" Maze "
This game is destined to players of 10 to any years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

you are lost in a magical maze game
anything can happen here so be careful
you're allowed to team up
just no god mooding nor inappropriate phrases please

you start without any power
you can buy any kind of power you want later but you have to tame the power
(it's not like you would be able to control it right away)

at the very beginning you are given $100 which you can spend at the start store or save for later
(shop will be virtually available all game time so don't worry about where is it located)

you can have one thing, only one, something small that you brought from home (for example a knife, notepad or even a palm sized pet) something that you couldn't imagine surviving this game without

you get $100 for completing a mission given by the game master,
the time you will have to spend on the game is until you finish 10 missions but there will be other obstacles holding you away from getting the prize easy

you start with 100 life points which you can lose by fighting with monsters or gain back by eating/drinking
(food and water supplies are not unlimited so use them wisely)
I didn't add hunger points so think after how much time your character would get hungry again by yourself

to fight a monster roll the dice
(for yourself and the monster too to see how much damage you cause to each other)
according to what mission you are in:
mission1 - 4 sided dice (10health monster)
mission2 - 6sided dice (20health monster)
mission3 - 8sided dice (30health monster)
mission4 - 8sided dice (40health monster)
mission5 - 10sided dice (50health monster)
mission6 - 10sided dice (60health monster)
mission7 - 12sided dice (70health monster)
mission8 - 12sided dice (80health monster)
mission9 - 16sided dice (90health monster)
mission10 - 20sided dice (100health monster)

the other obstacles may take off some of your health too depending in which mission you are they can be stronger or weaker
for example if you are in mission4, the obstacles could be 1-40 serious damage to your character but you decide how strong could the impact be
(for example tripping over a rock would be less damage than a racoon bite or whatever you could meet on the way)
(also remember how many sided dice you gotta roll in each mission - mission4 is 8 sided dice for both, you and the obstacle you met)

day/night cycle doesn't exist here so you might want to pay for day or night to come

sleeping place is a safe place to have some rest but use it only when really needed
(think for how much time would your character be able to walk without resting)
yes it's safe there but if you will spend too much time there without completing any missions to get money, you will run out of money by paying for food and die of hunger (remember if you own a pet, you have to take care of it too)

1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jun.27 09:49 there are other buyables like sword, bow & arrows or only arrows (if you bought a bow & arrows but lost all the arrows that came with it - count them yourself!)
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jun.27 09:49 there is also a map of whole maze but it only shows where you are and where you should get, it doesn't show if something is blocking the way nor other players
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jun.27 09:49 if you die during the game, you can come back to life but you will have lost all what was in your inventory (if you took your own pet to the game - it will stay with you, but if you bought the pet during the game - it will dissapear like any other item)
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jun.27 09:49 I hope you understood everything, come on as much as possible and say if you gotta go somewhere for a longer time Good luck! ^^ Have fun!~
8>Luna (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jun.27 09:55 (Appearance: brown medium length hair and greenblue glowing eyes, wears black clothes and brown cloak, she has a sword witch she uses if someone comes too close, annoys her or attacks)
8>Luna (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jun.27 09:57  Buying food (x 1)  
8>Luna (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jun.27 09:57  Buying water (x 1)  
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:04 [Hi! How old does my character have to be? Or is there no age limit?]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:10 [Aestus (pronounced ie-stus; the "ae" is like the "ie" in "lie" or "die") has spiky neon red hair, a lanky but muscular build, and hazel eyes. His clothes are black and red and made of leather; his clothes consist of a trench coat, a long-sleeved shirt,
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:10 jeans, and boots.]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:10 *black with red markings and are made of leather;
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:11 [He is very much based on a new OC of mine from another RP. I haven't really gotten to use that new OC yet, so I thought I'd experiment with this character on here.]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:13  Buying water (x 1)  
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:13  Buying food (x 1)  
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:14 [BTW, perhaps you could add more weapons? Currently there aren't all that many to choose from. You could add things like knife sets, polearms, axes, etc.]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:14 [I imagine that Aestus prefers throwing knives, but there aren't any to buy, sooo... XD XP]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.1 21:15 [I also plan for him to buy a power once he has enough money again.]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.4 11:51 [okay how much would they cost?]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.4 11:55 [yeah there is no age limit, any other question? did you read the description carefully enough? ^-^]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.5 20:47 [Yep, I read the description. Also, you should decide how they cost. :)]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.5 20:53 *how much
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.5 22:16 [I-I don't know - seriously ;D just tell me a realistic price and it will be fine xd]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.6 04:46 [Well...some polearms are actually more effective than swords, so I'd say those should be priced a bit higher than swords.]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.6 04:47 [I'd place the price of throwing knives in between the price of swords and bows/arrows, but that's just me.]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.6 21:47 [added, are they fine?]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.7 04:11 [Yup, thanks!]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.7 04:11  Buying knife set (x 1)  
12>Echo (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jul.8 20:23 (Long Dark brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a white tshirt a black jacket, black pants, white shoes, she's also wearing a black mouth mask. item from home is a knife)
17>Hikaru (Maze Runner), 13yo.2019,Jul.8 21:51 (messy dark black hair and golden eyes, olive green hoodie and dark olive green jeans, black boots and black t-shirt, item he took from home is his phone)
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.8 23:28 [Oh, the item Aestus brought from home is a swiss army knife type thing.]
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.9 02:31 [Ludo has wavy, messy blonde hair, large, light blue eyes, and pale skin. He wears brown pants, a yellow and white horizontally striped shirt, brown boots, and brown fingerless gloves. From home he brought a coin-shaped good luck charm that doubles as a
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.9 02:31 throwing star.]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.9 02:39 [Neoma has wavy, black hair in a ponytail, brown eyes, and brown skin. She is tall and wears a green tank top with a black jacket, black pants, and black running shoes with green markings. From home she brought a staff.]
16>Erene (Maze Runner), 25yo.2019,Jul.9 12:15 (Erene has beautiful medium length ombre hair, fading from pale dark blue to white, her eyes are glowing blue like moonlight in a forest lake full with firefly lights and some morning mist, she wears a dark blue color blouse and white shorts, white shoes
16>Erene (Maze Runner), 25yo.2019,Jul.9 12:15 item she always wears is a watch that is also a compass)
18>Noah (Maze Runner), 15yo.2019,Jul.9 15:29 (Noah has white spikey hair and ice blue eyes. He is wearing a gray hoodie, black jeans, black shoes and a ice blue crystal necklace. Item he brought from home is a real looking toy gun that shoots little yellow balls)
11>Aria (Maze Runner), 22yo.2019,Jul.9 15:37 (Aria has long brown-blonde color hair and Hazel eyes. She's wearing a long white shirt, blue pants and white shoes. She brought a backpack)
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.9 22:28 [I think I'm done creating characters for now. Are we going to start? ^.^]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.10 10:41 [Alright so we all have 3 characters~ yea we can start, did you notice Nicki? ^^]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.10 17:09 [Yep. Hi Nicki! ^.^]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.10 17:10 [I'm guessing Nicki is a friend/penpal of yours?]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.10 20:57 [um actually we have met 3 times already and we will meet again in 20 days >w< we met online and now I'm spending all my time chatting (nah tbh roleplaying) with her all day ;D]
12>Echo (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jul.10 21:07 Hey hey
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.10 23:10 [Ah, okay.]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.10 23:10 [So where/how do our characters start?]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.11 09:26 [hmm well it's the free time for now, we have all arrived already and we can buy something or talk to someone, if no then let's just skip to the start I guess xd]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.11 19:44 [I think I like the sound of a socialization stage first. What sort of environment are they in?]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.11 19:59 [it's outside, by the maze entrance but the maze is still closed until start, there is a small market that sells all the stuff and some benches, trees, the ground is just short grass and there is also a small wooden stage if anyone wants to anounce
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.11 20:00 anything and it's day, the weather is good, anything else? xD]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.12 20:26 [That works for me. ^.^]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.12 20:28 [Though I am curious about how this world works...why are these people participating in such a dangerous game? Were they forced to do it, or are they participating willingly?]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.12 20:28 [If they were forced to participate, then who is forcing them and why? If they volunteered to play this game, why would they do such a thing/what do they get out of it?]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.12 20:29 [I'm asking all these questions in part to help you improve your RPing and worldbuilding skills. ^.^ These are the sort of questions that I ask myself all the time regarding my own RP universes. They really help flesh out my worlds.]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.12 20:30 [Who, what, where, why, and how are all very important in RPing. I find that "why" is especially important, but really you can't make an effective RP without the other questions (what, where, who, how) as well.]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.12 21:41 [pff xd well there's probably a money reward to whoever wins this and they can't die so it's fine, Hikaru joined because he likes gaming and a real life game is much more fun than a video game so ya, Luna joined because she wanted to get out of routine,
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.12 21:42 experience new stuff and try out her surviving skills, so from my characters only Erene got taken there without asking... but once she will adapt to the situation, she will get in the gaming mood too ^^ for now she's just a simple woman]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.12 21:42 [what about your characters?]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.12 21:50 [oh well also I was thinking that the obstacles will be told by this character, like you go around the game and suddenly this character says for example *a dog size monster appears in your way* and then you decide to fight, run, hide or take a different
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.12 21:50 road? (if you fight, you roll the dice) and you get money for neutralizing the obstacle]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.12 23:55 [Wait, they can't die?? OK, now I'm just confused. XD Your RP description above explains that you have to buy food or you will starve to death, and I thought that if you run out of health you die.]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.12 23:58 [So what happens if you run out of health or if you are starving?]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.12 23:58 [I will come up with my characters' motivations once I understand how this world works a bit better. ^.^]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.13 08:58 [there is this sentence in rules "if you die during the game, you can come back to life but you will have lost all what was in your inventory" it just didn't fit the description so it's written in messages heh.. didn't u notice it?]
11>Aria (Maze Runner), 22yo.2019,Jul.13 09:54 (Aria came to the game because she needs the money reward)
12>Echo (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jul.13 09:55 (Echo came because she was bored and wanted to escape from her routine)
18>Noah (Maze Runner), 15yo.2019,Jul.13 09:57 (Noah came because he thought that it would be more fun to fight real monsters rathen than imaginary ones and he will also be able to say to his friends that he fought against monsters and look cool)
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.13 17:50 [Whoops...yep, I missed that. Thanks for pointing it out!]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.13 18:42 [okay good so can we finally start? xd]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.15 02:14 [Of course! You're the game master; you decide when we start. :)]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.15 09:03 *we all arrive and the game master told the rules, now it's the free time before start*
8>Luna (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jul.15 09:08 *I don't want to communicate with anyone for now so I simply buy some food and sit down on one of the benches*
16>Erene (Maze Runner), 25yo.2019,Jul.15 09:18 *worried, thinking why they chose her and if she will be able to survive a day, the thought of not dying for real kind of calms her but still, it's not something she would usually do, she decides to see what the shop has*
17>Hikaru (Maze Runner), 13yo.2019,Jul.15 09:23 *exited, trying to catch phone signal but there is no so just turns it off to save battery, walks to the small shop, looking what they got, he wants to get a weapon as he only have his phone for now*
11>Aria (Maze Runner), 22yo.2019,Jul.15 09:30 *she's thinking if she's going to be able to win and she's trying to cheer herself up by thinking that she will*
12>Echo (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jul.15 09:32 *she's thinking how she's going to beat all the obstacles and how exciting this adventure will be,she's thinking which weapon she should choose but she's not sure yet *
18>Noah (Maze Runner), 15yo.2019,Jul.15 09:36 *he is happy that he's going to fight real monsters and how he wants to try a real sword, he goes and buys it, it's pretty heavy for him but he thinks that he can manage it and he keeps it*
18>Noah (Maze Runner), 15yo.2019,Jul.15 09:38  Buying sword (x 1)  
17>Hikaru (Maze Runner), 13yo.2019,Jul.15 09:45 *he sees the power, thinks cool they have magic here too, but he doesn't know what he will have to fight yet to decide on the power so he chooses sth else and after long thinking it is polearm because it looked cool*
17>Hikaru (Maze Runner), 13yo.2019,Jul.15 09:46  Buying polearm (x 1)  
16>Erene (Maze Runner), 25yo.2019,Jul.15 09:49 *looking at the weapons she understands that she doesn't really know how to use any o-o but she takes axe because she thinks that she could be able to use that, also it's gonna be hard to fight so she gets some water*
16>Erene (Maze Runner), 25yo.2019,Jul.15 09:50  Buying axe (x 1)  
16>Erene (Maze Runner), 25yo.2019,Jul.15 09:50  Buying water (x 1)  
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.18 03:05 *buys his stuff and then leans against something (e.g. a wall, tree) casually*
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.18 03:05 [Sorry for disappearing; I am at a summer camp and I haven't been able to come online much as a result.]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:11 *is nervous, but hides it**quickly goes about getting supplies*
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:12 [XD Um...a gun should NOT cost the same as a knife set.]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:12 [Well, it's not the same, but it's close.]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:13 [But I think guns would be ludicrously overpowered unless someone could counter the gunshots with a superpower. And since bullets are ludicrously fast, the superpower would have to be super fast/effective as well.]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:13 [So I suggest either removing guns entirely or increasing the price dramatically.]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:14 [I don't see guns being present in RPs very much, and so I'd think keeping the guns would be the more interesting option. However, a gun should cost the same as a power, if not more.]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:15 [I won't buy a gun for now simply because it feels like cheating. It'd be so ridiculously overpowered. I feel like a gun should be something that's earned later on.]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:16 *she already has a weapon--namely, a staff--so she focuses more on things that aren't weapons*
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:16  Buying food (x 1)  
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:16  Buying water (x 1)  
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.18 03:17  Buying axe (x 1)  *decides to get an extra weapon as a backup**plus, an axe could double as a tool*
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.18 03:17 [BTW, what's the difference between knives and ninja kniveS?]
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.18 03:17 *s?]
12>Echo (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jul.19 07:27 (knife set equals gun because it has many knifes of different sizes and types and it also has ninja knifes which can be used for longer distance)
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.20 00:45 [XD XP Many knives of different sizes and types still won't do the same damage a gun can.]
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.20 00:47 [It is a thousand times easier to eliminate/"kill" a player with a gun than it is to do so with a knife. Guns should not be accessible at this stage of the game. They're overpowered.]
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.20 00:47 [I don't mean to be bossy/argumentative, I just want to keep the game fair.]
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.20 00:49  Buying bow & arrows(12) (x 1)  
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.20 00:49  Buying food (x 1)  
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.20 00:49  Buying water (x 1)  
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.20 00:51 [At the very least, compare the price between a gun and a bow. A gun is only $10 more and it is hundreds of times more effective/powerful than a bow.]
6>Ludo (Maze Runner), 14yo.2019,Jul.20 00:51 [You really need to ratchet up the gun prices. Again, it'd only be fair to introduce guns once players can obtain powers as well. Otherwise guns are just overpowered.]
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.22 13:12 (told ya Nicki! of course they're overpowered pff~ so I'm taking all guns off for now? did)
12>Echo (Maze Runner), 17yo.2019,Jul.22 13:16 (alright)
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.24 20:44 [I actually don't mind guns being present in the game so long as they're at least the same price as magic. ^.^ One would think that a powerful enough form of magic would be able to counter guns just fine.]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Jul.24 20:44 [But still, thank you for making this change. ^_^]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Jul.24 20:45 *sits down and waits anxiously*
1>Game Master (game master), -yo.2019,Jul.29 20:31 [I guess we won't be online until 6th because Nicki is coming here so we won't be on the internet at all.. just letting chu know~]
19>Neoma (Maze Runner), 30yo.2019,Aug.4 18:06 [OK. See you around!]
3>Aestus (Maze Runner), 27yo.2019,Aug.15 17:40 [I don't know if you guys are back yet, but I'm still around. ^.^]

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