" Poor boi Saxon... [Privet RP] "
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6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 04:17 [Most of the main characters (Saxon, Aedona, Sara, Mayhem, etc.) are already on here, and there are tons of slots that RaeAnna could grab for other characters (e.g. at this rate she could put nearly all the Ravens in their own individual slots).]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 04:18 [I will add that I've purposely minimized the number of characters to the main ones involved in the story so that we're free to interpret what's going on with everyone else (C.J., Tomas, etc.) as flexibly as we want. Tying characters into stories taking
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 04:19 place in the future makes keeping things canon more complicated; I thus tried to structure the story to contain only the main "contenders" (Saxon's family, Caprial's lost-in-time character, and the various villains who are after Saxon's new kid).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:21  Secret message to Bones(Dr. Nilsson)  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:22  Secret message to Bones(Dr. Nilsson)  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 04:28 [hi]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:33 [Hey!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:33 [What do you think of my suggestion of just playing out the 15-years-into-the-future arc on here?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 04:36 [sure]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:41 [Okie dokie. Sooo...RPing?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 04:44 [yeah]
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 04:45 Welp i will go tell Aedona see ya *leaves the building and heads back to Ardona* the portal is in their also Saxon is gone and probably not coming back acording to Nixon
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:47 ...He's WHAT?!?!
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 04:49 i was watching the cameras and a girl came out of it looked like a rip but in the middle of the hall then Saxon went into the rip and it closed and he was gone
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:52 Oh gods...I should have never left him...
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 04:53 well the girl survived the trip so he probably did to I think they were exchanging test subjects
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 04:56 (I'll be on in a bit, sorry. Playing cel damage with fam)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:57 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:57 We can't just leave him!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 04:58 I'm going in. I need to talk to Nixon and find out where he went. The rest of you can follow if you want.
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 04:58 If we all go in, we'll all be closer to Yinyang. Let's go. *starts walking*
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 05:06 *walks with them C.J fallows a bit behinds with Bakura*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:06 *walks towards the Vulkanisch entrance, hoping that Riyu guaranteed that they wouldn't get nearly as much trouble from Bones as last time*
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 05:08 [we kinda gotta wait for raeanna now]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:09 [Yeah... :P] *hesitates, then steels herself and enters Vulkanisch*
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 05:10 (okay im back)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:11 [Wahoo!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:11 *remembers the way from the entrance to Nixon's office**heads in that direction*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:13 *the portal Bones created opens again and he walks back into the lab holding two Jackal pups by their scruffs. Their eyes haven't even opened yet* Take your pick, Sachiel. As promised I made it worth your while.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:14 *since Bones is distracted by Armis, I guess it isn't hard for her team to make their way to Nixon's office?*
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 05:15 Oh! Jackals! *picks the little male* Wonderful! *pets the pup for a moment, then gives it to Sara* first task. You'll be caring for him until he's old enough to be trained.
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 05:16 (they're more in the way of the team right now)
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:18 Yes, speaking of which, can I also have some solution to feed my own pup? *Bones: Sure. Wait here. *runs off to get solution*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:20 So, Sara, can't imagine why they sent YOU here
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:23 Armis?... *holds the Jackel*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:24 Yes.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:25 so...you sell puppies?...to this...lab? then?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:25 *stops and hides just around a corner when she sees Bones and co.*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:26 *once Bones leaves, she reveals herself* Which Sara are you?
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:26 *follows along with the rest of the team closely behind Aedona*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:26 No I just know that doctor quite well. We both want the power of the Jackals.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:26 [Bones left round the corner]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:27 [is it ok if Sara isnt found yet?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:28 [nvm I got a new Idea]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:29 This place is extremely dangerous. We need to go. There's a portal out of here, I'll explain later...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:30 Wait...were you traded for Saxon?
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:30 Why would I do that?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:31 ok lets go *holds the pup close and runs with Aedona* If I get caught my life will be a living nightmare...
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:31 (nvm)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:31 yes he is my universe *yells back at Armis* I will owe you one You know its worth it
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:32 *follows along* Any reason you are taking the pup?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:32 yeah, he is cute
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:33 (nvm about the "Owing you one" thing unless you wanna]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:33 Just being here is a nightmare in itself... *starts jogging towards Nixon's office*
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:34 *he (and I presume the rest of the rescue team) follow(s) Aedona and Sara*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:34 *closly fallows Aedona notices Ivy and Bakura* Wait?...you took Ikuri Bakura and C.J?....oh right beacause Cara...is C.J...ok makes sense
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:35 I hope you know I am coming with you and we can't leave until we get something to feed the pups with.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:35 we should hurry I have a feeling Bones will be pissed but if he is comming and hasnt seen you just leave me since I have an excuse
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:35 What do the pups eat?
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:36 They're too young to eat real food.
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:37 *they turn into the yellowish hallway leading to Nixon's office*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:38 *they're so close, so she decides to just gun it**sprints for Nixon's office*
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:38 *runs after Aedona, easily matching her pace*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:39 *dosent run stays with Armis* ok the portal is in their so lets get the food first then...I will find some way to get here...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:39 *runs back to were she was previously standing with Bones*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:41 *sets the pup down. It cries out with irritation* Those two, CJ and Bakura, are from your universe, by the way.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:42 *they reach the office**then she realizes Sara and Armis aren't there anymore*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:42 Where'd they go?!?!
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:42 I dunno...I thought I saw Armis turn around...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:42 *sighs, exasperated*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:42 What?...man I missed out on alot...they have some explaining to do...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:43 Okay...look...we're THIS close... *holds her index finger and thumb close together* How about most of us go through the portal while one or two of us stays behind to get Sara?
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 05:43 I'm surprised Dr. Nilsson didn't notice you lot. Or maybe he did. He didn't seem to upset about Ivy being here
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:43 he is crying...you should pick him up...
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:44 Sounds fine to me. *walks up to Nixon* Hey. I'm guessing you're that Nixon guy. Where's the portal?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:44 *@ Nixon* I'm surprised too...but he was distracted...and also he was yelled at by a Raven...
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 05:45 I was eves dropping Sara went to get food for her puppy she is planning to run back here
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:46 She's just mad that I put her down. My breath is warm and Jackals prefer warmth over anything. She'll be fine. *Wraps the end of his tail around the pup to warm her*
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 05:47 Go figure. But that only applies to him. Anyone else here isn't required to leave you alone.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:47 do they have names?
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:48 No, but I'm naming this little one Qui'non.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:49 True...anyways, I think most of us should go through the portal while a few should make sure Sara gets here.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:49 How does that sound? *looks at her fellow team members*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:50 I will mane him....Tobi...
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 05:51 Want me to go in first? I have nothing to loose so If I die...welp..and if their are any dangers I can neutralize them
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:52 .... ok..
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:53 no...even Im not that sappy...what do you name a jackel?...
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:53 Let's just go in together...this is probably a one-way trip. If you die, nobody'll know.
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 05:54 true welp lets go baby dragon
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:54  Secret message to Armis  
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:54 Something with meaning. Most Jackals have names with either Egyptian origin or are names that have meanings. Qui'non is made from words that once meant "little demon"
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:55 *goes over to the portal, which is hidden behind stuff in the corner of Nixon's office*
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:55 *takes a deep breath, then jumps through*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 05:55  Secret message to Nycro  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:56 *turns to C.J., Bakura, and Sorgin* You can go in if you want. The more that leave this place, the better.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:56 *looks at Nixon* Oh, uh...thank you for your help. I don't think we'd have gotten nearly this far without you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 05:56 If you want to get out of here and come with us to Yinyang, you can.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:57 *comes out of a portal in the ceiling**hangs upside-down, half her body outside the portal**says to Nixon:* If you choose to come, you'll qualify as a rescue team member and thus won't be spaghettified upon entering. ^.^
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 05:58 Just wanted to clarify since you probably know what the wormhole does to anyone who's not welcome.
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.5 05:59  Secret message to Armis  
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 05:59 I'd love to, but I can't. My place isn't in another universe.
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 06:00  Secret message to Nycro  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:00 Well I will name him Tifl then...
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:01 wait Leonore is Bakura safe to enter?
12>sorgin (fox), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:01 im not leaving here If i want to leave this universe I will I have done so before you know
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:02 or Saghir, I will decide later
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:04 Yep.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:05 ok, is this ok with you Bakura?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:05 Oh...alright...um...thank you very much for your help. You've been very generous to us this past week.
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:05 *returns with a bottle of solution for Sara as well as a large container for Armis. He straps the container to his back* there you go.
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:05 *also hands another bottle to Armis*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:06 *said this to Sorgin*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:06 The same goes for you. *nods/bows slightly at Nixon*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:06 whats in this solution?...
12>sorgin (fox), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:07 dont lie i have been barely any help at all and I was never generous
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:07 mhmm
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 06:08 Sure, let's go
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:09 Come on. You gave Ivy all those useful powders.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:09 You also helped guide us closer to our goals.
12>sorgin (fox), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:10 those powders were all expired for all I know they could of had no effect
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:11 *jumps in after Ivy who insisted on going first*
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.5 06:12 *jumps alonside CJ*
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:14 All the proper nutrients for desert canines.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:15 so antelopes, reptiles, insects, ground-dwelling birds, fruits, berries, and grass?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:16 They blinded Pandemonium and made him fall for self-love tricks. You saw that they worked.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:16 Expired powder is better than no powder...so nevertheless, thank you.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:16 *starts feeding the jackel pup*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:16 *looks out at the hallway, nervously waiting for Sara*
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:17 No. It's similar to the milk they'd normally get from their mothers.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:18 oh ok...thanks...for..letting me take care of this little guy...
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:20 *nods* So, Armis, where are you headed now? *Armis: To the portal. *Bones: I see. Go ahead.
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:21 (do you want Sara go leave now or escape later?)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:22 [which do you want bc I have plans for both situations also can she keep the Jackel and bring it to yin yang?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:22 [maybe when he is older you can rp as him and pick his name since he is your character]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:24 [I kinda want a definition of "later" if you choose it, because we had plans to have Sara go to the future.]
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:24 (im never going to fully play as any of these characters. Especially the boy. Qui'non may provide assistance in the future but otherwise isn't a playable character)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:25 [can she still keep the Jackel thoug?]
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:26 (the pup may be able to help with that once he is older. I originally created Qui'non in Minecraft where I played as Armis in purgatory. The story is that she is so loyal to him that she used her power to follow him to purgatory)
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:27 (yes she can keep the jackal. i have no plans for him)
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:27 (Qui'non was the only one I wanted)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:29 [>:D]
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:29 (I'm still somewhat developing what Jackals can do, but I know that they were exceptionally powerful
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:31 {so Raeanna do you want Sara to stay a bit longer or to go now? eaither can work]
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:32 (I don't care)
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:32 (I can convince Bones to let Sara go with Armis if you want her to go now)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:33 [I dont care eaither]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:33 [go for it]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:33 [convince him ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 06:34 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 06:35 May I ask if you actually need Sara here?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:37 *looks at Armis a bit surprised*
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:38 No, of course not. I just wanted to get rid of Saxon. *Armis: Mind if I take her off your hands, then? *Bones: .... Sure why not? I want the pup though.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:47 can I care for him with Armis til he is ready to be trained then send him back through with Armis?...
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:55 Haha. You say that like he comes here regularly. If he leaves he is never coming back. No I want him back now.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 06:57 what If I bring him back on my own?...
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 06:57 *takes the pup from Sara* Hold on a moment. Can I give the pup a gift from my book? I did claim him after all, so I still feel the need to let him have a gift.
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 06:58 *hesitates* Yes, I remember your weird traditions. Very well. Just don't be long.
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 06:59 Many thanks. *summons his book and hops into its realm with the pup. minutes later he reappears with the pup wearing a small necklace* Here he is. *gives the pup to Bones* Let's go, Sara.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 07:00 w...will he be ok?...
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 07:02 Of course he will. Come on. *trots to Nixon's office, leaving Bones to tend to the pup*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 07:02 *fallows Armis and looks at him* I grew up in a lab...I know he wont be ok
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 07:02 *once in the room he spits out a small orb which, upon cracking, reforms into the pup* We must leave before he realizes that he's not holding a realy puppy.
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 07:03 *real
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 07:03 *smiles big and holds the puppy* ok
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 07:04 were is the portal?
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 07:05 *nods toward the portal by a big piece of machinery* There
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 07:05 is it safe for the puppies to go through it?
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 07:07 *takes a look at Nixon* I'm sorry for your people. Just figured no one ever said that to you before. *jumps into the portal*
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 07:07 ... Thanks.. *looks away* The sonas aren't cruel enough to let innocent babies be killed by their own creations
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 07:08 *jumps in after Armis*
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 07:08 (im getting off and going to minecraft)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.5 07:08 [ok ima go to bed]
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 18:10  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 20:36  Secret message to Bones(Dr. Nilsson)  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 20:37 *is relieved when Sara and Armis come back*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 20:41 *thanks Nixon one last time and then hops through the portal*
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 20:47 (Mmk)
18>Nixon (Silivii), ?yo.2018,Sep.5 20:52 *continues working on his machinery and ignores Dr. Nilsson when he storms into the room demanding he be sent to Armis*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.5 23:18 *they safely land in the infinitesimally small universe**the land here is made up of vast chains of floating islands in the middle of outer space**somehow, air is around these islands, though no atmosphere is visible anywhere*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 23:22 *keeps a firm grip on Qui'non* Can't believe I survived.
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.5 23:23 (If you wonder why I'm on its because I'm in a car with absolutely nothing better to do so I've been reading and refreshing the rp)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 01:13 [Whoops...sorry I left. XP I just occasionally check into RPs between schoolwork and chores, make a few posts, and log back out.]
20>Bones(Dr. Nilsson) (Human(?)), ?yo.2018,Sep.6 01:18 (It's alright.)
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 02:54  Secret message to Aedona  
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 02:58  Secret message to Aedona  
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 02:58  Secret message to Aedona  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:25 Stefiny: *notices some people in the distance* Guys?! Guys?! look! are those people?! *points to Aedona and co*
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 04:33 So... where is this place?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:34 Stefiny: THESES! Come here! or at least you Calvin!
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:36 I dont know I was gone when all this happend Its...long and confusing but I will tell you when we get back
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:36 or now I can I guess
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:37 we went to ikuri on a mission...which I do now I have friends and we go on missions and save the universe, so a dragon a huge one gave everyone a wish and Tomas's adopted daughter yes he has one or had...she left she wished Tomas was back to normal since
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:38 his wife and daughter came back, so they disapeared Tomas turned into a teen and I forgot everything and turned into a puppy the kind I was before I was experimented on he raised her in a time chamber thing so he would go back to normal age quickly and
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:40 other me called herself Cara she was childish and happy and innocent pure white fur my team members tried to pull me out of her it didnt work she lived with Tomas then she ended up with a Demon named Mayhem and I separated from her after some magic was
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 04:42 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late. I was again playing Spyro 3 and lost track of time.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 04:42  Secret message to Armis  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 04:42  Secret message to Armis  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:43 used on me but she had all my magic...we stayed in his castel that Cara's dad not Tomas her other Dad sent her to, Mayhems Castel I was with Aedona and Saxon with Cara we went to Ikuri...met Ivy, Cara...passed saving Aedonas life and yeah...so I guess
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 04:43  Secret message to Armis  
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:44 this is were Mayhem sent my other team members and the yin yang dou who control the balance of this universe. so it is in yinyang if it want that universe would be gone
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 04:45 *is playing DDR with Emily and losing, as usual (I'm not cruel enough to leave them in this infinitesimal universe without any accommodations XP)**hears Stefiny and sees the people in the distance*
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 04:46 *his eyes widen and at first he's not sure what to say**finally, he speaks* Yeah!! L-let's go!! *starts running towards C.J. and co.*
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:46 *appears before the rescue team* Actually, this was Sara's fault. I can't entirely blame her for doing this, though.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:47 Corbin and his buddies blackmailed Sara into sending her friends here to save Aron.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:47 *Emily Lucy and Steffiny run over as well*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 04:48 *was taking a nap**is poked awake by a friend**is at first grumpy and groggy, but he comes galloping over when he sees people*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:48 *the stop in front of Leonore*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 04:49 *his eyes are really wide**normally he's one who always has some sarcastic or dry humor-oriented remark, but even he's too overjoyed to make any remark like that once he realizes who has arrived*
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:50 *turns to Armis* I consider your status as a "rescue team" member dubious...really, I consider Zach to be a member more than you...but I kinda like you.
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:50 Lucy: I havent talked to anyone but theese guys in 6 months 29 days 14 hours 17 hours 25 minutes and 30 seconds! I dont care I need someone to talk to!
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:50 You're welcome in my universe. Eloise misses you, after all... >:D
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.6 04:50 *@ Lucy* Then...um...hi.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:51 *holds her Jackel pup Closely and stands a bit behind Aedona*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 04:52 Lucy: Hello Nycro what happened what did you do plase tell me literally everything I need to hear someont other then what those guys have to say we know each other way to well...
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 04:53 Yeah no, I'd sooner lay waste to the rest of this team before I let myself near that creature, especially with a child to care for.
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 04:55 Oh cool! you have pokemon in your universe? you have a Mega-Rapidash thats cool...*is talking about Theseus*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 04:59 Well...um...is there time to explain? *looks at Leonore* Leonore: Sure.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 04:59 Ahem...I'm a Fire Pegasus. A pegasus that can shoot fire.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 05:00 A winged equine that can cause spontaneous combustion.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 05:00 I do not know of this "Pokemon" everyone speaks of, and I do not care to know.
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:00 yeah...a mega Rapiddash...same diffidence
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:01 *pops up in between Ivy and Theseus* I decided to give Theseus a little bit of sesquipedalian loquaciousness. ^.^
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:01 a Mega rapiddash is a winged rappidash which is a fire horse that can shoot fire but the Mega rapidash is a fire Pegasus that shoots fire
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:01 I will remind everyone that Theseus actually isn't on fire. His mane and tail are red, but he's not on fire, he can just create fire.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:02 If he was on fire all the time, navigating any environment that can burn would be extremely inconvenient.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 05:03 *tells their friends what has happened during their absence*
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:03 Just like a Mega Rapiddash
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 05:03 *skims over certain things--e.g. she doesn't mention Mayhem's interest in her and talks about Saxon as if he's a close friend since she's still a bit bashful about him**in addition, talking about Cara is very painful, but she manages to do it*
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:04 I Googled Mega Rapidash...they're on fire.
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:04 {she probably dosent talk about Sara bc she wasnt there for that}
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:05 [Ivy dosent care}
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:05 [Yeah, Aedona doesn't know what happened at the lab. She doesn't even know Yinyang Aron's dead.]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:06 [Regarding Ivy: I can tell. XD]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:06 Also, Yinyang Aron's dead. Just sayin'.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.6 05:06 ...What...?!
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:07 Long story, Sara'll explain sometime...just be patient with her.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:07 Anyways, enough stories, time for action. My job here is to get you guys back into mainstream Yinyang.
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:08 {NO I had a plan to have sara revile it later and you ruined it]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:08 I can't directly do this for you, but I can give you the tools to achieve it. All you need to do is construct a black hole that essentially has the reverse effect of the one that stuck Lucy and all her friends in here.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:09 [I'll fix it, don't worry. ^.^] *goes back in time and undoes herself saying "Aron's dead," Aedona saying "What," and herself saying "Long story, etc. etc."*
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:09 [Ta daaa! Bow down to my epic time manipulation-ness!!]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:09 [Sorry, I'm just kind of trollish whenever I'm my Fursonia. XD]
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:09 [Quality]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.6 05:10 *Appears in the realm, leaving the portal open behind her. The view from the other side is four mutated creatures keeping Mayhem at bay* There appears to be three, no four too many extras. *stares at Armis and the Qui'non*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 05:10 *hisses at Blitz*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:15 {none of them knew That Aron was working for Saras lab beacause only Sara and Aron knew what was going on so they probably all still think highly of Aron]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.6 05:16 Oh, shut your trap, Armis. *throws his sword to his feet*
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:18 [Well, when Sara was affected by Corvis' and Cara's laughing gas, she did blurt out stuff about the B-12. Her friends thus know enough to think less highly of him, but not enough to not still like him.]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:18 Hi, Blitz! Did I do good? :D
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:19 [true]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:23 [they would still probablly question eventually were Aron is since Sara did trade his saftey for their imprisonment]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.6 05:23 Yes. I've had to call upon the antecedents though. It's tough, pulling them from their timelines.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:26 Okie dokie. Well...these guys have a black hole to build. *creates the entrance to the black hole, as well as some formations of space-time magic*
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:26 *turns to the team* I recommend that the Yinyang duo and C.J. work on this. You're the only ones with power truly suitable for manipulating this stuff.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.6 05:27 Sounds fun. *disappears*
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:27 In turn, here are the instructions. *puts instructions for how to build the black hole in their heads**it's quite complicated, but she's made it so they can visualize and read the instructions without forgetting them or letting them fade*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:30 the yin yang dou right now thats theseus he is the horse and steffiny she is the human by the orange wolf thats Lucy my sister by the way I didnt know she was alive until a few years ago when she showed up
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:31 I see. A lot really has changed since I've been gone
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:32 come on Bakura lets go with them to build this thing *smiles big as she leans against him a bit*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 05:33 *walks over with Stefiny**looks at the pieces of magical space-time and tries to figure out how he's going to do this*
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:34 Steffiny: Ok...lets do this then its just like a big puzzle...
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 05:36 Yep. *starts using Yang energy to manipulate certain pieces of space-time**is very careful and a bit of a perfectionist while doing this*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:37 Stefiny Theseus...I would like you to meet Bakura *is smiling really big since she is still overjoyed that he is back*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 05:38 *puts Qui'non down again, watching her intently as she shakes her head and cries again, then slowly blinks open her eyes*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 05:40 Mmm...isn't he dead...? *said this quite absent-mindedly, as he was fixed on the task at hand**then jumps a little and turns* Wait, what the-?!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:40 *stands by Armis and puts her Jackel next to Oui'non*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 05:40 Oh, yeah. Aedona explained that he was brought back...uh...nice to meet you.
13>Ivy (human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:42 Steffiny: Hello Im probably just as confused about everything as you I was thrown into this life and I still dont know...half of what goes on
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 05:46 *stares down as the pup turns to look up at him. She yips, then whines a bit. He snarls and raises his paw, then drives it toward her head, stopping only a hair's length away from her face, claws outstretched in a threatening manner*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 05:46 '
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 05:47 *Qui'non shrieks, but doesn't move*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.6 05:48 [Oops]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:49 *picks up the Jackel and brings it over Twards Bakura* Hey Bakura.. over here a sec
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:51 What is it? *trots over to Sara*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.6 05:52 *picks up Qui'non again and starts feeding her the formula Sachiel gave him*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:53 well since things didnt work out to well with Kanji...here *hands him the Jackel pup*
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 05:56 Wait just a moment where did this thing even come from?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 05:59 He was given to me he cant even eat solids yet
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:00 *has disappeared*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:01 If your not intrested I can keep him.
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:01 By who though? That cat thing over there?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:02 But...more importantly can anyone come back from the dead or only you?
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:04 I don't know. I had the help of a bird
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:06 Yes the cat thing brought him to give to Bones and Bones gave him to me and i maybe kidnapped him but i didnt want him to grow up in a lab
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:07 His name is Saghir
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:07 And where did HE get them? Don't tell me they were stolen...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:09 I dont know if he did or not all I know is he was going to be sold to a lab and i took him so he wouldnt grow up in that lab
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:09 Its the sam lab that experimented on Saxon...oh wait...that was after...you never met him
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:10 *sighs and picks up Saghir* Thank you.. *takes him to CJ* Look
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:10 But its bad down there...and he is just an innocent pup..
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:10 (Brb)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:10 Oh Sara's Jackel pup what about him?
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:11 [K]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:11 *is putting peices together*
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:13 Do you guys see the peice with the red star?
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:13 [Sorry, I had to go brush my teeth and such.]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:14 Uh...it's there. *points to it*
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:14 [Can we skip through to the end of the wormhole building?]
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:22 Sara wants us to have him. His name is Saghir.
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 06:29 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:32 *looks at Sara* no she dosent she is just being nice you should give him back look she is pacing a bit nervously and keeps glancing at Armis pup
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:32 And now she is looking back at her pup and sighing
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:38 She looks lonely probably beacause Aron is gone her old boyfriebd that was dead that she talked about he turned out to not be dead thats why she is alot nicer
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:39 That happened shortly after We joined this team a few years ago
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:40 Shortly after our planet blew up...Tomas Sara and I were the only survivors...we joined this team and She found out Aron was actually alive
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.6 06:42 I was doing ok after a while but then The C.J and Bakura and lily from the Ikuri universe came..andthat was really hard seeing someone who looked like you but wasnt really you...
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 08:27 Okay. *goes back to Sara* Why don't you want him? Or do you want him? I really don't want to take him away if he will make you happy
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 18:31 (Oh boy this is going to be quite the news.... I'm getting a job. The shift runs from 4pm-12am. I don't think I work Saturdays or Sundays and during the week I should be on break at 9:30)
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 18:33 So pretty much I won't have all that much time for the rp except on weekends. I guess this means you can further work on AHAW2?)
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.6 18:57 (I'll still reply whenever I can during the day tho)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 00:21 [Congrats on getting a job! It's kinda a shame you won't be able to come on as much, though. How long does your break at 9:30 last?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 00:23 [I imagine that Caprial and I might be able to make progress on AHAW as well. Mayhem's gone, Corvis doesn't pop up much anymore, and Saxon's stuck in the Earth lab. I can imagine that Aedona'll have a hard time rescuing Saxon with the ice deer problem, so
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 00:24 the ice deer will probably be prioritized.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 00:25 [Scenes with the Irakurrian immigrants (Irakurri C.J. and co.) might pose an issue, though...so yeah, I can see AHAW 2 getting the spotlight more often now.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 00:26 [The real issue at hand will be playing out the 15-years-into-the-future story, but with the way I've structured it in my head it should be relatively short.]
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 03:13 (Break is only 15 minutes long)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 03:56 [Crap...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 03:56 [So...when do you start working?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.7 04:16 [I wont be on tonight ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 04:20 [Dang, okay. See you!]
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 05:36 (I started today.)
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 05:38 (Break is almost over ;-;)
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 05:44 (I have to go now. Remember that anytime between midnight and 3pm I will be available)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 06:41 [Sorry I missed you. :P]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 06:41 [Midnight for you is 1 AM for me, so coming on at night at any time other than your break won't work out. I'll try to occasionally check in during the day, though.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.7 15:11 *the wormhole is soon complete* [Sorry, I just want to speed up the end of this arc a little.]
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.7 18:58 *waits patiently for the word that it is safe to pass through the wormhole*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.7 19:37 (HEY! If I heard correctly, today we have a really long break so i might be able to be one from 7pm to 9:30! There's an event going on. Also it may not be 7 exactly. Just somewhere around then)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.7 21:26 [Wahoo! I'm in a hotel, so I might be able to come on early tonight. I'm not entirely sure--there's lots of stuff to do. I'll try, though.]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:28 [@ Caprial: BTW, I'm sorry if I seem to be ignoring your characters and heavily prioritizing RaeAnna's characters and world when I create plot ideas. Your characters are just as important (if not even more so--I'd say if anyone is the "main" character of
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:29 all these RPs, it's C.J.). It's just that RaeAnna only started RPing on stuff I'm on as well relatively recently; I've had lots of time already to construct plots with your characters playing major roles, and RaeAnna brings a whole slew of characters and
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:31 worlds that are new to me. This "newness" gets my creative juices flowing--basically RaeAnna's characters and worlds are a whole new set of tools and nuances to work with--and I'm thus eager to try to build new arcs and such involving those characters.]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:34 [Both of you have equally interesting characters and I value you two equally as friends. And you two are both a lot of fun to RP with. :) The only reason I may seem to prioritize RaeAnna's characters is because they are newer to me, so I can construct and
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:36 experiment with different kinds of plots. (As you guys may have realized by now, I really enjoy building long-term RP plots. I'm not trying to be bossy, it's just that longer arcs seem to be my niche--sort of like how Caprial is a master at devastating
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:37 plot twists. I swear I can never see even her most minor twist coming, whew...)]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:37 [I've been realizing more and more that I seem to be paying way too much attention to RaeAnna's characters. I just wanted to explain myself. I hope this clarifies things! ^.^]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:43 [I'll add that my liking for long term plot plans probably comes from older RPs I was on with Paige and Joan. Usually we'd RP like so: We create a plot arc, set it all up at the beginning, and then play it out. Of course, some things could/would be
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.7 21:46 changed along the way, but for the most part things would go according to plan. I'm thus probably still a bit used to RPing with the future having some "structure." At the very least, it gave me the habit of formulating long plot arcs pretty fast.]
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.8 03:06 [I'm online! :D]
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.8 03:25 [Hello?]
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.8 03:25 (Hey)
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.8 03:25 (Just got on break)
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.8 03:28 [Yay!]
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.8 03:28 [Could you tell Caprial we're on?]
4>Bakura (Demon Wolf), 18yo.2018,Sep.8 03:30 (Yeah just did. Also i dont have work tomorrow or Sunday so i can be on at the regular time)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:33 I guess I can go through first to make sure it is safe
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.8 03:33 [Yahoo!]
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.8 03:33 [@ Caprial: Hi! Did you read everything in yellow?]
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.8 03:34 Again...it's probably one-way. Whether it works or not, you're not coming back to tell us.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:35 Wormholes work 2 ways its in the theory, portals are only one way so if it is a eormhole i should be able to come back
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 03:37 Just go already
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:37 *pokes head through portal* It's a modified black hole. ^.^ There is a point of no return.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:37 I just call it a "wormhole" because it's convenient. XP
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:38 *goes up to the jackel pup Bakura is holding* stay safe...
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.8 03:38 Let's get outta here. If we don't leave this place soon, I might go crazy.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:38 Wait black holes spegttiy your insides
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:39 Members of the rescue team and those being rescued won't be spaghettified. AKA everyone here is perfectly safe.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:40 The portal leading here is the exact same kind of "wormhole"--a modified black hole with safety precautions I instated.
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:41 [Guess you read everything in yellow.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:41 Ok *jumps in the wormhole*
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 03:42 (Nooo i missed my opportunity! XD i couldve has armis say "most of your insides are already spaghetti so..")
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:42 [Yeah i read its fine i wasnt worried about it]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:43
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:43 [Whoops]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:43 [@ RaeAnna: Nuuu!! @ Caprial: OK, got it.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:44 [Wait dosrnt the wormhole take sara to the aedona future?]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:45 [Yes. The wormhole they built as a flaw. Sara will wind up coming out too early. The space-time effects basically amount to her being flung 15 years into the future.]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:45 *has
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:46 [Don't worry, Sara'll find a way back. Her return basically marks the end of the arc.]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:47 [So that no one else is flung into the future, I'll pretend to just have noticed the flaw before anyone else jumps in. I'll seal up the flaw and then everyone else will essentially return to the AHAW world and time.]
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:48 [We'll play out the 15-years-into-the-future arc on here because frankly it's too difficult to do on AHAW. It's much easier to modify slots accordingly on here.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:52 *lands in a feild filled with a tall plant similar to wheat*
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:53 *has disappeared**is checking on how they built the wormhole* Hm...that's not good...that's a tear in time. Gotta fix that. *does so*
15>Nycro (Dragon), Youngyo.2018,Sep.8 03:53 Well, I'm not waiting any longer. See ya. *jumps in*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:54 *starts walking through the feild hoping to find a way out soon which she dose in about half an hour?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:54 * not ?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:55 Grassy hills... why do I always end up on empty grassy hills?! Ugh...maybe ill run into someones picnic
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:56 *begins walking up the hill* [idk were or how she is gonna find aedona idk were or what their home looks like so...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 03:57 [I'm going to modify my slots accordingly. Eira goes in slot 16 and Aedona's age will be changed.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 03:57 [Eira is Aedona's and Saxon's daughter, BTW.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 03:57 [I'm not sure what planet they live on...hm...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 03:58 [How about they live on Panthea, and Saxon commutes (via teleportation) to a more advanced planet where he does business? Is that okay with you, RaeAnna?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 03:58 [Sahlem has forests and grassy hills, so if that's okay with you then Sara probably landed in Sahlem.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 03:59 [Sure]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:01 [I edited my slots. I recommend reloading! ^.^]
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 04:01 (Wait what is going on now. Isn't Saxon in the lab rn? Are we skipping that for the time being?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:02 [@ RaeAnna: I'm guessing you should probably add the Ravens? At this rate, there are so many slots that are being unused that you could give many of the Ravens individual slots.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:02 [@ RaeAnna: Yes. Basically we're doing the 15-years-into-the-future arc first. The arc ends when Sara goes back to the past, which is the present on A Horribly Amazing World. When she lands on AHAW, we pick up things from there.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:03 [Essentially we're following the timeline/plotline from Sara's point of view.]
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 04:04 (Question. Do i need bakura? If not ill replace him for awhile)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:04 [It's kinda weird that Caprial only has one character in this arc...I wonder if it'd be OK if she played as a Raven? Hm...]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:04 [You can replace him for a while]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:05 [Uts ok if i used just one oc its perfectly fine with me]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:05 [Probably not. I recommend minimizing the number of characters from AHAW on here. That's why I established a list of "main players"--Saxon, Aedona, Sara, Eira, the Ravens, Izar, and Mayhem.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:06 [Using future versions of your characters can make timelines tricky because in past/present day arcs you'll always need to factor in the fact that they survive into the future.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:07 [That's one drawback of AHAW 2. If characters like C.J. or Aedona are threatened with death, it's already established that they survive. With favorite characters that we'd like to have a long life, that's not too big of an issue, though.]
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 04:08 (I replaced blitz with the Ravens)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:09 [OK, awesome!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:09 [There's one thing I want to clarify regarding Mayhem: Are Saxon and Aedona aware that he's around and being Eira's playmate? Or is he keeping it secret?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:10 [Caprial may not know about this, so I'll clarify: In some of our plot discussions, RaeAnna came up with the idea that when Blitz overcomes Mayhem, he'd rather die than be imprisoned, so he's given the choice to essentially be reborn as either a human or
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:11 [Oh sara went off the grid for a couple of years so the future saras would have not ever met Erica so she wouldnt know who sara is apon her arivel]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:11 a canine. He chooses canine, eventually winds up in Yinyang, and starts weaving himself into Aedona's and Saxon's family. He enters their dreams and soon becomes protective and attached to the kid--Eira.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:12 [Erica?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:12 [Intresting]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:12 [Oh, whoops, should've been obvious that you meant Eira. *facepalm*]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:12 [Eria]
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 04:12 (At first they are unaware of Mayhem's exirsteb
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:13 [Speaking of Eira, I think I'll give her a quick intro...]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:14 [Ok]
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 04:15 Existence. Then Eira goes out to find him after being told in a dream where to find him. Of course Saxon or Aedona can follow her and meet him)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:16 [(If this violates any of your laws regarding Ravens' offspring, let me know and I'll correct it.) Eira has ultramarine eyes (from Aedona's side; unlike normal recessive blue eye genes, Izar's ultramarine eye genes are dominant), short platinum blue hair,
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:17 and pale skin. She tends to wear light blue and white. Aedona likes to dress her in robe-like shirts (traditional Sahlem clothing), but Eira likes Saxon's business suit, and Saxon probably even got her a kid-sized suit for Eira to occasionally romp around
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:18 in.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:19 [She's very curious and sweet, but also stubborn if she doesn't think something is right. I'm guessing her powers are basically an interesting blend of Saxon's ice powers and Aedona's night powers. I imagine Eira is capable of generating black ice that
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 04:19 (Pretty much a raven can be born with any physical features until they are taken to the Rift and accept their gift of power which will change their eyes to a shade of purple and hair to black)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:20 glitters with stars. I guess I'd call it "night ice." Should she grow up and attain her full potential, she'd be powerful enough to massively affect an environment--e.g. she could bring on an eternal wintry night.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:21 [Ah, okay.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:22 *as she walks along she notices a child roaming along one of the hills and makes her way over to her*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:22 [That's her intro. ^.^ I presume my above suggestion of their house being in Sahlem with Saxon working on another planet being okay with you. Let's RP!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:22 [Oh, and I'm thinking this takes place not long after Aedona and Saxon discover Eira has a playmate in Mayhem. Of course they don't know this is Mayhem; otherwise they'd probably move immediately.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:23 *kneels down to Eria's level* hey honey...what are you doing out here all alone?
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 04:23 (AHHHHH I HAVE TO SEE HER IN A MINI SUIT)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:23 *has a basket and is collecting rocks in it*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:23 [Maybe I'll draw her sometime... >:D]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:24 I got rocks. *holds up the basket and smiles*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 04:24 What's your name?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:24 I noticed you have a basket, can you show me whats in it?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:24 [Nvm]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:25 My name is Sara what is your name?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:25 Eira.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:25 *is standing at the top of the hill, her hair and clothes blowing in the wind**walks down the hill* Her name is Eira.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:26 Long time, no see, Sara...what brings you here?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:26 Well Eira, do you know were your mommy is?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:26 [Nvm]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:27 Whoa...heck...you got old...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:27 [A quick note: Aedona has changed her appearance too. She wears a long, purple (with intricate patterns, of course) kimono robe with loose pants underneath. Like her original outfit, it's stylish but allows easy movement.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:27 I have only been gone for..30...40 minutes at most...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:28 And dince when do you were dresses?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:29 ...whoes kid is that?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:29 [Also, she doesn't entirely wear her hair down anymore. Sometimes she ties the front of her hair back, and other times she wears her hair in a messy bun (this was Caprial's idea for AHAW 2 Aedona, and I like it quite a bit).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:29 [She doesn't wear her hair in a bun nearly as often as Aedona did in AHAW 2. This sort of signifies that this is a period between AHAW 1 and 2.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:30 Mine.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:30 That's strange...I haven't seen you in years.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:30 *Eira is tugging on her kimono with her free hand**lifts her up*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:31 *covers erias ears* you never wanted kids though i think you even used the term "over my dead body" at leaste once *uncovers her ears*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:32 That stupid ocolot dragon probably pushed me into the future...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:32 [We can assume Sara did that before Aedona lifted her up.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:33 *lifted Eira
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 04:33 [brb. I'm going to some food trucks!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:33 [Ooh luckyyy]
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 04:34 (Mmk)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 04:35 [Txt me when she gets back on ima watch some betflix whilst i wait]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:00 [Back!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:01 [Most of the food trucks were closed. All I wanted was dessert and the only ones open didn't have anything I wanted. >_< ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:01 [I was also branded. XD XP The food trucks were in an area that was part of a bar. They allowed me in only when I had "M" (for "minor") put on my hand.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:02 [In marker that may or may not be permanent. 0.0 -.-]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:02 Future?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:03 *pauses**then some of her instincts from her time being an intergalactic hero kick in again* What's the last thing you remember?
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 05:04 (Eh itll wash off)
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 05:05 (Also im watching fireworks and reception here may make me slow)
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 05:06 (It's Scentsy's birthday)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:07 [Okie dokie! Now I'm jealous. XD Fireworks are awesome.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:08 Theseus steff and c.j built the wormhole after we went to rescue the trapped group of people and i jumped in first and here I am
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:09 Wormhole? *pauses, thinking*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:09 Also you look better in pants
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:09 Oh...wait...you mean the one used to get home during the Irakurrian back door mission?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:09 It dosent matter i guess this is my life now
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:10 Can I hold her? I love kids but im rarely around them
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:10 It's been 15 years since that...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:11 Of course. *looks at Eira* You want our new friend Sara to take you on an adventure?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:11 Its only been 15 years...you dont age well...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 05:11 Yeah! *Aedona holds her to Sara**reaches out her hands to Sara*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:12 [A quick note: Pantheans live to be over double the age of Earth humans (e.g. they live to be about 170 years on average). Aedona probably looks young for her age, but since Sara's immortal I can't blame Sara for having that point of view.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:12 *grabs Eria and holds her* well hello! I used to know your mommy when she was a kid, she used to fight bad guys
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:15 When I get back to my time if I do i will tell you to well..hmm one second *holds Eria in one hand and takes out a notebook and pen and writes "Tell aedona to use moisturiser lots of it" then puts it back and uses both hands to hold her*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 05:15 Okay! ^.^ *tries to read the note*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:16 Which rock is your favorite?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 05:16 Mommy, what's moe-tizer?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 05:16 This one! *takes a blueish rock out of her basket*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 05:16 And this one! *takes out another blueish one*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:17 Her favorite color is blue probably because of her father... *smiles a bit*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:17 This note is a reminder for me im gonna put it in my backpack now want to help?*takes one strap off and swings it around and opens the bag* can you put the note in for me?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:17 Come, I'll take you to our house. It's starting to get a bit late, anyway...Saxon should be back soon... *starts walking*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:17 Who is her dad?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 05:18 Yeah! *sticks it in the backpack*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:18 Saxon.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:19 Good job! *zips up her backpack and carries Eria as she fallows Aedona* wait did you actually marry Saxon?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:19 It's a bit strange, talking to you like this...you just disappeared a few years ago, at least from my perspective...I don't think you ever mentioned anything to me about my future...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:19 Oh...yes, I did.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:19 Tell me your kidding
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:19 *shakes her head, chuckling a little* No.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:20 *chuckles* no wonder you havent seen me around seeing you like this once was probably enough for me
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:21 *their house is tucked away cozily in a mini-valley of sorts in the middle of some hills**the house and hills have plenty of trees, unlike the fields and hills behind them*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:21 How so?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:21 Eria do you have any pets at home?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:22 *dosent answer Aedonas question*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:24 *walks down into their home with Aedona and sets Eria down* hey Eria how about you go...and get me your favorite toy while I talk to your mom ok?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 05:26 Yeah!! *runs inside*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:26 *sunset is getting near**is getting a bit nervous*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:26 *mutters mostly to herself* Saxon should be back by now...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:27 [@ RaeAnna: You can have Saxon arrive any time you want.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 05:27 *is in the kitchen preparing lunches for later*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.8 05:27 *inside her room, I mean*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:28 *hears clattering coming from the kitchen and turns**sighs, relieved, when she realizes that Saxon is indeed home*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 05:28 (Break is over now though. I go
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:28 [Sunset lunch? XD]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 05:28 (Got to go. See ya tomorrow)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:28 [Sounds good to me. XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:28 [The sunset lunch, I mean. See you!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 05:28 (In many places they prepare lunch the night before)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:29 [@ Caprial: I guess we could have some more Sara-Aedona dialogue and then switch to AHAW 2? My replies will be slower, BTW. I'm multitasking.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:29 [@ RaeAnna: Oh, interesting!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:30 *sits down and sighs* i havent told any of you guys yet back in the past I mean...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:37 Nevermind..its..not...anyway... whats with the whole mom thing?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:41 [Finished what I was doing. Replies will be faster again.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:42 I'm guessing you think I'm insane for deciding to have this child.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:43 I don't blame you at all, especially since you came from that era. With no chance of recovering theoskha, and the Ravens on his side of the family...I can see what you see.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:44 I didn't want to have her. Not for many years. It took a long time for Saxon to convince me to have a child...and ultimately, I realized that I really wanted one too.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:45 It's crazy, but she was wanted, and so we brought her to this world. And I can't say that she isn't the most beautiful thing I've ever seen since...since, well, Cara...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:47 We agreed to do everything to keep her safe. We take all the precautions. Nothing has happened yet. I should hope nothing happens until she's an independent, strong young woman who can care for herself--and I'm sure that one day she'll be stronger than
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:47 I dont think your insaine at all...me and Aton always used to talk about having kids one day..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:47 any of us. *smiles and looks in the direction of Eira's room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:48 *turns back to Sara* Ah, I see.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:50 Well, if you're wondering why I didn't want a child when I was 17...I had just lost theoskha and, on top of it, my grandfather was back at full power. He still is. He's the primary danger, though Saxon and I are always on the lookout for the Ravens--you
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:50 never know what could happen with them, after all.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:51 [I should probably mention i guess Sara never tells aedona or anyone Aron died maybe she pretended to stop talking to him bc he was with the lab or maybe she pretends ikuri aron is him or something but she dosent tell them he is dead til she comes back in
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:52 I didn't think it'd ever be safe to have a child, especially after what happened to me...it took years of arguing with Saxon to make me realize that I wanted one, and I wanted to improve upon what my parents did for me. I'm sure we can do it. We just have
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 05:52 to be careful.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:52 [AHAW except she is gonna tell Aedona now bc she needs to get it out]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:55 You are probably going to raise her perfectly...she is good so far
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:58 Your lucky im glad you decided to be a mom,...I cant have kids but...im ok...i guess i mean not really ok...im not..ok..
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 05:59 Sorry I you havent seen me in years for you I just showed up out of nowhere I shouldnt dump my problems on you
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:00 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:01 [AHAW is the past, so Aedona probably already knows. But Aedona will understand that for Sara this is taking place in between entering the wormhole and her return to AHAW, so Aedona'll know why she's telling her again.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:02 No no, it's alright. It's great to see you again. *smiles*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:03 Part of this life means keeping a low profile...most of our old friends don't know where we are. Really, it's nice to see someone from the outside world, even if they're from the past.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:06 [I ment to say AHAW2, i guess i missed the 2 sorry i didbt catch that]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:07 [Oh, okay.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:11 [She blames herself for his death and the first time he was shot so she could blame someone else he died a hero but this time he took his own life and Sara thinks she is the cause she didnt tell the others til AHAW2 beacause thats how long it took her to]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:14 [Get over it and work up the courage and emotional strength to find her old friends and tell them even though she didnt mention how or when he died ]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:14 [But if course Aedona would know from this]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:15 [Got it.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:16 It...just happend for me not...recentlyit was a month or 2 ago but its still new and I havent told anyone yet about the thing that happend
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:18 *tears start welling a bit and she gets a little choaked up* when Aron..killed himself *her breath is shaky and some tears leaked out* i havent..really delt with the whole thing yet since They put Ikuri Aron in the lab after..he did that so I have been
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:19 Pretending he wasnt gone in my head a bit but I..just...its so hard...it hasnt been that long being without him..but i..miss him so much
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:19 *pauses, knowing this is going to be grave**says quietly* What is it, Sara?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:20 *wipes her tears* sorry I..you probably already herd this I shouldnt be..its not right
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:26 I probably told you years ago..about what he did..*tears keep pouring* I..just wish I could go back in time..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:31 Who did what to you, Sara?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:34 [You might wanna re-read what sara said after you said "got it" you might have missed a line or 2]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:34 [Whoops. Sorry. I think my refresh was weird, I should've noticed those lines...scratch what Aedona said...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:35 [Also, I posted the "What is it" just after the "It just happened for me (etc.)" I think my post was laggy or something; it should've been up higher.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:35 *]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:36 *her eyes are a bit wider**she looks sad and shocked* I...didn't know.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:36 I'm so sorry. *hugs Sara*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 06:44 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.8 06:53 *hugs her back and just sobbs*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 08:22 (I might introduce mayhem a bit later? Idk)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 16:59 [Hm...I was thinking that the "disaster" that reveals Mayhem's identity to Eira's parents (not spoiling anything more, Caprial; I'm still keeping some of this plot as a surprise >:D) would happen either tonight or tomorrow night (RP time, of course).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:00 [I think I prefer tomorrow night so Sara can get to know the family more. This fits your wish to have Mayhem show up later, anyway.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:01 [BTW, I have a general summary in my head of what happens in this story arc. I think I might as well share it.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:03 [Sara shows up and all goes well for a little while. Then, one night, the aforementioned disaster strikes. Upon figuring out that Eira's "playmate" is actually Mayhem, Saxon and Aedona decide to move. (I imagine they've had backup plans for disasters like
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:04 these since Eira was born. Hence, moving is quick and not too hard.) By the end of the next day, they have moved to another home on a different planet.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:05 [(A quick note: It may seem stupid for them to be living on Panthea with Izar thus in such close proximity. But really, the gods can monitor the things they rule over and control on other planets too. Hence, night on many planets is dangerous--not just
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:05 Panthea.)]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:06 [(I guess one could think of it as if the gods were aliens. The other planets would be their other spaceships, while Panthea is the mothership.)]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:12 [(Also, some psychology is in play--if they're actively avoiding Izar, then Izar wouldn't expect them to be on Panthea. Anyways...) Things seem initially better, but it turns out that their situation is growing gradually worse.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:13 [Mayhem is still not exactly stable or reformed. The dangers Mayhem presents give the Ravens an excuse to go after Eira as well (they're trying to take her under their wing--pun fully intended--to protect her from Mayhem...and also to have another Raven
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:15 among their ranks). I imagine at one point that Aedona convinces Saxon to use some of his vacation time to be with the family and help ensure Eira's safety. I also imagine that Izar soon catches onto what the Ravens are doing and also figures out that
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:16 they're doing a much better job of locating Saxon's family; Izar thus talks to the Ravens and forms an alliance, as neither of them like what Mayhem is up to and both parties want the child.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:17 [However, I'm sure both parties would be prepared to double-cross each other should the opportunity arise for one party to run off with Eira. This is exactly the case in my plot; they work together to get the child one night (perhaps Mayhem shows up as
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:18 well, contributing to the chaos), and the Ravens manage to take Eira before Izar can and run off to the Rift with her.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:19 [Saxon opens a portal to the Rift (I thought he gained this ability after fighting some sort of Rift-magic-shadow version of himself?) so they can go get Eira back. Aedona and Sara jump through, but Izar tries to take advantage and go through the portal
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:19 as well. Saxon closes the portal, sealing himself and Izar out of the Rift; Izar attacks Saxon, trying to force him to open a portal for him, but Saxon fights back.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:21 [In the Rift, Aedona and Sara are trying to get back Eira. They probably try to talk the Ravens into giving her up before resorting to violence. Nevertheless, a big fight breaks out between Aedona+Sara and the Ravens. Confused and scared, Eira watches
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:21 nearby...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 17:22 [I won't reveal the end--I have some big twists up my sleeve--but the key to getting what I want is that there has to be a massive fight between Aedona, Sara, and the Ravens, with lots of magic blasts and whatnot being used. You'll see why later.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 18:03 (Aiight)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 20:12 (I can see it now. "Open another portal or I swear I'll end your pathetic life!" Saxon: "Lol, go ahead, but you aren't getting a portal.")
11>Armis (Lion Demon), ??yo.2018,Sep.8 20:27 (Oh, I will likely be needing a picture of Aedona and Eira pretty soon. I hit 100 subs and am working on something, hoping to finish it soon)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:44 [Got it. I'm still working on my Aedona drawing, but I figure whipping up an Eira drawing shouldn't take that long.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:45 [BTW, my Aedona drawing is of 17 year-old Aedona, who, as mentioned, wears a different outfit. I wouldn't entirely recommend trying to animate that outfit--frankly, it has turned out to be a real b**** just to draw it. But it'd give you a good challenge
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:45 /practice for animating outfits with intricate patterns.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:46 [Do you need a 32 year-old Aedona? I figure her outfit would be easier to draw if I don't go overboard with the patterns on her kimono, so if you need that Aedona, she shouldn't take as long either.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:47 [Heck, if you sent me a picture of Saxon, I could try to whip up a family picture--(32 year-old) Aedona, Saxon, and Eira all in one shot. It'd give me practice for trying to draw fast, and I have been getting faster in terms of lineart (my shading and
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:48 lighting--nvm, my coloring AND shading and lighting are SUPER slow when I'm doing it digitally, so I may consider just coloring them by hand... >_< ).]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 22:51 (I would probably draw an updated picture of him)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 22:52 (Its gotta be from the time when they have the kid)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 22:53 (Im still working on the beginning which doesnt feature any of these characters but that is only 20 seconds long)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:57 [Ah, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:58 [Maybe this arc should be finished before you finish the animation...the plot twist I have at the end would probably influence your animation.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 22:58 [I'm not revealing anything about the twist, though...you'll have to wait and see.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:01 (Saxon, Aedona, and Eira are not the main characters of the animation)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:01 [The story only takes place over the course of maybe 4-5 days tops, and with some well timed...well, time skips we could finish it relatively quickly.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:02 (I think it should last long enough for Mayhem to be trusted)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:02 (That way the animation has more,meaning)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:04 (I gota lot of my inspiration for the events of this arc from the song i chose to animate)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:04 [Ah, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:05 [As of the beginning of the story arc, they already trust Mayhem. It'll be the disaster mentioned above that breaks that trust.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:05 [If you have any objections to the storyline above and/or want more Mayhem scenes, then we could work on adjusting the story arc.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:07 (But they havent met Mayhem yet. Not since they last saw him in Irakurri)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:07 (The last thing they saw him do was murder a god in cold blood)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:09 (Brb)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:11 [Hm...let me clarify the time this takes place in. In the time that's currently going on--with the 32-year-old Aedona and Eira and all--Mayhem has already gone into their dreams and they've already met him. Since he's a canine, they don't recognize him.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:11 That can possibly even be something that deters Izar for a little while. He would likely have seen what Mayhem had done in the past and thought he still harbored a grudge against them)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:12 [They have already accepted him as Eira's playmate, albeit they're cautious and keep a close eye on him and Eira whenever they play.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:13 (This could possibly make them think that having Mayhem around kept them safe until Izar realizes that he was actually showing compassion toward the family)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:13 [Ah, yeah. That's a good idea.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:14  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:14  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:15  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:15  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:17  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:18  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:21  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:22  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:22  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:22  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:23  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:23  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:24  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:25  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:27  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:27 [BTW, are you okay with the current time in the arc taking place after the family as met Mayhem (though of course they don't know who he really is; he's probably using an alias or something)? Or do you want to shift back the time?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:33  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:34  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:35  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:37  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:38  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:39 [Ohhh, okay. *facepalm* Got it. So we should set this to just before the parents meet Mayhem. The story arc will be longer, but it's worth it.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:39 (Yes)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:41 (Just wondering have you seen smokey and the bandit?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:43 [Hm...I think so, but not in a long time.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:45 (Burt Reynolds, the l
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.8 23:45 Lead actor, passed away two days ago. I rented it so my dad could watch it. Its my first time)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:47 [gtg! *offline* See you later tonight!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:47 [Oh, yeah. I saw that on the news.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.8 23:48 [Anyways, bye!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 03:33 [I'm online!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 03:40 [So...RaeAnna needs an Aedona and Eira drawing. I just thought of a very cute setup, but it contains Sara as well. It's basically a drawing of a scene we had earlier, with Eira being held in Sara's arms.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 03:41 [I need an in depth description of her appearance. I recall that she has brown hair and green eyes. What is her exact height? What kind of clothes does she wear, and what color are they?]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 03:41 [I swear she wears a gray hoodie with a white shirt, but I could be wrong...I remember Caprial sending me a pic of an anime girl wearing that and saying that that was just about what Sara looks like. Oh, and how long is Sara's hair (e.g. shoulder length
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 03:41 or collarbone length or tailbone length etc. etc.)?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 03:55 (I don't know. I've not even drawn her before. I've not drawn many of my human characters)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 03:55 (let alone hers)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 03:58 [These questions are mainly directed at Caprial. Sorry I didn't clarify. I had an "@ Caprial: (blah blah blah)" in my head that somehow didn't make it into the text I actually typed. XP]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 04:03 (I might have the picture Caprial once sent me saying it was what Sara looked like. Idk lemme check)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:05 [OK.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 04:16 [Hi]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 04:17 (haha funny story... I ended up looking through the pictures and cringing and crying at all my old drawings and absolutely awful human animation and completely forgetting why I was there XD)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:19 [@ Caprial: Hi! :D]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 04:19 (Oh)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:19 [Do you mind answering my 10 million questions? XD]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:19 [@ RaeAnna: XD Oh crud.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:20 [For me, it's more like I look up beautiful anime drawings online and then get increasingly frustrated with/cringe at my coloring, shading, and lighting abilities.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:21 [My lineart's fine--I generally ensure that the poses I draw are realistic and all the proportions and such are correct--but I keep feeling like my coloring skills are mediocre...]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 04:22 [Yeah white shirt grey hoodie rounder face shoulder length hair sometimes up in a pony tail jeans and a black backpack if she has her hair up she usually doseny have all of it up some is on the right side of her face]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:27 [Ah, okay. Thanks!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:27 [Oh, and what's her exact height? (Aedona will be in the picture too, so I need to make their heights accurate.)]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 04:35 [About 5'2]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:37 [Okie dokie. Again, thanks!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:45 [...I had no idea getting the basic shape of a kid would be this freaking difficult. >_< ]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:46 [Sara is perfect and I started Aedona (she's looking alright) since you gave me Sara's height, but Eira is just...narrrrghlflglefqnfqrjo3rhqFWA;SCJNAFF...]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 04:52 (https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=4f-nEqcfJDg only 5 seconds in.. im not even close to finishing)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:55 [Looks awesome so far! ^.^]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 04:57 (*screams cause animation is such a pain*)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:58 [I finally used a trick I'd been blatantly ignoring even though it's everywhere in the books on anime drawing I've studied. I drew Eira's upper body as three cubes--one for the chest, one for the stomach, and one for the pelvis--and positioned the cubes
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 04:59 accordingly. I then drew in the approximation of her upper body's outline based on those cubes. It's SO much better now. Still very rough, but better than the abomination that was my original sketch.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 05:00 [Ironically Sara is probably the character who's the most complete and she's not even the character you need to see. XD But I'm good at drawing teenage girls, so naturally I was able to draw her quickly...]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 05:02 (shall we continue?)]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:06 *pulls away and wipes her eyes* s..sorry sorry its been months...I..I should be over it...If i didnt tell you by now i probably have a reason...could you maybe not tell anyone what I told you?...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:07 *sits down and sighs* im such a mess...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.9 05:07 [Yep!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:08 It's only natural.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:08 *wipes away some tears of her own*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:08 I won't tell anyone if that's what you want.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:10 When Aron got shot and i thought he died the first time i mean it was bad but...at...at leaste he didnt do it to himself that time...that time i didnt drive him to his death *cries more*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:14 This time it was my fault all my fault *she looks down at her shaking hands* I wish i would just stay dead..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:18 Don't say that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:18 I'm sure it wasn't your fault. What happened?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:19 I have been saying it all my life Aedona...me wanting to stay dead isnt new *wipes her tears and sighs* just a stupid dream that wont ever happen
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:23 When I found out he was working with the lab I cut him out first i tried to ignore him but he kept fallowing me around I never said a kind thing to him after I found out he kept trying to convinced me he loved me but i kept pushing him away til i found
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:24 Out he was only doing it to protect his little sister and shortly after i founf it out in the lab by meeting her he...hung himself
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:25 I just...i drove him to death...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 05:26 (still trying to find a good place to come in. meanwhile imma watch movie deleted scenes)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 05:26 (i could've come in earlier I guess but eh, i dont wanna ruin this conversation)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:26 Im mad at him..and mad at myself..and i just wish he would come back..
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:27 [Oh saxon can come in whenever it wont ruin it I promise]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:29 And Alen that stupid...he is worse then mathews...he knows just how to twist my emotions he manipulated me i thought he was good he made me feel safe in the lab, how did he do that..*looks a bit horrified as she looks down* how did he manage to
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:30 Trick my emotions so much that I wanted to be in that awfel place....*puts her hands inbetween her knees so they wont shake as much*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:32 I..think im more scared of him right now then anyone ive ever met in my life and at the exact same time he makes me feel safe and its terrifying...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:33 Aron can handle rebuke. We both know it. You didn't push him over the edge, Sara, you never even came close.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:33 *realizes she said "can" instead of "could"**feels even more sad and a bit awkward*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:36 No..you didnt see Aron..he was so...so broken he kept pleading with me to accept him and I refused and then it was to late... but i guess no one can do anything except for those sick twisted gods that toy with us every second of our lives
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:36 You should be Careful Aedona, very careful with Eira.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 05:37 *packs up and puts the lunches in the refrigerator for tomorrow then walks out to Aedona and Sara* Hey, Sara long time... No.. s.. What's going on?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:38 Just..catching up how are you Saxon? Long time no see...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:38 Thats what you were going to say anyways
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:39 *quickly wipes away the tears that were building up in her eyes*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:39 Hi, Saxon.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 05:40 No, seriously, what's going on? This whole room feels gloomy
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:41 Its my fault Im a black hole when it comes to positive emotions
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:42 I want to die again hut whats the point if I am just going to come back?..hmm? Aldo your kid is in danger
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:42 I dont know exactly how but she definitly is
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:43 I know why she is in danger though
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 05:46 Why's that?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:50 C.J, me, Ardona, you, steffiny, Bakura, Tomas even, Nova, Max, Kanji, spark, Lily, Destiny, Nicolia, Ivy, and contless others people directly around us eaither didnt have a happy childhood or died as a child.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:51 Also Cara to Those people who control our lives wont let us or anyone around us have a happy life..let alone a happy childhood
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:52 Sara, we're aware of that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 05:53 There's a reason I spent years not wanting to have a child.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 05:53 And we have done everything to keep Eira safe. We have backup plans for countless scenarios.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:55 As soon as you decided to have her she was detained to have something terrible happen to her...and no matter how hard you try you wont be able to protect her from whatever they have planned.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:56 She will never be safe, also Saxon in case I turn up again recently dont like kill me or whatever since im from the past ehen bones sent you to my lab that just happend today for me
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 05:56 That's where I believe you are wrong.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 05:58 Oh really please enlighten me *walks over and opens their fridge*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.9 06:00 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 06:04 You have such a pessimistic view on life and you underestimate us and furthermore underestimate our abilities and connections.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:04 The more im here the more I can see why im avoiding you guys in the future or your present. I dont like seeing children suffer *slams the fridge shut*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:05 And i am pessimistic beacause every single time I find some sort of happyness it is ripped Away from me violently ripped away
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 06:06 *huffs* She will not suffer.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:08 Whats your plan then? Your plan to keep your kid safe? The plan that will almost definitly fail since your oh so favorite gods are sick and cruel
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 06:16 Yes, of course, I forgot that you are the only one who has lost everything. No one else can compare to your tragic past. Not in the least. And we are fully aware of how the Sonas are. Personally I don't believe they will do anything too rash. Not this tim
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:21 I know im not the only one who has lost everything thats my point and if you think they wont do anything "to rash" as you put it then you are stupid beacause I am here they sent me here to the future which is something big and something big also means
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:23 Something Tradgic and you just so happen to have a little four year old girl who you love more then anything I bet. She is in danger and you are so idiotic if you really belive you can protect her
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:26 That being said, I hate sing kids suffer and im a fan of your wife, sorry havent gotten to know you that much yet but I will when i return if i return. So whatever sick thing they have planned we are deffinitly not going to make it easy for them in any wa
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:28 Way shape or form
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 06:30 You're the idiotic one if you think we expect a perfectly peaceful life. It is impossible to achieve that. However, I firmly believe I can protect her until she can protect herself.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 06:31 But yes, I also agree that whatever the Sonas throw at us, we won't just lie down and take it
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:33 No ones life is peaceful but their is a diffrence from a normal life with normam hardships and a life were you cannot name more then 12 people who you were close to that havent had something beyond terrible happen to them but when something terrible dose
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:34 Come i will try my absolute hardest to make sure yoyr kid isnt anywere near it
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:35 Speaking of your kid, I asked her to bring me her favorite toy about half an hour ago...dose she usually get easily distracted and stay in her room for long periods of time?...most kids come runny when they hear their daddy open the front door after work.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 06:40 I've been home since before you got here. *nevertheless, he turns around and heads for Eira's room*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.9 06:41 [Goodnight ima go to bed]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.9 18:06  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 01:05  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 01:06 [I've still been working hard on the Aedona-Eira-Sara drawing. If you guys want a picture showing my progress, go ahead and request one!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 01:08 (You can send a wip whenever. I'm drawing Saxon rn.)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 04:25 [sure i wanna see]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.10 05:06 *had been sitting in Eira's room, invisible, making her toys move around on their own when he hears Saxon coming. Instantly he jumps through the wall, back outside*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 05:13 [I'm so sorry!! I did hard work today and was allowed to play Spyro 3. I got really sidetracked by it.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 05:15 [@ Caprial: Okie dokie! Give me a sec, I'm going to take a pic and send it...]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:16 *has been having a lot of fun interacting with the moving toys**when Mayhem leaves, they stop moving, and she's of course disappointed* Aww! *picks up a toy and shakes it a little, hoping it'll move*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:20 *fallows Saxon and goes into the room* Hi Eira, what are you doing?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:27 [Email sent!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 05:28 (Oh hey)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:29 *turns to them* Make the toys move again!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:29 oh were they moving before?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:31 [Hi RaeAnna! Check your email!! :D]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:31 Mm hmm!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:32 Can you make them move?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:32 were you making them move before?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:33 *picks up a toy and moves it around in the air with her hand* like this?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 05:34 (sorry i was plugging my computer back in
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:37 *shakes her head*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:38 who was making the toys move before?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:39 No hand. *pushes the toy out of Sara's hand* They moved like that. *is trying to say they moved without the influence of a hand on them*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:39 oh they moved with magic?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:41 They moved with no hand.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 05:41 Do you know who or what was making them move?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:41 did you have a friend in here with you that moved them with no hand?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:42 No...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:42 They moved. *is trying to say that she thinks they did that on their own*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:42 no?...so they moved all by themselves?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:43 Yeah!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 05:44 *feels that Saxon and Sara are taking too long**walks to Eira's room* Is everything alright over here?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:44 I have a question for you...when I was a little girl like you I had a secret friend which is a friend who tells you to keep lots of secrets
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:44 Oh yeah just talking to Eira about her...toys that were moving by themselves
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 05:45 *her eyes widen a little* What?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:45 I got this...dont worry
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:46 Do you have any secret friends Eira? ones that tell you not to talk about them?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 05:47 (She's never actually met Mayhem btw)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 05:47 (not yet)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:47 (Sara or Eria?)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 05:48 (Eira)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:48 [ok]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 05:50 (well she hasn't met him irl. She caught him intruding on her dreams, but he always remained in the shadows)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:51 *shakes her head*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:52 no? thats ok...how about a silent friend? someone you see alot but dosent talk to you?..do you have one of those?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:56 No.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:57 But there's Dream Guy.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 05:57 Who is Dream Guy?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 05:57 Dream guy??
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:57 of course you do silly we all do, your shadow! *stands up and points to Eira's shadow* See? right their we all have a friend with us all the time
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:58 *sits down with Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:58 He is in my dreams and he's shy. He likes to hide.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 05:58 What does he look like?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 05:58 oh maybe he is lonely...maybe next time you see him you can ask him his name
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 05:59 *is very concerned that she's talking about Izar, as he has dream powers too*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:59 He's big and fluffy.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 05:59 *turns to Sara* Shadows are our friends? Why don't they talk to us?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 06:00 *is relieved when Eira basically says that this Dream Guy is an animal of some sort**figures that Dream Guy is just some sort of imaginary friend in her dreams*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:01 they do talk all the time, you just can't hear them because the talk using the wind and the stars
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:02 everything can talk you just have to learn their language, when you see dream guy can you ask him his name? maybe he wants to be your friend, sometimes people who are shy need friends
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 06:02 *still looks quite concerned regarding Sara's comments about shadows being friends*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:04 Okay! *smiles*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 06:05 Speaking of dreams, why don't we all get some sleep so we can get an early start on our picnic tomorrow?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:06 what time do you go to bed?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:06 [nvm]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:06 *picks up Eira and sets her in her bed* ok you get lots of sleep
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:08 Yeah! *twilight is already setting in outside**gets in her bed**is used to going to sleep just as sunset ends since there's nothing for them to do at night*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:08 *other than hide inside, of course*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 06:08 *makes sure all the lights in the house are on and gives Eira her blindfold* Sleep tight. Always remember that I love you. *kisses her forehead*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:08 Love you too, Mama.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:09 Aedona why dose she wear a blindfold to bed?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 06:09 *smiles, boops Eira's nose, and gives Sara a spare blindfold* You'll be needing this. We keep all the lights lit to keep out Izar.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 06:09 *repeats after Aeonda, but instead of leaving he sits down beside her bed*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:10 *puts on her blindfold and quickly falls asleep*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.10 06:10 *repeats everything up to her last action*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:10 oh, I wont need one I...I tend not to sleep much
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.10 06:13 *instead of her usual dreams, he manipulates Eira's dream to look like the area outside her house*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:14 If its ok can I sit in Eira's room? I will just watch, make sure she is ok ya know?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 06:15 Keep it anyway.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 06:15 Sure.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:15 *sits down on a small chair in Eira's room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 06:15 We're in the next room over if you need anything. Goodnight.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.10 06:16 Oh, and, um...even if you didn't mean to come here...thank you. Just thank you for coming.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:18 *nods a bit*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.10 06:20 *waits behind some brush* Eira, I am over here.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:21 *in her dream, she is sitting with some toys outside**hears Mayhem and looks in his direction* Hi!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:21 *gets up and walks towards him* What's your name?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:22 [Did you guys get my email?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.10 06:22 [yep]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.10 06:22 I don't have a name, but if you want you can name me.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.10 06:23 (yes)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.10 06:23 (also remember i won't be on the rp throughout the week except for 12am-4pm)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.10 06:24 (not meaning i am on at all times. ill just check in regularly)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.10 06:30 My question is, why aren't you afraid of me? Most other creatures would be.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.10 06:45 [Got it. Anyways, I gtg. See you around! *offline*]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.11 04:09 [I'm on!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 04:09 Why?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 04:10 You're fluffy. Can I name you Fluffy?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 04:10 [@ Caprial: Want to go on AHAW 2?]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 04:33 [Hello?]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.11 04:50 [Ye ill go their]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 05:35 *chuckles* Yeah, sure. I'll go by Fluffy.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 05:36 Well I certainly don't look like something you'd want as a friend. You're father won't like me for sure.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 05:40 Why? *cocks her head*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 05:40 *she views Mayhem as normal**she has no qualms about others' looks*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 05:41 I'm from his homeland. It's become difficult for him to trust his fellow Irakurrians
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 05:45 (Well cya! Ill respond to whatever you say next after work)
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.11 05:46 [Have fun with your sented wax blocks]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 05:49 [@ RaeAnna: Bye!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 05:49 Iwakurrnns...??
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 05:50 What's that?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 08:09 (Boi do i have news for you. I didnt work with wax i worked with the essential oils)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 08:16 Irakurri is the name of the place your dad comes from. I come from there.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.11 19:47 [Scented wax, essential oils...eeehhhh, what difference does it make?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.11 19:47 [*troll mode engaged*]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 19:48 Where is Iwa...Ir...Iwakurnsi?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 19:55 [@ RaeAnna and Caprial: I don't know if you guys are around, but I'm online. I'm at the library, though I don't know how much longer I'll stay here.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 19:56 (heck)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 19:56 (i was reading the past rp)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 19:57 (you can't burn essential oils XD)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 19:57 Far, far away.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 20:07 [Hey!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 20:07 [...That...doesn't...make...any...diff...oh forget it. XD]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 20:08 Could I go there?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 20:09 Maybe one day when you're older.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 20:14 Why?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.11 20:17 [Well, I gtg. See you!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 20:18 *smiles* Wouldn't want to add to your father's stress, otherwise I'd take you to see Irakurri myself.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 21:14 *looks around* it's almost morning already. Time to wake up. *climbs up into the hollow of a tree*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 21:15  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.11 23:52 (Remember first break is from 7-7:30. Second is from 9:30-9:45. I can be on at those times)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 03:49 Where are you going? Don't you want to play? *tries to follow him, but the dream world starts disintegrating and she wakes up*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 03:50  Secret message to Mayhem  
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 03:51 *sits up in bed as dawn breaks**rubs her eyes and looks around**doesn't remember how she got here, and wonders why she isn't "still" outside with Mayhem*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 03:53 *jumps out of bed and goes outside**the sun is already up to some extent; the morning sky is a bright orange-yellow, accentuating the gold of the wheat fields that are not too far away*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 03:53 *goes towards the tree Mayhem went in, thinking that she'll find him there*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 04:28 [Hello?]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 05:08 [I'm still here...]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 05:21 [Still on.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 05:32 (Hey just got on break. I have 15 minutes)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 05:33 *since he didnt sleep he gets up and follows Eira outside* Eira, what are you doing?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 05:33 [So...is RaeAnna here?]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 05:34 [Nvm. Hi!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 05:35 (Lol what)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 05:35 Looking for Fluffy.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 05:35 [I made that post before the page reloaded in such a way that I saw your posts.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 05:35 "Fluffy"? Who's Fluffy??!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 05:38 *pops his head out from the hollow* So we finally meet in the waking world.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 05:39 *steps in front of Eira* Who the h*** are you and why have you been stalking my daughter?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 05:41 Ouch... *looks at Eira* told you he wouldnt like me. *laughs and jumps from the tree* For your information I wasnt stalking anyone.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 05:43 *smiles* He's from Iwakurrnsi!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 05:43 He's Dream Guy!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 05:44 *has awoken**sees Saxon and Eira outside via the window with a strange creature and comes out quickly*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 05:45 (I gtg now)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 05:47 [Aw, bye!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.12 05:55 *runs outside and sees Mayhen* oh cool a dog
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 06:01 [Hi!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 06:02 [To AHAW 2?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 06:03 What is this?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 06:26 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 08:28 *figures she said Irakurri* I am fully aware he is from Irakurri but he's something I've never seen. Not to mention I can smell that shadow magic. Only a select few creatures have such magic so what are you?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 10:00 Just someone trying to his purpose in life. You can relate, can't you, Saxon?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 20:39 Stop avoiding the question. Wh- *Mayhem: I'm a Jackal! Or at least.. I think I'm a Jackal? Something like one? I don't know. *Saxon: It would be best for all of us if you find a different family to bother.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 22:26 No! *grabs onto Saxon's leg*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 22:26 [I don't know if any of you are on, but I know that I can be on for a while.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 22:42 [I'm still here BTW.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 22:52 (Hey!)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 22:52 (Sorry i was listening to music with my friend)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 22:57 Eira, you dont know him. For all we know he could be working with the Ravens, possibly even Izar.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 23:19 [Gi!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 23:19 *[Hi!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 23:19 He's not! [Are you still on?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 23:20 (Yea)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 23:27 [Great! Perhaps you should message Caprial so we can all be on?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 23:27 (Um hold on im paying for food)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 23:30 You don't know that
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 23:33 Last I heard the Ravens don't care much about your presence. As for Izar.. I'm assuming he's that presence I sense every night. I have no reason to care about him.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 23:33 *don't care about your existence
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 23:33 [Okie dokie!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 23:34 *@ Saxon* He's not!!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 23:38 Aedona, what should we do?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 23:39 *is frowning slightly* Let's talk about this in private.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 23:43 Eira, come on. Eira: No! I wanna play with Fluffy!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 23:44 You can play with him later. Come on.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.12 23:44 *looks pouty* Alright...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 23:44 *holds Eira's hand and puts a hand on Saxon's shoulder*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 23:45 So what about me?? *hops over beside Aedona*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 23:45 Believe it or not im only a few years old
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 23:47 Stay outside. *starts heading inside with Saxon and Eira*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.12 23:50 *sits down and shuffles his paws, scraping the ground with dark magic, effectively causing it to either away*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 23:52 *once inside he turns to Aedona* What are we supposed to do about this creature? He's clearly not an average Irakurrian.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.12 23:54 (I have to go in a minute or two. Ill be on from 7-7:30 and 9:30-9:45)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 23:55 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.12 23:56 I don't know. His assessment of the Ravens seems accurate, but I'm not so sure about Izar...I don't think Izar associates with Irakurrians...he prefers to do things himself...but he might've changed his strategy.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.13 03:06 But what are the chances of another Irakurrian, a darkky at that, showing up here of all places with information about both our enemies?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.13 04:14 *sighs through her nose* I don't like it or get it either. I agree--he's something more than he's letting on, but I don't know what. We need to know his motives.
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.13 04:29 [Sooo...I'm online!]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.13 04:38 [Hello?]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.13 04:53 [Annnd I just remembered it's Wednesday. XP]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.13 05:23 [Anyone on yet?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.13 05:33 (Im on now)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.13 05:33 (Until 9:45)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.13 05:35 So what should we do? Do we trust him?
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.13 05:37 [Hi!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.13 05:38 *shakes her head a little* I would never trust him. At least not completely. But we need an explanation.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.13 05:39 For instance, we've kept such a low profile these past 4 to 5 years...how did he find us and why?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.13 05:41 Right. And if everything checks out? He still is something dangerous..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.13 05:44 Like I said, we can never fully trust him...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.13 05:46 Okay. Let's go. (Gtg now.)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.13 05:46 [Aw, bye!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.13 05:47 [gtg myself. Bye! *offline*]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.13 08:28 *goes back outside to Mayhem* Alright, first off how did you find us?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.13 08:31 Well that's an easy question to answer. Blitz sent me to be a form of guardian to Eira. She doesn't want what happened with Karasu to happen again.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.13 21:55  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.14 00:46  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.14 00:46 Do you have anything to back up that statement?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.14 03:08 No real proof i guess. Word of mouth is really all i have.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.14 03:25 *stares down at the blackened scratches on the ground* Do your claws always do that? *Mayhem: No. Only when I'm nervous or when I want them to.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.14 04:10 [@ Caprial: I'm on! Meet me on AHAW 2!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.14 04:21 *Mayhem's knowledge of Eira, Karasu, the Ravens, and Izar make her inclined to believe Blitz sent him, but she's nowhere near trusting him or fully believing what he says**for all she knows, he's telepathic*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.14 05:36 (So
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.14 05:36 (Sorry im late. Our machine has been having problems so we are behind schedule)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.14 05:37 I mean, you do have connections with Blitz. Can't you just contact her and ask for confirmation?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.14 05:37 [Hi!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.14 05:38 [It's fine.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.14 05:38 *discreetly nudges Saxon with her elbow, as if to motion for him to contact Blitz or answer Mayhem's question**she knows she definitely doesn't have contact with Blitz*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.14 05:41 Uhh... Ive never tried contacting Blitz like that..
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.14 05:44 Blitz: *appears from a portal* And you shouldnt be trying to contact me whenever. Jeez, who do you think you are? *looks at Mayhem, nods, then turns to "glare" at Aedona and Saxon before disappearing*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.14 05:45 (Gtg now. Ill respond after work)
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.14 05:45 *pokes head through portal* Yeah, who do you think you are? Geez, she's on her night shift!
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.14 05:46 [Alright, bye!] *however, she winks at Aedona and Saxon good-naturedly before pulling her head back through*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.14 12:35 *sits up and smiles*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.14 20:52 *smiles
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.14 21:19 (wth...)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.15 04:41 yeah, Fluffy is evil. Fursonia's sent him so he cant possibly be good
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 05:35 Rude... If youre from the past then obviously the sonas sent YOU. So by that logic you're also evil
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 05:37 (Woohoo!! No work tomorrow or Sunday!)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 06:03 We were all made by the Fursonias and we're all here because of them. He is correct in that that logic means we're all evil. [Sorry I wasn't on. I had a calculus exam and a very long day afterwards to boot.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 06:04 If he's meant to be a guardian, I suppose he may be alright... *looks at Saxon, silently asking what he thinks*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 06:07 [A quick note: Like how Blitz revealed to Saxon the truth about the Fursonias and this world (AKA we're teenage girls and this is an online roleplay), I actually revealed the truth to Aedona at some point.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 06:08 [17 year-old AHAW Aedona doesn't know, but 87 year-old AHAW 2 Aedona definitely did. As for 32 year-old Aedona...hm...I think she probably does.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 10:39  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 10:41  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 10:52  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 10:54  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 10:55  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 10:56  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 14:38 (Sparing thr trouble of a song I found a clip with just talking. This is actually what I imagine as Mayhem's canon voice htt ps://youtu.be/5X_lqLgY5As )
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 17:20  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 17:21  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 17:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 17:27 [Whoops. I think I overdid the Mayhem's voice being higher than that of all of your other OCs thing. XD XP I'll have to adjust how I read his dialogue (whenever I read dialogue, it's read in whatever voice I have imagined for that character or person).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 17:30 [Most of my character voice choices are intuitive; they just happen on their own. Unfortunately I have a set of common character voice choices that can cause duplicates to crop up a lot, especially among characters that aren't mine. XP (E.g. Ivy, Emily,
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 17:31 and really most of Caprial's more minor female characters--particularly human ones, though--sound close to alike if not completely alike.)]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.15 17:33 [My characters and major characters in general tend to have unique voices, but they're not completely exempt (e.g. Saxon and Bakura have close to the same voice, as do Flair and Vicky).]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.15 19:18 (I can see Saxon and Bakura,having similar voices)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.15 19:29 I suppose we could give him a chance.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:09 [I'm on! I'll have to leave early tonight, though.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:10 (mmk)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:10 (I'm drawing rn as well as watching a movie with my aunt and sister in law so if i forget to reply that's why)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:14 [Okie dokie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:15 *@ Mayhem* What are your abilities?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:17 I seem to have shadow magic but I have no problem keeping it under control
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:21 *nods a little*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:22 *glances at the ground he burned* Maybe you should be stay outside a little while at first...just to get used to things, and also to...protect the floor. Do you think so, Saxon?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.16 04:23 mhmm
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:28 I don't involuntarily damage the ground.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:33 True...but you said nervousness is a trigger. Should anything make you nervous, there's a risk.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:33 In addition, this all seems rather hasty...it can't hurt to take things slowly.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:36 Honestly I was only nervous because Saxon is another Irakurrian.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 04:38 I can stay outside with Fluffy....
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 04:38 I'm not going to sleep anyways tonight so whatever
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:39 Oh, I've been meaning to ask... Why is your house never dark?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:39 Still, it's good to take our time to adjust.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:40 The darkness is dangerous for us.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:41 Why though?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 04:43 asking to many questions is rude
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.16 04:43 It's his eyes. Right, Daddy? *tugs on Saxon's pant leg*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.16 04:44 *Aedona and Saxon simplified Izar's power over nightly darkness by telling her that the nightly darkness was "Izar's eyes"*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.16 04:45 Yes. Izar, the one you mentioned earlier, he's a threat to us at night so we keep ourselves safe by avoiding the darkness
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:48 Makes sense.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.16 04:49 Can I play with Fluffy now?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:53 Yes! *starts hopping around*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.16 04:53 *looks at Aedona*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 04:56 *doesn't like that idea* Well...if you don't mind us watching.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 04:56 Hey Eira can I play with you and Fluffy to?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 04:57 Yippee! So what do we play?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.16 05:02 Hide and seek!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 05:03 Okay! I'll hide or you hide first?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.16 05:08 I wanna seek!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 05:08 ok I will go hide with Fluffy
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 05:10 *turns and runs to find a hiding spot. He crawls under some bushes and watches for Eira*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.16 05:12 *goes off and hides in Behind a big rock knowing full well Eira could easily find her there which is the point*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.16 05:17 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 10:16 (Okay I have a dilemma. That drawing I said I was working on... I wanna show it since it's the first drawing of Mayhem without his mask. Well, without any form of physical manipulation at all. It's pretty much a bunch of doodles that came from listening
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 10:20 to my "What Lies Beneath" playlist on YouTube. Where the dilemma comes in is in regards to things I don't think I'm quite ready to reveal yet. If you want me to send it I will when I'm done and I'll explain everything, spoilers and all. Truth is I am
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 10:21 horrible at keeping my own secrets for my characters so I'm somewhat unbothered revealing what I've been trying to keep secret until a latter arc)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 10:21 (So simply put I am leaving it up to you if you want to see what I've been working on or not)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 16:28 [I've been wanting to see Mayhem in his humanoid form for a while, actually. If I were to say no, though, what would happen? Would you simply reveal the drawing when it's "safe" to reveal the spoilers, so to speak (AKA they probably won't be spoilers
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 16:28 anymore)?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 16:30 [BTW, I'm still working on the lineart for Aedona, Eira, and Sara. Sorry about that. :P It's close to finished, but then I have to color it. I had to put that drawing on hold when studying for and taking the exam.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 17:57 (You wouldnt see the drawing for quite awhile since I don't think I'll be revealing any of what I've doodled in this arc
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.16 19:31 [Hm...this is quite a dilemma indeed...even I'm not sure what to do...]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 20:34 (There are two background images that would be most concerning in terms of future possible events. The others are more like simple doodles)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 20:53 (So yes, this picture is VERY uncoordinated. Another thing I should probably clarify is that the images and their explanations don't EXACTLY portray future ideas. For the most part they just show Mayhem in a different light)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.16 22:40  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 01:10 (Have either of you seen The Final Countdown? It's a movie about a carrier and its crew being sent back in time to 1941)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.17 04:19 [Im on replies will be slow]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 04:24 (k)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 04:27 (what shade of purple are Aedona's clothes?) Darker, lighter, or the same as the spring break ball gown?)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 04:29 (also it occurred to me that if we all have hangouts, we could start a chat there and make it a little easier to send links, images, etc. Just an idea.)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 04:58 [Why do I keep being so late?!?! >.< ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 04:58 [Anyways, sorry...I had yet another busy day.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:00 [@ RaeAnna: Well, her original/normal outfit is a bit darker/a less saturated shade. Her kimono I'd say is also a bit darker, but not as dark as her original.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:00 [Actually, nah, I'd say her original outfit and her 32 year-old outfit are about the same.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:01 [I changed my mind again. XP The original is darkest and least saturated. The kimono is lighter, but still not as light or saturated as her ball gown.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:01 (got an example?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:03 [Yeah...the more I look at her ball gown, the more I wonder how the h**l I chose that light a shade of purple. XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:04 [I'd say her kimono is about the same color as the part labeled "violet" in this picture: https://digitalsynopsis.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/color-thesaurus-correct-names-purple-shades.jpg ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:05 [It still looks a bit too saturated for her kimono, but it's a flat color. Add some shading and fabric textures and whatnot and I'd say it's the correct shade.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:06 [Also, regarding your last secret message...that's it. Show me the drawing. You've now made it too tantalizing. XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:07 [I have several guesses regarding what your plans are for when Saxon faces off against Izar. I now want to know if what I suspect is true. I'm not saying anything about my guesses, though... >:D]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:09 (brb)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:16 [OK.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:18 (Okay so I am going to refrain from explaining anything that's going on in these doodles. Instead I just cited my inspirations(what I was listening to when I drew) for each section)\
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:19 (I'll try to explain later as the events become relevant)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:20 (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1k_7t-Kd3UlvF1cpmhY0qvjL2lG0KZnlyM7Gx-aMnKuk/edit?usp=sharing)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:23 (I got as close as I could without updated color swatch)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:30 [That drawing is awesome! Your rendition of Aedona is really good, too!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:31 (
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:32 (I'm tempted to fully explain what exactly is going on in the bottom left corner)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:33 [Hm...I'm guessing that's related to what happens around the Saxon vs. Izar scene. Don't explain it. I have several guesses, and if one of them is right when that scene comes around then I want the satisfaction of foreseeing what was coming.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:34  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:35 (let's continue)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.17 05:36 *keeps an eye on Fluffy while Eira looks for him and Sara*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:37  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:37  Secret message to Mayhem  
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 05:39 *finds Sara first**finds her relatively quickly since she's in such an easy spot to find*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:39 *keeps on eye on Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 05:39 Gotcha! *points at Sara and giggles*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.17 05:40 *smiles* wow Eria you are good at this game!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:40  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:40  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:42 *crawls from the bush and silently climbs a tree*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 05:45 Let's find Fluffy! *runs towards the grove*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.17 05:50 *follows a short distance behind, still watching Fluffy like a hawk*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 05:53 *soon she's looking around under the tree Mayhem is in, but she doesn't realize he's right over her*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 05:53 *Eira did that, not Aedona*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 05:56 *smiles and leaps at Eira, purposefully missing her and rolling into some bushes*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:00 *jumps, startled**turns to Mayhem and points* I see you!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:00 I gotcha!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:04 *shakes the leaves from his fur* Darn it! My turn, go hide! *closes his eyes and starts counting*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:05 *giggles and runs*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:05 *discreetly follows Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:06 *finds an animal den and gets on her hands and knees*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:06 No no no! *picks up Eira and sets her back on her feet**she whines and objects* That's someone else's home. You don't want to intrude on their home, do you? They could become mean.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:06 Here, I have an idea as to the best hiding place you could have.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:07 *stops being pouty**is eager again*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:08 *she and Eira quickly make a pile of leaves by a tree**has her lay down and covers her with leaves**only her face is uncovered, and it's hard to see at some perspectives*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:08 Now be very quiet. Eira: *nods and whispers:* Okay!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:09 And be very still. *waits by a nearby tree*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:10 *opens his eyes and starts looking around. He follows her scent to the animal den, then to the pile of leaves. The musky smell somewhat masks her scent so he just looks around the immediate area*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:12 *eventually he starts scraping at the leaves, uncovering Eira* Found you!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:12 *sees Mayhem**tries to keep quiet and still, but she can't help but giggle a little bit*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:13 *did that before Mayhem found her* Aww! *sits up**leaves are still in her hair*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:14 Now what?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.17 06:15 We were going on a picnic today and should start preparing to leave
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:22 Let's go. *holds Eira's hand*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:22 I wanna play!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:22 You can after the picnic. Come on.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:23 *follows, looking longingly back at Fluffy and Sara*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.17 06:24 *goes inside the house to get the lunches he had prepared the night before*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:24 *helps Eira get into her normal clothes (she was still in her night gown)*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:24  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:26 *returns to the animal den and lures it out to kill it while everyone is away*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:26 *lures the animal out
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:26  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:27  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:30 *a fox-like creature is in the den**it smells Mayhem, doesn't recognize his scent as any animal it knows about, and cautiously exits the den to its own doom*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:32 *she in the meantime also helps pack up and carry the stuff they need*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:33 *had been lying in wait above the den's entrance for the creature to leave. Once it did he drops onto it, snapping its neck.*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:36 *in order to disguise the meat and make it look like he didn't just kill something he quickly prepares it as if it were steak, incinerating the leftovers*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:38 *is still sad that the hide and seek game ended so quickly*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:38 *notices Eira* Hey...want a ride?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.17 06:38 *perks up a bit**nods*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:39 *bends down and helps Eira climb onto her shoulders*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:39 *turns to Saxon and Sara* Ready?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.17 06:41 Yep. *picks up the basket of food*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:42 *cleans himself and the area up and creates a pack for the meat which he had cooked with his magic*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:46 *leads the way, ducking through the doorway so Eira doesn't bump her head*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:47 *walks through the grove on the way to their picnic spot**nods at Mayhem as if to say he can come along*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:47 *runs up to Aedona with his pack tied to his back* I'm ready to go!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.17 06:48 *did that before they went into the grove*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.17 06:56 *puts down the blanket in the clearing and pulls out the food, giving Eira her favorite sandwich, Aedona hers, then sits down with his own*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.17 06:57 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 03:19 *yips happily as he unpacks his meal*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 03:22 [I just remembered Sara still looks 14]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 05:29 [I'm on! Sorry I'm so late; sudden circumstances arose and I was unable to come on.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 05:31 [@ Caprial: My drawing should still be fine. Anime style characters tend to look younger than they actually are.] *takes out an extra sandwich and gives it to Sara*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 05:34 [Speaking of the drawing, I finished the lineart! :D Want me to send it to you? I have yet to color it, but at least the lineart stage is done.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 05:37 (Sorry we are backed up again. Late to break)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 05:37 (I'll wait until the coloring is done)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 05:38 (Also I am down for a short time skip whenever)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 05:42 [Okie dokie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 05:43 [I'd like to do a time skip too. (@ Caprial: We want to skip to when the real chaos starts--AKA the night of the aforementioned "disaster.") Should we wait for Caprial's consent?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 05:45 (Hmm.. Idk. Up to you? I have to leave any minute now)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 05:46 (Anything you say I'll respond to after work)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 05:48 [Hm...I'll wait for Caprial to respond. It doesn't seem fair to leave her out, and even if we did the time skip we wouldn't get very far since you have to leave.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 05:49 (Yeah I gtg now)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 05:50 [See you!]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 05:50 [Magic time skip cannon explodes sendin ppl flyin]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 05:53 [WHEEEE!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 06:08 *it's been at least several days since they met "Fluffy"**they have grown to mostly trust him, though they still never leave Eira alone with him**he is also allowed in the house during the day when everyone else is awake and can keep an eye on him and
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 06:08 Eira*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 06:09 *it is night, and she is fast asleep**so is Eira*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 06:11 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 08:15 *climbs through the wall and prods Eira* Hey hey. Wake up.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 16:40 *blinks her eyes open and rubs them groggily* Mmm...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 17:33 [BTW, if you guys are on, I have some time off not long after 10:00 AM MT. Hopefully I'll see you then!]
6>Calvin (Human), 18yo.2018,Sep.18 18:03 [I'll be late by 30 minutes. Sorry!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:45 (As darn i shoulda woken up earlier)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 18:45 [I'm on!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:45 (I had a long night)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 18:45 [Hey! :D]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 18:46 [It's fine.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 18:46 [Perhaps you could tell Caprial we're on?]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:46 Fluffy...?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:46 Let's go outside
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:48 Okay.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:48 *gets out of bed**grabs her rock basket, hoping to collect more rocks*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:49 *doesn't realize it's still night since the house is well-lit and the curtains are drawn**otherwise, she would have objected*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 18:52 *notices Eria and Fluffy wandering off and starts fallowing them*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:52 (Wow I'm tired.. I saw my desktop background and quietly said "aw, the good boi", which is usually my response for Saxon. That was Mayhem, not Saxon.)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:52 [Whoops. XD]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:53 [@ Caprial: Hey!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:53 *goes to the door with Fluffy*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:53 *prances happily as he leaves the house*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:53 *reaches up and opens it*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 18:54 Hey Fluffy, were are you headin at 2am?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:54 *gasps and backs away a little bit**shakes her head a little at Mayhem*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 18:55 I mean, you should be sleeping hoth of you
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 18:55 *both
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:55 *turns around to face both Sara and Eira* It should be safe. I've been keeping an eye on the area. Nothing's around. There are lights in the sky tonight.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:55 You've gotta see them
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 18:56 Its dangerous for Eria to go out at night but you knew that since we told you that earlier
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:57 It'll be fine.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 18:58 Mommy and Daddy say he'll see me.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 18:58 Its 2 am and she is 4 she needs to go back to bed sleep is important for her
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 18:59 You'll be alright, Eira. I'm here with you.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:02 Eria go back to bed or better yet go get your mommy and Daddy ok?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:04 It'll only be for a few minutes. I want you to see the phenomena in the sky tonight.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:07 Well then *takes out her phone* go out alone and take a video
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:07 *doesn't really know what to do**is confused by the conflicting suggestions*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:08 *lifts his paws* Wow you're insulting. I don't have apposable thumbs
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:08 *looks out at the nighttime environment**she has never gotten to see the night, and this night is absolutely beautiful**the sky is clear, flooding the place with moonlight; things are nearly as bright as day*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:08 Besides the sky never looks good through a cheap camera
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:08 *fireflies are everywhere, and nightingales are singing*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:09 *is mesmerized**walks outside*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:09 *grins, overjoyed, and follows close by Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:09 *looks up at the sky**it is so clear that the colors of some nebulas and galaxies can be seen**shooting stars dart left and right*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:10 Wow...
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:10 Isn't it gorgeous?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:10 *squeaks when she sees a particularly bright shooting star**points at it* What's that!?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:11 Hm? *stares up at the star, bristling involuntarily* a shooting star.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:11 *runs into Aedona and Saxons bedroom* Get up! Wake up both of you now!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.18 19:13 *wakes up with a start* What?! Sara, what's going on why'd you wake us up?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:13 Fluffy took Eria outside
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.18 19:16 *without another word he climbs out of bed, throws on something comfortable as quick as possible, and runs outside* Eira, what are you doing out here?! *turns to Fluffy* And why'd YOU let her come out, you know why it's dangerous!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:18 *runs out with him* he didnt let her he encouraged her
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:20 I was only going to keep her outside for a minute or two. Everyone should enjoy the night sky at some point in their life.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:22 [Sorry for disappearing. I'm working on the Eira-Aedona-Sara drawing.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:23 [I probably will wind up getting too absorbed in the drawing to RP, so I'll stop drawing for now.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:23 *grabs Eira and picks her up* You're going to get us all killed!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.18 19:23 You fool, this isn't Irakurri! *Fluffy: What's that supposed to mean? *Saxon: It means you can't do things like you could back home!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:24 She can't ever go out at night! It means death for us and worse for her!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:24 You think I wouldn't protect her?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:25 (hhheeeeck. are we able to be on at 7 or anytime between 12pm and 3? I have to go until noon)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:26 (i'll be back around noon)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:27 [K]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:27 (Still getting ready to go so ill still be on for a minute orctwo)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:29 You can't protect her from him!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:29 [@ RaeAnna: I probably can't be on then, sorry. XP]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:30 Says who? You?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:30 (Not at 7?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:30 [I could try to get on at 2 PM MT, but whether I have the time is doubtful.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:31 [I probably won't be on at 7 PM MT.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:31 (K. I gtg now)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:31 [I'd say the best bet is 2 PM MT, but again, it's dubious.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:31 [I'll try, but I can't guarantee I'll make it. See you!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:31 (Ill be checking in periodically after i get back)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:32 Yes, me. He is a god. Only one thing can kill him, and that thing shattered 15 years ago.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:32 [Okie dokie.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:32 (Ill be checking in periodically after i get back)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:33 *starts crying**doesn't like seeing everyone arguing and yelling at each other*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:33 Let's go. *turns to the house* Eira: I don't wanna! I wanna be with Fluffy!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 19:34 Gods don't scare me
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:34 *has already started mathematical tesseract calculations in her head* We need to evacuate, Eira, you're in horr--
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:35 *the night sky seems to warp and bend down like the metal T-1000 from Terminator is made out of*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:39 *some of the warped night sky slams her down**holds on tight to Eira, trying to minimize any damage she receives*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:41 *she and Eira are in direct moonlight**a flat streak of moonlight solidifies while sliding in between her and Eira and then creates an energy explosion that doesn't hurt Eira but sends Aedona flying back, tearing Aedona from Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:41 *screams and cries harder* MOMMY!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:42 *clutches her blasted stomach, grits her teeth, and rises**sees Izar's silhouette up in front of the moon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:43 [OK...so from this point there isn't much more I can do since Mayhem, Sara, and Saxon are all part of this scene.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:43 Aedona hand Eria to me I can protect her
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:43  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:44 [Aedona was blasted away from Eira. Unless Aedona's secretly Elastigirl, fulfilling Sara's request will be a tad difficult. XD]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:45 [Oh XD nvm]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:46 *runs over to Eria and holds her close tightly protecting her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:46  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:47 You hold on tight to me Eria dont let go *keeps a tight grasp on her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.18 19:47  Secret message to Mayhem  
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:48 *cries and holds on so tightly to Sara it hurts*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:48 [Want to switch to AHAW 2?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:49 [If we wait 10 minutes raeanna will be back]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 19:53 [Crap...I have to go in exactly 10 minutes... >_< ]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.18 19:54 [Welp....]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.18 20:02 [gtg! *offline* See you later!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 20:04 (Rip i just got back)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 20:08  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 20:09  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 20:11 (your reference to Elastigirl reminded me of this.. https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=ryJuafYE10k)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 20:12 (as well as this https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=LI4LMWI5o8k)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.18 20:44 *stares up at Izar almost challengingly as he moves over to Eira and Sara*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.18 20:47 *rushes to Aedona's side* Are you alright??
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.18 20:48 *keeps glancing at Eira, making sure she's well guarded, then back up at Izar*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 04:30 [I'm here! @ Caprial: Want to go to AHAW 2?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 04:41 [Sure I guess]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 05:35 (Yo)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 05:39 [Eyyy]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 05:39 (By the time we get this going again I'll be off break XD)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 05:40 (Screeeeee)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 05:43 [I'm here!!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 05:44 *nods to Saxon* [Sorry, I just stopped working on the Eira-Sara-Aedona drawing. RPing!!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 05:44 (Hurrah)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 05:44 Get a teleporter. Get out of here with the kid. There's no way I can tesser under these circumstances.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 05:45  Secret message to Mayhem  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.19 05:46 Sara! Get over here! *creates a portal to the Rift* I didn't want to go back but this is our only option now.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 05:48 *summons night energy, her kimono and hair blowing in the wind and her irises glowing in the dark*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 05:48 (Aaaand I gtg.)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 05:49 *the night sky warps and bends down and snatches Sara and Eira*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 05:49 [Crap...bye!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 05:49 *takes a deep breath, runs, and leaps at Izar, who is floating in the air in front of the moon about 30 feet away from her starting point*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 05:50 *hurls night energy at him*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 05:51 *even though she is being grabbed she still holds onto Eria tighening her grip even*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 05:59 *lunar energy comes from the moon behind him, curves around him, and collides with Aedona's night energy, overtaking and eliminating it*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 05:59 *the force of his lunar energy sends Aedona falling back, but she manages to flip and land on her feet and one hand*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 06:00 *his warped night sky twists around Sara's neck and snaps it*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 06:17 *dies but quickly comes back to life* its ok Eria im not letting go of you...death gripp is a thing...so if i stiffen like that again and everything squeezes stuper tight keep holding on it will be ok
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 08:11 *saxon is about to move but he is faster, leaping at Izar, using shadow magic to lift him with each bound. He barks blasts of magic to counter approaching lunar energy as he tackles Sara and Eira to pull them to the ground*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 08:12  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 08:18  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 08:54 (whoops) *as he turns and tackles Sara Eira
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 17:56 [I'm on! I have a short break. Hopefully you guys are around!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 17:56  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 17:57  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 17:58  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 17:59  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 18:01  Secret message to Mayhem  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 18:11 *some tropical white morning-glories (a flowering vine that blooms at night) are on a tree near Mayhem, Sara, and Eira*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 18:12 *makes the vines spread down the tree and along the ground**the vines snatch Sara and Eira and then pull them back against the tree**the vines glow with silver-white lunar energy; this aura protects them so they can't just be broken*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 18:14 *more morning-glories are near Saxon and rapidly wrap around him*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.19 18:14 *shivers a little**the lunar energy is cold*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 18:18 *attacks Izar again, running and jumping and launching night energy at him, but he "infects" her night energy with his own, taking control of her energy and making it boomerang back at her**falls down, wrapped tightly in her own energy*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 18:18 *has enough willpower to stop the energy from crushing her, but otherwise she's trapped*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 18:19 *turns to Mayhem* I did not expect you to aid your own rival, Mayhem.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 18:26 *holds Eria while trapped in the vines trying to keep her warm along with holding her*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 18:27 Eria?..do you know any songs?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.19 18:31 Y-yeah...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 18:33 *hears Izar**forgets to fight against the night energy for a second and experiences great pressure and pain all over her body**grits her teeth and forces the night energy to loosen its grip*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.19 18:33 Lets sing your favorite song ok?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.19 18:37 Okay... *starts quietly singing*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 18:39 *the night sky is quietly bending down behind Mayhem**he is discreetly preparing an attack on Mayhem's back*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:02 (heeeck)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 19:03 [Hi! gtg super soon. XP]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:07 I don't believe I have rivals anymore. Except maybe you now. Meh, you aren't a rival since I don't wish to compete
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.19 19:07 *is kind of shocked and betrayed that the creature practically living with them was really Mayhem*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 19:08 Then explain your interference in strictly...familial matters.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:10 They're the first family I've been able to connect with. *chuckles evilly* How unfortunate for you that they happen to be the ones I chose to follow
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.19 19:12 *starts working to free everyone with his shadow magic, much to Mayhem's surprise*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:13 (mayhem never saw saxon as the type to ever use that magic)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:14 *steps back up into the sky toward Izar* Never thought I
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:14 I'd have to battle a god here. Not over a family. If anything I figured it'd be over dominion of a planet
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 19:15 I don't think this is unfortunate for me. Rather, it is unfortunate for you.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:16 Really, now? *summons some shadow magic to guard his body*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.19 19:17 *the night sky behind Mayhem snatches him and drives him into the ground*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:17 We may have trouble killing each other, but I do believe that I am a good match for your power
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:17 *said that before he was attacked*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:18 *the shadow magic responds by absorbing a piece of the night sky and burning a bit of it*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.19 19:18 Oops. I think there's a tear in your sky now.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.19 19:19 [gtg! *offline* See you!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.19 19:24 *manages to only tear Aedona from the night energy since she had already loosened the grip* We've gotta get Sara and Eira. *looks up at Mayhem, cringing a little* Mayhem... Mayhem will take care of Izar...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.20 04:38 [I'm on! @ Caprial: Meet me on AHAW 2!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.20 05:33 (Yo)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.20 05:38 [Hi!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.20 05:38 (We must continue quick. Before break is over)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.20 05:38 *hears Saxon, of course* You believe you can trust him?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.20 05:39 Not at all
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.20 05:40 Then you are right. He is a creature of the night. But whether you're right or wrong, you will die!
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.20 05:41 *summons TONS of moonlight that quickly converts to lunar energy**the energy is directed primarily at Mayhem**has chosen this type of attack since shadow cannot exist where light is*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.20 05:41 *it is very bright; he's purposely eliminating shadows*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.20 05:43 You are very Brave Eria... you are the bravest little girl I have ever met
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.20 05:43 *laughs at the effort* Wooow. How sweet of you to try so hard. However your strategy won't work since I can create my own shadow. *basically overpowers the energy with darkness but doesn't counterattack*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.20 05:44 *@Aedona and Co* Y'all better hurry if you want to escape
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.20 05:44 *starts focusing his energy on releasing Sara and Eira*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.20 05:45 (I gtg now)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.20 05:47 [Aw, bye![
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.20 05:48 *focuses her own energy on breaking Sara and Eira free as well*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.20 05:51 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.20 19:10 *continuously creates wisps of shadow magic which pool together behind him* Strange... I'm not really in any mood to fight you.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.21 04:23 To be honest, me neither.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 04:24 *the combination of her energy and Saxon's breaks apart the vines, freeing Sara and Eira*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.21 04:46 *the area Eira and co. are in is darker**takes control of the darkness and launches it at Aedona, Saxon, Sara, and Eira, wrapping it around them to trap them*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 04:56 *continues holding onto Eria through out all of this*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 04:56 What dose he want?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 05:10 *says through gritted teeth while trying to fend off the energy* Same thing he wanted when I was a child...the parents dead and the child to join him in the heavens...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 05:17 Whats his problem? if you kidnap a child they are never going to love you..I speak from experience
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 05:23 *is struggling like h**l against shadow energy* Explain...later...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 05:25 Yeah...*continues holding on*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.21 05:34 You say you dont want to fight yet you continue willing me to do so
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.21 05:36 You misunderstood me. I'm not in the mood to fight you.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.21 05:37 I understood perfectly. You must misunderstand why I am here in the first place.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.21 05:41 *growls a little and blasts Aedona & co from their trap with his pooled magic*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.21 05:41 I do indeed. But I have tasks to attend to before I embark on understanding why you are here.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.21 05:41 (Yes that is allowed to hurt them. In fact it probably did)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.21 05:42 Saxon you fool just hurry
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.21 05:44 *gets to his feet, opens a portal, then throws Eira and Sara through first. He closes it then goes to Aedona and opens another*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 05:44 *flys through still holding Eria*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.21 05:46 (I gtg now. Will respond after work)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 05:47 *just barely manages to free herself from the shadows and jumps through*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.21 05:57 *tries to chase Saxon and co. as they go through the portals**launches one final attack at Aedona and Saxon as they go through the second portal*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.21 08:13 *the blast catches his leg, pulling him away from the portal. When he lands he frantically closes it to ensure Izar doesn't follow Aedona*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 22:20  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 22:21  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.21 22:22 (Hi)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 22:22  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 22:23  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 22:23 [Hey! I'm kinda busy, so I can't stay on long.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.21 22:23 [HĮ]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 22:27  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.21 22:27  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.21 22:27 [gtg! *offline*]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.21 23:56 (Nevermind my last message)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.22 03:39 *goes through the portal, closing it at the last second*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 04:25 [I'm on AHAW 2!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 04:26  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 04:27 *is hit by Izar's attack*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 04:30 [brb for 30 minutes]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 05:06 [Back!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 05:06 *]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.22 05:31 (Hey)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.22 05:33 *they are all in the Rift, aside from Mayhem and Izar*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.22 05:34 Well well well. They got away. *smiles mischievously* Too bad for you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 05:37 [Sorry, my inner John Cleese came out and was unstoppable for a while there. XD]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.22 05:38 *continues holding onto Eira* you are so so brave...
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.22 05:38 I'll find them again. It's inevitable.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.22 05:38 *looks with disdain at the mortal world once more, and then ascends back to the heavens*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.22 05:38 *is shaking* Is...it...over?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 05:38 *is semi-unconscious and lying on the ground*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.22 05:39 You may find them but you won't get them.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.22 05:39 *said that before he left*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.22 05:39 *transports himself to the Rift* It's all over. He has gone
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.22 05:41 *sits beside Aedona* You going to be alright?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.22 05:42 I dont know...so im not letting you go
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 05:43 I...is...Eira alright?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.22 05:43 *reaches one hand back and grabs a bag of goldfish crackers from her backpack and hands them to Eira* here its a snack...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.22 05:43 Me neither...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.22 05:44 [is Sara in the same place as Aedona?]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.22 05:44 *Riyu and Karasu approach them* Karasu: What happened down there? *Riyu: *glares at Mayhem, but sounds indifferent* I figured this would happen. It's just like last time, isn't it, Saxon?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.22 05:46 No, it is definitely NOT. i intend to keep my family safe for good this time. Unlike you I actually want to be a devoted father.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.22 05:46 (I gtg now)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.22 05:48 [Yeah.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.22 05:48 *shakily takes the goldfish crackers and starts eating**looks up wide-eyed at Karasu and Riyu*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.22 05:50 *nods a bit* she is a bit shaken up but...she...she is physically ok...Im not letting go though...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 06:00 *sighs* Good...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.22 06:00 *slowly tries to get up**manages to get on her knees*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.22 06:08 *continues to hold Eira while she eats the goldfish*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.22 08:33 Karasu: Stop being so rude. He does his best, which is more than you can say. *Riyu opens his mouth but quickly shuts it with an irritated huff*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.22 08:35 *Karasu kneels down before Eira, smiling* Hello there, I've been waiting to meet you for so long. My name's Karasu, what's yours?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.22 08:37 (I'll use this slot for the Ravens in general I guess. Riyu will move to this slot, not Karasu) Riyu turns to the other approaching Ravens, who halt instantly. He goes over and speaks to them where they cannot be heard*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.22 11:46 (Oh yeah, btw this is a thing now. I was supposed to be drawing a dragon for a friend but htat clearly didn't happen. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TtvLRLiNwhaZPkZZuoU_ORirzEJ5ZhcV/view?usp=sharing )
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 04:16  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:43 [I'm here! Sorry, I was having fun with a friend and forgot to come online. BTW, I have Eira drawn with all her base colors (but no lighting or shading yet), so if you need Eira, I can send you a pic of her.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:44  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:45  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:49  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:50  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:50 [I'm going to stop secret messaging since I kinda want everyone to be involved here...I'm creating a new planet that may serve as a major location, sort of like Panthea, Falcon, etc. etc.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:51 [Aedona and Saxon have established an emergency home/hideout they can move to elsewhere for times like these. RaeAnna's wondering where they're going to go, and I feel like we're short on notable locations, so I want to create a new one.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:52 [Really, the only planet names I can think of are Panthea, the Dragon Realms, Falcon, Virtus, and Yord, and each one has a problem. Panthea is where they already were, and surely they're going elsewhere. In the Dragon Realms, they'd be welcome, but as
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:53 humans they'd stick out like a sore thumb and some dragons simply wouldn't like them (I imagine dragons and human wizards never got along there). Falcon would be interesting, but we need to minimize the cast of characters. It'd be bad to establish that a
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:54 bunch of the Irakurrians are still living there because to keep things canon we'd have to stick to that promise forevermore. Virtus (Nova's, Maxwell's, and Gandalf's birthplace; it's a planet of "supers"--everyone was a superpowered human, sort of like if
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 04:54 (I can see a backup being a hilly grassland at the edge of a blue spruce forest which heads up into the mountains)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 04:56 (Ooh it can be the AU Kvetti. I've always,wanted a way to show it off! I can't in Irakurri cause it blew up)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:56 there were no normal/non-powered people in The Incredibles) was destroyed in the Tiberion War. Yord (which has the Badlands Tiberion was trapped in as a goo-like "essence" for millenias) was also annihilated in the Tiberion War, though much more slowly
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:57 (Tiberion liked to use it as one of his bases).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:58 [Oh, and there's Borenaga's planet, Reptica. It's basically covered in swamps except for a nice, hilly, dry grassland type area where the Reptix Lord's palace is built/where Borenaga lives. Obviously they can't go there because the natives would slaughter
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 04:59 them.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:00 [Hm...Kvetti sounds a bit like Panthea's Sahlem, though Sahlem doesn't have mountains. Sahlem is mostly made up of forests in the flat areas and grassland in the non-flat (hilly and rocky) areas.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:01 (Kvetti was a planet full of creatures with crystalline features. Namely serpents, goat-creatures, small dragonic creatures, wolves, cats, birds, phoenix, and monkeys. In Irakurri they were said to mirror the gods. Kvettianites are pretty peaceful)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 05:01 [hi]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:01 (Kvetti is where Nixon came from. He was a serpent)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:02 [Sure, an alternate universe Kvetti sounds fine. Could you tell me more about it?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:02 [Nvm.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:03 [I always like crystal due to Spyro (look up Crystal Islands in Spyro 3; I was playing through that level the other day and its beauty was breathtaking to me), so crystalline creatures sound awesome!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:03 [Are there any civilizations or settlements? Or is it just biomes and wildlife?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:03 [@ Caprial: Hi!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:04 [Also, this is going to be an alternate version, so I wouldn't mind providing ideas for additions (e.g. more biomes the place could have). But it's your creation, so if you don't like the idea of adding anything to it, that's fine.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:05 (There is,unintelligent wildlife and the civilizations consist of the creatures I listed above. The area I mentioned is near the dragon-creatures. I'll draw some up for you when I get home)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:06 [OK, cool!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:07 ((Kvetti is mostly covered in land. There is one small patch of desert land where a tribe of sand vipers live. East of the hills where they will live you may find redwoods.)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:08 (Anyway we should start)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:08 [Does it have any oceans or major bodies of water? (I imagine it has rivers from runoffs in the mountains.) What are the cities like? I imagine they're built quite differently from human ones since the intelligent creatures are not humanoid.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:08 [With the exception of the monkeys, of course.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:09 (There are small oceans, ut they are nothing in comparison to Earth's oceans)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:11 [Ah, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:12 [...Can there be fjords?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:12 [I don't know why I want to add fjords, but I want to add fjords.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:13 [I guess one could say I'm PINING for the fjords. XD]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:13 (Yes)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:13 [John Cleese: PIIININGGG FOR THE FJJJOOORDS?!?!?! Me: Shuddap John Cleese. XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:13 [XD Great!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 05:14 [im on AHAW2 as well btw]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:14 [Could Saxon and co. have an emergency home tucked away in the blue spruce trees leading up to a mountain that is part of a nearby fjord? That looks beautiful in my mind.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:16 (Sure. The dragon creatures would live in the fjord)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:16 [Okie dokie.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:16 [@ RaeAnna: Sounds great! Let's start!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:19 (I left off with Karasu introducing herself and asking for Eira's name)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:23 (For future reference: Dragotsen are winged reptillian creatures that range in size between that of a small cat and a grizzly bear. They are kind of territorial but are also pretty peaceful. They'd prefer solving problems through talking)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:23 *says quietly* Eira.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:24 *hesitates, then holds out a goldfish cracker to Karasu, smiling a little bit*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:26 Karasu: Aww, thank you, Eira! *takes the cracker with a smile* I haven't had one of these in years. *eats the goldfish* Mmm, still like I remember.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:27 *finds,himself smiling at their interaction*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:29 How old are you, Eira?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:29 You're welcome.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:30 Four. *holds up four fingers*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 05:30 *smilea a bit* I'm Sara
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:32 Four?! Wow, you're growing up so fast! *chuckles* You must be a handful for your father.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:33 *smiles wider*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:33 Yes, I do believe we've met- Wait, which Sara is this?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:33 *is watching and smiling, but in pain*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:33 Yinyang's. *winces for a moment*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:34 Mama?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:34 I'm okay, sweetie. I'm okay. Come here.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 05:34 also im from the past....so yeah...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 05:34 *sets Eria down*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:34 *walks over**Aedona hugs her, and she hugs her mother back*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:35 Do you want some help? I can get someone to come heal you.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:35 *@Aedona
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:40 *rolls his eyes and heals Aedona*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:40 [I thought Mayhem was still on Panthea??]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.23 05:42 (No he filled to the Rift after Izar left)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.23 05:42 Tentation(Firstborn of Corvis): *lands beside Mayhem in avian form* What are you doing here, sir?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:44 Mama is sick??
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:44 That, my dear, is none of your concern. I'd owe you a big favor if you could clear out your family for a minute or two.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:44 Mama is fine. *slightly awkwardly nods in thanks to Mayhem*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:45 (Oh yeah, Tentation is a girl.)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.23 05:46 Tentation: .... Yessir. *gestures for everyone to leave. All but Karasu have left the area*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:46 *looks at Saxon, concerned**is basically giving him a "We need to go" look*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:47 *lets go of Eira and rises, but keeps a strong, supportive (and protective) hold of her hand*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:47 *starts amassing magic* Okay, things will be a lot better if you just forget. I'm sorry..
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:49 I knew I couldn't trust you!- *gets blasts with magic. It's not at all painful but it knocks him over, unconscious*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:49 *blasted
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:51 DADDY!! *rips her hand out of Aedona's and runs to Saxon**grabs onto him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:52 *thinking quickly, she grabs Sara's arm and goes to Saxon and Eira, pulling Sara along so that all four of them can stay together*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:52 *glares up at Mayhem and even Karasu* What have you done?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:52 Don't worry about him. I'm not hurting anyone. It's just impossible to live around people who know my name... *blasts Aedona, Sara, then Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:53 *shakes Saxon* Daddy wake up!! Daddy!!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:53 (Ooooh I wanna explain this action so bad rn)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:53 *falls down upon being blasted*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:53 [I do get the gist of it. He's making them forget that he's Mayhem in efforts to stay with the family.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:54 *passes out as well*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:55 (Oh but there's more to it than that)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 05:55 *wakes up a few minutes later* what the?....
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 05:56 *wakes up a minute later* Ugh... What happened? *sees Eira unconscious* Eira... Eira! Wake up!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:56 (Basically they forgot what happened right then and forgot that he was Mayhem)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:57 (But there's reason behind his actions)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 05:58 Eria...*stumbles over to her* is she ok?...wait why dose she have a bag of goldfish....wait my bag of goldfish...I didnt give her those unless...someone tampered with our minds...
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 05:59 Are you all alright?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 05:59 Mmmrmmph...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 05:59 *sits up and rubs her eyes*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 06:00 *gradually opens her eyes and gets onto her knees*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 06:01 Thank goodness.. *hugs Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 06:05 Where are we?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:06 *picks up the bag of goldfish and puts it in her bag and glares at Fluffy but dosent say anything to him*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 06:06 We are in the Rift. Somewhere between Yinyang and Irakurri. What's important is that you're safe.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:07 *looks genuinely confused at Sara's glare*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 06:12 *is quite tense as he holds Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 06:15 Is grandpa going to get us here?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 06:16 No, of course not. And he's not going to get us in our other home. Let's go.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 06:16 *notices the way Sara is glaring at Fluffy**knows to trust Sara's instincts, and she doesn't like Fluffy as much as before either*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:17 *sits down and leans against Saxon's shoulder* Yep... You're still the same overprotective dad. *Saxon: We could have lost her tonight.. *Karasu: I know. It's over now.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:20 *walks next to Fluffy* we need to talk alone
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:20 As you wish. Lead on.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:21 *gets out of earshot of Saxon Eira and Saxon* I know you altered or erased our memories, why?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 06:23 *@ Saxon* Take Eira to the other place...you know where...I'll join you when Sara is done here and ready to come along, okay?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:26 It was for your safety and caused no harm. Izar's words could have ruined everything Blitz strived for.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:27 I care about Eira and want her to be safe. I cannot let her parents' mistrust ruin her best friend for her.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:28 let me guess he said your real name?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 06:31 *nods and stands up, holding Eira* You don't realize how happy I am to have had the opportunity to see you again, Karasu. I love you. *kisses her on the forehead and turns to leave, opening a portal*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:32 *smiles a little, kind of sad* Love you, too. Bye, Dad.. *leaves the area to rejoin the other Ravens*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 06:32 *finds another goldfish cracker on a crease in her clothes**she must've dropped it* Wait!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:33 Little secret Fluffy they dont trust you
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 06:33 *starts running after Karasu, holding out the cracker to her*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:34 It's a lot more complicated than that. A name doesn't necessarily matter. Not when there is no history behind it.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:35 Eira trusts me. I certainly do not want to break that trust.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:36 *the Ravens had been chattering about the current events but they all go silent when Eira comes back* Karasu: Oh. Thanks. *takes the goldfish and hugs Eira* I hope I get to see you again.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:38 You should go back to your dad though. These birds are a little crazy and he doesn't like being around them. *the others start grumbling irritably*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:38 you already broke It i assume thats why you erased every ones memories. I dont like my mind being tampered with so I will make a deal with you and If im not saposed to me from this time will show up *writes down the exact date time and coridinates* now..
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 06:38 Aw...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:39 *waits a minute or two* ok If you give me back my memories that you stole I will help you gain her parents trust
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 06:39 Okay... *walks away**pauses to wave and say "Bye-bye!" to Karasu before Aedona comes over and herds her over to Saxon*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:43 You certainly drive a hard bargain. Especially since I made myself forget a lot, too. I remember that Izar called me out. My real name is Mayhem. Yes, that Mayhem. But it's all different now. I have been given a second chance since I died.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 06:44 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:45 ok, I have herd your name thrown around a bit but I dont actually know if you are bad or how bad so that name dosent mean much to me
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:45 I cannot undo that spell so thats all I can really say
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:45 but again I need my memories
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:46 so if you cant undo it who can?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:46 You don't... Remember the whole conquest thing in Irakurri?
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:47 I told you all that I intended to take. Just my identity. Anything else is short term from random previous moments
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:47 oh I...I wasnt their for that whole thing....
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:48 I never met you before....
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:48 Ah. Well I try not to think about the past anyway.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:53 Mayhem was a threat. I am not, hence why I had Eira name me. I had no name for myself.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:53 Im from the past we just got back from ikuri and are trying to save everyone trapped in that...pocket universe thing
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:54 Back then... He's probably still fighting Blitz.. I don't know of any pocket universe
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:56 I will help you anyways but you need a real sounding name that isnt "Fluffy" since no one is going to belive you if you say your name is fluffy
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:56 I'd say "Alex" but Aedona would remember that name.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 06:57 Albert....Tompson....that sounds like a ok name
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 06:58 Alright.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 07:02 I really am sorry that I had to erase memories. I just need to play things safe.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 07:03 If I say I trust you Aedona will come around and possibly Saxon with...but you will owe me one....and I wont forget
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 07:04 Very well.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 07:06 I wont be able to cash it in until this date...in my future...if I get back...I hope I can get back...up yeah...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 07:06 *but not up
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 07:07 *nods*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 07:09 I need to put you in my favor log one sec *opens her notebook and writes down "Mayhem/Alex/Albert Tompson redemable after" she writes the current date and time then puts it back in her backpack* there
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 07:12 Shall we go back, then?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 07:13 yes. we shall I will probably hang out with you in the future...maybe I dont know since I dont know were my life will lead me but maybe
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 08:51 *takes Eira through the portal to a forest of spruce trees. In a clearing sits another house* Here it is, our new home.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 12:38 (i recommend only going as far as the end of pg 4. past that contains brutal spoilers for later. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1GNN4IBf0Os7JmO2A7FvOfnyQx06KfCkCQkun0uFlVc8/edit?usp=sharing)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 18:42 [Very fascinating. I only read the first four pages like you asked, but I am fending off a huge urge to read the rest.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 18:43 [I guess that's a good thing since your writing/story got me hooked and kept me hooked. I also have a stronger hunch about what's going to happen with Saxon and Izar and Mayhem later, but I'm not saying anything... >:)]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 18:43 [I'm just going to have to wait and see if my guess is correct. I'll probably read the rest once we wrap up this arc.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 18:55 (In the next pages I kind of change things up a bit? I just don't want them read because they are quite detailed as they explain exactly what is going through Mayhem's mind the next time Izar attacks. I stopped writing after the attack.)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 18:57 (Also what happens in those pages all depends on Izar's cooperation. I just sort of wrote it down in hopes that it goes the way I imagined it)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 18:58 [OK. I won't read the rest until after Izar's next attack is complete.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 18:59 [Is there anything in particular you want Izar to say and/or do?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 19:01 (Not necessarily say. There's not much dialogue in this. Hmm... so not really)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 19:04 (I didn't write dialogue because I have never written like this before so I am just keeping it fairly simple for now)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 19:04 Why?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 19:05 Why can't we go home?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 19:05 [Alright. Is there anything you need Izar to do?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 19:07 (basically just somewhat go with whatever Mayhem does. Only when the time is right and you will definitely know when the time is right.)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 19:08 We cannot go home because it is no longer safe for you. Look on the bright side. We have a whole new world to explore, civilizations to see. There's a colony of little dragon creatures not far from here, we can go see them.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.23 19:12 *trots back out to Aedona with Sara*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 19:14 [OK.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 19:15 Okay...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 19:15 *glances at Mayhem, concerned about bringing him along, but since Sara doesn't seem to be making any objections about him following she assumes it's okay*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 19:16 I'll go back sometime and get all your toys, okay?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.23 19:16 *assuming Saxon left the portal open to Kvetti for them, she gestures for Sara to follow and goes through the portal*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 19:17 Okay. *starts wandering off towards their emergency house*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.23 19:18 *smiles as she walks with Mayhem*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 19:18 *follows along, rather enjoying the change in scenery*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.23 19:22 [gtg! *offline* I'm going to a Czech heritage festival! (Yes, I'm of Czech descent. I'm mostly German, but I've got a bit of Czech in me as well. :D) I'm going to celebrate with lots of kolaches and lots of tejano and polka music!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.23 23:27 (I have an announcement regarding that animation I have been working on. Well it's being put on hold until after Halloween. Let's just say I actually hope to complete my animation this time. Last year Flash wouldn't let me complete it.)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 01:42 (Okay so I am going to describe the fjord nearby their house. https://docs.google.com/document/d/133H3pR1pudG5aM6Qhmb76mDFMsUtroMDpTD4hy8PoJY/edit?usp=sharing)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 02:59  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 03:39 [BTW, I forgot to comment on the Mayhem drawing you did that was originally supposed to be a dragon drawing: It looked freaking amazing. How did you draw the hair?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 03:40 [Also, regarding the animation: That's perfectly fine. I need more time for the Aedona-Eira-Sara drawing.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 03:41  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 03:44 [I just read the file. The dragotsen sound pretty cool!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 03:46  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 03:47 )I just messed around with different shades until it looked like hair.)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 03:48  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:07 [Okie dokie. I'll try that sometime.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:07  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:08  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:08  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:10  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:17  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:18  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:24  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:24  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:25  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:26  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:27  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:28  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:28  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:28  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:29  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:29  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:30  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:31  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:32  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:33 (btw how many years from this timeline is AHAW2?)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:35  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:38 [Hm...let me see...AHAW 2 began when Aedona was 87, AHAW is when she's 17, and this is when she's 32...so that'd be 70-15=55 years.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 04:38 [Hii im here and ahaw2]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:39  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:40  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:41 (aiight that works. What is the plot as of now, if I may ask?)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:43  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:44  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:44  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 04:45 [you can have the old Ziraph slot in AHAW2 if you want Raeanna]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:46  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:46  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:48  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:49  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:50  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:50  Secret message to Mayhem  
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 04:51 *peeks around the house a bit, and then notices shimmering through the trees**gasps and runs towards it**comes out of the foliage and sees the fjord**stops and stares*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 04:52 *has never even seen a pond or lake--Sahlem is fairly dry--so she had no idea this much water even existed*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:52  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:53 (That character I added... Probably won't use him until I know exactly what is going on in the current plot)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:53 (the one i added to AHAW2
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 04:54 *takes a seat on a boulder overlooking the water* beautiful, isn't it?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 04:54 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:55  Secret message to Mayhem  
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 04:56 What is it...?!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 04:56 Water?!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:56  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:57  Secret message to Mayhem  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 04:57 Mhmm. Lots of it. All freshwater, too.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 04:57 *smiles big as she watches Eira from a distance*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 04:58 *runs down to the shore**tentatively pokes at the water with her finger*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:58  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 04:59 *walks over beside Saxon**yells:* Be careful, Eira! Don't fall in! *walks a bit closer to Eira in case she does get in the water*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 04:59 *takes a flying leap into the water, causing a massive splash*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:04  Secret message to Aedona  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:06 *giggles and sits on the shoreline* Dont worry Aedona I dont think she is going to die from splashing in the shallow end
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:07  Secret message to Mayhem  
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:07 Fluffy! *wades in, trying to get to him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:08 It gets really deep really fast... *sees Eira getting in the water and starts walking closer to her, concerned*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:09 *walks off behind a tree and some bushes and changes into her swimsuit then goes into the water*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:10 *swims over to Eira, meeting her halfway*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:12 I havent done this in a long long time...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:14 *grabs onto Fluffy*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:14 Swim faster!
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:14 *there is a lot of rustling in the bushes behind Saxon, constantly shifting in terms of where the noise is coming from*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:15 *is still in her night gown from when Izar attacked, so she isn't getting any of her good clothes wet*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:15 *starts swimming away from shore, picking up speed as he goes*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:15 *swims over to Eira and Mayhem* Hello guys
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:16 (the last irakurri arc in a nutshell https://ww w.youtube.com/watch?v=zHC3uvzcfV0)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:17 [ye]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:20 Yhello!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 05:21 *looks around, but sees nothing, then goes back to watching Eira, more on alert though*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:24 *goes under the water a bit and blows bubbles*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:26 [The h**l? XD]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:30 *three silvery gray reptiles jump from the bushes and stare up at Saxon, chirping curiously.*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:31 *doesn't like them swimming away from the shore, but figures that if Sara is nearby Eira should be okay*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:31 *hears the chirping and turns towards the reptiles*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:31 Saxon, behind you.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 05:32 *turns around* Oh? I never saw you creatures before. What are you? *reaches down toward one of the creatures. It hops forward to smell his hand* You're cute little guys, whatever you are.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:33 *the bushes rustle again as a much larger, greenish-blue reptile bursts from them, headbutting Saxon into the water. The three smaller creatures cackle in laughter and jump in after him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:34 *rushes over to Saxon to help him up*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 05:37 *With Aedona's help he climbs back onto the rock where the larger reptile is sitting down in wait for his return* What's the big idea? ..Hey, can you talk?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:39 Fluffy look....Reptiles we should get Eira someplace safer
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:40 *makes a hissing noise before stopping to think* A little. Dragotsen have no need for speech.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:42 *sees the reptiles* Ooo!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:42 Dragons! Daddy said I could meet dragons!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:42 If they're anything like Irakurrian Kvettian creatures, they're harmless as long as you don't threaten them
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:43 Let's go meet them, then, shall we? *swims toward the shore*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:43 *swims with them* Hello reptiles
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 05:44 I see. Well we are new here. I hope we can get along and possibly become good friends. *the dragotsen nods*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:46 *the smaller dragotsen return to shore to meet up with other large ones emerging from the trees. They all turn to face Mayhem, Eira, and Sara, hissing and quacking quietly as they marvel at the strange sight*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:47 You're dragons! *smiles*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:47 Breathe fire!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:47 Rawr!
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:49 *a faded blue dragotsen steps forward and tries to breathe fire but nothing happens*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:52 Interesting. They look like dragons of some sort but they cannot breathe fire. I'd very much like to learn more about them
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:53 Aww...
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:54 Apologies, Sir... *Saxon: Saxon. *Dragotsen: Saxon. *looks at the sky* Must return to hunt. *stands up and calls out, then turns and runs back into the forest, followed by the others*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:54 We don't mean any harm. We just want to live here in peace with our family.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:54 *said that before the dragotsens left*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 05:58 *turns to Saxon, Eira, Sara, and Mayhem* We should probably go to the house. We need rest. It's been a long night...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 05:58 cute little guys...I'll be back *goes back to the bush and puts her cloths back on and puts her backpack back on*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 05:59 I agree. Come on, Eira. Let's go.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 05:59 *crouches down to let Eira climb onto his back for the trip back*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 05:59 *climbs up onto Mayhem*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 06:00 Yaa, Fluffy! Yaa! *giggles*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:00 *can't help but smile a little at Eira treating Mayhem like a trusty horse*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 06:00 *gallops back to the house, being careful not to let her fall*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:02 *smiles and walks with Aedona* future will probably show up a few weeks after I leave since I love that kid I kinda want to be part of her life
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:03 *tries to keep up with Mayhem*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:16 [Sorry, I had to brush my teeth and such and forgot to say brb.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 06:16 *lets Eira climb off outside the front door*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:16 [I got bored on AHAW2 and Theo just killed someone]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:17 *smiles* Good...it's nice having you around.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 06:20 *tries to enter the house, but it's locked*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:20 *goes to the place where they hid the key and takes it**goes and unlocks the front door**enters*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:21 I got it. *unlocks the door and gestures for her to go take a look around inside*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:21 (nvm)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:22 *the house is small and most of the rooms are empty, but there are two beds and a hang-a-round chair, so there's enough room for the humans to sleep*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:22 *goes inside and sneezes* Its dusty...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:22 *there's no sink, but there is a bathroom, and some equipment (e.g. buckets) for retrieving water from the fjord*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:23 We rarely go here...we just set this place up for emergencies...this universe's Kvetti is a relatively little-known place.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:24 In the meantime, we're going to have to set up stricter rules from now on...right, Saxon? *looks at him pointedly*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:26 Right. *looks at Mayhem* Absolutely NO going outside at night, for one.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:26 I don't care how strong you may be or how confident you are. Disobey that rule and you're out of here.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:26 [Vera if she telaports she wont see Nymons Will she be confused at first of will the relization hit her suddenly?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:26 That applies to you too. *looks at Mayhem as well*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 06:28 *looks away* Fine, fine. I'll stay in at night.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:31 IF you dont sleep like me then we can talk or whatever
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 06:31 I sleep just fine, thank you.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:32 Oh I have some memes saved on my phone but this far in the future they are probably dead...I wont look At future memes...altho it is tempting....
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:32 oh...ok
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:34 You know, it's strange...you never mentioned anything about the future to me...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 06:34 *is in the bathroom**suddenly shrieks**Aedona rushes after her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:35 Eira, what is-- *sees what Eira has found**sighs*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:35 *there's a big insect on the toilet seat*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:36 Eira, it's just a bug... *picks it up with night energy, opens a window, and throws it out*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:36 Now go to the potty and then go to sleep.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 06:36 I'm wet...
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:36 *heard what happened and just starts laughing*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:37 *opens a cabinet in the bathroom and takes out a towel**sticks it out the window and shakes out the dust**once Eira is done going to the bathroom, Aedona dries her off and sends her to bed**it's late in the afternoon here, anyway*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 06:38 I'm going out to see what those reptiles are up to. After all, they look like friends, but they remind me so much of raptors. Those CAN'T be peaceful creatures. *Saxon: I don't really- ..Very well. Couldn't do any harm. *Mayhem runs outside and back into
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 06:38 the forest*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:38 Go to sleep quickly. If the cooties catch you up, they'll nibble on your buns. *pinches Eira's behind*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 06:39 *shrieks, jumps, and runs off to bed, giggling*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:39 *sighs* Better be back before dusk...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:39 *smirks as she watches Eira quickly tuck herself into the blankets*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:39 *heads to Eira's room*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:40 *notices Mayhem leaving**sighs, creasing her eyebrows in worry* I don't quite like having him added to the family...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:41 *lays on the pullout couch*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 06:42 Me neither. But he seems to make Eira quite happy, so I don't know what to do.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 06:45 [Theo likes the dragon]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:46 That's the same problem I have...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 06:46 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 15:33 [Would this be a good time to do a time skip? Or is there anything more you guys want to do with your characters?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 15:35 [I imagine that the family would be safe for a couple of weeks. In the meantime, Izar and the Ravens would be plotting to snatch Eira. We'd just skip to the next attack.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 15:36 [Unless there's an event you want to play out in between now and the next attack, of course. Skipping to that instead is fine with me.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 18:31 (I'm fine with a time skip)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:04  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:18  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:31  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:31  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:33  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:33  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:33  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:35  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:38  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:41  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:45  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:45  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:45  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:46  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:46  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:46  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:47  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:47  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:47  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:48  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:48  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:49  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:54  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:54  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:55  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:56  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 21:57  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:58  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 21:59  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:00  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:00  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:01  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:03  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:03  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:03  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:05  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:06  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:06  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:08  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:10  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:10  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:12  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:13  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:14  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:18  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:19 [Replies will be slower. I'm doing math.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:19 (K)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:22  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:26  Secret message to Saxon  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:27  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:31  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:31 [So...maybe you could invite Caprial on so we can RP a bit? I can't stay on much longer.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:32  Secret message to Aedona  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 22:34 [Hi]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:40 [Hey!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:40 (I think we were hoping for another time skip)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:40  Secret message to Saxon  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:41 [Yeah. We've just been discussing plot ideas. Nothing's actually happened in the RP, and we're thinking of skipping to the next attack (which should take place a few weeks into the future).]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 22:43 [Ok everyone jumps into the lake and sinks to the future]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.24 22:49 *makes pancakes in the morning for everyone to enjoy*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:49 (What time of day is it)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:50 [Close to 4 my time/3 your time.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:50 [Wait...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:51 [*facedesk*]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 22:51 [Uh...oops...you mean RP time? It's the morning, as Caprial's post shows. XD]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 22:52 (Nvm)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 22:53 *races Eira out to the kitchen*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:00 *is easily beaten to the kitchen by "Fluffy"*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 23:02 *sits down triumphantly, waiting for food*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 23:02 (Whoops. Mayhem did that)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:02 [BTW, I just discovered a heart-wrenching theory that adds to just how despicable the manor in Who Killed Markiplier? is. Mind if I share?]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 23:03 (I switched from the computer to my phone and Saxon was the last character I used)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 23:03 (Sure why not)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:03 *wakes up, gets dressed, and heads to the kitchen*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:04 [Alright, so...there's a livestream on Twitch featuring the butler (whose name is Benjamin) from WKM. You (the viewer) are interviewing him. I haven't actually seen it, but I read about it.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 23:04 *is already awake but he doesnt get out of bed. He just stares at the ceiling, deep in thought*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:04 [Benjamin reveals that actor/a**hole Mark and Celine were happily married. He said they were practically made for each other, so he doesn't understand how they split up.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:05 [This suggests that the manor (with its powers to accentuate negative emotions of and put ideas into its inhabitants'/victims' heads without them knowing it) caused Celine to cheat with the Colonel and split up with Mark.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:06 [The manor could've done this to advance its plan of getting a body of its own so its intelligence could roam free and not just be stuck in the house.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:06 [As WKM showed, the manor succeeded...that body is known as Darkiplier (the merger of the worst of Damien, the worst of Celine, and the manor's sentience itself).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:07 [Basically every character in WKM was innocent and good at heart, and that god-forsaken house
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:08 *that "god-forsaken house" (as the Colonel put it in Chapter 4) ruined them.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.24 23:09 (Hmm)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:10 *they have gotten some of their furniture and clothes and such from home by now**lifts Eira up into a chair*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 23:11 *jumps into another chair*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:14 [Also, if you want something to creep you the h**l out, here's something that's been nagging at me for a while: What the h**l happened to Celine's body? We know what happened to Celine--she became part of Darkiplier--but her body's still locked in that
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:14 room you/the District Attorney and the groundskeeper sealed her in...right?? O_O]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:15 [I tried looking into this on the Internet as well, and it's nagging people just as much as it's nagging me. There's no answer to that.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:16 *sits down on a chair by Eira**takes a deep, long, relaxed breath and looks slightly groggily at Sara**smiles a little* Haven't smelled your cooking in ages...
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 23:19 Shall we go play with the Dragotsen today?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:20 Yeah!! I wanna play with the dragonses!! [XD Yes, her mispronounciation makes her sound like Gollum...]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:20 [FILTHY DRAGONSES!!! XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:21 I think we have time for that...let's see if it's alright with your father first.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 23:22 Hey, you ask, Eira. He wimm
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 23:22 *will say no if I ask
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:25 Okay!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:25 Whoa, wait a minute. You haven't even eaten yet. He's still resting. Talk to him after you've eaten, okay?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:25 Aww...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:26 You'll thank me later. Sara's pancakes are the best. *gently and playfully tweaks Eira's nose*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:27 Hey! *sounds upset, but is also giggling**grabs Aedona's nose*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:27 *gives her nose a little pull* Aedona: Aaaah! *makes a comedically strained face* Eira: *laughs and lets go* So there!
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 23:30 *his stomach rumbles* Speaking of food..
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:33 *glances at Mayhem**says to Sara* Are the pancakes done yet?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.24 23:33 I'm afraid my little blue-haired beast will eat me up if they aren't done soon.
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:34 *giggles* Rawr!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:41 [Hello?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 23:42 (I'm still here)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:44 [OK. Where's Caprial?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.24 23:46 (No clue but i have to leave any minute now. Be back at 7, then 9:30)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.24 23:51 [OK, see you! I gtg too.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:04  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:06  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:07  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:13  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:21 [I'm here! Sorry I took so long to come here, I was having a dumb argument about whether the Irish Sea is part of the Atlantic or a thing of its own. To me, it's part of the Atlantic. XP]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:22  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:22  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:23  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:25  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:25  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:25  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:26  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 03:27  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:28  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:29  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:32  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:32  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 03:35  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 04:17  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 04:19  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 04:37 [Hi...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 04:41 [Hey! Meet me on AHAW 2! :D]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 04:41 [ok!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 05:32 [I'm here as well BTW!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 05:35 *brings the food to the table* here
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 05:38 *eats quickly since she wants to go play with the dragotsens* Mmm!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 05:39 *eats even faster because she discovers that she loves the pancakes and wants to get as many pancakes in her as she can*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 05:39 *chuckles* Whoa, slow down, you might choke! *Eira slows down**in the meantime, she eats her own pancakes*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 05:40  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 05:40  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 05:45  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 05:46  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 05:47  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 05:48  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 05:50  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 05:51  Secret message to Mayhem  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 05:54 *sits and eats the pancakes*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 05:59 *finishes her pancakes fairly quickly*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 06:02 *jumps off the chair and goes to Saxon**tugs on his sleeve* Daddy?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:25  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:26  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:26  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:27  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:29  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:31  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:33  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:37  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:37  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:38  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:45  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 07:46  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 09:01  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 09:02  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 09:05  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 09:11  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 09:15  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 09:17  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 09:20  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 09:20  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 11:16  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:45  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:45  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:47  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:47  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:49  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:51  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:51  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:57  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 17:58  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 18:08  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 18:15  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 18:22  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 18:38  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 19:06  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 19:11  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 19:11  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 19:12 [I think I'm going to have a break at around noon MT during which I can RP for a while. Hopefully I'll see you guys then!]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 19:12  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 19:13 (OH GOOD! I have to go drive any minute now and I'll be back at noon!)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 19:57 [I'm here! Is Caprial on too?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 20:00 (heeyy)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:02 [EYYY]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 20:15 [Hey! :D]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 20:16 (finally getting around to outlining one of the sketches)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 20:19 [Sorry, got distracted. RPing?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 20:20 (ye)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:24 *has finished her pancakes and gone to Saxon**tugs on his sleeve* Daddy?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:25 So whats the plan today?
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.25 20:26 *looks over, still lost in thought* Yes? What do you need?
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:32 I wanna play with dragonses with Fluffy!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.25 20:34 With what? Oh. *sits up* Alright, just take Mom or Sara with you.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:37 I'll go, you two probably need some alone time
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:38 Okay! *runs out the door*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 20:40 *follows Eira close behind, practically ignoring Sara*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:42 [BTW, have you guys seen Markiplier's latest video?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 20:43 (probably not. i only watch markiplier every now and then)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:45 [You both have to see it. It's just titled "Pretzels." It's hilarious from beginning to end. :D]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:45 [It's only about 5 minutes long.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:48 *fallows close behind them*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:49 *heads with "Fluffy" and Sara to the dragotsen's home*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:50 [gtg in about 10 minutes. :P]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 20:51 [Could we skip to twilight/the beginning of the attack?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 20:53 (yea)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:53 [yeah NYOOM twilight in apon us...ew sparkly vampires kill em]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 20:54 (XD)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 20:56 *is running back home with Eira on his back* Uh oh.. *looks up at the sky. They got carried away and stayed out too late*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:57 Crap *gets out an umbrella and holds it over Eria* Maybe it will help?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 20:57 *has been looking for Eira and co.**is holding a very bright emergency lamp while staying under dense trees**having to hide from the sky has hindered her search*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 20:57 *her light is seen in the distance by Eira and co.*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.25 20:58 *twilight suddenly snaps to night*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 20:58 *sees how unnaturally fast it changed to night**knows that Izar found Eira**sees Eira and co. moving in the distance and starts running towards them*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 20:59 [You could say Saxon had a lamp too and was looking as well.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:59 why did the sky do that? it...it didnt even slowly get dark it sudenly whent black! the sky dosent do that!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 20:59 *Picks up Eria off of Fluffys back and holds her close*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 21:00 *holds an umbrella over them but dosent know if it will work*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.25 21:01 (ill brb gotta get groceries)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.25 21:04 (back)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.25 21:04 *had previously taken to the skies and was searching from above*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 21:06 [That was quick. XD]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 21:06 Riyu: *watching from the Rift* This can't be good. Do you think we should have tried to take Mayhem out of the picture? *Karasu: He hasn't really meant any harm. *Riyu: True, but look at the danger he's put the child in.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.25 21:06 *the moon suddenly lights up directly behind Eira and co.**he is hovering in front of the moon (and thus he is also directly behind them)*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 21:07 BEHIND YOU!!!! *doesn't know if she's close enough for them to hear**is running as fast as she can*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.25 21:07 Tentation: You don't suppose we should do something about this? Riyu: *glances at Karasu, then whispers to Tentation* When they come back we will make our move. The child would be safer with us anyway.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 21:08 *drops the umbrella and runs twards the house with Eria in her arms*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.25 21:08 *tendrils of lunar energy come from the moon, weave around and past him, and wrap around Eira*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 21:09 *holds onto Eria tightly seeing the moon beam wrapping around her small frame*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.25 21:09 *is torn out of Sara's arms and sent flying towards Izar**cries out*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 21:09 *leaps in and bites the energy. It hurts him, but he doesn't stop his attack until Eira is free*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.25 21:10 *swoops down and catches Eira as she falls* I got you! *takes her back to the ground*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 21:11 *freezes a bit and starts having a flashback looks a bit distant and horrfied as she shakes slightly*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.25 21:13 *uses his lunar abilities to influence the nearby ocean**it sweeps Mayhem into it*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 21:13 You don't know when to quit, do you? *flexes his claws angrily as he snarls up at Izar*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.25 21:14 *stars appear in the black sky and rain down on Aedona and Sara like sparkling little bombs*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 21:14 *said that before Izar attacked*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.25 21:14 I think that is your problem, Mayhem. *creates a powerful current to drag Mayhem down*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 21:15 *grabs onto Sara while creating night energy around herself and Sara*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 21:15 *one bomb lands on her and blasts her back killing her but she stands up again pulling her out of her daze*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.25 21:15 *the stars still hurt, though* [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.25 21:15 [nvm]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 21:19 *bursts from the water with an explosion of shadows. Lands on a rock and calls out, mimicking the Dragotsen language, making a loud chuffing sound*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.25 21:21 *while Mayhem runs back to aid Saxon and Eira, a mass of Dragotsen take flight to attack Izar* *Mayhem knows they stand no chance but he intends to use them as a distraction to buy Saxon time to create and escape*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:25 [I'm here! @ Caprial: Meet me on AHAW 2!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:27 [Whoops...realized I said "See you tomorrow." I meant "See you later." The "tomorrow" part is sorta habitual.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 04:29 [hi]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:33 [Hey!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:35 [BTW, I am contemplating closing Fartlandia RP. I have lost interest in it due to disuse, and frankly with the situation our members are in it's impossible to RP on there anyway (Corona disappeared, and RaeAnna rarely comes on at the fixed times due to
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:35 work).]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:36 [I'm thinking of creating a completely new RP from scratch in its wake. The best case scenario regarding its members would be that Caprial, Paige, and Joan would join it. Of course, RaeAnna could join too if she wants, but it may not work very well
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 04:37 [what would it be about?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:38 because I'd try to arrange for everyone to meet up at the fixed times and I'd try to make the RP fast-paced. It's nothing personal, and frankly I feel pretty bad about saying this, but this new RP would not suit your schedule, RaeAnna. I'm sorry. :/]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:39 [I imagine the new RP would be much more serious. Probably the sci-fi genre, and definitely psychological. Really, it'd be like these RPs in tone.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:40 [In a way, it might even be a "spiritual sibling" of this RP series (the RPs focusing on the Yinyang and Irakurri universes). But the world/setting would probably be quite different.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:42 [I imagine that that RP--like this series--would heavily involve relationships and interactions between characters.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 04:49 [What time line dose it take place in]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:51 [@ Caprial: Would you be willing to join such an RP?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:51 [It takes place in its own independent timeline. It's basically my world, my setting, and my story in an AHAW style/tone/spirit.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:54 [For a long time I've wanted an RP where all of my main fellow RPers could come together. I tried to do that with Fartlandia, but that clearly failed. Maybe if I make something completely new but much better it could work.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:57 [BTW, my RP would most likely not involve magic. It'd probably be sci-fi. I've tried making fantasy stuff before, and I'm frankly not very good at it.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 04:58 [Also, it'd be redundant, considering that these RPs are just chock full of magic.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:02 [BTW, I just went ahead with closing Fartlandia. I will most likely begin the process of worldbuilding for my new future RP tonight.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:03 [Hm...now that I think about it, maybe it doesn't have to be sci-fi...I could expand the concept of Panthea (a world where all myths are true and there are pagan gods and whatnot) and create a whole world out of it...I don't know. The one thing I know for
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:04 sure is that it'll be very psychological, heavily rely on character interactions, and be like these RPs in tone for the most part.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:12 [Oh if its in the future a bit ikuri sara could be in it and be a villian in it I think that would be fun]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:18 [It's in its own world. It is not connected to Yinyang or Irakurri in any way except it's meant to mimic the tone of these RPs. However, depending on how I craft the world, you could make basically a copy of Irakurri Sara and use her as a villain. That'd
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:19 be fine with me so long as it fits the setting (which it probably will).]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:21 [Ikuri Sara, could easily make some excuse on how she got there fursonia bs]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:24 [I wish for it to have its own unique cast of characters. All the characters should be native to this new universe I'm creating. It can't hurt to make a copy of Irakurri Sara who was born in my new universe.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:25 [I just want it to be connected to these RPs in spirit. I want this RP to be its own thing. It draws inspiration from these RPs, but not characters or worlds. It has its own world, its own characters, and its own plot, but is a lot like these RPs in tone.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:25 *]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:26 [This would give you a chance to tailor a new Sara's past in accordance with the way the world of my new RP is built. She may not even be human--e.g. I'm thinking that androids that look very human (like Blade Runner) would exist if this were a sci-fi
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:26 setting. The new RP's Sara could be the ultimate android or something. But having her be a human whose genetics were severely messed up, rendering her immortal, also works.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:27 [I see, so another Sara verion oh! I am planning a new sara! Fun!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:27 [I still don't have a "solid" setting for the new RP, though. I'm going to have to contemplate and invent it for a while.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:27 [I prefer messed up genes to make her immortal]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:28 [Ok]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:29 [Yep, exactly! This RP is completely new in everything except tone. I'm going to try to mimic the AHAW spirit while creating something entirely new. It gives you the opportunity to exercise your creative juices as well! :D]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:31 [The only time there might be a "physical" (as opposed to spiritual) crossover is if we bring characters from the new RP into a party like the Spring Break Ball or RaeAnna's Christmas party.]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 05:32 (Yooo)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:36 [Hey!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:36 [Would it be on earth or another planet or lots of planets]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:39 [Let's RP!]
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 05:39 (Agreed)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:39 [@ Caprial: I don't know yet. The images in my head suggest it'll be in outer space, and not necessarily even on a planet--e.g. it could be on a big space station, or even an artificial planet.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:40 [You'll learn later. I'm at the very first stages of worldbuilding. I barely know almost anything about my setting yet.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:40 [Fun sara could own a planet]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:40 [It could even become something completely different. I may not do sci-fi. You never know.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 05:41 *easily takes out the dragotsen by making the night sky stretch down and drive them back whilst impaling them*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 05:41 *takes Eira to Aedona then turns to face Izar*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 05:42 *starts countering a lot of Izar's attacks on the Dragotsen*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:42 [Fun sara could own a small cave in the woods]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:43 *grabs Eria and holds her tight again* hold on super tight Eria dont let go
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 05:44 (I'm not really having Saxon join the fight yet because he is still the type who is reluctant to fight, especially when someone else is already handling it)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 05:45 *sees the attack in progress and takes the opportunity to open another portal to the Rift*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 05:47 (Gtg now. Ill respond after work)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 05:47 [Crap, I got super distracted for a moment. Sorry. XP]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 05:47 [@ Caprial: XD We'll see.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:50 *works on protecting Sara and Eira*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:50 Sara, get to the portal! *blocks another slew of explosive stars and runs towards Izar*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:51 [You can have Sara reach the portal if you want. I think it might work better if Aedona arrives a few minutes afterwards.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:51 *starts running twards it*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 05:52 [Ok do you want he to go through it?]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 05:58 [Hm...yeah, though I imagine there'd be resistance...like this:] *launches lunar energy at Sara that knocks her down and holds her in place*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 05:58 *launches herself up and towards Izar with a wave of night energy**raises this wave, making it bigger and more powerful, and then sends it zooming towards Izar*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 05:59 *meets the wave with his hand**his own influence over the night energy creates an invisible barrier, causing the wave to flatten out in the air in front of him and slide around him instead of directly hit him*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 06:00 Eria! Run run into the portal go!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.26 06:02 *because Sara is holding onto her while being held down by lunar energy, the lunar energy in effect is holding Eira down too**tries to squeeze out of Sara's and the lunar energy's grip, but can't*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 06:03 *blasts/propels herself with more night energy, sending herself careening through the night energy wave Izar is blocking and taking him by surprise**flies through the cloud of night energy Izar is blocking and collides with him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 06:04 *she and Izar go flying back**kicks and hits him as hard as she can*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 06:04 *his concentration falters for a split second*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.26 06:04 *squeezes out of the lunar energy's grip during this one second and runs to the portal*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 06:05 *gets up and runs through with Eria*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 06:05 *the punches or kicks didn't weaken him at all**it's just been a long time since he's felt physical pain--he's that powerful of a fighter**gets very p***ed and sees Eira escaping to the Rift*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 06:06 [The lunar energy only weakened enough for Eira to go. Sara's still stuck.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 06:06 [Sorry I didn't make this clearer. XP]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.26 06:08 [Oh ok]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 06:15 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 08:55 Karasu: *Catches Eira as soon as she gets through the portal, pulling her close* It's alright, he can't hurt you in here. Your big sis won't let him. *backs away from the portal*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 08:58 *summoning more dark magic than before, he is able to break Sara free from the lunar energy with little effort(combined with the fact that it was already weakened)* Go, now! *turns back and takes an opportunity to attack. He takes to the sky and with
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 08:59 incredible speed he tries to hit Izar with his fist, now covered in thick, razor sharp ice*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 21:41 *after getting p***ed off, he had bound Aedona in an intricate web-like formation of lunar energy**he would've killed her within a few seconds if Saxon hadn't districted him*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 21:41 *distracted
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 21:45 (yo)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 21:50 *furiously swipes at Izar, mostly intending to drive him back, away from Aedona*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 21:55 (btw im nearly done coloring Kieron)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 21:55 [Hey!]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 21:55 [Awesome!]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 21:58 *is knocked back several feet in the air**the ice does leave marks, but they're more like allergy marks (e.g. as if your dog had clawed you enough to hurt but not enough to break any of the skin)*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 21:59 [The marks are actually a big deal, as it's EXTREMELY difficult to even leave a mark on him.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 21:59 *creates her own lunar energy around her body that pushes outwards**with Izar distracted by Saxon, her lunar energy is able to push the energy binding her outwards enough for her to slip through and start falling*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:00 *falls towards the sea*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:01 *calls off the Dragotsen attack and catches Aedona before she falls into the water, then rushes toward the portal with her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:06 *hops off Mayhem when he reaches the shore and runs to the portal**hesitates before reaching it, looking back at Saxon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:06 [Perhaps you should tell Caprial we're on?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:07 (perhaps)
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 22:08 *glances at Aedona for only a moment* GO!
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 22:12 (ill brb any minute now so if i don't respond ill be back soon)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:12 *goes through the portal, worried for him*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:12 [OK.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:13 *waits by the portal*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:18 (Back)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:21 *sends exploding stars zooming at Saxon not to necessarily hurt him, but to first blind and stun him*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:21 *follows the stars up with night energy that coils around him*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:23  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:24  Secret message to Aedona  
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 22:25 *was able to fend off the stars, but not the night energy*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:28  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:29  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:29  Secret message to Mayhem  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:30 *using the night energy, he puts crushing pressure on Saxon, basically using the night energy like an anaconda would use its body on its victim*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:31 *the night sky wreathes around Izar**Izar disappears**Izar then comes down from a portion of night sky above the portal*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:31 *rapidly descends towards the portal*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 22:36 *manages to close the portal right before Izar reaches it*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:38 *hits the ground instead**looks up very dangerously at Saxon*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:39 *night sky wreathes around him again, and then he appears in some beams of moonlight directly behind Saxon*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:39 *circles around to the front of Saxon while speaking* You are going to regret that decision.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:39 Open another portal to the Rift for me. NOW.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 22:40 Go to H***
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:41 *pauses and looks at him**sounds way too calm* I'm afraid that's what's about to happen to you.
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 22:42 Probably. But guess what. You're not getting to the Rift.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:43 *squeezes Saxon with the night energy hard enough to be exceptionally painful, but not enough to break his bones--well, not any bones that would have serious consequences, anyway*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:45 *still holding him firmly with the night energy, he throws Saxon about 60 feet onto the boulders far below*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 22:48 *lands with a choke. He's in a considerable amount of pain, but not enough to render him immobilized. He looks over,at Mayhem* What are you doing just standing there??
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:50 Oh, I'm sure he is just savoring the moment.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:51 *lands down beside Saxon and grabs him by the collar of his shirt**lifts him up, lunar energy spreading from his hand and slowly spreading itself around Saxon's body*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:51 *stalks over to Saxon and simply stares down at him for a while* Oh, just considering your life. *pins him to the ground* You know, I didn't think I hated you as much as I apparently do.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:52 [Should Izar reveal Mayhem's identity?]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:52 [Nvm, seems like Mayhem will do that himself.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:52 (That wont be necessary)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:53 *lets go**the lunar energy lifts Saxon up**the night sky bends down like dripping gloop, the ends of these gloop-like tendrils razor sharp**the night sky stabs Saxon all over--again, none of the stabs fatal, but all of it is very painful*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:54 *the lunar energy disappears and the night sky retracts, dropping Saxon onto the boulders again* You will open the portal. [I assume this is where Mayhem steps in. I tried to quickly get Saxon back into the position he was in before--lying on the boulders
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:54 Saxon: I haven't done anything to you. *Mayhem: Not recently, no. But yours is a grudge I guess I'll never forget. *surrounds himself with shadows and begins changing back to his human form*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:54 *.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 22:57 *was intending to attack Saxon some more, but he decides not to interfere with Mayhem and just stands near Mayhem and Saxon, watching*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:57 *picks up Saxon by his suit jacket and throws him back to Izar* So, Saxon, why don't we give you just give the man what he wants?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:57 *reunites with Sara and goes to find Eira*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:58 *why don't you just give the man what he wants
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 22:58 (Idek what happened there i think i wanted to say something else)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 22:59 [That happens to me too. I think of a sentence, think of a better way to say it, revise it, post it, and then see that my sentence is some wonky thing in between the original and the revised version in my head.]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.26 23:00 *everyone is staying back while Karasu is with Eira*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:01 *looks coldly at Saxon*
14>Saxon (Raven), ?(21)yo.2018,Sep.26 23:02 *is a little more fearful than before, knowing he's up against two gods* Never..
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:04 *looks back at Mayhem* May I? [He's basically asking if there's anything more Mayhem wishes to do with Saxon or if Izar can go ahead and resume attacking Saxon.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:04 *nods*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:04 [Again, this is quite unusual. Izar doesn't take crap from anyone. 99.99999% of the time he does whatever he wants.]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:05 (The power of spite)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:06  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:07  Secret message to Izar  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:07  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:07  Secret message to Izar  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:08  Secret message to Mayhem  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:08  Secret message to Mayhem  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:09  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:09  Secret message to Izar  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:09  Secret message to Izar  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:11  Secret message to Izar  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:13  Secret message to Izar  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:14  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:16  Secret message to Izar  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:16  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:16  Secret message to Izar  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:17 *slams Saxon around with a combination of martial arts and night energies**then knocks him back over to Mayhem*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:18  Secret message to Mayhem  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:18  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:20 *manipulating the shadows fused with Saxon's ice magic he is able to use his own ice against him. His first attack barely misses the heart, making Saxon cry out. He throws him back to Izar*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.26 23:21 (Alight)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:22  Secret message to Mayhem  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:23 *raises his hands, summoning more portions of razor sharp night sky that dart down at Saxon*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.26 23:24 [MESSAGE TO CAPRIAL: If you haven't read the rest of RaeAnna's file where she wrote what happens during the Izar attacks from Mayhem's perspective, you may do so here. It shows what happens to Saxon, be warned, it's pretty darn nasty.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 23:24 *in the meantime, she goes to take Eira from Karasu* Eira!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.26 23:25 [gtg! *offline* See you later!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 02:58 [I'm on!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:07 [Hello?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 03:07 (Hey)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 03:10 [Hi]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 03:13 (Btw we are kind of skipping the fight scene because it's a little dark for the to)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 03:13 (*rp)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 03:14 [Bruhhh]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:15 [Hey!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 03:15 [XD ok]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:16 [Yeah...this is technically a kids' site, after all. In addition, what your mind fills in tends to be worse. I notice that a lot of good horror tends to obscure things in ways that basically lets your own paranoia scare the h**l out of yourself.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:17 *takes Eira from Karasu and holds her close*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:17 *has been crying, though Karasu helped to calm her down*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:21 *@ Karasu* Thank you...
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 03:21 Karasu: *goes to view the battle away from where Eira can see*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 03:21 *simply nodded toward Aedona before leaving*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:22 *rocks her upper body from side to side, the rhythmic movement helping Eira to calm down further*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:23 It's okay...Mommy's here...Mommy's never going to let you go...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:23 *clings tightly to Aedona*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 03:25 Sara. Come here a minute, please.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 03:26 (Aaand i gtg now. See you at 9:30!)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:27 *pauses and lets out a slight choking noise**clears her throat, sits with her knees crossed, and resumes the rhythmic rocking**is close to tears herself--it's not like these attacks don't affect her emotionally--but she suppresses it for the sake of
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:27 keeping Eira calm*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:28 Mama, where's Daddy? *her voice is a little hoarse from crying*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:28 He'll be here soon, baby, he'll be here soon.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:29 *she honestly doesn't know if this is true, but again, she is acting like this for Eira's sake**she is probably more scared and sad than Eira right now*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 03:30 [@ Caprial: Meet me on AHAW 2!]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:42 [BTW, just as kind of a fun fact I wish to share the correct pronounciation of Eira. I thought it was either I-rah or Ee-rah. Both are wrong; I watched a video on how to pronounce it (it's actually the Welsh word for "snow") and it's pronounced "A-rah,"
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:57 with the capital "A" being pronounced like the "a" in "came."
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:57 *]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:57 [Hello?]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:59 [Oh, and in addition, I feel like the music from the very end of Who Killed Markiplier really fits as background music for a lot of this arc: https://w ww.youtube.com/watch?v=TWTIELv4FJ4 ]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 03:59 [If you don't see how the music emotionally fits, you will when the ending gets played out.]
1>C.J (Chia wolf), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 04:15 [Hi sorry i got distracted]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 04:17 [Hey!]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 05:33 (Yo)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 05:34 (Saraaa)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 05:35 [Hey!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 05:37 *runs over* what?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 05:40 *is still holding Eira close*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 05:40 I just want your opinion and perhaps a little advice. I don't know if it's a good idea to go try to help my dad. Its... Not looking good for him. *looks back at Aedona* I didn't want to say anything, not with the kid around.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 05:42 *looks back through the window to see the fight.* Do I try to do what's right and help him or keep Eira safe by staying here. I definitely do not have the willpower that he has
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 05:42 Well, what exactly is your dad trying to do?
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 05:43 He's just holding his tongue. Izar wants him to open the portal again
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 05:44 *he and Mayhem are taking turns launching extremely gruesome and painful attacks on Saxon*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 05:44 *they are close to finished at this point**has a plan for when Mayhem has finished*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 05:45 I am helping Eria beacause I dont want her to be ripped away from her family, I know what that is like exactly what its like and you never recover from it.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.27 05:46 Do what you think is right though.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 05:47 (Gtg now. Ill respond after work)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 05:48 [Alright, see you!]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 08:06 I don't want my dad to die... But helping him could lead to far worse. *starts crying a little*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 16:42 *has a bad feeling about everything that's going on* [Note: Death sense is a thing. I've actually been able to tell when my pets are approaching the end of their lives--e.g. I acted differently and petted and talked to my oldest rabbit during the week
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 16:45 prior to her death from old age. Aedona here is kind of having a "near death sense" right now--she knows something is very wrong right now even though she can't see what's happening to Saxon.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 16:47 *as she is closely hugging Aedona, she can't see Aedona's face, but the stress and sadness on it are clear*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 16:48 *and talked to my oldest rabbit more [Freaking typos...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 16:49 *sees Karasu**can't see what she's watching, but she can easily guess**freezes, looking down at something distant*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.27 16:49 Mama...?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 16:51 *is holding back tears**she feels that Saxon's still alive, albeit something is nevertheless very wrong* Shh, it's okay. Everything's going to be alright.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 16:52 *either forgets to continue the rocking or doesn't have the willpower to do it anymore**Eira snuggles up closer to her**keeps her arms firmly and supportively around her daughter*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 17:35 *decides to end his assault by strangling Saxon for awhile throwing him down only once he has hardly any life left* That was fun while it lasted.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:27 *takes that as his cue to take over**puts wraps one arm around to Saxon's chest from under one of Saxon's armpits and lifts him up this way*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:27 *ignore the "puts" XP*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:28 [I don't know if you guys are here, but I can be on for a little while.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:31 I must admit that this fight has become more entertaining than I imagined it would be, but I have business matters to attend. I must say farewell.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:32 *ascends to his realm on the moon with Saxon still held firmly with his right arm*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:40 [A quick note: I imagine Izar looking like Ian McKellen as Magneto from the X-Men movie series--except in a different costume, of course. He wears a cloak with long, kimono type sleeves, and underneath the cloak he wears a long-sleeved shirt and loose
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:40 pants. His clothes appear to be made out of the fabric of the night sky itself, his skin is pale, and he has the ultramarine eyes that Aedona and Eira inherited.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:42 [I think Izar's physical similarities with Gandalf make an interesting contrast. Gandalf is of course similar in appearance to Ian McKellen's Gandalf; Aedona often saw Gandalf as the good, wise grandfather she never had.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:44 [Also, I will confirm this: Gandalf was an alias. Gandalf has a relatively unknown past for a reason, and in turn keeps his name hidden for a reason. A story arc might delve into his past sometime, though...]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 22:53 (Yo you still here?)
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:54 [Hey! Yeah, for a little bit longer. Perhaps you should tell Caprial we're on?]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 22:58 (My connection is being kind of slow. Just say in)
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 22:58 *sayin
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Sep.27 22:59 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:00 *is still just sitting in the Rift, holding onto Eira*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 23:00 *sits against a tree and waits*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:02  Secret message to Mayhem  
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 23:02 Riyu, keep an eye on things here.. *Riyu nods and she goes down to Kvetti to meet Mayhem* Are you satisfied?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:03  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:03  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 23:05 *grins* You should know that people like me are never satisfied. This is all just part of a greater plan. I don't expect you to understand.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:05 *as soon as Karasu leaves she becomes more alert**Karasu and Saxon are the only Ravens she genuinely trusts*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.27 23:06 I don't want to understand. You're a sick man. *Mayhem: Come on, I'm not that bad. *Karasu: *shakes her head*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:09 Riyu: *comes over and kneels beside Aedona* Do you need anything?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:09 (Sorry I lost reception. Also Caprial has work in a couple of minutes)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:10 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:11 *says quietly* Is Saxon alive? *she senses the answer is "yes," but she needs a confirmation*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:12 Of course he's alive.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:12 I'd be much happier if it were not so.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:14 *is relieved**ignores what Riyu said after confirming that he's alive--getting into an argument here is probably a very bad idea*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:17 (Well now I'm just lost. I'm listening to more intense songs by A7X on Spotify in order to better get into character. This song is too dark XD)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:18 (Annnyyywaaaay)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:19 [Yeah, sometimes I have to switch music to fit the mood of whatever RP I'm on.]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:19 I expect Karasu to be back anytime now. She's talking with... "Fluffy"... *cringes*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.27 23:20 [gtg! *offline* I'll try to come on at 7:00 MT, but I can't guarantee at all that I'll be on. See you later!]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:21 (See ya)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:25 Tentation: Back off, Riyu. She doesn't want you around. Go keep an eye on your granddaughter. *Riyu: I am- *Tentation: Your OTHER granddaughter.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.27 23:25 *Riyu gets up, mumbling, and walks away* Tentation: Sorry about him..
9>Leonore (Dragon Fursonia), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 04:09 [@ Caprial: Meet me on AHAW 2! Be warned: My replies will be EXTREMELY slow. For some reason this website is barely working for me again. Other websites load fine...I don't know what's going on.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 04:14 [Actually, I correct myself. My Internet as a whole just freaking su cks right now. XP] It's fine. I'm used to it.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:07 [My Internet seems to be better now, but be warned.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:35 [@ RaeAnna: Are you here?]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 05:36 (Yep)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:39 *is just waiting while holding onto Eira*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 05:42 Tentation: I have some news for you. Something Riyu wasn't going to tell you. However.. *looks at Eira* Don't think it'd be suitable for little ears
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 05:44 *hugs her* hey...the right thing isnt always the easiest it usually never is
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 05:45 (Sara isn't in the Rift anymore)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:45 *isn't letting go of Eira, so she compromises**takes out a handkerchief long enough to go around Eira's head**puts one end in one of Eira's ear and one end in the other*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:46 [I thought Sara was still in the Rift??]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 05:46 (I gtg now)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:46 [Karasu walked away a distance to view Saxon and then called her over, right?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:47 [Oh, wait a minute.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:47 [RaeAnna meant that KARASU isn't in the Rift. If you read above, she goes to meet and talk to Mayhem.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:47 [Sara's still in the Rift, but Karasu left.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:51 [@ RaeAnna: BTW, I can never look at the word "mayhem" in the same way again. I was just reading an ordinary sentence with the word "mayhem" in it and immediately thought of Mayhem the character. Gosh darn it RaeAnna. XD]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 05:51 [Also, scratch what Aedona did with the handkerchief. It's just weird.] *calls Sara back over*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 05:55 *walks over* yeah?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 06:00 *hands Eira to her* I need to have a private talk with Tentation. Please take her out of earshot.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 06:04 ok *walks off with Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.28 06:18 I wanna be with Mama... *doesn't struggle or anything, though*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 06:19 I know...I know...you will be soon she just has to talk for a bit
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 08:06 (Muhaha!)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 08:12 Tentation: *walks out of earshot with Aedona* Riyu wasn't lying about Saxon being alive. He's alive, but not well. They're keeping him alive.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 15:36 I see... *realizes she said "they" and isn't sure who she's referring to anymore* "They?" [I might be on at around 2 PM MT, but I'm not sure. Hopefully I'll see you guys then!]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 18:11 (Aiight)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 18:26 Yes, "they". See for yourself. *shows Karasu talking to Mayhem* Izar already took him away.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:08 [I'm here!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:15 *is very alarmed**due to her abilities to resist simulations and other tamperings of her mind, the memories of discovering "Fluffy's" true identity the first time stir a bit deep within her subconscious, and she puts two and two together*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:19 (I'll be slow. At the store buying German themed foods for dinner)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:21 [Awesome!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:26 [What foods have you gotten so far?]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:26 (My town is celebrating OctoberFest next week so those days I might be slower as well)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:28 (It's not like in Germany but still. Its a thing my town does)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:28 (I mostly got drinks because I love German drinks. But I also got sausage and chocolate)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:34 [Ah, cool!]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:34 I don't know what happened. Mayhem had truly been so kind the past several weeks. We all thought he was a changed man. Perhaps he was.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 22:36 [Hi]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:38 *is hurt and angry**she never trusted "Fluffy," but Sara was right in that Sara's "trust" in him made Aedona distrust him less*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:38 [@ Caprial: Hey! :D]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:39 *quickly guesses that Mayhem probably teamed up with Izar in the attack**doesn't say anything about Mayhem, though*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:40 Riyu: *walks over to Sara* Hello again.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 22:40 *changes the subject* Izar probably won't kill Saxon...he needs him to open a portal here. *turns and walks towards Sara and Eira, looking down, deep in thought*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.28 22:40 Where's Daddy and Fluffy??
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 22:45 *holds Eria close* Hi
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:48 *@Eira* He's gone. Won't be returning here for awhile. Don't you worry, it's only to keep you safe. Now, I do believe Fluffy wanted to show you Irakurri. How,would you like to go see it while we wait for him to come back?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:49 (He added the don't you worry part because that is where he originally went wrong with Karasu. He somehow made her believe that her father had abandoned her. Just some fun facts)
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.28 22:51 Daddy's gone?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:52 Unfortunately. I guarantee he will be back though.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 22:54 No she isnt going to Ikuri
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.28 22:55 *her eyes are wide**is sad and confused*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.28 22:55 Why is he gone?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:55 What's wrong with Irakurri? It's perfectly safe. Especially now.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 22:57 *@Eira* He's settling matters with your grandpa
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:04 *walks over* Excuse me, what's this about sending my daughter to Irakurri?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:07 I wasn't saying anything about sending her anywhere. I just wanted to try and be a good grandpa by taking her to see places that she may never see in your universe. Creatures that definitely do not exist in Yinyang.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:11 I don't think that's such a good idea.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:11 Why not
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 23:15 Beacause she is 4!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:15 I'm her mother. It's my right to dictate where she does and doesn't go.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 23:16 You take 4 year olds to splash parks playgrounds and Zoos not other universes
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:16 [...And also because Vulkanisch is up and running, and trying to reunite with Saxon in Irakurri would be phenomenally dangerous...among many other reasons, including Aedona most definitely not wanting Mayhem around her daughter anymore...]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 23:16 Seriously...you need age appropriate activities
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:17 Pfft. You havent taken her to either of those places, have you?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:18 Sightseeing is an age appropriate activity, thank you very much, Sara
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:19 Sara hasn't, but I have. And I made sure she got home before sunset with plenty of time to spare, unlike "Fluffy."
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:19 Come on, Sara, there's no point to arguing with him, it'll only make things more difficult.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:23 I couldn't agree more. *snaps his fingers and the other Ravens swarm Sara, clawing at her while he pries Eira from her arms*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:24 *sends a night energy-covered fist flying at Riyu's head*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:25 *narrowly dodges the attack, jumping back with Eira in his arms*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:27 *sweeps night energy under Riyu's feet in a manner to make him fall backwards*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.28 23:28 *screams and kicks*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:29 *transforms into avian form and lifts Eira up to keep her from being hit*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.28 23:31 *calls for Aedona, kicking some more*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:31 *wraps night energy around Eira and pulls*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:34 Tentation: *grabs a hold of Aedona* Come, now, you dont want to hurt her, do you?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:35 *hits Tentation in the chin with her elbow**says through gritted teeth* That's exactly why I'm doing this.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.28 23:36 [brb. I need to go walk the dog. I'll be back in about 30-45 minutes.]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:37 *Tentation falls back* You believe we would harm our family? Honestly, the only one disowned by us is Saxon.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.28 23:37 (Ill be gone by then)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.28 23:45 I dont care who you are or hpw powerful you are You do not take a child away from their kind locing parents!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 00:39 [Sorry...I tried to come back earlier, but I had some more chores to do. :P]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 00:40 So making an innocent little girl grow up to be a harbinger of chaos doesn't count as harm?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 00:41 [@ RaeAnna: Crap...see you later! I'll try to come on at 7 PM MT, but again, I can't guarantee anything and I'm usually busy then.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 00:41 [@ Caprial: You still around?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 01:00 [Guess not. See you later!]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 03:06 Riyu: You're so rude. I said I wanted to show her around Irakurri. She's not of age to become one of us.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 03:10 And now I'm being painted as the bad guy.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 04:13 Her mother Said no You ripped her from my arms while attacking me and tried carrying her off and kidnapping her while she was kicking and screaming! yeah that makes you the bad guy!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 04:50 *looks at Riyu in disgust* You just couldn't wait for Karasu to leave, could you?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 04:51 *night energy swirls around her**her irises seem to grow brighter* You get your f*lthy mits off my DAUGHTER! *runs and jumps, using night energy to make her jump higher and faster**grabs onto Riyu, trying to pull him to the ground*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 04:52 *in the meantime, she still has night energy around Eira to cushion her fall if Riyu lets go or comes down*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 05:35 Um... Talons. And your logic is confusing. All we want is to keep her safe. It's clear that with you lot she will always be in danger.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 05:36 *Riyu drops Eira, only for another Raven to catch her* Riyu: We are doing this for her sake.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 05:36 Then keep her and her parents safe! dont rip her away from her family that puts her in more danger
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 05:38 If you do this she will grow up scared, fearful, depressed, hateful even and deeply emotionally and mentally scared for life!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.29 05:39 *tries to wriggle out of the other Raven's grip*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 05:40 *pulls Riyu down to the ground* At the very least try to have some honor. Let her go and let's settle this one-on-one.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 05:40 I grew up with people who were ripped from their family! I was ripped away from my family! Do you know how many of them killed themselves?! How many have gone insine? and how many struggle every day to do the simplest of things?!
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 05:41 Tentation: And whose fault is that, huh? Perhaps you should've trusted us when we said we just wanted to show her the universe. We'd have brought her back.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 05:41 *said that to Sara*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 05:43 (Sometime later I will have a document with Mayhem and Karasu's conversation)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 05:44 Raven: Please stop fighting, child. I do not wish for my talons to harm you. *nevertheless he carries her just a little father away*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 05:44 [OK.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.29 05:45 *starts crying while kicking* MAMA!!!
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 05:46 Riyu: *lands and takes human form again* Sure we can fight. *calls the others down to the ground. The Raven holding Eira returns to the ground and gently holds her to keep her from running*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 05:46 (Gtg now. Ill respond after work)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 05:47 [OK, see you!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 05:48 *backs away from Riyu a little to make some space between them**cracks her neck and assumes a fighting stance, wisps of night energy around her hands and feet*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 05:48 *runs over to the raven holding her but dosent get close enough to touch the Raven or Eria*.....Take....me with you...if....Aedona looses....Take me with you. please....if your going to rip her life a part she will need a friend.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 05:49 [gtg! *offline* I'm going to a chess tournament tomorrow, so I'll probably be a bit late. Wish me luck!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 05:51 If I win, I get Eira and you never try anything of this sort ever again. If I lose...I think the result will be obvious. *for her, loss=death; she will not stop fighting to get Eira until she is dead*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.29 05:51 [Anyways, bye!]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 07:48 Raven: I truly wish it hadn't come to this. Father wouldn't want this. *@Eira* Stop fighting back. I shall let you go if you cease your flailing and stay by me until it is safe again.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 07:52 Tentation: Tenacity, Tenacity. Do not lie to the child. *Tenacity: I do not lie. Not to children, especially ones in distress. You know how I am. *Tentation: Yes, my softhearted brother. I know I know.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 07:55 Tentation: Just do as your told. *Tenacity: Aye.. *looks up at Sara* Calm the child. I do not wish to harm her.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 12:26 (https://docs.google.com/document/d/1vakMrQ85_aphOtEwh7vsoQixkcjvrHEPKCE5AQgnqp0/edit?usp=drivesdk)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 12:27 (It's a conversation not really important to the story. Just a thing I imagined while working.)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 19:33 Do you want me to do it from here or may I hold her?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 19:36 Tenacity: Where you are would be much appreciated
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 19:38 It might be a bit helpful If I were to stand next to you but if you...dont allow that I can attempt to calm her from this distance
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 19:46 Stay
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 19:48 *nods a bit* Eria....Eria..can you look over here...look at me...just...focus on me.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.29 19:51 *sighs* calming a child isnt...best done from a distance...
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.29 21:52 How unfortunate
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 04:21 I...I will manage..
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 04:23 I am going to reach into my backpack and grab some goldfish crackers for her and toss them to you is that alright?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 04:28 I guess.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 04:30 *slowly reaches into her backpack and pulls out the bag of goldfish* Ready?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 04:33 *nods*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 04:34 *tosses the bag of goldfish crackers* Here she likes goldfish...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 04:49 What...what are you guys planning to do with Eira?....
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 04:53 We intend to keep her safe. It is painfully clear that she cannot live safely in the mortal's world.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 04:55 [I'm here! Sorry I'm late.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 04:56 [hi]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 04:57 were will she sleep?...what will you feed him?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 04:57 *feed her
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 04:58 *is scared and shaking**looks at Sara when Sara tells her to**looks at the goldfish bag, then looks around, unsure if she's allowed to go get it*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 04:58 Riyu: You seriously think we cannot provide? Do you take us all for mindless fools?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 04:59 [XD @ Riyu's question, my immediate answer in my head was "yes." I'm in a trollish mood...]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:00 No, I dont think that I'm just curies on how you will provide...I was provied for a child when I was taken from my home, but it was very uncomfortable...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:00 and Im not saying your...conditions will be harsh like mine I just want to know...
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:01 Riyu: Eira is family and she will be treated as such.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:01  Secret message to The Ravens  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:02  Secret message to The Ravens  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:02 I...I dont know how you treat family...my family pushed me out and was cruel, and im nervous about how you treat family since the only example I have seen with you and family is your actions twards Saxon
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:03 Saxon is not family to us. My own mistakes led to that.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:04  Secret message to The Ravens  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:05 If you take Eira would you allow me to accompany her?.....Even though she is family...its...good for her to have a friend as well.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:05  Secret message to The Ravens  
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:06  Secret message to Aedona  
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:06  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:08  Secret message to The Ravens  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:08  Secret message to The Ravens  
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:09 Tenacity: Not up to me. *looks back down at Eira* Will you behave and stay where you are? I would like to sit upright.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:10 She's only 4. It'd only be fair for her to have a friend and protector like Sara.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:10 Eira....you...you need to listen to him....you need to stay...stay still just...eat your crackers...and stay were you are
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:10 Okay... *chickens out when it comes to getting the goldfish crackers*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:10 *the cracker bag is a bit out of her reach, and she's too nervous to go get it*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:11 *Tenacity eases his grip on Eira and pulls the goldfish crackers closer to her*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:12 Eira...remember last time you were scared and you sang your song?....how about you start singing your song again ok?...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:12 *takes the bag and starts eating crackers*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:12 Okay. *puts the crackers down and quietly sings the song to herself*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:13 *looks at Riyu* If I lose, it's only honorable to give me one last wish.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:14 Riyu: Now... Shall we begin? *surrounds himself with dark magic*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:14 What is said wish?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:14 *is implying he'll have to kill her before she accepts defeath**this is exactly what she has in mind--she'd die before giving up Eira* Let Eira grow up with Sara by her side. She'll need her.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:15 *defeat
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:15 *knows this blow will be scray for Eira* Eira...I...I need you to focus on me can you do that?...can you look at me please?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:16 Hmm.. As long as she isn't trouble.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:17 I...I wont be
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:17 *looks at Sara, but can't help but keep looking at her mother*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:18 *gets in a fighting stance and night energy appears around her*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:18 Eira...look *picks up a rock its blue* Look I found a blue rock...you...you like those
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:18 I am ready.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:18 [There are blue rocks in the Rift?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:18 *gently tosses it over to Eira*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:18 [...If there are purple ones too, I'm moving in. XD]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:19 [sara had it in her pocket Eira probably gave it to her lets go with that]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:19 (There are rocks in the Rift? The more you know)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:20 [XD]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:20 *starts off by creating a javelin from the darkness*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:20 *a ring of night energy rises on the ground around her and swirls around her*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:22 (Btw did you read the document i sent?)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:22 see the rock Eira?....look..how shiny it is can...can you count how many sides it has?
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:22 [ye]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:23 [The Mayhem-Karasu one? Yeah.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:23 [It was quite interesting.]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:25 *takes the rock and analyzes it for a minute, but then starts watching Aedona and Riyu, her eyes wide*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:25 Eira...close your eyes...
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:25 Now then, let's see what you can do with your magic, Hikarry. *spins the javelin around a few times then slashes the tip through the ground, creating a tsunami of dark fire*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:25 *waits for Riyu to attack first*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:26 we...we can play hide..and seek...close your eyes and count ok?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:26 *condenses her night energy into concentrated lunar energy**swings the lunar energy outward, creating a big blade of lunar energy*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:27 *glances at Sara, but otherwise doesn't respond*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:29 *waits for the tsunami to get close, and then slices through the dark fire coming at her, creating a gap in the wall of fire that she fits through (the rest of the fire passes by her)*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:29 *needless to say the tsunami is directed toward Aedona*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:30 (Nvm)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:30 dont...dont let Eira see this please....
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:32 *launches night energy at Riyu*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:33 *the night energy slithers and weaves just above the ground as it speeds towards him*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:36 *throws a small rod into the ground which acts as a conductor to draw the night energy away. Most of it is drawn to the rod but the rest has to be hastily dodged*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:36 Not bad. *points the javelin at her and starts swirling it, creating a growing vortex of magic. With a single swipe he swings the vortex toward her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:36 *the night energy is better for blasting and grabbing than cutting**since this attack is designed to seize Riyu, dodging the energy that isn't drawn away by the rod proves to be quite difficult*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:38 *creates a violent and powerful blast of night energy below her that propels her high and fast into the air, allowing her to jump over Riyu's vortex*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:38 Eira....whats the highest number you can count to?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:39 *creates an aura of night energy around herself and creates another blast that sends her flying down at Riyu*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:39 I... *is too fixated on the battle to answer*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:40 *her aura crackles and grows bigger as she zooms at Riyu, making dodging her more difficult**if she doesn't directly hit him, her aura probably will snag him*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:40 *shortens the javelin and braces himself for Aedona's attack*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:41 (*dies a little inside knowing I have to draw all these characters eventually*)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:42 *is trying hard to distract Eira* Whats your favorite animal?...mine is an Elephant do you know what sound an elephant makes?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:45 *grabs onto Riyu, going extremely fast, and does a flip to land on her feet while slamming him onto the ground*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 05:45 *doesn't respond at all*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:46 can...you cover her eyes or something please...she shouldnt be watching this
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:50 *though he is driven into the ground, having braced himself he is able to keep from taking too much damage*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:51 *counters by sending a pulse of dark magic from the javelin to knock her back*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:52 *is hit and falls back**transforms her falling motion into a backwards somersault, so when she's done falling she winds up on her feet (and one hand)*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:53 *night energy appears around her leg and she does a karate kick at Riyu when he rises again*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:54 Please.... *is shaking slightly* Dont...let her watch her mother....get...hurt or....worse
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:56 *Falls away when he is hit but then propels himself toward Aedona with his magic, javelin at the ready*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 05:57 *ducks to avoid the javelin while directing night magic at Riyu with one of her hands, but her magic blast probably isn't enough to keep him from colliding with her*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 05:58 [idk what to dooo]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 05:59 (Hmm idk either.)
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:03 *slams into Aedona, nearly dropping his weapon*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:04 *is knocked back by Riyu**scrambles back to her feet and spins around, creating a powerful arc of night energy as she tries to spin 360 degrees and then launch it at him**this leaves her back vulnerable, as her spin is very fast but not fast enough for
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:05 this kind of fight*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:07 [Theo brought up an intresting point about Vera]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:07 [Oops, I forgot to go on AHAW 2 as well. Sorry!]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:09 *throws a blast of dark magic at Aedona before she can fully turn around. Nevertheless he is still caught off guard by the arc of night energy and thrown away*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:09 [XD your fine i just dont know what to do here soo yeah]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:10 *the dark magic affects her spine badly**while her arc of night energy most definitely hurt Riyu, Riyu's magic hurt her much more**goes falling back, crying out in pain*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:10 *grits her teeth and props herself up with her elbow, groaning a little bit with effort*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:12 Mama!! *tries to get up and run towards Aedona*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:12 *tears are in her eyes*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:13 Eira no! you will get hurt! *gets up and trys to run after her but there is a good ammount of distance between them*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:13 Tenacity: *tries reaching for Eira with his talons*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:14 Riyu: *pools together a mass of magic, solidifying some of it into shards while keeping the rest a powerful gas*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:14 *the back of her jacket is caught by Tenacity*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:15 *glares up at Riyu**slaps one hand on the ground in front of her**night energy radiates up from her fingers, and her irises are a little glowy**with a lot of effort, she manages to get up*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:16 *is greatly distressed, so her own powers activate**frozen dark (night) energy radiates onto Tenacity's talons*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:17 Tenacity: ACK!! *instinctively draws back, letting Eira go*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:19 *puts a hand on her back and twists, cracking her own back**when her back cracks, there's an explosion of night energy that rushes up from where her fingers touched the ground and forms a massive cloud around her*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:19 (Oh. News. That drawing of Kieron I was working on. I've decided to scrap that and start again. As of yet I do not have an eta)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:19 *the giant cloud rushes at Riyu*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:19 *keeps running after Eira* Eira stop!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:19 [OK.]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:20 Riyu: *launches the mass of magic at Aedona as she launches hers*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:20 *started about 50 feet from the fight, and Sara was even farther away**has started running towards her mother, but her little legs don't carry her very far very fast*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:22 *their magic interacts vitriolically**their magics cause them both to be blown back*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:22 Tenacity: Child, no! *takes off after Eira*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:22 *manages to land on her feet, skidding back**launches another wave of night energy at Riyu**it has bigger stars in it that explode*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:24 *runs over to Eira and picks her up and quickly starts backing away from the fight*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:25 Eira! you cant...run into battles....you will get hurt!
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:26 *wriggles, but doesn't resist against Sara as much as she did against Tenacity*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:27 Riyu: *stabs the javelin into the ground, causing it to split where he stands. Out of the crevice comes a wave of pure spacial magic.(the raw magic which flows through the universe) Though it cannot be controlled, he guides the force toward Aedona with
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:27  Secret message to The Ravens  
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:28 His own magic*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:28 *hugs her* I know....you want your mommy...but you cant run to her right now you have to wait and stay safe away from them.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:28  Secret message to The Ravens  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:29 *propels herself 30 feet to the side with a night energy blast*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:30 *then directs a powerful, fast wave of night magic at Riyu**tons of elements of the night sky--stars, moons, space dust and whatnot--are in this powerful wave*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:31 *eh, make it 50 feet*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:32 you cant run off do you understand me Eira?
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:34 *The spacial magic eats away at the opposing magic, cancelling itself out in the process
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:34 *wriggles* Mama!!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:35 *engages with Riyu in an exchange of wild, very big, very powerful, and very violent magic blasts**they wind up pushing and pulling each other all over the place*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:35 *holds her tightly* Eira no! you can't you will get hurt!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:37 *at one point she slips up a little and gets hit hard again**she doesn't fall down, but she is obviously in a lot of pain**in desperation, she somehow pumps more power into her magic*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:38 *is absolutely terrified when she sees her mother get hit again**her fear causes her to release a lot of dark ice, some of which impales Sara, most of which pushes Sara's arms back and freezes her arms in place, releasing Eira*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:39 *falls down onto her hands and knees**scrambles forward onto her feet and runs again towards her mother*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:39 Eira!....stay...stay were you are
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:40 *trys running after her but beacause her arms are frozen she falls down alot*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:41 *gets well ahead of Sara*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:43 *keeps trying to run and keeps falling over and over as she attempts to protect this child*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:43 *prepares a potentially lethal attack consisting of dark spheres designed to explode on impact and act as a quick-acting poison*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:43 *has a huge spherical aura of thin/see-through (like a thin mist) night energy around her, which she manipulates as she prepares to counter Riyu's next attack*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:44 *for a split second worry registers on her face, but then she frowns with determination and aggression**arcs and circles of lunar energy appear in her night energy*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:46 *launches his attack*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:46 *her attack is also designed to cause extreme damage**releases the aura, launching it in the form of a torrent of night energy with powerful bits of lunar energy in it*
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:47 *when the magics meet, the resulting explosions makes the clouds of magic even bigger**is engulfed in the magic and goes out of sight*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:48 EIRA!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:48 [is it pronouced EAR-RAH or EYE-RAH]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:49 (Omg this would be been interesting to see. I looked up javelin and remembered this. Look up "javelin anti tank" and then remember *Riyu creates a javelin of dark magic*)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:49 *is rapidly preparing a lunar energy attack (as mentioned, the attacks between them are all quick-fire, often coming long before their prior attacks have ended)*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:49 [Neither. I actually explained the pronounciation of her name a few days ago, I think.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:50 [I'll copy and paste it...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:50 [I watched a video on how to pronounce it (it's actually the Welsh word for "snow") and it's pronounced "A-rah," with the capital "A" being pronounced like the "a" in "came."]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:50 *Tenacity flies into the mass of magic and wraps his wings around Eira, only hoping that he made it in time to save her life*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:51 [@ RaeAnna: Whoops, I imagined the wrong kind of javelin then. O.O]
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:51 *when Tenacity reaches her, she's already down and motionless*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:52 (That's not the type of javelin he is using XD he is using the traditional one. Just imagine THAT though)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:52 *Leans down and bites her ankle hard and bleeds to death in a minute or two then wakes up free and runs twards were she disapeared*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:52 *is about to launch a super powerful arc of lunar energy at Riyu when she sees a pale figure amid the fading magic*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:53 *sees her lying lifeless* No....noo *Stands up and yells loudly with tears streaming down her face* STOP FIGHTING!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:53 [@ RaeAnna: If he was using the modern kind Aedona would be "bleeped..." XD XP]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:53 *has already stopped*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:54 *runs into the magic, choking on the poison still in the air, but the sight of the pale figure made her forget how to breathe anyway*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:54 *sits on the ground next to Eira*...just...stop...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:54 *falls on her knees beside Eira and puts a hand on her neck**there's no pulse*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:54 (Brb)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:55 No... *tears are rapidly streaming down her face* No no no...
16>Eira (Raven), 4yo.2018,Sep.30 06:55 *is lying face up with her eyes closed**she looks like she could be sleeping if it weren't for the blood on her shirt and jacket*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:55 *is shaking a bit as tears rundown her face* I...I'm so sorry..I...I tried to...I tried to protect her...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:56 *doesn't seem to hear Sara**grabs onto Eira, pulling her onto her lap and holding her in her arms*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:56 [im an awfel person bc as soon as I reilized she was dead my brain just went "dun dun dun another one bites the dust"]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 06:58 *opens her backpack and starts pulling out bottles frantically* m...maybe we...we can bring her back...I...I have a small defibrillator in here...mm..maybe we..we can save her...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:58 [We've had an awful high death rate lately, though.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:59 You can't... *her slouched forward, her hair hiding her eyes from Sara's point of view**the tears on her cheeks and chin are clear, though*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 06:59 *Tenacity is lying beside Eira, gasping for breath, missing tons of feathers, other ones half eaten away by the magic*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 06:59 Haven't we done enough...?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 07:00 *when no one responds, she looks up at the Ravens, her face contorted with rage and misery* I said HAVEN'T WE DONE ENOUGH?!?!?!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:01 how...how bad are the wounds...maybe...if...if I...i work fast...I...can can save her...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 07:01 *turns on Sara* GET AWAY FROM ME!!!!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:02 *picks up a pink bottle* m...maybe if she drinks...drinks this...
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:02 [said that before Aedona yelled]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:02 *quickly grabs her bag hugging it close to her chest and runs off crying*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 07:03 Tentation: ... This wasn't-- *Riyu: This wouldnt have happened if you'd have just trusted us! *is shocked and upset but he is doing his best to hide it*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:03 *looks for an opening in the rift*
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 07:04 Tentation: Riyu this isnt the time. Silence yourself
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:04 [is there an opening in the rift?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 07:04 This wouldn't have happened if people like us weren't so stupid as to try to raise a child.
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 07:04 (No its strictly teleportation-based)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:05 [would one of Sara's telaporters work?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 07:05 *her grip on Eira releases**shaking with tears streaming down her face, she blindly turns around and tries to walk away**collapses, nearly unconscious*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 07:05 [Karasu might get back by now. It'd make sense for Karasu to pick up Aedona and Sara and have them dropped off on Panthea.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:06 [ok]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 07:06 Tenacity: Stupid.. Child.. Why does no one listen to me?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 07:06 [I want Aedona to have a quick word with Karasu, anyway. Perhaps Karasu takes them out of the Rift and Aedona wakes up before she leaves.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 07:06 [gtg! *offline* See you tomorrow!]
17>The Ravens (Ravens), ?yo.2018,Sep.30 07:07 Tentation: Because, brother, no one expects to hear the truth from a darkky. *no one does anything to stop Aedona*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:10 *is shaking a bit and definitly still crying*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 07:11 *stops* I told you trusting Riyu would be the death of someone. Some sister you were.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:11 [is it ok if Sara dosent forget this future event but just dosent talk about it? maybe it is what triggers her to become more distant and eventually leave everone]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 07:12 *freezes* "we're"...? *returns to the Rift* EIRA! *all the Ravens back away shamefully, except for Tenacity who has been rendered immobile*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:16 *shakily get out her notebook and writes "Never....be around children especially small ones don't..emotionally invest in their lives ever again" she puts her notebook away*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 07:21 *wipes off her tears and stands up*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 17:53  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 20:12  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 20:14  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 20:18  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:08 [@ Caprial: Hm...how would you explain the fact that Sara never warned Aedona and Saxon not to have a kid, though? That's the main reason why I wanted her to forget.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:09 [If she doesn't forget, then she could explain that she saw their kid die, and they'd never have a kid.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:10 [In addition, she's C.J.'s friend. If Sara chooses not to warn anyone, then C.J. could see her memories and warn them in her stead.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:11 [Maybe when she returns to the past, she forgets most of it, but there are tiny bits and pieces left in her head that she doesn't understand but are genuinely horrifying. She'd be haunted by what she forgot she witnessed in the future, but what she
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:12 remembers isn't coherent enough for her to be able to piece anything together. All she remembers is that what happened was truly horrifying.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:13 [She'd be in a state of mind like the one I was in when I first saw the end of Who Killed Markiplier. I didn't understand what happened almost at all, but I had a sense that what happened was absolutely horrible, and when I investigated what happened it t
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:13 *turned out that I was completely right.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:14 [Thus, she wouldn't know what happened while she was gone, but she would be left with the resulting emotions of what happened. The tiny bits and pieces she remembers can't form anything coherent, but they're enough to haunt and horrify her forever.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:16 [Basically she'd be left with the emotions of what happened but none of the knowledge of what happened. That'd be enough to achieve what you're aiming for--being haunted by horrifying memories she'll never be able to restore would gradually drive her away
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:16 from everyone else.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:17  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:18  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:20  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:20  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:22  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:23  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:24  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:24  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:24  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:27  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:31  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:32  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:33  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:33  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:36  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:36  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:40  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:42  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:42  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:43  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:43  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:43  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:45  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:45  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:47  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:49  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:50  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:52  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:53  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:56  Secret message to Aedona  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:57  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:58  Secret message to Mayhem  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 21:59  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 21:59  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:00 [Could you tell Caprial we're on? I'm in the mood to RP, and I'm interested in seeing her response to my idea regarding Sra.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:00 *Sara
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:02  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:04 [Got it.]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:14 Karasu: *drops to her knees beside Eira, crying, but otherwise remaining silent. She looks at Aedona, then turns to the Ravens, who back further into the shadows*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:18 *is somewhere between unconsciousness and consciousness*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:20  Secret message to Aedona  
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:21  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:24  Secret message to Temp Characters  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:25 [Hi]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:26 [Hey! :D Please read my suggestions above regarding Sara.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:26 [I'm just curious: Did you see Eira's death coming?]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:30  Secret message to Aedona  
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:30  Secret message to Aedona  
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:30 (We need to stop killing the children)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:31 [True.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:32 [I had actually planned Eira's death long before Cara died, just so you guys know. When planning out Aedona's and Saxon's relationship with RaeAnna, I had in my head this general storyline of how/why she and Saxon are no longer together in AHAW 2.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:35 [I kept this storyline to myself until it was time to actually play it out.]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:36 (im trying to keep things about Kieron a secret. trying)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:41 [To paraphrase Yoda...do. There is no try. ^.^]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:41 [Sara knows the importance of time and paradoxes so she wouldnt say anything about kids or whatever and C.J cant acsess Saras memories unless Sara lets her in]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:42 [...BY THE WAY, DID YOU GUYS KNOW THAT KIERON IS REALLY THE SON OF-- *a portal opens behind me and I am pulled through*]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:42 [Mayhem?]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:43 [*pokes head through portal* AND THIS ABSOLUTE BUTTHOLE NAMED MARA WHO-- *is pulled back through again*]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:44 [*pokes head through portal* ...AND SO MARA EVENTUALLY GETS THROWN INTO-- *pulled back again*]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:44 [OK, I'm done being an absolute troll. XD]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:44 (shut yo mouth, leonore!)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:45 (You'd think Mayhem the type to care about having children? Mayhem would be a terrible father XD well.. terribly by our standards)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:45 Kieron is the son of Mayhem]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:45 [@ Caprial: Hm...makes sense. Oh! Wait! What if Sara just pretends to be amnesiac like I described above so she can get away with not telling anyone about what she witnessed?]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:45 *terrible
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:46 [And the fact of him being a horrible father I disagree giving his hosbitality twards Cara who is basically a child]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:47 [@ Caprial: So Sara basically acts like what my initial idea was (she's amnesiac) but internally she remembers everything (your idea). It's an interesting compromise.]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:47 (wait why would he be hostile toward Cara?)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:47 (wait..)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:47 (i misread that XD)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:48 (He is hospitable but would be an awful father. With guests he doesn't have to worry about being impressionable)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:48 [Indeed you did. XD]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:48 (and if he is being impressionable in a bad way he doesn't feel the need to blame himself)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:49 [So of course us Fursonias are like "You know that guy who did horrifying things and would make an awful father? LET'S GIVE HIM KIDS!!!!"]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:49 [He may be an awfel father but an awfel father is one none the less and from the small things you told me about Kieron he dose not have the best father]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:50 (oh gosh.)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:50 (well, not biologically, but we basically have done that already)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:51 (he doesn't hate his father or anything. honestly, what i told you about what happened to his mother was not the end of the world for him. he was less fond of his mother than his father. in his opinion his father was a cool guy)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:52 [As for Sara she wouldnt deny that she remembers but she wont tell anyone maybe their consent question that she wont answer is what ultimately drives her to leave bc they keep bringing it up causing her to keep remembering it]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:52 [And in Mara's opinion...well, she had none because she was a pile of monster poop.]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:52 (it was traumatic because he was quite young and Mara was his mother, but other than that.. eh)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 22:53 (brb)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:54 [Mara is Kierons mother? Intresting]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:55 [Mayhem should've joined the DDA (Demon Dads Anonymous). They have lots of counseling regarding urges to throw your wife into the back room where you keep your pet monster of mass destruction.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:56 [Keiron's favorite place is the garden the only ocs with gardens aroubd their homes are Mayhem, AHAW2 Sara and DR.Bones and i doubt he is a bone child and he definitly isnt Saras therfore mayhem is the Father!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 22:57 [Ah Ha Brunny y ky afmitted it Mayhem is the Father!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:58 [...That has to be one of the best jokes I've made in a long time on these RPs. Good joke, me. Thanks, me. X'
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:58 *X'D]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:59 [Anyways, regarding Sara...okay, that sounds alright to me. I thought it'd be more like seeing Aedona and Saxon would be painful, though, considering how disastrous their relationship becomes.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 22:59 [And therefore Sara would eventually leave. However, it's probably more like a combination of other people pestering her about what happened AND seeing Aedona and Saxon.]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:00 (My question is why have we practically been throwing kids at Mayhem since he was introduced?)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:00 [Ye it would be both]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:00 [Oh god we kind of have...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:01 [First Cara, then Eira, and now Kieron's next...weird...]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:01 [He is a dad! All the villians have kids or try to raise kids]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:01 [So...RPing?]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:01 [Ye]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:01 [My villains don't.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:02 [Flair has Spark, but that's about it.]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:02 (Theres Blitz's elder brothers, Cara, Eira, and now Kieron. Wth why are we giving this man so many kids! Dang we are giving Bakura a run for his money!)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:02 [Oh, and AHAW 2 Borenaga had a kid who usurped him, but that actually caused Borenaga to kind of mellow out a bit.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:03 [Wait a minute wait a minute wait a minute...is Blitz related to Mayhem?!]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:03 [Ye]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:03 *is somewhere between unconsciousness and consciousness*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:03 (XD no. He just rescued and raised her brothers. They were attacked by the demon wolves and their parents thought they were dead)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:04 [Ah, okay.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:04 [Let's continue. I gtg soon.]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:05 What are we supposed to do now.....?
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:06 *is only able to muster a little magic to somewhat heal Aedona, but barely. Her emotional state,is blocking out her magic)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:06 **
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:08 *yells ibto the rift* I want to go back home! You here that?! I know your listening Leonore or nimnim or Blitz or any other one! Bring me back!
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:12 *is crying again* I want to go back please!
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:12 [A quick note: When Karasu drops Aedona and Sara onto Panthea, Aedona will have one last talk with Sara. It's quite an important talk.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:13 [Ye ik]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:13 [ oh ok ye i misread it]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:19 [Psst...Karasu...get them the heck out of the Rift...pssst...]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:21 [brb. I need to take my dog on a walk. I should be back in around 20 minutes if I don't get sidetracked with another chore.]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:22 (sorry i got distracted)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:22 [K maybe one of the Ravens could come over ant talk to Sara]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:24 Stay away from this area. Especially you, Riyu. Mayhem was right about you. *opens a portal and pulls Sara and Aedona to Panthea*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Sep.30 23:24 (well i want to take this time to work on my drawing)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:24 *is pulled inti Pathea* I want to go back
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:25 [K]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:25 I..I want to go back to my time
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:46 [Back!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:47 [I'm listening to the soundtrack for the final scene of WKM again to get myself more in the mood with this arc. I recommend doing the same (I believe I provided a link in previous posts somewhere).]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:47 [Hi]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:48 [You guys can probably tell by now why I chose a soundtrack associated with such a tragic ending as the theme music of sorts for Eira and this arc in general.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:48 [Im at an afterchurch meeting thing so i wont be listening to it atm]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:49 *suddenly sits up**is awake now**her eyes are dull and she is slouched as if there is no strength left in her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:49 [OK.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:50 [The music itself is rather calm. I just find it extremely sad because I associate it heavily with the ending of WKM, which has to be one of the most heartbreaking endings I've ever seen.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:51 Karasu... *gets up and turns to Karasu**her voice is quiet a little bit scratchy*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Sep.30 23:51 Take care of Saxon.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:54 *paces slightly*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Sep.30 23:56 *is keeping her distance from Aedona and avoiding eye contact with her*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 00:01 [RaeAnna?]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 00:02 (I'm playing Skyrim so Im a little distracted)
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 00:03 Will do. So what of you, then?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 00:05 Never mind that. Your father needs you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 00:05 [gtg! *offline* See you later tonight!]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 01:17 He will want to come back to you.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:05 [I'm here!]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:07 It'd be best if he stayed with you for a while.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:07 I understand.
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:09 Good luck. *returns to the Rift to find Izar's location then goes to him*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:13 *is in the grassy clearing by the pond he created for himself on the moon*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:16 *rubs her arm as she paces*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:19 (Brb)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:24 [hello?]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:25 (Sorry I was talking with my sister in law)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:27 [Hi!]
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:27 I want him back.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:28 [I almost forgot, Aedona will talk to Sara AND Izar. Izar first, then Sara. Sara's sort of stuck as a witness, as usual.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:28 *turns to Karasu* I'm willing to make a trade. You know who I want.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:28 [I'll try to speed through to the Aedona-Sara conversation. This arc should be finished tonight.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:29 [k]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:29 *she and Sara are back where they started--in hilly, golden fields not far from Aedona's and Saxon's home**it is sunset, making the fields especially golden-orange**her hair blows in the wind, and she sits down silently*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:30 *seems to become catatonic**sits with her arms wrapped around her knees, staring ahead*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:30 *tries to sound as serious as possible, but her voice is still shaky* You should have better through things through, then. If you hadn't attacked she would still be around.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:30 *continues to pace hugging herself with the one arm she is using to scratch her other arm*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:31 *thought things through
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:31 (Freaking autocorrect)
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:34 [are there any trees Near Aedona and Sara?]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:36 [Not really, except the grove around Aedona's and Saxon's house. I imagine the house is about a 20-30 minute walk from here, though.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:36 [I'd be fine if Sara ran off to find some trees and came back after a few hours, though.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:37 She's dead? *sounds like he's referring to the death of a total stranger, or even an insect*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:38 In that case, I don't need him. *goes over, picks Saxon up by the hem of his shirt, and tosses him to Karasu unceremoniously*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:39 [ok]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:39 If that's the case I should've killed him, but I have better things to do at the moment...
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:39 [If Sara climbs up a particularly high hill she can probably see the trees in the distance.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:39 *walks over to the grove and just starts punching and kicking one of the trees beating herself up pretty badly*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:41 *sunset starts to turn to night and she's out in the open, but she doesn't move a muscle*
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:44 *uses her magic to pull Saxon through a portal* And Mayhem said Riyu was bad. You don't deserve the title of "god".
19>Temp Characters (??), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:44 *leaves before Izar can respond*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:44 *turns around smacks the back of her head against the tree slumps down against it sitting down and just crys*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:46 *sighs and shakes his head* Mortals...
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:46 *after a while, night indeed comes**she still hasn't moved, and right on cue Izar descends from the sky in front of her*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:47 *sits in the shadows a distance from Izar and Aedona*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:48 *quickly binds Aedona with lunar energy, pinning her wrists and ankles to the ground*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:49 Any last words?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:50 *doesn't seem alarmed at all**her expression of emptiness and misery hasn't changed* Do whatever you want. I don't care.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 04:50 Why....wont I just stay dead?.... I dont deserve this! I dont deserve to be alive!
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:50 *is hovering a few meters above the ground**for the first time ever in Aedona's presence, his ruthlessness is replaced by intrigue**cocks his head slightly*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 04:51 Oh?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:52 Do you think I want to live with what I have done?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:54 Leaving this world would be a gift. I don't want to run in circles anymore, playing their game of pain and delight, delight and pain.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:55 I shouldn't have been such a fool as to believe that this was my happy ending. No one here who deserves a happy ending will ever get one. I've watched the innocent all die, one after the next after the next...and now I've been part of their murder. I
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:56 *And it will just continue on again and again and again, won't it?
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 04:58 All I've ever wanted was to do the right thing for everyone around me. But no matter how hard we all try, no one will ever get what they deserve. I don't want to play this game anymore.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 04:59  Secret message to Aedona  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:00 I don't want to be any part of this plane of existence...I want out.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:00  Secret message to Mayhem  
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 05:01  Secret message to Aedona  
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:02  Secret message to Sara  
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:03 No one here can do the right thing and have it last. We build our lives to be bigger each time around, and all that truly achieves is it makes the fall harder, and sometimes takes down the innocent with it...
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:04 Perhaps now you understand why I first tried to take you to my world, and then tried to take Eira.
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:05 You don't understand and you never will. You're just as blind as you were when you cursed my grandmother.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:05 *for a moment he looked smug**now he looks severe*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:06 What I do understand is that this mortal plane has become a curse for you. So no, I will not let you out of this game. You do not deserve it.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:08 A wise man once said that real prosperity was in the form of the grandfather dying, then the father dying, then the son dying. You have no prosperity, and it is going to eat you up in the inside.
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 05:09 *involuntarily snorts with irritation*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:12 You have already cracked. No, I am not killing you. That would be too kind, freeing you from this filthy mortal world. You will never mend those shards.
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:12 So live shattered. *ascends back to the heavens*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:13  Secret message to Sara  
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:13 [A quick note: Izar has a point. A Zen master once said "grandfather dies, father dies, son dies." This is the natural course of life. Any other order would cause a lot of suffering. This story arc is an example of that.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:13 [@ Caprial: Why are you talking to yourself? XD]
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 05:14 *teleport to Sara, hanging from a tree limb* Go back to Aedona. Now.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:15 *sits at the tree bloody and bruised but dosent kill herself to heal just sits their in pain* No..
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:15 she told me to leave her alone im leaving her alone..I also want to be alone
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 05:16 Okay, fine. Stay here. I'll just have to go end her suffering myself. Just figured I'd be a little considerate for once. *prepares to teleport*
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:16 [I'll add that, however, Izar is still the perfectionist jerk he always was. And Aedona has had all of her ideals and optimism completely shattered. She's very, VERY depressed.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:17 You want me to help you kill her?
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:17 [I'll get into that in more depth after the arc ends. I plan to add an epilogue of sorts where I simply explain what happens next to Aedona.]
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:18 [I have a general plan as to how she gets from here to AHAW 2 Aedona.]
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:19 your sick....
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:19 Im not helping you kill her
8>Izar (Night God), Imrtlyo.2018,Oct.1 05:21 *she just lies there as the night begins to end* [Note: I imagine Sara and Aedona will have their talk at sunrise.]
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:21 *Aedona did that, of course*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 05:22 I knew you didn't have it in you. Last chance before I go against my better judgement and do what I think is best, which incidently is something to spite that fool, Izar.
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:23 fine take me with you...I guess
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 05:24 *teleport them both to Aedona. He says nothing and reruns to the shadows*
3>Mayhem (Demon God), ??yo.2018,Oct.1 05:24 (This is the most depressing the to has ever been)
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:25 *thinks to herself in silence for a long time**sits up again as a tiny bit of light appears at the horizon; dawn is approaching*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:25 *knows Sara is present, and she senses that there's someone else with them, but she doesn't bother to look around*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:26 *has come up with a plan as to what she will do next*
7>Sara (Human), 17yo.2018,Oct.1 05:27 *sits back down she looks like she has been hit by a truck*
2>Aedona (Demigod), 32yo.2018,Oct.1 05:29 *soon, the sun begins to appear on the horizon, turning the hills golden again**stands up, her hair and kimono blowing