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Please dont join this rp without asking first if you dont ask i will delet your charecture right away the password for the VISITOR SLOT is : password if you are not on at least one a week (unless you tell me first that you will be gone) then you will be kicked off

1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:13 *sits at home reading waterships down*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 06:18 *is tied up in a spare room*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:24 *checks his watch puts a leas on his dog tomas and goes into his truck drives into town*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:25 *paces silently around his room. Goes out and heads to town*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:25 *sees Adler* Oh hi
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:27 *hesitates* Hi.
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:29 *tomas sniffs Adlers foot*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:29 how are things going?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:31 *bends over and pets Tomas. Smiles* same as usual. Just went for a walk.
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:32 nice im picking up some groceries
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:33 i herd you are having anger problems i find i way that could help if your intrested
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:35 *stops petting Tomas* It's not an anger problem. And I've had friends who have tried everything. And they were psychotherapists.
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:37 im aware it just gives you an outlet a way to attack without hurting anyone
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:40 are you intrested?
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:43 well if you are stop by my house
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:44 *goes into the store comes out a half hour later and goes home starts putting the groceries away*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:45 *aggrivated* ill think about it.
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:46 (Nvm)
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:47 *goes home and gets a few supplies, then walks to Nicolai's house. Knocks on the door*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:47 *goes back to reading pets tomas* do you think he will come boy huh?
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:47 oh look at that *opens the door* hi alder
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:48 oh your here about that yes want me to get it for you?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:49 Im not getting my hopes up, but sure...
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:50 here come inside if you want ill be right back with it *goes upstairs*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:50 *comes down a few seconds later with Alex who is completely knocked out and her hands are tied behind her back*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:51 *comes inside and stands by the staircase*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:51 here she is
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:52 What?
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:52 oh dont worry she isnt going to fight back or try to escape
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:53 plus no one will find her she is from the other side of the country
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:54 *Confused*Thats not the point! You want me to take this kid?
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:54 just have her hands tied up behind a pole in your basement spare room whatever and yeah
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:55 if you ever need to lash out she is there
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:55 I dont have a spare room! Or a basement! I literally built my house with the rooms that were nessesary.
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:56 your house has an attic
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:56 *takes a step back* thats exactly what im trying not to do!
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:57 what?
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:58 its fine just take it
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 06:59 I dont really want to.
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 06:59 why not?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:01 I dont want a human punching bag. And I'd most likely kill her, and i dont want to do that.
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 07:01 try it out for a month if you dont like it bring her back
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 07:02 ok?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:02 You have no problem whatsoever with me killing her?!
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 07:03 nope dosent bother me if you do fine if you dont ok if she gets messed up to badly call me im a doctor
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 07:04 *hands Alex over to Adler* one month if you dont like it bring it back
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:06 *stands still for a minute, then starts walking slowly away, worried.*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 07:07 it will be find Adler
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 07:07 good luck call me if you have questions
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:09 *mumbles* its not like you have this problem. Ive tried or almost ten years to fix it. Nothing works.
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:09 *for
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.10 07:09 it will help now you might want to get home she will wake up in about and hour
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:12 *takes alex home and ties her up in the attic. Sits in a chair and sighs*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:15 *wakes up a few seconds later realizes she isnt in nicolai's house any more starts freaking out a little looks up and sees Adler* w..were am i?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:16 *looks up* well youre awake now. You are at my house...
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:17 wh..where is that?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:18 Somewhere no one knows.
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:19 w..where..where is nicolai?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:20 At his house.
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:21 *nods slightly has er head down starts to silently cry a little*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:22 *closes his eyes* im sorry....
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:23 *mumbles* no your not
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:26 I really am... if i could, i'd live in the city. Id have a job, a pet, and nothing to fear. But thats impossible... *puts one hand on his head*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:27 sorry.. but not sorry enough to let me go huh?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:29 Dont give me that. I wouldnt have even taken you if it werent for nicolai. Its not like i have much of a choice...
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:30 well you do have a choice you can choose to untie me and tell nicoali i escaped...
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:30 (My phone is dead. I wont be on for like... 5 minutes.. brb.)
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:31 (cool. its working on the pc. for now)
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:32 (k)
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:32 *sighs* im stuck here arn't i?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:32 It's clear Nicolai knows about me. He knows that wouldn't happen.
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:33 He knows you woudnt escape
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:34 im afraid you ARE stuck here. im sorry you are.
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:36 are.. are you going to hurt me i would like to know in advance nicolai did mentally dO you?
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:37 *looks away* That's why I'm sorry....
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:39 *is breathing a little shakily now* oh..ok
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:40 I have problems. Serious ones, since I was 7.
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:42 your not the one tied up in an attic
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:43 *rolls his eyes*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:43 *sighs*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:45 *her stomach growls loudly*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:47 *stands up. forces himself to keep calm* would you like something to eat?
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:48 im good
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:50 suit yourself. *starts to walk downstairs*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:50 *stomach growls louder* Fine...
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:54 i.. i could eat
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:58 *smiles. goes downstairs and cooks some food.
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 07:59 brings it back upstairs.* i hope you like chicken. *puts the food in front of alex and unties her. he walks to the stairs, sits down at the top and glares with a crooked smile on his face* Dont you even try to leave.
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 07:59 *mutters to herself* i am going to die in a tiny attic in the middle of nowhere
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:00 *eats the chicken*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:00 thanks...
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:01 *chuckles at alex's comment to herself*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:03 *finishes eating*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:06 *glances over at Adler* so...
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:07 *shakes his head, somewhat violently* ugh... i need a nap..
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:08 yes.. great great idea you should go do that
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:09 *hopes he dosent notice her hands are still untied*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:14 im sure your a very busy guy with lots of things to do so you should get rest to do those things
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:14 *gets up and goes downstairs and lays in bed* (his room is right at the base of the staircase, it goes right into his room. he has a really small house.)
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:14 *listens for alex, waiting to see if she will come down*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:16 *quietly waits for a few minutes then quietly goes downstairs*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:17 *sees the bedroom glances at the door out atarts quietly walking twards it*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:18 *gets out of bed just as quietly as alex and follows right behind her*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:19 *quietly starts to open the door*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:21 *goes through a side window and waits for her to come through the doorway*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:23 *goes through the door to the living room then out the front door goes down the steps from the front porch*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:26 *starts running down the road*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:27 *sneaks up behind alex, puts his hand over her mouth and pulls her back inside to the attic* I'm not stupid, you know. I can hear you. Very easily.
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:27 (there is no road to his house anyway.
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 08:27 )
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:29 (ok)
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 08:29 *nods quickly is very terrified*
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.10 23:07 *ties her up and goes downstairs to go to sleep*
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.10 23:08 *sighs starts working on trying to untie the tight knot*
20>VISITOR SLOT (none), any yo.2016,Jan.11 00:31 (hello can I join? and wow what is happening? and how to play? and what can I be? ...)
20>VISITOR SLOT (none), any yo.2016,Jan.11 00:32 (oh I'm Cindy by the way)
20>VISITOR SLOT (none), any yo.2016,Jan.11 00:35 Hi I'm Euodia.
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.11 06:07 (Welcome to this rp! Whats going om right now, is my character, adler, has a problem. He is mentally unstable, and nicolai gave him a teen named alex, basically to be a human punching bag. Adler doesnt like that idea, but cant really let her go. She ---
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.11 06:09 (yeah Cindy you can join but its bassically another one of my kidnapping rps but alot more complexted and fun)
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.11 06:10 (you can be a kid or a kidnapper or a normal person)
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.11 06:12 --knows where adler lives now. Now, adler has been known to brutally attack people and in many cases kill them. He tries really hard not to be like this, though. But he cant really control himself when he cant keep his sanity in check. He fears himself.)
7>Adler (Kidnapper), 28yo.2016,Jan.11 06:12 (Anything else, Caprial?)
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.11 06:44 (well nicolai is extreamly smart and kinda cruel he is a sientist when he was younger he invented something that made him rich and he is still getting money off of it he is a great doctor as well
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.11 06:45 so he helps with kids who are kidnapped who are really sick he goes to the kidnappers house they pay nicolai and he fixes what ever problem they have)
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.11 07:15 *concentrates on trying to untie herself but she isnt doing a very good job of doing so*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.11 07:18 *looks out his window veiwing at the storm* isnt the lightning cool tomas? its buetiful *pets his dog*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.11 07:21 *thinks he sees someone running in the storm* nah.. no one is stupid enough to be out there...
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.11 14:42 (Keta has a normal life, but she run away because her husband was bad to her, now she's homeless and searching for somewhere to stay because it's a big storm outside)
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.11 14:44 *knocks to doors* hello? is anybody there? hello?
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.11 16:58 *opens the door* Oh hi please come inside thats a nasty storm out there
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.11 17:34 oh thank you so much *comes inside*
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.12 00:47 would you like something to eat or drink?
4>Alex (kid), 14yo.2016,Jan.12 07:39 *hears the rain outside*
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.12 16:51 yes please, thank you
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.12 18:46 *makes some soup and gives it to her* Normally someone like you wouldnt be alone at night what happened if you dont mind me asking?
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.12 18:46 *picks up his teacup yorkie Tomas*
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.12 22:43 well.... it's my husband... he he was very bad to me so I ran away... and now I don't have anywhere to go...
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.13 02:12 Well i have a few spear rooms upstairs if you wouldd like somewhere to stay for the night, and tomarrow i can drive you a few towns over if you would like
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.13 20:25 oh really ? thank you so much ! your the best
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.13 20:29 no problem at all
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.13 20:30 oh im Nicolai by the way
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.14 14:40 I'm Keta. nice to meet you Nicolai!
1>Nicolai (kidnapper/doctor), 25yo.2016,Jan.15 03:49 *smiles*
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.15 14:38 *smiles*
20>VISITOR SLOT (none), any yo.2016,Jan.20 20:49 [Hey, CP, is it ok if I join this?]
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Jan.23 19:18 [you should tell who you are first and than ask can you join]]
20>VISITOR SLOT (none), any yo.2016,Jan.29 21:25 [I'm Felicity.]
10>Keta (homeless), 24yo.2016,Feb.2 20:31 [yay! ^^]
20>VISITOR SLOT (none), any yo.2016,Apr.9 23:15 [Can I join? It's Kalista.]
20>VISITOR SLOT (none), any yo.2016,Oct.6 07:02 May I join?

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