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3>Guard (Guard), ?yo.2017,Mar.12 05:23 *opens the door slides something in then closes it*
1>Agent Newman (Agent), ??yo.2017,Mar.12 05:24 We scanned your things.. and we found that one to be a communications device so you can have it back so we can better comunicate
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:28 *takes the device and puts it in his pocket* Keh!
1>Agent Newman (Agent), ??yo.2017,Mar.12 05:30 Well I need to head out so just call out when you need to deal with your book and we will take care of it...
1>Agent Newman (Agent), ??yo.2017,Mar.12 05:31 (Meanwhile C.J found a small tear in the universe under her bed so she patched it up and Sara teleport back to the lab)
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:32 Whatever... *rolls onto his back* Im glad to be a dog again.
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:33 *was asleep at the time and telaported to the lab wakes up* Hmm... what the...were am I?... *comes to a sudden realization and quickly stands up* no no no no! I cant be here! not back here!
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:33 oh no! no no no! what if it was all a sim?! no no no no! this cant be happening!
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:38 Who are you?
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:39 *jumps back slightly* Whoes in here?!... I cant see a thing.. its to dark..
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:40 You smell like home. Where do you come from?
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:42 Oh, Im sorry. My name is Khafra.
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:43 This is very important! did I suddenly appear did you suddenly appear or did someone bring you in or did someone bring me in?
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:44 You just... appeared here.
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:45 *sighs in relief* OK good... that is very very good!..and yet very very bad at the same time....
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:46 oh hmm Did Alan Leave for the day yet?
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:46 Who are you, by the way?
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:48 first how new are you here? you dont seam... Emotinoally scared to death to be here long...
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:49 It hasnt been long. But theyve already taken everything important to me.
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:49 Or as desperate to talk to someone
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:50 Im Sara and Welcome to the worst place in the universe
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:51 Ive heard about you.
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:53 Nice to meet you.
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:54 *sighs* probably everything you herd about me is a lie
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:55 Eh. Doesnt really matter to me.
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:55 but nothing to scaring yet since you didnt back away scream of faint...
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:56 Anyway Did Alan leave for the day yet?
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:56 Alan?
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 05:57 Agent Newman...
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 05:58 Oh. I dont know. Ive been talking to someone over the intercom. Seems to be gone...
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 06:00 ok.. good, Can you give me a boost? Ill disable the camera and the mic
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 06:02 Okay. *leans against the wall under the camera* just climb up on my shoulders
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 06:03 ok *climbs up and jumps up and pulls them out of the wall* Thats better... no more spying... Do you have anything? I mean i know they probably took almost all your things but Seriously Anything might help, theese wires are a good start
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 06:04 I have my communication device.
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 06:05 Whats it made of?
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 06:06 Im not really sure. You can check it out if you want. *gives sara the device*
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 06:07 *looks over it then hands it bck* no magic only works in the rec room... how thick is your shirt?
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 06:09 Pretty thick. Hard to tear.
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 06:10 good can i use it to clog the vent so they cant knock us out?
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 06:10 Sure...
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 06:12 thanks, Ill need a boost again
11>Khafra (Vulpis), 14yo.2017,Mar.12 06:14 Alright. *leans against the wall again*
14>Sara (Human), 15yo.2017,Mar.12 06:16 *stants on him pulls off the grate shoves the shirt in and closes it* Ok good now when Alan Comes in he will turn on the gass when he sees the camera down then when the door opends Ill get the gsurds and we will make a run for it
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:52 Boom! I joint!
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:53 @Sara *Picks up sara* 2 CHANCES! YOU GIVE UP OR YOU WILL BE DROPPED!
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:53 *Gets UZI*
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:53 *Bullet shots go on Guard*
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:54 Mwuahahahaha!!!!!!!!
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:54 WHO IS NEXT???
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:54 *Points at agent newman, khafra, scientist*
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:55 *Gets Double UZI*
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:55 *Bullet shots go on all 3 of them*
5>Megatron (Robot), !yo.2018,Feb.9 20:55 MWUAHAHAHA!!!

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