to hurt for a second*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:25 *more wires are launched onto their pod and their pod is rapidly drawn into the pirate ship*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:28 *is awoken, but it's way too late**the pirates burst into the ship and easily incapacipate her and Saxon*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:28 Heck.. *attempts to pull away from the ship, but quickly drops the controls and prepares for the pod door to be opened*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:29 *the last thing she remembers is the vague sensation of being dragged out of the pod*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:29 *did that before the ship was infiltrated*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:30  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:34  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:37 [Hola?]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:39 *jumps off the pod, taking human form in a dark suit, barking orders to the pirates to keep Saxon and Aedona far apart.*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:42 *he knows Saxon's abilities and counters them by placing specialized anti-magic cuffs on him. As another added measure he takes hold of Saxon's shadow and starts forcing him to walk while he speaks to the pirates* we've got a special room for this one.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:42 Make sure that the other prisoner is kept under high security.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:43 *is unconscious and taken to some room that is far away from Saxon's room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:45 [I remember you've been drawing Mayhem lately. Have you done a drawing of his human form?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:45 *is tossed into a rather well-furnished room complete with full size bef and a mini fridge. Mayhem utters a simple "be with you in a bit" and the door shuts. The cuffs disappear*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:46 (Well considering I've been at camp lately, no. But I'm working on it.)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:50 [Okie dokie. I'm interested in seeing more Mayhem-related drawings!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 00:50 *slides a little between consciousness and unconsciousness, not really aware of where she is**mostly she winds up stuck in unconsciousness, though*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:53 This is... different.. *explores the room, but when he tries the door it shocks him to the point of knocking him out*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 00:53 *is shaking a bit looks pretty afraid*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 00:54 *smirks, a bit of smoke coming out of his nostrils* Want some more?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 00:55 I...Im not a..afraid of you *is physically shaking*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.12 00:56 *has Aedona put in a similar room, only he remains in the room when it is shut. He has a mask over his face and a digitalized clipboard in hand as he waits for her to wake up*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.12 01:01 Pff. You can't lie to a little monster like me. Don't even try.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 01:01 *gradually wakes up*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 01:02 *is on the bed**tries to sit up, but she hurts too much**sees Mayhem* Wha...who are you?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 01:03 [gtg! *offline* I'm going back home tomorrow, so I most likely won't be on. See you on Wednesday night, hopefully!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.12 01:05 Good good, you woke up. I am the one in charge of your capture. You can call me Alex if you'd like.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.12 01:51 There. I was honest with you so how about you be honest with me, okay? *can't really show his smile, but his tone is rather cheery*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.12 09:21  Secret message to Saxon  
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 22:44 I...ive faced worse then...then you
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 23:03 I...im going to go back into the..the rest of this house..now *starts slowly backing up*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 23:15 (Hi)
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.12 23:21 (oh right not til wednesday)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 23:58 [Wait! I'm back in the US. I thought I'd be dead tired and sleep before the usual times I come on (9 PM CT/8 PM MT), but now that I'm here I'm actually still quite awake.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 23:58 [I intend to try to come on at the normal time of 9 PM. Hopefully you see this message. If one of you sees it, make sure to pass it on to the other in case she didn't.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.12 23:58 [Hopefully I'll see you tonight!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 00:31 (Got it!l
3>Flair (Sorceress), 20yo.2018,Jun.13 03:48 [I'm online!]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 03:49 Cool. Mind if I come along>
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 03:49 *?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 03:50 *dodges his question, not trusting him one bit, though his cheerful demeanor does throw her off a bit**has had bad experiences with pirates* Where's Saxon?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:02 On the other side of the facility. *swipes at the bottom corner of the clipboard* Unconscious on the floor. I'll have him moved to his bed. *types in a couple of commands*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:03 So tell me about yourself. You can start out simple with just your name, where you hail from, and other stuff like that.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:05 Y...yes I..I very much mind I...I dont want you around me
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 04:08 What are you going to do with us?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:08 Too bad. Let's go!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:08 [Hey guys! :D]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:09 I'd very much appreciate some cooperation here. I'm just doing my job. You give me some information for my files and I'll tell you more.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:09 n...no how about you...you just stay there and...and i go back into into the kitchen
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:11 *is wandering around Mayhems Castel*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 04:14 I'm from this universe. Now what are you going to do with us?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:15 *chuckles* I figured as much but I guess that is good enough. *pulls up a notepad on the clipboard and enters the info* well depending on your capabilities you can end up anywhere, but simply you'll likely be put up for sale.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:20 How about you stay here and let me into the kitchen? I'm starving, ya know. And starving beasties like me tend to eat squishier beasties like girls like you.
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:20 (Laidir looks like a cross between an elk and a clidesdale horse he has spikes on his hoves for walking on ice and his antletlers look blue and clear like icicles besides his antlers he is pure white)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 04:21 Well, I've been beat up to the point that I can barely sit up, so I doubt you'll make much money off of me at all.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 04:21 *is downplaying her valuability as much as she can on purpose*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 04:21 [@ Caprial: OK, cool!]
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:22 a..a.. human dosent...dose not even have um..enough meat on..on them to..to feed another p...person for a whole a whole day
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 04:22 My partner isn't all that great either. He's been beat up in other ways. All the skills you'd want from him are long gone.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:23 Hey, I'm the size of a large dog. You're more than enough.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:23 Now let me into the kitchen or you'll be my dinner. Got it? *winks*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:24 I...Ill go get it....what...what do you want to eat?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:25 Well that's no fun. I shall arrange for some assistance with your ailments. Now, what else can you tell me?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:26 (He is sort of a gentle gaint he is trying to get back to his kids and family his whole people were scattered across universes and forced into hibernation)
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:28 [Oh, geez. OK.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:28 What sort of dragon do you think I am? I'll get it myself.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 04:30 We're useless to you. *is silent from there*
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:32 I...I dont think...I dont think my sister wants you in the..in the Kitchen
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:33 Not right now you aren't. That's quite easy to see. Get some rest, I'll send some medical assistance in a few. Gotta go wake Saxon. *leaves the room and returns to Saxon's room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 04:38 *is partially relieved that the "quiz" has ended and partially worried that Saxon will say the wrong things*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:38 I don't think your sister wants you in my stomach either.
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:39  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:39 *notices that he appears to be dreaming and with a malicious cackle he enters the dream*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:40  Secret message to Katrin  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:41 (Here's the question. Do you want the details of the dream played through?)
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:43 *wanders into Adeonsa room* Oh...Sorry I didnt know anyone was in here...pardon me I shall leave now
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:48 *starts to walk out but his back hoove gets stuck in the rug beacause of the spike* oh no...not again
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:48 [slrr
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:48 [Whoops]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:49 [Sorry I disappeared; I got distracted.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:49 [@ RaeAnna: Sure, go ahead. I gtg super soon, as I need to go to sleep; you can post the dream sequence and I can read it tomorrow.]
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:50 [@ Caprial: Aedona and Saxon aren't at Mayhem's mansion. They're inside a pirate ship. Unless Mayhem teleported them to his mansion without me seeing the post where he did that.]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:50 (Ok)
10>Katrin (Goddess), 27?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:51 (oh nvm then)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:52 (He likely has access to teleportation between locations that Mayhem can travel to)
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 04:53 (Mayhem doesn't like to be tracked so he keeps a veil over wherever he works)
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.13 04:53 *is slowly walking backwards twards the kitchen*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.13 04:55 [Well, I gtg now. See you tomorrow! *offline*]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 05:03 *the setting of the dream is Exocoel, Saxon and Raina are flying away from the lab. At first Raina appears as the dragon, but upon landing she is transformed back into a human. Saxon gives her a massive hug, apologizing and making amends. The two head
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 05:22 Back to Urmukka, back to the Surtil family. Just as dreams work, time flies in an instant to a few years down the road. Far as he knows, life has been great. "The next day", the two set out on a walk along the valley's edge*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 06:18 Aww, I never expected such a happy dream from such an emotionally disturbed being. I know what this needs. *transforms into his shadow form but takes away the shadow, revealing a toothy feline-monster* a bit of fear. And a touch of chaos.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 06:20 *as the two walk down the path it splits and he starts to crawl from the crevice, snarling, thick black drool dripping from his maw.*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 06:26 *Raina screams as Saxon pushes her behind him. The beast attacks, Saxon tries to move, but is held fast by his shadow. He feels blunt teeth pierce his throat as he is tackled, but not deep enough to be fatal. When Mayhem releases his grip, a stream of
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 06:35 Black drool seals the wounds* Wh-what... *mayhem laughs in a deep, gurgling voice, "Oh, my, what'll he do, what'll he do?"**Suddenly his body begins to feel numb. All sensations of pain fade. In fact, most everything fades. All he could do was hear a
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 06:40 Jumble of voices, among them being Raina's calls to him and a quiet voice whispering subtle commands to him. He stood up, knowing full well that he should face the beast, but instead finds himself facing Raina, who whispers to him, confused and concerned*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 06:41 Go on, child, you are finally in complete control of yourself. Give me the command and I shall obey.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 06:49 "I want you to be gone"*was what he thought, then it changed* I want her out of my life. *he points to Raina* I do not need anybody.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 06:59 *licking it's lips, the beast cackles* As you wish. *he jumps for Raina, but the initial attack is dodged. She screams and tries to run while Saxon does nothing to defend. Mayhem easily catches up and slashes at her legs, dropping her instantly*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 08:46 *somehow, though it all felt wrong, his mind kept pushing the thought that he needed no one and should eliminate whosoever he cared for. Maybe he just doesnt care as much anymore? Saxon smelt himself shrug at the notion. Deep down he heard himself say
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 08:49 "Why am I doing this?". He seemed to answer his own question, rather quickly, too. "Because whoever you get close to dies. Just end it all now." He stood there, now conflicted over his feelings as he watched in silence while Mayhem destroyed his love.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 08:52 It was devastating yet oddly satisfying to him. Something about having Raina in the past was such a great idea. For once he appeared to be back in control of his thoughts. No more voices. No more evil. But then Mayhem smiled up at him with a horrifyingly
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 08:56 *felt (not smelt omg)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 08:59 Sadistic look in his eyes. Saxon looked down to see what was left of Raina, only to realize that it wasn't Raina anymore. His world came crashing down, both he and Mayhem knowing he could never live a life of solitude* What have you done?!
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 09:04 Ohoho! What have I done? *Saxon: YOU DID SOMETHING TO ME! *Mayhem: Hush, child. I only helped you rid yourself of the one thing always causing you pain. Then and now. *backs away from the corpse* Do yourself and your little buddy a favor, won't ya?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Jun.13 09:07 *stares at the lifeless body, trembling* She can't be.. I promised.. *as he runs to his lost friend, the ground opens up, a massive creature rises from below to swallow it. With that, he wakes up with a start, Mayhem is leaning against the wall*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 09:10 Oh goodie, you're not in a coma! *uses the same cheery tone as he did with Aedona* Listen, I need some informa-- *Saxon: GET OUT! *chucks a vase at Mayhem who blocks it with his clipboard* *Mayhem: Bad dream, huh? It happens. Welp, I'll be back later, the
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 09:14 n. *leaves the room rather quickly, chuckling after he shuts the door* So he is his own monster in his nightmares. Fun fun. *visits a few other rooms before returning to Aedona's room* Guess who's back, back again?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 15:48 *sighs**Mayhem's overly cheery tone is now more of an annoyance than something that actually throws her off* What do you want?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 15:50  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.13 15:52  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 22:08  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 22:10  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 22:14  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 22:14  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.13 22:15  Secret message to Aedona  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 03:20 Well technically I haven't gotten the information I need. Your buddy wasn't willing to speak to me so I figured I'd come back.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 04:27 [I'm online!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 04:31  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 04:31  Secret message to Armis  
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 04:33  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 04:41  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 04:42 I've given you everything I can.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 04:44 Really? No place of birth, specifics on your powers, anything?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 04:47 I already gave you my place of birth. This universe.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 04:49 Yes, yes, I know that bit. But what planet?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 04:52 Not one anyone would care about.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 04:53 It's still information for the files.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 04:54 Tell you what. You tell me where you come from and I'll tell you where I come from.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 04:57 Why should I care where some pirate hails from?
13>Spark (wolf), ?yo.2018,Jun.14 05:00 You...you just stay...stay over there!
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.14 05:03 Hm...nope. *goes right up to Cassy* Now, are you going to take me to the kitchen or do I have to eat you?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:07 Well I don't really consider myself a pirate. This job is more like a hobby than anything. Fine, I'll tell you one more free truth. I'm the reason you two didn't escape for long.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:10 Why'd you target us in particular?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:12 Well not just anyone can destroy a facility such as your previous captor's
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:14 How much do you know about that facility?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:17 Enough. Honestly wouldn't have seen you two if you weren't taken there.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:19 Well, we were "just anyone." To be honest, there was a massive breach there. My partner and I just took advantage.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:20 *is making sure to leave out that they caused the aforementioned massive breach*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:21 No no no. You two started the breach. I watched the whole thing. Frankly I am rather impressed, if not proud.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:31 *is genuinely confused now* Then why are you quizzing me about all this?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:32 *a normal pirate who saw what she and Saxon were capable of would probably not give a hoot about their places of birth and just sell them for as high a price as possible*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:32 [Sorry for disappearing. I was multitasking. My replies will be much faster now.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:36 Partially because of protocol, partially because I'm rather interested in your case. However I can do no more than learn as I am following this facility's protocol
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:39 *]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:39 Which facility's protocol?
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:41 This one. Cannot name it, unfortunately, but hey, I've worked wonders for it. For instance, this room. Isn't it glorious?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:43 *glances around the room**sighs and says:* I'm from a planet no one cares about. Most don't know it exists. I doubt many places even have a name for it.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:44 It's never been important on the intergalactic scene and never will be.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:48 Ah. Well I can say I came from Earth, but technically that's not even true. Truth is I cannot really explain where I am from
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:49 Not a planet, not a realm. Just.. space? Dark? Dunno. But then I was on Earth.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:50 *his tone shifts to a slightly confused, but still has happy connotations*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:52 What are you?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 05:54 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:57 Well my enemies say I'm a god, the mortals used to call me the original demon, but I prefer just being called human, to an extent of course.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.14 05:59 Honestly demon is a horrible title. Makes me sound like a monster.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 06:08 *sliped through the door before nycro said he would eat Cassy he was so focused on xassy he didnt notice her slip in*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 06:08 *gently pulls Cassy through the door* come on tell me evetything that happend...
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 07:03 *closes the door a minute or two later she comes back out to Nycro she is more mad then ever before and its absolutely terrifying*
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.14 07:04 *stands there very mad not saying anything for a few seconds*
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.14 16:19 *is normally basically not afraid of anything whatsoever, but this does faze him a bit**sits and tries to hide this by grooming himself * What? Did you actually believe my race eats people? You've got the wrong dragons.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.14 16:20 What I did is called attempting to get out of this h**lhole.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.15 04:22 [I'm here!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.15 04:23 *chooses not to respond*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.15 04:28 My apologies. I get a little rambly. Hence why I don't talk about myself much.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.15 04:30 *still doesn't say anything*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.15 04:31 Still, you asked about me and I try to be honest.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.15 04:32 *chuckles nervously* umm, perhaps I shouldn't have said anything about people calling me a demon.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.15 04:33 *shrugs her shoulders* I don't know about that. I haven't heard of them being in this universe.
18>Sara (human), 17yo.2018,Jun.15 04:35 You scared my little sister half to death *her voice is even more frightening then her glare she isnt yelling but her voice trembles with anger*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 17yo.2018,Jun.15 04:35 Why are you so interested in me if you're just going to sell me?
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.15 04:36 *looks a bit bashful for a second or two, but then regains his composure*
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.15 04:36 Because you travel with an Irakurrian.
20>Armis (Demon), ?(17)yo.2018,Jun.15 04:36 Simple as that
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.15 04:37 That was the point. C'mon, you can manipulate others like a fiend. You know the trick. Scare them into submission.
19>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Jun.15 04:38 How'd she get in here, anyway? I thought everything was locked. I've already tried everything. Maybe you should do a better job of locking things so she isn't scared by pint-sized "geckos."