" practice to rp "
This game is destined to players of 0 to 100 years of age.
Bad-minded messages will be deleted.

we will practice rping here

1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 19:45 Hello star by clicking a color with no name
1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 19:45 then click join as it will direct you to another page
1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 19:46 it will direct you to another page were you can make your charecture
1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 19:48 when this is done click conection and select your charecture then type in your password
1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 19:50 if it dosent work click lines and then click 2
1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 19:50 it is under display options
1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 19:58 to see new messages people have typed pres ok without typing anything
1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 20:01 if an rp is yellow it means people are activly typing on it
1>Caprial (instructor), 14yo.2015,Nov.11 20:02 most rp's toy have to be on almost evey day but a few (like a horribly amazing world) you will be fine and caught up even if you only go on once or twice a week
2>Brunnhilde (Fartlandian Citizen), 14yo.2015,Nov.12 00:23 Hi! Can I be an instructor on here too?
12>Cindy (me), 15yo.2016,Jan.1 12:19 what does Roll dice mean and how to use it and why it's needed?
12>Cindy (me), 15yo.2016,Jan.1 12:20 does it gives something or tells something special?
12>Cindy (me), 15yo.2016,Jan.1 12:22 what does all those numbers mean?
16>Cecilia (Human), 11yo.2016,Jan.2 14:32 Hi Cindy! Hi Caprial! Hello Brunny! I'm joining! Can I be a instructor on here as well?
12>Cindy (me), 15yo.2016,Jan.11 19:01 yes! tell me what does Roll dice do please...
4>Gwen (A random girl ), 11yo.2016,Jun.16 12:32 Hi. Roll dice makes random.
3>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:09 what does it mean when games are yellow?
3>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:09 that is all i need to know but I'm pretty sure it means someones on
3>trent (no), 11yo.2016,Oct.9 16:09 bye
12>Cindy (me), 15yo.2016,Dec.28 20:37 yes it means it's active right at the moment or someone have visited it
12>Cindy (me), 15yo.2016,Dec.28 20:39 my question: why can't I use items sometimes?
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:30  Rolling 10 sided dice... Result=3  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:30  Buying hammer (x 1)  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:30  Selling hammer (x 1)  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:31  Buying wood (x 1)  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:31  Rolling 20 sided dice... Result=2  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:31  Buying nails (x 1)  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:31  Buying hammer (x 1)  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:31  Buying hat (x 1)  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:32  Rolling 8 sided dice... Result=8   Secret message to Brunnhilde  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:32  Giving wood (x 1) to Gwen  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:32  Dropping nails (x 1)  
5>Angel (teacher), 34yo.2017,Jan.17 09:32  Taking nails (x 1)  
6>Rumeysa (New to RPs), 16yo.2018,Apr.9 17:54 Hi! I'm new in all of these RP's. I really need to practice:-)
7>Lily (Everyone’s new pet ), 7yo.2020,Sep.30 00:47 Meow
7>Lily (Everyone’s new pet ), 7yo.2020,Sep.30 00:48 Oof I forgot.
7>Lily (Everyone’s new pet ), 7yo.2020,Sep.30 00:48 If anyone wants to SOTW me, here is my ref. 1469947
7>Lily (Everyone’s new pet ), 7yo.2020,Sep.30 00:51 By The Way, (Lily is a ADORABLE Siamese kitty, she is shy, pretty and kind)
7>Lily (Everyone’s new pet ), 7yo.2020,Sep.30 00:52  Buying cat (x 1)  
7>Lily (Everyone’s new pet ), 7yo.2020,Sep.30 00:52 ????????
7>Lily (Everyone’s new pet ), 7yo.2020,Sep.30 00:53 Why did I buy my own little sister????????????.?
7>Lily (Everyone’s new pet ), 7yo.2020,Sep.30 00:54 >—<

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