" The Meme Game "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 15 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

Me and Brunny are judges. We will judge memes every contest.You will get a trophy and money if you win a contest.There will be no bad-minded memes. You have to have a SOTW account! for visitor, message me on SOTW ...the password is 'password'
Contests that are coming soon!:
MEMEOFF! Dec.15-?
Santa memes Dec.10- Dec.15
Reindeer memes Dec.15- 20
Elf memes Dec. 20-Dec.25
New Years memes Dec.25-Dec. 30
Groundhogs day Jan 27- Feb.2
Easter Apr.10-Apr.16

1: be nice...no bullying
2: no bad-minded messages
3:no power playing
4:no arguing/fighting
5:Dont hog all the slots.You only need 1 character.
6:Come every week at least.Unless you have to be off...please tell me this in advanced or i will delete you.

1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 01:46 hello everyone! please secret message me your ref no. so no one can see you're meme
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 01:47 the first contest will end at october 30, 2016 at2:00PM ET in USA
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 01:49 let the 1st annual meme games....BEGIN!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Oct.23 18:55 Heyaaaa!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Oct.23 18:55 I get the purple slot again. >:D Yes!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Oct.23 19:08  Secret message to Intrent  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Oct.23 19:08 I like memes and I'm feeling competitive, sooo...everyone brace yourselves!! >:D XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Oct.23 19:38 just one
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 14:23 [igyou want you can edit a memes that blurrs out the cussword......and ill know the cussword]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Oct.29 14:23 *if you
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.1 02:22 Crap, I totally forgot to put my meme up. XP Oh well, I found a pretty good Vikings-related one. I'll put that up. Hopefully it'll still count.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.1 02:26 I tried adding the meme and it's not showing up...please check my penpal page. If you don't see it either let me know.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.1 17:39 Nvm. I just checked my page again and the meme is there.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.1 20:19 i am movind it to nov. 20!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.1 20:27 i hate judging its so hard...i seen your meme!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.2 03:01 OK, awesome!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.2 03:01 Please advertise this RP on The Roleplay Alliance. I need competitors!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.2 03:01 Otherwise this won't be all that fun.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.2 03:02 BTW, you are so lucky I didn't choose a meme with an awful pun. XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.2 03:03 I found a whole lot...one's a Star Wars meme that's like: Obi Wan Kenobi: *is facing Darth Vader* Cool suit. I bet it cost you... *puts on sunglasses* ...AN ARM AND A LEG.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.2 03:03 Obi Wan: YEEEEAAAHHHH!!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.2 03:03 It must've felt good to be Obi Wan during that moment. X'D
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:27 hello everyone!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:31 hello?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 20:51 Hi Trent! It's Ava! I made my own meme! Is this french bulldog open mouthed and it says: "UH........... What was the question?" The picture is cute
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 20:54 awesome!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 21:12
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.2 21:12 It isn't on there yet because it takes 24 hours for one to be posted
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 21:13 i know
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.2 21:40 hello?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.3 04:04 SUP!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.3 04:04 SWEET! I got the Energon-colored spot!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.3 04:07 I just now uploaded 2 memes on my page, hope they show up soon!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.3 04:07 The first one I made, btw.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.4 02:25 @ Corona: You can only submit one, so you'll need to specify which one you uploaded is the one you submitted for the contest.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.4 02:25 Also, yes!! Finally some competition!! >:D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.4 02:26 My meme is a somewhat clever Vikings joke. As soon as I saw it I laughed so I figured it might make other people laugh too.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.4 02:26 That is, if they've seen the show Vikings. :P Otherwise it'd be lost on them. Luckily our judge has seen that show...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.4 02:30 @ Corona: I saw your memes BTW. Nice pun!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.4 05:27 I'll go with the not-TRANSFORMERS one ig cuz NO ONE ON THIS STINKIN' WEBSITE KNOWS ANYTHING ABOUT TRANSFORMERS!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.4 05:28 D,x
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.4 05:28 BTW, I'm only here cuz I'm bored as hell, so idc what the frag happens.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.4 05:30 I JUST WISH MY TRANSFORMERS RP WAS MORE THAN JUST ME!!! Soph doesn't go on anymore. :(
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 01:39 What's the link for it? I'll happily join! :D
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:48 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:50  Secret message to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:53 everyone im cutting it off here....please dont be offended by your places
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:53 1st place Ava!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:54 2nd place Corona!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:54 3rd place Brunny!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:54 sorry Brunny...you might win next time
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 01:55 /
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.6 02:53 I'm guessing Ava won because her meme was cute. XP
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.6 02:54 Congrats Ava and Corona! Just my personal opinion (no offense to anyone else): I think I got #1 for cleverness in my meme...Ava must've gotten #1 for cuteness and Corona must've gotten #1 for cheesiness (but hey, sometimes cheesy puns are...GRATE).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.6 02:54 @ Trent: When does the next contest start?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.6 02:55 I've got some great memes that were knee-slappers (at least for me; some people on here don't share my sense of humor) and I'm eager to try again! :D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.6 02:57 Anyway, ah well... *shakes hands with Ava and Corona* Good game. I bet you'll do even better next time! Now excuse me... *heads into another room and designs memes that might CRUSH you (MWAH HA HA HAAAA)*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.6 02:57 [Sorry if I seem like a bad loser in any way. I'm just competitive. XD]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:24 the secound meme contest ends at nov. 10...good luck!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:26 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:38 but....yes yes there is a but (dont make it weird!) but it has to be a homework meme!....good luck!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 17:39 let the meme games.........begin!
Player 102016,Nov.6 17:54 Hi! This sounds fun, so I decided to join!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:58 Hi! This game is where you find a really good meme online or make ur own and put it on ur pen pal page but u need to tell the game master ur ref. Number so he can look at it
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.6 17:58 It's basically a meme contest
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:18 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:19 and...im late!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:19 well welcome !
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:21 you have to give me your ref number on SOTW..if you dont have one go to students of the world and register your meme...better do it quick time is running out
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:22 register an account and post a meme in your pictures...but it has to be a homework meme...good luck!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:23 brunny dont get in 4th place....AGAIN!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:24 *last place not 4th place
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:24 [because you got in third place last time]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:25 now when everyonehas there meme in...i will present the places!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:31  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:32 I forgot that!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:32 do not hit "use"
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:32 That was to Ava
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:33   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:34  Giving the silver meme cup (x 1) to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:34  Giving the bronze meme cup (x 1) to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:43 i might peticipate...just for fun!....ref is 1245657
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 20:43 i will not judge mine
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 21:00 /
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 21:02 ]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.6 21:02 memes rule!!!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.7 16:47 Yay! I got my meme on my page! ref 1157626
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:19 hello~!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:19 I'm late...again!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:21 I'm sorry it has to be a homework meme....next we will do dog memes....sorry
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:22 but don't take it down!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:22 @ everyone:if anyone copy of Avas dog meme for the next round you will be disqualified
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:23 *copys
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:29 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:30 @everyone:it doesn't have to be in by nov. 10!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 17:30 when everyone has their memes i will present the places!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:49 Just added mine!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:50 In case you're disgusted, I'll briefly explain: I absolutely love toilet/fart humor, so submitting that one was utterly irresistable. >:D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:50 But honestly it isn't disgusting at all to me. To me that's normal. XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:51 Anyways, if you guys don't see my meme (or if you still see the Lagertha one), that's because it may take time for my first one to be removed and my second to be uploaded.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:51 The one I uploaded is a Dos Equis guy meme (the ones that parody his trademark saying "I don't always drink beer, but when I do I choose Dos Equis").
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:53 If that one doesn't get me at least to second place I'm going to be a very surprised, though.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:53 So yeah...I have promised myself I am NOT getting last place!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:54 Wait a minute...crap...I just saw it has to be a homework meme...nevermind, I'll choose a different meme...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 18:59 Dang it...the only homework meme I found that was very funny could only cause me to laugh a little. Oh well; I'll use that one.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 19:00 Annnd done adding it. It may take a day or so for it to appear.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 19:00 BTW, I have buttloads of true and funny dog memes, so when the dog round comes along I expect to kick major butt. >:D Mwah ha ha ha haaa!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.7 19:00 Can we have a toilet humor round too?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:20 yes]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:20 it has to be a homework meme read above!...btw if you hit modify the lagertha one will go away
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:21 keep that one though and add a homework one
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:29 just read all sorry
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:30 brunny is second in command
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:33 she and I will choose rounds
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:33 no exceptions....she was here first
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:34 we will alternate she picks one then i do
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:34 brunny will get to choose after this round
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:35 \=]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:35 what?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:36 idk how that happened...i think i made a emoji face with my elbow!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:36 P9===\
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:37 ignore that i was trying to do author one on purpose with elbow
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:38 *another one
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:39 [gtg gotta play rage...its an xbox 360 game]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:39 [nvm I'm staying on]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:42 im getting my game back on the road!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:43 starting again "we are legend!!!!'' whooaaaaa!!! yeeeeeaaaahhhH!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:43 i deleted kayla
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.7 20:56 [gtg gotta play rage...its an xbox 360 game]
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.8 01:46 It okay if they want to take my dog meme I am putting up a different one.
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.8 01:54 I added it but right now it says photo
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 02:22 i am standing by my word....that is a very good meme that could win the golden cup
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 04:04 @ Trent: Thanks for making me second-in-command! :D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 04:15 For some reason my meme doesn't seem to be uploading properly...I'll wait a while and see what happens...
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.8 15:35  Secret message to Intrent  
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.8 15:38  Secret message to Intrent  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:17  Secret message to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:17 Rasin brunn!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:17 *Brunn!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:18 Rasin Brunn you pick the next one
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:21  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:35 '
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:37 Hi!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:39 No wonder my meme hasn't been showing up...it's not in JPG format, it's in PNG format. >_<
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:39 hello!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:39 I'll fix that...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:40 Bunny picks next!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:40 Brunny
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:40 *
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:41 Done. Okie dokie, I'll pick the next meme "subject" (AND DON'T YOU DARE CALL ME RAISIN BRUNN; I. HATE. RAISINS >______< XD)...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:41 Ahem...drumroll please.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:42 After we finish with homework memes, our next memes must be...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:42 ...FUNNY CAT MEMES!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:42 nooo!!!! not yet!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:42 Note that the word "funny" is extremely important.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:42 nvm
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:42 You told me to pick dude. XP
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:43 And I specified that the memes we do AFTER the homework ones are going to be funny cat memes.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:43 Anyway, regarding the word "funny": This means the memes have to have some humor in them. They can't just be 100% cuteness and broken English and 0% humor.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:43 yes..but it was going to be a surrprise
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:43 So pics of kittens or cats saying "Can I haz cheezburger" should not be included.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:44 Well you should have specified that. XD XP
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:44 Delete everything I've said then.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:44 no its ok
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:44 Just scroll down and hit the "Delete text" button. Then enter words that appear in my posts.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:44 Oh, nvm then.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:45 Sorry about that...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:45 stop apoligizing...... idk!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:45 IDC!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:46 not idk
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:46 jk
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:47 Okay...? XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:49 I saw the blog. What's "the third one?" You never specified what the "one" is.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:50 go to "whats it about"
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:50 it tells you a summary of the first one
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:50 first game
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:51 That still doesn't tell me what the "third one" is...unless you mean that the "third one" is yet another sequel.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:51 So the third one will be a sequel to the sequel? XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:51 BTW, if you're going to create and then close that many games, I recommend archiving the ones you've closed.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:52 yes..exactly
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:52 idk the password to archive
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:53 nvm its changed
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:53 it doesn't work
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:54 idk the password to archive
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 18:56 webmaster didn't give it to me
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:57 I added Siegfried to the blog BTW!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:57 You use your password.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:58 Your password on your game allows you to archive it.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 18:58 So go to the original Rodents Abroad game and use your p-word to archive it.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:00 how is he trustiness son if its be twenty years!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:00 *tristens
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:00 mabye a relative
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 19:00 How is James still alive if it's been twenty years? :P
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:01 *maybe
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 19:01 It only works if that's twenty years in "rodent time" (sort of like how 7 dog years = 1 human year).
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:01 the power of souls
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 19:02 And when I initially created Siegfried and told you he was Tristen's son you didn't seem to have a problem with it...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:02 ok then its rodents time!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 19:02 Yeah, that makes sense.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:03 nice squirrel
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:04 a speicial sword...this game is getting crazy again...plus if someones not on...we are not waiting!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 19:04 lets go play we are legend
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 19:05 I actually gtg soon... :P
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.8 19:05 But okay.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 22:58 Not doing the Homework meme one.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 22:59 wh not?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 22:59 why not?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 22:59 And I saw Brunny say not to call her Raisin Brunn way up there, so I wont say it, I'll sing it LOL.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 22:59 I like homework too much
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:00 ok imma sing 'Raisin Bruun'
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:01 *to the tune of 'Chocolate Rain'* 🎵Raisin Bruuuuuuun! She hates raisins, but she's Raisin Brunn.🎵
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:02 🎵Raisin Bruuuuuuun! She hates raisins, but she's Raisin Brunn!🎵
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:04 🎵I play the organ party, I, I, I, I... I play the organ party...🎵
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:04 Sorry different song XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:08 [internet slow,sorry]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:08 k
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:08 [you called it "eighth grade scrap"
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:08 ]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:09 I dare you to give all non-TRANSFORMERS fans a challenge by doing a Transformers Meme contest.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:10 No, I called homeSCHOOL 'eighth grade scrap'.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:10 It's different.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:10 🎵Raisin Bruuuuuuun! She hates raisins, but she's Raisin Brunn!🎵
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:10 [🎵I play the organ party, I, I, I, I... I play the organ party...🎵]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:10 good idea
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:10 *oops ignore the [}
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:11 i know nothing of transformers so you can be the judge just for that one
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:11 If u do the Transformers memes than I'll post my meme but u don't have to count it
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:12 k then!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:12 I could also probably judge an MLP meme contest
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:12 just sayin
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:13 No MLP contest....i hate MLP
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:13 I SO WISH WE COULD DO GIFS!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:13 too bad
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:13 that would be awesome
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:13 Shut up, anti-Bronian.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:14 About the MLP thing.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:14 *narrows eyes*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:14 do you expect most guys to like MLP?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:14 no
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:14 \
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:15 but i expect them to respect my choices.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:15 *draws sword*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:15 *transforms*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:15 i respect it
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:15 o.o
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:15 *loads fusion cannon*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:15 *puts sword back in* i...i serender
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:16 I saw a sword.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:16 *transforms back*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:16 i litteralyy drew it!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:16 BOOM!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:16 I like swords.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:17 *still has fusion cannon out* Idc.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:17 oooooooo.ooooooooooooo
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:17 OO! u should do weapon memes
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:17 cornfusion eyes!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:17 u got more eyes than a spider! >:)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:18 🎵My Little Pony, skinny and boney, ah, ah, ah, ah...🎵
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:18 i just pulled the laptop and hit myself it the head
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:18 >:D
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:18 XDXDXDXDDDDDDDDDDDD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:19 My laptop IS my head
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:20 0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o.o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0oo0o
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:20 *.*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:20 ***
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:21 (oops and no that was not a curse word)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:21 -_-
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:21 💣
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:22 you said a bad word! *crys and is sccared for life*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:22 😭
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:22 OOH! TEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAM BOOOOOOOOOM!!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:22 ahhhhhhHHHH!!H!!H!HHHH!HH!H!H!H!H\
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:22 no i didn't but I will if you don't shut your face.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:23 [btw do you say curse words? idc if you do]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:23 .....
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:23 i dont care! ive been called every thing you could thing of
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:24 I do if I'm really pissed but usually I use TRANSFORMERS substitutes.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:24 im excited for school tomorrow you know why?]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:24 So you've been called a PrymeStriker? O.O
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:24 cuz u gonna kick some tailpipe!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:25 gtg....homework...be back soon 10-20 mins
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.8 23:25 k
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:28 im bck!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:28 ill multi task
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.8 23:32 nvm
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 00:00 im backk
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 03:12 @ Corona: I honestly have no idea what songs you're talking about, sooo... XD JUST DON'T CALL ME RAISIN BRUNN!!!! *summons Valkyrie sisters*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 03:12 I was named after a Valkyrie. Your argument is invalid. XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.9 21:16 And I'm a Cybertronian capable of crushing you. *loads fusion cannon* Deal with it, Raisin Brunn. >:)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:31 Crushing me...? Dude, as a Valkyrie, I'm immortal. XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:32 hello
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:33 And as a Valkyrie I collect the souls of fallen warriors; I myself don't fall. >:D Also I can summon my father, Odin/Wotan, king of the Nordic gods, who'll be able to destroy you rather quickly.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:33 (Seriously...in the opera Die Walkure, Wotan caused a guy to die because he wanted him to... XD O_O)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:34 *simply because
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:34 hello!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:34 Your argument is still invalid. XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:34 do you see me......jk
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:34 @ Trent: Hola.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:35 trump won!!! yeah!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:35 whoa!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:35 Oh gawd...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:35 I can't believe you support a guy who wears a hamster on his head.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:36 u hater!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:36 I honestly didn't care who won this election BTW...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:36 So technically I'm not a hater.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:36 And also, come on, the hamster joke is funny as h**l. XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:37 i support him because he has good ideas...not because hes orange..... a AN orange....XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:37 *or no "a"
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:37 And I find the idea that I'm a hater ironic considering some of Trump's agendas...oh well. What's done is done. I didn't come here to discuss politics, anyway. I came here to have fun with memes.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:37 idc if you say dat
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:38 *not k but thank
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:38 [wrong message]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:38 And BTW, I love the Alec Baldwin imitation of Trump. He's spot on!! It's so freaking funny!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:38 *NOT
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:39 Of course you'd say that. XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:39 lets play we are legend
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:39 I think you meant *TOTALLY
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:39 Just kidding...anyways, I don't want to argue over this silliness.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.9 21:40 Still am a big Alec Baldwin fan... >:D Anyways, to We are Legend!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:48 \
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.9 21:54 Just cuz your immortal doesn't mean you don't get hurt.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:54 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 21:55 lets play we are legend
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.9 21:55 And you call in someone to destroy me, I call in Primus & Unakron.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.9 21:55 -_- fine
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 23:28 hellO?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.9 23:30 Sup, lemonbrain.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 23:32 [do a meme good about homework]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.9 23:32 [gtg]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.9 23:32 no
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.9 23:32 k fine with me
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.10 04:35 @ Corona: The part about immortality you mentioned is true...but Wotan could also probably cause Primus and Unakron to drop dead if he wants them to. XD XP
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 06:45 Primus and Unakron are Gods.
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.10 17:24 I got my meme up! And @Brunnhilde and @Trent After funny cat memes can we do dog memes?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.10 17:27 Tomorrow I'll have my cat meme up!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 17:57 So I have no say? *lifts eyebrow*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.10 21:17 next after cat memes we will do a ternement
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.10 21:17 *turmenent XD cant spell...i no thats wrong
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.10 21:17 *tornement
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.10 21:17 nope
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 21:43 tournement, I think...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 21:43 idk
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 22:04 Go to Science Squad! LOL!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 22:05 I...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 22:05 AM...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 22:06 DIIIIIISCOOOORD!!!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 22:06 OMG I was laughing SO HARD when I posted that! LEL!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 22:18 *tounament! Yay! That's it!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 22:44 *Tournament. STUPID COMPUTER! I PRESSED THAT 'T' BUTTON!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.10 23:04 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.10 23:07 nice game
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 23:40 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 23:45 I'm from MLP: FiM
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.10 23:50 @ Corona: Primus and Unakron can still be defeated by Wotan, as Wotan is the KING of gods (in Norse mythology). >:D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.10 23:50 @ Trent: What kind of tournament memes? I go to chess tournaments, so I may be interested in putting up a chess meme...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.10 23:50 @ Trent: Also, it's November 10th. So who's the winner of this homework meme round?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.10 23:56 @ Discord: BTW, hi. I am Brunnhilde. ^_^
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.10 23:56 @ Discord: BTW, you are nothing compared to the discord in my butt. >:D *FARRRRRRRRRRRT*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.10 23:58 -_-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 00:02 I am the spirit of chaos and disharmony. I could destroy all of Equestria by sneezing if I wanted to.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 00:03 Primus and Unakron are Cybertronian Gods. If you want the whole story, just ask. I've got time. *grins* *grabs a bubble from air and un-blows it*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 00:04 Primus is the so-called 'King' of gods in Cybertronian mythology, but he ain't a myth cuz he's the core of our planet.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 00:23 (jk bout the 'core of our planet' thing I don't believe in that it just shows that in one episode)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 01:10 Wait no I messed that up, Primus is the core of Cybertron and UNAKRON is the core of Earth.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 01:27 Research "Valkyrie" and "Der Ring des Nibelungen" on
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 01:27 *on Wikipedia if you're interested in Norse mythology (it'll also help you see where my name came from ^.^).
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 02:34 its win everyone turnd theirs in!i tod you this already
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 02:36 *turns
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 02:36 *when
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 02:36 *told
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 02:36 i think i have trypophobia
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 02:37 look it up ....i have a fear about Holes!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 02:37 holes that are in your skin
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 02:37 i am not lying
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 04:43 Dude, you posted this: 1>Trent (meme judge), memeyo. 2016,Nov.6 17:24 the secound meme contest ends at nov. 10...good luck!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 04:43 It's Nov. 10, sooo... XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 04:43 And Ava and I have both put our memes up. Not sure about Corona/Discord though. Corona may simply not want to participate in the homework memes round.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 04:44 Also, trypophobia? Weird...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 04:45 I have a fear of spiders, which of course is quite common...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 18:21 No, I don't.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 18:21 I don't want to do the homework one. -_-
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 18:42 Then I guess that means Trent should just judge who has the better meme: Me or Ava.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 18:43 @ Trent: Though you never made it clear whether or not backing out of a round is allowed on here, I feel that if one doesn't want to compete in a particular round, then so be it; their right to back out should be recognized and respected.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.11 18:43 That's just my view though. You're the Game Master.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 18:57 :)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.11 22:27 BTW I like Raisin Brunn's meme best (no offense, Ava!)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:46 then i said i will judge when everyones is in
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:47 brunny you dont have a meme!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:49 nvm
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:50 1st place Brunny!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:50 btw i do not like "troll" faces that much...but it was good
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:50 2nd place! AVA
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:51  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:51  Giving the silver meme cup (x 1) to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:51   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:52 cat memes!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:52 FUNNY CAT memes
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:54 raisin Brunn will be judge
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.11 23:54 *Raisin
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:09 i just seen a meme add on here!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:44 `
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:44 *ad
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:51 i added my meme....hope it wins
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 00:55 Wait, I just noticed something...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:56 what?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 00:56 nvm...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 00:56 Old post that I accidentally pressed enter on
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:56 ok?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 00:56 idk what it was gonna be
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 00:56 lol
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:56 ohhhh..oki get it
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:57 *ok i
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 00:58 when peeps whisper on games they should use S mess.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 01:00 What what? -_-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 01:00 OMG I'M ON A YOUTUBE VID!!! *sceams*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 01:02 Secret message
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 01:02 oh
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 01:03 But dude I'M ON A YOUTUBE VID!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 01:15 gtg
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 01:16 nvm
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 01:17
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 01:20 ok...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 01:21 You don't care, do you?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 01:21 Oh well, you wouldn't like the vid anyway...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.12 04:05 You're on a Youtube video?! Cool!! :D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.12 04:06 @ Trent: Okay. I don't mind troll face meme comics, though I do find the doodles kind of weird.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.12 04:07 Also, yay! 1st place! ^.^
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 04:20 MLP vid
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 04:20 XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.12 04:40 Eh, but still...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 04:40 All I was doing was hanging around in Pony Town
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 04:41 Then I found Lightning Flash
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 04:41 and talked with him
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 04:42 little did I know he was recording LOL!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.12 04:46 Okay then... O_o
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 14:18 thats awesome Corona!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 14:34
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 14:34 hello who are you?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 14:34 [wrong message]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 14:34 gt....playing rage
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 14:35 *gtg
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.12 15:04 Awesome! Second! And I didn't do a very good meme cuz like Discord said I love homework! SO I only did it because brunny needed a competitor other wise I would've backed down. And Brunny when does the next challenge end? I have my cat meme up
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 15:29 `
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 15:42 [i have mine up to
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.12 16:05 Brunny my ref is: 1157626
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:29 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:33  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:33  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:34  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:36 i really dont have trypophobia...having holes in your hand just creeps me out a little
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:36 but if i dig a hole it my yard...i don't go berserk
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:39 i do not have trypophobia
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:40 i took a test and 1-3 pics kinda creeped me out and im guessing i dont cuz theirwere 17 pics
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:41 id go berserk when i see holes in a hand it a little creepy though
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:46 id have tryphobia i was jk
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:50 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 16:52 btw i didnt say not to eric baldwin expression..i was fixing something
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 17:04 I'm thinking about leaving...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 17:48 y?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 17:49 just cuz... memes aren't my strong suit...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 17:49 TRANSFORMERS and MLP are.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 18:05 i made this detailed game called The Grim Wasteland.....i would appreciate if you joined i put a lot of work into it
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 18:05 or at least read the description
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 18:08 but we can't have co
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 18:09 *constant fighting with characters like with we are legend
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 18:09 and make a fantasy name
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 18:26 Then I'm afraid I can't join...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 18:26 I'll look though...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 18:27 cool thanks!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 18:28 My characters are made to be stubborn
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 18:29 Sorry but most of your RPs just aren't for me...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 18:30 😭
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 18:56 u still here?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 19:02 ya
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 19:02 sorry on Pony Town
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 19:04 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 19:04 please join...please
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 19:09 no
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 19:09 :(
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 19:09 and don't whine. >_<
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 19:09 im just bored
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 19:13 So am I...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 19:14 I'm waiting for someone on Pony Town and he's taking FOREVER...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 19:14 gtg watching games of thrones
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 19:15 k
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 19:33 back!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 19:45 k
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.12 19:45 im still bored
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 20:18 sorry
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.12 20:18 talking on Pony Town
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 00:19 im borred
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 00:19 idk what to do
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 01:19 you their
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.13 02:52 OMG!!!! I saw ur video Corona! You have been seen by something like 300 people and you were so funny on that video I loved the part where you said u were Warlord Corona Lemons then started chasing Lightning Flash! LOL!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 05:36 @ Trent: Eric Baldwin? Who's Eric Baldwin? XD Just kidding, it's fine.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 05:37  Secret message to Intrent  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 05:38 The funny cat meme contest ends @ November 16th, so put up your most comedic cat memes on your penpal pages ASAP! As I am a judge I won't compete in this round.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 05:41 I saw Ava's and Trent's memes! @ Corona: Unless you don't want to compete in the funny cat meme contest, please put up a humorous cat meme.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 13:48 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 13:49 do you kno what khjiit is?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 13:49 *khajiit
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 16:56 whats the vid called?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.13 17:19 I'm planning on leaving, Raisin Brunn. And the vid is called 'EVIL LEMON AT PONYTOWN! | Lightning Flash Plays Pony Town' it's Lightning's latest video.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.13 17:20 And I want to do a GIF for the cat memes. :(
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.13 17:23 ht tps://38.media.tumblr.com/5c164698ffd10edd77abedd0dae4657c/tumblr_nbdqfqpmoR1rdzjjxo1_400.gif
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.13 17:24 There is my GIF since you can't put GIFs on your penpal page.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.13 17:44 Hey Trent what about that TRANSFORMERS contest we talked about?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:41 @ Trent: No, I don't. Who's Khajit??
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:42 @ Corona: Saw the gif...that cat is slick! Also, please don't leave; we need more competitors. :/ But if you really, really want to leave, that's fine. Your memes are good.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:43 Just saw that Asha joined...hi, Asha! (Note that she's 10, not 19...I presume the age thing is a typo.)
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:44 Brunny hi!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:44 Hey!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:45 Have you read everything? If not, I'll give you a description of what's going on.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:45 OMG I didn't even see that!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:45 Yes Plz!Whays a meme?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:45 Just came up with an idea for an Ermahgerd girl meme..."Ermahgerd, er tahper!!" XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:46 You don't know what a meme is...?! O.o
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:46 I guess you aren't all that familiar with the Internet in general. XD XP Anyways, a meme is generally an image or video that is passed around/re-posted often by people.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:46 Nope,also can you try join my WenArwmFeagons RP?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:47 On here we use one of the most common types of memes: An image with funny text/captions on it.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:47 Oh I know that ok!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:47 Look up "funny memes" on Google Images for examples.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:47 I know you're in a lot of RP's so you don't have to,but you only have to come on twice a week the keastM
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:48 There are many types of memes - dog memes, cat memes, rage/trollface comics, "One Does Not Simply..." memes, Dr. Evil air quotes memes, Philosoraptor memes, and more.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:48 Okie dokie, I'll check out that RP.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:49 I can't find that roleplay...I presume you misspelled the title?
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:49 Thanks!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:49 What's the RP called? Or what is its exact REF (I think REFs are case sensitive)?
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:49 Yup! We Are Dragons sorry heh heh
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:49 I was wondering what a Feagon was... XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:50 I'll check it out! I love dragons.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:51 Inknewnyoud love it!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:51 ERG! Sorry I'm having Typo fever!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:52 Crap...I wanted a European dragon (the standard fire-breathing dragon with wings and such)...or maybe a cool Asian dragon (a wing-less god-like dragon that can still fly)...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:52 *quickly puts on space suit-like thing* Oh no!! You're contagious!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:53 There are many types of dragons in legends with all sorts of abilities (e.g. ice breath) by the way.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:54 Sorry,I know people are being all judge with the dragons I chose.....
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:54 What's a jewel dragon?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:55 Also, I have an idea: Can I be a dragon who is part fire dragon, part skillfully dragon? Thus my dragon would have wings, could breathe fire, and would be smart. However of course I need your special permission to be that hybrid.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:56 That's the closest I can come to the standard European dragon.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:56 On your RP, I mean.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:56 Also, it's okay.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:57 Oh, and I'll continue to inform you on what's going on in this RP: Trent is the main judge of memes on here and I'm his second-in-command. We do things called "rounds"; that's where we hold a competition to see who can show the best meme.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:58 In round 1 we did things in a "freestyle" way; anyone could submit any type of meme they wanted. In round 2 we restricted things to homework memes.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:58 Ok sure!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 18:59 We are now in round 3. I am the judge (Trent and I are switching roles each round; this round I chose what type of meme we'll do so I'm the judge. The next round Trent will do that). The deadline to submit your meme is November 16th.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 18:59 You can be the wise dragon mother to all head drafons
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 19:00 Ok what meme are we doing now?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:00 This round we are doing funny cat memes. They are basically cat memes with humor in them; they cannot just be cuteness+broken English (e.g. a meme showing a kitten saying "Can I haz cheezburger" does not qualify; it's cute, but not humorous).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:00 Wow, really? OK!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:00 What is a jewel dragon by the way?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:01 Oh, and here's how to submit your meme: Basically you provide your REF no. for your penpal account and put your meme up in your photos.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:01 On your penpal page, I mean.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:01 Your meme must be up by Nov. 16 and this round it has to be a funny cat meme. Otherwise it will not be judged.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 19:01 Oh ok because I just tried posting a link and I failed LOL
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:01 At the end of each round the judge ranks the people based on how good their memes were (in the judge's opinion).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:02 If your meme is a gif (like Corona's) you can post a link for me.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:02 Only jpegs can be put up on your photos.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 19:02 A Jewl dragon is a dragon with Jewl instead of scales.Most of them are shades of purple and they have wings]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:03 OK, cool.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:03 I'll create some characters on the dragon thing then...
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 19:05 OMG thank you,you can be Gemma's daughter Oearl]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.13 19:08 gtg! *offline* See ya!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 19:14 Bye!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.13 19:20 Whoa... what the heck happened? I left for breakfast...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.13 19:20 And does my GIF count? Please say yes!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.13 19:29 Hi
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.13 20:36 heyo
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 00:42 hello everyone
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 00:47 you can put GIFS on SOTW?!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 00:52 Brunny can you get on The Inymare Stone?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 00:59 oh...a link nvm
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 01:00 id think that is fair because it doesnt give motionless memes a chance
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 01:26 no more Gifs Unless me or Brunny appoint a gif round
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 02:40 [everyone! get on The Inymare Stone Intro: The Inymare stone is very powerful...but dangerous if its in the wrong hands. A man named Ivar has captured the stone and will use it to destroy the universe.we need to stop him. We will travel around the univers
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 02:40 *e]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 03:23 then go find your own GIFs
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 03:24 And I'm not joining another one of your RPs
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 03:33 What if you do a blog and we each get the password in a SM cuz u can put GIFs on Blog-City blogs.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:44 @ Trent: The Inymare Stone? No, sorry, I can't go on there, I'm not a member of that...unless that's your way of asking me whether or not I actually want to join.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:45 @ Trent: Also, I don't see what's wrong with gif memes. Since I'm judging/in charge of this round, I'll accept gifs.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:45 yes...exactly
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:45 ok fine with me
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:46 BTW, hi!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:46 i have swore never to say ** again
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:47 i have to go to bed soon
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:47 As an experienced roleplayer, here's some advice: Instead of saying "Go on (So-and-so) Roleplay now!", when you want to invite someone to your RPs, please say something more like "Please join (So-and-so) RP, I'd really appreciate it; I need more members,
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:48 it's really fun, (etc.)" The way you're doing it seems bossy and it may actually repel people instead of draw them to your RPs.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:48 Dude, you just said **. XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:48 You're not good at keeping promises to yourself...nah just kidding. XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:49 no when you said BTW **
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:50 everyone: i would really appreciate people to join The Inymare Stone
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:50 Oh, you mean "hi."
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:50 000.000 HOW COULD YOU!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:50 What?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:50 well can you join
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:50 I said "hi," not you.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:51 ahhhhhh!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:51 *sits in corner rocking back and forth
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:51 *
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:51 I took a peek at your RP...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:51 I might join if you describe the world and characters of the RP in more detail. For instance, what's a khajit?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:52 Note that I don't mean you should do it on here, I mean you should do it on there.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:52 a cat humanoid...i have a blog
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:52 its not approved yet
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:54  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:54  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 03:56  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:58  Secret message to Intrent  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 03:59  Secret message to Intrent  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:01  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:02  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 04:02  Secret message to Intrent  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 04:04  Secret message to Intrent  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:04  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:05  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 04:05 It looks cool. I'll join!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 04:06 Oh, can my character be the daughter of Ivar?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 04:06 That would be an interesting plot twist...kinda like the Raven vs. Trigon scenario in the show Teen Titans.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:06  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:08 have a warrior and a back story too!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 04:10 OK!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 04:10 What do you mean by "have a warrior?" Should I create a second character who's a warrior, then?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:10 yes
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:11 or a mage or archer
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:11 or anything you could think of!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.14 04:13 OK, cool!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:13 hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:13 XD *grins*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:14 hola!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:15 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:15 You just said 'hi' in another language. XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:15 You must REALLY like it.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:16 why!!! why!!! did i do it!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:16 hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:17 hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:17 oh no............ hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:17 and...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:17 hi.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 04:17 XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:18 hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hihi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:18 i had to
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:20 hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hihi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hihi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:20 hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hihi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:21 hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hihi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hihi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 04:21 '/
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.14 05:26 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 23:13 ht tp://gph.is/1sDb1dp
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 23:13 my cat gif
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 23:14 I am here!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 23:18 hello!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 23:19 Hey
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 23:21 im sorry i deleted you from the Inmare Stone...its just for me and Brunny
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.14 23:21 *Inymare
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 00:08  Giving hamburger (x 1) to all players  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.15 00:48 I DON'T WANT NO STINKING HAMBURGER!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.15 01:31  Dropping hamburger (x 1)  *drops on table* Take it if you want it. -_-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.15 01:31 *grabs bowl of paper from table and eats paper*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 01:45 0o0
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 01:48 i will invite peeps to join my game so dont ask!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 02:25 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 02:28  Taking hamburger (x 1)  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.15 02:29 XD *puts now empty bowl in sink*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 02:34 hello!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.15 03:46 @ Trent: Sorry, you already submitted your cat meme (the Dobby one)...but do you want to use the cat gif instead?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.15 03:48 @ Asha: You still need to put a funny cat meme up among your photos on your SOTW mail account if you want to compete in this round. If you want to compete in this round, then please do so right away.
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.15 19:22 Brunny when are the results coming out?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.15 22:04 *hands Brunny some paper* Hungry?
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 22:31 Ok sorry!I will post mine THIS instant!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 22:36 Ok sorry!I will post mine THIS instant!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 22:37 My meme won't go onto my page
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Nov.15 22:40 What do I do however?!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.15 23:50 Hi! *offers Asha some paper* Hungry?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.16 04:33 @ Asha: It takes 24 hours for an image to appear.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.16 04:33 @ Corona: No thanks, I'm enjoying cookies...but I will do this: *uses the paper to draw a pretty good/cool anime girl*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.16 04:34 @ Asha: Also, make sure your image is a jpeg. Any other kind of image will not post.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.16 04:34 @ Ava: As I said the deadline is Nov. 16. I want to give Asha some time to put her image up.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.16 18:49 @ Asha: If you're still struggling to put up your pic (I think your issue is that the meme is not a jpeg type), just send me the link to the pic. I know that you're supposed to put it up on your page, but since this is your first round here I'll make an
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.16 18:49 exception.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.16 20:22 *sighs* Fine then. But I'm keeping a copy of that picture. *snaps and makes a duplicate of the picture and puts on in pocket*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.16 20:22 *puts in pocket
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:20 Alright, it's Nov. 16 and it's nighttime, so I'll judge things.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:21 Since Trent already submitted a meme I will not judge his GIF.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:21 Also, sorry Asha...since you don't have your meme up I can't include you in this round. However, go ahead and compete in the next round!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:23 And here are the rankings...drumroll please. *drumroll*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:23 1st place goes to...AVA!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:23 2nd place goes to...CORONA/DISCORD!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:23 3rd place goes to...TRENT!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:24 Please do not be offended by your rankings
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:24 *.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:24 Since the context of this round was "funny cat memes" (with emphasis on the "funny" part), Ava's meme was the one with the most humor (though all of the memes made me chuckle at most).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:25 Corona got 2nd place because, even though I don't watch/do Transformers, what that cat did was just plain cool.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:25 Trent got 3rd place because, despite the fact that both of us our HP fans and I understood the reference and was surprised at the cat's resemblance to Dobby, it didn't really crack me up. Sorry. :/
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.17 05:26 Anyways, on to round 4! Trent, take over! :D
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.17 19:05 Yay! 2nd place again lol
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.17 23:31 Wait a minute... So Ava's won twice now? XD Congrats!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.18 18:46 Yep!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.18 19:26 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.19 00:04 Hello everyone! I will be on tomorrow... we are having a "wifi/data shortage" see you tomorrow 4. Pm -6pm ET
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.19 00:25 I'm here
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.19 01:26 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.19 01:54 Hello!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.19 02:04 Hey.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.20 03:31 @ Trent: Shouldn't you start the next round now?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 03:35 Hi
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 03:46 Darn missed ya by 3 minutes! And wow! I got first twice now! Congrats to Trent and corona! And... NO WAY, U guys are hp fans? I LOVE HARRY POTTER!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.20 06:46 Meh.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.20 15:15 Does anyone like yugioh?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.20 15:16 Btw I can't do gifs because it takes to much wifi/data
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.20 17:05 It does?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 20:08 Any 1 on?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.20 20:09 What is yugioh?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.20 21:22 card game and yes it does for me corona
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.20 21:23 japanese/USA game
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.20 21:23 *japanese
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.20 21:23 Japanese/USA game
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.20 21:46 its like pokemon....but better
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.21 00:30 idc about Pokemon, Digimon, or Yugioh.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.21 00:31 And if it's better than Pokemon, then how come I've heard of Pokemon but not Yugioh?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.21 05:31 WHEN'S THE NEXT CONTEEEEEST?!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.21 21:44 -_-
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.21 22:48 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.21 22:49 it was more popular in the 80's/90's. it is more advanced than pokemon
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.21 22:54 thatwas an hour ago :(
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.21 22:58 zombie memes....not to gory
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.21 23:50 [gtg....bye]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.21 23:54 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.22 00:13   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Ava  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.22 02:42 idc
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.22 05:52 I have heard of Yu-Gi-Oh! but otherwise I don't know what it is.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.22 05:59 Also, okie dokie. When is the deadline for the zombie meme contest?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.22 20:21 I'm out, then. I hate zombies. *yawns*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.23 02:05 After this one can I finally do the TF meme contest you said I could do? -_-
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.24 03:18 Since I'll be in charge of the next round I'll choose. I'll definitely take Transformers into consideration. :)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.24 03:19 I think zombies in general a little stupid, but a few zombie movies compensate by having very good plots, explanations about zombies, etc.. World War Z was quite a good zombie movie.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.24 03:19 I'll compete in this round. I found a stash of really funny zombie-related memes anyway. >:D
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 14:35 Happy thanksgiving!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 14:35 my internets back!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 15:00 dead line is the 28th 12 pm ET
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 15:15 anyone else?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 15:37 [you could use a zombie survivel team or "how long will you survive" memes
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.24 16:17 I'm not doing any dang zombie things.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.24 16:17 And yeah, happy Thanksmas!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.24 16:17 xD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 17:43 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.24 17:43 im thankful for Trump and family
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.24 18:26 oh, boy...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.24 18:27 I say thankies for My Little Pony and TRANSFORMERS: Prime, and for FoooOD!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.24 18:27 *FOOOOOOOOOD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.24 18:37 @ Trent: Please stop bringing up politics. Politics and religion are very touchy subjects and you may just start an "online war" (that's basically a big and rather ferocious argument between a couple of people on this website or SOTW that goes on and on).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.24 18:38 However, while you're at it...I'm very thankful for hilarious Alec Baldwin is when he pretends to be Trump. >:D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.24 18:39 I'm also grateful for how soft my toilet paper is... :'D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.24 18:39 Happy Thanksgiving to all! ^.^
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.24 19:01 *for how hilarious [Arrrgh, typo. >_< ]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.25 18:44 Hey Trent, I have a problem...the image I want to put up is about 1300 pixels in height but when I was about to upload it I noticed on my page that it said SOTW would automatically resize the image to 300 pixels in height if it's too big.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.25 18:45 That would make my meme unreadable (it's a meme comic; its width is small but its height is large). Could I post a link to my meme instead? If so would it still count?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.25 18:45 If not I'll just choose another meme... :P
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.25 18:48 Um, THAT is not an interwebs war. That's a battle. The WAR is when cyberbullying and hacking starts.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.25 18:50 @ Corona: Sometimes when tempers flare up bullying can be integrated into the arguments...however, you haven't been in SOTW online wars. What I described is technically an online war in SOTW.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.25 18:51 Or, rather, "SOTW terms."
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.25 21:06 Okay, SOTW level I understand.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.25 21:44 yes a link is ok
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.26 02:26 Okay... I know absolutely not a single thing about zombies so @brunnhilde you're on ur own. And i was thinking @Trent that we should all get a turn judging and making a meme contest, just a suggestion cause I < 3 judging!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.26 03:18 @ Trent: Here's the link then: ht tp://img.memecdn.com/weapon-for-apocalypse_c_200453.jpg You will have to get rid of the space in "ht tp" for it to work. I had to add a space so it would post.
Player 42016,Nov.26 10:00  Secret message to Intrent  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:18 Thanks Brunny and Euodia!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:20 Euodia you can compete in this round
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:24 good idea Ava!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:24 next round is to ava
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.26 16:27 -_-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.26 16:27 wth You said I could do a TF round
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.26 16:28 🔫
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 16:30 then Corona....then Euodia
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.26 17:50 :P
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.26 18:39 @ Euodia: In case you don't know what we're doing this round, we're doing zombie memes. You submit your memes by posting them in your photos on your SOTW page (note that only jpegs work on SOTW pages).
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 18:43 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 18:46 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 18:48 hello?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.26 18:52 Hi! Sorry about the delay. I've been browsing around.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 18:52 [lets get on the Inymare Stone]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.26 18:54 no brackets
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.26 18:56 OK.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 14:19 good morning everyone or good evening...whatever
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 14:20 well its morning here....its 8:20 AM
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 16:44 lol
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 16:56 hello everyone!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 16:56 please be on!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 16:56 sup
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 16:57 go on you're banned. I just beat the record.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 16:58 by at least 5 bans.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 16:58 i seen >.<
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 16:59 Haha ha.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:00 >.<
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:01 i made a new bann
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:04 u there?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:07 hello?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 17:09 sry
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 17:09 on ponytown
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:10 ok
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 17:11 :P
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 17:11 I now hold the record for banning - 13 times. Previous record - 8 times.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:12 >>>>>>>.< < < < < < < < < < < <
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:13 *facepalm*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:14 deadlines tommorow
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:14 no one cares though
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:17 Hmm
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:18 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:18 i have a game that u might be interested in
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:18 me and Rasin Brunn are currently on it
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:19 AKA Brunny
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:22 the link is:http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=stone
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:22 http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=stone
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:23 Euodia.....Discord?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:23 anyone?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:24 \\
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:25 im bored
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:25 im soooooooo bored
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:27 I've posted it but it might take a while.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:27 ok
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:29 How are you?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:30 good
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:30 you?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:31 could you check out one ofmy games?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:31 *of my
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:32 http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=stone
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:32 thats the link
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:33 Yah, I checked it but I don't have time.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:34 ok....thats fine
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:35 My meme is up.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:35 ok good
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 17:35 :P
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:36 when it is published i will judge
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 17:36 At least you called me Discord like you are SUPPOSED to. :3
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:36 But honest, whe I'm free, I'll join. Scout's honour.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:37 ok....cool
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:37 Hey Discord.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:37 Hey Corona
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:37 😝
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:39 Discord, which vid are you on?😀
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:41 Euodia doyou have anygames?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:42
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:44 hello?
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:44 Yep, about three
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:46 what are they?
Player 42016,Nov.27 17:51 Surveys, quizzes and competitions, the star games and I'm not sure.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 17:54 cool
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 18:31 anyone on?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.27 18:38 Hello! I'm on, but not for long.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.27 18:38 Are you going to judge the memes now?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.27 18:39 Sorry if I make typos. My fonts are being whacky; certain letters, e.g. m and w, aren't appearing when I type them but appear when I post them.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 18:39 Euodias hasn't loaded yet
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.27 18:39 Oh, okay.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 18:39 get on The Inymare Stone
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 18:40 kk
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 18:40 Who here knows how to talk like G1 Grimlock?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 18:41 who?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 18:41 is that?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 18:41 -_- look it up.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 18:42 transformer
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Nov.27 18:42 I'd rather go to my Banning game...is that okay with you?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 18:42 duh
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 18:42 kk
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 18:43 ok >.<
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 18:43 lol
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 21:22 Treant, I just noticed something about your profile... how can you be meme years old?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.27 21:22 *Trent
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.27 22:55 thats how old i am
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 00:56 no, its not.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:20 do you want to be gif years old?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:21 *do you want me to be gif years old?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:26 im judging!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:28 you both win!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:28 Take that back....hmmmmm
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:28 Brunny wins!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:29  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:29 i dont do silver or bronze anymore
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:29   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 01:30 Its Avas round
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 06:21 kk
Player 42016,Nov.28 18:48 Have you checked mine?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 20:46 Euodia, what you put in your role sounds like a siren lol. Memermemermemermemermemer... XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 21:11 yes.....you will probably win next time....Brunny hasn't yet...but she finally has...i did like yours though..it was hard to choose
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 21:11 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 21:15 the 'XD' was to Corona
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 21:17 Okay! My round is TV shows and movies! Like MLP memes, Harry Potter memes, superman memes etc.
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 21:18 Just tell me which movie or tv show that u r doing so I can get familiar with that movie or tv show before I judge!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 21:20 BTW yes Corona you can do my little pony or transformers memes
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 21:21 ok cool!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 21:23 What are you thinking of doing @trent?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 21:23 im doing superman
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 21:34 hello?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 21:42 Sorry! I was playing checkers!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 21:43 Okay. You left me. :P XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 21:43 I'm doing Dinotrux.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 21:43 I'ma make my own! XP
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 21:43 im here
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 21:48 🎵Build it up! Dinotrux! (Let's go!) Going strong! Dinotrux! (Let's go!) Build it up! Dinotrux! (Let's go!) Get it done! Dinotrux! (Let's go! *roar*🎵
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 21:48 Okay! Yay! My buddies!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 21:48 U came back for me!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 21:49 yayy!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 21:53 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 21:53 Replies will be slow.
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 22:10 Guess what I did I took a picture of pinkie pie from My Little Pony, and put my face on her! XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 22:19 XD lol
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 22:20 I am uploading my Dinotrux meme right now, it should be up tomorrow. If you don't like it, I will delete it and make a new one, promise.
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 22:27 Okay!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.28 22:27 GTG bye!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 22:28 kk
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.28 22:35 My meme is up, feel free to look at it. :P
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.28 23:23 my meme is also up
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.29 00:01 kk
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.29 00:53 Trent you're meme hasn't fully uploaded yet but it will soon.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.29 01:34 Neither has mine, so... we'll wait till tommorow.
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.29 17:33 K cuz I don't see either one of yours. By the way the dead line is Dec. 1. Brunny are you gonna do this round?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.29 17:34 No let's make it Dec. 2 is the dead line
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.29 20:47 I am able to see mine right now, but I don't see Trent's yet.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.29 21:09 i fell asleep on the bus and missed my stop but it wasn't far they were dropping off my neighbor and i woke up and had to walk back
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.29 21:09 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.29 21:46 XD omg
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.29 21:46 Who falls asleep when they're in a VEHICLE? The bus must be very insulted.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.29 21:48 Trent I saw your meme. XD Cute.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.29 22:13 `
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.29 22:13 probaly XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.29 23:07 Probably that the bus is insulted? :( Tomorrow, you need to apologize to it. A simple tap on the side will do.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.29 23:12 yeah
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 00:13 XD But seriously. Apologize.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 00:13 XD XP lol
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:33  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:34  Secret message to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:34  Secret message to  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:34  Secret message to Mrbrilly  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:34  Secret message to  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 01:37 To everybot but me. XD I probably already know what it is.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:49  Secret message to  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:50  Secret message to  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:50  Secret message to  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:50  Secret message to  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:50 its a secret!!!!! XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 01:50 there we go!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 01:59 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 01:59 It's about the SOTW Meme Game thing.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 01:59 *yawns*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:01 *snaps and soaks Trent's hair with chocolate milk that is raining from a cotton candy cloud above his head*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:01 >XD lol
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:01 uhhhh............wait....what!?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:02 i love chocolate milk! *drinks puddle*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:02 *with straw*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:03 YOU ARE COPYING PINKIE PIE! DIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEEE! *snaps and makes buzzsaw appear*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:03 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:04 o.o
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:04 >.<
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:04 I WILL CUT OFF YOUR TAAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIL- oh, Celestia, I'm as crazy as my mother. But still... DIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:04 o.o
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:05 >>>>>.< < < < <
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:05 >,.,< spider!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:05 TTTTTTTTTTAAAAAAAIIIIIIIILLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:06 Did you see my meme? I can replace it if it seems to inappropriate.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:07 *snaps and buzzsaw disappears* Oh, nevermind. You don't even HAVE a tail, anyway. -_-
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:08 funny meme...but will have to check with Ava
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:10 hello!
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:10 its Trent...i made this so i can keep track of my awards
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:11 oh, ok
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:12 Memermemermemermemermemermemermemermemermemer... XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:13 brb
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:15 back
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:15 ok
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:16 LOLz
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:17 that made the page long!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:17 I wanna go on You're Banned... -_-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:17 XD That waskind of the unintentional point.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:17 *was kind ont waskind
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:18 I can also translate memes to Chinese.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:18  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:19 XP
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:19 crap!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:19 Wait... why did you do that excactly?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:19  Using the silver meme cup  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:19 im going to need that back Euodia
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:20  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:20 there
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:20 That amount of silver requires an exchange of $50,000. You owe me.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:21 That's what 'using' a gold, silver, or bronze cup means: exchanging it for $$$.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:21   + 50000 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:21 XD You owe me. Pay up>
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:21 Yay!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:21 lol
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:22   - 100000 Money points to all players  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:22 Can't you put some kind of weapons in your inventory? I don't like being unarmed.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:22   - 50000 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:23 lol
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:23   + 5 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:23 AHEM
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:23 Silver isn't worth five bucks, DUDE.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:23 At least fifty.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:25 And I'm still unarmed. *makes arms turn invisible to make his point*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:25 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:25 you have to earn money to buy stuff
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:26 buy a knife!
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:27 buy a knife!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:28 *makes arms reapear* And HOW am I supposed to do that? *raises eyebrow*
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:28 brunny how did you get to golden cups?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:28 Raise the money, I mean.
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:28 go to 'buy'
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:29 win golden meme cups
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:29 I said RAISE THE MONEY. I know how to dang BUY stuff.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:29 -_-
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:29 im done with silver and bronze cups
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:29 I find prize money a rip-off
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:30 Which makes them RARE because they are discontinued.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:30 So... pay up, plz.
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:30 i did...5 dollars
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:31 Yeah... no. If something's RARE and made out of fraggin' SILVER, it's worth more than 5 bucks.
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:32 its fake silver! you get money for winning it
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:32 Still rare.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:32 15 more bucks, plz.
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:33 plastic is rare?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:34 Discontinued things are rare. WHY DO YOU THINK THE BEST DISCONTINUED BUMBLEBEE TOY IS OVER 200 BUCKS!?!
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:34 its 5 dollars! get over it!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:34 Because it's hard to come by.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:34 Ye... no.
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:34 its not discontinued!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:34 15 dollars.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:35 Oh, really?
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:35 5 dollars
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:35 Then I guess you must still be handing them out, huh. *grins*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:35 If it's not disconinued, then you are still giving them out.
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:36 -.-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:36 If you are not giving them out, then they are discontinued and worth more.
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:36 you're still not getting more money
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:36 *laughs evily to himself and no one else hears*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:37 I conFOOZED you. *snaps and half a foozeball table appears*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:37 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:38 *laughs* Oh, you should see the look on your FACE!
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:38 what???
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:38 XD
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:38 you're still not getting more money
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:39 end of story
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:39 Oh, my, this is better than when I filled Sugarcube Corner with lemons! XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:40 *flies* Well, is it discontinued or not, FlutterTrent? XD
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:40 its discontinued
Player 62016,Nov.30 02:41 and now there illegel to sell
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:41 Then it is worth more.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:41   - 5 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:41 But I am not selling it. I am smelting it.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:42 *flies higher* Do what you want, you can't touch me.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:42 there poisoness
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:42 *laughs hysterically*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:42 then how do you get the money?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:42 No they aren't. Or else you wouldn't have given them out in the first place.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:43 plus you cant smelt plastic
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:43 Like this. *snaps and Trent's wallet appears floating beside him*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:43 i didnt know at first...then the heath inspector came and shut it down
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:43 Tell that to Ratch.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:44
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:44 Dude, the health inspector here does FOOD. It's edible? *laughs harder*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:45 what you want to call the dude
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:45 well anyway youre still not getting money
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:46 plastic inspector...whatever
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:46 Oh, my. You are running out of excuses, aren't you? *laughs*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:46 Plastic inspector, hmm?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:47 you are running out of money arent you?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:48   - 5 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:48 *snaps and fake mustache appears on his face* Oh, yes, uh, this plastic in this, uh, this cup looks very, uh, contaminated. You must, uh, dispose of it immediately. And the uh, plastic fibers in this here, uh, fake mustache are, uh, illegal.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:49   - 10 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:49 *snaps and mustache disappears* *laughs hysterically*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:49 *flatly* Ah. You scare me so much. *laughs*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:49   - 10 Money points to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:50   - 1000 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:50 You know, every negative dollar you give me is a new normal dollar in my home. Did I forget to mention I live in between universes?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:50 i didnt think it would work ...but i tryed
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:51 *laughs* I'm gonna be RICH at this rate! *cackles*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:51 SHUP UP
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:52 *SHUT
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:52 Tried what, hmm? To fail? Because you, sir, definitely have not failed at failing, no siree.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:52 SHUT UP!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:52 *laughs insanely*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:52 Shup up... that sounds like a fun song! XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:53 SHUT YOURE MOUTH!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:53 *snaps and self-playing ukelele apears and starts playing*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:53 Oh, fine.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:53 MA'AM
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:53 '
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:54 *snaps and mouth zips up*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:54 *talks with hand* I'm a male Draconequus.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:54 MA'AM
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:55 I can be a ma'am, though.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:55   + 1035 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:55 *snaps and makes long curly wig appear on his head* *talks with hand* La-la, la-la, la-la, la.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:55 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:56 \\
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:56 *unzips face and eats wig* *talking normal* Ah, that hits the spot.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 02:56 brb it's dinnertime
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:56 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 02:57 GTG
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 03:20 you back?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:22 Back! I had a nice big paper buffet.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:25 Of course, that doesn't mean YOU are. *lands*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:37 :P
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:37 If you create total chaos and no one's around to suffer from it, is it still total chao?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:37 *chaos
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:38 YES! IT! IS!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:46 *flips the entire room upside-down**turns the floor that USED to be the ceiling into cotton candy**turns every book in the room into a flying pig wearing armor and a kilt*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:54 *makes half the things in the room checkered pink & purple* *makes the entire building float and spin* *turns all memes into pictures of Screwball*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 03:55 *chuckles* Let's see what happens when the OTHERS see this. *evil laughs and vanishes, leaving a secret camera behind*
Player 42016,Nov.30 07:12  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Intrent  
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.30 17:00 *Takes the cotton candy from the floor/ceiling candy* Yum! Sugary!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.30 17:02 And is anybody else doing the tv show challenge or just u 2?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.30 17:06 Ur meme is not inappropriate corona
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Nov.30 18:20 And I like what you did with the pink and purple checkered touches!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 21:32 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 21:41 thanks Euodia
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 21:55 hello!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:16 *appears out of nowhere* My name is Discord!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:17 No comment on the pigs? :(
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:19 lol I'm glad you like it, Ava. But Trent seems intent on ignoring me... So intent, I say, that we should change the word to 'intrent'. *snaps and a fake dictionary appears* *opens dictionary to random page, which says 'intrent'*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:21 Oh! It appears I already have made it a word. *laughs* I'd lose my tail if it weren't attatched to me. *tail falls off* Oh! *fits it back on and laughs*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:39 hello!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:40 i seen it
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:49 Seen what now?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:49 Oh, you mean my remodeling. I did such a SPLENDID job, don't you think?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:50 '
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:50 yes
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:51 :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:52 Oh! The flying pigs are eating some of the things on your dek, Trent... I'll help. *flies over and eats papers on desk* Piggies, I'm helping you!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:52 *desk not dek
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:52 -.-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:53 :3 *mouth full* What?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:53 i canthandle flying piggies! *drinks bleach*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:54 *falls on floor*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:54 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:54 what flavor of bleach do you like...i prefer ocean breeze
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:55 or lavender
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:55 Oh, yes... I vaguely remember you saying you''d drink bleach 'when pigs fly'.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:55 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:55 Xp
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:55 XP
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:56 I prefer old-fashioned baking soda, powdered on some damp paper.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:56 ewww! XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:56 Xp? How did YOU know that was my favorite computer?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:57 I have actually eaten baking soda before.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:57 what???
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:57 ive actshally drank bleach before! ocean breeze flavor.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:57 Yeah. Tastes like salt, but with an extra 'kick'.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:57 JK
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:57 No, dude, I mean it.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:58 y?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:58 and what kind of bodily harm do you do?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:58 It's not the worst... you know, as long as it's not being used in the manticore's litter box. :P Yuck.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:59 you never told me
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 22:59 \
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 22:59 (Dude, I'm being Discord right now, don't get me out of the groove!)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 23:00 tell me?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 23:00 Speaking of manticore..... MARY-ANN!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 23:00 *manticore crashes through the wall* Good girl, Mary-Ann.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 23:02 idk wt freak youre talking about
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Nov.30 23:04 Euodia you have to message me on sotw so i can get to youre memes quicker..my ref: 1245657
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 23:05 *looks around the room as Mary-Ann runs off* Oh... it looks like the party has crashed. *jumps onto one of the flying pigs and flies out the hole Mary-Ann made in the wall* Asta la vista, Trent-y! *laughs as he rides the pig out flying backwards*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Nov.30 23:06 *after flying on the pig for a few yards he snaps and vanishes and the pig falls out of the sky and dies*
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.1 00:49 Since nobody is doing my challenge except you guys, Results have come out!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.1 00:49 1. Discord!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.1 00:49 2. Trent!
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.1 00:50 Congratulations both of you!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 00:54 XD Yay. Trent, I'll take the 'cha-ching' now. *grins*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 00:55 *snaps and turns everything back to normal*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 00:58 I *sigh* 'fixed' your place AND won, so it's the least you can do. *murmurs* Even though it was better MY way...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 01:48 I host the next conteeeesst! :D
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.1 15:17 Ooh! What's it gonna be? And yes, Discord I did like it better ur way
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 18:41 :P Should I change it back?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 18:43 I'm going to wait for Trent to give me the cup & money before I start the next contest. So if there is a big delay... blame it on him. *snaps and turns everything crazy again*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 18:45 WAA! I'm unARMED. *makes arms invisible*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 19:38 Hey Ava, can I have that Hamburger that's in your Inventory?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.1 20:42 *makes arms visible again*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.1 21:25  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.1 21:25 now turn it in
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.1 21:25 and you will get 10$
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.1 21:27 buy a knife Corona
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.1 21:27 is you want a weapon
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.1 21:27 Hi
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.1 21:34 hello
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.1 21:50 What ya doing?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.1 21:54 im on the laptop
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 00:32 Trent, did you know that you said that I, and I quote: 'get money for earning it'? And also...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 00:32 MY NAME IS DISCORD!!!!!!!!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 02:15 you do, but you have toturn it in for the next person
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 02:46 You do realize your inventory is endless, and the Game Master is literally 'infinitely rich'?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 02:46 Also, if that is true, why do the others still have theirs? If I must turn mine in, then they all must as well.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 04:39 And none of the others turned it in for the next person... in fact, Ava has 2!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 04:39 As does Brunny.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:30 they dont have to turn it in...but they can....you don't have to either
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:38 nvm
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:38 evryone turn in their cups!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:38 You said that, and I qoute 'have toturn it in for the next person'. Wow, you sure do go back on your word a lot.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:39 I even quoted the stupid typo. >XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:40 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:40 'money for earning it' and 'money for turning it in' are two different things.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:40 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:40 XP
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:41 *Sits dowwn in Trent's office chair on the ceiling that USED to be the floor* Wow, Trent, you must have SUCH a good time in this chair. *spins in it* WHEEEEEE!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:41 plus my profile isnt the game master..im yellow
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:42 *down not dowwn
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:42 i just dont like going yellow right now
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:42 And you are also game master. That IS what you are using right now.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:43 We can change that. Just hand me the password, and...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:43 yes but yellow is where i buy stuff
Player 62016,Dec.2 21:43 hello
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:43 I know why you don't want to be yellow - cuz you don't want to prove that you are a yellowbelly.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:44 But game master is the judge who gives out the trophies
Player 62016,Dec.2 21:44 WHAT???
Player 62016,Dec.2 21:44 this is for brunnys copetitions
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:44 therefore, you have an infinite amount of trophies.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:45 MY competition is next.
Player 62016,Dec.2 21:45 and yours
Player 62016,Dec.2 21:45 whats it going to be?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:45 *jumps onto another flying pig* You should TRY this! XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:46 Not saying till I get what I was promised.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:46   + 10 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:46 *flies off of pig and down to ground*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:46 Much better.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:46   + 20 Money points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:47   + 20 Money points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:47 crap!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:47   - 20 Money points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:47   + 20 Money points to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:48   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:48 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:48 better
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:48 K, now I know I said I wanted to do a TF contest, but since I'm Discord... chaos it is! Find a meme that shows total chaos, real or drawing, anything that just doesn't make sense.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:50 Brunny has a bronze... by my calculations that gives her 1-2 bucks more than you gave her.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:51 Due-date is the 9th.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 21:51   + 5 Money points to Brunnhilde  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:53 *gives Ava a pet baby flying pig wrapped in a blanket* There... since you liked my chaos so much, a pig in a blanket, for you. :P
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:53 That works too. XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:54 Ava should have 5 more as well
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 21:57 BTW I will be EXTRA happy if you find a good chaos meme with me in it. :3
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 22:01   + 5 Money points to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 22:01 for the bronze
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 22:01 i ment silver
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 22:02   + 10 Money points to Ava  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 22:13 kk
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.2 22:29 So if silver is 10 then gold is either 15 or 20.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 22:56 silver is discontinued
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.2 22:56 its was 5
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 00:27 Then why was Ava and I given 10 for them?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 01:50 its discontinued!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 02:17 Haha.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 02:18 *flips upsidedown in the air* I know. But you were making sense. What fun is there in making SENSE? So I made you mad. Many, many times... *laughs*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 02:26 Priceless. XD >:)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 02:36 idk what your talking about?!?!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 03:06 You were @.@ and I was >XD and the you D:< and I XD XD some more so then you DX< and I O.o and then we both -_- and then everything went @_@ and you DX and I XD and XP so then we DX D: at eachother and now its all -_-. Unserstand?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 04:07 yeah!!! cindys here
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 04:07 *Cindy
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 15:06 ...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 16:44 i apoligized to the bus
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 17:15 Yay!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 17:36 Are you avoiding 'You're Banned' because you have 2 accounts, Trent?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 17:38 Do you know the bus's name? Or just the number.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 17:42 just the number
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 17:54 what number
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 17:55 mine was 9 before i left public school
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 17:57 79
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 18:31 oh ok
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 18:45 ALL HAIL FNAF!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.3 18:49 Sorry I wasn't around to compete in Ava's round. I forgot to come on here often. What is the current round and who is judging?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 18:56 [Brunny!!!!]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 18:58 Its discords round and its chaos memes
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 18:59 when will you be back?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 18:59 \
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.3 18:59 Probably later tonight around 9:00 PM CT.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.3 18:59 Sometimes I'm early, sometimes I'm late, though.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.3 19:01 Also, okie dokie. I'll look up chaos memes.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:02 ok im on at that time
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.3 19:07 Picking some memes...found a batch of pretty funny ones.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:08 ok im on at that time
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:08 could you be on at 5:00 PM CT?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.3 19:11 No, sorry.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.3 19:12 Got chores and studying to do...see you! *offline*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:12 ok >.<
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 19:21 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.3 20:00 d
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 20:25 ALL HAIL LORD MEGATRON & FNAF!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 20:25 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 20:26 Brunny the due date is the 9th.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 22:05 im bored -_-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.3 23:46 Who here plays FNaF?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 03:53 Not me. XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 03:57 Put my meme up. Sorry about it being small; I had to scale it down, and the website probably shrunk it anyway.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 03:57 Also had to use the smudge tool in GIMP to remove the swear word...honestly I thought it was funnier with that word, but you probably get it.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 03:58 Anyways, it should be up in 24 hours.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 03:58 I know it isn't directly related to chaos, but still it's pretty chaotic. XD You'll see what I mean when it's up.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 13:35 i used to
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 13:39 you have to play portal to get it
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 13:40 i really dont get the divided by zero part though
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 14:03 sorry Brunny i couldnt get on at that time....i cant do it tonight either...but i will be on at 9pm ct next friday and saturday!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 14:10 i will be on until 10pm et for week days
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 14:10 my memes up
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 14:11 and ready to look at
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:04 ok guys
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 17:13 hola!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 17:15 \
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:16 heyo
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:17 Replies will be slow im on pony town again :3
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 17:18 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 17:19 could you play on The Inymare Stone? We need a Stuborn character
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.4 17:19 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:22 -_- No.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:22 If I make a character, no trying to push me around, understood?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:24 Just looked at it. WHO THE HELL MAKES 8 CHARACTERS?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:37 Yeah... I'm not joining. Your logic is CRAZY off and I'm not gonna waste time straightening it out.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:38 You have many dead ends that are highly unlikely to reoccur throughout the RP, and it would make me blow a fuse just trying to correct it all.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 17:39 BTW There's a Chica on your head.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 18:30 @ Trent: I guess you aren't familiar with the fact that division by zero is "illegal" in math. It's undefined.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 18:30 @ Trent: And often people joke about the idea that you can open deadly wormholes and crud by dividing by zero.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 18:30 Just look up "divide by zero memes" on Google Images and you'll see what I mean.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 18:31 To be more specific, here's what Google says about division by zero: "In mathematics, division by zero is division where the divisor (denominator) is zero. ... In ordinary arithmetic, the expression has no meaning, as there is no number which, multiplied
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 18:31 by 0, gives a (assuming a≠0), and so division by zero is undefined."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.4 18:33 Because it's so dark and mysterious people make memes where, by dividing by zero, you open a giant black hole or cause a nuclear explosion. Or both. XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 18:47 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 18:59 I've seen both memes but I'll wait to see if Ava plays this round
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.4 20:02 I wonder if Ava would get a meme with ME in it? XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.5 19:50 @Brunny: A giant black hole is actually called a super-massive black hole. (although idk if the hyphen goes there or not XD)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.5 23:13 Nope, no hyphen, its 'supermassive'. :3
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 16:01 THEN ON DEC. 26 WE WILL START NEW YEARS MEMES!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 16:09 *DEC. 25
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 16:53 hola...anyone?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.6 19:41 -_- I ain't participating in the Santa round.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 19:53 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 19:54 can i ask why?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.6 20:05 The idea of Santa is just plain ANNOYING.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.6 20:06 I mean, I understand who it originated from, but the modern idea of Santa is the equivalent of my grandpa, but without a motorcycle and more fat.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 20:06 hmm..ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 20:06 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 20:07 TIS?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.6 22:33 .....
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.6 23:26 i dont get what your saying
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.7 00:25 ...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.7 00:25 I dont get what your asking.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.7 00:56 The Inymare Stone...doi!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.7 00:56 which is me asking you if you want to get on the Inymare Stone
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.7 21:04 hola! everyone!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.7 22:35 idc
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.7 23:50 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.7 23:52 everyone! in the desc. for the game it shows all the dates for our holiday specials
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.7 23:54 so i will take that as a no...do you want to quit the game?]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.7 23:54 no bracket
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.7 23:58 i wonder "where is Kayla?"
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:01 WEBSITES
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:01 *WEBSITES
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:02 we will need AT LEAST 5 more people to JOIN!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:03 c
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:03 WE HAVE THREE DAYS! SO GET TO IT!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:05 SO IF YOU WANT TO SIGN UP FOR THE BIG THING YOU CAN START NOW!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:09 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:12 you can sign up at this link: http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=BTIMG
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 00:22 -.-
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:23 ]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:24 what???
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:24 AND IF YOU WIN YOU ALSO GET BRAGGING RIGHTS
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:26 *TO not TWO
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:26 c
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 00:27 hello??
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 00:40 :P
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 00:40 Sounds like a classic scam.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:15 classic scam...?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:16 100$ dollars in the game
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:29 Yes...i will hack into your computer...um and um...destroy your um, electronic screen um thing known as um a um computer
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:30 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 01:32 *rolls eyes*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 01:32 *throws a bubble at him*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:34 i cant stand bubbles! *drinks bleach and falls down*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:34 *awakes*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:34 bubbles!* explodes in confetti*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:35 *into
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 01:52 /
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.8 05:24 In case you're wondering, Trent, the screen on a computer is called a "screen" or a "monitor." XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.8 05:25 And stop spamming your own RP dude. I don't like having to scroll horizontally. XP
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 18:16 Dude, mine was memermemer yours is mememememe.... Such an egotist. XD jk
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 18:17 *bubble shatters into glass and makes a green explosion when the pieces hit the floor*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 21:08 [so is anyone going to sign up?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 21:08 no bracket
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 21:22 2 DAYS LEFT UNTILL THE BIG THING!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 21:23 THANKS BRUNNY! FOR SIGNING UP WE NEED AT LEAST 5 MORE!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 22:07 Brunny tell everyone you know to join! same thing with you Discord!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 22:07 WE HAVE 2 DAYS SO GET TO WORK
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 22:07 !!!!!!!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 22:08 : )
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 23:01 bye!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 23:18 No.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 23:20 *holds glass out to catch some of the raining chocolate milk*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 23:20 *the milk fills up the cup backwards, starting from the top and going downward*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 23:21 *drinks the glass on the outside of the milk*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.8 23:21 *throws the now solid milk behind him making a big explosion on one of the upside down floating little island things*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 23:50 why? are you scared your gonna lose? jk XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 23:51   + 10 Funny points to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.8 23:54
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 00:35 hello??
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 01:18 hello??!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 01:58 *rolls eyes*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 02:00 I have other things too, you know. For example: Copying one of my friend's characters on Pony Town and editing it to frame his character for being drunk in front of his troops. XD Priceless!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 02:25 Okay, since the time on the RP already says it is the 9th, and Ava has not competed, the results for the chaos meme contest are:
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 02:26 1. Raisin Brunn
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 02:27 2. Intrent
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 02:27 Good job, peeps.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 02:28 Sorry Trent, your meme made me laugh a little, but it didn't really seem all that... chaotic to me.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 02:50 ok i might at well start santa memes! get going!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 04:10 kk give Brunn-Roon her upcup & cha-ching.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 04:11 Or else I'l give her a d-r-a-g-o-n and she'll go Smile HD on you.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 04:12 *I'll
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 04:13 How does my keyboard keep typing 'up' in random spots? Of the
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 04:13 And where did 'of the' cupome from?!?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 04:13 WHAT THE SCRAP IS GOING ON!!!???!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 04:47 Oh... my stupid microphone was on. False alarm. :P
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.9 05:23 Did you say...DRAGON?!!!!! :D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.9 05:24 *jumps around excitedly humming jazzy Spyro the Dragon background music (sorry...it's just that I played that game yesterday and I'm hooked again...also, the original Spyro game trilogy is wayyyy better than everything after that, though Spyro: Enter the
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.9 05:24 Dragonfly is okay)*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.9 05:24 PLAYSTATION 1 FOR THE WIN!!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.9 06:34 -.- I SPELLED it...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:09 hola! everyone!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:09  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:10   + 10 Money points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:10 for your winning
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:11   + 10 Money points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:11 crap!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:11   - 10 Money points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.9 21:11   + 10 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 00:13 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 01:47 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 02:10 bye!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 02:15 :P
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 13:52 im back!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 14:42 THE BIG THING IS NOW CANCELED TO A LACK OF PEOPLE JOINING
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 15:23 IM ACTSHALLY PUSHING IT FORARD FIVE DAYS!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 18:55 *FORWARD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 18:59 hola!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 18:59 Do you play any board games? Video games?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:00 ...Video board games?!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:00 when will you be back on Brunny?]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:00 yes i do
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:01 chess,monolpoly,stratego, etc.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:01 I'm a serious chess player (meaning I play in tournaments) and thus I try to avoid playing video games since those are "brain candy" ("tasty" for the mind, but not necessarily good for the mind). However, if I have to play a video game, I choose a Spyrp
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:01 video game.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:01 *Spyro
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:01 I will be back @ the same times I almost always am back/will be on. XP 9:00 PM CT.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:02 Those are the "fixed times." I usually come on then.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:02 I've played both Monopoly and Stratego, but not for a long time.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:02 i will try to be on then if my parents dont kick me off the computer
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:02 I have a PS1 and a PS2. What video game consoles do you have (if you have any)?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:03 Okie dokie.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:03 xbox 360,wii,non working ps2
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:04 do you have a phone?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:05 No.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:05 Why do you ask?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:06 I feel badfor you...what are you getting for christmas?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:06 I don't know. Probably some books I've been wanting.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:06 well i mean i havent really met a 15 yr old thhat doesnt have a phone
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:07 I don't feel bad at all. Sure, phones can allow access to all sorts of things, but I have a tablet and I found the way Google tried to invade my privacy every which way obnoxiously offensive.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:07 I can easily guess that phones are the same way.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:07 I rarely ever use the tablet anymore.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:08 i mean i dont have a phone... but im getting one for christmas.....please don't think im bragging...because IM NOT RICH AT ALL
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:08 Also, I haven't met one who doesn't have a phone either. I guess nowadays I'm a rarity. But at least I feel safe. :P
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:08 Don't worry, I don't see it as bragging. In fact I feel a little sorry for you myself...no offense, it's just that our opinions regarding phones are different.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:09 I recognize that having a little supercomputer in your pocket is an amazing thing, but it has its flaws.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:09 wh do you fell sorry for me though? just asking
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:09 *why
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:09 everything has flaws
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:10 Well, it's a slightly complicated philosophy regarding popular culture...but basically it's like this: Assume that a couple people are starting a new trend by carring and sitting on sharp sticks all the time.]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:10 but...your on a computer
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:10 *no bracket
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:10 Yes, and my computer uses Linux, which is in my opinion the best operating system ever. :D
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:11 then...what?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:11 Anyways, other people see these people and think "Oh, they have sharp sticks! We have to have sharp sticks too!" Soon everyone adopts the trend, no matter how silly it is.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:12 well i mean... same thing with the clown thing
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:12 Now swap "sharp sticks" with "mobile devices" and you get the point.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:12 What clown thing?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:13 clowns walking around....scary clowns
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:13 Not all trends are bad, but the way people adopt popular trends so easily can be silly at times.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:13 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:13 btw, hi.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:14 Oh, that crud? Yeah, I can see a little bit of a link between that trend and my sharp stick trend example.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:14 we are just talking about sharp sticks and phones
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:14 :P
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:14 @ Corona: Hello! I'm just discussing complex philosophy regarding trends with Trent. XD XP
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:14 ye i noticed. I just read through
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:14 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:15 Sharp sticks go over phones anyday for me. XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:15 XD Okay then.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:15 *carrying [Gaahh, typo. XP]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:15 :3
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:16 well i mean what are wrong with phones.....google is spying on you
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:16 you guys want to go on TIS?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:16 Yeah, that's one flaw.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:16 Girls
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:17 not guys...sorry
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:17 I like sharp sticks.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:17 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:17 idc if google is spying on m
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:17 I say the term 'guys' is used for any group of people
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:17 *ME
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:18 true Discord....true
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:18 I've also read articles about experiments where software security experts hacked into phones just to see how easy/hard it was. And the amount of information they could get out of the phone was freaky. O.o
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:18 as long as its used casually.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:18 Oh, wow
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:18 I use "guys" all the time too. It's fine if you use that term on us.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:18 firewall. covered
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:18 ye bruh
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:18 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:19 Whenever you say 'Inymare' I think it sounds like something on MLP.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:19 Not if the firewall was built by the people spying on you... :P
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:19 The firewall is more for keeping out other people.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:19 But a firewall is one way to help.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:20 Anyways, I gtg. See ya! *offline*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:20 kk cya
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.10 19:20 Sorry if I disenchanted you regarding your phone...I hope you get a lot of good things out of it! Anyways, bye!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:20 bye scary google spying on everyone world *drinks bleach*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:20 bye Brunny
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:21 Discord..u here?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:22 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:22 ur suicidal... i like it. >:D
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:23 brb breakfast
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:24 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:25 is that suicidal thing a joke?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:27 i feell like if someone feels like killing themselves they shouldn't because they have a whole lit to live..they might cure cancer someday...or be a great teacher......they will get married and live a great life so i thing they have much to live for
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:29 dont you think?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:38 `
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:43 back
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:44 I just said that because you seem to love the idea of drinking bleach. XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:44 Of course, you survive after it but STILL.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:47 ALL HAIL DORITO QUEEN
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:50 survive after what?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:50 -.-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:51 All your 'drinking bleach' sherades. XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:51 You haven't been on You're Banned in 4EVR DX
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:52 it got boring DX
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:52 lol
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:52 Shiny = $.$
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:54 D.O.O.S.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:55 disorder of oohhhhh! shiny!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:55 UTSU Disorder I still say is better
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:56 better jokewise, anyway
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:56 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:56 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:56 The inmare stone we go!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:56 *Inymare
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 19:57 *Stone
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 19:57 kk
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 22:11 Guys I'm watching a live feed from the ISS!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 22:25 i thought you said ISIS at first XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 22:26 Cool!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 22:27 for anyone that is confused (or cornfusled) the ISS is the International Space Station
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 22:28 T.I.S.?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 22:50 @Brunny: I just read a chess meme that I thought was cute. It had a white pawn telling the white kind 'the queen has been captured!' So the king takes out his tablet and says, 'Oh my, that must mean I need to update my profile status!'
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.10 22:55 @Trent: Right... ISS not ISIS... That definitely WASN'T a typo... *whistles awkwardly*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 23:48 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.10 23:58 i seen this one and there was a cop that thought this knight was drunk and he ask him to walk in a straight line and he said ''aww...crap''....XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 00:09 okay there a gut with one pawn at the end of the board..he changes it to a queen...*meanwhile in chess universe* a pawn having 'plastic' surgery (XD) to become a queen!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 00:09 *GUY
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 00:10 look up chess logic in google search...very funny memes
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 00:18 theres this meme it satys dream big and theres a pawn infront of a mirror and the reflection is a queen
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 00:18 *says 'dream big'
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 00:20 you can play chess in messenger!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 00:28 WE NOW HAVE 2 PEEPS IN THE BIG THING ABOUT 4 OR 5 MORE...HOPEFULLY MORE!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 01:27 [ be back at 9PM CT (or 10PM ET)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 03:31 im here!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 03:59 hola...waiting for Brunny
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:05 badoop..badoop...doopy doopy doo!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:05 memes for life
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:10 doo doo doo doo du da da da doopy!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:14 dodododododododododood
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:15 yu a doo doo!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:15 Doo.Doo.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:16 dude
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:16 doody!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:16 badoop badoop doo dooba
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 04:21 be back in 20 mins.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 13:44 me mom forgot to WAKE ME UP!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 15:53  Secret message to  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 16:21 so is no one going to do the santa memes?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.11 17:17 🎵It's raining grenades! Outta the sky!🎵
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 18:44 0.0
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:09 im bored
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:09 so is no one going to do the santa memes?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:11 Corona have you contacted your SOTW about the meme game? same thing to Euodia,Asha,Cindy,Brunny,Ava,and Cecilia. Also contacted people on your RPs!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:12 *Discord
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:17 hello??!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:21 Heya.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:22 You made a glaring grammar mistake in the game description dude. XD XP
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:23 what???
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:23 is it
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:23 Not to mention the lack of capital letters in the rules, but this is the Internet and people save time by typing in all lower case, which is fine.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:24 In the first sentence, remove "and Brunny" and change the "are judges" to "is the judge."
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:24 That doesn't look right at all, does it?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:24 It sounds like caveman talk. XD "Me is the judge."
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:25  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:25 It should be "Brunny and I are judges." If you're not sure whether to use "me" or "I," then remove all the other people listed in the sentence and change the rest of it from plural to singular. You'll know whether "me" or "I" is correct.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:26  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:26  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:26 I used to make terrible spelling mistakes all the time when I was younger. Then I started studying Latin and my use of English overall improved dramatically.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:27  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:27  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:27  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:28  Secret message to Intrent  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:28  Secret message to Intrent  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:28  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:29  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:29 Why did you change your name BTW? Is it so you're like "In Like Flint" (only instead it's "In Like Trent")?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:30 In case you're confused, "In Like Flint" is a James Bond-like spy movie. I haven't seen it but a friend of mine has.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:31  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:32  Secret message to Intrent  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:32  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:32 Also, I have 3 golden meme cups!! Yes!! :D
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:32  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Brunnhilde   Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:33  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:33 Or four...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:33  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Intrent  Nvm. XP What did you give that to me for then?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:33 Also, what do you mean? Quotes are already around that.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:33   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:34 no the whole sentence..since im quoting Discord
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:34 You can stop secret messaging BTW. It looks like I'm talking to myself... *spins around as if to face someone**yells:* NO, I'M NOT CRAZY!!! WHY DO YOU THINK THAT?! *eye twitches*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:35 Just kidding.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:35 Also, okay.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:36 she has joined
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:37 nvm
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:38 When is she joining?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:39 idk
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:39 she on 'we are all mad here' game
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:39 TIS?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 you here?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 Yeah, sorry.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 must be on other game
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 ok
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 I'd prefer to hang around here. What are we doing?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 Santa Claus memeS?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 *memes
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 for the meme contest?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:42 yep
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:43 can we please go to TIS?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:43 :'(
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.11 19:44 Alright... :P
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 19:44 Corona have you contacted your SOTW about the meme game? same thing to Euodia,Asha,Cindy,Brunny,Ava,and Cecilia. Also contacted people on your RPs!
Player 82016,Dec.11 19:54 hi im in your game.
Player 82016,Dec.11 19:55  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
Player 82016,Dec.11 19:57  Secret message to Intrent  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:02  Secret message to Intrent  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:04  Rolling 2 sided dice... Result=No  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:05  Rolling 100 sided dice... Result=39  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:06  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=7  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:06  Rolling 6 sided dice... Result=3  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:06  Rolling 4 sided dice... Result=2  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:06  Rolling 8 sided dice... Result=4  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:07  Rolling 12 sided dice... Result=7  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:07  Rolling 16 sided dice... Result=16  
Player 82016,Dec.11 20:07  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=10  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 20:20 im here!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 20:21 ok currently we are doing santa memes.find your best santa meme on google/anything else and at the deadline i will judge everyones memes and the winner willl win there prize
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 20:22 you have to put your meme on your SOTW account
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 20:48 would you like to do the memeoff?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 20:48 sign up at this link:http://www.roleplay-city.net/game.php?REF=meme
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 22:01 btw you are your character so for your character put your real name and age please
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.11 22:01 unless you have a nickname
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:17 @Intrent: I just LOVE the new name! Something about it sounds familiar... *wink wink*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:19 @Intrent: Also, I will not brodcast your game through MY SOTW account. I use group messages for Science Squad news and important things like if I am going to a tech-free camp and wont be able to write.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:21 Sorry I haven't been in a while!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:21 What contest is going on now?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:22 I just went to my younger cousin's B-day party... THE CAKE WAS COVERED IN ENERGON CRYSTALS AND IT HAD A GIANT AUTOBOT INSIGNIA!!! :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:22 Santa memes.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:22 Santa memes!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:23 Santa memes Ii cool!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:23 @Intrent: Why did you post a link to this RP that we're on right now?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:24 ALL HAIL BILL CIPHER!!! XD
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:24 I know right XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:25 Wait... who are you saying ikr to?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:25 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:25 Asha will you join the memeoff?
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:25 BRB I'm still online if you need me
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:25 i celebrted my bros birthday today brb
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:26 Yup looking for some mmes now! BRB
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:26 My cousin had an AUTOBOT B-DAY! I am SO fricking jealous!
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:27 Tell him ha
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:27 *happy b-day
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:27 By the way, if I ever do a TF meme contest, don't use Bing to find them... I've read every Bing result in Images for 'transformers memes'.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:30 MY TOP 10 LIST OF ALL HAILS: 10. Siri. 9. Optimus Prime. 8. Unakron. 7. Primus. 6. Nighmare Moon. 5. Bill Cipher. 4. Discord. 3. Bumblebee 2. Lord Megatron. 1. God.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:34 I've also read every Lil' Formers Edition, so don't get your hopes up.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:35 :P
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:35 ok
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:38 Derp.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:38 ALL HAIL BILL CIPHER! :3
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:39 XE I'm back!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:40 Hey.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:40 Am I alone *tumbkeweads pass and I sit down and cry*
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:40 *gets up* a voice
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:40 OMg lol hey :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:40 🎵It's raining grenades! Outta the sky! Grenades, no time to ask why. Just hold out your hands and hope you don't die! *boom* It's raining grenades!🎵
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:41 🎵It's raining grenades! Into the street! Grenades, these booms can't be beat. Powder in shell, light it and boom! It's raining grenades!🎵
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:42 🎵And we say 'Boom, boom, boomidy boom!' It's like a dreeeaaam! 'Boom, boom, boomidy boom!' I could just screeeaaam!🎵
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:43 OMG what?M XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:44 🎵Robot: Shell, powder, light, boom. *boom* Shell, powder, light, boom. *boom* Shell, powder, BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM.🎵
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:44 I don't know why but I am singing this in the tune of jingle bells
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:45 🎵It's raining grenades... (Ooooooh...) Raining grenades... (Ooooooh...) Raining grenades! (Oooooooooh...) It's raining grenades!🎵
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:45 XD It's in the tune of 'It's Raining Tacos'.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:47 I don't know that songs.......XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:47 🎵It's raining grenades... (Ooooooh...) Raining grenades... (Ooooooh...)(Robot: Shell, powder, BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM-BOOM.) Raining grenades! (Oooooooooh...) It's raining grenades! (Raining grenades!) *BOOOOOOOOM!*🎵
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:48 Look it up on Youtube. XD Funniest thing ever.
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:50 Ok GTG *offline*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:50 kk
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:52 im here!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:53 hi
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:53 You MISSED ny SONG! :9
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:53 *:( not :9
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:56 i seen it!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:56 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:57 but i am internet on ignoring you JK XD XP
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 00:57 *intrent
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:58 Internet. XD Funny typo. That word 'intrent' still sounds familiar... is it Dutch? *being weird cuz he can*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:58 Bill Cipher. :P
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 00:59 CONFIRMED.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:00 Bill cipher is the yellow illuminati guy...right?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:01 \
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 01:06 Ye. Nickname: Illuminacho. :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 01:06 I don't even watch Gravity Falls, but I just think Bill Cipher looks and sounds fun.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 01:07 Ik he's a villian, but he's like Discord in lots of ways.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:14 we have a new person! Crystal!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:14 Crystal...yuo here?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:14 *yourself
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:14 *you
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 01:15 Derp.
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 01:16 Hello Intrent
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:17 Btw my name is actshally Trent
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 01:18 When does the current competition end?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:18 dec.15
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:19  Secret message to Angel  
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 01:19 Is it?????
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:19  Secret message to Angel  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:20 yep
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 01:21  Secret message to Intrent  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 01:21 Replies will be slow. Reading memes.
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 01:21 Nice name :)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:21 we need you're real name plz? and age?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:22  Secret message to Angel  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:23 nvm
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 01:25 Remember: Reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold. Bye! *offline*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:26 bye!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 01:28  Secret message to Angel  
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 01:31  Secret message to Intrent  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 01:59 *appears out of nowhere* I'm back! :3
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.12 19:02 I chose a Santa meme and posted it on my SOTW page. It'll take a day or so to appear.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 19:51 kk
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 19:51 I'm Bill. :P
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 20:57 Yo, Trent, how much do you want for the yellow slot?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 20:57 I'll pay up to 11 souls.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 21:22 @Intrent: You should change the name of the elimination round because it says 'only meme game members can join' but you keep saying we need to tell all our SOTW friends.
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.12 21:30 Hey guys what is the current meme challenge? I'm just too lazy to read all the messages XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 21:45 The current challenge is Santa Memes.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 21:45 Hey Ava do you like Gravity Falls?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 22:39 theyhave to join this to...doi
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 22:39 more peeps...for my slaves!....or erm...nevermind
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 22:48 I can do that. You want them alive, dead, or spirits?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 22:49 alive!...erm no one heard that *whispers to bill* now how much
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 22:51 *whispers* I can get up to 20 on short notice, or 50 in a week, 100 in a month. Your choice.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 22:51 *whispers* how much money!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 22:56 *whispers* Oh, yes, I see. *clears throat* I'll take either that yellow slot, 1000 bucks, or your soul. Still your choice.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 22:59 *whispers* ok i need 3000 slaves in a day? can you do that?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:00 *whispers* Make it 1 1/2 and you got a deal.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:00 *whispers what do you mean?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:00 *
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:02 1 1/2 days. Unless you dont care what they look like.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:03 *whipers* 1 dayy and you can have the yellow slot and 1000$
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:03 *day
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:04 Let's shake on it. *holds out his flaming blue hand*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:06 *SHAKES HIS HAND*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:07   - 1000 Money points to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:07   + 2000 Money points to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:07 tthere
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:07 *pulls him out of his body and goes inside Trent's body* Haha! I'm not sure HOW you meatballs still fall for that, but it's funny EVERY time! XD XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:08 But, we did make a deal.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:08 *claps and 3000 slaves appear*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:08 There!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:08 yay!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:09 You can order them once I'm done with your body.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:10 *laughs* Race ya down the stairs! *plops down the stairs like a slinky*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:11 we had a deal...get out!!!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:13 Okay, okay... I'm done for now. *leaves body and puts Trent back in his body* There.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:13 Now give me the yellow slot. Make sure you transfer my syuff once I'm in it.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:13 *stuff not syuff
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:16 i did!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:17 sign out and it wil be gone
Player 62016,Dec.12 23:18 Okay, now transfer my things.
Player 62016,Dec.12 23:19 (in other words give me whats in my old account and delete my old one)
Player 62016,Dec.12 23:22 You did NOT just go offline on meh!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:23 no
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:23 it still says player and I've friend everything!
Player 62016,Dec.12 23:23 Wait... No to what?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:23 *player 6
Player 62016,Dec.12 23:23 x out then come back
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:23 i did go offline
Player 62016,Dec.12 23:24 *growls* You better not be messing with me.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:24 nothing
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:24 *didnt
Player 62016,Dec.12 23:25 Do you have any idea what I'm like when I'm MAD? *flashes red*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:25 its stillplayer 6
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:28 What the hell? I just went out and back in and now I'm locked out of da yellow! I had to remake this account! -.-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:28 Fine. Let it glitch. Just give me my stuffs.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:30  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:31   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:31   + 1030 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:32 Thanks. And you also promised me another 1000 for the DeathCount Butterfly...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:33 BTW I posted a report on this glitch on 'A MESSAGE FOR THE WEBMASTER', so hopefully this will get fixed.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:33 CUZ I'M YELLOW AND I WANT A YELLOW SLOT! DX
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:33   + 1000 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:34 Yay. :P
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:34 i added some new items to the store
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:35 okie
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:35  Buying pistol (x 1)  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:36 I've been waiting to get that. :3
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 23:36 Hey :)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:38 Hi, kiddo!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:39 now theres new things!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:40 Now Ah'm rich! (by meme game standards. :3)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:40 plasma sword,dragon,etc.
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 23:41 XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:41 replies will be slow...on camp dead
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:42 Angel i need an xbox one....i willgive you 2000 dollars for one (in meme game)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:44 ILLUMIDERPI XD I JUST SAW YOU MADE A NECKLACE ME! XD XD XD!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:44 Derp.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:45  Buying grenade (x 1)  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:45 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:45 XD
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 23:45 Trent I have no money to buy one to give to you
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:46  Giving grenade (x 1) to all players  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:46 Yeah, I'm insane. What's your point?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:46 just give me one!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:46 YAY another grenade lol
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:46 okay....give me some dirt for 2000 dollars
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:47 (Angel just put *gives XBox1 to Trent*)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:47 thats 4000 dollars!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:48 I'll give you LOTS of dirt in trade for your soul.
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 23:48 *gives xbox1 to Trent* :D
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:48  Giving my soul (x 1) to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:49   + 2000 Money points to Angel  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:49 *gives Trent 21 tons of dirt* Fair trade.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:49 okay to CAmp dead!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:49  Giving my soul (x 1) to all players  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:50 ]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:51 Okay, I'm not on that one, so remember: reality is an illusion, the universe is a hologram, buy gold! Byeeeeeeeee! *vanishes*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:51 bye!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:51 i think you just leave so you can say that
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:51 XD
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 23:52 bye
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:53 *you hear my voice but cant see me* And don't forget I'm always watchin u!
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 23:55 I'm scared now........
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.12 23:57 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.12 23:58 *quiet evil chuckle* [ok now im rly offline XD]
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.12 23:58 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:18 *appears* HEY!!!! :D
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:25 Hey, I've got a deal for ya! I'll make your biggest dream come true for just HALF YOUR SOUL! What a bargain, am I right? What do ya say?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 01:30 no!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:31 Okay. I'l settle for a quarter soul. :3
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 01:31 im on camp dead....its pretty romantic XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:34 Ew...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:36 Gross. The 'dead' part I can handle... but the romance.. *gags* you mortals are so GROSS.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 01:44 well im marrying someone now!}
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:45 What the... one second. *goes around the corner and hurls*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 01:46 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:47 *comes back looking sick* I-I'm okay... *gags*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 01:48 *laughs*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 01:48  Giving plasma pistol (x 1) to Bill Cipher  sorry
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:48 *growls*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 01:48 my sorry gift!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:48 oh, okay. :)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:49 *immediately forgets and takes the gun*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 01:50 *forgives & forgets not just forgets
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:20 Now back to that dream-for-soul trade...
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 02:20 nooo!!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 02:21 we are getting married for real!!!!!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:36 *gets lightheaded* *sits on a shelf* DON'T... make me hurl again. -.-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:36 'H'
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:37 Nope that emogi doesn't work. -.-
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 02:39 [are you little billy on the camp dead?!!!>>!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:39 But can you STOP.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:39 [ye XD]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 02:40 [i knew it!!!]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:40 [i thought you made the connection: The player's name was Bill, the character was Billy, we were on at the same time... -.-]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:41 Only cuz I said so. XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 02:43 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:46 *gets up off the shelf and floats over Intrent's head* Hi.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 02:47 hello have you met Chica up there?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 02:47 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:54 Yes. And it looks like Chica's new favorite food is your hair.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:55 :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 02:58 [brb dinner]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 03:00 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 03:12 gtg...bye!!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:40 [back]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:42 I don't know what you two are talking about now, but whatever it is, your arguments are invalid. I just completed one of the best and hardest video games ever: Spyro the Dragon.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:42 The original Insomniac PS1 platform game. It took me years...some people say it took them a lifetime...but I did it. :D
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:43 Don't underestimate it. :P Some levels contain puzzles that took me years to solve, and one required me to look up the solution on the Internet rather than solve it myself.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:44 Original Insomniac Spyro FOREVERRR!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:44 Whoo!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:45 Dangit. BTW, Chica seems to be my fan. She ate your hair into a picture of me. Floating top hat and everything! :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:46 I was talking to Trent on that last comment.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:46 Hey, Brunn, what's your biggest and best dream?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:48 Hey you are on early! XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:51 And now I don't think your on at all. -.- Dangit.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:52 You post 1 MINUTE after someone else and it's like they're in the mindscape. -.-
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:55 Hey!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:55 Still here, sorry.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:56 Do you mean the kind of dream where you're sleeping or the kind of dream where you're thinking about the future and how great you will be, etc. etc.?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:56 Oh, HI!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:57 If it's the sleeping kind, then I've had a whole bunch of awesome, strangely vivid dreams. Once I dreamt that I was in a supermarket and I saw cars floating around outside in the sky, pulled forward by some sort of extraterrestrial force.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:57 ANY kind of dream. Preferable one that you REALLY, REALLY, REEEAAALLY want to happen.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:57 Realizing there was an alien invasion going on, I rode away on a broomstick, going over suburbs, going out into the country, and finally reaching my home (being a dream some parts of it looked much different though).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:58 I landed and tried to hide but an alien ship (a small, typical UFO) spotted me. I tried to fly again but couldn't. As I struggled to hide, the ship landed in the distance, a little green figure stepped out of it, my heart pounded...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:58 ...annnd I woke up.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:59 I felt kind of lucky. The dream was at first really awesome since I could fly but it was beginning to turn into a nightmare.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:59 XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 03:59 Something I reallyyy want to happen? Er...well, in realistic terms, I want to be a chess grandmaster.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 03:59 I like nightmares. They give you a good START. :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:00 Chess grandmaster, hmm? What would you give to make that happen?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:00 As well as a well-known and respected movie person (a writer, maybe an actor, etc. - you know what I mean), as well as an awesome computer programmer. I sometimes daydream of remastering Spyro the Dragon in HD so people with modern consoles can enjoy it.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:01 I'm already trying to turn that dream into a reality. Becoming a GM requires TONS of study and hard work. Currently I'm just trying to "solidify" myself in class A (the 1800-1999 rating range).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:01 After that I'll aim for 1900...after that, 2000, etc.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:02 Okay... well then, what is the one thing you want most in the WHOLE universe? Doesn't even have to be realistic.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:02 In terms of ANYTHING...well, I'd probably make my favorite superheroes and such real, and make myself superpowered. I'd also make the Dragon Realms and every creature in it from the Spyro series real.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:03 I don't know what the thing I want most is, though.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:04 I just have a list of things I dream of in my sleep, things I hope will happen (in realistic terms), and things I definitely hope will happen but I know they'll never happen (in unrealistic terms).
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:04 I probably shouldn't be trusting Bill Cipher anyway. XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:05 Hmm... and how much would you give for that to be real if it were possible?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:05 -.-
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:06 -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- -.- *goes on for an hour with the -.-s*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:06 nvm. *is irritated*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:07 Go ahead, call me a Dorito to finish it off...
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:07 -_-
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:08 Okay...Dorito.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:08 *turns around*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:08 I don't even watch Gravity Falls so I don't know what's going on. XD I just know Bill Cipher's the reality-bending bad guy.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:09 I'd be sticking my tongue out at you if I had a tongue.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:09 Why do you ask such things?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:09 [I dont watch it either but I think Cipher is the cutest little chaos-bringer. XD]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:09 Also, honestly I think you look more like a 2D pyramid.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:10 Like someone flattened a pyramid and shrunk it.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:10 [XD Oh.]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:10 *growls under his breath*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:10 And I mean REALLY shrunk it.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:10 *gives her a floating top hat and walks out of the room to cool down for a few*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:11 Actually, you also remind me of a triangular block of cheese...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:11 [I'm just gonna keep going on and on and you can't stop me. XD] *puts on hat and runs after him*
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:11 *or her?*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:11 *growls* You are not careful with your words much, are you?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:11 Like that yellow cheese...what's it called?
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:12 [i call bill a him cuz of the name, but it might be either/or]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:12 I'm on a roleplay dude. No risk. Also, I like to annoy people for comedic purposes. >:D
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:12 I noticed...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:12 [Yeah, I know he's a guy, but you're a girl pretending to be him, so I wasn't sure whether to address you as a him or a her.]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:13 [dude I'm laughing SO frickin hard rn!]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:13 [in that case, guy.]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:15 [Okie dokie.]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:15 [You wanna continue this on my 'Ask Bill Cipher' RP? Cuz we're kinda spammin'...]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:15 Also, I beat the original Insomniac 1998 Spyro video game. All of your arguments are invalid no matter what.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:16 OK, sure. XD Sounds weirdly fun.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:16 What does that have to do with me again?! *trying hard not to scream*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:16 XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:16 [It's on the first line of RPs]
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:19 EVERYTHING.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.13 04:19 I just joined. Let's switch!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 04:21 kk
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 21:09 im on!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 21:17 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 21:23 are you MIko too Corona?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 21:57 im bored
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.13 22:00 [who?]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 22:07 Miko on the big thing rp
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 22:08 brg
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 22:08 *brb
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 22:13 `
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 22:13 back!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 22:15 I will check back in twenty mins.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 22:15 see you then!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 23:07 im back!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 23:24 awesome!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 23:27 e
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 23:34 if you are on join the camp dead
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 23:34 *get on not join
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.13 23:59 s
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 00:14 okie
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 00:15 [and no im not her. she's one of my penpals]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 00:21 [ok]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 00:42 [:P]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 00:54 I'll be waiting for that $2000.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:25   + 2000 Money points to Bill Cipher  
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 01:25 Yay. :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 01:26 *talks to others in room* And THAT'S how you get rich. XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:26 [im getting tired]
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 01:27 why? Too much me for one day? *pokes Intrent's head*
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:28 its late....thats why
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:29 i added the diamond bill...you need to get it!!!but you need more money
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 01:29 Really? Just go back in time a couple hours. It's just 4:30.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:30 its 7:30 here
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:30 and super dark
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:30 the sun is down which triggers my brain that it is time to SLEEP!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 01:30 Always dark here in the mindscape. And haven't you heard: Buy gold! :3
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:32 it is now the golden bill
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 01:33 I don't trust diamonds... just squares who always try to say they are better.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 01:33 ye XD
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 01:35 gtg.....might be back
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.14 01:37 Okie
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.14 18:42 @ Trent: My meme's up. Did you see it?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 21:43  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 21:43  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 21:43  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 21:44 i can't be on for long...i have a BOOK REPORT!!! DX
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 22:03 Hey :)
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 22:14 I don't have time to do a Santa meme but will do the next one if that is OK, If it isn't just delete me :)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 22:57 hello
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 22:57 and your gone!!!! noo!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 22:58 its ok
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 22:58 [I'm here
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 22:59 are you still here?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:01 yep
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:02 Thank goodness
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:02 we cant play Camp Dead because corona is behind on homeschooling for awhile...wanna make a new game?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.14 23:02 Hello. ^.^
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:03 YEAHHH!!!!!!!! my whole squad on!!!!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.14 23:03  Secret message to Intrent  
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:03 yep
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:03  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:04  Secret message to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:04 we should all three make a new game...any ideas?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.14 23:04 @ Angel: Hey! Long time no see.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.14 23:05 I'm content with this game.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.14 23:05 But if you guys are in the mood to play a game, then go to my You're Banned - The Game RPG (well, it's more like a forum game).
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:06 [ohh....i got bored from that DX sorry...its a good game
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:06 Hey Brunny :)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:06 but i get bored easily
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.14 23:07 @ Trent: Go ahead and go to it anyway. Once you get banning again I'm pretty sure your boredom will disappear.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:08 ok DX -.- >.<
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.14 23:09 @ Angel: Go ahead and join You're Banned - The Game! It's quite fun. :)
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:11 OK
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:33 ok what do you want to make?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:34 brb
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:36 ok
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:43 what tv shows do you watch Trent? We could base a game off a show you like?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:44 walking dead,
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:45 erm...falling skies
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:45 the purge
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:46 i am legend
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:47 Have you heard of the House of Anubis?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:47 games: dead space, gears of war,watchdogs,the last of us
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:47 nope
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:48 OK what is Falling Skys about?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:49 about aliens.....good show
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:49 but i want something original
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:49 Just make a game whatever you want and I'll join :)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:50 thinking...
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:50 well make something original, you're smart think of something lol
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:50 keep thinking
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:50 toys come to life?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:51 or killer gingerbread men?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:51 i like the toy one better
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:51 [that is all i could think of....XD]
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:52 yeah why not
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:52 (making it
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:53 toys come to life......one of my friends wrote a story similar to that lol
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.14 23:53 ok
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.14 23:58 i dont know if i should make it
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.15 00:00 why?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 00:01 it might not be fun...lets get on camp dead........corona gave you the p-word for billy
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 00:02 i might not have to go to school tomorrow!!!!!!!i love cold/snow days!
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.15 00:02 ok
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.15 04:07 Toys come to life sounds like both ToyRoleplay (an old RP run by me) and Toy Story. XD
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.15 04:08 Also, it's going to snow where you live?! Jealous... XD XP Where I live, it hasn't snowed (at least not heavily) in over a decade.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 21:13 probs hasn't snow except a little
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 21:13 *snowed
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 21:16 ok its time to Judge.....no one has participated in the contest except for Brunny so Brunny wins!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 21:16   + 10 Money points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 21:17  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 21:17 ]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.15 21:18 brb playing chess with computer
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.15 22:04 oh I should of entered then I would of at least come 2nd *facepalm* Well done Brunny!!!
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.15 22:09  Buying knife (x 1)  
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.15 22:10  Using my soul  
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.15 22:15 Ohhhhh my soul is gone forever and ever.............
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.15 22:16 I don't know if I can live anymore.
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.15 23:57 i'm here
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.16 00:02  Secret message to Intrent  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.16 00:04 ok bye!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.16 00:47 \
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.16 04:20 @ Angel: Nooo! Dang it, now your soul belongs to Trent. XD XP
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 20:22 My meme will be up tomorrow
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 20:23 Oh wait its over ah well
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.16 21:08 \
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.16 21:09 reindeer memes!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.16 21:12  Using my soul  
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 21:50 *hops and flies away like a butterfly*
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 21:51  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Intrent  
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 21:51  Using the golden meme cup  
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 21:52 How do i turn these in for money?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 21:53 Wait-what? How did a hamburger get in my inventory?
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 21:53 Ah well
3>Ava (Competitor ), 9yo.2016,Dec.16 21:54  Giving hamburger (x 1) to Bill Cipher  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 02:24 you already have your money
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.17 04:19  Giving hamburger (x 1) to Intrent  I guess Trent gave out hamburgers...but hamburgers are no use to me unless the meat is fake meat. You can have mine back.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.17 04:20 Probably has GMOs in it, anyway. XD XP Eugh.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.17 04:20 Not as if tons of other things don't have GMOs... XP
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.17 04:33 Also, I put my reindeer meme up. It'll take a day to appear, though.
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.17 08:12 My reindeer meme is up :) It is probably not very good but I tried. :)
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.17 08:13 Do I just leave it up till the 20th?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 15:21 yep
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.17 18:45 My meme has appeared!
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.17 22:26 ok :)
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 23:28 hello whats your name [mostly like another romantic rp XD]
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 23:29 wrong message
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 23:29 hello
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 23:29 brb
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.17 23:37 back
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.18 18:42 @ Trent: Did you see my meme?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.18 20:35 yeah
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.18 21:22 Hey :) Brunny I saw your meme and it is Great!!
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.18 21:23  Secret message to Ava  
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.18 21:31 @ Brunny. I am going to make the sisters club up again for over Christmas and New Year. Do you think it should be girl only again?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.19 05:13 @ Angel: Thanks! Eh, it's up to you. Personally I'd be more open and allow all people (except trolls/abusive people, of course) to come to the club, but that's just me.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.19 21:18 this people are reporting me on roblox
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.19 21:19 he was trying to scam me and i didnt fall for it and i tld him he sucks at scamming so someones reporting me
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.19 22:21 @ Brunny: Yeah I will make it open to everyone :)
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.19 22:23 @ Trent: Oh no that is terrible :( Report them aswell.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.20 04:13 @ Trent: Oh geez...that's not fair. But if he was trying to scam you, you shouldn't have replied and just reported him.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.20 04:15 @ Trent: "Feeding the trolls" is never a good idea.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.20 04:15 But yeah, you should probably "counter-report" them and explain what actually happened.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.20 04:15 You should even send the mods a screenshot if you can. I haven't heard of/I don't know about roblox, though, so that's the best advice I can give.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.20 04:18 @ everyone else (except Trent): BTW, you only have one day left to submit your reindeer memes (see the schedule in the RP description), so please compete with me! I don't want to be the only competitor again.
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.20 21:58 @ Brunny My meme has been up since the 17th :)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.21 04:12 @ Angel: Oh yeah. Whoops. @ Trent: It's the night of the 20th...time to judge! Who won?
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.22 18:49 Psssst...Treeeent...psssssst...
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.23 18:35 Well, I might as well put my elf meme up while waiting. :P
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:36 brunny wins!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:36 sorry i havent been on forever
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:37  Giving the golden meme cup (x 1) to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:37   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:37   - 1 meme cup winnings points to Ava  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:37   + 1 meme cup winnings points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:37   + 10 Money points to Brunnhilde  
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:42 im waiting for all slots to be filled on the big thing
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:43 Asha has been deleted off because she hasnt been active in a week
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:45 same with Cindy,Lainie, and Cecillia
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:45 and Euodia
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.24 19:46 they can join back on when ever they like
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.26 05:33 I put up my elf meme but it hasn't appeared yet.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.26 05:47 Also, whoo hoo! Thanks!
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.26 21:03 Heyo! I'm on for a little! :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.26 21:05 I'm an official Decepticon! WHooooOOOOOOOOOOO! *bounces throughout the building*
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.26 21:56 :3
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.26 22:04 Okie byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.26 22:58 Trent can you delete me off I don't want to play anymore.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.27 18:28 are you sure?
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.27 22:18 Hey Trent yes I am sure :)
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.27 22:18 @ Brunny I made the club and it is called bestie club :)
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2016,Dec.27 23:56 Hey Intrent visit ABC more often.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.28 04:25 abc?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.28 04:26 no!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.28 04:27 y? Angel?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.28 04:30 im waiting for Brunny
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.28 04:30 shes on!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.28 04:31 but there is no visitor slot anymore
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.29 03:14 Yeah what is ABC Corona........All I think of when I see that is Abc easy as 123 and now that song is stuck in my head AARRRGGGHHHHHH I'm ruined for life now XD
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.29 03:15 OMGGGG Trent what are you saying No!! to?
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.29 03:26 OMGG 😏 I don't know I just really don't want to do this anymore.....😢
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.29 03:30 I don't know why I put OMGG in my last message......But I'll blame it on my bestie for teaching my it 🤦 ✌️
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.29 03:30 Sorry typo....it was supposed to be me 🤦
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.29 04:53 ABC = Ask Bill Cipher. Not very hard to figure out.
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.29 04:53 It's odd how it's in alphabetical order. @ Trent: Sorry! I forgot about this RP.
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.29 22:14 Yeah I suppose Brunny :)
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.30 05:20 Put up my New Year's meme!
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2016,Dec.30 05:20 @ Angel: Are you sure you want to go? I won't have anyone else to compete with me (Corona and Ava rarely come here anymore).
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.30 22:13 @Brunny I'll stay for the moment but don't have time to do a New Years Meme, We are going out today to go shopping, have dinne out in the city and watch the New Years Eve Fireworks!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.31 19:51 I was saying no to "ask bill cipher"
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2016,Dec.31 19:54 I'm making a dungeons and dragons game...I'm going to delete most of my games
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.31 23:40 Are you deleting this game Trent?
16>Angel (Girl), 13yo.2016,Dec.31 23:41  Secret message to Intrent  
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 15yo.2017,Jan.1 18:29 I've never played Dungeons and Dragons so I don't have much interest in that game, sorry. I hope you don't delete this game.
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2017,Jan.2 23:19 ABC stands for Ask Bill Cipher.It's only slightly less obvi than TIS. So allow me: DUH! XD
7>Bill Cipher (Illuminacho!), --yo.2017,Jan.2 23:20 BTW I am done here. Too boring for my likes.
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 00:57 i know
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 00:57 so no duh
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 00:58 im not deleting this game
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 00:58 Brunny if you like medevil stuff you will like it
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 00:59 sorry i haven't been on
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 00:59 everyone have there new years memes?
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 01:25 its not exactly like that though
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 02:09 EVERYONE PLEASE JOIN "Swords and Arrows:The Bandits Raid (episode 1)"
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 02:11 this game is BORING!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.4 02:20 bye!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.5 21:13 im thinking im going to delete this game
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2017,Jan.7 04:32 what up
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.7 04:33 hello
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2017,Jan.7 04:33 hello
5>Mrbrilly (meme man), 11yo.2017,Jan.7 04:33 holla
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.7 17:51 i will arcchive this game if no one rejects in the next day
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.14 00:45 THIS GAME GOES TO BRUNNY!!!!
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.14 00:45 FOR NOW
1>Intrent (meme judge), 11yo.2017,Jan.14 00:48  Secret message to Brunnhilde  

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